Jihadi : UCC is against Islamic Sharia.

Agniveer : 1. And Islamic Sharia is against blue sky.

Jihadi : What? I meant Islamic Sharia has no provision of equal rights for everyone. We must have separate rights.

Agniveer : 2. Exactly. Likewise, blue sky has no provision of Islamic Sharia. Can you see Sharia written anywhere in blue sky? Why should one tolerate Islamic Sharia under blue sky then?

Jihadi : Stop kidding. Islamic Sharia is our religious faith. Its in our book. It was told by our prophet.

Agniveer : 3. And blue sky is our religious faith. As you know, we are nature worshippers. So earth is mother and blue sky is father for us. And our Gods have appointed us as our own prophets. And our prophets tell us not to allow anything that is against blue sky.

Jihadi : What do you mean?

Agniveer : 4. It means India is not an Islamic country. You need India. India doesn’t need you. If you love Islamic laws more than India, you can move to the places where Sharia laws govern the affairs. If you love India, follow its laws that are based on equality and uniformity for all. The most unbiased laws.

Jihadi : India kisi ke baap ka nahi hai (India is not anybody’s personal property). Do you have guts to throw us out?

Agniveer : 5. Exactly. India kisi ke baap ka nahi hai. That is why India will be governed by Indian laws not by Saudi/Sharia laws. Get it straight in your head. Those who wanted separate laws/land were given Pakistan in 1947 (which was a mistake by the way). No more blackmails from anyone regarding what will govern this land.

Jihadi : UCC infringes on Muslims’ rights to practice their religion freely as promised by constitution of India.

Agniveer : 6. Islamic Sharia infringes on rights of Muslim women. She can be made 2nd/3rd or 4th wife by her husband at any time without her consent. She can be divorced by husband unilaterally without her will.

Jihadi : That’s our internal matter. Don’t poke your nose into our religious internal matters.

Agniveer : 7. And rights of any Muslim woman is her internal matter. Don’t you poke your nose into internal matters of women.

Jihadi : Who are you to decide what is internal matter of a Muslim woman and what is not?

Agniveer : 8. So you want to poke your nose in women’s matter but expect us to not interfere in yours? According to which law?

Jihadi : We are their men. Who are you?

Agniveer : 9. Indian state is father to 125 crore Indians including those 10 crore+ Muslim women whose lives you have made hell under the barbaric tribal laws. Enough is enough. The state gives you facilities. It gives you special rights. It spends thousands of crores on you and thus has all rights to ask you how you treat its 10 crore children. And most importantly, all unborn and little children of such women- who will be doomed forever seeing their mothers sinking in tears for whole life- too are Indian state’s responsibility. State has to make sure that no child is separated from mother in childhood under cruel Sharia laws. State has to ensure no child is traumatized seeing her mother as the ‘other’ wife of his father or seeing mother kicked out of the house because Biryani in the morning was not cooked properly.

Jihadi : We don’t consider India as our father. We only bow before Allah. Nobody is our father.

Agniveer : 10. Then you say why there is intolerance in India. People like you who refuse to consider motherland as mother/father deserve hate and persecution by masses. Don’t cry if people start discriminating against you for your thanklessness and treachery.

11. And even if you are not India’s sons, those unborn children of Muslim women are all India’s children and responsibility. Its not their fault if a pervert and cruel person has fetish of destroying lives of women and children in name of Divine. When you kick them out saying Talaq Talaq Talaq, they come to state. So state can’t be neutral in the case. It will act like a father. And now it is going to preempt it.

Jihadi : No. We love India. India is our country. But Islam is above India.

Agniveer : 12. You love India? It is like saying to someone- “hey, you have sticky hair, ugly eyebrows, dirty face, stinking teeth, unusually big forehead and ugly cheeks. And I love your face.”

13. You hate India’s laws. You hate its culture. You hate its heroes. You hate its history (You love Babur, hate Ram and Pratap). You hate its faith (idolatry is worst sin as per you). You hate its people’s beliefs. You hate its attire (you have adopted Arab/Turk attires). Then you say you love it. Who are you fooling?

Jihadi : Whatever. We won’t allow state to interfere in our personal religious matters.

Agniveer : 14. Personal matter? When you marry 2/3/4 and produce double/triple/quadruple the kids what others produce, the state has to take responsibility of their food, health, education and law & order. You infringe on others’ rights and consume their resources. And when you marry multiple women from your community, you create imbalance between marriageable male and female population within your community. This leads to the tendency in Muslim males to marry Non Muslim women which is often called love Jihad. It has both religious as well as social motivation. It is not personal matter at all.

You produce more kids. Then cry lack of education and intolerance. Your fanatic religious leaders prohibit you from birth control. You keep producing children in hope that one day India will be dominated by Jihad. There is some reason why Muslim population in India has doubled in proportion from 1947 to 2011 while rest all religions have declined. Is it without a design?

Why is it that the only religious community opposing UCC in India is the same that is producing 99 of top 100 terrorists of the world? I have been to ‘sensitive districts’ of India. Ghaziabad, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur, Bijnour, Moradabad, Rampur, Kairana, Bulandshahar, Khurja, Baghpat, Hapur, Hyderabad, Murshidabad, Malda, Howrah etc. All of them have no go zones that have no state writ. Every kid there knows there are areas where even Police can’t enter. Why? Are these normal behaviors?

According to 2011 census, there are 19 districts in India where Muslim population has crossed 50%. 86 districts are those that have Muslim Population above 20%. Demographics have been shifted dangerously. This is no longer a personal matter. It is now the question of survival of India. I hold our political dispensation till date collectively responsible for this because Uniform Civil Code + 2 kids policy, which is the only remedy to the damage that has been done already and greater dangers that are heading our way, has not been implemented yet.

15. Religion is a personal affair. Keep it with you. As long as it is confined to you, state has got nothing to do with it. This is what a secular state is. Problem comes when the nature of your religion is not spiritual/ internal but political/ external. When you say, I will teach my wife/people what she/they can do and what she/they can not, it is not religion. It is bigotry/ politics. It is exactly what you follow. And it is exactly what will not be tolerated anymore in India.

16. You, your wife and your family do not live in isolation. What you do to your wife has impact on rest of the society. Tomorrow you will cite Quran [4/34] to demand rights of beating wife. What will we do then? Our kids will be frightened to see a monster like you. Criminal instincts can not be facilitated in name of diversity/culture anymore. Bullshit needs to be stopped.

Jihadi : India is a secular democracy. It must preserve diversity.

Agniveer : 17. Do you like Indian secular democracy?

Jihadi : Yes. It gives everyone right to practice and propagate their religion.

Agniveer : 18. So do you think Saudi Arab should also become secular democracy like India?

Jihadi : Why are you worried about Saudi? Lets talk about our beloved India.

Agniveer : 19. If Saudi is nothing and India is so dear to you, why are you opposing laws of India for the laws of Saudi?

Jihadi : Because Saudi is birth place of our beloved prophet and religion. Its laws are perfect.

Agniveer : 20. Now you have shown true colors! India must be a secular democracy so that rascals like you can ruin lives of women in name of Islam. Saudi must be a monarchy run by Sharia because it is divine. People, can you see their hypocrisy? Humanity is good, but only in India until Jihadis are in minority. So that you treat them good. And once they are in majority, Sharia will take over. All in name of diversity!

Jihadi : UCC is ploy to make India a Hindu Rashtra.

Agniveer : 21. How? Does Hindu Rashtra start with U?

Jihadi : Hindus are already following the uniform laws. They want us to follow their laws. Clearly, they want to force us to be like Hindus.

Agniveer : 22. So isn’t it their credit? If someone has adopted equality, shouldn’t you too reciprocate? If all Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis, Jews, atheists and others have done it, what is the problem with you? Only fool will say that because X loves the world, I will hate world otherwise I will lose my identity of hater!

Jihadi : What you see as violation of women rights is actually protection of same. Polygamy gives rights to a woman to be 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife? Does your religion give you this right?

Agniveer : 23. Implementation of UCC gives you right to be a cry-baby.

24. My slaps preserve your rights to get slapped. No?

25. Tomorrow you may demand- call us pigs to give us rights to be called as pigs! Tomorrow you may demand rapes to preserve your rights to be raped and feel like Mughal Sultans?

26. Muslim women too want to give you rights of becoming 2nd/3rd/4th husband of theirs. Why are you so anti man-rights? Will it end anywhere?

Jihadis : Hardly anyone follows polygamy. How many polygamous Muslims have you seen?

Agniveer : 27. If that is the case, you must start dancing in joy on its abolition. What is the use of having something that nobody practices/uses?

28. Its not about how many have done it. It is about the sick mindset of treating women as animals who can be dealt with like goods.

29. It is not about what a Muslim man does. It is about what he CAN do. He can always threaten wife of bringing another woman to make her life hell. A Muslim woman is the most vulnerable, oppressed and blackmailed person on the planet.

Even while joking, talking, discussing, debating, cooking, sleeping and everything, she has a fear on back of the mind. if she disagrees, he has constitutional power to ruin her completely in most cruel ways. Either by bringing another wife or divorcing her on an SMS. What does she have in hand? Except for fear and oppression?

And this sense of fear is transmitted from Muslim mothers to their children through genes and upbringing. And you can see around, as per government reports, Muslim community is at the bottom in health, education, social development, science and IQ.
What is the reason? It is the fear in mothers’ mind.

30. It is like nuclear weapons. How many of you have seen nations actually firing them at others? But nations do blackmail others using them.

31. And laws are something that must be made after considering what will happen if majority starts following it. If you allow polygamy under law, the nation will turn into the land of Jihadis like Saudi or Pakistan where no woman or minority is safe.

Jihadi : Hindus are more polygamous than Muslims.

Agniveer : 32. Ahh! Few moments ago you said there is hardly any polygamy practiced by Muslims. Now you accept Muslims practice polygamy. The only defence is, Hindus too do it!

33. So since when have Hindu practices become your benchmarks? Hindus worship idols too. Why do you have problems with idols? There you have separate ideals. What happened now?

34. And few minutes ago you were crying that by forcing monogamy on you, Hindus are forcing Hinduism on you! Now Hindus have become polygamous! Understood what Sharia does to one’s IQ?

35. Your facts are wrong BTW. Muslim community is the most polygamous religious community in India.

36. Even if Hindus are more polygamous, we have laws in place to punish them. Nobody said Hindus/others are angels. Only thing is we have laws to curb their criminal acts like polygamy. Hindu law rejects polygamy, makes it a criminal offence. This in itself is proof that majority of Hindus consider it to be sin. So instead of blaming them, appreciate them and try to learn from them.

Jihadi : Hindu religion has no provision of divorce. We have.

Agniveer : 37. Are we discussing Hinduism here? Is India run by Hindu laws? It shows your ingrained hatred for Hindus. Is India a Hindu Rashtra? If no then why do you drag Hinduism every time whenever someone talks about UCC in India? It is same for both Hindus and Muslims. Why call it Hindu law?

38. Laws for Hindus are equal for men and women now. They can divorce after mutual agreement. It is crore times better than a pervert loser torturing his wife on SMS and destroy her life. Got it?

Jihadi : Hindus too have polygamy. Dashrath had 3 wives. Hindus practiced Sati. They have no right to teach us what we should do.

Agniveer : 39. Again! First decide whether polygamy is Hindu or not. If it is not, stop giving this crap that you just tried. If yes, instead of mocking Hindus, appreciate them that they went against their religion for humanity.

Also accept that by implementing UCC, they are not promoting Hindu Rashtra but opposing it as polygamy means Hinduism!

40. Do Hindu laws run on what Dashrath did? Did someone demand Dashrath to declare as prophet of Indian constitution?

41. How many cases of Sati have you seen with your eyes? How many Hindu laws approve of Sati in constitution or Hindu code bill?

42. Finally, its not a Hindu that will implement UCC on you. It is Indian state which is neither Hindu nor Sikh. Got it, moron?

Jihadi : You can see in nature, all animals are polygamous.

Agniveer : 43. Exactly! All animals are polygamous! And all polygamous creatures are animals!

44. You can see in nature, all animals roam naked. So?

45. You can see in nature, all females are polygamous too! So are 2nd, 3rd and 4th husbands allowed for Muslim women?

Jihadi : 3-Talaq is not instant. One must wait for a month/week/day before he can say Talaq second time. Then again a gap. And when it is said for 3rd time, it is considered divorce.

Agniveer : 46. So are Talaqs on SMS, FB, Whatsapp etc invalid? How many of them have been declared invalid by Muslim bodies till date? NOT ONE.

47. Even if it is a month long process, how is it not a demonic law? It is like saying – instead of Jhatka, I will Halal (slitting throat of someone slowly) her because I am peaceful and want to give her chance for one more month!

48. Why don’t Muslim women have right to give 3 Talaq?

Jihadi : Even woman has right to take Khula. Equal rights.

Agniveer : 49. Stop your Taqiya. Khula is simply an application by wife for divorce which, if not approved by husband, has no value. She will have to live with husband as wife.

Jihadi : Look, Sharia has made Talaq very difficult.

Because if husband divorces wife once, he can not marry her again unless she:
a. marries other man
b. consummate her marriage with him
c. gets her periods to ensure she is not pregnant
d. gets divorced by current husband if he wants and then only marry her former husband.
So because of this complex process, no man can easily divorce wife.

Agniveer : 50. And this is called Halala. Where did husband suffer in the process? It was again woman who was treated like a prostitute just because Sharia laws can’t keep a Tharki husband in control.

It is like saying – I have protected my wife from getting slapped by me by appointing my friend who will slap her twice if I slap her once. Is there any logic behind such act of rascals? You call it divine law? I won’t even spit on it.

Jihadi : When Muslim women have no problems with Sharia, why are you worried, hain?

Agniveer : 51. Doesn’t matter. If a kid is not aware that someone is molesting her, father doesn’t wait for her screams. He makes sure the daughter is safe and culprit is thrashed and pisses in pants.

Indian State is father to 125 Crore Indians. If anyone violates rights of any of them, state will come to rescue and punish offender.

52. You are right. Full 8% of 100% Muslim women support Sharia. Rest fringe element of 92% Muslim women want triple Talaq to be dumped. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/92-of-Muslim-women-in-India-want-oral-triple-talaq-to-go-Study/articleshow/48565408.cms

53. We are worried because when Muslim women are pushed to such extreme mental, physical and social pressures, it makes them weak mentally, physically and socially. And this weakness affects normal growth of their children as discussed which impacts every Indian and nation.

Jihadi : You will disrupt peace with forceful implementation of UCC.

Agniveer : 54. This is what terrorists of 26/11 Mumbai attackers exactly said to people they kidnapped. If you move, we will shoot you. So you will be responsible for your own death.

55. Listen, peace obtained on gunpoint is no more acceptable to India. Peace is not the ultimate objective. Equality is. Justice is. Peace must be the consequence of justice and not the excuse for injustice. Period.

56. Every hand that is raised against India will be chopped off. Every head shouting destruction of India will roll. Every tongue abusing India will be silenced. Every force oppressing women will bite the dust. Choice is yours.

Pigeral (Fake Liberal/Communist) : Why should government interfere in religious matters of Muslims? Let any consensus come from within community, and not imposed from outside.

Agniveer : 57. So you are suggesting that Muslim male population must be given more time than others to behave? Why? Any speciality? If Sikhs can do it, Hindus can do it, Christians, Jews, atheists, Buddhists, Jains and rest can do it, why exception for Muslims?

58. Do you give Non-Muslims any reward for being pro-equality if you give concession to Muslims in equal rights issue? Do you give concessions to Non Muslims in education, jobs and other social fields like you gave to Muslims in matters of equality?

59. Pigeral communist brigade wants reforms from within when it comes to Muslims. But it demands immediate ban on Ram Leela in JNU, it burns effigy of Ram because [as per them] Ram was a male chauvinist, they called Goddess Durga prostitute, they called Karva Chauth regressive. They never give Hindus that liberty of letting them ‘evolve’ from within. They want immediate action from Hindus. And until then, they will continue to mock Hindu practices. Why?

60. They organized beef parties all over India and wanted Hindus to stop objecting to beef parties. All this for increasing tolerance level of intolerant Hindus. They never dared to organise sketch prophet events to help Muslims increase their tolerance level.

61. Is it because you know that you will come back safely from beef party but will become Mr India [invisible] if you organize prophet’s events. So stop being reformers of Hinduism if you don’t have balls to take on Islamic ill practices. Period.

To the rulers of India –

Peace is best. Peace of blackmail is worst. Violence is worst. Violence for justice is best. This is the essence of Mahabharat. This is need of the hour.

– Dr Vashi Sharma
– Sanjeev Newar

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Vashi Sharma is a globally renowned energy scientist. He is a doctorate from IIT Bombay and a scientist with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. Vashi is an expert on Islamic terrorism and deradicalization.

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