Increase your height…RIGHT NOW!!

The soul is beyond the body and hence from this perspective, it is immaterial how tall or short a person is. The true height of a person is his or her character and deeds.

Yet, tall height is a natural ambition of humans. I agree that in current context it is partly because of the glamour associated with tall height. If that were the driver for any urge for height increase, the efforts would defeat the purpose. Because the true purpose for height increase should stem from an earnest desire to achieve as much of our potential as we can. A tall height represents complete growth of the body and hence we should endeavor to achieve that complete growth.

Height does vary from person to person as per his or her genetics, climate and other conditions. Thus blanket comparison of height with others is not a right approach. Instead the correct approach should be to keep as healthy as possible to gain complete growth of body.

I was born as a medium height child. Till age of 17, my height did not grow much. At age of 17, at just above 5 feet, I was among the short students of my class and often ridiculed for being short and thin. Very honestly, at times I did feel humiliated at tended to avoid public company to the extent possible. The matter got worse because I could see many other boys who were shorter than me few years ago now surpassing me.

But for once, I decided to no more rationalize and act as an ostrich. I decided to take my concern heads-on. I changed my complete life-pattern. For next two years, I committed to new patterns and by the time I was nineteen, I was 5’11” and had an extremely flexible and agile body. Today I have a height of above 6 feet.

In this article, I would share those tips that I followed in my height transformation process. I am sure these will benefit one and all in achieving their maximum potential:

Tip 1: Mind Power

Our body responds to our thoughts. As per our thought patterns, appropriate hormones are secreted and physiological changes happen accordingly. Positive thoughts reverse ageing process and improve health. Negative thoughts accelerate ageing process and stunt growth. Thus first critical step for height gain is to reprogram your thought patterns. Not only it will help you increase height, but also bring benefits in all areas of your life. To me, it made me a diligent person that helped me get admission in IIT. Here are specific suggestions on mind programming for height-gain:

  1. Refuse to accept that you are born unhealthy and short. Visualize yourself as having the most perfect health and live every moment in that vision.
  2. Stop compromising on matters of quality. Keep demanding as much as you can think of, from yourself.
  3. Imagine that your height is increasing every moment with every movement of yours.
  4. Stop traits of anger, helplessness and dejection.

Remember that will power is the key. Once you get a good grasp on it, rest would work automatically. If you try out these tips without strong will-power, it would never work. This secret gets you everything you want in life.

Tip 2: Food

Simply stop junk, fried, spicy and oily food. I cannot stress further the importance of simple, nutritious, healthy food. Our body is made out of food we eat. We grow from a baby of few inches to a full-grown adult only through food we eat. Food is the raw material used to build our building that we call body. How can you expect a strong building to be built if you use inferior raw material from junkyard?

Following are certain recommendations that have helped me:

  1. Eating at least two hours before sleep
  2. Having a light dinner
  3. Regular consumption of sprouts
  4. Having regular eating schedule and avoiding habit of munching every now and then
  5. Avoiding consumption of tea, coffee, cold-drinks, ice-cream, chocolates etc
  6. Regular use of trifala powder in night or early morning
  7. Eating lots of fresh fruits
  8. Drinking lots of water
  9. Walking for 10-15 minutes after meals
  10. Eating soaked almonds in morning. The gulbandi variety is best.
  11. Eating in sukhasan. This posture is a wonderful gift of our ancient seers.

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Tip 3: Exercise

Human body is built to work hard and live actively. More we avoid physical labor, more we become prone to underdevelopment, faster ageing and ailments. Make a habit of doing rigorous workouts at least thrice a week and normal exercises in rest of the days.

My routine in those days was as follows:

  1. Waking up by 5 am and having a variety of workouts till 8 am. These included mix and match of following:
  • Running and jogging
  • Flexibility and stretching
  • Martial Arts practice
  • Asans and Pranayams
  • Meditation
  1. In evening I used to go for Taekwondo exercises thrice a week. The practice of high kicks is extremely beneficial
  2. On Sundays, we used to go to play cricket

This active routine worked wonders on my body and activity.

Would request all health-seekers to join taekwondo lessons close-by. Taekwondo differs from other martial arts. In taekwondo, emphasis is on high kicks and free stretching which helps body grow. In many other martial arts, focus is on restricting body movements within a small region. Thus it seems to restrict height of a person.

Similarly weight-training should be avoided for first 20 years of life. That should be replaced with free hand exercises like pushups.

Many claim that Yogasan can help increase height. I even saw a video on it by a celebrated hathayogi. He gave a passionate speech in the video that seemed to showcase short height as source of all miseries and inferiority complex. Ironically the hathayoga guru himself appeared not more than five and a half feet!

The fact is that hathayoga is being overemphasized bit too much these days and its benefits are being over-inflated as a marketing gimmick. Certain asans do benefit but in essence it’s the overall package of healthy lifestyle which is effective. Replace these hathasans with any kind of aerobic physical activity and results would be exactly the same. Perhaps even more!

Having said this, certain postures are quite useful for height growth. These should be added in one’s fitness routine – chakrasana, halasana, sarvangasana, pashchimatanasana, pavanmuktasana, hastapadasana, mayurasana. Among Pranayams, the only pranayams I have found to be truly effective are Bahya Pranayam, Abhyantara and Chaturtha Pranayama. These provide all the benefits that are claimed from variety of breathing practices like Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika etc. These pranayams with rigorous cardio in open air gives all the benefit you desire from a fitness regime.

Do ensure that you develop a habit of deep breathing. We shall discuss the art of deep breathing in a separate article.
Tip 4: Miscellaneous

  1. Sleep well. More you work out, more the rest required by your body. Especially for growth, you should ensure that you do not deprive your body from much needed rest.
  2. Sleep early. Work so hard in the day that you tend to fall asleep by 10 pm. Wake up by 5 or 6 depending upon your comfort. I prefer varying the waking time as per my body needs. Avoid late night sittings.
  3. Keep spine straight
  4. While standing, try to stretch your entire body up. At times come on your toes for a full stretch. You can even raise your hands for a fuller stretch. In more formal occasions, you can stand normally and yet try stretching your entire body without raising your toes. Keep doing it every now and then. If you are in a bus, try if you can stretch up without coming on toes and touch the ceiling with head.
  5. Do not settle in one static position for long. Keep moving and changing postures. Remain active and give body a small workout every moment.

Tip 5: Brahmachraya (Control of mind)

Needless to say, all of this works only with a perfect control over mind. Make a habit of challenging your mind with even more control every moment. Once mind is mastered, the world will be at your feet, height is a petty thing.

To develop this mastery and realize what the real fun of life is, following is advised. More you practice, more you gain:

  1. Stop putting your mind in all form of sensory inputs that tend to promote lustful thought patterns – romantic/vulgar songs, movies, literature, company. These generate hormones which speed up the ageing process and stunt complete natural growth.
  2. Stop watching the idiot box. Apart from dumbing the mind, it makes your breath shallow and hence causes stunted growth.
  3. Similarly avoid video games, ipods and other mind-dumbing tools.
  4. Stop digging too much into stale newspaper. Use it only for keeping you updated. Filling your mind with depressing stories of past, the first thing in morning, is the worst treatment you can give to yourself who is naturally programmed to be always forward looking.
  5. Prepare actionable plans. Avoid discussions and analyses which have no relevance to practical application and are merely time-wasters.
  6. Needless to say, avoid all acts which lead to loss of vital energy and semen.

We shall discuss the subject of Brahmacharya in detail in another article and dispel certain myths surrounding the subject. Brahmacharya is the greatest potential remedy for all humans living today and needs a right, relevant and correct representation.

Please share your feedback with these practices. They should start giving results in a few months. Apart from a full body growth, you would also gain a healthy body and confident attitude.

Stretch to your fullest potential!

The 4 Vedas Complete (English)

The 4 Vedas Complete (English)

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  1. MMM says

    There are quite a good technique available through acupressure, Pranayam and Asanas for increasing height. Do not supress other method just because you have not gathered enough knowledge on other area.

    • says

      I have merely listed those techniques which I have been able to test. The goal is not to suppress any method but ensure that anything untested is not provided to confuse people. If you know any good techniques, kindly share them through comments sections.

      • says

        Agniveer, how do you actually cope with all the people around you during the process..? I mean like how do you actually, being someone whom is shorter than guy A(for example), then after 2 years you’re taller than him already. Do you expect any less changes before you successfully obtaining you’re current height result ? and another thing is, how do you even calm yourself during the long-term process, because usually people expect results to occur very rapidly in any situation.?

          • guest says

            hi agniveer i wanna ask you something my age is 16 and im a girl and i want to increase my height 6-8 inches will my height increase? i have increased my height with hanging ex 15 min daily will my height. please give me and details i will be praying 4 u whole life.

          • says

            As for now, I’m 17 going on 18 tis year but I’m still 5 feet 5 1/2.. I’ve got 3 questions for u tho, firstly, when(at what time or age) do you realize that ur growing taller altho u didn’t at first when ur 17? and 2ndly, Are ur growing process starts consistently since then (the time when u found out that u can still grow back)? and lastly, can shoe insoles be temporarily used before reaching the final height at the right time?

      • rimsha says

        Hi.sir..!read ur article today,..and got a new hope… i wish ths helps me…(fingers crossed
        Sir i m 17 and my height is 4.11 :( m a girl..!! My parents are also height 4.9 and fathers 5.5… is thr any chances for me to bcme tall…i really need it badly…pls help me…reply soon plss sir,,,thnku

      • akash yadav says

        sir plz help me….meri height 5ft 5 inch h or meri age 23 h pr m kuch tym phle zym kr chuka hu…lakin 1 mahine s height pe work kr rha hu..jab ye sab chije krte h toh kitne month m effect ata h…or kya meri height grow kr skti h..

    • Prithvi Raj Gowda says

      Thank for this author .like this articles changes human life and gives self confidence its great job. Am 6 feet height but some my cousins and friends are shorter this articles helps them to grow taller

  2. says

    Hello…!! Agniveer..

    This article is really good , I am 19yrs. old and my hight is only about 5ft. 3inches,

    I have started to do Suryanamaskars since i was 12yrs.,
    I was a great gymnast and Pranayam Leader in my School days,but it wasnt even beneficial to me.

    Please give me reply

    • says

      What is the height of your parents? Do you take adequate sleep and avoid late night sittings. Drink lots of water. What exercises do you currently do?

  3. says

    Namaste !
    I want to ask that in your fitness routine as described, was there any variation in the amount of running and jogging (that is supposed to be done in the beginning of the workout session) with the change in weather ?

  4. Azadi says

    Hello, I am a 17 year old female with a current height of 5'4.2 my dad is only 5'5 and mum 5'2.5 I have not had my growth spurt yet, do you think it is too late for me to start these excerises and dietary tips?

  5. Rashmi Singh says

    sir,i am 18 years old girl and my height is 5’1″. can i also inrease my height with regular workouts and by simply folloeing your article??i mean can girls also increase?

    • says

      Your body has matured and hence it is unlikely that bone size may increase. However if you get toned and do stretching exercises, your posture would improve and you would be perceived as more impressive in personality. For you, the focus should be to gain aura through glowing health. Follow the tips in the article and see your transformation soon!

      • Mithun says

        Sir iam mithun now 19 with 5 ft 3 inch. Iam luks too short with my friends. And they told me to do some hanging exercise. Is hanging does a magic? I want to become atlest 3 inch with a short span of time.. Iam so depressed with my height. And u knw that girl like taller mens.. Thats d reason iam still single please encourage me sir, please help me.. Is this possible? Help me please

  6. says

    hey i want to know what are the things that i should do if want to gain height..of course i want to know if this 24 turning to 25 this sports is basketball,well im not totally contented to my height even i can jump so height is 5′7 1/2″ or 5′8 somehow yet i look so small in that case may be cause im thin or what?i hope you can response this comment..i ‘m looking forward to it..

  7. Rashmi Singh says

    this is 18 year old rashmi singh again.hello! i exercise for 2 hours a day which includes yoga,cycling,hanging and walking! besides all this i m careful about what i eat and practise your tips! is 2 hour exercise enough? what else should i do? i have gained 0.5 inches in 4 months.

  8. Rishi says

    I am 15 yrs and old 5’4, also about 1/2 inch taller than my parents can i still grow taller,If yes please suggest useful exercises.

  9. Govind says

    Namastey sir, mai 22 sal ka hone ja rha hu…and my height is 5’9 and my father is 5’11 and mom is 5’4.i fee very nervous toward my height…plz sir tell me that can i be 6′ by following your tips….

      • says

        sir iam 12 yrs old and my height is only 4.8 less than my all class mates i want to grow more my class mates are 5.4 at least i also want to grow sir advice me a special diet and special exercises for me my father and mother are mashallah very heighted but iam not

        • says

          sir,i’m 17 and will be 18 in september and i’m only 4’7 shorter than all my friends. i just wants to grow atleast 5’2 so i could get admission in medical college plz help me by advising good exercise and diet tips.i wants to know daily consumption of food, daily walktime.plz help me……..

  10. nithin says

    sir i will do what u did to increase height. im already doing a routine by eating 10 soaked mamra almonds in morning in empty stomach and 2 hours later should eat breakfast, 3 large carrots before meal, and 1 teaspoon of extra virgin oil. this was recomended by a nutrionist called mr amitabh pandit, he experimented on children and in 6 months some grew by 2 inches and some by 4. but what u sed sounds more miraculous as u have grown more than 12 inches in 2 years. amazing. illmfollow his and ur way

  11. nithin says

    sir did u mean brussel sprouts, which looks like mini cababge or the sprout which looks like white thin stick. thank you, pls reply

  12. Stranger says

    hey brother, my height is 5’4 n age 21…can i increase my height?…what is the last age of height growth…i am worried about my height..please tell me…

    • Karn says

      Not much but still yes. Lower part of the body (under the waist and legs) cannot grow but upper part of body can. Around 1-2 inches is achievable at any age. Just remember to fill your routine with healthy exercise, running, pull-ups and stretching.

      But why are you so much conscious about it? I know one thing, if you are continuously conscious about your height, it will effect your life. It will effect other areas where you can achieve much more as a human being. Just learn to be an achiever, so that the height of your success and spirit become far more dignified for anyone to be conscious about it. Strength is from spirit, not from height.

      • Raja says

        This is important. Don’t bother about height etc. DO your best for a healthy life and you will get the height you deserve. Worrying only makes matter worse. And height is nothing more than a cosmetic thing. Just see – even Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev who did Yoga from early childhood and has training programs on height growth is only 5′ 3”. This is because for him this was his ideal height. And how successful is he.

        Have healthy routine, exercise and rest, eat good food and you would get good height. Avoid weight training in this period. Do free hand exercises and have correct posture.

        • Karn says

          Hey Stranger, you are only 21, you still have fair changes of growth till 25. Sorry I didn’t noticed it earlier. You still have possibility of growth spurts. Just be sincere to yourself in following the techniques mentioned above and read below about hypermassing. And if you are slimmer, you have better changes of getting a fair stretch. So best of Luck. And remember, mind is a strongest tool. People are recording growth even after 25 through hypnosis (although it is painful process). So always mind your thought process. Keep a guilt free, confident and clear conscience.

  13. Karn says

    I want to tell you friends one very easy and effective technique called Hypermassing. If you remember there had been some controversies in 90s regarding the Chinese athletes getting a burst of height up to 1.5foot within one year for which people doubted them of using asteroids. Average Chinese height is around 5.4 but still they have uniform 6foot+ heighted army. Some people in US wanted to know what kind of steroids they’re using.

    So it came out to the fact that they use Hypermassing technique. All you need to do is, give yourself a clean break in food – lets say 6 hours – and when you are completely emancipated, go for a rigorous exercise (intense running and stretching) routine. Once you come back, immediately take food.

    Late night heavy/fried food is a complete NO if you want to grow tall. (As already suggested in the article above.) Eat your dinner early in evening with good veggies. You will get a very good and sound sleep. Sound sleep is necessary for reformation of muscles. Learn Yoga and Meditation, they will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Your mind and thinking habit have a very very strong effect on your personality. Keep a confident, healthy and clean conscience. Help people in need, it will help you feel responsible and satisfied from inside. And concentrate on positive thought process which breeds success in every aspect of life.

    • ganesh says

      does this hypermassing really work and do you came to know about it…i am going to be 23 and my height is only 5.4…So can i grow at this age with this hypermassing techniques??..

    • mohit virmani says

      i would be glad sir if you provide me with your email…… i want to know abt this technique from you….. i wont mind going anywhere round the world for this…… i am a 6 ft plus….. but in order to excel in sport i gotto be taller…… to some i would be sounding foolish,, but i am damn serious sir

    • Ajinkya says

      Hey Karn, can you please provide me and many others here with some form of communication through which we can know more about this technique. I tried to Google this technique but in vain. Kindly do reply, I’ll be grateful to you :)

  14. piyush says

    hello sir…….. i m 17 yrs old aur meri height 5.7 inches hai……… my father’s height 5.5 inches nd my mother’s height 5.3 ……….. mai km se km apni height 5.10 inches krna chahta hu ……………………. plzzzz tell me is it possible for me ?????????

  15. sikandar nawab says

    sir main apni height increase krna chahta hn in a very short period of time i m near to19years plz suggest me any advice my present height is 5/3 nd my father height is 5.8 tell me any procedure plz of two or three months only

    • says

      Dear Sikandar,
      Why are u in hurry? Follow a natural method over next 2-3 years and have healthy benefits. Short term growth may be possible with use of hormones etc, but they are risky. You may consult a qualified doctor for more details.

  16. muhammad umair says

    sir I am 15 and my height is 5.7 or a half inch father is 5.9 and mother is 5.3…I read your article and I am quite hopeful to increase my height up to 6 feet.Is it possible keeping in mind the height of my parents….

      • says


        Upto 2 inches might be possible with proper rest, exercise, food, routine and habits. So you should give it a shot. In any case, you gain good health and longevity which should be more attractive drivers.

    • says

      Namaste Muhammad,

      If you are 5.7 at 15, for sure you can grow up to 6 if you follow the methods given diligently. You have to practice for next 5 years at least for full impact.

    • says

      Doing too much of stretching may be unnatural. Do relaxed stretching and your spine can itself straighten up to give you an inch of advantage.

      But please note that bottom line of this article is to feel confident despite your height. You put your best efforts and then realize that height no way determines your success. We need to increase height to obtain full growth of body but if nature has decided that your height be at certain level, respect that decision. Shivaji was not as tall as Afzal but who won? So let not height be overriding factor in life.

  17. says

    sir mujhe body grow material info cahiye plz….plz…….plz………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..plz…………………………………………………………………………………plz

  18. mohit virmani says

    sir can you plz temme what exactly is hypermassing and what should be done……… and any source of dis practice done by any chinese could be made available to us

  19. sumia says

    hello sir my hieght is 5″1 my height also 5’1 and my father hieght is 5″7 and i m 16 old.can i grow more?i m very deprresed plz ans my question and if yes than how???????????????

  20. maha khan says

    hi sir i m very depressed of my height may age is 19 and my height is 5 feet plz kuch batayen k main apni hegiht increase plzzzz

  21. manpreet singh says

    hi agniveer paji ; sat shri akaal..
    I am manpreet singh. I read your article and i really like it. I am 18 years old and my height is 5″4 .please say can i increase my height . Everybody says me i can’t grow more with lot of hairs on my face and body ..please reply sir…how can i grow more…..

    • says

      Namaste Manpreetji
      Sat Shri Akaal – He is true, provider of prosperity and timeless.

      Yes you can increase your height. But given that you have lots of hairs, you may have to put more will power and efforts. Take a detox diet – fruits, vegetables, brown rice – without any junk food, spices, non-veg etc for some days. Get in touch with a qualified naturopath to guide you. Make sure you do not feel weak during detox process, but take only simply natural food. Drnik lots of water. If possible, do Shankh Prakshalan (consult a yoga teacher) once (should not be done more than twice an year). The goal is to cleanse your body from within. Also start a breath-control regime wherein you do deep breathing from abdomen, chest and upper chest – separate and together. Do not do kapabhati more than 2 minutes. Do relaxed yoga exercises and bit of jogging and stretching. In early morning, face sun and do Surya Namaskar or some simple exercises plus light jogging. Let sweat come out. This way your body will become pure of toxins and help activate growth. Avoid movies, photos, novels, talks that arouse sensuality. They promote hormones which stunt growth. And believe in relaxed will-power and trust on God. Read lives of legends like Guru Gobind Singhji and soon you will have much better growth.

  22. manpreet singh says

    hi agniveer paji ; sat shri akaal..
    I am manpreet singh. I read your article and i really like it. I am 18 years old and my height is 5″4 .i am student of +2 non medical class.. please say can i increase my height . Everybody says me i can’t grow more with lot of hairs on my face and body ..please reply sir…how can i grow more…..

  23. mian says

    hello sir my hieght is 5″6 my height also 5’6 and my father hieght is 5″8 and i m 20 old.can i grow more?i m very deprresed plz ans my question and if yes than how??????????????? Rajveer sir! Please give me the answer of my question. I am feeling inferior. Give me right direction.

    • says

      Don’t feel inferior. To link height with inferiority is insult of God. He gives the best you deserve. Your goal should be to now do your best to deserve even better from God. You can certainly grow upto 2 inches. Follow advice in the article and avoid gym type of workshops. Play basketball instead, if possible. But everything will work only if you feel positive. Mind is the key

  24. shreya says

    hi……i am 12 and about to turn 13 but my height is only 4ft9inches.
    i am really worried about my height can you please suggest sometging….??

  25. Jack the Beanstalk says

    You should consider drinking milk and eating other calcium-rich dairy products if you want to grow taller, and maintain healthy bone density.

  26. Ankit says

    hello sir i m 19 years old and my height is 5,4 and i want to more plz help me to increase my hieght more 4 or 5 inches plzz reply mee and ya i hv also a habit for dremming mai sochta rhta hu kuch na kuch…

  27. Vinay Arya says

    Shri Agniveerji
    I have a very serious problem.It is not about increasing height.I had seen porn pictures due to ignorance.I got addicted to seminal leakage.I stopped watching tv.which reduced seminal leakage to a great extent.But,the problem is my head.In my head,those porn pictures are already there.These come again and again.The problem is not only this much.I have learnt to make new pictures on my own.It means that it is not necessary to see those pictures.My mind can make bad pictures which I did not ever see.My mind can make such pictures of girls who are quite beautiful but such beautiness is not seen in the reality.In day time when i visualise,then I can control the will of sex very easily.But do you know one thing?In night,I(the one who even after been shown beautiful girls does not have will for sex) find myself busy in bad activities in dreams.The problem is”how to stop seminal leakage in night during dreams?”.

    • SDC says

      If you are an adolescent, then these are common problems that one encounters growing up, and the problem is compounded with exposure to pornography. The blast of raging sex hormones in the blood stream really makes one go gaga over the idea of experiencing sexual pleasure. You need to indulge in pleasurable physical activities, try sports for a change. This will definitely give vent to these energies in a positive way.

    • says

      Brahmacharya is often taking in a wrong sense causing all these issues. Instead of focusing on trying to control any physical phenomenon, simply focus on controlling the mind. And you do not control mind by deciding NOT TO THINK WRONG. Simply indulge in thinking right. Get in fun-filled good activities like sports, exercise, brain puzzles, introspection, good texts, study of science, discussions on spiritualism, nation etc. Avoid junk food, avoid heavy eating before sleep, keep cheerful and busy and let the improvement happen naturally. And avoid junk movies, junk songs etc. Mind and stomach are like factories. If you put garbage as raw material, they will process out garbage quality products. Use high quality raw material and enjoy quality dreams, quality health and quality happiness!

  28. basant jhariya says

    Namaste Vinay bro,
    Download sandhya mantra from website. Do Sandhyopasana two times. Read agniveer article- Avoid trouble, remove guilt.

  29. Ashish says

    Hello sir,
    My self ashish i m 21 yrs old and my height is 5.6″. My father’s height is 5.8″. I hv been do hanging for two months but there is no increment in my height. Plz suggest me sir what ll i do to increase it and also suggest me what about diet. plz help me sir. How can i get increment quickly….Plz sir dont avoid me plzzzzz

  30. ankur says

    sir, i am 18 years old and have 5ft.4in height. i play cricket as a all-rounder at jharkhand. i have represented district to. but for my 12th exam i have to keep my self away from cricket till march until my exam finishes. till this time i want to increase my height at least up to 5ft.1oin. is it possible. i am very good fast bowler. i bowled at 123.7kmph as an average in my district matches. my coach told me that if i had more height than my bowling action had taken me higher then my current position. please sir, help me out.
    i does a lot of stretches to. but didnt getting any benifit from it. i am very much tensed. please sir help me out. please. i hope i will get your guideline.

    • says

      1. Tension will not help. It will reduce chance of any future gains.

      2. Follow advise in article

      3. Drink lots of water – 8-10 glass at least but not at once.

      4. Exercise 3-4 times a day but do not do weight training.

      5. Stretch gradually like in Yoga. Too much stretching does not help.

      6. In daily life make habit of sitting and walking straight. When you stand or walk, try pulling up your spine with deep inhalation and as you exhale, do not let lose of spine stretch. Do it several times and then relax. Do it frequently in your breaks from study.

      7. Sometimes just put your hands up in air with deep breath, stretch from toes to fingers, remain balanced for some time and then relax.

      8. Take lots of rest and good sleep.

      9. At all cost avoid situations and inputs that bring sexual excitation or romantic thoughts. These secrete hormones that hinder growth.

      10. Eat simple, nutritious, non-junk, vegetarian food with milk. Neither skip meals nor over eat. Frequent light meals 5-6 times a day may be good. Never eat so much that stomach feels heavy. Make sure you walk for 5-10 minutes after every meal.

      11. Smile and laugh a lot, but not on vulgar things.

      And enjoy life! We wish you achieve success in your career!

  31. says

    Hello sir,

    I am a 18 year old female my height is 5 flat my dad is only 5’4 and mum 5’1 I have not had my growth spurt yet, i does a lot stretches to. do you think i can still grow taller? please do reply pls pls pls.

    • says

      Yes you can grow, sister. Don’t overdo stretches. They tire you. read carefully the article and comments from Admin. Most importantly, stay relaxed and don;t worry.

  32. phani says

    i have visited many sites and those all told same tips but this is d best height increase site iam posting after my first visit to this site its really good and helpful

  33. manish says

    hi sir………m 21 years old nd my height is 5’4″ ……my dad height is 5’10” nd my mom is 5’5″…..then y i m short……i m very tensed about my height…….so sir plz tell is my height can increase or not?????????????

  34. ankur says

    my height get increased up to 1-1.5inch during morning time when i wake up. is it means my height is increasing. reply soon sir , I’m waiting .

  35. DIPTOJEET says

    i am 17 years boy but my height is 5.4″.How i can grow my height?.Can i grow 5.10″ in 1 year? please tell me.Iam worry about my height and i want to grow 5.10″.please sir.

    • says

      You can easily grow upto 6 feet in next few years. But note that height growth is not like stretching a rubber band. Everyone has an optimal height that is unique to that person. So you should carefully follow advise in article and our comments and then you will have best possible height. And relax! And don’t keep measuring height every now and then.

  36. Chhota Agniveer says

    I said follow the steps mentioned in the article to increase height. Sandhyaopasana is form of worship. you can become mentally strong.

  37. vivekpal says

    sir i m 19 and my height is 5’4 and i m obees so can i increase my height i want to be atleast 5’10 and my weight is 93 kg so plezzzzz help me .

    • says

      You have to take immediate steps to achieve your goal.

      Step 1: Reduce weight by at least 30 kg.

      For this, instead of heavy meals, start taking 5 small meals daily. After each meal, you should feel slightly hungry. Never ever overeat. You should feel as if you can take 1 roti more.

      Do not miss exercise for more than a day in a week. On that day, do stretching.

      Your workout should be 1 hour of jogging, running, jumping, martial arts, basketball, football etc in evening or morning. And 1 hour of pranayama, asans, stretching, flexibility, yoga on other time. Start slow, do proper warmups and only then do exercises so that you do not cause injury.

      You will take at least a month to come with proper stamina. But do not give up. If you feel tired while jogging or exercising, take a small break of 30 sec to 1 min and start again. Reduce the speed etc. Do not workout if it hurts bones or joints.

      Take good sleep. Avoid junk totally. Only have plain veg food – no masala, cola, choclate, icrecream, chaat, spicy food, junk food. Drink lots of water – at least 2 litres a day. Drink in small sips. But do not drink for 30 minutes before food and till 1 hour after food. Go to urinate after every meal within 15 minutes. Avoid sweets, use low fat food. You need to workout for 90 days to see results. Then height growth will also happen. But stay relaxed and do not worry. You need not overwork but work as per body capacity. I would suggest an expert if he can guide you so that you do not harm yourself.

      Where are you based?

  38. Nazia says

    Hello Sir! I am a 17 year old girl and my height is just 5 ft.Neither of my parents are very tall.But all my uncles and my grandfather was really tall.Sir, please help me.Can I grow 3-4 inches.I am getting periods since I am 12.Sir please help me!!!

  39. says

    Hai agniveerji, I read ur article and felt that itz an eye opener! I got inspiration and felt that I gained my height on the spot, while reading the article. Thanku. Am 163 cms tall and is 19. Can I grow more? Please reply me sir. Ur brother -Jithu

  40. Chhota Agniveer says

    Sure! You can grow. If maharshi agniveer can grow 1 feet then why can’t you?
    Yogeshwar Agniveer ki Jay ho !

  41. Chhota Agniveer says

    Ha ha. Tumhare papa zakir naik ko hamne kai bar chunaiti di debate ke liye. Lekin vo chuhe ki tarah chhupa baitha hai. Bade aye refute karne wale. Apne guru zakir naik ko kyun nahi bolte ki Arya samaj ki chunauti swikar kare. Lol

  42. Vinay Arya says

    Shri Agniveerji
    I created my account on this forum 4-5 days before.I have been banned from this forum without any reason.I did not talk to anyone.I have not broken any forum rule.Please tell me why I have I been banned.It is necessary for me to have that account.

  43. jay says

    hiii…agniveer…..m 17 years of age…ma height is 160 cms….can i still grow?….. if yes then how much…my dad is 5’5″ and my mom is 5’2″…….i wanna reach atleast at 167(5’6″)…..

  44. sreejith says

    Sir, i’m 19 yr old. I have only 5’5 inches father have 5’11 and mother have 5’3 inches height..can i increase my height upto my father…plz tell me what will i do…plzzzzz…..

  45. says

    Sir, i am in the age of 19years my height is 5ft 4inch and my mother height is 5ft ,my father height is 5ft 6inch can i reached the height the height of my father so help me

  46. nidhi says

    hello..i am 24years old and iam 5 inch,what can i do to increase my height.I have used many medicines but didn’t work at all.. :-(

  47. Arslan says

    i m 20 year as 5.8″ inch height
    i have refsum desease and phytanic aid and hearing problem ,so avoid dairy products and much more including phytanic acid diet list
    i use elleptical bike daily

    so kindly tell how i increase my height.
    thanx and reply me my email id

    • says

      Do other free hand exercises listed above. If you have a medical condition, do consult your doctor first before any experimenting. Fruits and green vegetables should be increased if not contraindicated.

  48. vipul says

    hiiiii………..sir…i will turn 18 next month…….but from last 3 years my height is not increasing………i think this is bcz of regular masturbation i m trapped in…nw i have dtopped it from a month.can i nw be able to increase my height if the routine u have given i followed sincerly……plz help my height is 5.7………….is it possible to increase height nw and after puberity…………plz reply……………..i would be thankful….

  49. says

    Hi sir.. this is Vicky.. i am 20 years old. my height is 5.4. i have one bad habit that was doing masturbation in sometimes. not regularly but twice in a weak. is there any possibilities to grow my height or not. please reply me.

  50. vicky teotia says

    sir my height is 5.5″ and am 21 year old i want to be at least 5.8″. please give me suggestion ,which will work for me . i will be very thankful to you

  51. lucky says

    hi ma name s laxman i really wanna join IPS so it needs 165 cm height so ma age s 24 so cn i get more height?????? if cn ten hw????????? ma height s 5.2……….plz reply me coz at any cost i wanna grow in height……….

    • says

      At 24, it will be challenging so you need to put your best efforts in following tips of the article and comments. 1 inch from postural improvements and 1 inch from general health enhancement is feasible. The remaining 1 inch is where you need to use your will-power without getting desperate. Desperation harms the cause.

  52. aditya says

    hi i am 19 yrs old and em abt 5’6″ in height,ma father is 5’5″ and ma mum is 5’4″,so is it possible for me to achieve a height of 5’8″ or 5’9″ nw?? hw cn i achieve dis height?? plz do tell….!!

    • says

      In next 3-4 years, you can add 3 inches easily if you follow the tips in article and comments. Avoid any medicines as they damage the hormonal system. Sleep on left side and sometimes on right, but never on back or stomach. Never fold your legs too much while sleeping. Focus on food, rest and exercise. And of course will power. Have a pleasant nature.

  53. sikun biswal says

    i am 21,now i have 5.4ft height. i want to increase my height which exercises are good for me.. thus i fund of oily food i have to avoid oily food,i have a question that :- is it necessary to go gym to increase height ??????

    • says

      Skipping is useful in general for health. But dont do on hard surface. Wear good shoes. And don’t overdo them. Skipping is not necessarily linked specifically with height. Try other exercises listed as well. Please read the comments section also carefully.

  54. Manish kumar says

    Namaskar agniveer jee,
    My age is 25 and my height is 5″5′.i want to increase my height.if it can be possible.please mention the process…!

  55. sahil says

    i am 21 years old my height is 5’4 and i want to increase my height please suggest me som criteria of how to increase my height

  56. sahil says

    iam 21 years old and my height is 5’4 and i want to increase my height, plzzzz suggest me how to increase my height i am very much bodered about it

  57. says

    hello sir
    m a gal f 14 ers old & m matured.m studyn n cls 10.m vry vry short,my height is just 4’8″.my mom is short as me but my dad’s height’s 5’4/5’5..i wnt 2 bcum n actress n hv da potential in me…but my height is a problem….can i increase my height upto 5’8″(like katrina kaif) within 2-3 years following your rules….?

  58. Faiza says

    sir i wana increase my height age is 24 and my hieght is hardly 5..i am depress because of our society..actually meri choti sister ki height 5,6 hai jb k meri 5 hai to sir bs yehe bat hai k mai deprees ho plzzzz give me suggesion can increase my height 4,5 inches..GOD BLESS U

  59. piyush says

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii agniveer sir iam piyus & iam22 years old my height is only 5″5″ i want to increase my height 5 to 7 inches plzzz………tell me about hypermassing bcoz i read many coments and articles abt it will it relly work 4 me plzzz reply waiting desperately……………………….

  60. Saba Javed says

    I am 15 years old and i have stopped growing when i was in the age 10 …plz suggest me a way to increse my height…anxiously waiting for reply(girl)

  61. Faiza says

    sir i wana increase my height age is 24 and my hieght is hardly 5..i am depress because of our society..actually meri choti sister ki height 5,6 hai jb k meri 5 hai to sir bs yehe bat hai k mai deprees ho plzzzz give me suggesion can increase my height 4,5 inches..GOD BLESS U


  62. Ali says

    Agniveer, I’m 23, almost 24. I would like to know if I still can grow. In my family, my father is tall and my mom is my height. Can I still grow?

  63. says

    I am 30 year old,single. I am interested to increase my height .Is it possible for me to
    increase my height at this age? I am overweight of 15 kg and i am loosing it by doing
    martial art.Also I am mentally unstable & low confident.How to bring confidence &
    stability in my life. Kindly reply.

  64. says

    • says

      Yes you can brother. Please carefully read the article and comments by Admin and follow for next 2 years. We do not recommend internet products. They are fraud.

      • Chintu says


        My height currently is 181 cm and I would be 30 years by 2020. If I follow everything what is written here. How much can I grow by 2020?

        Also, provide the link to your article on Brahmcharya (self control details).


      • joe says

        hello sir

        my name is joe… i am 22 years old and 2 months.. my height is 5’6… can i still grow to 3-5 inch? please sir… i really need ur advise…

  65. says

    Hello Sir,
    My name is angelia stone i am 16 years old and i am just 4 feet 10 inch i am so unhappy becoz
    my fens are tall n i am so short and sir what sould be mine exact height if i am 16 year old sir give me some advice so i can grow tall like my friends.

  66. Ibrahim Dutt says

    Hello Sir! I am 18year old Male, but am only 5’1. Usually do stretches, but not often, but there is no improvement. Please Help Me. I want to add like 7inches or more.

  67. jaydeep says

    I’m 20 years old…and i stop increasing at the age 18 years……my hight is 5’4″ bt my girlfrd is taller then me….she is 5’6″…….so i want 2 increase up to atleast 2 inches
    I m ready 4 doing heard work…..
    Please give me proper way….

  68. Aman Gulati says

    Hi Sanjeev,
    I am 23 years old and my height is 5’5. Can i increase my height now. i want to have atleast 5’8. so guide me how can i achieve that.


    • says

      We are not sure if 3 inches may be feasible, but an inch or two can easily come. And since each body is different, you can even grow more. But you have to ensure you are not tensed.

  69. riya says

    hi! i m 15 yrs old and about 5feet3inches and surely want to be mor than 5.7feet but m not able to take out time for any games classes. i am fully inspired by your points and i’ll try to attempt them.please help me to increase my height as infuture somehow i want to join army and in that less height now admission!pleas help

  70. Santosh Kumar says

    Sir i am 17 years old i will be 18 in next 5 months. I am 5ft 6inch tall. i wanted to know till what age does the height of a human being increases an can i increase my height at this age? olease reply me on my email

  71. says

    hi…………. i an 14 and 4.11 and and guy i wanna increase height i have a burning desire.

    i believe in god and myself kindly help me plzzzzzzzzzz

  72. says

    hello I can not believe that you have increased height with the help your mind when i say it to anyone nobody believes it………………… unmotivates me plz swear it for me

  73. wajid says

    sir i m 18 yrs old, but i dnt hv a gud height ;
    mu height is 5.4 i want my height to be more;my wish is dat my height shuld be atleast 5.10;i require help of urs

  74. sarah says

    i knoww you probaly dont have time for all these comments but plz plz read this ok….i am 12 i just turned 12 my height is 5.2 i want to grow taller how can i? my family is tall im the shortest all my fameily is upove 5.5

    • says

      Sarah, Don’t worry. At your age you should bother about studies and good health in general. Follow tips of the article. Play and study a lot, eat good non-junk food. Have a pleasing personality. And God will gift you whatever best you deserve.

  75. aliza says

    assalaam walaikum………….i am 13 years old n my height is 5.1 and i wan to increase my height so please can u tell me that what i have to do

  76. aliza says

    assalaam walaikum………….i am 13 years old n my height is 5.1 and i wan to increase my height so please can u tell me that what i have to do pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase sir help me

    • HAHAHA says

      You can try what all is written there. There are certain exercises BUT unfortunately, your Imaam won’t allow you to do them so, you only do what is written here. Note that self control and balanced diet is mandatory.

  77. says

    heyyyy ,,imma 16 Year old girl,, and im just 5’3 1/2 inches tall, is it possible to increase my height further more,,,,, i read from books that,, girls stop growing when they reach at the age of 17,, Is it true? now im really depressed, :(

  78. shahrukh says

    Respected sir , my height is 5 feet 8 inches and i have grown 19 by this april , please tell me , will i be able to surpass 6 feets? I do bodybuilding from 6months , should i leave it ? or should i countinue with it ?

  79. Sunny says

    Sir, I”m 17 years of age and my height is in between 5’6 and 5’7 and I’m very thin.
    any chance of increase of my height?does running helps in increasing height?
    and what factors stunt growth????

  80. gaurav says

    very nice article .I am not sure whether one will be able to increase height with all that but surely a healthy lifestyle is bound to give a healthy body which is more important issue than increasing height itself.articles like these are perfect examples of popularising anything in islamic way because if you ask anyone that do this do that it’ll help you stay fit but he will do it one day but give up another day,but if you tell a short man to do it for increasing height he’ll readily do it.I would be more content if you can add the authencity by quoting few verses in sanskrit and not in english or hindi ,just like islamic scholars do it in arabic and then if someone raises objection just tell him to go and learn sanskrit first like they say go and learn arabic.this is modus operandi of islam where propoganda is the major force behind its political motives alluring people of low stature and moral values towards material wealth after live , beautiful girls,river of wine ,and anything you like so you are all asked to book your tickets as early as possible by just learning 2 lines in arabic and keeping a beard for display purpose ,and the biggest house party on planet hosted by god( supw ,puws,etc etc) is calling you.
    my other comment on mr naik and what is actually needed for revival of hinduism is submitted in gods must be crazy article.thnx for publishing my views

  81. Maynk tomar says

    Hey , i’m 17 yrs old and my height is only 5.3″ , how can i increase my height quickly ??
    Plz tell me !!

  82. Andres says

    Hi, I have read your article and it seems very inspiring. I would like to know if I still able to increase my height, I am currently 5’3 and I am 18 years old, and in the next month in june I will be turning 19 so I am just wondering if I would be able to increase my height….. By the way my mums height is 5’0 my dad is 5’6…… how much inches do you think I could possibly gain.
    please I need your advise… I would appreciate it very much thank you

  83. P.C. Shrimali says

    My grandson is 9 yrs old, & he is smallest in his class. At which age the exercises shoud be started pl.

  84. Krupesh says

    Hi i m 18 years old my height is 5 foot 2 inches.i want 5 foot 10 inches please help me …………..

  85. ziya says

    hi sir
    my husband is heigh problem but hi is 36 years old so u have another way to increas hieght naturraly some bady told me when men is above 33 and the hieght i snot increas plzzz help me

  86. Shreyas Waichal says

    sir i m 17 yrs old and my height is 5.5…i m following all ur tips…wil my height increase to 6 in next 2-3years???

  87. Shreyas Waichal says

    sir i m 17yrs old nd my height is 5.5…i follow ur tips regularly…will my height increase 2 6 in next 2-3 years???

  88. akshita garg says

    sir, i am 14 years old and my height is 5’1. i want to increase my height upto 5’4. please suggests me some exercises. i also practice yogasan. pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  89. anonymous says

    i wanna ask some plzz answer
    hello agniveer,m 19 years old 5’7 TARGET 6’0 and very frustrated abt mine height,i do nt eat any jung food,no alcohol,cigarette,only green vegtables (spinach)banana,almonds morning..dinner and lucnh as usual followed by 3 glases of protein milk per day…i play basketball and do some stretching excercises in the morning ok NOW QUESTION IS ALONG WITH IT SHOULD I PERFORM SOME STRETCHING EXERCISES BEFORE GOIN TO SLEEP AT NIGHT??? TILL WAT WILL MINE HEIGHT INCREASE GENERALLY?? SHOULD I CONTINUE EATING CHOCOS AND DRINKING LASSI ANY PROBLEM WID THEM??SHOULD I PERSUE FOR SOME ADDITIONAL SUPPPORT ALONG WITH IT LIKE SOME HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE??

  90. maggi says

    hi.i m maggi from hight is not growing.i m 18 years old.amd my hight is just father hight is mom hight is 5foot.i dont think that i can increase my hight.i have already do many things for my hight.
    plz suggest me what should i do?

  91. mehrun says

    if a 25years old girl or boy wants to develope his or her height, what should be followed for increase growth hormone?
    and which method will be safed for him or her?
    pls give me a reply.

    • somi says

      yep im 25 yrs old girl ma height is 4’11 plx tel me wot shud i do if thr is possibility to increase ma height. Thanku

  92. preet kaur says

    i m 19 years old and my height is only 5.2…and m very frustrated from my height….
    i just only want to ask u , at 19 will increase by some methods or by exercises or by any medicine….
    plzzzz reply to my comment….
    i will be very thankful……

  93. reem says

    hi , i read your article and i wanted to ask a question . i am 24 yrs old female and 5 ft 3 inches in height all my female cousins are 5.7″ and some are even taller the thing is i want to increase my height i do stretch exercises also but my height is not increasing , my cousins make alot of fun of my height but i cant do anything about it . do you thing that i would be able to pull up a few inches if i keep doing stretch exercises ? and if yes than after how many months would i see the results ? .
    Thanks and God bless you.

  94. shrawani says

    gud evng sir i shravani of 18 yrs jst got in month of april i read ur steps and wil try to folw 4m 2day evng sir my dad is 5’2 and my mom z 5 do i cn increase my hight my bro is saying that we cant because our genes is short is it true do i cannot really increase my hight? i really feel very bad when my classmates pass comment on my hight i evn thnkng is it my falut of not be good hight sir plzzzzzzzzz do i can really increase plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sometimes feelng like dieing i evn cant afford good nutrinion food without good food do i can increase my plzzzzzzzzzzzz sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz for god sake answer to my qustions thank you.

    • ganesh says

      @Shravani and ALL ,
      After 18 , time for doing stretch exercises , hanging,jumping etc need to be increased ..Its not that its impossible but it needs very hard efforts..So go ahead and do it as much time as u can..people even grow till 21 but after 21 , it becomes still more and more difficult and after 25 it totally stops…But i have heard that people still grow 1 inch after 25 but as normally people dont get time once they are involved in their jobs , it becomes difficult to do hard efforts and hence growth normally stops after 18-19 for most but still it can with hard efforts..So hard efforts are very imp are 18-19 age…..

  95. shrawani says

    sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzz answer to my qustion plzzzzzzzzzzzz im faceing my problems due to the short hight plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  96. shahrukh says

    @sharwani hang atleast 10 minutes daily before sleeping and drink as much milk as u can and sleep straight while keeping pillow under ur thights and lay on a stright surface … inshallah ur height will increase … shahrukh from pakistan …. try to do excercise in which u have to touch ur toes before sleeping and in morning …sleep atleast 8 hours and believe that ur growing , it will seriously work

  97. says

    hii friends …i am 19 years old and my height is 5’11 and when i am 16 years old my height was only 5’5 and i feel very depressed and all my friends are taller than me.then my brother advised me to run and hang up just after running. After that i run approx 3 km in morning and also take some medicines and after that 2 months passed and my height is’nt increase and my confidence level was decreasing but then also i hav’nt stop my practice and two more months later means 4 months after running my height increases 1 inch and after that my confidence increases and after that i never turned back and my height increases 6 inches in 1 year …and i ‘ll advice all of you that don’t loose hope and incresing is not a one or two month play,it requires regularity and dedication and some supplements and your height will definately increase …

  98. somi says

    hi sir i am 25 n my height is 4’11, is it possible to grow ma height through these instructions..??? plx repli me….

  99. says

    Sir I am 14 Plz tell that how should i increase my hight What should I Eat What Exercise Should I do That I Should Increase My Hight ?
    Plz Tell Me If U Tell Me Than I am Always Thankful Of U

  100. princess says

    Sir. I A̶̲̥̅♏ princess by name. I A̶̲̥̅♏ 22 yrs of age nd I A̶̲̥̅♏ berly 5.3. Dnt knw wat 2 do. I really wish 2 b taller. My dad is 6ft nd my yonger brother is more than. My mum is berly 5.7. Kinda confused. I need ur help sir. Pls send an email 2 this effect. Thanks so much.

  101. sagar says

    hi i m 18 yrs old and my height is about 5’6” and i havent grown that much from last 2 yrs !!!!!can i gain height or not??i have gone through ur articles!!!! can u plz tell me from when can i see small effect of change in my height!!!!my parents my father is 5’7” and mom is 5’2” can i add some more inches to my height trough ur tips?????

  102. says

    Namaste..actually iam a 16yr old girl..and iam just 4feet..i want to grow taller..please help me…My father is 5’ mother is also 5..n my brother is 5’7. Is it too late or possible for me to grow taller..? plz help me.., your my only hope…!

  103. Preeti says

    my height is 4.10 1/2 -148cm and i am 12 years old.I had a growth spurt when i was just 1 month to 10 years.will my height grow if i do this,well i started doing stretching exercises,and my height grew something like 1 cm like in 2 weeks…but till when i can grow

  104. Mohit Talreja says

    Hey Agniveer,
    I’m 16yrs old…. but too short..
    N if sumone is having heredity of shortness…
    then…. does your idea work…?? plz suggest me…

  105. Nadia says

    Hi,Iam a 17 years old girl and my height is 4.11 .
    Iam so worried about my height,I have almost lost my confident and give up the hope of growing tall. However by reading your website I kinda of found myself in the advice you gave.
    But would there be a chance for me to grow ?

  106. Chirag says

    hello sir . im a 17 year old guy and only 164 cms talll.i am keenly interested in cricket and hoping to be a cricketer in dad is 5 11 and mom 5 3 .i have heard a lot about height being genetical and people say that i relate to my mother in the height factor.i want to increase my height desperately keeping in mind my dad as my role model.i am already matured enough on factors like facial and chest hair.plz give me accessible tips to increase my height.thank you

  107. nisha says

    hello sir.
    I M nisha 5 ft heighted. all my family members are tall. i want to gain height 5.8” . IS THIS POSSIBLE. I M A 19 YRS OLD GIRL. PLZ REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. ND TILL HOW MUCH TIME I WILL ACHIEVE IT.

  108. says

    hellow!!! m 17 yrs pld and my height is 5 ..i want to increase my height…and m i can eat eggs and chicken….so wat shd i eat now…and how do i increase my height…. help meh….. plzzzzzzzzz

  109. says

    hellow!!! m 17 yrs old and my height is 5 ..i want to increase my height…and m i can’t eat eggs and chicken….so wat shd i eat now…and how do i increase my height…. help meh….. plzzzzzzzzz

  110. Amish Papneja says

    hello agniveer….i am 16 yaers old and my hieght iz 5feet 4 inch(apprx)….ur article is very good….hopefully starting all these exercises 2maro morning….nd please tell that can i grow my hieght upto 6 feet!!!!???????

  111. renu says

    sir i am renu 19 yrs old and my height is 5ft my mom is 5ft and my dad is 5’6 ft can i grow by following this

  112. kaushik says

    my sister is 24 years old and she is really small in height..if we use your product will it be beneficial…

  113. sushma says

    hi sir i hav just turned 17 n my height is still 5ft.can i grow my height further.plllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me

  114. Rohan Arora says

    Hi , I’m 16 years old and my height is about 5’5 and i have grown some facial hair..Do you think I can grow upto 6ft by doing the exercises mentioned above in your article..
    And does cycling everyday helps in increasing height…

  115. jay shatty says

    hello sir
    im 20 year male my height is 5.3 could n i need atleast 5.5 coz im giving psi exam but im not eligible for it. please could u sugges me GH hormone injection and whch dr to consult. plz mail me on my id thank you.

  116. jay shatty says

    hello sir
    im 20 year male my height is 5.3 n i need atleast 5.5 coz im giving psi exam but im not eligible for it. please could u sugges me GH hormone injection and whch dr to consult. plz mail me on my id thank you.

  117. mmm says

    hi,my age is 22 and my present height is 5’6,and i eagerly intend to increase my height to 5’10,can i do the same…please reply and i would praying for u for whole of my lifetime…my social life has been disrupted due to this thing…please provide me with effective and useful measures…

  118. munisha says

    hello ! i’m 17 ……jz turned 17 in april … m 5 feet ! my mother is 5’3″ n a half ….n my father 5″9′ …… n my brother is 15 yrs old n he is 5″9′ ……. i havent grown from last 8 years …can u tell me agniveer ji that is it possible for me to gain height by 4 inches if yes then how?

  119. Ben says

    Hello I’m Ben, 25 years old. I’m between 5 8 1/2 and 5 9 and would like to get to 5 10 bare footed. Do you feel it’s possible? Unfortunately in school i didn’t eat alot and did no exercise, not to mention sadly i have always had trouble with sleeping. Even now i still do. I’m sure i would be taller had I eaten and slept better in my teenage years!

    The last few years i have improved my diet to extremely healthy and i run and do weights too.
    My brother is around 2-3 inches taller than me too, but alot of people say you can only really grow to 25? Does that mean my chances are slim now i am 25? I live such a healthy lifestyle now. Any comments appreciated

  120. Shreyas Waichal says

    hi i m 17 yrs old nd my height is 5.5….i m following all ur tips regularaly since a month…can i grow upto 6 ….in next 2-3 yrs???

  121. Shreyas Waichal says

    hi i m 17 yrs old nd my height is 5.5….i m following all ur tips regularaly since a month…can i grow upto 6 ….in next 2-3 yrs???

  122. munisha says

    i want help from agniveer ji ! because he is. the only one person who can help me now …agniveer ji kindly give me your few minutes n suggest me what should i do ? are there any chances of me being 5″4′ ? from 5 feet? my mother is 5″3 n a half …father 5″9′ …younger brother 5″9′ ……. n i jz turned 17 in april … i want your advise ! can i grow upto 4 inches?

  123. Ben says

    Hello I’m Ben, 25 years old. I’m between 5 8 1/2 and 5 9 and would like to get to 5 10 bare footed. Do you feel it’s possible? Unfortunately in school i didn’t eat alot and did no exercise, not to mention sadly i have always had trouble with sleeping. Even now i still do. I’m sure i would be taller had I eaten and slept better in my teenage years!

    The last few years i have improved my diet to extremely healthy and i run and do weights too.
    My brother is around 2-3 inches taller than me too, but alot of people say you can only really grow to 25? Does that mean my chances are slim now i am 25? I live such a healthy lifestyle now. Any comments appreciated

  124. sj says

    Sir.i am 15 and my height is 5.6…my father’s height is 5.7..even i have hairs on my body and face.plz tell how much can i grow

  125. sj says

    Sir.i am 15 and my height is 5.6…my father’s height is 5.7..even i have hairs on my body and face.plz tell how much can i grow…plz reply fast i m very worried

  126. jasper says

    dear, agniveer i’m 18 and will be 19 in next month. I am only 5’4″ and i need to be taller . Do you really think your idea can help me out?

  127. musalman says

    Respected sir,
    Please know that there is only one god.Find which religion is the best by reading their books. Allah sare alam ko imanvale bana yen aur dosug ke ag se bacha len.ALLAHU AKBAR…

    • guest232 says

      i know brother there is only Allah who is ruling on the earth and heaven. trust me jab se mn ne qayamat ke bare mn detail mn jana hai mn bht sudhar gya hn and i request please non-muslims please muslim ho jao warna qyamat ke din tume muafee nhi mile gi khuda ka wasta sudhar jao muslim ho jao dozakh aik bht buri place hai aur non-muslims ka bht bura hasher hone wala hai.
      non-muslim agar apne jete-jee ALLAH ko na mana tu jab tm maro ge aur ALLAH ke suhae jano ge tu u’ll regret. aur phir time na ho ga maufee manne ka aur qyamat ke din ya dozakh mn non-muslim aur un ke ye bhaghwan types jin ko ye khuda shamajhte hain nauzubillah ye sab agg mn jale jain ge. abi bhi time hai ALLAH ko mano us ki ibadat karo.

  128. MRS AA says

    My daughter is 14 her Height is 4’6″ .she already her peroiods , will her height increase . I am 5’1″ and my Husband is 5’4″ . My inlaws are also shot 4’9 ” and 4’11” respectively . but my parents are 5′ and 5’7″ . I am concerned please help

  129. Suer says

    Hello admin/agniveer,
    I’m 18yr.old my height is 5″8, my mother is 5″2 or 5″3 in height and my father is 6″ flat. I went to gym for almost two months when I was 17. I want to be atleast 6″, is it possible for me? I also take Cherifer PGM 10- 22 yr.old. I play basketball sometimes, but I don’t have much time to play because I go to school.
    Please help me so I could grow more. reply to me asap thank you in advanced.

  130. Akshay says

    Hey Sir My Name is Akshay …..My age is 18 .. My height is 5’6 and my father’s height is 5’11 and my mother’s height is 5’3 .There is no growth in my body from since 3 years…Plz sir give some suggestions which strecting exercises can do effect the most???????????

  131. says

    hi sir my name anjanikumar my age is 18 my height is 5.2 my dad height 5 my mother 5.1 iam not happy for my height plz help me sir how much to iam send money sir

  132. scorpionsam says

    Hi are you really sure that this article will help,,??? i am 23 and 5’4″ i consulted many docs they said once you reach puberty its not possible to gain height..!!!! n i ve been exercising and gymming from past 2-3 yrs..!!! i remain the same..!!! any thoughts on how i can progress..?? hope to c your reply soon Mr. Agniveer…!!!


  133. M.ROHAAN says

    thank you very much for this thrilling article…..but they are difficult and boring with my schedule.. i am in class 9 and i have to work very hard… i come from school at 2.00 and then after food. the tution time starts. after i come home 8.00 or 9.00 then eat food and i goes to sleep.i have to wake up at morning .earlier for school. my height is very short compared to that of my classmates. i am very thin.they say i look like a kid of class 3 or 4. my father is very bery tall and healthy but i am just opposite. do you have a better and quick idea ..i would be very pleased.

  134. M.ROHAAN says


    • guest232 says

      easir way hai mere naam se aik reply hai iss page par aik wazifa hai mmm name ke neeche ok do that wazifa and be happy age does not matter.

  135. ayushi agrawal says

    sir, m 19 years old n my height is jst 5′ .. plzz give me tips what should i do to increase my height.i rly feel ashamed of it :(

  136. says

    sir i m 15yr old? i used my thing bt its nt increase my height plz suggest me a naturally thing that increase my height fast ???????

  137. KRITIKA says

    heyyy…i m 21 and half..nd ma height is only 5 1
    i want to inc ma height atleast 3 inches pls give me suggestion

  138. kannan says

    Hi sir my age is 22 and i ll be 23 in 6months. . . My height is 165cms is there any possibilities that i can make to 169-170.My mothers height is 145 cms and my dad is 167cms Could u plz tell me if i can make to 169cms by doing regular stretching exercise?

  139. moid says

    MY age is 29 and my height is 5’6″ pls sugeest me what should i do? how can i increase my height??

  140. mike says

    hello sir … i m very much in deprsion bcz of ma h8 is 5’6 n ma age is 21. ma father is 5’8 n ma mother is 4’11 … i m very demoralized bcz of ma height.. i want to acheive 6 foot as i want to go in modelng line… sir plz kindly guide and help me …. i dnt no wheather i can increase ma h8 or not ,, plz tel me sir does mastrubation effects h8 growth?? plz sir kindly help me and rply me asap …..

      • ganesh says

        yes u can since u are 21 but it depends on ur efforts how much u increase since normal growth period is already over….So try hard..indeed very hard like strectching exercises for spine& legs,kicking,useful yogic asans etc … …2-3 inches can be acheived but to increase 6 inches to reach 6 ft it will be indeed very difficult but try continuously for many years….

    • ganesh says

      very very difficult but try hard …Do strecthing,kicking,jumping ,yog asans which is useful etc

      • priyank says

        i knew its difficult but,is it like next to impoosible because now at the age of 26 i joined kick boxing,swimming,and basketball and do streching and yoga also so if i’ll give 3-4months of all these things so will i increase 2-3 inches.

        • ganesh says

          cant say …dont try just for 3-4 months…u should try for atleast 1 year or more and see what happens ….And do post ur result and experience here…

  141. Sergio says

    Hello, I’m 17 ,5 foot and 2 inches, would it be possible to maybe grow a few inches? My parents are about my height and I’m wondering if there is a way to grow maybe a little taller at the very least.

    • ganesh says

      offcourse u can …if ur growth spurt is over ,then u need hard workout but definately u can in next 2-3 years….people can grow even after 21 but it needs harder and harder workout as age increases …Do strecthing,kicking,jumping ,yog asans which is useful etc

  142. says

    hello sir! i m 15 year old girl my current height is 5 feet and 1 inch.
    My fathers height is 5’3 and my mothers height is 5’1.
    will i grow taller upto 5’5…?
    if yes then what was the minimum time required for that…?
    plz help me i need to be taller as soon as possible..?
    what are the things i have to do…?
    plz describe…!!

    • ganesh says

      offcourse u can …if ur growth spurt is over ,then u need hard workout but definately u can reach 5.5 in next 2-3 years….people can grow even after 21 but it needs harder and harder workout as age increases …

  143. vishista says

    HI AGNIVEER,iam from hyderabad my age is 18 and my height is 5.8″ and my fathers height is 6″ and my brothers is 6.1″ do there is any chance to get more height i mean to say that i will attain increase in height or not bcause my brother height increased at age of 16 and me dosen’t y……???

    waiting for your reply

    • guest232 says

      i have a wazifa for u my friend iss page par aik wazifa written hai do that wazifa mere naam se aik wazifa hai for u.

  144. Pianist Matter says

    Hi.Namaste!i am 16 years od and i have read your article..It was good enough to motivate me.Thank You! I just want to ask…My current height is 5 ft 2 father is about 164 cm and my mother is about 149 cm.i feel ashamed because i’m the shortest boy in my class..will I grow taller?Please email me ([email protected]).REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP…THANKS FOR YOUR MOTIVATING ARTICLE!!

  145. NOLE.LUCKY says

    I am 17, turning 18 in September. I am about 172 cm tall. My father is about as tall as me, or a cm or two taller, and my mother is about 4’11” – 5′. I have been so depressed for the past two years about my height. Since last year’s beginning, I have been doing jumps with my hands straight up in the air but that hasn’t helped me a lot, as I’ve gained only about 3-4 cms from last year to now. I have gained about 1-2 cms this year. As both my father’s and mother’s lineages are pretty hairy, I am also but not to that extent, actually in comparison to how hairy my father or my uncles are, I am very less hairy. My arms and my face have gradually gotten hairier over the past two years and that robs me of hope. I want to exercise so much but I’m not able to. This august i’ll be joining an engineering college. As you also went to IIT, please tell me how did you manage your schedule of exercises and kept yourself motivated. I have also had suicidal intentions, but had I such will power to commit suicide, I would already have worked extremely hard and been tall. I would be grateful if you could please make a daily schedule for me, if you could mail it to me, nothing better, other please atleast post here. I would also like if you could be in touch with me and please motivate me, because I tend to do better when I’m motivated, like if you could please ask me everyday about what I did through e-mail and what more I should do, I’d be extremely grateful. Please understand my problem and please help me. I have not been able to explain my situation through words here but probably you’ll understand what I am going through now as you yourself were in this situation.
    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully

  146. Ravi says

    Hello Agniveer …..
    my age is 22 and height is 5’7 foot. And weight is 55. My father’s height is 5’10 and mother’s 5’3 and sister’s 5’5. Can I increase my height now??

  147. ASIF says

    Hi…i m 22 years of age…m only 5.7 foot just. I want to increase my height,physical exercises still not heping…please suggest some ways to increase my height at a faster rate

  148. says

  149. says


    My Height is 1Ft and 2 Inches and my weight is 178 Pounds,my feets are 20 inches length and width of feet is 9 inches,my head is 1Ft width and height.

    My palms are 8inche width and height.When I open my mouth my tongue goes out two feet.

    Do you have anything for me,please help me sir.


  150. sumit says

    hello sir. i m 16 year old and my hieght is 5ft5 inches ………..
    and i exrcising daily but my hiegt is not increasing ………
    what i do , i m very tensionite……….
    please tell me how cane i be 6ft……….
    reply fast sir.


  151. says

    thats a gr8 piece of info you,ve given about ht. growth..thanks fo that..
    im 19 and im just 5’6..
    im practicing streching exercises regularly but d end result is nothing..
    ive grown out good d past 2 yrs but it stopped when i was 17..
    gues i’ve been doing some dirty work those times….
    does semen loss really inhibit height growth???

  152. KRITIKA says

    heyyy…i m 21 and half..nd ma height is only 5 1
    i want to inc ma height atleast 3 inches pls give me suggestion

  153. KRITIKA says

    heyyy…i m 21 and half..nd ma height is only 5 1
    i want to inc ma height atleast 3 inches pls give me suggestion……
    iss there is any chance to inc. height

  154. Gagi says

    Namaste Agniveer
    I am Gagi 15years old and I want to increase my height upto 5 feet 6 inches right now I am 5’2 and is it possible for me to gain the desired height that I want. My dad is 5’4 and mum 5’1. I am also doing Pilates stretching exercises and walkin on my toes for half an hour daily. So basically will I be able to grow 5’6 before turning 20.

  155. says


  156. Rani says

    Sir i m 17yrs old now and jst 4.10” now. I m really vry worried. Can u pls suggest me any ways to increase my height??? Wot do u think abt using any medicines to increase height which we see in many adds?? R they useful or harmful in any way?
    Bt sir pls help me in guiding me so as to improve my height.

  157. says

    hey Agniveer……………….
    i am a girl named khushi going to be 17 yrs. old …………..
    and i am only 4’10……….. want to increse my height despirately……….
    plz give me some tips that how can i increse my height with sureity ………..
    my all friends are taller than me and even everyone started saying whether friends.uncles n all ‘ki teri height to kam reh gayi’………….
    plz plz plz tell me how can i increase my height with sureity ??????????????
    i will be very thanful to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. Aryush says

    I m 18 yr 8 months old….n my height is 5’4 1/2 ….n when i think of it,i get seriously disturb… i stopped growing when i was around 16 year old…coz i wasnt doing enough physical labour after that and diet was also poor though at that very time i.e after crossing 16,also in sense of copying john my posture too had become bad after that…My mother height is 4’11 and my father height is 5’7 1/2…My mother say you were born too short in comparison with other children n my gene has gone on my mother…i.e on the shorter side…about 1 year ago i tried to improve my diet …i.e increased it considerably but nothing happened n instead my weight increased,i think due to lack of physical labour….i told all my history of height to you,just tell me if i will do 50% of what you have written above,will i be …start growing again…or there aren’t any possibilities now…PLZ HELP SIR!!!

    • Aryush says

      i just want to be 1 inch more…will i be??? n if yes then in appox how many day i expect to grow justttttttt 1 inch???

    • Aryush says

      i just want to be 1 inch more…will i be??? n if yes then in appox how many days i expect to grow justttttttt 1 inch???

  159. ankit says

    hi..agniveer name is ankit and i am 22 yr old..having 5″5 heigt.want to increase height .is there any formula to make me large..i read ur article carefully.plz suggest me which type of exercise and any formulation.plz plz reply soon..m waiting

  160. Urvashi Soni says

    Hii…..m Urvashi Soni,, m 19 yrs old,,,,ma height is 4.11 or 12 smthng,,,,,,,,, m in 3rd yr,, ma height wiil not increase its too short,,,i want to increase ma height,,,,,,,,bt wt cn i do,,, i feel vry shame n guilty,,,,,,,,…..After 1yr i completet my final year,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,plz ma heartly request to u sr plzz,,plz,,plz,,,,,,,,,, do smthng 4 me sr plz,,,, dnt ignore me plz,,,,,,,,,,,, m w8ng 4 ur rply sr,,,,ok,,,,,,,,,i waana increase my height seriously,,m getting disturb because of ma height,,plz do smthng,,,,,,,,,

    Thank u so mch,,,,,,,,,

    • shreya obereoi says

      and my age is 17 and i m the only one in my class who is short plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me i need it

    • megha sharma says

      hey…urvashi agr tumhe pta lga toh mujhe b bta denaa..plzzzzzz……..m olso in 3rd yrrr…..feel very shame

  161. shreya obereoi says

    my name is shreya my heigjht is 4.7ft and my mother is also short but my father has a long height so i wanted to ask you can i increase my height

  162. aby says

    my name is height is about 5’7 iam 18 years old.i have read yur article .can yu plz tell me some exercise so that i can increase my height to 6’1

  163. Anamika Shukla says

    hello sir,
    i m 21 year girl, n my height is 4.6 inches and my weight is 33. so i want to ask u, my height is incresed

  164. deeksha vipat says

    gellow sir dis is deeksha here.. m 17 n my height is 4’11.. i wnt to grow atleast 5’3 or 5’4.. cn a grow…..?????

  165. megha sharma says

    hello sir, i m 19 old my height is 4’10,i want extra 4 inches what i can do it sir please tell me the solution …,plzzz sir….
    m very short….plz help me….plzz..

  166. Purvi says

    Hi.. Agniveer Bhaiyaa.. I m 16 years old. Please help me to increase height.. I m 5 feet.. and all my friends and cousins are taller than me.. I badly want to increase my height :( Please help me. I will be very grateful to you.. please please please… give me some tips.. please.. :(

  167. Sanyam says

    hello Mr. Agniveer, my height is 170 inches and i’m 20 years old. please please i beg for a reply here. i wanna grow to 180, which totally sounds out of mind, but as it’s given here, i mean i really wanna know if i just follow all instructions damn straight for whatever period you say will i be 180 inch tall? this is really really really really really important to me. i just want an assurance so that i can follow it with all belief.

  168. Rohit says

    I would like to know Agniveer whether you’ve grown facial hairs at the time you had started your height increase programme as I’ve heard that if we grow facial hairs it means that we won’t grow any more or it might be an inch or two. I am 16 right now and my height is 5foot 4.5 inches. I’ve grown facial hairs and I am going through puberty. I havent grown in the last two years. My mum is about 5 foot and my dad is 5 foot 8 inches. I would like to know from you, at max how much taller can i grow and till what age will I grow? Please reply fast,I am badly in the need of it.

  169. shweta says

    I am 25 yrs and i want to increase my height . i do everything for increase my height. but i’m not succeed. i m getting disturb because of my height, plzzzz rply sir..

  170. ram kapoor says

    hey agniveer i am 18 yrs old boy……my heiht is 5ft………….can i grow my height now……plzzz. reply……….i can do anythting for that …….thank u

  171. says

    hi….i’m jst 4.11″ high…my age is 17 i want to increase my hight upto 5.5″ is it possible………………..:( i read your post i have got alot of confidence that it is possible……plz tell me the way to increase my hight………..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i’ll be vry thnkful to you

  172. Yatharth says

    Sir my height is 5.9 foot .my father is of 6.2. foot I am 17 years old,When I was of 15 and 16 years I fell sick oftenly ,this has affected my body growth can I increase my height again

  173. Virat says

    Please come on this site Agniveer. My heigh is 5feet 2inch and im 19 kya keval asan se main badal sakta hoon . Bcause i m preparing for iit. And i have no more times. Please help me , i feel very sad about my height. I m waiting for your suggestion Agniveer.

  174. says

    Agniveer I am 24 years old I will Becerra 25 in July. My height is 5.10 I want to increase my height to 6.2 or nearly 6.6. I had seen some of my cousins reaching more than 8 or 8 feet. What shall I do? I jump 3000 times five days a week. Shall I hang upside down daily?

    Plese guide me.

  175. Qamar says

    hello sir my name is qamar and my height is 5ft ‘7inc and my age is 18 my fathers height is 5’11 and my mothers is 5’5 or 5’6 , is it possible for me to grow tall to 6 ft because even my younger brother is taller than me…..plz do reply

  176. hassan says

    please tell me one thing.i am 18 years old. i did yoga and stretching for 2 months but didi not even gain an inch.It would be very kind of you if you answered my questions
    1.i did weightlifting for 2 months but stopped it when i came to know it stunts growth.will i increase my height
    2.does hanging increase height.if so how many times do i have to hang and how long.
    3.does masturbation realy stop growth.Do i have to refrain from masturbation to increase height.
    4.if iam unable o sleep for 8 hours continously.Can i sleep 6 hours at night and 2 hours after lunch.
    5.Can i drink milk before sleep.
    6.does saying these words”iam growing i will grow” rally inrease height.if ia do not have positive thoughts about height,will i not grow.

    • says

      Gaining height in 2 months is not possible. It will take at least an year.
      1. Weightlifting at young age seem to stunt height unless supplemented by very good food and rest.
      2. Not necessarily. Hanging strengthens back muscles but not necessarily increase height.
      3. It is actually a bad practice. Brings hormonal changes that makes you mature faster. Keep thoughts clean, focus on positive things and you will not find a need for it.
      4. You can, but sleep immediately after food may not be advisable. Eat light. 6 hours sleep can also suffice if it is sound.
      5. We suggest not to eat or drink anything at least 1 hour within sleep.
      6. Positive thoughts help. But not necessarily saying I will grow. Simply say to yourself that you are putting your best and God will do best justice with you. Leave everything to him. You focus on work and not results.

      • pradaaa says

        sir i m masturbating once a week n i m excrsing daily does any problems 4 mah hyt …??? n i also follow ur hyt increasing tips plz rply fst i m waiting plz sir…

        • Arya Vinay says

          Masturbation will result into seminal leakage.This would result in the fall in the testosterone level which will decrease production of RBCs reducing the strength.So,I advise you to keep Brahmacharya.Stop Masturbating.

  177. Kenshiro says

    Dear Agniveeer,

    I am 24 years old male. I will get 25 years old in june. Can you tell me how shall i increase my height/? My height is 5.11 and i want my height to increase till 6.1 or 6.2. Is it possible?

  178. kirti says

    hi ,
    i m kirti.
    i am 24 year old now but not sure if can grow tall or nt.. Reason i m writting them here is because my all the activities to be done at this age are interrupted by this heightophobia. Please provide me some genuine advice here(not merely mentioning here that confidence matters, will power and etc.)
    Please be clear here.
    My Father is of 6 feet while my mom is of 5 feet and i am 5.4″. Please reply to this.

  179. Rocky says

    As you have said avoid all acts which lead to loss of vital energy and semen.
    So, what about nocturnal emission.? During that time also we lose semen.
    plz reply ASAP.

    • Ankur says

      it has to be corrected by sadhan and dhyana.
      Besides you can wrap your janaeu over your right ear lobe in order to avoid loss of semen.

  180. Anshu says

    Sir, I’m 20 yrs old and my height is 5 feet. How can I reach up to 6 feet please tell me how i grow up my height…………………. ???????????

  181. Akshay says

    Hey , Agni Veer . I’m 17 and 5’7 . I Have a Great Passion for football , and i have reached many levels of it , but due to my short height and thin personality . Selectors always not select me , Since 9th standard , i’m trying to increase my height . I have been hanging , Doing yoga’s . Have been on Strict Diet . I have never allowed myself to anything which destroy my body . Please reply , Can u give me some Advice about mind power . Because i am kind of a negative thinker , and always gets depressed frequently . Thank you for youR moral support GOD bless you

  182. ravi says

  183. shubh says

    helo sir,meri height 5.6 ft hai aur mai 19 sal ka hu,sir plz mujhe koi upay btaye jisse hm apni height lagbhag 6 ft kr sake,upay hindi me bataye,apki mahan krpa hogi,dhanyavad.

  184. Rahul says

    Hey Agneeveer,just want your help & motivation,i’am 23 nd my height is 5’6,and i’am trying from past two months to increase my height,but no success yet,i want my height up to 5’11 can i do the same,and please guide me, i can do whatever it takes,please helm me,will be indebted of yours for whole of the lifetime.

  185. Rahul says

    Agneeveer reply to my query,please,it would be of great help,literally….from this height issue i have cut off myself from social gatherings and all,and feeling of inferiority creeps in always…please guide me,can i add 4-5 inches to my height in a span of an year or so????

  186. akshay says

    i completed my school life i am an 18 year old boy but i have only 5ft what will i do to increase my height my parents have more height

  187. mayank choudhary says

    Hello sir my name is mayank and I am 20 years and half month old and my height is between 5.4 to 5.5 and I want to increase my height to 5.7 to 5.8. Sir my parents are tall but I am short in height and and my weight is 66.6 kg and my grew upto the age 17 and I gained weigh from that age and I did not do any kind of work out from the age of 18 but I am ready to any kind workout today is possible for me grow my height to 2 to 3 inches please rrplu me sir I am very depressed

  188. Mayank Choudhary says

    hello sir i am 20 years and a half year old and my height 5.4 1/2 and i want to grow about 5.7 to 5.8 as my parents are tall in height sir my height grew upto the age of seventeen and i had stopped every kind of workout from this age and i gained weight along years of 18 to 20 and i use to masteburate a lot so my height has stopped due these reasons can i increase my height by following your above tips and also sir i use gym and used to weight lifting should i stop it and sir please tell me that if i a can grow my height

  189. Mayank Choudhary says

    hi mr agniveer i am 20 yrs and 6 months old and my height is 5.4 and i wnt increase it to 5.7 is it possible and iam bit overweight

  190. mayur says

    hi agniveer
    i am 20 and just 5’0please help me i want to be 5’11

    Plese suggest me what can i do or any medicine for that

  191. lovely says

    hi im 11 years old and im a girl my height is about 4’6 my mom’s height is 5’2 while my dad’s height is 5’9 can my height will grow? if it can, about how many years will it take so that my height will grow 5’6 ? what practices should i do?
    thank you

  192. sravan says

    hello sir my name is sravan and iam 23 now my height is 5 feet 1inch and i want just 3 inches it possible or not pls tell me.i read some articles that with meditation it was possible is correct or not.

  193. Ruchi Patel says


    I am Ruchi Patel . Mu husband heghit is 5.6 . He will need 5.10 ya 5 .11 .. How to make height ?

    Please tell me ..

  194. Pooja says

    Hello Mr. Agniveer,

    I am a 21 year old, short girl. But my height is not what bothers me too much. It is actually my face. I have always looked much younger for my age because I still have a lot of baby fat on my face. Even now, I don’t look a day older than 15 years. I really don’t know what to do about this. I don’t think I look younger because of my height or my small structure, I’m quite positive it is because my face hasn’t really matured much. Is there anything I can do to make myself look my age?

    • RamNarayan says

      Aisha ji ,

      Anybody can post in these open forums. This is not a religion based or caste based forum.

      I haven’t found any such open forum that is so secular,broad in thoughts and rational criticism.

      • Aisha says

        OK. That’s good.

        Anyways I want to ask a question:
        Just out of curiosity, if a boy or a girl is tooooo long can he b shorten through such tips? seriously, Is it possible? I was going to school & in the way, first time in my life, I saw a girl, OMG she was tooo long than normal girls. I just thought of this forum. so is there any tips for this one. Thanks in anticipation.

        • Slave of Prophet says

          Dear, they is no way for shorten the height.
          You have nice name. Your name remind me youngest wife of my loving prophet. Her name also was Aisha. She was 6 years old when she got opportunity to marry with great 54 years old prophet of Islam. Although marriage was consumed when got puberty at the age 9. She was youngest wife of prophet but she was most loving and smart than other wives of prophet.

  195. himanshu sharma says

    i want to increase my height .i am very short in height.i am 5.2ft. what should i do for increase my height.please suggest me some methods

  196. ROHAN BARDHAN says

    NAMASTE sir…… I have read ur writting…..this help me to gain so much insperation……..i am 18+ years old and my hight is 5’7”.my mother’s and father’s hight is 5’3” and5’5” respectively.But my elder sisiter hight is 5’6.5”.since 1.5 years i am not growing my hight.. NEARLY MY H.S exam will come…..i have so much prasure that’s why i cant obey ur rule perfectly….but i do not eat fast food,ice cream,etc……I WANT TO GROW UP MY HIGHT UP TO 6 INCHIES… after my hs exam i will free for 3 months and there is no presure till 1.5 years…..but i heard that above 18+ it fully stop growing my hight is it true???? will i grow up my hight up to 6 inchies…. do you have a better solution??? i want my hight 6’1”…pls help me sir………

  197. Jen says

    HI, I am female 18 years old, my height is 5’1 , i go to swimming and do some exercises… Can i increase my height in this age? and since which age girls can increase height? Thanks

  198. sahar says

    hiii.i am 15 and my height is 160cm , is there any thing i can do to increase my height.pleaseeeeeee!at less 3 inches.

  199. Shah says

    Hi dude.
    my height is 166 cm equal to my father .i am 18 now.and want to increase my height.Is it possible for me to increase my height.

  200. says

    Thank You Agniveer For Helping me in this Topic I Thank You Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Okay I Will Follow This TIps my name is Ashraf an and my Height is 4.10 And I am 16 Years Old i Worried about my height but becoz of u i feeling better from tomorrow i will follow this steps or tips byeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  201. says

    I will immediately snatch yojr rss as I can not in finding your email subscription link or e-newsletter service.

    Do you’ve any? Please allow me recognize in order that I may subscribe.

  202. sheela says

    hi, i am sheela
    My age is 25, and my height is 4 inches. I have been looking for solutions to increase my height but so far i haven’t received any positive results yet.So can you suggest me any methods that would help me to increase my height. and i want to know whether age matters in terms of height. Please suggest me the right method and help me as i feel too depressed and tough to face the world.

    • Aditya says

      Few people are late bloomers, but few ways to improve your height
      *Have a proper diet (Have a sathvik diet- it really helps)
      *Do some Yoga, which stretches your backbone
      *Have a proper posture while doing any activity because because of improper posture, people might lose up to 3 inches.
      *Sleep properly .Have deep sleep and not disturbed because HGH(Human Growth Hormone) is produced in deep sleep.

  203. sachin says

    now i am 22 years old, and i feel very bad about my height,and now my height is 5’3” very less,
    my father is 5’10”
    what i do to increase my height.

    • Aditya says

      I am afraid that it is pretty late,but not too late.
      People stop growing somewhere 17-25 and it depends on each person.
      *Do yoga, where you stretch your backbone
      *have a proper posture as bad posture will lead to bent backbone, which will lead to loss of height.

  204. RAHUL says

    I am 20 yrs old, my height is 5.1 feet, is it possible to get an average height of 5.6, if yes, then what hard stuffs I have to do, pls help me as my personality, regarding my height is very low, I feel very discomfort and akward, when I see teenage girls and boys who are taller than me?pls help me

  205. kalyani says

    am 23yr old with 4.5ft height,am really worried about my certainly i want to increase my please suggest me

  206. amanta says

    i am 19 years old
    my height is 4.11
    in 3 months i am going to b 20
    my mother height is 5.4 and half and father height is half inch smaller than mom
    my younger brother height is 5.7 and is of 16 years old
    my maximum range of height genetically is 4.9 to 5.4
    will my height increase by doing cycling and urs methods?
    in my whole family form generations female height is from 5.1 to 5.7
    and male height is 5.9 to 6 foot
    there is no one in my family which is below 5 foot.

  207. nilutpaul says

    hello sir,
    I am a 18 yrs boy and my height is 5feet4inches and i am very depressed with my height .i actually want to increase my height to 6 feet (can it be) and by the way my parents are also short as me >so sir give me some procedure and technic to increase to height

  208. Sania says

    Assalamu Alaikum…I am 26 years old female and I want to grow 2 inches..Is this possible? I also want to maintain my morning height

  209. Sufal says

    I am 15 years old. I strech and run daily. I dont have facikity for Taekwondo.
    I drink and eat healthy and nutritious food. STILL iam just 168cm tall. Please help sir. WHAT should i do if i dont want to play any games
    Sir please please please reply

  210. Durvesh says

    Please help mi sir…My hight is 5’5 and i want 5’9 atleast…. What can i do?? I’m doing masturbate daily from last 4 years… I’m in depration also from last 4 years what can do?? For my hight i can do anything… Please help mi

  211. avi says

    agni bhaiya main 19 yrs ka hun,meri height sirf 5.3 hai,kya regular exercise se aur balanced diet main 5.9 or 5.10 ho sakta hun,aur ha diet aur excercise k kuch photos bhej deejie

  212. sanjay says

    Dear sir, im sanjay im 19 years old my height 5 feet 9 inch. It’s possible to increase my height to 6.00 t0 6.02 .im waiting for your valuable answer sir please reply me

  213. amit says

    sir I m 23 years old having 5 feet 6 inches if i do regular exercise can i reach upto 5feet 9 inches please tell and some tips to do so.. please

  214. Pankaj Negi says

    Bro my height is 5 feet 8 inches and i have 21 years completed as per my genes my elder brother is of 5 feet 10inches can i also increase my height 3-4 inches ?

  215. samar bajpai says

    hey…!! i am very much depressed, due to my short height just 5.2 inches….only, my all friends are taller than me…..nd they use to always humiliate me bcoz of my short height, they even call me dwarf….sometime….which hurt me more… i also love 1 girl in my school…..but she is taller than me….nd my friends also says….that see ur height nd see that girl…….earlier in age of 14 i have started uplifting weights, nd after that i stop growing….what should i do know i an 17 years old……pls reply me

  216. Aryan says

    I read everything above and was really inspired.I am 19 and my height is around 5’4-5’5
    I was wondering if it is still possible for me to grow, i want to be around 5’11 and am ready to do anything diligently to be able to gain my goal?
    A fast answer would be really helpful,

    • Aditya says

      Hi! There
      Generally boys stop growing in their late teenage or early twenties. Moreover you could have a late growth spurt . But generally a couple of inches can be gained if your posture is correct. Make aure that you always keep your spine erect and don’t be in positions where you’ll bend your spine unnecessarily.

  217. zintu Bora says

    Sir I am 18 yrs old boy, but my hight is not wel. Now m 5.2 inc, sir I want to be 5.11/ 5.8, Sir it possible.. please help me sir

  218. Zintu Bora says

    Sir I am a 18 yrs old boy. Actually my hight is not wel. My all school friends are taller than me. Now my Hight is 5.2 inc.. but I want to be 5.11 or 5.8, sir is it possible..??? please help me sir please.. sir bohot umid ke sath is site por aya hu.. plz sir reply me plz..

  219. says


    i m 23 yrs, by doing this strches and food items really i can gain my height now in my age? or give me sum other tips to improve my height??

  220. unknown says

    sir i m turining to 17 ……my height didnt increased till 14 ……i m still of 5.6 my dad is of 5.11 nd my younger brother is also of 5.11 how can i increase my height upto my family’s average height by natural processes?……………………..
    many people recomended me for step up as it is an ayurvedic medicine……….??????

    what woud u recomend for this????

  221. Sanidhya Mishra says

    hello sir,
    I am almost 19 and i am 5’5. i want my height alteast 5’10 i do lot of exercises from 2 yrs leaving any weight lifting please tell me any formula so that i could recive that much height. i has been a very slow process till now please sir

  222. says

    Sir iam 22 years…..was going thrgh bad habitatss……and then i stopped……immediately ….iam 5.9′ inch or 5.10’….. I want to increase my height to a little more…inch…..
    I jst want to noe ……can i grow furthr……or my height stopped……..
    If i can grow …..jst list me few tips…..plzzz…..

  223. priya says

    what kind of prayanaam r u talking about can u plzzz tell me the name of those prayanaam ?? and it is necessary to do exercise for 3 hrs actually i m in 12 class and i am unable to do exercise for 3hr :(

  224. Rajeesh says

    Hi sir I’m 17 and a half year old male and my height is 5.4.I want to be 6.My dad is 5.7 and mom is 4.9 .Please help.

  225. Kunal Sharma says

    i am 5’3 And will b 19 This nov

    i know u hv imprtnt thgs to do but still if u could afford to, then refer to this rticle and tell me if u think it is genuine
    he is explaining vrything nd claims dat we could Lengthen our shin bones even after growth bones fuse thru cycling wid a raised saddle nd other similar xercises
    please do read it and reply as i have put a lot of effort nd m willing 2 Put more

  226. anny says

    Sir im 15 yrs old (girl) my height stopped increasing im 4.11 now I want to increase it I read your article I want to know is skipping nd playing basketball helps in increasing height

  227. karan singh says

    hi agniveer i m 17 year old(boy) and going to 18 my height is 5″5 i wanna 5″8 i was gone to a doctor and he says that the maximum age of increasing height only 15 plzzzzzzzz hwlp me

  228. yash says

    Sir I am 17 & my height is 5.2 ft and I want to increase my height so can I workout in some other time rather than morning ??
    And do my parents height will affect me…
    I am really depressed about it kindly help me out plzzzz….

  229. says

    I am girl. My age is height is only all family is taller.except me.can I increase my height.5’5″.I am vry dipress by this problm.sir plz plz help me..

  230. shruthi says

    Hello sir,
    I am 22 yrs old and my height is 4’11
    Is it possible for me to increase my height now please please give me some suggestions to increase my height Thanks in advance
    Please suggest me to increase my height ””””??

  231. Ashish says

    Sir I am 24 Yrs , my height 167.5 Cm I Want Increase 0.5 Cm in a minth Plz Help Me ,..[email protected]

  232. arav says

    hello agniveer sir..
    sir i really want to know that is it really possible to increase height in 18 years.
    i am 18 years now and my height is 5″3 and i want to increase my height
    do you really successful for your height increase.please honestly tell me

  233. Hitesh Agrawal says

    Hlo,agniveer sir
    Meri height 5’2-5’3 hai nd my age is 18 years and mae heighy increase krna chata..due to of height i depressed bcoz meri family mae sbhi looogo ki height kaffi achi h..mere dad ki height 5’4 h and mom ki 5’2..nd mere legs mae kaffi hair b hai and mae thora healthy bhi hu around 65 kg plz help me with some more valuaable tips..may god bless you..

  234. Aditya Srivastava says

    Sir,I’am a student of class 8.
    And my height is 5’3
    Everbody in my family has good height.
    My Father 5’9
    My Uncle5’11
    My Cousin 6’0.
    After following these steps would I will be 6’0

  235. munisha says

    thank you … but how many inchea v can gain i wanna gain 4 inches ! is it possible … i wrote my information bfre 3 4 posts ! i have no genetic prblm at all … so kindly tell me can i increase height by 4 inches? if yes then in hw mch tym it can b gained?

  236. Naim says

    hi my I am 25 year old my weight is 1.35 cm so i am shorter than my friend what shod I do increase my weight please helpe me


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