The soul is beyond the body and hence from this perspective, it is immaterial how tall or short a person is. The true height of a person is his or her character and deeds.

Yet, tall height is a natural ambition of humans. I agree that in current context it is partly because of the glamour associated with tall height. If that were the driver for any urge for height increase, the efforts would defeat the purpose. Because the true purpose for height increase should stem from an earnest desire to achieve as much of our potential as we can. A tall height represents complete growth of the body and hence we should endeavor to achieve that complete growth.

Height does vary from person to person as per his or her genetics, climate and other conditions. Thus blanket comparison of height with others is not a right approach. Instead the correct approach should be to keep as healthy as possible to gain complete growth of body.

I was born as a medium height child. Till age of 17, my height did not grow much. At age of 17, at just above 5 feet, I was among the short students of my class and often ridiculed for being short and thin. Very honestly, at times I did feel humiliated at tended to avoid public company to the extent possible. The matter got worse because I could see many other boys who were shorter than me few years ago now surpassing me.

But for once, I decided to no more rationalize and act as an ostrich. I decided to take my concern heads-on. I changed my complete life-pattern. For next two years, I committed to new patterns and by the time I was nineteen, I was 5’11” and had an extremely flexible and agile body. Today I have a height of above 6 feet.

In this article, I would share those tips that I followed in my height transformation process. I am sure these will benefit one and all in achieving their maximum potential:

Tip 1: Mind Power

Our body responds to our thoughts. As per our thought patterns, appropriate hormones are secreted and physiological changes happen accordingly. Positive thoughts reverse ageing process and improve health. Negative thoughts accelerate ageing process and stunt growth. Thus first critical step for height gain is to reprogram your thought patterns. Not only it will help you increase height, but also bring benefits in all areas of your life. To me, it made me a diligent person that helped me get admission in IIT. Here are specific suggestions on mind programming for height-gain:

  1. Refuse to accept that you are born unhealthy and short. Visualize yourself as having the most perfect health and live every moment in that vision.
  2. Stop compromising on matters of quality. Keep demanding as much as you can think of, from yourself.
  3. Imagine that your height is increasing every moment with every movement of yours.
  4. Stop traits of anger, helplessness and dejection.

Remember that will power is the key. Once you get a good grasp on it, rest would work automatically. If you try out these tips without strong will-power, it would never work. This secret gets you everything you want in life.

Tip 2: Food

Simply stop junk, fried, spicy and oily food. I cannot stress further the importance of simple, nutritious, healthy food. Our body is made out of food we eat. We grow from a baby of few inches to a full-grown adult only through food we eat. Food is the raw material used to build our building that we call body. How can you expect a strong building to be built if you use inferior raw material from junkyard?

Following are certain recommendations that have helped me:

  1. Eating at least two hours before sleep
  2. Having a light dinner
  3. Regular consumption of sprouts
  4. Having regular eating schedule and avoiding habit of munching every now and then
  5. Avoiding consumption of tea, coffee, cold-drinks, ice-cream, chocolates etc
  6. Regular use of trifala powder in night or early morning
  7. Eating lots of fresh fruits
  8. Drinking lots of water
  9. Walking for 10-15 minutes after meals
  10. Eating soaked almonds in morning. The gulbandi variety is best.
  11. Eating in sukhasan. This posture is a wonderful gift of our ancient seers.

Tip 3: Exercise

Human body is built to work hard and live actively. More we avoid physical labor, more we become prone to underdevelopment, faster ageing and ailments. Make a habit of doing rigorous workouts at least thrice a week and normal exercises in rest of the days.

My routine in those days was as follows:

For complete article, please visit Yogic Hacks.

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Bashair Hussain
HI! I’m a girl of 14 years old and I’m 4 feet 11 inches .All the girls of my age are above 5 feet 2 inches and I’m the only one who is short.My mother is 5’5 and my father is 5’8, My siblings were above 5’4 at my age.Please… Read more »

Hey there! I am a teenager boy, 13 going to be 14 and just 4 feet 9 inches tall. My father is 5’3″ and my mother is 5’4″. I want to be at least 5’5″ in a year. Please help me.

Hlw sir I m a girl of 15 yrs n my height is just 5 feet but my family members are having a good height .My father is 5’11 only my mother is short she is also 5 feet .I would like to increase my height upto 5’7″ plzzzzzzz help… Read more »
Hi sir . Im16 yrs old and my minstruation was at13 if i play basketball 2 times a week and 1/5 hours instead of teakwondo will reach 4 or 5 more inches pleaseeeee help im really worry for my height and i always feel nervous because of that Hope u… Read more »

Can ashwagandha be used to increase height. Is it safe


Best of Luck Bro.

satyam kumar

my height is 5’2” i want to become ips my height is not better in ips selection so plz tell me simple tips to increase height

Hi sir …i am 15 ….female….and my height is just 4’10 and i hadn’t grown much since 3 years … father is 5’7 and my mom is 5 ….do u think i will grow more by following this or am i too old to gain height being a girl of… Read more »

hello sir is there any possibility to increase 2 inches height at 30’s ??by your techniques

Sreedhar D

Sir, I am just wanted to aks that how were you able to crack IIT examination?


I m 5’2 and I m just 17 can I grow up to 5’9

I didn’t said that these are new or this this things are unknown to me, when i was 16 i was 5feet . Now i am 17 and i am 5 feet and 3 inches but i want to become 6 feet and i am also want to bodubuilder with… Read more »
hello Agniveer, i’m almost 21 now and i’m almost 5″6, my dad is 5″8 and mom is 5″ but most importantly my brother and most importantly most of the other relatives of family are approx 5″8, my height almost stopped growing almost after 13, it’d have only grown like 1-2… Read more »

Sir, my height is 5’5″ and my age is 16 and I want to be 6 feet at 21 is it possible plz suggest me



My hubby height is 5.2 only and his age is 32.. Is it possible to gain height if he follows the above exercise and suggested food regularly… Pls do reply

Hi.sir..!read ur article today,..and got a new hope… i wish ths helps me…(fingers crossedSir i m 19 and my height is 4.11  m a girl..!! My parents are not height 5.3 fathers 5.9 is thr any chances for me to bcme tall ..i suffer in wheat alergy mytreatment in chandighar… Read more »
abdul khan

iam 15 years old boy my height is 5.7 ihave gone to gym and done weight lifting my height will stop

abdul khan

iam 15 year old boy my height is 5.7 ihave gone to gym for 15 days ihave done weight lifting so i will grow more or my height is stop

Aditya Srivastava

Sir,I’am a student of class 8.
And my height is 5’3
Everbody in my family has good height.
My Father 5’9
My Uncle5’11
My Cousin 6’0.
After following these steps would I will be 6’0

Hitesh Agrawal
Hlo,agniveer sir Meri height 5’2-5’3 hai nd my age is 18 years and mae heighy increase krna chata..due to of height i depressed bcoz meri family mae sbhi looogo ki height kaffi achi h..mere dad ki height 5’4 h and mom ki 5’2..nd mere legs mae kaffi hair b hai… Read more »

hello agniveer sir..
sir i really want to know that is it really possible to increase height in 18 years.
i am 18 years now and my height is 5″3 and i want to increase my height
do you really successful for your height increase.please honestly tell me


Sir I am 24 Yrs , my height 167.5 Cm I Want Increase 0.5 Cm in a minth Plz Help Me ,..[email protected]


What’s up, I check your blog on a regular basis. Your writing style is awesome,
keep up the good work!


Hello sir,
I am 22 yrs old and my height is 4’11
Is it possible for me to increase my height now please please give me some suggestions to increase my height Thanks in advance
Please suggest me to increase my height ””””??


I am girl. My age is height is only all family is taller.except me.can I increase my height.5’5″.I am vry dipress by this problm.sir plz plz help me..


Sir I am 17 & my height is 5.2 ft and I want to increase my height so can I workout in some other time rather than morning ??
And do my parents height will affect me…
I am really depressed about it kindly help me out plzzzz….

karan singh

hi agniveer i m 17 year old(boy) and going to 18 my height is 5″5 i wanna 5″8 i was gone to a doctor and he says that the maximum age of increasing height only 15 plzzzzzzzz hwlp me


i m girl my age is 19 my height is 4 ’11 plz help me to increase my height by 6-8 inches.


Sir im 15 yrs old (girl) my height stopped increasing im 4.11 now I want to increase it I read your article I want to know is skipping nd playing basketball helps in increasing height

Kunal Sharma
Sir i am 5’3 And will b 19 This nov i know u hv imprtnt thgs to do but still if u could afford to, then refer to this rticle and tell me if u think it is genuine he is explaining vrything nd claims dat we could Lengthen our… Read more »

Hi sir I’m 17 and a half year old male and my height is 5.4.I want to be 6.My dad is 5.7 and mom is 4.9 .Please help.


what kind of prayanaam r u talking about can u plzzz tell me the name of those prayanaam ?? and it is necessary to do exercise for 3 hrs actually i m in 12 class and i am unable to do exercise for 3hr 🙁


Sir iam 22 years…..was going thrgh bad habitatss……and then i stopped……immediately ….iam 5.9′ inch or 5.10’….. I want to increase my height to a little more…inch…..
I jst want to noe ……can i grow furthr……or my height stopped……..
If i can grow …..jst list me few tips…..plzzz…..

Sanidhya Mishra
hello sir, I am almost 19 and i am 5’5. i want my height alteast 5’10 i do lot of exercises from 2 yrs leaving any weight lifting please tell me any formula so that i could recive that much height. i has been a very slow process till now… Read more »
sir i m turining to 17 ……my height didnt increased till 14 ……i m still of 5.6 my dad is of 5.11 nd my younger brother is also of 5.11 how can i increase my height upto my family’s average height by natural processes?…………………….. many people recomended me for step… Read more »


i m 23 yrs, by doing this strches and food items really i can gain my height now in my age? or give me sum other tips to improve my height??

Zintu Bora
Sir I am a 18 yrs old boy. Actually my hight is not wel. My all school friends are taller than me. Now my Hight is 5.2 inc.. but I want to be 5.11 or 5.8, sir is it possible..??? please help me sir please.. sir bohot umid ke sath… Read more »
zintu Bora

Sir I am 18 yrs old boy, but my hight is not wel. Now m 5.2 inc, sir I want to be 5.11/ 5.8, Sir it possible.. please help me sir

Hey, I read everything above and was really inspired.I am 19 and my height is around 5’4-5’5 I was wondering if it is still possible for me to grow, i want to be around 5’11 and am ready to do anything diligently to be able to gain my goal? A… Read more »
Hi! There Generally boys stop growing in their late teenage or early twenties. Moreover you could have a late growth spurt . But generally a couple of inches can be gained if your posture is correct. Make aure that you always keep your spine erect and don’t be in positions… Read more »
princess shumi

Asalam a walikum my age 21. i wana increase my haight how can i increase my plz tell me plz i req u plz mast tell me


sir,I am Jay my age is 16 yr old and i am only 5.0 . My father is also 5.0. Can i grow more?

samar bajpai
hey…!! i am very much depressed, due to my short height just 5.2 inches….only, my all friends are taller than me…..nd they use to always humiliate me bcoz of my short height, they even call me dwarf….sometime….which hurt me more… i also love 1 girl in my school…..but she is… Read more »
Ankit Mittal

HI, Im Ankit, age 22. Is it possible to increase the height in this age??

Pankaj Negi

Bro my height is 5 feet 8 inches and i have 21 years completed as per my genes my elder brother is of 5 feet 10inches can i also increase my height 3-4 inches ?


sir I m 23 years old having 5 feet 6 inches if i do regular exercise can i reach upto 5feet 9 inches please tell and some tips to do so.. please


Dear sir, im sanjay im 19 years old my height 5 feet 9 inch. It’s possible to increase my height to 6.00 t0 6.02 .im waiting for your valuable answer sir please reply me


agni bhaiya main 19 yrs ka hun,meri height sirf 5.3 hai,kya regular exercise se aur balanced diet main 5.9 or 5.10 ho sakta hun,aur ha diet aur excercise k kuch photos bhej deejie


Please help mi sir…My hight is 5’5 and i want 5’9 atleast…. What can i do?? I’m doing masturbate daily from last 4 years… I’m in depration also from last 4 years what can do?? For my hight i can do anything… Please help mi




i am 19 year old girl my hieght is 5 feet doing excise my hieght will be increse plz reply me