The probability of being born as human is literally zero. Skeptics call life a chance random chemical reaction. They call intelligence a still rare but random chemical reaction. But they forget that the very fact that it is so rare makes it not random.

If you see 32 teams from across the world coming together in Brazil dressed in their respective dress codes, with entire administration managing the event and playing for a month, you immediately realize that it is not just a random aggregation of humans and their moody actions, but a well-planned FIFA world cup. If I counter you and say – No, it was just a random phenomenon without any planning or organization that just happened like rain suddenly comes in London, you would advise me mental checkup. It is because probability of such an organized event being conducted without planning is next to zero.

Now come to life on earth. Earth is the only heavenly body to have life. Probability of that being true among billions of such bodies is next to zero. Then being larger than one cell, being animals, then higher mammals and then having intelligence and having a thumb opposing rest of the fingers – the probability of that happening is even less than FIFA world cup being a random event.

Conclusion is clear – Life is a very planned event.

Human life is an even more planned event. There is planning behind life, a purpose behind life and entire universe is working in synergy to support that purpose. The entire universe has bent its laws that apply to every other place we know in universe, to give you life, to give you intelligence, to make you a human and support you in all possible ways. The complex human body itself is an example of how the universe has bent it laws to ensure you survive without doing much for the survival.


Intelligent human life is a rarity that is more improbable than millions of iPhone 6 being created randomly without someone designing and manufacturing it.

The very existence of life implies that someone is planning our life and living.

So to get success, do two things:
– Follow the planner. Make your own life planned. Support the Planner.
– Realize that goal of Planner is to make you happy. Trust that whatever is best for you is happening.

Some call that Planner God. Some call laws of nature. But whatever you call, Be thankful to that Planner, cooperate with him. be thrilled to know that your existence is such a meticulously planned event. Be even more thrilled to know that your survival is even more meticulously planned. So be overjoyed that such grand planning is happening 24 cross 7 to make you a hero.

Planning means there is no randomness. Your success has no randomness. You simply need to cooperate the Planner with full trust.

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Yet another biochemical reaction attempting to prove that there is more to life than what was destined in first moment of big bang. In other words, am trying to find meaning in life and world despite the meaninglessness that the Hawkings and Dawkins would want us to believe in! I am an alumnus of IIT-IIM and hence try to find my humble ways to repay for the most wonderful educational experience that my nation gifted me with.

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2 months 6 days ago

Agniveer fooling peoples .. articles me milawat hai.. agniveer sirf muslims ke khilaf kaam karta hai.. dhyan se dekhein. Sbhi articles me milawat hai.. or sirf ek baat sbse same hai ki musalman ko kaise badnaam kiya jaaye..

Praveen Ranjan Keshri
Praveen Ranjan Keshri
1 month 12 days ago

Is article me kya anti muslim tha?

2 months 9 days ago

Chemical reaction
Monday tea lord Shiva
Tuesday milk hanuman
Wednesday tea budhaa
Thursday water maha guru ..no milk otherwise snake will come
Friday tea Jesus
Saturday milk Allah
Sunday tea sun
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1 year 3 months ago

I believe everything in life is random. I thought my work getting appreciated is random. But sometimes you need god or a mentor to guide you and clear your misconceptions. You are one for me. Thank you Agniveer

1 year 3 months ago
Naman We’ll ACT, act GOOD, and act good with unmatchable-FORCE !, with lesser and lesser randomness as we proceed, and gain mastery and control over tools of mind, body, senses, action-organs, external tools. Everyday, we’ll start with where we left the previous day. Day-by-day, we’ll be more co-operative, united, stronger,… Read more »