Agniveer Sanskrit
Agniveer Sanskrit

Agniveer is pleased to introduce lessons in Sanskrit for general consumption. This is a course for 20 months and we shall keep adding lessons in beginning of each month.

The course is intended towards those who understand Devanagari script and know simple English. No familiarity in Sanskrit is assumed. However those who have faint memories of Sanskrit in their school days would be able to grasp the initial lessons faster.

Sanskrit forms the foundation of our culture (not only for India but for entire humanity), it being the language of the oldest literature known to humanity. We hope these lessons would help most of us come closer to our roots.

Just few tips on speedy learning:

a. Do not get too bogged down by grammar and usage while you learn Sanskrit. Often Sanskrit is considered to be all about mugging up lots of declensions and conjugations and this fears off most students. Instead take is as a natural language. Feel free to make the most blatant grammatical errors so far you are able to convey your message. Develop a feel for the language instead of thinking about grammar.

How did we learn Hindi or English or our mother tongue? Did we learn grammar first or language first? And do we speak these languages in a grammatically correct fashion even today? Why burden Sanskrit with overdose of grammar in very beginning then?

Simply start talking on every other thing in Sanskrit and enjoy the funny pronunciations you make or blatant errors you make in grammar. Have a laugh on that and simply continue. Soon you will develop a natural grip over the language and grammar will be automatically taken care of.

b. Try using Sanskrit words even in your mother language. After all Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. Let the children associate with their Mom and have their foundations strengthened! And in process, your road to mastery of Sanskrit will also be traversed faster.

c. Download a copy of Introduction to Vedas (Hindi) from if you know Hindi. This is an amazing text not only to understand Vedic concepts but learn Sanskrit naturally. Because most sections of the book are presented in very simple Sanskrit as well as Hindi. In some sections there are deviations in Sanskrit and Hindi message and it would be a good idea to explore those areas and form the right opinion!

If we find interest in this pilot, we would also work towards web-based live classroom teaching on Sanskrit, a Sanskrit course for Hindi students as well as an expert course on Vedic Grammar. May Ishwar provide us strength for all this.

Download: Sanskrut Lesson 1 to 9 – Month 1

For supplements, download from

Source of Lessons – Sri Chitrapur Math

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Thank you very much. It would be lovely to have a group to talk in Sanskrit. Anybody has any suggestion? Skype? We need to talk and practise, so that we can become fluent and make Sanskrit popular

Sir, I am reading your lessons on Sanskrit and got a doubt. as in Sanskrit, word order does not matter. Then what is the meaning of सा मंदिरम अभित जनान पष्यति । Sorry, i couldnt put ‘visarg’ after ‘abhit’ and spelled ‘pashyati’ wrong. Does it mean ‘she sees people around… Read more »

Great post dear
anyone can easily learn through this post.


Just Browsing

While I was browsing yesterday I saw a excellent post concerning

Ashish B

Why Aum is added again in varnamala despite of been formed by combinations of vowels & consonants?


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These are really fantastic ideas in regarding blogging.
You have touched some good things here. Any way keep up wrinting.


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Kshitij Awadhiya

I read a post on quora. There Guru Drona was not treated with respect. I want to read Mahabharata complete and make the world realise what our Veds , Puranas are really. So please help me. I just know hindi well.

Thank You


@Kshitij visit for ordering.

Soumil Dutta

thank you for this post
had been looking for something like this because it is the base of our culture
and the lessons are very easy and conceptual i learnt these 9 lessons in less than 3 days which makes learning sanskrit very inspiring
thank you again


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What do you all think of this professor who says Sanskrit is taught only to the Brahmins, and wants to change that with a scholarship he created and is looking for further funding. Why do you think such a professor deliberately ignores all the efforts made by Indians by… Read more »
Om, Everyone who wants to learn sanskrit looks for good books,materials et al,but the sacred scriputers say , First & the very important condition to learn sanskrit is BRAHMACHARYA(ब्रहमचरय),because many learn ,many things daily,but those are the blessed who first follow brahmacharya ,and then perform worldly duties,because of brahmacharya ,you… Read more »

please translate into sanskrit……….

Knowledge is power

VInay KR

Gnanam balaha.


Kowledge is power

Hi Agniveer, Thanks for uploading this.. I always had a desire to learn Sanskrit. Unfortunately, it was not a part of my curriculum and I couldn’t find the right material. I just finished reading the first pdf and found it to be useful. I have also read some of your… Read more »
Deepak Maurya

Fine, they’re working now.

Deepak Maurya

Download link for lessons is not working.

I had a doubt in the first month lessons: Since “The verb has to agree with the subject,” why do we need to have different form of verb for different “vachans(number)” or “purush(peerson)” ? The information about vachan(and purush) is conveyed by the subject, just as the information about gender… Read more »
Namit kewat
@Agniveer.. . yes i want to learn sanskrit. . but here material is given in english.. i know but many people don’t know it. . Please translate all you material into hindi. . so that. . it can be widely spread .. !!!! same thing can apply on you website.… Read more »
K Sethuraman
Dear Teacher, (Sanskrut Lessons) Nasmaskaram to you… Namaskaromi!!! (I got the first person right) right?? I am learning vedas and wanted to get into understanding it more clearly esp. usage… I get to read the meaning or sentence translation. You have given us the first opportunity to students like me..… Read more »
VInay KR

Namami or, namaskaram karomi..




Absolutely fantastic style of teaching sanskrit to beginners. Keep it up! This style is very appealing to the younger generation to learn a new language. Most sites that I have come across sound too ‘serious’ in their narration….

sachis mishra

plese study sanskrit


[…] a few compounds, but overall it seems okay. I keep meaning to start learning it but I'm so lazy. Learn Sanskrit Month 1 Hope this helps. __________________ ਇਕੋ ਭਾਈ […]


Sanskrit conversation by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. A must read for those who want to know Sanskrit.

I am only writing to let you be aware of what a perfect encounter my child went through visiting yuor web blog. She discovered too many pieces, which included what it’s like to possess an ideal coaching character to let others without hassle know various advanced subject matter. You truly… Read more »

Dear Sir,

I had resolved to learn Sanskrit this year. This website s a god sent gift to me. I am half way through the first month, your style of writing s impressive. computer nerds might understand what i am saying. Its like reading head first series.

Thanks a ton!


In month 1 , it says we have 54 varnas. 16 swaras, 35 vyanjanas and 3 OMs.
What are the thee OMs?

viplove bansal

i know hindi but i cant speak well hindi do i have to learn the characters first and then start i have done my schooling from a hostel so dont know how to write hindi very well

viplove bansal

please tell me how to pronounce some of t

Hari OM While surfing on internet i have came across the following link which also help the students like me to learn the Sanskrit. In the above link it is stated that In Sanskrit, the vowels form an independent group from the consonants. There are fifteen vowels which comprise… Read more »

Please compare the lists and let us know which one is omitted. Sometimes a form of certain vowel (Lru or Ru) is omitted because of its rare usage.


Hari OM,

Agniveer it is the 10th vowels (swarh) as per available in pdf pg. no 2 where the total 16 vowels are elaborate.

Awaited for your reply

Bharat A. Parmar
Freedom is the oxygen of soul


The list at our reference site is complete. But Ru (long) is rare and Lru(long) is even rarer. So I think the author has skipped Lru (long) which is very rarely used.


Dhanyawad for your reply


can anyone please tell me the meaning of the word ASARAVARSHI.
I tried a lot,but didnt got the answer.

Nem Kumar Jain

Really great work by Agniveer ji,

Language derives whole culture.
unlike west, here Sanskrit had build the culture of faith where qualities of people were considered rather than their outlook.


[…] is a good 20-months course of basic Sanskrit but definitely more detailed than this series. This entry was posted in Sanskrit and tagged […]

Chhaya Vaidya

I have downloaded the learn sanskrit tutorials 1 to 6. Please inform me how to get the supplements mentioned in the same.

Chhaya Vaidya
I find this a very good & easy tutorial to learn Sanskrit. Great work ! I tried learning Sanskrit earlier but found it very difficult. Now I can live my dream. This tutorial has made it very interesting & easy to learn Sanskrit. But only 1 problem is that I… Read more »

thanks a lot….. in two days only…

i was able to get the meaning of DHARMA RAKSHTI RAKSHITAH

राजीव नन्दन द्विवेदी

very good effort.
आपका प्रयास प्रशंसनीय है. धन्यवाद इसे हमें बताने के लिए.


u hav sanskrit learn in hindi?
ths is english but if provide in hindi to sanskrit so good


Youtube Video for the Pronunciations of each letter of Sanskrit, by Dr. Anuradha Choudry, completed her Ph.D in Sanskrit on Vedic Psychology.

The correct order is श, ष, स as the first one is pronounced from the place nearer to our vocal cord while the last one from the farthest. श is called तालव्य श which is pronounced by touching tongue to the spot in palate which is also used to pronounce… Read more »
Namaste, Could you please review clearly the pronunciations of the different स, श, ष sounds. Also I had a question about the way “Om” is written. Some people use “ओम” and some simply use ओं too. Also there is a symbol in between which only Arya Samajis use when they… Read more »
surendra kumar

I was planning to learn sanskrit . You have made it half job done for me. thanks for your efforts and service to society.


Finally I am back to this truthful knowledgeable site after a busy phase, yes, sanskrit lessons is a must, since it will help us read Vedas in the original scripture


i think this software will surely help for everyone seeking a software for TYPING IN DEVNAGRI and other bhartiya script :-


प्रिय अस्माकम भ्राता,

अतिशय धन्यवादम्। अहं हर्षातिरेकेन अभिभूतों अस्मि। यद्यपि अहं एतस्य सोफ़्ट्वेयरस्य प्रयोगे निष्णात न अस्मि तथापि कालेन सह भविष्यामि।

Great to see renewed interest. I just stopped by to say that I just read an English translation/commentary on the Kathopanishad (I cannot understand Sanskrit…although it is on my to-do list) by published by the Ramakrishna Math (Chennai). Got to say that I was simply amazed at the allegorical duel… Read more »

Agniveerji, in the document you have posted लृ is said to be a vowel. Why is लृ considered a vowel ? Is it not same as ल् + ऋ ?

can you give audio tape of lesson it would help most as I am a native English speaker and took much time even to pronounce a certain range of words over 9 yeas living in India namely the dentals and still with difficulty. it would be helpful great deal for… Read more »

Namaste Agniveer Ji,

Glad to see that now we can learn Sanskrit online. Thanks for ur kind efforts.
I have a confusion. What is the difference between श and ष ?

Very simply, श is pronounced by putting tip of tongue below the lower teethline. ष is pronounced by putting the tip of tongue on the top of the palate (near the place where you touch the tip to tongue to pronounce ड). There are other locations but this is easiest… Read more »
Respected Agniveerjee, The firs ‘S’ in the question is called Talavya which is pronounced from the spot in palate which is used to pronounce ‘Chavarga’ (ch, chh, j, jh etc). The spot called Taalu and hence this ‘S’ is called Talavya, the one pronounced from Taalu. Similarly, the second ‘S’… Read more »

you can easily turn on the regional language in your pc from control panel. then use inbuilt virtual keyboard for typing hind letters!!


Satyen Ji,

I am afraid only google transliteration would help writing in Devanagri Script. And from there you will have to copy-paste



Dhanyavadam Bhavatah sahayatartham.

OM Shantih


Yeah you are right !
Thanxx 🙂


Agniveer Ji plzz answer me. I m wondering about this since childhood


This is Great Initiative by agniveer ji, there is also a sanskrit soft ware called Panini Software – Ganakastadhyayi, the site to download is Just try this.