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At 4:45 AM local time today, my sister succumbed to her tortures at a place 4000 km from her home called Singapore. They say that despite all clamor of India being such a progressive country and ‘Delhi meri Jaan’ (Delhi – my life) of the Chief Minister for its wonderful facilities, it has no capabilities to treat a serious patient. Yes, we have greatest racing tracks, and are lavish enough to design multi-million dollar balloons for Commonwealth games. But our hospitals are designed to treat only non-critical health situations like cough & cold or flatulence (when our revered politicians gulp more than what they can digest).

And why do we need critical health-care in the city? It is Ram Rajya. It is such a safe place to live in. There are no accidents, no violence and no brutal rapes. So we never thought of spending a dime on saving lives when we do not witness a single unnatural death.

I don’t understand what else could be the reason why a dying patient was airlifted to 4000 km away instead of trying to save her life here. Or was it that she was offered as a gambit for political manoeuvring – (the only skill we specialize in perhaps)?

My sister dying in city would arouse public emotions even more. Would lead to more demonstrations at India Gate, or perhaps in entire city this time. Public anger this time would cross any limit that could be controlled by any politician. And in any case, my sister had little chances of living a normal life after employees of White Line Bus mafia (that runs openly with political patronage), blessed by a Police (that refuses to enforce ban on tinted glasses despite High Court Orders to please its political masters), nurtured by politicians (who control licenses and permits for such private buses in this city) not only raped her, but gouged out her intestines as well before dumping her and her intestines on the road.

This sin-city first raped her mercilessly, then made her a pawn for political battles and finally discarded her to Singapore as a gambit.

My sister will now never come back. But I have so many more vulnerable sisters across the length and breadth of this country and this sin-capital. What happened with her has happened in past with others as well. And would continue to happen unless we have some shame and guts to answer some tough questions.

1. Can we escape the fact that what happened with my sister was a reflection of our overall treatment of women in this country? Not everyone may be raped, but definitely they are abused, leered, eve-teased everywhere, despite our devotion to Jai Mata Di. Look at our abuses. So shamelessly we swear on each other referring to Mother, Sister or Daughter in a vulgar manner. Even to display our anger or affection to someone else, we do not forget to enjoy raping a mother, sister or daughter in our minds and words.

If someone asks me, what is my greatest pride in life, it is not my education or career or awards or fame or anything of that sort. My sole achievement that makes me proud is that I never ever abused or mentally raped any mother, sister or daughter despite that being the overwhelming trend all around – in school, colleges and workplace. I was never ashamed referring to girls around as my sisters. My manliness existed in my respect for women, not leering at them, not eve-teasing them, not making jokes of body parts of women, not discussing how to physically enjoy them and keeping my mind clean of all such shit. After all what I cannot tolerate for my own mother or my own sister, how can I tolerate for someone else?

But how many of us can honestly claim this pride for themselves? What these rapists did was exactly the same that most of us have been doing in our minds and words. When they were gouging out intestines of my sister with an iron rod (now reports say that they were using their hands), they were simply implementing a commonly prevalent abuse of our society. Is not the entire society a culprit for planting and circulating such perverted view of women? Now when a few among us took it a bit seriously, we are calling for their hanging! Did we ever issue a disclaimer each time we abused that these abuses are only literal and not to be implemented? And how good is a disclaimer when we have already polluted the minds?

No, we were simply shameless, culturally shameless, traditionally shameless (given that these abuses are ongoing for several generations). 

We all are part of the mafia that murdered my sister.

And mind you, this was not an isolated case. It is just that the case of my sister got a bit more publicity due to media involvement. Such cases are rampant across our country. In Delhi, every few minutes, one case of women abuse happens. Bulk of cases of rapes go unreported.

What has happened has happened. It cannot be undone. But at least we can reform ourselves to not be a party to such crimes in future. Are we willing to do so? That is the tough question.

Can we promise that?

– We shall never ever ourselves abuse or allow anyone else to abuse women through perverted slangs.

– We shall never allow jokes or remarks referring to women in vulgar manner in our vicinity.

– We shall neither ourselves involve nor allow others to eve-tease women or leer at them.

– We shall no way be a party – direct or indirect – to promoting a lust-oriented view of woman in society.

If yes, at least many more sisters and mothers and daughters would be saved from such tragic deaths happening because our society has become a mafia in itself.


2. Can we escape the fact that the death of my sister exposes the utter-rot in our governance system?

– Why were White Line buses plying on road with tinted glasses despite a ban order from High Court long ago?

How are these White Line buses allocated and permitted to run? Is it not a fact that the earlier murderous Blue Line buses and these White Line buses are being permitted only through political favours and controlled by political power-players? And hence when media highlighted this issue, it was easy to track all the culprits?

Can the government make public the name of owner of the White Line bus, his affiliations, how he got the license to ply and how he hired these criminals? 

And why White Line buses, even the auto-rickshaw in Delhi runs through a cartel system. None of the drivers are owners of the auto. There is a huge black market where actual owners sell rights to ply autos and then these rights are further resold multiple times. Thus eventually, when a mishap happens, there is no accountability and no track. All that a driver is trained to do is to flee the vehicle after the mishap.

Why is it not mandatory for all buses and autos to display a photograph and name of driver  with contact details, like in case of private cabs? Why is government so hesitant to enforce this simple but effective means to prevent road-crimes in the crime-capital of country?

Is it because there are vested interests or simply that government is incompetent? Either it is a cartel.. rather a mafia.. running at every level of governance or sheer incompetence. 

In both cases, entire governance mafia is responsible for murder of my sister. 


3. When Delhi has been known to be an unsafe city for years now, what mechanisms do we have to be able to monitor our city and take responsive actions? It is perhaps 10 years ago when a Maulana Azad College student was raped in broad daylight this city and there was a huge hue and cry over safety of women. Many such incidents have happened since then, including some where security forces were involved. But still we do not even have a working effective emergency helpline number. Even if there is, it is either non-functional or not publicized.

I recall that to curb auto and cab related indiscipline, the government started a toll-free complaint number ten years ago and made it mandatory for all cabs and autos to prominently display it. It worked for few months and then was closed. No one in Delhi, except a few knowledgeable ones know whom to contact, where to contact, how to contact anyone in emergency.

There are no cameras to monitor the deadly roads of the city (and nation for that matter) when camera technology is dirt cheap today. There are no Service Level Agreements on how proactive and effective the Police Force is for various emergencies as well as to gauge how efficiently they conduct their duties. How quickly they reach crime scene? How many crime scenes do they reach eventually? How easy is it for anyone in emergency to contact them? How many booths we have on roads to dial an emergency number? Where do we SMS if in crisis?

In fact, they are not even trained on how to manage crowd, to respectfully deal with women or to be firm without being insensitive.

The same government rather mafia spends crores on wasteful decoration of city in name of Commonwealth Games and making lives of aam-aadmi havoc. On spending crores in digging flower-pots with grown plants on road side overnight to impress a President of USA during his visit, or have a state-of-the-art racing track as if that is the national sport of India. Or perhaps because the (un)official Prince of India – the dynastic Yuvraaj – has a passion for racing! His wish is our command! And hence, when he asserted that people were getting irrational about this gang-rape issue, the Delhi Police obediently lathi-charged them. And then the ‘democratically’ elected Home Minister of India compared the protests against the incident with Maoist terror!

Is our democracy not turning into a mega-mafia with limitless power for a few and sheer indifference towards the lesser mortals? Is this attitude (and what it eventually leads to via lavishness and corruption by those in power mafia) not why my sister had to die?

4. How many other victims does the government wish to sponsor for treatment abroad like in case of my sister? Why was a special case made for my sister? Simply because her issue became a national rage? Does the government want to convey that in all such future cases, we should resort to taking the government on streets so that we get proper treatment? Why is this not a natural way of treating victims in ALL cases of crimes?

Or was government trying to hide its own mistakes and mishaps?

The same government was at one point criticising the protests. The President condemned it. The (un)official Prince called it irrational. But when things were going out of control, The Prime Minister says, “Thik Hai!” in a scripted speech. As if the common-man is either an irritant or a joke for political mafia.

My sister was a common citizen. She had to die due to a society that commoditizes women and a governance system that rots from top to bottom. When her issue became a rage, she was no more a common citizen. Thus those who remained common-citizens suffered. They were lathicharged, teargassed, their modes of transportation in city were closed. And then my sister was airlifted away in pretence of giving her special treatment.  Now when the news of her death, which perhaps was the reason for this special favor, has finally come, again there is restriction on public movement.

So does it not simply showcase the sheer incompetence and insensitivity of governance structure in dealing with such issues, even though it is no way interested in preventing them? Is it not that the Aam-Aadmi is forced to suffer in this country and its sin-capital? Is it not true that the only way to get reasonable treatment in this country of shameless is to create a ruckus. Only then do the deaf ears of those in power hear something.

Is not government incentivizing mob behavior by acting in such uncoordinated callous manner? Rather incentivizing everyone to become a mafia?

Is it not sending a message to all that “We shall listen to you and take actions only when you force us to do lathicharge and teargas you. Only after 4 days of your protests, and some hooligans (possibly sponsored by political motives) indulging in some violence shall we look within and perhaps force a few personnel to resign, so that we – on whom real ownership comes – can go scot-free.”?

Can the government tell clearly what an aam-aadmi should do so that:

– She is not made victim of such crimes due to mafia-raj everywhere?  

– If a crime happens, justice happens without people being forced to get into protests?

– Every victim gets a treatment similar to air-lift to Singapore like in case of my dead sister?


5. And then the celebrities and models joining the protests are giving an all new dimension to brutal murder of my sister! Their only trip in life seems to convince all that they have rights to dress whatever way they want and yet they should be provided all safety! Is it not height of selfishness? No Priyanka Chopra or Mallika Sherawat would ever be raped or murdered like this because they earn millions by selling their glamor and can pay for their security. But their acts only victimize a common woman in the country by making her victim to perversion of those who can’t resist fantasising on such Priyankas and Mallikas but can’t reach these models. Hence they hound the next best option – the girl who is easily available and vulnerable. The girl who has just boarded the bus, the girl who is walking alone in this street, the girl next to me whom I can push in this crowded Metro. A large number of us do and flaunt so. Some in mind, some in words, some through pushing and eve-teasing and some perverts take it to extreme.

In an ideal society of saints, even if everyone roams around naked, no one will bother. Even in a society where law mechanisms to prevent crimes are effective, how one dresses may result in mental crimes and verbal crimes and petty crimes but not serious rapes and murders. I don’t know if such a society exists but definitely we should strive to reach that ideal effective society.

But the ground reality in India is that women are not safe. Law is grossly inadequate, security even more hopeless. Emergency services simply do not exist. And it will take all of us to do a lot more homework and several decades before we reach an acceptable threshold of safety for women of all ages, at all places, at all times. Till then we should all act a little less selfish and more responsible. Let us act in a manner that life of my sister living in that notorious crime-prone village in remote part of country is also not affected. Let us get the basics in place before we debate on dress issues. And till the basics are in place, till security arrangement across the country is proper and adequate, we need to be sensitive and more responsible to the vulnerable ones. This should be last issue to be raised, a slut-walk should be the last of priorities, if at all, if indeed we are serious about safety and dignity of each and every woman in India.

Is it thus not true that what happened to my sister is being exploited by vested groups to further their own selfish wish-lists? And how are these acts helping safeguard so many other sisters whose safety can be ensured only when we focus on more pertinent issues?

My sister will not return. But this mafia-raj everywhere will continue to rape and murder many more sisters until we rise up – look within and outside. Instead of simply blaming the government, resorting to violence, we must issue a comprehensive decision of intolerance against any form of mafia-raj anywhere. No gangs within our family that ridicule women. No gangs in schools and colleges that flaunt on abusing mother, sister, daughter etc or depict women in vulgar manner. No gang of media and entertainment that thrives solely on showcasing women as a glamorous tool for sensual pleasure. No gang of governance, police and politics that have formed cartels to do political favors and allow miscreants to roam freely with state patronage like the buses with tinted glasses. And if anyone of us – society, police, government, politicians etc – hesitate to answer the questions that death of my beloved sister 4000 km away from her homeland has raised, let us throw that mafia element out of our system. Let us have zero-tolerance for them.

Let us have zero-tolerance for all elements that promote violence, hatred, insult to women, corruption, arrogance.

I could not save murder of my sister by a mafia that had entire society, entire governance, entire security system as parties.

But will I allow this mafia to murder rest of my sisters in India?

Let us all answer this..honestly.

Till the answer comes, I am ashamed.

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  • I would like to quote swami ramswarup ji in this regard (all the problems in life arise due to lack of control of senses)” Universe is a supreme creation by the Almighty God. It has been given to the human beings by God to get help to progress in worldly pious deeds and simultaneously in spiritualism. Without the help of matters of creation like air, food, sun, moon, earth and human body etc., nothing can be done. So, all the matters of creation including our human body are really surprising creation and donated by God to us as precious gems. Please, remember it that anger and frustration are gone by doing daily Yajyen, hawan and name jaap of God, study of vedic culture and hard practice of Yoga Philosophy. However, anger and frustration etc., are controlled to an extent but are hidden still in heart, for those who are aspirants and worship God like you. Please, be alert from the same because those require only the situation to arise. Always be away from bad society and continue the worship with strong/hard practice to control the said enemies .”

  • Rapes are not something for which we can hold the Government Responsible.
    Now we are blaming the Police, Delhi Govt. and Centre Govt. because this was a rarest of rare cases.
    No one is getting the point that rapes happen because men rape.
    Nowadays rapes happen due to two extremely different reasons —— Extreme conservativeness and extreme liberty.
    In Conservative upbringing men grow up separately from women and develop a worldview according to which they tend to look at women not as a person with unique qualities, having some specialities ; but as an object. They tend to see women as a set of breasts, butt, and other several body parts. We need to educate children in their very childhood and throughout school that women shall be educated.
    But such things will not happen. Why? Because we are all ideologically children of a Man who lived 250 years ago : Macaulay. He told us that Our Vedic culture was extremely inferior to theirs, and that we can never ever be as Good to British. He laid the foundation of an education system to create in his own words ” People Brown in Color but British in taste”. He developed an inferiority complex inside us and we began to look westwards. Congress was started in 1885 by a britisher and all the Leaders of Congress like Nehru used to attack Hindu Culture. Saints like Aurobindo were vilified and Dayanand Saraswati was said to have led to Hindu – Muslim divide and Savarkar was called a terrorist. Congress is still the same in ideas.
    We still look towards the west and if you think that it was something really bad then let me tell you there is a porn category called Snuff. It is a Pure manifestation of it.
    Be Happy we are westernised!!!

    • Yes you can hold them accountable. Government, police have a duty to enact laws and enforce laws that provide the safety of people. The point is not that all rapes will cease that is unlikely anywhere in the world. The point is that they are greatly reduced and when they do happen the victims get swift justice, and government and the police have a role in creating a safer just society.

      • Holding government and police accountable does not mean we cannot do something ourselves to improve the environment for women. Each of us doing our part will create a great change. People don’t have to do something monumental but merely not participate in acts the demean women and speak up when in your life you encounter someone demeaning women.

      • USA is supposed to be the most safe country in the world but still it records highest number of rapes in the world : 86000+ (India is second at 22000).
        USA has best police but still crimes againstwomen are highest there. Why?
        Because they have not been able to give them a humanist culture. This will happen with an education system which will make children better humans and begin to respect women.

        You said : “Holding government and police accountable does not mean we cannot do something ourselves to improve the environment for women. Each of us doing our part will create a great change.”
        Please tell me how will it happen? I am seeing people on news channels saying Police shall be more sensitive. How?
        The need is to drain the people with respect for women, when they are children: through a beautiful education system which will teach them the morals and Vedas along with other subjects.

  • According to religious texts,a cow is the avtar of God.So she should be protected at every cost.Even if a cow kills a child with her horns she should be given protection.WOman is also the avtar of God.So she should be also protected at any cost even if she wears sexy clothes,use lipstick,use make up and other things.

    • In my 25 years of life, I’ve never heard a cow killing a child *laughs*. Neither a cow nor a woman is an “avtar” of God. A cow is a manifestion of God and so is the woman and so are we. Though humans are generally better “vehicles” for a manifestion (soul). An “avtar” is one who got special powers (naturally since birth). Such noble souls (very few) are sent (by God) from time to time to earth to uplift mankind and root out evil. Sometimes “avtars” lead to the formation of a completely different religion like jesus’ followers were called christians, Muhammed created islam etc.

  • According to relgious texts,all of the bodies were made by God.So woman was also made by the God.Her body parts were also made by the God.So she can fearlessly show her body parts to others by wearing sexy clothes.If you are so eager to see the Murti of Bhagavan Ram just because he was god then why don’t you want to look at the God’s creation i.e. body parts of a woman.

    • lol..God created ladies cuz it was a part of his large plan, which we puny humans (sad but true) are too unintelligent to know and not “So she can fearlessly show her body parts to others” and other silly reasons.
      Also read my earlier reply in which i said that we humans should abide by our religious books cuz they uplift your character and thinking (which you desperately need). And nowhere in vedas or koran or bible you would find that women were created so that “So she can fearlessly show her body parts to others”, quite the contrary. Go read your holy book and find for yourself.

  • (1)Let such woman wear sexy clothes.
    (2)Let those woman make their boy friends in schools and colleges.
    (3)Let her do sex with her boyfriends.
    (4)Let her do everything what she wants.
    (5)Let her kiss on the tv.
    (6)Let her free to use lipstick and makeup.
    (7)Let her be polygamous.
    (8)Let her wear any kind of cloth.
    (9)Let her go with drunk boys in the night.
    (10)Let her go with any strange man outside the home.
    (11)LEt her to drink wine.
    (12)Let her to eat meat.

    Who are we to stop her?Who are we to say something to her?We are not her real brothers.We are not her mentor.Only the drunk boys and laufers are her brothers.Let her go with those laufers.So that one more Damini Kand may occur.Everyone is free to do anything.Woman has same rights as of boys.So we can’t make any restrictions.Let the girls do anything which they want.And those who want to put restrictions on them is really a sinner.

    Those who put such restrictions as “she cannot go outside the home” should put restrictions on themselves.I do not put any restriction.A man has only one wife.But that wife is making more husbands.So that man has no right to put any restriction on her wife that she cannot make other husbands.Who is he to put restrictions on her(his wife).

    • A child says I want to eat chicken.According to Swami Vivekanand a child is the gift of God.So he should not be prohibited to eat meat.So children must be allowed to eat meat.Similarly,woman is also the gift of God.If a woman wants to appear sexy.Let her appear so.Because Vivekanand will say a girl is the girft of God.Those who put restrictions on her are rally sinners.

    • By your ideals, we (indians) would go from a semi-chaotic society to a fully chaotic society.
      Our universe and we need a set of rules to live by. These “set of rules” for humans are mentioned in vedas (for hindus), koran (for muslims), bible (for christians) and so on. More the person tend to be closer to them, better for him/her and society (at large).

  • I think its very difficult in the world of internet to stop glamour and to dictate women what to wear and not being a complicated and never ending debatable topic..Its very dominating to say that and women would feel supressed with that..I would also feel the same if women says me dont wear this and that … It also shows that u somewhere lack self control and have fear that u will rape someone…Instead ,we should focus on strengthening mind of youth by giving proper yogic psychological education .. Those who rape has initially raped girl in his mind ie it was his fantasy of doing forcefully sex on someone which culminates in rape because Whatever a person do , he first do it in mind and then that mind forces/urges body to do it since body is under control of mind…So spiritual/psychological education is need of the hour which totally lacks today in our education system.

  • In the present case the problem lies here:
    1. Giving wrong ideals to our young generation i.e Shahrukh all film stars, glorifying people who earn money by wrong doings etc.
    2. Everybody should read this book in hindi “Brahmacharya Ek Dukh Nivaran Mani” By swami Ramswarup. With his experience of samadhi and maintaing brahmacharya he has written how our rishis used to maintain brahmacharya. Examples from life of Ram ji, shri Krishna, arjun, mata sita hanumaan etc are birth reading.

    3. On my research i have observed all yogis generally wear langot, our hanumaan ji used to wear it. It helps in controlling sexual desires esp for men. Brahmacharya asan also hels. Regular daily practice of asans n pranaam with havan twice helps to purify intellect n mind. However full vikritis of gunas is controlled only at samadhi.

    4. The type of food one eats also has an impact eat sattvic food.

    In the present case the problem lies here:
    1. Giving wrong ideals to our young generation i.e Shahrukh all film stars, glorifying people who earn money by wrong doings etc.
    2. Everybody should read this book in hindi “Brahmacharya Ek Dukh Nivaran Mani” By swami Ramswarup. With his experience of samadhi and maintaing brahmacharya he has written how our rishis used to maintain brahmacharya. Examples from life of Ram ji, shri Krishna, arjun, mata sita hanumaan etc are birth reading.

    3. On my research i have observed all yogis generally wear langot, our hanumaan ji used to wear it. It helps in controlling sexual desires esp for men. Brahmacharya asan also hels. Regular daily practice of asans n pranaam with havan twice helps to purify intellect n mind. However full vikritis of gunas is controlled only at samadhi.

    4. The type of food one eats also has an impact eat sattvic food.

  • When spirituality declines, materialism ascends with all its vices like greed, lust, passion, sexual drive, jealousy, hatred, anger etc. No wonder we are facing these human values fast declining. That is why I wrote the painstaking treatise on Patanjali Ashtanga Sutra on my blog as shown here:
    Everybody is welcome to read, enjoy and benefit from. It is free for all as a humanitarian gesture. God bless

  • Sanjay
    You do not even know what my views on woman are.You are quite new to me.And you should behave with me correctly.I do not put any restriction on woman except one thing that she should not be used as a marketing product on tv.

    • Again you contradict yourself, but how I am to explain, people are rigid in their thinking. As you feel that clothes are good or bad, but I say only actions, thoughts, are either good or bad. A man should posses self-control and from there morality would be preserved. Not by trying to control women. I don’t like TV as they portray woman a objects, and neglect their human qualities. Not they being in mini skirts but they being looked at as objects of lust neglecting their human qualities and many dimensions. This is the problem drunk,loafer, of such low standards only see one dimension to women. Our culture is not a man approaches a women, but a women approaches a man. Anything else is looked down upon, seen as vulgar and insulting to women and reason for crime. As it is for women to choose.

  • If you want to know my beliefs on a woman open Vedic naari on this website.
    I believe that :
    (1)a woman is compltely free to do anything.
    (2)a woman should live as she want.
    (3)a woman should marry to only her choice.
    (4)a woman should be given full rights a man are given.

    But I believe that we should cover our body with clothes for being social.

    • Wow
      you say then 1)a woman is compltely free to do anything.
      (2)a woman should live as she want.
      (3)a woman should marry to only her choice.
      (4)a woman should be given full rights a man are given.
      then contradict yourself.

      • You make the above statements then have separate views on clothing which you classify as bad which is your opinion not of others that women should not wear..

      • You are finding such a thing because the 11 rules which were given by me were not made by me.Now believe that those rules were not made by me.And you will find that unity is there in my views.

      • Do you have a short term memory or what. ? You valiantly put forth your “glorified principles” in a most shameless manner on this forum. By reading your views one can instantly see your “hypocrisy” and “narrow-minded” nature. Not only that one can instantly see how much “freedom” and “rights” you would like to “bestow upon women”.

  • I am not saying any Islamic way of wearing.I am talking of the clothes which are shown in tv.They are bad.I am not talking about sari.

      • Do you want to prove I am bad.
        Prove betey prove.You do not know what Is IIT.

        A man who wears bad clothes shows that his thoughts are bad because a work is done only when you think.Please prove that clothes are not bad.A woman showing her organs through which latrine and urine comes is completely bad.And showing these organs is bad.

      • You are digressing from clothes to body parts, there is big difference. Hindus have only issue with sex , touching, vulgarity but not nudity. It is a fine line of culture defined by brahmacharya what is acceptable conduct which is reprehensible. If you don’t understand this difference and keep thinking clothing then you are wasting time with your dirty thoughts even animals are naked. These are parts of body you should get science education and you may understand better anatomy, and biology. How you define bad, or good that is something else, as I have said that is conduct or your thoughts Maybe you are to weak of mind so such thoughts infect you..

      • I said woman to not to wear sexy clothes.The meaning of sexy clothes has also been given.In my mind,sexy clothes are those clothes in which a woman’s secrete body parts are liable to see.Hence I refuse woman to wear such clothes.Because there are some men who think of woman’s body parts only.And such persons can rape her.I never said a woman should not wear attractive clothes.It is a big mistake that you are taking a wrong meaning.I did not say a woman to cover her mouth with burka.But even then if you want to insult my thinking and mind then you are free to do so.I can’t stop you.

        God may give you good intellect.

  • “In the Vedas there is no clothes requirement or restriction”

    Good dreams Sanjay.Show me where there is no restriction?Hindus always believe that a woman should not wear sexy clothes.Go outside your home and see these beliefs in Hindus.You are an idiot.Do you know I have read all the four Vedas?Prove your claims Sanjay,otherwise leave your tendency to say me a criminal.

    • There is no clothes restrictions in Hindu dharma as even animals, tribal run around mostly naked. There is also naked sadhus, etc. We don’t look down upon them.

      What is weak character that you look at clothing and have so many problems. Such an low animal has no self-control is it a man or something else that makes so many excuses.

      • Do not go to tribal humans.They do not have money.But many Hindu scriptures say to wear full clothes.
        “What is weak character that you look at clothing and have so many problems.”
        I do not have porblems.I have good control on my penis.I am not like you who would do such insult to others so that you may remain naked.Are we animals so that we should remain naked?Animals and humans have too much difference.Hence,the need for clothing is required.

      • where have I said humans should be naked? Shameless person I said no clothing restrictions in Hindu culture even Swami dayanand saraswati use to be naked from what I hear then because of public reason he put on clothes:)

      • arey to mai aur kya kaha raha hu.Due to public reason we should wear clothes.And nothing more than this.Swami Dayanand had no clothes.He wass naked in front of a british woman on a railway station.But as the society demans,we should wear clothes.Please try to understand what I am saying.

      • Swami Dayanand was sitting on a railway station for a train in nakes state which every samajist believes.Suddenly a british engineer and her wife saw him and tried to send swamiji to other place.But when Engineer came to know this is the Great Swami Dayanand,he and her wife bowed down to him.Dayanand refused to leave that place even in that state.

        Dayanand was sitting again naked on snow.Again a padari came and said “khub mtoa tagada adami hai.khub khata hoga”.Dayanand replied “teri taraha murge hamako khane ke liye kaha se milate hai”.

      • You said “where have I said humans should be naked? ”

        Well!Then why are you having problems with me?If you also believe that we should not be naked then a woman should also cover her body.But covering her body does not mean that she should wear burqa.I am not saying she should cover her face with a cloth.Rather I am saying a man if feels orgasm on looking a cute woman then he should avoid looking at that woman.If a woman feels something like that on seeing a man then she should avoid watching his face.I have not said that they should cover their faces with cloths.

        If you were a literated one then you wouldn’t have taken such a wrong meaning of my words.By the word sexy I want to say those clothes in which secrete organs are shown.Not cute looking dresses.So if you had read that sentence slowly you would have said vinay says a woman should not wear such clothes in which her secrete organs are prone to be shown.But I say all should wear good and attractive clothes.Sari is attractive.I did not refuse from it.But your hurry and hurry is doing such things.

      • @omsun

        Vulgar clothes? Who will decide what is vulgar? Person whose mind is filled with vulagrity? Its on individual, what he/she wants to wear, you can’t impose your ideas on others.

        Lust reside in your eyes, not in somone’s clothes. Try to control that, a genuine sanskaari man will not even look upto a girl (other than his wife), even if that girl appears naked infront of that man, leave aside raping her.

        Blaming others for your own deficiency is not an Arya’s quality, but its of Jihadi.

      • Till this time I were showing to you other person’s thoughts.Now I think with article you will be clear about clothes:

        (1)A woman who is very poor does not have good clothes.Her clothes are dirty due to mud and sand.A cloth which is full of dirt and mud is said to be a vulgar.Because wearing dirty clothes would mean that throwing mud on a good picture.
        (2)According to the real Rishi Munis of Bharat,one should wear good appearing clothes.And it is an Arya’s quality to not to wear dirty clothes like adivasis wear.
        (3)Rishi Dayanand says that we should earn money and become rich but should a Yogi.So,according to him,wearing good clothes is not prohibited but not the sufficient condition to become beautiful.He said along with wearing good clothes and ornaments a man or woman should do Tapasya and keep Brahmacharya.

        I were showing to you what our societ ythinks about clothes.Our gullible Hindus say that a woman should wear dirty clothes.She should not study Vedas.It is due to the effect of the orthodox Brahmins in the ancient or medieval period.This is the reason why woman in India are not let to study Vedas and other books.Indians consider woman to be of no use.They think that woman is only for cooking food and sweeping the home.But Rishi Dayanand said in Satyarth Prakash that woman were warriors in the Vedic period.

      • @Vinay Arya

        Honestly speaking, I don’t get you in any of your point.

        You said “A cloth which is full of dirt and mud is said to be a vulgar.” & then later “Our gullible Hindus say that a woman should wear dirty clothes.”

        Are you nuts or what? Leave aside Hindus, which civilized person on earth will want his sisters, mother, wife to wear clothes which are full of mud & dirt?

        My point was to show the logical fallacy in your argument & all you’ve done is to jump from one point to another.

      • “Leave aside Hindus, which civilized person on earth will want his sisters, mother, wife to wear clothes which are full of mud & dirt?”
        Yes my brother yes.Our countryman on this earth are so uncivilised that they don’t want to see a woman’s progress.It is very bitter truth.THey don’t want that their sisters or mothers should be respected.This is the reason why the position of woman has been lowered in India.I have said the final words.Have you ever visited any village of India?Go there and find there such a madity.Don’t call me a stupid.

      • If you will hold today’s newspaper in your hands then you will certainly find a news of burning of a woman.You will certainly find a news of killing of woman.You will find a news in which a wife is killed by his own husband.This all proves that Indian man wants that woman should wear dirty clothes full of mud and sand.

        Look at Agniveer’s sentences(in the above article):
        (1)Can we escape the fact that what happened with my sister was a reflection of our overall treatment of women in this country
        (2)So shamelessly we swear on each other referring to Mother, Sister or Daughter in a vulgar manner.
        (3)Is not the entire society a culprit for planting and circulating such perverted view of women?

        I am giving only three sentences.Search other sentences own your own.And then say to me a nut.Yes,I am a nut which can’t be broken away into parts.If you can reak me then refute my all of the sentences bravely with logics.And then see my dodges.

    • I have said “Ask about clothes requirement in Vedas to Ved Mandir at vedmandir.com”.Why don’t you ask him?Go ask him and then say me a criminal.Understand!Now,if you will again say me a criminal then I will show zero tolerance to you.I may ask Sanjeev Newarji to do something.

      • You would not understand as your thinking is too low find me a quotation from the Vedas on the same and I will believe you.

    • Vinay certainly you have no proof but backwash, go show me quote that I am wrong, Sari is one the most sexy outfits, lengha even more pretty, in past women use to be topless too, hard to believe but no rapes.

      Go to Pakistan and express yourself freely, you are making all men suffer with your burqua education.,.

      • Sanjay
        How did you claim that I am saying that a woman should wear burqa.Rather I am saying that a man should not look at woman’s face so that his genitalia cannot be excited.And this rule was not made by me.But by the ancient Rishis.And which proofs you are wanting.I have given all of the proofs from Satyarth Prakash.Are you blind?Sanjay,your thinking is very low.You have no proof that Vedas do not say any restriction on the clothes.If you have proofs then you should show, not me.Quote a Ved Mantra and show me that woman can move freely in the naked state.

    • Dear Sanjay

      I have not said anything from my side in the above rules.Please disconnect me from these rules.And please see these rules in the provided references.Brahmacharya means to not to leak semen so that our body becomes beautiful,strong and resistant to the diseases.

      “Listening to drunks and fanatics do you really know the glories of your culture”
      Without proper knowledge a man should not open his mouth.Who listens to drunks and fanatics?And who does not know the glory of Arya Vedic culture.Instead of knowing my proper meaning you have jumped to somewhere else.

      “being illiterate and glorifying criminals/babus/politicians all that you know.”

      Illietrate?Me?Do you know even human biology,physics,chemistry,maths,Vedas,Darshanas,Upanishadas,etc.Tell me how many Darshanas are there and name them.Who is glorifying criminals?DO you want to say I am glorifying them???Shame on you!

      I am again saying to all of you that stop saying me a criminal.I had not raped Damini in that bus.You are Delhi police Sanjay.Sanjay,have you heard of Sita’s purity?How did she use to live?You are completely blaming me.I hate you.I have not supported any criminal.I have said “rapist,you will rest in peace,you will be killed”.Open your eyes blind.tum logo ne mere sath bahut pakshpat kiya hai.I am saying once again “I do not support criminals”.jo tum teeno ne mujh par arop lagaye unako pure jeevan bhar yaad rakhkar jivonga.ek arya ke liye criminals ko support karana bade sharm ki baat hoti hai murkh sanjay.mai kabhi bhi criminals or politicians ko support nahi karata hu murkh.tune mujh par manghadant arop lagaye hai.ishwar tumhe kabhi kshama nahi karega.

      • I was not replying to you, but yes we accepting third class loafers as normal and we as a society don’t seek to become neither crime free or first that is a fundamental problem that drunk/criminals loafers are glorified.

  • In the Vedas there is no clothes requirement or restriction. In the rules of brahmachary there is onus of man to keep high standards. Not to drink , loaf, or do nonsense, and when a man meets such high standards society itself becomes a golden age where rape does not occur. It the Gupta period there were places where even affairs were not existing what to speak about crime. But should understand that this crime free society was richest and most prosperous people gave freely to charities and did their duties instead living to loaf attitude, the right to be a loafer as laziness did not rule.

    So we must ask do we like loafers who in their drunkard rage , their third class achievements, have nearly destroyed the environment of half the world. Do get involved with these drug addicts who in their delusional bliss keep patting themselves on the back thinking they are something respectable. Remember history for it tells facts what creates prosperity is being crime free not anything else. Do we insult Hindus who were richest society, most crime free with their Hindu education system (not sub servant babus system of British education), which created mathematics(sine, zero, quadratic, elementary differential), who knew the value of satvik diet(vegetarian, less oil, ghee, onion), who knew age of the universe to human existences that is in modern scientific agreement , the circumference of mercury , the procession of equinox, who invented surgery, even said to have done transplants, cataract, gall bladder, c-sections), first in agriculture having a system of canals/irrigation canals that provided water transportation of goods and made the most agriculturally rich neglected by colonialist who profited by the more expensive railroad who used famine to make the country beg, and created poverty. ,Listening to drunks and fanatics do you really know the glories of your culture, or being illiterate and glorifying criminals/babus/politicians all that you know.

  • Many mistakes in what you wrote first being a religious form what were brahmachary, what is our culture. Why in past there were crime free societies that were Hindu in Golden age.

    What are problems remember Nithari the parents complained to police to no avail their missing children. Reporters even came and asked why the missing children to police they got a callose reply that they all are liars and they have sold their children themselves to the press.. Months later they discovered Nithari khand where over twenty dead odies of children were discovered. UP police was very upset and implemented Pandhar in this case , but then came desperate CBI which later gave clean chit to PAndher. We must ask the loyal congress wala why CBI took over if only to give clean chit to him. Why could they not ask who paid the bribe that the police had such a calose attitude? See the problem of Indian is that police are to busy being security gaurds and not doing primary duty of investigating crime. Most police force is their to protect and take orders from these criminals /Babus, and politicians leaving few to take care of public. Since they don’t investigate crime, and take heed to no crime,. we see the many telephones to police complaints of the very bus which she was rapped, but no police every thought to catch of hold of the bus as they thought they are not human beings the people who complain their complaints are fraud. Such is the police.of India protect the criminal take orders, don’t investigate crime as their primary duty is to protect politicians.

  • First of all I condemned this heinous crime. As a remedial measures I suggest the following need to be done immediately
    1. Amend Cr.P.C.
    2. Amend I.P.C.
    3. Implemend the recommendations of Judicial Reform Commission.
    4. Reform the criminal justice system
    5. Pass a bill for the protection of the witnesses.
    6. In our justice system the p[plaintiff or complainant has to prove everything and accused or culprit has to defend only, it need to be reversed.
    6. Implemend the recommendations of National Police Commission.
    7. Make C.B.I., I.B. N.I.A., as autonomous body, free from the political interference.

  • If people want that there should not be any rape then they must follow the following points:
    (1)The girls school should be situated 8kms away from the boys school.
    (2)The girls should not be allowed to see the face of a boy.
    \(3)The boys should not be allowed to see the face of a girl.
    (4)A boy should not leak even a drop of semen for at least 25 years of his life.
    (5)The girls shouyld not leak semen for at least 16 years of age.
    (6)After marriage the semen should not be lost in sex except producing child.
    (7)The couples should keep Brahmacharya even in their married life.
    (8)The married woman should not see any other man except her husband.
    (9)The married man should not see any other woman except his wife.
    (10)No woman should show her genital organs .She should wear full clothes.
    (11)No woman should wear sexy clothes.

    If people follow these rules there will be no rapes.But if they want to appear sexy and want to show their genitalia then there will certainly be rapes.

    But these are bitter truths to follow.I am not making these rules.These rules were made by the ancient Rishis.
    Will we follow it?

    • This is not healthly. Never see the other genders face? Come on. Is everyone supposed to be wrapped up from head to toe, men and women both. Are we to turn our whole nation into a prison for law abiding citizens? This only makes the atmosphere more tense and fraught with danger. The issue is rape, it is not the issue of being able to see another’s face. In Europe where the dress for both men and women is more lax and they see each others face and have coed schools they have fewer rapes. That is because their attitude towards women is better. That is what needs to be changed. There is still crime and sexism in Europe but it is much less because of their attitude towards women.

      • When I read stuff like this
        “If people follow these rules there will be no rapes.But if they want to appear sexy and want to show their genitalia then there will certainly be rapes.”

        I think of the pctiure I saw of these protests of a boy holding up a sign that said this:

        “You raped her because her clothes provoked you? I should break your face because your stupidity provokes me!”

        I have hope for the future with more of our people having this attitude of this boy.

      • Dear Arun
        These are not my views.Ancient persons made such laws.But many of our religious brothers think so.If we do not look at opposite genders then it means that we shoiuld not look at real sisters too.If she is ill it would mean that we should remain 8kms away from her even in that helpful situation.If we would wear attractive clothesd then we would be raped.It means that we should appear ugly for our safety.It is stupidous.

      • DEAR MADHU


      • @Vinay Arya
        I’m not buying it.What you are saying defies common sense.Why don’t you quote the mantras or shlokas and let Agniveer translate it.

      • Agniveer should look 2nd 3rd 4th chapters of Satyarth Prakash.Swami Dayanand has translated the shlok of Manu in which such things have been said for a Brahmacharin.Brahmachari should not look at any woman.

      • Read about the Asht Maithuns in Satyarth Prakash and other books like Manu Smriti,Ayurved etc.One of the Asht Maithun is watching woman’s face.I am not saying this open 2nd chapter,3rd chapter and Manu Smriti.

      • isake rakshana me yahi riti hai ki vishayo ki katha,vishayilogo ka sang,vishayo ka dhyan.stri ka darshan,ekantsevan,sambhashan aur sparsh adi karm se bhramachari log prithak rahakar………

        (Satyarth Prakash dwitiya Samullas 33 page)

        Let us prove what Vinay Arya is talking defies common sense.

      • kyonki abhushano ke dharan karane se kewal dehabhiman,vishayaskti aur chor adi ka bhaya tatha mrityu ka bhi sambhav hai……………

        (Satyarth Prakash tritiya Samullas 36 page)

        Let us prove what Vinay Arya is talking defies common sense

      • ve ladake aur ladkiyo ki pathshala do kosh ek dusre se door honi chahiye………..

        (Satyarth Prakash tritiya Samullas 36 page)

        Let us prove what Vinay Arya is talking defies common sense.

      • striyo ki pathshala me panch varsh ka ladka aur purusho ki pathshala me panch varsh ki ladki bhi na jaane paave……………

        (Satyarth Prakash tritiya Samulas 36 page)

        kuch tripti hui??

        Let us prove what Vinay Arya is talking defies common sense

      • If I have put craps here then it means that these craps are found in Sanjeev Newar’s role model Maharshi Dayanand Saraswatiji’s Amar granth “Satyarth Prakash” or “Light of Truth”.

      • Let us prove again what Vinay Arya is talking defies common sense.

        When Maharshi Dayanand saw a naked girl he bent his neck downwards and closed his eyes.

        (Dr. Bhavani Lal Bhartiya’s Biography of Swami Dayanand Saraswati)

      • Let us prove more gently and strongly that Vinay Arya is common senseless.

        Sanjeev Newar on this website in the section of Brahmacharya also says that a girl should not wear sexy appearing clothes.

        Hence it has been proved that what Vinay Arya wrote in his idiotic article is completely false and his mere speculations.Ask on Ved Mandir to Swami Ramswarup ji.He will also say a girl should not wear sexy clothes.All of these proofs refutes claims of this user “Vinay Arya”.

      • Refutations of each and every claims of Vinay Arya
        (1),(2),(3),(4) already refuted or well established I don’t know.

        Some of points say that a man should follow Brahmacharya.This claim can be refuted by the proof that Swami Dayanand was himself a Brahmachari.Yog Darshan contains five yamas.One of those is Brahmacharya.See the sutras of sadhan paad.Hence,this proff also refutes Vinay Arya’s claims or gets well established I don’t know.

        So the advice of keeping Brahmacharya is completely illogical(or logical) as there is no proof of keeping Brahmacharya in Yog Darshan,Satyarth Prakash and Manu Smriti.(or there is really some proof).hahahahahasha

      • @Madhu
        “now bug off.Go fly a kite”

        So,you are also from those persons who are not care of what we write.You should write in a good manner.The teachings of Maharshi Dayanand are right I know and I also know what I wrote was in accordance with the teachings of Manu.What problems are you having with me?Did I gave you abusive words?Or my behaviour was very rude?I am not even talking with you.Please don’t enter my discussion.Anahutaha pravishati.Don’t talk to me in future.Okay!

        “now bug off.Go fly a kite”

        If you had said such words to the rapists,I would have praised you.

      • First you alleged me and asked to me to show the reference and I showed the reference.Now your words are quite irritative to me.Do you want to prove I were the rapist in that night.How the hell you talk to your Brothers.Am I supporting the rapists?What sin did I do to you and Damini?You couldn’t hang the criminals and trying to hang me off.

      • @Madhu
        Yes,I am the real criminal.
        Yes,I am the real rapist.
        Yes,I am the real gunda.
        Because I broke the vow of not talking to a girl.Say more bad words to me.Say as much as you can.

        AM I THE RAPIST?

    • Vinay do you want to spread islamic social system? do want to see women in veil? do you support quranic teaching ghazze basr ie nazr bachana? Do you support islamic teaching of prohibition of sex outside marriage? do you support islamic teaching of prohibition of intermingling of sexes? You will be glad to know that what are you saying Islam except minor changes.

      if islamic government/Muslim’s government impose these rules by making laws then you oppose any such act anywhere in the world.

      • ANTI-AGNI

  • Protesting peacefully is the way to continue. There was a constable who was injured in the protests and died. That is a shame too. No need for anyone else to die be they protestors or police. But change does require people speaking up so peaceful protest should continue. But it is not the only thing. People should change the way they live as Agniveer showed. Start the change in you first. Contribute to making it safe for women and others. Do not participate in sexism and abuse and speak up against it when you confront it in your life.

  • AIIMS is the best hospital in the complete Asia.Why was she transferred to an unknown hospital leaving aiims?Why was she kept there for 13 days?If all doctors agreed this is the most severe case of rapes even on the first day why was she not taken direcly to AIIMS on the very first day?This is all politics.The government wanted that the girl should die.If good medical facilities are not available in the whole India why was she not taken to some bigger country like America,Japan etc. on the very first day?

    • dear vinay arya, I think she was airlifted dead to singapore hospital this is just a cover up from Indian police and political mafia

  • Some of the army doctors confirmed the facilities are available in Delhi.We have the technology to treat the Braveheart. But just to not to lose vote count the dilli sarkar airlifted her to singapore.If they are so much worried about their sarkar’s reputation why the delay in implementing the enforced laws.Rashtriya Damaad has SPG security but for ordinary Indian none.First we need a deterrent then we can think about change in social thinking about women.Take all the rape cases in the country and pass judgements without any adjournments within 6 months.Then start the shuddikaran of perverted persons like eve teasers.etc., via counseling and community service as punishment.

  • The formost and most important point i will like the Government to implement is.
    Mass Ban on all sorts of soft porn in mass media for eg. if one cannot open pages of times of india, delhi edition sitting with his family members as almost nude photographs are being openly circulated on name of modernism. Even if one opens websites of major English newspapers like Times of India/Hindustan Times one will find that they are busy in earning viewership not be publishing sensible and honest news but by soft porn to get online advertisement. Why such media glorifies Sunny Leone/ Poonam Pandey and Rakhi Sawant as Sati Savitri and Luxmi Bai. This is biggest insult to whole womenhood. A recent trend in bollywood movies is adult jokes/adult scens with A certificate which is causing perverted development of country innocent youths leading to increase in eve teasing/remarks roadsides. Media seems to be greatest culprit in spoiling of character of youths of country by promiting vulgarity.by promoting human values/celibacy/respect to womenhood and blanket ban on all such cheap acts vulgarity could be stopped.

  • So now every people are discussing about the punishment , According to you what punishment should the government give to those rapists and how one must punish himself for being quite in the matters of these mafias and selfishness of media and celebrities while their sisters are being raped.

  • She was transfered because of political compulsion to divert the rage on the streets of Delhi and the rest of the country. Fact is that she was already dead or about to die before Singapore journey. This is politics. UPA GOI gindabaad. Don’t worry, let us wait for the next victim and next street protest. God bless our Goddess Sonia Maataaji. Jai Rahul the mauni Baba ki.

  • many people are to be blamed…..some have to take the blame directly and some, indirectly….and equally accountable are those (though we may never get to know them) who were present around the place where the girl was dumped and was not picked up by any good soul for a long time…..i am sure, had she been picked and brought to any medical facility immediately, chances were high that she would have made it……things are way more complex than what we perceive it to be.