To Rajputana Rifiles

Copy to:

Chief of Army Staff

President of India

Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Defence Minister, Home Minister, Leader of Opposition in Parliament

This appeal is on behalf of nationalist citizens of India in context of brutal murder of our jawans by Pakistani soldiers. We stand together with our jawans in this moment of grief and treachery by enemy and resolve to go unto fast till Rajputana Rifle Jawans break their fast. Even after that, we demand an unprecedentedly strong action against the rogue nation Pakistan that has been indulging in such misdeeds since 1947. Any reluctance on part of leadership to not take this insult with seriousness (in actions, and not merely in words) would result in a nationwide movement to avenge the beheading of our brave jawans.

The text of attached letter is reproduced below in English and Hindi. The attachments are also being tweeted to those leaders whose email was not available on their websites.

We request the concerned officials to circulate this letter to our jawans in Rajputana Rifles so that they know that the nation stands with them, in grief, in insult as well as in anger.

11 January 2013

Grief of losing your two soldiers at enemy’s hands is beyond imagination of rest. To the nation, they were protectors but to you, they were more than siblings. You have received their corpse mutilated and decapitated. None of us can dare suggest you to keep patience when our own hearts are burning with anger and shame. And we don’t have to keep patience either because barbarians understand only one language- bullet. Rajputana warriors, bravest of all, have history, right from Bappa Rawal to Maharana Pratap, of digging graves of terrorists. And today it would be no different! But it will be a sin for our leaders to eat, for Aam Aadmi to celebrate happiness, for artists to play music and for sportsmen to play until the brutal death and cut-heads of our Jawans are avenged.

But the greatest concern for Agniveer at the moment is something else. We hear that none of 1000 Jawans from 13 Rajputana have had even a single grain of food from last three days. This is shocking to all patriots as well as causing worries in their hearts. O Brave Soldiers! You shoulder the gigantic responsibility of defending Bharat Maa. It hurts her most when her sons defending her 24X7 in worst of situations in all days and nights, shielding her from enemy’s bullets with their chest, challenging death every moment at mountain peaks and avalanches just to maintain her honor, decide to give up food. O sons of motherland, please have food. Enemy’s preparations are in full swing. Prepare your hands to break their bones.

Let the actual responsible abstain from food for what has happened. Let the leaders come forth and apologize for they failed to ensure the safety of our defenders and nation by trusting the enemy again and again despite its track record of 65 years.

Hon President, Prime Minister, Defence Minister and all concerned leaders! Since a soldier cant raise this issue and question you, Agniveer is here to ask something on his behalf. Would our reaction be as diplomatic and calculated as it is now, had the Pakistanis butchered, beheaded and mutilated any of the sons or daughters of any political leader? Would you still go for talks and mark your protest in papers? Would you still give evidence of this Satanic act to Satan himself and demand justice from him? Wouldn’t you drag these rascals out of their holes to bury them in Thar? You have to answer this because if you don’t treat each soldier as your own progeny, you have no right to rule the country. A soldier who puts his life in danger for your safety is no less a deity you are heavily indebted to. A soldier’s insult is your insult, country’s insult, culture’s insult, valor’s insult and humanity’s insult.

Agniveer, on behalf of all Indians, appeals to Hon President and Prime Minister to make the warriors of 13 Rajputana end their fast and issue a clear declaration of revenge. And until our soldiers don’t eat, its a sin for all of us too to even have a grain.

Agniveer assures the intrepid 13 Rajputana lions, no matter the world forgets their sacrifice, no matter the leaders forget the cut-heads of Jawans, Agniveer will never forget them till the end of life. Neither we shall blank out your sacrifice ever nor shall we let anyone do same. While you fight the enemy at the border, each nationalist will boycott the enemy and its supporters – direct or indirect – within the country. For now, we shall also be fasting as long as you are fasting.

Vande Mataram! Jai Hind! Bharat Mata Ki Jai!


Sanjeev Newar

Founder, Agniveer

on behalf of 1.75 lakh fellow nationalists and 125 crore Indians

११ जनवरी, २०१३

१३ राजपूताना रायफल्स के वीर योद्धाओं,

अपने २ जवान दुश्मन के हाथों खोने का दुःख आप से बढ़कर कोई नहीं जान सकता. अगर भारत की जनता के लिए वो रक्षक थे तो आपके लिए भाई से बढ़कर थे. अपने भाइयों की कटे सरों की लाशें आपने उठाई हैं. आपको संयम रखने का आग्रह किस तरह करें जब खुद हमारे सीने ही धधक रहे हैं? नीच अत्याचारी को वैसे भी संयम से नहीं, गर्दन से तोड़ना चाहिए और राजपूताना वीर बप्पा रावल, राणा सांगा और महाराणा प्रताप के समय से ही आतंकवादियों की कब्र खोदते आये हैं, आज भी यही होगा. जब तक हमारे सैनिकों की हत्या और सरों का बदला नहीं लिया जाता, इस देश के नेताओं पर रोटी हराम है, आम आदमी पर जश्न हराम है, कलाकारों पर संगीत और खिलाड़ियों पर खेल हराम है.

पर एक बात जो इससे भी बढ़कर तकलीफ देने वाली है वो यह है कि आपने अपने साथियों के दुःख में तीन दिन से कुछ भी नहीं खाया! आपके इस कदम से सारे देशभक्त सदमे में हैं. आपके ऊपर भारत माँ की रक्षा की जिम्मेदारी है, आपका खाना न खाना सीधे उस माँ के दिल को चोट करता है जिसकी रक्षा की आपने कसम ली हुई है, जिसकी रक्षा में आप न दिन देखते हैं न रात, जिसकी रक्षा में दुश्मन की गोली के आगे अपना सीना अड़ाए आप बर्फीली चोटियों पर मौत से खेल जाते हैं. आने वाले दिनों में बहुत सरगोशियाँ होनी हैं, दुश्मन की तैय्यारियाँ जोरों पर हैं. अब खाना छोड़ने का नहीं, दो रोटी ज्यादा खाने का समय है! अपनी मजबूत कलाइयों से हैवानों की गर्दनें तोड़ने का समय है, रण में दुश्मन का हलक सुखाने का समय है.

आदरणीय राष्ट्रपति महोदय, प्रधानमंत्री महोदय, रक्षामंत्री महोदय और अन्य सब सम्बंधित नेतागण! क्योंकि देश की सुरक्षा में लगे जवान आपसे अपने सवाल करके अनुशासन नहीं तोड़ सकते इसलिए अग्निवीर उनकी तरफ से आपसे कुछ सवाल करता है. क्या देश के किसी भी नेता के पुत्र या पुत्री के साथ अगर पाकिस्तानी सैनिक यही सुलूक करते, उनका बिना सर का शरीर आपको वापस लौटा देते तो भी क्या आप इतने ही संयमित होते? क्या तब आप बातचीत की मेज पर जाकर कागजों पर अपना विरोध दर्ज करवाते? हत्यारे को ही हत्या का सबूत देकर न्याय मांगते या घर में घुस कर उन हैवानों को घसीट कर थार के रेगिस्तान में दफ़न कर देते? यह जवाब आपको देना है. जो हर समय आपकी रक्षा करे वह देव तुल्य है और उसका अपमान आपका अपमान है, इस देश का अपमान है, इस संस्कृति का अपमान है, वीरता का अपमान है, क्षत्रिय की भुजाओं के बल का अपमान है, मानवता का अपमान है.

अग्निवीर समस्त भारतवासियों की ओर से राष्ट्रपति महोदय और प्रधानमंत्री जी से अनुरोध करता है कि १३ राजपूताना रायफल्स के वीरों का अनशन अपने हाथ से तुड़वायें और अपने सैनिकों की निर्मम हत्या के दोषी सीमापार के कायरों को उनकी सही जगह दिखाने का ऐलान करें. जब तक हमारे वीर योद्धा रोटी का निवाला मुँह में नहीं डालते, इस देश के नेता अभिनेता और आम आदमी पर अन्न का एक दाना भी हराम है.

१३ राजपूताना के वीरों को अग्निवीर का वचन है कि भले ही दुनिया उनके बलिदान को भूल जाए, पर अग्निवीर मरते दम तक उन्हें नहीं भूलेगा. हम न शहीदों के गौरव को भूलेंगे और न किसी को भूलने देंगे, अग्निवीर का ये वादा है आपसे. और साथ ही यह भी कि जब तक आप नहीं खायेंगे, हम भी नहीं खायेंगे.

वंदे मातरम! जय हिंद! भारत माता की जय!

हो मुल्क मुश्किल में तो बादल आग बरसेगा

सरहद पे दुश्मनों पर हिन्द का बारूद बरसेगा

संभल कर दुश्मनी करना कि अब माफी नहीं होगी

 कि मिट्टी में मिला देगा जो अब तूफ़ान बरसेगा


संजीव नेवर

संस्थापक, अग्निवीर

1.75 लाख राष्ट्रभक्त एवं 125 करोड़ देशवासियों की ओर से

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Why don’t India creates an Israel like module to create fears in the minds & hearts of its attackers.


The website has been hacked by fanatics.

Upananda Brahmachari - HE.
Om. Yes, this is the time to issue a clear declaration of revenge. This is the time to crush down the most dangerous Fifth Columnists like Yaseen Malik, Geelani or Akbaruddin. And this can be materialized only upon a strong resolution and steel body and mind. Oh, my brave-heart soldiers… Read more »
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Agniveer do you have sense or will you remain only internet surfer,none of the soldiers will read this and Army chiefs and Air force chiefs are just touts men


salute to agniveer !
I break to tears hearing this.
Our spineless politicians ruining this country.
Every effort is made to make our morale down.

We must give a retaliation .. not just a counter action ….but one that should be remembered for long..



If only Pakistan was half the size or had the half the wealth or half the population . You are all just wingers. or better still COWARDS.

Pramodrai Vaidya

Rajputana batalian ko Bharat vasi yo ka lakh lakh salam. Jai Hind.

Bharat ke nalayak leaders ab to jago. tumhe kuchh bhi nahi hota ?

rahul rinayat

hi agniveer i belive militry should attack on Parliament ..real terrorist are there. why our soldier follow the order of namard politician… i want them to take control of the nation and finish this useless democracy…..

India should reactivate CIT-X branch of RAW which did covert operations in pakistan this branch success can be known from the fact that ISI chief Hamid gul came on his knees to stop covert operations in pakistan and in return will stop terrorism in punjab thus terrorism was stopped in… Read more »

Message to Pakistanisfrom all Indians :


Message to Pakistanisfrom all Indians :


Sorry for Typo : it is CHEER ( to tear apart)


Pakistanis In 1947 : ” Hans-Hans ke Liya Hai Pakistan, Lar-Lar ke lenge Hindustan”
Pakistanis in 2012 : ” Hum Hindustani Huqoomat se Kashmir ko Azad karke hi Rahenge”
Now, why this drop in ambition? Pehle Lal Quila par Hara Jhanda fehrana chahte the, ab Lal Chowk pe Aa Gaye?

Noble thoughts from Pakistani leaders:- Zulfikar Ali Bhutto: “If India can make an atom bomb, even Pakistan can make it. We will do it at any cost EVEN IF WE HAVE TO EAT GRASS” Athough, he himself never ate grass but first class Mughlai !! Benazir Bhutto: ” We are… Read more »

How can we have AMAN KI ASHA from a country that has declared a 1000 years of Jihad against India?

That country did not declare 1,000 years of Jihad against India as it was India up until partition. Muslims abroad did 1,000 years of savage inhumane jihad. Partition of India was another example of jihad as the worst Indian Muslims did not want to live as equals to non-Muslims in… Read more »

@ Arun
Try to understand the context in which I am talking.
I was refering to Benazir Bhutto’s statement.


@Malhar I understand the essence of what you said, but it was a not exactly correct to say a region that was India up until 60 odd years ago was jihading for 1,000 years against India.

My first comment was – “How can we have AMAN KI ASHA from a country that has declared a 1000 years of Jihad against India?” This was Present Perfect Tense. You accused me of saying – “Pakistan declared a 1000 year Jihad against India” This is something I never said.… Read more »
Salim Khan

Firstly, Indian original inhabitant were savage before arrival of Islamic preacher like Gazani and Gori. The Islamic religious preacher taught the Indian savage how TO LIVE, HOW TO WORSHIP ALLAH.


Salim you fool. Everyone knows Muslims foreign invaders were the murderous thieves pillaging higher rich civilizations of India and Iran. They stole riches in gold jewel etc… From their own accounts they recall the vast wealth they stole when they went on their murderous raids.

Well, if thery were savage how did they produce the vedas on the banks of the ancient river saraswati, where were invasions into other countries. You do know what hindu kush means, hindu slaughter, millions slaughtered and forcefull converted, what do you call this if not savagery? The devils will… Read more »

Did anyone read the Kafila article suggesting conspiracy of Indian army?? That kafila site is truly embarrassing and is promoting hate propaganda against India. Someone must start a petition to take it down.



Can I copy your message given on this forum and send it to someone to publish it and spread it in masses?
No doubt, it will be on behalf of Agniveer. Thanks.



It is very good idea!!!!
I can do the same in Gujarat.

Agniveer Agni

Sure. You are encouraged to do so.

I am proud of you Agniveer. It is the beginning of actions. Salute to you! I had tears when I read your earlier article on Aman Ki Asha. More than sadness, it was frustration. My Bharatmata has given birth to Chanakya, Shivaji, Maharana Partap, Laxmi Bai and thousands of patriots.… Read more »