Anti-wrinkle products is a billion dollar industry. Just type anti-wrinkle in google, and you would realize what I mean. Every other advertisement on TV or print would claim to bring yet another revolutionary breakthrough in getting rid of wrinkles. The claims by these marketeers are too irresistible to ignore. After all who does not want a youthful face forever! And this is what makes a P&G or Unilever a global top brand.

Here we will discuss how to stop being fooled by these claims and be able to have a glowing wrinkle-free skin for ages. But before we get into it, let me assert emphatically that 99% of the products produces by FMCG companies – soaps, creams, lotions, shampoos, etc etc – are absolutely trash. Most of them actually harm the body and skin and the best products therein are at best neutral – they neither do any harm nor benefit. And the percentage of these products are again hardly 1%.

Nature is quite wonderful. If it provided us with so marvelous a system that we call body, there is no reason why it would leave maintenance of this system at mercy of factory outputs of a P&G or Unilever. The fact is that nature has gifted us with all resources within or near us, that can keep us looking youth for ages. Some ancient texts of India state that a human remains youth till 70 years. This implies that it is feasible to have a youthful look and energy at least till 70 years. Let us explore in this series, how!

1: Minimize the use of the trash produced by these MNCs. They actually harm your skin. More you avoid them, better. This one step can iron out a lot of wrinkles that you have currently or are destined for in future. If you follow the tips here, you will no more need them – creams, lotions, moisturizers etc. If you are having dry skin, increase water intake and deep breathing even more. Use these MNC products only in case of emergency. Treat them to be as avoidable as you avoid taking antibiotic pills.

2: Drink a lots of water – neither chilled nor hot. Drinking at least 10-15 glass of water daily will keep your skin hydrated and young. Start the day with 1 liter of lukewarm water. This can cure you of hundreds of health problems.

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Simon Isabelle

Controlling your wrinkles naturally is always better than going for some artificial treatments like LASER treatment



Sanjeev Agniveer
What would you like to say about LASER treatment which completely cures wrinckles ?

Bindesh Kumar Singh
Humans have evolved with nature and there is full compatibility made during evolution. I was in name of science got diverted towards products made by companies, but after i got unhealthy and with less benefits than side-effects i surrendered. We should strongly believe that business is not Science. Science is… Read more »
Bindesh Kumar Singh
Many thanks to your work and keeping up the fight for country and our real history which was highly damaged after so many invasions. Most damage done by British, esp. Max Muller like ppl, Let’s keep working in our directions and bring back the true knowledge. Hinduism has been manipulated… Read more »
G.Subramanian kaushik
G.Subramanian kaushik
Hi, Thanks for compiling the tips , but one of the points is given wrongly… Dont drink 10-15 litres of water…. it would make your kidney overwork…….. please visit … a guy called Baskar ….. like Rajiv dixit has started with free discourses related to the body….. all the… Read more »
sandeep sangwan

Dear Sanjeev you are outstanding

I totally agree with the above statement of the broken promises of the beauty industry. Having said that,nevertheless i came across a product that really does what it promises and is actually backed up with real science and Third Party clinical Trials. It was an accidental discovery by a Biotech… Read more »


Copying from Ramdev and Ayurvedic books.Have you gone mad and doing everything and anythiung


Thanks you for this wonderful post.
Please keep sharing words of wisdom, we all are in dire need of this.

Dear Agniveer I cam to this site through facebook. Thanks a lot for the information of Vedic Culture and Vedas. I am reading every of your posts and comments. Thanks a lot. Vedas is great. And thanks for posting a nepali old man pic in this site. I don’t know… Read more »
hari krishna
Brahmachrya is the supreme tapas, supreme knowledge and supreme strength, mind control will become easy to one who practices brahmacharya, it is the foremost of all sacred observances, nothing is unattainable by a man of absolute continence, Owing to the power of Brahmacharya crores of sages have attained brahmalokha, no… Read more »
kaushik bhakat

Excellent article. keep writing such posts..




Hari Om
This is truly Hari Seva …
Hari Hari …

please write a article on stop smoking as it will save lots of our brothers and sisters including one i tried many times but failed please do something on quit smoking and drinking and also an article on bhramcharia when unmarried i mean masterbating give some good tips these three… Read more »


Can we start performing by ourselves these asanaas? don’t we need a guru?


One thing that really helps my skin is a lemon, olive oil, and garlic detox. I tastes horrible, but i have noticed much clearer skin and more energy since i have been doing it once a week. I would recommend it for people with strong stomachs though 😉

Hari Om

My massege to all the readers of agniveer is that plz convey these things to your relatives to make our country clean from the trash of MNCs like P&G and Unilever.

Hari Om
Today i open this site ( after a long time. I go through all the site. Over few topics i put my consideration and think deeply over that. The most influencing words which i found today are related to beauty and youth that how we can stay young and bribg… Read more »
Actually this site is very much good on vedas…i will definately promote this site as much as i can ..And also to Bharat Swabhiman Trust group and people..Swami Ramdev has always been telling our vedas doesnot contain beef eating , AIT,etc etc and said its distortion by britishers…..I was inspired… Read more »

Shri Rajiv Dixit & Swami Ramdev on Bharat Mein Videshi Kampaniyon Ki Loot – Bharat

Swabhiman — its a big 2 hour 50 min lecture ..

Pankaj Jangid

Thanks for the insight. Keep writing such articles.


thank u very much agniveerji..i truly feel the change..

card player

Ya thanks for the insights