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No more wrinkles! RIGHT NOW!

Anti-wrinkle products is a billion dollar industry. Just type anti-wrinkle in google, and you would realize what I mean. Every other advertisement on TV or print would claim to bring yet another revolutionary breakthrough in getting rid of wrinkles.

The claims by these marketers are too irresistible to ignore. After all, who does not want a youthful face forever! And this is what makes a P&G or Unilever a global top brand.

Here we will discuss the tips on how to stop being fooled by these claims and be able to have a glowing wrinkle-free skin for ages. But before we get into it, let me assert emphatically that 99% of the products produced by FMCG companies – soaps, creams, lotions, shampoos, etc – are absolute trash. Most of them actually harm the body and skin and the best products therein are at best neutral – they neither do any harm nor benefit. And the percentage of these products are again hardly 1%.

Nature is quite wonderful. If it provided us with so marvellous a system that we call body, there is no reason why it would leave maintenance of this system at mercy of factory outputs.

The fact is that nature has gifted us with all resources within or near us, that can keep us looking youth for ages. Some ancient texts of India state that a human remains youth till 70 years. This implies that it is feasible to have a youthful look and energy at least till 70 years. Let us explore, how!

Tip 1 : Minimise the use of beauty products

Minimize the use of the trash produced by these MNCs. They actually harm your skin. More you avoid them, better. This one step can iron out a lot of wrinkles that you have currently or are destined for in future. If you follow the tips here, you will no more need them – creams, lotions, moisturizers etc. If you are having dry skin, increase water intake and deep breathing even more. Use these MNC products only in case of emergency. Treat them to be as avoidable as you avoid taking antibiotic pills.

Tip 2 : Drink lots of water

Drink lots of water – neither chilled nor hot. Drinking at least 10-15 glass of water daily will keep your skin hydrated and young. Start the day with 1 liter of lukewarm water. This can cure you of hundreds of health problems.

Tip 3 : Avoid constipation

Avoid constipation at all costs. And the only way to do it is simple, healthy, nutritious food at regular intervals.

Tip 4 : Sleep well and wake up early

Do not starve yourself to sleep. Sleep well and wake early.

Tip 5 : Have a rigorous workout

Have a rigorous workout at least twice a week. It should make you sweat profusely. Simply massage your body with this sweat that comes out after a rigorous workout. Avoid this for the first week of starting a workout schedule. But once you are in habit of working out, start this practice to beat the benefits you derive from the most expensive skin-cream in the world! Have a good bath later.

Tip 6 : Breath deep

Ensure you are breathing deeply whenever you can. One can avoid even heart disease and diabetes simply by correct breathing! Skin care is no different.

Tip 7 : Perform ardh-mayurasana

Perform ardh-mayurasana once a day in empty stomach. Mayurasan is best but those who do not have sufficient balance can do ardh-mayurasan for a minute. You can learn the technique of Mayurasan from any yoga instructor on google on it. Ardh-mayurasan differs simply in that you can continue to balance the body with legs on the ground yet maintaining the same posture for the upper torso.

Tip 8 : Perform Sinhasana

Perform three rounds of Sinhasana or Lion Pose daily once. You can google for a variety of videos and pictures on it. Also perform sarvangasana at least once in 2 days.

Tip 9 : Avoid facials

8. Avoid massaging your face for more than once in a quarter. Face is best left alone. Facials etc loosen the skin in long run.

Tip 10 : Use Multani mitti powder

Replace soap with Multani mitti powder. Just make a paste of Multani mitti with water and apply all over the body. Wait for few minutes and then wash. If you feel uncomfortable, use soap every alternate day and Multani mitti rest of the days.

Once a while, you can keep the Multani mitti over your body for half an hour and allow it to dry. Then wash it for a fresh toning of the skin.

Tip 11 : Perform Bahya Pranayam

Perform three rounds of Bahya Pranayam daily twice. This is a sure-shot technique for long life.

Tip 12 : Do martial arts

Keep a flexible body. Join martial arts or a stretching class or do it yourself. More the flexible body, more the youthfulness and less the wrinkles.

Tip 13 : Perform Yajna

Perform Yajna at least once a day, even for 15 minutes. The heat of yajna, as well as vapour produced, has a therapeutic effect on the body. Taking few deep breaths some distance away from Yajna will cleanse your body from a lot of toxins. An elderly gentleman living next door is now 99 years old. He has been performing Yajna since early childhood. But even at this age, he has a very tight and glowing skin beating many a middle-aged! You can the Science of Agnihotra for more on benefits of Yajna.

Tip 14 : Say no to tobacco

Say no to tobacco, alcohol, meat and eggs. They eventually enhance your ageing process. Be vegetarian, be healthy, be compassionate and be young!

Tip 15 : Follow Brahmacharya

Follow Brahmacharya. Sex and sexual instincts only speed up the journey to death and old age. Just try being a Brahmachari for a month (in thoughts, words and actions) and test the results yourself.

Please note that sex is glamorized in today’s world only for one reason – sex sells. And what sells does not provide solutions! Had they had any clue of solutions, who would keep using the products! In a way, it’s a sex mafia – a cartel of FMCG companies, media, entertainment industry etc. – whose benefit lies only in the world running after its shadow.

Truth is that good health, youth, happiness and all is all just beside you. You just need to turn around from the shadow!

Follow these proven tips from ancient rishis and reverse the ageing cycle.

No more dull face. No more wrinkles!

Powerful, simple but less known health tips

Powerful, simple but less known health tips

Series: Vedic Self-Help, Book 5
Genre: Health

Powerful and simple but less known health tips. Hacks for energy, youth, beauty, longevity.

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  • Humans have evolved with nature and there is full compatibility made during evolution. I was in name of science got diverted towards products made by companies, but after i got unhealthy and with less benefits than side-effects i surrendered.

    We should strongly believe that business is not Science. Science is not causing problems but business. They never care if a product damages soil and rivers. Business in TV ads show nonsense. of-course not everyone is same. Save nature or we will be gone!

  • Many thanks to your work and keeping up the fight for country and our real history which was highly damaged after so many invasions. Most damage done by British, esp. Max Muller like ppl,

    Let’s keep working in our directions and bring back the true knowledge. Hinduism has been manipulated and badly framed by haters. Hindus instead of learning Upanishads keep reading Purans(mostly manipulated) overly. We forgot our sages guided us to always look towards Brahm Gyan & live with nature.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for compiling the tips , but one of the points is given wrongly… Dont drink 10-15 litres of water…. it would make your kidney overwork…….. please visit anatomictherapy.org … a guy called Baskar ….. like Rajiv dixit has started with free discourses related to the body….. all the videos in that site is completely free … pls donload and share it to friends

  • I totally agree with the above statement of the broken promises of the beauty industry.
    Having said that,nevertheless i came across a product that really does what it promises and is actually backed up with real science and Third Party clinical Trials. It was an accidental discovery by a Biotech company who did research about healing skincancer. They heard about the remarkable powers that the Nerium Oleander Plant has. They found a way to extract that certain ingredient and made a cream out of it to apply it topically on people to see what effect it has on Melanomas. It didn’t heal the cancer,but the people had such awesome effects with the rest of the skin that they started to look more into it.
    I am using this product since a while and i also have a bunch of friends who are using it. The results are almost unbelievable. Especially since we all know that usually nothing really works and if,then it’s very very expensive. I became a Brandpartner with that company and am now looking for people who want to check the product out or even look into the opportunity to earn money with it. It’s not available in stores or online.Only from independent Brandpartners like me.So how else would people know about it.It’s a Networkmarketing company. This is my website http://www.Tilo.Nerium.com and you are welcome to check it out. If i violate rules here,please delete my post.
    P.S.: I read the article above and it seems like an awefull lot of work for me to stay wrinklefree. Respect to anyone who can pull this off! I am more on the lazy side and enjoy a good product.

  • Thanks you for this wonderful post.
    Please keep sharing words of wisdom, we all are in dire need of this.

  • Dear Agniveer
    I cam to this site through facebook. Thanks a lot for the information of Vedic Culture and Vedas. I am reading every of your posts and comments. Thanks a lot. Vedas is great. And thanks for posting a nepali old man pic in this site. I don’t know he is nepali or not, but he is wearing Nepali Cap.

  • Brahmachrya is the supreme tapas, supreme knowledge and supreme strength, mind control will become easy to one who practices brahmacharya, it is the foremost of all sacred observances, nothing is unattainable by a man of absolute continence, Owing to the power of Brahmacharya crores of sages have attained brahmalokha, no misery in the world can afflict a man who practices Brahmacharya for life, brahmacharya can keep you away from all diseases and also from extreme weathers,practice brahmacharya for 1 month , u can get the results,
    That fool outwardly controlling the organs of action keeps dwelling on sense objects with mind is a hypocrite(Bhagavat gita), so practice it sincerely and I guarantee u the excellent results, Hare Krishna……

  • please write a article on stop smoking as it will save lots of our brothers and sisters including one i tried many times but failed please do something on quit smoking and drinking and also an article on bhramcharia when unmarried i mean masterbating give some good tips these three are the main reasons people are losing their energy before age

  • One thing that really helps my skin is a lemon, olive oil, and garlic detox. I tastes horrible, but i have noticed much clearer skin and more energy since i have been doing it once a week. I would recommend it for people with strong stomachs though 😉

  • My massege to all the readers of agniveer is that plz convey these things to your relatives to make our country clean from the trash of MNCs like P&G and Unilever.

  • Today i open this site (agniveer.com) after a long time. I go through all the site. Over few topics i put my consideration and think deeply over that. The most influencing words which i found today are related to beauty and youth that how we can stay young and bribg down the speed of age. This massage will surely help me in avoiding the trash of MNCs like veseline & a cream as well which i use just in the winter season. The last thing which i would like to state here that first i would like to use these all the things on myself then i will get the print of all these things and will try to distribute those papers among my friends and others. An adorning has been created in me for beauti which push me toward these products of P&G and Unilever but i believe in Ayurveda very much as i believe in Veda. So at last i thanks to you for this priceless words. Thanks Again Agniveer Ji

  • Actually this site is very much good on vedas…i will definately promote this site as much as i can ..And also to Bharat Swabhiman Trust group and people..Swami Ramdev has always been telling our vedas doesnot contain beef eating , AIT,etc etc and said its distortion by britishers…..I was inspired by Shri Rajiv Dixit and Swami Ramdev……So this site needs promotion as its provide true translation of vedas…