We are attaching the Urdu translation of Noor-e-Haq (Satyarth Prakash in Hindi) for public consumption. No book has influenced the direction of modern Hindustan than this magnum opus by Prophet Rahmanurrahimi (Swami Dayanand Sarswati) published first in 1883. Some of the practices and trends of today that seem so ordinary were in fact initiated in recent times from inspirations of this book. Some of the examples are: Equal Social, Religious and Political Rights for women, Rejection of birth-based caste discrimination, Cow Protection Movement, Concept of Swadesh and Freedom Movement and establishing that True Deen and Science go hand in hand. Not to say about Back to Vedas or original Quran message!

Ram Prasad Bismil wrote in his autobiography that Noor-e-Haq overturned his life!

This Urdu translation has been done by Atmaram Amritsari While it is impossible to translate such a deep meaning work in Urdu, the translator has done a commendable job. However there are certain areas where the translator has not been able to adequately represent the views of the author. In fact I personally believe that a revised translation cum commentary on Noor-e-Haq as per modern life and language is much needed. Nonetheless we request all serious lovers of Deen to read this book at least once.

Prophet Rahman (PBUH) says that: Just as Allah has infinite potentials, similarly He has infinite names. But all these names refer to same One and Only One Omnipotent Omnipresent Omniscient Just Kind Unborn Undying Perfect Allah. – Noor-e-Haq Chapter 1

May we conduct noble deeds to seek blessings of Allah for self and world. Love all, Hate none. Peace Be Upon All.
Urdu-Noor-e-Haq Light of Truth

The 4 Vedas Complete (English)
The 4 Vedas Complete (English)

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
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Agniveer aims to establish a culture of enlightened living that aims to maximize bliss for maximum. To achieve this, Agniveer believes in certain principles: 1. Entire humanity is one single family irrespective of religion, region, caste, gender or any other artificial discriminant. 2. All our actions must be conducted with utmost responsibility towards the world. 3. Human beings are not chemical reactions that will extinguish one day. More than wealth, they need respect, dignity and justice. 4. One must constantly strive to strengthen the good and decimate the bad. 5. Principles and values far exceed any other wealth in world 6. Love all, hate none
  • Dear Agniveer,

    The translated Urdu version of Satyarth Parkash should also be available on this site for any person who is interested in reading it in Urdu. Currently it is showing this message “Document failed to convert
    Sorry, we can’t display this document”. Please fix it and make this book available free to readers.



  • It is very nice step to translate Satyarth Parkash in urdu. Actually, if possible, it must be translated into other european languages as well. This book is really good book and should not be limited by language barrier.

  • Thanks for the marvelous posting! I really enjoyed reading it,
    you could be a great author. I will be sure to bookmark your blog and
    will eventually come back down the road. I want to encourage one
    to continue your great job, have a nice day!

  • Dear hinduagnostic,
    Why are you debating if you only Don’t have the answer and asking the answer from others. The true is that ISLAM is true and you don’t have any proof that ISLAM is false. If you are honest you know your answer that ISLAM is true.


    • @ok
      here is proof. Allah requires throne to sit. Will you explain this.
      Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 54, Number 414
      �” He (Muhammad) said, “First of all, there was nothing but Allah, and (then He created His Throne). His throne was over the water, and He wrote everything in the Book (in the Heaven) and created the Heavens and the Earth.

      How this story can make sense? If there was �nothing�, how God could have put His Throne over the water? Which water? What was holding that water? There must have been an earth to hold it. Then how is it that he creates the Earth after sitting on the water? How is it that the Heavens and Earth are created after the waters? Don�t you need to have an earth to contain the water? And don’t you have to have the heavens to hold the Earth? Beyond the fact that the whole notion expressed in this Hadith is ludicrous, there is also an error in the order of creation.

    • Ok/Anti Agni
      Quran 28:88 says

      “and do not invoke any god beside Allah. There is no god but He. All will perish but He. To Him belongs the command And to Him shall all of you return”

      If all will perish who be in eternal hell/heaven. Is this verse wrong?

    • no you believe islam is true i said islam is nonsense so you have to show me why islam is true let me tell you one thing there is no muhammed in the bible but quran says muhammed is?

  • Dear hinduagnostic.
    You don’t have any reason from past days you are saying only one thing Islam is false as if Hinduism is true .If you don’t have any proof just SHUT UP???

  • Dear Sanatan Dharma,
    Do you have any proof that Islam is false.Islam does not produces terrorist.It is only because of the wrong teaching of Islam in Pakistan and Afghanistan.First read the Sahîh Bukhârî and the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). Following are some teaching.The Prophet said: ‘Wealth does not come from having great riches; (true) wealth is contentment of the soul.’ (Sahîh Bukhârî, Sahîh Muslim)

    2.The Prophet said: ‘The similitude of the one who contemplates his Lord versus the one who does not is that of the living versus the dead.’(Sahîh Bukhârî, Sahîh Muslim)
    3.The Prophet said: ‘Show mercy to those on earth so that He who is in heaven will have mercy on you.’(Sunan At-Tirmidhî)The Prophet said: ‘Whoever is deprived of gentleness is deprived of all good.’(Sahîh Muslim)
    4.The Prophet said: ‘Do not be people without minds of your own, saying that if others treat you well you will treat them well, and that if they do wrong you will do wrong. Instead, accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and not to do wrong if they do evil.’ (Sunan At-Tirmidhî)
    5.Once the Prophet was seated at some place in Madinah, along with his Companions. During this time a funeral procession passed by. On seeing this, the Prophet stood up. One of his companions remarked that the funeral was that of a Jew. The Prophet replied, “Was he not a human being?”(Sahîh Bukhârî, Sahîh Muslim, Sunan An-Nasâ’î)
    6.The Prophet said: ‘There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab, nor for a non-Arab over an Arab, nor for a fair-skinned person over a person with dark skin, nor for a dark-skinned person over a person with fair skin. Whoever is more pious and God-fearing is more deserving of honour.’ (Musnad Ahmad)
    These are the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).. May Allah guide you.

    • And yet Mohammed was not content with wealth from the contentment of the soul, and through his raids and wars gained the wealth of the non-Muslims and slaves (the non-Muslims who were defeated).

      It is not impressive that Mohammed said the worship of others is that of the dead. In fact it is down right insulting.

      Like the word “innocent” the way Muslims use the word mercy is different from non-Muslims. Bin Laden thought he was being merciful in his attacks as he thought this brings people to Islam or at least under Islam’s authority.

      Muslims riot over cartoons, films, books, etc…that offend them, so so much for Muslims doing good when they feel wronged.

      There is more Jew hatred in the Koran than in Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Yes someone analyzed it. There is also a Hadith that radical Islamic groups quote that speak of the end of days coming when Muslims kill the Jews. So the fulfillment of Islam is tied to Muslims committing genocide of the Jews. I believe it is Hamas’s charter.

    • And as for the last one of the Hadith of everyone of all races is equal. Again not quit true. The same way they use mercy and innocent differently, they call racial discrimination “respecting” the differences among the races.

      “For example, Rasoolulah (SAWW) said that the love for arabs is a sign of imaan, and the hatred for arabs is a sign of nifaaq. Similarly, Rasoolulah (SAWW) has said that show respect for the arabs, as I am an arab, the Quran is in arabic, and the language of Jannah is arabic. In another narration, it is mentioned, that Allah looked towards the humanity. Then Allah picked the arabs out of those. From within the arabs, Allah picked Quraish. Then Allah picked Banu Hashim, where Rasoolulah (SAWW) was born. These are some of the many narrations that i recall right now.
      It is pretty evident from the above hadeeth, why arabs are more dignified than the others….”

      Go to the link and read how some races as they say are more equal than others http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/2277573

      Read more: Why Islam forbids marriage of a non-Arab Muslim(eg.Pakistani man) to Arab Muslim girl? But Arab Muslim can marry non-Arab Muslim girl!

  • @Ok
    Muslims are submitting to satan. Not GOD. True God will not make a fuss about idol worship and formless worship or even non-worship.
    True God won’t crave for recognition from his own creation. True god will accept the worship done to an Idol also. It is Mohammad’s own lecherous mind creating hatred for so called kaffirs ( = those who didn’t obey his pigdung of idol woship vs. worship of the formless).
    So why this fanatic demand for submision from Mohammad’s Wolfy mouth? Mo created this division deliberately so that with this pretext he could attack the “kaffirs” and confiscate their wealth and women.
    some muslims know this truth but defend Koran & Mo because they too want war booty. Other muslims believe in koran blindly.
    By the way, devotion and submision are not the monopoly of Muslims.
    Islamic devotion is blind, without understanding. The concept of kaffir & jihad is hating others.

    • Anyone who makes the claim that he wants to serve the Deen yet is not thinking about jihad in the way of Allah, either has no understanding (of jihad) or he is not a truthful and sincere person. However, concerning the issue of jihad, people have gone to two extremes, both of which are mistaken. One group understood from the concept of jihad that it is necessary to view all the kuffar as those whom we must raise the sword or rifle to kill. The other group understands from the concept of jihad that we must be gentle, affectionate, and love all of them, and by doing such we would be “struggling” (i.e. making “jihad”) with them to bring them back to Allah and His Deen. Obviously, both groups have fallen into error. In reality, we are not a people whose mission is to kill the kuffar, nor are we a people who love the kuffar unrestrictedly. When it is time for fighting, we do not fight except those who, by doing so, we would be serving Allah alone (not our passions or personal agendas).

      Sayyidina Ali (may Allah honor his face) was fighting a kafir in one of the battles. During the battle Sayyidna Ali knocked him down and raised his sword to kill him. As soon as the kafir knew that he was going to be killed he spat in Sayyidna Ali’s face, so immediately Sayyidna Ali left him and went on his way. He was later asked, “Why did you leave him when Allah clearly gave you power over him?!” Sayyidna Ali replied, “I was fighting him for the sake of Allah, and when he spat in my face I feared that if I killed him it would have been out of personal revenge and spite.”

      • @ok
        Brother Islam is false. Most of the terrorist get produce from Islam. It is a cult/ a political agenda first run by Mohammed now Saudi Arab promoting it to get supremacy on all. Prophet started Jihad against the people who are non-believer in him. Jihad is Mohammad’s own lecherous mind creating hatred for so called kaffirs so that with this pretext he could attack the “kaffirs” and confiscate their wealth and women.

        You need read some articles from scholars
        What Makes Us Human

  • jesus didnt prophecises muhmmed i respect all beliefs but islam and christianity are defintley are not true they are just lies to control people

    • Dear hinduagnostic ,
      So you say your 320 million (32 Crores) GODS are true and our 124,000 prophets (25 mentioned in Quran are false) and also religions like Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha’i and other religion are false

      • who told you hindus worship different gods we worship one god but our concept is different and no islam and christianity are false not all beliefs are bad the only possibilities are the vedic/sikh god, a deist god,panthiest god or there is no god at all

      • Dear hinduagnostic,
        Fine you said that there is one god and you worship it .Similarly in Islam god is one that is Allah but in Hindu society which God is true and whom did you worship among 320 million gods.

      • As AG said, there is only one divinity. That divinity can manifest in different forms, but all supporting the Vedas.

      • FYI the number 320 million is incorrect. It is explained here by Bansi Pandit
        “Hindu religion is often labeled as a religion of 330 million gods. This misunderstanding arises when people fail to grasp the symbolism of the Hindu pantheon. According to the Hindu scriptures, living beings are not apart from God, since He lives in each and every one of them in the form of atman (BG 10.39). Thus each living being is a unique manifestation of God. In ancient times it was believed that there were 330 million living beings. This gave rise to the idea of 330 million deities or gods. Actually, this vast number of gods could not have been possibly worshipped, since 330 million names could not have been designed for them. The number 330 million was simply used to give a symbolic expression to the fundamental Hindu doctrine that God lives in the hearts of all living beings.”

  • Swetambar Upanishad (618) sheds some light on the body-figures of God. “He has no body, no soul, no senses. Nobody is even equal to him.” “He is the Almighty God. He is the protector of the whole creation. He is exempt from hunger, thirst, grief and death.”. When the Hindu scriptures say that God is one and exempt from birth and death, then the question arises why is He defined as having a body. Is it not contradictory?

    The Rigveda also suggests that “Prajapati” is the Almighty God of Hindus. But Atharvaveda (7/3/26/1) says, “Vishnu created earth, heaven and space.” In the Mandukya Upanishad (6) Brahma is described as the creator of earth, heaven and space. What a contradiction!

    The study of Rigveda, Athravaveda and various Upanishads suggests that Brahma and Vishnu are described as two almighty gods. But the great surprise is that these scriptures describe god as exempt from birth in one place, while in the other they describe him tied to wordly bonds.

    • @OK There is no upnishad called the swetambar Upnishad.
      There is no mantra 7/3/26/1 in the Atharva ved
      Why are you wasting other people’s time, am sure you dont spend yours wisely.

      • @Ankur
        You people have habit to decline. Veda preach only about Islam & prophet. But you people interpreted Veda wrongly that is why Allah had to send prophet to guide he humanity.

      • @slave of moolshankar/impostor, you are playing real game of deceiving common peoples by taking muslim’s name as few years ago some bajrangdali died in an explosion while making bomb to explode at juma prayer in nander but they have set 1am so bomb exploded and they died. while investigation it was found that they have fake beard, burqa, kurta pajama etc to show themselves muslims while placing bombs.

        same you are doing satya ki jay/truth siker/cannibal-1-2-3

      • @anti-agn
        If I have not done anything against Islam why are u cursing me all the time? What wrong I did by sex with 8 years old girl after getting married with her at the age of 55. My act is completely in the line of Prophet acts. For me spirituality means to follow prophet in day to day life. I am great fan of prophet (SAW). You people can not do any damage Islam. Prove me wrong.

        WHY do you Muslim bow before Kaaba stone while you curse other people bowing before other stones? If Allah is above the 7th sky why not mouth should be in sky direction while worshiping Allah instead of bowing before Kaaba stone. Kaaba is just an stone/idol. Can we touch direction? No. But we can touch Idol. That means Kaaba is an Idol.

      • @sanatandharm. he is aryasamaji truth seeker he is nt Muslim . previously he was saying that he has done sex with his daughter in law then i told him that you are criminal according to islamic law.

        now he has changed the topuc to 55years and eight years.

        he vedantic and it is the teaching of his religion to speak lies and deceive.

      • @Anti-Agni
        There is no sin greater than non-believing in prophet and Allah. Allah can forgive any greater sin including rape, terrorism etc. but not non-believer in him. As per Islam Osama, Kasab, Afajal, Da-ud, etc are/were not great sinner because they are / were believer in Allah while Ali Sina, Budhha, Einstine, Newton, Gandhi etc. will be in hell for ever because they were/are non-believer in my prophet. And no one can save them from the hell as per holy Quran. So, I have not done sin any great sin by marrying with daughter-in-law, my prophet Mohammed also did the same.

      • I Think you have not read the second para. Is Rigveda, Atharvaveda (7/3/26/1) also false and IT IS YOU WHO SAYS THE EARTH IS FLAT NOT REMEMBER see the – NARASINGA PURANA – Page 169 – Abithana Sinthamani – says that the earth is flat. Today it has been proved beyond doubt by the scientists that the earth is round.

      • Dear hinduagnostic,
        Be careful, how you put it out because for sure Jesus exists and for sure he had followers that is a fact. Christianity itself is a made up religion but following Jesus and the bible (the original one) is the truth, then Jesus said there will be a prophet after me will come he was talking of Prophet Muhammad and he said obey him and listen to him for he is also a messenger from God but he will be the last one. Islam is what Prophet Muhammad preached just like all the previous prophets because ISLAM means Submit to one God to your creator. Islam means submission and that is the truth. You still have time to read and check facts don’t waste your time just make your own research, for God can never guide or help those who never help themselves.

        From your question I see that you are not 100% sure whether one religion existed or not. What if I told you that I am 100% sure of what I have written above, that there is Heaven and Hell and that we can’t afford going to the latter. You don’t need to ask anybody, just ask your heart.

      • since you are christian jesus never said he was almighty god and he doesnt fulfil jewish messiah and there is not even good evidence that jesus even existed there are only two references which can be considered good for his existenc but this doesnt mean he didnt exist but for something that is only 2000 years old there should be alot of evidence and islam is just a more simpler version from the beliefs before it and it is much easier for somebody to believe jesus was a prophet this lets christians accept jesus as human being instead of god

      • Jesus never said there would be a prophet after him. Nothing in the bible says so and only thing Christians are waiting for is for Jesus to return. Mohammed proclaimed himself prophet after Jesus, and when there was nothing in the Bible to confirm Mohammed’s claim of prophethood, he said oh the Bible was corrupted. Convenient.

      • The Comforter to come is the Holy Ghost. Is Mohammed a Ghost? No

        John 14:26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

    • in Vedas One God is invoked in many names.
      coming to the statement which you quoted firwst,you have to understand that God in hinduism is both saguna(with manifestation/frm) anf nirguna(beyond forms/manifestations,etc).we cannot comprehend this aspect of the Supreme.
      coming to the next one,about vishnu and prajapathi.the word “prsjapathi” means “the lord of the beings”.here,prajapathi refers to the lord himself as the lord of the universe and this is hiranyagarbha,the golden womb.i.e. God in his full lustre(“golden”).vishnu in Rig Veda is refering to the same God.now could you tell which is that verse yu qupted?suh a verse dosent exist.

  • Hindu dharm ke sab se bade parcharak swami vivekanand ne is parkar kaha: “Tumhe jaan kar ascharya hoga ki pracheen Hindu sanskaar aur anushtano ke anusar, ek admi ek acha Hindu nahi ho sakta jo Gao-Maas nahi khaye”
    (The Complete Works of Swami Vivekanand, volume.3, page no. 536)./

  • Hindu dharm ke sab se bade parcharak swami vivekanand ne is parkar kaha: “Tumhe jaan kar ascharya hoga ki pracheen Hindu sanskaar aur anushtano ke anusar, ek admi ek acha Hindu nahi ho sakta jo Gao-Maas nahi khaye”
    (The Complete Works of Swami Vivekanand, volume.3, page no. 536).

  • O IGNORANT HINDUS, i am shocked to see your ignorance that even after reading that much about ISLAM that you are debating with us….
    You people even dont know WHO IS REHMAN??? You have written PROPHET MUHAMMAD’S(SAW) name as REHMAN…. Which book of ISLAM says that PROPHET (SAW) is REHMAN….????
    And again you have showed your IGNORANCE, INCAPABILITY OF UNDERSTANDING……
    May ALLAH guide you people, otherwise destruction of RELIGION(S) is certain…..

    • first change your name second islam is lie to control people and bring fear muslims have so many deceitful ways to convert non muslims only a stupid person would think islam is true.

  • I personally think that religion is a way to achieve mental peace and satisfy spiritual needs rather than wasting time and life over the ONLY way to lead a better life .I have no personal issues against islam but i can’t stand foolish propoganda good enough to impress kids and ignorant masses.Islamic scholars openly preach big bang theories to fault lines on moon written in their holy book,but i fail to understand what was stopping them to unravel every mystery of science from last 1500 years and unfortunately they could not even invent tip of a ball point pen.They are the first to use facebook ,twitter ,youtube etc. to spread foolish logics which even a graduate in physics will term as kiddish and never thought of doing something good for humanity rather than spreading poison for future generations.

    hinduism on the other hand is a religion which not only promotes social discrimination,illogical stories with no historical evidence ,self denial,and irrelevant prehistoric culture which is of no use in this new age of science of technology.
    I would request agniveer to instill scientific temper among citizens of india irrespective of faith and expose the propoganda giving scientific evidences ,and if this requires any contribution from my side then i am most willing to help exposing the foolish theories of mullahs and babas as i have been doing in my college for last 15 years as a professor of physics.

    • Dear Gavrav
      You don’t know but there have been more than 25 scientist , mathematician , astronomer ,geographer etc in the 7th to 9th century in Arab some of the are as follows:- ABU ABDULLAH Muḥammad ibn musa al-Khwārizmī, earlier was transliterated as Algoritmi or Algaurizin, was a Persian mathematician, astronomer and geographer,Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥasan ibn al-Ḥasan ibn al-Haytham was a Muslim scientist and polymath described in various sources of the Arabs.Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥusayn ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn Sīnā, commonly known as Ibn Sīnā or by his Latinized name Avicenna, was a Persian polymath, who wrote almost 450 treatises on a wide range of subjects, of which around 240 have survived and many of his books were there is Eisenstein library.Muhammad ibn Zakariyā Rāzī, known as Rhazes or Rasis after medieval Latinists, was a arabian polymath, a prominent figure in Islamic Golden Age, physician, alchemist and chemist, philosopher, and scholar.Abu Yūsuf Yaʻqūb ibn ʼIsḥāq aṣ-Ṣabbāḥ al-Kindī, known as “the Philosopher of the Arabs”, was a Muslim Arab philosopher, mathematician and physician. .Khawaja Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Hasan Tūsī, better known as Nasīr al-Dīn Tūsī, was a arabian polymath and prolific writer: an architect, astronomer, biologist, chemist, mathematician, philosopher..Abū ʿAbd Allāh Muḥammad ibn Jābir ibn Sinān al-Raqqī al-Ḥarrānī al-Ṣābiʾ al-Battānī was a Muslim astronomer, astrologer, and mathematician..Abu Nasr Mansur ibn Ali ibn Iraq was a Persian Muslim mathematician. He is well known for his work with the spherical sine law. I HAVE STILL MORE TO WRITE, IF YOU WANT ME TO WRITE I WILL

  • “In heaven if Allah provides hoors to have a sex in full as one wants. Whats the problem?” Does Allah also provide the dwellers of heaven with choices like blonde, brunette etc & what about vital stats’ of these hoors? And does Allah also supply crack cocaine there? What about cialis or viagra for those mullahs that do not have an erection? Will allah say Kun”erection” and the erection happens for these guys? And finally is Allah a pimp? Given Allah stays right above the other layers of heaven, will he be having an oversight of the “action” happening below him? I cannot picture allah being any better than a California based porn movie director that oversees group orgies and enjoys people getting sodomized.

    • @Alpha:

      Basically, Allah is confused. The genius prevents and calls immoral activities on earth – like screwing many women, having drinks, etc., YET provides the same opportunities as gifts in heaven!

      I am guessing even a Californian porn movie director will have a better sense of right and wrong than Allah and not confuse people in this fashion!

      Verily, Allah is the best of deceivers!

  • I gree with the fact that some persons are really having severe mental problems.This Roldia Bhata needs some serious checkups.Roldia Bhata has left control from his tongue.His tongue is running like a car with no breaks at a speed of 200 km/s.And also with an aceeleration of 10 m/s^2.It may be due to failure of nervous system.The neuron motors from tongue to CNS(Central nervous system) have died or have been affected by mutagen.Yes,Roldia Bhata jee ,you should certainly go from here and please visit a doctor.

    The problem with Roldia Bhata is not only this much.He says Dayanand as Dayalund.It is due to mutagens sent into his cells by Mullas.The DNA sequence has been severly altered.Genetic code has been reversed.For a man to speak the right name,such as Dayanand,the genetic code should be AUG(suppose).But Mullas have changed it to GUA.So,Shri Roldia Bhata jee you need to go to a scientist,so that he can restore your genetic code(s).
    Thank you!

  • Cont.5 (i.e the 70101st and my last comment of this post)
    …….But Ur dick lover Mahachutia ClaimantCock’s inspiratn wl guidng U in spoilng Ur’s life & then ur’s coming generatns, ol I cn submit @ d last.

    P.s: I ve used the english translation of DayaLund’s name as ClaimantCock where I knowingly have mis-spelled ‘CLAIMANT’ which rather will be CL……” . I will no more come here to meet the Pundit who first realised mine this mistake and has read the entire story by putting DayaLund’s english translated name as “Mr. Cle……Cock”.

    ALLAH hu Akbar
    Rahil (frmrly Rahul) Bhadoria

    • Mr. Rahul (If that is your real name),

      I find it interesting you talked about insults and keep posting “Ur dick lover.” Sounds to me like someone is a hypocrite. I guess you figured it was okay to be a hypocrite because that is acceptable in accordance islamic teachings. Your whole post is filled with disgusting and hateful remarks.

      And for your information I have actually read the quran. But unlike you, I won’t make a claim that I studied it for 10 years. Nor will I claim I know arabic. But I did read it in English. And I looked over the controversial verses by three different scholars. Seriously, that book has to be one of the most incoherent books in the world. And some of the most ridiculous stories in the world. Read Qur’an 2:67-73. Hilarious. Talks about the way to solve a murder is to sacrifice a cow and than cut a part of it out and hit the dead person with it. What kind of twisted god would think that is every ok or if it is even hygienic. DISGUSTING. Seriously, if you really believe in absurd stories like that, you have a major problem.


    • “…. And wat can b xpectd frm the followers of a rascal Mr. Clement Cock…”
      what can v xpect from a muslim , all he does is run along the corners. u cannot even handle criticism.

      “criticizing other faiths”
      nobody is perfect and nobody is closed to criticism.and thats y v criticize all religions, v criticize hinduism too. dayananda may hav criticized sikhism , buddism , jainism but v still hold respect for their founders because all of these founders struggled to uphold dharma. this is not the case with islam or christianity who live in a delusions thinking that their way is highway. and v respect the character “jesus” (whether he really existed or not) but not christianity/bible and hence v see people worshipping jesus and still remain a hindu . even if v reject krishna as god v still hold some respect to gita.whether hindus accept buddha as an avatar of vishnu or not , v still respect him and (v still criticize him).one of the basic tenets of hinduism is 2 b skeptic of one’s own belief(s) , and thats why atheists also come here . even if v dont believe in god v’ll follow dharma . what about muslims who are asked to never doubt quran or allah or his creator??. can u remain a muslim if u doubt the basic tenets of islam?? i dont think so . nobody remains a follower of abrahamic religions after doubting their holy scripts. ur close minded belief will never accept this kind of attitude.

      v’ll reject everything which is bad or try 2 reform those bad stuff and accept only truth and that is mission of agniveer and his followers. what about u , can u reject the hateful verses of quran. i guess u cannnot , since u consider every verse of quran as holy and when u reject them u cannot remain a muslim.

      v’ll make a new veda if v want to, which is composed of good/noble/wise qoutes of gr8 personalities , afterall knowledge/wisdom is infinite and v want the hindus to accept good things not bad things and that was exactly how vedas were formed.and ofcourse v dont bother whether god is included in it or…

      • contd….
        whether god is included in it or not. if theists want god we might as well include him.vedas hav no single founder and it is not possible to have wast amount of wisdom in a single lifetime. a verse which is considered noble in one sage’s lifetime may undergo correction /expansion / interpolation in another’s lifetime and ultimately resulting in absolute truths and thats how vedas were formed .even though buddha was founder of buddhism there were many of his follower who contributed a lot 2 make buddhist scriptures/wisdom. but this is not the case with islam.and is definitely not possible with quran which is framed as the last message from allah/mo- to its followers and hence addition / expansion / correction / revision /reformation of quranic verses is not possible with islam. even bible has many interpolations , but interpolated according to the needs of its followers and unfortunately many bad verses/ideologies crept in and fell prey to creed/greed of bad people.

        so just shut ur mouth , v know what to criticize/give-credit-for and what not to. v r not narrow minded people like u where only belief goes into ur brain and not criticism too.

        i guess all of the above seems unacceptable 4 ur retarded brain. and u who act like an ostrich will never accept the truth and only go gaga over others criticizing u. and u’ll never reform islam and continue to follow that 7th century primitive dogmatic desert religion .u/muslims r afraid of experiencing congnitive dissonance and hence hide in ur cocoon shell of islam. if this is the case and i can see definite end of islam in future. almost all religions undergo reformation and change accordingly to modern society except islam. and thats y there r so many ideological conflicts , terror attacks of muslims with/on other non believers , violence by other believers seems miniscule when islamic violence is taken as measuring scale.remove apostasy , remove unrelenting hatred towards other beliefs , stop persecuting other believers and see how many leave islam.

      • contd…
        –u prove urselves as a frustrated muslim over and over. u say u dont get agitated by criticism and yet your language/attitude shows u r actually getting agitated by the content here.
        honestly i dont mind if muslims/xians just practice their beliefs without hurting others and not act like stereotypic idiots.and i dont care whether u follow gud/bad religion , but i do mind when u are imposing ur beliefs on others and when u preach hatred towards other beliefs and directy or indirecty denigrating others(inherent quality of abrahamic religions). this has been going over for centuries .
        –all u can think of is increasing ur numbers .u speak of idolatry as if its a sin and doesnt talk abt sins by muslims who consider themselves as non-idolators and justify them with quran . idolatry or non-idolatry when u dont follow proper dharma whats the point. and u shud know abt it , if u were really a hindu earlier . for a hindu it doesnt matter whether he is idolator or non-idolator .and why does it offend u? oh yeah it was one of the salient features of muslims to get offended even when there is nothing to be offended.
        same is the case with mono or poly or heno or pan theistic. because it doesnt follow ur belief system u get offended and start to attack others verbally & physically. where is ur rational mind gone.i guess when u r too immersed in those desert dogmas and when u see the world with ur quranic lenses, u fail 2 see the realilty.
        –joker nalayak is not a sanskrit scholar and he cannot recite a sanskrit verse properly. he is a fraud fooling muslims and non-muslims. he just mugs up everything. his mind is clouded by ignorance and he can never properly interpret vedas.
        –people of iskcon , jain , sikh ,buddism, bahai are a lot better than muslims/xians , even if they dont comply with vedas.
        –i support dayananda since his words tells us to question our beliefs and look at them with a skeptic/critic mind.

      • Namaste Abhi,

        Very nice post on here. The problem is many muslims are like the boy who cried wolf. They lie and make up so much stuff that when they actually tell the truth, no one will ever believe them. People like rahul (if that is his real name) is a perfect example of that. Many of them lie so much and have no problem with it. People aren’t stupid and they figure it out. And human nature is, once we have been lied to we stop believing the person or group. Muslims have created a reputation of being liars and they did it to themselves. I actually don’t even know what rahul (if that is his real name) is even doing on here. He should know by now that no one believes him and every time he posts he throws more wood to his funeral pyre. He hasn’t fooled a single person on here.

        All he showed everyone on here is he is a liar, hypocrite, and plainly a jerk. He came on here to be talk S**T. And I guess that’s what he seemed to be successful at because he takes his teaching right out his islamic education. I guess religious brothers taught him well that’s why in his holy book it educated him to make statements like “Ur dick lover.” Bravo, the real teachings of the muslims has been exposed to the world to see. I think he should keep posting comments like the ones he did earlier, he really is doing a good show for the rest of us.


  • Cont.4…
    Mahachutia ClaimantCock thought that he may covr a large hindu audience by molding his definitn of Dharma in Abrahamic design, but was totally unsuccessful & faild. He faild 2 realise d caliber of wat a relign is! If he wz successful, nearly 85% of hindus wd ve been freed of idol worshiping 2day, but Lo! a lot anodr sprangd up in d latr days. Aftrol, banishng Gita, Ramayan and superimposng vedas upon all was his short sightdness and thus he achievd a handfull of Mahachutias like as U cowards presnt ovr here.

    The reason why I dint chose 2 reply Ur’s silly clamors is dat I think I hve 2 utilise my energy to invite other Muslims and non-Muslims equally so that they may realise the truth in spreading of wich, the followers of Mahachutia ClaimantCock r becumng helpful. It becums easy 4 me 2 show U people’s wrath only against Islam of whose reaction I ve fnd 2 b +ve & in support of my purpose only. (My Bro-in-law aptly remarkd this evening that agniveer’s site looks more of anti- zakir naik than a pro DayaLand’s vedic mission. Evry1 surprises frm the way of Ur’s invitatn to the vedic dharma coz U people urself r showng dat Dr. Naik has more audience power dan ur silly banal 5000 yrs old craps.)

    And yes, U may speak/write a lot bad of me and cd satiate Ur vengeance and ur people frm 2day as much as U cn coz Rahul Bhadoria is, ALLAH b praizd, not gonna waste his energy in searching contents from the google or you-tube 2 reply U stupids frm 2day rather wl b engagd in inviting more n more people to the fold of Islam. One idiot here askd me 2 show a video whre I shd b recitng sme sanskrit shlokas so dat he may confirm that the one who reads sanskrit can’t accpt anoder religion. I must suggst 2 see Dr. Naik as a gud sanskrit shloka recitr but he z nt a Hindu!!

    I really wonder as that aftr Muslims, how wl U counter christians and then Sikhs and then Jains, Budhists and then of-course Jews and Baha’i and then these ISKON and akin hindu cult as well as neo-religious movmnts??? But Ur dick lover…

  • Cont. 3…
    This simply
    points to the fact that Swami’s knowledge of Guru Granth is negligible,
    and in all likelihood he relied on someone else for information related to the
    Sikh scripture.
    > >
    > > I am aware of Udasis, Nirmalas, and Akalees, mostly fringe groups outside
    mainstream Sikhs, and I am at a loss as to who are Suthreshahees? Moreover, what
    is Nanak Chandrodaya? Didn’t Swami forget to mention Nihangs who had
    threatened to kill him upon his uttering disparaging remarks about Sikhism while
    in Amritsar? There are many such examples of Dayanand’s mindless
    ramblings, but I will now take a closer look at his comments on Guru Gobind
    > >
    > > (Guru Nanak & Sikhs as Perceived by Swami Dayananda
    > >
    > > A Commentary
    > >
    > > – G.B. Singh)

    taken from—–> http://www.sikhspectrum.com/022008/dayanand/ch2.htm

    Anodr argumnt dat Krishna, d gud boy of Arya Samaj here hs put dat I m no more here 2 reply bak ‘coz I m a fake Muslim in d disguise,,,, I m again havng a point 2 laugh and will say- Yes, I m nt going 2 b here any more, aftrall I hve 2 invite other people 2 d truth that I ve got. InshaALLAH soon my elder brothr wl b d next 1 2 recite the kalima. U cn do this thing that is 2 make any person wat Ur heart says to as U usd 2 refer all muslims as pakistani and all neo-muslims as Muslims in disguise or practicing takia, as wat Ur Mahachutia Swami Cocksucker ws havng d practice a century bak. Some of U r speaking hre thinking that U people r Pandit by putting sme videos frm Youtube and some othr sites, I cn but only laugh at ur foolishness and stupidity. Mahachutia Claimant Cock wrote his crap in 1875 and since then the hindi muhawara of ‘khisiyani billi khamba noche’ is running in itz full bloom in the community of U jokers. Mahachutia Claimant Cock thought that he may covr a large hindu audience by molding his definitn of Dharma in Abrahamic design, but was totally unsuccessful & faild. He faild 2 realise d caliber of wat a relign is! If he wz successful,…

  • cont…2
    > > We have no evidence in place of Nanak composing â€ŔSanskrit hymns
    (satotras).†First, Swami tells us unequivocally that Nanak was ignorant
    of Sanskrit. This is followed by two examples which negate totally his first
    supposition. This feat of irrationality and flawed logic is accomplished in the
    same paragraph within the confines of a few lines.
    > >
    > > Additionally, Swami throws more jabs at Guru Nanak and the Punjabi people.
    In this process the Swami commits blunders by resorting to logical flaws. If
    Nanak wanted to show off his knowledge of Sanskrit as Swami
    alleges then there must have been audiences who were listening to Nanak
    and that particular audience must also known the Sanskrit language. How else
    would the audience be awed by Nanak’s knowledge of that language?
    Differently put, if Nanak didn’t know Sanskrit and wanted to show off to
    his village listeners, who themselves knew no Sanskrit, then is it really a show
    off? Wouldn’t it be silly for Nanak to resort to such fruitless
    deception? One may ask how is it possible for any person to attain fame, glory,
    and applause by speaking Sanskrit or even showing off to the ignorant masses of
    Punjab who knew nothing about Sanskrit?
    > >
    > > Had there been an encounter between the Swami and Guru Nanak, the Guru would
    have politely reminded him that people of Punjab don’t speak Sanskrit; in
    fact Sanskrit is a foreign language for them. Let alone Punjab, if we think
    rationally it will dawn upon us that not a single regional language of the
    sub-continent has ever been Sanskrit.
    > >
    > > Regarding the absurdities of Swami’s direct quotes of the two verses
    from Sukhmani, I will ask the reader to read other critical commentaries
    incorporated in this e-Symposium. I might just make one comment here
    thatSukhmani was authored by Guru Arjan and not by Guru Nanak. This simply
    points to the fact that Swami’s knowledge of Guru Granth is negligible,
    and in all likelihood…

  • Hahahahhaaa Krishna,

    I expct the same frm U people. And wat can b xpectd frm the followers of a rascal Mr. Clement Cock (who originally was infct Mr. Rootshankar b4 realizng that he is a dick lover to acquire the name of DayaLund!)

    Now that I m writng this in shrtst possble english, U people as usual wl start blamng Islam as wat Ur Mahrishi Claimantcock taught U. I m nt a 1 whose blood boils frm d crap U people r writng/postng here. I m well aware of the promise of my real LORD ALLAH wen he says,’ Allah is the ally of those who believe. He brings them out from darknesses into the light. And those who disbelieve – their allies are Taghut. They take them out of the light into darknesses. Those are the companions of the Fire; they will abide eternally therein. Holy Quran 2:277

    Ur Mahachutia Claimant Cock’s (who wz infct a schizophrenic guy) philosophy is filled only with criticizing other philosophies whether it is Jainism, Sikhism,Buddhism or any other.The words used by Mahachutia Claimant Cock in his book Satyarth prakash are really very disrespectful but that does suits to a personality of his stature. An entire chapter he has written in his book to criticise the other Indic philosophies and then another chapter dedicated to criticize western philosophies.And another imporatant thing is that he has made his on assertions on these faiths and answered on his own wish, which many a times were miles away from the reality. Poor illiterate Claimant Cock.

    One of my sikh frend told me that Mahachutia swami hz has criticized Sri Guru Nanak ji 2. How stupid ws dat dick lover stupid! And all his contention was dat baba Nanak sahib was ignorant of sanskrit. I finds a need to quote an observation of Mahachutia Claimant Cock regrdng Sri Baba Nanak from a website that My frend recommnded me. it is http://www.sikhspectrum.com/022008/dayanand/ch2.htm
    Here are the words in which Dayanand Saraswati criticised Guru Nanak ji——>

    > >
    > > We have no evidence in place of Nanak composing â€ŔSanskrit…

    • Mr Rahul (If that is your real name),

      I now know you were never Hindu. From the way your writing, I can tell you were always a pissed off muslim that saw the video of ex-muslims on this sight and was infuriated. This is true because you started posting right after I posted the videos of ex-muslims on this sight. You claimed you studied the Vedas for tennnnn years. You are acting like you are some expert on the Vedas because you studied it for tennnn years. Well you just need to prove it. Make a video of yourself talking in Sanskrit and I mean pretty close to perfect sanskrit because you are this expert in the Vedas. Have a conversation with someone in Sanskrit talking about the school you went to, who your teacher was, and the curriculum and state you are muslim in near perfect sanskrit because you are the expert. Everything should be said in Sanskrit not Hindi or Punjabi or anything else, but Sanskrit because you are the expert now, aren’t you. And also bring your professor into the video to show he was the one who taught you.

      You came on here making all these might allegations now it is time for you to prove it big boy.


      ps Honestly, you might have convinced some people if you just said you were a hindu that decided to convert to islam. But you got way to greedy. You wanted to act like an expert, and that’s where you shot yourself in the foot. You picked the wrong sight to make your claims. And tell you the truth, most of us won’t claim we are some experts in Sanskrit or the Vedas. Only Agniveer’s group and a few that post here can actually do that. Seriously, go get a life. I’ve seen this game over and over again and it really doesn’t help you cause at all.

  • Hi Everyone, Don’t worry about what that fake so called former Hindu says. I already proved he is a fake. He just came on here because his blood was boiling when he saw the videos about exmuslims. He felt like he had to respond because what I put on here was so powerful he couldn’t control himself and decided to lie. He also claimed he studied the Vedas for 10 years. So I asked him to prove it with a serious of steps. He acted as if he was some kind of Vedic scholar. And Sanskrit scholar. Clearly he is making stuff up. He gave himself away as a muslim acting as a Hindu acting as a muslim the moment he said he studied the Vedas for 10 years and acted like a Vedic Sanskrit scholar. He is full of the end of a pig. And he knows it too.


  • “Jazakallah Khair”!! Finally, the Original Kitab-e-Tafsir (Noor-e-Haq) of the original Quran (Vedas) by one of the original great seers of humanity (Maulana Rehman) in the lingua franca of the subcontinental Muslims, the biggest victims of this violent dogma from the Levant!!

  • Salam to all,

    I am indebted to ALLAH who showed me the way of Paighambarshree Muhammad (pbuh) and is amazed with the modes-operandi of this agniveer’s bravery. Infact it is only a platform where the poor Hindus who dreamt of having their Hindu homeland with all the varnashrama vyavastha elements that they strive to establish with the inspiration from Israel comes just to SATISFY THEIR VENGEANCE only.

    The first thing is that they lacks is the enthusiasms of sacrifice. They can only shout and could speak a bad of others that clearly reflects their silly attitude.

    The second thing is that they accuse Muslims of being terrorist but are themselves spreading intellectual terror on this site and one another as Satyangi. (In Satyartha Prakash, Dayanand spoke a bad against Jainism, Budhdhism, Christianity and Islam and thought it as his mental superiority! Amazing!)

    The last but not the least, Arya Samaj is a shhudhi movement and can never represent the vast Hindu society as they themselves lacks in the basic tenets of Hinduism of worshiping multiple gods. They are trying to design it so to present it as a competitor against Abrahamic religions without regretting that this is but only their fool’s play.

    I am happy after accepting Islam last year. Afterall I am able to claim now that I am the part of the society who never speaks the bad of other’s (Give me an instance of any bad words against Hindu icons from an Official Muslim website) but believes in defending their faith only without hurting other’s sentiments.

    Abhi, Vedic…. & all, you people can only do one thing- you can only satisfy your vengeance by speaking the bad for others without realising that you yourself are uprooting your mission’s root. Indeed the truth has ever prevailed and will ever be.

    P.S: No Aurengzeb or Muhammad pressurized me to accept Islam in the shadow of a sword but the jealous attitude of you people did! I am still to learn quranic verses by heart so as to give you the best reply but will do it soon on future,…

    • I suggest you watch Hassan Radwan’s Videos. If you are really as comfortable with your faith as you claim you are, you would also be comfortable to watch videos by good well meaning exmuslims who have stated clear claims as to why they left islam.

      And for your information Hassan Radwan has a masters in English and Arabic. He used to teach at the school started by yusuf islam in England. He used to be part of the Dawah society. And he also wrote four books on islam for kids. Even after doing all that, he later decided to leave islam because he found too many inconsistencies and errors in the quran.

      Here is the website with all his videos:

      And here is his last video:

      Last video states why he left islam in a short 6 plus minute post.


    • @ Rahul Bhadoria
      Mian Mawali-e-Arab, Maahir-e-Taqqiya-e-Khaas, Shahenshah-e-Fareb-e-Muqaddas!! Why don’t you use your real name instead?

      “The first thing is that they lacks is the enthusiasms of sacrifice”

      Well, your “peaceful” lot obviously has an insatiable zest for sacrifice (of innocent infidel people and mute,defenseless animals, that is)!

      “The second thing is that they accuse Muslims of being terrorist but are themselves spreading intellectual terror on this site and one another as Satyangi. (In Satyartha Prakash, Dayanand spoke a bad against Jainism, Budhdhism, Christianity and Islam and thought it as his mental superiority! Amazing!)”

      Sorry buster! These allegations of terrorism on Islam are unfortunately being proved correct day by day with each passing day. Alas, it is the (genuinely) good Muslims who suffer humiliation due to the depraved attrocities perpetarted by yiur criminal lot. Also, why don’t quote genuine references where Dayanand actually insulted other religions? Also, you must remember that unilke your Rangeela Rasool who claimed himself to be the sole propreitor of God’s will, Dayanand never made any such claims. Never did he ever say that his word is Law!

      “The last but not the least, Arya Samaj is a shhudhi movement and can never represent the vast Hindu society as they themselves lacks in the basic tenets of Hinduism of worshiping multiple gods. They are trying to design it so to present it as a competitor against Abrahamic religions without regretting that this is but only their fool’s play”

      Buddy, this is where you go wrong. The basic tenet of Hinduism is that it has no basic tenet! Hinduism has no central node of full, total and final authority whatsoever. Yes, it did arise from the Vedas, but even the Vedas cannot control Hinduism; it is way beyond anybody’s grasp and control! Thats why besides the Vedas-accepting (astik) schools of Hindu philosophy, there are the Vedas-rejecting (nastik) schools of Hinduism too.
      Unlike the dogamtic, monotheistic,…

    • @Rahul Bhadoria
      Unlike the dogamtic, monotheistic, intolerant and exclusivist Abrahamic cults, HInduism is transcendental, omni-theistic, tolerant and inclusivist. it is rightly said that the audacity of a Hindu to go against Hinduism comes from WITHIN Hinduism itself, not OUTSIDE it.

      Anyways, I realize that it is just too futile to say all this to you!! Your thick skull is embedded deep within your posterior, where you can experience only darkness (and fetid odor). You’ll have to pull that sorry skull of yours out of that unfortunate place to see any sense or sensibility.

    • “Give me an instance of any bad words against Hindu icons from an Official Muslim website”
      the quran itsef talks bad about non-believers and obviously their followers who are loyal to quran do the same thing.
      the sick mentality of muslims all around the world is like this …. they do all sorts bad things(offend/hurt/humiliate others) and when their victims fight back , they act like victims. when you guys do conversions of hindus to muslims we have to shut our mouths and when we do bring them back to hinduism you guys shout like crazy like the world is falling apart. and you are a fine example of this aspect.

      “Give me an instance of any bad words against Hindu icons from an Official Muslim website”
      in the name of comparitive religion u denigrate other religions. pull down others to your primitive desert religion. do deliberate misinterpretations of other religions’ texts just to satisfy your needs i.e. mislead gullible hindus/xians/buddhists/jains etc etc and convert them to your religion . some even openly insult others and preach hatred towards others
      when you say ours(abrahamic religion) is true religion or way to god gives rise to intolerance/arrogance , and by saying so you are actually insulting other religions. there are many good religions in the world except abrahamic religions. they have done nothing but damage to humanity.

      ” it is only a platform where the poor Hindus who dreamt of having their Hindu homeland”
      india is a hindu country no matter what our constitution or our sickulars say and it should be and it will be. i dont want india to become another s**thole like pakistan or any islam country.

      “… can never represent the vast Hindu society as they themselves lacks in the basic tenets of Hinduism of worshiping multiple gods…. ”
      where is your 10 years research of vedas gone ? this shows loads that your are not a hindu but muslim disguising as hindu and using taqqiyyah on us. ok lets say were a hindu , u read(???) vedas for 10years and still talk non-sense , this…

      • contd….
        this questions ur credibility.

        “I am still to learn quranic verses by heart so as to give you the best reply but will do it soon on future,…”
        so u converted to islam without knowing what quran is ??(assuming u were a hindu earlier). do need to byheart quran to give a best answer?? this again questions ur credibility.

        “Abhi, Vedic…. & all, you people can only do one thing- you can only satisfy your vengeance by speaking the bad for others without realising that you yourself are uprooting your mission’s root. Indeed the truth has ever prevailed and will ever be.”
        what is wrong in saying bad as bad. should i sugarcoat it and say “islam is bad in good way” ?? look at all those islamic countries who uses quran as pascal’s wager and question yourselves. remove the arab petro dollars and see what happens. the whole islam empire collapses.
        all muslims can only do one thing act like ostriches when faced with hard truth. u just deny it.
        “you yourself are uprooting your mission’s root” look who’s talking . centuries of islam supremacy in india and muslims still in minority. have they managed to uproot hinduism?? no. even if we try to uproot it , it wont happen.
        muslims are showing all their ills in quran and their frustations/angst/jealousy/over-zealousness/greed through their stereotypic/intolerant/ignorant behaviour . the world will not sit quiet and see the melodrama of muslims .the world is getting fed up with muslims.

        and rahul/rahil u havent given answers to my questions and u r just evading my questions.

  • Namaste Agniveer & all Veer Hindus,

    I am studying Islam and Vedas since a decade and has came to the conclusion that indeed Quran contains the Vedic teachings and presents it in a more standard and subtle form. Afterall Muhammad is a tonne year senior than Dayanand!

    Here people are speaking bad of the Islamic concept of God and Prophet and vis-s-vis referring Allah as the God in Vedas (see Agniveer’s facebook page also) that is but only their kid’s approach of mental gratification. I am sure your these dichotomous approach will win nothing but hatred against you only. Yet I am sure you people are not having a missionary zeal but you are there only to count the convert’s figure so to report your NRI fund-givers/donors (so that you may exploit the name of your poor barren million years old dharma for your evil ends). I found you as fearful of Zakir Naik for whom I must tell you that he is stale now, better to check for Zaid Hamid. He is a one over your millions Pandits if you are bothering of the growing Muslim intelligentsia all over.

    And yes, last but not the least, this Rajput Hindu has proudly accepted your ‘brutal Islam’ (as you illiterates used to refer). Afterall, it is the best religion I found who teaches to be ever ready to die for the truth and not to merely shouting a cowardice at the bank like you Hippocrates.
    May the zeal of ALLAH be with you.
    ALLAH hu Akabr.
    Rahil (Rahul) Bhadoria

      • and read the above link. Help this guy(pakistani) in saving his kid from your ‘ever ready to die’ monsters. Fucking barbarians!

      • Shravak brother!

        Have you noticed one thing. This is copy pasted to everywhere of Agniveer. This is a typical style of a Muslim NOT of a Hindu. I doubt whether this Rahul Bhadoria is Muslim with Hindu name. If idiot Muslims don’t know any method to challenge us, they do something like this.

        If Rahul is a Rajput, read this true incident:

        Muhammed Ghori was a Muslim ruler who wanted to rule Prithviraj Chauhan. Prithviraj defeated Muhammed Ghori but since he was brave – he did not believed in killing a captive. He only put Muhammed in jail from where Ghori ran away. Then he invaded once again which continued for 16 times. Muhammed then bribed commander in chief Jaychand to know the weakness of Muhammed as love towards cow. He then had cows marching ahead of his army. Prithviraj was afraid that he might injure a cow and surrendered. Muhammed immediately executed him & his followers. As a celebration, he butchered those cows too. If Prithviraj could have executed Muhammed well before, Islam may not have appeared in India. Only 1 message to those who think Islam is true – विनाशकाले विपरीत बुद्धी:।

    • wow islam taqiyyah in action. i cannot believe any word of a muslim since he speaks it out of ignorance , innocence , arrogance , inelegance .
      if islam was really that great as per you , why did the muzzies invaded countries , waged meaningless wars , slaughtered , annihilated , enslaved , tortured , humiliated people and that too in the name of god allah and his creator mo-. dont tell me they were bad muzzies , they were devout muslims.
      so the tell me why islam , the great religion of peace couldnt stop these atrocities.
      maybe this site will enlighten ur soul >> http://www.oocities.org/hindoo_humanist/
      and dont say its not true since it is all recorded by you muzzies. and since 9/11 there are about 15000 terrorist attacks all over the worlds and islam produced them and only it can produce so many. now what should we call this religion. and 15k is only after 911 and there are thousands of these even before. and all of them were inspired by quran.
      and dont even compare quran with veda . its an insult to vedas. quran/hadiths is guide books to life for barbarians to lead a barbaric life in barbaric society where things like slavery , infidel killings, minority persecution seems pretty normal and its part of their life and they dont even feel a tiny bit of guilt.
      quran : –
      of the barbarians
      by the barbarians
      for the barbarians

    • Hi Rahul (If that is your real name),

      I find it interesting you posted after I had posted the videos about someone leaving islam and the link to the council of exmuslims. I must have really boiled your blood to see both those posts so you respond back with this post. And honestly, I highly doubt you were even a student of Vedas and quran. I say this because if you were a student of the Vedas you would know Sanskrit. And I don’t think you are a Sanskrit scholar nor are you even knowledgeable in Sanskrit. And if you claim you are, post a video of yourself with your Sanskrit teacher talking in Sanskrit for several minutes about the detail contents of the Vedas. And after that, in that same video claim you are a muslim. During that video also state the Sanskrit school you are in and state the curriculum you learned. If you can’t do that, you are a clear fake.

      I also find it interesting that you referenced caste. You said, “……this Rajput Hindu……” If you knew anything about the Vedas you will also know it does not support caste. And the word Rajput is not even in the Vedas. So you have also exposed yourself by referencing caste. I suggest you really study the Vedas and stop this nonsense.

      I really find it suspicious of posting this post after the posting of my videos about exmuslims. I really think you were pretty pissed off that with the internet, Agniveer and the rest of the Dharmic community are hearing people who were once muslim leaving islam around the world. Like the African American gentlemen who has stated his views. Also, if you really understood the Vedas, you would also know, as mentioned in my previous statements, the key part about the Vedas, it is not history centric. It does not believe in the prophet concept at all. A mistake naik and others make about the Vedas is they try and tie history centrism to it. The Vedas state any individual have the ability to be enlightened by God and if someone makes fantastic claims, we as individuals must be able to confirm those experiences by…

      • Continued…..

        The Vedas state any individual have the ability to be enlightened by God and if someone makes fantastic claims, we as individuals must be able to confirm those experiences by experiencing those same claims for ourselves. That is a very important part of the Vedas. So if a Rishi makes a claim he or she must show the us how he achieved those claims so we can experience it for ourselves. If a so called weirdo prophet made a claim that an fairy/angel came to him over a twenty year period then he must show everyone how he achieved it and so everyone else can receive the same thing from that fairy/angel and prove it to themselves. If so called weirdo prophet doesn’t show us how to do that, he is a charlatan. And I’m sorry, but your boy Mr. Mo did not show his followers how to receive the so called message of god from an fairy/angel to everyone. He kept that secret to himself so he can have all the power. Shows to me he is a big fat charlatan.

        Take your hoodna takiyah self out of here.

        Good video by another exmuslim and why he left:



    • I have been studying Vedas and quran for 40 years and I have come to the conclusion that the quran just poorly copied the Vedas, bible, and other religions in the area. It is a total fake and has some of the most abuse content man has ever seen. I have no respect for the quran and it should be banned for it is actually harmful to humanity like a drug. When drugs invade a society, the society takes action to protect against it. It is the same with islam, society must be protected from islam and must be banned like other deadly harmful drugs in this world. I find it to be the most destructive drug worse than crystal meth.

      • Then y dont u try to ban the home made drugs (Vedas) which ur own family members (Indian Hindus) dont like to have it. Because they more like to have shit (Idol worship) is better than having drug.

      • Ah no, when Muslims act inhuman and try to kill people that is not only his problem, it is also the problem for the victims.

        And yes we know what Islam says about other religions. And we find that troubling. And we know how Muslims treated our temples and our people when they brutally invaded India and other countries. If you are Indian those would be your ancestors too.

  • Dear All,
    You will find befitting response to all the false allegations laid by Agniveer, on http://www.islamhinduism.com. Please go through both the sites and decide yourself what is truth and what is falsehood. Don’t be biased please. Thanks. Your wellwisher

    • Dear Anusyed!

      I have seen both the websites and after detailed analysis, am here. That Mushafiq Sultan – site creator very beautifully promotes violence as per Quran. We Hindus aren’t blind followers of Agniveer. Many people here claim to be Hindu but are against some of points of Agniveer. But Muslims like Sultan are blind followers of Quran. This was clear from his post on Quran. In one post, he pointed commentary by Patanjali to show Atharvaveda is interpolated. Patanjali himself mentions in beginning that he only took those shlokas which he found important. So, Sultan only took commentary just to decieve Vedas / agniveer. I commented the same there — 5 times. He deleted –> this proves that he is none other than Satan. Regarding his credibility, please ask the same to knowledgeable champions like KalBhairav, Apollo Reach, Truth Seeker etc. Their many comments were deleted just because Sultan did not know the answer. Sultan was told to directly challenge Agniveer but he refused being afraid of his lies getting exposed – so he created his own website & doing so there. Forget Sultan, his own favorite ZN’s teacher Abdulla Tariq was defeated in Arya Samaj debate.

      In the short run, people like Sultan are winners but in the long run, peace supporter Agniveer is true Muslim & not these idiots who claim to know Islam. May be this can guide you.

    • Dear Anusyed,

      I have gone thorough both the sites and decided that there is no point in reading the articles of a jehadi and an intellectual dishonest (mushfiq)man.

      Thank You.

    • @Anusyed
      Could you please ask them to answer these questions
      1. Is guru nanak a prophet?, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad a prophet?
      2. if yes does that mean last words of muhammad is wrong? If no why?

      • No MR.Adolf .
        Guru Nanak and Mirza Ghulam, they never claimed that they were prophets from God.
        Quran confirms that Prophet Muhammad (pbum) is the final messenger of God.
        and remember Islam never says the word of previous prophets were wrong, but the people later the prophets changed it.
        I think now u got to know what is ur level of understanding.

      • Prophethood is a big deal for you desert Abrahamics. People from all other faiths don’t look for prophets. The look for the avatar, a Buddha, a guru etc…Prophet is your desert word. plus unless you are Muslim no one else believes that Mohammed is a prophet of any religion let alone of the Jewish faith.

        You don’t seem to get that it is him calling himself a prophet that is convenient, not the label of prophet itself.

    • Rather then depending on individuals do your own effort to know the truth . Study history of islam to know what it is , it is a political cult group nothing else . Study its history then reality will become clear to you . You will no its true nature and reality if you look for truth.

  • And in ancient India that Rishis encouraged that. Even Buddha, who was a great Rishi, encouraged his followers to do the same thing. Experience it for yourself brothers and sisters. That is the only truth that can be.

    To all my abrahmic brothers and sisters, ask yourself this, can you still follow your faiths if you removed the history from you faith. I mean everything. Better way to put it, can you be a good christian without jesus and reach god. Can you be a good muslim with out mohammed and still reach god. This is very important thing to keep in mind. Because in the Dharmic tradition we remove all the history and historical figures and still reach God. It is the methods and techniques that are important. Not the historical characters of our faith. We can remove Krishna and Rama and still achieve God. That is the power of Dharam.



  • If a Rishi claims that he or she received a message from a fairy or angel, than he will show all his followers how to reproduce that same experience. This also goes for the Vedas. Depending on which Hindu group you ask, it was produced by at least four different Rishis. Some might say many more. That means the ideas in the Vedas were reproduced by different people who experienced the same thing and it was verifiable. And again it depends on which group of Hindus you ask this too. But many Hindus do believe there is no such thing as the word of god. Only the inspired word of God. For God does not talk to man, but God only inspires man. That is key point to understand. And that is the Dharmic way to look at things.

    Another good example from another Dharmic brother is Buddha. The word Buddha means awakened. And Buddha points out that there were many Buddha before me and will be many Buddhas after me. What I have achieved and experience has been experienced by many many before me and will be experience after me. The difference is, the abrhamic view is exclusive while the Dharmic experience is inclusive when it comes to the experience of major characters of the faith. And this is probably the most important thing that most abrahamic religions do not understand about Dharmic religions. Many followers of the abrhamic view are caught up so much in history centrism and arguments with historical proofs and ect, but forget the ultimate proof is for us to experience the the same thing the person claiming to make extraordinary achievements and experiences is making. If we can’t experience the same thing and that means to receive the so called word of god for ourselves so we can independently check it for ourselves then the so called prophets are bullshit. That is why I go with the Rishi view of the world. At least there is a chance for me to be inspired by God myself and independently check the experience myself and see if the Rishis are telling the truth. And in ancient India that Rishis encouraged that. Even Buddha,…

  • Dear KalBhairav,

    “There is no need of regular prophets from time to time which the latest prophet being more correct than the previous prophet.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. The Dharmic belief perspective of the world is vastly different than the weak and false perspective the abrahamic view. Dharmic view is more universal. Unlike the abrahmic people who believe in prophets while the Dharmic people believe in Rishis. The clear difference is prophets are history centric while Rishis are not. This probably is the hardest thing for abrahmic people to understand. And that is why you have so called scholars, but I call them weirdios and fools from the abrahmic side that mistranslate Sanskrit words because they don’t understand the actual meaning behind the words.

    Most people know that prophet is someone who comes that one time a long freekin time ago with a so called message of god and that becomes the word. No else can be that prophet except that particular person. More important, no one else can experience the same thing that so called prophet experience. Good example would be, if a so called prophet made a fantastic claim like, I received the word of god and it will be delivered to me by this fairy/angel for a length of twenty years and I will put it in a book and everyone must believe it because it is the message of god, people must believe in this fairy tail. There is no way for them to check it out for themselves. This so called prophet does not teach other people how to receive this same message through an angel as well. Because it is limited to the prophet. Making the prophet concept a very limited and unverifiable concept.

    With the Rishi concept, which is the Dharmic view of everything is much different. If there is a fantastic claim that a Rishi makes, he or she knows it all comes down to experience. What that Rishi experienced must be re-experienced by others so it maybe proved for every single individual. If a Rishi claims that he or she received a message from a fairy or…

    • SO ,O becoming Rishi…. if u r a true vedic pandit, then produce another veda. try to reproduce the same experiance as the rishis did.

  • Hi Agniveer,

    I think the Shuddi force should not be limited to the sub-continent. People of all races and places need this movement. I can tell you there are many in America that are interested in Vedic Hinduism. Many Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and people from all backgrounds. Please start the movement in America as well. It is our duty as Dharmic brothers and sisters to bring anyone who is interested in the Dharmic faith to help them come in. We are committing a great sin if we don’t make this happen. Also this will provide a group amount of resources of people to help with the Shuddi movement in India.


      • “first we shud save our bharat by shuddhi then we can conduct shuddhi abroad”

        – I couldn’t disagree with you more. Best story to explain this is with hannibal who invaded rome. Hannibal defeated every army rome sent against it, and eventually just pillaged and raped everyone along rome’s country side. The only way rome could defeat hannibal is by sending their army to hannibla’s homeland. That forced hannibal to redirect his army, meaning redirect his resourced hundreds of miles across a sea where he got defeated by the romains.

        My story with the story is you should not only think defensively. That means the forces that wish to destroy India can keep sending their warrior missionaries and money to attack us, yet we do nothing to take on their society. You are letting them take the upper hand. Even when Bharat is being attacked you bring the techniques and true message of enlightenment to the rest of the world, so:

        1. You help the rest of the world

        2. This will be force the countries sending their missionaries and money to redirect some of their energy and resources to their own country. And even more important you will have sisters and brothers from this country that now support and similar cause. Remember brother the Vedas do say to spread the Vedic message everywhere. I don’t remember the exact quote, but it does say to spread the message to the East, West, North, and South. To men, women, boys, and girls everywhere in the world. It is out job to spread the message of the Vedas to everyone.


      • India will very soon become a muslim country. Islam is growing very fastly all over the world because good things grow easy, fast & are accepted in large content. ” ROK SAKO TO ROK LO “

  • @Agniveer,

    As the comment by Aryaveer, I opine that this book be presented to all the families reverting to the Vedic dharma. I think acopy for a family should be good enough and economical too compared to distributing it to every person reverted. It will help consolidating their faith in the Vedic religion and safeguarding them from reverting to Islam again as the Fanatics will try their level best. Moreover, it will help in bringing back more brothers and sisters to their ancestrol home i.e. Hinduism.

    Krinvanto Vishvamaryam



      • Blah blah blah. You freaks make up a bunch of nonsense. As I said in my previous post, your religion aka Islam is on the last foot and is going die soon. The whole world is sick of these false statements by you fools. I’m sure you lOve making out with a black stone that looks like a women’s private parts. Lol

      • kitne kamal ki baat hai.
        kitni jhuthi baat hai ,
        125000 nabi rasul bheje gaye !
        bheja vahaan jata hai jahan koi hota nahi hai
        kya ishwar is jagh nahi hai ?
        chaliey 125000 to bahut dur ki baat hai
        jara”sirf” 1250 ki hi lisht pesh kar dijiye batlaiye inke kya naam the vah kin desho me aur kab aye the ?
        kya koi” maai ka laal “inki lisht de skega agar nahi de sakte to islam ko turant chod dijiye. kya koi hamari chunauti svikar kar skega? ham to samajahte hai ki kabi nahi koi svikar kar sakega jhuth bhale hi koi bolata rahe ! kalpit alalh kalpit farishte kalpit hure gilme, kalpitt jannata kalpit jahannumadi kab tak kisi ka saath de sakenge ?

      • aapke dada ka naam kya tha, unke dada ka naam kya tha, unke dada ke dada ka naam kya tha, be logic bro murkhon jaise baat kyun kerte ho,

      • ham sirf kalpit 124000 nabiyo ke naam puch rahe hai ! jab dada dadi adi ke naam aap puchne ke ichhuk hai to fir kyo adam musa isa ibraheem adi ka naam bhi lete hai ! jan 124000 nabi nahi huye hai isliye ham unke naam kijankari chhate hai ! yah kalpit farishte kalpit allah [jo satv easman me hi sirf rahata hai kalpit jannat kalpit hure adi ki sachhai bhi batlaiye !

  • I personally feel that those Muslims who revert to their mother religion i.e Hinduism in Shuddi programmes must be presented with a copy of this book. Muslims are good in Urdu and the book in Urdu would show them the true Dharma and also convince them how miserable their living was until they returned to their mother religion. Agniveer must think over this. Funds necessary for this purpose must be raised from Public who are sympathetic to Vedic cause.