Uttar Pradesh Government must provide top class security to Kamlesh Tiwari once he is out of Jail.
If UP doesn’t do it, Government of India must do it at priority.
Given that lakhs of Jihadi terrorists held rallies on roads of Indian cities brandishing swords with threats like “behead Tiwari”, it is necessary.
We saw Malda and Muzaffarnagar boil on same issue.

I will tell you some history here.
Many men have been killed for allegedly insulting Muhammad in Indian history

1. Guru Arjan Dev Ji – Tortured to death in Lahore in 1606 on charges of insulting Muhammad/Islam

2. Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji – Beheaded in Delhi in 1675 on charges of insulting Muhammad/Islam

3. Haqiqat Rai – killed in Lahore in 1740 on charges of insulting Muhammad

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4. Chhanku – Lynched in Bahawalpur in 18th century on charges of insulting Muhammad. Was stoned to death by Muslim mob

5. Pandit Lekhram – killed in Lahore in 1897 on charges of insulting Muhammad

6. Swami Shraddhanand – Killed in Delhi in 1926 on charges of insulting Muhammad/Islam

7. Mahashay Rajpal – Rajpal of Rajpal and Sons Publication House (publisher of Rangila Rasul) killed in 1929 in Lahore on charges of insulting Muhammad

The list is endless…

The common thing among all
is Jihadis initiated fights. They insulted Hindu faith/role models first.
And once our people retaliated, they cried blasphemy and got them killed.

Now it is no more a Sharia run land.
Jihadis should refrain from insulting Hindu faith.

And if they do not mend ways,
they must be ready to get it back in same currency with interest.

Considering history, GOI must immediately act and ensure safety of its citizens from Jihadis.

Saluting all heroes who crossed swords with blood-thirsty goons to save Dharma!

Jai Bhavani!

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  • Hundreds of thousands of people should welcome Kamlesh Tiwari as soon as he gets out of jail. We need brave heroes like Kamlesh Tiwari in our country.