Qutub Minar – Introduction and Location

Around 14kms from the heart of Delhi city, lies the world’s largest brick minaret – The Qutub Minar. It lies not too far from the capital city, tucked away in the ancient town of Mehrauli, a place boasting its ancient remnants of Delhi’s old Moghul charm, architecture, and style.

Claiming to have been built by Qutbuddin Aibak in 1200 AD, modern history textbooks state that the Qutub Minar was constructed to mark the victory of the Moghuls over the Hindu Rajputs and also to serve as a muezzin.

The purpose of building such a minaret or tower is still unknown. Few claim it muezzin tower for calling Muslims to namaz. However, considering the height of the minaret, it seems humanly impossible for a man to climb up and down a narrow and steep flight of stairs- 5 times a day. Even if the task was achievable, the height of the minaret is ridiculously high for a human voice to screech its way across streets and alleys below; without the help of modern day loudspeakers.

Qutub Minar – A Hindu Structure

Contrary to popular belief, the Qutub Minar was not erected to celebrate the victory of Muslims invaders over the indigenous Hindus. Rather, it was a Hindu structure known as Dhwaja Sthambha or Vishnu Sthambha, Meru Stambh aka The Dhruv Sthambha.

The Qutab Minar was made NOT to celebrate the victory of Muslim invaders over indigenous Hindus of India; rather it is the essence of Hinduism itself, which remains beyond the WILDEST comprehension of any Muslim invader.

Dhruv/Vishnu Stambh or what is called Qutub Minar today is one such truth about India’s rich Vedic history slaughtered mercilessly by Mughal Invaders.

Archeologists, historians, and researchers who have studied, researched and written about the site and the surrounding areas, have concluded that the Vedic Observatory (Vedashala) and the surrounding 27 Hindu and Jain temples, existed centuries before the existence of Qutubuddin Aibak, Ghori or their Moghul ancestors.

Distortion of Hindu History

Distortion and Destruction of Hindu Ancestry through Explicit Mutilation and Misinterpretation of Historical Evidence has been one of the many strategies used to keep Hindus ignorant about their glorious History so that Indians and India can be dominated.

At a point of time when “truth” is declared as hate speech by self-confessed liberals, it is important for everyone to put on individual thinking caps to realise “the” truth.

It is important for every one of us to fight these fake claims of pseudo liberals with half-baked knowledge, which seems biased and are largely based on assumptions and opinions rather than logic, evidence and historical facts regarding India’s history.

The biggest blow

The Indian history and historical archaeology suffered the biggest trauma when India, after independence from the British, accepted the historical surveys and conclusions of a European historian named Alexander Cunningham as true and perfect history. Major Alexander Cunningham was an engineer in the British army, before being commissioned by the British Empire to document the history of India during the colonial rule. He was neither an archaeologist nor was he a historian.

In spite of multiple arguments by many Indian historians, that the historical reports and interpretations of Cunningham, which were full of flaws because of the basic lack of his understanding of Indian language, foreign origin, and commissioning, along with his broad cultural inexperience, his contortions and assumptions were accepted as authentic facts!

In The Coming Series

In the following article series on the Qutub Minar, we will be publishing the findings, evidence and research conducted by historians such as Prof P.N. Oak, Rajendra Singh, Devendra Swaroop, Kedarnath Prabhakar and archaeologists from the Department of Archaeological Survey of India like K. M. Dikshit.

Along with, we will also be presenting the findings and evidence from ancient Hindus texts like the Agamas, Shastras, Ithihasas, Puranas, Moghul literature, British and Indian archaeological archives, research and comparative analysis conducted by both Indian and foreign historians, archeologists, academicians, architects, mathematicians, astrologers and experts.

We will also be writing about the Hindu proof, architecture, etymology, ancient history, ancestry, esoteric significance, astrology, symbolism, iconography and mythology associating the Qutub Minar aka Vishnu Sthambha to Hindu design and structure to back up the Vishnu Sthambh research findings.

Our Demands

Hindus must reclaim all temples and monuments that were plundered, demolished, distorted and destroyed by foreign invaders.

Indian Government must remove all forms of glorification of emperors, rulers, and invaders who were involved in rape, barbaric murder, brutality, perversion and merciless killings.

All textbooks and official records must be re-edited and published to include the Hindu indigenous history, culture, tradition, claims and evidence over these ancient monuments.

Government notices, plaques, guidebooks and maps must be amended to include Hindu evidence over these monuments, including those at tourist spots across India as well.

Why this series

By distorting and destroying the original history of a country and its indigenous population, we are also destroying the roots and the grand narrative of the nation and its people. We are slowly and gradually being destroyed by having our roots set on fire.

We need to realise this, and all the lovers of Bharat Mata must come together and intensify the movement of reclaiming not just the Ram Mandir, but all the thousands of temples and monuments that were altered, misconstrued, distorted, lost, demolished or destroyed by invaders.

This article is authored by Prerna Thiruvaipati ji.

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