There are two more important corollaries to understand:

Corollary 1: Attention span of your target audience is limited. 

Understand that a typical recruiter would scan through dozens of resumes to shortlist a few and then call them for interview. The more prestigious the job, lesser the proportion of resumes eventually shortlisted. Also the people who shortlist you are busy fellows. They are in most cases NOT likely to read your resume in detail. They would briefly scan through, see if something is worth catching attention, and make a quick decision.

A typical recruiter spends between 5 to 8 seconds on each resume in first glance.

If those 5 to 8 seconds reveal something interesting, he spends around 20 to 30 seconds on the resume to make his decision. If this ignites his interest further, you are ready to move to next level of recruitment – typically interviewing.

So here is the strategy:

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@shubham: I used to attend IIT coaching classes…didnt make it through though 🙁 In any case, my thoughts… (1)Preparation for IITs needs to begin lot earlier than class xii. Many start preparing in Xth std vacation itself. (2)Nonetheless, I know of folks who, even if they dont make it in… Read more »

Very nice info Sabjeev..