Some basic tips on Design of the resume so that you can quickly create a fairly impressive resume in next 60 minutes:

Remember that we want to present ourselves as professional and thorough, regardless of whatever other traits you may prefer to highlight. And we want to advertise.

So keep in mind the following 10 design points:

1. Use a portrait layout. Never ever use a landscape layout. Some enthusiasts change the layout to appear different but end up irritating the recruiter. Either in print or screen, sudden change of layout when one is reviewing other resumes and browsing other documents as well (99.99% of them being in portrait layout) is extremely distracting.

2. Spelling mistakes are greatest crimes in resume building. I would throw away a resume immediately I find a spelling mistake. After all if one is so careless about his own self-projection, how can he take his job seriously! You may differ from me, but that is how most serious recruiters think.

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  • Agniveer

    You see to be pretty young in professional world,True resumes go for 10 to 15 pages also and any type of font can be used.Anyway this is IIT and IIM combination.


    • @Haram Singh : very intelligent words.please make sure that you have a 15 page resume with at least 1000 words a page for your next job application.

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  • Don’t worry brother Juber,
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    We wish you a very happy and prosperous Diwali. May the light of illumination eradicate all darkness of ignorance and hatred. May all believers and non-believers enjoy the Heaven of knowledge together in the same Jannah.


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