For a long time, the Hindi version of Satyarth Prakash (Light of Truth) was not available on web. The existing version was in image format making the file heavy and unsuitable for reading. We have managed to bring forth an editable Hindi version in pdf format. The original file is uploaded on Kindly read this carefully and understand the essence of Vedic Dharma.

Accept the truth and reject the false!

Satyarth Prakash – Light of Truth

Note: For serious study and reference purpose, we strongly recommend a hard copy of Satyarth Prakash published by Ram Lal Kapoor Trust, Sonipat (Ajmeri Shatabdi Edition) edited by Pt Yudhishthir Meemansak.

To understand the essence of Vedic Dharma, please review Vedic Religion in brief.

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Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit "Please read this" in Top and Footer Menu.

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Kapil Purushottam

achha,ye batao ,One is God or God is one,
apni soch mat batao Islam kia bolta he ye batao

Kapil Purushottam

achha,ye batao ,One is God or God is one,
apni soch mat batao Islam kia bolta he ye batao


this boook has changed my life… has changed my attitude towards life…
nothing else to say it has just taken me out the dirt and stupidity i was living since years!!

dhanya dhanya rishi dayanand !! aur dhanya hai unki satyarth prakash!

Truth Seeker
@Krishna Brother I would like to ask as I have been attending several Tulsi Ramayan Katha programmes. Tulsi Das written many good things & addressed Ram as a follower of Veda like “श्रुति पथ पालक धर्म धुरंधर” “Shruti Path Palak Dharm Durandhar” But somewhere he goes against Veda when he… Read more »
Mohinder Singh Malik

Because Tulsidas ji was a human being, there is always probability of mistakes in humans system and books. it proves that Tulsidas ji was not God, his book can’t have SAMPURANA KNOWLEDGE. It is only possible in God’s System and books VEDAS. Thanks

Truth Seeker
@krishna brother, you are correct, Tulsi Das glorified Rama so that people can adopt her character like he said कोटिन्ह यज रामह कीन्हा Kotinah yaj Ramah kinha (Rama had done krors of Yaj) But somewhere he said कलियुग न जप न ताप न यज कलियुग केवल नाम आधार Such scripture… Read more »

yea! i am going to try to translate those articles in hindi … as my next articles on while though it would take time but still i think i would be able to do atleast one article per week… i will try doing so this week!

इस पर मेरा विचार यह है की चूँकि तुलसीदास जी के समय में पाप कर्म बहुत अधिक फ़ैल चूका था और लोग पहले से अन्धविश्वासो की रुढियों में जकड़े पढ़े थे तो ऐसी स्थिथि में दो ही रास्ते होते हैं .. या तो पूर्ण विद्रोह करके केवल और केवल जो… Read more »
Truth Seeker
@GOD IS GREAT When you have shown me link of Mr. Satish Chander Gupta refutation, I thought probably today I would get answer of fundamental Questions which makes me bore by posting here time to time before Muslims. How can you say it is refutation if he does not provide… Read more »
Namaskaar Truth Seeker brother! Yes, I agree with you that he is a total fraud. The heights is: he defends Islamic invaders and raises a question: If Islamic invaders really attacked India, how come Hindus were defeated if it is proven that were in majority. By saying that Mughals invaded… Read more »
Truth Seeker
@God is Great Namaste Brother _________He just says — जो मनुष्य पक्षपाती होता है, वह अपने असत्य को भी सत्य और दूसरे विरोधी मत वाले के सत्य को भी असत्य सिद्ध करने के लिए प्रवृत्त होता है। इसीलिए वह सत्य मत को प्राप्त नही हो सकता। = “स्वामी दयानन्द सरस्वती”… Read more »
Now, comes the question – why lions and others are carnivores? Well, nature has a systematic working. It made trees to support vegetarianism and herbivores to feed on it. Carnivores are there to feed on herbivore. A lion eats up antelope, zebra, deers, stag etc. Rarely a lion eats another… Read more »
Truth Seeker Namaskaar Brother! He is not mentioning any answer to what Swami Dayanand said. He just says — जो मनुष्य पक्षपाती होता है, वह अपने असत्य को भी सत्य और दूसरे विरोधी मत वाले के सत्य को भी असत्य सिद्ध करने के लिए प्रवृत्त होता है। इसीलिए वह सत्य… Read more »
Truth Seeker

If you find anything concrete in his book please put it here. Thank You for the link I will read all his stuff as time suits me.

फिर तुलसीदास जी ने संभवत: जान भूजकर रामचरितमानस संस्कृत में न लिख कर ,हिंदी में लिखी है क्यूंकि संभवत: वो इसे ज्ञानियों के चर्चा का विषय न बना कर ,जन साधाराण जो संस्कृत नहीं जानता उसीके लिए रची है | और जो सब चमत्कारों की बातें हैं वो जरूर उन्होंने… Read more »
अब बात करते है सत्यार्थ प्रकाश की। आपको पता है कि सतीशचन्द गुप्ता नामके एक प्राणी ने सत्यार्थ प्रकाश की समीक्षा लिख डाली है। आप अंतर्जाल पर देख ले – अधिकांश आपको गम्भीर तथ्य प्रतीत होगा पर जब आप तह तक जाऐंगे और अनुसन्धान ( Research ) करेंगे तब आप… Read more »
Truth Seeker! नमस्कार भ्राता! सर्वप्रथम मैं कोई विद्वान नही हु – जो कुछ है वह तो कुछ योगियो से वार्ता के पश्चात है। रही बात तुलसीदास की तो मात्र वही दोषी नही बल्कि उनके समय की भी है। मान लिजिए – आपने सत्य बताने के लिए पुस्तक लिखी परंतु तथाकथित… Read more »
Truth Seeker
Namaste Brother “God Is Great” You seem to be great scholar. Tulsi Das Ji written many Goods / Morals which should be adopted by all through portraying character of Rama. But it is Tulsi Das who is responsible to some extent for propagating polytheism in Hinduism. He got the all… Read more »
तुलसीदास एक योगी थे। अपने ग्रंथ रामचरितमानस से पूर्व उन्होने घटरामायण नामक पुस्तक लिखी थी। उसमें रामजीवन का सत्य समझाने का प्रयास किया था। किंतु उस समय में अन्धविश्वास इतना बड़ा हुआ था कि तुलसीदास का विरोध हुआ। तुलसीदास को कई मित्रो ने कहा था कि रामायण संस्कृत में लिखो… Read more »

Dear Sir,

I am speechless after reading this book. Thanks so much for providing such a change of education level to us. Thanks Swami Dayanand ji. regards,


Hello/…can you plz tell me how can i get original copy of satyarth Prakash.
You can contact me on 9979730876.


you can download satyartha prakash for free an read it online or you can buy fromany nice book store!

Mohinder Singh Malik

aapko ye pustak kisi bhi book shop jo Dharmeek pustak store ho, usper milegi. pl buy one and read it. it will change ur life..

Who is God of Allah
I went through the book & I liked the very first query:- 1. “(I begin this book) In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.” (1*:1.) C. ~ The Mohammedans claim that this Q’uran is the Word of God, but it appears from the above passage that the author… Read more »
A human being

Just found an excellent link. See this:

Myths of Quran debunked completely. A total shocking revelation: Now, even Arabs hate Quran. Must read… Good education for a Quran lover. 😀

abhishek pokharna

thank u so much
i surprised there
jo books bahut talashne par nahi milti wo yaha free me uplabdh he


aap 14va adhyay par gour kho nahi dete ho
kuran ki samiksha kyo nahi karte ho


Namaste Aman Bhai

Is site par aadhe se adhik lekh Quran ki sameeksha par hi hain. Aap dhyaanpoorvak avlokan karen.


Mayank Goyal

Please Post Pages no. 71,72. They are missing from both; Pdf as well online version


[…] is the Satyarth Prakash in Hindi, English, or Malayalam, since I do not know what language you speak. n__n I hope this helps! Hari […]


many many thanks for this
i could not get hold of the hardcopy
and i had been looking for this for a long time

thanks again

bhavesh merja

Agniveerji, by uploading SP & RBB Hindi versions on this web you have really done a very important job. Congratulations !
May I know these books are edited by whom ?
= Bhavesh