I am born to live
I am trained to kill
I am known for will
Soldier is my name

I am paid to live
Not paid to die

But still I die
Soldier is my name

I am the face unknown
None would ever see
Except for Mother who begot me
And Motherland who will absorb me

You have opinions
You have analysis
While I climb up the hill
Looking down the death-valley

Copyright ~ Agniveer

I am behind enemy lines
Ready to take them on
Not because I was paid
But loved by Motherland

I will be discarded
I will be disowned
Nobody will know me
If I don’t return home

You won’t know how bravely I fought
You won’t know how many I fought
You won’t know how long I fought
You won’t know for whom I fought

Try it once how it feels
When bounties are on head
Live, laugh and socialise
When they are searching for you

You laugh at me – “you are different”
“You hate them, they are like us”
I smile back in silence
You think you win debate

Copyright ~ Agniveer

Just one thing to say
When I come back in pieces
Don’t tell my Mother
Nobody asked me to die

She will survive with my pieces
But not with Her heart shattered
Let Her live with my memories
Don’t make Her cry

And to Mother, I am here
In another place, with Your blessings
Preparing for next battle
With lessons You taught, with love You gave

One resolve
Whether One or a thousand
I will fight them all
I am born to fight
Soldier is my name.

~ Vashi Agniveer

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