Modern medicine treats cataract as an irreversible disease that can be treated only through surgery.  Cataract surgery technology has advanced considerably these days. A patient can resume normal work within a week and without any admission to hospital. The new foldable lenses are also pretty comfortable and safe.

Nonetheless, an artificial lens cannot surpass the gift of nature. For those desiring to reverse their cataract, here is an excellent tested swadeshi remedy. Please note that this may not work in very advanced stages of cataract. But would be definitely effective in most cases. (Kindly take approval from your doctor for any potential rare allergies.)

Take 10g pure honey (honey of small bees is preferable)….

For complete remedy, please visit Yogic Hacks.

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Daily 25 minutes practice of Anulom Vilom Pranayam cures Cataract and other eye-disorders. I would suggest to learn this Pranayam from Swami Ramdev baba.


Does anybody know tested swadeshi remedy for corronary artary blockage?


Is there any treatment for psoriasis. would appreciate your help.

Gnana Boomi

Natural remedies are a lot safer to try as it does not have any side effects. The Dengue fever has a natural cure as well, from Papaya leaves. Please check

I have problem in my eyes for the last 2 years, it pains a lot in the eyes specially the left eye, also when it pains it feels something is inside my eyes that i need to extract out, that forces me to constantly touch my eyes, which leads to… Read more »

Laser surgery is easily available and more trustworthy than the medicine you mentioned here.

Sridhar Krishnan

True… Rather than smearing onion juice and honey, we can resort to Laser surgery. 😉

Ajay Kumar
Namaste Agniveer/Other Scholar Can this medicine also be helpful to prevent the eye sight to damage further. Actually my eye sight getting week day by day although I wear spectacles & consulted with doctors but not much benefit. Can I use this medicine. Please must give me response. Now a… Read more »
Ajay Kumar

To get pure honey also a problem in city area . In this case can honey available in market be used?

Hari Om

If someone has normal problem of eyes and he is using the spectacles as an alternative. The number of his spectacles is 5 then please recommend the remedy which suit him the most.


Has this remedy been tested sir?

One of my elderly relative had signs of initial stages of cataract. He tried this and had improvements. Today more than a decade has passed and he still has no cataract problem. But since its a matter of eyes, would suggest that doctor be consulted first for any contra-indications. This… Read more »
Saurabh Mittal

Nice to see you back in action sirji! I cud decipher that it has to be you from your twitter invite 🙂 Lets connect sometime over gtalk