Once upon a time, cyberspace used to be dominated by fanatics. They included not only hackers and terrorists associations but also witchdoctors and scientists specializing in superstitions. They all had only one mission – to subdue all voices that don’t sing chorus with their own call of divine. Mortal remains of their deeds can still be witnessed in internet archives. In those times, they would proudly assert that only they have passport of heaven, and whosoever disagrees even slightly shall not be forgiven – here and hereafter.

Their impact was spread across the world. But Indians – being the potentially most attractive population segment for their mission – were a special focus for them.  Their witchdoctors thus created a lot of ready-made material which would be copy-pasted by the junior level missionaries across various discussion boards, social networking sites, blog sites, comments section of blog sites to dissuade Indians from their culture and its foundation towards the only way to achieve a virgins-ful heaven. The proof of their claim was visible to entire humanity through the marks on the moon that proved its splitting 14 centuries ago!

They were being very successful in their mission and this success made them proclaim that their dominance would increase with increasing penetration of internet among masses. By 2013, India was estimated to be fully dominated as per claims of their TV Channels. But then Agniveer came. And scenario changed. Now suddenly their copy-paste would get countered by similar copy-pastes from Agniveer site. Google would show up Agniveer site in Top 10 searches on most of the controversial topics that they would like Indians to be confused about.

Agniveer was a very humble small scale attempt without recourse to petro-dollars or millions of bucks. But it struck where it hurt the most. Agniveer did nothing great – it simply showed them the mirror. It proved to them that they have no logical basis to claim that only their belief system is perfect and everything else is a passport for hell. It showed them there is no evidence to prove that the holy scripture of theirs is indeed the same as provided by whom they claim to be their founder. And that blind belief devoid of reason is only a recipe to nurture terrorists. Agniveer also countered silly allegations on Indian culture through authoritative analysis and evidences.

Now suddenly their plans went awry. One celebrated witchdoctor in their team announced recently that he would not argue or debate with certain ‘sects’ ever. Many others attempted to redefine their interpretations of their scriptures. But there are many who followed the deeds of the monkey of Panchatantra. In Panchatantra, there is a story of a monkey who was shivering in rain because he had no home. A sell-intentioned pigeon advised him to build a home so that he does not have to face such troubles again. The monkey got angry on this and destroyed the nest of the pigeon to ensure that even she does not have a home. This is what terrorist mind is all about – foolishness, anger, vindictiveness.

Similar minds have started countering Agniveer by denigrating the Vedas on most frivolous pretexts because they could not explain how they could demand the entire world to follow ONLY their book which was compiled only after 20 years of the murder of the peace-loving saintly founder by a gang which was itself murdered by yet another group. Even that book is not available fully today. But ‘Buffalo belongs only to one who has the stick’ seems to be their mantra.

A recent attempt has been by writing articles based on extremely outdated claims to prove that Vedas are also textually corrupted. We initially chose to ignore this long-rejected frivolous claim. We thought that someone else would counter it along with flat-earth theory while we focus on other prominent tasks. But considering the widespread promotion that is being provided to this viewpoint by petro-dollar power holders, we thought to have at least a short analysis debunking the myth. Because in an era of misinformation, truth is often nothing but a lie shouted thousand times!

We shall only provide brief concepts here that can be used by anyone to deduce the truth. We simply want to ensure that we do not act like pigeons to counter the terrorist monkey. Lets be gorillas instead!

To read the original allegation, you can simply type ‘Textual Corruption in Vedas’ in google and check the variants. We don’t want to provide a link and help popularize new names to replace old fanatics whose demise the world is celebrating today!

We shall provide brief summary of allegation and our analysis.

Here we start:



Even if someone conclusively proves that Vedas available today are textually corrupted/ incomplete or that an alien came in space-ship to replace original Vedas with a duplicate inferior variety it does not matter much. This is because:

Vedas are not supposed to be merely mugged up and followed blindly or narrated like a parrot to invoke its divine powers or split the moon. The very word ‘Veda’ means knowledge. And hence Vedas have to be followed or adopted only to the extent that it is intuitive or reasonable to your own mind. So if you bring even the greatest scholar in the world to prove to me that Rigveda 1.1.5 means that “The one who claim to be a doctor, possesses a goat-beard but wear a suit-tie and tie, and asserts that all non-believers would go to Hell and apostates deserve being killed – should be greeted with footwear”, then I am not going to believe it. Because my own intellect and whatever I understood from Vedas so far tell me that fake should be countered with arguments and intellect, and not with symbolic gestures of frustrations that are insulting.

And by following my conscience in this manner to best of my abilities without bringing ego in picture, I would be following the Vedas.

Vedas are supposed to be already encoded within our minds. What we read in books is merely a way to decode this knowledge. This is like the Laws of Motion. You don’t have to mug up what Newton wrote in Latin in Principia to understand the laws of motion. You approach the knowledge intuitively. And then to fulfill needs of further understanding, you may also learn Latin or whatever as situation demands. But you do so driven by logic and not guided by blind belief that mugging up will give to Heaven. We still refer to the texts because though technically it is possible for all of us to deduce the Laws of Motion and Theory of Relativity all by ourselves but it would become a very time-consuming process. We don’t take works of Newton or Einstein for mugging up blindly, we use them as check-posts to help us guide to right path in a manner that is intuitive/ logical to us.

So even if few pages of Principia are torn, or there are some misprints, or a few pages mixed up, it does not matter much because all that means is that for some parts, we will have to put a bit more extra effort to understand what exactly they meant. And especially if you are only a Class 1 student, these apparent mistakes would actually mean nothing at all for you.

In same vein, if an advanced scholar of Vedas complains of being stalled due to inaccessibility to certain portions of Vedas, it could still be understood. We are still puzzled on how Fermat’s Theorem could be elegantly solved because some pages of his diary are found missing! But if you asked after reading the last sentence – Who is Fermat? – then you don’t even need to bother about the missing pages!


Those attempting to belittle the Vedas come with malevolent intent and not genuine intention to seek truth. While a Vedic follower would very clearly proclaim that we would reject any translation of Vedas that do not appeal to our conscience or is logically unsound, these fanatics would never ever say that they would follow the same standard for their text. They would never assert that there remains a scope that their text has been tampered with because it was written only 20 years after suspicious death of original founder by a murdering group of fighters.

They cannot do so because their cult has a rule – if someone turns apostate – kill him. So its a one way traffic – they shall never accept the truth and would continue to ridicule and decimate the non-believers. But the rest of us are supposed to accept their way merely because we are not taught to be fanatic!


Proving textual corruption in Vedas will not result in the conclusion that any other text is divine. And even if corruption is proved in Vedas, that does not have much significance for reasons discussed above. So such attempts only showcase that the monkey of Panchatantra lives even today. I say this because the same sites and people that attempt to prove corruption in the Vedas are also the ones who openly promise permanent Hell for non-believers and defend those who justify death for apostates.

The goal of this article is merely to reassure that while we should keep caution of these dangerous monkeys, we should not take their monkey arguments seriously.

There is another story in Panchatantra about monkeys where a king and the minister went for a trip. They saw a lot of monkeys in a place. Every monkey was doing some monkey act – throwing stones, jumping, fighting each other, making noises etc. But there sat a monkey in one remote corner who was sitting in lotus position with eyes closed. The king said to the minister, “Look! This monkey looks like a saint. How peacefully is he sitting in meditation. Let us go and seek his blessings.” The minister replied, “O King! Don’t be duped by these acts of monkeys. Even this pretense of meditation by a monkey is a monkey-act. Lets move ahead.” The king refused, went to the monkey and bowed in front of him. Suddenly the monkey jumped, snatched the crown of the king, and ran away!

We hope the kings of this world would pay heed to this humble minister and protect their crowns.

Let me assure you that all these allegations on Vedas are baseless. There is always a remote possibility that Vedas are corrupted, or that there are 7 skies, or that moon was split into two when someone pointed finger, or that the hobbits of Lord of the Rings actually live in our cities, or that sun is smaller to earth and sets in a mud-pond, or that certain stones can snatch your clothes and run away, or that certain donkeys have face of a woman and can fly you to moon and 7 skies. And when we find reasonable evidences for these, we would be glad to not only accept these but promote them as well.

But for that to happen, more rational and plausible evidences have to be brought in light than these outdated frivolous ones.

Allegation 1: Different texts talk of different number of Vedas. No one is sure whether there is 1 Veda, or 3 or 4 or 5.


1. Those who allege this should first read our article – http://agniveer.com/5090/fountainhead-philosophies-vedas/ that explains that its all about definitions. Just as I can define you as 1 person, or a group of 1 brain, 2 eyes, 2 nosetrils, 2 ears etc or as 2 different persons due to split personality causing confusion or whatever. But they all point to same thing.

Similarly, scholars have defined Vedas variously. If you consider only knowledge, Vedas is only 1. If you consider Para and Apara knowledge (liberating and mundane knowledge), then Vedas are 2. If you focus on Knowledge, Action and Contemplation, Vedas are 3. If you consider Rik, Yajuh, Sama, Atharva, Vedas are 4. If you consider each mandala of Rigveda as separate, then there are 10 Rigvedas. Similarly we have 40 Yajurvedas. If you take each mantra as a different Veda, you have more than 20,000 Vedas.

So number does not matter. They all point to same set of mantras.

2. Many Upanishads and Manu Smriti talk of Vedas coming from Agni, Vayu, Aditya, Angira. Some view these as Rishis in inception of human civilization. Others term them as innate sources of nature that inspired the Rishis. Whatever be the case, there is no denial that a select few Rishis got the knowledge of Vedas first and then they propagated in a manner that there remains perfect standardization since then.

Now these names Agni, Vayu, Aditya, Angira are nothing more than Unique IDs. These names depict their areas of specialization in same manner as Subhash Chandra Bose is called Netaji and Krishna is called Madhusudan. It is not that they were born with birth-certificates of these names on basis of which they were admitted in some schools or their Voter Cards were made. So just because Aditya is called Surya somewhere does not affect the Vedas in any manner. Atharvaveda is also called Angirasa because they depict characteristics of a particular Veda. Vedas are themselves called by different names depending upon what aspect of their property we want to focus upon.

The beauty of Vedic literature lies in the fact that words are not used with pre-decided arbitrary meanings to force the mind to think in specific directions. Instead words are derived from roots (which again are based on how each pronunciation impacts our minds) and hence verses allow the mind to think originally and discover new essence in a state of deep contemplation. So focus is on liberation and not imprisonment of intellect. And since it is already within you, you don’t simply mug up the meaning or even translate a meaning. You FEEL the meaning within. The very test of whether you understand a mantra or not is that whether you could intuitively FEEL the meaning from within. If not, don’t worry! Keep practicing, keep using your faculty of thinking and keep following your inner voice!

3. Vedas are very commonly classified into 3 because they represent 3 kinds of knowledge – Theory, Actions, Contemplation. Rigveda focuses more on theory, Yajurveda on actions and Samaveda on Contemplation. Note that they are not independent silos. They are merely overall themes. You cannot be expert in one unless you are also master of the other two. And that is why you would find a lot of repetition of verses in the different Vedas. It is just that the FEELING changes with change in context.

Now Atharvaveda is all about Practical Applications – integration of the wisdom of rest of the 3 Vedas. So often it is not referred separately. It is automatically included in the themes of rest of the 3 Vedas in same manner as Practical classes are assumed to be part of the subject of Physics along with Theory. So primarily Rik, Yajuh and Sama are mentioned in literature. Atharvaveda is also called Chhanda and mentioned wherever necessary.


Q: Why Manu Smriti and Swami Dayanand talk of completing study of Vedas in 36 years by devoting 12 years on each Vedas? This means Vedas are only 3.

A: As explained earlier, Atharveveda is already included in the course curriculum. It is impossible to understand any Veda without referring to Atharvaveda for all of us except those who might have mastered all this in their previous birth and are born as Rishis since birth. For lesser mortals, when Rigveda or Yajurveda or Samaveda is to be mastered, the relevant portions of Atharvaveda have to be practiced to understand the applications. After all theory is incomplete without practicals.

This confusion comes in minds of those for whom study of a scripture only means becoming a Haafiz who could mug up and narrate the verses like a parrot. While mugging up is often useful and at times very necessary to preserve the Vedas, it is a very special course for very specific minds. For most of us, spending 12 years reading Physics will not mean spending time mugging the books. Further you don’t need to spend 12 years to mug up each Veda! Something like Yajurveda has less than 2000 mantras that can be completed in less than a year if mugging is all that has to be done.

In reality, even when you are mastering one particular Veda, you must study other Vedas as well and gain a reasonable proficiency in them. This is like Engineering Colleges having courses on Physics, Maths, English, Psychology, Economics etc as well.

So if you put 36 years on Vedas, don’t worry. Atharvaveda would automatically be taken care of.


Q: What about 1131 branches/ shakhas of Vedas? Everyone knows that only a few of them remain today. All the other branches are lost.

A: Oh No. Not again. Branch refers to a particular recension style of Vedas to emphasize certain aspects and making it relevant to existing time and society. Branches or Shakhas are not eternal. But original Vedas have been preserved as they were even till today. Most Shakhas went extinct during a long period of misrule. But nonetheless our forefathers ensured that they did not allow the tradition of memorizing and preserving the original Vedas from generation to generation.

Now some fools argue that why are original Vedas are also called by name of Shakhas. The answer is that the name of Shakha is derived from the Rishi who ensured its preservation from generation to generation. Some Rishis chose to promote the variations so as to propagate their meaning among masses and specialized students. Some volunteered to continue preserving the original Vedas so that more Shakhas could be created in future. Why should we not acknowledge these Rishis? Hence Shaakal chose to preserve the Rigveda, Madhyandin chose to preserve Yajurveda, Shaunak chose to preserve Atharveveda and Kauthum chose to protect Samaveda. These refer not only to individuals but entire traditions.

None apart from misled fanatics ever had any disputes over these Shakhas and the originals. Even western indologists and detractors who were otherwise skeptic of Vedas and their meanings had to admit that original Vedas are available to us in same form as the oldest evidence available without any doubt.

Maxmuller announces in Origin of Religion (p 131): The texts of the Veda have been handed down to us with such accuracy that there is hardly a various reading in the proper sense of the word or even an uncertain accent in the whole of the Rig-Veda.

Maxmuller in Rigveda Vol 1, p XXX: As far we are able to judge at present, we can hardly speak of various readings in the Vedic hymns in the usual sense of that word. Various readings to be gathered from a collection of different manuscripts now accessible to us there are NONE.

Macdonell in A History of Sanskrit Literature (p 50): Extraordinary precautions soon began to be taken to guard the canonical text. Thus fixed against the possibility of any change or loss the result has been its preservation with a faithfulness unique in literary history.

Keigi in Rigveda (p 22): Since that time, nearly 3000 years ago, it (the text of the Vedas) has suffered no changes whatsoever, with a care such that the history of other literatures has nothing similar to compare with it.

Abinash Chandra Dass in Rigvedic India (p 5): These hymns, however, were not committed to writing on payrus, palm-leaves or baked clay-bricks, but to human memory carefully cultivated for the purpose and were handed down from generation to generation without the loss of even a single word or syllable.

Should we say more? Except that we don’t know the cure for paranoia.

Allegation 2: Some verses of Rigveda are missing. Nirukta 7.8 talks of a verse offering oblation to Vishnu and Agni in Rigveda but there is no such verse in current Rigveda. So the verse was lost.


1. Nirukta wasn’t preserved in the way Rigveda was. So Rigveda is much more authoritative, especially after scrutiny by even the skeptics as mentioned above.

2. The Vishnu of Vedas is same as the Agni. Both refer to same Singular Supreme Entity. Only the misled see polytheism in Vedas. So joint oblation to Vishnu and Agni is applicable to any mantra that can be interpreted to imply those characteristics of Supreme that are common in meaning of Agni and Vishnu. This is a research subject for those who have skills to contemplate deeply on mantras. There is nothing conflicting in it. At best one can say that – Since I don’t know anything about Vedas because knowing that would put me in Hell, hence I cannot understand it.

3. Interestingly the very people who are currently raising this childish allegation are the ones who also attempt to prove that Vedas talk of only one Single God. But they use this argument when they want to prove that Vedas and their modern scripture both talk of the same Singular God, but because their scripture is latest, hence that latest version should be followed. Hence everyone should start believing in their religion to escape Hell.

But here, since the purpose is to create doubt, the exactly opposite argument is being propagated. Remember we talked about the monkeys? Now recall the advise of the minister.

Allegation 3: There is corruption in recitation of certain mantras. For example Rigveda 10.29.1 has a word that is pronounced as ‘Va +Yah’ in one Pada Patha and ‘Vayo’ somewhere. Scholars interpret the words differently and come with conflicting meanings. Another example is word ‘Mehanaasti’ which is interpreted as “Ma + Iha + Naasti’ in some Pada Patha.


Whether we take the word as ‘Va + Yah’ or Vayo, they both are pronounced in exactly the same manner. Same is true for ‘Ma + Iha + Naasti’. However in Vedic mantras, these words come us Vayo and Mehanaasti. Scholars can have disputes over how the word should be interpreted. This is a research topic. Depending on their views, they can have different Pada Paatha or break-up of the words. Perhaps during Yaska’s time, someone broke the word in wrong manner and hence he had to counter it. Similar to the way even we have to counter the most outdated concepts even today despite the availability of thoroughly verified and edited Vedas!

Pada Paatha is NOT original Vedas. It is one way of preserving Vedas. There are 9 more. Refer http://agniveer.com/2697/no-textual-corruption-in-vedas/. If an error comes in Pada Patha, it is corrected by comparing with other methods. And hence today, there is no doubt over what the original Vedic mantras are. (Thanks to efforts of sages like Yaska from time to time.) I recommend looking at editions of Pt Damodar Satvalekar which is accepted widely as the most corrected published version.

Allegation 4: There are different versions of Rigveda available today each having a different number of mantras. Hence Rigveda is corrupted.


So finally they discovered what even Max Muller and Macdonell could not discover. Like the splitting of moon in NASA images and blackholes in universe because their text says that certain starts disappear in daytime! But unfortunately, this one is also a very dated allegation that did not even stand for a few days when it first emerged. The difference in number comes only due to different methods of calculation. If I ask anyone to list those verses of Rigveda which are present in one version but not in another, no one can produce it. At least in last thousands of years of documented history no one could produce it.

This matter has been dealt in great detail in http://agniveer.com/3953/mantras-rigveda/ and final calculations have been provided.

Allegation 5: There are different versions of Yajurveda as well. There is Black and White Yajurveda which have significant differences. Ishopanishad was an Upanishad later inserted in Yajurveda as 40th Chapter.


1. Black or Krishna Yajurveda is a branch (Shakha) and not original Yajurveda. It contains original mantras modified along with historical and explanatory descriptions to suit research interests of specific kind. Shukla or White Yajurveda refers to those branches of Yajurveda that modify the original mantras if required but do not add additional texts. The Madhyandini Yajurveda of Shukla Branch is the original Yajurveda and rest are its variations.

So in case you do not have access to original Yajurveda, start with a branch. That would be much more easy to approach due to explanations and simplifications. And when you have mastered them, you can have the taste of the original. The keen minds who are less paranoid and more zealous can approach the original directly as well!

2. Ishopanishad is nothing but the 40th Chapter of Yajurveda as it appears in a particular branch of Black Yajurveda with some modifications. Because this is the greatest text on spiritualism and philosophy and mother of all other texts like Geeta, other Upanishads and even Darshans, it has a special place in Vedic literature. Being mother of all Upanishads, it is called Isha Upanishad. Only a paranoid can explain why he or she thinks that Isha Upanishad cannot be part of Yajurveda.

Allegation 6: Swami Dayanand added an additional word “Gamyaat” in Yajurveda 9.20 while explaining the mantra. Hence Yajurveda is corrupted.


1. Did Swami Dayanand add the word in the mantra? No. The word is found only in Hindi translation in some editions. Now Swami Dayanand used to dictate meaning in Sanskrit to his pundits who would then translate it in Hindi as well as transcribe what he said.

But even if he or his pundit added the word in explanation, then you should be thankful to him for attempting to simplify things instead of taking exceptions.

2. Even if Swami Dayanand added the word in the mantra, that does not make Yajurveda corrupted. It only means that Swami Dayanand made an error. When did Vedas or Agniveer or Swami Dayanand claim that humans are fully perfect?

Allegation 7: Arya Samaj translation of Vedas has an additional mantra at the end of Yajurveda Chapter 25. Hence Yajurveda is corrupted.


1. So your anger is towards additional bonus that Arya Samaj translation gives you, if I understand properly. This means that you admit original Vedas to be a subset of existing Vedas with one less mantra. Hence there is no loss of information at least.

2. Now if we review this mantra, is it against rest of the Vedas in its message? If not, then what is the cause of concern. If you get one additional sentence in Einstein’s text on relativity that was written later by an editor but only emphasizes what Einstein says in rest of the paper, how is that a problem?

3. This is an objection only for those who think that if they mug up the book of divine and say a big sorry for all their misdeeds and laziness to Supreme Lord, they would easily get Heaven full of virgins. But for Vedic followers, there are no shortcuts to success. You have to practice what you learn in actions and keep exploring the truth within. And when you have liberated yourself from ignorance significantly, you would well have re-ignited the Vedas within. So one harmless mantra in one edition makes absolutely no difference. The only cause of concern could have been if the verse misled you, which it does not.

4. By the way, the 25th Chapter has only 47 mantras and that is accepted by one and all. Some publishers publish an additional mantra due to relevance of context. Perhaps someone inserted it years ago and then no printer bothered to or rather was not competent enough to scrutinize it. Please send us the name of the publisher and we shall write to him to correct the mistake. Or even you can write so referring to this article.

Allegation 8: Yajurveda 26.26 has a word ‘Ayohate’ which is used as ‘Apohate’ in Arya Samaj version. Hence Yajurveda is corrupted.


1. This is a printing mistake. Real word is Ayohate (अयोहते). Now in Devanagri script, Ya (य) and Pa (प) appear almost similar. Such errors are found in several places in Vedas because the first time they were being printed, they were being typeset from hand-written manuscripts. However Pt Damodar Satvalekar did a great job of scrutinizing all published mantras with manuscripts and manuscripts with various Paatha methods to give to us extremely authentic editions of Rigveda.

2. But thankfully, the meaning does not change because that was based on actual word.

So yes, printed versions may have corruptions. But neither the original Vedas, nor ‘the potential of humans to discover the Vedas from within and compare with those outside’ has been corrupted.

Allegation 9: Yajurveda 39.5 has a word “Vishyandane” which is used as “Vishpandane” in Arya Samaj version. Hence Yajurveda is corrupted.


Refer previous allegation.

Allegation 10: Yajurveda 13.58 has a phrase “Lokam Taa Indram” that is missing in Arya Samaj version. Hence Yajurveda is corrupted.


It does not matter whether this text is there or not. The meaning of the phrase is implied in overall meaning of the mantras continued from Chapter 12 itself up to this last mantra of Chapter 13. So for sake of completion of meaning you can put the phrase, and for sake of brevity you can skip it. A conservative approach would be to keep it. but if focus is to understand meaning alone, it can be skipped. We suggest having the phrase for sake of completeness.

Allegation 11: Samaveda has Kauthum and Jaimini branches having different number of verses as well as songs. Hence Samaveda is corrupted.


We have already mentioned that Kauthum Rishi preserved the original Samaveda. Refer the previous discussion on branches.

Further, Samaveda songs make no sense for the disturbed mind. They represent the melodies that generate from within when one reaches a high level of enlightenment and exalted state. Jaimini branch offers more variety and you can experiment with them to find what melody touches you the most. However keep caution – avoid spicy food, meat, alcohol, anger, frustration, hatred etc, study other Vedas as well and practice meditation. Without foundation of this, you may be simply wasting your time.

Allegation 12: Atharvaveda 20.127.3 is different in different versions. Arya Samaj has word “Rishaye” and Gayatri Pariwar has word “Ishaya”. Hence Atharvaveda is corrupted.


Again a case of printing mistake due to bad handwriting in Devanagri manuscript or error by typist. The correct word is ‘Ishaya’. Printing mistakes are not attributable to original texts.

Allegation 13: Shatpath Brahman states that young men should listen to Atharvaveda and young ladies to Angirasaveda on consecutive days. Before that Rigveda and Yajurveda should be listened. This means that:

– There is no mention of Samaveda and hence Samaveda is not a Veda.

– Atharvaveda and Angirasveda are different. Rishi Angiras was 4th generation from Rishi Atharva.


I shall not comment on what exactly this reference from Shatpath means. But even if we take it at face value:

1. Samaveda is not mentioned because Samaveda cannot be simply listened like other Vedas. Samaveda is all about emotions and meditation. Further, bulk of mantras in Samaveda are already in Rigveda. So there is no purpose of listening them again. However if the same mantras are meditated upon with emotions and sung, new revelations would come. But this is not in context of the ritual described. You need to separately practice this art.

2. Even if Rishi Angiras was born 4th generation from Rishi Atharva (I shall not comment on authenticity of this history), how does it matter? Names of Rishis depict their deeds and specializations and not the names in their Class X pass certificate. So a specialist in Atharvaveda can name himself Rishi Atharva. Similarly another Rishi can use synonym of Atharva ie Angiras and use as his name. This is similar to we using Agniveer as our name. Now just because we call ourselves Agniveer, it does not mean that we are the author of all the mantras in Vedas that have word ‘Agni’.

3. Refer http://agniveer.com/3937/who-wrote-vedas/ to understand authorship of Vedas as per available evidences and claims.

4. Atharvaveda and Angirasveda refer to same text. They are also called Chhanda in some places. Atharvaveda has the privilege of multiple names because it is an all-rounder. It adopts from Rik, Yajuh and Sama Vedas are brings forth their applied aspects. To there are multiple dimensions to it deserving multiple names.

But if this be the argument for Vedas being corrupted then Quran is perhaps the most corrupted text in the world. Because Quran is referred by a huge number of names in Quran itself. The word Quran was later adopted for the text by fighting followers long after death of the peace-loving founder. The founder never knew that this book would be called Quran. Quran is also referred by names reserved for Jewish and Christian texts in Quran itself! That is why some scholars conclude that original Quran refers to Bible or Old Testament or some unchangeable text which was existing ever prior to Testaments and was much bigger in size. This a matter of scholarly debate and we shall leave it to scholars.

But we believe that such frivolous means should not be adopted to claim corruption in any text. There should be something more substantial, reasonable and rational.

Final countdown

There are various versions of the article floating in cyberspace that allege corruption in Vedas. However all end with one single conclusion which we reproduce below:

“The above analysis proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Vedas have suffered heavy interpolations and changes. Talking strictly, even if one accusation of the above analysis stands, the entire Vedic literature will be unacceptable as a genuine inspired document.”


1. This exposes the motive of the author(s). They just want to throw 100 arrows blindly in the hope that at least one will hit the bull’s eye.

2. They term their assertions regarding Vedas as ‘accusations‘ that speaks volumes about their terrorism-inspired mindset. Truth-seeking is only a warfare for them. The author inspired by the Panchatantra monkey only wants the crown of the king. This also shows their desperation and insecurity complex arising out of the recent depletion of fanatic dominance over cyberspace and elsewhere as well.

3. Unfortunately none of the arrows came even close to hitting the dart-board. The reason is simple – they were hitting at completely opposite direction. And since earth is perhaps not round as per the scriptures they blindly believe in, there is no chance of the arrows even making a full circle to hit from the back! We hope next time, when they ‘accuse’ someone, they would do a more thorough and unbiased research. But that would demand rejection of company and idol-worship of fanatics.

4. To take this argument to an extreme, let us state something. Even if all the allegations…sorry ‘accusations‘ stand, still that would NO WAY AFFECT the Vedic religion. This is because the very essence of Vedic religion is to not blindly and literally translate any text as recipe for life.

Instead it is all about opening the minds and discovering the Vedas within.

The amount of Vedas we know from available benevolent literature is sufficient for us to make a head-start. And as we progress in practice of accepting truth by rejecting falsehood without bringing ego, laziness, frustration, fear etc in picture, the Law of Karma would automatically ensure that we would get the right tools and texts that we need for further progress.

But until we make ourselves eligible in this manner, the most immaculately preserved Vedas would also be nothing different from tonnes of books in the libraries that no one ever issued.

So instead of raising frivolous paranoia about what we don’t even understand, all we have to do is to promise the following:

‘I promise to accept truth through a continuous process of rejecting falsehood every moment to best of my abilities in the most sincere manner.’

And let Law of Karma manage the rest.

Vedic texts are like Science textbooks for us and not a roadside Mantra-Tantra book that promises to help us getting job, marriage, money, destruction of enemy, mesmerism over lover, invisibility, control of Jinna and ghosts etc by blankly reciting certain mantras on microphone and moving some bones.

Sorry, if you think Vedas are akin to Jhaad Phoonk of Pagla Baba Banarasi, or Ajmer Sharif ka Jaadu, or Shahdara Wale Miyanji ke Totke or something similar, you are at a wrong place. Get these addresses from any Railway Station rather than daring to open the minds to think honestly, if you want easy answers. However your own scripture might be a good replacement for these Babas and Miyans.

For rest of us, please understand what Vedic religion is all about by reviewing http://agniveer.com/series/universal-religion-for-all/ and firmly understand that even if someone proves us that Vedas have vanished in thin air, nothing is going to change. Vedas would still remain a genuine inspired document and Law of Karma would still work!

Don’t worry though! Vedas remain as preserved as they were always.

But yes, be wary of monkeys snatching away your crown! After all you are a king!

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Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit "Please read this" in Top and Footer Menu.

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Dr.Chandra P. Trivedi
Atharvaveda is also called Angirasa It embodies essence of three Vedas, the Rig. is the first, it has full knowledge of creation and life on the earth. It should be interpreted in chronological order. The knowledge is in the form of metaphors and riddles, where words are indicator of a… Read more »
Lol nice try. You have not given even a single source from any text and you even considers nirukt to be corrupted. If you can’t refute any point then please don’t write such rebuttal, just writing, this is wrong, that is not an authoritative book etc will not refute the… Read more »

first,please prove that the niruktha is corrupted.if you dont know anything then dont make such comments. in hinduism, the prcedence is given to Vedas first.leave the niruktha to itself.and by the way,read the comments by apolloreach on the ihi’s “refutation” to this post.

Abhishek Bhardwaj
TEXT 42-43 yam imam puspitam vacam pravadanty avipascitah veda-vada-ratah partha nanyad astiti vadinah kamatmanah svarga-para janma-karma-phala-pradam kriya-visesa-bahulam bhogaisvarya-gatim prati SYNONYMS yam imam–all these; puspitam–flowery; vacam–words; pravadanti–say; avipascitah–men with a poor fund of knowledge; veda-vada-ratah–supposed followers of the Vedas; partha–O son of Prtha; na–never; anyat–anything else; asti–there is; iti–thus; vadinah–advocates; kama-atmanah–desirous… Read more »

Is there nishedhaagya for idol worship in vedas? If yes please quote.


There is no idol worship in the Vedas. 40.17 Yajur Veda


Abhishek ji, Namaste!

With my limited knowledge on vedas, i can say, yajurved says, ‘Na Tasya Pratima Asti’, meaning there is not idol representation of HIM. Does this answer you?

Priya Narayan Ji .. Namo namah. 1) Yah nishedhaagya nahin hai. 2) Pratima ka arth samroop ya sadrish hona chaahiye (amarkosh dvaara). Ise Parallel kaha jaaye to vah shreshthar anuvaad hoga. ThoRa aur margdarshan karne ki kripa karein. Is discussion ke liye koi upyukt sthaan ho to vah bataayein. Yah… Read more »

I have read that vedas were volumes of books and what we have now is merely a very very little part of it.
Is it true?


Abhishek ji, Namaste!

It is not ture. All the volumes of vedas have been preserved and available.

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Hari nie dah tiga kali saya cuba buka blog nie.. rasa cam server error ja ..
harap boleh di baikki .. ramai yg tunggu penulisan baru dari awak

Jay Arya

not a bad article it seems okay keep it up

Amul Arya(Abu Masood)
Amul Arya(Abu Masood)

not a bad article


very nice i know exactly who this was refutation for


You need to pick one thread to post the question and stop posting the same thing everywhere. Truth Seeker already provided you a link on Agniveer that answers this question. Go back to that thread and read that link.


[…] for any textual corruption in the Veda samhita, please visit site below, it has some good points. Textual Corruption in Vedas – Agniveer __________________ Dharma Eva Hato Hanti Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha! Tasmat Dharmo Na Hantavyo […]

the great

very nice agniveer i want to read the vedas and understand our scriptures the right true way


Again Great Stuff Agniveer.
We humbel foot soldiers have more ammunition to fire at the anti hindu brigade and inform Hindu faith moreso!!

Vadiyala Ranjith Kumar
Vadiyala Ranjith Kumar
Yes you are right. I dont know I missed it. May be the content disturbed me lot more than what I thought it is. I mean the conspiracies of the west. Good work Sir. Keep it up. Your site is very helpful in countering the aurguments of those who are… Read more »
Vadiyala Ranjith Kumar
Vadiyala Ranjith Kumar

Allegation 8, Answer 2, Para 2: It is mentioned “HAS BEEN CORREPTED” and I guess it should be “HAS NOT/NEVER BEEN CORRUPTED”. Please correct it.


There is a neither in beginning of sentence.


[…] quantity and not very prominent. Please read this article, explains how Vedas were preserved. Textual Corruption in Vedas Origin of Vedas, Their Inspiration, and Authority No textual corruption in Vedas Its not a […]


Typo – I think the word ‘Ashwa Medha Yagna’ is a typical example of how the Sanskrit texts can be misinterpreted and misunderstood.

Corrected – I think the word ‘Ashwa Medha Yagna’ is a typical example of how the Sanskrit texts ARE misinterpreted and misunderstood.


I have a doubt.If Vedas say that you should not kill animals,why does it tells to kill a horse in Ashvameda Yajna?Isn’t Vedas supposed to be peaceful.And will the sacrificer be punished for his karma?Please reply

Agniveer, A great article. I think the word ‘Ashwa Medha Yagna’ is a typical example of how the Sanskrit texts can be misinterpreted and misunderstood. It literally translates to Horse Sacrifice Ritual where on the contrary, the Vedas talk about non-violence and vegetarianism. Can you shed more light on this?… Read more »
Dr.Chandra P. Trivedi
‘Ashwa Medha Yagna’ is a typical example of how the Sanskrit texts can be misinterpreted Dear Sir, The ‘Ashwa Medha Yagna’ is symbolic expression for journey of life in the world. The Horse is metaphor for cellular body, which is going towards its final destiny in life successfully. The Life… Read more »


I just visited your site. Good job. 🙂

@All: http://sites.google.com/site/mousawi/EarlyDebatesontheIntegrityoftheQuran.pdf I have just merely glanced at this article. But it seems to be a pro-Shia article on Quranic corruption. It details about Uthman burning copies of the Quran, accepting a verse with just one witness agreeing when Abu Bakr had established that two witnesses need to agree, Umar… Read more »
Vinay Arya
WHat is the use of a debate? Ans.The use of a debate is to know what is the truth and what is the untruth. Is debate a way to criticise? Ans.No.Debate is ot away to criticise.But it is a way to reach to the truth.A debate should be devoid of… Read more »
Islamic Slave! Congratulations! You are awarded as SUPER ULTRA MEGA ULTIMATE JOKER of the millennium. Now, coming to the fact. Your biggest joke is targetting India. The biggest threat to Islam is a Christian NOT HINDU. Why not? Finally Jesus was crucified for faults of others while Mohammed was poisoned… Read more »
“The Koran calls for belief and consequent obedience. It is, surely, calculated to inspire fear, indeed abject terror, rather than love” – Anthony Flew “The early Arabic sources quite plainly and frankly describe the expeditions as military expeditions, and it would never have occurred to anyone at that day to… Read more »
“Muhammad declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind…The precept of the Koran is, perpetual war against all who deny, that Mahomet is the prophet of God” – John Qunicy Adams “That is a simple rule, and easy to remember. When… Read more »
Before trying to attack on Indian faith – Prove that all above mentioned are wrong. Because Hinduism / India was praised by them all. Christians claim that Quran is reproduced from Bible. It is not a book to be studied at all. They are the biggest threat to Islam. They… Read more »
kalma kuran ki kaun si ayat me hai ? muhammad ji se jyada chamatkar to isa ji ne kiye jo sat machli ko sat tokri me badal diya tha murdo ko bhi jivit kar diya tha tab unko kyo n mana jaye ?muhammad ji ka chamatkar to yah bhi tha… Read more »
slave of islam apko kisi comedy circus me varti hona chaiye islam ne somalia,sudan,iraq,pakistan,afghanistan aur kitne muslim deshon mein shanti chal rahi hai,aur islam ne kahin milestone cross kar chuka hain 18000 killings cross kar chuka hai, duniya mein ex-muslims badh rahe hain, ali sina ne islam ki pol khul… Read more »
Tariq aziz

this was refuted by scholar apolloreach.

Get up my friend. No one is telling you to blindly follow Agniveer. No one said to blindly follow Vedas too. Unfortunately, Quran says to blindly follow it. Only follow what is rational and spiritual WITHOUT VIOLENCE. Before making any perception about Agniveer (or anybody) – please read this. http://agniveer.com/2623/islam-peace/.… Read more »

@भ्राता भ्रमित

Very good posts. Keep writing.

btw…But you don’t seem to be a confused(भ्रमित) guy. 😉

नमस्कार भ्राता आर्य श्रावक! धर्म ने कभी भी संग्राम नही सिखाए – वेदो ने तो कदापि नही । अन्य पुस्तको की बात मैं नही करुंगा । यदि आप बाईबिल की प्रार्थना पढेंगे तो पता चलेगा – वह कह रहे है – मुझे आशीष दो। बाईबिल का भक्त खुद के लिए… Read more »
@ Slave of Islam, Your comment – “Hinduism is the source of all problems in India. If all Indian people will accept Islam problems of terrorism, bomb blast, poverty can be eradicated permanently.” Dear friend in almost all the 68 Muslim countries no other religion is allowed, still the Muslim… Read more »
Slave of Islam= Slim Shaikh(Delhi, Near Jama Masjid)
Slave of Islam= Slim Shaikh(Delhi, Near Jama Masjid)
@Vinay Arya Muslim are proud to be Slave of Islam & Allah & Mohamad. Muslim should not change their names. ARbi names are best. WE proudly claim Mohamad was last prophet. He came on this earth just to teach us. WE proudly claim Arbi is the language of God &… Read more »
Vinay Arya
Dear Slaveji First you should unslave yourself. My words”kaliyug mein dayanand,shraddhanand aur 5000 varsh purva ke rishiyo jaisa vidwan koi bhi nahi ho sakata hai.kyonki unhone apani jee jaaan desh dharm ki raksha ke liye lagai.are paigambar to apani penis par niyantrana bhii nahi rakha pata tha.to usake dharm mein… Read more »
मैं समझ नही पा रहा हु कि आप चमत्कार को क्यो किसी की महानता मानते है ? चमत्कार सत्य हो भी सकते है नही भी। एक जादुगर भी खेल दिखाता है और तथाकथित चमत्कार करता है। कितने ही ऐसे जादुगर मौत से खेल जाते है पर फिर भी जिवीत होते… Read more »
Slave of Islam
@भ्रमित/Sharavak/KB/Vajra/T.S. /Agniveer/Atman दुनिया मे जैसे चमत्कार पैगम्बर मोहमद जी ने किये ऐसे अदभूत चमत्कार किसी और पैगम्बर नहीं किये थे ! और केवल मोहमद ही कलयुगी जीवो के लिए मान्य है जैसा की अल्लाह का आदेश है और हमें अल्लाह का कलमा जो की अल्लाह ने स्वयं कुरान के माध्यम… Read more »
MAHATMA GANDHI FOOLISHLY TOLD HINDUS TO SUPPORT KHILAFAT MOVEMENT (MUSLIM SEPARATISM) and HINDUS also supported KHILAFAT MOVEMENT without knowing its meaning. Khilafat only means one ummah regardless of nation and that muslims should be loyal to Khilafat and not one’s nation and HINDUS SUPPORTED THIS MOVEMENT FOOLISHLY because foolish gandhi… Read more »


Despite Allah’s pledge no one has a clue about “authentic” Quran…


hii..since there is no caste system in vedas can anyone learn vedas ? what is the procedure to start learning?


Namaste Prakash

Yes anyone who is good at science, maths, and reasoning can learn Vedas. Start improving your analytical skills and do meditate to increase your concentration span. You can read Satyarth Prakash to start with. I am sure it will help you a lot.



actually we need to undergo the procedure of upanayanam to start learning right? and we need to wear the yagnyopaveetam the sacred thread..so is it right to start learning vedas without undergoing this ceremony? and who will do this ceremony for non brahmins?



One becomes Brahmin by mastering Vedas (knowledge) and not that he masters Vedas if he is Brahmin. Rest has been concluded by KB.

@prakash: actually we need to undergo the procedure of upanayanam to start learning right? and we need to wear the yagnyopaveetam the sacred thread..so is it right to start learning vedas without undergoing this ceremony? and who will do this ceremony for non brahmins? To start learning anything these days… Read more »

thank u..but wat do u mean by satyarth?


“Satyarth Prakash” is a book by Swami Dayanand.


Naman Agniveer,
I am a young Neuroscientist and buffeled and very keen to know my origin. Ved and Sanatan Dharm. Kindly guide me and add me as your friend. For long run.


I guess what Brother Vajra wanted to say to Avinash was that there are a lot of people eagerly looking at Agniveer and IH to see who ‘wins’ the battle (I was one such). They just want to see that Vedas are successfully defended by agniveer, breathe a sigh of… Read more »

Namaste All
Just a small information required, Is donating to this site comes under any tax exemption like 80G deduction?



Yes, if you are an Indian citizen. Please refer the link for donation.


Namaste Shravak

I think so. Visit Donate for Cause section of Agniveer top right on the main page just beneath the Latest Updates.

@AsHwIn: My 2 cents on the issue regarding support to Agniveer… As Vajra mentioned support can come in various forms. One obvious factor is financial support. Agniveer/Satyagni are definitely incurring costs in order to run this website. Our contributions, however small, will go some way in helping the admins in… Read more »
Hinduism A simply Great Religion ——————————————————- Besides its basic qualities such as open-mindedness, compassion and tolerance; it would be the greatest religion on the basis of its profound mysticism alone. No other faith boasts such a deep and enduring comprehension of the mysteries of existence, or possesses so vast a… Read more »
Mushfiqs comparison at start itself is illogical . when agniveer says anything like para and apara it will include whole vedas as hence as per this its 2…but you compared it to vowels of alphabets which doesnot involve whole alphabets to divide like para and apara division which includes whole… Read more »
contd… @ Mushafiq: And in general, written down copies of Vedas need to be looked up with a pinch of salt. The great Western indologists & India’s own Brahmimical minds print Vedas with slight twists. I have already gotten in touch with Gayatri parivar about many RV quotes and poor… Read more »
Brother Apolloreach Agniveer’s and your posts are enlightening as always. But I think we have been giving the Ummi worshippers more weightage than they deserve. I doubt seriously that the believers of the scriptures, whose greater portion is covered by halal and haram conditions for sex slavery, polygamy, anal sex,… Read more »
Vajra Bro, That kashmiri Jehadi is thinking AGNIVEER is afraid of him. He proudly Declares it in his site. But Unlikely His demonic allah has sealed the heart of the kafirs. Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing, and over their vision is a veil.… Read more »

Got it Vajra.

contd.. I will address a few other later specific questions based on your response. P.S: And for those readers that many not have come across philology, it is a branch of study of languages based on history & linguistics. ————————— Mushafiq: This comment is on Sama Veda. Now why do… Read more »
Folks, Someone posted that IH has re-refuted this post. I have kept aside contextual aspects of the IH post that I was not privy too. But here is what I responded with. Mushafiq, I am keeping aside the Orkut discussions and Agniveer/Arya Samaj/ Satyrath Prakash specific content of your above… Read more »


They have published the rebuttal to this article. Please check it http://www.islamhinduism.com/responses/answering-agniveer/116-debunking-agniveer-textual-corruption-in-vedas


that guy is a liar half of his article are just nonsense when you go on his website he deletes your comments he is only liar there are few other muslim fantics

@Avinash Go to his site and post this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOXBkWlFkd0 in which a Sunni scholar is alleging Shias of labeling Quran as corrupt. Shias believe that Sura Ahjab of Quran was even bigger than Sura Baqr. But that was trimmed by Umar and Abu Bakr to suit Arab’s interests and… Read more »

ask them about Sana’s manuscriprt of yemen which indeed shows corrupted verses



So what should Agniveer do?


Refute him. What else?

@Avinash I am not gone through notorious IHI totally, just overlooked it and what i see is their main objective is to just argue, present false facts to defame Hindus and vedas but not seeking the truth. It doesn’t matter for them how many refutations you put forth. Their faith… Read more »
@shravak IHI censors comments and is a morally corrupt website. 1. On the article “the-young-man-who-broke-idols-a-message-on-idol-worship” a) Question about the morality of Ibrahim in breaking the idols (This is the first terrorist act done by muslims) your comments will be removed and login banned immediately. 2. On “prophet-muhammads-last-sermon” there is a… Read more »
@Avinash Why cant you refute him now? What you give in return to Agniveer after reading their articles? Are you so intellectually bankrupt that after having this much of information on Vedas you still look for Agniveer to answer everything being written in the name of Vedas? IHI and his… Read more »
@Avinash I couldn’t get how does it make you fool if you ignore his article? On contrary it will reflect your wisdom if you remain silent on the issues you have no idea of. If you dont possess even this much of brain then why not keep quite? Why roaming… Read more »
What nonsense are you writing against me? Do you want me to go there and make a fool of myself by ignoring his article on Vedas? If I ask him who is he to question Vedas, won’t he ask me who am I to question Quran? Don’t become mad at… Read more »
Is there only one God in Bible? —————————————————— Let’s check the Bible if there is only ONE God. The Father call His Son God in Hebrew 1:8 But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of… Read more »
Truth Seeker
Corruption in Veda Q & A ( IF Veda is corrupt God is corrupt) Rohit: Swami ji pranaam I was debating with a Muslim he was trying to prove me that Vedas are corrupt. Please give answer in detail so I can remove his misconception. Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to… Read more »
*Nirukta wasn’t preserved in the way Rigveda was* before calling nirukta currupt if you try to read it once rebuttal could be better. Nirukta 7.8 says opposite to what orignal author quoted it says that agni vishnu do take havi but there is *not* verse/hymn of it in dashtayi. Better… Read more »
@aum, Guru granth sahib says there are many false books of good, hence quran is false book. Dont you think it is futile to prove validity of vedas based on some other book which is considered as corrupt by the veda believer? better luck next time to prove that vedas… Read more »
Namaste aum Point here is not whether Nirukt was preserved or not. You leave Nirukta, someone can name another book X that says Vedas underwent textual changes. So Agniveer’s reply applies to any claim of corruption in Vedas based on the fact that any text X says so. In addition,… Read more »


I want to know about Pranayam means the real pranayam….Can you please share the knowledge that you have ..through the personal mails if subject is not related to this article….

Certainly , but i feel all the things works when you meet a real yogi, God can not be known w/o a Rishi/a perfect samadhist yogi. My sadhana took definite direction when i met my guru after years of interaction with him. He Gave me and my spouse deeksha. He… Read more »

@ AR & KB –

Now a days I trying yo go to the comment section of IH and TOH, but I cant access them. Dont know its problem at this location or of that site.



Both sites seem to work most of the time…but sometimes they do play truant. The latest comments are on a frame on the right of the main homepage.


@ Rashmi:

I don’t want to be a Yogi or Rishi. But I want mukti. Can you please explain in short what shall I do as per Vedas ??

Akhila Ji, Mukti is not possible witout astanga yoga sadhana and reaching of final 8th stage of samadhi of Astang yoga. At nirbikalpa samadhi only all the deeds of a soul are burned by the fire of yoga agni. Infact all yogis are clear and unanimous. After this stage as… Read more »
Agniveer, I find for a normal soul it is difficult to understand vedas. My faith in vedas is solely b’coz of practice of astanga yoga sadhana for more than 9 years. For a person who does not think/reflect and practice what is preched in Vedas and granths written by Rishis… Read more »
Thanks Agniveer and friends for your comments & support. We need to keep this momentum going on both reiterating the strong foundations of our Dharma and countering the devious designs of organizations like IRF ( and associated stooges) and SAN (and associated stooges). It is important that the Agni of… Read more »
@AR: Indeed and I think this has already started to happen and it is gaining even greater force. It would be interesting to know from Agniveer webmaster if the webtraffic to Agniveer has increased over the past few months as this will be a proxy for the momentum that you… Read more »
@ Kal Bhairav: I did not notice the traffic to the websites, be it this or TOH or IH. If what you say is even half true, it is good news.Your observation on two kinds of reactions of Muslims is interesting. You have been asking very probing questions on some… Read more »
@AR: I think we DO have them pinned down on multiple issues: (a)Mushafiq couldnt give a list of bad Muslim rulers with reasons. (b)Abdul Fatir is currently pinned down on whether Mo had a flat earth in mind or a spherical earth. (c)Abd-al Muhsin and Anti Loom are pinned down… Read more »
IH is a rubbish site. They just critisize hinduism for the sake of criticism. They are not truth seekers. i am a regular visitor of Agniveer.com and through AR i have came to know about IslamHinduism.com. i was just overlooking the site and what i see in the latest post… Read more »

Brilliant article, Agniveer Mahashay. Even though I belong to the Charvaka philosophy, I have utmost respect for the Vedas, as they completely respect my choice of life (atheism). The Al-Taqqiya group of companies (CEO Zakir Naik) is finished!! He is history, thanks to Agniveer/Satyagni, Ali Sina, MA Khan and others!!


@Muhammed Jarir Kanji:

By exemplary, I mean I should be able to do ALL that the prophet did and be happy. I cannot rape a 9 year old and be happy these days. I will be given the death penalty. Case dismissed.


Oops…sorry folks…was trying to deal with a proselytizer on Satyagni and instead posted here…Now that I’m here, Great Article BTW…and great job Apollo 🙂


thanks agniveerJi for all your articles..i have learned a lot about our religion through ur web site..Thank you very much from the deep of my heart…

great article…..but i didnot understood explanations on 10th allegation…….and also i think there should be articles on governance because now a days war is going on corruption and also i have heard about RTR law which a man Rahul Chimanbhai mehta is promoting and saying this law is same as… Read more »
We also want to write on these topics. But need some respite to create something original. We generally shy from stating the same thing in different words, which is already popular. We often face brickbats for the same but we believe that this is the way for minds to open… Read more »
but if there is no corruption ,then from start till end there should be neither adding up of mantras nor omitting it,isnt it????……Meaning or interpretation is not concerned here but text is………… . @The strictly correct way would be to have these words in last mantra of Chapter 13 ===========… Read more »
Namaste Krishna As soon as text is changed (as done while translating/interpreting/removing/adding words), it is different from the original scripture, simple. Now Vedas after being operated at with omission or adding up of words will never be called as Vedas in first place. Now the only problem remains is that… Read more »

@Apolloreach : Brother, I too saw your rebuttals to them. Some of your posts were deleted by them But they are preserved on another site. I read the full discussion, the last three messages are from you, and they dont have any answer for your comments.

Great work.

The last part of my post was missed out…here we go.. 4) The “I” factor….when I discuss Islam with a Muslim, for starters, I do give the Muslim the benefit of doubt where Quranic expertise is concerned. As the discussion evolves, one can easily know the level of expertise, either… Read more »

Yah brother Apolloreach you are doing a great job………….

and hats off to agniveer team………………………….

Thanks brother Apolloreach, You have made some really relevant points. And we are aware of how you virtually ripped them apart on their sites. That is why we were ignoring this write-up for some time. But now they started a new campaign through emails, scribd, facebook etc. So we thought… Read more »
Very well written…Given that I do respond to the author of the post that claimed that the Vedas are corrupted (on his website) every now & then, I have a few observations. 1) That author is not only upset with the way Islam is being analyzed by Agniveer but also… Read more »

10 out of 10 . 🙂

nice work.

The fanatic minds will come again here from a copy of the texts from that site and will paste them here.. Monkey will remain monkeys. To come out of monkeys world one needs the analytical skills that differentiates a human from a monkey. Many monkeys came out of the monkeys… Read more »