…continued from http://agniveer.com/5415/the-reality-of-caste-system-2/

The goal of this series of writing was not to paint a gloomy hopeless picture and make all of feel guilty. Instead the goal is to be objective and realistic about our history and present and pave a smart way for future.

This is what needs to be done to save India and Hindus Let each of us strive for this at whatever level we can and soon the efforts would multiply into a transformation within a few years.

– Reject caste system totally in thoughts, words and actions 


– Stop associating with our forefathers to defend their mistakes. This is also a form of caste system. Take collective responsibility for whatever happened. So-called birth-based Brahmins and Kshatriyas are not the only ones to be blamed. So-called Dalits and Shudras are more to be blamed. Why did they allow these fake Brahmins and Kshatriyas to usurp power and create nuisance for centuries?

Now let bygones be bygones. Stop calling yourself as belonging to any caste except humanity. Stop blaming any Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra for whatever happened in past or happens now. Our fight is against a mindset and not persons. Our success will depend on how strongly we refuse to even accept any person by his caste in first place.

And stop the habit of defending every other thing in name of culture and tradition.


– So totally reject every scripture, every ritual, every institution that thrives on birth-based caste system. Lets say a full-stop to it, be it a great temple or festival or a book we have been taught to love since early childhood for generations.

Agniveer did not find Vedas – the first texts – to contain any support for such ridiculous unverifiable conjectures. On contrary Vedas extol for pure meritocracy. Also Vedas are free from adulterations to best of our knowledge. Hence we consider Vedas as our foundation. All other texts are acceptable only to extent they comply with Vedas. And if they advocate casteism, racism or gender bias, they are anything but scriptures. Lets reject them outright, as well as those people, institutions and rituals that defend these.


– This does not mean we reject our forefathers outrightly. Accept their good points, do keep track of deeds of your forefathers if you want to. But only as an inspiration and source of motivation. Refuse to enjoy delusion of your supremacy based on deeds of your forefathers. No one gives you a 1st Rank in University because your grandfather was a topper! 


– Refuse to acknowledge any temple that refuses to accept a talented so-called Dalit as a priest. Either grab its control and install meritocracy or let such temples of hatred be boycotted. That may be the greatest pilgrim center, but publicity does not make a villain into a hero.


– Coordinate with local temples controlled by logical minds to openly accept non-Hindus as Hindus with dignity. They may do a short ritual like recitation of Gayatri Mantra and make one a Hindu. No need for any mention of any caste except that he is a human. Only adherence to certain basic lifestyle norms like food, charity, education, non-violence, worship of Supreme, equality of all human beings etc may suffice.


– Events should be organized where these Shuddhis are done at larger scale. And those taking part should be made into Brahmins who then are eligible to conduct religious rituals and be priests of temples.


– In fact special temples be opened with Dalit and erstwhile non-Hindu priests. It has started in many areas but needs to be done more aggressively.


– In so-called Dalit areas, rituals should be conducted that convert them into Brahmins who then conduct rituals of Brahminization of other Dalits. What more, these people should be provided surnames like Sharma, Tiwari, Tripathi, Chaturvedi, Dwivedi, Trivedi etc that they can legally use. This should happen in such wide scale that within few years, it becomes impossible to distinguish between a Brahmin of few years and a Brahmin of few generations. (There is no way to find Brahmins of more than a few generations in absence of credible DNA verification). Swami Dayanand used to distribute sacred thread widely to promote Vedic Dharma. We should also use this symbol to promote our mission.


– One challenge that would come is from reservation based politics which would coax so-called Dalits to continue being called Dalits and earn privileges at cost of dignity. But if wider community support programs and avenues of entrepreneurship be explored, this factor would gradually die natural death. In any case, within a couple of decades, the craze of government secured jobs is poised to die down among enlightened class of society due to much more attractive entrepreneurial and global opportunities, thanks to technological revolution.

Now due to politicization, people have started feeling proud to be called Dalits or Anarya! This is a very foolish reaction to events of history that defeats the very purpose. Dalit means one who is trampled. Its an abuse and society should refuse to use this world for any caste. One who is economically or socially neglected is a Dalit regardless of his or her caste. Any villain is an Anarya. A daughter of a fisherman is a noble Brahmin if she is a scholar. She is a Chaturvedi if she has mastered 4 Vedas. So instead of nurturing clustering of people around terms like Dalit, Arya, Picchdi Jaati, Backward Caste, Scheduled Caste, we should refuse to even recognize such foolish divisions when entire humanity is one caste one race. Factional parties thriving on Bahujan, Dalit, Dravida appeasements are as great enemies of humanity as the fake Brahmins and Kshatriyas of yesteryears – both are nurturing the foolish caste system for their selfish reasons or sheer irrationality.

But now is the golden time to understand the fakeness of hollow caste system and destroy its very foundations. Of course challenges are there but even the opportunity is historic.

Agniveer is determined to make this its number one priority. We appeal to all to join us in this mission as we initiate a movement through ground level implementation of above plans.

We know that this article may arouse some angry reactions from those who support denial of Vedas based on birth or feel men are superior to women and other bogus concepts. But we do not care because we are with truth and know that caste system is against Vedas, against humanity, against logic and against nation.

Those who desire to debate us on this are most welcome! But before that you must showcase your DNA reports so that we can reliably conclude that you are indeed from a genealogy of Brahmins since inception of Vedas and not children of a cunning Chandal who took a Brahmin guise some generations ago. After all by your own admission, only authentic Brahmins have the right to debate on Vedas!

May the rule of merit prevail!

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih!

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Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit "Please read this" in Top and Footer Menu.

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Agree with all your solutions. However I have a certain modification to make. If you believe in what you have written and are genuinely interested in bringing change, why don’t you start by changing your surname to Bharti, Anand, Gautam, Kamble, Khobragade etc, and through your website asking people to… Read more »

This is really good.. We have people seeing the problem now and looking for solutions this is really great. Another name that would be good is Singh.

none superior or inferior,all strike brothers for glory n prowess(rig ved 5:60:5) make the world noble place for entire human race for everyone is divine child.(rig ved10:13:1) don’t think,speak n act ill if so none shall accept n negative energy u created will return to u . none is high… Read more »
Dr. Chandra P Trivedi
The Vedic message, The caste is hereditary life principle. The religions are based on faith and superstition, to call ‘Hindu’ as Vedic religion is ignorance of the fact’ The Brahaman, Kshatriya, Vaishya are class as per mental ability,and not the caste, All are born as ‘Shudra’ ignorant of knowledge with… Read more »
Dr. Chandra P Trivedi
Dear Editor, You are doing a great job for Vedic heritage and talking about religion to promote Muslim or Christian in the background. The Dharma is duty in the life of an Vedic Indian it can not be compared with faith, The man is responsible for his own actions, and… Read more »


Hindu Forum for Britain and Alliance of Hindu organisations UK, are against this caste cultural nonsense.
Any discriminatin and no Moksha, this is not difficult.

B. GIta 5.18 Lord Krishna advises to view differnt people with equal eye.

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This article is totally misleading Hindus as if this website was the first to see the sun and first to come on the planet.

Praveen, this website is not misleading, and reconciles to primal points in Hinduism: 1) Moksha-merging with god so to speak, but only if you lead a noble or dharmic life ie accepting all people view each person as spiritually equal 2) God residing in hearts of all beings 3) Karma… Read more »

Agniveer.com did not find vedas – the first texts. Then you are first???? Agniveer.com came first on the planet???

Agniveer is saying that the VEDAS ARE the first texts. Vedas ARE first. You misunderstood his sentence. This is the whole sentence “Agniveer did not find Vedas – the first texts – to contain any support for such ridiculous unverifiable conjectures.” He is saying the first texts of Hinduism, the… Read more »
CASTE SYSTEM – A GIFT TO INDIA. CASTE SYSTEM and ITS BENEFITS (No shortcut to success) Why some mangoes(Hapus) are treated high quality? You are insulting the low quality mangoes. Why reservation in trains for AC, 3-tier, 2-tier? You are insulting low earning people. Why physically handicapped not allowed in… Read more »
I don’t think you understand that Caste is not in the Vedas. Only non-hereditary Varna is. The confusion arises because of the foreign word caste. This is a good example as to why the the Portuguese derived word “Caste” should NOT be used to describe Indian concepts. It mixes several… Read more »
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Wonderful items from you, man. I’ve be aware your stuff previous to and you are simply too excellent. I actually like what you’ve bought right here, really like what you’re saying and the way in which in which you say it. You’re making it enjoyable and you continue to take… Read more »

At this Hindu dharma site, they are discussing varna , some claim hereditary some do not:
Thanks to Agniveer, for these facts



“Gujarat’s social justice department has proposed a new provision in the budget to train safai kamdars in Vedic religious rituals, a Brahmin monopoly till now. A provision of Rs 22.50 lakh has been made for the programme in the budget for 2013-14.”


The very first sentence in the article read: “That Dalits are not even allowed entry into temples in some pockets of Gujarat has not stopped the Narendra Modi government from coming up with the revolutionary idea of training ‘safai kamdars’ or manual scavengers in karma-kand (Hindu religious rituals).” Now, this… Read more »
CASTE SYSTEM and ITS BENEFITS Why some mangoes are treated high quality? You are insulting the low quality mangoes. Why reservation in trains for AC, 3-tier, 2-tier? You are insulting low earning people. Why physically handicapped not allowed in Army? You are insulting handicapped people. Why SCSTs reservation not allowed… Read more »
Indian Youth
In the eyes of God, everyone is equal. No matter you are a thinker, or younger, or poor. And a truth may come from a thinker or non-thinker. A true thinker humbles himself or herself like Gandhi or Buddha and mingles with all. You misread my comment. Also, you mistakenly… Read more »
@ Indian Youth – Let me make it clear. Hinduism is not a religion. Its just like british did not know how to spell Jai Kishan so they spelled it Jackson. Same way there is not word in english which can describe Hinduism so they coined and matched it to… Read more »

Well thats good for a start, mission thinker initiated

Indian Youth
To be honesy with you, if I were a Hindu, I will never try to clean up the mess of caste/ varna, what ever. I will simple look for more democratic new religion and move on with the new religion. What is the need to revive or restore the complex… Read more »
So we see that missionaries are targeting Hindu youth. By posing as a “Indian Youth” what they want is for young Hindus to turn away from Hinduism and convert to which ever faith they are preaching which usually is either Christianity or Islam – neither of which was historically democratic,… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
It all depends on whether you are ‘owner’ or ‘slave’. Our posts are targeted towards the ‘owners’ alone. And why religion, a ‘slave mentality’ will make you apply the same logic in relations also and seek another mother, another father, another wife, another son, another daughter, another country, another everything… Read more »

and that’s why you will NEVER achieve anything and will always be an “Naukar” for some one who pays you to achieve what he thinks is right.Got it my dear non thinker, BTW democratic religion ?? am sure you are a non thinker. 🙂


Lets get out of the Brown Englishman mindset as pointed in previous posts Castus was an invading portugese xian concept to destroy Hindus The British took it further to blame bhramins and attack them another plot to destroy Hindus. Get out of this colonial mind set

The problem is the brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya, shudra and chandala castes exists biologically apart from being a social construct also, exactly as the negroid and Caucasian races exist biologically. Even though all degrees of admixture exist, even though the frontier between castes and races is not so easily discriminated by… Read more »
Reply To Miville

Thanks for interesting discussion. I agree most of your points. Want to share some reach article.
“All Indians have the same genes -CCMB director Lalji Singh. ”

@Miville: I suppose this portrayal of varna system is your personal opinion based on your understanding of rest of the world . In vedic civilization varna would be decided in the gurukul and not by birth. Request you to refrain from trying to fit the varna system in the carcus… Read more »
@ agniveer my native place is kerala but residing in singapore. Recently only i came to read sathyartha prakash in malayalam translation. After i start to read more abt aryasamaj and i reached agniveer. Its really amazing website and now i have hope on a new hindu revolution. For achieving… Read more »


If you have time to read my message then well try to read “Revolution and counterRevolution of ancient india” by Dr.ambedkar which much criticize on “Bhagavadh geetha” and “manusmrithi” kindly reply me once you read this as i am so much confused on hinduism .

Mission 2050
Very good suggestions.I will request Hindu brothers to completely forget the caste-identity and think all the Hindus as only Hindu,ready to accept anyone from other religion to our fold without any second thought,ready to accept Muslim girls as our Bahu’s as it’s right and it also can be counter-strategy for… Read more »
Dipendra Chaudhry
Today, I happen to read your articles and checked this website…I appreciate the work that you have undertaken. In present times I feel that we do need some awareness about our rich cultural heritage and our religion. Our society has been disintegrating with this Foreign liking by the young generation.… Read more »

Then you comment pointing out the deception if the article has a comment section. Today most reputable newspapers do. People need to speak up non-violently and frequently against such deliberate inflammatory language in daily newspapers meant to incite hatred against Hindus and Hinduism.

Dipendra Chaudhry

Thanks for the advice Jay! I shall make it a point to comment on such things.

Amitesh Kumar
Dalits should never forget that the caste system, which once upon a time was just an arrangement for the distribution of functions in society, just as much as class in Europe, has been the stick that all invaders have used to put down India. And it is today still skillfully… Read more »
The word “caste” is from Portuguese, and it is not only the world but that word the Portuguese had a specific concept of social stratification based on race in the Americas. When they came to India they projected Caste onto the social structures in India and this was inaccurate. In… Read more »
Anand Alte
Dear Author,I have read your caste based description in detail.I am glad to see that you people are going on the same direction as that of great FATHER OF INDIAN CONTITUTION DR.B.R.AMBEDKAR..WHILE READING your article it took me one of his book “who were the shudras”? pls read it for… Read more »
@aryasamajiyon, you can see what ur brothers budhist are doing. budhism never allow fighting but see what they are doing..”Huddled in a dark makeshift tent made of mud and plastic sheets, I tried to speak to a group of them. It took time to build trust, to get the conversation… Read more »


Muslims raped & murdered a budhhist girl and that led to riots. The news about 1000’s of muslims being killed is just a hoax.

Read this article

The most important thing to note is that Muslims will not control their population because Islam prohibits family planning and they go on to procreate like rats. And since their homelands are not sufficient to sustain this burgeoning population, they export them to neighboring “najes” countries. So, the native population… Read more »
I agree with you : wherever the anglo-saxons go colonizing other peoples, they ascribe them customs far more rigid than they ever had under the pretext of protecting their culture and in the intention of depriving them of any practical way out their dependence. I am a French Canadian by… Read more »
The word caste is not a word that is indigenous to India. It originates in the Portuguese word casta which means race,breed, race or lineage. However, during the 19th century, the term caste increasingly took on the connotations of the word race. During the 19th century caste did not constitute… Read more »
The Muslims and British tried to define us in a way that we could be attacked even on cultural level. But the present day situation is partly contributed by our post-independence political leaders and pseudo- intellectuals also. Now I will mention only 5 names, all of them pillars of Hinduism… Read more »
That is right — most Hindu scriptures have been written by people of castes / professions who would today be considered low caste — Blame social engineering of British for this, especially the caste tables they prepared. Read Arun Shourie’s “Bending Over Backwards” — he has exposed the mischief of… Read more »

The misinformation (about cast system)that is being marketed by an anti-India and anti-Hndu group of elitist JNU brand leftists.

I have debated on several sites with Indian ‘rationalists’ (aka deaf ears) about caste system and pointed out verses from the Veda and Mahabharat that were clearly opposed to discrimination and I got the typical – ‘you are just cherry picking’ response. Of course, then they always shield themselves with… Read more »
Namaste MC, Thanks for your post. I’m not sure what Angiveer’s response would be, but mine is simple, when these people say you are ‘cherry picking’ verses, ask them which verses are you looking at. They act like they are some experts on the Vedas. Than they should know the… Read more »
Neel N

Well written about the caste system; but the real danger is the politicians who keep it alive. this if not checked with urgency will surely disintegrate India;with Muslims waiting in the wings watching with glee as the Yadavs compete with each other to be more Muslim than the Muslims.

I feel that castiesm in ancient time was based on the marits/karma and not birth. a person “Shudra” by birth can become brahmin by graduating Vedas. Kalidas was not brahmin by birth, however through his deeds/karma he became brahmin. Although I belong to brahmin family by birth, My karma is… Read more »
(1) The Shudras were one of the Aryan communities of the Solar race. (2) There was a time when the Aryan society recognised only three Varnas, namely. Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. (3) The Shudras did not form a separate Varna. They ranked as part of the Kshatriya Varna in the… Read more »

I think we should stop using surnames. That will help in establihing true meritocracy.

Some Scientific facts of caste system in Vedas “chaathur varnyam mayaa srushtam guna karma vibhaagasa”: I have created the four varnas (purely) based on the quality of the profession (karma) respectively……….. Varna can be said as colour or group. Scientific evidence for this statement Dr. P. Raman, MBBS, MD, Professor… Read more »
Caste system in ancient times, like you mentioned, were based on people’s qualifications and their jobs; just like what we say blue color and white color. A Brahmin’s son was never a Brahmin unless he completes the rigorous education that a Brahmin was expected to complete. Even a Shudra could… Read more »

excuse my grammar BTW. I was in rush.

Vinay Arya

Actually,students like you are needed for India.I appreciate your anger for terrorism.It is right.

Aayush Rastogi

Sir i am a class 11th student. I have started a campaign against terrorism ‘JAGRITI’ in Lucknow, UP. I am very much inspired by your posts. I will like your further guidance. Sir I will also like to contribute to the cause.


YOU WILL CRY but also will learn a lesson!

A Mother’s WARNING To Girls

REASONS FOR WHICH THE MUSLIM YOUTH ARE RUNNING AFTER NON-MUSLIM GIRLS: 1. To cripple the growth rate of the Hindus by converting the Hindu girls to Islam. 2. To increase the Muslim population, by marrying Hindu girls and procreating too many offspring. 3. After procreating desired numbers of children, they… Read more »

Number one reason is to secure a place in heaven with 72 virgin girls, 28 cute boys and a lot of wine and honey.

UNFORTUNATELY, THE HINDUTWA PEOPLE TODAY, HAD BEEN ADVOCATING DISTRUCTION OF JAATHI, I would never blame such LOVE JEHADI organisations. I would blame just the parents of young girls. so much about such organisations has come into light but still girls fall a prey for such traps. WHEN WE LOST OUR… Read more »
The Ravidas Mandir in Haiderabad, Sindh,Pakistan is still safe, as is the Balmiki temple, because the community is needed for the services it provides. This is how, our hindu society survived even through the 1000 years of muslim rule.. every jathi had expertise in their profession, which invading muslims lacked..… Read more »
You are right. In the year 2001, there were 826 terrorist attacks in Tripura in which 405 persons were killed and 481 cases of kidnapping by the rebels. The case of Jamatiya tribals provides a telling example. These tribals have strong spiritual leaders and a network of social service organizations… Read more »

The purported objective of the NLFT is to establish an ‘independent’ Tripura through an armed struggle following the liberation from ‘Indian neo- colonialism and imperialism’ and furtherance of a ‘distinct and independent identity’

Nikhil Yadav
Caste system of Hindus can be destroyed only by means of large scale inter-caste marriages among the Hindu families of equivalent and compatible financial/education status. However, it is ironical that no one ever talks about this. All other measures suggested above are likely to have very little effect on caste… Read more »

aise hi jaankari dete rahen.


bahut achcha laga.

This is easier said than done. The caste system cannot be eradicated. It has been a part of our lives since the past few thousand years, so getting rid of it in a few decades is impossible. Just look at this: http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Madurai/article2554384.ece I liked only one thing about this post,… Read more »
Dear sister, why so much hatred? I agree the caste system has been part of our culture for many years, but we suffered alot due to it. Many of our priests deviated from Vedas, many of our warriors were weaklings due to this stupid caste system which resulted in some… Read more »
@Shyamala Let me share my experiences. After reading the articles of Agniveer, I have discussed the caste system thing with my 10 of colleagues and i succesfully able to remove their casteist mindset. One of my colleague is “so called” SC and he was so happy with Agniveer’s explanation. He… Read more »
So, true. I have discussed the philosophy of vedas with many of my friends. I have also discussed the fact that there is no caste system in vedas. They seem to be convinced with the ideology and now at least my immediate friend circle doesn’t have castiest mentality. I will… Read more »
Just tell this dear sister, are you willing to join us in putting a few baby steps ahead? Development of this website also took centuries – language, printing, binary maths, electromagnetism, manufacturing technology, IC technology, computing, internet, web standards, server etc etc. So even if it will take centuries, why… Read more »

Here is an interesting article on this whole issue. http://www.scribd.com/doc/14680452/Why-should-anyone-hate-the-Brahmins-

It would be nice if we understood Jati, Varna and Caste how they are different. And if we could end inherited class status without having to turn on one another.

The very fact that I am on this website means that I have joined the movement. But is pointing out the reality wrong? I am only saying that it will take a long, long time before the caste system is eradicated. The inequalities are too wide to bridge. Of course… Read more »
Shyamala People like you were sitting idle when freedom fighters were sacrificing their lives for nation thinking that Mughal rule and then British rule is impossible to root out. Now that you are enjoying freedom, you are blabbering on other subjects. Do one thing, keep shut. Your comments too are… Read more »
You, sir are quite the drama queen. Tell me, what is wrong in what I said? Can the caste system be eradicated in a few decades? Did you see the matrimonial column in the newspaper today? Am I wrong in saying that this is easier said than done? You feel… Read more »


Above was a nice article which talks about how capitalism is slowly making caste divisions irrelevant.

One of the question asked to Sri K P Shibu a former priest in Vincentian Congregation of the Catholic Church. 13.During the last 100 years, Christianity has been promoted in India by the successive colonial powers. Many Christian countries in the west provided unceasing flow of finance and personnel. The… Read more »
Arya Katyayan
Agniveer mahoday, Many good suggestions. But this war, which is what it truly is, make no mistake, isn’t going to be won over the internet. Ground work needs to happen. And on a massive scale. Not 10 or 100 or even 1000 people here and there. I am talking of… Read more »
Dear agniveer, I can contribute monthly for the good cause. Me and my spouse had been helping needy and poor as n when possible, donating food, we funded tution fees for our maids daughter. But we do not trust any organisation b’cos lot of hidden agendas are there esp in… Read more »


Coincidence, i have mailed Managing Editor of Hinduism Today few days ago. and provided them the link of best of agniveer series so that they would get an idea what Agniveer is upto.

They didn’t replied me yet. May be they have made a contact to Agniveer directly.

krishna arya

you must mail about this to agniveer,,!! or contact him throuh contacts page!!

Mritunjay Pandey
Namaste, Indeed its a noble move to eradicate the cast system by its root! But if you talk to many so called upper-cast(birth based) people , they will say you that it’s practical! Heredity also supports their remark! You have given example of Raman and Chandrashekhar but you forgot about… Read more »
I think people confuse jati, Varna and caste. Varna is non-hereditary and individual. Jati is community and there is nothing wrong with having one’s own cultural, traditional, endogenous community. Caste (which is a Portuguese word by the way not Indian, not Sanskrit, not Hindu) is inherited class status. It is… Read more »
Heredity has a limited role. But that does not imply you restrict social and religious rights to certain sections of people on basis of so-called heredity. Why give examples of a few cases? If indeed heredity is so important, every Brahmin and every Kshatriya should have been a legend. And… Read more »
Mritunjay Pandey
I too favor the eradication of cast system and heinous mindset of people. But what I am talking about is intellect and other practices of upper cast(birth based) people which they get through their parents such as cleanliness,education,vegetarianism and many others. And these are the reasons given by upper cast… Read more »