Vinayak Damodar Savarkar is the Name


Born in land of Shivaji.

Fought British.

Sentenced for 2 life imprisonments in Kala Pani for waging war against Britain!

Dived from ship into the sea, swam for hours, was captured again.

Forced to become Kolhu ka Bail (crusher’s bull) in Kala Pani.

Arrested in 1911, put in Kala Pani for 10 years.

Wrote poems remembering Bharat Mata on the walls of prison with nails.

Then put in various jails for next 3 years.

Had police restrictions until 1937.

So total 26 years of imprisonment.

Many mercy petitions. (Why not? Whats wrong in deceiving aggressor?)

Worked against caste system.

Worked against superstition.

Worked against Jihadi Gundagardi.

Exposed pigerals and Adarsh Liberals of his time.

Bhagat Singh published and distributed his banned book in India.

Opposed Partition of India.

Worked for solidarity of India.

He died.

And today after 50 years of death, he is giving sleepless nights to communist terrorists, traitors and pigerals. Must be a heavyweight.

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar is the name. _/\_

If Mahatma Gandhi is father of nation and his insult can’t be tolerated as per Supreme Court of India, Veer Savarkar was great grandfather of Indian freedom movement. Because when Congress and all its top guns were singing- long live Victoria in Indian assembly, Savarkar was writing Bharat Mata ki Jai on prison walls with nails. Anyone who insults such legend is a lowlife and must be thrashed without mercy (by law, of course!).

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