Insult woman and worship goddess!
This is how we treat 50% of our population! - Agniveer

My head hangs in shame that I am part of such a savage society. That such beasts live in my society and yet I feel so proud of this society.

“Proud to be Indian!”

“Dilli meri jaan”

“Jai Mata Di”

For years I have been seeking my inspiration from these slogans. But this one stray incident has changed my framework upside down. Simply because this was not at all a stray case. It brought our harsh realities bluntly and loudly on our face close to our deaf ears.

Very honestly, now I feel ‘Ashamed to be Indian’. I am still more ashamed that I live in Delhi. And yet more ashamed that people in this part of the world glorify woman as nowhere else in the world.

Mother Vaishno temple is our number one pilgrim spot. Every other day there is a Bhagwati Jaagaran (keeping awake for nights to glorify goddess) and Mata ki Chowki (Motherly feast). And then twice a year we shun all liquor, meat, vices for ten days to please motherly woman. We call it Navaratra where we ‘humbly’ respect, feed and gift at least 11 or 21 Kanyas (unmarried girls) with devotion to re-emphasize that we respect woman of all ages in same manner as we respect our mother.

But the moment we see a vulnerable woman, we show our true colors. All that devotion to mother in each woman is over like a fantasy film. And in reality, we turn savages. Now our intellectual and physical faculties are in full throttle to feed our lust. Its only fear of prosecution that is able to control the beast within us. We would ogle if thats all we can do in public. Or push or touch them in crowd as if it happened by mistake. Scan each woman passing by as if we are appointed to showcase our shamelessness. If we get more opportunities, we would eve-tease. And when even that does not suffice our ever-growing lust, we would turn the capital of country into a rape capital.

And this animal within us is a great commercial opportunity as well. Companies, media, entertainment – all would thrive primarily on one single way of promotion – lust appeal. Motivate each man to give more fire to his lust and motivate each woman to become objects of this lust. The glam-girls and celebrities have lot to earn from this. But in process, they make every common woman in this country of beasts so much vulnerable. And when a shameful incident like this happen, the same commercial agents who thrive on feeding animal-instinct would innocently worry about safety of woman and morality. They would say, “Have lust, but only to that extent that you buy my product or watch my movie!”

It seems like a hogwash everywhere. Those with commercial interests have found a convenient shameless way to justify their misdeeds. And the common society comprising you and me have found an easy way to be lustful without feeling guilty. Simply worship the same womanhood whom you lust in reality as an ‘imaginary goddess’ for few moments in a different form.

And thus we don’t teach our child from very childhood how and why to respect woman. We just would want him to respect his own mother. We would never take it seriously when our child starts showing the first signs of shameless behaviour. Instead we would pride that our laadla beta is becoming so smart. His arrogance is symbol of manliness. His corrupt ways are symbols of his sharpness.

No wonder we are a most corrupt society. We thrive on duplicity. The whole movement against corruption is fundamentally flawed. Because financial corruption is most minor form of corruption. We spend every moment and every aspect of our life drenched in corruption. When we cannot even look at 50% of our population (aka women) without a corrupt thought, how one expects the same breed of criminals to nurture most upright pure-hearted politicians and officials!

We have the political system and political leaders we rightly deserve. We have the corruption and poverty that we deserve. And we have the miseries and failures and frustrations that we deserve much more.

Manu Smriti says that a society that cannot respect women and give them complete liberty is bound to be a haven of scoundrels   where only misfortune abounds.

Vedas say that one who exploits women should be hung upside down and severely thrashed. They further say that to be true humans, we should be sane enough to respect the glory in all women – young or old – like mother.

It is high-time we stop paying lip-service to cause of woman by claiming that our culture regards them as goddess. Let us instead start respecting them as humans first. Let goddess-ization of woman not be a ploy to remove guilt from our lust-driven minds.

Let all who claim to be devotees of Mother Goddess – Vaishno Mata, Durga, Kali, Jhandewalan, Ambe, Jagadambe, Shakti – first come down to the planet earth that we live in, to our country whom we call Bharat ‘Mata’ and to rape-capitals like Delhi. And take concrete actions to make this country a safe place for all woman of all ages at all locations at all hours of day and night instead of wasting time, money and energy in organizing chowkis, jagarans and offering prasads. The crude truth is that such events themselves become hotspots for eve-teasing and ogling at women.

Western countries are much more civilized than us. That is why they are more prosperous. Woman there work till late at night, on most remote toll roads, travel alone and yet per capita crime against woman is much lower. They don’t need to have separate seats and compartments for women in buses and trains because women don’t have to fear facing monsters everywhere around.

If indeed we claim to be proud of India or Delhi or our culture, let us first prove by examples. Let us list out what concrete steps we as Devi-Bhakts and Mata-Bhakts are taking to ensure that India is safest destination for any woman.

Specially Delhi/ NCR and entire associated belt should reform itself. It has become a haven of scoundrels full of brazen arrogance and impoliteness. As if corruption and barbarism flows in their veins instead of blood. We have made female foeticide a part of our family traditions and hence no wonder we top in woman-assault and rape cases. Perhaps the politico-economic basis of this region thrives on corruption, cheating, deceiving, selfishness due to status of being national capital. And that is why scam-tainted Delhi is among the most hated and indisciplined cities of the world. No wonder, it is a hell for any woman who wants to live freely and gracefully.

When Delhi Metro came, it gave opportunity for many a perverts to eve-tease women in compartments and stations. Nowhere else in the world, you are forced to deploy security forces at each gate to teach humans how to get inside and outside a train. Things reached such extremes that they had to create separate ladies compartment. But then psychopaths would forcefully enter ladies compartment as well. It is only fear of prosecution that could control the beasts within us. Just a week ago, I had to throw out a couple of animals out of Metro because they could not resist leering and passing remarks on fellow women passengers.

If we really worship Devi, then we should stop wasting money in rituals and instead invest the same in changing the reality of our society. Let us take a stand that we shall allow no oppression on woman. Let us invest in creating awareness, providing security to women, exposing anti-woman elements and taking them to task, and ensuring that no one in our own families ever dares to denigrate a woman even in thoughts.

Any ritual, especially in name of religion is a complete waste if it does not directly and proactively lead to refinement of character and sanskars. In fact it becomes guilty of perpetrating such crimes in society by trying to cover them up in false garbs.

Let even a slightest lewd sight, remark or gesture towards a woman be the most severe offense that we personally take. Let us not glorify glamor quotient of celebrities and become addicts of feeding our lust. If we cannot help eradicating our lust, then better we accept that we are society of savages and stop all this fake drama of bhakti and patriotism.

Agniveer demands harshest punishment for crimes against women. Rape should have one single punishment – death after brutal torture. And even any other less severe form of crime including ogling, suggestive gestures, lewd remarks etc should have severe punishments including public disgrace so that no one dares even think of them.

For ages, we have thrived on denigration of women. And we have already found a way to escape guilt through fake religious dramas in glory of woman. So I don’t know how long will it take to transform animals like us into humans. But till that happens, fear is the greatest tool to tame the beasts.

Let all enlightened ones among us, whose hormones find excitement in noble selfless spiritual intellectual pursuits instead of getting kick from stench of lust, should come to front, become proactive and work concretely to justify our patriotism and pride for culture, instead of just hollow slogans of pride.

Till that happens, till India becomes safest place for women, till Delhi/NCR obtains best statistics on respect for women

Agniveer will no more display any fake pride for its current society and people.

Yes, Agniveer is proud of its Vedic roots that consider woman as fountainhead of all goodness in society.

Yes, Agniveer is proud that it is progeny of Shivaji and Pratap for whom even women of enemies’ family were also mothers.

Yes, Agniveer is proud that it has imbibed the values that respects every single woman of every region, religion or age as equivalent to own mother.

Yes, Agniveer is proud that it hates nothing as much as it hates disrespect towards woman or being neutral to disrespect against woman.

Yes, Agniveer is proud that it completely and boldly rejects as crap and dissociates from all texts, all scriptures, all rituals, all cultures, all traditions, all mindsets , all societies, all entertainment that even remotely consider women as inferior or commoditizes them in any manner.

And hence, Agniveer is ashamed that Agniveer is part of a society that keeps women uneducated, mints money on basis of lust towards women and does not inculcate values of respect and equality for women.

Agniveer promises to be totally committed to destroying this disrespect for women from very roots. It would go to any extent and adopt any means whatsoever to preserve, nurture and strengthen the cause of ‘respect for woman’ until it is able to change this reality and remove this slur from its head.

Till then Agniveer is proud of India but ashamed to be Indian.

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Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit "Please read this" in Top and Footer Menu.

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[…] Ashamed to be Indian […]


[…] Ashamed to be Indian […]

>>>>Let even a slightest lewd sight, remark or gesture towards a woman be the most severe offense that we personally take.<<<< I have a problem with this, and like to check the mind of Agniveer, if he is completely right and rational while saying this. I want to check his… Read more »

Hinduism has best woman rights, thus every single human being should know the women rights, and women should also know the rights of men. Love and trust, is all you need, give it a chance.

Does it matter ?

A Narrow-minded article made by a narrow-minded Indian… really ? Female abuse is THE ONLY REASON WHY INDIANS SHOULD BE ASHAMED ??



Agniveer addresses more than female abuse. This is just one article dumbass.

I feel ashamed of the one-sided views and sexist mind that this blogger has and does not care to even ask how safe the men are in this society. We are living in this era of mad feminism and combined with traditional ills which treat men as disposable. Do you… Read more »
chetan nagrik

Why there is silence in the case of these three kids picked from school raped and killed!

Agniveer there is something else to be greatly concerned, which has not gone unnoticed abroad. Please read this whole article “Lashkar-e-Taiba of Pakistan: An India Centric Threat Projection” By Saroj Kumar Rath “Within a year of the Mumbai attacks by Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), the public outrage that many thought would… Read more »

check the holy quran and surprisingly u will find all the answers idiot shabeer.

shaved, let her be covered.For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, since He is the image and glory of God; but woman is the glory of man.”(Corinthians 11:5-7) The Qur’an has instructed woman to adopt a decent dress code as part of its programme to implement the… Read more »
1) “shaved, let her be covered.For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, since He is the image and glory of God; but woman is the glory of man.”(Corinthians 11:5-7)” While it is mentioned in Quran that Allah is formless and there can not be any image of… Read more »
I don’t know where dumbasses think most women get rapped by walking down the street. Vast majority of women, and I mean vast majority get rapped by someone they know. Usually by a family member or a very close family friend. This is a fact. As bad as the cases… Read more »

completely one-sided. many domestic forms of violence are inflicted by women on men and you behave as though it does not happen at all. Instead condemning all forms of DV you seem to state that only men hit women as though women never hit men.


feminist nonsense.

BLAH BLAH BLAH Women are not Raped due to their Clothes . Read newspaper little Girls of age 3-4 are also raped … Boys are also Sodomised. Perverted men Rape Women. in 90% Rape cases the Rapists knows the Victim personally . Perverted Men are the main cause of rape… Read more »
Men's Rights

Nonsense. Just because kids get raped does not justify women walking in bikinis. Its like saying because parliament was also attacked let me keep my doors open at night. We need public decency and cultural sensitivity. Not irresponsible behaviour.

Hey Are u telling me Women get Raped because of their Clothes?? U didnt tell me why 3-4 year old Boys & Girls are Raped .. Men are responsible for Rape NOT Women .. If u leave ur Door Open at night it may be ur Negligence but the Culprit… Read more »
The Islamic dress code is never the symbol of slavery. On the contrary, a little reflection will convince one that it is, in fact, the symbol of modesty. It is true that Islam commands woman to cover all her body parts save for her face and forehands. Why has this… Read more »
DEMOCRACY & FREEDOM OF WOMEN: Is Democracy really able to provide eternal values that will be conducive to human salvation? In reality, Democracy is but the rule of the majority. Can it be really possible for the majority in a society to develop and formulate the laws that are to… Read more »


HINDUISM & RAPE: Hinduism Quote: In the Brhadārankyaka Upanishad scripture(advocating rape):Surely, a woman who has changed her clothes at the end of her menstrual period is the most auspicious of women. When she has changed her clothes at the end of her menstrual period, therefore, one should approach that splendid… Read more »

check the holy quran and surprisingly u will find all the answers idiot shabeer.

POOR MUSLIM :- Muslims just have to lie to defend their Cult of Islam Most of the fake Allegations by you that u copy-pasted from ur hateful teachers have already been Refuted in This site . just read about women in Vedas & Hinduism on this very site. And just… Read more »
“The sexual exposure we face is unparalleled in the history of mankind… Because pornography and sex have such a forceful pull on us, if left unchecked our society will erode before our very eyes. We will have millions of people who have sexual addictions.” – ‘Treating Pornography Addiction’ by Dr.… Read more »
Dear agniveer ji, I have following questions what if a woman is a cause of trouble. in our family we have seen this. answer my following question – 1. women after m\marriage does not allow husbands to look after in laws?. 2. What if women abuses husband and its entire… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
We were talking about a general view of women as objects prevailing in society. We were not focusing on individuals. Whatever has been written is for a normal person and not for special cases of villains. Overall, it is fact that men take to vices more than women. There are… Read more »
Men's Rights
Now let me call a spade a spade. Your article is full of male hatred and I have serious objections to it. It spews venom, full of one-sided views and smacks of medieval style chivalry where a man should die to protect women. The general view is never of men… Read more »
One thing I find dismaying is that people outside of India have taken advantage of this publicized case to demonize all of India all of Indian men and all of Hinduism. You see it in the comments in articles on this rape case in foreign newspapers. It is not contrucitve… Read more »
Men's Rights
The paid media has exaggerated this news all over because of certain vested interests who stand to benefit from it and hope to pass more anti-male laws. The vested interests include the feminists in India and the west. Media has behaved like their slaves. Western feminists and their Indian avtars… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
There is nothing to do with Hinduism or Islam in this case. If you talk from birth perspective, 5 of them were Hindus. But the 6th one who actually raped her twice and took out her intestines by bare hands was Mohammad Afroz, born as Muslim. He is likely to… Read more »
It doesn’t have to do with religion, and you and I have the good sense not to tar a whole people by the acts of vile criminals, but that does not stop people from using this case to vent their racism and bigotry against India, Hinduism, and all Indian males.… Read more »
@Rashmi : ..But what about a man who is sensible and a good human being. this statement should not mean that the man should be at the receiving end of a abusive relation. A good and virtuous man would stand for him self and what he believes in and confront… Read more »
The male victim has spoken and said that among other problems no one stopped to help them for 20 minutes. We have to nurture a culture of caring and helping. I know there are charity groups and many people who are kind and do help, but we need to do… Read more »
Being ashamed of the savage acts of another human being is the first step towards any solution. Unless we acknowledge the problem in the first place and recognize our shortcomings as a society, incidents of this nature will continue to take place. Having stringent laws and quick punishment will be… Read more »
Good people should not be ashamed of the savage acts of another. They did not commit such acts. Offended, violated, outraged, etc… yes they should feel all that. If they are to feel ashamed then it should be on what actions they believe they did either contributed to the environment… Read more »
Atul Singh

Mayank Singh has a very valid point in his article that I encourage you to read –

Why don’t you idiots write to justice bench to stop other cases and give priority to these cases in fast track court. Ppl woke up now just because it was on frontpage, what about all those rape cases that got easily lost in the corner of a newpaper, all these… Read more »
[…] Ashamed to be Indian This is how we treat 50% of our population. Shame! – Agniveer My head hangs in shame that I am part of such a savage society. That such beasts live in my society and yet I feel so proud of this society. “Proud to be… Read more »

Get a life! Instead of kicking men all the time, blaming male gender for all ills of the world, understand the other side of life. Do not become blind because media is bombarding rape cases non-stop. Can you think beyond media?


The way you express your thoughts, anyone can see how peace-lover male you are. However, our thoughts match on media. Media always spread hate amongst people.

Dear Agniveer, I wrote a very long comment as soon as I saw “Agniveer demands harshest punish…” . I thought you got angry and totally lost it. I even quoted gita’s chapter 2 verse 56. But then I went ahead and read further and you made it very clear that… Read more »
No action is taken against molesters and rapists in this country. Remember the Ruchika Girotra case. Inspite of media doing enough, the police , courts and politicians ensured that he still roams free while a young innocent girl committed suicide. Such cases embolden molesters and rapists. Why cant the trial… Read more »
Dr m k nehru
I fully uderstand the pain one goes through when we hear about this rape incident,particularlywhen these six wolves were aroud the girl, it is un explained torture.i do share the feelings you have expressed in your nice request to all bharatvasis is that we should demand death penality for… Read more »
Actually Agniveer you with your determination to make it a better place for women makes me proud to be an Indian. Tragedies, crimes always happen, but then too always there are the helpers who come to aid and heal. These helpers renew my faith and give strength and hope. You… Read more »
Another reason to be proud is that neither the religion nor the caste of the criminals and the victim matter to anyone in India. All India of all religions and communities rally around the woman and condemn the men. Truly united as one people, fighting for the safety of all… Read more »
SRI CHANAKYA NITI-SASTRA CHAPTER 2 Para11. Those parents who do not educate their sons are their enemies; for as is a crane among swans, so are ignorant so are ignorant sons in a public assembly. Para 12. Many a bad habit is developed through overindulgence, and many a good one… Read more »
Why do you feel you are the only people bringing out rape now? Rape happens all the time but no one really pays attention to it because no one has ever made it a point to bring it out in the open. First there is the stigma of society brandishing… Read more »

It is time then to bring it out and speak up. Silence of the past does not mean we should now be silent. We should not sweep under the rug the ugly past, and in addition we should take a stand against it now.

i do not know if my comment will be deleted or not .But I would like to ask one question ..when i ask my fiends why you watch vulgar movies they say ——— 1. You r only watching the vulgarity see the acting thats why she has been awarded. 2.… Read more »

Dongar, Should we wait and let people sleep till another shameful incident happen? Will money heal their wounds?


@Dongar : will that prevent such cases from happening? Alas if my fellow Indians could introspect.

yash vardhan
our society is nothing but a mob. they can go in anyway, it’s very easy for them. there is no religion, no devotion in minds. just excuses. it would be a mistake to say that people pray to goddesses but still do not respect women. nobody actually worship any god… Read more »
Good article…reforms on the ground of thoughts are important….In practical life we have to be human being first otherwise if lust is taking over of your self then such serious issues will keep happening..During the Shivaji’s rule there is incident where one person raped the women….the rapist was absconding for… Read more »
A very thoughtful and heart touching article. However, it is true, condions of women deteriorated in this country during the muslim occupation. Need not to mention the sharia law which needed 4 witnesses to prove rape, Quranic verses which legalised rape of non muslim women. And these continued for hundred… Read more »

I agree. Women are important. By the way, where did you get the figures mentioned in the picture?

Agniveer Agni

Based on CWDS study.

It is very well written article addressing the worst problem in our society. If we are really ashamed and perturbed by this type of acts in our society, the real answer lies in doing some concrete actions to curb this evil. I live in USA and I can freely use… Read more »

Police will come quickly if you live in a nice neighborhood. If you live in the ghettos in the US or the no go zones in Europe, you could die waiting for the police.


If you want our INDIAN POLICE to protect civilians, then forget it. They are puppets in the hands of Govt and VVIPs – I am really ashamed to be an Indian – read this article. You will know –


Yes I am myself ashamed. That we still have men among us who are such animals is enough to make us hang our head in shame.


Namaste Agniveer
Great Article indeed and I stand by you and completly support you from the core of my heart.
The recent incident of rape has disturbed my mind drastically.
How will you apply karma here? Are the sufferings of that girl a part of her karmphal!?? Very Disheartening 🙁

Dharma vardhan G

Ashamed to be indian ??? please leave my country
A few incidents or a few people does not reflect an entire country.
I share same concerns regarding the content of article but title is preposterous and i don’t like it sorry


@D vardhan : did u read the article?

@Agniveer: Don’t Hang the Rapists, Dont Shoot them in Public!… If they Die How will they realize the pain they inflicted on the Victim??… Any Rapist Convicted… Should be allowed to be beaten up by the Victim and her relatives for as many number of days as they wish… After… Read more »
So you are producing Mass Muderer. I give good suggestion. “Don’t Hang the Rapists, Dont Shoot them in Public!… If they Die How will they realize the pain they inflicted on the Victim??… Any Rapist Convicted… Should be allowed to be beaten up by the Victim and her relatives for… Read more »

mr. dev it just shows the brutality of your mind ……….
we won’t require this ……….stop this three
1. alcohol
and see the changes

sandeep bansal

India has copy pasted British law. if it had vedic law & vedic system of education & compulsory yog education in school then these things could be stoped.


You dared to write ‘Ashamed to be Indian’ that most of the aware people , who knows the reality, just think.
Perfect title to shake up minds of Indians who are sleeping from ages……
Aapko shat shat Naman


Excellent post,
We can’t blame Gov completely for the crime happening against women in our country.
Is it gov and security’s responsibility if we look at the women with lustful eyes?

@Follower of p : if sharia was implemented these criminals would not even have ben convicted as sharia would require two MEN to testify against these criminals and the girls testimomy would not hold good and besides she would be given public lashing as justice. And that is the reason… Read more »
Muslim jurists are generally of the opinion that to evidence a case of rape, the victim has to provide four (not two) witnesses to prove the case. The basis of the Jurist’s opinion is the Qur’anic directive regarding the evidence required to start any legal proceedings against persons who have… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma
How sharia deals the rapes cases. Laws in sharia A rapist may only be required to pay the bride-money (dowry) without marrying the rape victim. To prove rape, a woman must have 4 male witnesses. A man is allowed to have sex with slave women and women captured in battle,… Read more »
The Thinker
@ Follower of prophet You are partially correct bro! Only brutal punishment can stop such crimes from happening. But that does not mean that Saudi Arabia treats women equal or respect them. India lacks harsh punishments, which are the only way to root out evil. Everyone is not a saint… Read more »

Tejosi tejo mayi dehi
Viryamasi viryam mayi dehi
Balamasi balam mayi dehi
Ojusyojuo mayi dehi
Manyurasi mayum mayi dehi
Sahosi saho mayi deh

Ya ved 19.9

I have to disagree with this term “Ashamed to be Indian” by anyone and especially Agniveer Team.All sorts of crimes do happen it is upto the Govt. and security forces to prevent them from happening.Just lighting the candles for 2 days,posting in blogs and forgetting them is not the right… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
We cannot blame everything on law and security. The very fact that we do not get tamed by anything except law makes Agniveer ashamed of this society. Corruption and subjugation of women is part of our thinking process today. The incident of Munirka was just tip of an iceberg. There… Read more »
Agniveerji .now u working in west bengal …a land which is responsible for most of animal killings ..many of your members are bengalis …whats the criteria to be a Agniveer member …….. 1. just follow a few ideologies of agniveer or 2. if u want to be a Agniveer you… Read more »
@ Agniveer Agni ji I agree we cant blame everything on law and security.But if cases like, ex President Mrs. Pratibha Patil pardoning a rapist and killer makes us believe otherwise.There should be a deterrent and at the same time full fledged awareness program should be run by Govt. with… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

We completely agree with you and would work to make this initiatives a reality.

Great article Agniveer! I agree with the title “Ashamed to be Indian”. I would not be ashamed to say that We Indians are the most hypocritic people of all. We say we believe in God, our great culture, traditions, rituals, etc but practices are totally opposite. It’s a shame for… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma
@Madhu Ji I agree with you “Ashamed to be Indian” not the right title for the article. Such crimes happens everywhere from inception of universe. That does not mean we should ashamed to be Indian but we should form laws to stop them instead for feeling ashamed to be Indian.… Read more »
Basant Jhariya

Nice article shri sanjeev ji.

P.C. Shrimali

Very good article.
All like minded people should support the above thoughts..

But the punishments suggested by you can be misused as they’re misused generally..Women misuse the public sympathy on them against the guys whom they hate…U’re a feminist and a feminist cannot generally does’nt think impartially..U should have an impartial view..If u’re considering western countries ideal in this respect,,then the laws… Read more »
Basis of morality
Laws alone are not enough to deter people from committing crime. They must also have an inner moral compass. This compass is a product of human evolution. Our morality, like our intelligence, is a function of our brain. How do you make people smarter? You need a good mind and… Read more »
Khan John