Babur was not a Muslim in first place. He would long have been stoned to death if he were to live today in any Muslim country!

In reality, Babur was a disgrace in name of Islam. To know Babur better, let us not depend on claims of Hindu ‘fundamentalists’ or biased ‘right-winged’ historians. Let us instead hear from the horse’s mouth. Let us review the autobiography of Babur – Baburnama – which is available in all prominent languages.

For purpose of this article, we shall refer to the English translation by Annette Susannah Beveridge published in 1922. This translation was done directly from whatever portions of original Turkish manuscript were available. These suffice to establish the true character of Babur. You can download a scanned copy from

Babur – the homosexual drunkard child molester

The autobiography clearly establishes Babur as a compulsive homosexual child molester. So those defending Babri Masjid should first clearly explain if Islam justifies homosexuality and child-molestation. If not, Babur was a disgrace in name of Islam and hence any structure constructed by him is also a disgrace in name of Islam.

1. In Page 120-121 of the biography he says that he was not much interested in his wife but was maddened by a boy named Babri. He confesses that he had not loved anyone like he was mad for this boy. He used to compose verses in love of the boy. For example: “There has been no lover except me who is so sad, passionate and insulted. And there is no one more cruel and wretched than my lover!”

2. He says that Babri used to come ‘close’ to him and that used to make Babur so excited that he could not even utter a word. Because of being intoxicated, he could not even thank Babri for his show of love.

Great Rulers of India

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3. Once Babur was roaming with his friends when Babri came in front of him in a lane. Babur had loss of speech and could not even look at him due to excitement. He narrated:”I get embarrassed looking at my lover. My friends leer at me and I leer someone else.”

4. He admits that in passion and desire of youth, he got mad and used to roam around naked head and naked foot without even looking at anything else.

5. He writes, ”I used to get mad in excitement and passion. I could not think that lovers have to face this. I could not go away from you, nor can I stay with you due to high level of excitement. You have made me completely mad, O my (male) lover!”

Now this proves beyond doubt that:

A. Babur and his gang were homosexual and child molesters. Punishment for these, as per Islamic Shariat, is death by stoning. This is prevalent even today in Islamic countries.

B. Babri Masjid is nothing but a memoir in name of Babur’s sex-partner who was named Babri.

Does Islam consider monuments created by or named after such sexual perverts to be mosques or symbols of shame?

Babur – the barbaric killer, looter, rapist, drunkard and drug-addict

(Only a few samples from this barbaric vulgar autobiography of Babur are being provided as it is too brutal and gross for detailed reading.)

– Page 232: He writes that his gang beheaded the innocent Afghans who came to him for truce, and then created a pillar from these heads. The same feat was repeated in Hangu where 200 Afghan heads were killed to create a pillar.

– Page 370: Because people of Bajaur did not believe in Islam, more than 3000 people were murdered and their wives and children were taken as captives.

– Page 371 – Several heads of captured people were sent to Kabutl, Balkh and other places to spread news of victory.

– Page 371 – A tower of cut heads was setup on ground to celebrate victory.

– Page 371 – There was a wine party on Muharram where we drank whole night. (Translator notes here that Babur was a heavy drunkard till end of his life). A large portion of Baburnama describes these wine parties.

– Page 373 – Babur took such intoxicants once that he could not go even for prayers. He further says that had he taken such intoxicants today, he would not have produced half the intoxication.

– Page 374 – Babur fathered several children from several women in his brothel. His first wife promised to adopt all these illegitimate children, whenever they are born in future, because several children born to her could not live. It looks as if Babur’s brothel was akin to a poultry farm for chicken production!

– Page 385-388 – Babur was so happy with birth of Humayun that he went to a boat with his friends and drank wine whole night and ate narcotics. Then they fought with each other due to intoxication and party broke up. After a similar party, he vomited a lot and forgot everything by morning.

– Page 527 – A party was given in the pillared porch of the domed building in Agra (referring to Taj Mahal falsely associated with Shah Jahan)

Almost all pages of his autobiography describe how he looted, threatened, murdered and plundered wherever he went and ate ‘haram’ meat. Note that the way Babur includes all this in his autobiography implies that he was proud of all this. One would shudder to imagine what all other crimes he had committed that do not form part of this self-eulogizing biography.



A. Babur was anything but follower of Islam, going by his misdeeds that can put any human to shame. And if indeed some perverts assert that Babur was still a Muslim as per their definition of Islam, then there can be nothing more disgusting than that definition of Islam.

B. Babri Masjid was named after Babur’s homosexual partner Babri.

C. Muslims should stop associating themselves with perverted misdeeds of these looters and terrorists who were anything but followers of Islam. They should stop calling these criminals Muslims and their noble ancestors. Instead they should associate with our true noble ancestors like Ram and Krishna which most common Muslims actually do.

Great Rulers of India

The book that rips apart the hoax of greatness of Mughal emperors who were nothing but rapists and butchers. More info →
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Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit "Please read this" in Top and Footer Menu.

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We are a group of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with useful information to work on. You have done an impressive task and our entire community can be thankful to you.

I have noticed some replies from apologist about how we shouldn’t destroy the muslim sight. How come I never see these people say a single word when temples get attacked. I haven’t seen them once say a single word. To me that shows a sign of absolute hypocrisy. If they… Read more »

Eye Opener!!! I never new that Babur had these great qualities!!!! 🙂 Although only fools will say or believe that Islam was NOT spread by sword in India, but this book (Baburnama) bashes their claims!!!!

Thank You Agniveer!

shaik safi ibrahim khaliluddin
shaik safi ibrahim khaliluddin

hai i m so sory i m not insulting any relegion my prophet muhammed does not teach us ,but question about hindu u ask to urself is this religion is good and give u purity ,or u all following because of only ur father and grand father are follower

manniy ibrahim ji , jab muhammad j ne kaba se 360 se jyada murtiya fenki thi [hatai nahi thi ] tab kya dusre ke majahab ki beijjati nahi hoti thi ?jab macca v madeena me kisi bhi gair muslim ka pravesh par pabandi lagadi hai tab kya insaniyat ko kuchla… Read more »



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Namaste Brother Agniveer,

Why i can’t acces the article ‘Arguments of Babri lovers’ ? I am getting page error while accesing through google.


@real gay babur

I think Babur knew himself better than you or any Drama director 🙂 This article has references from AUTOBIOGRAPHY- BABURNAMA of that GAY BUTCHER BABUR.

Enjoy 🙂 …



oh really, so can you prove your forefathers was not gay? 😉 pointing is easy proving is difficult.

Agniveer, Your knowledge seems to be spreading by maligning other religion, I am happy I am not one of them so what you have contribute to your own country any progress, any help? Actions speaks louder than words. To preach is easy to practice its even difficult. “People who preaches… Read more »
“Arise O India, be proud once more of Thyself”, one would be tempted to say in conclusion. This should be India’s motto for the Third Millennium, after five centuries of self-denial. For, in spite of its poverty, in spite of the false Aryan invasion, in spite of the Muslim holocaust,… Read more »


agniveer ji, namashkar
i need information how Islam spread in India. did you have any doc with proof.


Namaste Sandeep,

Please go through this article.

This will surely answer your query.


it’s only the self serving or the people who haven’t bothered fully studying their scriptures that are trying to incite communal tension. for the most part ayodhya’s citizens who actually have to live in the city are not looking for conflict:

Indian Agnostic

Namaste Ravi

You haven’t read the article at all! the article asserts that it’s a not a communal issue.It exhorts all indians to take a stand against the barbarian landmarks.period.

hindu militant
This is to all muslim morons, and liberal sickular pseudo intellects. Ram was not there in history, ram is poetic imagination.(kavi kalpana) That particular place in ayodhya doesnt guarantee of rams birth. ACCEPTED. i DONT care for ram or his janmabhoomi. I just want to demolish that mosque as a… Read more »
A True Muslim
I know there was a Mosque, and dont know whether there was any temple or not… I also believe that it is fictitious story that Babri Mosque was made after erection of a temple.. If there was any temple, some proof would have been found, but nothing found, which could… Read more »

You need to visit Quwwat-ul-islam mosque to know more about the exploits of muslim rulers.

Indian Agnostic


Indian Agnostic
@A True Muslim 1) All three Judges agreed unequivocally that a temple existed where the mosque was erected ..while two judges were categorical that the temple was destroyed to erect the mosque the third judge (Honble. Justice Khan) said that it was built on ‘ruins’ of a temple so there… Read more »
@A True Muslim You know many things but you dont know most important thing. All the three judges of the bench of Allahbaad High Court accepted that there was a temple and the mosque was built by using the ruins of the destructed temple. You might not know about the… Read more »
i have gone through many of the articles given in this blog. what i got from all these messages is that both hindus and muslims are defending their religion and try to demoralize the other. this is not correct i am a hindu and i am very proud to be… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
@Mukesh Your world view is JUST your world view ..there are some ideologies that do not believe in your world view…and that is where the problem lies. 1) You and I live in metros are an accidental Hindu[ since you don’t find it offending that a structure stood on… Read more »
Arya's Father
Abay Chup Karoo………. Koi Ram Temple nahi tha, agar tha to kuch kyun na mila 32 feets tak khodnay k bad bhee ? KiI Kaghaz ka bana hua tha wo temple? Aur agar tha bhe to 400 saal say kia so rahay thay tum log , achanak 1992 may khayal… Read more »
Suraj Prasad
Why Tulsidas writing Ram Charit Manas just 46 years after Ram Janmabhoomi Temple destruction did not mention Babur? 1) He was not writing current history but translating Valmiki’s Ramayan from Sanskrit to Hindi with his own interpretations 2) The idea was to revive Hindu society with values of Lord Ram… Read more »

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Ooops,,, this site and its runners seems to be sinked deep into the syllabus of “Saffron University” for years.. I smelled this site saffron the first time I came here. Dear brothers(if u truly agree so) Life is very very short, it is only moving faster towards death and never… Read more »
Indian Agnostic

@ashu mian

Thanks for COLORING the site a reward your post receives the color GREEN

jokes apart..please read the articles and critique whatever you find ‘saffronized’

this site is not Allah’s cloudscape ..from where you can pass summary you have to put your arguments rationally… for or against ..most welcome!


Arya's Father
Henceforth, you should be called as Lousi, 🙂 khe khe khe khe khe………….. What is the defination of “Rational” is your sight Mr. Lousi? Abay Andhoo may Karaen Raja na banoo, come to the facts…………. Yahan jab koi akar bolta hai to tum saray mil kar us ki martay ho???… Read more »
with reference to – the one written by Mr. Omar Sayed I really wish to understand (and would love to believe) his claim that the Prophet was born for peace on the planet. I wish to understand the term PEACE in here. Does he seem to refer that once… Read more »

Allah definitely created us for His joy! Otherwise what was the purpose of our creation? Brother, instead of blaming us, please give logic and facts. And do you know that Islam believes in rebirth? Visit

Arya Baalak
लेख का हिन्दी-उर्दू अनुवाद:- अगर किसी को अग्निवीर [Agniveer] से पूछना होगा कि हिन्दू मुस्लिम की एकजुटता की सबसे बड़ी घटना क्या रही है? तो इसका उत्तर स्पष्ट और साफ है। मैं रोमिला थापर या डी.एन. झा की तरह एक पेशेवर इतिहासकार नहीं हूँ। मैं मुहम्मद बिन कासिम, गोरी, गजनी,… Read more »
Dear, To my apprehension, People should have a least concerned with what had been done by Babar before 400 years ago, what was his character and in which activities he was involved in. Important is that; Key people, out of those, who were involved in the demolition of baberi Masjid… Read more »
Indian Agnostic

@Boss bro

My Bad!

the latest news is that those prison mates who converted to islam have become a security threat in UK !

Muslims in British jails may launch terror strikes when freed

what makes people this ‘peaceful’ as soon as they convert to Islam ?

Indian Agnostic
@Boss what is with the dawgandists that they invite every violent person to the faith last i heard was that many prison inmates in the west are converting to Islam that’s a big blow to your (false) claim that islam means ‘peace’ 😉 by the way ..appeal to authority is… Read more »
@Boss “To my apprehension, People should have a least concerned with what had been done by Babar before 400 years ago, what was his character and in which activities he was involved in.” Brother, why dont you use same yardstick for the demolished Babri mosque and suggest our Muslim brothers… Read more »
Mohammed Ather
The Truth of Babri Masjid You may Think that as a muslim I will support Islam but the truth is Bari Masjid was built by Babur who was not a Muslim but during that time there were dictators military were on the border side of the city to protect it… Read more »

To solve your confusion ,you just visit sites of mathura,kashi and vrindavan.In fact the side wall of the mosque in kashi has the remains of old temple.

Indian Agnostic
@Mohammed Ather, you mention the details of the dancer with so much confidence(but without evidence) as if you are reading your great great grandmother’s personal diary..LOlz ..Man you are funny! and to your second point that Islam does not allow destruction of ther places of worship to build mosques..that’s a… Read more »
atheist jabali
“we cant blame our indian muslims all the time……they are indians n have every rit here…..jus as u & me.” Dont forget that it was indian muslims who demanded partition and created Pakistan and then Bangladesh. Nobody denies their Indian and Hindu roots. They r our own ppl and not… Read more »

Quite hilarious.. your sense of sarcasm is most brilliant…
Oh and.. long live the secular democracy that lets all you hate filled fools misuse your freedom of speech..
peace 😀


@ Arya

I did not agree to his language. Only to what he said about the politicians leading the common people into fighting amongst themselves. I do not need to apologise for that I am sure.


I did not talk against any religion. I talked against those people who fight in the name of religion. Everybody has their own point of view and every right to express it. Who is one person to ask another to apologise for their beliefs?


Secular Shraddha
I asked for apology not for your views but for supporting a filthy comment.


@ Arya –

I did not use any filthy words against anyone. I did not agree with the language of Dr. Ram Prabhu, I agreed with his thoughts. I know how to respect mothers and don’t need to be told by anyone.

I agree with Dr. Ram Prabhu…. this is the doing of politicians and we are all fools that we get brainwashed by them. Cursing each other and each others religions will not help anyone… and yes fight against the PAKISTAN terrorists if you want to fight… not with your own… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
seems like the gutter language of Dr. Ram Prabhu worked wonders on you Idiots like you were blaming inspector Sharma who died while fighting with the Indian Mujahideen at Batla house…thousands of idiots like you were blaming the delhi police for that encounter..many pseudo secular ministers went to batla house… Read more »
Dr. Ram Prabhu
my language may be filthy but its suits the pakis rit…..and all those who are enemies of our country. @ arya: im not defending barbar….i am supportg god almighty here….i was no that there is one god…..only names r different @indian: first we sod correct wat we did wrong. we… Read more »
Indian agnostic
look at your self-defeating argument Dr. Ram Prabhu! 1)It’s you who is communal ..the moment i mention the plight of an indian muslim woman immediately sweep that argument under the carpet becuase you believe her to be MORE muslim than Indian tell me ..if i am more secular who… Read more »
@Dr Ram Prabhu and Secular Shraddha First of all whoever you are, one thing you both should keep in mind. Abusing anyone in such a manner that it denigrates women is unacceptable here on Agniveer. If you seriously want our response on this issue, first apologize for your filthy words… Read more »
Dr. Ram Prabhu
First of all wat nonsense r u writing???? How can u write all this crap……? Who cares wat barbar wat? u cares who babri was? I jus no there was a mosque there wic was destroyed by fanatics like u….who have been brain washed by BJP n al its sister… Read more »
Ashraf Ali
Hi Friends I just want to ask questions to Agniveer…”what you have written is very good” but only in HINDU FUNDAMENTALIST PARADIGM. Leave all those things because as like you i m also not a historian. Lets talk in the present and you answer the following questions. 1. Who use… Read more »

Yeh Sab to pakistan, Afganistan, Iran, Iraq, US, UK, Australia har jagah ho raha hai.. what are you crying out loud for? you sick..

Tara Singh

Ashraf Ali….Ye siyasi khel kyun khel rahe hain aap. Aapka Pakistan zindabad hai, hume is se koi etraaz nahi, lekin humara Hindustan zindabad tha, zindabad hai zindabad rahega. Hindustan zindabad.


ashraf ali u left!! ‘NITYA NANDA’
…wat agniveer say baut him!!!!


Agniveer considers Nityananda to be deserving brutal death punishment for denigrating women and bringing disgrace to pious Sanyas Ashram. Yajurveda 23.19 says that those who exploit women should be hanged upside down and thrashed.



Janab Ashraf Ali Sahab! Ye waqt gussa karne ka nahi hai!

This article was written to bring peace and harmony between Hindu and Muslims and not create further tensions. Please, this is my request to all Hindus and Muslims to stop attacking each other’s religion and accept that other as they are. Who would gain by arguing over such trivial matters… Read more »

Go kill every muslim in India and feel proud of yourself. Can’t see so much hatred.

@Azad Brother, we love our Muslim brothers and sisters very much. We share common ancestors and thus have blood relation till now. However we are against those invaders and Mullahs, who first converted half of our brothers and sisters forcefully and now try to convert the rest. We still wait… Read more »
I agree that muslim ruler destroyed so many hindu Architectual momuments when they were in India. I have read a lot of books on that. I feel so sorry that we as a 21st generation did not get a chance to see them. Why has so much drama been created… Read more »
Sayed Muzammil

hellow….i wnt agree with post bother…but acording u…if u all sexual r shamless heritage shud..b demolished ..pls first u say VHP/RSS to destroy those monument lyk Belur n Halebedu..n more other scultures n which womens r shows..naked “first u see..ur religious den point other”


u see urs first. No culture nothing. Just giving birth to children like pigs. Even pig is ahamed by comparing u to that.

@INDIAN Brother, dont use such language. All Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Afganistaan Muslims were Hindus some centuries ago and their blood is same as that of ours. So lets try to bring back home our loving Muslim brothers and sisters who were lost because of the fear of Islamic sword… Read more »
Hi Guys, I’m new to this portal and just visited as there is this verdict on the Ayodhya issue. After going through so many many stories of good Vs evil and thought that now in this modern era or Kaliyug the Raakshas who were existing in the ancinet world have… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
@Rambaan bro Please do not blame Indian Muslims any standards they are most peaceful lot. while the Muslims of USA,UK,Pakistan,Afghanistan are lining up to join the al-qaidas and Talibans..Indian muslims are trying to find their way into the middle and upper-middle class through education. BUT as you observe today… Read more »

@IA i totally agree with your stand, Its islam that is foreign, not its indian followers they are our brothers and sister. but the disease Islam should be stopped, through proper enlightenment and education.

It was a very interresting, intriging and frghtening article and its comment!!!! I cant belive in a society like ours where your basic necessity is a hassle each day…we ponder our brain’s with such baseless issues. A country which was divided by the british to rule conviniently remins unpreturbed to… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
@Viewer Sorry Kid,This site is for mature audiences apologies for exposing your tender mind to the REAL problems that the WORLD is facing. You should rather visit the donation site of Taliban or Imam Rauf ..Both are Planning to build grand Mosques on the spots that were destroyed by the… Read more »
I just wanted to know if Hindu’s staying in Pakistan & Bangladesh have similar rights or not? Can they go to the court of law and demand as a right to rebuild temples that were destroyed in the respective countries? Even if they can, would they be allowed to live?… Read more »

[…] what I have heard and read in the media, Babri Masjid was built over a Hindu temple sometime in the 1500′s/1600′s when the Mughal invasions […]


ROFLMAO! Long time since i had a good laugh. Agniveer please join a mental institution or a museum. What a dumb ass you are man.



We always faint after a heavy dosage of laughter whenever we see people like you comment on this site.

Indian Agnostic


you forgot to argue your case

ROFL on that l8rs 😉

As Salam alikum To All My Friends Please Read BABER MASJID-REAL STORY 1949 On December 23rd, Muslims finished their night prayer and left to their home. A shock was waiting for them, who came for fajr prayer. Inside the Mosque a mob kept Rama, Laxamana, Sita statues and claimed that… Read more »

And brother, you dont need archeological survey and logic to discard the stories of Adam and Eve, heaven and hell, angels and Satan and flying donkey of Muhammad etc! Just possessing common sense will be enough.

@Shajabullah Khan Brother, have you ever asked for proof of existence of Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, angels, heaven, hell, seventh heaven, flying donkey of Muhammad, splitting of moon, Jesus without father, two hands of Allah, Satan made up of fire, Adam made up of clay, creation of Eve from Adam’s rib,… Read more »

@Shahbajullah Khan
Namaste brother,
Who is talking of Ram temple here? Please read the article, it only talks about Babur and a mosque made in his name! Please provide your valuable views on the facts of the article.



What a nice article. What you wrote is absolutely great & we have to think about.
I salute you for this article to be published that every indian should realize the fact.


This article should be forwarded to the bench of 3-judges of Lucknow HC.
So that our mother-land will get its old glory back.

yogesh saxena
TRANSFORMATION OF THE SPIRITUALITY OF SRI RAM INTO RELEGIOUS EPIC OF HOLY RAMAYAN Great lives spread an aura and fragrance which outlive their mortal sojourn on earth. If one makes a closer study of what distinguishes these men and keeps them apart from the rest, two qualities stand out. The… Read more »
Mughalistan (or Mughalstan) is the name of an independent homeland proposed for the Muslims of India. This Mughal-Muslim state in the Indian subcontinent will include all of North India and Eastern India, and will be formed by merging Pakistan and Bangladesh through a large corridor of land running across the… Read more »
are wo launda angniveer tu dekha tha kya..aur ya love jai shree ram bolra are haula jo idols tumloh haat se banate jo humare hi nahi janwar k pair se khuchal kar aur kya kya rehat wo meeti usse banka pooja karta na.tumlog k samne paikhana bhi rakhkar bhi… Read more »

mandir hi banna chhiye,jai shree ram………….