Q. Whose invasion/rule was more devastating (both as economically & spiritually) for India?- 1. Muslim Rulers, 2. Christians/Britishers, 3.Congress/Gandhis

The most devastating rule was that of Muslim rulers starting from Muhammad Bin Qasim, to Ghori to few generations after Aurangzeb. We faced highest number of rapes, beheading and were literally being ruled by those who were more brutal than ISIS.

The killings in Muslim rule was not just political. These rascal Jihadis enjoy brutality. See how ISIS makes stylish films out of beheadings and shootings. Compare with Humayun who gouged out eyes of his own brother Kamran with his own hands! Akbar who, at age of 13, slayed unconscious Hemu as if he was doing a goat Halal. After every victory, they would cut heads of people, and make tall towers to display. They will capture women and distribute to soldiers to rape. Akbar had a haram of 5000 captured women!

Eventually this brutality and promiscuity led to downfall. Each Muslim ruler will have hundreds of bast**d children who will fight with each other for power. Muslim rule was worse than rule of ISIS.

British rule was economically devastating. But there was law and order after power passed from East India Company to British Crown. It was a political war but not a war with psychopath Jihadis. There was a coded law in place. That is why before 1942, every Congress session would begin with praise of Queen.

Gandhi/Nehru family hit a jackpot with freedom of India. They got an opportunity to loot the country at their will. The amount of wealth amassed by them is unimaginable. We can only see the results that country is poor even after 70 years!

Muslim rulers were terrorists like Gabbar Singh. British rulers were businessmen. Congress has been greedy thief like Crime Master Gogo of Andaz Apna Apna.

Who is worst is anybody’s guess. But in my view, I would tolerate a thief but not a rapist.

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