After having a glimpse of Ishwar, soul and our relationship, we shall now review how the world or universe is created and destroyed. This would be essential to understand our role and purpose better. We start with some mantras from Vedas:

Rigveda 10.129.7

O Humans! Ishwar creates, maintains and destroys the universe again and again. He is the master of the universe, He is present everywhere and He controls the world. Consider Him alone as worth being worshipped and none else.

Rigveda 10.129.3

Before this creation, everything was in dark like night and nothing was perceivable. Matter/ Energy or Nature was in its primordial or elementary form and restricted to a point compared to the infinite expanse of Ishwar. Then Ishwar created the impulse that transformed the Nature into the spatial world that we observe through His omnipotence.

Rigveda 10.121.1

The foundation of all the cosmic bodies that glow and all heavenly bodies that we observe is One and only One master of All, the beloved Ishwar. He existed even before the world existed and He then created the Sun, the earth and everything else. May we surrender and worship only that kind Ishwar alone and none else.

Yajurevda 31.2

He alone is the perfect and complete Purush (living entity), He is immortal and guardian of all souls and Nature. He is different from the inert (lifeless) Nature as well as the souls. He alone has created as well as will create the world in past, present and future. Thank you very much, Ishwar!

Q: Who created the world? Ishwar or someone else?

A: Ishwar created the world in same manner as an engineer creates a machine. He is thus the ‘engineer’ of the world. But like engineer, He used existing ‘raw material’ or Nature (matter/ energy approximately) to create the world.

Q: Did Ishwar not create Nature as well?

A: No, Nature or ‘raw material’ is eternal (beginningless and endless) like Ishwar. Being eternal, there is no cause for origin or destruction of Ishwar or Nature.

Q: What else is eternal apart from Ishwar and Nature?

A: Guess yourself! You know that very well. Because that is what stays with you all the time.

Its ‘you’ yourself!

The third eternal entity is the Soul or Atma or Jeeva.

Q: What is the evidence from Vedas on the three eternal entities?

A: This is most intuitive and logical. You know yourself that you exist (The Soul). You know the inanimate world that exists all around you but is not you. This includes matter and energy – both of which remain conserved and only change form (Nature). And you know that everything is being controlled by an entity different from you (Ishwar). So this concept of three eternal entities (lets call it Trinity) is most basic and known by all of us intrinsically. Other theories demand us to make deliberate assumptions and extrapolations.

In Vedas, there are huge number of mantras that discuss this Trinity. In fact, almost ALL mantras assume trinity as obvious fact – They worship Ishwar, address Souls and guide or pray for effective use of Nature.

But we present here two mantras that focus on this more specifically:

Rigveda 1.164.20

Two living entities – Ishwar and Soul – remain together like friends always. Similarly another entity (Nature) exists like a tree with branches. One of the living entities – the soul – tastes the fruits on the branches. The other entity – Ishwar – is completely away from this and hence never gets into worldly things.

This clearly shows that these are three eternal entities. It also shows that Ishwar never takes birth as humans or incarnations because that would trap it into nature.

Yajurveda 40.8

Ishwar gave his knowledge to its eternal subjects – souls – to utilize world (Nature) in best possible manner.

Similarly Shwetashwatar Upanishad 4.5 states that Nature, Soul and Ishwar are Eternal. These are the ultimate source or cause of world and there is no cause of these three causes. Soul gets entrapped by indulging in Nature. But Ishwar neither gets trapped nor ever indulges.

Q: What are the characteristics of Nature or Prakriti?

A: We have already discussed characteristics of Ishwar and Soul in earlier lessons. Let us briefly understand Nature here. We shall not get into complexities because this is a very deep subject. Putting broadly, the basic Nature is same and one. It remains so before creation begins. Then Ishwar segregates it into following:

Sattva – denoting purity or knowledge

Raja – denoting actions

Tama – denoting inactivity

The Sattva, Raja and Tama refer to impact it has on soul. These three, thus form the minutest components of the existing world. All objects, emotions, information etc have varying mixtures of these three. When we are in sleep, Tama is more prominent. When we seek actions, get angry etc, Raja is prominent. And when we are in peace, spiritual knowledge seeking mode, we are dominated by Sattva.

These components create Intellect, Ego, Mind, Sense Organs, Work Organs, 5 elements – Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Sky. All these then integrate perfectly with soul to create the world that we see, hear, feel, think, assess, evaluate and act upon.

Ishwar remains separate from this as an engineer – benevolent and detached.

Q: What are the requirements for creation?

A: Three.

1. The efficient cause (Nimitta Kaaran) whose activity makes something and whose inactivity does not make anything.

2. The material cause (Sadharan Kaaran) or the ‘raw material’ without which nothing can be made – Prakriti or Nature

3. The common cause (Upadan Kaaran) or the accessories helping in creation.

Efficient cause can be divided into two:

a. Major efficient cause or the engineer or the master architect who creates, manages and destroys – Ishwar

b. Minor efficient cause or the user of the creation – Souls. Without it, the creation is purposeless.

Material cause or Nature is inert non-living and hence incapable of being organized or disorganized itself in a planned manner. It needs an organizer or efficient cause for that.

Common cause includes the time and space.

This is true for any creation that happens in world – by Ishwar or by us.

Q: The way a spider creates a web from within itself, can’t Ishwar make the world from itself?

A: The example given is exactly what Ishwar does.But the conclusion is wrong.

Spider uses its body to create the web. The material for web creation is already present in its body. If its body was damaged, it would not have been able to make the web. Similarly, Ishwar creates world from Nature that already exists within Ishwar.

Q: But when Ishwar is all-powerful, can’t He make world from Himself? This world maybe illusionary form of Ishwar Himself.


1. All-powerful does not mean Ishwar will do anything. He will do only what He should do and He can do it without anyone’s support. Even you can do anything, but would you tear your clothes and eat mud only to prove that you are all-powerful? Such persons are termed lunatics and put in asylums.

Similarly, Ishwar being most intelligent does only what is the BEST.

2. Ishwar helps get rid of illusions. So Ishwar will not create illusions. That is against His nature.

3. If world is created from Ishwar, it should also show properties of Ishwar. For example, if I  create a statue of clay, the statue exhibits properties of the clay. But world is inert and Ishwar is living. World is dumb and Ishwar is supremely intelligent. Ishwar is all-pervading, objects in world are limited in space. Ishwar is unchangeable, worldly objects keep changing.

4. Thus Ishwar decides to create the world for benefit of souls and uses eternal Nature for it.

Q: What was the purpose of Ishwar in creating the world?

Counter-question : What could have been His purpose in NOT creating the world?

Answer: Had He not created the world, He would have remained in bliss. And even the souls would have stayed away from jhamela (complexities) of pain and pleasure.

Counter Answer:

1. Such views are held only by the lazy or those who do not want to take responsibilities of their actions. Not by those who enjoy putting efforts and possess guts. The sensible and responsible ones enjoy life through best efforts.

2. The bliss in world is many times more than pains. Had that not been so, everyone would have been keen to commit suicide. But only the mentally disturbed commit suicide and rest would go to farthest extent to safeguard their lives. This proves that life is dearest to them and they enjoy life the most.

3. Ishwar is not lazy but the most active. Further His qualities like compassion, care, knowledge, omnipotence etc would have been useless if the world was not created. Thus Ishwar justifies His existence through creation, management and destruction of world or universe. We should also justify our existence by doing deeds that justify our role in the creation – to achieve salvation or ultimate bliss.

4. Just as eyes fulfill the purpose of seeing and are useless without anything to see in world, in same manner, all properties of Ishwar, Soul as well as Nature would be useless without creation, maintenance and destruction of universe in a cyclical manner as managed by Ishwar.

5. Thus creation is natural trait of Ishwar. And we should follow our own natural traits!

Q: Why does He not stop further creation and provide bliss directly to all souls forever?

A: This question is already answered by the discussions in previous points. However following additional points can also be made:

If Ishwar were to stop the process of creation now, how would he be able to justly provide for right fruits of actions of souls that they conducted in previous creations and till now? Thus, if Ishwar stops the process of creation, it would make Him unjust. Some souls would achieve salvation without due efforts compared to others.

Thus there is no permanent Hell or Heaven in Vedic system after one-off creation that makes a mockery of the unchangeable trait of justice inherent in Ishwar. Ishwar’s rule is based on complete meritocracy and there are no subsidies or concessions or shortcuts. All such cults who try to show incentives of such concessions are basically misled and should be immediately rejected by the wise.

Q: When Ishwar is omnipotent, why can’t He create the other root causes – Soul and Nature also?


1. We have already discussed several times that omnipotence does not mean Ishwar would act like a lunatic.  Also it does not mean Ishwar can kill itself and create another Ishwar, become inert itself, become idiot, cry, weep, fight, criminal etc. Ishwar being most intelligent does only what is His natural Dharma or property and He does so in BEST possible manner because perfection is another Dharma or property of Ishwar. And He can conduct His acts WITHOUT support from any other entity. This is His omnipotence.

2. So Ishwar does not create Soul or Nature. They already exist. He manages them together so that the best interests of Soul be served. Further since Ishwar is already completely perfect, He can never bring a new thought or a new idea to create something new. Because there is nothing new for the all-intelligent. In other words, Ishwar does not evolve but stays perfect all the time. Some cults believe that suddenly Allah had a fit of inspiration and thought of a new creation implying that He has evolved suddenly from blankness. Such concepts are greatest insult to Ishwar who is always perfect. In other words, if Ishwar does something, it means He would do that always and has done that always.

3. Also, those who think that Souls are created by Ishwar actually transform Ishwar into a psychopathic drama lover who does useless things to entertain Himself. Further, if this happens, then whole creation becomes completely purposeless. Because He may tomorrow choose to destroy the souls as well.

4. Creation and other properties of Ishwar ONLY MAKE SENSE when Soul and Nature co-exist with Him always and then He helps the soul.

5. Just think of it. To be kind is a good virtue. But if there are no people in the world, on whom would you be kind? Now say you are being forced to live in isolation for a day. To show your kindness, would you create a doll and then show kindness to it? Indeed children do so. But if you do so as a mature person, people would suggest mental treatment for you. So just consider if the most intelligent person – Ishwar – can get into such psychiatric problem?

This is one of the greatest loopholes of superstitious cults like Islam and Christianity.

Q: Children of people with form also have form. If they were formless, even their children would have been formless. Since we have form, hence Ishwar must also have form.

A: He is ‘engineer’ of world and not ‘raw material’ of world. Alfred Nobel made Dynamite, that does not mean He looked like Dynamite!

‘Raw Material’ for world is Nature and that has property of form. Hence world has form.

Q: Can’t Ishwar act without a cause?

A: No. Because one that cannot exist cannot suddenly exist. For example, if someone says that I saw the marriage of child of a barren woman, you would say I am mad. Because if she has a child, she cannot be barren and if she is barren, she cannot have child. Similarly without a cause, no action or effect can happen. Every effect has to have a cause.

If someone says that I don’t exist but I came to meet you! There was no flower in the garden but the flower-garland was beautiful! I cannot speak, but I give spell-binding lectures! Such talks are meaningless!

Q: If everything has to have a cause, what is the cause of the cause?

A: The root cause can have no further cause. (Sankhya Darshan 1.67)

That is why it is called eternal cause.

Thus, three entities – Creator, Raw Material, Accessories and Purpose are essential for any sensible creation. Same is true for Creation of world and hence Ishwar, Soul and Nature are the three eternal root causes of this.

Q: It all started with Shunya or void (zero) and ultimately end in void (zero). Whatever exists was zero initially and become zero ultimately.

A: Shunya also refers to a point. If this meaning be taken, its correct. Because when entire world disintegrates and comes to elementary form, it is a point.

But if Shunya is to mean zero, this meaning is wrong. Because Shunya is inert and non-living. How can consciousness come in Shunya or zero.

Further, One who knows Shunya CANNOT be Shunya.

Thus those who give such void-logic are basically trying to run away from the realities of present that cannot be denied. Even extrapolation can happen only for events that exist. But such void-lovers deny whatever clearly exists and then extrapolate purely from their imaginations.

Such ostrich behavior of hiding the face from reality has caused severe damage to our society and world, if we glance in history. This has led to irresponsibility towards society. When invaders were attacking, believers of such ideologies refused to defend the nation by deluding themselves into thinking that it is all Shunya and hence they have no duties. ‘Shunyavaad’ is sure recipe for escapists and lazy ones. The dedicated ones would put their best efforts in any situation that they face.

Q: Something can come from nothingness also. For example, there is no tree in the seed. But after watering, tree comes from the seed.

A: Whatever comes out of seed was already in seed. Only it changed form after interacting with water etc. It does not come out from nothingness. People who have studied science will know that matter-energy is conserved and nothing can come out from nothingness. So this argument is wrong and unscientific.

Q: Nothing is permanent. Everything is temporary. Whatever exists will get destroyed. Hence Soul, Ishwar, Nature also will get ultimately destroyed.

A: If everything is temporary, even destruction must be temporary. If whatever exists will get destroyed, even this destruction should get destroyed.

In reality, only form of physical entities changes. Nothing is neither created nor destroyed. Those who have studied science can understand this better.

Q: There is no creator of the creation. It happened automatically through random combination of matter.

A: If creation happens automatically, then how does destruction happen? And if destruction happens automatically, then how does creation happen. If both happen automatically, then how is the cycle and planning of order of creation and destruction managed?

If you say that when certain conditions exist, creation happens and when certain other conditions exist, then destruction happens, then you admit that there are sets of external conditions that force creation or destruction. Thus you admit, in a different language, that something governs the conditions when creation or destruction happens. In other words, you agree that someone ensures management of the laws or conditions of creation or destruction. This is what we call ‘Ishwar’. So you are saying the same thing in a different language because you have ‘allergy’ to use of word Ishwar for whatever reason.

To make a simple bicycle, you need to plan out make hundreds of components, extract metal from ores, then plan and design the bicycle. So what is the objection when we say that a great planning has gone behind such a complex and highly optimized world that we see?

Can you cite one single example where something got created automatically without it being created by someone?

Without Ishwar being the guide, there would be no way for non-living atoms to know that they have to come together in such manner from these places, ignite chemical reactions, integrate and then make something as complex like a simple leaf or a body organ like hand. Forget about machines like human brain whose working is not understood at all! And then we claim it all happened automatically! This is childish talk and nothing else.

Q: Does Ishwar create the same world every time or puts some variations?

A: Rigveda 10. 190.3 states that Ishwar creates similar Sun, Moon, Heavenly bodies and the world in previous creations and would do so in future as well.

This is obvious. Since Ishwar is most-intelligent and hence creation is a completely optimized process, there is only one best creation for all cycles and that is what Ishwar creates. Ishwar does not have a learning curve because he already knows everything.

However there are variations in each Creation because different souls have different baggage of past actions or sanskaars or tendencies causing them to have different levels of freedoms to act. Thus the same history will not repeat each time.

Q: But why such a big universe with so much of empty space and billions of heavenly bodies for such a small earth? What is the use of all these stars and planets?

A: These are vast from our standpoint but not Ishwar. Also earth is not the only place to have life. There are innumerable earths in universe and souls keep moving from one to another as per their deeds.

All these stars, suns etc are necessary for sustenance of life and process of creation-maintenance-destruction. That is why they are called ‘Vasu’ or entities that help support stay of souls. Nothing is a waste in this universe.

Q: Summarize the creation and destruction process.

A: As per Vedas,

1. Entire Nature exists in elementary form before creation. All souls (except those who have reached Mukti or salvation) remain unconscious.

2. Then Ishwar performs Ikshan or motivates a change in the Nature. This causes Nature to change from its elementary form to something more gross.

3. Gradually grosser forms like various objects are created. These include Mind, Ego, Senses, Work tendencies, Planets, Stars, Galaxies etc etc. All this happens in a gradual process as per unchangeable laws of Ishwar.

4. Once creation is complete, and necessary conditions for souls are created, souls are given birth in various species (as per the deeds of previous creation cycle) on various earths on various points of time.

5. Finally, human species is given birth. Several humans take birth in both genders as per Vedas and not one Adam-Eve as wrongly believed. They have different genetic makeups and hence can inter-marry. Thus we do not have to blame Allah or God for promoting incest or marriage between brothers and sisters during beginning of human civilization.

6. The most exalted of humans are gifted with knowledge of Vedas.

7. They then train other humans in Vedic wisdom and hence process of civilization begins.

8. Depending on actions, souls keep taking birth and death on various earths in various species in various environments.

9. Those souls who get rid of ignorance beyond a threshold level no more need to take birth because the purpose of birth is fulfilled for them. They achieve Mukti or Moksha or Salvation and enjoy bliss of Ishwar continuously for a long time equalling several creation and destruction cycles. We shall discuss this aspect later.

10. During the entire process, universe is gradually changing and moving further to destruction phase.

11. Finally process of destruction happens. The souls are unconscious during this stage. The destruction phase continues for some time that is known only by Ishwar or Mukta souls who have achieved salvation.

12. Finally new creation begins. Again the same process is repeated. And souls take birth as per fruits of the actions in last cycle of creation. The process continues like this.

13. This creation and destruction has been happening continuously like day and night since beginninglessness and would continue forever. This is eternal.

Q: How does Ishwar train humans in Vedas?

A: Through inspiration in hearts of the most deserving during inception of civilization. They then train others and create mechanisms for securing Vedas from tampering. Further Vedas being inherently within all souls, are thus preserved within all of us.

For more on this aspect, please review:

Origin of Vedas and Eternity of Vedas

Q: If Ishwar has not created Soul and Nature and they co-exist with Him, why does He rule them? He should not have any rights over them. Is this not transgression of their personal rights?

A: Co-existence does not imply Ishwar should not rule them. Ruler and subject co-exist even in this world. Does that mean ruler should not rule them? Or should you refuse to use nature for your benefit because it existed even before you were born?

The objection should come only if Ishwar does it unjust manner like the God of Bible or Allah of Quran who are prone to moodiness, anger, fear, laziness, whims etc.

When the ruler is most perfect, and He ensures well-being of subject in most perfect manner and subject themselves have no capacity to rule, only a fool would prefer to turn a peaceful country into Somalia or Afghanistan.

But in the most just country of Ishwar, subject or souls have full freedom to do whatever they desire. And like in any meritocracy, they get the most deserving rewards or punishments for their actions, only for their own benefit. But unlike human rule where one has to wait for rewards to be announced, Ishwar does instant justice on ongoing basis. Also, in human rule, if someone harms someone else, punishment to criminal and compensation to victim happens after some time. This is also true for those superstitious cults who believe that Allah or God is simply testing us here like a mute idle spectator and then would do the justice later after destroying this world forever by sending us to some three-star Paradise or Hell. In Ishwar’s rule, there is no compensation because no one can harm anyone just like that. Further punishment starts being given right from moment of crime. Same goes for rewards.

Only fools would regret living in such a just and kind and prosperous and meritocratic kingdom of Ishwar!

Thank you Ishwar for everything! Kindly guide us so that we can put our best efforts to model our own country and the world in lines with your just kingdom. May we be able to throw away all forces of corruption, immorality and barbarism. May there be no impotent, cheater, corrupt, terrorist, thankless, anti-national in our country. And may we set the best examples of idealism depicting the virtues of character, compassion, justice, diligence, sincerity, commitment, confidence, unity and purposefulness that you exhibit!

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih Om!
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As per Bhagwat Geeta, Bhagwatam and other scriptures: Ishwar param Krishna Satchidannanda, anardir aadir Govindam sarva karan karnam- Krishna is supreme presonality of Godhead and he is cause of all causes. In Bhagwat Geeta (15.15), Krishna says that- By all vedas , I am to be known. We all souls… Read more »
Geet Rana

Agniveer is the best !


namaskaram. you say that the third entity or one of the three entities is nature. can you please explain that nature and the spider web concept……..

hi agniveer can you or anyone else please guide me with this translation of yajurveda this particular verse is chap4.25: for the love of the people I adore the lord of light, creator of earth and heaven and the middle regions of the skies, the eternal poet who composed this… Read more »

agniveer on these other earth worlds do we have same species as in this world? and how m any earth worlds per vedass?



I do remember the Vedas mentioning there is life ourside of Earth. It just doesn’t say how many.

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I am worried about my past and future and therefore cannot live in reality and accept my fate that i will cease to exist one day. since you’ve prepared for and got selected in IIT i would also like to add that i am right now preparing for JEE Mains… Read more »

dear ashish/veera you can see what the mantra is saying, do you agree now that nature is unlimited? (i.e. nature not the actual creation itself)

yes , I agree time and space are infinite in size . so is god. I totally agree that creation is limited because the total number of jivas is constant and hence god does not need to create an infinite creation because it is not required. however this doesn’t necessarily… Read more »
Dear Dave, Namaste! How can you say that the totoal number of jivas is limited. What support do we have to assert this? Creation might be limited as it occupies space. Paramatma is infinite means that he doesn’t have any shape or size. Paramatma pervades through this whole creation doesn’t… Read more »

indeed! the total number of jivas could be infinite. your argument could be correct, how do we make sure of this? by tallying up with vedas to get the truth.


Yes, we all should understand that Vedas stand for ultimate references of knowledge.


please explain your stance! why is nature limited when ved mantra says its inexhaustible????


please explain your stance! why is nature limited when ved mantra says its inexhaustible???

I mean to say that actually the word used in the translation is ‘inexhaustible’ , nonetheless it means the same. every place iv searched the meaning comes to be that it is reference to something that cannot ‘run out’, so how can the meaning be too great too measure? what… Read more »

please explain your stance ! why is nature in limit when ved mantra says the opposite?

veera raghavaiah k
inexhaustible need not mean infinite in size. It may mean ‘ever lasting’, ‘tough’. So, this reference does not support infinite size. However, creation is not infinite in size. Time and space are infinite in size. A creation that expanded from bramha can never occupy infinite space. It can just keep… Read more »
you are more than welcome to check any dictionary or website and we will see how inexshaustible is defined, i.e an amount of something that cannot be used up or something that has limitless energy. no website whatsoever explains inexhaustible as ‘everlasting’ or ‘tough’ . (though that may be a… Read more »
veera raghavaiah

As i said,

Time and space are infinite in size. A creation that expanded from bramha can never occupy infinite space. It can just keep expanding to great size.

This is a logical understanding.

I do not know any vedic mantars that support the finite size of creation. I am sorry.


(read dr tulsi rams English translation )

hi can anyone help me with this query that I have, I found out from English translation of dr tulsi ram I purchased from agniveer that nature (which god uses to create everything)is ‘inexhaustible’. Now I want to get a mental picture in my head of how creation happens, (keeping… Read more »

nature is not limitless ..


but yajurveda tells us that nature is unlimited(chapter 4 verse 25)

reference devichand http ://archive. org/stream/yajurveda029670mbp/yajurveda029670mbp_djvu. txt —–chap4.25. I adore God, the Creator of the Earth and Sky, the Source of all Knowledge, the Embodiment of Splendour, the Sustainer of all the beautiful planets, the Centre of love, the object of praise by the Vedas, and their Revealer. His lofty effulgent… Read more »
this is why I was referring to dr tulsi rams translation, but in reality this translation you have put is not wrong either, because as you know any ved mantra can have literally so many meanings , nonetheless for ease of mind I will show you the translation I have:… Read more »
veera raghavaiah

We have to understand ‘unlimited’ in this context as ‘too big for us to measure’


thanks for replying, however what is your ‘reasoning’ to tilt toward that particular understanding of unlimited ‘too big for us to measure’ as opposed to the other meaning?

Dear Sir, With all due respect to the article, there are two many default assumptions / presumptions in the article which is not backed by any scientific evidence or observation. Arriving at conclusions based on assumptions (based on vedas or otherwise) will restrict us in the journey towards search of… Read more »

hi agniveer, this may sound like a peculiar question but as we all know that prakriti(nature) is the root cause of all ‘matter’. but what is this prakriti made of?

Slave of none
@Islam Is Great Why should one fear Allah? Why should one embrace Islam to be saved? Get out take a deep breath of pure oxygen, this may help. Clogged brain will start functioning again and you won’t be anyone slave again. God has chosen you not to be anyone slave,… Read more »
Abdu Rasul

@Slave of non
Aryan are worst of creature because they are non-believer in prophet. Allah will punish them for not fearing from him. We are all slave of Allah.

Slave of none
Bro Rasul, I respect your belief and you should respect others belief also. Nothing is confirmed, if you believed the holy quran to be word of gods and islam is religion of god then that’s because of your faith nothing more nothing less. Likeswise, I have the choice to believe… Read more »

@abdul rasul
Keep saying the same thing again and again. No one cares of your lies. The word ‘Aryan’ never existed.

Abdu Rasul (Slave of Prophet)
Abdu Rasul (Slave of Prophet)

We Muslim do not care you believe or not we are just preaching religion of Allah and doing duty which was awarded by prophet to us. Prophet said in his last sermon there should no other religion than Islam. We are to make whole world Dar-u-l Islam (House of believers)


All that shows is that the illiterate violent Bedouin was a major bigot.

Thank you. Finally, this is the first time i got to know and understand rationally that why god created us and what is the reality and how does it works. Other foolish answer which we got from other sources were like god made us to worship him, to test us,… Read more »
Greetings from Carolina! I’m bored to death at work so I decided to check out your site on my iphone during lunch break. I enjoy the knowledge you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m amazed at how quick your blog loaded on… Read more »
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Please let me know if you’re looking for a article writer for your site. You have some really good articles and I feel I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d absolutely love to write some material for your blog… Read more »
Your father

Your name describes your capability!!

dear agniveer or anyone else, jus t 1 quesytion : Also earth is not the only place to have life. There are innumerable earths in universe and souls keep moving from one to another as per their deeds. by innumerable what type of figure do u mean? like theres something… Read more »
According to the Vedas there is life in many parts of the world. Only things is, at this time humans have not discovered it, but we will. And also Dharmic people do believe in the parallel universe concept that theoretical physics is just catching up to. And the kind of… Read more »

According to the Vedas there is life in many parts of the *universe.

dear agniveer or anyone else, jus t 1 quesytion : Also earth is not the only place to have life. There are innumerable earths in universe and souls keep moving from one to another as per their deeds. by innumerable what type of figure do u mean? like theres something… Read more »

[…] who thinks my translations are incorrect, can bring it up with the people who translations i used, Purpose of creation in Hinduism – Agniveer __________________ Dharma Eva Hato Hanti Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha! Tasmat Dharmo Na Hantavyo […]

Dyabimau purusau loke ksharaskshara aba cha/ kshar sarbani vutani kutastho akshar uchyate/ uttam purushasto anya iti paramatma udarita// Bhagwat Gita 15 ad. There are two purush: -Kshar-Perishable -Akshar-imperishable (brahm/Truth component of Absolute lord) – but Uttam purush is far from Akshar, so he is Aksharatit purush/Uttam purush (purna brahm/supreme Truth)… Read more »

That was too good Agniveer ji !!!!


Srinivas-At HIS Service
Srinivas-At HIS Service
Pranaams!! I am deeply proud of this heritage, and enjoy absorbing this knowledge wherever I get it from. Agniveer has not only satiated this thirst, but rather made me more thirsty. 🙂 Anyways, with regards to this topic, I heard this most amazing answer by HH Swami Chinmayananda. “Creation is… Read more »

agniveer, thanks for replying, what i should have asked was; is the concept of mahapralaya(death of brahma) after 100 cycles mentioned in 4 vedas?(if you do not know then its fine)

Dear dave Mahapralay does not mean Death of Brahma. Dissolution of Prakriti to the smallest Paramanus (smallest unit of matter) is called Mahapralay. And dissolution of Prakriti to the states of Water/Fire/Air is called Khandpralay. There is no mention of Mahapralay after 100 cycles in Vedas. However 1000 Chaturyugis (1… Read more »
Truth Seeker

Brother, Vajra I have also one query whether space is part of Prakriti. I was not student of science but I think space is not part Prakriti.


Brother Truth Seeker

You are right. Space is not the part of Prakriti but something in which Prakriti resides. Space is nothing but Shoonya/absence of Prakriti/matter.

Bro KB, thanks for providing link and Nyaya’s take on Space.



Space is an evolute of Prakriti. The diagram on the following page may help.
According to Nyaya, though, space is uncreated, one and eternal. Nyaya holds that space and time are common causal factors in any change and are themselves uncreated.


hi agniveer, i just have a question on this article. You did not mention mahapralaya. when after 100 creation dissolution cycles the entire universe then remains in sushupti for the same time. can you clarify whether mahapralaya happens or is it just creation dissolution forever? thanks


Khandapralayas and Mahapralayas both happen as per texts. We did not mention all this to ensure readability. The focus was to offer conceptual understanding that is intuitive and logical and avoid purely textual references. In any case these textual references cannot be verified by ordinary mortals.

Confused mind
There is one more point I want to mention here:— I have frequently read in books on spirituality that everything is decided before birth. And, some times I hear of some great saints that they know your past, present and future. If this is the case then there is nothing… Read more »
Confused mind
continued….. If illusion or maya cannot be destroyed and going to be exist permanently, then what is the point in all this spiritual exercise. It is of course everyone’s desire to be happy ever after, but maya cannot be destroyed and even if I get moksha, there will always be… Read more »
confused mind

There could be a different process not undestandable to human mind, operating. Grace may be beyond comprehension and destiny alone may not be the deciding factor in one’s life. My belated apologies for passing on my confused thoughts in this forum.

Confused mind
I am personally not too happy with any of these arguments and counter arguments. Words like ‘God is omnipotent’, ‘there is purpose in life’ and ‘God is compassionate’ are too boring and hollow to hear. I believe that there is something that holds the universe and life. But i think… Read more »
Namaste Confused Mind ——-‘there is purpose in life’ …. too boring and hollow to hear.——- Can you convince any of us as to why should you be replied or even listened seriously given that you dont have any purpose behind this discussion? Hope you understand fallacy in your logic. Once… Read more »
Confused mind
I have already given the reason why there is no purpose. Purpose is something that we think of based on our intellectual capacity and our aspiration. I feel, no one can impose or convince another that this or that is the purpose. Although almost everyone wants permanent bliss and so… Read more »

Confused Mind

Please go through this series carefully. Decide yourself

Sanjeev Verma
I think that there are some great articles in this website. I have to be honest that I have not read them yet but would do so soon. Yesterday I was trying to wrte a blog on my thinking on the word Hindu and Hinduism. I prefer the word Sanatan… Read more »

[…] /* */ nRelate.domain = ""; /* */TweetTweetThis post is also available in English at ઈશ્વર, આત્મા અને તેમના સંબંધની ઝાંખી […]

On Infinite Regress: Maybe I should make this into a separate post…but here are some thoughts on infinite regress. Abrahamics usually use this to argue for a universe that “began to exist” while however not admitting that their God also “began to exist”. These arguments are stupid cases of special… Read more »

@Namste Brother Mritunjay Read this article and let us know if you still feel that the Understanding Self in Hinduism (33)Truth Seeker: @Namaste Agniveer Ji, Agniveer Ji, is any work in psorregs Hindi translation


On Infinite Regress: – Completing the post

If God is admitted to be eternal, there is no reason not to admit the eternality of the universe too.


Sorry if this looks a bit out of context. I want to know why rocks in the Gran Canyon USA called – Vishnu Schist, Brahma and Rama Schists?

Sachin R

Hi Guys,
Well i know the Jesiwh, Christian & Muslim stand on creation, i.e Adam & Eve etc. Just wanted to know what Veda’s talk about creation. What actually happened at creation ????

Akhila Padhi
one thing is very clear, islam is not a religion, its just a military of arab. They want to win by hook or by cook. Thats why there is appraisal for mass killing, rape, etc. But here we had a different topic. I am ignorat of true vedic philosophy. I… Read more »
truth seeker
@Akhila Padhi Brother for getting Veda knowledge you should read agniveer Article on Vedic God, & Agniveer had published many Mantra of Ishopanishad. Further I you should go website where Swami Ramswaroop gives answer based on Veda asked by different user & You can visite website Arya Samaj Jamanagar… Read more »
truth seeker

Further u you should go website

Adam and Eve theory does not attract for me because of the fate of Egypt. Once upon a time it was a great nation, with a very good architecture, the pyramids, the Pharaohs…. But they died for some unknown reason. Later the mummies were analysed to know the reason. And… Read more »
truth seeker
@Akhila Brother Islamic theory senction the incest, few day before I read a story in newspaper that A muslim named Ali in west Bangal married his 15 year old daughter & made her pregnant. When police inquired to him he said he received divine sanction from Allah in dream to… Read more »
@truth seeker Namaste brother, very well said, moreover, hindus consider a sister brother relation very pious, this is why they have a special day called RakshaBandhan where a sister ties a bond of love to her brother. Now, this Adam Eve story is an insult to that day. Sadly, there… Read more »
Who is a “minority” in the present global context? A community may be numerically small relative to the local population, but globally it may in fact be part of the majority that is powerful, assertive and well-funded. Given that India is experiencing a growing influx of global funding, political lobbying,… Read more »
Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high. Where knowledge is free. Where the world has not been broken up into fragments By narrow domestic walls. Where words come out from the depth of truth. Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection. Where the clear… Read more »
Hinduism is a peaceful and tolerant religion. Because it is a composite religion, it has no issues with dogmatic religions which are based on the teachings of a founder or prophet. Its broader religious and philosophical base allows it to find parallels within other religions and coexist with them without… Read more »
Adi Wira Kusuma
I like the post…. But I have some questions about it… n please reffer rig veda (catur veda) to answer my questions. 1) Above articel, I understand that Ishwar, Nature, Atman is 3 eternal entities. And what could be interpreted that the three entities is God in Hindu/Veda? 2) In… Read more »
truth seeker

@Agniveer/Other Scholar

How can you say logically that Ishwar creates many number of humans in starting of creation not one single pare of man & women as Kuran says first human Aadam & eve? Please explain?

Namaste Truth Seeker As Brother Sanatanakki rightly said, Adam Eve theory encourages incest. Imagine the very next generation after Adam and Eve who were siblings (direct brothers-sisters mutually), married each other 🙁 So all Chriatians and Muslims feel proud to be called as result of incest though Quran prohibits it!… Read more »
@ truth seeker I’m no scholar of Islam or Hinduism but one thought really ponders me is if Adam & Eve were the only two beings in this world made by Allah or Jesus.. That means we are all son’s & Daughter’s of Adam & Eve… so here is my… Read more »
truth seeker
@sanatanaakki/Vajra/Indian Agnostic/Agniveer/Other scholar/ Very good logic incest is nonsense thing, but tell me more other logic if you know as asked above in question why there were many man & women in the inception of universe not single single pare of Aadam & Eve? And What about genetic differences? &… Read more »
Truth Seeker Although I think incest is enough but you can search for as many reasons as you want. For this you must compare both cases and then analyse the scenario 1. Many a times a mother dies while giving birth. And in the absence of advanced medical facilities, the… Read more »

Please agniveer clear to me then who creates nature and souls your explanation clear to me that god creats us like as an engineer than who creates the elements


[…] AND BEST EXPLANATION I FEEL AND THAT SATISFIES ME IS. … AS PER – why god create us creation and purpose – Agniveer SO WHY DID HE CREATE US??? ULTIMATE CONFUSION We have eliminated all implausible explanations […]


A question is bothering me since a few days,
How is it that atma, parmatma and prakriti are eternal and exist on their own? i mean for example energy can be created nor destroyed, how can we explain their existance(energy,sout etc)??

Namaste Sister Vidya Simplest way is to see the present scenario. Aatma, Paramaatma, and Prakriti look existent in present. So now it is due on those who think we will/did not exist in future/past that their point is valid. I reply it by counter questioning that how can you deny… Read more »
Namaste Thanks for the response sister Vajra. But my question remains unanswered. I never asked proof for the existence but my curious mind is still pondering whats the mystery of the eternal existence of the atma parmatma and prakriti . We all know we are alive and one day we… Read more »
Namaste Sister Vidya I gave you reply because you wrote- “how can we explain their existance(energy,sout etc)??” As far as “we” is concerned, its not just protons and neutrons alone but the alliance of a conscious entity and matter. This conscious entity is called Aatma. So now “we” = Aatma… Read more »

Thanks alot sister Vajra. You gave words to my thoughts. Your words and examples are perfect explanations. Its the same as numbers goes infinite, without any starting point. Thanks again. Your answer is a relief.


is numerology mentionefd as per vedas? you can see shakuntala devi is a dab hand at correctly identifying ones birthdate simply by the mention of that individuals name, but is numerology superstition or is there evidence in vedas to suggest it may be true.

But as per Advaita philosophy, the world is considered only as projection of eternal Brahman, like snake projected on real rope. Rope is true and even snake is true, but when we come to know falsehood of snake then we recognize the reality, that it is only a rope. I… Read more »
Indian Agnostic

quite right @Sandeep bro

Just that the world is not negated by advaita’s just that the substratum of the world is identified as Brahman alone.

“all that there is is this brahman that alone is”

Dear I.A Bro I have seen a great video at you tube. By typing ‘holographic universe’ it could be watched. Even i have read a article that the world is just like a holograph and it does not exist outside mind i.e. whatever is seen, is not what we see.… Read more »
Indian Agnostic

Yes brother ..i have watched that too..the holographic universe concept is an empirical direction to the adavita truth

and this small succinct one explains advaita beautifully




wow! that’s something.

Indian Agnostic

Good vyavahaara exposition .

I have some healthy disagreements too 😉

for one, if we look at the created universe from an absolute perspective ..there’s no ‘matter’ as such ..just waves collapsing as per the observer.The observer always is ..or should we say the observer alone is ?

Brother Indian Agnostic Namaste Brother I could not understand what is this “absolute perspective”. Please make it simpler for me to understand. Logically, we, being imperfect and changing in terms of knowledge and Sanskaaraas every moment, cant look universe or even self from the absolute perspective. The observer always is,… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
Namaste brother Arya From an absolute perspective matter does not exist! In the absolute energy condition the Laws don’t exist ! what exists is the absolute energy condition itself alone is. the oscillating universe theory, quantum theory, m theory ..all point to a unified absolute where no matter or… Read more »
Brother Indian Agnostic Why to try to reach an imaginary state (we can never be in position to appreciate things in absolute perspective) leaving behind the real one? The fact that in absolute perspective matter does not exist is based on certain assumption which have their basis in the relative… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
Brother Indian Agnostic I questioned the beliefs of new Quantum theories, which you gave. I completely agree with you that only Nishkaam Karma will lead us to Moksha. I need to know Brother, what is your take on absolute? I also want to know, whether you believe in any Eeshvar… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
Brother Arya I guess we will have some confused, intellectually challenged guys like @Islamisgreat bro ..who would try to misconstrue this spiritual dialogue..but i suggest we should not sacrifice this interesting topic on such aberrations.I am sure he will grow up one day and be proud of the fact that… Read more »
Islam Is Great


Brother, This is the problem with fanatic mindsets. They consider every intellectual discussion as a war. That is why despite greatest claims of science in Quran, and having rule in more than 50 countries, not one intellectual could come out from these places which discourage discussions. However in Vedic culture,… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
Right said admin ! The doctrine of Islam has just one answer for the critic ..DIE! not a single Islamic country allows for critiquing Islam is put to death for questioning muhammad’s morality or Islams ideology. this itself is a proof at a macro level that islam is a… Read more »
Islam Is Great
Allah Has a Trhone Volume 4, Book 54, Number 414: Narrated Imran bin Husain: I went to the Prophet and tied my she-camel at the gate. The people of Bani Tamim came to the Prophet who said “O Bani Tamim! Accept the good tidings.” They said twice, ‘You have given… Read more »
Islam Is Great
Allah is not omnipresent. His knowledge is omnipresent. Allah, there is no object worthy of worship but Him; the Ever Living, the Self-Subsisting and All-Sustaining. Slumber siezes Him not, nor sleep. Unto Him belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. Who can intercede with Him… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
@Islam is Great ‘ thanks for sharing the most stupid nation of Islam – hell ! most human beings get over these childhood fear factor stories of their own ..not so with Islam..every day they are reminded since childhood of this bedtime story and the muslim mind gets trapped in… Read more »
Islam Is Great
Islam Is Great
Roger do not make fun with Islam. Fear jahannam. Reality of Jahannam Easy Entrance: “Paradise is surrounded by difficulties and Fire is surrounded by temptations” [Bukhari]. Eternal: “O Jannatis, now there will be no death; O Jahannamis now there will be no death; On hearing this call , the Jannatis… Read more »

@Islam is Worst

Fear Eshwar and renounce Islam before its too late.

Indian Agnostic

Only Satan instills fear ..God instills love

stop fearing ..start loving God ..get away from so called gods that terrify you

God can never be a terrorist

Islam Is Great

Fear allah and embrace islam before it is too late.

Namaste Difference in opinions on such intricate topics are bound to be there. In fact that is welcome! But let us put that Prakriti is NOT matter used in English. It is a more subtle concept and includes Energy and Physical Matter both. So what you term as matter or… Read more »
Roots of Veda: (Indians are a mix of Elamites and Medes people). Adam was still alive when Enoch was born. Enoch is the 7th generation from Adam. He walked with God for 300 years and Bible says: Enoch walked with God for 300 years and was no more because God… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
Namaste Agniveer Ji Rest assured that i am on the same page as agniveer. I also understand that putting these deep spiritual insights in plain and easily understandable language as you do is a huge challenge and has it’s limitations (as in the choice of words or level of detail).… Read more »
Namaste I agree brother. And I also agree that we being limited in intelligence, would always have a road deeper to explore compared to the point we have reached. And this is where mutual collaboration, dialogues and introspection/contemplation would all be necessary. In fact such discussions are a welcome respite… Read more »

Pretty interesting…

At last we got website that explains vedas too..

Dhanyawad arya ji…


Brother sanatanakki
Let us thank all the scholars of Agniveer who have just one objective of spreading truth and fighting the falsehood. May Eeshvar give them more strength.