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6 Feb 2013

Yogi means one who has full control over his mind.

And he uses this control to maximize his benefits.

Anything we do in public or private, in thoughts, words or actions, should be a best example of role models from Vedas.

Basic principles:

1. Meditation and workout in morning is must for yogi. Meditation in sitting position is best.

2. Evening time for meditation/ workout.

3. Every few minutes, ask yourself – is whatever you are thinking or doing, ideal for a yogi?

4. Food habits – Sattvik food

5. Sense organs are in control

6. Mind control is key

7. Titiksha – calmness in haani-laabh, ninda-stuti, jay-parajay

Samatva Yog Uchyate – Geeta.

8. Mumukshutva – are u as desperate to be a yogi as someone with head submerged in water being desperate for air.

9. Remember/ thank eeshwar every few minutes.

This article is also available in Gujarati at http://agniveer.com/diary-of-a-yogi-random-page-3-gu/

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  • I personally feels that in everyones life finding peace or calmness is a much required thing , i like this post and want to try these methods in my life…. Thanks for this post