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A page from sometime far in past

The discomfort continues. Materially I am at probably the most enviable position. A high-paying senior level job in an MNC and I can really look forward to a comfortable and stable future. But it is this comfort and stability which is causing discomfort. No, its not all peace and happiness that I want in my life. Fire is the basic force of my life and I need to have a medium to vent it out on a continuous basis. Otherwise I will be causing self-annihilation.

Lemme be frank and clear. This comfort was never my mission or vision in life. All along I had been preparing to do something worthwhile and SIGNIFICANT for my country, my society, my people. To reach self-actualization through my own brand of Karma Yoga, to fight like a warrior and feel satisfied that the life hasn’t been a waste before I die.

So why this job? At best because I also have duties towards my family, my parents. This is the best that they can imagine for me. What I believe to be best for myself is not at all their cup of tea. So what do I do? At one point in time, I will have to make a choice. Then why not asap? The choice has to be sustainable for my goals and not momentary josh. So what do I do?

Grow the fire within like anything, be a Raja Yogi, and master thy self, kill the carnal weaknesses and then….break free. Strengthen yourself to a point where external compulsions no longer matter.

Remember I am all alone in this path. Nobody perhaps thought in this manner before this, and with this intensity. So be your own benchmark. Appreciate others, but be cautious before you take the appreciation to the point of followership. Because you are intending to remove all mental barriers, rarely people are comfortable with such a model. Its more comfortable to define a set of possibles, impossibles and limitations and then move ahead. Its more comfortable to define the best you can reach and your area of focus – smaller the better.

Your thoughts are different from this and let this difference never vanish away. Till the opportune moment comes, don’t wait. March like a crusader in path of Raja Yoga and show yourself what Moksha through Karma Yoga means.

Remember there is only one Dharma for you – power – of soul, of body, of mind, of everything. Anything which is weakness is sin. “Majboori” should not be a word in your dictionary. Its easy to say, it will be easier to do.

I have my vision and I would see them to reality – regardless of whether even one person is with me or the whole world is against me.

The first virtue to master is Abhay – complete absolute FEARLESSNESS.

This article is also available in Gujarati at http://agniveer.com/diary-of-a-yogi-random-page-4-gu/

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    • ” *Appreciate others, but be cautious before you take the appreciation to the point of followership..

      * Till the opportune moment comes, don’t wait. ..

      * Anything which is weakness is sin. “Majboori” should not be a word in your dictionary…”

      Naman /\

  • This mantras from vedas are very helpful,
    Strengthening will power, over coming fears and low confidence.

    Gayatri mantra, meditate on it. Take a breath, hold it say mantra then utter meaning word by word mentally , pray to ishwar,release the breath.

    Ya atmada ,balda yasya vishv upasate.. prashisham yasya………havisha vidhem yajurved 25/13 -stuti mantra

    yajurved mantras 34 / 1- 6-

    yajjagrato durmudaiti——shivsankalpamastu

    to susharthirshvaniv…………………..shivsankalpamastu.

    for fearless pray to god with atharvved mantra 19/15/5 – and 6

    practice of astanga yoga and havan both times will help.

    these mantras are in sahantikarnam .

    try it it helps where i fail i pray to god withthese mantras in havan and work towards it

  • Beautifully written.
    I think may people like me are trapped in the same situation struggling to achieve absolute FEARLESSNESS. This small post gave words to many people’s dilemma.
    I think this is a continuation of “confession” series.