Why Muslims hate Zakir Naik so much?

This article is also available in Hindi at http://agniveer.com/3293/hate-zakir-hi/

Zakir Bhai MBBS aka Dr Zakir Naik has been among the most hated public figures of today. Deoband recently issued a fatwa against him. There is no doubt that Zakir Bhai is among the most smartly marketed religious celebrity of last few years. He claims to represent and propagate Islam. He considers himself a servant of Muhammad (pbuh). Yet it is the Muslims and Islamic clerics who hate Zakir Naik the most. (Why Muslims Hate Zakir Naik). In this post, I shall briefly list out reasons why Muslims hate Zakir Naik so much that many claim that he would be the first person to enter Dozakh (refer “We Hate Zakir Naik”)

Let me provide a brief background. Most people consider Islam to be the religion propagated by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and narrated in Kalam-e-Pak Quran. On surface it appears all so simple. Quran proclaims that one who submits to the word of final messenger of Allah shall achieve Heaven. But things are not so simple for a layman, and even a scholar. Because while there is only one Quran and one Prophet Muhammad, there is tremendous variety in the types of interpretations that so-called Muslims make out of this book and this great social-reformer.

In short, Islam is not as monolithic as it appears to be. The number of sects in Islam are more than 72 and they are as different from each other as dry is from wet and cold is from hot. All these sects have different customs, different levels of tolerances for non-Muslims, different food habits, different interpretations of Quran, different level of importance given to Muhammad and his associates and different descriptions of Heaven and Hell. The Shia-Sunni dispute is clearly known.

What makes the things even more confusing is the belief that of these 72+ sects only one is on path of truth and hence only one will go to Heaven. Rest go to Hell. Thus it is not sufficient to just be a Muslim to achieve Heaven, you need to follow only the right sect. Now each sect fights to prove that they are the genuine sect. Some sects are liberal enough to allow even non-Muslims to Heaven. Some Muslims are even promoters of vegetarianism. Some consider nation ahead of everything else. But there are some who believe that all except those who fully believe in their sect and its practices without questioning anything, alone will go to Heaven. Rest of all will be in Hell forever even if they do best of the deeds throughout their lives.

Among the most fanatic of these cults is the neo-Wahabi cult. This is supposed to be the producer of largest number of terrorists including Osama and Al Qaeda since its inception in 18th century and has been a cause of disgrace for rest of the peace-loving Muslims. Dr Zakir Naik belongs to this Wahabi cult, believes that only this Wahabi version of Islam can bring anyone close to Heaven, and rest of all will go to Hell. So as per Zakir Naik, Sufi will go Hell, Shia will go to Hell, Ismaili will go to Hell, Ahmadiyas will go to Hell, Hindu will go to Hell, Christian will go to Hell, Jew will go to Hell, And things are not as simple. Further, he mixes his Wahabism with material from other scholars of different sects to create his own Zakirism, that in the process blatantly insults and disgraces the vision of Islam as per other sects, including the more tolerant ones. His Zakirism goes to such extent that he does not even spare Wahabis from humiliations. Let us see how:

a. Zakir Bhai MBBS claims to be an expert of comparative religions. In his site, he has put lots of articles on comparative religions under his name. But in reality, they are merely word to word copy of texts from Qadiyani/Ahmadiyya sources. So what is wrong if one refers to Qadiyani or Ahmadiyya sources? Perhaps nothing, except that:

– Qadiyanis/ Ahmadiyyas are considered Kafirs and are prosecuted by most Muslims for their radical beliefs.

– Wahabis have been greatest enemies of Qadiyanis

– The content of the Qadiyani writings that Zakir Bhai MBBS has swindled under his own name are blatantly against core beliefs of rest of the Muslims including Wahabis. For example, Zakir Bhai MBBS tries to prove that Vedas prophecize about Muhammad. (This has been completely refuted in a three-part expose starting with this article)

Now this belief gels with the Qadiyani belief that Vedas were also revelations. But Wahabis and other sects refuse to believe so. Hence even Zakir Bhai MBBS writes in another article that he is not sure if Vedas are revelations. He conveniently forgets that he himself has proved that Vedas reveal Muhammad in another article! (Perhaps because he forgot to read it before asking his henchmen to copy from Qadiyani book and paste under his name in his site and books)

In summary, Zakir Bhai continues to use Qadiyani source to show his scholarly capabilities but refuses to accept Qadiyanis because he claims to be Wahabi and is funded by Wahabi militants.Or is he a Qadiyani spy in Wahabi disguise? Only Zakir Bhai knows the reality, but his acts suffice to invite hatred of Qadiyanis as well as other Muslim sects.

b. Zakir Bhai justifies non-vegetarianism as a scientific Islamic trait. While he does acknowledge that even a Muslim can be vegetarian, he attempts to justify meat-eating on crazy arguments including research by some farmers. (read the rebuttal here: (Zakir Bhai defends Halal meat). This catches ire of several progressive Muslims who refuse to believe that meat-eating has any association with religion. Many progressive Muslims have even started a Muslim Vegetarian Society that is among the most powerful protagonists of Vegetarianism and opponents of Halal meat. They have severely condemned Zakir Naik and his spurious research for disgracing Islam to justify the lust of his own tongue. (You can visit their site at http://www.islamveg.com/halalmeat.asp)

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c. Being a Wahabi he has a soft corner for Osama Bin Laden. When someone questioned him on his views on Osama, he replied that he admires him because he has terrorized America! He shied away from criticizing terrorist activities of Osama. This created a lot of furore among Muslims and Deoband even issued a fatwa against Zakir Bhai for his tacit support for Osama Bin Laden. (Deobandi Fatwa against Zakir Bhai) Reasons are obvious – the money that funds Osama and money that funds Zakir Bhai have allegedly the same sources.Many terrorists caught in past few years have admitted that they were inspired by rhetoric of Zakir Bhai MBBS.

d. While on surface he claims to be a conservative Muslim, he wears a non-Islamic dress which has per Islamic hadiths would lead one to be treated as a non-Muslim during Judgment Day. Many devout Muslims thus consider their dress very seriously and hate Dr Zakir Naik for setting wrong examples by wearing Kafir dress of tie, suit and coat.

e. Wahabis have destroyed many Sufi shrines and even house of Prophet Muhammad because they believe these to be signs of idol worship. They killed many Muslim men, women and children in their campaigns to destroy tombs and holy places. (Refer wikipedia on Wahabism) In the same footsteps, Zakir Naik severely condemns these practices to be anti-muslim and hence is hated by those who worship graves, Sufis and tombs.

Watch this:

f. Shias obviously have a reason to hate Zakir Bhai MBBS because of his staunch anti-Shia stance, being a Wahabi. But his admiration of Yazeed, considered to be culprit for massacre of Karbala has been a strong point of contention for other Muslims. So much is the hatred against Yazeed that many curse by name of Yazeed.


g. Zakir justifies the ban on worship of other religions in Muslim countries. He however also justifies that Muslims should be allowed in other countries to promote their religion. The logic is curious – as per Zakir Bhai, in matters of religion, Muslims are the best. So they should be allowed everywhere – Muslim or non-Muslim countries. But non-Muslims should not be allowed to build places of worship in Muslim countries because their religions are inferior to Islam! Watch this video.


Such ultra-fanaticism irks the more progressive Muslims who want to integrate with rest of the world and rise above religious dogmas and hatred.

h. Being an ultra-conservative he propagates that despite a person being as much good or noble, unless he unconditionally accepts his version of Islam, he will go to Hell and Hell alone and forever. This goes against beliefs of more progressive Muslims who believe that all who act with genuineness, regardless of their religion will go to Heaven and not Hell.

i. Muslim women obviously have all the reasons to hate Zakir Bhai because in name of pseudo-science he is simply restricting their freedom that has been ordained by the Creator. For example, he states that Muslim women should always wear Hijab and Burqa and cover their entire body always. Medical researchers are worried that such unreasonable practices cause dreaded diseases due to lack of Vitamin D in Muslim countries which enforce such beliefs on women. More liberal Muslims see such insistence as dangerous dogma harming the cause of Muslims and Human Rights.

He further states that Muslim women should not work in offices because they may have chance to be alone with men even for a second. The only men that a woman is allowed to be alone with are her husband, very close relatives and those who have suckled her. Taking this crazy dogma of Zakir Bhai further, the Head of Hadith Department of the most reputed university of Islam in world recently issued a fatwa that Muslim women should allow their male colleagues to suckle them five times. This will allow them to work with these men, even when alone!

Zakir Bhai debars women from being any doctor except gynecologists because that is haram as per his version of Islam. Women should not take part in sports as well!

He further defends polygamy by furnishing false data on population but disallows polyandry.(Read this expose on his views on polygamy) . He goes to extent of suggesting that if one desires to marry again, he may not even seek consent of first wife. He may at best inform the first wife as good manners.

He justifies the belief that women are less intelligent than men and hence evidence of two women equal that of one man! He thus also justifies that women cannot inherit equal to their male counterparts!

No wonder, he would agree to dogma that to prove a rape, a woman should bring ample number of witnesses who have witnessed actual penetration!

The list can go on and on. So much that now even Wahabis have started calling Zakir Bhai a Shaitan. Read this.

And other sects who do not receive as much funding as Osama or Zakir Bhai try tooth and nail to debunk his fraud through all means.

They are even more upset by the fact that Zakir Naik does not even know how to read Arabic and merely imitates dialogues and manners of Ahmed Deedat, another preacher considered deviant by many scholars.


The process of seeking truth demands process of elimination. One may not be sure and continue to debate on which of the 72 or more sects of Islam would lead one to Heaven, or whether Quran itself is the authentic Quran and not the new Quran as created recently. One may not be sure whether a permanent Hell or Heaven, or Fairshtas or Jinnas exist in first place. One may doubt if Muhammad was a great non-divine social -reformer or actually a Messenger of Allah’s word. One can debate if Quran deserves to be final word of Allah and what should be its interpretation or what new good thing Quran provides which was not there in previous books. Everything in life must be questioned, analyzed, debated before accepting. That is what is called scientific spirit and that is what makes us humans.

But one fact is sure, there is not even a scope for debate, and certain persons should be out-rightly banished to Hell or hell-like place for benefit of rest of the civilized peaceful society. They include

– people who dare not condemn terrorists like Osama

– who consider that all except their sect will burn in permanent Hell despite how-so-much good they do in their lives

– who cannot tolerate others but want themselves to be tolerated everywhere

– who believe that women are inferior or bereft of intelligence

– who justify inferior rights and curtailment of freedom for women

– who refuse to change their stands despite presence of factual information proving the opposite

– who do not clear their stand and purely use material prepared by someone else to claim scholar status for self and yet condemn the source

Such terrorism sympathizers are threat for any civilized society. Progressive and even conservative Muslims have showed the right way by criticizing Zakir Naik so severely. The first and foremost religion of humans is humanity. The way noble-minded Muslims have shown courage and mettle to condemn the dangerous frauds of Zakir Bhai that are detrimental to entire humanity is warmly welcomed. Such steps in right direction pave way for right direction for seekers of true knowledge.

This article is also available in Hindi at http://agniveer.com/3293/hate-zakir-hi/

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  1. says

    If Muslims condemn Naik yet remain Muslim then basically they are hypocrites. All that Naik is teaching is what Muhammad gave the Arabs 1400 years ago in the Qur'an or Hadith.

    Women not as intelligent as men, evidence worth half, cannot associate with men, must be covered except in the presence of husband and slaves.
    Hell for non-believers in Allah and his prophet. All other religions are false.
    Destruction of idols
    Slaughter of animals as sacrifice for sin to appease Allah
    Muhammad owned slaves.
    Muhammad also plagiarised from other text, like Torah and Bible
    Muhammad stated there would be 72 sects with only one qualifying for Paradise.
    Muhammad described a whore house of a Paradise
    Muhammad concocted a hell of eternal punishment where the skin is burnt off and replace over and over again for maximum suffering.

    In other words if these Muslims are supposedly progressive they need to look at the source of all this idiocy and act like decent human beings, renouncing the barbaric teaching of a desert nomad of the 7th century. Their moderate stance only provides underpinning support for the fundamentalists.

    • says

      Dear Sister,
      I would leave this introspection on Muslims themselves. But yes, if indeed Quran and Muhammad stand for what you have written, then nothing can be more damaging for humanity.

      For someone like me, any text that wants to teach us that women are inferior than men, or considers women as objects of pleasures is junk for me. The reason I admire Vedas is that it clearly proclaims glory of women, does not threaten or lure people with stories of permanent Hell of Heaven, and has a definition for higher levels of happiness that is much above the beastly desires. Further, they emphasize that one should not accept anything blindly, even meanings of Vedic mantras.

      I believe Quran also has verses which are noble. If Muslims try to interpret Quran as per lofted values of humanity and reject verses or their meanings that call for blind belief, denigration of women, justification of sex-slaves etc, they would be on path of truth. Its good that many an enlightened Muslims have started this process and hence they cannot tolerate Zakir Bhai. One may not be able to achieve the vision of truth in one day, but the process should begin somewhere. Glad that it has started.

      • bramh says

        Why Islam permits person tomarry

        with daughter of his own uncle? Means sister. Is this morality?
        This create abnormal sexual behaviour in joint family where brothers lives in , with

        • M.A.Khan says

          I love & admire Dr. Zakir. He is a source of inspiration. He speaks from scriptures & gives references. If anyone proves he is giving wrong references, he or she can take up the issue in public questioning in front of live cameras. All the allegations mentioned above & below are created to tarnish his image. This is pure mud slinging & therefore unacceptable. Yes, Islam permits marriage with cousins, but recommends marriage from different families & tribes. Still it is a lot better than Hindus allowing marriage to their nieces (sisters daughters). This is worse than marrying cousins. Yes, Islam allows polygamy – so what. It is better to be a second wife, declare the relationship to the whole world & inherit the husband equally with the first wife, than to be the girl-friend of someone, in secret, abort children for the stigma it brings as child from adultery, hide from the world & inherit nothing from husband.
          There were opponents to prophets of Allah, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus & Mohammed. So, most certainly there will be some opponents to Dr. Zakir as well. There is no shortage of hypocrites in the world & there will be no shortage in the hell as well.
          Dr. Zakir, please carry on your mission. What Dr. Zakir stands for is worth sacrificing lives for!!! Keep up the great task & may Allah grant you protection.


          • Mohammad Arif says

            Yes, Dr. Zakir Nayak is perfect preacher of Islam in right way. He says what Holy Quran says and correct hadith as well.

          • mohammad yunus says

            people are unable to tolerate the famine of zakir naik and poting false comments on him.if u know that he is wrong why cant you go to place where his debates are going on and ask him that he is quoting out of context.

          • Science says

            sir a since u think islam is very scientific plz go ask ur zakir naik this…kuran was dictated to ur prophet by an angel gibreel or watever his name was that too prophet himself was illiterate so he made another person write it in presence of khalifas…and there goes its authenticity …firstly prove to me that angels exist lol i know u cant so ur book is fiction…secondly what is the proof that the person writing the dictation wrote wat ur prophet told him to write and was not influenced by khalifas…..u guys have made a fool of ur selves :p

          • Veeru says

            Islam is basically a religion of have nots in every respect. It includes people from lowest rung of the societies from various sects and religions. It’s also true that this lot has suffered for centuries under hegemony of upper rung of the society. Hence their disposion is always antagonistic and vengeful.

            As result there sermons as enshrined in Quaran only talks about Dos & Don’ts and complete surrender to what is being ordained in that book. Which undermines the very basic tenet of Human Intelligence where you have no choice but to follow the sermons verbatim.

            As generations progress and evolve with time but Islam precepts of Dos & Don’ts remain same universally. They are multitude of people with no individuality. They are as if incompatible among thinking and intelligent milieu.

            This sect will fall prey to their eternal ignorance and perish at their own hands. Then no savior will be around to save them. If you really believe in GOD then look within and not without. Books are mere reference but not the ultimate Truth.

            Live like champion and not like a slave !

        • azim says

          Incest among first cousins has been a hypocritical behaviour ever since man set foot in earth. It still continues all over the world. To minimise or overcome this double standard, Abrahamic religions, Islam, Christianity and the Jewish religion made marraige among first cousins legitimte. Marriage is better than incest. When we start growing up, our first easy access or preys are our first cousins. Visit many hospitals, or ask many nurses- they will reveal how tiny girls have been impregnated by their first cousins. And the sad parents cant reveal that the culprit has been the uncle’s son. Jews and Muslims are still found to practice this kind of marraige within cousins. Christians have long back stopped practcing their religion, saying that next gen genes dont get variety and children are born dull from marriage by first cousins . But incest is again severely found in Europe and North America. Sweden have recently gone to the extent of allowing fathers and daughters marry. Astagfirullah. Indeed marriage among first cousins is far better than keep incestuous feelings or secretly continue illegitimate relation with the sons and daughters of our uncles

        • Maher says

          Well my dear bros and sists i will recommend not to follow atleast Hinduism . The reason is that it is full with man created dramas and man made dangerous looking dolls of durga.shoroshatwati bagera bagera….which is idoltry and humans are not for idoltry in Islam. Islam recommended to worship in One ALLAH. But i am sorry to say that only the mohammedans i.e the Sunnis will enter Heaven. Why?Allah has placed Muhammad in that court not us. Well I have to say to the losers that the more you target islam and disgrace it to public,the self aware public will try to know about Islam and knowing truth they will certainly embrace Islam.Inshallah.

          • SDC says

            Finally, the truth has been revealed. Shias, Ahmaddiyas, and the rest of the 72 sects, take a listen. You will not enter jannah. But the only question, I would like to ask you as to why Allah created the other sects when he had already made up his mind to let the sunnis enter heaven?

          • shahzad ahmad says

            lesson to me muhammad p.b.u.h]is the prophet ofALLAH
            study the life of Muhammad[p,b.u.h]u get answer y u not choose u bloody fool this world is made
            on the behalf of muhammad[p,b.u,h] y study Quran and hadis.

          • swati says

            Can you scientifically prove what is wrong with idol worship and i will scientifically (rather psychologically) prove why idol worship is good (which by no means equates to ‘hinduism is best’.)

            I respect all religion and believe all religion have something good to say. We must take the best from every religion and live your life. It’s like, when you visit a fruit market…you only buy the best from a lot.

        • Muslim says

          And you so called Hindu liars! Why you performed ashvamedha as explained at britannica.com? You liars have been hiding the truth that you really killed animals and did sacrifices.
          ashvamedha, ( Sanskrit: “horse sacrifice”) , grandest of the Vedic religious rites of ancient India, performed by a king to celebrate his paramountcy. The ceremony is described in detail in various Vedic writings, particularly the Shatapatha Brahmana. An especially fine stallion was selected and was allowed to roam freely for a year under the protection of a royal guard. If the horse entered a foreign country, its ruler had either to fight or to submit. If the horse was not captured during the year, it was victoriously brought back to the capital accompanied by the rulers of the lands it entered, and then sacrificed at a great public ceremony, which was accompanied by much feasting and celebration. The wandering horse was said to symbolize the Sun in its journey over the world and, consequently, the power of the king over the whole Earth. On successfully carrying out a horse sacrifice, the king could assume the title of chakravartin (universal monarch). The rite served not only to glorify the king but also to ensure the prosperity and fertility of the entire kingdom.

          • mrinal says

            better don’t talk about hinduism if you don’t know the greatness of hinduism and its beliefs. this post has nothing to do with islam nor the post had defamed islam then why are you making such objectionable comments on our religion………………….why you people can’t live in harmony and peace with the others…………..islam and hinduism both are gr8 and must be respected by all of us

      • Dishad says

        Whatever Amina has written (Amina is not her real name for sure, she cannot be a muslim) is very negative and Islam beating preaching. I annull and prove all her allegations wrong one by one below:

        Women not as intelligent as men, evidence worth half, cannot associate with men, must be covered except in the presence of husband and slaves. – Khadija, prophet Muhammad’s wife was the first business woman on earth and she ruled over her employees who were men. The covering is also mandatory for men in the sense that they are sinners if they see or even try to see the intimate beauty of a woman other than their wives.

        Slaughter of animals as sacrifice for sin to appease Allah – There is a difference between sacrifice and slaughter, you slaughter millions of bacteria and drink milk by denying the calf his right. Islam and Hinduism, both allow eating non veg. See the vedas.

        Muhammad owned slaves. – He treated them like his equals, therefore they wanted to be owned by him. In fact, he was the one who freed them after buying them from tyrannical owners. However, after freedom, they were so impressed by his character that they preferred to serve him.

        Muhammad also plagiarised from other text, like Torah and Bible – Height of ignorance here. Had you been a Muslim, you would have the basic knowledge that Muslims believe in Torah and Bible, both. Bible was launched by Allah on Prophet Jesus and all good teachings are similar. For, e.g. All books of faith teach children to respect their parents, Would you call it plagiarized ? This is not film magazine editing.

        Muhammad stated there would be 72 sects with only one qualifying for Paradise – That is what has happened, see people like you and others. They may belong to other sects who believe it to be their birthright to slander Muhammad. He, in fact, predicted that which is now happening.

        Muhammad described a whore house of a Paradise – Can you quote the verse in Quran which says so? This is a story created in your backyard of evil.

        Muhammad concocted a hell of eternal punishment where the skin is burnt off and replace over and over again for maximum suffering. – Just like you concoct some evil lie and frame it as a teaching of Muhammad? No, he simply was told by Allah that hell punishment had to be worse for those who have murdered and are living like Kings on earth besides their evils. I don’t believe in giving humanitarian thought to someone who is a mass murderer, or a child rapist, or a infantile killer. If you do, then you need immediate medical attention.

        It is because of epidemics like you, that the earth has been diseased with people who spread hatred and wrong notions about Islam. I am confirmed that you are not a Muslim because Islam does not teach hate-preaching

        • says

          what an reply ..overwhelmed by your reply mr dishad …Those who dont want restriction and constraints in their life they are antimuslims because what i have percepts by others reply who are against of zAKIR NAIK they are those who wants enjoyement pleasure and freedom wtevea they do ..but its pathetic that they are challenging THE ALMIGHTY ,THE CREATOR ALLAH subhana a talah y u have made these norms we are here for enjoyment not for u …infact vadas are also talked about veil ,about drugs ,abot polygamy ..one its verse mentioned name of PROPHET MOHAMMED pbuh …
          people who are against ZAKIR NAIK then y dont u recite and understand GLORIUS QURAN ..no u dont because u have no time for these things u have a busy schedulde ,but u have time to criticised others atleast he have that guts to stand up and talk about .bottom line is that u cant have guts u just have time to criticised and blame others ..
          MAY ALLAH SHOWS STRAIGHT PATH TO ALL …i ended my conversation with a beautiful saying by PROPHET MOHAMMED pbuh “When you speak, speak the truth.
          Perform what you promise.
          Discharge your trust.
          Withhold your hand from striking and taking,
          That which is unlawful and bad.

          • MUDASIR says

            Asalaamuwaliakum sister,
            U have very rightly said that this ppl have time to critize others but dont have time to read QURAN AND SAHIH HADITH…this ppl doesnt wht the right teaching…instead they use the teaching and mold itself as per their aspects of live……MAY ALLAH SHOW THEM RIGHT PATH…..AMEEN(SUMA AMEEN)…..

          • Humanity says

            Veads were written way before Muhammed was born/ Quran was written.
            and Vedas DO NOT MENTION any MUHAMMED.

            You stupid junkhead, how can you say that when you haven’t even read Vedas.

        • proud hindu says

          Yeah right,Khadiza was first women and pehaps the last.Prophet was so scared and jealous of her that he written in Qur’an that women is 1/2 of man…ha!!!!!!
          and Mr. whoever u r,In Holy Veda even onion and garlic is prohibited.Non-veg comes in to TAMSIK BHOJAN which means evil’s food.and always prohibited by Rishis.Even kings were not allowed to eat non-veg.
          Its after you people mixed in with us,all went wrong and still is……no dharam teaches to kill people which includes animals too to satisfy their hunger. You got that???
          I am saying this,coz i have read Vedas and a Brahmin,don’t u dare to misguide people.

          • faukka says

            Quote the verse of the Quran that says Women is half of men.
            You people believe we treat our women as slaves. See our women are precious to us so we keep them safe in Burka. When a women wearing burka walk in a market nobody is going to stare at her with evil look. She is safe inside her Burkha. The country with least rape rate is muslim countries. check the statistics. Islam insist on wearing Burkha for the protection of women.
            According to Islamic Law a women can ask for any sum of money if someone requested to marry her. And that money is her own right. Nobody can touch that money without her consent.

            It is written in Purana Earlier hindu women used to jump in fire if their husband died. (Pandu’s Second wife madri, practised Sathi when Pandu died (just one example)). The marriage of widow was prohibited.

            Even Hindus are not prohibited from eating Non-Veg. Read Manusmriti Chapter 5: Verse 30-31. Kshatriyas in the purana used to hunt down animals just for fun. It was one of their Hobbies.

            In Mahabharatha Anushasana Parva Chapter 88: Yudhishtira advixces Bhima about sacrificing animals for the sake of ancestors. (Yudhishtira is considered Dharmaraja in Purana).
            For a muslim it is not compulsory to eat non-veg. A muslim can be vegeterian as well.

          • SDC says

            A few verses are quoted below that will bring to light the preciousness of women in Islam.

            Mohammed asked some women, “Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half that of a man?” The women said, “yes,” He said, “This is because of the deficiency of the woman’s mind. ” Vol. 3:826

            Mohammed to women: “I have not seen any one more deficient in intelligence and religion than you.” Vol. 2:541

            Mohammed said, “I was shown the Hell-fire and that the majority of its dwellers are women. ” Vol. 1:28, 301; Vol. 2:161; Vol. 7:124

            Mohammed said, “After me I have not left any affliction more harmful to men than women.” Vol. 7:33

            Regarding rapes, are they at all reported? Statistics are not always reliable. In any case, when you have the freedom to keep 4 wives at any given time and marry umpteen number of times and can establish sexual relations with slaves, why would one want to rape? In fact, the prophet himself legitimized rapes in the form of ghanimah (war booty). Also, providing a link below to better understand the mentality of “noble” muslims.


          • iBelieve says

            …and how many wives did Krishna have?…rather how many wives did any of the other of these gods have in all of their forms?….if u say 1, 2, 3 or even 4….u are wrong!…but that is ok right?….y because of the context of the stories!!!
            …now, i strongly believe that all the religious books in the world give only and only good messages, whether it be Vedas, Gita, Bible, Torah, Quran, etc.
            …In Gita, Krishna advises Arjun that he kills his cousins (kauravas), as they are of wrong doers…(i am not standing in the court, nor am i on a debate competition, nor am i a book worm…so i do not know the verse no. page no and ch. no…or whatever)….but i know this much that every reference has a context, which people conveniently ignore or refuse to understand, and hence one who is not so interested in the religion, could say that the Gita says that we must kill our own cousins….similarly, ok u may be quoting lines with verse details, of course confidently as you know hardly anyone is going to cross check in the first place,…what is the big picture?, and the contexts of those vereses?… have you given that a thought?…. nobody is so foolish to preach that one mush go rape….it all boils down to one’s understanding, and it is one’s understanding of things alone that define their character…!
            And for the record?…Islam allows polygamy, BUT Islam is the only religion on the face of the earth that says a man should have only one wife….Go do your research….and you will know it yourself…!

          • SDC says

            So, under what circumstances would you allow rape and sexual slavery? I understand that invading armies did terrible things to their captors. But you would not expect a prophet to legitimize such depraved acts.

            I do not think Krishna ever raped anybody. He might have been mischievous though; but again nobody complained because everybody loved him. Yes, according to some texts, he had as many as 8 wives and that he also married 16,000 of freed slave women because they urged him to do so to save them from ostracism. You fail to appreciate the fact that the Hindus have moved on from that era. These days, polygamy has been made punishable by law to give equal rights to both partners in a marriage. Why is it that Islamic laws do not evolve with time?

            Why do you not check the references given and enlighten me?

          • faukka says

            The quote you gave 3:826,2: does not even exit. Islam is the one religion who by the law, give death sentence to a rapist. Do you even know that? And you think Islam will do such a thing. Get your facts right, Brother. I can quote from your Mahabharata many such occasion when Woman were treated badly. As I don’t want to insult any religion, I’m not doing it. Islam is the only religion which insist on money to the woman (as a dowry (meher)) at the time of marriage. Do you know in India which community has more than one wife. It is not the Muslims, it is hindus. And it is made illegal not by vedas but by Indian Government. Do you know what’s the man-woman ratio in the world right now. It is only in India that the man population is greater as a whole woman population is much higher than man and it is increasing yearly. What would you suggest then happens to the unmarried woman, then? Islam is not just a religion. It gives solution to Human Problems as well. That is the reason why there will be more woman in hell because woman population is much high than man population. If you have any further questions, i’ll be happy to help. please feel free to post. May Allah clear your misunderstandings about Islam.

          • SDC says

            Please recheck: Book 48: Witnesses Hadith 826 (Volume 3)
            Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:

            The Prophet said, “Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?” The women said, “Yes.” He said, “This is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.”

            The punishment for promiscuity in Islam is definitely stoning to death, but for whom is it meant? This harsh punishment was most probably enacted to keep the women folk under check because the men are in any case not going to indulge in it because of the unfettered freedom they enjoy in regard to sexual pleasures.

            Of course, you can quote such instances, but the important thing is that they are condemnable and are not looked upon as worthy of emulation. There was the concept of Stridhan in Hindu marriages; but of course, these days the women are entitled to an equal share in parental/ancestral property. Truly, the government did do such an act and the Hindus willingly obliged taking into consideration the aspirations of womankind. Evolution is an essential process that every progressive society must go through.

            Again, repetition of untrue claims will not help. Where is the data to back this hollow claim?

          • faukka says

            @ SDC
            Thank you for that clarification. Now go back to your comment and check. You specifically said it was quranic words. Any way the hadees you mentioned is correct. And it is true. Scientifically A man is considered best to take decisions at crunch time better than woman. Woman is weaker than man physically. In the islamic court of Law, their voice is considered equal to half the man’s. It doesn’t mean woman is half man. The nature didn’t made Man and Woman alike. In no religious texts or No earlier civilizations treated woman with equal rights. Islam was the only the one to give them respect and stability.
            The Prophet (pbuh) said the best among you is the one who treats his woman well.
            Try to learn all the hadees regarding woman and if you can try to read Chapter 4 of the Quran. It will clear most of the misconceptions.
            If all your allegations are true, then how come the so called modern women of America are converting to Islam in heaps? Why are they not embracing other religions if Islam oppresses woman.

            I will give you Prophet’s other teachings about woman

          • SDC says

            I admit I was not specific with the reference. Again, why do you have to produce unverified claims to back its validity. So, you are doubting the abilities of women. Probably, you are oblivious of the fact that modern day women have carved out a niche for themselves in almost all spheres of human endeavor.

            Again, another wild allegation. Probably, you will need to take a closer look at the Quran and do an indepth study with an unbiased mind.

            There are conflicting verses in the Quran. While on the one hand, the prophet speaks highly of women, on the other, he speaks ill of them. What if he was masquerading as a morally upright person? After all, it is actions that speak louder than a thousand sugar-coated words.

          • faukka says

            You avoided my question again. more than 20000 Americans are converting to Islam every year. Out of this most are women. If this modern women are so happy with their life how come they are converting.

            See Women have their limitations compare to men. That’s a natural fact. If they are as you say equal to man, Why are they weaker than Man, Physically. Why do women get raped? I might say Islam doesn’t consider them to be inferior to man. In fact Prophet said “The Best among you are those who treats his women well”. Islam just says they are precious beings, so they need to be protected.

          • SDC says

            Where is the data? Also, how many of the Muslim converts leave Islam. Let me in any case accept your claim on face value. Have you by any chance heard of the hippie movement? People tend to experiment with newer things as they become disenchanted with the regular stuff; but when realization dawns on them, they surely rectify the mistake and leave the diabolical faith (of Islam). Of course, there were will be some for whom it becomes a matter of ego having left their original faith to justify their seemingly implausible actions. Then, there are others for whom it is a matter of making a political statement against injustice. The Black Muslim movements contributed a lot to the spread of Islam in America.

            We all know that there are physiological differences between men and women but those differences should not be the basis for marginalizing the fairer sex. As I said already, a man is best known for what he does, not what he says or preaches.

          • samir says

            u are right.. no dharam teaches to kill people which includes animals too to satisfy their hunger. You got that??? but yar kali ma ke liye bali kyo dete ho.. kya plants me live nai hota.. agar hota hai to veg v khana band karo. islam me aurto ko half of man bola to parvati kya shiv ki ardhangini nai thi. Aur agni pariksha pass karne k bad v sita ko maryada purosottam kahlane wale ram ne vanvas bhej diya.. Dasrath ne bina shikar kiye huye is srawan ke ma bap ko tir mar diya. Ram ke bina shikar par gaye huye hi sita ka haran rawan ne kiya. Pitah ma bhism ne bhim ko bali ke bare me bataya.. aur pitah ma bhism ye jante huye v ki druyodhan galat hai phir v pandawo k against ladai ki. Dharmaraj kahlane wale yudhisthir ne apni patni ko juye me laga diya.. kitni ijjat nari ki.hahahaha. Aur aise krishna ki kitni patni thi apko pata hai bhai sab.pyar kisi se aur sadi kisi aur se. apko pata hai bhagwan brahma ki puja kyo nai hoti kyo unka mandir nai hai.. thora pata lagana. aur ek chaj hope ap bilkul sakari honge aur adrak lasun v nai khate honge. bhai dudh v mat pina usme v bahut zerms hote hai aur boil v mat karna unse wo mar jayenge.. jiw hatya maha pap. ummid hai sir ji ab ap sirf hawa aur pani par jiyenge.wo sorry yar pani v nai usme v bacteria hota hai . aise ap kis gaon me rahte hai.. aur kis school me vidya arjit kiya apne..

          • says

            No where in you religion it is mentioned you have to protect your females…………………………………..open you bible and read it………….Ram wanwas for 14 years toh kaisa tu apni patni ki rakh shaa karta ???????
            aur baap ka maaall hai kya 7 bhai ek ku shaadi karey so
            aur kuch jaanna hai kissi ko ???

        • Humanity says

          Vedas don’t allow us to slaughter animals and eat non-veg.
          Non-veg is considered as the food of evils (it’s written in the Vedas.)
          Got that?

          and by the way, would you eat your mother/father/son/daughter to fill your stomach??
          Why not? Dying would cause them a lot of pain, right?
          DYING causes the same amount of pain to animals? Why does Quran allow people to kill animals for their selfish needs? Stupid book it is.

          • sum1 says

            ‘same amount of pain to animals?’

            then please do answer; why do animals even exist?

            and also plants are alive too as they have living cells. why is it that you eat plants?

            or is it that you simply just assume

          • Ahmad says

            brother please give refrence as well and the point about animals only specified animals are allowed to eat as it balance the ecosystem please listen to zakir naik on this issue you will surely find the answer

          • SDC says

            it is established now that Islam is fastest growing religion in the world and no body can force anybody now . it is also established that islam never spread by sword and it cant be spread by sword because la ikraha fiddeen is the quranic commandment.

          • SDC says

            Mr. Impostor, instead of just making wild unsubstantiated claims, if you could kindly provide reliable data as proof.

        • Misbah says

          I completely agree with Dishad .. this lady by the name Amina in this article can never be a Muslim because she does not even know the most basic things of islam and shariah… and the rights and duties of women in Islam….
          little knowledge is always very dangerous. Guys i have a heartiest request to u all.. plz do not blame each other unless an until we r well equipped with the knowledge of glory Quraan, authentic hadith and the Deen of our prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h).

          I guess ..we should not blame Dr.Zakir nayak.. Zahiri taur pe wo bahot accha kaam ker rahe hain..at least he is removing the disease from Muslims which is called illiteracy about shariah.
          aur waise b agar wo ghalat ker rahe hain to Allah will do justice abt it.

          we must not fight on the topic like this…. that who is ri8 or who is wrong… khud k ander jhaank k dekhiye kya ham sahi hain… kya ham wo ker rahe hain jo Mohammad (p.b.u.h) ne sikhaya tha… r we on the ri8 path…. poochiye ye sawaal khud se …. i am sure jawaab milega….”””””NO”””””””””””

          so …..see …..where r we??????? where we stand ????

        • dr kunhu says

          dr zakir’s endevour is sure islamic way. if any controversy debate with him openly in the public. you can bring a team even.
          may allah give zakir all His grace and protect him from these evils and devils

      • Abdallah says

        You Agniveer said why muslim hate zakir the most. Almost all the people replying, hating and posting bad comments on him are non muslims in all these comments.
        You should try to to be honest in your titles please.
        1. Non Muslim may say any thing the want since Islam defers from their faith and believe.
        2. Any time you speaks the truth people will divide into three, who want the truth will like you, who hate the truth will hate you and others will be neutral.
        3. Islam respect any body who speaks the truth whether be him or her a Muslim or not.
        4. In Islam you can only tell people the truth as your only job and get your reward.
        5. Islam enjoys people to cut exact somebody statement, don’t mis cut, over cut and don’t cut out of contest (i.e. be just to everybody in any respect).
        May Allah guide all of you to the right path Ameen.

        • Truth Seeker says

          ______________You should try to to be honest in your titles______________
          Taqqiya is allowed in Islam to defeat enemy. And Prophet Muhammed & Zakirs is enemy of humanity also. So should handle them with firm hands by hook or crook. Will you like people be follower of rapist and pedophilia person?

          • Abdallah says

            The true seeker may Allah guide us all
            You mixed or interchange singular with plurals and placed (.) on places that make your sentences unreaderble
            Are you saying that the beloved Prophet of Islam and Zakir are enemy to Humanity or one of them.
            If both of them or one of them so bare in your mine that they are not and they will never be so.
            we muslims and Islam will never like and follow rapists or pedophilians (like people that make rape report a news brief and gave rapist right).
            We want people to go to Jannah al-firdaus that is why we were enjoyed to tell the world the truth at which ever cost.
            every body will under stand except those people having closed mine.

          • gasha says

            Taqiyah is not allowed in islam,it is the belief of shias,on whom scholers have different opinion whether they are muslims or not

        • I love islam says

          Those who are posting wrong against islam are really losers.. You kafirs following religions written by normal humans.. Every day you are creating new philosophy and worshipping them as gods. Insha Allah we will see.. May ALLAH GUIDES EVERYONE ON THE TRUE PATH…

          • SDC says

            So, you mean to say that Quran was written by Allah himself. Just one question: Is Allah right handed or left handed?

          • Humanity says

            Losers?! really?!

            Vedas were written before your Quran.
            that technically means Vedas are the REAL true scriptures.

            but it’s okay. Don’t worry. I’m not stressing this point.
            Learn to understand that all religions are equal. All religions teach people to be good human beings. Isman is not the only true religion.
            Rather than being an Islamist, be a humanist.
            Because humanity is bigger than islam.

          • SCIENTIFIC TEMPER says


      • ABDULLAH says

        i see ZAKIR NAIK from different point. He is a good preacher of islam. He explains things from Qur’an and Hadith as well as other religious books. I have changed my perception of some things(positively) after listening to his talks. It is not surprising seeing people with negative ideas conserning him. In fact, people said more bad things to/about prophet MUHAMMAD (S.A.W), so no matter how much someone tries, all people can’t be ok with him/her. May ALLAH reward ZAKIR NAIK with paradise for his efforts in clearifying issues about islam. JAZAHU LLAHU KHAIRA.

      • True Muslim says


        Mr agniveer i will be pleased to tell you that islam is the religion which gives most respect to the woman and at the time of arabs when Mohammad (SAW) was not born we call it the time JAHILIAT the baby girls were buried alive and woman were considered most inferior creature but when our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) came then slowly he finished all this and gave mothers 3 times more superiority than fathers….

        • Jay says

          Yet Mohammed’s first wife whom he married long before he started his prophet career was an independent wealthy business woman many years older than him who chose him to be her husband. In pre-Islamic Middle East there was a great diversity of social structures including matrilineal societies.

      • KalBhairav says


        make believe Amina sister, even if you are true you are not worth to responded.

        Why is the instinctive response of Muslims to anyone with a Muslim-sounding name criticizing Islam immediately to proclaim that that person is faking it?

        Is everyone at http://www.councilofexmuslims.com/ also faking it and paid by the CIA/RAW/Mossad to besmirch the otherwise-peaceful reputation of Islam?

        • anything&everything says

          Salaam Alaikum brother KalBhairav, first Amina means Faithful, secondly it is the name of our Prophet’s (pbuh) mother. It is highly unlikely a true believer with that name especially a woman. Would make such statements about her own religion, even if she has a distorted mind.

          From a true slave of Allah.

          • KalBhairav says

            @A&E :

            The OP could have been a true believer before. Maybe now she has changed her belief after being tired of her slavish position within Islam but still goes by the old name? You dont have to be anybody’s slave in this life or the next. Free your mind.

        • Dishad says

          Because the fake stories can be proved wrong as done above. She is not a Muslim in the first place. Any one can slander Islam and enter this forum with a false name. She is one of them. For all you know, she may not even be a SHE ! Kindly get some education before you speak !

          • Zaynab Bat HaHarith says

            Here’s some enlightenment for you all. ALL 72 sects of islam are fake. Islam was made up in the minds of men who were sexual perverts, stole from caravans, sold slaves, raped and whored with women, and murdered Jews and Christians who wouldn’t accept the ridiculous idea of a prophet from the line of a pagan god worshiper Ishmael. The Tanakh says prophets come from the line of Yaakob, not Ishmael. The Creator chose Yaakob over Ishmael due to Ishmael choosing arabian paganism over Avrahams teaching of the one true G-d. The Torah is G-ds one and only holy book. After all… wouldn’t a G-d who is supposed to be omniscient, omnipotent have the ability to dictate a holy book and not allow His true meaning in the Torah to be changed and have to rewrite another holy book through a group of thugs who have murdered, oppressed, and stole land from Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and pagans for 1400 years. An all knowing G-d should be able to avoid that. However a fake megalomaniac prophet using a pagan arabian moon god renamed allah could possibly be successful in duping a group of unintelligent peasants into doing his will by threats and lies and en-mass an army to start a murderous campaign to rewrite the true history of Israel and the Hebrew prophets and possibly replace it by murdering the Jews, and rewriting history and using terror and oppression to bend infidels to their unholy will. A fool who does not know or care to seek the will of the Creator, but is so jealous of the chosen that he makes up his own cult and leads millions of people astray, into a false belief system that will not elevate their souls. All religions are man made, therefore fake. Seek the one true G-d who did not condone any religion but gave us the Torah as our instruction book.

        • gasha says

          the muslims who abort islam n become some thing else are always doing it for material reasons,where as people who come to islam are doing for spritual reasons,watch the list of famous intellectuals who have embrassed islam n why.

    • raja bhai says


    • MUsmir says

      Mr Agniveer (whoever you are), i believe you should take down this post as this has become a hate-topic between different communities. Just see how non-muslims and muslims are exchanging hate-words. You call this humanity? You know nothing about Islam. You are driven by media posts. So it is my request, just remove this post.

      • Truth Seeker says

        ________You know nothing about Islam.____
        I understand very well Islam mean peace.
        _________You call this humanity______
        Non-Muslim are not human in Islam.
        ________muslims are exchanging hate-words_____
        Muslim prophet Mohammed was fill with hate against nonbeliever in him.

        • Maria says

          You don,t know anything about my Holy Prophet peace be upon him.Plz don,t say anything without any research. I love my Dear Prophet so much.I feel so sorry about your ignorance research about it.And stop hurting others so hard.

        • iBelieve says

          @Truth Seeker
          You quoted a line from MUsmir’s comment in your reply to him/her as follows:-
          “________muslims are exchanging hate-words_____”
          May i bring to your “keen” notice that MUsmir’s comment originally says the following words:-
          “Just see how non-muslims and muslims are exchanging hate-words.”
          This one example is beyond-more-than-enough to prove one’s perception of truth. One see’s only what they want to see, as they cannot absorb the dynamism of the greater truth. I am sorry but this is exactly how media conveniently manipulates and continues to manipulate the reality.
          Well done, you have proved how defective a non-believer’s sight is!…
          …All i can say is may you be guided in the straight path, and not the path that has lead many astray!…

          • SDC says

            Talking of “dynamism,” how dynamic is it to stay rooted to a defective way of life of the medieval, nomadic arabs?

            Why put the blame of this malaise squarely on the doors of the media houses alone? There are interest groups who would very conveniently be doing the same to serve their own narrow interests.

            And you by the way have done well to show to others the believers’ hastiness in painting someone in a bad light. Truly, I concur with you to the extent that one sees only what one wants to see.

      • Misbah says

        I go with MUsmir bhai…..

        Please remove it… who soever the admin of this article …..

        This article was abt Dr. Zakir nayak… but taking a wrong path now…

        if we you r saying here DR.Zakir nayak is wrong and above you have mentioned some videos as well….
        i requst you plz go and see the full videos…these are just small clippings..
        in logon ne bus wo part pick ker liya jahan pe unhon ne ye sab kaha …lekin us k aage peeche jo kaha wo nahi deekhaya….

        so plz do not fight with the incomplete knowlede…

        band karo yaar jo b tum agniveer or whatever….!!!!!!

      • Misbah says

        I go with MUsmir bhai…..

        Please remove it… who soever the admin of this article …..

        This article was abt Dr. Zakir nayak… but taking a wrong path now…

        if we you r saying here DR.Zakir nayak is wrong and above you have mentioned some videos as well….
        i request you plz go and see the full videos…these are just small clippings..
        in logon ne bus wo part pick ker liya jahan pe unhon ne ye sab kaha …lekin us k aage peeche jo kaha wo nahi deekhaya….

        so plz do not fight with the incomplete knowledge…

        band karo yaar jo b tum agniveer or whatever….!!!!!!

    • Nasim Khan says

      Completely Agreed ,,,,,,,the other ulma who oppose Dr Zakir naik scared to him because their shops has been shut down…….

  2. maria kibtia says

    who is this agniveer?? who gav u d right 2 say al dese abt zakir naik. u being a non-muslim is saying al dese, v muslims knw wat zakir naik is u dnt hav 2 poke ur nose in btwn. n 1 more thng V DONT HATE ZAKIR NAIK….

    • vik says

      hey maria, zakir naik is misleading u all muslims, and if u end up following him, eventually u will be destroyed and become a terrorist. Zakir has lied so many times thru hindu scriptures and tried his best to prove islam is the best religion and everyone should embrace it. He has been challenged many times by various people including Vedic scholars and other hindus but ur zakir is not accepting the challenge. So we all have the right to expose him everywhere even on the net, untill hes man enough to accept our challenge. We all hindus support Mr. Agniveer, and know very well that he is doing an excellent job. When someone like Zakir Naik misinterprets vedic mantras, it is the duty of every hindu to come to the defense of Vedas because they are our supreme scriptures and yours tooo, since ur blindly following a violent religoin that allows animal slaughter women enslaving, and many other nasty acts.

      • A K says

        Any relgion that says that it is the best religion is like private companies which claim that their product is the best in the market. Only the consumers know the truth. The relgion that has produced largest number of fanatics of different order is the religion we are discussing about here and this zakirbhai MBBS is one such product . How can anybody say that this or that is the best religion? Truth is a pathless land. These people say these things because they have not seen anything other than what they have been brainwashed into beleiving since the day they were born. They have been shut off from the rest of the world. Like the proverbial frog in the well. For the frog, the well is the world and for these people whatever the likes of bigoted Zakirbhai MBBS says is the truth. Brainless.

        • anything&evrything says

          It is not the religion claiming to be best by itself, it is the faith of the people and their believe accepts as prescription to their survival on this earth. The people with true faith can see their life of 75-80 years, in this world that is like a blink of an eye. Man came into the existence from nothing, he was born without knowledge, then he was blessed with knowledge for his short survival on this earth, then he was given the reason for his existence that it is only a test. But he turned around and question his creator, it is a pity on him. Some of our fraudulent Muslim counterparts, scholars, Mullah’s, Molvi’s and leaders,also going astray. Criticizing Naik scholars for jealousy. People who resent and and hate Islam, has made and believe this world their dwelling place. In spite of their hate and negative publicity by world media, Islam continues to be the world’s fastest growing faith. AL-HUMDULLILLAH.

          • anything&everything says

            Salam Alaikum brother Vik, it is a little Hadith. One day the Prophet (pbuh) was sitting and a man went up to him and said your face look like sob, the Prophet (pbuh) said to him you are absolutely right. Then Hazarath Abubakar (ra) went to him without being aware of the man’s statement to him, he said what beautiful face you have just like a shining sun, the Prophet (pbuh) said you are correct Abubakar (ra). There was a man who listened both remarks and he went to the Prophet and asked him, how can they be both right ? The Prophet (pbuh) said Allah (SWT) has polished my face like a mirror so whatever people see in my face it is their own reflection. So Islam is like that whoever look at the Islam, and however and whatever the intentions, it is their own reflection.

            Slave of Allah.

          • anything&everything says

            Salam Alaikum, brother Aman Garg, if this not hatred and jealousy then what do you call this.
            (Wait for the West to start its crusades. It will be the fastest decimated religion.)

          • hindu militant says

            haraam aleikum,
            This was in reply to your earlier post, islam is the fastest growing religion. Then why shouldnt I reply totally OPPOSITE of what you write? It is hatred, not jealousy. What is there to get jealous of muslims? The bottom of the heap. Regards, hatred, you OPENLY spout hatred and CONTEMPT for my religion, I just hold a mirror.
            One more eg:- muslims say,” islam is haq.” Truth. (meaning all other religions are false).
            I just hold a mirror, all religions are true and islam is the only false religion. WHY do you get upset?
            Do unto others what you would have others do unto you.

          • Arsalan says

            I was/i am / iwill be a muslim. i knew only few things very do’s and dont, namaz.. But one fine day Allah filed my heart with fear. Fear of what will happen after death. i cud not sleep. what if i will not be forgiven for what i did earlier in my life. I reformed myself. With his blessing i am doing just good enough to pass this examination of life.
            BUT BUT BUT i fear the day of judgement.
            This is answer you Hindu Millitant. We dont hate anybody. we feel pity. we feel helpless. We believe in 1 god and all his massengers and each and every alphabet in his holy book. But you dont.
            Just think for second , possibilty that whatever is said in the Quran is right even for .000000001 percent what you will do then. We muslim fear that time. Seeing our brothers being punished and punishment which is very unimaginable and unbearable. Every sec you will feel extreme pain. You will for death. it wont come to you. WE MUSLIM FEAR THIS PAIN.
            Lets not talk about heaven becoz if we pass his exam of life and we do not have go through pain even then we will happy.
            Lets come to logics. A team with one captain or team with many captain. Which is better? your Sun god fighting with your moon good. What if sun god refuses your moon good taking over? Your Rain god refuses to stop?
            Who created all that exist between earth and heaven. Who controls them? ONE or MULTIPLE.
            If multiple then i think their will be a chaos. If they do not come to common terms with each other. WHO DOES THAT. SITUATION IS AGAIN SAME TEAM HAVING MULTIPLE CAPTAIN.
            COME TO AVATAR. God is very powerfull. He create and controls each and every thing. Do you think that he needs to come down in various avatar. with his powers he can appoint anyone to teach basic principles of life.
            Eample there is company. Chairman appoints directors and they appoint Presidents nd they appoint VP and they appoint managers nd they appoint workers. WHY..
            Why chairman does not disguise himself as manager in order make worker do as per the rules. WHY… becoz he have power to to do so.

            Look at youself how you hav been creatd from dirty liquid which clinges. As you grow you start to take shape. HOW .. WHO DOES THAT AND WHO CONTROLS THAT. ONE OR MULTILE GOD. If MULTIPLE THEN WHO DECIDES WHAT.
            Science says sun energy or sunrays are very important if want to grow anyting. BUT WHEN U R INSIDE UR MOTHERS WOMB YOU GET NOTHING BUT STILL YOU GROW TO BE HUMAN. HOW?

            Think My dear friend. May god show show you the light of truth.

          • Indian Agnostic says

            Namaste Arsalan

            i would let @hindumillitant respond to the rest of your post. but i want to respond to this part

            But one fine day Allah filed my heart with fear.

            when you meet a robber in the street, a hyena in the jungle or anything bad in you or others – all of this instills fear. In short , ONLY BAD/SATANIC THINGS fill your heart with FEAR.

            so my friend, if any God of any book fills your heart with FEAR ..he is no God at all.There is (1- .0000001 )% chance that he is SATAN

            Fear of what will happen after death. i cud not sleep

            bro, not only you, but millions of muslims in the islamic world have been fooled and made fearful by this silly ideology.

            a God that can’t give you a good sleep , cannot give you eternal heaven ..cant you understand this simple thing?

            a God , if any, would fill your heart with love and happiness and hope NOT FEAR

            BUT BUT BUT i fear the day of judgement.

            every day is a day of judgment. And since you love everybody, there is nothing for you to fear from a jealous so called god


          • raja bhai says

            why all islamic nation is in turmoil ?TRY TO UNDERSTAND SIMPLE POINTS. 6TH CENTURIES ARABS WERE BARBARIANS.quoran was for those kind of society not for other better civilisation.

          • suheb says

            without asking your first wife you all Muslims male are getting second or third marry or fourth. But your allah had said i know you can not treat them same. But you all muslims just reading allah had said four.
            Without asking your wife and going married or sleep with another lady is not haram. Think about your sister , you searched a nice man for your sister, But you are not sure that he will keep her life time happy. Because Allah permited Muslims that thay can get four. I hope if allah said , take the permition then you get second marry . their will be very less womens on the earth who will allow it whether they are of any religion.

    • Ajnabi says

      Maria and all Muslims…

      ignore vik and the like. They are not against Zakir but all the lot is against Islam. Can one except any goodness from the crooked minded, enemies?

      All religions teach peace. But to spread “Haq” is our duty. Let them be the tools of the satan.

      Christians and Sikhs slaughter animals too, but all this vik and the like can come up with is

      “since ur blindly following a violent religoin that allows animal slaughter”

      And the most common is Oh ho it is “women enslaving”, oh my God!……

      Islamveg.org condemn his double speak his double speech but they could not condemn meat eating on their site too….

      Need to read it.

      There are many sites posing as Muslim ones but fake and preaching what Islam does not preach.


      Islam is a true religion and anyone calling it a fake religion is fallowing fake religion himself or has no religion at all.
      Let them be with all their follies…

      • raja bhai says

        religion can not be true or false, can not be differet for mankind.
        religion is eternal …..religion for mankind exitsted well before prophet mohammad was born.
        Budha has said in 325 b.c. “es dhammo sanatanam”…religion is eternal….dharm sanatan kal se hai.

    • Misbah says

      sister..maria kibtia….well said!!!!!!

      we dont hate him….

      we can not hate any Momin….

    • One world says

      All this discussion is initiated because Dr. Zakir Naik is provocative for his bread and butter. A failed medico, he seeks asylum in religion which is just like a drug….STOP THIS. Pray your God/ Allah/ Mahadev/ Buddha/ Mahavir/ Jesus whoever….but do it personally and for peace. DONOT try to impose your religion on others. But the foolish Zakir Naik doesn’t understand this. I understand he needs it for his living but may the Almighty give him some true sense. Being a mere glossary doesn’t help. Pl. do reply to my post… But reply only if you have seen God.

  3. says


    1. Firstly, if Zakir Naik can poke his nose into what Vedas and other Hindu scriptures mean, what is wrong if "non-Muslims" detail why many of their Muslim brothers and sisters hate Zakir Naik for his fanaticism?

    2. It does not suffice to say that you are a Muslim. Kindly be specific – which of the sect of Muslims you represent? Qadiyanis are vocally against Zakir Naik. Barelvis issued a fatwa against Zakir Naik. Deobandis condemn him like anything. Shias call him a dozakh seeker. Sufis hate him like anything. Islamveg.org condemn his double speak. Are they not Muslims? Or you mean to say that only Zakir Naik, Osama Bin Laden and terrorist groups are the true Muslims and others are not? Who gave you the right to claim that you are a Muslim and others are not?

    Instead of showing your antipathy and hatred towards non-Muslims, kindly counter facts with facts.


    • A K says

      That is something you cannot expect from these people who are intoxicated with hatred towards all other religions. They dont need facts because they dont have any. Consumed with hatred as these bigots are.

    • says




      • says


        Please note that we have nothing against moderate Muslims and in fact consider them our own brothers. We have differences in family also, that does not make our family members our enemies. However when one member says that only he is right and all others would burn in Hell forever or can even be killed, then he is a fanatic to be cautioned against.

        Zakir has his own version of Wahabi Islam. In fact the ruling elite has its own version of Islam and would want to pose on others. It would destroy shrines, kill people and justify death for apostasy. Moderate Muslims are worse than Kafirs for them. A person, howsomuch noble, is doomed for Hell, if he does not follow their narrow viewpoint.

        Unfortunately common Muslims have been suppressed and even kept ignorant/ uneducated so that they cannot rise against these fraud representatives. We are fully with them. In this site, wherever we have questioned Islam, we imply ONLY the fanatic version as propagated by Zakir Naik and other false representatives.

        As for common Muslims, we proudly call Ashfaqullah Khan an Arya and our role model regardless of his faith. We admire people like Azim Premji and Dr APJ Abul Kalam for their enterprise. We have great respect for scholars like Dr Abdus Salam. We highly regard intellectuals like Parvez Hoodbhoy and Hassan Nisar. Religion is no criteria for us to love or hate anyone. Even if someone is against our views, it does not matter. So far he or she is an asset for society overall, we respect and honor him or her for their deeds.

        We are against those Hadiths and Islam coming from those Hadiths whose translations have been created, publicized and defended by the fanatic false Muslims. We also oppose those translations of Quran that demean a noble person like Muhammad. We are open to anyone interpreting these texts in just and rational manner that complies with standards of morality and tolerance. But when someone asserts that the translations as put by them is correct and all who oppose it are Hell-seekers, regardless of they calling for death for apostates, killing of women, children, insult to great Muhammad’s character etc, then we have a problem.

        Common moderate Muslims have nothing to do with this and hence they are our brothers. We respect them and would continue to do so.


        • Roy says

          Agniveer Islam is what Mohamed said it is, and the Koran, Hadiths and Sunna reveal what Mohammed did and said, and Mohammed was not tolerant of other faiths. Arabia was filled with Jews and Christians and Arab polytheists until Mohammed who himself was born an Arab polytheist. Thanks to Mohammed polytheists, Jews and Christians were long driven out of Arabia, long before the Wahabbis.I would suggest you look into Ali Sina and MA Khan, both former Muslims, and their sites faithfreedom.org and Islam-Watch.org both run by ex-Muslims. A great deal of information is there. I would also recommend The Truth About Mohammed book which you can read for free here http://www.scribd.com/doc/99441632/Robert-Spencer-The-Truth-About-Muhammad

          • Roy says

            I would also suggest this website on Political Islam – it is actually important if you are to understand the origins of political Islam and how it relates to infidels

            “…1. The Trilogy
            The Trilogy contains three books—

            The Koran is what Mohammed said that the angel Gabriel said that Allah said. But the Koran does not contain enough guidance for one to be a Muslim. The Koran repeatedly says that all of the world should imitate Mohammed in every way. Mohammed’s words and deeds are called the Sunna. The Sunna is found in two different texts—the Sira and Hadith.

            The first source of the Sunna is the Sira which is Mohammed’s biography. The most authoritative version is by Ibn Ishaq.

            The other source of the Sunna is the Hadith, the Traditions of Mohammed. There are several versions of Hadith, but the most commonly used is by Bukhari.
            So the Trilogy is the Koran, Sira and Hadith.

            2. Political Islam

            Political Islam is the doctrine that relates to the unbeliever, the kafir. Islam’s relationship to the kafir cannot be religious since a Muslim is strictly forbidden to have any religious interaction with them The religion of Islam is what is required for a Muslim to avoid Hell and enter Paradise.

            The Trilogy not only advocates a religious superiority over the kafir—the kafirs go to Hell whereas Muslims go to Paradise—but also its doctrine demands that Muslims dominate the kafir in all politics and culture. This domination is political, not religious.

            As mentioned earlier, the Koran has 61% of its text devoted to the kafir. The Sira (Mohammed’s biography) has about 75% of its text devoted to the kafir and jihad.

            Islam’s success comes primarily from its politics. In thirteen years as a spiritual leader, Mohammed converted 150 people to his religion. When he became a political leader and warrior, Islam exploded in growth, and Mohammed became king of Arabia in ten years.

            Islam has a complete doctrine of how to treat the kafir that is found in the Trilogy….”

            Keep in mind that the politics is determined by the religious texts

      • mahatma gandhi says

        we are never against Muslim , we are against i the radical Muslim who shows intolerance towards other religion

      • mahatma gandhi says

        we are never against Muslim , we are against the radical Muslim who shows intolerance towards other religion and its practice. show respect towards other religious customs and practice good points in them so that u can become still more good muslim

    • Hassan says

      first if u don’t have knowledge about quran and hadith
      so who give u rights that says who is Muslim and who is not Muslim
      why u make propaganda about the man whom learn all religion books verse by verse is there another man that give complete information about his own religion in the world without zakir naik
      can you all kafir people can give me answer and specaily mr agnaveer
      when kafir attack on muslims conntryies they are not terrorist(Russia attached on Afghanistan and Israel attack on falastin and now america on Afghanistan
      but if Muslim is stand against kafir so he is terrorist

      • Manish says

        Do you Know why US attacked on Afghanistan.Because Osama Bin Laden attacked on the World Trade Center & Pentagon and killed several people.What do you want ? If muslim kills people that’s right and if someone gives its answer he is satan.For you who does not gives you answer is coward and who gives you a strong answer is cruel.Tell me why bloody Osama attacked at WTC.Same thing apllies to Israel, when 5 muslim nationa attacked at Israel in 1949 and exiled people of Israel for about 25 years that times were yhey right ? if yes then Israel is right today.

    • Misbah says


      Mr.Naik has never said anything wrong abt vedas, purans, geeta etc…
      he has a great knowledge of shrutis and smiritis..(i guess u r aware of theses two). he is doing a great job for you guys as well., yaar aap itni nafrat kis liye ker rahe ho, Mr. naik ne kuch ghalat nahi kiya.. if u have knowledge of Hinduism, u r not gonna blame him in anyway.. i must say this. pehle aap jao…seek the true knowledge of Hinduism and then utter a word on it. aaj tak dr.naik ne kuch b galat nahi kaha vedas, uypnishads etc k baare me … and u r saying like this… aap k religion k bade bade priest or mahatmas ne un ka saath diya hai,, they praises him for his knowledge about Hinduism ,,who r u to say like this..

      meri mano yaar…band karo ye nafrat ka pitaara… hamlog aapas me ek doosre ko ghalat bolte rahenge…this is not at all fare in anyway….so plzzzzzzzz stop it…


  4. vik says

    Respected Maria Sister, if you have so much knowledge about the quran, why dont u recognize its satanic verses, quran allows a man to beat his women, i could provide u the verse if u want, many idiots like zakir naik tried to defend this act by saying it means to beat her lightly, now u tell me, how can someone beat someone lightly? Different men have different strengths for example my light can be equal to someones hard slap, and if i were a muslim, i beat my woman (lightly), and she gets damaged, then i can easily defend myself saying how is it my fault, I hit her lightly, now its not my fault if I am too strong. See my point, in Vedas, a woman is praised to be so pure that shes worthy of worship after GOD, and here ur religion treats her like a slave and a beating dummy. If u or ur husband follows the quran 100%, in years u will have bruises on ur body and u will subject ur self to a never ending pain. I agree many muslim men are nice out there, but averagely when they are given the authority to beat their wife, believe me, they will and later claim "oh i did it lightly as per quran" to justify themselves.

    • anything&evrything says

      Salaam Alaikum, brother do you know the meaning of beating, to strike repeatedly. In Islam it said first admonish her (wife) then do not face her in bed, in other words do not fulfilled her sexual desires. then (hit) her one time on her shoulder with Miswak. Miswak is like the one we use in India a small stick that comes from Neem tree to clean our teeth. And the average size of it between 4-6″ long about half inch in diameter. And the reason for that is not to cause the physical pain but to break her pride. Otherwise that can lead to a total destruction of entire family. Now do you sincerely want people to believe that is wife abusing. And by the way I am Indian and proud of it. And I respect that we Muslims has been given more freedom in India, then any other Muslim country. And some Hindus practically worship their husbands they touch their feet. Brother Islam has spread and continue to spread not with sword but with kindness to all living creatures. Sure there are some idiots causing more harm to Islam than good. I pray to Allah (SWT) to show us all true guidance. Ameen

      • adolf says

        can a woman do the same? deny sleeping, admonish and beat man? I think it will be good if all the 4 wives do that at the same time.

        • Abdur Rahman says

          well adolph, a woman can indeed deny sleeping, and can admonish. As far as poking a man with miswak is concerned, I don’ think the Quran says anything against poking ur husband with a miswak.

          As far as full fledged hitting someone is concern, Islam doesn’t allow either of the two to do so. And vik there are no satanic verses in the Quran dear brother, and I would actually appreciate it if you could show me the ones that you are talking about and I would indeed discuss them with you, provided that you are willing to understand.

          I can prove to anyone in the light of Quran, that Quran gives equal right to women if not more than men, and allows far more freedom than any other religion prevalent today.

          Islam does not need moderation for it was sent down for all eternity, and neither can there ever be a modern Muslim. For a true Muslim is for all eternity just like Islam. Religions like Hinduism which command you to burn women alive with their dead husbands or like Christianity which does not allow divorce or re-marriage might need certain modifications from time to time, but as far as Islam is concerned, it was brought down with the provision of all such instances and allows one freedom of will in every circumstance. Hence I can prove to anyone here with the will of my Allah, that Islam indeed in itself is freedom. It does not bind you like other religions do.

          And im talking about the actual Islam, not the twisted version of a sadist who’s justifying his heinous acts under the name of Islam here, hence kindly quote me verses from the Quran itself and not other sources.


          Abdur Rahman (Follower and Slave of the One True God)

          • Abdur Rahman says

            Dear Adolf,

            YES I reject any Hadith which contradicts with Quran. Because Hadith can be fabricated, it can have amendments made to it over the passage of time and any Hadith which contradicts with what is written down in the Quran is not authentic for me and I do not believe in it. As for black dog is concern, I’ve been a Muslim my entire life I have never come across any such Verse in the Quran which compares the woman to that of a black dog, however yes i have been told that even if i spend my entire life taking care of my mother, i can not repay her for one night that she had to stay up because of me when i was an infant. Also I’ve been told that heaven lies at the feet of my mother. Also I have been told that women are not my possessions and articles of trade and should be shown the utmost respect. I have been told that Allah has created me in Pairs, and He never mentions to me that I have been paired with a black dog. Through out the Quran Allah has told me on and off the importance of a woman and glorified His creation, and I can quote tons of verses that glorify and emphasize the importance of woman from the Quran, however you my friend cannot quote me one verse wherein they are referred to in derogatory terms.

            If a weird twisted maulvi claims that women are black dogs, that doesn’t mean Islam teaches me that. Also at the same time just because someone in the 21st century claims that Hazrat Aisha (R.A.A) narrated something about the prophet (S.A.W) doesn’t mean that its true.

            Like I said I follow the words of Allah the Almighty alone, if you want to talk to me, talk to me with reference from the Quran. Do not talk to me about what a particular person or sect thinks and how he justfies it.

            If you actually believe that Allah refers to women as Black dogs than I suggest before making assumptions and statements about someone else’s religion, you should actually find out about it first hand. This referral can be made by a 10 year old or a sick perverted person, but not Allah.


            Abdur Rahman (Follower and Servant of Allah – Not His son, for He begets not, nor is He begotten)

          • adolf says

            I never believed any such things nor I have any disrecpect for muhummad. For me the path of islam i.e perfect surrender is one of the path for reaching god. As all roads lead to the same kaba in a similar way all paths take us to the goal. Dont think by questioning you I hate allah who is the one god shining in all the manifested and unmanifested worlds.

          • Abdur Rahman says

            I have read the article Vajra, and I must say I admire at how gracefully you all twist the words of Allah.

            The Hadith that are quoted in the article are fabricated lies. As for the translation of the verse that is posted there.

            “Believers, approach not prayers with a mind befogged or intoxicated until you understand what you utter, nor when you are polluted, until after you have bathed. If you are ill, or on a journey, or come from answering the call of nature, or you have touched a woman, and you find no water, then take for yourselves clean dirt, and rub your faces and hands. Lo! Allah is Benign, Forgiving. (Qur’an 4:43)”

            The arabic word does not mean touch it means cohabited, meaning to say if you have had sex with your wife. In Islam you need to perform Abulition (i.e. Bathe) every time you ejaculate or commit any sort of sexual act and unless you have performed Abulition you cannot perform prayers. I can very much shake hands with my wife and then go to offer prayers.

            I feel repulsed at how people misguide others just to prove that they are right.

            The very basis of the article is biased misleading and childish to say the least.

            In order to understand what Islam compares the woman too, the writer of this article should probably read the entire Surah An-Nisa, the one he/she has quoted.

          • Vajra says

            Abdur Rahman
            Congratulations dear Brother Abdur for accepting Hadith as fabricated lies! This is what we want to convey! These Hadith were created to malign the great character of Muhammad (PBUH). All Muslims following Zakir Naik and Hadith should follow you in rejecting these lies called Hadith. Also, the translation given in the article has been taken directly from Yusuf Ali’s work whom Zakir Naik considers best and thus uses his translation to educate Muslims and non Muslims. So this article is basically for those who believe in Zakir’s version of Islam. You should be very clear that we dont have any problem with true Islam which means peace. Rather we criticize those like Zakir Naik who are backstabbing Islam by proving that all non Muslims irrespective of their good deeds will burn in hell, apostates should be killed, non Muslims have inferior rights in Muslim rule etc etc. So we can never tolerate such mockery of Islam=Peace by such terrorists. Please notice that this article in particular and others in general have criticized only the terrorist ideologies which are prevailing today in the name of Islam.

            So congratulations for not being the part of Zakir’s Islam or Sunni or Wahabi or Shia or Qadiyani Islam which teach their followers opposite to what Islam=peace teaches. But fact remains that there are very few true Muslims like you who have guts to trash the lies like Hadith. So in short, I think this article is never meant for the followers of true Islam which means peace, but for those praying hell for other people, killing apostates, blasting bombs etc.

            Though I still have intellectual difference with you on some topics but that does not stop me to admire your courage for bashing lies of Zakir Naik and others believing in Hadith blindly. I wont ask you that “if Hadith can be fabricated then why to believe Muhammad (PBUH) to be prophet in first place and how can we say that the context provided by Hadith to the verses of Quran is correct or not? And if context can be fabricated, why cant be the content itself?” I wont ask you that “why Allah permitted husband to beat his wife in Quran”? But these things are left miles behind when we see some true Muslim like you who does not consider non Muslims as fuel of hell fire and are not reluctant to healthy discussions.

            So I invite you to join hands against evil powers like Zakir Naik who are defaming Islam and great Muhammad by preaching the lies of Hadith and projecting those as necessary to believe in so as to get protected from hell fire.

            Would you condemn Zakir Naik for his blind faith in Hadith and terrorist views on killing of apostates etc?

            best regards

          • Abdur Rahman says

            My dear friend, read again what I wrote, I dont reject Hadith, I reject the ones which contradict with what is written in the Quran. As far as Zakir Naik is concern, I don’t think he’s a liar, because I haven’t seen him lie, most of the times he speaks directly through the Quran and I have yet to come across an incident in which Zakir Naik has contradicted with Quran. Stop catching words from a sentence and rather read the entire comment. Also I have never seen Zakir Naik refer to women as black dogs, I think he knows the importance of women in Islam and he gives them due respect.

            I have never ever seen Zakir promoting his Islam, and the truth is Islam is neither mine nor Zakir’s its Allah’s alone and I have seen Zakir declare this a lot of times.

            You are trying to mould my comment into achieving your goals, you people have been doing that the entire time on this site, so i guess its useless discussing things with you guys because you are not here to understand.

            On the contrary, even when Yusuf Ali used the word touch in the translation, he wasn’t referring to the literal meaning of touching a woman but was referring to having being sexually involved with a woman, and if you are still unsure of it, go search for the literal translation of the arabic word and you will know. He knows better his reasons for doing so, maybe it was because children in our societies aren’t taught about sex until they are at least 16 years of age and they start reading Quran long before that, but whatever his reasons maybe, now that you all have been corrected I would suggest that you reword that article in the light of the information given to you. That is indeed if your intention is finding out and spreading the truth, otherwise if the purpose is just to smear a person or a particular religion, than I am done discussing on this forum, already wasted enough time and my Allah does not prefer arguments for the sake of arguing.


            Abdur Rahman

          • mohammed says

            hadith have been fabricated by the westeners for corrupting islam.. even in the 21st century, we can see george bush claims WMD in iraq and he couldnt find it, even the jew state of israel dosent even exist in world map before 1940, now the israelis are invading the neighbouring countries. so sister i listen the videos of zakir and i didn heard a single word of hatred he is spreading in his speeaches. please listen his speeches which you can download from internet and comment..

          • hindu militant says

            that Islam indeed in itself is freedom. Then why do you call yourself abdullah, slave of allah?

          • Abdur Rahman says

            I am a slave to Allah and not of any other worldly desires, that is indeed freedom. What is absolute freedom my friend would you care to define it for me? To me it is self-satisfaction, being able to sleep peacefully at night and know that you have done something worthwhile through out the day, and i am able to achieve it only when I submit to no one else except for my Allah, and that is why I call myself Abdur Rahman. I call myself a slave of Allah on my own free accord, He has blessed me with the freedom to speak my mind, with the freedom to think as I like, with the freedom to express myself however so I want and for all this freedom I thank Him, I have never ever seen a more merciful Lord than my Allah and He has not made it compulsory for me to be His slave for He does not need me, it is I who have chosen to be His slave because of the love that He has showered upon me. He is the absolute truth and the truth indeed is what sets you free. I am free from all those things that people worship beside Him and free from all the lies that people spread in His name and in the name of their false gods and for all that I thank Him. Islam indeed is freedom.

          • hindu militant says

            ahhh, typical islamic garbage. I will define freedom my definition, not yours. I dont consider Lord Ram as god, and am willing to argue with any hindu (not in front of muslims) but if anybody burns alive my sisters because they shouted Jai shri ram, (like in Godhra) then I am a Rambhakta hanuman, and go burning down lanka, that is real freedom to me. Criticise my own gods, and then fight in their name.
            I am vegetarian by choice. but In this same blog(agniveer) I have fought against some hindus giving long lectures on vegetarianism. If some hindu want to eat non-veg let him. Dont force. That is freedom.
            I am against those fanatics in karnataka who stop girls from going in a bar. I spend most of my evenings in a bar, try stopping me, even from my own community. And I am even more fanatic hindu than them.
            I choose to live the lifestyle I wish to live. MY choice.

            Now can you tell me , please, where is the same freedom in islam? My religion gives me freedom, so does the constitution of my country. Islam doesnt. Some muslim bitch argued with me, what kind of freedom is this? You want freedom to commit sins? My reply….ABSOLUTELY.
            Thats why I loooooveee hinduism, and have contempt for islam.

          • Islam is Peace says



          • KalBhairav says

            @”Illogical username”:

            Please explain: Compared to which contemporary religion is Islam a more peaceful religion?

          • Vik says

            @Islam is so called “peace”

            first tell me, who is your last prophet, is it mohammad, or zakir naik or ghulam mirza Qadiyani, because I am confused the list is keep growing?

            Why do you bow before cubical black idol known as the kaaba? You think that funny looking kaaba will save you from hell fire?? Why should we be scared of Hell Fire, perhaps you do not know today technology is so advanced that we have fire extinguishers, maybe arabs did not know that humans in the future will build fire extinguishers so they can eliminate all the fire in hell, so this is why they wrote all these stupid things in the Quran to scared people. Guess what? We all have fire extinguishers today, so tell your arab companions to come up with better excuses.

            And please stop bowing before that ugly looking kaaba, did you know people used to urinate on that before?

          • mohammed says

            dear bro, if you are so confident about this please give reply for my answers.

            1. why the scientist was feared of 2000k?
            2. why people are afraid of wmd?
            3. why scientist are aware of global warming?
            4. why you fear about AIDS?
            5. About fire extinguishers, please tell me a place where i can find a fire extinguisher with no expiry date and unlimited use?

          • Vajra says

            1. ??
            2. Aren’t Muslims afraid of wmd?
            3. Because they are knowledgeable and awareness is the sign of it 😉
            4. Dont Muslims fear about it?
            5. First you tell me a place called hell where I will find unlimited fire for eternity :)

          • Satya says

            @Islam is Peace LOL URINAL WORSHIPER AND DEAD BODY WORSHIPER MUSLIM before pointing fingers at us know the history of your islam do you know KAABA BLACK STONE WAS USED AS URINAL BY QARMATIANS. This is told by your own islamic scriptures. The Qarmatians attacked Mecca and Kaaba and urinated on Kaaba Black Stone and took it away and used it as urinal for more than 20 years. So muslims are now kissing and worshiping this urinal of Qarmatians. To Know about Qarmatians see in wikipedia.

            @Islam is Peace Next time when you offer Namaz facing Kaba remember that you are really worshiping a URINAL.


            @Islam at Peace AL JAZEERA, a muslim channel itself has said that in Africa alone 6 million muslims are converting to Christianity every year and in France thousands and lakhs are converting to other religion in spite of death threats and threat of expulsion from their family and community and millions are dying in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Chechnaya, pakistan etc so in reality many millions muslims are dying and converting to other religion. So ISLAM IS REALLY COLLASPING

          • mohammed says

            wow intresting what is your comment for hindus worshiping shivling? what is that actually?
            why they pour milk on it?
            why hindus perform puja on shivling?

  5. vik says


    As far as Zakir Naik goes, he is an incarnation of those arab invaders that forcibly converted non muslims to islam by the sword 1000 years ago, but the only difference is that those arabs used to swords to convert you, and zakir naik uses his falsehood and scripture misinterpretations. We hindus dont hate Zakir Naik, but if someone misinterprets our VEDAS and publicly uses their mantras to mislead so many hindus then its our duty to defend our most valuble scriptures (Vedas) against falsehood. If Zakir Naik can owe us and all hindus an apology for misinterpreting the vedas then we would be happy to forgive him, or if he wants to stick to his word, then he should accept our challlenge for a debate, and untill he doesnt, Mr. Agniveer and we all hindus will keep exposing him all over the net.

    • Vik says


      Namaste Sister,

      the definition of a terrorist we see today is one who enjoyably kills innocents in the name of Allah. By the way, what are u getting by listening to the lies of zakir bhai mbbs?
      Maria, forget hindus, hes even misleading muslims like u, have u forgotten that a fatwa was issued against him?

    • Arya says

      namaste sister,
      According to you all humans are terrorist. But here in one of your comment, you wrote-"muslims r nt terrorists". Does that mean muslims are not human?
      Sister, think first with a cool mind what actually do you want to say.

      May Eeshvar show us right path.

    • anything&evrything says

      Salaam Alaikum, brother majority of Muslims with true faith would not criticize, make fun of, or insult, another faith or believe. It is forbidden in Qur’an. You said he misinterpreted Veda, let me ask you , are you a scholar? How many times did you read Veda, with translation? You are claiming that with misinterpretation, of Vedic Mantras, he is converting a lot of Hindus in Islam. Brother, first you and all the readers should realize that he is giving his speeches in India, not in Saudi Arabia, or any other Muslim countries. And tons of highly educated Vedic Scholars, Pandits and others attend his lectures and debates and speeches. Do you sincerely believe they will just sit there and listen quietly to his “lies”? And there were also judges present at that time. And his lectures, debates and speeches, are not for Dawah. Brother, whenever the truth is spoken about Allah (SWT), it is HE and through His will that the people’s hearts open and they accept Him. To the non-believers it looks as if Zakir Naik, changing the faith of the people. But Zakir Naik is only a tool that Allah (SWT) use him . So brothers and sisters open your hearts and ask the Creator to show you the true path. Ameen.

      • Vik says


        welcome to the site of Vedic experts and scholars, why do you think the experts of this site wrote a rebuttal to all of Naik’s pathetic claims????? Why does Zakir Naik refuse to accept the challenge of Arya Samaj and Pandit Mahendra Pal Arya???? All those so called pandits you saw, were paid stooges from the IRF, for example, the shankaracharya and arya samaj president were all fake people. We have verified their identities and they do not even exist as per their claims of being a shankaracharya or president. Zakir Naik has no knowledge of sanskrit he wants propagate terrorism in the name of dawah, and if you are smart, you should know by now from his speeches.

        Brother, this site is made by Vedic and Sanskrit scholars who are PhDs in these fields. So do not question the admin of this site of whether they know sanskrit or not!!!!!!!

        • anything&everything says

          Salaam Alaikum , brother do you really expect us to believe that you are more genuine than those who was present at the time of that speech. All those Vedic scholars, Pandits and rhe Judges. Which you claim that they were all paid stooges. And not a single person from the audiences has courage to go and expose them. And the readers of this site should believe you that you are more truer source of information and rely upon where you have no face no name and without origin ?
          Are you saying that brother Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is also Paid stooge. Assuming that you probably watch the debate between brother Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and brother Zakir Naik. If not please do it is on you tube.
          It is really a pity on those human beings who are so blinded with their hatred and jealousy who refuse to accept the truth.

          • Aman Garg says

            Dear Shri A&E

            As explained many times in the past, Ravi Shankar is not a vedic scholar. He is a Yoga teacher and frankly, I am not aware of any true vedic scholar sitting and listening to his speeches.
            And dear sir – nobody is blinded with hatred or jealousy. There are plenty of very valid points raised by scholars on this site. I have been following these very carefully and have not come across many valid posts that have been addressed rationally by muslims brothers.
            I have also heard Mr Zakir telling the audience they govt of India should focus more on Sanskrit. I also wish the same. If that happens, nobody would look for Griffiths translation of vedas, but the Arya Samaj’s translation of vedas which is more authentic and any foreign guy who comes with a weird translation. Frankly speaking, Mr Zakir does not know sanskrit. He has only read the English translation by foreigners like Griffith. It is evident from the fact that he has refused to have a debate on vedas with anybody from Arya Samaj.

  6. maria kibtia says

    bro vik: il also tel u d way of slaughtrng. d way v muslims slaughtr animals, d animal dies a peaceful death vdout pain n its a scientific method as wel. v muslims r nt ruthles.

    • says

      This hoax has been long proven wrong. Halal has been proven to be most brutal for animals and also unhygeinic. Kindly revise your facts. Dont be fooled by false claims of Zakir Naik whose knowledge of science and medicines is utterly hilarious!

    • krishan says

      dear maia..if animal dies a peaceful..even though ita a death…well then y ibrahim wnt slaughter his son..his deadth must be a peaceful death……and then y u slaughter ur sons…its a peacefull death after all..i 2 am a comparitve religion studnt..

    • hindu militant says

      why do you keep lying bitch? Zhatka slaughter is the most painless way of killing an animal. Dead in an instant. Halaal is the most painful way. In marathi we say haal haal, means painful. Muslim fanatics also use halaal system for killing humans, eg:- watch how daniel pearl was made halaal or zuba. next time dont lie.

      • Vajra says

        hindu militant
        Apart from your oxymoron identity, I have strong objection on your language. This language never suits to someone who claims himself to be a proud son of Shivaji and Rana Pratap. Muslim women are the most suppressed humans on the planet. So be sympathetic with them. Respect every woman because one thing which is common in all women irrespective of religion is motherhood which is the symbol of creator in human form.

        I expect you to apologize for not only insulting sister Maria but all women including your mother.

        Even if you dont do that, I apologize on behalf of you for sister Maria.

        • pushpraj says

          vajra brother namaste, really mature reply from you.. Being a son of shivaji and rana pratap we must have respect to all irrespective of region and religion…..

          • Abdur Rahman says

            Since I have encountered this silly question a lot of times before, I’ll just share some insight with those who are bent on ridiculing others without actually knowing anything about it.

            When you slaughter the Animal using Jhatka, the animal does not die in an instant, in fact it is still alive even after its head has been severed off as his heart continues to pump blood and the blood that is already in the brain takes a moment to flow out because of which the animal is alive for another minute or so. To avoid people finding out that the sudden severing of head leaves the animal alive, it was decided that one should stun the animal thus rendering it unconscious before it is executed. Hence now the animal is first given electrical shocks which at times even stop the heart of the animal thus killing it, in other words the poor creature is first electrocuted and than executed. A very humane way of killing an animal i suppose. Apart from this killing the animal this way, causes the blood to stay in the body, since the heart is usually stopped at the time of electrocution and the guillotine affect hardly lets any of the blood to escape. Most of the diseases that affect us are in the blood, hence when the blood remains in the body it is prone to carry on forward any disease prevalent in the animal to the person who consumes his meat. The big multinationals and corporations prefer this way of slaughtering not because of religious matters or humane treatment, but because it is time saving and cost effective as it requires the least amount of manpower and can be automated. To them animals aren’t living things but rather products.

            On the contrary the islamic means of slaughtering the animal actually instructs us to severe the neck of the animal all the way down to the veins that connect to its brain, hence once the brain is disconnected from the rest of the body the animal stops feeling anything at all. At the same time it allows all the blood to flow out of the body, thus no matter how sick the animal might be or how dangerous a disease it may be carrying, it is not carried forward. It is also instructed to treat the animal with utmost kindness and ensure that even at the time when you’re slaughtering it, you try to cause it minimal amount of pain and to treat it as a living being and not a product and thank Allah for providing us with cattle so that we can use it as means of sustenance. The mad cow disease was never carried down in societies where animals are slaughtered the Islamic way, and same was the case with the bird flu disease. I know this because I live in a society which was not affected by either of these diseases while the entire Asian continent was suffering.

            Also Hindu Militant, the next time you refer to someone as a lying bitch, find out the truth with facts before passing down your judgment, else the only thing you will achieve, is making a fool out of yourself.

          • Vajra says

            Abdur Rahman
            Your following words are enough to prove that how even a sane person becomes the victim of intellectual bankruptcy under the light of false Quran and Hadith.

            “islamic means of slaughtering the animal actually instructs us to severe the neck of the animal all the way down to the veins that connect to its brain, hence once the brain is disconnected from the rest of the body the animal stops feeling anything at all.”

            Do you think that after cutting the head of an animal through Jhatka style which is a matter of just a fraction of a second, brain is still connected with the rest of the body? If no, then how can an animal feel more pain in Jhatka than halal in which at least a minute or two are required to completely stop the blood flow to brain?

            Is it more painful for animal to give him pain for a millisecond or to give him the pain of a minute or more?

            One more thing, significant portion of the blood is absorbed by the inner walls of flesh as soon as an animal is killed. So anyway you cant protect yourself from diseases because the bacteria required for causing a disease dont need liters of blood to reside but even a small infected blood drop absorbed in the flesh can contain billions of bacteria!

            You wrote- “To them animals aren’t living things but rather products.”

            A killer should not teach the other why killing is bad! All I can say that you dont have any logic in support of Halal meat other than false verses of Quran and Hadith. People give the logic of Zakir Bhai MBBS in this subject but those so called logic provide amusement to the logical people having nothing substantial. You may like to visit http://www.islamveg.com/, one of the most vibrant groups promoting vegetarianism and condemning meat eating, most importantly run by true peaceful Muslims.

            best regards

          • Amitesh says

            Sorry for interfering . But couldn’ stop myself after seeing this absurd logic.

            Abdur says – On the contrary the islamic means of slaughtering the animal actually instructs us to severe the neck of the animal all the way down to the veins that connect to its brain, hence once the brain is disconnected from the rest of the body the animal stops feeling anything at all.

            Seems like you have never seen the innocent animal flutter after being slaughtered . Taking your islamic logic further, since the brain gets disconnected => the body is devoid of the nervous system. if that be so, why would it flutter or groan !

          • Abdur Rahman says

            Amitesh you aren’t interfering at all.

            Speaking about my absurd logic, the animal flutters and groans because its body is gasping for air, since its throat is separated it cannot breathe anymore which is another reason why its tongue slips out as the heart is still functioning and the body requires oxygen, its a reflex action of the body has nothing to do with the nervous system being intact or not.

            By the way the body wriggles in a similar fashion even when u severe of the head, that is of course if the animal hasn’t been electrocuted before doing so or is not jammed in a machine which doesn’t allow much room for wriggling and writhing.

          • Vajra says

            Abdur Rahman
            “the animal flutters and groans because its body is gasping for air, since its throat is separated it cannot breathe anymore which is another reason why its tongue slips out”

            So this looks peaceful! Imagine someone cutting your dear one’s throat and when he flutters and groans and ask you for help, teach him that its not the pain, which you are feeling, at all! Its just body gasping for air and since your throat is separated, you are not able to breathe and that is why your tongue has come out!

            Imagine someone stabs the other. Victim goes to police (of course after visiting doctor) and shows the blood and damage caused to his body. Accused comes and says- “Oh! what are you showing? It was just reaction of your body. I stabbed you, blood came out because its natural! Whats wrong in it? This is how body reacts! If I hit your arm by sword, its natural reflex action that arm will be separated from rest of the body! Whats wrong in that?”

            Now the only thing you have to say is plants! Please visit http://agniveer.com/679/halal/ and read “do plants feel pain” section specially.

          • Abdur Rahman says

            Guys you really need to read before posting. How can you respond to my post if you haven’t even read what I wrote. I would really appreciate if you can tell me where in the entire post have I said that the Jhatka slaughter is more painful. And secondly even in the Islamic way the veins connecting the brain are severed off within the first few seconds, you do not wait for the animal to bleed dry. I merely said that I think it is inhumane to treat living things as products and process them in automated machines and give them electric shocks before actually severing off their head. Please read once more what I wrote.

            You should stop eating by the way, because plants are living things as well, and they can talk and scream and shout, they do it at a much higher frequency so you’re ears do not grasp it however that doesn’t mean that they do not talk. Just because you cannot feel and see the pain they go through doesn’t mean they don’t endure pain. I suggest if you do not want to eat meat on the bases of being inhumane you should not eat vegetables as well. They are just as much living as any other existence on earth.

            And please refrain from commenting on my intellectual level as it becomes personal in that case. Also one can very well analyze your intellect level based on the fact that you did not even read what I wrote before writing a response.

          • Vajra says

            Abdur Rahman
            Brother, It all started from Sister Maria’s comment which is following-

            “bro vik: il also tel u d way of slaughtrng. d way v muslims slaughtr animals, d animal dies a peaceful death vdout pain n its a scientific method as wel. v muslims r nt ruthles.”

            So she wanted to convey that Halal is least painful. Then Agniveer, Krishnan, hindu militant gave her counter arguments and said that halal is more painful. Then you came into the discussion and wrote- “Since I have encountered this silly question a lot of times before, I’ll just share some insight with those who are bent on ridiculing others without actually knowing anything about it.”

            It is now clear that what these silly things are! You first came to defend the logic of sister Maria and that is why you wrote our arguments as silly. If you didn’t have this in mind then you would have criticized Maria first for her illogical analysis which now you also accept to be illogical. Since we gave refutation to her illogical claim, you should have not opposed us in first place. Now I will show how many times you intended to prove Halal to be less painful or animal friendly, if not in straight forward manner!

            1. “When you slaughter the Animal using Jhatka, the animal does not die in an instant”

            2. “On the contrary the islamic means of slaughtering the animal actually instructs us to severe the neck of the animal all the way down to the veins that connect to its brain, hence once the brain is disconnected from the rest of the body the animal stops feeling anything at all.”

            3. “ensure that even at the time when you’re slaughtering it, you try to cause it minimal amount of pain”

            We were arguing Jhatka vs Halal, right? In points 1 and 3, Jhatka is relatively good for animals. In point 3, you wrote MINIMAL AMOUNT OF PAIN about Halal!

            Now what should I say Brother? Have you not read once your own written comment? You claimed Halal to be minimum painful process and then next post, you ask us where have you written it!

          • Indian Agnostic says

            addendum to Brother Vajras response to brother abdur rehman

            1. here’s the video proof of instant versus halal slaughter

            It’s so brutal that age verification is required to see this video !! need we say anymore?

            2. To brother Rehmans argument against eating plants, i would request him to visit the comments section in ‘no beef in vedas’ artcile on agniveer. Plants don;t have a nervous system to feel pain. They do have a response to stimuli and that is what they do when touched .

            best regards

          • Kashif says

            HEY VAJRA,

            We dont blame MAD hindus like U for uttering such non-sense. Actually U people were ANIMALs in your “PICHLA JANAM” and although U have become human in this “JANAM” U still got a beast’s brain (i.e. if U have any) in your OVER-GROWN HEADS.
            Scientists have recently discovered in a research conducted around the place U live that U people were REALLY animals in Ur previous existence. CONGRATS MAN!!!

          • Vajra says

            Namaste Kashif

            Thanks again, as Brother KalBhairav has already said, for accepting that science and rebirth go hand in hand 😉

            And do not disregard animals so much because it is animal which contributed Allah and Muhammad in making their Quran! There was something called “verse of Razm (stoning to death of those who commit adultery)” in the original Quran (but unfortunately, the paper on which this verse was noted was eaten by Aisha’s goat and thus this verse no more exists in Quran :( ). This verse of Razm was actually practiced by MONKEYS in Muhammad’s time even before it was revealed to Muhammad. :) Fortunately one day Muhammad saw many such monkeys stoning to a she monkey for committing adultery. So Allah and Muhammad saw it and then Allah got the idea for revealing such verse for Muslims too and the rest is history :) Here is the actual Hadith on this

            Sahih al-Bukhari- Narrated ‘Amr bin Maimun: During the pre-Islamic period of ignorance I saw a she-monkey surrounded by a number of monkeys. THEY WERE ALL STONING IT, because it had committed illegal sexual intercourse. I TOO, stoned it along with them. (Volume 5, Book 58, Number 188)

            Best Regards

  7. maria kibtia says

    bro vik: 2 b vry honest i didn go thru d matr regardng beatng one's wife in quran so i dnt wana commnt on it ri8 nw bt i prois dat il b back vd tru facts relatng dat. i actualy wana research on dat topic. n vl provide u d answrs INSHALLAH bt plz dnt thnk dat i wana delay d topic or m ignorng it.

    • Arya says

      Dear sister Maria, namaste

      1) What should a woman do if her husband is on wrong side? Can she do the same as her husband could have done in opposite case? Does Quran mention anything in this case from w omen's perspective? Or Allah thinks that a man can never be on wrong side.
      2) Sister, what do you mean by strength? Man and woman have different physical structures. God have given them different types of strengths required for their mental and biological needs. There are several strengths in women which men dont have. Same is true for other case also. What is the point in comparing their strengths and assign superiority of one on another?

      • Abdur Rahman says

        Dear Arya,


        For your first question, Yes a woman can admonish her husband, deny sleeping with him and even leave him if he is wrong. She has all the rights just like a man does in Islam. To the affect that if a man is not waking up for the morning prayers, Allah has allowed the woman to pour cold water on him. She has all the rights that a man has, even divorce, the only difference is that she can’t give a divorce directly but can ask for one which is called a Khula, in which she gets ample time to sit and think about her decision and after a certain amount of period, if she still wants a divorce it is mandatory on the male to give her a divorce, and if he does not, than their marriage is dissovled in any case because it is forbidden to keep a woman in your marriage forcefully.

        As for your second point, It is true that Man and women have different strengths and weaknesses, which is why there is no comparison and Islam doesn’t compare them, which is why the rules are slightly different for the both of them. For instance males try to shun away responsibility, they are careless, and Allah knows that, which is why he has subjected males to more accountability as compared to women, who perform their responsibilities on their own. You see in Islam a husband cannot even force his wife to feed their own child, it is up to the wife if she wants to feed the child or not, if she doesn’t than the man has to arrange for other means, it is his responsibility not the wife’s, this is because Allah knew that the woman would fulfill her responsibility in any case but the man might try to blame it on the woman claiming that it is her responsibility to take care of the family, so Allah made it clear on the man that it is his responsibility and not hers. Similarly, women are more emotional and sensitive as compared to men, and they deliberate upon their decisions a lot, which is why Allah has not allowed them to give a divorce directly but has given them time to think about their decision, so that they don’t regret it for the rest of their lives. So you see in Islam they are both equal in their own unique way, and Islam gives freedom to them both.

        I hope this clarifies the doubts that are in your mind, if you so wish to ask anything else do let me know and I shall be more than happy to help.


        Abdur Rahman

        • Indian Agnostic says

          Borther Abdur Rehman

          again, Many flaws and factual errors in your argument.

          1. You must read Sunan Abu Dawud Kitab Al-Nikah where the Prophet gladly tells his followers “A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife” . LOLz this may sound like women rights to a misogynist not to a normal human being.

          2.The concept of Khulla is related more to compensation than talaq.You must read a bit more about khulla

          3.Just like the misogynist Prophet, you too believe that women are dumber than men. Thats why you find that it’s wise to allow a muslim man to get rid of his wife in three seconds but want the wife to remain bound for days and months ! If Allah would have been alive to see the 21st century he would have been ashamed of His analysis of women power and intellect.

          4.Today, if you are an Indian, thousands of women scientists, doctors and army personnel guard us indians security and health.so please spare us the 7th century retrograde comparison between men and women. It has been prove WRONG!

          5. Today women work in offices, take care of their kids.We have financially independent widowed or single mothers who take care of their kids all alone and are much better off than most hardcore Islamists who live in illiteracy and poverty wherever you look.

          best regards

          • Abdur Rahman says

            There are no factual errors in my argument, the reason being that Islam is based on Quran not the Sunan Abu Dawud Kitab Al-Nikah. There are countless things that countless people say about Islam from various different places. That does not make it the word of God in Islam, in Islam the word of Allah is the Quran alone and nothing else, and nowhere in the Quran does it state that you will not be held accountable for beating your wife. It explicitly tells us to deal with women kindly, and strict punishment will be adherent on the person who commits any sort of injustice to his woman.

            And no Khulla is not a compensation, it is to ask for a divorce from her husband. I know all there is to know about Khulla in fact if you wish to know more about how a divorce works in Islam, go read Surah At-Talaq (Divorce). The Quran has an entire chapter about divorce.

            Thirdly I do not believe women are dumber than men, and I believe you are dumber than most people for assuming it to be so, whereas I explicitly said that women are more emotional and sentimental than men, which is true. It is in their nature to be overly protective and sentimental. That is why they make such good mothers. Also a woman is over cautious about what others think of herself and tries to prove herself at every stage which is why she deliberates on her decisions a lot. And Islam doesn’t teach me this, modern day Psychology does, perhaps you should read it too. No where in my entire posts did I or my Allah ever say that women are inferior to men in any way whatsoever.

            As far as the 21st Century comparison is concerned its a childish remark and I’ll ignore it. On the contrary can you being a 21st Century Man make milk come out of your breasts to feed your child???? I never said that women cannot be scientists or doctors, I only said that men and women both are unique in their own way and Islam acknowledges that and has set rules for them accordingly.

            Your 5th comment is also childish, i never said that women cannot be financially sound, the wife of the Prophet (S.A.W) was a widow until she married him and she used to look after her business and was independent and financially sound. So Islam doesn’t have anything against women being independent and financially sound.

            I cannot understand the purpose of your last two comments??? It seems you need to read again what i wrote earlier.


            Abdur Rahman

          • indianagnostic says

            Namaste Abdur Rahman

            (your comments in //… //)

            //There are no factual errors in my argument, the reason being that Islam is based on Quran not the Sunan Abu Dawud Kitab Al-Nikah.//

            Ironically this itself is a factual error! Islam cannot be understood from the Quran Alone !

            Quran by iteslf is very contradictory and cannot be reconciled in absence of supporting texts. Take for instance the verses that allow drinking drinking and those that dont ! without knowing the history /tradition of Islam one cannot say from the Quran alone if it is prohibited or not.

            i would love to learn how you resolve this from the quran alone ! would also like you to confirm that you pray only 3 times in a day :)

            //There are countless things that countless people say about Islam from various different places. That does not make it the word of God in Islam, in Islam the word of Allah is the Quran alone and nothing else//

            You want to tell me that the Quran was not compiled by the same people who compiled the hadit ? for your kind information there are more verses (which were canceled /dropped) from the Quran that one finds in the hadits but not in the quran.

            the one on Rajm is one such example

            //and nowhere in the Quran does it state that you will not be held accountable for beating your wife.//

            Show me one verse that says DONT BEAT YOUR WIVES ! there’s none :(

            But i can show you a verse that allows beating of wives.

            //It explicitly tells us to deal with women kindly, and strict punishment will be adherent on the person who commits any sort of injustice to his woman.//

            its a great great personal advise., BUT why dont you show me that quranic verse which states this, i would be glad to learn about such a verse.

            //And no Khulla is not a compensation, it is to ask for a divorce from her husband. I know all there is to know about Khulla in fact if you wish to know more about how a divorce works in Islam, go read Surah At-Talaq (Divorce). The Quran has an entire chapter about divorce.//

            if khulla is divorce, then answer a simple question. Is a woman who has exercised khulla remarry her husband without marrying a third person as happens in the case of talaq?

            i will rebuut your argument, once you answer this question

            //Thirdly I do not believe women are dumber than men, and I believe you are dumber than most people for assuming it to be so, whereas I explicitly said that women are more emotional and sentimental than men, which is true.//

            unfortunately it’s you again who desrves the epithet more than me .because you dont know that it is a general belief that women are emotionally stronger than men whereas its a psychological fact that emotional strength is gender independent.

            Neither you nor the God of Quran has got this simple fact right sir.

            //It is in their nature to be overly protective and sentimental.//

            again a wrong assertion! It depends on the kind of relation and not gender per se.

            Men are more protective and sentimental about their spouses/love interests whereas mothers are more protective about their children. so, to make general sweeping gender based assertion is fallacious

            //That is why they make such good mothers. Also a woman is over cautious about what others think of herself and tries to prove herself at every stage which is why she deliberates on her decisions a lot. And Islam doesn’t teach me this, modern day Psychology does, perhaps you should read it too. No where in my entire posts did I or my Allah ever say that women are inferior to men in any way whatsoever.//

            Its you sir who needs to brush up on the subject , i have done my relevant studies and shared the facts above for your kind perusal.

            are you ready to become the fourth husband of your wife ? are you ready to accept that in financial matters your opinion would be half of that of a woman ? are you willing to accept that your wife should have a right to BEAT you if your are disobedient to her?

            If this is not inferiority than what else is ?

            //As far as the 21st Century comparison is concerned its a childish remark and I’ll ignore it. On the contrary can you being a 21st Century Man make milk come out of your breasts to feed your child???? I never said that women cannot be scientists or doctors, I only said that men and women both are unique in their own way and Islam acknowledges that and has set rules for them accordingly.//

            the 21st century example was given to explicitly drive home the point that women hold equal or better POSTS OF ACCOUNTABILITY than many men do. It was to counter your argument on accountability .Its in this context that the example was given, you lost the trail i guess.

            as far as raring children in 21st century goes, though mothers milk is the greats boon, yet children can be rared without mothers.To beat that now theres a man who has given birth.

            so you see, ironically, your joke which would have been a hit in the 7th century, is no longer tenable in the 21st :(

            //Your 5th comment is also childish, i never said that women cannot be financially sound, the wife of the Prophet (S.A.W) was a widow until she married him and she used to look after her business and was independent and financially sound. So Islam doesn’t have anything against women being independent and financially sound.//

            The wife of the prophet was a single successful business women BEFORE ISLAM not because of Islam. After Islam women were relegated to household chores.Islam does not allow women to walk out of their home without a spouse or blood relative forget about independence

            //I cannot understand the purpose of your last two comments??? It seems you need to read again what i wrote earlier.//

            The last two comments were to show practical living examples of emotionally strong and professionally accountable womenfolk in our society which puncture your argument that women are emotionally susceptible which they are NOT ..neither in the real world nor in their psychological makeup. hope you understand now

            Best Regards

          • Aman Garg says

            Dear Shri Indianagnostic

            Wonderful logical reply. But we should not be harsh on the muslims. They need help. We should give them knowledge and help them think their way out of their religion. After all they need help.


          • Indian Agnostic says

            Namste Shri Aman Garg Ji

            Thanks for highlighting

            I am sure that if you sense sarcasm in my response then in all possibility it wont go in good taste with brother @Abdur Rahman too.

            hence i humbly request brother Abdur Rahman to overlook any bit that has sarcastic overtones as it is not intentional but a shortcoming that i assure you wont find in my future responses

            best regards

  8. says

    The concept of life in plant and animals is different. There is no special soul in plants that knows that "I am a tree". There are only unconscious life forms residing in plants. But an animal feels the pain when you kill it to destroy the environment. And if nature wants you to consume non-veg food, kindly have a fatwa issued against Muslim veg society!

  9. vik says

    @Maria Kibtia,

    Tell me what is the proof of the Abraham story, becuase even many people today say they talk to GOD and we have no choice but to send them to the mental asylum. Arabs had adapted all these stories from jews for their religoin, thats it. Because of this Abraham story, every year u slaughter tons of animals and donate it to charity.

  10. anand says

    "science itself proves dat women r les intelignt dan men!! its a universaly acceptd fact. "
    Not at all. Heard of Shakuntala Devi? She is called "human computer and holds a Guiness Book of Records for calculation faster than a computer. Her abilities, defying common theories of human intelligence, have been the subject of much research. In 1977 she won a standing ovation from an audience of mathematicians when she extracted the 23rd root of a 201-digit number. That means she found the number that when multiplied by itself 23 times equaled the 201-digit number she was given. She solved it in 50 seconds flat. The day's most sophisticated computer, a Univac 1108, also did the deed – in 62 seconds – but only after days of programming, 13 thousand instructions and 5,000 data locations. No one has a plausible theory as to how she could have arrived at the answer, for the feat far exceeds the supposed limits of human intelligence.

  11. anand says

    "quran speaks truth n islam is an honest religion."
    Plz clarify what do u mean by truth. Something accepted after verification? Or something accepted blindly without verification?

    • anythging&everything says

      Salaam Alaikum, brother there are three kinds of people who read the Holy Qur’aan . 1, A true believer, 2, some one who wants to discover the truth, and 3, who wants to find the mistakes.
      All these three group of people will find what ever they trying to find in it.

      • Vajra says

        Namaste friend.
        There were three kind of people who made this current Quran. 1. True believer of one God, 2. some one who was confused and had doubts about Allah’s greatness and thus associated Muhammad with Allah so as to make faith complete, and 3. who wanted to insert mistakes, violence and vulgarity in Quran so that their propaganda against true Islam can be spread.

        So all verses of Quran where only Allah is talked fall under 1.

        All verses in which orders like “follow Allah and His Rasool”, “believe in Allah and His Rasool” and “do not differentiate between commands of Allah and His Rasool” are given, fall under category 2.

        All verses justifying killing, Jihad, slavery of women and children, polygamy etc fall under 3.

        So wise should follow verses under 1 and leave the rest.

  12. maria kibtia says

    @bro agniveer
    y shud i refer u?? r u scientist?? i vl surelly follow u if u r right n if ur words hav truth n base. Quran is for d entire humanity nt 4 muslims alone. ALLAH knew vry wel dat only 1% of d world's population resided in arab dat time bt d condition of arab ws vry bad. go read a detailed history. thngs mentioned in Quran arent primitiv, n if they r thn also v muslims r hapy vd dat, u actualy dnt hav 2 wory abt us!! quran is d buk sent by god n d only buk vch has nt undrgone any changes by humans. maria ws muhammad's (pbuh) laundi, servant!! he did nt hav any illegal relationships vd hr. do u hav any proof whr its writtn dat he had illegal relatonshps vd hr?? plz dnt tel me any human sources cz many thngs r misintrpretd. muhammad(pbuh) married 11 times. go n c history dat he married thm al vd a specific reason n in ordr 2 spread islam. one should blv quran bcz it is a word of god

    • says

      Refer Tafseet e Jalayan for details on Muhammad and Maria. Even scholars of Islam know that Muhammad had children from Maria. and he allowed relationship with slaver girls in Quran and Hadiths. Kindly check with your scholars. There is no way to prove that Quran has not undergone any changes. Two verses are supposed to be satanic. And no Quran is available that was compiled when Muhmmad was alive? The oldest Quran is claimed to be at least 20 years after Muhammad's death. Read the history of Islam during those 20 years. And you would find that Muhammad's followers were killing each other like pack of wolves. Many caliphs were murdered, and even his wife aisha was killing his other followers. There is no way to prove that Quran is word of God except claims of Quran itself.

      • Arya says

        3 of 4 Caliphs were killed by none other than muslims. But still there was no war!!!

          • truthseeker says

            In Islam, dying as a martyr is one of the greatest blessings. Hadrath Ali, Hadrath Uthman and Hadrath Umar died as a martyr. The people who upholds Islam and go with its teachings will face a lot of trials in this world. The rewards will be given on the Day of Judgement. Just, take the case of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) himself. Even he had to undergo numerous trials and even oppression from his own family. But, he had the trust in Allah and was undeterred in his mission. He lost many companions and even his beloved Uncle during the wars fought against the Quraysh. But, still he carried on in spreading the true message and completed it. The reward for it is Jannat il Firdous.

            The destiny in Islam is not the one in this world. But, the everlasting afterlife.

          • Arya says

            Brother, for a perfect being like God, freedom has no meaning. Can Allah commit sin? Can He create another Allah? Can He kill Himself? If no, then where is the freedom? Freedom is the concept for those, who can choose right or wrong, but God being perfect does not consider wrong at all.

            Refer to the verse of Quran which says that everyone's fate has been already written in Lohe Mehfooz (please go through the article-"helpless destiny in islam" on this site), then how can one has any freewill, since no one can act against almighty Allah's writing. Why not then Muhammad and all others are just robot who are being controlled by Allah to fulfill His writing! And what is the fault of unbelievers, who are not guided by Allah because Lohe Mehfooz does not allow them to be guided?

          • tasneem says

            dont really want to get in to a full blown discussion here.. but even though in islam our fate has been written this does not mean we have no free will.. for example..
            there was a sahaba who went to the mosque.. when he got there he told a young boy to look after his camel so that he could go inside and pray.. when he came outside after praying the boy had gone and so had the saddle which had been upon the camels bak.. the sahaba then went to the market place to buy a new one and saw his own saddle at one of the stalls.. he asked the seller that how much he had given the boy for the saddle and he replied 5 dinars.. the sahaba then laughed and said that he was going to give the boy 5 dinars for attending to the camel while he prayed anyway..
            this shows that it was written that the boy was going to recieve 5 dinars but it was how he was going to gain it that was in his own hands..
            (no hard feelings people and dont get it twisted thankyou)

          • Aman garg says

            My dear sister Tasneem

            So r u saying allah only knew the boy would get 5 dinars, but allah did not know how the boy would get 5 dinars?

          • Aman garg says

            My dear sister Tasneem

            Can free will and predestination co-exist? Logically it cannot. If allah is all knowing, then he would KNOW the choices that I as an individual would make in future. Where is the question of free-will here?
            Let me give u an example:
            As a rational person and more so as a woman, do you think gang rape is a horrible crime ? I presume you would say ‘yes’.
            OK. If a group of 5 muslim men gang rape a woman(this is just a hypothetical example, please dont think I am accusing all muslim men to be rapists), as fellow humans beings, I am sure we all would say “THIS IS HORRIBLE”.

            Now the question:
            Why did the event take place? Is it because allah willed it? Or is it because 5 mad men willed it
            Possible answer 1) 5 mad men willed it and NOT allah since allah is all merciful.
            Is this logical? Are you saying the will of 5 mad men was more powerful that the will of allah who is the creator of the universe? Does this make sense?

            Possible answer 2) Allah willed it(sic) and that was because the woman must have gone against the will of allah and allah is only punishing her.
            Well .. why did allah allow the woman to go against his will in the first place? Did he not predestine everybody’s fate when he created them? Are we not going about just discovering what allah has already destined for us? What logic is it that allah punishes the lady for something that he had already destined for her? Now .. another interesting question. Will allah punish the 5 mad men who gang raped her? If the answer is ‘Yes, he will’, my questions is WHY? .. did not the 5 mad men just help allah in executing what he had destined for the lady? Why should allah punish them? Should allah not say ‘thanks’ to them ?

            Dear sister, I humbly request you to be rational when u present your explanation.


          • Abdur Rahman says

            I’ll explain what Sister Tasneem was trying to explain earlier.

            I take it your question basically is that if Allah has predestined things for us than where is the free-will and why should we get punished for our actions.

            True Allah knows of all of our actions because He has created all of us, He knew Iblis (Satan) would not bow down before Adam, but He never wanted Iblis to disobey Him, that was Iblis’s freewill. Just because Allah knows what our freewill is doesn’t mean that He is altering it. The only thing that Allah wrote down for Iblis as his fate was that Iblis will use his freewill, Allah knew what his freewill was because He knows what we conceal in our hearts and what we reveal.

            I hope that is clarification enough.

          • Indian Agnostic says

            Dear Abdur Rehman

            that clarification is not enough as it’s no clarification at all

            1. your example of Satan is an example of Allah’s freewill and not that of Satan. Allah chose to change his commandment that his creation should bow to Him alone by asking Satan to bow before Adam. Its a cunning ploy to subject His own creation to eternal damnation. Very poor God indeed.

            2. You argue that allah pre-writes our fate but lets us act on our own.To accept such an absurd statement , one must first acceot that ALLAH IS UNJUST. why? bcoz fate is the result of our actions! if allah decides our punishments and rewards irrespective of the chices we make, then He is one UNJUST fellow

            3. Now to tell you the truth from Quran itself, poor human beings have no freewill of their own as Allah interferes assertively here too :( . Sample this
            Al-Anaam (Sura 6) verse 125
            “And whomsoever it is Allah’s will to guide, He expandeth his bosom unto the Surrender, and whomsoever it is His Will to send astray, He maketh his bosom close and narrow as if he were engaged in sheer ascent. Thus Allah layeth ignominy upon those who believe not.”

            So all the way it’s Allah playing mischief with human zombies to burn them in hell or make them enjoy houris in heaven.

            Very Absurd, irrational and unjust

            The only solace is that such a God does not exist, and hence i have the liberty and freewill to puncture this absurd doctrine

            best regards

          • Vajra says

            Brother Indian Agnostic
            Namaste. Welcome back! Cant tell you how much happy I am after seeing you again. Hope you will never make me wait for such a long time again.

          • Pushpraj says

            completely agree brother…i also waiting for indian agnostic…i personally think that he is like sachin tendulkar….who knows every weak point of opponent……and our tendulkar is back in to action……..Indian Agnostic welcome back…


          • Indian Agnostic says

            Brother Vajra

            It’s an honor to be back on Agniveer site, where intellectual and spiritual delight is just a comment away !

            now i am free for 1 whole month ! and i missed a lot of action as i see
            that i have to read a lot of new articles published on the site

            brother Pushpraj , each agniveer is a tendulkar without the tennis elbow 😉

          • Vajra says

            Dear Brother Pushpraj
            Small correction! No opponent here, we are all one family. Let the fools think and dream of different Dars (Dar ul Islam and Dar ul Harb for example)! We are in process to rectify self and helping others get same. So we can say it, at the most, as a friendly match, between brothers of the same family! And I agree, Brother Indian Agnostic is very hard to get out!


          • says

            Bhai, Please do not give any illogical explanation.
            In philosophic discussions, you should explain the points which are not backed by rationality. If you speak in front of any philosopher, straightaway he will refute you and discard your views.
            I am not saying this in a negative intention. Please understand.

        • truthseeker says

          Please bring the statement of a present day Shia scholar who do not accept the completeness of Quran. Regarding "Quran was to be revealed to Ali", those are very olden Shia thoughts and that too from deviant offshoots of Shia like Alawi, Druze etc. They don't even form 5% of the total Shia. Regarding the hadith of thousand and many other verses etc. in their books, even they deny it.

        • Satya Sanatan says

          bro, yes I agree with what you said. But I want to tell you that, till late 1800 AD, there were 7,29,000 GURUKULS all over the India. In which, we used to get not only wisdom of VEDAS but Science, Mathematics, History, Medicene, Sociology etc etc. It was mandatory for everyone to understand the Vedas.
          During Chanakya period, foreigners used to come to India for VEDIC wisdom.
          But during medieval period, as you know the history, because of foreign invasions, we lost our focus and started all the wrong practices which VEDAS prohibited. That is why you can see the mess in India.
          But certainly, the situations are improving nowdays. People started looking into the VEDAS. Afterall, Vedic Civilization is the longest living civilization on the earth.

        • mohammed abdul haleem says

          for your kind information brother, 3,4 caliphs were killed by “hypocrite muslims”, who were actually JEWS…dont you know JANG e JAMAL???these all were instigated by jews to brake muslim unity, these hypocritic muslims (jews) are now the arrogant SHIA my dear brother…

          • raja bhai says

            what is your view on killing of OSAMA by OBAMA? THERE IS ONLY DIFFERENCE IN NAME IS S….B!!!! why OBAMA succedded in killing OSAMA? IS ALLAH WITH obama?

      • anythging&everything says

        Salaam Alaikum, brother Muslim’s faith is based on Qur’aan and Hadiths, not on the scholars who has written the history. We Muslims reject any Hadith IF IT CONTRADICT THE Qur’aan. We Muslim understand the intention of this site is to discredit not only Holy Qur’aan but as a religion of Islam as a whole. And you are not the first people who is trying to achieve these, but for 1400 years people are trying to tarnish the image of Islam by slandering etc. The more people try to discredit it, the more people accepting this faith. And there is only one reason for that . It is the TRUTH.

        • Vajra says

          Dear friend anythingeverything
          Problem comes when we find Quran itself depends on Hadith for contexts! Anyway “we Muslims” is not sufficient for us to understand your beliefs. Let us know whether you are Sunni or Shia or Deobandi or Barelvi or Wahabi or Qadiyani….

          Please mention your sect first, then only we can have relevant discussion.


        • KalBhairav says


          but for 1400 years people are trying to tarnish the image of Islam by slandering etc.

          This is untrue. Truth is that for 1400 years people have already tarnished the image of Islam by practising it. Islam can be summed up as kill/rape/loot/plunder non-Muslims and fellow-Muslims who do not believe in the your specific brand of Islam.

          The more people try to discredit it, the more people accepting this faith.

          This claim seems to be the ultimate defense of terrorists like you (Yes, every Muslim who says Laillailallah Mohammedrasoolallah and non-Muslims are born-losers on a one-way ticket to hell is by default a terrorist unless proven otherwise.) To paraphrase your position, “You infidels are wrong because Islam is fastest growing, and hence you can shove it. Islam wouldnt be the fastest growing religion unless it were the one and ONLY TRUTH.”

          This is wrong at multiple levels.

          (1)Islam is not the fastest growing religion. In this internet age when more and more people are getting educated and accessing unfiltered information on their own, I would tend to think atheism/agnosticism/theism of a benevolent kind are faster-growing. If you want to know where the educated world is headed, read these and let your head explode. http://www.newsweek.com/2009/08/14/we-are-all-hindus-now.html and http://communities.canada.com/vancouversun/blogs/thesearch/archive/2010/11/03/we-are-all-hindus-now-revisited.aspx

  13. maria kibtia says

    @ भाई agniveer y shud मैं यू का उल्लेख? वैज्ञानिक ru? मैं surelly यू पालन वीएल अगर उर सही n उर शब्दों हवलदार सच n आधार अगर. कुरान घ संपूर्ण मानवता चार मुसलमानों अकेले NT के लिए है. अल्लाह vry wel dat घ विश्व की जनसंख्या का केवल 1% अरब dat समय बीटी में रहते पता था घ अरब की हालत vry बुरा था. एक विस्तृत इतिहास पढ़ा जाना. कुरान में वर्णित arent primitiv thngs अगर वे r भी thn v मुसलमानों आर hapy dat vd n,, वास्तव में dnt हवलदार दो wory abt हमें यू! कुरान घ एन डी भगवान ही Buk vch द्वारा भेजे Buk है NT undrgone मनुष्य के द्वारा किसी भी परिवर्तन किया है. मारिया मुहम्मद था (PBUH) laundi, नौकर! वह NT के हवलदार था किसी भी अवैध संबंधों घंटा vd. यू हवलदार कोई सबूत WHR इसके writtn dat वह अवैध relatonshps पड़ा घंटा vd? plz दूरभाश मुझे dnt किसी भी मानव सूत्रों cz कई thngs आर misintrpretd. मुहम्मद (PBUH) 11 बार शादी की. नेकां इतिहास dat जाना वह शादी THM अल ordr 2 फैला इस्लाम में एक विशेष कारण n vd. एक BLV bcz कुरान यह भगवान का एक शब्द है चाहिए

  14. maria kibtia says

    @bro agniveer:
    y shud i issue a fatwa against d muslims who r veg! its their wish, thr r hindus who consume non-veg. its simply their wish. i am a muslim n i lik vegetables more dan meat becz its agn my wish!!its nt dat ppl vl die if they dnt consume non-veg bt d thng is v can consume bth, v r designed dat way. if our creator wantd us 2 b vegetarians thn v wud hav had a teeth set lik herbivores n r stomach wud also hav been designd in dat way bt its nt!!

    • vik says


      maria sister listen, zakir naik is on an evil mission, besides hindus hes also misleading u muslims. Tell me one good thing written in the quran that is not present in the Vedas, but Vedas do not contain evil verses that quran has. U tell me is it right to keep women as slaves or to kill apostles who choose to leave islam? All these are laws written by arabs so they perserve this so called allah's religion. THe teeth thing ur claiming, did u know there are many vegetables that require pointed teeth, so that is why we have pointed teeth, not to have meat. ANd our digestive system can even digest human flesh, so does it mean we start eating humans? Our system can digest almost everything? So please have compassion for innocent animals.

    • says

      Unfortunately, your knowledge of human anatomy seems to be influenced by quacks like Zakir Naik. Humans do not have anatomy like herbivorous because we are not designed to eat grass and hay. And humans also do not have anatomy and teeth like carnivorous because we are not designed to eat animals. Humans are designed to act intelligently and that is why we have a more capable brain. And use of intelligence means not doing acts which are wasteful and harmful.

      Eating of meat is harmful for health, causes pain to animals, damages the environment, wastes 10-20 times more resources than those used for preparing same amount of veg food, and breeds a variety of diseases. That is why many Muslims have started admitting that non-veg is unIslamic (not as per meaning of Islam which is Peace). If they are wrong, fatwa should be issued against them – after all they are going against the tenets of Islam! And if they are right, do not justify meat-eating in name of Islam!

        • truthseeker says

          You have given the meaning correctly. 'Kufr' means disbelief . It is refusing to believe in Allah, Muhammad etc., but 'Kufr' doesn't include the people whom the message has not been reached.
          The verse [17:15] says : "…And never would We punish until We sent a messenger. ". By this verse, the people who have not heard of the message of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, will not be punished for failing to accept his message.

        • anything&everything says

          Salaam Alaikum, brother the Prophet (pbuh) said only Allah will decide that who will go to a HELL and Heaven. If Prophet does not know how can a layman answer that.

          • KalBhairav says

            If Prophet does not know how can a layman answer that.

            So, neither your prophet nor you know the answer. So, it is not beyond the realms of possibility for a non-Muslim (atheist/apostate/Christian/Jew/Hindu/Buddhist) to be allowed entry to heaven. Yes?

  15. vik says

    listen maria

    we did not disgrace any religion, we were all living peacefully until that zakir naik who started misinterpreting Vedas. Now, if someone makes fun of Vedas or misinterprets them or spreads lies about them, then we hindus have no choice but to defend our Vedas. Besides, zakir naik's intention is to convert everyone to islam since he wants to make india a muslim state. So this is why we have to expose zakir naik, islam, and quran that is definitely not GOD's word. Vedas came before torah, bible, and quran. SO according to muslims quran was sent because torah and bible were corrupted, but our Vedas remained in the same state for ever, so what do u have to say about that? Quran orders muslims to kill anyone who leaves islam, so how can it be GOD's word?

  16. says

    Dear Sister, I agree that whatever is written is Quran is for believers only. Problem happens when non-believers are straightaway thrown to Permanent Hell, and verses are incorporated which call for destruction and subjugation of non-believers.

    Further, if is for believers only, then it cannot be for entire humanity. If it is for entire humanity, then all its verses will have to be critically evaluated to test if it actually makes sense or not.

    Finally, there is no way to prove that the Quran many Muslims blindly follow is exactly the same as that revealed/ or claimed to be revealed to Muhammad. There is no Quran manuscript available that dates to time when Muhammad was alive. And history of Islam states that his followers were killing each other when first compiled Quran came.

    Also I did not understand why Allah decided a divine marriage of Muhammad with a six-year old kid. This brought so much disgrace to Muhammad's character. Why did Allah do so? Because after Muhammad's death this divinely ordered wife of Muhammad was fighting with his other followers including Ali to kill them. Shias still maintain that Aisha and Hafsa actually killed Muhammad. So did Allah not do a blunder by marrying Muhammad to a child and cause him humiliation as well as death and after death killing of his followers?

  17. maria says

    al dese r d miracles of quran vch has been provd scientificaly in d recent years bt it ws al thr mentiond in d quran hundreds of yrs ago!!

    • says

      Dear Maria, If you do not mind, can I know what is your education in science? I can only pity that people are brainwashed to believe in these. Can you provide exact verses and their meanings (kindly refer to translations of Yusuf Ali and Pickthall only because they alone are authentic as per Zakir Bhai MBBS)

  18. maria says

    bro vik & agniveer:
    u r doing a mistake by defaming n disgracing islam n d ahle-quraans. remembr 1 thng god sent down calamities wen ppl b4 u tried 2 do so n they wer destroyd 4evr n they befell sufferings so plz do nt do dis. u vl b accountable 4 ur act. no1 knws wat vl happn vd us wen v die

    • Arya says

      what about the person, who is just opposite to the longitude of Kaba on earth, which direction should he bow? You did not tell me why to bow to a stone (dont give the argument of unity because today, most of the killers and their victims are muslims).

    • truthseeker says

      As per the hadith, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prayed between the two right pillars. I don't know in which direction does it come to. Kaaba definitely has a special status. "Verily, the first house (of worship) appointed for mankind was that in Mecca, full of blessing, and guidance for all people." Qur'an 3:96
      I don't know what is worrying you, brother.
      Do you want us to force to believe that we are bowing down to Kaaba and not our Creator ?

    • roshan singh says

      agar allah hi ek akela god hai . islam hi ek akela religion hai. to tumhare allah ne hamein muslim kyon nhi banaya.. usne baki religion kese banaye. agar usne nhi banaye insano ne banye to abhi tak bache hue kese hein. tum sab kahte ho allah ka koi aakar nhi hai wo nirakar hai to usne quran kese likhi. s duniya mein sabse jyada insecurity and instability islmaic countries mein hi kyon hai.

  19. anand says

    See whar kind of filthy abusive language is used in Quran 68:13
    "Violent (and cruel),- with all that, base-born,-"
    The Arabic text is "AAutullin baAAda thalika zaneemin"
    The word Zaneem means born of Zina(Illegal sex).
    See what filthy and abusive language ur Quran uses.
    Contrast this with Vedas which says "Jivha me madhumatamma"-Let my speech be sweet like honey

    • anand says

      The contents of Quran and Hadiths and actions of ur co-religionists disgrace Islam more than anything agniveer or vik or anyone says. Please think about it.
      Just visit http://www.thereligionofpeace.com
      The above site shows that some 14,800 terror attacks by Islamic terrorists since 9/11 till date.
      Also read "The Rise of Jihad" e-mail sent by Indian Mujahideen. They have quoted Quranic ayats as justification.
      Regards, dear sister.

    • Aman says

      How come are they defaming islam? those terrorists are the true followerS of islam. quran prescribes for the killing of non-muslims..the non-muslims are condemned to burn in hell for no fault of theirs!
      Even Zakir Bhai is such big supporter of osama!!
      So who is wrong ?? you or zakir bhai? or quran?

      • Arya says

        brother, please show the verse saying-if the message has not reached….he will be judged based on his deeds.
        you wrote-"no one gets a punishment more than what he deserves". But why will kafirs be burnt forever in hell, if their sins are limited? How can Just Allah give unlimited punishment for limited sins?

      • mohammed abdul haleem says

        @all ‘aryas’
        why do you people always mix ZAKIR and OSAMA, from where did you get this news? are you people supporters of osama!!!
        if zakir naik simply said that “if osama is terrorizing the terrorists ….” that does not mean he is his friend or the likes or he likes or hates him…
        plz dont bring OSAMA into the picture here, since we dont have solid proof that he is his supporter.. plz…

      • mohammed abdul haleem says

        untill you get a solid proof dont blame any person…
        when you know the truth…then declare it..

        “”And say: “Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish.” “” (Quran 17:81)

    • mohammed abdul haleem says

      what is wrong in it if Quran says “illegal sex is bad” ??? if something is bad u have to use that word to express its filthyness..hope u got the point..
      plz be logical my dear brother

    • truthseeker says

      Shias are not non-Muslims. But, they are misguided Muslims. They don't propagate falsehood knowing tat they are false. Its just that tey belive that's true.

      • Arya says

        why dont you believe non muslims also as misguided muslims and share the heaven with them?

        • Arya says

          hindus also believe in books (Vedas, which scholar of Zakir-Abdullah Tariq accepted as Allah's first revelation, to see, watch debate onhttp://www.youtube.comusertruthwisdom2008).
          Prophets did many things opposite to the doctrines of Vedas and hence hindus dont believe in those.
          On Shia-Sunni say shia are kafir and shia say otherwise. Moreover Muhammad himself said that only one out of 72 sects will go to Jannah and rest 71 will go to hell.

      • hindu militant says

        shias are anytime better than sunnis. They are mostly liberal. Because in classical shiaism there is strict separation between mosque and state.

  20. maria says

    salaam bro mahakalarudra:

    ALLAH is d most merciful, most benificient, oft-forgiving & oft-merciful. thr is none lik HIM worthy 2 b worshipped!!! ALLAH is merciful n oft-forgivng n dats y u r happily sittng thr n continuing vd ur daily chores othrwise if ALLAH wud hav been ur tantrik or anythng thn u can undrstand wat wud hav happnd 2 u til nw!! thank ALLAH dat he isnt sendng any calamity on u evn wen u'r sayng so much abt islam n ALLAH!! only ALLAH n no 1 else can b so merciful……….

    u said evn wen sum1 scolds god, he continues 2 bless dat person vd happines n dats true god. yes absolutely tru, i am by ur side. dat is d reason u al r stil happy in ur respective homes, leadng a peaceful life n ALLAH is true god. any more proof required??

    • anand says

      iS aLLAH "hE"? Not "She"? How do u know? Have u seen Allah? Is Allah not formless and without gender?

      And does Islam have any female prophet(prophetess)? Or only males are prophets in Islam?

  21. Arya says

    Dear sister Maria, namaste

    What can I do if I dont understand Quran? It is Allah, the merciful, who has set a seal in my heart and veil on my eyes [Quran 2:7]. Now you tell me, what is my fault if I dont see the right path?

    By the way you did not answer my questions.

    • says

      Dear Arya, Aisha and Abu Bakar are the true authors of Quran that we see today. Muhammad (PBUH) always wanted to propagate the Vedas. Abdullah Tariq, the greatest Muslim scholar in India also believes that Vedas are first books of Ishwar or Allah. Muhammad could not study Vedas so he propagated as much as he could with his limited intellect. His original Quran points at that. So don't be confused by such verses of false Quran written by Aisha and other false followers of Muhammad. They are in fact cheaters who forgot that Islam means Peace and murdered each other after Muhammad (PBUH)'s death. But Muhammad (PBUH) has cleared the path of truth, despite all falsehood spread by his rogue followers. So you should simply follow the Vedas. Accept all those verses of Quran which are as per Vedas and reject the rest.

      The verse about Allah sealing their hearts and veil on eyes is actually for those who blindly follow the adulterated Quran and hence follow the wrong Allah. More they will follow this wrong Quran, more they will be away from true Allah and false Allah has sealed their hearts. They should instead start studying Vedas and embrace the true Allah. To start with, true Muslims should study Satyarth Prakash (Light of Truth) by Dayanand Sarawati.

      Dear brother, do you know that "Bismillah Rahamanir Rahimi" means "follow only Dayanand". What a coincidence that Raham and Rahim means Daya and Anand and hence Dayanand!

      • says

        Kindly refer to <a href="http://wahiduddin.net/words/bismillah.htm” target=”_blank”>http://wahiduddin.net/words/bismillah.htm

        Allah means Only One
        Raham (mercy) means Daya
        Rahim (compassionate): Anand

        Literally it means, with the light of One and only one Dayanand.
        I am just literally translating as per Muslim scholars

        BTW, the words Allah, Rahim etc existed at least 500 years before Quran came. I wonder why Allah did not send Quran in a more popular language. Arabic has been among the least popular languages of the world when Quran came and remains so even today. In fact only because of this queer language, most Muslims fail to understand or study Quran. Maybe this is what is meant by Sura Bakr that Allah has put seal on their hearts and veil over their eyes.

        • says

          Exactly, so Quran was relevant only for Arabs. Had Allah been wanting the quran to be relevant for everyone, he should have sent it in language of India or China which had a much greater population.

          • hindu militant says

            There were 100 versions of koran. The second caliph, (or one of the 4 rightly guided caliphs) collected all versions, took one in his hand, said all others are false, and burnt them. That is why you idiots think, there is not addition, improvement or change in the koran. Learn your history first. Bloody brainwashed idiots.

      • truthseeker says

        What a pathetic argument?? Is any of the above true or from your imagination??

        • Arya says

          Welcome back brother!
          Muslims clap when Zakir translates Narashans in Vedas as Muhammad. They dont ask him, which Vedic scholar's translation he is quoting. Surprisingly, they find it pathetic if someone translates Rehman as Dayanand!

          Why dont you ask the same question to Zakir Naik about Narashans as Muhammad?

          • truthseeker says


            Zakir Naik didn’t merely stated Narashans is Muhammad. He compared the meanings of the two terms and also explained how the descriptions of Narashans in Vedas fit to Muhammad. Also, Zakir Naik is saying this to an audience where people of all faiths are invited. So its natural that the Muslims who listens believes what he is saying is true. I am not a disciple of Zakir Naik and I do not accept his views on certain matters. But, I should admit that it was him who gave me the inspiration to learn more about Islam.

            Now coming to the article above, why I said its pathetic :
            <> This is an outright lie. Have you heard of the numerous companions who memorized the Quran and the scribes who wrote it down?
            <> there is no such thing as original and duplicate Quran.
            <> Another outright lie. Please enlighten me on the false verses written by Aisha and false followers.
            <> Please tell me the wars fought among the companions till 25 years after Muhammad(PBUH)’s death (till the death of Uthman).
            <> what more is left to write???
            <> The 14th chapter on Islam is an indication of the level of intellect and intentions possessed by the author.
            <> Rahim doesn’t mean Anand..

            “Agniveer stands for TRUTH,WISDOM,COMPASSION”…..I don’t think so.

          • Arya says

            1. Zakir Naik certainly claims that Naarashans is Muhammad. He did not give any proof of any Rishi in his favour. Similar way, Rehmaan and Rahim mean Daya and Aanand and hence Dayanand! Have you ever listened to him about Naaraashans? I am sure we have given a better analogy than him!

            2. Ask any Shia about real Quran. We have talked about it before.

            3. Do not you know brother that Ali and Aisha were enemies? Do you know that Muhammad’s beloved daughter Fatima was against first Caliph Abu Bakr and she took oath of not talking to him? Do you know that Uthman, who is considered as compiler of modern Quran was killed by none other than muslims? Most of Caliphs were killed by their own muslim followers! And you say there was no war???

            Before passing judgment on Agniveer, first try to say something on Quranic verses regarding slaying, abduction, rape, keeping sex slaves etc.

          • truthseeker says

            @ Arya,

            1. The books ‘Kalki autar and Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh)’ and ‘Narashansa aur Antim Rishi.’ were written by Pandit Ved prakash Upadhyay. Also, the meaning of the word ‘Rahim’ comes nowhere near ‘Anand’.

            2. Shias and real Quran. They have the same Quran as in our hands. Moreover, they don’t say Hadrath AbuBakr or Hadrath Aisha are authors of Quran. That is just Agniveer’s imagination.

            3. Hadrath Aisha and Hadrath Ali were not enemies. And so the Battle of the Camel was initiated, not by Ali (رضّى الله عنه) nor by Aisha (رضّى الله عنها); rather it was Hadrath Uthman’s killers who attacked Aisha’s envoy (رضّى الله عنها) for fear that her negotiation mission would succeed and result in the subsequent capture of those responsible for the death of Hadrath Uthman.

          • Arya says


            1. Who is this Rishi Ved Prakash Upadhyay? He has claimed Muhammad as the last Rishi and hence he himself cant be Rishi! Thus his writings have no significance. And Narashans means “the One who is worthy to be praised”. Every scholar and Rishi are Narashans. How does this word give the meaning Muhammad? Narashans is an adjective and Muhammad was a person! That dumb Zakir does not even know this.

            2. No. Ali had his own Quran which was not accepted by Abu Bakr. Shia believe that original Quran has 17000 verses! Shia Sahih Hadith says-

            Kulayni. “Usool al-Kafy” vol. 2, Kitaab: Fadlul-Qur’an, narration # 28: “Ali b. al-Hakam from Hishaam b. Salim from Abu Abdullah [as] saying: Verily, the Qur’an which Gibril [as] came up with to Muhammad [saw] is 17,000 verses”.

            Dont think you will ever question on this topic in future after this! It is proved that the current Quran is not original.

            3. Ali questioned chastity of Aisha after her night stay somewhere away from prophet. This is why Aisha was enemy of Ali. And Aisha even challenged Ali’s caliphate!

          • truthseeker says

            @ Arya,

            1. Pandit Ved Prakash Upadhyay’s writings may not have any significance. But, it was he who wrote the book and Zakir Naik might have taken from his writings. Muhammad in Arabic means praiseworthy. You can check that.

            2. There are many things to say here.
            a) Usool al Kafi is not fully Sahih.
            b) Usool al Kafi is not a proof against us. We don’t take even a single hadith from it.
            c) No present day Shia scholar believe in the 17000 verse story. I can quote plenty of statements from Shia scholars who say that the Quran they have is the original one.
            d) The mushaf that Hadrath Ali compiled was having the verses in the order of the revelation. There are differing views as regards the contents of the mushaf of Hadrath Ali and whether it contained only the revealed text or whether it also contained the sha’n al-nuzul .
            e) If suppose there were 17000 verses, then where are the remaining ones. Why don’t the Shias have them ?
            g) Hadrath Ali became a Caliph after death of Hadrath Uthman. If you are arguing that Hadrath Abu Bakr rejected Hadrath Ali’s quran, then why didn’t Hadrath Ali bring the 17000 verse Quran to the public.? Hadrath Ali was a man of rigorous piety and here is the proof that he wouldn’t allow any tradition of the Prophet (pbuh) to be changed.

            BUKHARI 2.634:
            Narrated Marwan bin Al-Hakam: I saw `Uthman and `Ali. `Uthman used to forbid people to perform Hajj-at-Tamattu` and Hajj-al-Qiran (Hajj and `Umra together), and when `Ali saw (this act of `Uthman), he assumed Ihram for Hajj and `Umra together saying, “Lubbaik for `Umra and Hajj,” and said, “I will not leave the tradition of the Prophet on the saying of somebody.”

            3. Brother, Hadrath Ali infact defended Hadrath Aisha.
            Bukhari :: Book 3 :: Volume 48 :: Hadith 829
            “…..Ali (رضّى الله عنه) said to him: “O Allah’s Apostle! Allah does not impose restrictions on you, and there are plenty of women other than her. If however, you ask her slave girl, she will tell you the truth!”
            The hadeeth does not mean Ali (رضّى الله عنه) asked Prophet (pbuh) to divorce her. Rather, he asks Prophet (pbuh) to consult the slave girl to know the truth.
            It was not the caliphate of Ali (رضّى الله عنه) that Hadrath Aisha challenged, but she demanded Qisas for the murder of Hadrath Uthman.

          • Arya says

            Namaste brother,
            1. Is this not Shirk to give a person such attributes like “praiseworthy”, which should only be given to God? Do you know that one out of 99 names of Allah is “Al Hamid” which means who deserve to be praised?
            Anyway, any scholar, well wisher, parents, friends can be praised and thus called “Naaraashans”! Why to take only Muhammad by this word?

            2. I never said that Sunnis question the current Quran. I said that Shia do so. You asked me to show the proof, that is why I have given the proof from Shia hadith regarding 17000 verses. However some sunni hadith also confirm that some verses were lost. For example

            Sunan Ibn Majah, Book of Nikah, Hadith # 1934)

            Narrated Aisha ‘The verse of stoning and of suckling an adult ten times were revealed, and they were (written) on a paper and kept under my bed. When the Messenger of Allah (SAWW.) expired and we were preoccupied with his death, a goat entered and ate away the paper.”

            This hadith shows that even for Sunnis, the current Quran is not complete.

            And dont you agree that Ali was the first compiler of Quran and his was the Quran with the order in which verses were revealed? If so, why did Abu Bakr refuse to accept his Quran as the standard one?

            3. Regarding Ali and Aisha, you are right that Ali suggested Muhammad to inquire Aisha’s slave about this matter. But Aisha thought that Ali has questioned her chastity and this pinched her throughout her life.

            Uthman was murdered by the rebellions led by Aisha’s brother. And Aisha asked for Qisas for Uthman! Its too confusing brother.

          • truthseeker says

            @ Arya,

            1. Its not an attribute, but just the meaning of the word. Similarly Rahman, Rahim, Hamid etc. are all given as names to people. How come that is equivalent to Shirk? Please don’t say each and everything is Shirk. As you said ‘Narashans’ could refer to anyone other than ‘Muhammad’ as well. I was only answering to your question from where did Zakir Naik got this.

            2. Although Ibn Majah is one of the Sihah Sittah, some of its narrations are weak and some of them are even fabricated.
            The narration mentioned here is also weak. Muhammed bin Ishaq, who is considered to be a weak narrator, is present in the chain of narrators. Quran was preserved both in writing and by memorization. Just, becoz a goat ate a paper, how does a verse gets lost. Neither did Aisha say “Ohh Allah..parts of Quran are lost..Now what shall we do etc…”

            The ayah of rajm (stoning) was initially part of the Quran. The ayah was later made naskh (abrogated), but the ruling still remained. The Sahabah (Radiyallahu Anhum) carried out the act of rajm even after the demise of Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). This proves that the ruling was not cancelled.

            This is one type of naskh, where the ayah is made naskh but the ruling does not get cancelled. ie. the recitation has been abrogated and its ruling remained. For Sunnis , the Quran is complete.

            The arrangement of verses in Quran were divinely ordered by Allah (swt). But, the mushaf of Hadrath Ali (ra) had verses in the order of revelation. It may have been prepared for his reference or to have a copy in the order of revelations. Anyways, what is more important is that Hadrath Ali (ra) [ a man of rigorous piety who will not change even a single tradition of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ] did not say anything about incompletess or incorrectness of Quran during his Caliphate nor did he try to bring any changed one.

            3. Hadrath Aisha (ra) might have had hatred towards Hadrath Ali (ra). We cannot know what is in the hearts of the people. But, we cannot say that they were enemies for that fact. There is also a hadeeth where when some companions came to Hadrath Aisha for a clarification and she directs them to ask Hadrath Ali. Both Shia and Sunni hadeeths confirm that Hadrath Aisha(ra) repented after the event and Hadrath Ali(ra) forgived her. There are many stories surrounding murder of Uthman. So, its impossible to know what is actually true. I haven’t heard of Aisha’s brother’s role in it. If you are talking of Muhammad bin Abu Bakr (ra), then he was brought up in the household of Hadrath Ali (ra) and he was on the side of Hadrath Ali (ra) in the battle of Jamal.

          • truthseeker says

            Fatima (رضّى الله عنها) did not take any oath as you say. Fatima (رضّى الله عنها) asked for her share of inheritance from Fadak. Abu Bakr (رضّى الله عنه ) said that Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) property were to be given for charity. Though, Fatima (رضّى الله عنها) was initailly displeased, she did accept the decision. Below are few references :

            Abu bakar(ra) said to fatima(ra): What was of your respected father is yours , Prophet(Saw) used to keep some portion from fadak and used to distribute the remaining in the way of Allah, I swear by Allah that I will do the same as prophet(Saw) used to do, hearing this Fatima(ra) was glad and took and oath from hz abubakar regarding it.(sharah nahjul balagha, ibn meesum al bahrani vol 5, page 7)

            From the earning of fadak abubakar used to give the share to ahle bayt that was sufficient for their needs, the remaining he used to distribute , after him umar used to do the same , even usman used to do the same and after him Ali used to do the same. (sharah nahjul balagha, ibn meesum al bahrani vol 5, page 107 ) (ALDurrah ALNajfia page 332) (Sharah al-Nahaj vol 5 page 960)

            “When Fatima became ill, Abu Bakr came to her and asked for the permission to enter. So Ali said: “O Fatima, this is Abu Bakr asking for permission to enter.” She answered: “Do you want me to give him permission?” He said: “Yes.” So she allowed him (to enter), and he came in seeking her pleasure, so he told her: “By Allah, I only left my home and property and my family seeking the pleasure of Allah and His messenger and you, O Ahl ul Bait. So he talked to her until she was pleased with him.” (Sunan Al-Bayhaqi, with an authentic chain)

            Also, Fatima (رضّى الله عنها) being displeased with Abu Bakr (رضّى الله عنه ) doesnt mean there was a war. Hadrath Umar was killed by a Persian Abu Lulu who was not a Muslim. My question was to show a WAR a) AMONG THE COMPANIONS b) till 25 yrs after death of Muhammad (peace be upon him) which you havent given any.

          • Arya says

            I showed you-
            1. Abu Bakr rejected Ali’s Quran
            2. Ali questioned chastity of Aisha
            3. Aisha and Ali came to battle field to fight each other
            4. Aisha even denied Caliphate of Ali
            5. Umar was killed by Abu Lulu (a persian muslim). He is a national hero of Iran and a tomb is there in his remembrance.
            6. Uthman (compiler of modern Quran) was killed by muslims and Ali protected his killers!
            7. Ali was killed by Kharjites, again the muslims!

            In this way, first 3 of 4 Caliphs of Muslims were killed by Muslims only! And you claim Quran was compiled in a peaceful manner and there was no fight after Muhammad’s death!

            Brother, being a truthseeker, try to accept the truth. Come to Vedic Dharm of your ancestors!

          • truthseeker says

            1. You didn’t show Hadrath Abu Bakr rejected Hadrath Ali’s Quran. Moreover, I showed you that there are flaws in this theory.
            2. I have shown above that it is a misunderstanding of the hadeeth.
            3. Hadrath Aisha and many prominent members demanded justice for Uthman’s death. Some of them thought Hadrath Ali was protecting the murderers. Hadrath Ali had to delay it since the murderers were not clearly known and he wanted the situation to cool down. But, thousands took protests in the streets demanding justice. It is a hard situation to explain. However, what led war was primarily bcoz of internal ploys by killiers of Hadrath Uthman.
            4. I am not sure about this. Many others also denied the caliphate of Hadrath Ali.
            5. The hatred of Shias towards Hazrat Umar is known. So, its natural that they try to venerate his killer Abu Lulu. But, he was a Magian and not a Muslim.

            Bukhari Book 5 :: Volume 57 :: Hadith 50
            “……Abdur-Rahman bin Auf led the people a short prayer. When they finished the prayer, ‘Umar said, “O Ibn ‘Abbas! Find out who attacked me.” Ibn ‘Abbas kept on looking here and there for a short time and came to say. “The slave of Al Mughira.” On that ‘Umar said, “The craftsman?” Ibn ‘Abbas said, “Yes.” ‘Umar said, “May Allah curse him. I did not treat him unjustly. All the Praises are for Allah Who has not caused me to die at the hand of a man who claims himself to be a Muslim”

            6. Hadrath Ali did not protect Hadrath Uthman’s killers. Rather, many people thought he was protecting them. Hadrath Ali was too noble a person.

            7. Kharijites were predicted to be the worst of sects by Prophet(pbuh). Hadrath Ali defeated them in the battle of Nahrawan.

            Still brother, you haven’t given details of the wars fought among the companions/followers till the time of completion of compilation of Quran. Out of the 3 caliphs you mentioned, only Hadrath Umar was killed during this period. And, he was killed by a Magian. And that was not a war either..

          • Arya says

            1. Ali was the first compiler of Quran and his Quran was in the order in which verses were revealed. He presented his Quran before Abu Bakr. But his work was not accepted, why?

            2. It was Aisha who thought that Ali has questioned her chastity, but actually Ali advised Muhammad to ask about the whole matter to Aisha’s slave. I agree that Ali had no malign intentions behind it but Aisha took it wrong.

            3. Uthmaan was killed by rebels which were led by Aisha’s brother. It is so confusing that a brother kills someone and sister wants to take revenge going against her own brother.

            5. Abu Lulu is a national hero of Muslims of Iran. Of course, Umar will say him an infidel because he killed him. This way, each sect of Islam says that their followers alone are true Muslims and rest will go to hell. Thing is that many Muslims consider Abu Lulu not only a Muslim but their hero.

            6. This is the problem brother. It means Aisha misunderstood the things. Still one of them (Ali and Aisha) has to be wrong. A bulk of Shih hadith has been narrated by Aisha. If Muhammad’s companions had so many differences amongst them, how can their works be accepted without any bias or mistake?

            Anyway, you forgot one more thing that Uthmaan’s killer were again Muslims.

            7. You accept that Kharjites were Muslims.

            Now please count brother, how many of Caliphs were killed by Muslims? Is it not 3 out of 4? If so, how can you assure that under such circumstances, Quran remained as it is when its compilers were indulged in conspiracies against each other? By war, I meant the rivalry of Ali-Aisha, Abu Bakr’s son and Uthman (during the time of revolt against his Caliphate) etc.

  22. anand says

    Dear Sister,
    My idea was not to embrarass u. I was only quoting ur "holy book". In verse 68:13, zaneem is used in abusive sense. U r unable to defend it and indeed ashamed of it. That is y u r giving all dis excuse of my being non-mehram and disbeliever etc.

    • anand says

      I am not asking you nor did I ever ask u to discuss s## with me.

      Only answer my point how a religious book contains such filthy abusive language? What do u do when reading Quran? Omit reading things like verse 68:13?


    • maria says

      salaam bro anand:
      answer my qs……r thr any set limits 4 ur women??
      u cunningly skipped dat qs of mine!!!
      plz answr me bro

      • anand says

        U accuse me of cunning. Really, it is u who are cunningly diverting from the point dear sister maria. I have made my point with proper irrefutable reference from Quran.It contains filthy abusive language. There is no question of any limits set for men or women here. Filthy abusive language is filthy abusive language. I am constrained to point it out becoz it is contained in Quran. When u read Quran what u do? Skip ayats like that?

  23. anand says

    d divisions between Sunni & shias was not created by agniveer today. It started soon after Muhammad's death. It was clashes between Ali and Aisha(battle of camel). Ali was the companion (sahaba) of mUHAMMAD AND aISHA WAS his wife. If Muhammad, in his lifetime, could not make gr8 human beings out of these and they fought each other, what good can his teachings be to u after his death?

  24. mahakalarudra says


    you said "*** thank ALLAH dat he isnt sendng any calamity on u evn wen u'r sayng so much abt islam n ALLAH!!**** only ALLAH n no 1 else can b so merciful.."

    For this lets consider Mr. Dr.Zakir Naiks claims..
    Once when he was speaking about hinduism's incarnation concept , he said that
    God do not have any necessity to take birth like a human being to understand human mind or **to punish the evil doers** ** if he wishes he can send angels**
    to do the job…

    Now keeping this in mind we can assume that allah(if exists) sent angel to punish me..
    But we also know from the study of Hadiths that "Angels do not enter the house which has dog.."
    Thank God(Sorry Dog)…In my home there was dog(Black Dog) and so allahs angel could not enter my house and punish me..
    How powerful is God's angels!!!

    • A K says

      Mahakalrudra, point well made. Despite we being so doubtful about Allah, he has not wiped us out. Indeed he is merciful. But this is more than can be said of the people who pray to him. If we were in Pak or KSA, we would have been executed by now. Merci be given to these mornons.

  25. says

    Yes! Indeed Allah should show us the path of peace, brotherhood and unity. Let no one curse each other to permanent Hell. As per Vedas, Truth = Bliss

  26. vik says


    Here let me give u a list, which we bleev 105% that cannot be written by GOD.
    1) quran allows women slavery, (why would GOD allow such disgusting act?)
    2)quran allows a man to beat his wife(again, not expected from GOD)
    3) quran allows polygamy which is undesirable by many women
    4)quran orders man to kill animals in a torcherous ruthless way
    5)quran orders to execute any muslim who wants to leave islam and convert to another religion
    6)quran is contradictory, on one side it declares Allah is formless, then on the other side, theres references to Allah's hand, Allah sits on a throne, etc.
    7)quran claims equal rights to women and men, but in testmony, 2 women = 1 man
    and a muslim man can marry a jew, christian, muslim woman, whereas a muslim woman can only marry a muslim man, (wow, how is that equal, looks like arabs were weak in mathematics, thats why they dont know the definition of equality.)

    the list goes on maria, i can provide references if u want, but if u think islam is the word of GOD, after what i mentioned above, then that shows ur stupidity sister

    • Vik says


      namaste sister
      here are my replies one by one

      1)there is not even a single moral reason on earth to justify sex slavery. If a man and a female slave agree to have sex, this shows the immorality of their character.

      2)Quran allows patting not beating? That is the most stupidest fabrication of a verse I ever heard. The verse clearly permits beating and that is why u see many muslim women get beaten when they become disobedient to their husbands.

      3)If polygamy is there to help divorced women, what is the need to help them by marrying them? Why cant u consider them ur sister and help them? The reason ur zakir bhai mbbs gives is there is a greater population of females so that is why polygamy is allowed. But today, there is a greater population of males, so should zakir request polyandry now?

      4)Many muslims are ashamed to do this slaughtering in public infront of non muslims because they know everyone will think islam is insane. Tell me one sensible person who would cheer u guys while u guys slaugther the animals while its blood is soaking ur sleeves and sandals.

      5)well obviously i wont kill my child for a stupid reason for that. Someone chooses to leave islam because they feel its not appealing to them and they want to propagate their teachings and u find it neccessary to kill them, do u feel that insecure of ur religoin by killing people who leave?

      6)if allah is formless, how can he sit on a throne???????????

      7)wow are men the only truth speaking creatures on earth………? Which scientist told u that men cant lie? Look at ur mentor zakir ………….lies after lies….? How would u get him testified?

      Maria, first off, blood is independent of a religion, according to ur logic, if i take a blood sample from a muslim and inject it into a hindu, will the hindu start offering namaaz?
      Heights of stupid logics.

    • Vik says


      point7 refute: It doesn matter what the reason is, or how dumb or noble it is, what matters is islam declares men and womeen to have equal rights, and after this marriage law, i dont see equality, in that case islam has no right to declare men and women have equal rights, if they still do, then its a contradicting law.

      • Arya says

        I did not expect this fanaticism from a truth seeker. Brother, think for a moment and ask yourself, can any woman feel happy to know that his husband might be sharing his bed with another woman?

        • truthseeker says

          Brother, you say 1 = 1 (ONLY). But, we say 1 = 2-1, 1 = 3-2 etc. as well. If you don't get the insight right, why blame me for fanaticism?
          I do agree that its not possible for a women to share her husband with another. Islamic law is also not asking every men to "go and marry 4 wives".

          For eg: in Delhi and other cities, you can see spittons kept on roadsides with the message "Spit Here". It doesn't mean that everyone should go and spit there. Instead it means, if someone walks by that road and feels to spit, then spit there and not anywhere else.

          Its similar in the case of Islam as well, there were numerous wars and women outnumbered men. But, women were not allowed to marry non-Muslim men. So, Allah made it lawful for men to support more wives. What else should have been done?

          • Arya says

            you agree that a woman can never accept her husband sharing bed with another. So, should have not Quran stop this inhumane custom rather than legalizing it? Moreover, Quran allows muslims to keep sex slave (remember, they are different than 4 wives), now you tell me, how can this be justified? Do you think legalizing polygamy and sex slavery be a part of God's word? Vedas strictly condemn any kind of unjust, be it polygamy or polyandry.

            Brother, how will you analogue your spitting example on women? Why can not women spit into spittoons? Your logic, if applied for women, will allow polyandry as well!

            Even if for the sake of argument, in case of arabs of 1400 years ago, women outnumbered men, polygamy was lawful.
            1. Thus it is clear that this law is no longer significant for even Arabs as there are no such situations like war.
            2. Quran was a book, relevant for Arabs of 1400 years ago but not now.
            3. Brother, today, Saudi arabia has at least 150 men over 100 women. Should not then Arabs adopt polyandry now, as a muslim man can not marry non muslim woman?

            Brother, I have no intention to hurt your feelings, but I want you to think all this since you are a sensible person.

          • truthseeker says

            You did not tell me what else should have been done in a situation when women outnumber men. Should women be thrown out into the fire once their husband dies? Should they remain unmarried throughout their life.? Polygamy is the answer to all this. I am 23. I know how much a man would prefer to marry a widow.
            The analogy I made was with the command in both cases and its application.

            1. Wars happen even today, Afghan , Iraq etc.
            2. Quran is for all times to come. Women outnumber men in many countries.
            3. Please provide proof. Moreover polyandry is not possible socially.You know the reasons well.

          • Arya says

            You did not tell me what should be done when men outnumber women? This is the condition today in almost every country. Is not polyandry a solution? Quran does not say anything in this regard.

            Quran is for all times! Why are there many canceled verses in Quran then?

            I know the reasons of both polygamy and polyandry to be problematic. What is so special with polyandry? Go to the women related articles on this site and provide your valuable comments there!

  27. Arya says

    sister Maria, namaste

    First of all I appreciate your attitude which you have shown so far. Sister, you have yourself proved Quran and your own comments of less intelligence of women wrong. You have been arguing with at least 4 men on this blog with all your capacity and intellect for several days. So your action contradicts with your faith and belief. In fact you have come closer to the Vedic belief of considering woman as "matrishakti" (Mother as the mentor of nation and society) at least through your action if not through words.

    Sister, did you get answers to my questions? You can answer these questions only by rejecting the false faith and accepting the true Dharma of Vedas which was followed by our ancestors. I dont know which country of the world you belong to, but I pray to Eeshvar (God) that you be given the courage to accept the truth and discard the false.

  28. R-H says


    Sister you said "islam says thr is heaven undr undr mothr's seat…."

    Now we know that Allah is seated on the heavens throne….& as you said heaven is under mothers seat…!"

    Thus we can conclude that Allah(who is in heaven) is inferior to mother…!
    Then why did that fraud Zakir Bhai told that "We dont respect Mother India(Since mother land is still greater than Mother)?"…

    Moreover if you think that Islam values women….. Then please go through this link:


  29. vik says


    Namaste Sister Maria,

    we are not here to create hatred amongst ourselves, we are trying to help u follow the truth. Zakir Naik is lying more and more, and not only hes misleading hindus but muslims as well. Prophet Mohammad whom u respect, he is making false allegations that he is prophecised in hindu scriptures, but according to Zakir's word in hindu scriptures, it shows that mohammad is a mass murderer, a ghost, and demon. If he claims that Vedas predict everything accurately about ur prophet, then y does he not accept the Vedas to be the word of GOD? See, Maria, folowing Naik will lead u to darknesss and u will go astray. But luckily, we are here to help u get rid of this darkness, but now its up to u, to accept or reject the TRUTH.

  30. aman says

    sister maria, aur aap apni izzat rakh lijiye aur is islam rupi andhkaar se baahar nikaliye . coz' there you are treated only as a means to satisfy lust and produce babies…even your intellect is questioned here by comparing two of you wid a single man.
    If your husband is sanctioned to have 4 wives in quran, why can't u have 4 husbands. just ponder over this…are u a child of a lesser god?

    • maria says

      atleast ISLAM gives respect 2 its women in d form of hijab n d ppl of othr faiths blv dat muslim women r considered weak n inferior 2 men n bla bla. muslim women arent weak bt d dis-believers hav a vry weak mind-set!!!!

      • Vik says


        Namaste Maria sister,

        Maria, u have made claims that islam gives respect to their women. Its sad u have not seeen the satanic verses of the quran. Go read verse 33.050, that talks about enslaving women and using them for sex. Consider urself lucky Maria, that u werent born in the old days. U would be so ashamed of ur muslim brothers. AND speaking of hijab, how does hijab help a woman? Women still get raped in hijab as well? If a man is sick enough to commit a rape, it doesnt matter to him whether his target is in hijab or not. By the way many muslim women are removing this concept of hijab.

    • Aman says

      so maria if you have a handsome salary that you can keep 4 husbands, love them equally and are also physically fit to handle their sexual desire, WILL YOU KEEP 4 HUSBANDS??



        • SSS says

          @ Arya:

          Whether you are GOD or GOD is GOD…???

          It seems that you are expecting GOD to do something and if its not there you are not accepting HIM as GOD…???

          First come out of those thoughts…and believe GOD is GOD…Whatever he says would be good for people…you are not the person to guide GOD…GOD has to guide you…???

          Human mind is limited to thoughts and logics…but GOD is not like that…

          Just analyze SIR…Don’t try to put orders to GOD…!!!…if you try to put orders, you will get the same from GOD…Be fearful…

          • Indian Agnostic says

            Brother @SSS

            While i agree with you that Ultimate truth may be beyond human senses BUT FALSITY is not beyond human senses.

            We can easily discard falsities or errors ..don’t we?

            For an All Knowledgeable person like Allah ..it makes no sense to say that marry more than one and also the provision to have ‘right hand possessions’

            and the most hurting part of this error is that it is carried out by animals without any Gods command ..like the monkeys and carnivorous animals do :(

            How does your reasoning mind answer that?

          • SSS says

            @ Indian Agnostic:

            I really agree with you…we are able to discard our false or errors…
            How ???
            Only through our experience…or through others knowledge (their experience, that could be across the ages)
            This is the way how the world runs….!!!
            I think you would agree with me…!!!

            When we grow…we gain knowledge through experience or through other’s experience i.e., through books

            Really no soul is capable of predicting an act as sin without these…

            For e.g., If we can think through, being alcoholic makes one relief from all pains. Alcoholic beverages were invented for the same. But the ultimate aim was changed and when ppl have it..they forget themselves and ready to do most of the sins. Hence drinking alcohol is also a Sin, eventhough it relieves pain…

            It was made clear in Islam…that if an act induces worst thing rather than good for the ppl…it is considered as Sin…

            Now considering the ppl during the Islamic time, there were wars and ppl lost their husbands…In this case, marrying more than one is allowed…bcoz a woman needs a shelter from man…and is not considered a Sin…since no woman complained about the act…Inspite of this, they welcome the act…since they protect themselves from worst in the society…

            Now lets think on “What is Sin??”

            Incase of Sexual intercourse, marriage, rape and prostitution are one and the same…
            How do they differ???
            Marriage is agreed between two souls…while rape is not agreed…
            Prostitution is not agreed between two souls…but two different physique purely for money and the result in the society by this activity is too bad and it hinders love among the ppl…

            Thats why…we agreed to have marriages between two souls and love among them…

            Basically a Sin can identified by its result and not by its actuallity…

        • mohammed abdul haleem says

          as far u r logical u cannot point an err in this dear brother…
          Almighty says “”” “Marry women of your choice, two, or three, or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then marry only one.” [Al-Qur’an 4:3] “”””

          this is to balance the world population, as u might have understood in that link i gave…

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            about the link i gave earlier…

            “Even if every man got married to one woman, there would still be more than thirty million females in U.S.A who would not be able to get husbands (considering that America has twenty five million gays). There would be more than four million females in Great Britain, 5 million females in Germany and nine million females in Russia alone who would not be able to find a husband.”

            if suppose one of your sister happens to be one of them, then
            ” what is the solution to this problem in your holy scripture VEDAS” ?????

            i dont think you would do ‘female infanticide’ as many do in india!!!

            and brother, i love u all memebers of agniveer, bcoz atleast you do no idolatry compared other hindus who are very far from their scriptures..

            expecting a logical solution from vedas…

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            can you brother, point out to me the verse in vedas which says “marry only one” plz with refernce

          • Arya says

            @mohammed haleem
            One more thing brother, your love only for non idolaters is something which has compelled us to analyze Islam. Why do you hate those who have the intellectual differences with you? Do they harm you?

            By the way, we love muslims irrespective of the fact that they worship graves and bow down to Kaba stone.

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            dont restrict ur view to one country brother.. religion is for whole world and whole of humanity…in whole world there are more women than men, then what is the solution to this problem in your vedas??
            for saudi case, logically i can answer u that a saudi person can marry a american lady, where there are more women …(i dont give smileys to hurt my brother in these situtions)
            answer me logically please brother, dont waste time here..
            and i asked u to plz give me ref. from vedas “marry only one”

            @ proud to be kafir
            also see male female ratio (demographic of all contries)

            2)my point no. 1 refutes your 2nd point..

            see u later. love you brothers

          • Arya says

            @muhammed haleem
            Where did you get this info from? Brother, male to female ratio is 1.01 overall as per the same source you gave. Why are you lying? Everyone knows who is wasting time.

            By your logic, since males are more than females worldwide, and religion has to be for whole mankind, polyandry should be allowed! What do you say?

            Visit http://agniveer.com/621/polygamy/ to know monogamy in Vedas.

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            my dear brother, u simply read first 4 lines ang giving ur verdict that am lying…uhh..
            brother, do urself research and you will come to know that in america alone has 25 million gays, in new york alone 1/3rd are gays(ie., they cant find female partners) do reserch urself and will come to know lot many are gays,sodomites in the world…
            when you look into a thing, go in detail, then say..
            i gave u link and assumed u being logical will look into the whole matter, but may be you read only first 4 lines..no problem…
            and females live more than male globally considering..
            from these all(though few i mentioned) facts, we come to know more women partners you will find than men…
            plz dont accuse me as a liar my dear brother…
            now answer my question…

            and u plz. give me verse no. from vedas saying “marry only one” am asking you this 4th time..

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            if our india does no evil of female infanticide, there would be a drastic change in the statistics as– more women in the world, as we know our country bears 20% of the population of the world!!!

            i love my country india, and i am proud of it…

          • says

            Dear Abdul

            Regardless of your views on various articles being in sync with Agniveer’s, we congratulate you for your display of patriotism. Intellectual differences should never ever form barriers in emotions. It is presence of brothers like you that give us the courage and inspiration to express ourselves honestly without having even a whiff of fear that we would be taken otherwise. You prove that you consider all nationalist forces as one family. Some Pakistani brothers tried to create divide among us through hatred filled posts, but you have shown that being an Indian first, you do not consider that good non-Muslim brothers and sisters of yours will burn in Hell forever!

            Kindly continue the discussions with other visitors with our highest regards to your nationalist and humanistic feelings that transcend the boundary of religions.


          • Arya says

            @mohammed haleem
            Dear brother, its not that gays dont have wives. Actually most of them do! And by your logic, there are as many lesbians too and therefore its balanced again! While talking about marriage, better to take the age group of 15-65, which has been given in your wiki link. And it is found that males are more than females overall. Yes I agree that above 65 group, females are more, but that will be foolish to allow polygamy just because women are more in this group! And you did not answer me, why should not polyandry be allowed since marriageable women are less than men?? Please answer it logically dear brother.

            Although I gave you link on monogamy in Vedas, but you are ignoring it intentionally! So here I give some Mantras

            Atharva Veda 7.38.4, wife says that “You should only be mine. You should not even discuss about other women.” What can be a more clear prohibition of polygamy than this!

            Rig Veda 10.101.11 states that a man with two wives is pressed from both sides and weeps like a horse that neighs when pressed from both sides by spokes while driving a chariot.

            Three mantras of Rig Veda, 1.124.7, 4.3.2 and 10.71.4 contain “Jaayeva Patya Ushatee Suvaasaah”. This means that knowledge comes to the scholar in same manner as a dedicated joyous wife comes only to her husband. “Jaaya” means wife and “Pati” means husband. Both appearing in singular implies that only one husband-one wife relation is considered ideal

            Rigveda 10.149.4 compares love between God and devotee like that between dedicated wife and husband. Both “Jaaya” meaning wife and “Patim” meaning husband are used in singular number implying strict monogamy.

            Rigveda 10.85.20 appeals a bride to expand happiness for her husband. Again both husband and wife are referred in singular.

            Rigveda 10.85.23 appeals to wife and husband to always have self-control. Its obvious from reference to self-control and singular numbers for both wife and husband that monogamy alone is recommended.

            If you want more proofs, go to the link my dear brother.

          • Indian Agnostic says

            @mohammed abdul bro

            so you dint heed tyo my advise ..i only hope and pray that you are a very bright student :)

            with that in mind and to quickly allay your doubts here’s the world statistics

            1. Sex ratio: of the world

            at birth: 1.07 male(s)/female
            under 15 years: 1.07 male(s)/female
            15-64 years: 1.02 male(s)/female
            65 years and over: 0.79 male(s)/female
            total population: 1.01 male(s)/female (2009 est.)

            source: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/xx.html

            look above the marriageable age ratio is almost 1:1 ..so you see ..any God who does not know this fact is utterly wrong

            2) You mention about gays ..but you FORGET about lesbians ..your argument does not stand !..as you count the gays so you should count the lesbians too :)

            3) You talk abouyt female infanticide and there i agree with you 100% percent ..it’s an abominable practice and as Indians we must condemn it.

            Since you are an engineering student, i expect that you will be able to stick to reason and not blind outdated belief

            and please don’t compromise your studies for this thingy[ if you want you can send a bunch of questions at weekends to indian [dot] agnostic [at] rediffmail [dot] com

            your brother

            your brother

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            a true muslim does not bow to graves, actually a gumbad is not made at all in islam…
            a few sect does that..not majority..not they are wrong..
            about kaba, it is a black useless stone, it can neither harm me nor benifit me, simply for unity we made it as a DIRECTION, as we muslim love unity…
            this kaaba topic is greatly commented in its specific page too my dear brother..

          • Arya says

            @mohammed haleem
            Few sects? I have seen Sunni and Shia both going to worship graves. And most of the Indian and Pakistani Muslims do it. So do you say that Sunni and Shia and all others who worship graves are Kafirs?

            Please visit http://agniveer.com/1685/kaba-or-idol-worship/ to know that how Muslims worship Kaba my dear brother.

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            a true muslim does no form of adding partners to almighty, if he does it then he cannot be a muslim…
            you dont see decorated graves, in saudi for example…
            leave india, pakistan here majority of muslims are ignorant of the true fact..
            some muslims are ignorant, and they think as “intercession” which has been derived by hindus(not aryas)…we should teach them the truth…

          • Arya says

            @mohammed abdul
            Yes brother, we should also discuss on bowing towards Kaba during the prayers.

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            since i didnot find ur claim in the link, so i asked u to provide…
            referred to as singular–does not imply that veda says “marry only one”
            i want a direct phrase from vedas, not a round about…

            i dint answer about polyandry, as i have already mentioned about gays,lesbians,life expectancy etc bcoz of these there is an imbalance which resulted in ratio change as more women…
            dont see again no. of women in that site, it gives u mixed with gays and lesbians..so this is the reason you dont find copplete stats of these..

            for sake of argument, for ur point does it mean veda allow polyandry(which is scientifically more harmful than polygyny)?

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            i said it is less harmful than polyandry…
            hope u got may point my dearest brother ‘indian agnostic’

          • Indian Agnostic says

            dear brother

            polyandry is an exception in our world ..ploygyny, unfortunately gets a sanction from Islam and hence the harmful effects of polygyny are what apply to our current world woes

            polygyny being a shade less harmful than polyandry does not justify polygyny by any account ..does it?

            also, i rquested you to look at the anti-gay nations aka the islamic nations …their male population is again more than the female population ..this makes the argument of “many women will remain unmarried” false!

            on the contrary it shows that if rich muslims usurp 4 females each for themselves , millions of poor muslim males will remain unmarried :(

            hence a sincere suggestion to you my younger bro …don’t take these zakir naik style arguments at face value..being engineers we must know that an argument should stand our own trial before we push it to others

            what say o young one?

          • Arya says

            mohammed abdul
            Dear brother, what can be said more clearly about monogamy than

            Atharva Veda 7.38.4, wife says that “You should only be mine. You should not even discuss about other women.”

            Asking me to show the exact words “marry only once” is as childish as if I ask you to show from Quran “do not eat human flesh”! Even if you find these exact words, tell me, I will give you another example!

            And brother, you have nothing to say about polyandry and lesbian etc! So you should accept that you presented wrong information first regarding sex ratio, and secondly your logic was poor.

            Where from you get that Vedas allow polyandry? Please read the link carefully. It talks about both male and female in singular!

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            brother, if you dont understand my logic then it seems you have poor logic indeed, sorry brother..
            i already said that those stats are INCLUDING BOTH GAYS and LESBIANS…and from where u got that gays are equal to lesbians…!!
            if these both are removed u have more women than men in that age of 15-64, having proved this point what is the need for me to say about polyandry?!!!
            for ur claim that their are more men than women., i ASKED(not said, see comment properly) u then is polyandry allowed in vedas, if not then there is no logical solution in vedas!!!
            you are unable to defend your own statement logically!!
            as for vedas quote u gave, any logical person cant accept it, bcoz it seems as if in story a wife is saying to his arrogant husband!!
            give quote in which almighty says that “marry only one”…
            is it a holy scripture or a novel to keep children sleeping at bed time??

            love you brother

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            @arya and also @my dearest elder brother indian agnostic
            you asked me to give a reasonable reason to know your identity..
            i asked simply for my love towards you… :)
            i live in hyderabad, and u can meet me at my place…u plz do me PM(private mail) if u dont want to tell here, and afraid of those fanatic sects!
            as i’m busy in engg. i want your people or you to come over to my place and have a face to face discussion with dawa people over my place and dont worry we will video record(HighQuality, alhamdulillah we have enough funds) discussion and upload on net..if u agree do me a PM as soon as you could do..
            as indian agnostic rightly said that i should not compromise my studies…love u lot my congenial elder brother :) :)
            love u brothers

          • Arya says

            @mohammed abdul
            Brother, you talked about gays only in your first argument in this regard. How do you know that gays are more than lesbians? And as I told you the fact that most of the gays are bisexual. So your gay logic has no weightage now. You please tell us, what should be done in Saudi where the male to female ratio is 1.5, forget about US???

            Naturally there are almost same number of males and females in the world. And best option in this situation is monogamy which is prescribed in Vedas.

            We believe all Vedas from God almighty. Mantras are of various types. Many are in first person, many in second, and so on..You can understand it this way- Eeshvar inspires the wife to say these words to her husband. It means, every wife and husband should have this feeling in their hearts what Eeshvar has given.

            You can say anything about Vedas dear brother, but it is still not like Quran in which Muhammad Sahib’s marriages, and his anger towards his wives for going against his will, stones running and talking to Moses and splitting of moon etc are mentioned!

            Love you too dear brother

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            when did i say i hate idolators?
            i love them too, so i have a number of hindu friends…
            since you people are logical and atleast believe ur scriptures to an extent, so i said i love you agniveer brothers…

          • Arya says

            @mohammed abdul
            Thank you brother. We love you too. Hope to continue with the discussion dear brother.

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            @indian agnostic

            so you agree that there is no solution in vedas if by ur claim itself that there are more men in world…ok thanks brother..

            brother, Quran did NOT say you SHOULD marry 4 wives…now we see after analysis that more women are there in world, to give a possible best solution Almighty said so to give honor to those women who exceed in number than men, as he is the most knowledgeable…
            Almighty says “”” “Marry women of your choice, two, or three, or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then marry only one.” [Al-Qur’an 4:3] “”””
            but if he did injustice between 2/3/4, then eshwar will take him in HIS accont and punish…
            in other places too Allah commands men to be fair with orphans, zauja(wife) etc you know..
            if anyone uses a logic that if by commonsense it is acceptable to human brain, we engineers can use it, be it zakir naik or a layman or bush or whoever be it…
            for your kind information my brother, however this logic is not by zakir naik, i have read in newspapers, journals and even heard from DEEDAT!! hope you know this person too..but dont start commenting on him now, leave him aside for now :)

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            @indian agnostics
            by the way, i did not say polygyny better than polyandry on basis that” ‘polyandry is more harmful than polygyny”‘ but on the basis of no. of women being more than men as i side dish we have this fact, alhamdulillah…
            if a muslim country has more male then he can go to country where there are more women, quiet logical and i already said this in my comment while talking to arya that religion is for whole humanity whole world and all people are of same blood…an indian can marry a pakistani, an american marry a sudani :)

          • Indian Agnostic says

            @mohammed abdul haleem bro

            ‘what kind of logic was that ..please read your post again !

            There are more marriageable men in world than women and i shared a country wide statistic ..and also asked you to look at muslim nation statistics..which by any chance due to Islamic Values and law would not have significant number of gays..right ?..and everywhere in these islamic countries too you have MORE MEN than WOMEN !

            This proves that Allah did not know about this fact

            also thanks for sharing the verse Allah encourages to marry 2,3,4 IF ONE CAN AFFORD..common sense says that as muslims would progress they would afford more wives and the poor muslims would remain unmarried

            be it dr. naik or Deedat Saahab ..none can deny FACTS ..FACTS don’t even need logic to justify themselves..and those are the facts nobody can deny

            Now to Vedas ..as you can see from world figures there’s is almost a 1:1 relationaship between m/f of marriageable age..which goes by the way of the vedas which discourages polygamy

            also, you are confused by the US statistics …the population statistics of homosexuals is generaly given as a collective of gay , lesbian and tranvestites ….again you argument is against the facts

            it’s beyond commonsense,logic and reason …hope you concur now

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            @indian agnostic
            i’ve already conquered these logics my dear brother…
            why are you sticking to only islamic contries (where mashallah there is low gay% as u said) or usa..
            if a muslim country has more male then he can go to country where there are more women, quiet logical and i already said this in my comment while talking to arya that religion is for whole humanity whole world and all people are of same blood…an indian can marry a pakistani, an american marry a sudani :)
            allah considered the whole humanity, because he knows the future,present,past all things and he knew non-islamic contries may have this gay/lesbian% etc…to counter balance this polygyny is ALLOWED not compulsory :)) and we we have facts infront of our eyes, when analysed properly we get more women than men…
            thats what i am saying, these stats include gay and lesbians, to have actual no. of men n women we should remove these all…

          • Indian Agnostic says

            Brother Mohammed abdul

            do you conquer a logic by declaring that you have conquered it !

            all the facts are against you ..as is blatantly visible in these circular posts

            1) facts state that that world population is almost 1:1 …favoring monogamy

            2) the facts on gays versus lesbians is NOT AVAILABLE seperately with you ..but you make a ‘conquering’ assumption that there are more gays than lesbians !! ..you may call that islamic logic and fact ..but for any rational college going grad it’s not only illogical but against the scientific spirit

            3) Islamic countries have a huge problem that they have to marry only muslims ..if you put these muslims together then again the ratio is very bad ..this again suggests the muslims are MORE at the receiving end of this illogical verse than the non-muslims..they have far too many polygamy seeking males than females wheras they don;t even deserve half a muslim wife if we go by stats alone :(

            if you conquer arguments in this way …i must say your permanent posts on the site are as good as having debated with your friends at hyd

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            oh brother, i said u earlier twice and saying again that if a country has more male then then he can go to a country where there are more female..
            dont stick to saudi or america, consider globally…
            dont restrict human or treat human to a single country, a religion is for whole world and whole humanity…treat humanity in a single globe under one shade…

            brother what about the request i made?
            as my elder brother rightly said i should not compromise my studies by sitting hours infront of computer to see latest comments..
            love u brothers, really i would love to meet u personally:)

          • Indian Agnostic says

            My dearest younger brother ..now i am really worried about how would fare in your exams

            you can’t even interpret simple stats ..[how would you understand scholastics :( ]

            here’s the latest male to female sex ratio in the TOP 3 NATIONS THAT HAVE VERY DISTURBING MALE/FEMALE SEX RATIO

            1 United Arab Emirates 2.19
            2 Qatar 2.00
            3 Kuwait 1.54

            source: http://www.photius.com/rankings/population/sex_ratio_total_population_2010_0.html

            surprisingly all the above countries are Allah’s countries ..WHERE ITS DIFFICULT TO MARRY HALF A WIFE ..forget about 2/3/4 to maintain social semblance …We need a new prophet to reverse the sanctions of the verse of polygyny to polyandry

            now lets look at the world figures

            male/female ratio of the world : 15-64 years: 1.02 male(s)/female

            source: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/xx.html

            which means at the world level …Eeshwar has created a balanced number of men and women with men have just a slight edge [complementing the mortality probabilities of men being a bit higher than women]

            So while Eeshwar has created this world for monogamy , allah is hell bent in not only skeweing this social balance but he also does not count the ‘right hand possesions’ ..which a muslim can keep without count!!

            i am sorry to say bro ..if your dawa people are as slow on the uptake as you ..there’s little reason to debate them at all :(

            your brother
            Indian Agnostic

          • Arya says

            Brother mohammed abdul
            Greatest logical fallacy in support of polygamy is that Eeshvar has created male and female equal in numbers, and one male marrying 2, 3, or 4 will lead to a situation where many males wont have any female. So strict monogamy is the only path to balance world population.

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            yes every knows it,
            but more men die of accidents, addiction etc than women in the whole world…
            this is reason for more female population…
            then plz answer what would you do to your sister in america, u foolowing vedas..???
            a solution from vedas my dear brother…

            and what abt ur reply from vedas :marry only one” ???

            see u evening, gotta go college.. :) untill then hoping ur reply..

          • Arya says

            @Brother abdul haleem
            Please visit http://agniveer.com/621/polygamy/

            And now tell me, what should be done in Saudi Arabia, where male to female ratio is 1.5/1? Should not polyandry be allowed in Saudi by your logic? In most of the countries, men are more than women, then what does your logic say about polyandry now?

          • Tanveer says

            I am sorry to say but I don’t need a certificate from agniveer to prove anything. Why are you directing everybody to a particular link? Just carry on the debate. Please don’t try to be the judge.
            a. It is not necessary that a non believer will burn in hell.
            b. A criminal be it hindu or muslim will be judged accordingly.
            c. Again you are at it my friend. Where is it written that a woman doesn’t have intellingence? Please don’t quote from the Vedas. As I told you before that a man is just a degree above women because he is the protector of his wife. Read the following quotes. Atharva ved “04 Chahe stree balak wa yuvti wa budi ho, wo swatantrata se koi kaam gharo mei bhi na kare.”

            No.22 Stree ghar ke kaamo mei prasanchit aur chatur hoye, ghar ki samagree, vastra aadi ko sambhal kar rakhe aur vyan hath sankoche rakhe.” There are many such quotes which indicate that women are just household commodities and are born to produce babies.
            Asvattha on the Sami-tree. There a male birth is certified.There is the finding of a son: this bring we to the women-folk.The father sows the genial seed, the woman tends and fosters it.
            This is the finding of a son: thus hath Prajāpati declared. Prajāpati, Anumati, Sinivāli have ordered it. Elsewhere may he affect the birth of maids, but here prepare a boy.When you don’t want a girl to be born how can you talk about women dignity.
            d. Regarding Jiziya read the following quote no.23 su 1 Neetigya raja praja aur shatruo
            se “KAR” lekar unke hitkaryo mei lagaye jisse sab bahri bheetri shatru log nasht hokar
            dabe rahe aur shreshtho ka palan kiya kare.” It is clearly mentioned that tax should be
            extracted in the form of “KAR.” Muslims already pay Zakat so there is no need for
            paying the jiziya.
            e. Don’t concentrate on the translation of Quran instead concentrate on the translation of Vedas. Till date I haven’t got the details of the translation of the entire Vedas. All I got are the links, links and more links to confuse the readers.
            f. None of the hadeeth has any mention of rape or killing of children. In fact Islam forbids killing of children, women and old people in wars.
            g. A Muslim cannot be killed if he accepts any religion. Don’t take out any isolated cases and post in your website.
            h. You just have one or two topics in your discussion; one is Babur and other sex slaves.
            i. First of all a fatwa is issued by a mufti and not by any country. By the way a fatwa is not an order but it is an opinion. It’s up to the people to accept it or not to accept it. There are thousands of muftis who give fatwa’s.

          • Arya says

            Brother, Can I ask you why did you choose this page and not the article for which your comment is relevant?

            Regarding certificate, dont we have even right to know what a person whom we are putting lot of energies on, think about us? Do we deserve permanent hell just because we could not find Quran divine or Muhammad of Ahadith as our role model? Should not we know whether the one ordering us “just carry on the debate” thinks of us as his own brother or worst of creatures as stated in Quran [98:6]?

            a. Thanks for your stand. Please state it clearly that those verses of Quran and Ahadith and Zakir Naik, who says that every non believer will burn in hell forever are wrong.

            b. Does this “accordingly” mean forgiveness for Muslims and anger for non Muslims as stated by many verses of Quran or it means no forgiveness regardless of beliefs?

            c. Sahih Muslim: “‘O womenfolk, you should ask for forgiveness for I saw you in bulk amongst the dwellers of Hell.’ A wise lady said: Why is it, Allah’s Apostle, that women comprise the bulk of the inhabitants of Hell? The Prophet observed: ‘You curse too much and are ungrateful to your spouses. You lack common sense, fail in religion and rob the wisdom of the wise.’ Upon this the woman remarked: What is wrong with our common sense? The Prophet replied, ‘Your lack of common sense can be determined from the fact that the evidence of two women is equal to one man. That is a proof.’ (Muslim:B1N142)”

            Sahih Bukhari: “The Prophet said, ‘Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?’ The women said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.’ (Bukhari:V3B48N826)”

            And dont quote anything in the name of Vedas without proper reference.

            d. Definition of Shatru as per Vedas is transgressors and criminals. But it is unbeliever as per Islam, I have proven it on Muhammad’s poem page. Go through the Fatwa issued by Saudi Mullahs to know real face of Jijiya which is a symbol of inferior status of non Muslims and an insult to their dignity.

            e. Talked enough about Vedas in other threads. Even if you reject Vedas, no one is going to throw you in eternal hell for that. So dont compare Vedas with Quran. Clear your stand on Quran.

            f. Why dont you refute those articles then, where these hadiths are quoted?

            g. What about Zakir’s Video then?

            h. Islam is all about Jihad and sex. So any analysis of it would have same thing. Anyway, what do you say about point “h”?

            i. So are not they anti Islamic if they have issued this Fatwa, if Fatwa is wrong? Or you are anti Islamic to oppose (you are still to do it yet though) it, if it is right?

            j. ?????

          • Proud to be A Kafir says

            Brother Abdul,

            1. Can you name few countries where there is more female population than men?

            2. Is the role of women merely restricted to satisfy Lust?? Can’t we treat the widows as sisters and mothers instead of taking them as sex-slaves and concubines?

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            @indian agnostic
            one final comment before going to bed..
            you said by your intellect ASSUMING men more than women after minusing gay and lesbians,,for sake of argument if i agree then—
            for your own statement, you could not defend yourself..


            oh, what kinda scripture is this..

          • Indian Agnostic says

            @Mohammed Abdul bro

            you argued well on what you should not have argued at all 😉

            Vedas uphold monogamy and discourage polygamy ..and the world stats seem to agree

            Good Night my dearest younger brother

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            @indian agnostic
            dear brother, may be you did not understand the thread possibly…..
            the thread was——–
            “”what is the solution to the problem to the present sexratio in VEDAS if
            a)more women than men in the world(by my claim)
            b)more men than women in the world(your claim)
            both (a) and (b) statements after analysis of gay and lesbians too”””

            now, as you (brother arya) quoted from vedas—– ” Atharva Veda 7.38.4, wife says that “You should only be mine. You should not even discuss about other women.”
            Does this mean wife is saying to her husband dont think of other women, BUT I(ie., women) will think of as many men as i can,, is this what vedas teaches, oh a cheap character of women is expressed in vedas then as a prostitute..,!!!
            ON the other hand if you say ‘ there are more lesbian than gays” [you said this on your own assumption without any proof or datasheet etc, indeed a false claim] and gave verdict as more men than women in world,
            IF IF IF i agree with you for sake of argument, then what is the solution in VEDAS for this sex ratio that ‘more men than women’???
            brother arya, already told that vedas says ONLY strict monogamy…
            HENCE, by reason and logic you are TRAPPED my dear elder brother, as you could not stand on your point.. :)

            thankyou., see u later evening..

          • Arya says

            @mohammed abdul
            1. Brother first of all you should apologize for your false claim that women are more than men.
            2. As me and Brother Indian Agnostic have been saying that sex ratio overall is almost 1:1. May be 101 or 102 males per 100 females. If you compare Vedas and Quran now, the most practical solution would be something which provides fair distribution of males and females. If we apply logic of Vedas, i.e. monogamy, there would just be 1 or 2 males out of 100 who will remain unmarried. But applying the logic of Quran, which allows upto 4 wives, certainly there would be more than 2 males who would not find the partners. Now decide yourself which one is better. You will get your answer. At least you have to accept that Vedas provide better solution than Quran.

            Interestingly you are much worried about few women of US who are without partners (its again your false claim) but you are not looking at other countries, specially Islamic countries, where more than 50 males out of 100 are not getting females!

            Vedas talk both husband and wife to follow the same thing

            Atharva Veda 7.35.4 both husband and wife state that, “You establish me in your heart so that our minds become one and same”

            Regarding your interpretation of wife as a prostitute, Brother mohammed abdul, can I ask you, Quran says that dont have sexual relationship with your mother and sisters, does it mean “do have sexual relationship with your father and brother”?

          • Indian Agnostic says

            Dear Brother Mohammed Abdul

            In defending your faith, you have posted yet another gem!

            1.I never claimed that there are more lesbians than gays or more gays than lesbians ..i categorically said IT’S ILLOGICAL to it either ways without facts ..IT was you who unfortunately blinded by an illogical belief assumend the information sent to you by IREF or IRF or the kinds

            2. I shared with you the world statistics ..which shows that the marriageable male to female ratio is almost 1:1 ..with the men slightly more in numbers than the women …and even that slight numbers get compensated by the fact that men are slightly more prone to fatalities than women …

            My stand is logical ..and yours is Islamic(blind belief) ..both generally do not co-exist :(

            3. Vedas are not books of sexual license, or how to wash with odd number of stoines after you defecate, or how to pray with semen spots on your garments, or how to have sex with captive slaves, how to pimp your slaves etc ..as you find in the ‘pious’ hadit sunnah and quran

            You must understand that right from passing wind to saying subhan allah while making love is what the quran and hadit are all about ..they were practical guidelines for the desert arabs….Don’t compare it to vedas which are spiritual revelations and don’;t deal with these animalistic mannerisms .these mannerisms are normal learning for any animal ! ..

            so understanding the message of the vedas becomes very difficult for the person who has been reading the quran and hadit LITERALLY for a while..being a devout muslims ..your eyes will search for similar verses in the vedas which allow for legal prostitution as in the quran or wife exchanging and swapping as in the hadit ..i can understand why you can’t understand

            i hope you re-read this entire thread again and again and look at the damage it has done to your stand(ing) when looked through the prism of logic,reason and rationality ..but for me you will always remain a naughty beloved younger broither

            so long!

          • Indian Agnostic says

            Brother Arya

            LOLZ @ “father and brother” …can’t stop laughing!

            i think we should now close this part of the discussion ..any rational person reading this long discussion would be able to sense both our serious effort to bring a younger brother to reason and also the adamant stand of the younger brother not because he cannot reason but because he has to in any circumstance defend an illogical belief

          • Arya says

            Brother Indian Agnostic
            Yes, I agree. And lets hope that Brother Mohammed Abdul does best in his studies and make his elder brothers proud.

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            @indian agnostics
            dear elder brother., you are taking stats as it is, it is included with both gays and lesbians…what u r quoting is not the thing to be used, am afraid how come you people are going to debate IREF hyderabad, as u r not using stats correctly, logically,,come to me o elder brother i will teach you statistics and probability…
            by the grace of god, mine is top 4th college in hyderabad, and am clever so was able to comment here, and so u people appreciated me as logical…
            dont go to my intellect please now in this topic as i am more logical,,,
            am not a dawa canditate., dont worry,nor do i meet them, but very very rarely…., iref,irf dawa people can easily sweep you off the ground, seeing me alone you are declaring a thing which is annoying, and shows how scared people you are…sorry you compelled me to say this….if your vedas has no solution, you turn about words to others, what kind of logic is this!!!!
            if this site has guts come and have debate, dialogue which will be video recorded and uploaded…
            or why dont you people have guts to challenge zakir naik on the powerful media like newspapers(hindu,TOI),ndtv etc, instead of mailing him drowsy and lethargic letters ?? why are you people afraid??

          • Indian Agnostic says

            Mohammed Haleem bro

            Just go through our posts when you are done with your emotions ..it’s a request.

            when you come back and visit these posts you would find that :

            1) I have given you stats ..you have given me false claims…no supporting reference ..JUST A SERMON FROM THE CLOUDS that there are more gays than lesbians …i could also conclude in the same illogical fashion that there are more lesbians than gays and hence the sex ratio thus is higher than what the stats show ..but if i do that i would not be me :)

            2) Brother you indeed are a very good hum,an being and are open to suggestions ..but i don’t understand your adamance on this point which has been factually disproved

            3)Also logic and reason is a hard thing to maintain under religious passion, as is evident from your conclusion which in a rather naive way assumes [without refernce,fact sheets or any data whatsoever] that there are more gays than lesbian ..so much so that the world sex ratio would be inverted if a muslim discounts them] …is that the statistics, stochastics and probality studies being taught at your college…it seems its time to invite me first as a visiting faculty to your college than being inited to that religious debate at IREF

            calm down..take rest and see this thread once again tomorrow..as a lot of others would also do the same …these are permanent posts bro.

            5) as a final statement …i am ready to debate you guys at hyd ..if somebody at IREF justifies this position of yours which have taken on sex ratio on this site [ Ask any IREF] guy to formally state on this site that he agrees with your argument..i am game to discuss with those guys

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            @indian agnostics
            1) if you give any claims on “men more than women” without analyzing gays and lesbians,,,,,that shows illogical point from ur side,, if though it is true for sake of argument then strict monogamy cant be the solution — by anyways you try to defend your point “you will be TRAPPED”

            2) you could not stand on your own point, how can you factually disprove me!!

            3)you say, you should be invited to our college as a faculty to teach statistics and probability…my dear elder brother you dont know the spelling of PROBABILITY what will you teach us the subject!!!!! they wont even give you a second look {{sorry for this brother, the way you said, compelled me to say in this way}}
            though you are welcome to visit my college my dear brother—–
            MUFFAKHAM JAH college of engg.
            mount pleasant road, banjara hills road no. 3
            hyderabad, andhra pradesh

            after 1,2,3 you used 5th point ok.. i too will have to use (5) to answer!!

            5)by soon, i will find out their address in hyderabad, and let you know…
            but what does it mean they should agree with me on this thread and formal letter….whatever, they are a big group and IF they reject or ignore me, as i may look younger to these all stuff or they may reject a minority of the arya samaj people.. THEN i will take you directly to their doors and seek the truth from both side intellectuals, as i want truth to be raised over false soon…

            love you my dear elder brother
            good night

          • Indian Agnostic says

            Dear Mohhamed Abdul Brother

            1) please look at how this particular discussion started…
            >>BY YOU CLAIMING ERRONEOUSLY that there are more women than men in this world..It was to correct this error of yours that i provided you with the factual information. Despite this fact you did not admit that you made a mistake. no probs.
            >>when caught in this position ..you made two other false/unsubstantiated claims..1.about the number of gays in USA 2. about there being more gays than lesbians in this world …When asked about the source of these you have none ..because actually there is NONE …Again to preserve your adamant stand ..you did not admit your mistake.

            what’s worse ..you declared yourself as the ‘conqueror’ ..instead of admitting that your argument stands on false grounds.

            2. To be more precise on stats , we requested you to analyze the male/female ratio in the muslim world where gays/lesbians are executed (or at least have to marry to hide their queer behavior)and hence would not effect the stats…but here again you irrationally refused to accept the proposition just because the stats were shouting against Islam …so essentially you were proven MORE wrong when confronted with this purer set of data.

            3. Dear brohter, you need to undertsand that articulate minds are a tad fatser then the speed of typing allows.and comments are more about conveying your points and less about grammar..But thanks for the free secretarial services you have extended to me…( heres you homework..i have made spelling mistakes in this point once again..you are free to correct them ..OR ..you should accept that spelling mistakes should be ignored in favor of the argument ..choice is yours)

            BTW, since you shared the name of your college, rest assured that your faculty would be more than delighted to invite me

            As a brother ..any SMALL thing (like a spelling mistake or serial numbers) that makes you happy makes me happy too..so here is another opportunity ..heres my next point . [yeah another Serial. no. mistake ..aren’t you delighted !]

            9.We live in the information era my younger brother …once you find them tell them to come on IM ..we can impromptu select a agreed upon topic [which can be recorded as well as watched live ] and the same can be preserved for publishing later on….tell them that the 7th century has ended long ago

            eager to see you defeat an argument rationally and not emotionally

            your elder brother
            Indian Agnostic

          • mohammed abdul haleem abir says

            @indian agnostic
            SO by logic, you could not refute your point..
            anyway, i’ll go a step further in logic and reasoning and quench your eager thirst to see your defeat….
            “”a hindu will marry a hindu””
            lets see sex ratio in your religion which is highly concentrated in !ncredible india :)


            you see it as., 1000males for 935 females
            and my elder brother you cant discard indians(hindus mostly) superstitions towards female, and FEMALE INFANTICIDE

            a study says, in this article “78% dont want to give birth to female child!!”


            this says. “”””The Other Half – Missing: 42.7 million women!!”””

            do a simple math!! you will see yourself defeated my dear elder brother..

            hence strict monogamy is not the solution…
            ANOTHER logic bite—-
            if you say simply by seeing 1000males/935 female and judge, then you agree that female infanticide in encouraged in your scriptures,, by anyways you will again be trapped !!

            further study http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polygyny
            and also see related articles yourself please..
            ALSO http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polygyny_in_Islam
            “”As with any other conditions of an Islamic marriage contract, a woman may, before marriage, make a stipulation that the husband not marry any other women. A subsequent second marriage by the husband invalidates his first marriage.””
            dont think every muslim marries 4 wives, i have not come across a single :) .. see facts ur self, it is rare or doesnot exist at all..

            my dear elder bro., i dint see mistakes anywhere and ignored all the time BUT when you say you teach a subject you should atleast give its correct spelling, it was just ‘battle of wits’…am sorry if it hurted you…I love you..

            your logical brother
            mohammed abdul haleem abir

          • Indian Agnostic says

            @Mohammed Haleem Bro

            1) if stats is the only criteria to decide if scriptures allow female infanticide then the same can be said about Islam ( saudi 2: 1) ..meaning for every 1000 men 500 females !!!..they sure must be killing their female babies !!

            but i would not be as illogical as you to conclude just on the basis of stats that Islam encourages female infanticide

            i know for sure that the prophet enjoyed the idea of child brides ..if people started killing their females how could each muslim get 4 wives including child brides to fondle with…so he put that in the quran

            BUT still ! ..in muslim countries the male female ratio is 1.5 whereas in India it is 1.07

            once again your argument falls flat BOT against India and Monogamy

            now for this 1000 men/935 women ..some men get compensated by the higher risk of mortality of men against women ..as the majority population is hindu there are bound to be many who chose to remain celibate(sanyasis etc)

            and finally Vedas are NOT strict commandments ..they are directives for sane minds …the insane minds are free to reject the sane ideology :)

            finally my dearest younger brother , the day i get offended or hurt by a younger brother’s naive comments on a blog post ..i will become a perfect candidate for your religion…so rest assured i am happy that you are trying to sharpen your skills ..i wish you were god gifted ..but anyways practice makes man perfect :)

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            @indian diagnostic
            dear brother, you are saying illogical points here,,,am very sad…am really wasting my time with you now in this thread..

            dawa people at hyd are not my friends at all, i dont even know them personally, not even a single…i’m much younger to them..as you too said am younger..

            whatever be the matters love u o elder brother…

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            @indian agnostic
            since you could not refute your own point when i disproved you factually., now you say only facts are not to be considered and got emotionally touched to vedas… :)
            a pure defeat indeed.,

            to hide your defeat., you say my comments as naive., oh so worried are you and wanna a narrow escape??

            as you couldnt refute your vedas, you started to vituperate islam…

            elder brother., see sex ratio of WHOLE RELIGION., muslims are present in many countries with huge population unlike hindus highly concentrated in one country india only (about 1billion)…
            islam says “Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then marry only ONE…
            how much polygyny is practiced by muslims—

            oh! you mean sanyasis with those shudra devdasis!!
            this is negligible infront of female infanticide, or reports would have mentioned it!!…

            ANY RATIONAL PERSON AFTER SEEING MY COMMENTS CAN JUDGE HIMSELF., and for me there is no need to comment and waste my time here anymore..

            it came to my notice, ZAKIR NAIK’s PEACE CONFERENCE is going to be held from 22nd,,,go stand in queue and challenge him face to face and show the truth to the world if you are truthful,. let me see your guts.. :) :)

            “”this is a outdated religion and is not practicable in today’s modern world””

            as said in OH! YOU!! HINDU AWAKE by Dr. CHATTERJEE


            though as humanity i love all HUMAN beings and reject inhumanity, vulgarity

            your brother
            abd Al-Haleem

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            @indian agnostic
            my comment was delivered after 2 days., for what reason i dunno., did lot of editing., and now its delivered..

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            @indian agnostic
            if i want i too can criticize your religion., but i did not do here, bcoz i know most of these are fabricated…to name a few—-your scriptures are filled with nudity, prostitution, erotic positions of godesses, playboy krishna using panaromic views to see nude women, incest, palmistry, lingam & yoni, witchcrafts, sati, child marriage, caste system, bogus gods, idols in temples with godesses in compromised positions, erotic scenes, panchali, kali, devadasis, dowry, brutal cremation, ‘great’ polluted ganga, killing of female child to suffocation, killing enemies of your religion without any reason, shudra’s plight, blind faiths, superstitions, bali of infants, untouchability and many many more…
            an innocent, rational person can never take it as a religion which spreads hate among themselves and other religions by ‘divide and rule’ policy into castes..
            thats the reason, it is declining day by day, oh! and its sanskrit already a dead language..because of these many ill effects there is conversion…
            and no war took place to forcefully convert one person to another religion between 1990 to 2000…

            “”this is a outdated religion and is not practicable in today’s modern world””

            as said in OH! YOU!! HINDU AWAKE by Dr. CHATTERJEE


            though as humanity i love all HUMAN beings and reject inhumanity, vulgarity

            your brother
            abd Al-Haleem

          • Arya says

            mihammed abdul haleem
            Very good. But please visit http://agniveer.com/2623/islam-will-not-be-a-threat-if/#comment-8560 and make your stand clear on the ten points raised in the article. It will help us know that you are a human and not a terrorist like Zakir Naik (who openly supports killing apostates for preaching their religion) and Osama. Please comment there and then discuss all the things. Hope you would do so because you love humans and humanity!

          • hindu militant says

            abdul haleem,
            who are you to criticise the various aspects of hinduism, without understandit it? Krishna was a playboy? Well, so am I. I go and do ras leela with lots of burkha clad purda nasheen chaste muslim women, without the benefit of marriage. I cant guarantee that all of them are beautiful , but by god they are muslims.
            Before criticising others and what others consider holy, learn to face some reverse criticism.
            This idiot zakir naik, claims that mohammed bin abdullah the self appointed prophet of islam died a natural death. Plsss. go and do some research, or next time I will give gory details of actually WHAT kind of slow and painful death he died.
            Do unto others what you would have others do unto you.

          • Indian Agnostic says

            @Abd Al-Haleem

            you must not post more than two links on the same post …i faced the same problem too..now i just don’t post more than two links.

  31. aman says

    sister maria, Couple of yrs later when u r married and have a daughter will u marry her at the age of six, to a 53-yr-old man, if he claims that Allah came in his dreams and has ordered him to marry ur daughter. wud u give ur daughter to that paedophile???
    I hv 1 more question for u. if u r not comfortable, kindly ask any of ur muslim brothers to enlighten me. Men hv been promised of 72 virgins in heaven for believing in allah and his prophet,but there is absolutely no reference to women ….i mean wat will be they be awarded wid if they believe in allah and his prophet………….If not being fed to those believers(men)!!!!

  32. Vik says

    @ben otman

    the cruel caste system is fake and made up by evil people from the start. Vedas does NOT sanction the caste system.

    Why dont u read the article on this site "there is no caste system in vedas" I promise u will get all ur answers and clear all doubts.

  33. Vik says

    zakir naik supports terrorists out there and he is playing in the hands of saudis. He is already guilty of plagiarism. Many muslims are against him too. Zakir even believes that osama and talibans in pakistan are nice people and not terrorists. Despite having video footages of talibans and bin laden proven to be terrorists, zakir still declines these proofs and says"I am not sure if they are terrorists, I cant trust media." The Al jazeera videos are before him as utter proofs and he still refuses to believe in him. Zakir naik is mentally sick and he needs to be hospitalised. Besides, terrorists are supporting zakir naik for financial funds to make IRF.

    • Vik says


      Namaste sister Maria,

      I agree with u that u should not bleev something without evidence. But either ur ignorant of al jazeera videos or either u refuse to watch the truth. Bin Laden and alqaeda themselves recorded videos giving threats to kill more people. How can u still not agree that hes a terrorist? I am pretty sure Maria that a sage or or a saint wont say these things? Maria, after all that has gone thru with bin laden, even a blind person can tell hes a terrorist. Moreover, even his youngest sons were preparing battatalions to wage wars.

  34. Vik says

    @ben otman

    In Vedas, tthere is no such thing as "other religions" forget religions, not even tribes or other divisions. Vedas only talk of humans and all the humans have one religion of eternal bliss. Forget about causing hurt to humans, Vedas even tell to show comassion and love to animals.

    Well Ben, why dont u tell zakir naik to mind his own bussiness……..forget hindus.he has caused hatred amongst muslims shias and sunnis

    zakir naik has misinterpreted the vedas and made a fool of hinds, and many illiterate hindus fall in his trap and start beleiving in his nonsense crap.

    Mr. Agniveer is here to expose all of Naiks lies…………and we all hindus and muslims thanks him for that.

    • maria says

      salaam bro vik:

      correct ur statemnt above wen u say "we al hindus n muslims thanks him 4 dat". i am sure none of d muslims thanked agniveer n vl nvr!! d word "muslim" means "one who submits his will 2 d ALLAH". so whoevr submits his will 2 ALLAH is a muslim n whoevr dosnt!! only muslims name dosnt make a man or a woman, muslim!!! u js worry abt urslf.


      • Vik says


        Namaste sister Maria,

        Incase, u forgot, zakir naik had many fatwas alleged against him by muslims. He even claimed that every muslim should be a terrorist (look at his height of fanaticism). As far as my nose goes Maria, ur muslim brothers can stick their halal nose into our business and do dawah by telling us to leave our religion and join a demonic violent religoin like islam, then why cant we do the same. Maria, all the muslims of pakistan and bangladesh and india were once hindus. Arab invaders/dogs came and forced them to islam. I am trying to bring them back home, Maria. SO how am I wrong. Mr. Agniveer has exposed Naik to such an extent that all of Naik's lectures have no impact on us anymore because they are fraud.

    • eqbal says

      oh!yeah Mr. Agniveer is just HERE to expose Zakir Naik in his own website, but has no dare to expose him in powerful media….
      cowards :) :)

      • Indian Agnostic says

        zakir naik gets funds from Saudi ..and he refuses to debate arya samaaj

        zakir sahaab is a tamaashbeen ..and less abouyt deen ..jabtak Dr. Naik ki nautanki dekhne 10,000 se zyada ummi na hon’ tab tak unhe nautanki karne mein mazaa hi nahai aata :)

        grab your popcorn tub and see how an arya samaji debates and clears the confusion of Dr. Abdulla Tarique http://www.youtube.com/user/truthwisdom2008#p/c/E3E7F0950A8F439B/0/lQw7iEphD74

        enjoy the show bro ..Dr. Naik is a businessman of lies ..he wont dare to debate on truth

        • eqbal says

          why are you talking about man who is not famous!!
          have dare to talk to him in public. not closed doors…
          write this same comment in powerful MEDIA., you coward :)
          or choose any other job instead of writing here…

          • Indian Agnostic says

            @ek bal

            knowledge is not about nautanki of semi literate baboons clapping in a circus.

            If Dr. Naik knows his soap better than you ..that’s the reason he refuses to have an internet debate ..because in an internet debate he would not be able to use his dumb 2+2 =Islam logic

            Dr. Ali Sina , Arya Samaj have challenged him in the past and even today the challenge stands…but he knows his dumb logic

            MEDIA is already sold to dogs ..why do you think more and more indians are shiftinmg to the internet for correct news .

          • eqbal says

            @indian rubbish DI-agnostics
            who will care your challenge when you bark from your own website which is not heard outside…
            you poor guys are minority, and its very easy to challenge you and Zakir wont accept challenges which are useless, he doesnt have time..
            simply find another job and stop barking in your own websites…

          • Vik says


            Have you noticed Zakir Naik has been kicked out of many countries, and hopefully one day, the whole world will ban him. I personally support the ban on him. Forget me, many of our muslim brothers support the ban on him because they all believe he supports terrorism.

            Zakir Naik has been challenged many times so please do not open your dirty mouth saying that we never challenged him. Ali Sina challenged him for a an online debate, and Naik even backed off from that.

            As far as media is concerned, you may have seen NDTV – we the people.

            Naik was humiliated on that show, not only by Barkha Dutt but even other muslim colleagues like SRK, Kabir Khan, etc.

          • eqbal says

            ali sina could not challenge him to OPEN debate.,
            he was banned by MAY., a political plan indeed.., though zakir will win the case..dont worry..
            and about NDTV. if you support these kind of people like SRK< KABIR etc this surely yhis shows how foolish you people are…
            your challenge is useless guys., he will chew and spit you people…
            if you are true, why dont you people conduct open QnA sessions like zakir naik on religions!!??
            shut your mouth cowards…

          • Vik says


            Ali Sina did not want any live debate or anything to expose himself in public because he knows very well it is dangerous for his life. Besides, he has been exposing islam inside out all these years, so it is obvious that he has gained many terrorists and enemies that are waiting to hunt him in public. Especially, Zakir Naik, who is the mentor of all terrorists, and he has been supported by all these terror groups as well. That is why Ali Sina requested an internet debate for the sake of his security. We all know someone exposes islam publically, they become very insecure for their life.

            Have you not witnessed history, many Arya Samaji Gurus exposed islam, and defeated many islamic scholars and preachers, so when these islamic scholars cannot refute Arya Samaj, then fanatic muslims decide to kill Arya Samajists. Go researrch about Pandit Chamupati and Pandit Lekram, and other Arya Samaji Pandits, many of them were assasinated by fanatic muslims because they defeated many islamic scholars.

            So may I ask why Zakir Naik turned down the debate of Ali Sina for online conversation????

            As far as the ban goes, Zakir Naik is banned by UK of Theresa May, but tell me why did Canada ban him for??????

            Do not worry, Zakir Naik’s false propaganda will not last very long. Today he is banned, so tomarrow, hopefully we will all gather and destroy his propaganda.

            Stay tuned.

          • Vik says


            I do not know about chrisitan missionaries like campbell or swaggart, but as far as Ravi Shankar goes, it was Zakir Naik who challenged him, Not Ravi Shankar. Ravi Shankar is not even a debator, he only teaches yoga. In fact he is not even a hindu scholar. Zakir Naik purposely challenges weak knowledged or small people, he fears the big ones like Arya Samaj. Arya Samaj are the only hindus who strictly follow Vedas and Vedic teachings, so no hindu scholar in the world knows more than an Arya Samaji scholar. Arya Samaj does not believe in the silly caste system that many hindus support because Vedas do not authenticate any caste system. Caste system is a man made crap, and every religion has castes or sects.

            But Zakir never debates anyone who challenges him specifically on religion. Pandit Mahendra Pal Arya, One of the best Arya Samaj scholars we have today, have already defeated many islamic scholars. Two debates with him are posted on youtube already. He was formerly known as Maulana Mehboob Ali, and he reverted to Vedic Dharma after finding out the truth of islam.

            Just go to http://www.youtube.com/truthwisdom2008

            And these muslim scholars he debated were masters of Zakir Naik. One of them is Maulana Abdullah Tariq who runs Peace Tv for Zakir Naik.

            Do you know this website itself is getting threats, because the experts of this site have been exposing islam for a long period now.

            As far as Ali Sina goes, he openly said that he got many threats from muslims and terrorists, so he has a valid reason for not going in public. So an online debate will be the safest way. In fact, Ali Sina is not even that person’s real name. So basically, its all about security.

            We are not evil, We are simply against his false claims of religions and Vedic interpretations and his evil plans of taking over the world.

            Zakir Naik openly declares that every apostate who chooses to propagate his religion should be killed. He openly sides Osama. This person is a threat to all humanity. I can show you videos in which even muslim Maulanas condemn him and support his ban.

          • says

            Civilized people bark in their own homes. Only terrorists and criminals invade other houses and start barking and biting. Like barbaric invaders from West Asia invaded India in name of Islam. (http://agniveer.com/2086/how-islam-conquered-india/ )

            Instead of debating here, why don’t you read the Important Update on the site and first give your clear views on http://agniveer.com/2623/islam-will-not-be-a-threat-if/ ?

            I dont see a single Muslim who was defending Islam on this site sharing his views on Ten Commandments of Peace given on http://agniveer.com/2623/islam-will-not-be-a-threat-if/

            Does it mean all those who were commenting against Agniveer were actually terrorists and that all good Muslims silently agree to this site? They I think, fear their lives from these terrorists who see entire humanity except their terrorist brothers in endless Hell.

            It would be interesting to see who is a true Muslim on http://agniveer.com/2623/islam-will-not-be-a-threat-if/

          • says

            Very Good! Come face to face and get identified. And then be killed by terrorists! Zakir goes openly supporting killing of apostates who propagate. Zakir can go on media big scale because he has lots of funds coming from Saudi terrorists. Even Muslims admit this. See

            You seem to be another terrorist here. Because you are not showing guts to give your views on http://agniveer.com/2623/islam-will-not-be-a-threat-if/ and only spitting hatred.

            But dont worry, your true identity is being exposed here clearly.

          • eqbal says

            these maulanas are idiots, they dont practice religion correctly, they go to dargas and stupid stuff, they say kafirs to all to those who dont accept intercession…
            when you dont know a thing, dont speak..
            and i’m not a terrorist…
            this shows how fanatic people you are, declaring innocent people as terrorist..

          • Indian Agnostic says


            the fact that each Islamic sect calls the other a kafir is besides the point. (Everybody knows this through the news that flashes almost every other day about muslims being blown away in dargahs and masjids)

            You are free to call anybody a idiot ..but that does not take away his right to LIVE ..Unfortunately you display the same behavior as that of a terrorist who is hell bent on destroying anybody who does not believe in his brand of god

            If you can hate ( and possibly harm) a person for his belief ..what is the difference between you and a terrorist?

            and @Tara Singh is right …Islamic fundies have not evolved with time ..Unlike dharmic religions which encourage discussions and criticism …Islam is extremely intolerant of discussions and commands to HARM anybody who tries to critique it.In Islamic countries such a guy is executed !

            Truth is it’s own defense..and hence it’s is never afraid of a challenge ..It’s Falsity which needs to be defended 24×7 by fundies.

            look at the irony of things ..Zakir Naik started maligning all non-muslim religions ..and there were rebuttals to his articles and nothing more.

            This site again is a rebuttal to anti-dharma and anti-humanity doctrines …and what do we have ..people like you who justify a terrorist supporter..apart from a single guy i see no muslim response that condemns Dr. Naik for his support of Terrorists and death sentence for a person who leaves Islam or a maulan who says that all non-muslims should be done away with or converted ..that too in non-muslim countries

            now will be the human you claim you are and denounce those idiots first?

          • mohammed abdul haleem says

            @indian agnostic
            1)a muslim is person who follows Quran and only authentic hadiths..
            2)if one sect calls other sect kafir then this is against islam., if he doesnot practice religion perfectly (like intercession concept, follows unauthentic hadiths etc etc) then he will be called a ‘innovator’ in religion not a kafir..
            3)some mullas of india who dunno what is innovation etc., they declare kafir that is takhleed
            4)intersession (wasila) is a concept of hindus, which majority of indian sub continent too follow by ignorance., you people too reject intercession etc., therefore we united should explain them about true God is our friend, helper..
            5)zakir naik does not call other sects as kafirs., see his talk UNITY AMONGST MUSLIMS
            6)you said each sect calling other sect kafir is not right, few do that not all., as an example i wont call them kafirs..
            7)you said media is in hands of DOGS., and now quoting from same media this news., why do you believe them now..brother many attacks on masjids is done by hindus.. example of my city’s mecca masjid and many., see wiki..
            8)terrorism has no religion., in name of religion some fanatics do this., they are inhuman..
            9)zakir naik does not support terrorism., he encourages terrorism on terrorists who are danger to the society..like police is a terrorist to thief..

            brother., why my comment is being blocked on this page?

  35. says

    Namaste, Are you an expert in Sanskrit. Kindly provide basis for deriving such meaning for word Agni. Do you think debunking frauds is not a positive thing? By the way, bulk of Quran is filled with instructions to burn or kill non-believers! Why don't you do something positive to remove such objectionable verses from Quran or at least ask likes of Zakir Naik to not support Osama Bin on basis of those verses.

  36. says

    You say I should mind my own religion. This statement has big flaws.

    1. Zakir claims that everyone is born Muslim. Thus every human should have right to analyze and comment on Islam.

    2. If indeed one should believe in policy of non-interference, then likes of Zakir Naik should first withdraw all the material and video with reference to other religions. Practice before preach. The problem is that likes of Zakir et al have been historically trying to attack other religions, and that is how Islam has got so big following, and that is why bulk of terrorists claim to be Muslims. But when someone questions them, they would suddenly start preaching non-interference.

    3. You say people need food and not theology. By that logic, likes of Zakir Naik should be cut to size who only provide theology and no food at all. I would appreciate if you could be vocal about your dissension against deeds of Zakir Naik and appeal for fatwa against him.

    4. The animosity is not at this side. It is at that side which claims that only their book is true and all who do not believe in it and its author will burn in hell forever.

  37. SDC says

    Mr. Ben who is not the rabble rouser, trouble seeker and maker, the one who accepts his shit without questioning, then yes were are the very same hindus

  38. Aman says

    Dear Agniveer Bhaiya, Namaste
    I had never imagined that the foundation of islam is so weak. None of the muslims has been able to give any logical explanation to the anomalies pointed by you on this site. All they say is …Allah will punish you on the judgement day and all that shit. I am dying for that day when that Parrot Nayak will have the Guts to have a debate with you.
    Great great job Brother.
    We are always there with you.
    You really Rock!!!
    Let the Truth Prevail!!!

  39. maria says

    salaam bro aman:

    ur so insensible. dr. naik does nt want 2 waste tym on debating vd any1 or evry1. mind u he's zakir naik nt "agniveer" who dosnt hav any othr thng 2 do. i hav gvn u al enuf logical answers vd proofs. if u arent blind n illiterate thn go read al my comments. its me whose questions r un-answered n ur so-called hindu brothrs cant answer me….shame on u al. if ur brothrs hav guts thn ask thm 2 answr me. im sure they wont. v believers dontgt afraid of answering bt u al js run away vdout answering

    • aman says

      Maria , now i really feel pity on you. All your answers are devoid of any logic and base and you are simply repeating what that parrot nayak keeps on saying.
      sister why do u undermine urself, i mean why have u based ur life on the mercy of men? i think you completely agree with the fact that intelligence of two (muslim) women is equivalent to that of a man, as told by ur beloved prophet!!
      moreover u didn't answer my query that If allah gifts the male believers( those who believe in allah and his prophet) with 72 virgins in heaven, what has he in store for women believers…………Of course if he doesn't feed these women to those men.

  40. maria says

    Hijaab includes conduct and behaviour among other things

    Complete ‘hijaab’, besides the six criteria of clothing, also includes the moral conduct, behaviour, attitude and intention of the individual.

    A person only fulfilling the criteria of ‘hijaab’ of the clothes is observing ‘hijaab’ in a limited sense.

    ‘Hijaab’ of the clothes should be accompanied by ‘hijaab’ of the eyes, ‘hijaab’ of the heart, ‘hijaab’ of thought and ‘hijaab’ of intention. It also includes the way a person walks, the way a person talks, the way he behaves, etc.

    Hijaab for men

    People usually only discuss ‘hijaab’ in the context of women. However, in the Glorious Qur’an, Allah (swt) first mentions ‘hijaab’ for men before ‘hijaab’ for the women. The Qur’an mentions in Surah Noor:

    "Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: t
    The next verse of Surah Noor, says:

    " And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons…" [Al-Qur’an 24:31]

    3. Six criteria for Hijaab.[/n]

    According to Qur’an and Sunnah there are basically six criteria for observing hijaab:


    The first criterion is the extent of the body that should be covered. This is different for men and women. The extent of covering obligatory on the male is to cover the body at least from the navel to the knees. For women, the extent of covering obligatory is to cover the complete body except the face and the hands upto the wrist. If they wish to, they can cover even these parts of the body. Some scholars of Islam insist that the face and the hands are part of the obligatory extent of ‘hijaab’.

    All the remaining five criteria are the same for men and women.

    2.The clothes worn should be loose and should not reveal the figure.
    3.The clothes worn should not be transparent such that one can see through them.
    4.The clothes worn should not be so glamorous as to attract the opposite sex.
    5.The clothes worn should not resemble that of the opposite sex.
    6.The clothes worn should not resemble that of the unbelievers i.e. they should not wear clothes that are specifically identities or symbols of the unbelievers’ religions.

    Hijaab includes conduct and behaviour among other things

    Complete ‘hijaab’, besides the six criteria of clothing, also includes the moral conduct, behaviour, attitude and intention of the individual.

    A person only fulfilling the criteria of ‘hijaab’ of the clothes is observing ‘hijaab’ in a limited sense.

    ‘Hijaab’ of the clothes should be accompanied by ‘hijaab’ of the eyes, ‘hijaab’ of the heart, ‘hijaab’ of thought and ‘hijaab’ of intention. It also includes the way a person walks, the way a person talks, the way he behaves, etc.

    The reason why Hijaab is prescribed for women is mentioned in the Qur’an in the following verses of Surah Al-Ahzab:

    "O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad); that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."[Al-Qur’an 33:59]

    The Qur’an says that Hijaab has been prescribed for the women so that they are recognized as modest women and this will also prevent them from being molested

    • says


      Dear sister Maria, sorry to say, but this 2 twin girls, one in hijab and one not, doenst make sense anymore. U are reinforcing zakir naik's arguments here which are nonsense themselves. Maria, sister, today, the times are so bad, and rapists are so lustfull that it doesnt matter if a woman is wearing a hijab or not, still she is endangered to get raped. So even the hijab woman will get teased by the hooligan. I agree even the miniskirt one will get teased, but also the hijab one. For a rapist or hooligan, women are like walking food, whom he must pounce on regardless of her covering or not. I agree rapists should be given the most brutal punishments, but giving an apostle death, just because he left islam, is pure stupidity. This is the greatness of hindus, that in a hindu country like india, zakir can open his mouth against vedic dharma and even convert others. If we were like u, zakir would have been torchered and ended by now.

      • Vik says


        Namaste Dear Sister Maria,

        Maria, just like how we only give prooofs from the quran and hadiths, u are required to give proofs from Vedas only. All other books are fake, and only use arya translations of Vedas since the other translaitons are fake and not authentic.

        • maria says

          salaam bro VIK:

          who said i hav 2 gv proofs 4m d vedas?? sory 2 say bt m nt lyk Ahmed Pandit who uses vedas 2 undrstand quran!!!

          • Vik says


            Namaste sister Maria,

            I am glad ur not like ahmed pandit who is an all time fake. He knows nothing of Vedas. He wanted to be muslim now therefore hes talking crap about Vedas. I would really love to debate him and strip him offf of his dignity. All I want is a 10 minute debate with him to show him his worth, if he defeats me, I will accept islam, if I defeat him, he will be humiliated like a dog, who will no longer remain muslim, nor hindu. May peace be upon u sister.

  41. says

    You seem to be representing the Muslims. If that be so, it highlights the typical mentality that many Muslims have towards women. For a typical Hindu, every women, apart from legally wedded one single wife, is akin to mother. But for those who blindly believe in popular stories of founders of Islam, women are just objects to satisfy lust. That is why you could shamelessly say that : "Boys in India just don't have the balls :) to handle a single woman". It may be fine for you because in popular Islam, every woman except few close relatives, is a potential gratification-toy.

    Regardless of what differences you have with Indians and Hindus, from an Indian/ Hindu mindset, you have severely disgraced a chaste lady in a most shameless manner. Boys in India consider women like maria as their sisters. But what your version of Islam considers them is amply evident from your writing. Instead of providing facts and evidences, you preferred to denigrate your sister. May Ishwar help all noble women unfortunately born in such lustful society to rise up and get rid of the filth around.

  42. SDC says

    Tera Baap is a typical muslim who believes he can tackle more than 1 women, and of course boys in India do have balls but they are a bit more polite than u muslims. As for Maria, she has nothing more to say, just blabbering nonsense and nothing else. She would be better off being one of the four wives of male muslim chauvinists like Tera Baap

  43. Aman says

    Exactly Sister Maria. this is what We want you to do!! Apply your senses!!!! why do you believe that God would distinguish b/w his Children and tell one to kill the other, as is said in Quran( w.r.t non-believers)? why wud God allow that women be kept as sex-slaves?why would God give different set of Brains to men & women? Why wud God send Revised Editions of his Commands? Is He confused, about His creation?

    • maria says

      salaam bro aman:

      as it seems dat u hav greatr knowledge of islam than muslims, so plz brothr refer me d verse whr its writtn dat "god allowd women 2 b kpt as sex-slaves". i wud desperately wait 4 ur rply

      • Vik says


        Namaste Sister Maria,

        The problem is that u cannot defend this claim of sex slaves by arabs. Even if it occured 1400 years ago, u tell me sister, would GOD recommend such sick practice like this? Our Vedas are much older than 1400 years ago, and Vedas do not sanction such disgusting act? Maria, please, try to understand Quran is pure shit and it is not the word of GOD, otherwise every woman deserves respect whehter she is a slave or a mother. Maria, ur a woman, and I cant believe it, u have no compassion for other women, when ur stupid religion sanctions female sex slavery. Ok let me agree with u, that islam treats women and men equally, then why does quran permit sex slaves to men only, why not females allowed to have male sex slaves? Is that equal, looks like ur Allah is weak in mathematics. So please do not defame GOD's pious and pure name by associating it with islam.

      • Aman says

        That means you agree that the teachings of quran & preachings of Muhammad is simply Null & Void in the present Day!!! In that case, Why hasn't Allah provided us(YOU People) with a new & revised edition!!! I guess here has been some printing – delay or it is still in its final stage of editing..
        In the meantime, it won't be a bad idea to follow the Vedas, coz' its still as relevant as it was earlier, coz' we simply can't afford to wait any longer as already there is a lot of mayhem on this planet!!!!!!!

      • Aman says

        @ Maria
        Moreover, Muhammad did all these deeds which the foolish Arabs did 1400yrs back, so why call Him a prophet ????????????????????

  44. Aman says

    @Agniveer@vik@Arya@SDC@All the Truth Seekers,
    I have been following the discussions-turned-arguements on this site since last 1-2 months.
    Can't say about you people, but as far as I am concerned, now I am in a position wherein I fully empathize with Sri Sri Ravishankar that why he chose to remain silent in that dialogue-turned-debate with that Parrot!!
    I couldn't find, one single, logical point against the anomalies pointed by Agniveerji on this site vis-a-vis Islam!! How can You have a discussion with these people, who have swore to remain Ignorant??
    The scenario is quite similar to Teaching The Theory Of Quantum Mechanics To A Slum-Dwellar!!!!!

    • Vik says


      brother Aman, I been debating all these muslims too, all they are doing is propagating the same crap by zakir naik without doing any research. I proved to waqas many times that plants dont have souls, otherwise if they did, wont they be classified under Animalia as animals and humans, rather than Plantae. Plantae and Animalia are 2 different classes. Anamalia means anything with a soul (humans,animals). I know its crazy to argue with these people, but we have to, to defend the truth of Vedas.

      • Arya says


        Dear sister maria, namaste

        1) Can you prove that plants feel pain? Just for the sake of argument even if we assign a probability of 50-50% that a plant can/can not feel pain then also we should choose veg food because killing animals includes 100% surety of giving them pain. If we have to choose between the two acts(one may or may not be violent but the other is definitely violent) , then we should choose the one which is less probabilistic in terms of suffering.

        Sister, go and get some knowledge about cows. They do not feel pain while milking, in fact they feel pain when they are not milked on time.

        2) Sister, when we talk about positive or negative, we talk about the net result. A surgery is not said to be violent though it includes bloodshed because we are getting a net positive out of it.

  45. Vik says


    namaste sister Maria,

    Who told u that we hindus worship multiple Gods? Sister, according to Vedas, there is only ONE GOD, that we all hindus worship. AND we worship ONLY one supreme GOD whose name is Ishwar. Today, u see idols of many differnt deities is because all these deities represent some quality of Ishwar (same one GOD) whom people worship them. But again Idolatry, is against the Vedas. But we hindus worship the real Acutal GOD, and U worship Allah which doesnt look like a GOD. U guys gave GOD a bad name.

  46. Aron says

    Has Maria able to refute the so many charges made against Islam by FFI?

    Freedom faith international eagerly awaits self appointed islamic scholars and apologetics since its inception and wikipedia notes that till now only a grand Ayotellah and a Paki Scholar had responded to the challenge.
    The transcripts are available for download and u can see even the basic questions raised are not adequately addressed or refuted.
    Instead people like Maria keep ranting on the same non-sequitors and illogicities or else rain abuses and damnation for questioners.
    If they really want Islam from being discredited as a religion, then they should make a clear and logical presentation.

    Every single inanity such as 'miracles of islam', 'koran has no contradictions' 'prophet mohamad is the best of men ever' are still to be logically proved in the FFi debate forum.
    Instead marias come on board other sites and repeat the same illogical statements.

    There were poets, leaders of tribes and even generals who were women in pre islamic times, and not as propogandised like muslim scholars that they treated women as inferiors.

  47. Aron says

    The practice of veiling itslef the hadith says was suggested by a human and prophet then cameup with an endorsement from Allah which is ridiculous and also proves Allah was suggestible.

    About the science is koran just read FFi's refutation and how absurd it is.

    Was jihad a defensive doctrine, or was it an aggressive and unilateral violence is clear at FFI.

    For all that irrefutable logic, mulsims so far just come up with curses and more curses and more illogicity.

    Muslims never had this situation before when they were asked top debate freely and prove Islam is right.

    imagine this is how they have been converting Islam-

    Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.’

    Ishaq 327

    • maria says

      bro vik:


      1400 yrs ago, d definition of slaves ws diffrnt. nt only d muslims exercisd sex slaves bt ppl of othr faiths also did d same!!! actually slaves wer dos ppl who got defeatd during a war. wen women wer left n nt takn as slaves, they wer eithr raped, some tuk prostitution, some suicided cz their husbands, fathers, brothrs n their caretakers died during the war!!! thr wer no othr option left than 2 take dese women as slaves. ppl who tuk thm as slaves, provided d women vd shelter, food, clothng & provided thm vd evrythng dey needed. they usd 2 hlp thm n take care of thm js as a husband does 4 his wife so he had d right 2 hav sex vd hr bt again al did nt do dis. some left thm independent also

      • Irshaad says


        Sister, Muslims r not permitted 2 hav sex slaves…….. dis is utter nonsense spread by enemies of Islam about sex slaves…..

  48. Waqas says

    They will never believe you i also have been debating with them on other page dr zakir fraud exposed and i have been debating with 3 of them. all of them have lost the debate but they are still barking because they just dont wanna lose this debate. they are taking out if context hadnith and quranic verses from the books which are written against Islam and thats how they are fighting. it does not matter how convincing answer you give to them, they will never be conviced.

    • Vik says


      U said all of us lost, Waqas, listen u called agniveer liar since u didnt bleev that Arya samaj beat the allies of zakir naik in debate, now wot do u want to say about that? Waqas, our debate of sex slaves is still not done brother, I am still awaiting for a moral justification. Brother bleev me, If u provide me with a moral justification I will happily accept defeat and announce u as the winner, but brother u are ruunnning away which is not expected.

      • Aman says

        What really boggles me the most is How Can Maria Justify The Keeping Of Women As Sex-Slaves & Polygamy !!!!! How Can A Woman Even Imagine Sharing Her Spouse With Other(S).???????????????? I Tell You There Is A Big Technical Fault !!!! God Has Indeed Made Some Mistake !!!!!!!!!

        • maria says

          bro aman:


          i blv evrythng dat has reasn n logic, bth polygamy n sex slaves hav genuine reasn dats y i blv bth of thm

          • Aman says

            @ maria
            1.so what exactly is the logic to indulge in polygamy?
            2.would you allow your husband to share his body with other women as per the tenets of islam?
            3.Is keeping sex-slaves relevant in the 21st century?

          • maria says

            @ bro arya:

            god has provided ppl vd dat mch sense dat they can undrstand wen n whr 2 use their knowledge. i gav u a rsn y sex-slavery is nt relevent nw!! dat tym prophet Muhammad ws alive n he usd 2 gt revelations bt nw he is dead!!

      • Vik says


        Namaste Aman

        Aman, i been debating muslims for years but no one has given me moral justification on sex slavery or apostles, now all their logic deoesnt sound normal and doesnt form any basis for humanity. Islam is just a religion about sex, and brutality.

        • Aman says

          Brother you haven' got any moral justification coz' its simply not there!!
          Even if you keep All the Scriptures of the world at bay and think like a normal human being, you wud find it impossible to justify these Disgusting Deeds.
          Moreover, these people have swore to remain ignorant and continue practicing those Barbaric & senseless customs.!!! When all over the world we are talking about the uplifting of women, Maria has been justifying Sex-Slavery & Polygamy, since last couple of months! No wonder, Shah-Bano couldn't get justice!!!!!
          I can understand that Muhammad easily fooled those illeterate Arabs 1400 yrs back & justified all his Lustful acts by saying that its Allah's dictat for me to do this!! But how can literate people who have all the knowledge of the world at the click of a button, follow this Blind Cult??????
          Have these people ceased to be Humans that they can't even analyze b/w right & wrong???

          • Vik says


            Brother very well said, I agree with u. The funny thing is that nor Waqas or Maria were able to give me any justifications on these sick deeds. I feel sorry for these muslims, I mean, how can muslims be clean and moral people when their religion is full of lust. On earth, the permision to have sex slaves, and in heaven, 72 virgins. Here muslim women wear their hijabs to prevent anyone looking at them when they themselves follow a relgion that authenticates sex in every manner. Think of child sex. Prophet had sex with a girl his grand daughter's age, I mean people think twice before having sex with someone ur daughters age, but prophet had no problem with a granddaughter age………wow. Finally, I agree, they cant justify these sick deeds, because wrong things cannot be justified. Aman, if all these things can be jusitified, then me killing thousands of innocent humans can also be justified with their logic LOL. As for Maria, I did not expect this from her, despite being a woman, I thot only a woman can understand woman, and even she supports sex slavery. She is really lucky that she is not born in those times, otherwise I would really ask her then, hey Maria, do u still support sex slavery?

          • Vik says


            yes, your right, i dont know why muslims defend such things, I mean Aman, i hope u been watching my debate with Waqas, look at the stupid logics hes presenting, I mean muslims who validate pedophillia and sex slaves…………….no hope brother……………

          • Aman says

            why do you waste your energy for these idiots!!! we can channelize our positive energy for other good purposes instead of teaching these fools, who hv swore to remain ignorant!
            for waqas, i agree why he defends islam!! afterall islam is the only religion where lust is given so much importance… waqas would definitely want to follow the footsteps of muhammad so that he can get loads of women to hv sex with, all in the name of allah!!!
            but its the attitude of maria that has really shook me from inside… sometimes i feel somebody is playing counter-taqia with these people by posing as maria coz' any sensible or even most illeterate women won't agree with this these inhuman & disgusting things, unlike maria !!!! i doubt if maria is really a muslim!!! i mean, everyone knows about his/her weakness & strength… and a sensible person would definetely not hv discussion when he knows that he is on the wrong side!!!
            even zakir nayak is that much sensible and that is the reason he is avoiding Agniveerji!!!!!

        • Vik says


          Namaste Respected Sister,

          I think no body in the world would agree that islam is a religion of peace, since that is no less than any joke.

          Brother, I worship the one and only Paramatma who has various beautiful names. He is formless and omnipresent. He is beginningless and endless. He is all powerfull.

    • maria says

      bro waqas:

      assalaam-u-alaikum wr wb…….

      u'r right evn iv gvn thm so many reasns bt they ntrpret d quranic verses as wel!!!! dey blv dat only d vedas n agniveer r d most honest thngs on earth!!!

      • Vik says


        Namaste beloved sister Maria,

        Maria, dear, how can u even think and justify that female sex slavery is right? Maria no matter how good or noble or genuine the reason is, do u think its right to keep female slaves, I mean every female slave must be someones daughter or sister, Maria its shameful that ur a wooman, and u think this way. U r lucky that ur not born in those days, otherwise GOD forbid that u might become a slave oneday too and u cant do anything since its order from ur quran. Maria, now u realized, that quran is not GOD's word, otherwise, why would GOD consider sex slaves, killings of apostles, 72 hookers in heavven, etc. Maria, Vedas, do not contain such sick desiires, I recommend return to ur ancestrral roots, Vedas. Ur fellow brother Waqas, couldnt even justify sex slavss and apostels, no muslim can ever justify these things, because wrong things can never me justified. We make fun of ur prophet and quran because we are 100% sure that they are fake, and fakes dont deserve respect.

      • Aman says

        @ Maria
        Dear, are you done with your research to answer Brother Arya's questions?????????

  49. Vik says


    Waqas, brother, I can say the same for zakir naik. The problem is that ali sina refused for a live debate due to insecurity and zakir naik refused for a written debate……………Now who will u blame? Ali sina says for a live debate, firsts off he doesnt want to come in public due to the fear of islamic terrorists, secondly he said we cannot debate much in a span of 3 hours. Now, u tell me, how would u get these 2 to debate when they are both different debaters. But we Arya Samajis, challenged Zakir on any kind of debate either open house live debate or written debate, but he is still refusing. What does that tell u about zakir? Brother, look at all the debates zakir had so far, no one challenged him, but he challenged or asked for a debate. Ravi Shankar didnt challenge zakir naik, it was zakir naik who challenged him. Now we all know, Ravi Shankar is not an Arya Samaj scholar, hes a y
    oga expert on art of living, now why would zakir challenge him, why not an Arya Samaji? Answer me brother, Zakir very well knows only Arya Samajis are Vedic experts, but tell me, why did he choose not to have a dialogue with them?

    • basit says

      vik bhai why not aagniveer cum up and openly debate with zakir on ndtv or wat ever atleast we muslims will cum to know abt the false concept abt zakir.it is abvious we muslims vil follow zakir untill not proven liar….that is y i want agniveer to cum up and tell us the actual truth so that we can remove zakir bahi….but problem is no one dares to talk in front of him……reply vik bhai?

  50. maria says

    to the one who askd me y muslims dont respect women n they kill female child n al:

    1stly i wud lyk 2 say dat only 12% of india's population r muslims n evryday 300 female foetus r killd n aborted in hospitals n at homes. so wat do u ahv 2 say abt dat?? if d population of muslims is js 12% thn it is impossible 4 muslims 2 kill n abort 300 female child n foetuses!! dis simply proves dat ppl of othr faith r indulgd in dis activity!! u ppl accuse ISLAM of permittng child marriage, y dont u al thnk abt d remote areas of tamil nadu, rajasthan, assam n nagaland whr child marriage, aborting n killing female child n foetus, sati, burning women alive 4 dowry etc r stil in practice!!

    • Siva says

      Well said SDC. Maria look at the book and not at the people's practice; Zakir MBBS always use this statement in his live Q&A sessions. So if you support him you better follow his guidelines too.

    • Aman says

      SDC can definitely educate other people against the ill of child marriage , but its really impossible to educate islamic followers who consider a paedophile as a prophet.

    • says

      Dear Sister, instead of such digressions aimed at personal level, why not simply provide objective answers to questions discussed in article. For example you gave justification of sex-slavery and polygamy and inferior rights to women by stating that sex-slavery enhances status of women, polygamy brings dignity to women and that women are inferior to men in intellect. We are compiling your views to showcase to world how Islam affects the mindsets of its women-followers. Kindly provide such insights on other points as well.

    • says

      Namaste didi.
      Yes, we acknowledge that this was and still is happening in some part of India. But we all are working to eradicate these in humane practices by educating people.
      We never recognize them as a religious thing. Please try to understand.

  51. Jilani says

    oh ya, Bechara prophet muhammed has came to India and copied vedas which were in sanskrit. or don't you think he learnt Sanskrit and translated them into Arabi? Yeah, you can even prove that.

  52. Vik says


    Namaste sister maria,

    we dont judge the nature of other human beings, they are free to do wotever they wish, its GOD who will make their souls pay for their evil or wrong doings. But atlease our religion doesnt tell them to kill or execute gays or lesbians for such stupid reasons?

    Y dont u look at the insane things done in saudi arabia,,,,,,,,,,,where a woman is given 100 lashes if she commits a sin. An average woman can die after 30 lashes and yet ur stupid law demands for 100>>>>>

  53. Vik says


    namaste sister

    Quran hardly contains good things, its more of a sexual reliigion, sex slaves on earth, and virgins in heaven…..indeed looks like the authors of quran were very lustfull.

  54. Arya says

    namaste sister,
    I challenge you to give a single verse from Quran, which you think is unmatched by any verse of Vedas. If you could do so, I shall leave Vedas. If you agree, I shall give you the verses from Vedas which I feel are unmatched by any verse of Quran. If I could do so, you will leave Quran. Do you accept the challenge?

  55. says

    Dear Maria, Please refer the articles on this site on Vedic view on gay-lesbian. The law got passed because we are being governed by short-sighted materialistic people with uncontrollable instincts. India unfortunately is not being governed by Vedic principles. This is one issue where we both have same viewpoint, but perhaps for different reasons. Same is true for other issues like vulgarity, nude depiction of women, betting cartels like IPL etc etc. We appreciate one thing in Muslim countries – that women are not highlighted by media as objects for pleasure. That is not so in India. The same Muslims in India become tools of sexual exploitation from both side – actors like so many Khans that rule Bollywood, heroines like the Zeenat Amans and Shabana Azmis, story writers like Salims and Javed Akhtars, producers like Nadiadwalas and Durranis etc etc. Not that Hindus are not involved in Bollywood. In fact we believe that all persons relating to film industry of this sort are disgrace in name of humanity. No word mincing about that. But its unfortunate that Bollywood in India is dominated by Muslims and still among most vulgar industries. I would have expected that positive aspects of Islam are brought to fore at least in this realm.

    So dont worry, we are all against such stupidities and do our best to combat these. Perhaps the reasons differ.

  56. Arya says

    brother, Vedas believe in reincarnation. Thus anyone born with defect, did something in his past life/lives, due to which, he is punished. Same applies for innocent people.

    • truthseeker says


      So, that essentially means, people born with defects and those who are suffering more than what they really deserve have done sins in their past life. But, at the same time, the person/soul doesn't know what was its past life and what sins it committed then. So, isn't it really painful for them when they feel that they are being punished without knowing what was the crime that they did?

      • Vik says


        brother, ur fate in islam is far more painful since allah has randomly written our fate and we cant do anything about it, at least in this religion, we can work for the betterment of our status in next life.

        • truthseeker says

          Allah has written my fate since he knew what I would do in this world with the limited free will that he has given me. Allah is All-knowing and hence he knows what I would do or not do. I don’t understand what is painful here.

          • Arya says

            No its not the case brother. Refer to Quran [32:13], which says-

            If We had so willed, We could certainly have brought every soul its true guidance: but the Word from Me will come true, “I will fill Hell with Jinns and men all together”

            When I have destined to fulfill Allah’s writing, how do I have free will? And what was the need of writing all these stuff in Lohe Mehfooz? Was not Allah confident on His memory??? If you dont see any problem in this, you certainly have problem within yourself!

          • truthseeker says

            The problem is certainly with your understanding. See the commentary of the verse [32:13] by Yusuf Ali : “If it had been His Will and Plan, He could have created a world in which there would
            have been no choice or will in any of His creatures. But that was not His Will and
            Plan. In the world as we see it, man has a certain amount of choice and free will.
            That being so, He has provided Signs and means of instruction for man, in order
            that man’s will may be straight and pure. A necessary corollary will be Punishment
            for the infractions of His Law. That Punishment must come to pass, for Allah’s
            Word is true and must be fulfilled”

            But Allah has willed that men shall be free especially in regard to matters of belief and disbelief. Allah Almighty says, “Say: The truth is from your Lord; so let whosoever will believe, and let whosoever will disbelieve.” (Al-Kahf: 29)

            Why LoheMahfooz?
            Belief in Qadar makes a person persist in his adherence to the straight path, so that he is not reckless at times of ease, and does not fall into despair when calamity strikes, for he knows that everything good that happens to him comes from Allah, and is not because of his intelligence or good planning.
            And when trials and tribulations befall a person, he knows that this is happening by the decree of Allah, as a test from Him, so he does not panic or despair, rather he seeks the reward of Allah and bears it with patience, and this faith brings contentment and tranquility to the heart of the believer.

          • Arya says

            What is Alla’s word? He will fill the hell with Jinns and men together! What do you say about that? When the verse clearly says that Allah did not show everyone, the right path, how is free will coming into the picture? It is evident that some have been guided and some are strayed, here is the proof

            Quran[16:93]-If Allah so willed, He could make you all one people: But He leaves straying whom He pleases, and He guides whom He pleases.

            What do you say now?

            If Allah set us free in the matters of belief then why are there verses in Quran talking of fighting by sword until Islam is accepted by everyone?

            Why Lohe Mehfooz?
            Read Quran [32:13] and [16:93] and then talk of any free will. And I asked about need of writing Lohe Mehfooz, not why should we believe in it!

            Questions are many. Why did Allah create us? Why did He change his nature of being alone? Islam can not answer these questions brother.

            Come to Vedic Dharm of your ancestors.

          • truthseeker says

            It means the evildoers and evil jinns will certainly be put to hell.

            Whether FreeWill exists or not?

            In various verses of the Quran a phrase “yahdee man yashao” or “yahdee man yureedu” (22:16) appears which is commonly translated as “He (Allah) guides those whom He Wills” [2:142, 2:213; 2:272, 6:88, 10:25, 14:4, 16:93, 24:46, 28:56, 35:8, 39:23, 74:31].This begets confusions in many minds that if guidance depends upon Allah’s Will, then there is nothing one can do about it. There is no use of making any effort to attain guidance- When Allah shall Will, we will be guided. If Allah shall not Will, we cannot attain guidance no matter how much we strive for it.

            Although the phrase “yahdee man yashao” is usually translated as “He guides those whom He Wills”, it is perfectly correct, according to the Arabic Grammar, to translate this phrase as “He guides those who will (to be guided)”. eg: translation by Muhammad Asad “(16:93) For, had God so willed, He could surely have made you all one single community; however, He lets go astray him that wills [to go astray], and guides aright him that wills [to be guided];”.

            In our daily life, we make friends whom we will, we go to places where we will, we read books which we will and so on and so forth. When we make such statements or implicitly have such things in mind, does that mean we make such choices randomly or blindly. Certainly not, in our usual practice. Although we do whatever we will, but there are always some inexplicit criteria in our minds which governs our choice.

            Now what about Allah; when He says in the Quran “He guides whom He wills”. Are there any principles, laws, rules or criteria according to which Allah guides or there is no such thing? If there are some criteria, are they explicitly told by Allah so that we could fulfill those criteria to attain guidance or has He kept these criteria inexplicit? If these are inexplicit, then again there is nothing that we can do; we shall have to wait passively until Allah Wills to guide us.

            When we see, in the Quran, the verses related about the guidance (huda), we come to know that there are, in fact, some criteria explicitly given in the Quran according to which Allah guides. These criteria are given in the following:

            Allah guides unto Himself who turns to Him (time after time, time and time again) [42:13]
            Allah guides all who seek His approval to ways of peace and safety [5:16]
            Those who believe, and work righteousness, – their Lord will guide them because of their faith [10:9]
            …Allah does not let go people astray except those who themselves depart from the right way ( Fasiqeen) [2:26]
            How shall Allah Guide those who reject Faith after they accepted it and bore witness that the Messenger was true and that Clear Signs had come unto them? …[3:86]
            If you call them to guidance, they will not obey: For you it is the same whether you call them or you hold your peace! [7/193]
            …Allah does not guide those who do not put things in the right perspective (Zaalimeen).[3/86]
            “So when they turned away (from the Path of Allah) Allah turned their hearts away (from the Right Path) and Allah guides not the people who are fasiqun (rebellious, disobedient to Allah).” [16:35]

            So we see that Allah misguides those wrongdoers who are truly misguided by their own actions that they willingly chose to commit. Allah is omniscient and therefore knows in advance what their FREE WILLED actions will be.

            These verses are also a reminder to the Muslims that it was Allah(swt) who guides them and they should not be overcome by arrogance/proud of being in the true path and should not look down upon non Muslims (since they might also be guided by Allah(swt) in future).

            Pls mention the verse where one should fight by sword until Islam is accepted.

            I read somewhere that LoheMahfooz contains the instructions to the angels (ie the angels carry out the orders of Allah (swt) from LoheMahfooz) as well as the original copies of the revealed texts as well. Do you think Lohe Mehfooz is a writing like our textbooks? Why do you want to condemn it?

            I cannot answer the remaining questions. The purpose of our creation and the way to live is clearly explained. Also,do you think we will be able to understand the divine wisdom of Allah (swt). Why should Allah (swt) reveal all his wisdom to humans ? And I cannot answer on behalf of Allah(swt). Allah (swt) knows best.

          • Arya says

            Brother, if you take the above meanings of those verses then that is fine. But can you show any such meanings of these verses in any Tafsir before 100-150 years from now? Can you also tell me that how could a former Austrian Jew Muhammad Asad, find such new meanings of Arabic verses, which were hidden for almost 1400 years? Was he an Arabic expert more than the Arabs themselves?

            Quran [8:39]-“And fight them until sedition, idolatry, is, exists, no more and religion is all for God, alone, none other being worshipped; then if they desist, from unbelief, surely God sees what they do, and will requite them for it”

            Islam believes in the concept of “Taqdeer”. Please ask your scholars about it. In short, Allah has written everyone’s fate in a gigantic book called Lohe Mehfooz, and we act as per these writings. No one can go against Lohe Mehfooz. I just want to know that what was the need of writing it? Why did Allah not write all good for everyone so that nobody could commit sins?

            Remaining questions can be answered by Vedic philosophy. I am not asking you to answer on behalf of Allah! But just like you tried to answer the other questions, why dont you think for these questions too? Or you even need not to give answer to any of my question by your logic of “I cant answer on behalf of Allah”, because whatever I asked, it was on Quran and for you Quran is from Allah. You could have simply said, I cant answer on behalf of Allah regarding His book!

            Vedas say that souls and matter were never created. Thus there are three eternal entities which exist are God, soul, and matter. The purpose of God is to give souls, the opportunities to work such that they can achieve Him, which is the source of ultimate bliss. Eeshvar never changes His nature because He is perfect and there cant be any change possible in a perfect being. He has been creating the universe from beginningless time and will continue to do so for eternity.

            Please think about it brother. May Eeshvar show us right path.

          • Vik says


            brother, u dont get the point, Allah has willed for me to become a kafir and to fill up men like me in hell so i cannot do anything about it, this makes allah biased towards me. Brother, take my advice, reject this false scripture called the Quran. It is nothing but a manual of lust and terrorism.

          • truthseeker says

            Had it been a manual of ‘lust and terrorism’, I would have rejected it for sure. But, if you understand properly, Quran is against those.

          • Arya says

            You even justified sex with slaves. Muhammad justified rape of women by his men. You have a different level of morality than your ancestors. That is why you are defending the religion of those invaders, who took away your ancestors as slaves, raped them and made you so dumb to even justify the rape and loot of his own mothers and motherland.

          • truthseeker says

            @ Arya,

            I do justify sex with slaves but not rape. Relax brother. Who told you that my ancestors were taken as slaves and raped them? I am from Kerala. Please show me which ruler did all this to the people of Kerala. Islam in Kerala started in the 7th century itself. Have you heard of Chakravarthi Farmas (aka Cheraman Perumal ) who became Muslim. He is also said to have witnessed the splitting of the moon. The Cheraman perumal juma masjid is the oldest mosque in India.

            I don’t understand how can conversions happen through sword and rape. Such actions only create more hatred in the people towards the religion and the converts would only be outwardly following that religion. They will never follow the religion by heart nor would they try to spread the religion to others. The moment sword is lifted, they convert back for sure. I am sure that my great grand fathers reverted wholeheartedly, coz they were very pious indeed.

            Also I don’t justify if any Muslim rulers have looted or raped anywhere. I don’t know whether such stories are either true or not.

          • Arya says

            Brother I wrote that Muhammad justified rape, not you.

            Sahih Muslim, Book 008, Number 3373:

            Abu Sa’id al-Khudri (Allah be pleased with him) reported: We took women captives, and we wanted to do ‘azl (coitus interruptus) with them. We then asked Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) about it, and he said to us: Verily you do it, verily you do it, verily you do it, but the soul which has to be born until the Day of judgment must be born.

            In the above hadith, Muhammad clearly allows his men to rape the captive women. And he himself raped Rehana when she refused to become his wife. what do you say about these incidents?

            OK. So this was not happened with Keralites. Do you know about Moplah rebellion? If not read about it carefully and then ask yourself what happened to Keralites. Anyway, even if it did not happen to the people of Kerela, it happened to rest of the subcontinent. Were not those Hindus your brothers and their mothers like your mothers?

            I would suggest you to read Babarnaama, written by Mughal king Babar, in which he proudly proclaims that he wiped off Kufra from so and so lands with his sword. Today’s Pakistan, Afganistan are the places where Muslim rulers dominated the most. Jijiya was yet another reason for the conversion. Dont forget about the assassination of Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, Bhai Mati Das Ji, Bhai Sati Das Ji, Banda Vairagi and many more such religious leaders of Hindu communities. Those rulers even killed the boys of 10 or 12 like sons of Guru Govind Singh Ji and Hakikat Rai, for their refusal to accept Islam.

            I ask you, if in Muslim rule, religious leaders of other faiths were killed with such brutality, how could the common people remain safe?

          • SDC says

            “I don’t know whether such stories are either true or not.” Now u amaze me. Have u not heard of muslim conquistadors Timur the lane, Nadir Shah, Ahmad Shah Durrani, etc. who only looted, plundered, murdered, caused mayhem and destruction whereever they went. U are at liberty not to believe in these stories, coz I understand the embarassment it will cause u.

          • SDC says

            The underlying meaning is that allah is not being just as he is displaying a certain degree of partiality.

      • Arya says

        namaste brother,
        Please compare Islamic philosophy and Vedic philosophy on this issue. Vedas say that whatever one gets, whether joy or sorrow, is always due to his own deeds. But Islam says, one gets happiness and sorrow because Allah has written it in Lohe Mehfooz and He has created some, to kill and some to be killed. Now you compare which one is more painful? I may not remember the deed, but certainly, by seeing effect, I shall think of a cause because Eeshvar is just. It is same as if some insect bites me while sleeping, and when I wake up, I find some rashes on the skin or feel pain but no insect. But certainly, I know that someone has bitten me even if I did not see the insect. This is known as cause effect relationship in Vedic philosophy, in which, effect tells you about the cause.

        You are welcome to discuss more on this issue brother.

        • truthseeker says

          In Islam , the life on earth(which is less than 0.001% of the life in hereafter) is a test. When you see someone in sorrow and others in joy, it doesn’t mean that Allah has favoured one over the other. They are being tested. Suppose I am a righteous person and still if I’m experiencing many hardships, I don’t have to think that I did some wrong in the past life, rather I should know that Allah is testing me temporarily and if I show patience, he shall reward me in the Hereafter.

          In reincarnation, you have to assume that you have done some wrong. In the insect example you showed, you are able to use your intellect to find the reason for the same. But, how do you find the wrongs that you have done in the past life? This is punishment without showing the cause. There is clear lack of natural justice. Also, doesn’t it giv the license for rich people to believe that the poor and destitute were some sort of criminals in their past life. IF so, why should I help them?

          • Arya says

            Brother go and get some basics of maths clear before writing about %age! Muslims claim hell or heaven is forever and hence for infinite time! So, how does the concept of 0.001% come into the picture? Dont you know that any finite number has no significance in comparison to infinity? Or you accept that heaven or hell are not forever? If so, you are no longer a Muslim!

            I could not understand who is being tested in this whole process? Is not Allah confident about his own writing? If he has already decided our fate, where is the test? Rather it is the test of Allah, whether His writing is fulfilled or not!

            Can you talk about justice or injustice till you believe a God who has created us with no purpose? Why did he create us? You see lack of justice in reincarnation, which says that whatever you get, its all due to your own deeds and you claim your judgment perfect in which Allah randomly chose some to send to hell so that He can fill the hell! (See Quran 32:13 to know more).

            You yourself accept cause effect relationship between deeds and fruits and that is why Quran recommends hell for wrong doers and heaven for the nobles. Then why do you deny the fruits of present as the effect of past deeds?

          • truthseeker says

            I said “LESS than 0.001%”. I know we can’t compare infinity to any number, but you know what I tried to imply.
            Allah has pre knowledge doesn’t mean that we are not tested. Are you saying that God doesn’t have knowledge of what a soul would or would not do?
            Who said we are not created without purpose? The purpose of our creation is to do “Ibadah” or worship. This does not mean prayers alone. It means obedience to God that encompass every human action.
            Please refer to my previous post as to why I cannot believe in reincarnation.
            Also, I heard that Vedas don’t say anything about reincarnation. If so, from where did you get this concept?

          • Arya says

            No I dont know what did you try to imply. Get it clear first then try to explain me. If you actually say this time of world as Zero in comparison to hereafter, which certainly is, this is biggest unjust to give infinite punishment for no deeds!

            I know Eeshvar knows, what can we do. But in my thinking, He only knows, he has not forced me to do the things as per his knowledge. Quran tells Allah as the One, whose will is behind every act, which is evident from Quran [32:13] and [16:93].

            I asked about purpose of Allah behind the creation, not of us! When we were not there at all, who needed Ibadah? Why did not create Allah before?

            This is the problem that you have heard only. You should read Vedas yourself and then make conclusions. I proved in my previous replies that you have no logic to discard reincarnation. Vedas clearly talk about reincarnation. Do you want proofs?

          • truthseeker says

            I don’t think disbelief in Allah is a finite sin. If suppose you were to live on earth eternally, would you still believe in Allah (swt). ?

            I don’t understand your questions..Too philosophical it seems. Don’t expect me to answer on behalf of Allah (swt).

            Please take your own time and bring all the sufficient proofs from Vedas.

          • Arya says

            Dont non Muslims convert to Islam? If disbelief is an infinite sin, how can a non Muslim (who has been committing infinite sins for years) even after converting to Islam can go to heaven?

            Suppose there were two atheists, who used to criticize Islam. One day, one of them died. So he would go to hell as per Quran. Now after one year, the second one, through some incident suddenly realized that God exists and then he converted to Islam. It happens many a times, we all witness such changes in our lives. Now he follows Islam completely and shall go to heaven as per Quran.

            In the above example, second atheist got opportunity because he lived more. Dont you think that if we get another chance, we will have more opportunity to understand the truth?

            What will you do if I show the proofs of reincarnation from Vedas?

  57. Arya says

    Jhatka style is least painful, as it takes hardly a moment to kill an animal. Instead of believing Zakir in these issues, go to any doctor and ask him.

    • Arya says

      Brother, I wrote only about pain, as you said that halal is least painful. Halal is the most torturing style of slaughtering, and Zakir Naik just fools the muslims by these lies.

  58. Vik says


    if indeed the halal slaughter is not painful according to u or zakr naik "so called doctor" , at times i heard people say the animal moans in pain while being slaughtered, the why does the animal moan? The sad part is u do this in the name of religoin, u proudly chant allah's name as if ur doing a great deed by killing an innocent animal and moreover u do these things infront of little kids and allow them to watch this graphical disturbance. No, wonder when muslim kids grow up, they dont hesistate to kill especailly when they become jihadis.

  59. Arya says

    many times the translators misinterpret the text, but anyway, I dont want to comment on the shloka, until I see it.

  60. Arya says

    you did not tell that why do you need to bow to an omnipresent God when He is also in your heart?

    • truthseeker says

      There is no concept of omnipresent God in Islam. Bowing down is one of the best ways to show submission. How do you explain omnipresence of God? Does it mean that God occupies all the space except the matter. There are many filthy things on Earth, does God exist there also?

      • Arya says

        God is omnipresent like space. Please remember, this space is not “Aasmaan”of Quran, which is made firm on pillars, rather it is the free place where all other objects reside. This space is omnipresent and lives inside everything. Same is the case with God. And He can not get impure by any “filthy” thing just like there is no effect on space of any dirtiness whatsoever.

        Anyway, brother, if Gos is not omnipresent, He is confined within some boundaries. Do you think it is good to worship a “confined” God? And what is the problem if God is omnipresent? Do you think “filth” for us is “filth” for God too? Is He afraid of getting filthy? Can anyone make God impure? If that be so, why did He create filth?

  61. SDC says

    And ur mentor, Zakir Naik has problems with hindus who indulge in idol worship. In the same breath, it can be said that u will never accept our ideology no matter how logical it may sound.

    • Arya says

      Moreover, Swami Dayanand did not hammer any idol or praise any terrorist for doing so. He advised people to think rationally, but he neither heart the sentiments of people by breaking the idols nor he killed the idol worshipers. But Zakir defends those invaders, who broke idols and also he is a supporter of Talibans, who blew out the Buddha idols.

  62. Arya says

    then why are Zakir Naik and other mullahs taking shelter of science to prove Quran best? Why every scientific fact is discovered by Zakir and co. in Quran?

  63. Arya says

    this mathematics has nothing to do with book of God. Many mathematician do form such puzzles and entertain the readers. You were asked to show the verses which talks about spherical shape of earth and its revolution around sun, which you have not yet given!

  64. Vik says


    There is no such verse in Vedas that authenticates a woman to be thrown in fire or to remain unmarried forever. In fact, Vedas command the woman to live life again with a new partner. All this crap is made up by muslims do defame Vedas.
    Name a few countries where women outnumber men?

    i can send u the stats of each country where majority of the countries or almost all of them have more men, so dont u think polyandry would be a better option?

    if polyandry is socially unfit, then so is polygamy, how would u react if ur dad had multiple wives besides ur mother and ask ur mother how would she feel?

    • truthseeker says

      Brother, I did not say Vedas authenticated it. The issues which widows faced like sati, prohibition of remarriage were all present in Hindu society. From which scriptures did Hindus got such practices (maybe Puranas or Upanishads)? If a girl doesn't want her husband to have multiple wives, she has the option of mentioning it in the marriage contract. If a man is going to marry a second time against the wish of his first wife, then I'm against it, but if his first wife agrees to it, then I don't see any problem.

  65. Arya says

    There are very few places where women have outnumbered men. Allah should have given guidelines for the situation which remains most of the time and not for the rare situation. What about those countries (including Pak, Saudi Arabia) in which men are more?
    If you accept polygamy, why not polyandry? I know the reasons for immorality of both polygamy and polyandry. One marriage at a time is the best solution to all problems. In vedas, re marriage is allowed for those, who have lost their partners, and one widow and one widower can chose each other for this purpose.

  66. Arya says

    so your logic is that whatever is being followed/reached by majority, is from God. Then non muslims are more than muslims and they do not follow Quran, it means that Quran can not be God's revelation. By the way, how many muslims know arabic and can read Quran?

    There are 99% people in the world who dont speak truth, dont do noble deeds, it means 1% truthful people are wrong!

  67. Vik says


    1)brother, If Allah is all knowing and everywhere, why does he want u to follow a certain direction, is he not powerfull enought to detect ur prayers from any corner of the earth? When we meditate, we dont require any direction like the kaaba to face, because we know Ishwar is everywhere and all knowing.

    2)If salaat is still vaild, then what is the need for Kaaba? Will Allah be extra pleased if u look towards the black stone?

    3)brother, all i have to say, as long as the kaaba is associated in ur salaats, for wotever reason whether its concentration, whether is for direction, whether its to please Allah, U will remain Idolators. Because Even an average hindu doesnt consider his idols GOD, and he tells us that he only uses it for concentration. Even sikhs are idolators when they bow before their Guru Granth Sahib. My point is that everyone is an idolator in one way or the other, but u guys just prefer ur way of idol worship. Only Vedic Followers are true Idolators because we meditate by a scientific process called yoga to align our mind, body and sould

    4)Brohter, bowing down can only be done to concrete things like kings humans emperors. But ur allah is claimed to be formless, so how can u bow to him? U guys bow before the Kaaba hence its idol worship again because u need a solid depictoin to bow down before something and u use the kaaba for it. Brother, a formless GOD can only be meditated upon, now bowed. I hope I made myself clear.

    • Arya says

      1. We muslims! Brother, I think you are an Indian, and definitely share common ancestors with us. Which centuries are you talking about? Your ancestors were Vedic followers and not Arabs, please remember that.
      2. Brother think again why do you bow? To show respect. To whom? To the one, who is in front of you, is not it? Now tell me when God is omnipresent, then He is inside you as well, then how can you bow in front of him? Moreover, when you bow, you actually insult God by showing your back to God, since he is present in the back side also!
      In case of Vedas, we dont need to bow down to any direction because Eeshvar is present everywhere and we need not to show respect to just one part (which is in front of us) of Him.
      Please think logically before commenting on it brother.

  68. Arya says

    Did Aisha has option to write anything in the marriage contract? Question is not here what do you support or reject. Question is that Quran and Hadith allow sex slavery which is definitely against the will of girl.

  69. truthseeker says

    No, we believe Allah is perfect. He knows what is best at different points of time. The scriptures that came after Quran are all man made. But, that's not the case with Quran.
    Now, why should I disprove Vedas from being a divine revelation?. Even, if its a divine revelation, it doesn't contradict anything. Becoz Quran says messengers of Allah were send to every nation and scriptures were send to them.

    • truthseeker says

      Please tell me why shouldn't Allah create an immortal soul ?

      In all the revelations, the basic message has always been the same. But the scriptures got corrupted by time. Just, look at one of the later revelations, the Bible itself has got contradictions and man made laws.

      • Vik says


        can u tell me what was the first revelation sent by Allah? I mean at the time of Adam or Noah???? Torah was sent at Musa, so Torah cant be the first, so can u kindly tell me what was the first??

        Even Quran has contradictions but u just dont accept them.

        • truthseeker says

          We don't know what was the first revelation. That's not important here. We know that the core message has always been the same in all revelations.
          There are many verses in the Quran which are relevant to the context. Once you understand the context well, you don't see anything wrong.

          Please read the following verses from Surah Aal Imran .

          3:7] It is He who has sent down to you, [O Muúammad], the Book;
          in it are verses [that are] precise – they are the foundation of the
          Book – and others unspecific.98 As for those in whose hearts is
          deviation [from truth], they will follow that of it which is unspecific,
          seeking discord and seeking an interpretation [suitable to them].
          And no one knows its [true] interpretation except Allah. But those
          firm in knowledge say, "We believe in it. All [of it] is from our
          Lord." And no one will be reminded except those of understanding,
          3:8]. [Who say], "Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have
          guided us and grant us from Yourself mercy. Indeed, You are
          the Bestower.

      • Arya says

        Why did Allah create us? And why did not Allah protect his previous revelations from getting corrupted? If his previous revelations were corrupted, then why can not Quran be corrupted? Is Quran Allah's favorite book? Why did Allah write everything in Loh e Mehfooz? What was the need? Why did he write sorrow in some people's fate and joy for others?

  70. truthseeker says

    1. Not as much as men. Not even 10 %
    2. Have you heard of situations where men are finding no girls to marry?
    3. Polygamy is feasible, and like the analogy I made, it is to be practiced ONLY WHEN REQUIRED, when no other solution exists.
    4. Revelations were send before Quran.

    • SDC says

      Revelations were sent before the Quran, but why not the Quran in the first place? Was Allah compiling the Quran all this while?

    • SDC says

      And have u heard of situations where women have found no men to marry? If I could be enlightened in this respect.

      • truthseeker says

        Yes, the verse of polygamy was revealed after the Uhud invasion. Many women lost their husbands in the Uhud war. And the number of Muslim men were only few in number.
        Other situation is that which prevailed in Germany and other European countries after the Second World War. Hope this is enough

        • Arya says

          And what to do when men are more than women, which is the case with almost every country of the world and almost for every times? Why does not Quran solve this problem, when it provides the solution for the rare cases like of Uhud war, which occur once in hundreds of years?

    • SDC says

      Not even 10% of men, maybe in some smaller wars, but what about the major wars, viz. the American Civil War, the Chinese Civil War, World Wars 1 and 2, the Vietnam War, Partition of India-Pakistan, Ugandan Civil War, Afghanistan conflict, Arab-Israeli conflict, etc. (the list is very long, btw). If u could shed some light here as well?

    • truthseeker says

      Thats why I said the permission of the first wife should be taken before marrying the second. And also it should be practiced only when necessary. For eg: when one has a sick or infertile wife, he can chose to marry a second keeping the first wife as well.

      • Arya says

        Were the wives also asked before keeping sex slaves? Please go to the articles related to Women in Islam on the site and discover the true Islam through Quran, hadith, and Seerat.

      • atheist jabali says

        Would u also support a lady having a sick or infertile husband to marry a second husband keeping the first husband as well??????????

    • truthseeker says

      The first time I heard the statement "Islam is the only religion which shows how to kill an animal by giving it the least pain" was from a Hindu prof. Ramaswamy during an award function. That was when I was in 10th. Now, the above statemnt have been said by many others as well. Has anyone scientifically proved Jhatka is better? Now, lets assume Jhatka is slightly less painful than Halal slaughter. Still then, it is unhygienic. So the best method goes to the Halal way.

      • Arya says

        You would like to go through the site below, run by muslims only, and discover, what many muslims have to say about non veg and halal! http://www.islamveg.com/

        By the way, you first claimed halaal to be least painful as Zakir Bhai MBBS says and now you have changed your stand!

  71. Gopal says

    A true GOD NEVER NEEDS PROPHETS. ALL MIS-ARGUMENTS BY MARIA SHOWS SHE IS HIGHLY BRAIN-WASHED. Wish her a good life where she could think freely & independently with need of any Prophet of God. GOD & GOD's KNOWLEDGE IS FREE of so called prophetical interpretations like M's.

  72. Satya Sanatan says

    As you are a truthseeker, please search more on this topic by yourself, and do not belive whatever one says. In a Vedic Dharma, you are allowed to challenge evrything and if it fits to your rationality, then and then accept it. There are many videos about Reincarnation out there.
    You can also search on Near Death Experience on internet.

    I think this must be sufficient for initiation.
    I know it goes against your faith, but, truth is truth. Please open your mind with the light of truth.

    • Aman says

      suno suno baba , Maria behen bolee hain…
      Sister, we were missing u ! Pls give us ur insights on other articles as well. don't limit urself to zakir naik page

    • Arya says

      namaste sister,
      I am waiting for the replies to my questions asked way back. That time you wrote that you are doing research to find the answers. Just asking sister, are you done with your research? If yes, then please enlighten us with that too, as brother Aman said, we are waiting for your comments!

  73. truthseeker says

    I have no knowledge of Vedas. I will try to learn from this site. My sister is an Ayurvedic student and she speaks highly of Vedas.

  74. Arya says

    1. And brother, who made this society not the same all time? It is again Allah, who has written our faiths even before our creation! So, He wanted half of the people to enter heaven and half to hell. He gave his books only to those, whom he wanted to send to paradise.
    2. Muhammad was a prophet and he should be directed by Allah such that he could be the role model of people of all time. But from your words, it is proved that Muhammad could be the prophet of the Arabs of 1400 years ago, who were fools and low in character. But now, Muhammad is no more than a pedophile.

    • truthseeker says

      1. It has to be understood in the way that Allah knows what our fate will be. He has definitely given us the free will. Just think the various things that you do everyday. Is it God making you do it or is it by ur will?
      2. The outlook of the society changes with time. That doesn't necessarily mean one is right and the other is wrong.
      Now you are accusing our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Do you know that at the age of 25 he married a widow of the age 40 ? And he shared a very happy 25 years of his blessed life with Hadrath Khadija. This fact is alone enough for us to believe that he is innocent of all the scandals that you accuse him of.

      • Arya says

        1. No, it is not just Allah knows, but He has written our fates way before our creation. Why did He write that some people will do kufra and some will be muslims? Why did He not write that all will be muslims?
        2. Do you know, who was Rehana? She was a Jewish woman, whose husband was killed in front of her in the presence of Muhammad and then just after seeing her husband died, she was proposed by Muhammad to become his wife! When she refused, Muhammad forcefully took her away as his sex slave. If you still believe Muhammad to be innocent, you are a mincer of truth and not a seeker.

      • Vik says


        1)Nope, u are wrong, according to islam, nothing is done with our free will, for example, look at ur self, everything u have done was already predecided by allah and written in Lohe Mahfooz, so u think its ur free will but its not. Only in Vedas, a human has free will. I suggest u read the articles "helpless destiny in islam" and "God must be crazy" on this site and u will realize that Islam is utter nonsense.

        2)We dont abuse ur prophet, we are reading from the hadiths, now if u havent read ur hadiths thats not our problem, if u have, either u are too ashamed to admit or u feel those hadiths have been corrupted.

  75. Arya says

    1. Allah in quran says that he has given quran in your own language. This is the biggest proof of Quran to be sent for Arabs only! Forget about whole mankind.
    2. How many of muslims know Arabic and the meaning of Quran outside Arabia? Do you know Arabic? Is not the knowledge of Quran confined to those, who know Arabic?
    3. Quran can not be compared by Vedas because Quran was not in existence before 1400 years ago, but Vedas were existent much before Quran and do exist today also. So, Quran is definitely proved for a specific period, since it was not present before 1400 years ago!
    4. Brother, Vedas are not the property of anyone. You can read it whenever you want, nobody can stop you. To know more, go through the article-"There is no cast system in Vedas".

    • truthseeker says

      1. Thats not a proof at all. Arabic was the language of the people where it was revealed. Arabic is still a living language whereas Sanskrit , the language of Vedas has almost died.
      2. To my knowldge, all the Imams of the local mosques know Arabic well. And common Muslims like me are taught Arabic atleast to read and right as well as the meanings of that which is recited in prayers, dhikr etc. The knowledge in the Quran is known to others through the translations.
      3. The essential message of the Quran was there right from the first revelation. Quran is in confirmity with the earlier scriptures.
      4. But, then why only Brahmins had authority over Vedas earlier?

      • Arya says

        1. The verse of Quran is applicable to those only, who know Arabic. Hence Quran can not be the book at all for Non Arabs. By the way, can you tell me the percentage of people, who know Arabic?
        2. So count the no of Imams of local mosques, who will be no more than few Lakhs. And if you are OK with translations, why do you ask about Vedas all the time? Why dont you read the translation of Vedas by Swami Dayanand?
        3. I talked about Vedas. Do you accept Vedas as first revelation?
        4. Why do muslims worship graves? Is it in accordance with Quran? If not then why do you connect Vedas with the deeds of some so called Brahmins? Brother, simply see, what Vedas say and not what people say.

        • truthseeker says

          I don't understand your logic. Quran was in Arabic since it was the language of the people WHERE IT WAS REVEALED. Almost all Muslims know to read and write Arabic. Arabic is spoken by a significant portion of the population in more than 20 countries in Middle East and N.Africa. How many people speak Sanskrit?
          Regarding Vedas as first revelation, I can only say once I study it. That takes time.
          As I have said earlier, majority Muslims go to graves for 'tawassul' or intercession. It's the ignorant ones who do Shirk there.

          • Vik says


            brother, listen, i will give u a logical explanation that why Quran cannot be the word of GOD. Brother, when we buy any machine or any car, it always comes with an owner manual that the user or customer must read in order to learn about the features of his her car or machine. We are given that owner manual at the same time we purchase. It is not that we get the owner manual 1 year or multiple years after in mail after our purchase. So similarly, when this universe was made, earth was made, GOD had to send his first revelation at the inception of human civilization, and those were the Vedas. Earth is the machine, Vedas are the owner manual. Now, if Quran were the owner manual, it should have been sent at the very beginning, why was it sent in between? If Quran contained any new message, even our manufactures, when we buy a machine, they never send a new updated version of an owner manual, because they know all the features very well so that is why they send the manual in one go. Same thing GOD has done, although there is a difference between GOD and humans and the difference is that GOD is perfect. If GOD is perfect, his knowledge should be perfect and understandable by people of every era. Tell me 10 things that are in the Quran, that couldnt have been understood by people in the earlier eras? All humans have many things in common regardless of eras, eat, sleep, talk, cry, laugh, now u tell me how are the humans different today that they require a newer revelation. As far as sanskrit goes, let me tell there are two types of sanskrits, Vedic Sanskrit and Conventional Sanskrit, the reason India has dropped in sanskrit is because u know very well India had many invasions in which we lost some quantities of our culture and civilization. Speaking sanskrit and communicating thru it was one of them, but in temples even today, all the prayers are done with Vedas and sanskrit. In temples, all our hymns are from the Vedas.

          • Arya says

            how will this verse of Quran be applicable to non Arabs then? In whole Quran, in most places, Allah talks to Arabs or people of Israel. Why did not Allah say even a single word to the people of China, India, America, Australia, UK, EU, where more than 95% of total population live?

      • Vik says


        1)for a book to be revealed for all humanity, it should be in a language that is not a native language of any country, or a language that is the mother of all the languages we see today, so far only Sanskrit satisfies this criteria. U may have heard sanskrit is the mother of all languages u see today, so if Quran were for whole humanity, it should have been revealed in sanskrit. I agree sanskrit is very less spoken today, but the thing is all these scriptures have been translated in hindi, so that is why people started to read them in hindi instead. But all hindu preists speak sanskrit, I mean when u go to temples, all the rituals/mantras are chanted in sanskrit.

        2)all the Imams that reverted to Vedic Dharma also knew arabic very well, so that is why they understood the true nature of islam, so they left it.

        3)but why did Quran's message change from time to time? Believing in one GOD is ok, but today u have to attach muhummads name, and if u dont, u burn in hell, so what was the kalima back then? Even Vedas tells us to have a belief in ONE supreme GOD, but it doesnt tell us to believe in any messengers or prophets because there is no such thing. We are all prophets of GOD, because we know his message.

        4)thats a misconception, Vedas are for everyone to read, the brahmins were specialists and anyone is free to become a brahmin and become a specialist, remmember no one is born brahmin or kshatriya or vaishya, everyone is born shudra, so it is the job of a shudra to become a brahmin and propagate Vedas, or it is the job of a shudra to become a kshatriya and so on. These are all just professions not castes. The biggest downfall of our community is that people due to ignorance have transformed these professions into a caste system. Caste system is wrong and is no where in Vedas.

  76. Kaffir786 says

    ACCORDING TO KORAN ZAKIR NAIK WILL GO TO HELL. According to the literal Arabic translation of Sura 3:106, 107, on Judgment Day, only people with white faces will be saved. People with black and brown faces will be damned that is white Arab will only go to Heaven. So our Hero Zakir Naik have no chance to going to Muslim heaven. Now Muslims don't tell that is mistranslation, this sura is given in many islamic websites.

  77. Kaffir786 says

    KHAN BROTHER your Zakir Naik was exposed when British Government put ban on Zakir Naik and many Muslims congratulated British Government for imposing ban on Zakir Naik. So AGNIVEER/ARYAJI Statement is completely true that many muslims hate Zakir Naik. By the way ask your Zakir Naik to start a comment section like AGNIVEERJI SITE in IRF website and we will promise you Zakir Naik will have to close that site in one or two years.

    • Proud to be a Kafir says

      One or Two years!! Are you crazy! One or two hrs , I bet, provided he doesn't delete our comments

  78. MSI says

    Dr.Naik has been doing great job by clearing misconception of Islam amongst the non-muslims all over the world since decades. Certain comments of his may be wrong for certain sect of muslims or non-muslims. He is a human being after all & tend to make mistakes. He debates on the similarities between the two religions to bring people together not dissimilarities to divide people. He is good scholar for debating on comparative religions but he is not greatest scholar of islam by all means. He himself claims that he is a student & not a scholar. If any one has any problem is welcome to ask questions to him directly after his speech during Q&A sessions before the mass. He always gives priority & welcomes non-muslims to come forward & pose what ever question they may have, even if it against islam. Since Dr. Zakir conducts all his debates in open public (not one to one basis or on websites or forums like this), I think it is good for any Agniveer’s prominent representative to go pose questions to Dr. Zakir. If Dr. Zakir is unable to answer his question, then it is the popularity of Dr. Naik that is at stake. Moreover, there are thousands of non-muslims besides muslims out of tens of thousands attendees from all faiths attending his lectures so let the masses hear and judge what is right and what is wrong, instead of wasting so much time and efforts on this website for only few readers on this website. Or let Agniveer start its own organization like IRF to propagate hinduism and suggest to conduct debates with scholars of other faith. People from different faiths will attend the debate and let them convert to hinduism if they think hinduism is the true, ancient & divine religion. If this is done in India and particularly in Europe and America, then you will see people converting to hinduism and hinduism will then become the fastest growing religion in the world in place of Islam where people are so madly accepting Islam at this time. May Allah bring the truth to surface….. Ameen.

    • says


      Brother, I appreciate your support for a dialogue or a debate instead of cursing us to Hell. However, regarding debate with akir , there are certain hiccups.

      1. Zakir always chooses his opponents who are not used to his Taqiya tricks.
      2. He never debates on the similarities but always tries to prove Muhammad in every scripture of the world. He has even gone to the extent of supporting Osama and has also said that non-muslims should not be allowed to have a place of worship in muslim countries!
      3. Q&A sessions after his stage-shows are for semi-literates, where answers are in one-liners and his madarsaa-bred followers clap to their heart’s content.
      4. Google about arya samj’s challenge to zakir and see yourself how he is running away.

  79. yusuf says

    you people are a disgrace. this man is converting people to islam while ur on ur ass sitting eating shit and not helping islam at all…. WOW… this is what the umma came to… i would like to see his status on the day of judgement compared to you people =] inshallah you people will see that he was telling the truth.

    • Vik says


      We would only see a judgement day, if it will exist, but sadly for u its all a fake child bedtime story to put u to sleep. I can only laugh when I think of judgment days, go tell these stories to ur kids, it will be useful to them. Zakir Naik purposely enslaves fakes, did u not see the fake shankaracharyas and arya samaj pandits he hired, they were all proven fake, now sit back and watch ur zakir naik getting exposed blatently.

    • Kaffir786 says

      YUSUF BROTHER ZAKIR NAIK AUDIENCE ARE FOOLS. It can be proved from the simple fact that when Zakir Naik says MOHAMMAD is mentioned in Bhavishya puran his foolish audiences clapped their hands not knowing the meaning come out of it that is Mohammad is Demon Tripurasur. So his foolish audiences claps their hands even when ZAKIR NAIK abuses PROPHET MOHAMMAD.

  80. unknown says

    Hello to every one, after analyzing all the above comments i have come to know that every one is busy in blaming one another by saying he is correct or he wrong. I just want to say that before giving any comment on any other thing or human being please verify the authentic source( the Vedas, the Quran, the Bible)and confirm whether it is correct or not. Regarding Zakir naik he has given many talks on major world religions with proofs. So if he is wrong he will get his fruit from the God/Almighty. Why are you bothered about him. If you feel that islam is the true religion and Mr. Naik is falsely spreading it then you all people convert to islam and spread the truth of islam. Why are you afraid of it….

    • says

      Hello to unknown, after analyzing all the above comments i have come to know that every one is busy in blaming one another by saying he is correct or he wrong. I just want to say that before giving any comment on any other thing or human being please verify the authentic source( the Vedas, the Quran, the Bible)and confirm whether it is correct or not. Regarding Agniveer he has written many articles on major world religions with proofs. So if he is wrong he will get his fruit from the God/Almighty. Why are you bothered about him. If you feel that Islam is not the true religion and Agniveer is falsely criticizing it then you all people convert from islam and expose the truth of islam. Why are you afraid of it….

      • MSI says

        Agniveer is using the tactics of Dr.ZN but for wrong purposes to bring further deviation/sects amongst muslims, bring hatred between other major religions, by wrongly interpreting the glorious quraan, picking up unauthentic/zayif hadees, quotations of the name sake muslims/critics of islam and also some non-muslims pretending to be muslims (munafiqs) by showing muslim names etc., targeting only the few viewers of this forum, they think they will tarnish the image of Islam in this world. For those few muslims who on this forum although did a good job to the best of their knowledge to remove misconceptions, i suggest they are doing it in vain. Agniveer & few others are adament in their own wrong understandings & do not want to accept the truth in spite of getting befitting & convincing replies with proper understanding, real & complete context. I suggest, muslims should ignore this forum or do not pay attention to this small group of misled people but do spread the message of truth & peace elsewhere to other masses like Dr.ZN has been doing and inshallah will continue doing it in future with the help of Allah subhana wa tala & in spite of his critics whether muslims or other religion. It is a fact that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and people of other faiths are not just accepting islam like that. They are doing it by proper realizing & doing research & whole heartedly agreeing it to be a true religion.

        • Arya says

          Which sect out of more than 72 sects of so called muslims represents the true “Islam”? Because according to Muhammad, only one is right and rest of the others will burn in hell forever! Do you belong to that sect? How do you know this? Does Zakir belong to that sect? If yes, what about those 1.5 billion muslims, who do not follow his ideology and thus will go to hell as per Muhammad? And any refutations for the other articles about Quran and hadith on this site or your major concern is to defend new prophet ZN rather than defending Quran and hadith?

  81. says

    Dear all,
    Dr. Zakir naik whatever says, says with authentic proofs not FABRICATED lies like Mr. Agniveer is spreading here,

    If Mr. Agniveer is so inteligent then whay dont Mr. Agniveer have DEBATE with Dr. Zakir Naik.

    If Mr. Agniveer feel that what he has written is all with authentic proofs, definately Mr. Agniveer will have Debate with Dr. Zakir Naik.

    Lets see the result.

    Kutte bhonkte rahe aur karwan gujar gaya

    Its easy to make fun of others but its very difficult to have open debate


    • Arya says

      Are you saying Darul uloom Deoband and Shia kutte? Laahaul Walaa Kuvvat!!!

  82. Kamex says

    buhaahahahaah com on i guess u guyz are qadianies propagting against a preacher who was banned by jews are you one of them of com on people who could u do that to your own preacher u do not deserve to be muslims time changes nd with time actions also changes nd methods of preaching also changes dude try to understand

  83. ayesha says

    u shud shame ur self …….. wht u have said is a lie just a lie…..n even i don think so tht u have enough knowldge abt islam … u sound some non muslim to me … first go n get some true education abt islam ….

    MAy Allah give hidayah to u Ameen

    • Vik says


      we are doing exactly what your allah wants us to do. Sorry, we are helpless, after all, our fates are sealed in lohe mahfooz right??

      • Humaid says

        Wrong. You don’t even know a thing about lohe mahfooz. You should listen to Naik’s speeches a bit more closely. Fate is never seals. It is just that god knows what you will do so he has written it down in the same way he knows that I will write this comment and what reply you will give ( if any ). You have the full choice to decide what to write but god know what your final decision will be and thus it is already written in the lohe mahfooz

        • Vajra says

          Can anyone act without Allah’s will? Can something happen in the world which Allah ALMIGHTY does not want to be happened?

  84. ziaul haq says

    All things what is mentioned on the composition is written by distorted brain. No brainy person can write like this article. Because this article contains many things wrong about zakir naik. Many things out of context. I am asking you a question. Who are you? Are you a extremely mad???? what is mentioned on this article completely nonsense. If you have know knowledge about somethings you should not attempt such thing. Keep it in your mind.

      • says

        u r absolutely right….this is the most absolute nonsense that i have ever hered
        There are so many kinds of madness, so many ways in which the human brain may go wrong like wat saw in above

      • NICK says

        Crazy, filthy minds just tryin to score some brownie points by….. ignorant bastards .. nothing more than that

    • conqueror says

      There is no necessity for the Indian Muslims to battle with their brother Hindus. Actually the Hindus should show sympathy to the Muslim brothers in India majority of whom were forcibly made Muslims over three or four centuries in the past. If at all their forefathers had left message they would discard their religion however excellent it may be because it was forced on them against their will. Mr.Zakir Naik’s appearance and utterances only show his shallowness and idiocy, over-enthusiasm and aggression. His memory is nothing in front of Mathematical wizard Mrs.Shakuntala. Let Zakir Naik know that 75% of the converts return back to their religion within 3 years. With so much communication tools available at the disposal of the human beings it has become very difficult for the managers of Islam to maintain it even. Please read Botros Zachariah’s exposure whose source is but Quaran and Hadiths only.

    • ajay singh says

      writer is absolutely hit the bulls eye.Mr jakir is doing nothing but just quoting references from rlegious books….just to prove something is correct or wrong.he simply comparing religion with science whereas he has no knowledge of basic difference between religion and science!!!

    • raja bhai says

      all things are facts but poblem lies with your closed mind and closed eys, YOU can not read and see these facts. islam is a good religion BUT its teachings are basic , like what to do and what not to do.
      in fact this was meant for then tribals of arab world who were babarians. they were illeterate and they needed a primary school teacher to teach them alphabets of life and PROPHET MUHAMMAD gave them the basics through QUORAN.
      Mr Naik is delibrately trying to prove that HUMAN are not required to upgrade from basic alphabtic knowedge to higher education and what is good for class one children must be tought to IIT , ENGINEERS, DOCTORS.

    • raja bhai says

      all things are facts but poblem lies with your closed mind and closed eys, YOU can not read and see these facts. islam is a good religion BUT its teachings are basic , like what to do and what not to do.
      in fact this was meant for then tribals of arab world who were babarians. they were illeterate and they needed a primary school teacher to teach them alphabets of life and PROPHET MUHAMMAD gave them the basics through QUORAN.
      Mr Naik is delibrately trying to prove that HUMAN are not required to upgrade from basic alphabtic knowedge to higher education and what is good for class one children must be tought to IIT , ENGINEERS, DOCTORS.
      INDIAN SOCIETY WAS FAR AHEAD OF ARABS IN 6 TH CENTURIES TIME.INDIAN SAINTS WERE LIKE IIT PROFESSORS AGAINST ALL OTHERS PROPHETS OF ANY OTHER RELIGION.islam and quoran is good for beginers not for masters. indian rishis of upnishads were of very high quality proffesors.

      you can not teach A B C of relegion to them like quoran teaches…dont do robbery, crime , rape,..these are elimentry.
      can you teach budha and his followers that they should not. look at others wailth? those who has left all his kingdom how can you taech them dont do robbery?

      • abc says

        As pointed by ‘ziaul haq’ there have been lot of out of context quotes. For instance “A muslim daughter gets only one share from her father while the son gets two. This rule has been incorporated because the girl, after her marriage, gets the 2 shares of her husband aslo. So ultimately she gets 3 shares while the male gets only 2 “.

        Such logical solutions and rules have been laid down in Islam and the only way to understand the religion completely is to read the quran which has been translated and printed in so many languages. Quarn is a book for the entire humanity and not just Muslims.

        • Indian Agnostic says

          Namaste @abc

          This rule has been incorporated because the girl, after her marriage, gets the 2 shares of her husband aslo. So ultimately she gets 3 shares while the male gets only 2 “

          1. what is with all Dr. Naik fans that they lie through their teeth? The wife get’s a quarter share she has no children otherwise she gets 1/8th .and thanks to the practice of polygamy, if the maulana left behind 4 wives then each wife will get only 1/16th of the share logical??

          2.Now let’s look at your other deception. you added up the inheritances for a female in two situations -a) when she is a daughter b) when she is a widow. This total, you compared with the inheritance of a male in just one situation a) when he is a son. Did you forget that the Male gets half of the inheritance as a widower?

          this is the big picture in a nutshell:

          daughters share: 1/2 of son’s share.
          widow’s share – 1/4th to 1/32 (depending on number of widows with or without children)
          widower’s share – 1/2

          any which way – the woman loses BIG TIME!

          @abc..you are either a deceiver like Dr. Naik or you have been deceived by him.Either ways, you two went out of context in trying to deny a fact

          get well soon!



          • Vajra says

            Namaste Brother Indian Agnostic

            Brother I replied please check.

            And great reply as always, very informative

        • Vajra says

          Namaste abc

          Even if Muslim daughter gets whole share of her father and the son gets nothing even then she is a looser! Lets look at why

          Abu Dawud Book 23, Number 3540:

          Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-‘As: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: It is not permissible for a woman to present a gift except with the permission of her husband.

          So you see the woman in Islam is the owner of the wealth, which, she can never spend as per her will :(

          May I ask you what share a woman gets who was abducted and now serves as sex toy aka slave for a Momin? What happens to this daughter?

          ————–Such logical solutions and rules have been laid down in Islam—————-

          where was the logic?

          ————— and the only way to understand the religion completely is to read the quran————-

          Can you tell us from Quran where do you find Shahada? How many times you should pray?

          —————–which has been translated and printed in so many languages. Quarn is a book for the entire humanity and not just Muslims.——————-

          1. Are the translations of Quran perfect? If no, Quran is not for entire humanity, it can only appeal to Arabs. If Quran had to be for entire humanity, it should have been sent to whole mankind in all the languages of the world.

          2. Harry Potter has been translated and printed in more languages than Quran. So it can be considered from a bigger God than Allah :) what say?

          • abc says

            @ vajra :
            Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was the last and final messenger to whom the entire quran was revealed. Prophet mohammed (pbuh) was born in Makkah and the language of that country is arabic. Therefore it is not to be understood that Quran is applicable only for the Arabs ( The dwellers of arabia). If our prophet (pbuh) was born in china then the language of the quran would have been chinese. Wont it??

            @ vajra and @ Indina Agonistic : Plz await for replies regarding the other questions raised. Wil be giving the explanations shortly.. Insha allah..

          • Vajra says


            ————–Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was the last and final messenger to whom the entire quran was revealed.————–

            Any proof other than blind belief?

            ————— Prophet mohammed (pbuh) was born in Makkah and the language of that country is arabic. Therefore it is not to be understood that Quran is applicable only for the Arabs ( The dwellers of arabia).————

            1. What else to be understood from this other than that Muhammad and Quran both were for Arabs only? Do you know what Allah says in Quran? He says- “we have sent this book in Arabic so that you can understand”! Here “you” can be Arabs only and thus Quran is proven for Arabs only

            2. Why Allah revealed His final revelation for ENTIRE humanity to someone who knew the language of just 10% of the total population? Wouldn’t it be better if He would send Quran in Chinese or Indian languages which the significant population of the world understand?

            3. Why not in all languages to different prophets or to a multilingual prophet instead of an Ummi (illiterate) :) ?

            ————If our prophet (pbuh) was born in china then the language of the quran would have been chinese. Wont it??———–

            No, not necessarily 😉 Please see the reason above

          • abc says

            @ vajra :

            1) If the Prophet (pbuh) had been born in any other part of the world say Russia then the verse could have been “we have sent this book in Russian so that you can understand”! .. That is possible right..

            2) Quran was completed ( why i say completed i wil explain) about 1400+ years ago. Do we have any statistics about the population of the world then. How many countries wer known to man. What languages wer spoken. Which language was a majority??

            3) Prophet mohammed (pbuh) was not the only but the final messenger.. There wer many many prophets who came before him. All got revelations from God. They said similar things that Propphet mohhamed (pbuh) said. The Thorath and Bible are examples. But what the other Prophets (peace be upon them all) couldn achieve was achieved by Mohammed (pbuh).

          • adolf says

            could you tell me what rasool acheived? how can you deny that gandhi or lincoln not last prohpet? What is the proof of rasool being last prophet? If breeding like rabbits make your claim that islam is true religion can chinese claim mao as the last prophet?

            To all religions which has the concept of final judgement day – how far is that judgement day? It would be better to declare the date of judgement day because as a human I fear that some fanatic muslim in pakistan will trigger a nuclear war to make judgement day come sooner.

          • Vajra says


            1. Yes that is possible but still Allah will be blamed for not being equal to the whole humanity :(

            2. ————-Do we have any statistics about the population of the world then————-

            Just extrapolate the trend of present population density across the world, you will get the stats with sufficiently good accuracy

            ————–How many countries wer known to man————-

            Thanks for accepting that Quran was made by the ignorant men who did not know how many countries existed and how many languages existed at the time of its revelation :(

            ————–Which language was a majority————

            Not Arabic for sure :)

            —————–But what the other Prophets (peace be upon them all) couldn achieve was achieved by Mohammed (pbuh)————–

            Why? Why is Allah so partial? Why he chose Muhammad instead of me or you for the prophethood?

          • abc says

            @ adolf :

            brother Isalm is the second largest followed religion in the world. Christianity being the first.
            Out of the top 100 most influential people Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) is ranked no 1. Second being Sir Issac Newton and Third Jesus Christ (pbuh).
            so i dont think i have to tel you what rasool achieved.
            Gandhi, Lincoln etc dint get any revelations or dint propose any new theories contardicting to what ever was existing right.
            The “pakistani” who will trigger the nuclear war would have got trained by some western country only cos lets face it pakistan does not have the required instructors. i am not supporting anyone here..
            The recent earthquake, followed by a tsunami and a major nuclear leak from 3 plants in japan can also trigger the end of the world my friend and these wer caused naturally and not by any man. so i think i can say God wished for it to happen and it did.

            @vajra :

            Prophet Mohammed(pbuh) started his prophethood only from the age of 40 and went on with it for the next 20+ years. During the first 40 years of his life he did not preach anything. There wer some lakhs of prophets sent to do the same thing and to spread the same message. Infact the quran talks about Prophets Ibrahim, Moosa, Jesus and many other prophets (peace be upon them all) more than prophet moahmmed(pbuh) and it is sited in the quran how much they achieved in the path of islam. But Mohammed (pbuh) was able to unite and spread islam and its teachings which has made it the second largest followed religion in the world now.

            You and i are not sure if Arabic was the majorly spoken language or not. Also we dont knw how many countries wer populated then. God alone knows. So we cant debate on why quran came in arabic which s only 10% off the population speak now, Not at those times.
            brother i dont understand why and how Allah was not partial to the entire humanity :)

          • Vajra says

            Brother abc

            ————Isalm is the second largest followed religion in the world. Christianity being the first.———-

            So whats the point? Is it that Islam is the second best religion after Christianity?

            ————–Out of the top 100 most influential people Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) is ranked no 1.————

            Ranked no 1 by whom? M. Hart? Do you know what he says about the authorship of Quran? Billions of people including me dont consider Muhammad to be even a noble person, forget about his no 1 claim. So whats the conclusion?

            ————-so i dont think i have to tel you what rasool achieved.————-

            you haven’t told anything till now which can prove your claim

            ————-Gandhi, Lincoln etc dint get any revelations or dint propose any new theories contardicting to what ever was existing right.————-

            Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani claimed to receive REVELATIONS contradicting to the already existing Quran. Now talk

            ————–The recent earthquake, followed by a tsunami and a major nuclear leak from 3 plants in japan can also trigger the end of the world my friend and these wer caused naturally and not by any man. so i think i can say God wished for it to happen and it did.————-

            1. Do you think that the destruction of the mosques, holy book like Quran by earthquakes and Tsunamis is Allah’s will?

            2. Why God wished this calamity?

            3. “God wished for it to happen and it did”

            Can anything happen in the world which God does not wish for? If no, why single out such calamities alone? If yes, does Allah remain almighty?

            ————- But Mohammed (pbuh) was able to unite and spread islam and its teachings which has made it the second largest followed religion in the world now.—————

            1. Muhammad failed to spread Islam in whole world which is the proof of his falsehood by your logic

            2. If Muhammad is the best because he made Islam second largest religion, why not Jesus better than the best (Muhammad) who made Christianity the LARGEST RELIGION? 😉

            ————–You and i are not sure if Arabic was the majorly spoken language or not.————

            No, I am sure Brother :) Old English, Byzantine, Dutch, French, German, Indian, Old Irish, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Nepal Bhasa, Norse, Persian, Telugu, Sanskrit were the languages in which vast literature was/is available for the middle ages. [Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medieval_literature Moreover during the Tang dynasty in China (618–907), CHINESE LITERATURE was preserved using woodblock printing method [same source] which proves that Chinese language existed long before Quran was revealed. So all the languages other than Arabic were well established NATIONAL languages. So logically all these languages collectively had at least 10 times more speakers than the poor Arabic alone. So Allah’s failure is exposed again that He could not send his final revelation to the majority in their own languages :(

            —————Welsh Also we dont knw how many countries wer populated then.————

            We know for sure that India and China were densely populated that time also like today in comparison to others. Can you deny this? Any logic against it?

            —————So we cant debate on why quran came in arabic which s only 10% off the population speak now, Not at those times.—————-

            Is it “we” or “abc” who cant debate? Even if Arabic speakers were 99%, how is it justified to leave 1% people without giving them the knowledge in their own language?

            ————-brother i dont understand why and how Allah was not partial to the entire humanity :)—————-

            Exactly! I too dont understand 😉

            By any chance, if you meant otherwise, Allah is partial for the following reasons

            1. He randomly chose one man for prophethood leaving others disappointed

            2. He gave his final book in the language of some people and made rest others dependent on those to grasp it. And since humans cant translate perfectly, non Arabs, being dependent on the works of Arabs (humans), can never be able to understand the true meanings of Quran :(

            I asked you why did Allah not send the final book in ALL LANGUAGES to different prophets or to a multilingual prophet instead of an Ummi (illiterate)? You didn’t reply to this question Brother?

          • adolf says

            I dont care about greatness of the prophet. greatness or ordinaryness is decided by people at a particular time in history and it has no relationship with the greatness as we consider now.
            I want a proof from some other god sent book that rasool is the last prophet. Why dont you consider Adida as the last prophet?
            I am still waiting for the date of judgement day. Unless you give a specific date no one is going to believe god.

            I guess many people can understand the fraud of ponzi schemes.
            Keeping aside the existance of such GOD,a non visible GOD promising heaven after infinite time after death is just a greedy stupid GOD.

          • bramh says

            No one who have little bit of prudence shall not believe quran that mohammad was the last messenger sent by allah !!?!
            Does allah lost his power to imprpve afterquran?
            Infact allah has sent many better prophets like Nanak ,kabir .read them you will find that allah does not lost his power at all ?
            It seems that muslim.,islam amd quaran believes more in greatness of messenger mohmmad than ability of its creater???????

      • shahulhameed says


        Allah has sent muhamed as a mercy to mankind.

        Almighty god is always supreme. It is the false understanding of the people.

      • shahulhameed says


        i request u all to see the movie, “THE MESSAGE” which clearly describes the life of mohamed. Y allah chose muhamed?. How much he struggled to get the curse out of the ppl?

    • bramh says

      Islamic fundamentalists are the most dangerous for world peace and this fact is well understood by the Americans.Jews.Hindu.parsis that is the basic reason for Americans to kill these germs in Afghanistan Iraq middle east Pakistan and they are doing this for safety of the entire humanity weed out these parasite kill them .long live Americans.

      • leontheking says

        Mr. Bramh

        Who are you to say kill these parasites ? you dont see even Hindu do the same and as well americans who kill innocent people and kids in the name of killing terrorist. Top notch people who belong to hindu sect have been and are under trial for various illegal activities. Its not i am blaming any community or a religion but this is the war of power and everyone is fighting it. America is killing innocent people in afganistan; iraq and other region only to gain access to petrol and build there economy yes i do agree with the fact that terrorism should be erased from todays world.

    • Shibly says

      @ Vajra
      You have ask ” why Allah choose prophet Muhammadh (pbuh) as massenger not me or you?. I wold like to ask you only one quection. Why Indian cricket board not selected me or you as captain to their team? B’cos can’t compair me or you to captain Dhoni. As that , Muhammadh (pbuh) Is uncompairable.

      • Indian Agnostic says

        Namaste @shilby

        sorry, for poking my nose , but couldn’t resist it ..

        What according to you are the qualifications to become a prophet?

        must he be 40+ ?
        should he marry 13 wives?
        must he take women captive?
        must he sleep with his copt by lying to his wife?
        should he slaughter surrendered people with his own sword?
        should he marry his own daughter in law?
        should he covet the 6 year old daughter of his friend when he himself is 54 years old?
        should he kill anybody who criticizes all these barbarous acts?
        must he be illiterate?

        Well these qualifications are found in many people even in our times.It’s another matter that our governments put such people behind bars these days

        • Shibly says

          Hello Indian Agnostic,
          When the Indian crecket boad needed a captain to their team, They concider only about the colification only. not his privet life. If Dhoni married for three times, that is not the colification for the future captain. Other thing that there is reasons all what Prophet did. I never herd that he married to his own daughter in law. from where did you get this information?

          • Vajra says

            Namaste Brother Shibly

            1. If Dhoni marries three times, he would be behind the bars instead of playing cricket in India

            2. What the prophet did is never private. Can you refuse to believe in the stories related to Muhammad by saying them private matter of Muhammad? No. When Muslims have even recorded with how many stones Muhammad used to clean his feces, what he used to do while in bed with his child wife Aisha, how he used to take bath with Aisha from the single pot, how he used to fondle his wives during their menses- where is the privacy? And an unbeliever of these stories will be thrown in hellfire for eternity. Imagine the players of Indian Cricket Team kicked out of team because they dont know about Dhoni’s three wives, what he does in his bedroom, how he cleanse his private parts etc :)

            3. A rapist also has the reason to rape

            4. Do you know about Zainab, Muhammad’s wife who used to be the wife of his adopted son previously?

            5. What about other 8 points Brother Indian Agnostic raised?

          • Indian Agnostic says

            Namaste Shilbi,

            You raise a good objection , but it’s not good enough.For any position that we hold, we are required to fulfill at least two criteria – One is that we must posses the skill required for the position and Second is our adherence to Professional Ethics demanded by that position.

            Let’s take Dhoni’s example.It’s not only required that he must be a good player BUT it is also required that he be of impeccable integrity. If he is caught in a betting scam, then no matter how good a player he is ..he will be thrown out of the job.

            Now, lets come to the prophets case — the integrity required from a prophet would be MUCH MUCH higher than that of a captain of team.But when you look at prophet Muhammad, i am sorry to say that he fails miserably on this account.

            killing others for their faith – IS NOT A PRIVATE AFFAIR
            Forcibly taking the slain mens wives as daughters as your concubines and slaves – IS NOT A PRIVATE AFFAIR

            Hope you understand.

            as far as the prophet marrying his daughter-in-law is concerned read about Zainab bint Jahsh.You can start here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zaynab_bint_Jahsh


          • Akshar says

            So.. for prophet, starting the religion was just like being the captain of a cricket team. Where did you leave your mind dude if you had one in the first place. There is absolutely no similarity in Dhoni being a cricket captain versus someone who proclaims he is the last word on how everyone must conduct himself or herself. If you do some research, you will realize there is NOTHING original in Islam. It borrows very heavily from Christian and Hindu way of life. It is one of the most confused and cocooned in medevial times. The latest joke is Dr. Naik. He should be treated for mental illness.

        • mani says

          Mr. Akshar,

          Please do not insult any respectable persnalities, read maha bharat what mentioned Krishna killing his own family members and also how many wives of your be loaved devtas 100/99/1000 could you please explain.

      • Vajra says

        Namaste Shibly

        Dont think after Brother IA’s comment you will ever praise your uncomparable prophet

        Now let me postmortem your Muhammad-Dhoni analogy

        Indian cricket board selects the players and the captain on the basis of their performances, It does not happen that first they choose players and then teach them how to play! But in case of Muhammad it was the later case

        Allah used to send His favorite angel Gabriel to wash Muhammad’s heart with the holy water of Zamzam from his childhood. Allah already chose Muhammad for the prophethood and thus Muhammad had to undergo Zamzam Water Treatment (ZWT)