The concept of Rebirth after this life and births before this life is the central theme of Vedas. However a new conspiracy has started that claims that the concept of rebirth is not to be found in Vedas and was incorporated in Hinduism much later through Upanishads and Geeta. This conspiracy started with growth of British imperialism because this was necessary for them to bring Hindus closer to Christianity to obtain Paradise. However in recent times, now that Islamic rule by sword no more exists in India, thanks to bravery of a whole generation from brave Rajputs like Rana Pratap to valiant Marathas like Chhatrapati Shivaji, this conspiracy has been adopted by modern day fanatic Islamic dawah agentss who believe that the only way to achieve Heaven of 72 virgins is by luring people to the fanatic version of Islam.

Thus a modern era preacher like Zakir Naik or Abdullah Tariq who have their own versions of Islam to spread, would start by showcasing similarities between Vedas and Quran. They would highlight on three key points:

a. Both Vedas and Quran believe in One and only One God who is to be worshipped.

b. Both Vedas and Quran believe God to be formless.

c. Both Vedas and Quran do not believe in concept of rebirth.

And then they would continue to highlight how Vedas have got adulterated and hence Quran alone (the latest abridged version of Vedas) needs to be believed in to be a true Hindu.

Especially after the Agniveer movement in recent months, this movement has intensified a lot. This has to happen because Agniveer movement has started a process of erstwhile Muslims coming closer to Hinduism. Further, many enlightened Muslims are questioning their Maulanas and their beliefs increasingly. Conversion activities by Dawah activists has seen a significant drop in urban and semi-urban regions in last few months. Not to mention the growing impact on netizens. The earlier copy-paste from Zakir articles has reduced because now Hindu activists post reply from Agniveer.

On November 24th, Times of India published an article. Titled ‘Namaz and Namo Namah’, it praised a group of Muslim pundits who are masters of Sanskrit and hence well-versed in both Quran and Vedas. The article starts with a very secular outlook and then in passing states that both Quran and Vedas believe in One God and do not believe in rebirth. You can review the article here:

Article – Namaaz & Namoh Namah

While we congratulate these Muslim masters of Sanskrit for their love for their foundations, we ask them very specifically:

Will these Muslim scholars of Sanskrit clearly assert that a follower of Vedas, if a good noble charitable nationalist person, would still be blessed with Paradise by Allah even if he does not embrace Islam or does not believe in Muhammad being a Prophet or refuses to accept Quran as word of Allah or does not believe in Judgment Day?

We all know the answer. Zakir Naik has given it several times – that even the most noble person on earth will have to burn in Hell forever if he or she does not believe in Quran, Muhammad etc etc! So now you know what these fanatics mean when they claim that Islam stands for peace!

But, Agniveer considers such articles to be a vindication of the fact that the foundations are gradually shaking. However, to dispel the misconceptions, we would like to equip all truth-seekers with certain critical facts:

(Note: We are referring to Islam as preached by likes of Zakir Naik and IRF. We are not referring to the Islam followed by scientists like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy)

1. Islam does not believe in worship of One and Only One God/Allah.

In Islam, one has to include Muhammad along with Allah in worship. The Kalama of Islam was created from two different phrases from two different parts of Quran to mean that “There is no God but Allah” and “Muhammad is his Prophet”. You cannot be a Muslim and escape Hell if you recite the first part but refuse to utter the second part.

2. Vedas truly believe in worship of One and Only One God/ Ishwar

As per Vedas, there is no agent needed between you and Ishwar. You have a direct connection. All other people and resources and mere tools to reach Him and one need not remember them during worship. For more details, visit

3. Islam does not believe in formless God/Allah

As per Islam, God has a finite shape and he sits over 7th sky on top of a throne. He is like a giant amoeba who keeps changing shape and has boundaries. So instead of being formless, he has dynamic but limited form.

4. Vedic Ishwar/ God is truly formless

The Vedic Ishwar is omnipresent and hence there is no space vacant of him. He is within and outside everything, everywhere and every place. That is why you need not go to a temple, mosque, pilgrimage or Kaba to seek Him. He is within you. In fact you are within Him and you can find Him through your mind by doing noble actions, meditation and enhancing knowledge. For details, read and

5. Quran clearly believes in rebirth

Unlike popularly believed, the original Quran has several verses that demonstrate without a doubt that Quran has foundations in theory of rebirth. Muhammad himself willed to take birth again and again. The only way that Islam can refuse belief in rebirth is by refusing to accept the words of Muhammad. For more details, refer

6. Vedas clearly believe in rebirth

Contrary to mischievous propaganda taking prominence in last few months, Vedas have their foundations in theory of rebirth. Almost all mantras of Vedas implicitly assume that rebirth happens across various species and situations as per Karma or actions of the soul. The sanskaars or tendencies of mind of soul is carried from one birth to another and thus, despite we not remembering details of past lives we still continue our progress from same point where we left past life. This is like we not remembering when we last sang a tune but can easily do it when situations come. More more details, refer and

We provide some mantras from Vedas that specifically talk of rebirth:

Rigveda 10.59.6-7:

O Blissful Ishwar, Please provide us again healthy eyes and other sense organs in next birth. Please provide us powerful vitality, mind, intellect, valor again and again in next births. We achieve bliss in this life and future lives. May we keep looking up to your glory always. Keep us in peace with your blessings.

O Ishwar, you provide us space, earth and other elements again and again so that our sense organs function. You provide us the ability to have good health and enjoy life in every birth. You make us strong again and again in various births.

Yajurveda 4.15:

Whenever we take birth, may our deeds be such that we get a pure mind, long life, good health, vitality, intellect, strong sense organs and a powerful body. In next life also, keep us away from bad deeds and indulge us in noble actions.

Atharvaveda 7.67.1:

May we get healthy sense and work organs in next life as well. May I am full of vitality. May I have spiritual wealth and knowledge of Ishwar and vedic concepts again and again. May we be selfless for welfare of world in next lives again and again. May our deeds be noble so that we get human life and always get purity of mind and actions so that we can worship you and achieve salvation.

Atharvaveda 5.1.2:

One who conducts noble actions obtains noble lives in next births with strong body and sharp intellect. Those who conduct bad deeds get birth in lower species. To experience the fruits of past actions is natural trait of soul. After death, the soul resides in Vayu, Jala, Aushadhi etc and again enters the womb to take next birth.

Yajurveda 19.47:

There are two paths for the soul. One path Pitriyan provides birth again and again through union of father and mother, good and bad deeds, happiness and sorrow. The other path of Devayana frees the soul from cycle of birth and death and provides bliss of salvation. The whole world reverberates with both these paths. And after both, the soul again takes birth as progeny of father and mother.

Rigveda 1.24.1-2:

Question: Whom do we consider the most pure? Who is the most enlightened one in entire world. Who provides us mother and father again in the world after gifting us ultimate bliss or Mukti?

Answer: The self-enlightening, eternal, ever-free Ishwar alone is most pure. He alone provides us mother and father again in the world after gifting us ultimate bliss or Mukti.

Hence, it is amply clear that those who claim that Vedas have no concept of rebirth are either fooling themselves or the world.

7: Quran is not available in original form and it is impossible to find original Quran composed by Muhammad.

Quran has been subject to tremendous distortions due to infighting between relatives and followers of Muhammad during his last days and after his death. Some sects believe that original Quran has 17000 verses which is very close to number of unique verses in Vedas. In fact there is no instruction in Quran to call this book Quran alone. Several other names also come which include names used to denote Vedas, Old and New Testament! It is more plausible than contemporary belief that Quran actually refers to Vedas as Divine or Heavenly Books. Because many poets before Muhammad also used to praise Vedas. We shall review this in a subsequent article. Also unlike Vedas, there is no logical method devised to protect Quran from distortions. It only relies on memory of those people who escaped being killed by Caliph for reciting a version of Quran that was not acceptable to him. To know more on why present Quran is not original Quran read

8. Vedas are unchangeable and available in same old pristine format.

In lines with mathematical genius of ancient Hindus, Vedas have been preserved in a mathematically robust technique to preclude possibility of distortion of even a single syllable. Even if someone tries to publicize a distorted Veda, that can easily be tracked and rectified. No other book on earth can claim to have such sound methods of protection from times beyond known history. There has never been a time when a literature claims that Vedas were being written. Thus the oldest texts of the world with more than 20000 verses is still available in same unadulterated format as it was originally gifted by Ishwar during inception of civilization. To know details of this, please read

9. Contemporary Islamic philosophy is full of logical loopholes while Vedas are without such loopholes.

Further Vedas do not force anyone to mug up Vedas but approach Vedas only in a scientific rational manner in sync with one’s spiritual development. After all there is no scope for anyone trying to fool God by believing blindly in Vedas and saying Tauba or Sorry like in Islam or Christianity. This is because Vedas rightly are based on foundation that human ignorance cannot be removed all together in one single life and demands rebirth. Thus while Vedas answer all riddles in life and allow scope to each soul to understand at their own pace, religions like Islam and Christianity, with their insistence on single life, have blatant loopholes in their philosophy. For a snippet, please refer

Thus while Vedas even accommodate refusal to accept Vedas as divine to progress further, Islamic fanaticism condemns all non-believers, howosomuch noble, to Hell fire forever.

In light of above indisputable facts, any true seeker of Allah should take recourse to Vedas alone. Times of India should, instead of trying to promote blind faith, extol Muslims to embrace Vedas and concepts of rebirth and One Allah (and no Prophet) to spread peace and harmony instead of wishes of Hell for non-believers.

We must explore how we can join hands the way we were joined as one single family before butchers like Muhammad Bin Qasim, Khiljis, Ghazni, Ghauri, Tughlaqs, Lodhis, Babur, Humayun, Shershah, Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb and other impotent Mughals, Tipu Sultans, Nadir Shahs, Durranis etc raped our mothers and killed our fathers to create towers of cut-heads to make us leave the Dharma of our forefathers. The remaining gap was fulfilled by anti-national Sufis who fooled people and sided with enemies of the country. And yes, the foolish caste-system that disallowed our Muslim brothers and sisters from coming back home was the last nail in the coffin. We have rejected that in

But we have now removed that nail and are in mission of bringing our lost brothers back to glory of our original ancestral home by welcoming them back. We are in this mission not out of any false illusion of a paradise of virgins, nor any petty gains here. We are in this mission to build the bridge to home once again and make the nation and world prosper. We are in this mission to rewrite those painful chapters of history where we forgot the message of Vedas and allowed ourselves to be tortured by our self-created destiny. Yes, we all were accomplice in this tragedy – those who left home, those who did not call them back, those who fought for the butchers and those who did not support the Shivajis and Prataps. But now is the time to learn from the mistakes and make Bharat the golden lion once again!

And we are into this mission with utmost truthfulness and honesty because they alone are escalators to ultimate bliss – for self and world!

To conclude, we reproduce an except from Arya Musafir’s amazing poem:

आ फिर से गले मिल के पुरखों को दिखा दें
दो भाई मिलें फिर ये माता को दिखा दें
हाथों में हाथ डाल के फिर से वो ही मस्ती
दुनिया को भी थोड़ा सा रुला दें औ हंसा दे

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Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit "Please read this" in Top and Footer Menu.
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Islam picked-up many traditions which are originally Vedic.
Please refer

A beautiful article indeed!

An extract from FFI article ( “British Islam-expert and former sharia jurist Sam Solomon told Dispatch International some time ago: Islam is forced to be constantly on the attack because it cannot defend itself. He pointed out that Islam cannot withstand objective scrutiny of its holy scripture and history. If… Read more »
Which is why one ploy is to say the translations are not correct and you must read the Arabic. Arabic is translated into other languages every day. No problem. The truth is that Muslims have no argument when the ugly things written in Islamic scriptures are read by people in… Read more »
Amul Arya(Abu Masood)
Amul Arya(Abu Masood)

i would like to join agniveer activities

Sanatan Dharma
Difference in Vedic religion and Islam are as follows: a. Vedas say worship only one God, Islam says apart of worshipping one God, one also has to believe in Muhammad, Angels, Judgment Day, Heaven, Hell even though one never saw them. b. Vedas say souls take births after births till… Read more »
hinduagnostic and Ahmad Al Qataani In every hour, 667 Muslims convert to Christianity. Everyday, 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity. Ever year, 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity.”- Ahmad Al Qataani In

Maria (IslamicDefence)
Maria (IslamicDefence)
@hinduagnostic: Your words: “Islam and Christianity/Judaism don’t answer anything it is based on fear and blind belief they are just ideas stolen from other beliefs”. Re: I had made up my mind I’d never write here but couldn’t help replying ( But I bet this will be my last &… Read more »
It is a pathetic cop out to say Arabic cannot be translated to other languages. It can and it is every day. What this is is a dodge by Muslims when people read for themselves in their own language the ugly things that Islam writes. Muslims have no rebuttal against… Read more »
Amul Arya(Abu Masood)
Amul Arya(Abu Masood)

yes but the difference is their translations are done by islamic scholors accepted by all and widly read

Arab Muslims are not the only ones who can speak Arabic. Arabs of other faiths speak the language fluently as well. They do not have any language barrier to speaking Arabic and reading the Koran in Arabic. The most successful Arab and Arabic speaking man confronting the disturbing Islamic scriptures… Read more »
@anti-agni Once again you bring up Aryasamaj and Moolshankar. You are stupidly assuming I have anything to do with either. Since I have not read any works by Moolshankar and Aryasamaj anything you write about them is irrelevant to me as I do not get my information from them. Zero… Read more »
Vinay Arya

Adamant nature is at the highest level in you anti-agni.Show us where Vedas say to worship many Gods.Stop giving reference of Vedic mantras from other’s commentaries.USe only Maharshi Dayanand’s commentary.fayada to tum logo ne bahut uthaya.ab age dekhna kya hota hai.

@jay. moolshankar was not the only sanskrit speaking or sanskrit scholar who claims to know the veda. dr. ved prakash upadhyaya had written many books in which he proves that kalki or antim rishi who is eagerly awaited by hindus is prophet Muhammad of Islam . he has altogether different… Read more »
Botros is successful in the Arabic speaking world because he can speak classical Arabic and quotes from Islamic scholars. There is no excuse of translation or not quoting from Islamic scriptures. Instead of bolstering Islam, reading it in Arabic and quoting from Islamic scriptures and scholars only gives strength to… Read more »
I am including those translations done by Islamic scholars for Muslim audience in non-Arabic speaking countries. People still react with disgust. What we see is still the ugliness out of Islam. It does not get better. Mohammed married his daughter in law, Mohammed married a 6 year old child when… Read more »

arabc to english translation is done by your scholors we read them and even if you have knowledge about islam it doesnt mean anything i have studied all main religions and islam and christianity are not true if you want to believe in islam then you can believe

Mary Walker
Maria, ” Go play with traffic you will find all the answers to all your questions.” so do you mean to say after death? after death I’ll find all the answers , this is a typical response from religious persons especially from muslims & christians. but i want answers in… Read more »

islam and chrstianity/judaism doent answer anything it is based on fear and blind belief they are just ideas stolen from other beliefs before them you should checkout buddhism,jainism,hinduism,sikhism,zorastrianianism,baha etc these are some of beliefs that are good see if they answer your questions

Mary walker

Hinduagnostic, ok but I’m bored by religion study :/ you studied all gud but im lazy 🙂

Vinay Arya

Never think the concept you have achieved is final but work till the concept itself does not say I am final.

Good that you are going to stop being lazy. It is up to you if you want to explore the tenets of different faiths more in depth instead of randomly coming to different religious sites that you have no clue about nor show that you care, disrespectfully not bothering to… Read more »
Mary walker

dear jay , yup i got it what u wrote, 1st of al lll read the article & ll never write anything off the topic, thnx 🙂

Mary walker

Dear Vinay Arya thanks for ur rply yes i shud give up laziness , but it cause headache 🙂 when i start to study religion as their are sooooooo many religion but i’ll do because its necessary. 🙂

Vinay Arya
Dear Mary Walker The so-called word “religious” which you hear is the most distorted word.This word is used for earning money,sex,rapes, and terrorist attacks.We hear that there are many religions like Christianity,Islam,Hinduism etc.They have all different faiths.Islam believes God is on the fourth sky while Christianity believes God is on… Read more »
Jay Arya(hinduagnostic)
Jay Arya(hinduagnostic)

i cant help you then i told you what muy views are if you want to accept you can if not then okay peace to you i hope you find the truth with an open mind like i did that

Mary walker

okk jay arya 🙂 thnx

Maria (IslamicDefence)
Maria (IslamicDefence)
@Mary Waker: Your words: Now see , maria without given me any answer you are showing me cold shoulder, aggressively you say I should play with traffic / suicide but dear mate i’m not insulting or degrading your faith but you gave me cold shoulder, to b friendly i want… Read more »
Mary walker

Maria, i hv sent mine via youtube private msg

Maria (IslamicDefence)
Maria (IslamicDefence)

@Mary Walker:

Go play with traffic you will find all the answers to all your questions.

Mary Walker
To: All Hindus , I get this is an Hindus’ website. I have some serious questions that I often pose to religious persons. But unfortunately people don’t give satisfactory answers. How do you know if your God is the true God? How do you know if your religion is the… Read more »
Dear Mary Religion is to give peace and happiness to the humankind. Any part of a religion which divides people in believers and non believers and commands punishment to non believers basicaly defeats the very purpose of religion. Hinduism is religion which believes God IS OMNIPRESENT, is presence in the… Read more »
Mary walker

dear yash thknx for reply 🙂 So shud not get confused but just keep on acknowleding the things baised on logic reasonig

Dear Mary One thing more. There can not be your God and my God. If God is there, it has to be one. The way one interprets may not be the same for other. For example if one imagines God looks like Christ, he will get him in the form… Read more »

EXCELLENT QUESTION. Thanks for asking…

I think I can prove it beyond a doubt tht hinduism is true. The evidence is so strong – I think it can make atheists hindu. But its a long answer – I’ll reply when I get time.

Until then, please ignore the other answers. Just kidding…

Mary walker

AD, ok i can wait im curious wht your answer will b

Until I show you my ‘proof’, let me tell you why I love your question. Its the same doubt Swami Vivekananda had. It is a very honest question to ask. When he was a student – he went around asking various priests and saints two questions: 1. Do you believe… Read more »
Mary walker

Dear AD, you were going to give me your proof I think you forgot 🙂 You were claiming I’ll convert hahah lol 🙂

1)How do you know if your God is the true God? God is not ours, but belongs to all, so God is true in all religions 2)How do you know if your religion is the true religion? Our religion is true for us as individuals, but as individuals posess own… Read more »
Mary walker

dogra7, thnks for your commnt.
i have nothing to commt on yours

Mary Walker
To: Maria (IslamicDefence) , I get you are a Muslim, so let me know if you can answer my questions. I have some serious questions that I often pose to religious persons. But unfortunately people don’t give satisfactory answers. How do you know if your God is the true God?… Read more »
kewal pandit

Dear Agniveer ji
i just want to say that, i was going through ‘rigvedbhashyabhumika’, many places i have read ,” teenon vedon ko”. i just want to ask is why is “teenon vedon” and not “charon vedon” is atharva veda not as important as other ved

Slave of holy propet (SAW)
Slave of holy propet (SAW)
मे इस्लाम मे पूरी आस्था र्रखता हू! मैने पगांबेर का अनुसरण करते हुये 55 वर्ष की आयु मे 6 वर्ष की कन्या से विवहा किया और और उसके 9 वर्ष का हो जाने पर उससे सेक्स किया! मेरे प्रॉफेट ने भी 54 वर्ष की आयु मे 9 वर्ष की आइसा… Read more »
Maria (IslamicDefence)
Maria (IslamicDefence)
@raj.hyd I couldn’t make an apt reply, actually i was busy in studies & due to some uncongenial circumstances I kept you waiting so long, I’m very sorry. Please read completely. It not honour to kill you just because you’re a non-Muslim. It’s not my aim at all. Quran says… Read more »

I am cancellation my subscription to “Times of India” , after reading this article.
Thank u Agniveer.

Maybe we all should embrace islam and escape hell fire. After all, they are 72 virgins offered to us by almighty pimp, oops, GOD. Who on earth would be stupid enough to reject the offer of 72 virgin houris?? Not to mention free booze and wine… Jus one thing, dun… Read more »

we need to refute all muslims and christians in indian subcontient

jai shankar
@rsdfgg,pagalonme awwal,tu pahale apne chitt ko saf kar,shudh kar sab vishwas se mukt ho ja swikar kar ki allah ek mithak hai,false concept hai,muhammad ki dimagi soch hai.fir tuze mai ved ka gyan dunga….ha.ha.ha..bina allah ka vichar liye ved ka gyan nahi mil sakta tu quran chod .ved ka eshwar… Read more »
jai shankar
@rsdfgg,paglonke seertaj allah ne duniya banayi ye uske smruti se ki bina smruti se??? kyo ki bina memory ke aadmi kuch samaj nahi pata,bina memory ke aadmi kuch bhi bana nahi sakta ye siddha hota hai to allah ki smrti kya hai??? Allah to akela hai phir use smriti bhi… Read more »
@pagal-shankar, tu isliye answer nahi de raha kiyunki tu de hi nahi sakta. is ka answer dene mein dar gayakiya? pol khulne ka darr hai kiya ki tu bhi bina dekhai cheezon ko manta hai??? teri asani k liye phir likh deta hun …hahahaha //vedon k ishwar ko tune dekha… Read more »
jai shankar
@rsdfgg,pagalonke masiha,??? Allah ne duniya banai ye kis gadhe ne tuze kaha???ha.ha.ha.tu kahta hai allah ne banai aur wo ek hai phir ek hi duniya banata,wo khud aur duniya ye alag-alag kaise ho gayi???wo ek hai to duniya kaha hai??? us ke andar ke bahar????ha..ha..ha…jo table ko banata hai wo… Read more »
jai shankar
ISLAM KI SACCHAI 6- ALLAH IS AN IDOL,HOW ?????READ THIS… I piss on the Kaaba. I don’t worship it. I WORSHIP ALLAH ALONE. I piss on the Quran. I don’t worship it. I WORSHIP ALLAH ALONE. I piss on the prophet Muhammad (may shit be upon his head). I don’t… Read more »
@pagal-shankar, is ka answer dene mein dar gaya kiya? pol khulne ka darr hai kiya ki tu bhi bina dekhai cheezon ko manta hai??? teri asani k liye phir likh deta hun …hahahaha //vedon k ishwar ko tune dekha hai kiya? agar nahi dekha aur manta hai to phir tu… Read more »
jai shankar
ISLAM KI SACHHAI 4- ISLAM ME YE BAATE NAHI HAI1) chitt ya mind aur uske nirodh, thahrna,shant hona is koi gyan islam me nahi hai 2) atmagyan hona aapne andar ke aatma ka sakshat karna 3) sab ki jad man hai ,ye man hi dukh ka karan hai aur man… Read more »
jai shankar
manana ya vishwas karna ye dono khatarnak liye hindu janane ki koshish ka naam hai.Hindu ki sari philosophy jigyasa par aadharit hai.kisi bhi kalpnikata ko is me jagah nahi hai.Tark aur praman yahi do baate vicharniy hoti hai.jab tak aatmbodh na ho tab tak tum khoj karte rahna.khud ko… Read more »
jai shankar
@rsdfgg,pahle bhi main kah chuka hu ki mai eshwar ko belief nahi karta balki janta hu.mera sara jor janane par hai.manana mat,janana.janana aur manana bahot fark hai.ped ko tum jante ho ki mante ho?suraj ko tum jante ko hi mante ho?ha.ha.ha.janana yane bodh manana yani abodh.tum zara janane ki taraf… Read more »
param adarniy shri jay shankar ji thik kaha apne sara vivad vishvas par hai aur jahan vishvas hota hai vahi se “avishbvas” ka janm hota hai ! isliye koi bhi chij mankar hargij nahi chalna chahiye ! sabase pahale jano , fir usko manne ki koshish karo aj dharm ek… Read more »
jai shankar
manniy shri jay shankar ji ab ap “hi “n lagakar isme “bhi” lagaiye tab jyada achha rahega jab sab kuch ishwar may hai tab ishwar ann me bhi hai ,aur pani me bhi hai aur sabhi ke mal- mut-rthuk adi me bhi hai !kyoki koi sthan aisa naho hai jana… Read more »
jai shankar
@pagal-shankar, edon k ishwar ko tune dekha hai kiya? agar nahi dekha aur manta hai to phir tu bhi to andvishwasi hua na?? kiya tune 4 rishiyon ko dekha hai jinko ved diye gaye the? agar nahi aur tu manta hai to tu andhvishwasi hua na? yeh shankar kon hai… Read more »
Truth Seeker
@rsdfgg ________yeh shankar kon hai jiski tu jaijaikar kar raha hai__ Nahi dekhne ka matlab yah nahi ki ham sabhi baato par viswas kar le. Jo ki tarkpurn hai unhi par viswas kiya ja sakata hai. Mana ki khuda hai. Agar wo itana bada jo puri duniya ko bana sakta… Read more »
jai shankar
@pagal-shankar, ajeeb aadmi hai? itni si baat nahi samjh sakta? jis doctor ne tera operation kara hoga wohi to janega ki tere paas dimagh hai ya nahi?? maine thore hi kiya tera operation?/hahaha kiya hum us doctor par vishwas kar lein ? yeh to andhvishwas hua na aur tere kehne… Read more »
jai shankar
Answers to the points raised by this page: 1. Islam does not believe in worship of one and only god/Allah: I believe the writer does not understand the meaning of Prophet…the second part of phrase(i.e, kalma – e- Shahadat) says’ Muhammad is Allah’s prophet…do I need to tell the writer… Read more »
anti agni

assalam brother, asom.. you have tried well but never expect anything good from these aryasamjis. what they are writing is not because of lack of knowledge and understanding of islam but they are doing it intentionally to spread hatred against islam.

Jay Arya(hinduagnostic)
Jay Arya(hinduagnostic)
why would he say that ? ved prakash upandhya is only person muslims like to quote even though no hindu actually know who he is all hindus agree muhammed is not found in anywhere in hindu scripture except in bhavisiya purana with jesus i can tell you now muhammed is… Read more »
Vinay Arya

Actually,Swami Vivekanand believed in one God even if he was an idolator.According to his biography it is said that Maharshi Dayanand spoke in Swami Vivekanand at his lat time of life.At the last time of life,he accepted these are orthodox Brahmans who destroyed Indian culture

Dear brothers and sisters I read the articles and reply Iam not a moulana or also not a scholar of Islam simple Indian belief in Islam I myself fill a great opportunity that I am a Muslim its pleaser of Allah I born in Islam family I like to put… Read more »
One more verse to add to the list is: I have noticed a lot of hater posting that the Vedas does not talk about reincarnation or Karma based reincarnation. I have done some research to find the exact quote that says there is reincarnation in our great and amazing Vedas:… Read more »
@Mithra Muhammed May be Hindus are the most confused creatures on the earth but they are still better than you blood thirsty muzzies who have a long history of not only killing the kafirs but also their own brethren. As some wise person said, you can believe in stones, as… Read more »
Mithra Muhammad
I just read the article above . I am speechless to find the efficacy with which a person can turn a blind eye to such clear truth. vedas says Ekkam brahm bohudha bidhante…. Ekkam ekme bedityam… Only Muslims follow this basic philosophy being true to the core. The fanatic hindus… Read more »
Mr. Muhammad, Which Islam are you talking about? Vedas spoke of peace. Look – India never invaded any other country in past 10,000 countries. Islam fails to show such evidence of peace. It only shows much evidence when Islamic terrorists are on huge toll. The core myth of Islam being… Read more »
sanatan dharm
wah wah agniveer ji aap wo kaam kar rahe hai ki aane wali saari manav jaaati aapka upkar manegi jo aaap unne islam ke andhkar se sanatan dharam ke prakash mai laaye ho ,islam jo ki aatannk ka doosra naam hai ,anpad gawar logoin ki jamat hai ,jisne duniye ko… Read more »

Do you think on your own or you have outsourced it to ZN and his stooges?

Ask specific questions or label specific charges that we can refute it or put up a counter argument to it. Just pointless verbiage is not going to work.

Truth Seeker

Namaste Agniveer Ji,

I request you Please ban Shabeer to post comments here. This guy have no purpose neither seeking truth nor debate. He just do copy paste, copy paste, copy paste ………….. Shabeer seems mentally disturbed.


i second on TS’ ban suggestion on shabeer.



I join in the suggestion of bringing the ban hammer on blind copy-pasters like shabeer. Either he should take time to answer questions specifically and stay on topic or else he can take the same debunked questions against Hinduism elsewhere.


mr.truth seeker

why are you lies my dear friend?

what happened to polygamy in discussion forum?

who escape from it? u or me?

like cast system,women, and discussion forum,how u behave my thread,only one replay,then it?

pls replay the topic that i posted here and discussion forum.

Dear sir, about polygamy – I’ll reply in brief. Quaran is NOT the only book that says marry only one.: – Quaran says – marry FOUR – It says marry ONE if you do not have the means to support four wives. Isn’t this concoctism? Is, MARRY ONE (if u… Read more »
Truth Seeker
@Shabeer Shabeer first I have not started any thread on discussion forum, I occasionally visit on discussion forum & try to avoid it because there are too much copy paste stuff & not specific. But as polygamy concerned there a link where good discussion happened on the issue & some… Read more »
True Muslim

Brother Truth Seeker

Its not any mental problem but urge to maximize the no. of houris in heaven by doing Dawah to Kafirs. Every Madarsa trained Daai does that, he is no exception 🙂

Surya Singh
Religion means just true knowledge, means knowing the things, how they are and and how their properties are, as it is called truth and opposite is called wrong. Religion is one and same for all human beings. The conflict occurs due to some kind of knowledge that we gather in… Read more »

Rebirth follows the law of conservation of mass-energy

Rebirth in Vedas Taken from Maharishi Swami Dayanand Sarawati`s masterpiece `Light of Truth`: The following verses refer to the doctrine of past and future births. “O God! Thou conductest our pranas. We pray Thee that we may be happy whenever we may assume another body after death. Grant us, O… Read more »
pathik Arya

In my view there cant be a better proof of re-birth than the supporting article written by u.
THanx brother.

Indian Agnostic
Dear M.S.Khan Namaste! your statements within ( // ..//) //the scientific study of animal behavior reveals that the animals have a homogeneous behavior & their behavior is simply controlled by their instincts and there is no innate knowledge of right and wrong in animals (including insects)// This is factually wrong.Certain… Read more »
M.S. Khan
. Anything which does not satisfy the simple common sense will be rejected sooner or later. The account and remembrance of the actions done during the life time could be with either the body or the substance other than body. If it is with the body then with the disintegration… Read more »
M. S. Khan Namaste “Anything which does not satisfy the simple common sense will be rejected sooner or later.” In the light of your above statement, we would like to know what is your take on moon breaking, flying donkey, stones talking to Moses, Jesus without father etc. We can… Read more »
Jay Maheshwary
Dear Brother Abdullah, 1. Purpose of Creation: (Initially question raised by Brother Vajra to Brother Abdullah): As Abdullah answered “Purpose of Creation for Human being is “Worship”——— This is not correct definition for the Purpose of Creation of Human being and Universe. Purpose of Creation is NOT worship of God.… Read more »
3. Islam does not believe in formless God/Allah ====== islam doesnot belive in omnipresent god…So it means he is finite…And if he is finite , then it means its idol worship…Idol worship is basically finite worship….infact nobody can concentrate on finite..This mind can only concentrate on finite but it can… Read more »
Truth Prevails
no one is safe in a male dominated society, india was not a male dominated country before islamic invasion,even queen used to sit with king in darbaar THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY REASON BEHIND EVERY PROBLEM. 1. It’s a fact that behind every problem of this world there are… Read more »
Truth Prevails

check the true face of islam and in this video a lady in islamabad telling why she want to leave islam. Please check it.

Marianne Carter
dear, sanatanaakki ji, compare karna matlab hota hai ucha -nicha dikhana, achha-bura dikhana. agar aap kisiko ucha dikhate ho to dusre ko na kahke vi aap nicha keh rahe ho. agar ishwar kahi hai to woh kabhi nahi chahenge ke unke santan apasme mera ice-cream bara hai ya mera chocolate… Read more »

Secularism is not only for Hindus but for muslims and christians also

dear, sanatanaakki ji, compare karna matlab hota hai ucha -nicha dikhana, achha-bura dikhana. agar aap kisiko ucha dikhate ho to dusre ko na kahke vi aap nicha keh rahe ho. agar ishwar kahi hai to woh kabhi nahi chahenge ke unke santan apasme mera ice-cream bara hai ya mera chocolate… Read more »
LOL comparison ka matlab na samjhaye….compare karna hai to kisko to bura lagna hi hai…agar aapki family aap ko apne bade bhai se compare karegi to aapko bura lagega….ismei bura lagega bologe aur bologe ki compare na kare yeh to aap ki bevakufi hai…. mujhe na samjhaye…hum to sahi compare… Read more »
@Mohit : This site articles do not portray hate, we here just Discuss Islam and Not MUSLIMS. I would suggest you understand the difference between truth and hate, if you fellow human tells you that i will slit the throat of an animal in front of you and then we… Read more »
pathik Arya

a befitting and good reply brother


‘there is no ALL Dharma, there is only one Dharma.’ excellent point