Love Jihad must-know facts that you must memorize in your head if you want to save yourself, your sister or daughter or yourself. Every word of this post is more important than any Quran, Puran, or Bible to save the next victim. Print it, frame it, chant it. Do whatever you do with your holy verses. But don’t ignore it for God’s sake.

0. Less than 1% of Love Jihad cases come in public. In reality, almost every colony, every college, every senior secondary school is infected by Love Jihad swine (pig) flu. Porn sites, Whatsapp groups are full of such MMS. Families hang their heads in shame and want to hush away the matter. Many girls are nowhere to be found now. Perhaps they were sold to some Arabic pig or joined flesh-trade.

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There are two types of Love Jihadis: The Superstar and the Prophet.

The Superstar
 – He is a metrosexual Love Jihadi who dresses smartly, talks eloquently, gets hair-cut from best salons, drives a se*y bike, grooms like a film-star, and is none less than a Shahrukh or Aamir. He is the dream of every dumb girl who grew up watching the magic of Khans in Bollywood. This is the Love Jihadi who flocks metros and small towns and targets girls from upper-middle class to super rich Hindus. Mostly Baniya (business-family) girls fall in their trap since their families gave them lots of luxuries but no knowledge of history or real world. They just imagine being a Katrina waiting to be seduced by a Khan.

The Prophet
– This love Jihadi is a direct disciple of terrorist-admirers like Zakir Naik. He lives in a delusion that despite his poor marks in school, Allah has gifted him with the rare insight of what is true religion. He has mugged up all lectures of stuttering Naik and silly arguments to bash Hindus. He has one agenda – to convert as many Hindus as possible to Islam. Because unless he converts, Allah will not give him se*y virgins in Paradise. He targets girls from slightly conservative families, or those who were too modern and got ditched by their boyfriends. He provides them the spiritual light of Islam with such conviction that dumb girls fall from him. He will paint such a scary picture of Hell, and tell vulgar stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses that the girl will make Hinduism the most hated thing in her life. He talks superstitions with such eloquent confidence as if he himself is the Prophet.


Both types of Love Jihadis have one prime agenda – to bring the girl(s) to a point of no return. This means the Love Jihadi is in a hurry to have sex with the girl at the earliest. If possible, make an MMS. If she resists, gang-rape her. If one time sex does not suffice, have it again and again until she gets pregnant. It is very unlikely that he has not made videos – either with consent, or force, or through hidden camera – of every act that is a public embarrassment.


The moment she has crossed the point of no return, he will not just marry her, but force her to acquire property of the family. He will also use her as a tool to convert others in family. Typically, the younger siblings are easy preys.


The Love Jihadi will try to have such relations with more than one person at same time. Typically after the point of no return, the girl will come to know that the Jihadi is already married or having affairs with other girls as well. Some of these girls may be from her own family – a sister-in-law, or sister, or niece, or aunt. By this time, the indoctrination of Islam would be so high and since point of no return has been breached, the girl will happily accept this destiny. She may consider it as a price to escape Hell and being f***ed by a Khan-alike forever. Her Bollywood dreams would come partially true! It is impossible to understand exactly what goes in minds of these dumb girls, but rarely any girl stands boldly at this stage.

A Love Jihadi believes that Allah has made legal for him to have sex and dupe as many non-Muslim women as he can.

A Love Jihadi will not spare even young girls. Any girl who has attained puberty has been made legal for him by Allah. He has an agenda to break their virginity as early as he can.


Not just virgins, the Love Jihadi also tries to target unhappy housewives. This gives him access to money that the woman steals for him in return for pleasures. At some point, he may conspire with the woman to either divorce or kill the husband. He will also try to have one child from the woman. Understand that Love Jihadi is a terrorist is disguise.


Love Jihadi has no intention of happy marriage. He will either make her a concubine, or divorce her after some time, or sell her off to some Arab, or post her videos to porn sites, or force her into prostitution. She can be his wife only if she continues to get money from her family, or help him in his mission to give paradise to more women, or becomes a fanatic herself.


There is no way to differentiate a Love Jihadi from a good Muslim. He is just a master of pretense that everything is just too good about him. Apart from Agniveer, no one has the ability to identify him from his walk, talk, and frock.


There are a few simple ways to avoid being trapped by a Love Jihadi. This may have Type 1 error but is very unlikely to have Type 2 error. (Type 1 error means wrongly classifying a good person as Jihadi. Type 2 error means wrongly classifying a Jihadi as good person. Type 2 error is more dangerous and must be avoided at all costs.)

One, A Love Jihadi, despite all his style and flair and conviction, will have very poor academic performance. Even if he is from a good college, he is more likely to be enrolled in a subject where competition is less. For example, you may find Love Jihadis enrolled in PhD programs of IITs for subjects where competition is minimal. Mostly, they would be enrolled in non-professional courses that gives them ample time to target girls.

Two, Ask a Love Jihadi – “Don’t you believe that those who say idol-worshippers (Hindus) will go to Hell are intolerant rascals?”. If he tries to convince why idol-worship is bad or why Islam alone is best religion, or tries to deviate from the topic, run away as fast as you can. You just escaped a potential Jihadi.

Three, Ask a Love Jihadi – “Don’t you think Muslim Personal Law is anti-woman and hence one should marry through court alone?”. If he tries to justify why first you should have a Nikah ritual, run away.

Four, If a person tries to explain greatness of Islam or analyzes weaknesses of other religions, he is a potential Love Jihadi. Run away.

Five, If the person has good things to say about PK movie and enjoyed the joke on Lord Shiva check out if he can also crack a joke on Prophet and laugh with you. If not, run away.

Six, Ask a love Jihadi, how many women from his family- siblings, cousins, aunts etc have married Non Muslim men. Or how many are planning to do so. If he starts explaining why this can’t happen or why it is technically not possible or why it would bring bad name to his family or why it is a matter of controversies for his family and society, run away. He is a rapacious person who enjoys destroying lives of Kafir women while protecting women of his family.

Seven, Ask a love Jihadi, instead of me converting to Islam for the sake of our love and relationship, just for a change, can you become Hindu/ Jain/ Sikh/ Buddhist/ Christian for me and our love? If he starts lecturing you on religions, philosophy and everything possible under the sun instead of saying a simple yes, know that you just saved yourself from getting raped by him, his brothers, friends, father and many more.

Eight, Ask a love Jihadi, if your children can worship Ganesha’s idol alongside Allah? If he says anything except a straight yes and demonstrates it with example himself by praying to Ganesha idol with you, you just saved yourself and your daughter (yet to be born) from getting raped by same man.

Nine, Ask a love Jihadi, can he accompany you to Shiva Temple this Monday and pray with you just like you visit Dargahs with him? If he says anything except a straight yes, know that you just saved yourself.


Hindus are squarely responsible for Love Jihad. They do not teach their children history, culture, religion, philosophy of Hinduism. Almost all Hindus whose daughters are targeted by Jihadis, perform rituals mindlessly to escape some wrath of God without conviction. It is very easy to mislead their children, and even them. The generation of Hindus that had their youth in seventies and eighties has just fed itself in cheap Jeetendra, Mithun chhaap films glorifying Haji Mastans, “Bacche ki maa”, cabarets, blah blah and indulging in all sorts of nonsense. The present generation is dissociated from those who struggled for independence and is enamored by nonsense served on platter of media (social and mainstream) by foolish liberals with agenda of making money without disturbing the Jihadis. And their parents have incapacitated themselves to imbibe in their children the values of their grandparents.


The only way to counter the attack of Jihadis is to review articles of Agniveer again and again so that you understand the science and logic behind Hinduism, and can counter any Jihadi anytime with confidence. Read yourself, and make your children read, make your sisters read. 

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