The core pillar of Vedic Dharma is Matruvat Paradareshu – All women are my mother. Even husband and wife are supposed to love each other in same manner as a cow loves its newborn calf.

To regard a woman as deserving anything except the respect that we accord to our mother is a recipe for doom. To depict or exploit women for lustful purpose deserves harshest punishment as per Vedas. A society that commoditizes women is bound to breed terrorism, violence, hatred, tragedies, fear and death. The best example is the world today.

Western world, with its obsession for immoral lifestyle, is becoming a society of maniacs and psychopaths. The Muslim world is becoming breeding ground for terrorists and fanatics because women are not allowed to have competence and authority to act as first teachers of the child. Hindus are a society of contradictions. Though they know their foundations of Vedas vaguely, the genes of slavery for 1000 years and tendency to seek solutions from outside rather than inside make Hindus as hypocritical as the western world. Thus while Hindus would agree to consider woman as mother, many a fools would go to any length to prohibit for woman the right to recite Vedas or perform rituals. Due to such a mindset, it is a matter of utter shame that the land that preserved Vedas for millenniums cannot boast of better quality of life, status and education for women compared to men.

Vedic code of law asserts that punishment is more severe for the more capable. Thus it is perfectly in sync with natural laws that Bharat aka India is among the most spineless nations of the world. What more can you expect from the land of sages when half the female population is illiterate, gender ratio is significantly skewed, bigamy laws are virtually non-enforceable, rape does not carry death-penalty and even ministers indulge in such acts and even educated women are denied rights to study Vedas by those claiming to be defendants of Dharma. And that when symbolically woman is worshipped as Goddess in popular mythology!

Vedas however have a different stand. As per Vedic Dharma, the first and foremost criteria for success of a society is that women are accorded the high respect thatthey rightly deserve. Without that eventhe otherwise noble deeds would be fruitless. The Vedic Woman has to be respected as Mother. Period.

Saraswati, Mata, Usha, Aditi or Devi do not refer to some divine forms that no one ever witnessed. On contrary, they refer to the woman living on this earth. It is mark of a fool to discard the diamonds in his home and pray for pebbles to be showered from skies!

So instead of offering dhoop to a Durga sitting on a lion, society would be performing true worship of the divine if it works to make each woman among us into a brave warrior and leader. Instead of offering batasha to a Saraswati sitting on a lotus, we need to work towards nurturing Vedic experts from woman who enlighten the society and stay above the garbage of society like on a lotus. Instead of chanting ‘Jai Mata Di’, we need to proclaim loudly and proudly that we would respect ALL women as our mothers through thoughts, words and actions – regardless of age, caste, religion, geography etc.

The status of woman as MOTHER, in Vedic culture, is accorded not only to an aged lady or someone who has a physical child but to a female in general – be she a child, girl, youth or elderly. This is because a woman acts as mother in a variety to ways beyond biological motherhood. The family or society becomes worth civilized living because of presence of woman. Criminal or immoral tendencies are significantly reduced due to woman. If you review any statistics on crimes, narcotics, abusive language, violence etc, this fact would become evident. A woman brings us gift of noble innate qualities. It is upon all of us now to decide whether to benefit from them or plan our own destruction by refusing to respect the motherly woman.

Here are a few mantras from Vedas on glory of Woman – the Mother. May we take inspiration from them and accord all women the respect that they rightly deserve. And may all women inspire themselves to get rid of all ignorant acts and rise up to fulfill the great responsibility that they owe to the society.

Rigveda 10.17.10: O Mothers! Purify us with your compassion, understanding and enlightenment. The women cleanse us all from all our sins, corruption and defects. We come out firm, pure and noble from their blessed company.

Yajurveda 6.17: O pure and blessing Mothers! Cleanse us all from sins, immorality and pollution. Purge us from falsehood, hatred, jealousy and frustrations.

Yajurveda 6.31: O pure and blessing Mothers! Satisfy our mind, speech, life, eyes, ears, soul and society with nobleness.

Atharvaveda 3.13.7: O pure and blessing Mothers! I am your beloved son. O powerful mother, please guide me towards fulfillment of my noble aspirations.

Rigveda 6.61.7: O enlightening Mother! You have the potential to destroy the evil. You have a character as pure as gold. You have the potential to destroy the clouds of frustrations and doubt. You are brave and you only aspire for our well-being and success! We are indeed blessed!

Atharvaveda 7.68.2: O enlightening Mother! May you always shower your blessings in form of peace, happiness and success. May you always be pleased with us and may we never conduct any act that excludes us from your blessing gaze.

Rigveda 1.113.6: O enlightening blessing Mother! May you inspire us into the path of valor and protection of nation, society and world. May you inspire us to conduct vigorous efforts for well-being of all. May you inspire us to conduct selfless noble deeds or Yajna. May you inspire us to seek economic prosperity for all of us through sustainable means. May you inspire us to enlighten the entire society with knowledge. May you do so for entire world regardless of false divisions of gender, geography, birth, beliefs, religions etc.

Rigveda 1.113.19: O life-giving enlightening Mother! May all noble people respect you and you guide them as mother. May you be the protector of society, nation and world. May you glow as the flag of all noble, virtuous and spiritual actions. May you eradicate the darkness of ignorance through the brilliance of your knowledge. May you teach us Vedic wisdom in actions and emotions. May you be mother for entire world and provide us new birth through knowledge and compassion. In this manner, lead us into the path of glory and prosperity.

Rigveda 7.75.2: O enlightening Mother! Inspire us into the path of the noble ones and gift us with success. Guide us into tremendous glory and enormous prosperity through virtuous deeds. With your blessings, may we desire for fame that comes through noble actions. And do it RIGHT NOW!

Rigveda 7.77.4:O enlightening Mother! Cleanse us of the feeling of enmity within us. Strengthen the path of generosity and eradicate all meanness from us. Thus, bring us prosperity and inspire us into the path of success through positivity.

Rigveda 8.18.6: O pure-hearted noble Mother! Gift us with intellect and emotional quotient. Get rid of our hypocrisy. Cleanse us of our sins and inspire us to conduct noble acts in all circumstances.

Rigveda 8.18.7: May the pure life-giving enlightening woman be respected as mother everyday so that she provides us with peace and eradicates all hatred from the society.

Rigveda 8.67.12: O Mother! You conduct noble actions and have a pure mind. Cleanse us of our sins and provide us path of success. Inspire us to lead a life full of progress, compassion and honesty.

Atharvaveda 7.6.4: We want tremendous power. Hence we please motherly pure woman with our noble words and actions. She is as patient as the wide sky. She shall remove our miseries and provide us shelter in all situations.

Rigveda 10.59.5: O life-giving Mother! Provide us with strong will-power and noble intellect. Propel us to prolong our lives with noble actions. May we enlighten the world as sun. May you nourish us with happiness.

Rigveda 10.59.6: O life-giving Mother! Bless us with eyes that see noble and life that conducts noble actions. May we always work for progress and enjoy bliss. May our intellect be always pure and virtuous.

Yajurveda 35.21: O patient Mother! May you provide us happiness and support. May you provide us fame and bliss. May you destroy our sins and purify us.

Yajurveda 6.36: O Mother! May the society appreciate your potential. May they seek your blessings from east, west, north, south and everywhere. And may you bless them with prosperity and happiness.

Yajurveda 11.68: O Mother! Protect us from infighting. Protect us from violence and hatred. Propel us to conduct noble acts of valor. May we together conduct virtuous acts alone.

Rigveda 1.22.11: May the noble mothers and wives of noble persons remain always prosperous and bless us with happiness and bliss.

Yajurveda 12.15: If you desire brilliance, approach the mother. With her blessing, be the scholar of all subjects. Do not aggrieve the mother. Enlighten yourself with pure blessings of the noble mother.

May these pearls of wisdom inspire us all to lay foundation of a society that respects and nurtures women to conduct their duties as mothers of entire humanity. May the women never deviate from this glorious path. May we never deviate from lowering our respect for the motherly woman. And may we all work together to annihilate – within and outside us – all those forces that attempt to cause such deviations.

There is absolutely no other way for individual and societal bliss!

References: Commentaries by Swami Dayanand, Vedic Naari by Pt Ramnath Vedalankar, Vedik Shabdarth Vichar by Pt Ramnath Vedalankar, Vedic Kosh by Pt Rajveer Shastri. 

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[email protected]
Namaste Agniveer! I agree that women deserve our good thoughts, words and deeds. You correctly explain the power women have in our lives. They are not objects, but teachers, soldiers, judges. Yet the opinion that women are property owned by someone, even if the opinion is then rejected, at least… Read more »
somesh Shukla
could you believe these craps of islam sorry koraan People ruled by a woman will never be successful… 5.59.709 Men are protectors and maintainers of women; women must be devoutly obedient, if not then beat them… 4:34 You can’t go to a mosque intoxicated or after having touched a woman…… Read more »
Dear Agniveerji, on your view of permitting women to Chant the vedas. As you know, the vedas use padam for chanting in three different tones. These should be chanted perfectly , along with the proper mantra and pronunciation. I have been learning the Yajur Veda for sometime now. It takes… Read more »
Bhavesh Merja
Women can and should chant the Vedas. There is no harm in it. It is rather most beneficial. If some body prohibits it for the woman, it is injustice. Such senseless prohibitions should go now. Maharshi Dayananda has very rightly declared that the Vedas are meant for the entire humanity,… Read more »
Dear Aditya ji, Namaste! If you accept that the 4 vedas have the complete knowledge about the creation, including sentinent and insentinent bodies, there would have been atleast a single sukta/manthra about not permitting women for vedic chanting. Instead we find a manthra in yajurved (second manthra of chapter 26)that… Read more »

The vedas never claimed that women are superior to men as misinterpreted by you. The vedas were beyond gender. And vedas never said that women were mother or God. Stop misrepresenting the holy vedas.

allahu akbar

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natural Remedies
Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your post seem to be running off the screen in Chrome. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know.… Read more »
Mary Walker
To: anti-agni , I get you are a Muslim, so let me know if you can answer my questions. I have some serious questions that I often pose to religious persons. But unfortunately people don’t give satisfactory answers. How do you know if your God is the true God? How… Read more »
Mary Walker
To: All Hindus , I get this is an Hindus’ website. I have some serious questions that I often pose to religious persons. But unfortunately people don’t give satisfactory answers. How do you know if your God is the true God? How do you know if your religion is the… Read more »
Big Dipper
@ Mary, Your questions are indeed valid and most important of those that every thinking person can pose. I had all these questions and no so-called holy scriptures including the Puranas (4000yrs), Zend Avesta (3000yrs), Torah (2600yrs), Bible 2000yrs), Quran (1400yrs), Guru Granth (600yrs), etc. could satisfactorily answer these. Incidentally,… Read more »

Stop spamming all the threads with the same questions. Pick one thread. These threads are not for your questions that have nothing to do with the article at hand. They have a topic that you are diverting from.

@admin, please do not allow anybody to discuss any other book or religion except veda and hindu dharma. this sanatani is interested in islam more than any other religion. he is not intrested in veda so please tell him that it is vedic site. here is my question to [email protected],… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma
@anti-agn ___________how many years old are veda__________ Veda are eternal. Universal truths are eternal. ____________was there any other language before veda___________ Vedic language is mother of all languages. ______________how many rishis have received veda_________ There is no limitation like that only 1 person can have the right to know the… Read more »
@sanatani, you have intentionally skipped some questions ? First answer them then ill give you some more questions as i have already promised. your answers are contradictory and have no meaning….it means everything is veda. where are rig. yajurveda? If we ask concept of God according to veda then you… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma
@anti-agni __________you have intentionally skipped some questions_________ I think you talking about them. _______why there are contradictory mantras in veda? why there are different names of rishis in veda? who were kiktas?_________ You are talking about books. Then I refer you agniveer article deals with same subject like Who wrote… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma
@anti-agn ______________ you aren’t answering but refering___________ Answer is in the link. Click on the link. ________why are you saying them books_________ I did not understand this. Are these not book? Book comprises of papers. We can tear the papers. To confirm these are books try to tear. ___________Those books… Read more »

@falsehood seeker/sanatani, you aren’t answering but refering? why are you saying them books? Why are confusing ? Those books are not veda?

Newton was rishi? Where is veda given by moolshankar? What do you mean by vedic language is mother of all languages ?

@sanatani/truth seeker, now i am confirm that you are the falsehood seeker/satya ki jay/cannibal1-2-3, why are you afraid to answer on veda? how could you force me to believe in veda if veda itself not demanding to belive or read or to follow. no guidance regarding marriage and divorce in… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma
@anti-agni Visitors come here not interested to discuss about truthseekr/falsehoodseeker/sanatan dharma / etc. etc who am I who are u.. but want to discuss about truth and universal truth, You are follower of Islam. If you think Islam is only true religion why do not you want to discuss Islam… Read more »

@ankur and @SDC and Hindus at large: statistics on Islamic scriptures on the true nature of Islam. How to tell what that is


This is the main site Center for the Study of Political Islam
See the bottom “Six Views of Islam” books the six being Islam’s doctrinal views on Jews, Christians, Polytheists/Hindus, Intellectuals, Military law enforcement and intelligence, and the sixth Political Islam.

I am genuinely not interested in influencing your stance in any way. I think the Arya Samaj has also expressed its desire to debate ZN, but if there is no response from the other side, then you cannot force a live debate on him. In as far as the Kandhamal… Read more »

Shutting down debate in the Western world. The dark purpose of silence “The Threat Doctrine that Cries Blasphemy”


@sami, the link you have given is full of islam hate…..y u ppls can’t read anything from islamist side? Y u want to be misguided ?


That is what is happening in the US. You don’t like the actions by Islamists being pointed out there so you call the article hate. People are free to investigate further what the article is saying and decide for themselves.

Sanatan Dharma
@anti-agni Brother, I am not forcing you to believe in Veda. It is your will to believe or not. But Brother, I will prove you Islam is false. Mohammed was a looter, pedophilia, narcissist, child-abuser. Quran is full of absurdities. First we will discuss how Islam is false. Then we… Read more »
@sanatani, how many years old are veda? was there any other language before veda? how many rishis have received veda? can anybody receive veda today? what is the historical evidence of veda? what will happen with the peoples who were on this earth before veda? how many vedas are present… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma

Brother, firstly you should know Islam is false. It is not a religion but a cult. I invite to prove Islam is true.

I may have misunderstood you, but definitely misrepresenting someone views and opinions is not my intention. There are fundamentalists in every fold, but my point is that the Islamic fold wins the competition hands down. In any case, if somebody makes fun of my faith, I definitely am going to… Read more »
@Vicjags : brother, you have been putting forward your thoughts only as an observer of the various doctrines available, but you don’t associate with any (Maybe you need to study further), that outlook perfectly fine. but this has to last only till ones self inquisitions are not answered to ones… Read more »
@vicjags : You have already made a conclusion about the core of Islamic faith system being irrational and illogical… Some of the smartest thinkers and philosophers from the medieval world had been Muslims.. Seems that you do not understand the difference between a faith and an Individual, Islam is not… Read more »
@Vicjags : Thought it would be self explanatory, but anyways let me rephrase it as “As per my opinion, many of the ideas and Philosophies in support of Islamic Theology as proposed by some well talented Muslim Philosophers and thinkers of medieval world seem to be perfectly logical and hence… Read more »
@Vicjags: Thanks for answer to the close ended question in over 300 words. That would be as stupid as saying religion ‘X’ has bad people therefore religion ‘X’ should be false… yes, infact if you did make the same staement to which i responded in the very first place, but… Read more »
The country is not mature enough to debate about what? Talks on comparative religion by Agniveer or by the ones delivered by Zakir Naik, Ahmad Deedat, SAN network, etc.? The country has had these kinds of debates for long in case you are not aware of it. In any case,… Read more »

FYI SDC this book review of “Sharia versus Freedom: The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism, Dr. Andrew Bostom” may interest you


Bostom has his own site


Thanx for all that info, bro. I can see through his game plan, and I know how to deal with him.

“Not sure where Sami gets his history from, but you for a certainty pick it up from garbage dump. You are probably not aware that the national motto is Satyameva Jayate “Truth alone triumphs.” You do not expect harmony sans honesty.” I think SDC I have been clear that brushing… Read more »
SDC Reviewing what you wrote, I see you mainly were speaking to the other person in your sentences. The purpose of such a tactic is not truth nor peace but to silence Hindus. Only to Hindus do proselytizers say be quiet. It serves not Hindus but the proselytizers who want… Read more »
Hindus, the violent jihad that you have suffered in India is known around the world. Muslims have documented the slaughter and so has it been known in the Western world. No one has the right to ask Hindus to pretend the violence they have suffered for centuries did not happen.… Read more »
Hindus speaking the truth of what happened and rejecting a lie is far from vengeance, it is the path to a better reconciliation. Germans were honest about their atrocities against Jews and others, and to day they are a better nation for it. Hindus as I said before real moderate… Read more »
Hindus, the difference is any caste based discrimination has been openly discussed. It is acknowledged. It is not hushed up. No one says to the lower castes don’t speak of it, you’ll upset people, and if you speak of it you are for vengeance and not for progress, and you… Read more »
For those of you who are Christian, Mohammed from a Christian site and they can know it for certain what kind of man he was based on Islam’s own religious scriptures “We apologize to anyone who may be offended by the history of the founder of Islam (Muhammad) below.… Read more »
Why Mohammed matters to Islam and Muslims “Muslims revere Mohammed as the perfect male. In the Islamic liturgical trilogy of the Koran, the Hadiths or sayings of Mohammed, and the Sira or Sunna or biography of Mohammed; the idealized Muslim and Arab man is presented to be Allah’s messenger –… Read more »

Do u ppl want to emulate prophet by marrying 12 women or marry a girl below 9 yrs

“Every single Muslim that leaves this forum leaves with more hate for Hindus and this will lead to more bomb blasts, communal violence and death of innocents in future… This is the fate of India… INTELLECTUAL TERRORISM…” The intellectual terrorism is this joker’s. It is his pure unfounded speculation that… Read more »
Your gullibility is out of this world. “May be ALLAH SHOWED THE TRUE RELIGION TO THE WRONG MAN !!!!” If that be the case, then surely Allah is the wrong guy. If nothing can be said with certainty, then it questions might even be raised on the veracity of the… Read more »
The conclusion drawn is again all yours, and you seem to be in the habit of drawing some baseless ones. There are myriad concepts of God, and often at times these concepts are poles apart. Depending upon the nature of revelations made overtime, one wonders if there truly is One… Read more »
The point of gullibility was brought into the picture only to emphasize the facetiousness of the assumption that Almighty could make revelations to a wrong guy. I am simply making the claim that if there be such an Allah that is so careless to be making revelations to a reckless… Read more »

Agniveer ji, shat shat pranaam!

pAtaya vA pAtAle
sthApaya vA sakala-loka-sAmrAjye
matas tava pada-yugalam
nAham munchAmi naiva munchAmi!

“Whether I fall into hell, or am placed as the ruler of all worlds, Oh Mother your two feet I shall not leave, I shall never leave!”

OK, agreed the Vedas consider the mothers as the embodiment of love. However, there is the ideology that can turn even the mothers to commit barbaric acts on their daughter. We must strive to save the ideals of motherhood by erasing the ideology responsible for it. Pl see the following… Read more »

namaste agniveer ji plz write an article illustrating ill effects of masturbation and western philosphy promoting this.©ddmn

@aryadutta It is a Good Idea. Today we are having “Sponsored” Doctors and the so-called self-styled experts who are actually PROMOTING the Idea of Masturbation by falsely claiming that it has NO ILL-Effects. These fools are spreading the lie like a Forest fire. You don’t need a doctor to see… Read more »

Agniveer ji namaskar. one of my friend does masturbation. i told him not to do this and adhere to bhramcharya. but he give me stupgid explanations of western sexologists stating it pretty normal. plz write an article explaining how masturbation is bad and is an evil in indian society. aammmmggmmggwmmwjkwwmmppgpq

Paradise Is At the Feet of Mothers From Joshua Brockwell, CAIR A man once consulted the Prophet Muhammad about taking part in a military campaign. The Prophet asked the man if his mother was still living. When told that she was alive, the Prophet said: “(Then) stay with her, for… Read more »
Najeeb Khan

Reason for India pAtheti condition.

So called Hindus or Aryas

Shameless fellow Agniveer.Do u have any doubt on this you virus.

If ever there were a reason to ban someone’s IP address, terrorist Najeeb’s is. We ought to have nothing against Muslims trying to make a reasonable case for Islam (although “reasonable case for Islam” is an oxymoron anyway). But this guy is a ghazi-shaheed-in-waiting. I wouldnt be surprised if this… Read more »
@ Kalbhairav Brother, Let this idiot Najeeb speak. He is only making himself appear pity, a dumb and fanatic. Plus he is giving us an advantage of self-unlocking his “biased” mentality. There are some Trojan-horses in here, these have -most probably- been hired ones. There are number of websites calling… Read more »
aryan soldier
namaste agniveer ji the vedic message for all humanity of considering all womenhood as mother solves all modern problem like rape, indescent remarks,gender bias, work place sexual assault etc etc. also its superb to know how world oldest book vedas are 100% practical even today and respects all motherhood not… Read more »


Even if we agree that Muslim rulers killed Hindus or attached but can u tell us who is responsible for such bad condition of inida.No one except hindus.

They are like dirty virus.


Hi Mr Najeeb, I literally challenge you to get your DNA tested for your linkage. I can bet that you could have DNA of any Indian Community. These Rapists and Spearhead-ers (slitters) converted many Indians like your ancestors, to Islam. Please be rational and think from humanity point of view… Read more »
Tara Singh
Completely true. Guru Gobind Singhji’s approach was needed 500 years before his arrival. Hindus are responsible for allowing Taqiah loving bunch of murderers who dont even spare their own family and their prophet’s family to live here, build mosques for them and give them equal rights. And if Hindus are… Read more »
@Najeeb: Even if we agree that Muslim rulers killed Hindus or attached but can u tell us who is responsible for such bad condition of inida.No one except hindus. They are like dirty virus. The “bad condition” of “inida” (sic) somehow justifies Muslim rulers killing Hindus? Shame on you for… Read more »
Well, KalBhairav Brother, the last line of your comment has had me in a Laughter riot. Very innovative. Just to add my twist, I put it in a slightly different manner: “It would have put even Hitler -the Symbol of Hatred- to SHAME. (would stop short of commenting on last… Read more »
@Pratap Brother: Yes…on 2nd thoughts, on another day I too wouldnt have commented on the Prophet. It is just that sometimes his followers end up making puke-inducing statements like the terrorist Najeeb above that the Prophet becomes guilty by association. I like your wording also. 🙂 Maybe I will use… Read more »
Najeeb Khan
Agniveer Why u deleted my comment I had not even single thing wrong or bad in it. In short I wanted to say the poor condition of India is because of so called Black britishers.I can prove it if u want to debate.If I prove this u accpet defeat else… Read more »

“Are you ready to debate on Topic Hindus are repsonsible for demise of Nation called India”

I see Agniveer’s impact on the psyche of these Dawah people. So finally, instead of talking about muhammad, quran and hadiths they want to discuss “hindu” “muslim”. Typical islamic mentality !

Brother Yeahme alias prashant when ur scripture is not able to teach u 2+2=4.then how can we teach u dat we sud respect the woman as our mother.anyways brother continue wid d culture of Arabia and Mohammad (he really need some blessings). Iraq and afghanistan has gone almost…next target is… Read more »
vishal kumar
Here is some similaties between Ravan & Mohamad Sahab Ji, 1. Having many wives. 2. Killing of animals for test. 3. Want to sex with other wivies as Mohamand sex with his daughter in law. 4. Destroying Yag, and religious palces. 5. Attacking on other innocent people. As Ravan Attacked… Read more »
@Najeeb Khan Miyan your own Islamic scriptures tell Muslim are URINAL WORSHIPERS every Friday they are really worshiping a URINAL. The Kaaba Black Stone which is shaped like PUSSY/URINAL and which Muslims face during Namaz was used by Qarmatians as Urinal for than 20 years now Muslims Kiss this URINAL… Read more »
vishal kumar
Namaste Agniveer Ji, Some people claim that Sanataj Dharam so confusing and contradict this shows they do not posses even a sense of choosing right & wrong. This is like one watch All the Ramayan and says he is confused who is on true path between Ram & Rawan. Here… Read more »
vishal kumar

Sorry for double posting of views please ignore the one.

vishal kumar
Namaste Agniveer Ji, Superb Article, if we consider woman as a mother 80% crime will be stopped forever. But only noble people will be agree with you and people possess thinking of Ravana & Mohamad will always protest this great article. A lustful person who looks woman only for sexual… Read more »
vishal kumar
Namaste Agniveer Ji, Superb article. I fully agree with you. If we consider woman as a mother 80% crime will be stopped. But problem comes here that all the noble people will agree with you. But people possess thinking of Monster like Ravan, Mohamad, etc will not agree with you… Read more »
Hi fact is Hindu literature is so massive and confusing that no one can derive exact meaning and Hindus are confused cult and like orphans. See You Say “All women are mothers” and later on prashant give explanation whcih is totally 20 lines. See this i basic problme u all… Read more »

@Najeeb/Nejjab/Hasn Khan/Hasan and all others
It looks like counter Taqiya from a frustrated patriot fed up seeing so much of Muslim appeasement, stupid caste system and growing MNCs.

Anyway, most of your points need serious discussions nationwide, specially among Sickulars, stupid defenders of anti Vedic caste system and youth.

Hi fact is Hindu literature is so massive and confusing that no one can derive exact meaning and Hindus are confused cult and like orphans. See You Say “All women are mothers” and later on prashant give explanation whcih is totally 20 lines. See this i basic problme u all… Read more »
Hi fact is Hindu literature is so massive and confusing that no one can derive exact meaning and Hindus are confused cult and like orphans. See You Say “All women are mothers” and later on prashant give explanation whcih is totally 20 lines. See this i basic problme u all… Read more »
What sort of comment is this?? You respect Gandhiji, and talk of slaughtering 5 cr Hindus!! You refer to India as BHARAT, agree that Islam is NOT the Best, and end your comment with vande matram,YET you insist on converting the nation and have MUGHALISTAN!! You said you respect Veda!!:… Read more »
नजीबुल्ला जी! एक से शादी करने के चक्कर में हर स्त्री को घूरने कि स्वतंत्रता चाहते है | और आपके यहाँ तो यह सुविधा चार चार बीवियों तक है, तो क्यूकिं शादी से पहले आपको तो पता ही नहीं कि चाचा की लड़की से होगी या ताऊ की लड़की से… Read more »

Veri good says sudha ji


@Sudha: Very Well Said.


dear brother mohammed, please check out the article on this website called ‘science in vedas’. i guarantee it will destroy you doubts and msconceptions.period


scientific mistake of vedas

Somnath Singh
Mohammad :- Don’t distort the meaning of Vedas in order to proof urself right and illogical !! YajurVeda 5:16 :- The earth full of grain , rich in cows , covered with grass and greenery so pleasing to man, this earth with all her creature held fast all round by… Read more »

Both these worlds, vishnu, hast thou stayed asunder, and firmly fixed the earth with pegs around it.”
(Yajur Ved… 5:16)


are you giving more than 2 links in your comment ?


If all women are my mother then whom to marry sudha ji.This sentence itself is wrong if all women are my mnother then u will not be produced and so do Agniveer.

That is why ISLAM is great.



Then do u want to marry 11 women?

“all women are my mother”..Is not indicating a Biological Motherhood..You BOOR..It simply says we should respect and care every woman as we would do for OUR Mother!..I am not a don’t start quibbling over the semantics..use your brain (Or rather find your Brain)! Islam is great? Goodness me! =====================… Read more »
Such a foolishness. The verse is in praise of the Women folk who have the quality of motherliness in them. don’t forget your mother was also a wife and your wife is also a mother! The quality of Motherhood of the women can be observed even by her Man n… Read more »

“Mathara Mupathya, susara Mupatithe, Puthrartheetha.
: Sagamarthi, Napathra loka, nasthee thath.
: Saravam paravo vindu ha, dasmath Puthrar tham.
: Matharam suransathee Rehathee”

” For the sake of a child one can enjoy his own sister or daughter, without any sin attached to it. ”

Agniveerji…Please clarify this. As I am disturbed by this claim.


Kindly let us know the reference of this mantra in Vedas. Just any Sanskrit text does not become Dharma.

@ Najeeb: Well even islam says that every man should respect women like a mother.. but.. in a slightly different a way only Mohammad can.. here’s a hadith from Prophetic hadiths, from the Website … its a genuine saudi arab website so u cannot cry.. this is wrong… Read more »

Please respect all religions. Please don’t write bad words others even if they speak bad about your religion. How you behave shows what you have learnt from your religion. Allah and Bhagwan are indifferent. Allah is not some other God. God is only One personality.

A brief discussion on a case of delusional thinking and/or hypocrisy: Vicjags seems to be in the habit of claiming imaginary victories. He claims a purported victory when there was none to be had. I do not remember eating my words. Wishful thinking and chest thumping at its best. Now,… Read more »
A brief observation on visual neglect and/or anterograde amnesia and its socio-religious implications: Vicjags probably suffers from the short-term memory loss syndrome (of Ghajini fame). He fails to recollect the “cheap character assassination tactics” employed by the Christian evangelists. It is interesting to note that Mac’s desperate attempts to link… Read more »

Why to marry ! Have a copy of Hadiths and enjoy Mother Aisha being fondled by paigambar saheb 😉

I happy Hindus have respect for Mother can have two meaning, a women as motherly form, my wife also mother of my children. A women as specifically mother, It takes some intelligent to understand this. We should see women in the motherly form which is natural and easy to respect,… Read more »
मुझे आपके मंतव्य से कोई विशेष मतभेद नहीं है वरन् उद्धृत वाक्यांश के ठीक ठीक अर्थ से ही प्रयोजन था | मुझे ठीक से स्मरण नहीं कि यह वाक्य कहाँ आया है परंतु ऐसा अनुमान है कि शायद मनुस्मृति का हो, वो भी गृहस्थ को उपदेश होना चहिये | क्योंकि… Read more »
नमस्ते विस्तार भय से विषय को संक्षेप में लिखना आवश्यक होता है. अतः श्लोकांश का अर्थ भी संक्षेप में लिखा गया था ताकि मूल भाव समझ आ जाये. पति-पत्नी के सम्बन्ध में अनेक आयाम होते हैं जिन्हें वेद विस्तार से बताते हैं. संतानोत्पत्ति गृहस्थ का विशेष कर्त्तव्य है. किन्तु स्त्री… Read more »
Yes, your hitting on a fundamental point. It is the one stick that every women has over every man, and women and most people admit to defeat to that one. So as mother, we must respect women. It is the fundamental. I know, I always admit defeat to this line… Read more »

“Matruvat Paradareshu – All woman are my mother.”

यहाँ “परदारेषु” का अग्निवीर द्वारा सारी स्त्रियाँ अर्थ सम्यक नहीं | किंतु अपनी पत्नी को छोड़कर अन्य सभी स्त्रियाँ मातृवत् है यह ठीक है, अन्यथा यहाँ “पर” शब्द व्यर्थ होगा |


Broadly speaking, you are correct. That is implied. However Vedas extol even couples to love each other as a cow loves its newborn calf. So respect for women as mother has a very generic application. It is not for specific persons but femininity in general.