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Oldest knowledge to humankind: Even the most skeptic researcher has found no credible evidence to date the Vedas. Whatever attempts made to prove Vedas to have an origin date are based merely on one or more of the following:

– World must have begun after Genesis as given by Bible. Hence Vedas must be later than that

– Man must have been primitive several thousand years ago. Hence Vedas must be later than that (The fact remains that despite so much of publicity everywhere, including text-books of children and students, there is not one single credible, authoritative evidence – be it in archaeology or otherwise – that can establish the fancy early-man theory and that of evolution of humans from apes from algae from dust etc. Similar is the hoax of Aryan Invasion Theory and that Vedas are compilations of songs sung by shepherds. We shall expose the truth of these fictions sometime later)

Note: It is a matter of grave concern that this theory of evolution has been imbibed in every human right from childhood despite it having no authenticity or scientific backing. This subconscious belief in humans being merely an evolved physiochemical reaction and nothing more, is single-most reason for all perverted behaviors we observe among us and others – criminal tendencies, lose morals, disbelief in ethics etc – in some way or other. Because if it is all a physiochemical reaction alone, how you explain something as Right or Wrong. (We shall discuss this in detail later)

– The language of different chapters of Vedas is different. Hence those portions must have been written during times when similar language is observed in other texts.

– Vedas contain a word which was used as synonym of Gold in recent times. Thus Vedas must have been written after that.

– Vedas contain word Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati. Hence they must have been written when Saraswati river existed. This is like saying Mahabharat must have been written recently because it contains mention of Arjun Singh and Lal Krishna Advani!

In summary, all the reasons provided to date Vedas are based on making the conclusion first (that Vedas are of recent origin) and then trying to cook up reasons. Similar to many corporates deciding to fix the profit numbers first and then preparing the accounts accordingly. The fact however remains that no one ever could date Vedas. All ancient most texts claim Vedas to be ever-present since inception.

Not one syllable can be altered from Vedas. The way the oldest knowledge of humankind has been preserved is such that even an alteration of one syllable, leave mantra or chapter, can be tracked. Please read http://agniveer.com/no-textual-corruption-in-vedas/ for more details.

Vedas contain no history. The words in Vedas are to be interpreted as per fundamental roots of words and not later-dated common usages. For example “Gau” in Vedas refers to “moveable” among other meanings and hence cannot be interpreted to be “cow” in all mantras. We shall discuss this aspect in detail soon.

Vedas contain all forms of fundamental knowledge – physics, chemistry, medicines, sociology, mathematics, theology, engineering etc etc.

Vedas are strongly against any discrimination based on caste, gender or birth. They strongly advocate meritocracy.

Vedas are strongly against any form of superstition, idol-worship or fatalism and advocate potential for free-will and extracting results through efforts.

Vedas describe no rituals or steps or images for worship. They provide the basic concepts that should logically form foundation of any worship.

Vedas respect all life-forms and are against any sort of killing for selfish desires. All those claims of Vedas containing beef-eating, animal sacrifices in Yajnas etc are blatant hoaxes propagated by semi-literate self-proclaimed scholars.

Vedas are written in Vedic Sanskrit (not conventional Sanskrit) which is mother of all languages of the world.

The Vedas are relevant to all geographies of world and all periods and not restricted to a particular geography or period like Quran or Bible.

Each mantra of Vedas can have several meanings – spiritual, social, physical etc. The interpretation of mantras requires contemplation, purity of mind and a yogic lifestyle as essential ingredients. Without that one can only be expected to misinterpret Vedas as exemplified by several meat-eating, alcohol consuming, lustful living, materialistic, egoist self-proclaimed Vedic scholars of modern times. More so because one cannot cook up meanings of Vedic mantras as per later-period usages and conventions.

The Vedic translations of almost all western scholars like Max Muller, Wilson, Griffith, Jones etc are simply trash items. One should be wary of using this junk for discovering Vedas.

We shall elaborate on each of these points in subsequent articles and provide a completely objective, rational, logical and scientific framework for discovering Vedas and transforming our lives in process.

Essence of Vedas – first book of world

Essence of Vedas – first book of world

Series: Religion of Humanity, Book 2
Genre: Religion

Must know startling facts about the Vedas – The Foundation of Hinduism! And first book of world.

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  • Look you tear down evolution , but Hindu stories from Manu the first human, to Garud the first bird, To the first snake, to the first whale descendent of cows are all mention in Hindu shastras.. Yes we have a different beliefs from Rishis, Bhrahma, or great souls such descents occurs, We do not believe in random evolution as propagated by science., but evolution that is planned by such great souls,As everyone has a common ancestor according to Hindu dharma that is Brahma., .So why not propagate Hindu views instead of propagating Western and Christian views and take the support of science that it is correct? Please give up your Western arrogance of superiority. I remember the tsunami in 2004 that wiped out hundred of thousands perhaps million only the animals with their natural instincts who were alert that a pending disaster was occurring and survived. Human arrogance being less technically advanced died none alerted to impeding danger.

  • I was wondering if there was anything in the Vedas that supports as some state ‘Guru is brahma, vishnu and maheshwara, he is the ultimate Brahmam itself. Or is this a fraud used by some cults to make certain human being more then they are? Please answer quickly as I am debating someone is there any reference in the Vedas for this?

  • I am a British national, I was brought – up in England. I should firstly inform you that you are absolutely right about the distorted and twisted minds of Westerners. I was born in India from Indian parents. However, I do not speak much Hindi and this is to my disadvantage but we are all on the same page here, so I’ll continue. I was raised at various boarding and day schools and left study early and started work at c. 15 y.o , I now realize
    at 58 y.o that it is most important that your mission to dispel the myths of so – called Western civilization and I must add here emphatically, White Supremacy ( Superiority ) is a highly just cause. It is a subject that I am also very aware of, as I have lived through it. However at this early stage I will try to be brief and to the point. There are many sources or resources available to you on the WWW. including Iskon and Youtube where you will be able to gather vast and compelling information about the Vedas, the Origin of Life, scientific evidence of the history of India and her unequalled Original culture. I am trying to write a book on this very subject myself as a legacy to India, so that her Citizens are not ridiculed by the Ignorance and Propaganda of the White Western Wilderness. Please read or obtain a book titled, ‘THE HOLY VEDAS. that may be of much use to you as it is to me ( when I can locate a copy ), Please also see ‘ARYAN HERITAGE” September 1992 issue, presented by Bhavesh Merja. It is the first article that puts some perspective on this issue and it is a very positive read. It is my belief at this time that Vedic Culture and History are so advanced and intellectual that they embarrass westerners so much that they are scared or in fear of a Morality and Code of ethics that by comparison to ANY other religion in the world, Hinduism/ Vedanta is the Original and Highest Teachings for
    All of Humanity given by our creator, God himself.

    I will close here in the hope that I have assisted you in some way. Good Luck

  • I came up to this page for some good info.. But i am horrified that you dismissed the fact about Evolution?? How can you do that. i mean, its really out of this world to say evolution is skeptic. There are n^n facts rotating around the theory of evolution. Why you don’t see that?
    And if in case you refute Theory of Evolution, what explanation do you give for the rich and wonderful nature species we see around? I am eager to know. thanks.

  • I came up to this page for some good info.. But i am horrified that you dismissed the fact about Evolution?? How can you do that. i mean, its really out of this world to say evolution is skeptic. There are n^n facts rotating around the theory of evolution. Why you don’t see that?
    And if in case you refute Theory of Evolution, what explanation do you give for the rich and wonderful nature species we see around? I am eager to know.

  • Satyen says dated 6th Dec 2010 “This period known as Mahachaturyug, is followed by pralaya when Brahma sleeps for a period of same length i.e. one Mahachaturyuga”

    Brahma is God , how can a God Sleep, while he is sleeping who is takign care? All you said may be correct, but sleeping of GoD, is silly. Secondly GOD is soem thing which cannot be compared to attributes of human, God is some thing unimaginable, its the power, so how can GOD have son, when human too have sons. what would you call the son og GOD, agian a GOD, so why you pray to son when you had access to his father. its human beings who gets old and dies and their kids take continues their work. so if the real one GOD is their and yet you pray and ask their sons meaning their sons r more powerful or they can influence or recommend their father. while god say all the humanity is his creation, so ask and pray me, its me who created you, if you say i have son then that son is also my creation. stop worshiping millions of god or their avtar

    • dear 1,who said being god could not sleep.even brahma has himself a life span of 100years of GOD’s that means even BRAHMA ‘ll die 1 day.pralaya is super natural and there ‘s also PARA BRAHMA .

  • Well Bhagavat gita itself can help us date .. from when bhagavatgita exists.

    Here is an excerpt : http://vedabase.net/bg/11/48/en

    “In the beginning of the millennium known as Tretā-yuga this science of the relationship with the Supreme was delivered by Vivasvān to Manu. Manu, being the father of mankind, gave it to his son Mahārāja Ikṣvāku, the king of this earth planet and forefather of the Raghu dynasty, in which Lord Rāmacandra appeared.” Therefore, Bhagavad-gītā existed in human society from the time of Mahārāja Ikṣvāku.
    At the present moment we have just passed through five thousand years of the Kali-yuga, which lasts 432,000 years. Before this there was Dvāpara-yuga (800,000 years), and before that there was Tretā-yuga (1,200,000 years). Thus, some 2,005,000 years ago, Manu spoke the Bhagavad-gītā to his disciple and son Mahārāja Ikṣvāku, the king of this planet earth. The age of the current Manu is calculated to last some 305,300,000 years, of which 120,400,000 have passed. Accepting that before the birth of Manu the Gītā was spoken by the Lord to His disciple the sun-god Vivasvān, a rough estimate is that the Gītā was spoken at least 120,400,000 years ago; and in human society it has been extant for two million years. It was respoken by the Lord again to Arjuna about five thousand years ago. That is the rough estimate of the history of the Gītā, according to the Gītā itself and according to the version of the speaker, Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa. It was spoken to the sun-god Vivasvān because he is also a kṣatriya and is the father of all kṣatriyas who are descendants of the sun-god, or the sūrya-vaḿśa kṣatriyas. Because Bhagavad-gītā is as good as the Vedas, being spoken by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, this knowledge is apauruṣeya, superhuman. Since the Vedic instructions are accepted as they are, without human interpretation, the Gītā must therefore be accepted without mundane interpretation. The mundane wranglers may speculate on the Gītā in their own ways, but that is not Bhagavad-gītā as it is. Therefore, Bhagavad-gītā has to be accepted as it is, from the disciplic succession, and it is described herein that the Lord spoke to the sun-god, the sun-god spoke to his son Manu and Manu spoke to his son Ikṣvāku.

      • It was Satyug/kratyug spanning 17,28,000 yrs. From the beginning of Satyug to the end of Kaliyug is known as a Chaturyug(meaning a set of these four yugas). One Chaturyug follows another in the same order until 1000 Chaturyugas have passed. This period known as Mahachaturyug, is followed by pralaya when Brahma sleeps for a period of same length i.e. one Mahachaturyuga.

        I would recommend you to read Mahabhagvat puran to know these things in detail.


  • Religion is a set of believe , Dharam is not a set of belief . Dharam is preset . The cycle of universe is preset . This working of universe is known as Dharam . He is not in us , we are in him . That is universe is not in us …we are in it . and it is our duty to be part of this cycle . We are born born with preset capability of [Karam] ….but during our life time we are conditioned with so many belief and we go against the nature …this is called Adharam . The vedas and others scriptures are all on this cosmic laws . All these are preset …that is why we say god words .
    [email protected]

  • Wonderful work as always.

    It’s awesome to read that the Vedas are going to get a proper English translation. There is a HUGE demand for it and it will REALLY help people all over the world to realise the Truth. I myself am waiting for a proper translation of the Vedas to read for myself.

    You’re doing a great service Agniveer. Thank you so much.


    In 1784, the famous Indologist Sir William Jones wrote the following letter to Sir Warren Hastings, Governor General of India, confirming our suspicions that this was indeed part of their program:

    “As to the general extension [spreading] of our pure faith [Christianity] in Hindoostan [India] there are at present many sad obstacles to it… We may assure ourselves, that Hindoos will never be converted by any mission from the church of Rome, or from any other church; and the only human mode, perhaps, of causing so great a revolution, will be to translate into Sanscrit… such chapters of the Prophets, particularly of ISAIAH, as are indisputably evangelical, together with one of the gospels, and a plain prefatory discourse, containing full evidence of the very distant ages, in which the predictions themselves, and the history of the Divine Person (Jesus) is predicted, were severally made public and then quietly to disperse the work among the well-educated natives.” (Asiatic Researches Vol. 1. Published 1979, pages 234-235. First published 1788).

  • Bro…is there any website where i can get correct translation of Vedas which are mentioned properly according to Book no. and hymn no. ??

    • Einstein said,”The writing of a writer depends on his education, his bringing up, his conditioning, the era he was living in, his experience s etc etc. But the impression it makes on the reader, in turn depends on readers education. …………etc etc.
      Now, will someone explain, we didn’t have the know how to write Vedas, when they were composed, how can we claim we knew about mystery of life or universe?

    • @Sunny
      I dont have that brother. I suggest you to learn Sanskrit if you are really keen to work on it or ask any Sanskrit scholar to help you if you are interested in some specific portions of it.


      • I would love to learn it but i am living in Australia….so can’t get Sanskrit here… 🙁

    • @Sunny Chawla
      Brother, fools like Zakir Naik are abundant in every community. The writer of that article forgot that Guru Nanak Ji was the greatest criticizer of prophet hood and incarnation of God of his time! And the second proof in that article is claimed to be from Vedas but reference is not given! In fact its language is not even Sanskrit! So please dont give importance to such baseless claims. Such articles can however be read when you need some laughter!

      Vedas dont contain any history. Please read Satyarth Prakash by Swami Dayanand and know the true Vedic Dharm.

      • oh…okkk…
        Yeah that’s what i was wondering about…
        the words didn’t appear like from sanskrit…and it was written there that God will incarnate as Guru Nanak….So I got confused…
        thanx for the information bro…!!!!

  • Agniveer Ji ….
    where can i get the real Vedas and their correct translation ?
    coz there r lots of websites which talk about caste system, animal sacrifice, many gods etc. etc. in Vedas ..

  • Respected Agniveer Sir,

    Sir, your doing an excellent job so far, it is shamefull for any hindu if he she has not read the vedas, but I dont blame them too since vedas require so much understanding to read them. My request is that either you or other Arya Samajis publish Vedas in english along with their mantra meanings so everyone in the world can read them, this way people will gain interest in Vedas and will love to learn sanskrit and read them in original context. The problem is that the only english Vedas we have are the ones from western idologists, so me and hopefully many others out there will continue to support you.

    • I agree that Vedas in English is very imminent. I went through some of the existing versions and found none to be very authentic. It seems that this has to be done from scratch from available translations in Hindi and Sanskrit. Vedas have around 20,000 mantras so this would be a long task requiring involving of many experts. Some would translate, others would edit and another group will assess whether it is as per Vedic ideology. Yajurveda with 1975 mantras can be the first one to begin the process. Support from all quarters would be welcome. Dhanyavad

  • ///The Vedic translations of almost all western scholars like Max Muller, Wilson, Griffith, Jones etc are simply trash items. One should be wary of using this junk for discovering Vedas.///

    This is very true !

  • I appriciate your thinking ,99% pepole do not know about india,who can they know about vedas.? it is not possible to open any institution or course for education for vedas because it is not just a text of four books. Vedas means the knoledge , knoledge of every thing that exist in this universe and to understand vedas there are very few people in india who deserve to be tought vedas.

  • Hi
    I’m an Indian Christian and I do not believe that everything the western historians have said about our Indian history is true. For eg, I do not believe that Aryans were western or whatever by origin…I think they were Indians and that we all descend from them. The problem is that most of us do not know anything about the vedas. there should be some institution or course where a person can get unbiased education on the Vedas. I think that the Indian archaeologists and researchers should take more interest in all of this and should be given more support, encouragement and importance by the government for it. I mean just look at how much publicity the Egyptian civilization gets and we have the Indus valley and Harrappa but it’s not the same for them. How sad it is. Why are the sites not more publicised for tourists? are they well taken care of? and where are they? we have a VERY rich heritage and we need to acknowledge it and celebrate it.

    • Hi Mahima,
      I am highly delighted with your thoughts. I think in our country religions are used to divide the people and rule them. When I experienced this and there after I started saying humanity is my religion which follows Vedik culture. I proudly say my cast is science. I am prof. of Physics, during my lecture many times I tell this thing to our students. I fully agree with you that there must be some institution where students from all creeds irrespective of religion and having respect about this should be admitted. Charity begins at home, keeping this in mind I developed good library where I kept all books on Vedas, Upnishadas, puranass etc having there translations in Marathi. I always appeal to the student to take advantage. I am also going to start its study.

      • I would be happy to know, the address of library where you collected all these, indeed I don’t know anything about them but I have much pasion for learning them.. I am done reading translations it bores me.. and I don’t know sanskrit (I can read & write hindi).. I am from Andra Pradesh, I am associated with Niveditha Nilayam (Paunar, Wardha) (Vinibha Bhave Ashram)… I visit Sevagram often, I would like to come to your collection when it is conviniet for me…

        Thank You,
        Vivekananda Inspired

      • Thanks Madhukar and Mahima for bringing importance of Vedic education. I am a conservation biologist and I found every elements of biology can be found through the study of Veda. Valuing animals, reptiles and every living being in this universe gives immense knowledge to live human a sustained life maintaining people’s intact health and wellness. All Upanishads provides profound knowledge base where we can bring tons of knowledge that help making this world a better place by reducing atmospheric carbon and removing doubt of climate change impact. However, I do not find any educational institute or conservation organization has given any serious thought in this. Is there any institute in India where we can learn Veda and Upanishads and its connection to modern science? Would love to know more and highly interested to develop courses along this line. .

    • Dear Mahima ji,


      You are the true Indian, I express my deep sense of gratitude and sincere thanks for your concern regarding Vedas, which are meant for mankind and Seekers of Truth. May God bless you. Once again thanks for yours courtesy.