In this article, we shall briefly discuss the origin of Vedas. With this article, we begin a series to understand the Vedic framework – origin, definition, content, concepts etc. The series would be based on works of our great scholars from dawn of civilization to recent times. All conclusions shall be made after thorough analysis. We may skip certain details for sake of readability. The articles largely follow the structure laid in Introduction to Vedas (Rigvedadibhashyabhumika) by Swami Dayanand Saraswati and readers are advised to read this book for further details.

The only promise that can be made about this series is that one who carefully reads this, shall never ever face any depression or helplessness in life, shall be in a position to live life more blissfully and meaningfully, and contribute utmost for defense of truth and Dharma.

Origin of Vedas

Note: This chapter assumes reader to be a theist. Atheism has been rejected in previous article and we shall do a more comprehensive rejection later.

Yajurved 31.7 clearly states that Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda were originated from Him – the ultimate Ishwar who is omnipresent.

Atharvaveda 10.7.20 reiterates the same essence beautifully. It says that Rik, Yajuh, Sama and Atharva originated from the ultimate Ishwar. It asks “Which deva (provider ofbliss/knowledge) gave the Vedas?” And answers that the One who is controlling and maintaining the entire universe is the creator of Vedas. Atharva is like the mouth of that Ishwar, Samaveda is like the hair on the skin, Yajurveda is akin to the heart and Rigveda is the Prana or source.

Shatpath Brahman states that Ishwar, who is present even beyond the Akash/Sky created the Vedas. The way breath goes out of body and then comes in, during inception of creation, Ishwar creates the Vedas and illuminates the world, and in the phase of dissolution (Pralay), Vedas no more remain in world. However just as a sapling remains inside the seed, Vedas still remain in knowledge of Ishwar, unchanged.

Shankaracharya writes in commentary on Geeta 3.15 that Vedas are actually never created or destroyed. They merely get illuminated and de-illuminated but remain in Ishwar.

Rigveda 10.190.3 states that the creation remains same in all cycles and hence even the constitution of the creation – the Vedas – also remain exactly the same.

Doubt: When Ishwar is shapeless, how did He create the Vedas?

Ishwar does not need physical organs like humans to perform His tasks. Such limitations do not exist in case of Ishwar. Vedas describe Ishwar as possessor of infinite limbs and mouths. It implies that Ishwar can perform all His functions without recourse to physical organs or support of anyone else. When Ishwar can create such a magnificent world, why should one doubt His capability to create Vedas!

Essence of Vedas – first book of world

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Shwatashwataropanishad 3.19 states that he holds everyone even though He has no hands and legs!

Doubt: No soul can create the world, but they can definitely create books of grammar and other fields of knowledge. Why then is Ishwar necessary to create the Vedas?

The knowledge possessed by humans is dependent. It needs training and dissemination of knowledge to further research and discover new knowledge. If you keep a person isolated in jungle since birth, he or she would be unable to learn the ways of humans even a bit. Even today we find many tribes in jungles who live like animals. Similarly knowledge is necessary at inception for humans to possess the capability to discover new knowledge or create books.

Doubt: Ishwar has gifted humans with basic knowledge or natural instincts. This is superior to all texts because only through this we understand anything. So with progress of this knowledge, why should people not be able to design Vedas. Why should then we consider Vedas to be originated from Ishwar?

1. Was natural instinct not available with junglee tribes and child born and brought up in isolation? Why could not they turn scholars? Why chimpanzees fail to evolve and learn over centuries. Why insects continue to commit suicide in light and not learn from it?

2. Even language originates from Vedas. In absence of belief in Vedas, origin of language also remains a mystery for modern superstitious scientists!

3. Even we learn because we go to schools or receive lessons from our mentors. How could then people during early ages learn so much as to draft Vedas that contain such a huge number of mantras, in a language that is more encompassing than any later language, covers such a wide number of topics, contains such fine thoughts that surpass any text of later era, and is preserved in such a manner through Paatha and Maatra method that change of even a single syllable is not possible!

4. What is claimed to be basic knowledge is merely sufficient to allow us to learn more complex knowledge and  not create new knowledge out of nothingness. Just as eye is capable to see only when linked with mind and mind can function only when linked with soul, similarly basic knowledge or natural instinct is capable only to lead us to higher sources of knowledge and not to discover knowledge of Dharma, Artha, Karma and Moksha (Duties, Purpose, Desire and Salvation).

5. That is why initial knowledge from Ishwar is necessary to kickstart the process of knowledge assimilation. Yogadarshan 1.26 states that He is the teacher of the oldest teachers and is unhindered by time. Kumarilbhatta writes in his treatise on Meemansa that Vedas are Apaurusheya (not created by humans) because no one knows their creators. Sankhya 5.6 states the same. Sayana also reiterates the same opinion.

Doubt: What was the purpose of Ishwar in creating the Vedas?

1. Let me counter-question: What was the purpose of Ishwar in not creating the Vedas?

2.  Ishwar has infinite knowledge and He is benevolent. Now knowledge is the most valuable attribute to possess. So unless Ishwar illuminates us with His knowledge, He does not remain benevolent. Ishwar justifies his attributes only by illuminating us with His knowledge – the knowledge of Vedas.

3. Ishwar is like our parents. He loves us and wants us to be blissful. Thus He has gifted us with knowledge of Vedas so that we can use this knowledge to maximize our bliss. Had Ishwar not blessed us with this knowledge, purpose of creation would have defeated. Everything else in the world makes sense only when we possess the knowledge to utilize them for our ultimate objective of maximizing bliss.

4. Knowledge is more bliss-producing than all the wonders of creation. And when Ishwar has gifted us with such wonderful gifts of creation, why would He keep Vedas to Himself and defeat His very purpose of creation, as well as His core attribute of benevolence.

And such is this knowledge, unlike Bible, Quran and Purans, that WD Brown wrote in “Superiority of Vedic Religion” that ” Vedic religion is thoroughly scientific where science and religion meet hand in hand . Here theology is based on science and philosophy.”

In “The Bible in India” by L Jacoliot, it is stated that ” Veda, of all revelations, is the only one whose ideas are in perfect harmony with modern science.” Huge number of other scientists who scratched the surface of Vedas share such views.

Doubt: How did Ishwar arrange for pen, ink and paper to write Vedas in inception of creation?

1. This is a most stupid doubt. As discussed earlier, when Ishwar can create universe without any additional tools, why  should He be unable to create Vedas?

2. Ishwar did not illuminate Vedas by publishing them in beginning of civilization. He illuminated the minds of noble Rishis – Agni, Vayu, Aditya and Angira during inception of civilization. Shatpath Brahman elaborates this. These Rishis in their state of meditation receive the knowledge of Vedas and they adopt it in same manner as a toy moves when its button is pressed – in exactly the manner it is supposed to move!

Doubt: Agni, Vayu, Aditya appear to be name of inanimate objects Fire, Air and Sun.

This doubt is again baseless. Knowledge cannot be acquired by inert matter. If someone says, Court has issued summon, it does not mean the building of court has issued summon. It means that the people working in court have issued the summon. Similarly, knowledge can be acquired only by humans.

Doubt: Ishwar may have given them knowledge and they then created Vedas with this knowledge

Yet another baseless doubt. When knowledge is sourced from Ishwar, then Vedas created by Rishis are also sourced from Ishwar. Why would Rishis add their own masala for distortion when they have the knowledge of Ishwar in pure form?

Doubt: If Ishwar is Just, why did He not illuminate everyone’s mind with Vedas and chose only four among them? Hence Ishwar is biased.

The choice of only four Rishis confirms that Ishwar is just. Because justice implies meritocracy – rewarding one as per his or her deeds. So Ishwar chose the most meritorious among them for dissemination and further propagation of Vedas as per their past deeds. Rigveda 10.71.7 states that though all possess eyes and ears but intellect differs among humans.

Doubt: But we are talking of inception of creation. How can we talk of past deeds then?

Creation and Dissolution is a continuous cycle without beginning or end. During beginning of creation, souls take birth as per their deeds in previous creation. Never is the account of past deeds, completely vacant in this process.

Doubt: Why is Ishwar anti-women? Why did He not choose women for dissemination of Vedas?

Soul has no gender. Ishwar gave Rishis the body of men during inception of civilization because a male is more suited for propagation of knowledge among rest of the people who are thriving only through their natural instincts. A male is more suited to tame such uncivilized people. However in later phase, many women also became Rishis who discovered new meanings of these Vedic mantras.

Doubt: Are Chhandas like Gayatri also created by Ishwar?

Yes, when Ishwar has infinite capabilities, why doubt this one?

Doubt: Brahma created Vedas from his four mouths and Ved Vyas later compiled them in written form and divided in four parts- we hear this in history.

This theory has no basis. No authoritative text mentions this. This theory is propounded in Purans which are much later dated and full of blatant discrepancies. Some people believe Purans to be perfect and derived from Ishwar. But this claim is only as true as the claim of Quran and Bible hailing from Ishwar.

The fact is that Brahma learned the four Vedas from these Rishis. Brahma was a person with one head, two hands and two legs and not the caricature as represented in false Purans. Ved Vyas was commentator of Yoga Darshan and writer of Mahabharat. Nowhere except in Purans we find the theory of Ved Vyas being writer of four Vedas. And if these Purans have to be believed, we shall also have to believe in false stories of Jesus, Muhammad, Victoria etc, condemnation of women, denigration of our role models like Ram and Krishna and other foolishness that we accuse Bible and Quran to also contain. Further there is no foolproof mechanism to claim that the books we call Purans today are authentic. This prerogative or litmus test of authenticity is passed only by Vedas.

If Vedas were one in inception and later divided into four parts by Veda Vyas, then no text prior to Veda Vyas should refer to Vedas in plural. Also names of four Vedas should not be present. But if we look at actual references, this does not hold true and hence Vedas have been four from inception.

To cite references, please see the following for usage of Vedas in plural or name of more than one Vedas:

Atharva 4.36.6, Atharva 19.9.12, Rig 10.90.9, Yajur 31.7, Atharva 16.6.13, Yajur 34.5, Atharva 10.7.20, Yajur 18.29, Yajur 36.1, Yajur 12.4, Shatpath, Taittriya Samhita, Maitrayani Samhita 16.8, Shankhayan Grihya Sutra 1.22.15, Yajur 10.67, Atharva 11.7.14, Atharva 15.6.7-8, Atharva 12.1.38, Atharva 11.7.24, Rig 4.58.3, Yajur 17.61, Gopath Brahman 1.13, Shatpath, Brihad Upanishad 3.4.10, Aitareya Brahman 25.7, Gopath 3.1 etc.

Such references also come in Upanishads, Manu Smriti, Mahabharat, Sarvanukramani, Ramayan and many other texts.

In fact, the fact that Mahabharat is said to be fifth Veda by many Pundits implies that Vedas were originally four. Also Ayurveda, Dhanurveda, Gandharvaveda and Arthaveda are called Upaveda. This also implies that Vedas are four in number.

Doubt: In Veda Samhitas, we find names of Rishis before each Sukta or Chapter. They must have written those verses

1. These are names of Rishis who researched on particular verses of Vedas. Many verses have large number of Rishis.

2. Brahma was born long before Vyas, Madhuchhanda and other Rishis. When Brahma studied Vedas from original four Rishis, as explained even in Manu Smriti, there is no doubt that Vedas existed long before these Rishis.

We shall scrutinize this false allegation in greater depth in a subsequent post.

Doubt: Why we find two names to denote knowledge of Ishwar – Veda and Shruti?

Veda is derived from Vid root. Vid means knowledge as in Vidya, or existing as in Vidyamaan, or benefit or thought. Shruti is derived from “Shru” root meaning “to listen”. Since by studying them we get knowledge, understand truth, derive benefits and can become thinkers, they are called Vedas. And since we have been listening to this knowledge from inception of civilization and none ever saw the originator (since He is shapeless), they are called Shruti.

Doubt: How old are Vedas?

As per the details of texts like Surya Siddhanta and traditions throughout India, Vedas are supposed to around 1.97 billion years old. Scholars have debates over whether this period refers to time of origin of earth or humans and it remains a topic of research. However in India, whenever a Yajna happens, people call out in detail the time since origin in units of Manvantar, Yuga and Year. This calculation is same across all parts of India.

Doubt:What about works of Wilson and Max Muller who claim Vedas to be 2000-3000 years old?

They were rogue Christian missionaries with no knowledge of Sanskrit or Indian culture who came with purpose of destroying Indian culture. They have been quite successful in their designs and performing their duties for which they were paid by British. But unfortunately, their crazy theories have no basis whatsoever. There is no logical or rational foundation of their claims but they are parroted by communists and missionaries because they thrive on denigrating the foundations of our culture. Vedas existed since inception of civilization and shall remain till dissolution of creation 2.33 billion years from now.

This article is also available in Gujrati at and in Hindi at

Essence of Vedas – first book of world

Series: Religion of Humanity, Book 2
Genre: Religion
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So if the vedas were a few billion years old, how would they have been written? Are you telling that people knew how to write even before they learnt how to speak? Or that people knew how to speak at the time of their origin?


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please to be answering my query agniveer bhaisaab….

dear agniveer, I understand veda is the root knowledge that was provided by ishwar at the commencement of humanity, but I am surprised that swami dayanand wrote it in satyarth prakash that life exists on ALL planets?? we have not found any life on the moon or mars as yet… Read more »
Akshay Shetty
You lost me here, “Note: This chapter assumes reader to be a theist. Atheism has been rejected in previous article and we shall do a more comprehensive rejection later.” So you want your readers to be closed the questioning and challenging what you have written. Very convenient. Read the whole… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
No, We don’t want anyone to be closed to questioning. Its just that this article has been targeted towards a specific audience group – the theists. This article does not aim to give “proofs”. I don’t think anyone can do that for anything relating to ancient history. The fact remains… Read more »
Santosh Singh
I think, Vaidic Thought is the right word,some one said that we must interpret any work from the prism of vaidic thought. Also, there is a tendency to get stuck or to defend one against other so intensively that one may end up getting sidetracked. i am specifically referring to… Read more »

I Have found the study of Vedas very interesting, their origin, their meaning etc.
Another interesting thing is the familiarity of the concept of God Om is the creation and Guru Nanak
only put ‘ONE’ in front of it ‘Ek’ meaning that there is only ONE creator.


Why Veda’s knowledge is not spread to the whole world?
Why it is ristricted to only few people of the world?
How relevent in this modern world?
What message it spread the world?

Big Dipper
@ muralimr, Who said that Vedic knowledge didn’t spread to the whole world/it is restricted to few people/not relevant in the modern world, etc.? Are we descendants of cavemen? What about the history of the world and it’s inhabitants 5,000 years back? Did the world start as mentioned in books… Read more »
srinivasan. j
hello mr. agniveer, am srinivasan.. i read your article fully and was very happy that finally the history and origin of veda is being factually portrayed in a reasonable and understandable manner.. i thank you so much for doing this.. i also wanted to introduce myself and my profile to… Read more »
And Brother, I will give a Dummy E-Mail id. Just send a mail to that from your id. I will disclose my original E-Mail id. This is because You Can see evil lurking in this site ,or for that matter any Site which promotes the Vedas. We could seriously Join… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

Aditya. Dont use this email id. Remove it. Simply go to and fill the form.


Great !! I am an 18 year old guy pursuing CA IPCC .
Considering your name I guess You are From Tamil Nadu . I am from Chennai .
If possible we can join Hands make your Dream Come true and enlighten me more on Vedas.

srinivasan. j
Hello adhitya, am so very excited to hear that you are interested in vedas.. Am also residing at chennai only.. Teaching and chanting veda is my passion, hobby and my life.. and i am ready to anything for the betterment of vedas.. we should definitely join hands together and spread… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

This is very noble thought. You can mail us via Contact Form for offline discussions.

“OM” Dear friend , I m mechanical engineer . I am working on the project “science in Veda ” . m working on the flying technology in Veda .. but now I need a plate form to publish my work and need help to create that planes called Vimana again… Read more »

i have a question why did ishwar reveal the vedas as 4 why not one book?

jai shankar
islam ki original teaching kho gai hai .thodi thodi ved ke vichar jaha nirgun,shunya,koi aakar nahi ,koi sathidar nahi,keval wo hi hai, ye teaching corrupt ho gai hai.kyo ki har bachha hindu paida hota hai.kaise suno. Jab baccha ma ke pet me hota hai tab uske chitta par koi akar… Read more »
allah to ek atankvadi hai isliye usse darna padta hai vah kab kya kar baithe kuch nahi kaha ja sakta ? vah ek tanashah ki tarah kam karta hai vah ek krodhi hai bahut jaldi naraz ho jata hai , au rbahut jaldi khush bhi ho jata hai ! bas… Read more »
jai shankar
@truth seekar,Sabse pahle ye baat samaj lo ki tum dar ke karan dharm ko mante liye tume sab jagah dar dikhta.jaha shanti aur khamoshi hai vaha tum dar dekh rahe ho.tum ko to dar hi dar chaya hua hai.pahle apne man se dar ko nikalo fir dekho.allah me tum… Read more »
Truth Seeker

@Agniveer Sir,
Please stop fake commenting. Someone, follower of rapist, pedophilia, child abuser prophet is commenting from my name.

Truth Seeker

@Agniveer ji, pleaes make it close account because any body can have any id for him like i have Truth Seeker because i like Truth Seeker name/id but a TS must be truth acceptor not truth rejectr after seeing and knowing the truth.

jai shankar
islam jo hai wo bahut hi low level ka darja rakhta hai.uske karan wo bhudhimani se nahi panpa balki swords ke karan takat ke karan panpa.ab ki jab kuch kuch log budhiman ho rahe hai,unko khud ye pata chal raha hai ki islam kitna sach hai.Par wo inkar bhi nahi… Read more »
Truth Seeker
@Jai, aap jaise logon ne hindu dharam ka swaroop bigar diya hai, hindu dharam mein to har taraf dar hi dar hai? kiya aapne kali maan ka rodra roop nahi dekha hai? agar kali billi rasta kaat jai to dar, agar koi mannat mano aur kanwar na lekar jao to… Read more »
Truth Seeker
@Muslims ________agar kali billi rasta kaat jai to dar, agar koi mannat mano aur kanwar na lekar jao to darr, __________ Tum apni satvi shatabdi ki jahil mansikta se kab bahar nikloge. Vedo kaha likha hai ye sab. Agar murti ke samne sir jhukaya to Allah bahut marega. Agar prophet… Read more »
Karma based reincarnation in the Vedas: “O soul, God grants for thy bodies in different births, according to thy DEEDS a happy or unhappy place on this earth. May radiant beams prove helpful to thee!” (Chapter 35, verse 2) Translated by Devi Chand M.A. – This is very clear that… Read more »

kiya koi is website ko visit kar sakta hai? islam……hinduism……com

satyakijai / truth seeker
satyakijai / truth seeker

iss website ne mujhe bahut bar ban kiya hai. Jab iski himmat hi nahi hai answer dene ki to comment section ka labh kiya. bas saudi arab se jo dollers aa rahe hai uski khatir formally rup se ye website chala rakhi hai.


truth seeker ji woh website mushafiq sultan chala raha hai , jo hinduon ko abusive language use karta hai , woh chua pakistani aur saudi arab ke pairon per bait ke yeh website chala raha hai

Ravinder Nath Watts
Agniveer starts siscussions and instead of focusisng on the core some of readers start satisfying their ego or stay away from the topic and the very point which was started is betrayed and I found lot of bickering and indulgence of those people who have nothing to do with Vedas… Read more »

sir, if God is omnipresent i.e. everywhere, He must be in humanbody too. so why a part of God (in human body) should worship to another part of God (in idol)???????????????????????????? pl guide me!

Who says one should worship idol? The issue is that should those who do so be punished? If God is all-powerful, what business do you and me have to suppress freedom of those who worship idols? And why should all-powerful God send Prophet 1400 years ago and not directly send… Read more »

Simply hats off to your work. Regards

Truth Seeker

@Agniveer/Vedic Scholar
Rigved Mantra 6/50/14 states God never takes birth & here is word (Ek paat) in Shlok which meaning “whose one ‘paad’ in world”. What is meaning of paad/paat here please explain it.comment image
Shlok below on the page

Namaste Truth Seeker Paat here means “portion”. It does not mean physical foot. In Yogdarshan too, Paat/Paad refers to portion/section/chapter and not foot. So the essence of the Mantra is that Eeshvar is present everywhere including earth. It is His small portion that pervades this earth and rest pervades rest… Read more »

Namaste Agniveer Ji

This Mushafiq Sultan has posted an article ‘Origin of Vedas’ on his website. He is making some strange claims. Please have a look and respond to it.

That Mushafiq is a confused being. He hates Agniveer and is punishing Vedas. He has only misunderstood Vedas. The knowledge of GOD was revealed to ancient saints who shared them. These views were known as Shruti gyaan – listened knowledge. This does not imply that saints created them. Relativity existed… Read more »
I agree about the Max muller part. Whole theory they propagte was to validate Bible and lower status of Hindiuism and Vedas. There whole theory of Aryan invasion has fall flat now with new discoveries and how they had done wrong translation of sanskrit. To write sanskrit word in English… Read more »
please could you let me have your website address as I am very much interested to explore,understand the hindu holy scriptures (vedas and others ). I am a hindu ,born in Mauritius but live in UK. My origin and roots is from Jodhpur . I need to impart some of… Read more »

i am a big fan of indian agnostic! Brother u r amazing..

indian agnostic

Namste Sarang Ji

and i am big fan of yours! a Very Happy Republic Day to you and all my indian brothers and sisters

Jai Hind




Namaste Agniveer ,
which slok of vedas says that humans were born from earth….which slok support creation and refute evolution….which slok says about that there will be fourteen manvantar of 4 billion years……….


I am not so knowledgable as you all but gained alot from thsi discussion . Thanks all barring @rubul


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@Shreyas Namaste Brother, Since I am unable to comment on the biological reasons behind evolution due to no knowledge of Bio science, I would restrict myself to the philosophy only. I would like you to answer the following in the light of evolution 1. What is life/consciousness? 2. How was… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
Shreyas Brother some counter doubts from my side 1) Fossil records of thousands of species (including species such as the archeopteryx which is considered to be the link between reptiles and birds). Ever heard of the cambrian eplosion : read on 2) Vestigial organs of living creatures (pythons for… Read more »
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[…] have already discussed this doubt in article on Origin of Vedas. We deduced that no species or even tribes in jungles or an isolated child can enhance knowledge […]

thank you arya, so what i am really asking is that will these technological devices be there at our disposal as soon as the earth is created? or will humans have to again have to go through a sort of evolution before we acheive the different forms of technology that… Read more »
@da Knowledge of Vedas is given at the time of inception of human life. This knowledge works as seed and when the scholars called Rishis meditate and desire to gain knowledge, this seed starts turning into tree. And the fruits of that tree are nothing but scientific inventions and social… Read more »
hi agniveer or arya, i have to ask you with regards to the cosmic dissolution and when it happens and then the earth and everything is recreated afresh, is it true that any scientific and technological advances that we may have made, i.e satellites in space or computers, then we… Read more »
Namaste da, All the scientific advancements are the result of progressive nature of humans. So no doubt, whenever there will be humans, there will be progress. However the devices may differ in their construction and modus operandi in different times. May be people of some era will not call their… Read more »
Namaste Agniveer ji, I am a vivid reader of your blog posts and youtube videos. I truly believe in vedas and vedic culture and follow it everyday. There are some questions which babbles me when it comes to the point of the eternal nature of vedas.. may be because i… Read more »
@Smita Namaste sister, I try to give you the answers to the questions with my limited intellect. 1. Animals possess same level of intellect as the kids possess. So, humans are instructed in Vedas to take care of them as their own kids. This is how Vedas are applied on… Read more »
the satya prakash book is great it answers alot of questions but not all also on the quran some of verse numbers are incorrect the context is correct but the number written where the verse can be found is not accurate like one verse says quran says 20 but really… Read more »

@hinduagnostic : the qurans in india at that point in time when the book was written would have the sequence as mentioned in satyarth prakash, and as you said, only the aayah number is not right but the aayah does exist.


yes but you have to find the verse its not exactly where it says in the book

i have not published the above site. eight years i found out the truth of solar system and blackhole. unfortunately i could not publish the same. afterwards what i understood, whatever i found is written in vedas. they have mathematically presented the same in slokas. due to ignorance no body… Read more »

You presented the wrong example
There is proof, by measuring the volumes before and after.
Try putting a plant in a room without CO2 and observe if it grows or not.

Agniveer Ji, Excellent. My doubt is why even work classes like Brahama, Kshatriya, Vyashya , Kshudra. Kshudra have been preached to serve for above three class personnel in Bhagvad Geeta also. This might maligned by Brahamins for their wasted intrested. Pls clarify here we face difficulty that this is beginning… Read more »
Proud to be a Kafir
@ads_pnvl This is mere terminology used as per the nature of work. Say, for example in one firm we have peons to clerks to scientists to managers to ceo. Everybody has a well defined job. This is just the classification as per the qualification and nature of job. Unfortunately what… Read more »

hello people visit this website… agniveer ji..why are deleting my comments. are you so ashamed of ur religion that u dnt want to post my commnts


How would you like it if I put Randi MooHamHead as my username? Rofl


U r comments are being deleted coz filth has no place here. By the way, what caused this deranged mentality? The quran perhaps, it does have a bastardizing effect on its reader. So, please read quran with extreme caution.

Using these kind of names to abuse our great historic personalities proves that u are a coward. U know u cannot debate us so that is why u show such languages. By the way tell ur prophet zakir naik, if hes the last, im not sure how many prophets do… Read more »
We know that you are among those cowards, who saw their mothers and sisters raped by Arabs but did not do anything except accepting the coward cult of Arabs. In this manner, you feel proud to be called as rapist of your own mothers and sisters. So, insult your ancestors… Read more »
Proud to be a Kafir

The name that u've chose to comment shows us the teaching of quran and preachings of muhammad. I understand that in islam women are merely treated that way if we go by the verses of quran

1. The difference between Geeta, Upanishads etc and Vedas is that only Vedas have a fail-safe mechanism to prevent even minutest adulterations. Further all texts- Ramayan, Mahabharat, new Purans, Brahmans, Upanishads etc claim that Vedas alone is ultimate truth and rest are human creations. So Vedas cannot be mythology –… Read more »
1. We do not know who wrote the Vedas except that they were always present how so much farther in time we look. Further, all leading texts attribute them to Ishwar. Also there is a mechanism that nothing can change in them. Finally, they contain tremendous amount of knowledge, contrary… Read more »
Here u r Arya, at the main point! Finally there is one who ask the main reason for not being with agniveer. !!!!But pls agniveer delete this post as soon as u read this as i have not found the delete link here!!!! By religion i m hindu and I… Read more »
@Rubul Nobody is going to delete your comment. I request Agniveer team to keep your comments as it is so that people can see Jaichand of today. If you think this is an anti islamic site then never visit it again. This is a pro rational forum, on which we… Read more »
Proud to be a Kafir
@Rubul 1.Mian Ji, Its understood that those who belive in FyaKun, crying of stone or breakin of moon can't grasp anything logical. 2.Yes indeed followers of quran can only relate their myth-ological stories like muhammad going to meet allah on a donkey, talking 2 him thru curtains, urging him 2… Read more »
So which author wrote vedas???? Thus vedas are not mythological???? Which scientist has proven the vedas theory????? Why not this vedas are taught by the NCERT forget abt Madrasa and who is this chinki FyaKun???? Why u people are trying to recreate arya samaj or sanatan dharm by abusing other… Read more »
@Rubul Why are you hiding your identity and beliefs? Dont attack like cowards, first tell us which religion/ideology do you follow and then we can have a comparison between your belief and Vedas. Your queries/allegations will be answered when you will introduce yourself. But tell us one thing, there are… Read more »

Namaste Agniveer ,
which slok of vedas says that humans were born from earth….which slok support creation and refute evolution….which slok says about that there will be fourteen manvantar of 4 billion years……….


Agniveer , please reply something…..

Indian Agnostic
Namaste Krishna Swami Ramswarup Ji has expounded on this with references from Vedas. i quote him here: Everybody is free to tell anything. And it is not bad because through this a path is held to discuss the truth. Ancient Rishis always used to talk based on Vedas only. Yajurveda… Read more »
i am not asking from whom vedas were revealed..i was asking for slok which tells about that many humans were born , this universe will be of 14 manvantar and of 4 billion years,about satyug will be of these 1,728,000 much years,treta will be of etc etc and which slok… Read more »
Indian Agnostic

on Yuga calculations here’s a little help

read Atharva Veda book 8 , hymn 2:21

if you get this one, i will share more 🙂

kindly also explain your intent in knowing this ‘conceptual’ information from Vedas alone

i dont have any bad intentions..i was wondering how these much years came to be known…..Humans need instructions so to start at first…Hence something must be there in vedas on these things….So if you know please elabarote and write those verses……..It will be wonderful to refute Darwin theory….I really need… Read more »
Namaste Krishna Brother Indian Agnostic has already provided us the Mantra which talks about the age of Srishti, which is 4.2 Billion years. Swami Dayanand has given two references about many humans in starting from Upanishad and Brahman of Yajurved, i.e. Shatpath Brahman 1. “Manushyaa Rishayashch ye” [Mundak Upanishad 2/7/1].… Read more »
please specify which kaandam ,sukta and verse …..And please provide me translation in english which you gave………And what about satyug years , treta years and so on….,,i clearly want to say that i want all information regarding satyayug,treta,dwapar and kali that how much years they contain…..If its not their in… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
Namaste Krishna!’ If you cant find it despite being explicitly stated, i can be of little help to you. Aren’t you surprised and challenged by the fact that brother Vajra got exactly what i quoted? you have just been initiated and your response will direct the journey what is… Read more »
I didnot understand what you want to say…….i dont learn vedas just to disprove darwinism ..I know its written in BG also but I was just asking so that if anyone say where its written in vedas so i can show those verses…..Vedas are most authentic and hence specifically i… Read more »
ok i got it from here… . Atharvaved 8.2.21 शतं तेऽयुतं हायनान् द्वे युगे त्रीणि चत्वारि कृण्मः । इन्द्राग्नी विश्वे देवास्तेनु मन्यन्तामहृणीयमानाः । परमेश्वर ने यह सृष्टि और काल चक्र मनुष्य के उपकार के लिये बनाये हैं । विज्ञानी पुरूष परमेश्वर की अपार महिमा मे अपना पराक्रम बढ़ाकर नये नये… Read more »

yet no reply??……please share some other verses also.i…..

Jason R Prasad
Krishna, Im am not too familiar with Hindi also, but the answer to your question has already been given by Indian Agnostic and Vijra. You being a Hindu (i assume) should know that the Vedas lay a foundation and a starting point for humanity for expand their own intellect, as… Read more »

Agniveer ji,
How do u know that all the four rishis: Agni, Vayu, Aditya and Angira, were male? Angira apppears to be the name of a female.

We don't know except from ancient texts where some of the above words are used in male usage of word. Beyond that, at inception of society, when humans were devoid of any knowledge, males may have been more suited for initial training purpose. Thats a personal reasoning and not a… Read more »
Agniveer theory of evolution has challenged "Darwin's theory of evolution". I think our education minister should insert vedic theory of evolution instead of Darwin. Further u call "purans" as unauthentic source of information. Do u want to say that 150 crore peoples of india are wrong and your mutual friends… Read more »
1. Definitely Darwin's theory of evolution should not be taught as it has more loopholes than answers. At best, all theories should be presented with an admission that we do not know which one is correct. 2. A cursory reading of Purans will tell you why they are unauthentic. More… Read more »

So, what should we do? Accept the preposterous theories propounded by islamic scientist, Dr. Zakir Naik!!!

@Rubul the problem with people like u is that u just cant accept anything logical. I forgot, u must be muslim, musims never use logic, they do everything according to the Quran because Quran tells them to do so. Tomarrow people like u will engage in pedophilia, sex slavery, polygamy,… Read more »
Indian agnostic
I see it differently …while darwin's theory explains the HOW of evolution …Agniveer's theory explains the WHY of evolution The theories are complementary rather than contradictory in explaining the Truth in a holistic fashion. Puranas, by their very nature , are stories help those souls that are uninitiated in… Read more »

Well said. Totally agree with you.

@Rubul 1. Brother, which education minister? Do Madarsaas follow scientific curriculum? I thought you teach "Kun fayakun" theory in your Madarsa instead of Darwin's! But you seem to me a bit progressive unlike your fellow brothers. So, first of all congratulations to you for becoming rational by discarding Kun theory.… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
I believe that the discussion on evolution must be handled more responsibly here 1.there's lot of evidence for evolution than against 2.The vedic view point of Truth is handled at two levels : the parmarthika satyam(absolute truth) and vyavaharika satyam ( operational/Worldly truth) ..let's remember that while explaining any vyavaharika… Read more »
Pratibha Mehta Luthra
Pratibha Mehta Luthra
Dear Indian agonist, You are right that the issue must be handled carefully. I like reading religious books, the answer to origin of life is not satisfactory in B&Q. Vedas mention that body is made up of earth water air fire and space. Rigveda 1/26/5 says all living and non-livings… Read more »