PK may cross Rs 542 crore box office collections and become the highest grossing Bollywood film ever. I don’t know whether to congratulate the PK team for this historical record or mourn the disaster that looms.

My fear is that a significant part of this collection will come back to India in form of bomb blasts, terrorism, Pakistani firing, killing of innocent civilians and soldiers, RDX, AK 47s, grenades, 26/11, Parliament attacks and much more.

No, I am not attempting to sensationalize. In fact I would be happiest person on earth to be proven wrong. That is why I appeal to our security agencies and RAW to investigate the matter to depth and allay my fear by proving me wrong.

The bollywood-underworld-terror nexus is not a fiction. The involvement of Dubai and Islamabad underworld in bollywood financing and terror-attacks is an iceberg whose tip has been witnessed occasionally. Be it the Mumbai Bomb blasts, or Gulshan Kumar murder, or Dawood parties with celebrities or many other occasions.

1. ARY – the terror partner of PK

Subramanian Swamy has already exposed funding of PK through ARY. It seems to be the distributor of PK in Middle East. It is no hidden fact that ARY is alleged to have been behind funding several terrorist activities and has deep ISI links. One can google on Subramanyan Swamy’s expose to get more details on ARY’s involvement in money laundering, terror-financing, supplying weapons to ULFA, links with Al Qaeda and Pakistan nuclear program.

What Subramanian Swamy did not mention about ARY was that:

A. ARY was also the official producer and distributor of blockbuster Waar (Attack) – highest grossing Pakistani film of all time, like PK. Waar – most expensive Lollywood movie ever – claims to be based on real-life events and clearly blames India for all terror-activities in Pakistan. This war propaganda film alleges that India funds Taliban. The movie was funded by Pakistani army and Intelligence and produced & distributed by ARY – partners of PK. This is considered the most blatantly anti-India film ever produced in world.

B. On 16th December, after the Peshawar school attack, ARY carried a special program where it claimed that India was behind all this. It also blamed India for ‘invading’ Pakistan again and again. They specially invited Pervez Musharraf who ‘detailed’ how India conspired this attack against Pakistan. 

A few days later, they again carried a special program “Khara Sach (Hard Truth)” that apparently exposed Indian Media, RAW and Indian agencies. The program claimed that entire planning of Peshawar attack was done in India as has been several other terror-attacks in past.  

C. ARY has been promoting extremist views against India for a long time. Recently, it went to extent of openly announcing that every single Hindu will be butchered in the region between Hindukush mountains to Delhi. It stated that Hindukush means the place where one should butcher Hindus and they are waiting for an opportunity to massacre all Hindus. It claimed that only Muslims have right to live in this region.

Check these links for details. I bet you would not have heard a more anti-India anti-Hindu diatribe ever.
(Warning: Some of these links may have extremely disturbing content. Watch at your careful discretion)

See how Zaid Hamid openly threatens Hindus to convert or get killed.

No nationalist Indian can think of partnership with the most anti-Indian terror media group of world. But for PK team, this is not enough. Because they also have Samaa TV.

2. Samaa TV – the anti-India partner of PK

The official partner of PK in Pakistan is Samaa TV. Samaa beats even ARY in anti-India propaganda. 

A. Few months ago, Samaa TV issued a blanket ban on entire Indian media. It announced that it will not associate with any Indian film, TV, music partner nor broadcast any Indian production as a protest against India’s conspiracies and attacks against Pakistan. It appealed entire Pakistan to boycott Indian media productions. PK however has been the only Indian film for which Samaa TV made this special exception. How can one explain this sudden change of heart when Indo-Pak relations are at its lowest due to cross-border firings and India being much more retaliatory than ever in last 10 years?

B. This is not enough. Samaa TV, in the special feature accusing India and banning Indian content, showed a disfigured Indian tri-color with Ashok Chakra replaced with a demeaning symbol. And to top it all, it showed a bomb thrown at Indian flag tearing it apart and burning it.

It is a matter of deep shame that PK team that claimed to do so much research for 5 years on exposing everything else but refused to observe the insult of Indian flag.

Those who insulted Indian Flag and banned entire Indian Media are official partners of PK.

C. What would also come as shocker to those who support PK for freedom of expression and stand against moral policing, is that Samaa TV is the greatest champion of moral policing in Pakistan. Its program “Subah Saverey..” went to extent of chasing couples in park, exposing them, giving lectures on Islamic morals, and bringing them to risk of honor killing in an Islamic country.

This was not the first such program in a vigilante series. It had ‘exposed’ many girls earlier despite threat to their lives. Only after a massive social media outcry, Samaa TV was forced to offer a lame apology and terminate the anchor, when matters got even more complex.

3. .pk is country-domain for Pakistani websites

Not many may have noticed that .pk is the official country domain for Pakistani websites. The logic given for choice of name PK for alien is weird. As per the plot, because of the alien’s strange behavior, people thought he was drunk. So everybody would ridicule and ask him: “PK hai kya”.

A. Fact is that no one asks “PK hai kya?” in Hindi or Urdu. They say either “peekay aaya hai kya?” or “peeyela hai kya” or “pee rakha hai kya?” or “peeya hua hai kya?” or something similar.

B. Story is eventually all about justifying why Pakistani guys are good match for Indian Hindu girls and why Indian hatred against Pakistan is misplaced.

C. The posters display name of film as pk (in small case) and not PK (in capital case, as common with abbreviations and first names). This exactly replicates the way .pk is written and seen in all Pakistani websites.

It thus is definitely a creative marvel how (.)pk is depicted as an alien who exposes Hindu (and Christian) frauds, is hated for being .pk aka Pakistani and ultimately proves why .pk is best.

While one can give brownie points to film-makers for this subtle creativity, the linkages with terror are far too obvious for a careful observer.

4. Aamir Khan says his kids will be Muslims despite his Hindu wives

.pk lead actor (and screenplay writer) Aamir Khan made a statement recently that all his wives may be Hindus, but his kids would be raised as Muslims alone. No wonder his son is Assistant Director in .pk.

No one could expect a national celebrity to issue such a fanatic statement. But this is in striking similarity with ideology of ISIS, Taliban and other fanatics who appeal Muslims to marry as many non-Muslims and produce Muslim children from them to increase Muslim population. 

In fact ISIS recently beheaded hundreds of non-Muslim women because they refused to be child-producing machines for their jihadis.

After Aamir Khan’s long meeting with Maulana Tariq Jameel of Pakistan in Mecca and Medina during Haj, he invited the Maulana to India. No one knows what transpired, but it is true that Maulana is a proclaimed Jihadi preacher with agenda of spreading Islam everywhere. He is leader of Tableeghi Jamaat – an insular fanatic cult of Islam that focuses on mimicing the ways of Prophet. It exclusively focuses on enlightening “wayward” Muslims towards “true” Islam so that Islam spreads everywhere. No wonder, a vast number of global terror plots and attacks unearthed recently have been predominantly executed by members of this cult. Not surpirsingly, most Muslim groups consider Tableeghi Jaamat as a threat to Islam that demeans Muslims.

Maulana is particularly famed for his attractive description of Paradise full of luxuries, wine, beautiful guys and sensuous women that believers will get if they follow and spread Islam.

When those who are fanatic about their cult and have relations with anti-Indian proselytizers make a film bashing some other religion, it obviously raises flag.

Country would like to know following:

A. Why creator of Satyameva Jayate so conveniently partnered with the most anti-Indian terror groups of world? The .pk team is known for thorough research and detailed look into the script. Why such a serious exception then? Or was it deliberate?

B. Why a responsible producer of Satyameva Jayate is compelled to release a film criticizing Hinduism and Christianity in Middle East and Pakistan? Does he not know that Hindu and Christian minorities in Pakistan are already on verge of extinction and living a life of persecution?

As if the fanatic textbooks of Pakistan were not enough to spew venom on Hindus and Christians as enemies of Islam. Is this responsible film-making? Or the film-makers aspire Hindus and Christians to be made extinct from Pakistan in lines with views of their parter company ARY?

Read this to know about the pathetic state of Pakistani minorities-

No sensible justification can be given for this act of film-makers that threatens lives of innocent minorities in fanatic parts of world. Especially when the same film-makers claim social responsibility.

2014 has already been the worst year for minorities in Pakistan in last several decades. Release of .pk condemning idol-worship and hindu gods has already ensured that this persecutions of Hindus and Christians sees an increasing trend in 2015, if reports after release of .pk are true.

Does .pk not know that idol worship – associated with hinduism – is considered worst sin (even worse than rape and murder) by bulk of Pakistanis and fanatics in Middle East? Why it added fuel to same hatred?

Just read how .pk film is marketed as an anti-Hindu film in Pakistan:

( for largest cinema complex of Pakistan)

“…Hirani has stated that the film will be a satire on “Hindu gods and godmen.” 

No wonder, .pk is a blockbuster in Pakistan and those areas of world that are dominated by Hindu haters. Release of .pk has been synchronous with a fresh wave of attacks on Hindus in Pakistan and firing on LOC from across the border.

C. How can one even tolerate insult of Indian flag? How can one think of partnering with those who insult the national flag? Why .pk is only Indian film for which the tricolor-abusers Samaa TV made an exception?

D. Why .pk team and .pk lovers issued to no statement ever in support on removal of ban on Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie (a Booker prize finalist), True Furqan (an alternative Quran that is International best seller), Lajja by Taslima Nasreen (a bestseller), Dwikhandit by Taslima Nasreen (a bestseller), Rangila Rasul (which is in public domain) and innumerable other “creative” pieces? Why they were all silent when scenes were deleted from Vishwaroopam for allegedly denigrating a particular community?

In fact, even today it is not too late for .pk team to publicly announce that they support removal of ban from Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie and Lajja by Taslima Nasreen.

I always fail to understand why all freedom of expression clauses get applied only when it relates to Hindu majority of India.

If social reform and exposing fraud elements is need of hour, perhaps exposing them from the community from which most terrorists are hailing is greatest need. That would not only help the world fight terror but also help those innocent members of community who have to bear brunt of misdeeds of their black sheep.

I fully support freedom of expression personally. I don’t care a bit about what any Tom, Dick or Harry opines on my faith. Infact I encourage every criticism as Sant Kabir advised. But that should be applicable to all communities, religion and societies and not selectively for a specific liberal majority. Selectivity in freedom of expression is worse than total prohibition.

But more importantly, .pk must be thoroughly investigated because it is a matter of national security.

Yes, I am an analytics and data science expert who is respected for my pattern recognition skills. That is my profession and claim to fame. I have never been proven wrong in my analyses so far.

But I desperately want to be proven wrong this time. I pray that all I wrote (and did not write for sake of security) is completely without foundations. Perhaps I analyzed it all wrongly. I would be happiest person on earth to be proven wrong. Because it is question of lives of innocent children, mothers, sisters, brothers, civilians and soldiers.

But prove me wrong on basis of facts and evidences and not personal emotions. Its a matter of national concern and must be dealt with professionally. We must show zero tolerance to terror and take extra steps to prevent loss of every single innocent life.

The evidences show that trending of #BoycottPK might be the only silver lining in this matter. That #BoycottPK is more popular today than number of people who watched or liked .pk is a great comfort, given the current evidences and Pakistani firing. 

I can’t explain why, but when anti-India Haider was released, there was an almost synchronous rise in firing from Pakistani borders. And when Hindu-bashing Pakistan loving .pk is released, there is again the same increase in Pakistani attack on India from across the border. Is it some kind of celebration, or a planned coordinated attempt? Or something else?

In light of these, even the acts of tearing of posters of .pk by certain people must be viewed from a fresh unbiased perspective.

I pray for safety of all my innocent brothers and sisters belonging to any religion and any side of border.

Note: Please note that this article only presents publicly available facts and does not, in any manner, attempts to target or put any allegation on any individual, group, team, society or community. It only requests the relevant authorities to make a thorough investigation.

Also, in lines of what Aamir Khan recently said, Agniveer also reiterates: “If you don’t like this article, don’t read it.”

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
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  • @ Sanjeev Verma

    Did Agniveer ask you to worship idol ? If you don’t like Agneer then you have the choice to leave this site. It is very clear from your posts that you come here not for promoting Aryasamaj but for attacking Hindus. You seem to be like dhongi Agnivesh. I also worship formless Ishwar and admire Swami Dayananda. But I am not like you.

    Idol worship is not a threat to this world like “zihad” of Islam. Why does pk film not speak anything against Islamic Zihad ?

  • Shri Sanjeev Verma ji, aap deshdrohi he ya deshbhakt. Yahan pk ke mantavya ki baat ki ja rahi he. Pk ka uddeshya bharat me awavastha failana he aur terrorism ke liye fujds ikkattha karna he. Jains nange buto ko bhagwaan mante he aur ahimsa ki baat karte he ye unki vichardhara he. Kuch hindu log musalmano ki kabra me jakar sir jhukate he. Lekin hame deshdrohiyo ka virodh karna chahiye.

    • p k film me pakhando ka virodh dikhlaya gaya hai vah sahi hai lekin saath me ek hindu kanya ka muslim uvak se prem galat kaha ja sakta hai

  • You have to read Satyarath Prakash in Totality–Rishi 1st did critical analysis of superstitions/blind faith in Hinduism ( Chapter 11) before doing critical analysis of other religions. He wanted to 1st clean his house before debating with heads of other religions. You can’t ask your neighbors to clean their homes if your own home is dirty–this is what this site is doing. The argument made in this site against islam is also from Chapter 14 of SP–but no guts to quote anything from Chapter…

    • Sanjeev,

      SDS was critical of superstitions & blind faith not because he hated hindus but instead he loved & wanted them to come out of that.

      But in this case, there is no intention to do that. The movie is anti-hindu in nature but not anti-superstition. Hope you will get the point now.

  • Agniveer first I would like to say is “Great Job”.
    I would suggest is make a documentary on this issues. It can reach out to masses.
    You can bring awareness through social media. and more people will follow.
    We are not against any religion. We just want that our religion is treated with respect as you want yours to be respected.


  • Kyo Hindu main places vivadit hai. Like ayodhya mathura kashi while for Sikh golden temple for Muslim mecca for Christian Vatican. City.for Buddha kushinagar yha talk kailash mansrover per china ka Cantrol hai hinduo ka ye haal kyo hai no single country population 90 crode.agniveer ji pz reply why mujhe lagta hai koi bhari kami hai Hindu smaaj me ya sab so chuke hai shayad

  • The idol-worship of hindus is actually for getting more concentration while prayer. The mind of average human cannot think of a being infinite and formless. So he/she has to make an finite and formal version of god to keep concentration. And hindus donot pray by believing in god , the main reason of is prayer is to see god through his inner soul. It is a meditation rather than prayer. You can read the writings of swami vivekananda and gita (12/5) for more information.

  • Excellent article,

    all i would say is that this is a lesson for all people who comment our hindu culture or dharma i would say that we will not take everything bending down, Also i challenge the PK team to come out with a movie on faith healing by Christians and Muslims. i would pay 500 for that movie.

    These people are jokers who talk about our culture and dharma with out understanding the facts. If PK has made 300 crs , Interstellar has made 300 Million Dollars which is based on hindu…

  • Mr. Nabeel, I’m not sure if you belong to .pk or .in Haven’t you heard of TLD’s? Oh yeah.. you must have heard only of RDX.. I am sure that you will feel absolutely at home with youin that country that you patronise.
    And please don’t forget that Agniveer knows better about that country than you or I (assuming that you are an Indian) do. This situation reminds me of the saying ‘don’t teach your father how to xxxxx’.

    Bravo Agniveer

  • Excellent analysis and research. We are proud of you Agniveer.

    I have always doubted the intentions of makers of PK. Its not because they questioned some of Hindu rituals but because of the motive behind it. The biggest problem that is there in the name of religion is Terrorism, which is not even mentioned in PK. If they want to target only Hindus then why show other religions for a couple of mins?

  • This article is so bigoted and ill informed that I don’t even know what to say, yet I will try.

    .pk is a domain name – Does your stupidity know no bounds

    Ary is the official distributor – the link you make to terrorism is ludicrous

    Indian TV channels are as bad with propaganda as are Pakistani channels. Watch dawn for opposing views

    Zaid hamid is a splinter view – very much like the hindus that caused gujrat or the people who razed Babri Masjid.. dont take nutter butter view as…

    • You should try better:
      – .pk is the country-code top-level domain for Pakistan. If that is stupidity, complain against ICANN that allocated .pk to Pakistan since 1992.
      – Links to terrorism is ludicrous for those who do not consider terrorism as a big deal. ARY is considered most anti-Indian rabble rousing channel of Pakistan. Multiple links and information is provided.
      – If Indian channels are also bad with propaganda, then Pakistani movies ridiculing Pakistanis must not be distributed in…

    • India.
      – Zaid Hamid is a splinter view that finds highest coverage in ARY. Beyond that, ARY also makes maximum anti-Indian programs, (some of the links are given.)

      If Dawn has opposing views, PK should have collaborated with Dawn and not specifically those channels that spread highest hatred against India and fund terrorism.

      Finally, as we wrote (in lines of Aamir Khan’s statement): If you don’t like the article, don’t read it.

      Agniveer is committed to fight against terrorism

  • Truth is stranger than fiction. Most Hindus can’t believe that this article can be true, or that the prophet of Islam was nothing more than a mass murderer and a rapist pedophile. Foolish Hindus, have you all decided to become Muslim? yelling allahu bullahu abkrahgah? Read their Koran and Jihad, all Muslims mean to Subjugate non-Muslims. Even some Muslims are ashamed by this film. I hope Aamir Khan is arrested and put behind bars for treason against India and Hindus. He showed his true colors.

  • Another excellent GEM from Agniveer ! You shouldn’t worry about the paid trolls (HASBARA) here. We Hindus are proud of you !

    The excess of anything is bad : tolerance proved to be disasterous for us, intolerance for them.

    Like you said, the only silver lining is the hashtag campaign, but the threat is as real as it gets. Our Generation (below 25) must be aware about our Dharma and its challenges. This is the only way to save Humanity (from Abrahamic destruction).

    Jai Hind !

  • I would like to be removed from the mailing list of Agniveer. I initially joined this site thinking that this site is run by some one with Arya Samaj background but now it is very clear that this site is run by VHP/RSS/Bajarang Dal Goons. According to me, this movie well summarizes the teaching of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati in the last chapter of Satyarath Prakash.

    I am very disappointed–Please remove me from the Agniveer mailing list.

    best regards,


    • You know what, Sanjeev? I don’t know what makes you think that this article by Agniveer has any bigotry in it?
      I believe that twice in the article, the author has requested (or rather implored) the following:

      “No, I am not attempting to sensationalize. In fact I would be happiest person on earth to be proven wrong. That is why I appeal to our security agencies and RAW to investigate the matter to depth and allay my fear by proving me wrong.”

    • Sanjeev,

      Sweeping statements, Blind Assertions! Is that what Swami Dayanand Saraswati taught us? What makes you believe that this site is run by the Sangh? Or point out Agniveer ‘goonism’ in any of their articles & actions.

      Moral of the movie doesnt matter if its funded by immoral organisations, in case if you’ve missed the point.
      Will you also take peace sermons from the likes of Hafiz Saeed or Owaisi?


      • I did not find anything objectionable in the movie–song “Bhagwan kahan hai tu” attacks the superstitions in all organized religions that includes all the religions. Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati did a critical analysis of all religions beginning with Hindu Rituals/Superstitions in Chapter 11 Satyarath Prakash)–you have to first clean your own home. Towards the end, he asks everyone to come under the same umbrella since stakeholders of every organized religion agree on basic Truth..

      • You got it right Sanjeev. You got to clean your house first. Aamir got to clean his house first and then can help us clean ours. When it comes to religion Aamir is an outsider to Hinduism. Ofcource when it comes to Inida, he is an insider. A friend, even though very close to me is ofcource an outsider when it comes to my family. What do you say?

      • Aamir is just an actor in this movie-he did not write the script or direct this movie.. Vedas say Manur Bhav–not Hindu Bhav. It is unfortunate that you hate another human being just because he belongs to a different faith. God Bless You and you give you Wisdom.

        In fact, Aamir is the most decent actor of Bollywood. He has always raised important social issues.through popular programs such as Satyamev Jayate.

      • Sanjeev, this article is more about the intentions of the makers of the move and not about the movie itself. In this article Agneev tried to establish link between Team PK and a few very dangerous organizations, who work against the interests of India. I am not sure why that is not bothering you at all. Forget the merits/demerits of the movie. Its time we talk about the most imp this article is highlighting, which the links between Team PK and the forces that are indulged in Breaking India.

      • VHP objections:

        1. Mention Of Temple Fund;

        2. Pouring of Milk on Shiv Ling;

        3. Putting stickers on face.

        4. Innocent questions on Idol worship

        It is clear to me why VHP/RSS/Bajrang Dal leaders are putting objections. Maharishi Dayanand left his home because he did not believe in the powers of Shiva Linga. PK asked very innocent questions in this movie–similar to questions by Moolshankar to his father before leaving home to become Maharishi Dayanand.

      • I have got some very basic questions for Agniveer:

        1. Justify the pouring of milk or clarified butter on Shiv Linga–based on Vedas.

        2. Justify Idol Worship.

        3.Justify the construction of grand Rama Temple.

        In fact, Hindus have insulated our forefathers–portraying Hanuman as a monkey man.. He was a Vedic Scholar and a human being–tomorrow I can say that I would not accept such a portrayal. Putting stickers of so called Hindu Gods and Godesses on face is not against Hinduism

      • sorry for typo–I meant insulted. Hindus have insulted everything that our forefathers stood for–our forefathers like King Ram were brave and fought against injustice. King of Saurashtra accumulated wealth in Somnath Temple instead of following Raj Dharam. Ghaznavi invaded because of the wealth that was accumulated in the temple. We became slave because we deviated from Vedic Dharam and listened to the likes of RSS/VHP and constructed temples.

      • Sanjeev,

        Be specific w.r.t article. All of your questions are irrelevant. Agniveer doesnt speak for RSS\VHP.

      • This article was published after the statement by S. Swamy of BJP and it argues on the same line–it can not be a coincidence.

        This article does not have anything to say about the content of the movie. In last elections, BJP had spent unprecedented amount of money in electioneering. Obviously this was black money–money that is used by Terrorists..

      • @Sanjeev
        Have u ever watched movie o my god ?if not then go watch both pk and OMG back to back . Omg is also against idol worshipping but in the way omg has depicte

        d people’s foolishness &blindness on their religion &exposed bad intention of so called dharma gurus not only of Hinduism but of all religions is brilliant &remarkable. on the other hand pk is just ridiculous this is only against Hinduism and depicts the dogmas of other religion in micro amount.By the way if this is movie is against superstition then why including a lovestory b/w a hindu girl &Pakistani boy…

      • You know Sanjeev,I am in concordance with your views, as I myself am a Vedic worshipper disgusted by BS that has made people deviate from the path of Dharma, just like Agniveer probably is.

        However, whatever Agniveer has raised has to do with the funding of the movie and the intentions behind creating this movie. It is good to constructively criticize organized religions,, but when partners of the venture have dubious connections to anti-India elements, shouldn’t Agniveer raise a few…

      • Now, Agniveer, unlike a typical butt-hurt right-winger, has NOT asked for a ban on the film, if you have failed to notice at all. Nor did he ask for a ban on the film Haider which was reviewed by Agniveer.

        All Agniveer asks is for the agencies to merely INVESTIGATE the sources of funding and the miscell. credentials of the films partners, esp. the international (more specifically, the Pakistani) ones. Why do you have roblems with that?? Is Agniveer’s actions reminiscent of RSS/VHP to you?

      • Sanjeev, I am not sure whether you understood either the article or my comments well. You are talking some thing that is completely irrelevant.

    • You know that you can unsubscribe your self, if that is what you want. You would have not put this comment if your intention is to unsubscribe. Can you explain the reasons behind you not liking this article? I bet you cannot.

    • Sanjeev Verma, I thought you got yourself removed from Agniveer in disappointment (check your own comment). But you seem to be most enthusiastic commenter immediately after the Idol Worship article was published. It seems Agniveer is creating some impact.