In Pic: Dr APJ Abdul Kalam - 'Misiile Man of India', Verghese Kurien, - 'Father of White revolution in India'

Degradation of Indian Politics:

– To show love for Dalits, morons like Sandeep Kumar, Ramdas Athawale, Udit Raj are made ministers.
Real oppressed ones continue to be oppressed.

– To show love for Christians, miracle-healers like Mother Teresa feature in Mann ki Baat.
And Indian government goes to Vatican.
Countless Christian heroes of India who fought in army, brought milk revolution, made us all proud go unnoticed.

– To show love for Muslims, government decides to stop pellet guns against those who attack army.
And keeps mum on hunting those Jihadis who abused India in JNU and threatened to rape in NIT Srinagar despite clear evidences.
The souls of APJ, Ashfaqullah and Abdul Hamid weep somewhere far away.

Tulsidas rightly said – In coming times, cowardice and drama will rule.

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