The Supreme Court shared its thoughts on Sanskrit row on Friday which was almost a verbatim reiteration of Agniveer’s views expressed in Sanskrit, German and Hindutva Agenda.

The highest court of the country appreciated the decision to promote Sanskrit. It agreed that replacing Sanskrit with German was a mistake. It asked the Central Government to not punish the students for its mistake.

To highlight the importance of Sanskrit, it literally echoed Agniveer’s words. It said that “Sanskrit is Mother of all languages”. It added:

“Why should we forget about our culture. With Sanskrit, you can learn other languages easily,”

Compare with what Agniveer wrote in Sanskrit, German and Hindutva Agenda:

Mother of all languages

Furthermore, Sanskrit forms the foundation of most languages in world. In fact all major Indian languages are children of mother Sanskrit….. If one learns Sanskrit, he or she becomes much more fluent and trained to master any other Indian language…What more, Sanskrit is the foundation of entire Indian culture…If one wants to truly be an Indian, one must love the mother of Indian culture – Sanskrit.

Agniveer thanks the highest court of country from bottom of its heart for reaffirming its commitment to roots of our glorious nation and paving way to promote Sanskrit as a means to unify and strengthen the nation. Agniveer also remembers Dr BR Ambedkar who wanted Sanskrit to be the national language of India.

To conclude, we would like to appeal once again:

Let us come back to life. Let us assert our intelligence. Let us declare that we are not petty chemical reactions. Let us stand up to protect, preserve and nurture our cultural roots. Let us become champions of our Sanskrit and Sanskriti (culture).

Let whole world be dazzled and enlightened with our heritage. The century belongs to India. Let us rise up to fulfill the call of the destiny.

Vande Mataram

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– Shri Sanjeev Newar

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  • Agniveer ji…..
    I want you to reply…..
    Please, Once for me….
    As you mentioned that Sanskrit is the Mother of all Languages…
    Is it really true????
    If it’s true????
    Then please make an Article on this….
    Please to explain it’s relationship….
    I have seen some of our brothers and sisters does not believe on it because of A political Party is saying that there language doesn’t belongs from Sanskrit at all…
    So I want you to Make an Article on this….
    A and they Talk about Linguistic Differences…
    It is too dangerous for our own culture even I have shown genetic similarities among Indians to the many websites….
    But they don’t believe and say we don’t on on which basis the Genetic similarities has been Done and all???
    They all don’t believe….
    Through Wiki by Searching proto Indo European People…
    I came to know….
    So sir please make an Article…
    Or just give me suggestions to defend and tell others that they all are lying…..
    Please Agniveer ji Or Vjra ji reply on this…..
    Thank you….

  • This is great news. Is the Modi government working with Samskrita Bharathi to promote Sanskrit? Last I heard they trained millions around the world in Sanskrit language.

  • This is bright future of India .
    Knowledge will be the base of education system, instead of English English English.

  • Sanskrit, was being taught as 3rd language from class 6 to class 8, in CBSE schools.. I donot know if there has been any change in curriculum.
    I am of the opinion that Sanskrit should be taught atleast from class 6 to class 12. But the teaching methology should be improvised, so that young learners find it more interesting and also they are able to understand the significance of Sanskrit ;- in terms of culture & knowledge .