Simple Lessons on Caste System

1. Caste system is a bogus concept having no Vedic basis whatsoever

Refer http://agniveer.com/series/caste-system-3/ and specially the article http://agniveer.com/5276/vedas-caste-disrcimination/

2. All humans have all 4 castes!

Every human has all 4 qualities – Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra – within him and for simplicity sake we can tag him with his predominant profession. However this remains a gross approximation which loses its relevance even more in current era and social system. Yajurveda 32.16 specifically prays that MY Brahmin and MY Kshatriya qualities be worthwhile! Refer article http://agniveer.com/5276/vedas-caste-discrimination/ for details.

3. There is no way to decide if so-called upper castes are actually upper, and lower-castes actually lower throughout last several thousand generations and more. 

All this upper-caste and lower-caste fantasy stories are based on self-assessment and evidence of hardly a few generations. We also see that the present caste system provides an incentive for crooks to somehow attain false certificates of upper caste and fool rest of the population. Also there is no incentive for any fake upper caste to actually admit that he or she belongs to a family of Chandals because that would deprive them of their special rights and status. So in all probability, caste system would imply rule of the crooks and torture of the honest. Thus it is more likely that the honest ones now known as lower-castes are the real upper castes being duped by real low-castes! After all caste system basically means an incentive to cheat!

Traits may be inherited due to environment BUT….

4. At best we can say that certain traits run predominantly in certain families due to the environment that a newborn receives. So many professions run through generations. There is nothing wrong in it. But that does not mean that son of a doctor becomes a doctor merely by taking birth. He has to grow up, give exam and qualify for MBBS to use the Dr salutation. Same is true for every profession or Varna.

5. Further this does not also mean that I cannot be a doctor simply because my father was a laborer. Thankfully this is not the case. Or else the world would have been worse than Hell. After all, almost all legends who shaped the world through knowledge, inventions, discoveries and leadership were mutants who went completely against family traditions.

Caste system ruined us

6. Ever since, India started taking caste system seriously, we degraded from lighthouse of world to one of the largest debtors and beggars of the world. And western world could progress so much despite so many lacunae because they allowed equal rights to dignity to all humans regardless of birth. At height of caste-system, we saw ourselves being raped and butchered for centuries and finally partitioned in our own ancient homeland.

It is only in recent years, after caste system has dwindled significantly, that we witness some respite. Whatever nuisance remains is because of caste-system refusing to go due to its politicization. And politicization thrives because we refuse to proactively trash all those rituals, texts, customs that are based on birth-based caste system.

Negative contribution of casteist mind

7. If I ask you to provide any significant contribution of any casteist mind in last 1000 years, you would have to blame utter lack of it all on crazy conspiracy theories. But the hard fact is that apart from hollow superstitious philosophies and rituals, nothing useful was ever contributed by all the pundits of Varanasi and all holy shrines put together who had access to tremendous wealth and resources to do anything worthwhile.(refer the wealth being discovered from Padmanabhan temple for example. I wonder if they would have utilized this wealth to unite people for fighting away the invaders and establishing meritocracy).

The so-called Mlecchas like Einstein, Newton, Faraday and hundred of other path-breakers of west were more fertile minds than the ‘divinely’ inspired birth, knowledge and special gifts of Shri Hari on these birth-based pundits. The only difference was that in last 300 years, west rejected the junk of Biblical superstitions, increasingly accorded equal rights to all sections of societies. So we can conclude that a non-casteist mind of a Mleccha (considered worse than even Shudras) is thousand times more brilliant than the most ‘divine’ casteist mind.

So those who claim that upper-castes have better talents should provide evidence on what great research have their better talents produced in last 300 years to take their claims seriously?

Giving names of a few scientists like Raman or Chandrashekhar would be foolish. Because they achieved whatever they could only when they adopted studies of the Mlecchas. Their knowledge came from Mlecchas and even their outputs were acknowledged by Mlecchas alone.

Instead, one should showcase examples from centers of casteist learnings – Kashi, Kanchi, Tirupati etc – on what great breakthrough research they could bring from the classified knowledge they had owing to their superior birth? Apart from degrading a great scientific tradition to stories of cheap gimmicks and dakshina, the contribution has been meagre from these great ‘universities’.

And a non-casteist Mleccha warrior is more effective than a far more powerful and brave casteist Kshatriya. That is why despite being touted as having the bravest Rajputs, we were enslaved for centuries by even the slaves of slaves! (Refer the Slave dynasty!) We were marrying our daughters to psychopaths like Akbar despite the heroic valor! We had our Kashi Vishwanath taking recluse in a well despite power of Vedic scholars and brave divinely gifted warriors! And Ghazni raping women in premises of Somnath Temple, thanks to our birth-based caste system that allowed only specific families to be trained in warfare and then remain Hindu only if they do not get touched by Mlecchas!

And far less talented Englishmen could rule not only us but half of the globe simply because they rejected artificial discrimination within their own society! 

8. But yes, India has been excellent producers of slaves and Shudras for ages. Barring few rebels, as a society, despite our tall claims of being Brahmin or Kshatriya or Vaishya, we have been licking the boots of our rulers, whosoever came to rule us. We feel pride in serving our Aakaas. Mughal armies were predominantly consisting of Rajput warriors and generals. When Haldi Ghati battle happened, it were Rajputs trying to defeat the brave Pratap! Most of the battles Shivaji fought was against so-called Rajputs and Marathas who were bootlicking the Sultanates!

So those who claim to be upper-castes and defend birth-based caste-system have in practice been not better than Shudras or Slaves as per their deeds! No doubt they had thus all the more reasons to defend their fake upper-castes!

Casteists caused decline of Hinduism

9. It were the great Pundits who closed doors of entry of forced converts back to Hinduism and thus caused the slavery and eventual partition of India. Even today, Hinduism is the only religion that has no mechanism to accept people into it except by birth. Of course, if you pay some bucks at Varanasi these days, they do convert and marry you as per Hindu rituals so that you can take photographs. Even this started after the Arya Samaj Shuddi movement which was met with stiff opposition by fake Brahmins in last century and quarter. In our definition, such people were worse than Shudras.

Many so-called fake Brahmins (fake because they cannot produce DNA records of their Brahminism) would claim that non-Hindus are allowed to be taken back to Hinduism but only as Shudras and not Brahmins or Kshatriyas! What a stupidity based on selfish power politics! A Stephen Knapp who has contributed more to the cause of Hinduism than all the pundits of Kashi put together is still disallowed from entering Jagannath Temple becuase he was not a born Brahmin! He will have to do penance in this birth and take next birth as Brahmin to get this right!

Do we need any external enemies to destroy our destiny?

We have been practicing this stupidity for ages and still do not understand. I can go to a mosque and express my desire to be a Muslim. They will then make all arrangements and make me one quickly. Church will even pay me bucks to become a Christian. But if someone goes to a temple to embrace the culture of their forefathers, first the pujari will look at him as if he has heard a queer joke. Then he would call some pundit. Depending on the location of temple, even his entry may be barred. For example, only Brahmins can enter into interiors of Kashi Vishwanath temple! Then he would be provided a list of penances so that he can become a Shudra. The penances, suggested by likes of revered Karpatriji Maharaj have included eating cow dung for several days! Other sects like ISKCON may make things easier because they are among few sects who felt importance of bringing our lost brothers back.

But then they would be called frauds by other sects. Still they cannot enter a Kanchipuram or Vishwanath or Jagannath or Dwarka temple. They cannot marry a so-called high-caste Hindu. They cannot read and teach Vedas. Even ISKCON would try to play safe and recommend that they only study Geeta and Bhagvat Puran etc.

Except Arya Samaj, no one would dare to make a Pandit teaching Vedas from a Maulana. And they are considered deviant since last 125 years. And now even Arya Samaj has become a kitty party ignoring its prime duty of destroying the caste system! They are busy conducting marriage of eloped couples and earning Dakshinas!

So would some Christian or Muslim be a fool to accept Hinduism at such cost to his or her dignity?

10. I am not blaming any individual but the mindset. The foolish caste system and the mindset that supports it is the greatest cause for all the problems of today. If we became slaves, it was because of this. If we were raped and butchered, it was because of this. If we are facing terrorism, it is because of this. And still we refuse to jettison it proactively. We know it has no basis, no foundation, and no way to verify it, but still we continue to feed the snake that has been killing our kins for centuries.

Casteists caused the Partition of India

11. Many Indians rue the partition and so-called hardline Muslim problem. But few know that Jinnah’s grandfather was a Hindu who was forced to convert due to stupid reasons. Iqbal was from family of Brahmins not even two generations ago! Our stupid caste system would make someone a Mleccha even if we ate with a ‘Mleccha’ and there was never a way back to home.

Later when legends like Swami Dayanand and Shradhanand started Shuddhi movement, and were supported by visionaries like Savarkar, the opportunistic agents of Dharma relented but allowed extremely impractical access to Hinduism as lower castes.

So the entire Muslim or Christian population of subcontinent today is only result of our own crime of caste-system that would make one outcaste at flimsiest of reason. Instead of condemning other religions and their faith, we should ask ourselves: “What do we have to offer them to bring them back with dignity?”. “What right we have to condemn them when we defend our own irrational fake scriptures that justify caste system and gender discrimination?”

Casteists should look at their own crimes first

Let us be honest with ourselves. Agniveer critically analyzes history of Islam or Quran or Bible, it does so as a scientist and not with hatred. It focuses on concepts and not people. In same vein it also has the guts to say that it throws into dustbin and puts fire to all those rubbish texts which support in any manner disgraceful blots like casteism and gender discrimination. Agniveer does not care about how emotional we may be to such a text or ritual or way of worship. It would still stand for getting rid of lices that suck our blood.

Till we can come up with this honesty, any debate on comparative religions would be a shameless veil on our own heinous crimes.

To Hell with Casteism

12. And for so-called lower castes, there was never a mechanism to become upper-caste again. We said ‘To Hell with merit’ and destiny said ‘To Hell with Hindus’!

So Agniveer now appeals to all to say ‘To Hell with those who say ‘To Hell with merit”.

…..to be continued at http://agniveer.com/5415/the-reality-of-caste-system-3/

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Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit "Please read this" in Top and Footer Menu.

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Jazib Bhat

So you agree that caste system is only among Hindus.

You tried to answer but problem lies within *VEDAS* which talks about Brahman, studies, kahatriyas etc

Qur’an doesn’t talk about sunning, humbling etc etc.

Christianity doesn’t talk about Orthodox or Protestants.

But Vedas does

as for rig veda refer this RV/9/112/1 – We all have various thoughts and plans and diverse are the callings of men. The carpenter seeks out that which is cracked,the physician the ailing, the priest the soma press… RV/9/112/2 – The smith with his store of seasoned plants, with his… Read more »
Sunny Sharma

Putin is establishing a new Russian nationalism. I believe its time for India to do the same after shedding the ridiculous caste system and uniting aganist corruption. Nonetheless, uniting such a diverse (and politically corrupt) country is easier said then done.

Sunny Sharma
Thank you for your very indepth explanations. I’m still confused as to the origins of the caste system. I read somewhere that the “varna” (misinterpreted as color) means characteristics or traits all individuals possess. From my understanding of what you wrote, the caste system was a political tool, but does… Read more »

Thank you very much for all this indepth explanation and important knowledge. God bless you for all the great work you are doing.

Gautam Sareen
Wonderful now that’s what i was looking for this what needs to be done not in India but in whole world .However I am sad as well there are so many educated in Indian government but none of them have actually looked in this matter even Indian Army have distinction… Read more »
To All Idiots Above

the moderator of the webpage is a coward, he cant withstand the truth

Truth Follower

what is definition of “True” ?

To All Idiots Above

i commented n he didnt allow to post


he allowed this one that”exposed him” right?and we supposed to belive this?

Tara Rahman

Some people say that Yes definitely the caste system has ruined us.Once the caste system comes to an end, lot of problems in the society can be solved.It is quite ….http://ogibogi.com/node/24645 for details.

Raconteur !
Ok..What do you call Varna & jati in English then tell me ? anyways , But you seem to agree that we had a Varna & Jati based vyavastha right? Then in such a vyavastha there were complexities which surfaced where some people are portrayed to dominate the shudras and… Read more »
There is no one word in English to adequately describe Varna or Jati. Varna can be described as categorization of a multitude of occupations or jobs into four general non-hereditary categories. Jati can be described as community or guilds. Jati is often (but not always) an endogamous ethnic community and… Read more »
I don’t know what Varna & jati in English are called. The varna vyavastha is like anyone can be in any of the four categories depending on ones skill.For example Veda Vyasa,Valmiki,Kalidasa were Shudra but they became Brahmin.Viswamitra was Kshatriya but became a Mahirishi(Brahmin) and his sons were Shudra. My… Read more »

The point is why does every concept (word) need an equivalent in English, if they don’t have it they simply don’t have it, start using the original samskrit word rather than a loose interpretation.

@Ankur I think you are addressing me. My using of words are different but the meaning is the same.If they don’t have it they will stick to whatever they have it for example most of the Indians believe meaning of Dharma is Religion when it is not. It can’t be… Read more »
Raconteur !
This maligned propaganda the Britishers left along with the theories of ARYA-DRAVIDAN race along with the thing that there existed a severe discrimination between people in India based on caste is something which we have to understand from a proper perspective. There is diffrent in varna (Class) & caste(Jati) which… Read more »
I would distinguish Varna from class which has an economic hierarchy component. Varna lumps professional fields into one of four categories, but those jobs have varying income. Brahmins are most often far poorer than a Vaishya (merchant) or Kshtriya (king), but it is a profession that is highly skilled. Class… Read more »
Raconteur !
please you’ve got me wrong, maybe I could not interpret Varna properly . and where is the concept of rich and poor arrived. If u see carefully we have 8 laxmis, and the person who had anyone of them was considers equally rich to the one who has Dhan Laxmi.… Read more »
Then it sounds like we are in agreement that class and Varna are two different concepts, and Varna should not be equated to economic class. Also a person being proud of his own jati is not the same as the jati being positioned as above or below another. Jatis are… Read more »
This is your words: “There is diffrent in varna (Class) & caste(Jati) which means Class & Jatis” It is you who are intermingling Varna with class and Jati with Caste. Read my two comments again. My comments were about how Varna is NOT class and how Jati is NOT caste… Read more »
Raconteur !
Please Leave Portuguese behind. When you talk about Indian System you need to talk from our perspective. Jati is a Sanskrit word which means ” Born in” which means I’m born in a so & so Jati, which did so & so Work. If you intermingle all these things it… Read more »

Our caste: Human, nothing else.
Let us vanquish this social poison.
Thanks to Agniveer

Mission 2050
All the religions have their faults,no doubt we Hindus also had a lot and still have,we are in the path of correction,i think Christians also have also corrected a lot and now it will be the turn of Muslims who have to correct most-may be during correction,their whole basic ideas… Read more »
Earlier casts were decided on the basis of a profession or karma (action or duties) one followed. And no caste was superior or inferior to one another. Some people just for their selfish motives and greed started this upper and lower caste concept and practices. Since the children at earlier… Read more »
Caste is a Portugeuse word. It is not from India, it is not from Hinduism. When the Portugeuse came they projected their Caste system on to Hinduism since that is how they understood things. What is their Portuguese concept of caste is below. In Hinduism there is only Varna which… Read more »
Caste is used to describe the in Varnas (sanskrit word) vedas in english, from where that word comes from you have enlightened. Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varna_(Hinduism). Varnas are used to describe the professions/karma one follows. It is just a social categorization and nothing else. This categorization can be found all around… Read more »
The Portuguese mistakenly called Varna “caste”, projected their understanding of Casta to it. “Such a process of expansion, settled agricultural production, and pluralistic integration of new peoples led to the development of India’s uniquely complex system of social organization, which was mistakenly labeled as the caste system by the Portuguese.… Read more »
Leif Garrard

Wow, this is very fun to see. Maybe you have considered article marketing to magazines?

Ravinder Nath Watts
Every one of us is born Shudra. It is the family, circumstances, society, and neighbourhood, and various other factors create a system of livingthat makes all thek difference in becoming a class amongt them. The Brahmana in the ancient period was supposed to work as a think tank therefore he… Read more »
the most important point in this regards is that all four caste reside in every human. but the one with high satwa guna were perhaps called brahmin, and one with high tamsik guna were shudras. it is also written somewhere that a brahmin if indulge in wrong activities are degraded… Read more »
Yash ——–the most important point in this regards is that all four caste reside in every human.——– Perfectly said Bro. ———-somewhere i read that in early age caste were decided by the time from which person start getting education.——— Little correction. Varna was decided by the time at which person… Read more »

I’d also like to point out one more thing. The castiest Pundits refused the Muslim Pundits of Kashmir to be reconverted to Hinduism during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh (Sher-e-Punjab). Now they are driven away by their own men…


You are a castiest person. You like defend your birth from the Mouth of God.
1) The filthy Mutt Peetathipathis are like you.
2) The filthy Pujaaris are like you.
3) The filthy Kanchi mutt people are like you.

You are the thorn in our fine Vedic cloth.


Logic is that we can never generalize some property over a set by considering just a small subset of it i.e., if a small subset of a set holds some property it does not imply that each element of that set will hold that property. We do not know all… Read more »
OM Vajra Please enlighten me on this. How can educated or uneducated Rajput and Jats whether they are Muslim or Non-Muslims can have same traits like.Whether they were Rana Pratap Or Jai chand or Man Singh.In Every case they has these three common. * Anger. * Courage * Bravery. *… Read more »
@Veer brother these traits are not genetic….if u see even sikhs have the same traits…and reason is not genetic makeup but the environmental conditions and upbringing in family and the ideals inserted in a person as a child as he grows up…if a raj put or a sikh family adopt… Read more »
Agniveer Ji Can you please tell me that why most of the Rajputs and Kats are hot headed and are warrior races.Any specific reason.If you see anyone of them they have one thing in common that they are brave although they are on of the reason of loos of our… Read more »
Namaste Veer Genes, food habits, family environment, and self determination (freewill) collectively decide how a person is going to behave. It is completely wrong to single out the genes as the only factor to affect the properties like wisdom, valor, emotions etc. Someone lacking in few of them can make… Read more »
Truth Seeker

@Vinay Arya
Truly said, these Butchers living in our country, eating of our country but doing slavery of Arabs & abusing legends (Rama, krishna, Harishchander, Shivaji, Dayanad) of this country.

Vinay Arya
Dear all We have to get united.We have not to break into pieces.We have to save Vedas,Vedic culture,Bharat’s heritage its past and its glory.Our Rishis were great.But,look at us.Please see the following virtual conversation to understand the concept. Mr. A:-You are a Rajput. Mr. B:-You are are a brahman. Mr.A.:-You… Read more »


not even the right to speak on behalf of veda/vedic rishis.

How does one go about acquiring this right?

Truth Seeker
@Y/Mawali/ ______is mr ‘agniveer’ so insecure and weak______ Off course, he feels insecurity & want to protect his motherland to be like Pakistan & Afganistan & Irak etc. ______is this the person who claims to unleash giant within______ Probably, Not the giant like Modern Mohamad who did sex with his… Read more »
>>>”There had to be something wrong with everyone that got beaten …” Bharatiya parampara traditionally recognized the people doing malpractice as guilty and took appropriate action. It is perhaps the deracinated, hallucinating people like u, bereft of dharmik consciousness, who fail to identify the wrong people, fails to take necessary… Read more »
@ X: Throughout this discussion with vajra, I am unable to understand what is your viewpoint. It is as if you are replying just for the sake of countering vajra’s point of view and nothing else. Kindly elucidate whether you believe caste system is by birth and why you believe… Read more »

reply withheld by the ‘unleashed giant within’- mr agniveer.

Dear XX or Y or whatever, Please note that we have a zero-tolerance policy for casteism. In this regards decision of moderators is final. You are supposed to comment only if you completely agree to Comment Policy whose link is provided before and after the comment box. You are free… Read more »
Veda ——–not even the right to speak on behalf of veda/vedic rishis—— 1. Where Agniveer claimed that they write on behalf of Vedas or Rishis? 2. And you dont have right to speak against Agniveer. 3. You dont have right to speak on behalf of all those who came out… Read more »

u really have nothing.
not even the right to speak on behalf of veda/vedic rishis.


you deserved it ‘unleash the shudra within’ – mr xx.


is mr ‘agniveer’ so insecure and weak, that he can’t take criticism of his views?

is this the person who claims to unleash giant within…?

@x ——-In the correct definition of sudra(as per bharatiya parampara), a sudra will not have interest, nor ability to comprehend veda.——- Are you able to judge who is Sudra and who is not? And who are you BTW, B or S? You did not answer, if anyone born in Shudra… Read more »
>>>>”State that every person in the world has right to study Vedas in all the temples of world, in every Peeth of Shankaracharya…” It will require u to stop hallucinating to understand that every person does not have the capability to understand vedas, even if they may take a fancy… Read more »
@X Namaste, looks like you are gearing up urself to get banned from this site because that is exactly what happens to people who advocate the caste system. You have not answered the question properly, tell us as per your opinion, will you let a shudra enter your temple to… Read more »
>>>”Didn’t you see when Muslims attacked India, many like you could not understand who are they…And while you were thinking so, they slaughtered and enslaved your ancestors. remember?” what else do u hallucinate in ur spare time? >>>>”So much that you need to use THEIR technology to write comment on… Read more »

Nevertheless, Agniveer has done tremendous good spreading information.
High regards for you.

More appropriate question is, ‘how many more fools r there still who choose to identify with tags such as hindu, muslim, christian, etc., made by mlecchas?’ >>>>”The foolish caste system and the mindset that supports it is the greatest cause for all the problems of today.” So tell me, all… Read more »
@x ——–More appropriate question is, ‘how many more fools r there still who choose to identify with tags such as hindu, muslim, christian, etc., made by mlecchas?’——- No. More important question is that who is this fool who uses Mlechchha language and whose name is a Mlechchha alphabet. ———So tell… Read more »
Kasab and 26/11 are also due to our birth based caste system, ‘m sure u hav concluded wisely. >>>”And far less talented Englishmen could rule …” Suggest u take a look at http://2ndlook.wordpress.com for answers. >>>>”Even today, Hinduism is the only religion that has no mechanism to accept people into… Read more »
@X ——Kasab and 26/11 are also due to our birth based caste system, ‘m sure u hav concluded wisely.——- How the hell Indian subcontinent Muslims converted to Islam and couldn’t return back? You have failed to grasp it 🙁 —–Suggest u take a look at http://2ndlook.wordpress.com for answers.—— Give relevant… Read more »
@X ——-the culture of ones’ forefathers is placed in temple, to be embraced, is it ?—— Yes. My Muslim friend wants to embrace Hindu Dharma in a temple because his forefathers used to go to that temple, so he is very emotional about it. Any solutions? ——–didn’t know that.—— No… Read more »
>>>”west rejected the crap of Biblical superstitions” They did ? I suppose UK PM, US Prez, etc., dont take oath using bible nor assert themslevs as christian. Or they use a diluted version of bible, eh? >>>”increasingly accorded equal rights to all sections of societies” equal rights on paper. exploitation… Read more »
@X ——I suppose UK PM, US Prez, etc., dont take oath using bible nor assert themslevs as christian. Or they use a diluted version of bible, eh?—— They promote scientific research and dont care if science goes against bible. They have denounced Adam Eve theory. So this way, they dont… Read more »
>>>”Ever since, India started taking caste system seriously, we degraded from lighthouse …” any proof to this assertion? viz., relation between caste system and degradation ? >>>”And western world could progress so much …” how much ? what is the ‘progress’ western world have made ? >>>”…they allowed equal rights… Read more »
Namaste x —-any proof to this assertion? viz., relation between caste system and degradation ?—– Whenever you will start thinking yourself as doctor just because you are the son of one, disaster will be around. Didn’t you see when Muslims attacked India, many like you could not understand who are… Read more »
MYTH OF INDIA’S SECULARISM. India is not a secular country it is a lie spread by politicians and media to fool Hindus. SECULARISM IS ONLY IMPOSED ON HINDU MAJORITY AREAS THIS FACT IS ACCEPTED BY SUPREME COURT. In Muslim and christian majority areas like Kashmir, Nagaland and mizoram Hindus cannot… Read more »
Sabeer…………Sabeer think well before you post……There was another treasury for Trivandrum royal family which was taken away by federal along with the royal palace…..also temple is not controlled by king but its controlled by a trustee…… AND ALSO DOES THE PEOPLE OF KERALA SO WEALTHIER AT THAT TIME TO PAY… Read more »
A keralite
Hello all, I am from Kerala. Actually before commenting on the temple treasure at Sree Padbhanabha temple, one must first read the authentic records about this treasure. These are the ” mathilakam records which contains the description of all activities happened inside the temple from AD1304. The actual meaning of… Read more »
Dear friend tamilc my last post i explained its not the wealth of temple ,its belongs to raja,he keep the his wealth for all people. I says most of kerla people agreed things,that if we required we can utilise for the poor people,its govt property as a citizen,muslim & Christian… Read more »
@ Shabeer ——my last post i explained its not the wealth of temple ,its belongs to raja,he keep the his wealth for all people.—— Once you have donated to IRF, it will never be called yours again, so please keep this in mind always. —-As a citizen,muslim & Christian has… Read more »
Indian Agnostic

Dear Shabeer

The money belongs to Lord Padmanabha .It belongs to him and him alone.If you are an idol worshipper lije those devitees , you may ask for some grant by bowing to the Lord 😉

ok any human(can u show) in Kerala says like that u? mu brothers u don’t know the history of wealth,that way u behaving like that. why padmanaba temple authority or new generations of raja says its belongs to them? why r they taking from it? can any my brother answer… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
And the most important point is that you, me and millions of Indian’s pay direct TAX ..what is the Govt doing with that money for the poor? Even the poor pay tax indirectly ! Incompetence and Corruption cannot be an argument for looting temple treasure.I hope you are aware of… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
Dear Shabeer You might want to read the apt response by @A Keralite. He confirms that all the wealth as per documented records too, belongs to the temple. Now please note the fact India is a secular country and Temple money looting through the Endowment act is itself against the… Read more »
Hello Shabeer. I have many friends from kerela. 1. Most of them says that it be distributed to the needy. Some hindu friends only say it should be kept in the temple. However, there is a condition : This will be done only after All the wealth of the churches… Read more »

I agree Both waqaf board & devasam board belongs to the govt,that means the wealth belongs to the poor people,the wealth not belongs to temple,its belongs to travankoor kings,today kerala govt has responsbity to that wealth,i agree most our kerla leaders says lits used for poor people.


Do most of the keralite leaders also agree on the point that the church’s wealth and the waqf property is also to be utilized for the uplift of the poor? Just wanted to know.


Sdc r u from kerala?

I agree all the board(hind,muslim,christ) govt must utilise for the welfare of the poor people

No, man, I am not from Kerala. I am from the North-east, but that is besides the point I was trying to make. You cannot have double standards when framing policies. If the government is really intent on helping the poor, needy masses and wants to use the money of… Read more »
Vedic student

For all those who can read malayalam. After reading this blog, you will understand why this treasure belongs to Hindus and can,t be considered as a public property.
Copy paste this link in the address bar.

@shaikh —–I agree all the board(hind,muslim,christ) govt must utilise for the welfare of the poor people —– why its not come naturally from your side always? Why we have to insist you people(chirstians, Muslims) to include church, WAQF board too for the welfare of the poor people? Your prime target… Read more »
The caste system is like a disease which has contaminated us for centuries and every day we see symptoms of this disease which are riots, degradation of hinduism, and opportunities for abrahamic cults to take advantage of this weakness of ours. We suffer from this disease and the cure for… Read more »

My dear friend

the wealth of king belongs to govt, not for only hindus,it belons to all poor people in kerala.
Agniveer don’t waste his time for spending time with uh happend things.

@ Shabeer I think your statement is so biased because if you’d like treat temple fund to be spent for all poor, then why do we have IRF etc. we should send all muslim charity to Government treasury right??!! your statement is so biased and seems bit greedy too. I… Read more »
Then, you are utterly wrong here, Shabeer. The wealth belongs to the temple and Lord Padmanabhswamy and not even the king of Travancore. So, it is the property of the residing deity and is to be managed by the temple trust on its behalf. Even if I am to accept… Read more »
Wow agniveer.I am a keralite….this is what i have been saying for years….Most conversions are frm backward locality especially on SC/ST colonies….militant converters offers food , shelter or whatever instead of that they will give them there religious education and education to there childrens….We cant blame them because they are… Read more »

We have launched a special mission and allocated funds for Kerala for exactly same purpose. Do contact us through Contact page on how we can work together.


t n tiwari

bahut hi sunder lekh tha parantu savarno ka durbhagya hi hai ki unake achchhe karya ko bhi koi nahi rahata

aryan soldier

दलित उत्थान ५००० करोड़ रुपये के थीम पार्क बनाने से नहीं अपितु जो दलित अनपढ़ हैं उन्हें शिक्षा देने से, जो बेरोजगार हैं उन्हें नौकरी देने से, जो बीमार हैं उन्हें चिकित्सा सुविधा देने से होगा.

aryan soldier
मास्टर जी उसकी क़ाबलियत को समझकर उसे अपने साथ ले आये. कुछ समय पश्चात उसने मास्टर जी को अपनी आगे पढने की इच्छा बताई. मास्टर जी ने उन्हें गायकवाड महाराज के बम्बई प्रवास के दौरान मिलने का आश्वासन दिया. महाराज ने १० मेघावी दलित छात्रों को विदेश जाकर पढने के… Read more »
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स्वामी नित्यानंद के निर्देश पर अध्यापक की नौकरी छोड़ कर उन्होंने बरोदा जाकर दलित विद्यार्थियों को शिक्षा देने का निश्चय किया. एक पक्की सरकारी नौकरी को छोड़कर गुजरात के गाँव गाँव में दलितों के उद्धार के लिए धुल खाने का निर्णय स्वामी दयानंद के भक्त ही ले सकते हैं और… Read more »
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दलित मसीहा – मास्टर आत्माराम अमृतसरी. http://agniveerfans.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/dalit-prophet/ फिल्म आरक्षण आज कल अपने विषय को लेकर कम बल्कि दलित स्वर्ण राजनीती को लेकर अधिक सुर्ख़ियों में हैं. दलित नेता इसे दलितों के अधिकार से खिलवार समझ रहे थे जबकि स्वर्णो की राजनीती करने वाले इसे स्वर्णो के हितों से खिलवार समझ… Read more »
A bold article and today it is a fact that even if someone wanted to come back into the Dharmic fold, they are made to run from pillar to post. While I may have my differences with both ISKCON and Arya Samaj, I have to compliment both these organizations that… Read more »
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the second incidnet which i will like to mention is of maratha war of panipat with ahmed shah abdali in 1761. at one point of war marathas were going to win and abdali was going to loose. incidently abdali went to see what marathas were doing in night. he saw… Read more »
aryan soldier
i will like to mention about 1921 moplah riots of kerla when muslims goons attacked hindus. in these riots thousands of hindus were killed, thousands were converted to islam forcibly,hundreds of hindu women were raped, and hundred of hindu temples were demolished. some one asked at many places hindus were… Read more »
Am, Slave of Vedas
ARYA SAMARPAN GEET Hey Ishwar kya tera diya Sundar Varna hai Hiro ke kimat ko jhuka de Aisa yeh dharma hai Agar Brahman Chunu toh Vedo ki mahima Vishwa mein faila du Kshatriya Chunu toh apno ka jivan apne prana dekar bhi raksha karu Vaishya Chunu toh Priyejano ke daridrata… Read more »