I did not expect my review on ‘Haider’ (http://agniveer.com/a-soldier-reviews-haider/) to get such a massive response. After all I am not a professional film critic. I am just a handicapped ex-soldier.

There are intense debates happening over my review. Opinions range from strong support to outright rejection. Nonetheless the feedback has been very useful to understand the civilian mindset and awareness on the issue.

In this article, I will address some of the feedbacks to provide a fuller perspective on the issue. I did cover many of these in my original review. But in the wide scope and length of the review, they could not come out as clearly as is evident from the feedback.

Also note that despite criticizing my review, many of you have asserted that they are proud of Indian Army and its sacrifices in Kashmir. This is extremely satisfying and fulfills the goal behind the review. In Army, we are trained to keep personal aspirations aside for the larger goal.


You did not understand the film properly. Vishal Bhardwaj was trying to be honest with plot of “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare. You should read “Hamlet” first.

Soldier’s Response:

I have read “Hamlet” but that is not even the point of issue here. In fact, the director has taken several liberties in adapting his film to “Hamlet” and does not confirm to original plot-line everywhere.

The real questions are:

  • Why choose Kashmir to recreate “Hamlet”? Especially in an era when Kashmir is already burning and we have witnessed serious hostility of enemy neighbor and internal acts of militancy since last several years. The valley is burning and what is needed is to bridge the gap between Kashmir and rest of India to bring lasting peace everywhere. On contrary, what purpose does raking up a twenty-five year old sensitive issue serve?Hamlet could have been setup in any part of world. Why choose the most sensitive, most violent, most enemy-prone part of nation? What purpose does it serve? Yes, the movie is a big-hit in Kashmir valley. At the same time, there are flags of ISIS being waved. Good work of Army in flood-relief is being washed away under imaginations of how army tortured Kashmiris twenty-five years ago, as depicted in the film. From perspective of India’s security and integration of Kashmir with rest of the country, the movie has taken us a step backward.
  • Why did Vishal Bhardwaj choose Basharat Peer as co-writer? Is Basharat Peer an expert on Shakespeare? No. Is Basharat Peer a professional film writer? No. On contrary “Haider” is the first time he is writing either for film or for Shakespeare. He is also not an old-time friend of Vishal Bharadwaj.If in a world with thousands of acclaimed film-writers and experts on Shakespeare, one chooses to pay an unknown first-timer as co-writer, there must be a compelling reason. The compelling reason, as it stands, is that Basharat Peer is a Kashmiri separatist journalist based out of New York. He studied in India, holds an Indian Passport and yet publicly regrets the fact that he is forced to hold an Indian Passport and not a Kashmiri Passport. He had written a book “Curfewed Night” which details the so-called ‘atrocities” of Indian Army and so-called ‘illegal’ occupation of Kashmir by India. In fact in the book, he goes on to admit that those who faced so-called atrocities of Indian Army were pro-Pakistanis and sheltered or groomed militants. But, being an anti-Indian, he finds nothing wrong in nurturing terrorists at home. His complaint is only against Indian Army for digging out these terrorists!The movie “Haider” is actually a film adaptation of this anti-India book “Curfewed Night” and Shakespeare is merely an add-on.
  • I fail to understand what would prompt some lover of Shakespeare to choose to work with such a blatantly anti-Indian writer to adapt his anti-India book in a film, unless he harbors anti-India feelings or puts commercial gains over nation?Why Kashmir when it is one of most sensitive parts of world today?Why today when the storyline is 25 years old?Why choose and pay Basharat Peer when he is openly anti-India and has zero experience in either film-writing or Shakespeare?Why “Curfewed Night” when it is a blatantly anti-Indian pro-Pakistani pro-Separatism book?Why the film release coincides with armed aggression from Pakistan and waving of ISIS flags in Kashmir valley?

The “art-lovers” may still find “art” in all this. But we at army are trained to be more vigilant of friends and traitors. That is how we continue to protect the nation with our lives despite all obstacles.


Why take a creative expression so seriously? After all it is just a film. Enjoy the direction, photography, acting, editing, dialogues, plot. And ignore the rest. Don’t get sentimental.

Soldier’s Response:

This is where perhaps a soldier differs from a civilian. A civilian perhaps has ample time to cultivate a mind that enjoys the finer beauties for sake of beauty itself. A soldier has no such luxuries. He is busy fighting enemies at risk of his death, just to ensure that the civilian can comfortably enjoy these beauties.

No, we don’t join Army because of money. We join because of pride. Not self-pride. But pride of self-sacrifice for sake of motherland. Day in, day out, every moment, we are trained for only one thing – to love the motherland. For us, the country is our mother. She is more important than our biological mother. That is why before choosing to die in battlefield protecting motherland, we keep aside all emotions for the biological mother.

When we salute each other, we don’t actually salute each other. We say “Jai Hind”. We don’t say: Hello, Good Morning, Namaste, Aadaab. We glorify and salute Hindustan even when we salute each other.

Now think of it. If someone makes a movie that shows your biological mother (or wife, or sister or any woman for whom you have highest respect) as a loose character. He puts a few rape scenes, mentions that your mother indulges in a variety of innovative “chutzpah”, sleeps around with people, how would you feel?

The movie-maker may have put a disclaimer that it is a work of fiction. Or even praised your mother as a goddess in a subtitle at end of the film. Would you now recommend the world to watch and enjoy this film for awesome performance and direction? Would you thank the lady actor for portraying your mother marvelously? Would you write in reviews that the movie was a wonderful adaptation of some “Hamlet” or “Lolita”?

Forget about the movie. Even in conversation, if someone makes a lewd remark or crude “creative” joke on a woman you respect, you may pick up a fight.

Then how can one expect a soldier to not get emotional and see art and beauty in a film that insults the woman he respect the most – Bharat Mata? Mother India!

I gave my hand for Mother India. Someone gave his eyes. Saurav Kalia and Lance Naik Hemraj gave their heads. Millions of army men have made enormous sacrifice for Mother India. We only regret that we could not sacrifice more. When we say “Vande Mataram” or “Bharat Mata ki Jai”, we actually mean it. We don’t say for sake of saying.

Our love of Bharat Mata does not arouse or go down with a 15th August or 26th January, or Lata’s “Ae Mere Watan ke logo”, or Rafi’s “Kar chale hum fida”, or scores of such songs. These songs make us happy that at least the civilian Indian whom we are protecting have not forgotten us. Even if someone commercially exploits a “Chak de India” or “Lakshya” we don’t mind. Yes, we do smile because real-life battles are not that glamorous. There is no music of AR Rahman or a song playing in background. There are no slow motions, action stunts, dramatization. We simply fight and if required, we die.

We do so not because it is fun, adventure, exciting, festival or artful. We do because Bharat Mata is actually our mother.

We promise every moment that if ever someone raises a dirty eye at my Mother India, I will gouge that eye out. So far, the enemy across the border or the traitor attempts to raise that dirty eye. And we go to any extent to gouge that eye out, even at cost of death. But when our own country-men ask us to appreciate beauty in the dirty-eye’s scan of Mother, we get confused and disappointed.

For civilians, even patriotism may be a fashion or fun. For us it is the only possession we have. It is the only identity we possess.

We don’t interfere with fun and frolic of civilians regardless of whether we understand them or not. We request you to respect our sentiments as well. Do whatever you want, make whatever film you want. But don’t touch upon the only thing that makes us sentimental. And if you have touched, don’t expect us to not be sentimental.


Fine, you did not like the film. It hurt your sentiments. But why paint everything as bad in the movie? Your vision seems colored. You are being biased due to sentiments. You should be balanced.

Soldier’s Response:

  • Soldiers are not trained to be “balanced” in civilian sense. We are trained to choose the right side. We take a decision and move ahead. Because we have to act. We cannot stand still. Civilians take “balanced” in a different sense. They assume that everything has plus and minus. And we should appreciate both and not be one sided.Soldiers go a step ahead. They say: “Fine, there are these pluses and these minuses. Now what do we do?” They weigh the pluses and minuses, and take a decision that best serves the cause. Even civilians do the same. They do when they buy anything. Every product has features and defects. Yet they decide on one. Even if you watched the movie “Haider”, you took a decision by weighing plus and minus of watching the movie.As a soldier, I look into one thing – What does the film lead to? Will it help the cause of Bharat Mata or will it not. I fear, a film written by anti-national with sympathies towards anti-nationals and hatred towards Indian Army can only be detrimental to cause of Bharat Mata. I may have lost my hand, but I cannot stop fighting for my Mother in whatever way I can.
  • If Vishal Bhardwaj has liberty to color his vision as per a Basharat Peer or Shakespeare or whatever, even I enjoy the same freedom of creative expression and color my vision accordingly as per my love for my Mother India. Once I am suspicious of anti-national motives of a gang, as a rational human being, and more so as a soldier, I am bound to evaluate every act of his from same perspective. After all, it is matter of my mother! You may differ from me, but then I too have freedom of my creative expressions.


Shahid Kapoor did this film for free.

Soldier’s Response:

If that be so, it is much more serious concern. What would prompt a professional actor to act for free in an anti-national film? To best of our knowledge, Shahid Kapoor has one-third shareholding in film. This is equally worrisome.


Do you deny that army was responsible of tremendous amount of atrocities and had torture camps? They raped women and killed innumerable. They would consider every Kashmiri as a terrorist. The insurgency was a response to this.

Solider’s Response:

All allegations of army conducting rapes and atrocities have been found baseless. Army was simply fighting to death against insurgents. Even Basharat Peer admits that there were huge number of pro-Pakistanis who would shelter militants. The real frustration in all these fake allegations of human rights abuse against Army is because Army would get to each suspect house and nab the terrorists. Obviously, if you know there are 100 terrorists in a village of 200 people, any Army would be a fool to not monitor and do a door-to-door inspection.

And yes, if in India, one boos India, abuses India, eats from India but curses India, then security forces are duty-bound to deal such anti-nationalism with iron-hand. Had we not done so, even the shooting for the film “Haider” would not have been possible in the valley!


Who are you? Which regiment you belonged to? You are lying about being a soldier.

Soldier’s Response:

It does not matter who I am. I am not an individual. I am every soldier who fought in Kashmir, who died in Kashmir, who got handicapped in Kashmir. I am every mother who lost her son, every widow who lost her husband, every child who lost its father because he loved Bharat Mata more than anything else. I am Saurav Kalia who was tortured to death by militants. I am Lance Naik Hemraj who was beheaded by militants.

And from overwhelming support I received from civilians, I am sure I am every Indian who loves India and lives India. Not just like a nation, but Bharat Mata. A real mother. More than a real mother. And who can happily die for India tomorrow.

One more important point

I believe one divergence in understanding my review on Haider comes from a few differences in soldier mind and civilian mind.


  • For civilian, especially connoisseurs of modern art and fine tastes, battle-field also is an art. An imagination. For soldier, its a reality. If there are bullet shots in a room filled with people, civilians would run away from the bullets. The soldier would jump towards the bullets. If bullet is being shot to person next to me, a civilian’s immediate instinct would be to be further away from bullet so that even by a miss of aim, he is not hurt. A soldier, on contrary, would jump to cover the person next. Because we are taught that in a battle, I am not important. The person next to me is more important. We are trained to sacrifice self for sake of the other person.That is why we cannot appreciate art for sake of appreciating. We don’t see how we enjoy it. We see, what does it lead to. Nation first, and then self. So if something is against nation, we cannot enjoy the art in that.
  • Civilians often state that art and war should be separate. Just because we are at war with Pakistan, it does not imply we should stop cultural and sports relationships. War, or rather politics and culture must be separate. We soldiers fail to understand this logic. Do you want us to play football with those Pakistani soldiers who played football with head of our soldier? Or you want to play football with those who pay money for soldiers who played football with head of our soldier? Or you want to say that we are fighting our war with enemy because of our own desire and you are not on our side? Which means civilians of the country don’t consider us as family members. Are we then soldiers or paid mercenaries in your eyes?Why this duplicity? If someone tries to molest your sister or mother on street or murdered your father, will you play cricket with that neighbor? Even if matter is sub judice and as per your logic cricket and murder of father are separate things. Or will you sing duets with them or invite them to your family functions? Why have a separate set of standards for the nation? The only reason that can be given is that the nation is not your family, the country is not your mother. You simply say so because its fashion, trendy or because everyone else says so.We soldiers have this problem perhaps – that we cannot live with such duplicity. When we say Bharat Mata – we actually mean it is our mother. When we say Nation First – we actually mean nation comes above everything else. When we say, India is my family, we actually mean India is our family and we are the gatekeepers. We expect the rest of the family members inside to back us up, at least emotionally. Even if you don’t, we will continue to fight and die. But we do feel that we deserve some place, some respect, some emotions in your memories even after we are no more there.

Make movie on any subject. Play cricket with anyone. Sing, Dance, Run – do anything. Have happiest and best of lives. Have greatest fun. Enjoy best of luxuries. We really feel happy to see you happy. We are committed to even lay our lives to protect your happiness. Don’t worry and live life to fullest. We will face any temperature, any torture, any challenge, any bomb blast, any gun-firing, any missile for you. But do make us feel part of your family. Don’t choose to have fun with the remorseless enemy. Don’t choose to see art in insult of my Mother. We want nothing else from you.

Jai Hind

Vande Mataram

For original review, please read http://agniveer.com/a-soldier-reviews-haider/

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  1. Salute to you, we are with you forever, we are proud of our Indian Army, I watched the movie and because then I was not aware of what is going on in the country till recently, I myself took it casually though I was not happy while watching the movie, something was disturbing and many moments came, when I personally recall, which put me at unease how maliciously portray India and its army but now when I know what is happening in country, how Jehadi forces are being promoted, backed by ISI/Saud/West nexus and funded by them with the help of local forces you know whom i am referring to(Cong/Mullas-maulvi/Jehadi forces/AAP/LEFT its political wings/Marxists/Communists which include all/foreign paid Media/foreign paid Judiciary/DFN) for many decades in the garb of democracy, sole purpose is to disintegrate India, Dismantle its unity which lies in its Hindu Dharma, Tradition and one other hurdle in the way is Its Forces highly backed by people love, respect and devotion into them, thus they want to finish Hinduism, Hindus and turn India into either Christianity or Islam then their own fight will start for absolute authority and they are leaving no stone unturned for achieving their targets though in the garb of many different political correct term, secondly they want to dismantle the forces and to defame it is the easiest way to shake its ground on which it stand that is people backing because they can not fight straight to both invincible forces thus these trick into play
    but I know you are least bother of these internal traitors you(our forces) just focus on the traitor outside of our reach, leave these internal Jaichands and viruses for us, we if need arise can take care of all these internal insects beyond anyone s imagination for the sake of the security of our mother land and for that cause we all are on same page, but BTW the good thing did this movie was give us a glimpse of the bastards in our own sleeves, now we can deal with them effectively easily, we all will do this without seeking any reward in return you with outsider snakes and we with insider snakes, only reward will be Veer Gati while saving our Mother
    and just overlook the comments they are either deliberated or by some who still are ignorant of the situation and still leaving their own world
    …Bharat Mata Ki Jai

  2. Never mind the negative comments, Indian army. And there is no use in people trying to enlighten such people; it’s a waste of time. Let them have their opinions. I think they are a jealous lot. They are jealous of the Indian Army and the respect it receives. They can’t achieve anything comparable with what these people (Army) have achieved with their lives, even in their dreams. So they are now trying to undermine the achievements of the Indian Army. Their opinions does’nt change anything.

  3. that, “Kashmir Conflict is a designed plot or Conspiracy planned by both India & Pakistan jointly to gain Political mileage in their respective sides”

    He is trying to push those comments in to our throats.

  4. Nitin’s reply methodology reminds me about Goebbels theory
    I feel the below mentioned repeated comments, he made it deliberately with a purpose.
    Both Border post (India & Pakistan) never fired over opposite bunkers instead fired it always on Civilians & other parts. I was surprised to hear that, they were more Civilians who died than Armed Officers.
    I don’t know, why Indian Army cannot blast the Bunker Point from where attack over India is taking place.
    I heard from some source…

  5. I ask everyone to look up Abū-Tāhir Al-Jannābī. He is the man who stole the black stone from mecca and used it as a toilet. This is a factual event that took place, and no birds with stones or any of that nonsense happened. And now millions kiss that same stone that was used as a toilet. Very interesting.

  6. Agniveer, your display of pride of being a soldier of Indian Army and your love for your country is nauseating. I am sure India can do without soldiers like you who are so steeped in self glory. Please remember – the army is for the country, the country is not for the army.
    Just because someone did not choose to join the army. doesn’t make him any less Inidan. Throughout your narrative you use the word civilians as if they are inferior creed. Yougetpaid even after youretire when civilians…

  7. MULLA IN THE GARB OF NITIN listen this country is not ur father’s property who r u to give anti indian army comment first learn some basic facts about the life of a army man and as for ur casuistry that this haider crap is not a hit in valley try to read some newspapers of around 27 oct to 31 oct. u r a coward if u have courage tell us ur real name.

  8. was following this blog post since last few days. and after reading all the comments and discussion one thing is quite clear that this nitin is hired PR machinery of some anti nationalist. he says that the border problem between India pak is just for political mileage. that’s the most hilarious comment I heard ever. can you please explain what mileage did any political party gain. and regarding the luxurious life at army……

    . well I wish you had ever understood the reason. what luxury do…

  9. @nitin : Just join NCC have army attachment camps and you will attach your self your whole life …
    Weather it is screened to be in valley or not is not the question the question is what they choose to be …
    That place were heaven most prosprous on earth and they choose to be hell. AND why not hamlet be a KSAHMIRI PANDIT or a maiost … why a basterd kasmari … Any way you will only understand once your dear one will die either in terrirism or in war (may be cross fire) … aamem ….

  10. As a civilian, I am also entitled to a view though I respect yours.

    There have been so many movies showing the bravery and pain of the Indian army and their families and we celebrated them. However Kashmir is also India, Kashmiris are Indians. The unmarked mass graves are also true, innocents getting killed is true, army men facing strong disciplinary actions is true as well. Why is it anti national, if one movie shows the other point of view?

    • Also I did not find it demeaning the Indian army but showed the situation as it is.

      Bharat Mata is made not only with the army, but also with civilians that include Kashmiris too. What is your view on what was shown in the movie? Were they false or had grains of truth?

      • Yes, that is what I have been wondering…. Why are people reacting so badly to a dissent in opinion?

        Just the fact that there is such overwhelming support for an arrogant Army Officer who keeps demarcating himself from Civilians in every breath, justifies the portrayal of the other side of the picture. That is exactly what Haider did.

        In fact, I dare say that Haider only under represents the problem.

  11. Hello Sir,

    First of all I salute you for your service to the nation and the fact you gave an arm for our safety. Really you are our real life hero.

    On the film, I have some questions to ask. I saw the movie and liked it. Does that make me anti national or make my respect for the armed forces any lesser? I would like to understand which particular parts you found anti national?

    You faced the terrorists in Kashmir and hence you would have a strong point of view in this regard. We…

  12. Dear Nitin and Neeraj (I am unsure if the both of you need to be addressed separately 😉 – The fundamental issue here is Islamic terrorism and ethnic cleansing of non-islamic minorities wherever the muslims are abundant, and prevention/retaliation always brings about their complaints at being oppressed. It is interesting that Kashmir had no such truck with militancy and its consequences from 1948 till the mid-80s, and had no desire to complain/protest before that. Insurgency is the cause, and not the result of your beloved Chutzpah, and you know where you can stuff your love of art. It’s always easy to exploit a tolerant community, and that’s why India is a good target. Try to make a single film about the islamic genocide, even martyrdoms of the Sikh gurus, and you’ll demonstrate that your nutsack is not filled with clay.

  13. The last comment by Bravo, says it all…it is not all one and the same…. The army and other professions of the world…it is difficult to compare…these are totally different things altogether! I am not sure, but if someone is ready to pay me or my family 100 Million or for that matter 100 Billion, and ask me to go to the battlefront to die, I don’t think I would ever go. I think it is much more than the money thing….. Just the money, Just scotch whisky, Just some discounted grossary at military canteen. & other perks… I wouldn’t think……that can make somebody prepare to fight hard & die on the battlefront!!! There is something else….something more…….something that comes from deep within….. and I guess that’s what we call love for the motherland.

  14. @nitin more about odd jobs we have seen so many IPS OFFICIERS denying hard area posting why coz they just want to do job not to serve nation. But in defence forces it’s very very rarely. Even they deny any reson their will be enquiry and may be not get it. N 99.99% all the defence personnel wants hard area posting my friend Major in army used to tell his commanding officer Sir my most of batch mates got good posting (hard area) when i will get, i have not joined defence for desk job sir. This is the spirit of defence personnel. You can’t even compare it with any odd civilians job. If you have problems with 1993 n 1984 then make you remind army has nothing to do with situations of these. When situation become worst army marches they follow orders given by the politicians selected democraticly by people of India. Ask any defence strategic analysts in the world If army is not there in J&k there will not be any J&k on face of earth. It will be some state governed by some…

  15. @nitin big difference between the work of defence forces and civilian work, an odd civilians work too.In minning all labours go into mine so many safety precautions n any mishappening happens suppose a labour died.so his family within 24 hours get 5lacs as compensation within 7 days PF cleared and other compensation enquiry against the mining safety officer. But defence personnel still waiting for PF,COMPENSATION OMPENSATION etc.They have written letters with their blood too to give their dues to them still these things pending with different state.Now lets have simple example minning labour goes with a torch on the head into mine which has approximate 10 hours of charge and his shift will be only 8 hours.what is the shift of an soldiers 24*7.because a soldier may be on 9 or 12 hours shift but available when needed too.even without bullet proof jacket. N labour can deny for any reson not going into mine but soldiers goes into war with their will to fight for country without denial.

  16. I have not seen Haider and don’t intend to. I do appreciate the hardships our military is undergoing to protect the borders. However, my difference of opinion is in what they protect. It is not merely geographical boundary but a way of life. That includes freedom to express what could be most offensive of thoughts. In that context, I would say we should not censor Haider. Then we are no different from them and the soldiers would really have died in vain.

    • Mr. Hari,

      I believe the soldier has addressed exactly the argument you have made, in his above article.

      Your right to wave your hand ends where my nose begins.


  17. There are so many comments attacking on all possible aspects of Army. Starting from the “luxuries”, “atrocities”, “agendas”, “corruption”, “credentials of the writer” and the list goes on…and the reason…. well the movie hurt “patriotic sentiments”.

    Mr. Writer, if your “religious sentiments” were hurt you would not have seen such superfluous and hypocritical comments. No one would “DARE”. But you see, these are “patriotic sentiments” which can be easily questioned and written off.

    If you take a survey you will still find people who will strongly justify how jaichand was right in supporting Ghori.

    All that these white collared bas**** have got is “words”, which are necessarily not a check of their character. So to make their opinion sound “unique”, “path-breaking” and “independent” these fools can go to any extent and write any BS to show off how different and unique they are in their thinking.

    Cant blame them, just express my sympathy for their shallowness or should i say hollowness?

    Qualities of such people are:
    – Not questions asked if one militant killing 100 soldiers but they will question 100 soldiers if they kill one militant(human rights violations you see!)
    – Slience If pak army commits atrocities but they certainly will question even if there is an allegation against Indian Army.
    – They will keep mum on Kashmiri Pandits but they will be very vocal for Kashmiri Muslims.
    – They sit and watch the stone pelting in Kashmir for days but flood the social networking sites with comments if army takes an action.
    – They do not have sympathy if a 16 year old attacks and kills the army personnel but they certainly have their reservations when army kills a 16 year old.

    All I can say is I am a son of army man and i am proud of you all in spite of all the problems and shortcomings you guys are facing at organizational, operational and political level.

  18. Hello Agniveer & all Commentors,

    This will be never ending story,
    One criticizing Indian Army,
    Other criticizing Art of Film.

    First of all, people who seen the film said me that It was police men then why you were comparing it with Indian Army.

    People like you & me, knew the reality so we took that plot referring to Army Men, but not Police Men.

    People in India are not even aware of Kashmir situation & AFSPA (chutSPAh) doing damage to Kashmiri’s.

    So, Be responsible Indians., if we start doing this it would lead to public debate & truth would be out.

    Sometimes it is better to hide truth for sake of peace.

    Let we all take a step to solve it rather just arguing for them. Indian Army need reform to be best Army in the world.

    Let we make ourself aware of that, and Contribute in a forum talk in building a longterm solution for Problems in Indian Army.

    Let me know, who are interested in the forum by replying on this comment.

    Nitin Kumar
    [email protected]

  19. Sir,
    I salute the nationalism you paint yourself in. I am not sure how well informed you are but still, as per the picture you paint about the Indian Army it seems to be a perfect organization. I am not an armyman, neither a government official but have lived inside a lot of cantonments and have very closely observed the lifestyles of the Indian Armed Forces. Based on my observations, the indian army also has a lot of curropt Officers. The curroption prevalent in CSD, AOC, AMC, ASC and EME are not a secret anymore.

    Now talking of human rights, let me remind that the kind of devide army has for officers, JCOs and NCOs in humane, it is a british era implemetation that officers get “Helpers” who at a lot of places are treated no better than a slave. The number of solder sucides has increased to altime high. The british era code of cunduct has to be abbolished. The quality and quantity of ration that army supplies to offices and others has a big gap.Do sepoys, NKs and LNKs have no human rights.

    Said that, my opinion is Indian army is as curropt as any other organization in this nation. People in armed forces may have raped women and killed innocent.

    I understand that you have lost your hand in fighting for the nation, but it was a proffesional choise you made and that’s what you were and still are paid for, from the taxpayers money. And yes, don’t sell this crap that the armymen don’t work for money, army officers draw a heavy pay check from goverment and not to mention the golf corses and lavish clubs.

    Now stop selling your propoganda on the name of this shitty peice of art. You need professional psycologist to assit you.

    I know you don’t have the balls to keep this comment on you blog but thats ok.

  20. This is really sad that idiots like nitin kumar exists n also vishal bhardwaj who couldn’t see wat he is making or could see but had malign intentions…is it possible that movie was secretly funded by some militants… now an average muslim cant afford to sit quite… they must show thier lotalty to secularism or go to Pakistan. …if they want that…but there also they wont be welcomed…
    .i genuinely respect indian army who are protecting us by putting astake of their lives. …

  21. I would just like to say that I completely agree with you on this review. I am with Indian Army and am proud to have protectors like you. Leave this disgraceful film behind and watch movies like “Holiday” which make us proud to be an indian and have indian army. Grand Salute to you and our nation! Jai Hind!

  22. I’m not surprised to see the nations state when we have such idiots like Nitin. I am son of an ex-army soldier. Do you know what we lost when my dad was posted in army for 24 yrs. My sisters and me, lost 14 yrs of childhood love and affection from my Dad. Do you know the value of it?? Not me alone, there are millions of families that way in this country. I am very fortunate that my dad was not injured or killed in the war, but not many are as fortunate as me. Imagine their loss. So, don’t degrade their sacrifices and services with your useless arguments. FYI. my dad worked for ASC and my uncle for MEG.


    • Hello Raj,

      Every Critics is not Anti-Nation,
      Every Anti-Nation can’t be Critic.

      Here there is no question about at what conditions soldiers or officers are working.

      If you can’t understand one single point, don’t atall reply.

      When Innocent Die in the hands of Army Men, they say “He was terrorist, so we killed him”

      Do not forget Army is puppet of Govt. Of India., During 1984 in Delhi & Punjab and 1993 in Kashmir Valley who killed whom ?

      Was it not Indian Army men involved in Massacare of Hundered & Thousands of People with no reason.

      I understand your pain, Missing your father in your childhood is extremely bad. But, this story is now in every house.
      Un employment made people to stay away from their family & houses, this doesn’t happen only to Army Men’s family but even for other families too..
      My Uncle who earns his livehood in abroad, he hardly gets vacation to meet his kids. Here atleast, Army officer gets holiday to spend with family.

      I request you, to ask below question to your father & then reply.

      Both Border post (India & Pakistan) never fired over opposite bunkers instead fired it always on Civilians & other parts. I was surprised to hear that, they were more Civilians who died than Armed Officers.
      I don’t know, why Indian Army cannot blast the Bunker Point from where attack over India is taking place.

      I heard from some source that, “Kashmir Conflict is a designed plot or Conspiracy planned by both India & Pakistan jointly to gain Political mileage in their respective sides”

      Nitin Kumar
      [email protected]

      • Dear Nitin,

        I may not be the best fan of Country-ism or murder (of any means) neither have i watched the movie to comment on that, Quoting some movie I had seen, just answer a question of mine,

        where do u feel safer to be in,
        a) in the company Indian Army
        b) in the company neighbour’s army
        c) in the company of militants

        you may / may not wish to answer and may even differ from mine. But for me that answer is (a), and I wish / adore Indian Army and their presence for not letting this madness from spreading from Kashmir to Kerala. For letting me have a peaceful home where no one would try to push ideologies down my throat. 🙂

        Said that, peace be with you…. 🙂


      • @Nitin: your comparison of your uncle not being able to see his family because he is abroad is so lame. please ask him to come back home and join Indian Army. As per you(mentioned in other comments) Army Officers are well paid, they enjoy on Taxpayers money, and also get good holidays to see their family. But there is one thing your uncle should be able to do, should know how to dodge the Enemy bullets, should have the courage to risk his life for the man standing next to him
        In reply to…

  23. Sir,

    I like the way you have justified your emotional reasons for the review you have given. You have completely liberty to have your view.

    One thing that still bothers me in your review
    Quote: “As a soldier, I look into one thing – What does the film lead to? Will it help the cause of Bharat Mata or will it not”
    Do you do this with every movie you watch? Is every movie intended to help the cause of Bharat Mata? There are so many movies out there which do nothing to help our country( may be generate 100 crores revenue and in turn taxes which may or may not be are used to fund the Indian Army and other important initiatives)….
    About what a film leads to……is a very sensitive and subjective matter…and each segment of users will see the cause-effect differently…..As much as I respect your explanation, its represents the view of an important segment of the nation but not the only one…….nevertheless, thank you for your review and I will look forward to your review on the next movie you may watch…..

    • I do not think any the author of this blogger looks at every film with a view point of what it does to help the cause of “Bharat Mata”, beause every film is not so rabidly anti Indian!
      The movie degrades people who stood up for India in Kashmir and admires every one for whom India is Haram and Indians are dogs. On top of that this movie even degrades Hindus by making one of their ancient temples as abode of “Shaitaan”, What would have happened if some Masjid or Church was depicted as Shaitaan? Say for example Hazaratbal! There would have been massacres in Kashmir and riots all over India.
      This movie is highly irresponsible piece of crap.

    • Why don’t you go wipe a$$e$ of Vishal Bhardwaj, Basharat Peer, Shahid Kapoor as you have their correct names instead of wasting time here if you have no sentiments for our brave soldiers hearts!

  24. I am indian citizen but currently living in the United States. I am surprised to see how american citizens treat their soldiers. Americans have very high and deep regards for their military. More than 80% of US adults think that members of the armed forces contribute a lot to society’s well being. Based on the contributions to the society, military tops the list of occupational groups, followed closely by teachers, medical doctors, scientists and engineers. In US, military officers are regarded as having one of the most prestigious jobs. It is all because of their love and selfless contributions for their motherland. I truly respect their sentiments.

    I am sure no one can dare to have “Haider” type of movie for US army scenario and that is the case for most western countries. It won’t happen at first place as public will never let it happen. I am puzzled why Indian Army did not check the production of this movie that is so biased and demoralizing to Indian soldiers. Why this type of movie is not critically reviewed before it gets released.


    • Hello Rishika,

      You brought the discussion over comparison between American Military & Indian Military.

      The major difference between both Military is being People friendly. American Military men or Officer are people friendly. They don’t attack their own country men. Whereas Indian Military are puppets under corrupt politicians. If ordered to beat or retreat unarmed civilians., they never feel sad & even sympathetic over their sin.

      Indian Army might have secured us, still they are responsible in killing thousands of our Indians for no proper reason. 1984 in Delhi & Punjab and 1993 in Kashmir Valley.

      You still want to back Indian Army, you can Rishika
      But, People like me who saw Army retreating/killing innocent people who sat on agitation for their right is unforgettable for me.

      You had not actually read my scenario in my last comment;

      Both Border post (India & Pakistan) never fired over opposite bunkers instead fired it always on Civilians & other parts. I was surprised to hear that, they were more Civilians who died than Armed Officers.
      I don’t know, why Indian Army cannot blast the Bunker Point from where attack over India is taking place.

      I heard from some source that, “Kashmir Conflict is a designed plot or Conspiracy planned by both India & Pakistan jointly to gain Political mileage in their respective sides”

      Nitin Kumar
      [email protected]

      • Hi Nitin,

        been through some of your comments, what is it, why are you dead against Indian Army.

        Were you a victim of atrocities of Indian army, or any of your families members were affected by them. if Yes, please let us know.(I know this is a bit personal, but may be we can understand your point of view better if can tell us some information about incidents affecting them)

        and please do share your source you keep mentioning in following statement

        “I heard from some source that, “Kashmir Conflict is a designed plot or Conspiracy planned by both India & Pakistan jointly to gain Political mileage in their respective sides””

        because the allegation you are putting based on SOME SOURCE are pretty serious. this would mean that the three wars India had with Pakistan, and the creation of Bangladesh and not to forget Kargil WAR were all just to gain political advantage over Kashmir.


      • Mr. Nitin,

        hahaha !!! You need to get your facts correct. You are such a moron. Their is pure lack of information at your end. Go and visit BOPs personally then you will realize how many bullets are fired on each other’s bunkers and don’t question power of Indian Army; they are not the authority to decide, if they were; then by now you would have not found Pakistan in world map.
        Sorry……. if your belong to Pakistan….;)

  25. All the people who criticize Indian Army, should serve in Army in the same harsh conditions fighting terrorists, at least for a day before they can criticize.

    • This is similar to asking a random cricket match viewer to play the same match in the same conditions as Sachin does before passing a comment on the way he should have played……There are no qualifications to passing an opinion…..A wise professor once said…… “If a devil is narrating scriptures….screw the devil….take the scriptures”…..similarly if unqualified person is passing an opinion/comment, forget the person….look at the argument or opinion and accept it, if valid and true…..a person’s identity need not necessarily drive the acceptance of truth…..Just a different view and not intended to hurt your sentiments….very often in life, people preach or pass opinions on things they dont know/dont qualify to comment on….but that doent necessarily make the argument or opinion unqualified/bad….accept and digest it, if it makes sense…..

      • The problem is devil cannot narrate scriptures hate lovers cannot preach peace, separatists cannot unify. Only peace lovers can bring peace ultimately by whatever means that’s possible. Only unifier can unite country. You are not understanding the intensity of the issue at stake here. It’s our motherland’s security and integrity and our brave soldiers reputation at stake. We don’t care if it’s pure fiction, sport fun or entertainment But twisting facts or leaving facts and making rights wrong or wrongs right will help terrorists which our soldiers need to clean up sacrificing their lives unless you want to keep these artists and art lovers at frontline.

      • For people getting “effed” of comments saying live a soldiers life before you say, let’s have a small roleplay.
        Your neighbour asks you to play cricket on his/her behalf you will do it.But if your neighbour will ask you
        to look after his/her family (and no special safeguards for your own family) at the risk of your own life, will you do it?
        With the same fervour as for a cricket match? Heck you probably wouldn’t have gone for the match if they said you might get
        killed by some freak bouncer.You would think about your family.

      • A soldier has to do that for all men of his/her country (not just a neighbour, even those you openly disregard them)You can live if you don’t have cricketers around and no cricket matches too.
        Say the same thing for the military and soldiers and you will realise the difference. If you don’t then listen/translate “Ae mere watan ke logo…” by Lata Mangeshgar it will help you understand a bit more.

      • That is the difference between someone commenting on a cricketer and a soldier. I agree there might have been instances where “soldiers” killed people but you can’t undermine the fact that there are many
        others there to keep us safe at their own risk.Please respect that.

  26. Hello Sir,

    Don’t spread wrong information,

    Haider is not screened in Jammu & Kashmir, most of them even don’t know about it. and, you declaring Haider a hit in Kashmir Valley.

    Army always hide things, I knew it from past. But now, Army men is spreading false or wrong news/information. This is shocking man.

    Here is something to know,
    There is a men who wants to work to earn his livelihood. So, He joins a mining company. He is informed that his job would have extreme danger and company will insure you always & pay (salary) you well too…

    Here, I might sound immoralistic or anti
    But, just change that men as soldier & that mining company as Armed Force. Rest you can better understand.

    My point where most of you guys won’t agree on it, still bare it…

    Both Border post (India & Pakistan) never fired over opposite bunkers instead fired it always on Civilians & other parts. I was surprised to hear that, they were more Civilians who died than Armed Officers.
    I don’t know, why Indian Army cannot blast the Bunker Point from where attack over India is taking place.

    I heard from some source that, “Kashmir Conflict is a designed plot or Conspiracy planned by both India & Pakistan jointly to gain Political mileage in their respective sides”

    I am extremely sorry if my views hurt anybody. My intentions were not wrong, they were just my point of view over subject being debated.

    I am ready for any criticism & correction on my comment.

    Nitin Kumar
    [email protected]


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