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I am an ex-armyman. I was stationed in Kashmir in mid-nineties. This was the same period when hordes of militants from across the border infiltrated in Kashmir to spread terror. Lashkar-e-Taiba, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and scores of other terrorist groups were having a free-for-all rampage in Kashmir. They would infiltrate from Pakistan, recruit cadre, take them to Pakistan for training, bring them back and perform heinous acts of terror.

This was the same period when half a million Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs were massacred and forced to flee the valley.

This was the same period when Kashmir burnt under fundamentalism. It was next to impossible to differentiate between a peaceful nationalist and a killing-machine.

Whenever a cricket match would happen between India and Pakistan, Pakistani flags would wave across the valley as if we were sitting in heart of Pakistan. Any minority voice who dared to wave the Indian flag would be silenced immediately by militants.

It was during such a reign of terror, that Indian Army had to douse the fire in Kashmir with their own blood.

If someone suffered most severe human-rights violation in history of mankind, it was the Indian Army in Kashmir. We left our families in different parts of India and survived under harshest of conditions. For days we would sleep over guns in harsh climate and remotest locations just to keep tab on infiltrating militants. Anyone of us could be bombed away in a sudden attack of fundamentalism. Innumerable among us lost our lives. I lost my hand like so many others who lost their limbs or eyes. To die in a bomb blast was considered lucky. Because if you chanced to be captured by the militants, you would be slowly and mercilessly tortured to death. Militants and their supporters took pride in this gruesome ‘halal’ ritual.

Remember Saurabh Kalia? He is definitely not as popular as Vishal Bharadwaj or Shahid Kapoor. Because he was not a film star who made money by exploiting national interests. He was a humble Indian soldier who gave his life for motherland. He was captured by fundamentalists along with 5 more soldiers. They were taken across Line of Control and tortured as a religious ritual.

Pakistan army tortured their prisoners by burning their bodies with cigarettes, piercing ear-drums with hot rods, puncturing eyes before removing them, breaking most of the teeth and bones, fracturing the skull, cutting the lips, chipping the nose, chopping off limbs and private organs of these soldiers besides inflicting all sorts of physical and mental tortures and finally shooting them dead after twenty-two days, as evidenced by the bullet wound to the temple.

This made the killers “Ghazi” – who as per these fundamentalists gets highest number of most beautiful virgins in Heaven. All you need to do to be a Ghazi is to celebrate killing of a non-believer.

These five soldiers were after all the worst of creatures in world in eyes of jihadis. They were Indians, soldiers and idol-worshippers. What could be greater sin!

I was lucky because I could have been in Saurav’s place. Had I not lost my hand, instead of Saurav Kalia, I would have been ‘halal’ed to make someone Ghazi.

This was the same period when Indian Army made greatest sacrifice to save India and humanity from reign of death and blood.

And it is the same period around which the film “Haider” by Vishal Bharadwaj, Shahid Kapoor and anti-India jihadi writer Basharat Peer has been made and adored by “critics”.

No struggle for liberation in Kashmir

Everyone on ground knows that there is no struggle for liberation of Kashmiris in Kashmir. If that had been so, why native Kashmiri Pandits would have been massacred?

You need to spend just a few days in the valley to understand the true nature of struggle that lies hidden under this garb of Kashmiriyat.

It is simply a ploy to extend the reaches of Islamic fundamentalism. The same fundamentalism of Al-Qaeda and ISIS that is shaking the entire world.

Kashmiri militants are brainwashed to believe that they will go to Paradise only after India is conquered by an army of Jihadis. Listen to speeches of Masood Azhar, founder of Jaish-e-Muhammad. He talks of Ghazwa-e-Hind prophecy where Prophet made conquest of India a precondition for opening doors of Heaven.

In name of religion, the same poison is spread in minds of Kashmiri youth to make them militants.

Go and ask opinion of any Kashmiri liberation member. No one will say that idol-worshipper can also be a good human blessed by Allah. On contrary, they believe that idol-worshippers are worst of creatures. The real hatred is against non-Muslims because as per them, their version of Islam is the only acceptable religion. All non-Muslims must convert to Islam or deserve hatred. This is exactly the same ideology that ISIS and Al-Qaeda follow.

The war against terror is a war against this fanatic mindset. None other than the Indian Army has sacrificed more to fight this war. We fought not only with arms but with love and service. The flood relief efforts in Kashmir in recent past is a clear example of the same.

Enemy within and outside

Yet Indian Army continues to face bullets from enemies and abuses from family. Today, on one side Pakistan is targeting Indian Army and minority locations in Kashmir with bullets. And around the same time, our own country-men create a film like “Haider” that paints Indian Army a villain.

On one hand, flags of ISIS are waved in Kashmir, and at same time, “critics” laud anti-nationalism of Haider as marvel of art.

Such co-incidences give ample evidence that somehow our enemies and certain elements from within our country consistently orchestrate great timing and coordination among each other that it is hard to believe that it was just a mere coincidence.

In Army, we are trained to observe such remarkable coincidences, understand what goes behind, and yet silently sacrifice ourselves for the mission of nation.

Haider shook me to core

I have myself faced irrepairable loss in saving motherland from anti-national militants. And my fellow armymen have made much larger sacrifices for the same cause. Thus the film Haider shook me to core.

It made me question for the first time – Whom are we fighting for? Whom are we defending? The same people who could make this film because of Army’s protection collude with an anti-national Jihadi writer to make a villain of Indian Army?

Is this the reward of our sacrifices that we continue to make? Are commercial gains and so-called artistic expression more important than motherland and humanity?

What if we had not fought terrorism by tooth and nail in nineties? What if we had not arrested the spread of terror to other parts of country through our own lives?

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

This is not a film-critics review. This is a review from perspective of an armyman, a lover of humanity and a son of India. A true secular who refuses to believe that God hates idol-worshippers so much that they will go to Hell. And aspires to fight against ideology that directly or indirectly nurtures such fundamentalist elements.

This is not rhetoric in jingoism

Unlike Haider, which is an experiment in fundamentalism, don’t consider the article to be a rhetoric in jingoism.

Yes, I love my country. I love my country more than I love anything else in life. I love my country not because I was born here or I am a native of this nation. It is not because I love the design of the map of India. It is because its timeless cultural and philosophical heritage that is built on core foundations of tolerance, acceptance and justice. So jingoism has no place for a nationalist and son of soil.

My nationalism does not make me aspire to conquer the whole world. It inspires me to enlighten the whole world. It inspires me to promote brotherhood across the globe and strive for “One World, One Family.” It inspires me to make India lighthouse of the world. I joined Indian Army not to conquer the world, but nurture and protect Peace that defines foundation of India.

I am not a movie-watcher. My mission never allowed me the luxury to fit movies or serials in my priority-list. But I made an exception for Haider.

Summary Review of Haider

While I will provide details later, let me state upfront – I find “Haider” to be a shameless commercialization of anti-nationalism.

No its not a rhetoric. This is the most “polite” way in which I can summarize the review of this film.

The more “practical” review summary is already being demonstrated by my Indian Army by appropriate retaliation to Pakistani misadventure of cross-border firing. Salutes to my Army for this. Am proud to lose my arm for you. And regret that I could not gift my life for you.

The Detailed Review of Haider

A. This is perhaps the first anti-Indian film that has been produced in India by Indians. Just as the film producers chose to showcase Army as criminals, I would prefer to call the film-maker and its sympathizers Jaichands.

B.The film has been written by Basharat Peer – a Kashmiri separatist based out of New York. Basharat Peer is well acclaimed for his hatred of India. He lived, studied and made career from what India gave him. But in influence of fanaticism, fundamentalism and perhaps some money, he chose to hate India. He openly claims that he holds an Indian Passport only due to compulsion.

Of course it is a pity that Vishal Bhardwaj and Shahid Kapoor and the rest of the gang who eat their bread from India chose to select a vocal anti-national to write their plot.

No, Basharat Peer is not a professional film writer. On contrary, this is his first such project.

In garb of producing Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the film team has done what Jaichand or Mir Zafar did, all for petty commercial gains.

C. The film has a clear anti-India tone. The protagonist is son of a doctor who also is a member of militant gang of Kashmiri separatists. The wife and brother of the doctor report presence of terrorists in home to military. Military catches the doctor and kills all the militants. The hero “Haider” is supposed to take revenge for this.

In entire film, all dialogues and all characters make one clear assumption – that anything and anyone who supports India is a bad guy. Anything and anyone who hates India or Indian Army or is a militant is a good guy.

The greatest crime of bad guys is that they believe in Indian democracy or chose to support Indian Army instead of militants.

D. Indian Army is shown to be tyrants. They torture even innocents brutally. In one scene, they castrate a young man during torture even though they knew he was innocent. The fact remains that despite all allegations, no evidence has been found of Indian Army torturing any innocent.

E. In one scene, Army asks all militants to shout “Jai Hind”. The father of Haider refuses to shout so, and hence is punished. In anger, he asks his companion to inform his son that he must take revenge for all this. Thus a “hero” is born from Haider whose only agenda in life is to kill those who love India. This continues without remorse till end of the film.

There is no mention of the fact that thousands or even lakhs of militants had infiltrated India during the same period. Only an anti-national can complain about use of “Jai Hind” to segregate militants from ordinary citizens. I can understand Basharat Peer to have hatred against “Jai Hind”. But why Shahid Kapoor and Vishal Bharadwaj?

For humble soldiers like me, “Jai Hind” is the only call for which we live and die. This alone is our mantra, our kalma, our slogan.

F. In last scene, after all killing and destruction, the hero heads towards Pakistan.

G. In the interim, there is an incoherent monologue by Haider on how India cheated Kashmiris and has illegally occupied Kashmir. He raises slogan among public who shout back that they want independence from India. This anti-India speech is supposedly a high-point of the film.

H. Kashmiri women have been portrayed as lose characters. Haider’s mother starts sleeping with her brother-in-law immediately after she gets her husband arrested by military for hiding militants. And immediately after death of her husband is confirmed, she marries. Further, she has questionable feelings for her son which is exemplified by unnecessary kiss scenes.

I.Another Kashmiri woman, Haider’s girlfriend is shown to have utter disdain for her religion. She refuses to touch Quran for vow and instead decides to sleep with Haider despite objections from her brother and father. She is confused between her love for Haider and love for India. And that confusion leads to problems for Haider.

J. These are the only two women in the film. Basharat Peer has played a very smart move here. It is evident that he has insulted Islam as well as denigrated Kashmiri women apart from insulting India. His real goal is not the benefit of Kashmiris. He seems to be inspired by Pakistan instead. That is why the hero finally leaves for Pakistan. Any Muslim who has slightest soft-corner for India is shown as negative.

K. In fact there is another set of characters who mimic Salman Khan – an Indian actor. They are shown to be friends of Haider who turn traitors and try to kill him under orders of police. But Haider kills them instead.

L. The father of Haider’s girlfriend is shown to be a spineless policeman who knows India is wrong in illegally capturing Kashmir and yet works against “Kashmiri freedom fighters”. He is the one who gives illegal orders to kill Haider in encounter.

M. There is a repeated use of word “Chutzpah”. It serves two purposes. First it fulfills the fetish of film crew to speak out an abusive word indirectly. Secondly, it is supposed to rhyme with AFSPA – Armed Forces Special Powers Act – that gives special powers to Army in Kashmir to fight terrorists. In one scene, Haider is seen mocking AFSPA along with his friends by mentioning it along side Chutzpah. It is used to ridicule India’s ‘illegal’ control over Kashmir.

The director ignores the fact that Chutzpah is a Hebrew word that is pronounced as “Hutspah” or “Khutspah” and not with “CH” as director’s fetish propelled him.

The irony is that AFSPA alone is the reason why the makers of Haider could make the film today!

N. Even apart from the obvious focus on anti-Indianism, there is nothing that the movie offers apart from long yawns and drags. There are scenes and situations where one is confused whether to laugh or take seriously. For example, two comedians who mimic Salman Khan suddenly turn villains. Some elderly grave-diggers near Pakistan border suddenly start singing and dancing out of context. They are revealed to be militants later.

O.There is a song “Bismil” where idol of “Satan” has been put on gates of Martand Temple in Anantnag and the hero sings and dances like devil. It is an obvious reference to the oldest Sun temple of world being a haven of Satan. After the song, hero attempts to kill his uncle. Several Hindu organizations have protested against this insulting depiction of a revered temple. The fact is that this temple represents the original “Kashmiriyat” that is being crushed under militancy and hatred.

P. The hero refers to Anantnag as Islamabad repeatedly when an army-man asks his destination. This is an obvious reference to affection for capital of Pakistan and refusal to speak the original Hindu/ Kashmiri name of the town in Kashmir.

The film makes no mention of the fact that the name Kashmir comes from Rishi Kashyap – one of the most revered Sapta Rishis as per Hinduism. The name Anantnag comes from Ananta of Naga tribe, who also happened to be son of Rishi Kashyap. Both these words predate “Islamabad” and the demands for separation of Kashmir by thousands of years. Kashmir has been the most important center of Shaiva philosophy – one of the most important components of Hinduism – way before even religion was born.

Q. The movie claims to highlight the ‘Kashmir cause’ but the makers restricted themselves to Indian Kashmir only completely forgetting the Pakistan and Chinese Occupied Kashmir and rights of Kashmiris therein. Perhaps because it was again the Indian Army alone that allowed these snakes to shoot the movie in its area which was not possible in China or Pakistan. And in the end, the snakes bit the hands that fed them. Makers of Haider left no stone unturned to demonize Indian Army but not a single word has been uttered against the rogue Pakistani Army or Chinese PLA.

R. Soft corner for separatists but not even a single mention of ethnic cleansing of half a million Kashmiri Hindus from valley in 1989 in whole movie. Clear attempt of fueling false sense of victim-hood among the already radicalized separatists but deliberately hiding the real Kashmiri issues. It is clearly the Pakistani line on Kashmir that the makers of Haider have toed. The movie complains that army would inspect, threaten and torture Kashmiris. But movie offers no solution to how else the army should have dealt with those who hide militants in home, hate India, are ashamed to say ‘Jai Hind’ and has every other member in family as a militant or receiving terror-training in Pakistan. When thousands of militants have infiltrated the border, Pakistani flags are waved en-masse during Indo-Pak match, and half a million non-Muslims are killed or forced to flee, what else can army do to stop terror from killing more innocent lives? It does not matter whether it is Kashmir or Kanyakumari. If any person or group supports terrorists, or has family members indulged in terrorism, or are ashamed to say “Jai Hind”, then they deserve most thorough scrutiny and punishments. This is necessary to contain terrorism. This is not human rights violation. This is protection of human rights of innocent millions.

In general this movie has one agenda – to portray the following as villains:

  • Muslims who love India
  • Women who love India
  • Hindus who love India
  • Armymen who love India
  • Kashmiris who love India

Violent Agniveer


No I don’t call for ban on the film. The era of information control through bans is far over.

What I call for is to use this film as a lever to educate our fellow Indians and world about Kashmir. How militants destroy peace in Kashmir, how Pakistan destroys peace in Kashmir, how filmmakers mock true Kashmiris, true Muslims and true Hindus, how paid journalists like Basharat Peer bring bad name for Kashmir as well as India despite being Kashmiri. And how Indian Army has made greatest sacrifices in history of humanity to protect peace in Kashmir.

It is time to create national awakening on Kashmir issue, fight Pakistan and Kashmiri separatists in most ruthless manner to bring peace in valley and India. Indian Army is doing a fabulous job on the border. Lets do within the border and internationally to support their sacrifices.

Many critics and “experts” have claimed that “Haider” is a bold masterpiece. One reason why many frustrated minds are calling it masterpiece is obvious – despite their predictions, a so-called right-wing party came to power with absolute majority in recent elections. This is despite their top-of-the-mouth out-of-the-court pronouncement of judgement that the incumbent Prime Minister is a mass-murderer. Somehow public could not be conned by these fake allegations. And the massive victory frustrated them to core. So they will leave no option to proclaim any junk as masterpiece so far it is against the proclaimed stand of incumbent party. In case of Kashmir, it is also clear that this stand of zero-tolerance for militancy in Kashmir is also voice of people.

As far as it being a “bold” movie, I fully agree. It is indeed a bold experiment. Almost as bold as Pakistan’s recent bold experiment of cross-border firing in Kashmir. Or their “chutzpah” in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1998 that eventually bankrupted the rogue country.

And I agree that such boldness be better countered with even more boldness.

Please note that I am not against Pakistanis or Kashmiris who are fed up with violence. My love for nation makes every peace-lover in the world my best friend. But for sake of this peace, my love for nation calls for total annihilation of those forces or voices that promote militancy in any manner whatsoever.

As far as liberation of Kashmir is concerned, all this talks about plebicite or Nehru’s promise in 1948 is completely irrelevant. It was a blunder that few weak voices were allowed to partition the country whose borders have been decided since ages by nature and which nurtures the oldest civilization and culture of world uninterrupted till date.

No more partition can be tolerated. Period. If majority in Kashmir want separation, then the same rule should apply to every house, every lane, every mohalla of India. Tomorrow I may claim that 6 people of my home want to be independent country – we form full majority – hence grant us freedom. This is foolish talk.

Kashmir was always integral part of India. And shall remain so. The entire drama of separatism in Kashmir is a ploy to annexe a major part of India for fundamentalism – in lines of ISIS and Al Qaeda. The whole world is seeing results of rise of this fundamentalism. It is time we join together to crush it.

If a few silly films like Haider come up to rake up and further the cause of fundamentalists, we must use them as well to further the agenda of peace, tolerance and integral India.

My humble appeal would be to not waste your time and money watching such anti-national “pseudo-intellectual purgation”. Better donate it for Indian Army or PM Relief Fund to help Kashmiris suffering from floods and ignite the cause of nation.

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This article is dedicated to Indian Army which has scripted the most befitting review of “Haider” and all such anti-national antics through its valor in Kashmir. My salutes to these heroes of nation.

Jai Hind. Vande Mataram

For second review of “Haider” by the Soldier, please read http://agniveer.com/the-soldier-reviews-haider-again/This article is also available in Hindi here

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  • A standing ovation to such a great writing sir..the truth you shared \ brought tears in the eyes of real Indian.Many of the Kashmirs are not in support of this violence but yes!.It is a warning to the separatists that if you want to leave then leave but dont dream to takeaway our land.!.And bloody Pakistanis who are trying to brainwash people in the name of religion!.Wait and watch!.there would be a end to you all.!.
    Sir we would support you till we die. #respect

  • Movie is having mention of Pandits being displaced and killed, so the time era is today’s. The movie is having slight anti-India overtone, but in overall it displays mindset of today’s average Kashmiri youth. Corruption and abuse of power and law is common practice, and when this movie shows that in Kashmir’s reference.

    Definitely this movie is a borderline case for Indian mindset but it can be taken more as documentary movie which is leaving judgement to spectators.

    Censorboard’s passing this movie and no big agitation against this movie is sign of improved maturity of India.

  • Heartfelt salutes to our Army. In our culture, ‘kritaghanta’ is a sin. Had it not been for the army, all us ‘kafir’ non muslims would have been ethnically cleansed from Kashmir long back in 1947. The track record is right in front of you in PoK and Pakistan.

  • Pakistan is equally responsible for lost of life in valley eveyday.As things stand, India is the best option for Kashmir,
    and you know what – it is also an integral part of
    India. (the repetition is on purpose)
    This post was originally written by RESHUB PEER(A KASHMIRI) in quora forum.

  • For the sake of argument, lets just say Pakistan
    doesn’t do that ( very improbable), Kashmir will be a
    country surrounded by three nuclear powers and that
    is quite a precarious position to be in. In terms of
    resources, Kashmir will be low on human capital and
    will effectively have medieval era infrastructure. I
    don’t see any of the industries thriving either.
    Quoting the part of your question “Why don’t Indians
    think about the lives that are being lost everyday as a
    result of the conflict?” — Clearly you seem to suggest
    the onus lies on India, but Pakistan is equally, if…

  • Becoming a separate country is the worst option for
    Kashmir. If Kashmir is ever declared a nation of its
    own, within seconds of removal of Indian army from
    Kashmir, the Pakistani Army will attack and try to
    conquer that land (similar to 1947-48) and Kashmir
    will have no chance. My best guess is that after
    Pakistan takes over, Kashmir will eventually become a
    breeding ground for extremist jihadi groups.

  • it is mistaken when people say that ” Kashmiris are
    willing to go with Pakistan ” (Please note I am talking
    about the Kashmir still under Indian jurisdiction and
    not PoK or what you might call Azad Kashmir). I have
    been following my motherland’s sentiments and
    politics for years now. Yes, they are not totally happy
    about Indian government’s treatment towards them,
    but I can assure you they don’t want to be a part of
    Pakistan as well. If anything, they want a separate
    country for themselves.

  • Indian soldiers went to an
    extreme to wrestle it back, because of its strategic
    importance. Lets say India gives away Kashmir to
    Pakistan. With all the natural barriers removed, the
    Pakistani army then has a clear run into internal
    parts of India, and well today its Kashmir, tomorrow
    they might want Punjab.

  • Kashmir is an integral part of India. Please
    understand that this is the most important reason.
    India aspires to be a superpower and superpowers
    don’t just give away an integral piece of their land
    just because their neighbour is throwing a tantrum.
    From a strategic point of view, the mountains of
    Kashmir act as natural barriers to any invading army.
    Keeping control of those peaks is crucial to India’s
    national safety on a whole. Pakistani army took
    control of one of these peaks ( Tiger Hill, Kargil )
    during the Kargil War. Indian soldiers went to an
    extreme to wrestle it back,…

  • Shahid Kapoor, Haider movie actor promotes anti-nationalism. I think he and pk actor Aamir Khan have been respected by Pakistani media, people and Lashkar-E-Taiba founder Hafiz Said.
    I would suggest to watch Bang Bang movie instead of Haider which was released on the same day.

  • Namaste brother

    Oh really!! u know dat many kashmiri pundits suffered alot…. thank God

    brother u r saying about poshpora kunan but what about those innocent kashimiri pundit’s women.. They were also raped in the name of islam and AZAADI …. where were u dat tym??

    how can our army allow someone to go who don’t hav their ids… if u ppl dont support those terrorist forces who r fighting for their so called AZAADI then army has no prblm to allow u going…

  • in poshpora kunan.
    Dont you see that also ….

    Do you know how many innocent teenagers have been killed here from 1990 till 2014?
    Do you know how many people were arrested because they didn’t carry id cards and they are lost till this day?
    Do you know how many fake encounters have been done by your black dogs (army)?

    whenever anybody try to show your ugly face you tried to deceive them by bringing the issue of kashmiri pundits.?
    I know they faced some sufferings but these sufferings…

  • army raped in kashmir its not a fabricated story world knows about the black deeds of your army done in poshpora kunan.
    Dont you see that also ….

    Do you know how many innocent teenagers have been killed here from 1990 till 2014?
    Do you know how many people were arrested because they didn’t carry id cards and they are lost till this day?
    Do you know how many fake encounters have been done by your black dogs (army)?

    whenever anybody try to show your ugly face you tried to deceive them…

  • Agniveer you are always acted like an asshole (farding from mouth).
    I am a kashmiri I see how much your army is sober and innocent .
    I have been seeing that from my childhood the most humane work of army that I can recall is of kunan poshpora where they raped almost a hundred women even kids aged 6 were raped. and their husband their sons and their brothers were forced to see how their womans are being raped.
    its not a fabricated story world knows about the black deeds of your army done in…

    • N wat Kashmir Muslims did to Kashmiri pandit…..They raped women….Burn them….Don’t u feel any thing for them??….Always cry for urself

  • I personally think that this movie, like most Bollywood movies, is bilge. Indians are proud of their Army, and everyone knows that a movie on Kashmir, is not going to be a pretty one. War is hardly fair, and the ones who have suffered are not only the Kashmiris, but also the Soldiers who have to fight. For the separatists, militants, and terrorists, I don’t wish to waste words, they deserve every brutality they suffer. They are the ones who began it in the first place.

  • The author observes that he fights for India, yet shows utter disdain for the values that make India special – Freedom of Expression is what separates India from China and Pakistan. And he openly advocates its removal. I’m sorry, but India is not just a geographical entity. It’s an idea. And an IDEAL. And if you take away that ideal, then there IS no India. Sorry, but you cannot protect something by destroying it.

    • Author too has a freedom of expression, no? And also has mentioned that he’s against banning the film. What’s your point?

      From text: “No I don’t call for ban on the film. ..What I call for is to use this film as a lever to educate our Indians and world about Kashmir.”

      Re-read maybe. Also, try it while being physically present around Pakistan border in Kashmir, under constant threat from gunfires, militant insurgents. Who knows, you may even get a different and wider…

      • @Bhagwad
        1. A very cute point raised by you. But did you not see the situation in which movie is made? A war is going on. Not only the enemies are across the border,they are within our territory. There were militant insurgents in almost every 2nd home in the area. In such a situation,if any person openly disrespects symbols of Indian nationalism,he is giving out a clear signal of being enemy in India’s land,a potential brainwashed militant who will not think twice before murdering innocents…

      • 2. In such a hostile situation with one’s territory densely populated with terrorists, IndianArmy has every right to be suspicious and investigative to ensure that citizens of India are able to protect and maintain their right to freedom of expression (and right to act cute when lethal enemy is standing overhead !).

  • I personally saw it in totally another perspective. I felt haider wanted to show Kashmir’s trysts with destiny, the way things are being affected there due to divisive elements and that too due to no ones fault at all. Everybody was doing what they were supposed to do and still lives were ruined.

    But then that’s just me.

  • Profound. Well, the amorous relationship between mother and son is Oedipus complex which can also be seen in the original work, Hamlet. I was deeply troubled when the entire Bollywood started sucking up to Bhardwaj and Peer for it. Thanks for it.. BTW, I am a wannabe writer. Wanted to talk to you. Is it possible?

  • I think you got it all wrong.
    The movie is not about Kashmiri militancy and painting Indian army as a villain.
    Indian Army is too awesome for any of us to pass any comments on it.

    The movie is about a doctor. Who values humanity and life mirmore than borders, be it a militant or a soldier, his Hypocratic Oath.

    The movie is about a doctor who is betrayed by his own brother for love for his wife.

    The movie is about a son who must seek revenge for his father.But not from the army, but…

  • yes sir..i still remember saurav kalia although i get confused between vishal bharadwaj and vishal dadlani…salute to you guys.

  • With u indian army…Have personally seen it when i was in jammu 3 yrs back. Travelling in an auto we were discussing about the terrorist attacks in kashmir… to which the auto driver replied “Humare Jawan shahid ho gaye”…he was referring to the terrorist as their jawans…..

  • Hats off to the Indian Army…….Jai Jawan…..Ji Hind ……..Vande Mataram & our position would be zero tolerance against napakistan.

  • I am agree with Sri Sanjeev Agniveer.

    But at the same time I also want to mention that the film maker’s are not against the anti-nationalism.

    Bande Mataram

  • I am confident our army is capable enough to track down militants without committing human right violations on civilians (euphemism for murder and occasionally rape).

    And if at all these violations occur – in a world’s largest democracy, the victims deserve to demand a fair trial in a civilian court.

  • […] A Soldier reviews ‘Haider’ movie — Self-Help | Motivation | Spiritualism | Rationalism… I am an ex-armyman. I was stationed in Kashmir in mid-nineties. This was the same period when hordes of militants from across the border infiltrated in Kashmir to spread terror. Lashkar-e-Taiba, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and scores of other terrorist groups were having a free-for-all rampage in Kashmir. They would infiltrate from Pakistan, recruit cadre, take them…

  • calling film maker a anti-nationalism is not justified.
    the film portrays the method by which fundamentalism brain wash the innocent young kashmiri.
    the torture story of indian army was depicted by the fundamentalism to brain wash haider and hence it cant be real.the fundamentalism were only interesred in killing khurram and very well aware about haider situation.they were not interested in the wellbeing in the haider. this the reason that when tabbu declare to kill khurram they left the…

  • In India it is considered progressive to abuse Indian culture, traditions, customs, ethics, religion, language, dress and every thing that is Indian. By doing so one considers himself modern. Nationalism is backwardness. We feel proud in ashaming everything of which we should have been proud of.
    A filmmaker is also part of modern Indian society and, therefore, thinks like all modern people. Furthermore, a filmmaker is concerned about money. He can do anything for money. That’s why they…

  • To colonise the people of a land like Kashmir turns Mother land for those, who do not know the History of his/her mother! LAND
    That was also colonised by British and britishers have left specific two things first “to be proud what you did rather than repent” second English language acquiring zeal,.
    Jalyawala Bagh and other massacres by britishers to Indian has left uncountable marks, and as they are still prouding similarly free Indians proud whatever human violation, treaty violation, is going on in kashmir!

  • I remember, Vishal Bhardwaj campaigned for congress during the assembly elections. Can’t imagine congress using such abysmall means. A similar logic was supported in the movie Shaurya.
    Kashmir was, is and will remain an integral part of India no matter what. Kashmir contains the relics of the Shaiva Idealogy of Hinduism. Infact, taking matter to the UN, article 370 and supporting pseudo nationalist parties is the biggest Chutzpah, the bloody congress have been doing for so long.
    The opening line of Hamlet is ” To be or not to be”. And the film appears to be trying to justify this argument by portraying a Kashmiri youth as protagonist in the middle of some bullshit plot. If that is so, then the argument more aptly fits to Kashmiri pundits who were rendered homeless and massacred. Why should Kashmir be separated from India. Only because it has Muslims in majority? Even if this logic gets fulfilled, they would again discriminate and terrorise as the likes of Ahmedis, yazidis,…

  • I am from kashmir but let me admitt here dt whatever the movie Haider has shown is 100 cent right
    Regarding the rescue by Army men during the floods,they only rescued Vvips not an aam admi……and i remember dt night in NIT when hindu students begged the army personal for help but they left us oll there in roof tops and flued away …..then thos hindu students shout anti army and anti india slogans…..hope they were not Jihadis
    SIMPLY Go India Go Back

  • Like many others, I too did not find the movie “Haider” anti-army or exploiting anti-national interests. It tried to capture both the viewpoints, including that of so called “anti-nationals”- from a neutral, humanistic standpoint. This article, however is strongly biased and not written in good taste. Not that I expect anything better from an ex-army man. At many points the he shows his low level of intellect by statements like “Kashmiri women have been portrayed as lose characters”. Oh come on; this is just a movie and one character in it! And the movie is based on Hamlet.. Do you even know Shakespeare?

    • Rustam bhai. Tum hi Shakespeare ko jante ho. Aur koi nahi. 🙂 Btw, besides your love for Shakespeare, do you also know the names of some Indian writers/poets. I bet, you don’t.

  • A soldier’s review of the film, Haider, shows to what great extent the so-called intellectuals can go to malign India and its brave army in order to earn appreciation from their real masters in the western countries! It is so surprising that those countries, themselves, now victims of the Islamic terrorism, still have a soft corner for Kashmiri exponents of terror.

  • Dear Sir,

    after watchin d film i was bit confused…whether dis movie is made by Indians…..

    i was really disappointed bcoz i love my country….nd i really feel sorry for Indian soldiers dat how they r portrayed in dis movie…..

  • Thanks for sharing your perspective and it is a much needed one. I truly respect the sacrifices made by Indian army in Kashmir. My words cannot fill in the sacrifices they have made.

    However, I agree with your points :

    1. when you talk of kashmiri pandits being thrown out as a deed of inhumanity by kashmiri muslims.
    2. Pakistan has been infiltrating militancy with the help of militant outfits like LeT, alqaida, isis.
    3. I agree these jehadis are taught that they have to capture india and convert everything to Islam.

    And I do agree on certain other things you have pointed out. I am an Indian and love my country and am grateful to army men.

    But my perspective differs from you on many points in the movie
    1. Indian Army is not shown as villain. The depiction of camps is a reality. Would anyone like to disagree with that? Would anyone like to disagree that such camps never existed? It were for militants for sure but would anyone say a complete no that no innocents ever was put into those camps.

    2. I have no sympathy towards militants but I ask a question – what would a militants family think when he is captured by Indian army? First word is Revenge that comes to my mind.
    3. And I disagree that the revenge here is mentioned towards the army, it is always said in the film to take revenge from his brother(chacha).
    4. Women anywhere from India should not called as lose character. It was a situation from the play hamlet. And as far as girlfriends role is concerned – who would disagree that premarital sex never happens.
    5. That monologue by haider shows the perspective of a kashmiri Muslim and would anyone doubt it is not the truth? They have always been in that dilemna- ‘ na Hume chodde hindustan, na Hume chodde Pakistan’.. The movie is not against India, it just says what a kashmiri Muslim in the valley thought at that time. I agree and support what army did because otherwise there would have been no Kashmir now and they would have been knocking at Punjab. (Cont’d.)

  • I believe there is no issues of rights in Kashmir……… Or may be in Israel…….., but “these people” have a knack of killing and mutilating ……….. Else there would haven’t any any problems in countries where there is close to 100% islamist population. eg Afghanistan. Egypt . Turkey siriya…… They want everyone ( religion) to accommodate them in name of humanity and then start “jehad” against the people who accomodated them at the first place, what happened to Buddhist cristians and hindus in Afghanistan . This is a game these guys have been playing since their origin …vis a vis Chengis khan and Gazni,.. Killing come easy to the kind of people as eating or making love….. They cannot be reasoned and any logic fails except bullets…
    Indian Army is doing what is required to do.

  • I believe there is no issues of rights in Kashmir……… Or may be in Israel…….., but “these people” have a knack of killing and mutilating ……….. Else there would haven’t any any problems in countries where there is close to 100% islamist population. eg Afghanistan. Egypt . Turkey siriya…… They want everyone ( religion) to accommodate them in name of humanity and then start “jehad” against the people who accomodated them at the first place. This is a game these guys have been playing since their origin …vis a vis Chengis khan and Gazni,.. Killing come easy to the kind of people as eating or making love….. They cannot be reasoned and any logic fails except bullets…
    Indian Army is doing what is required to do.

  • Why we are expecting bollywood to be patriotic which itself runs entirely on black money of underworld!!!! These morons are so brainless that they can even sell their motherland for money…. so being a true indian ,it’s our sole responsibility to inhibit such efforts of bollywood which is primarily involved in making money and sending back the share to their big brothers of underworld

  • It is sad that we Indians have completely lost our feelings for the nation. In Asian Games, so many sportspersons were tortured and harassed by Koreans, but the sports authorities are getting their salaries for taking action against those sportspersons who protested, and not the Koreans. The Pakistani party AAP formed the govt. in Delhi, and executed it for around 2 months, and it still has 4 seats.

    This Pakistani movie Haider has done a limit. It is making a lot of money from the wallet of anti-indians, just because it is ‘different.’ Where are we ultimately heading?

  • (O) – Sorry to say that i never watched any news or heard from anyone about the “protest against the insulting depiction of a revered temple” Sorry to say but the 5 agenda which are mentioned after last point “R” i never felt like that in movie. I respect Agniveer for his patriotism and all Army for this but sorry to say that something wrong is being interpret about the movie Haider. Haider is a piece of art and adoptation of Hamlet shown in Kashmir so please watch it in that aspect only and if you are drawing conclusions and sharing it with world please feel little responsible that what it may ends in. By saying that “fight Pakistan and Kashmiri seperatists in most ruthless manner to bring peace in valley and India” what it shows. All world knows India about as democratic and peace loving country, so please try to reflect it in our words also to all the people in world. At last i’ll only say that i love India and my Indian Army and respects them to core of my heart.

  • I also read this article and as mentioned in the article in this age of information anyone can share his/her views and it gets viral. I’m also an Indian i also love my country as anyone else. I have seen the movie “Haider” and have no doubt in saying that its a very good movie and apart from it i have also read “Hamlet” on which it is based. So, below are my answers to AGNIVEER point by point as mentioned in the article…… (A) – Army is no where shown as criminals in movie they are shown as motivated as they are in real in stopping terrorism in Kashmir. (B) – As to portray an art an individual has to see and show every aspects. (C) – Sorry to say but no where in movie i felt that it has any anti-India tone. Son of doctor is not a member of militant gang of Kashmiri seperatist, he just visits them to search or to know about his father’s murder. In one shot it is also shown that Haider decline to work with them when “Roohdaar” offers him a proposal. (E) – Father of Haider asks his companion to take revenge from his brother “lawyer” not from “Army”. (F) – Sorry for the words but WTF where it is shown that Haider heads towards Pakistan in the end. (G) – Haider is raising slogan which says he wants to know about their relatives and he is not shouting for “Independence from India”. (H) – No where Kashmiri women is shown as lose character. i don’t know why not the lawyer you think is lose character, he also sleeps with his brother’s wife why only Haider’s mother is lose character. Any answer to that? (I) – She is afraid and worried for Haider, she is not trying to do this because she wants to sleep with him. (J) – Haider is not moving to Pakistan it is not shown anywhere and no-one is shown against Islam. (I) Haider kills the mimic characters what wrong in that? (N) – For different types of characters in movie u need to read Hamlet.
    Continued in next comment……

  • Very well written. Enjoyed reading the review. It was very emotional in some parts. I like to see that you do not stand for banning the movie > but to use it for educating the people. That’s the spirit. Artist should be given freedom of expression but if s/he is misrepresenting though art, one should answer as critic.

  • in Kashmir both sides of the coin is true. Before taking sides answer on thing.
    If your loved one has been abducted. Does it really matter who took him???

    Try to judge these things then because u won’t be able to.

    All that is needed is not the hatered but love. Love for humanity. Not for religion.
    Grow up. Stop hating one other. Life is too short to be lived with a biased mind.

  • To the soldier who penned his soul, it is by design the worthy and the godly come in too short a supply. We ponder, we trouble ourselves as to how do we get to a point where we have to show what color our blood is and what a true son of the soil lives and toils among ungodly creatures whose blood has no meaning to flow. We will toil, we will carry on. We are what makes them to shed and sell lives for it is fear of these brave selfless sons that they shudder in their disguise. I salute you sir. Jaihind

  • A very appropriate review of this film by Agniveer! People who are sensible and know the history, will not feel any different about our great army after watching this film, because we all know the truth. But, there are thousands of anti-Indians who find reasons to blame our nation and army for the violence in Kashmir, and to them this movie acts like an accelerant..
    Without AFSPA, Kashmir valley would become an Islamic fundamentalist state like our neighbor, and the film did not show even one glimpse of the sacrifices of our great army or the terrorist activities of the Jiadists.
    As rightly said by Agniveer, this movie shows everyone who supports our nation as a villain, and encourages sympathy for the separatists,.
    The acting in this movie is excellent and I cant deny that. My real agenda is the background story which is completely Anti-National. As I mentioned before, there are numerous anti national people in our country and this movie could really encourage them. This movie, although well made technically and well acted , is against National interest and a serious action should be taken not to ban this movie, but to show the real story from an unbiased perspective, to show the sacrifices made by our great Indian army, to show how militants were sent across border and how they carried the operation of brainwashing the people of kashmir and turning them against our nation, to show how they destroyed the heaven on earth, and killed so many Hindus and Sikhs. But I do know that is just too much to ask, because nobody is interested in the truth, people want to show things which will gather more attention and publicity.

  • All blind by their own prejudices. It was a wonderful movie to watch. Very raw and obviously prone to criticism. I salute the haider team for showcasing the hard reality of Kashmir. Ours is a very poor country country. Not all serve out of patriotism. They fight for their salaries.

    • Sid, You got it right.

      There were many incidents where Armed Officer shoot his own leg or hand forsake of compensation.

      Orther part of the story, where Armed Officer killing or retreating innocent civilians on the orders from corrupt politicians. Is well known to everyone.

      Even for a second, Armed Officer don’t hesitate to shoot our own country men’s.

      And, This is not the first film which sounded Anti-Indian Army., there are many films & documentary revealing truth of Indian Army.

      Films are artistic creation, when world saw “Slumdog Millionaire” Indians undertook that film first, they felt dishonoured but world has not only appreciated it even gave pristegious award “Oscar” for it.

      Slumdog has reality but people see the storyline not the plot on which it has been shot. Haider has good message at the end.

      Nitin Kumar
      [email protected]

      • Sure we aren’t the richest country in terms of money. But you guys sure gave me a glimpse of how poor are we in terms of self respect and valuing the people because of whom you are able to have sound sleep every night.

        Saying this in public request: Always use a condom.

      • Mr Siddharth Zaveri,

        Correction, Public Interest !

        I would have valued them alot, if they attacked Enemies of our country or Separtist, Not innocent civilians.

        1. Its known thing for all of us, when even People fight for their rights in India., this puppet army on orders from corrupt politicians attack innocent people with no reason.

        How can you expect from us to respect & value them?

        2. Every Indian somewhere in his corner of the heart feels unsafe.., they always have a fear of Terrorist attacks nearby.

        Most Indians have forgetting past attitude b’coz they need to survive present. So, They pretend to be Safe.

        If you don’t believe me, ask people who witnessed attacks both by Armed Forces & Terrorist.

        Concluding with a point; Both Armed Force & Rebellion (Terrorist Outfit) attack innocent people, one on the name of Motherland & other in the name of Jihad/xyz mission. I don’t see any difference between both. Both killing innocent people for their own ego & goals.

        Nitin Kumar
        [email protected]

      • Dear Nitin,

        If an armed man is standing outside your house. Would you feel more terrified if he’s a terrorist or an armyman?

        By the way its the police who control the crowd when people fight for their rights. And trust me, they can’t be on the peoples side even if they know what people are doing is right because they are duty bound. Not for money, but they swore an oath.

        If you’re feeling insecure because of terrorist attacks it’s not army responsible. There’s a separate intelligence wing dedicated to monitor that. Its their failure. Army is taking care of the borders to check infiltration and keeping other nations at bay from conquering our country.

      • Hello Siddharth Zaveri,

        Massacares of
        1984 in Delhi & Punjab
        1993 in Kashmir Valley,
        They were no police involvement, It was gott damm Army Officers.

        So, You said they take care of border & infiltrators … Are they protecting it. I don’t think so., To justify my stand read further…

        Both Border post (India & Pakistan) never fired over opposite bunkers instead fired it always on Civilians & other parts. I was surprised to hear that, they were more Civilians who died than Armed Officers.
        I don’t know, why Indian Army cannot blast the Bunker Point from where attack over India is taking place.

        I heard from some source that, “Kashmir Conflict is a designed plot or Conspiracy planned by both India & Pakistan jointly to gain Political mileage in their respective sides”

        Nitin Kumar
        [email protected]

      • Dear Nitin,

        Still waiting for your answer to my question.

        About your first part of reply, Indian army has a protocol of not firing the first bullet. “Pehli goli wo chalayenge aakri goli hum” is an actual thing. Maybe thats the reason they are not resorting to blasting their bunkers.

        I don’t wish to make this discussion a political one but they haven’t been given enough power to counter the enemies. They have to follow orders.

        Recently the center gave them full authority to deal with the infiltrators and constant ceasefire violations from Pakistan and the results are in front of you.

        I don’t know how genuine your source is but I don’t see any gains to any political party there if such tension prevails.

      • Hello Siddharth Zaveri,

        Your question doesn’t relate to the discussion but still you urged me to reply over it, here it goes..

        If someone outside my house stands with weapons. It would happen in two scenarios, one for protection & other for detention or purpose of killing.

        I never wish any Armed Men surrounding my house for sake of protection, it would never be good for one.
        Second, I have no reason to get terrified by both Rebellion (Terrorist outfit) or Army Men.

        But, If he interfere in my life & try to humilate people who beloved to me & it might be my neighbour too, I will never bear him.

        I hope you understand, what I mean to say. Most of the bilateral relations are spoiled b’coz of Army’s of both countries.

        If coming to the point who started first attack (or Ceasefire Violations) is still unknown b’coz of zero press freedom in Border Areas.

        Pakistan media claims that India is ceasefire violator & same Indian media respond as Pakistan has violated ceasefire too…

        One can’t say anything until unless Neutral Person reports it.

        Nitin Kumar
        [email protected]

  • Sir I can understand how you must be feeling and what you’re going through now. I read your whole article and I could read between the lines that there’s so much more you want to say, so much more that you mean but cannot express it because you’re shocked, being a soldier you have inculcated in you the ability to hold the weight of the world on your shoulders, and that you have maintained that respect and composure in you and limited yourself to certain level of decency.

    I do respect the Army. Hypothetically even if these allegations turn out to be true I would think there must be a good reason behind you resorting to these acts.

    I don’t understand why the hell the censor board gave a green flag (if at all it was in its hands). These gold diggers are only concerned about cutting some simple statements like “I’m a virgin” as that is not what people should here due to our so called “manners and conscience and sabhyata”. Seriously? Anti nation films fall under the definition of “manners and conscience and sabhyata”??

    I hope all the people involved in the movie experience the reality someday and are rescued by your men.

    I really wished to use the worst possible language to abuse those people but my words aren’t reaching them. They are reaching to a respected armyman whom I’m sharing this with.

    Salute to you and the Army sir!


  • A very well-written article. No amount of respect is enough for our soldiers living and working in such inhospitable conditions. I have visited Kashmir twice and while chatting with local guides they told stories of how Pakistani militants plundered and looted the locals and raped women. In as many words the local guide said, ” Indian army me humein bachaya. Woh nahi note to him barbaad ho jaate” Shame on Vishal Bhardwaj and Shahid Kapoor.

  • Nobody will make movie, on supreme sacrifice of AMAR SHAHEED Captain Saurabh Kalia and his teammate for the nation. In our film industry, most of the film producers have a lot of sympathy for terrorists and such persons must be punished. Terrorists must be killed immediately without any wastage of resources of nation. Instead of that, we glorify their brutal acts.

  • Understanding fundamentals is important.Not all can?The army itself has many modes of entry?Only the NDA of which I am a product,trains Army Navy Airforce future Officers together and at a very young age.The window to military history is opened.My project at 17 was 62.Only years later I learnt of Nehrus forward posture which led to 62(silence on Tibet in 1950 the cause).
    There is no right or wrong in war.It is a brutal business.I was in Lanka.When the LTTE used burning tyres,the response was ditto.Borderless world is Utopian,hence Nationalism.Avoid Jingo Nationalisim aka Hitler(Read Europe 1848 onwards).
    All wars are about ideology,training,technology,tactics and the lifeblood finance.Thus psy war Viking and Islamic style beheading,Baburs Elephant tech vs Lodis Horses.Jizziya tax,Clive’s taxes.Solutution lies in Assertive democratic public ensuring transparent tax money utilisation under RTI if required.Thereby peace.Templer in Malaysia with Civic Action,Mizoram are success stories.
    Partition was Churchill(Sarila Shadow Of The Great Game).India is still not what the Mauryan Empire was.A federated Kashmir(Draupadi with two husbands) is the only long term solution to bring about peace.Philbys ideology made him Commie.Japs had Kamikaze,Prabhakaran did not refer back to Krishna.Warped ISIS etc twist Koranic injunctions that first loyalty is to Country then Ummah reversing to Ummah then Country,therby recruiting.
    Genuine seekers may query at [email protected] mail will be reported as cyber crime.Regards Wg Cdr KJ’Kojak’Bhatt MSc(Def)Outstanding Dissertation India 2020AD,YouTube/kopterkojak/soldier(LA Taxi Live)

  • 4th point

    “H. Kashmiri women have been portrayed as lose characters
    I Another Kashmiri woman, Haider’s girlfriend is shown to have utter disdain for her religion. She refuses to touch Quran for vow
    J It is evident that he has insulted Islam as well as denigrated Kashmiri women apart from insulting India”””
    this makes me think are you really ex soldier Indian Army !!! Sir kuch toh socho ? i mean kahan se ??? kuch bhi ???:0 🙂
    you yourself said she refuses to touch for vow because she dint want to ?

    5th point

    Just for the matter of Fact


    THIS MOVIE HAS only one MESSAGE please watch it again !!!

  • 3rd point by agniveer ji for movie
    “G. In the interim, there is an incoherent monologue by Haider on how India cheated Kashmiris and has illegally occupied Kashmir.
    He raises slogan among public who shout back that they want independence from India.”

    Dear Agniveerji , haider just showed the mindset of kashmir due to millitancy and reality which a common kashmiri feel, he never mentioned cheated by india ,
    he never said army killed my father in entire movie , he never said independence from India !!!
    Independence from the situation, hadtaal, curfew, crackdown , terrorist attacks , firing to live freely ,enjoying all the fundamental right !!
    it could be because of Indian army for good cause of course or millitancy ! why a normal kashmiri should sacrifice his childhood because pakistaan wants india ??
    why if some people/fundamentalist/leader/ terrorist group calls it independence from india you say they all hate india ??? why ???
    why dont you see kashmiris who are themselves in army , airforce , navy , IAS, IPS, ministers and majority in kashmir who already have moved on !!
    please see the positive side !!!
    when i was a kid i use to shake hand with army jawans outside my school in kashmir , I use to feel proud i was attracted to the gun , i never understood why hes standing here in sun all day with so heavy armour and Gun!!!
    People in 1992-96 never used to ask water to them due to fear if they will give him water millitants would kill them !! people were scared it is not that they never wanted to or they hate them !!
    Politics was so bad at that time due to so many infiltrations from across the border !! no one knew if someone is local or from PAK !!!anyways thats history now !! as i last visited 2012
    !!! and no such boycott or no such hatred is there !!! jawans know local areas and people and they eat in homes !!! no fear !! things changed for good !! have courtesy to accept it !!!

  • 2nd point by Agniveer
    “On contrary, they believe that idol-worshippers are worst of creatures.
    The real hatred is against non-Muslims because as per them, Islam is the only acceptable religion.
    All non-Muslims must convert to Islam or deserve hatred.
    This is exactly the same ideology that ISIS and Al-Qaeda follow”

    Dear Agniveer ji , this is the only ideology of ISIS and Al-Qaeda !!! please understand the fact that in islam there is a word called kaafir
    which is misinterpreted by muslims and many teachers as hindus,christian, etc but real meaning is a person who believes
    theres no god , no bhagwaan , no allah !!!thats kaafir !!! now problem with society is indian muslims have seen hindus only so they misterm them as kaafir which is wrong
    ISIS and Alqaida dont give a damn about what Quran says they misuse this !!! muslim means one thing a person who submits his/her to god !!! thats it nothing more !!!
    kaafir means who dont belive in god !! idol worships is prohibited in islaam asin bible and some verses of geeta but worst of creatures that is not mentioned anywhere in Quran !! true ?
    islaam says god is one ? true islaam says god is one true ?

    • From Vedas

      Prohibition of Idol Worship in Yajurveda

      “There is no image of him. He is unborned and He should be worshipped” (Yajurveda, Chapter 32, Verse 3)

      “God is bodyless and pure” (Yajurveda, Chapter 40, Verse 8)

      “They are entering darkness, those who worship the natural things(like air, water, fire etc.), they are sinking more in darkness who worship created things.” (Yajurveda, Chapter 40, Verse 9)

      Monotheism in Rigveda

      “Say this, all one God in many names” (Rigveda, Book 1, Hymn 164, Verse 46)

      “Do not worship anyone besides him alone, praise him alone” (Rigveda, Book 8, Hymn 1, Verse 1)

      “Praise him would matchless and alone” (Rigveda, Book 6, Hymn 45, Verse 16)

      3. From Bhagavad Gita

      “Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires, they worship demigods” (Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 7, Verse 20)

      4. From Upanishad

      Prohibition of Idol Worship in Upanishad

      “There is no likeness of him” (Svetasvatara Upanishad, Chapter 4, Verse 19)

      “His form cannot be seen, No one can see him with the eyes” (Svetasvatara Upanishad, Chapter 4, Verse 20)

      Monotheism in Upanishad

      “God is one and only, not a second” (Chandogya Upanishad, Chapter 6, Section 2, Verse 1)

      “Of him (God), there is no parents, no Lord” (Svetasvatara Upanishad, Chapter 6, Verse 9)

      Monotheism in Vedantha

      “There is only one god, Not a second one, not at all, not at all, not in a least bit” (Brahma Sutra)

      • Dear Aziz,
        The Things which you are trying to bring forwards by quoting various texts of vedas and Upanishads, could be a good thing for a comparative religion. However, the essence of Hindu faith is flexibility and accommodation of all ideas..

  • TO AGNIVEER agni

    Only point Acceptable is

    Indian Army made greatest sacrifice to save India and humanity from reign of death and blood.
    What indian army brought in kashmir no army in the world can bring this change in any disputed territory !

    Points baseless By author with explanations in language understandable to all !!!
    1.”Everyone on ground knows that there is no struggle for liberation of Kashmiris in Kashmir”

    kashmiris think army dont care about us , and army thinks people dont care !!!

    well then how come kashmiris will answer for love for motherland !!!
    to dear agniveer ji please elaborate us what islaam says about duties towards motherland !!
    according to you kashmiri muslims must be following that ?
    Please elaborate us how many innocent kashmiris have died ?
    not because of army but because of circumstances due to kashmir issue !

  • I completely agree to what is explained. This amazing article says everything that I wanted to say on my reiew for Haider. Here is my review written is oct 8 after watching the movie.

    Haidar 1.5/5
    Does it really makes any sense of glorifying terrorism to make a film stands out?
    Keeping aside the original story, the cinematic start of the film promises to give you an extra ordinary experience and fails its good pace and charm within first 30 mins.
    Pathetically composed songs, poor storytelling (in fact the story goes nowhere) and sudden end of the film leaves no mark in your mind, But yes, this can inspire some mindless youth (who thinks Pakistan is their land) to join hands with terrorist groups.
    A film cannot change the society but it doesn’t provide a license to promote issues (like terrorism) that are against humanity.
    The film is completely wrong is all aspects considering the critical situation in Iraq and Syria. I am highly disappoint with Vishal Bharadwaj’s Haidar. Neither its an entertaining film nor it contains any positive content.
    I’m going very wise 1.5 out of 5 for its avg performances and cinematography.

      • I dont know much about Bang Bang or HNY. When you are sure about the verdicts that means you have watched them. Keeping this side of story aside, I must remind you I have mentioned “your category” on my review, if you cannot find it read it again and again and my review of the film is not for film illiterates so you can ignore it.

  • All the people who criticize Indian Army, should serve in Army in the same harsh conditions fighting terrorists, at least for a day before they can criticize.

  • Hats off to the author. Only an army man could infuse such passion and yet be practical. I do hope agniveer succeeds in it’s mission of creating an India where Indians embrace the concept of peace and oneness. Still have goosebumps. A gazillion salutes to you sir and to the Indian Army because of whom we can celebrate Diwali eid and Christmas with out fear. Jai Hind

  • I must say you must watch the movie as you will come to know that in the movie they tried to show that how bad is Indian army .Instead of all there shameless effort you come to know that Indian army have no role to play in bringing death and violence in Kashmir. as It seems to me that the Indian army have taken good step in capturing Haider’s father as he was supporting terrorists. Secondly it was not the fault of Indian army that Haider’s father killed because of guilty nature of Haider’s Mom and Uncle .In the movie none of the Indian army officials have provoke Haider’s Uncle to take such step.Also it seems Haider’s uncle misused the political condition of the Kashmir and innocent Kashmir people. Even one scene was there shown that how Haider’s uncle was provoking the innocent parents to file a wrong case for Haider’s uncle own benefits. From the whole movie what i perceived as an audience is that all the death and violence in Kashmir is because of the people who wish to seprate Kashmir from India. Also Haider’s is a victim of his own mother and Uncle’s lust not the Indian army.
    After watching this movie I have much more respect to ADGPI – Indian Army and the people who lost their lives ,there home ,relatives but still they Stand with India and proud to be called Indian and sought with dedication Jai hind……

  • Army or armed forces anywhere in the world have a job to do and that is not like doing aarti or pooja (no pun intended). It is just to put it on the table that the job of army is tough and strategic and on that thin red line they need to decide faster than light. Having said that they do have a chapter of combat torture and punishment (also strategic) and yes it is just not a slap as a reprimand. You do not need armed soldiers to slap an erring child!. Another point is wherever there is army there is a huge amount of massacre and rubble and the target or the objective only is the order of the day. And finally the most important thing is that there are bad elements in the armed forces too who resort to playing dirty!!! (isn’t it everywhere??) I guess this is a first such movie in present times which has actually challenged us with an opportunity to find out or at least have an urge to find out what is happening out there as in India we learn through the movies (phew!) Otherwise we are just arm chair activists or sing song urban legends. So think think think and be objective before calling it anti-nationalist, anti-indian blah blah. Haider is not all that is the Kashmir saga about. I salute the soldiers of my country and yes my brothers we will never know how it feels to be “you” (don’t bother about Haider) Hence, people do not watch the movie to learn to say “chutzpah” only and do not bother much about who kissed whom and who slept with whom in the movie. Those are the only nonsensical references of the movie bringing the Hamlet thing in Haider. There were many other ways to express betrayals. I give it to Vishal Bhardwaj and his love for the work of Shakespeare to call it an adaptation of Hamlet but it was not relevant. He could have made Haider without it as well.

  • A very good morning to everybody, I was going through the comments which all of you have written and I agree with some and also disagree with some of them!
    1) Kashmir pundits were not thrown out by Kashmiris, it is Jagmohan former Governor of J & k who is responsible for that as he told all the pundits that leave the Kashmir so that he doesn’t have to pick and choose And kill !! He actually wanted to kill all the non pundits in Kashmir! PLEASE READ YOUR HISTORY BEFORE YOU GUYS COMMENT. People in Kashmir have always welcomed pundits with open arms and still want them back if they want to come to Kashmir !

    2) Salute to Indian Army for their great contribution for the country but in Kashmir they have failed to do that because of the AFSPA, believe me Kashmiris have already called it chutzpa long back because you need to read this AFSPA where army don’t have to give explanation for any killings beyond the point so some criminal minded people in our Army have butchered innocent people and raped sisters and mothers of Kashmir!!

    3) I agree not all Army personnel are criminals as I have seen Army helping flood victims but at the same time not all Kashmiris are militants, Kashmiris also want a better future but unfortunately they have been trapped in the middle because of India and Pakistan issue on Kashmir and one poor Kashmiri is suffering even today !

    4) Brave soldier is not the one who gives hand or leg for the country or even life but accepting the truth is the biggest bravery in the world which our Army has never done !!

    5) My only question is why these things in Haider movie are not understandable to common people but why only to army or Kashmiris ?? Because they really understand it Better than anyone else !! Because they have seen it enough there !!

    Please spread love, much hatred has already been spread!!

    It is easy to push a drunk person but the best is one who helps a drunk person when he falls !!

    Jai hind

    • “Governor of J & k who is responsible for that as he told all the pundits that leave the Kashmir so that he doesn’t have to pick and choose And kill !! He actually wanted to kill all the non pundits in Kashmir! PLEASE READ YOUR HISTORY BEFORE YOU GUYS COMMENT. People in Kashmir have always welcomed pundits with open arms and still want them back if they want to come to Kashmir !”

      and your sources to back it up?

      “Brave soldier is not the one who gives hand or leg for the country or even life but accepting the truth is the biggest bravery in the world which our Army has never done !!”
      ARMY and Military Intelligence is not obliged to apologize or tell the truth. Kindly stop lecturing us.

    • Innovative research and observations ROY ! From where nd how u get such ideas ?
      Are u a naturally born IDIOT or are U taking special efforts in becoming one !
      I m sure , if u contiue in this way, U wud b one of the greatest IDIOT the world has ever seen !

  • I have not seen this movie. But after reading Soldier’s review of this movie, I have one simple question. This movie could not be done without the help of Indian Army. Why Indian Army let it happen. How could they help someone to fabricate and make a movie that is completely biased and demoralizing to our soldiers who are sacrificing everything for their motherland. There should be many layers of critical reviews before this type of movie is released. Indian Army should examine its own system and learn a lesson from this.

  • I have not seen the film HAIDER. I have heard and read it’s artistic excellence.

    Film or no film, I don’t understand mindset of Kasmiri separatist. I don’t think even if Kashmir becomes independent (assuming) it cannot survive as independent nation because, land locked between India and Pakistan, it’s survival will be difficult without help of neighbours. What good Kashmiris will get in such a state.

    As far as those who wants to join Pakistan, they forget that Pakistan is failed state and is plagued with terrorism and extremism and of course other problems such as poverty, religious intolerance etc.. Kasmiris will be far worse there in Pakistan than in India. They definitely have better future in India.

  • With due respect to your reviews sir, i would beg to differ with your utmost sharp reviews over a cinema that is just a dramatic adaptation. I am an army officer’s child myself and understand all the labyrinths of army activities in that are. there is no denial that yes army has been making tremendous sacrifices to save the valley as i have myself witnessed them too. point is the movie was an adaptation and all the comments you made that it tried to showcase a muslim woman as a lose character was in itself was a sectarian remark, that she dint take the holy quran vow and a disdain was itself propagating negativity. befor commenting about the scenes in the movie i would suggest, SIR YOU REALLY NEED TO HAMLET FIRST.Tthats exactly how it happens in that play. so the scenes made were a part of a dramatic play not that kashmir woman are lose character.
    Secondly i have had my brothers stuck in the kashmir flood this time and were selflessly helped by the local kashmiris who themselves had lost their homes. the locals are against army and do not consider them a part of india, THAT IS THE STARK NAKED TRUTH SIR. so instead of calling those people as traitors we must look into our cwn collars for why our own people are against us. the educated youth is against us. they are stuck where they were 20 years back. severe poverty, no way of living other than just tourism, no quality education and this constant fear within them. and it is endless. having read enough about the subject in past about AFSPA, i feel its not the movie that has mocked india or our army, its AFSPA and the politics that have mocked our own kashmiris.

    • Here goes,

      Well rightly understood the scene, Indian Army shouldn’t feel sad about past here, try to fix it now atleast.

      I too agree with your point mam, it was AFSPA which behaved spoilsport in valley.

      Don’t critizise movies like this, They make us now different side of same thing what we see from our side.

      Nitin Kumar
      [email protected]

  • Sir.. Totally Salute you. I guess there are rumours that Shahid kapoor has done this movie for free after getting to know the storyline…,guess his inner conscience would question him…It is true that the era of ban is over and we Indians are not hardliners as we respect all religions and views…needless to say we are a secular country…..however we need to give fitting reply when it is deserved…wheteher it is to Pakistan who deliberately fires at our post or movies like Haider which in itself a CHUTZPAH at the indian society…

    Note: Parvesh mussharaf himself accepted that Pakistan army deliberately infiltrates Kashmir….

  • Firstly want to clear out a few points.
    1. I am an Indian Muslim girl.
    2. I love India n Islam and also love practicing it.
    3. I hate Pakistan not just coz they r our country’s enemy but also coz of some personal experiences in my childhood.
    4. I am against all the terror groups, Islamic and non Islamic.
    5. I have great respect for our army men n I salute them

    It was an interesting article to read but I have to disagree with the author’s point of view about Islam

    1. Islam never encourages violence. Some idiots around d world use it for power. Some r there in our country both Muslims and non Muslims. Such articles will only increase hatred.

    2. Islam teaches us that death of an innocent human carries the sin of killing a whole humanity.

    If any person has wronged another then even God would not forgive him unless that person forgives him

    All this is given in the Quran. Please read it once before commenting about Islam

    And any person with common sense can say that those terrorists who killed S.Kalia deserve hell and will get so befitting coz they have taken up the sin of killing an entire human kind. Also coz God will never forgive them unless S.Kalia does. And God is d best Judge.

    • Dear SPJ

      We salute your love for India. Please note that author has made no point of view on Islam. In fact author has specifically criticized the movie for showing Muslim women and Muslim patriots in bad light. What the article criticizes is the superstitions of militants that make them hate non-believers. Kindly do not see the article as having any view on any religion. It only opposes militancy, mindset that harbors militancy and people who directly and indirectly strengthen militancy. As for Islam, Agniveer believes in Islam of Ashfaqullah Khan whose birthday was forgotten by everyone except Agniveer. Not even a single Muslim organization remembered the son of soil who lay his life for motherland.

  • I know how an army person will feel about the movie, I hated myself after I read your article. I had loved the movie after watching it for it is made so well and for bollywood thats rare. I just want to say one thing – after watching the movie – I was able to feel the muslim pain and the reasons why they behave the way they do. We hindus easily generalise all muslims as terrorist, We do look at them suspiciously, we don’t make friends with them.We always think they will definitely be supporting pakistan always. We get prejudiced easily against them, This movie makes us empathise with them and gives a strong msg that it is important to forgive, and that what’s I liked about this movie, it was difficult to send that msg across in any other plot. There is no way we can ever think of army being a villain, we salute and respect them and we understand why they would be treated so in some parts of the nation.

    • There is no need to hate yourself, Kanika. It is indeed a great movie. In fact, the author of this article needs to be ashamed of himself for putting out such a biased who only to justify the sins committed by Indian Army on innocent lives. The Army of course isn’t a villain and needs to be respected; but their brutalities need not be justified.

  • With a full respect to Indian Army I have to tell you Sir that I differ slightly from your point of view. I watched Haider with a completely clear mindset. And after watching Haider my respect for Indian Army has not declined any little bit. For me there there is no fundamentalist or separatist kind of stuff, there are only two ways : way of truth, and the way of lie. The journey through the way of truth is not as smooth as in the other part.

    Be it the war against terrorists or against maoists we have created huge number of casualties. We need actions to reduce these amount of these casualties. We cannot forget where we had started. Our motto was to establish peace. A two days of no bombing or no firing is not a peace for me if I have to always be under surveillance. The Indians who are living in Kashmir cant enjoy their share of independence as we do in other parts of the great Nation.

    Yes being a Hindu I feel proud of our ancient beliefs and and I feel it is necessary to protect the land which was the origin of it.. But if we cannot ask a panda (priest) of the Vishnupada Temple at Gaya to accept 100 Rs. from a devotee in case he cannot offer him 1000 Rs., how can we judge the sentiments of other religion. These money sucking priests sometimes make me feel ashamed and make me feel that the core of our religion has gone weaker.

    These are my views on Nationalism and Hinduism. But being an Indian and a Hindu as well, I still cannot blame Vishal Bharadwaj or Shahid Kapoor for the portraiture. Any form of Art needs a subject. The more complicated the subject is the better becomes the Art. As I mentioned earlier our peace creation process could have created a few casualties. From these comes Haider. The occurrences and characterizations could have been seen from a personal point of view rather than making religious symbols. I am really thankful to Vishal Bharadwaj for touching such a sensitive subject and providing us a better drama without so called Bolly tadka.

  • Dear Sir, before everything, I would like to say that I have the utmost respect for Indian army and NO movie, however provoking, can even minutely make any difference to the thoughts of any logical Indian about the army. I love my country. On the other hand, I think you are wrong on many occasions in your article. The movie should never be perceived as ‘Anti-Indian’, it just shows the perspective of militants and how do they think about Indian army. As Internet tells me, most of the incidents, if not ALL, are true to much extent about the Indian army, as depicted in the Movie. Although I agree they have avoided showing GOOD parts about the army. You have also mentioned about the commercial gain, which reminds me of the fact that both Shahid Kapoor and Vishal Bhardwaj have done the movie for free, according to an article in IndiaToday. Further, I very strongly condemn your ‘H’th point where you mention Ghazala Meer (Tabu) has questionable feelings for her Son, which is completely outrageous, considering the fact that she knew she is looking at her son ONE LAST TIME before she explodes herself.
    Inserting word ‘chutzpah’ and making it sound like ‘c#oot’ and not ‘hoot’, as you have mentioned above is simply stupid, but the word undoubtedly made it to the internet and helped in Haider’s popularity, well, I would consider it a good marketing move! I think it is better than pseudo naming abusive words like D.K. Bose and then bluntly speaking in media that ‘we have not used abusive words in our song!’ Basharat Peer would be considered an obvious choice for a filmmaker since his 2010 book is considered one of the most authentic personal narrative about the life of Kashmiris during the Insurgency. And finally, the movie also ends with a respectful note about the India Army. The movie also favors Non-Violence. We have numerous movies depicting corrupt police officers, etc. but it never made us lose faith in Indian Police. Well, same goes for this movie.

    • Prasannjeet Singh : Long story short, you why dont you openly abuse the gentleman who expressed his review? Instead of calling his review’s suggestions a stupid, why dont you abuse the gentleman himself?

      So you get your sources from the internet, right? Did you bother to check the documentary evidences cited by those news feeds? And the credibility of those sources?

      How the hell do you justify the dance of satan in the song bismil in the Martand Surya temple?

      Shahid and AB doing such a movie for free? And your sources are India Today? The same India today whose some of the senior journalists have their names on the bloody 2G scam via Nira Radia tapes?

      You want me to trust all that? Thanks, but no Thanks!

  • At the onset I could not agree more with this. WE have a problem. We think just because we are vegetarian a Dog wont bite us. Just because we like to debate everything. See 2 sides of the coin even when there is none… The ENEMY is not like that. They ve a single point agenda. Thats you. My humble apologies.. You had to go through this pain. Iknow this is easier said then done but we the Hinustani are still standing shoulder to shoulder with you!!!

  • After reading majority of the comments here, it is easy to see why India is a doomed nation. After the author gave his good point of view on the subtleties of this film people still see this as an ‘artisitic’ endeavor. Perhaps being anti-national is the fashion these days, however I don’t blame the posters. The Indian education system never teaches these ‘citizens’ of India what real-politic is and the concept of physiological brain-washing, which has been going for so long in India that we all have become immune.

    While its fine to praise the ‘art’ and direction of this movie, one has to ask some pertinent questions. The Indian Army, in spite of being a fine force, definitely has some black sheep. However, throughout the years all mainstream Bollywood movies and television dramas have focused only on the black sheep and the negativities of this organization. People praising this film need to see the big picture and ask:

    1. Why no mainstream movie has been shot that portrays the life of an Indian army soldier, serving in Kashmir. Or even make a movie on the life of one of posthumous winners of the Shaurya or Kirti Chakra,which are given each year and there are several recipients who were martyred in Kashmir.

    2. Why has no mainstream Bollywood film portrayed the life of the widow with a 2 year old daughter who’s father, an army captain, was shot dead in Kashmir just for doing his duty. There are countless widows who’s husband served in the army, BSF, J&K Police etc.

    3. Why has no mainstream Bollywood film portrayed the life of the father and the tremendous mental agony he had to face when his son’s body was turned with no eyes and missing jaw in the Kargil war after being tortured by Pakistani soldiers.

    4. Why has no mainstream Bollywood film portrayed the life of the Kashmiri Pandit families who were displaced from their homes and had to live like refugees in their own countries. Is there any bigger humiliation than that ?

    5. I can go on and on…..

    • I UNDERSTAND YOUR POINT HERE !!!! WITH DUE respect to indian army !!


      this is not happening in kashmir( what movie showed) because of indian army …. this is happening because of the politics !!!!

      the movie was just a message that revenge wont win anything !!! ( why dont the author see this reality rather than tabu had feeling for her son , lead actress slept with haider all baseless things !!! thats just for negative publicity of movie !!! it never showed indian army bad or anything !!! stop comparing this movie as Indian army vs haider who was a millitant ? was he ?

    • Bcoz, no one is going to provide funds for such venture.
      This also shows the state of the so called Indian ‘Film Industry’ !
      Morever many film personalities who are otherwise good for nothing and are a social nuisance , strive and sometimes ‘ succeed’ in this ‘vibrant’ and ‘liberal’ film industry. Obviously all this is happening because of patronage and support from vested interests.

  • Sir I agree with your view and have greatest respect for India and Indian army no doubt what they have done for this country can not be compared to any value In India we live peacefully because Indian army not to mention how much we can depend on our corrupt police and politicians.

    By watching movie as an unbiased mind i think ( please read my full ans before judging me )
    This Movie only shows harm was done on both sides, it was a great loss and shame for humanity what happened in Kashmir. Movie tries to shows that no solution ever comes out of violence and it produces huge shame and bloodbath for everyone. Specially in end haider finds peace only by NOT killing his uncle yet he goes to pak as at this point he had no reson to live at all in india but i am sure he will not be a militant there but live a peaceful life which is acceptable.

    this movie shows more of violence done by this side then other which makes it seem like Indian army is villein but truth is at this point this is not time to compare who is right and wrong but main outcome is some innocent people are suffering on both sides, which will only increase by more violence. Out goal should be to make peace in valley of flowers. I understand Indian army did best in that circumstances, sometimes violence is inevitable. But now is time for both sides to get over this whole thing and instead of being hindus,muslims,indian,pakistani just try and be humans.

    — I am a proud Indian

    • Firstly, Thank you for responding.

      You conveyed here that Army (BSF) has harmed innocent people in Kashmir Valley as a response to there counterpart.

      Now, reply me.. Whether it was rightful for Army Personnel’s to do such sin ?

      OK, I can take an instance here… Such Sin was needed at that point of time.

      Was it not duty of higher officials to take this misconduct or Violations report to senior authority or ministry. I’m not talking about Court Marshal for them atleast people in valley should be assured that it would not happen again.

      Why even today, people in kashmir valley call AFSPA as zulm over them. Why they are so angry with Indian Army ?

      Why Indian Army can’t accept its mistake & apologies to them .

      Even many International Press recently quoted “Kashmir Relief from India through Armed Forces is PR stunt”

      I was no where talking about movie ‘Haider’ in my previous comment, Now Mr. ex-Army officer (so told, which is well hard to beileve as ISIS is today’s news it was not there in 1990’s that to in India highly unimaginable) correct yourself.

      Finally, I agree on your point when discussing on such sensitive topic Religion must be kept aside.

      You know ground situation more than us, I have a question for you, How much %ge of Kashmiri’s are willing to be Independent or Leave India ?

      Tell fact only… I can’t hear illogical aspects of it. (%ge only.)

      Nitin Kumar
      [email protected]

      • What were/ are the circumstances under which Indian Army had to be posted in J&K , and for such massive and consistent anti-militancy operations ?
        Why don’t the likes of u propagate and convince all those separatists , indulging in violence and terrorism to stop , and act peacefully and not terrorise people ?
        Why such situation is in J&K and that too for more than the last 3 decades ?
        But, brainwashed .. er… brainless psychos like u , won’t understand. U merely parrot wat ur…

  • Should I laugh at you ex-Army officer or should I feel pity for you.

    You guys are not sacrificing life for free, you are informed & paid for it. My words might sound bad & insulting, but it is true.

    Don’t cry like baby you stupid, If you guys had problem with insurgent & separatist, why are you guys not working out for making them free (Out of Our Country)

    If they (Separatist) eat Humans, Will you too eat it., How did you made connection between their sins to yours.

    Your are pride of our nation, When you guys insult our nation then what can we expect from someone else.

    Now regret for your mistake bastards.

    we as Indians don’t care what the hell Pakistani would do to kashmiri Muslims, We are just worried for people (Hindus) who are now in refugee camps. Why Army men were torturing & threatening people in refugee camps too?

    Don’t hide your sins by referring something which we don’t want to admire for.

    If your life in duty was so miserable then why were you in Army (Idiot)

    Calling yourself as Defence Force & Attacking Innocent people & playing with their innocence. Do you think, if you spread wrong message through media, we don’t get to know the ground reality. (I again pity on you)

    Simple, Accept your mistake & resolving it at ground level can make a big difference to both people of Kashmir as well as Army. I still have trust in our army.

    “it is better late than never”. Prove to the world that you are Peace Loving Army & India as Peaceful Nation.

    Nitin Kumar
    [email protected]

    • Do we really need enemies when we have traitors like you amongst us. By the way you can judge the magnanimity of the Indian army, by the fact that you got away by cussing them as bastards and still ur filthy mouth does not have a bullet in it.According to u army should not complain abt anything as they are been ‘paid’ to do their job. Let me tell you young men and women dont join army for the ‘pay’ but they join it becaue they take ‘great pride’ in defending their motherland. ‘Paid reporters’ like u who sell themselves for few a pennies wont understand that.
      By the way u will be happy to know that india does not have compulsory military conscription so cowards like u can eschew military service. Shame on you for disgracing an institution like the ‘Indian Army’

      • All Critics are not Anti-Nation,
        Anti-Nation are not Critic.

        Do you really now, How many apply for Army Jobs ?

        It is more than 4,00,000 applicants who apply for 1,000 job position annually.

        Is here, 1,000 applicants are selected on basis of nationalism. I don’t think so.

        Its known fact, How corruption in recruitment takes place.

        So, Don’t hide by saying these people join army for sake of “Nation Pride”

        If it is so, they would not have big Golf Courses, & Lavish Club where civilians are not allowed to peep-in also.

        Wow, What a Nation-Pride by them !

        First Know, Indian News Media is sold to Corporates, Politicians & Army long back…

        There is no press freedom in Border Area, Why!

        This is Andh-Bhakt 100% talking to me, I’m not a Journalist & This is not an article, it is comment on Article written by your Army’s paid media…

        I will be accepting it with whole heart, if Military Service gets compulsory for all Indians. Firstly, This…

    • Nitin Kumar , why don’t u seek immediate medical aid and get cured of your chronic psychological illness ?
      By d way, from where and how did u get this illness ?
      Plz seek immediate medical help and Get Well Soon !

  • he he he! I cant stop laughng at u Agniveer! ex army? really???? yaar why do u have to hide behind that false ids? I m not gonna comment anythng about Haider n all dat, but being a ex army officer myself, i pity u agniveer for trying to pretend to be one of us.
    abe agar tu saach mein army wala hai toh bata, what is the academy pledge? (dont bother googling u C, it wont be available there). Chal ab is comment ko publish kar ke dikha!
    abe Fauzi banna itna asaan nahi hai!

    • fully rubbish…
      bhai, agar sirf depiction of Indian military in new film Haider likhata to chalata.
      par ye naam a soldier review Haider, ye bahot hi ghatiya hai.
      ek baar kam se kam Hamlet to padh li hoti, fir is film ke characters ke baare me likhate…
      zeher sirf militants nahi, tum me bhi bhara pada hai.
      Haider ke Daddy jo ki profession se Doctor hai, aur ghayalon ki, marijon ki jaan bachana apna farz samajhate hai to isme bura kya hain? Dr. Prakash Baba Amte ne bhi kai naxalites ki jaan bachayi, to kya wo bhi usme jud gaye?
      to hell with u and the public who shares this post on social networking sites.
      isse tum aur zeher failate ho.

      • ok dude! i have no interest in either you or agniveer’s views on a Bollywood movie. I just laugh at Agniveer for pretending to be a Army Officer!. I dont think the likes of him can pass the SSB interview that we all have to pass for joining NDA/IMA/OTA. Agniveer seems to a Psychology test failure to me for sure! 😀 😀 😀

      • U seem 2 b a fake ex-army officer !
        Seems u r a frustrated person who is unable to bear criticism.
        If u r not interested in Agniveer’s views, why r u criticising repeatedly ?
        May b u r also one among those ‘brainwashed’ psychos. Plz seek medical help and Get well soon0 !

  • First of all salute to all our soldiers who struggle and fights for our motherland. The review from a soldier’s perspective would be different from a civilian. However, I see a slight hatred for Muslims in the words of this soldier, which I believe is not right. Anger against terrorists is ok, but to target a community is not, especially by a soldier. There are crores of peace loving Muslims in India and worldwide.

    By the way, there is never a mention about the 40 virgins in the Quran. It’s just a morale booster concocted to instill an aim into the minds of the confused would be terrorists.

    Also, this is a movie, actors and directors should have their freedom of expression. The armymen should also learn to take criticism in the right sense.

    If you actually lost a hand for India, you will always be a hero for us

    Jai Hind!

  • I stand by my country and its defense forces but what is happening in Kashmir is not right. AFSPA is a draconian law and it must be repealed asap. What is our long term strategy? To keep Kashmir as a Garrison state? Even the best of the armies have the tendency of human rights violation so it would be not prudent to think that our army cant do it. We always say Kashmir is our integral part and we all are equal. Then please explain it to me where in our country do we use live ammunition for crowd control. When few ppl in West Bengal died of police firing then a 35 year old government was replaced but why dont we talk about protesters being killed by bullet injury in Kashmir. Can you imagine something like this anywhere in India? Also it has become a fad of calling those who question army as Anti- National and ‘Intellectuals’. Every year many policemen die while doing their duty. Journalists die while they are doing their duty. We have even lost a Prime Minister while doing her duty. Have we stopped questioning our police or our PMs. Everybdy is accountable to the constitution of this country and with no exception not even our Jawans.

    • The movie showed Indian Army as villains and the terrorists and the people aiding them as heroes. If the movie was supposed to portray the truth, then it should show both sides of the story. Why was massacre of kashmiri pandits not shown? Why did they not show how thousands of hindus are being killed there? and you are talking about human rights? Try to be in their shoes. Sitting in you comfy room and commenting on such posts is easy. The Irony is, people who are being criticized, don’t even have the time and resources to watch this movie. My friend is posted to kashmir and he says, he and his fellow army men don’t have time for such luxuries. Watching a movie and writing comments on it is not their priority – their priority is sacrificing their life for people like you who watch such movies and comment shit about them on such portals.

    • The movie showed Indian Army as villains and the terrorists and the people aiding them as heroes. If the movie was supposed to portray the truth, then it should show both sides of the story. Why was massacre of kashmiri pandits not shown? Why did they not show how thousands of hindus are being killed there? and you are talking about human rights? Try to be in their shoes. Sitting in your warm room and commenting on such posts is easy. The Irony is, people who are being criticized, don’t even have the time and resources to watch this movie. My friend is posted to kashmir and he says, he and his fellow army men don’t have time for such luxuries. Watching a movie and writing comments on it is not their priority – their priority is sacrificing their life for people like you who watch such movies and comment shit about them on such portals.

      • Bhai Movie hai, koi TV series nahi hai …

        Time restriction hota hai 3 Hrs ka. If you wish You can make film on Refugee Camp Bro.. You too have right to shoot what you want…

        Humesha Hindu-Hindu karte rehte hai… Apko yeh nahi pata Hindu religion ka naam nahi hai…

        Hindu is Arabic word, which means… People residing on Hind (Indus) River

        As per my knowledge…

  • I do not expect an objective observation from you. I do not expect you to like these lines of thought that the movie tried to propagate. I am, as everybody who has read this article, humbled and indebted to people like you who have sacrificed so that the rest of us may sleep soundly. It therefore worried me when I read the part where you questioned ‘the point’ of doing what the army does, specifically the question, “Whom are we defending?”
    Its not the people. Its not the stones. Its not the ‘age old heritage’. What ours, and every other army in the world defends is an idea. An idea that forms the backbone of all characteristics that arise from it. And to me, the idea of India (along with our rich heritage and cultural diversity) encompasses simple thoughts like I being a commoner may disagree with my leaders and still be allowed to do so in a healthy way. Another part of it is that we should, as a people, be able to separate patriotism from propaganda. We should also endeavour to empathise towards all possible points of view. These things form a part of the collective idea that heroes like you defend. It is in this way that I beseech you to watch the movie in a different light, and understand that your efforts are bearing fruit.
    Granted, the curse of extremism needs extreme responses at times. But for the sake of understanding the injustice done to Kashmiri pundits and Sikhs, we cannot condone events like Kunanposhpora.
    In conclusion, our army has a larger burden that the one it fights, for the simple reason that it endeavours to protect a society that is striving to be sentient, unlike the other. Haider is a movie that has been made towards that end, and I really hope more people may be able to see it that way, a way by which you and countless others have succeeded.
    And I am deeply sorry if this may cause you distress. My intention was to do anything but.

  • To dear nikita who is this soldier with out a name i will show you people who has lost their family and you are talking of one arm !!! This is non sense !!! Nothing more !!!

  • Ur emotions are quite apt and respectable. However, ur narration of the movie’s events is incorrect. Haider’s father asks him to kill Haider’s uncle and not armymen. Haider doesn’t cause any destruction in the end and he doesn’t head towards Pakistan. In fact, he chooses not to even kill his uncle! The kiss scenes you talked of were because this is an adaptation of Hamlet which depicts Oedipean complex in which a son is attracted to his mother physically and this was not dreamt by the movie’s writers and this is not a reflection of Kashmiri women in general. If a movie shows a Rajasthani woman who is of questionable character, it can’t be interpreted as implying that all Rajasthani women are of such character.

    Your narration of the struggles faced by the Indian army has been marred by the factual inaccuracies with respect to the movie as stated by you. I request a rewrite.

  • The Indian Army fights to protect democracy and freedom of speech. As much as many may not agree with the plot of this movie, the filmmakers, and writers (and viewers) are exercising their fundamental rights and should not be castigated for it. This movie should not be seen as critique of its operations in Kashmir, nor diminish the contributions of the men and women of the Army. I hope there are more movies like these. It will help start a much needed dialogue.

    Outside of this movie, war is murky – and we talk about it and see it from all perspectives. We talk much about the militant groups and terror activities so that we can learn and adapt. We should also talk about the ‘ugly’ side of any conflict including the allegations of misconduct by Indian troops so they can institute practices to ensure they are not repeated. No Indian – including members of the Armed Forces – should act with total impunity as it goes against what the army fights for. This applies to all armed forces across the world – and is not an ‘India-alone’ issue.

  • No matter what perspective Vishal Bharadwaj was trying to show, I feel bad for every single soldier who dies in ceasefires after watching Indian Army being criticized for using AFSPA in movies like these. I wish people had known little bit about the black ops in USA which keep terrorists away. India is much more generous in providing us the best political liberty possible.
    I wish I had donated the 200 bucks to Kashimir rather than watching this film.

    • with due respect to my army

      what about people who die with bullets of army, and jk police for no reason

      you really donot have sympathy for them ???

      arent they your people too if some protester dies in new delhi from fire of a troop wont you guys come on road and show some , some sorrow ??

      • We do feel sorry for the people who die anywhere whether it is Kashmir or any part of India.

        Everyone has a right to protest but it should be in a correct manner. By throwing stones, bottles or anything which could harm forces is not a away to protest. Such acts will surely be treated harshly. Nobody likes to kill innocent people whether in Kashmir or any part of India.
        Our act provoke them to do so.

        It is a not a biased opinion…

  • I respect the author’s sentiments. However, the arts and media always draw inspiration from opinions that are varied. We shouldn’t hold it against them for highlighting different viewpoints. Haider tried to show the perspective of an innocent Kashmiri caught between the militants and the army.

    While I agree that the Indian army has shed it’s own blood, there’s no denying that there have been army atrocities in Kashmir, justified or not. The same situation has been there in Manipur, Assam etc. Officers have even received Ashok Chakra on fake encounters and had it revoked later once the govt figured out the truth. It’s not about Islamic fundamentalism but about violation of human rights. Assam, Manipur etc don’t have Islamic fundamentalism but they also have anti-army views,

  • Misinterpretation to the next level. Instead of focusing on what the story is, he wants to focus on everything else, that could be interpreted otherwise. The best part of the movie was, that writer has awesomely portrayed that nothing is right or wrong, as shakespeare did in his novels.
    Quote from the article

    No one is assuming that her Haider’s mom represents all Kashmiris, but this ignorant writer wants to generalise it, just to make it look bad.
    It is sad, how he he cant see the difference between nationalism and patriotism.

  • It’s just a freaking film. Parts of it are based on real life incidents while the majority of it is based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Grow up.

  • I agree with only one line from this article:
    “Kashmir was always integral part of India. And shall remain so.”

    Please see this as a movie and not a documentary on Kashmir. I salute the Army for their sacrifice and bravery, BUT they are also human and make humane mistakes and some blunders. Only because a movie is made in India it need not be a pro-India movie, it could be pro- truth, why cant we take some criticism?
    Anyway some comments by this guy is hilarious though:

    1. “Kashmiri women have been portrayed as lose characters.” – what was this Army guy smoking?
    2. “decides to sleep with Haider despite objections from her brother and father. ” — x-Army and then x- Khap panchayat??
    3. “In fact there is another set of characters who mimic Salman Khan – an Indian actor.” — does that make you anti-national….you must be smoking the same stuff as Salman

    • @sajib baruah

      1. There are no other women characters apart from these two in the whole movie. It conveys a wrong message not to you perhaps, but may feel distasteful for Kashmiri people.

      2.Orignal text: ” .. and instead decides to sleep with Haider despite objections from her brother and father. She is confused between her love for Haider and love for India. ”

      Here the author is not showing authoritative tendency of trying to control a woman’s decisions as wrongly shown by your misquoting. But instead, that she’s confused between her love for Haider [a potential militant] and her love for her country India, and goes for Haider despite objections from her family. Get it ?

      3. Original text: “Any Muslim who has slightest soft-corner for India is shown as someone against Islam.
      In fact there is another set of characters who mimic Salman Khan – an Indian actor. They are shown to be friends of Haider who turn traitors and try to kill him under orders of police. But Haider kills them instead. ”

      Another misquoting by you. To Mimic Salman Khan is not understood to be anti-national bro ! Now read the text without selective misquoting and you’ll find that no one’s smoking anything, unless you’re smoking something yourself !

  • Well I am.a kashmiri pandit. I want to tell you something. when movie was being short in Kashmir University.. Whole film crew tried to raise Indian Flag there, which started a discontent among students..They brought down the flag, burnt that. They also beat the hell out of whole support crew and tried to attack even shahid kapoor and bhardwaj.. they still continued to shoot the movie…
    Alas Shame on them…

    • What a bunch of crap. Something like this would definitely have been in the news. You have no evidence for it. In fact, I AM A KASHMIRI RESIDENT. Let me tell you the truth. We hate India. Bugger off.

      See that line above? It’s a lie. Anyone on the internet can lie. We don’t even know if the author of this article is an Ex-Army man. I can claim to be a descendent of Bhagat Singh or a descendent of Abraham Lincoln and nobody will know whether I really am.

      • Hey Anon !

        Why you hate India? Are you not Indian like you are kashmiri?

        How will you justify that whatever said above is not true?

      • Then go back to where you and your religion came from. Get your virgins for free. 🙂
        Your religion occupies the land, kills millions of people and then says the true residents to get out.
        Bugger off!

      • Friends….
        Lite lo. If you love the art, cinematography or direction portrayed in Haider… Appreciate it and learn it. If you feel offended for the mockery made against Indian army, then do something instead of vomiting shitty comments over here. Yesterday I visited my neighbor whose son’s diwali vacation was canceled because of cease fire Fu**ing violation. I spend some time with them so that they don’t feel lonely on diwali.
        Instead of saying big words… Express your gratitude by your action
        Jai Hind

  • he did not notice that Haider actually choses the option of forgiving over revenge .. its Vishal Bhardwaj’s movie and he can do anything he wants with it … for example why does this site (Agniveer) only have Hinduism as a section and not all religions…why so biased there? what about the feelings of other religions.. I know you wont publish this comment !

  • you say ” In one scene, Army asks all militants to shout “Jai Hind”. The father of Haider refuses to shout so, and hence is punished. In anger, he asks his companion to inform his son that he must take revenge for all this. Thus a “hero” is born from Haider whose only agenda in life is to kill those who love India. This continues without remorse till end of the film.” .. he actually asked his companion to tell haider to take his badla by shooting his brother in between his eyes.. he never said go take badla and kill all indians.. in fact haider is used by militants for their own gain .

    have you seen the movie completely ?

    again later you say “Soft corner for separatists but not even a single mention of ethnic cleansing of half a million Kashmiri Hindus from valley in 1989 in whole movie”..

    Ashutosh Rana does mention it while giving an interview… This is called storytelling …and this is what it was ..a story and not a documentary or an article in a newspaper .. so why should it shoulder the responsibility of being fair and correct. !!!!!!!!!!

    • I found it reasonable and very close the reality and with proper reasoning.

      I would like to say people suffered too much in Kashmir and please don’t go whether Muslim or Kashmiri-Pandit. Everyone suffered and has been suffering till today. Every single indian loves another india no matter he is muslim or hindu, Kashmiri or non-kashmiri.

      Also what Army did in near 90s was very much required for the sake of integrity of india and some innocent suffered also that’s the truth.

      I really hope and pray to GOD, Bhagwaan and Allah that peace, joy and development in the valley which is really very beautiful and heaven of the earth

  • What was it that people found was cruel by the Army… Army is doing it’s job like any other country’s Army will do… I liked it when the Major said : That none of my Jawan’s life is to be wasted for a terrorist”… And why should it be… And govt. pays for whichever house is gutted in an encounter…

    Actually we are talking about an ideal situation here… If Army knows that the person is innocent , they will never torture him… Why to waste time… But things are easier said than done… In an insurgency, there is chaos everywhere… In Kashmir , almost everyone supported millitants… Army men were shot with Snipers from the houses… People used o throw boiling oil from their windows on an Army jawan guarding the road… So there is always a trust deficit… And believe me Indian Army has been much patient… never did they use the Gunships as used by Srilanka , Pakistan, England in Ireland and anywhere else where there have been insurgencies… And the torture camps were necessary because u need info from hardened militants who have Kalashnikovs in their hands… How else , do u think, they will give info… If u don’t catch or kill them , they will in turn kill many other innocents… It’s very complex… We can’t judge it from a 2 hour movie that dosn’t even show the full picture of each party involved…

    And what’s wrong if the Army has has torture camps and I find it absolutely find it ok to have one… Because they are dealing with Hardcore terrorists with training from Pakistan… And yeah sometimes innocents get caught in it unfortunately… But then no one in the world is 100 % flawless let alone the armed forces… And to be frank, this story is written by Basharat Peer, a Kashmiri writer… do you expect him to show the Army perspective… Probably you have to wait for a film based on an Army mans story to get the other perspective… We need to listen to both accounts before coming to a conclusion… If u read books, U can read “A lost Rebellion” by Manish Joshi or ” My frozen Turbulence in Kashmir” by Jagmohan to get the true and unbiased picture of Kashmir… A 2 hour adaptation won’t do justice to explain the whole Kashmir issue…

    And I am saying that yes Army has tortured terrorists there and they had torture camps… Everyone knows that… PAPA 2 ( shown as MAMA 2 ) in the movie was a torture camp and terrorists wee tortured there the way it has been shown in the movie… And yes sometimes innocents got caught in the crossfire… Everything is true… But what am saying is that is only one side of the story… Indian Army had no choice… What could they have done… Now that situation is better, all these camps have been closed…

    The terrorists are not angels nor do they get a 100 virgins… The army has to be bad to get good for the citizens it protects. They have to use torture to get the info as these are hardened terrorists who will be ready to kill at the word go… So each person had to do his job to save another person and protect himself. I would support the army in whatever they do. And let us watch the movie for whatever is worth no one is demeaning the army here. I don’t think it was ever that way but if that gets us into a discussion the director has achieved his goal… Just like Israelis have to be ruthless else there would not be a map of Israel today..

    And the thousands of movies that have been created to demonise Israel, i only have been proud for the Israeli Armed forces and Mossad. In fact if ever i was born again would like to be born in Israel. For the balls the Israelis have. See Raid On Entebbe and to be frank no bloody army anywhere in the world can achieve what they did and they are in my opinion the best armed forces there is… And there ever will be..

    So one movie can never change the love one has for the armed forces especially when they are professionals and do their job with efficiency and dedication.

    The first 2-3 paras was written by my friend from J&K

  • “I’m also an Indian, I’m also a patriot, I also love my nation. So I won’t do anything which is anti-national. But what is anti-human, I will definitely comment on it,”

    Haider is not a documentary on Kashimir’s history. You can’t show the complete history in 3hrs. The writer of this film Basharat Peer is from Kasmir itself. Vishal Bhardwaj doesn’t combine random thoughts and facts together and make a movie. They give importance to minor details like the dressing and the language used by the characters. I am sure he must have visited the valley and spoken to both the army and the victims before even starting the film. They must have picked the incidents that touched their hearts.

    In a war or in a situation like Kashmir’s, army does commit mistakes. On a day to day basis solder’s life is at stake and they have the toughest job on the planet. Both sides much have watched their friends and brothers die in front of their own eyes. After the first bullet, everyone acts in self defense and are reacting to the situation.

    Members serving in Indian army might have committed some unintentional/intentional human rights violation. Do India Army support intentional violations of human rights? A big NO! No one wants to torture/kill an innocent civilian.

    Instead of saying that the movie is anti-India. The director has conveyed his version of truth, I think we should have a constructive debate about the situation in Kashmir and take all the required steps to prevent violations.

    If you ask me if I personally like the climax, I want my own version of the climax! Like everyone else I have my own opinion. I think the movie ended with the correct message!

    ‘Inteqam se sirf Inteqam paida hota hai. Jab tak hum apne inteqam se azaad nahi hote, azadi bhi hume azad nahi kar sakti.’

    • Vishal bharadwaj must be really pleased with his ” work ‘, hope you also get a taste of your own medicine, that is Jihadi s stick up your [email protected]#$e,
      By the way, almost entire Bollywood is full of antinational traitors, at the forefront is the Bhatt family, born from a muzzie mother.

      And of Shahid kapoor is one too, coz his mum is one.I stopped watching Hindi films long long ago, because i realised it is full of shit, That is best way to go, do not contribute in anyway to fund these traitors livelihood.Nowadays Hollywood also makes politically correct crap.

      Just watch the MORON Ben Affleck s spat with Bill Maher/Sam Harris on Fox channel, you will get the idea, how insane the world has become nowadays, Day is called Night and viceversa.

  • Indian Army: nothing motivates me and billions of TRUE Indians more than you and your selfless services to the nation! You r our true role models and we love you all! it’s a fashion here in India to portray heroes as villains and vice-versa! so just give these movies like Haider a damn! Salute to the Indian Army and salute to u sir!

  • It just moved hearts! The only point missed in the brave article is “haider” is nott Indian’s point of view on Indian Army but just a point of view of a boy, who lost is father for what so ever unknown cause. His anger on the alien society which does not give him answers, Anger on his own mother,for that case. To view it as something against Indian Army is just nott being able to look into directors point of view.

    I salute the Solider but a film made on some other point with just a mention of Indian Army in it should not be viewed as the one made against it!

  • I salute the Indian army. Yes, this is how I exactly felt after watching the movie. That it puts our army in bad light. I have had friends who served in Kashmir and the stories of fundamentalism are hair-raising. Our country gives so much to Kashmir – education, jobs, food supply – yet betrayal, is for some, in the blood. Ask fundamentalists in the rest of the country if they’d like to migrate to a Taliban or IS controlled land, and that’s when they remember India is their home. Because our secular motherland offers freedom & opportunity like no other. Jai Hind!

  • Brilliant Masterpiece Agniveer Ji

    Very true but painful reality has been lived and narrated by wounded Indian Solder. Only a true nationalist can feel the pain of Indian Army and give words to it.

    This article must be distributed in each and every India house, must be published in each news paper and must be read by all politicians including PM.

    Shame on those Bollywood idiots who earn money and fame by making such anti national film.

    May Indian population soon give up mental slavery of Bollywood and realise their brainwashing they are enjoying in the name of entertainment.

    Long live Indian Army.

  • Have you totally lost it ??
    None of the scene is antinational !!
    This is what is happening indian army have not been shown wrong ! Why people of kashmir and voice of kashmir is antinational !! Movie is just a story of a son whose father never had a choice other than helping one of his own ! He payed for that by his house and life to death !! Its a movie which showed what happens with people like haider and where they go to find support for revenge weather someone is indian or pakistaani !! Revenge is revenge for all !! Movie sends a clear message no revenge shall conquer the humanity !! Same message which mission kashmir gave !! Thats it. !! Kissing scene ??? Excuse me ?? Touching sons lips covered with blood seems kissing scene and even if it was so whole of it will be on kashmiri woman ??claps for you soldier what an interpretation? Get a life !! And movie was on indian kashmiris thats what is happening and thats what they showed !! This is the truth !! Only 10% of it !! Even if its the truth what anyone could do about it ??? Things wont change !! Common kashmiri and a common soldier have many things in common !!! Politics is on !!! And dear soldier things will change when people will be treated as one of your own rather than saying please say jai hind !! They say it when it comes from their heart and no one heard it !! And why should they say it when you tell them too every time ?????Because of few junks who picked up weapon you are blaming whole of the community as anti national!! You talking of majority , majority will die for their motherland thats why it is holding up from so long !! Now get over with it !! If i come to your garden everyday and ask for id card and tell you to drink milk right now in front of me !! A day will come when your son will refuse to me or you too !! You will be irritated / bored but i wont hate my country for few retarted like you !! This land is as much as mine as yours !!
    JAI HIND !!

    • Regarding “jai hind”..
      What’s that shit comparison dude 😀 😀
      Its true people say it when they feel from heart and that’s exactly why it is used as an instrument to separate militants who tend to hide in innocent people. It is being used an instrument to get a job done. A job bcz of which you are sleeping peacefully here. Writer have clearly said it and anyone with a bit of common sense can get it.
      Indian army is not there in Kashmir to preach indainism. Unlike it is being done elsewhere by some radical muslims. They are there to protect the people, for whichthey have to do whatever it takes.

      • so you think if a militant says jai hind that means hes not … its an instrument ??? 🙂 🙂 !!! you wont get my point there !!!!
        what ever it is truth will remain the same ,,, a movie on truth and everyone is complaining specially those who never knew that it really happened and whats wrong in it ,, they are the circumstances , indian army is doing their job and job is well done and whole world knows it !!! but lots of sacrifices are also made by the people of kashmir , you cant just see one side of the coin!!!
        on the comments of the soldier above he misinterpreted everything and its clear now !!! what ever he has written clearly shows his way of seeing things as an army men !!! there are many majors and jawans who will strongly disagree to this because they know circumstances have made sufferings for people and army both there !!! blaming army and saying army is the reason by kashmiris is just an example of ignorance , wise people dont do that !!

    • Aziz – from your words I could sense the utter insecurity you have about your identity both as an individual and as a part of your religion you follow (the most violent in the world).

      • Its sad that instead of trying to see the viewpoint which Aziz is trying to give, people are busy picking on his language and religion.
        That tells more about you guys than him.

        Its quite clear that excesses happen and even the army recognises it and doesn’t tolerate it. The movie ‘Shaurya’ depicts it quite well.
        Of course the way Aziz addresses the author should have been better.

        I particularly appreciate his view that “Hardships that Army faces for the country’s security are shared by the local Kashmiris too”.
        A movie/documentary/news piece that substantiates the above would have served us much better than “Haider”.
        The movie is a great cinematic experience but falters more than once in putting a viewpoint on such a sensitive matter.

      • Insecure ??? Really you think so ??? violent religion where does that come from???

        you have issues with my language and the way Mr.soldier has addressed the whole issue is correct???

        haider shows negative face of indian Army ???? bro its Indian Army !!! “Army” that is supposed to be the way they showed in the movie !!! whats the big deal??? army had to investigate so it did it …. no big deal !!! anyways none of you know a thing and cant understand what i was trying to say !!! its people ,,, people who are living there !!!!

        you just named a religion violent !!! this is your personal ideology keep it i dont need it !!!

    • Aziz
      I have read some of the comments here. Most of the readers are getting swayed by the fact that this article is written by an Indian ex-soldier so it must be the gospel truth. Unfortunately majority of Indians (including the author of this article) find symbolism and jingoism more appealing. Who wants to face the reality? Not much point in trying to have a rational debate with a mob. Most of them will start abusing you, your religion, your ideology and what not once they run out of valid arguments.. So chose your debates wisely.
      Have a nice day.
      PS: I have not yet seen the movie but it’s at the top of my list.

      • Listen up guys. Going through the content of the movie, what do you think the Indian army should have done when Haider’s father DID keep militants in his house? Why is the Indian army shown as a villain for that? Is it not clear that he was abetting a crime? Isn’t the movie’s core plot based on a flawed argument? The army had to do its job, you keep a militant at your home, you’re obviously going to be put under scrutiny.

      • Brother Roger, please watch the movie first. If you have even a farthest relative of yours serving the army and you have listened to their stories, you will know how this movie has mocked the Indian army and the writer’s intentions. You will come to know why the writer chose to use the term ‘Chutzpah’, mocking various things.
        Jai Hind

    • I really love my country and I’m proud of the Indian Army. But the author’s views about the movie cannot be more wrong. Firstly it is an adaptation of Hamlet. It is not attacking the Indian army. Its just portraying the reality, the suffering of common man. Haider’s dad was not a millitant. He was neutral. I think you should watch the movie again with an open mind. It’s just a story and Kashmiri women have not been portrayed as immoral. I think you should read Hamlet to understand this…

  • Those people who r supporting this movie are either insane or abusing democracy.
    If someone screens this kind of anti-nationalist movie in pakistan or any other country they will behead u straight away.
    It is trageic that India became too democratic to allow anti-nationals to distribute sweets if india loses to pakistan, burn indian flag, shout slogans against india and screen this kind of menaingless movies.
    This is a disgusting anti-nationalist movie well diguised as a story based on Hamlet.Shame on the hero and other actors.Go and act in pakistan u will get award of ur life.
    I am clueless watching the kissing scene between him and his mother. retard? pervert? what he is trying to show?

    • So you are making your point that we are too democratic by comparing us to Pakistan? Way to go man! You are free to disagree and criticize the perspective portrayed in the film, but this over the top aggression only makes me think of you as a fundamentalists like the ones that can be found in anti-India jihadi rallies in Pakistan. You sir, are no different to me.

      • What is going to be your reaction if you are thrown out of your home or are forced to lead a life devoid of dignity only because you do conform to the faith of the majority. Think about it . It is really hard for many of you to understand the life some people have to lead devoid of the simple things which you so easily take for granted.

    • It’s called Oedipus complex, well entrenched in Shakespeare’s text. You might want to google it!
      The tragedy is not that Indians are accommodating or adaptive in fact that these characteristics are considered weak is. You cannot be accommodating and accepting unless you’re sure of yourself and your world view. The burning Islamic World is a perfect anti-thesis to the Indian’s adaptable nature which is really due to lack of options! Imagine the valley if Pandits & Sikhs had retaliated…

  • There are always two sides to any story…..A movie need not necessarily depict the right side always….and every individual has their own interpretation….extrapolating the movie to be a anti-nationalist is not something I tend to agree with…..People can interpret and criticize…….Accepting that is a choice we make…..As much as it might have troubled you to see Haider, its important to understand that its only a point of view…….Your example of kashmiri women being portrayed as lose characters is a huge extrapolation…..Its a simple logic to see her as someone who lost her husband and took a stand to be with someone else….trying to map that to projection of kashmiri women as bad is far from common sense and logic…..Your experiences and past will drive your interpretation of the movie….as someone neutral to this or as an Indian, I still think its a movie to watch….going by your logic, I should be termed as anti-nationalist for watching this movie and that I hate India….which is not the case……I am happy to see your point of view on the movie and the story writer but your judgement is also biased….I dont think a country or nation is bad, its the people who drive that across…..and the majority somehow always rule the logic for us…..there are always that minority which are different and haider can be a projection of that minority of Indian Army….and minority of that individual who choose to not kill in-spite of having a chance to……I am a proud Indian and will always salute the Indian Army and also enjoy the movie Haider for its point of view….

    • People like you, live in a cozy apartment, stay close to your family and friends, party over the weekends, watch such silly movies, hold an opinion about a topic you know nothing about and then tell a retired army officer that his opinion is biased – the same officer who spent his life in abstinence of these luxuries so that morons like you can enjoy them. He is the same guy who lost his hand serving us and all we can do is enjoy the ‘art’ in a movie which criticizes men like him. My father served in infantry for 25 years and I know what my family has been through in times of war.
      His opinion might be biased, but he has been there and seen the truth. Your opinion is cooked out of your self-righteous rants that smell of lack of knowledge and ignorance.

      • @Anyonymous – Dude! EVERYBODY has an opinion in life on ANYTHING….if there a regulation matrix to decide who gets to pass an opinion on what and if their past is a parameter to decide it, then I am not even qualified….But neither you nor anyone else is entitled to tell someone else what they can can or cannot have an opinion on…….just like you have yours, I have mine….

        and last but not the least, ur prediction on what I do (People like you, live in a cozy apartment, stay close to your family and friends, party over the weekends, watch such silly movies, hold an opinion about a topic you know nothing about) is far from reality and shows categorization of people based on limited availability of data….now, I can probably say the same about you that you are passing an opinion on something you have no clue about!!! Well, you have had your opinion on me and I have my opinion on the movie…and I have nothing against the Army or the Officer…..For me, its just a movie and cannot be categorized as Anti-nationalist in my view….however, you can hold your view just like I held mine….

      • Superb Reply Buddy !!!

        I too was in Army and am very much aware of the actual situation in Kashmir. It is very easy for ppl to sit in their drawing room and post their foolish comments without knowing anything about the reality. Just ask this ppl to come out of their luxurious Flats and spend a month in Kashmir with the Indian Army and then comment…

  • The Movie has shown you reality that’s why you are bugged.
    You fu*ker. Do you deny all the innocent killings and rapes you bast**rd ?

    • Some have happened due to some stupid people in the army. And that can’t be denied. But what about the half a million Kashmiri Pandits that escaped a mass cleansing in the name of religion? Are you denying it?

    • Movies only shows harm was done on both sides, it was a great loss and shame for humanity what happened in Kashmir. Movie tries to shows that no solution ever comes out of violence and it produces huge shame and bloodbath for everyone. If you still can’t see it the I am sorry that you are one of those people who are the reason this bloodbath is still happening in Kashmir.

      Sir I fully agree with your view and have greatest respect for India and Indian army this movie shows more of violence done by this side then other which makes it seem like Indian army is villein but truth is at this point this is not time to compare who is right and wrong but main outcome is some innocent people are suffering on both sides, which will only increase by more violence. Out goal should be to make peace in valley of flowers. I understand Indian army did best in that circumstances, sometimes violence is inevitable. But now is time for both sides to get over this whole thing and instead of being hindus,muslims,indian,pakistani just try and be humans.

      — nutral views of a Indian
      PS : i am do not completely support or reject movie I accept that it was little biased against indian army

      • It is quite unfortunate that some people are unable to see the truth. Director like Vishal Bharadwaj are today able to make a movie only because Army took some very stringent measures to filter out the extremist from the Kashmiri citizen.

    • Namaste brother,

      First of all things, nowhere has the original author used profanity to address people of any place, so please mind your tongue. There are many of us in India who love Kashmir and Kashmiris and would do and have done our bits to help in hours of need. Your language brings disgrace to humanity. There are better ways of expressing your concerns.

      Thank you.

      (Namaste means “I respect the light within you” in case you didn’t know.)

      • Did it look like he knew civilisation, let alone being civilised himself?

        Problem is, we Hindus and Indians are too damn polite to scum (that’s right) like him. They need to be told off in the least, and deserve much worse. They don’t even check facts and spew propaganda ad-nauseum, ad-infinitum. About time, Indian government pass a law regarding revoking citizenship of such crass lot, and seize all their properties etc. Make law such that they cross over to Pak/ B’desh in Indian army…

    • With all due respect, please get out of India. No need to sit here and suffer all the misery. So which side of the border would your eminent shittiness would like to cross over to? Bangladesh or Pakistan?

      You speak as if there’s no law and order problem anywhere in the world you dickhead. You have legal systems for that. Burning police property and attacking cops will only get you shot and deservedly so. Problem is people like you toe extremist line, than working within a system.

  • I completely agree to your view point sir….. Very sad that an Indian choses to do something like that… Anyhow we are proud Indians and are equally proud of Indian Army… Jai Hind

    • People associated with the movie are wonderful artists and thus the result is a interesting piece of cinema. Having said that we can disconnect the story and the the most obvious message it conveys. The movie fails to bring to light the harsh conditions experienced by the hindus and sikhs after their mass exodus from the valley.

  • Sir, you couldn’t have said it in a more befitting manner…
    Every word, every sentence, every paragraph is full of your love for Our country, India(Hindustan).

    It is sad that educated actors like shahid kapoor say yes to a movie like this, but the truth is, in today’s scenario they say yes to anything & everything. By the end of the day, what matters to them is the money which has Mahatma Gandhi on it and not Jinnah…

    Not just Indians, the entire world needs to know the acts of Valor our Indian Armed Forces possess.


  • Sir, I m solely writing from a viewer’s perspective. Many friends of mine also watched it and we have discussed at length on the content. The film does depict army oppression the way it shows policien brutalities in many movies. However, it does also show symbolically, militants digging their own grave and the fact that strife and violence are never the solution (which is clear message when haider doesn’t kill his traitor uncle despite getting chance in the end). It also shows opportunism of terrorists who instigate and use Haider for their own purpose. Perhaps since you knew about writer Bashir and his malintentions, you could read somethings in between lines. However, for a common person, the movie is pure cinematic portrayal of Shakespearian story in Indian context. The Sun temple relation will also not be understood by any. Rather, the song displayed Haider’s parents story clearly.
    I do not approve of what you said for the female characters in the movie. Tabu was a neglected wife to some extent by a duty-bound doctor hence got attracted to his brother. These are human behaviours, how much ever unacceptable to society and this is not the first Indian movie dealing in them.
    To conclude, I will reiterate, the educated lot of India will never support or see this movie as a support to separatists. To us PoK and CoK are still Indian parts and we have not lost an inch of trust in our military and its intentions. BELIEVE ME!

    • @Swapnil

      Firstly, this article is a soldier’s perspective which has got to be different from a civilian’s, and which in case of this movie ought to matter more since Indian Army is depicted in movie. Forget about expressing gratefulness, film portrays anyone who sides with army as a bad guy. Try thinking from a soldier’s perspective here, this is what he’s getting in return for all the sacrifices and for putting his duty above his life .

      Protagonist is a separatist, against AFSPA throughout the film. General audience are most likely to remember things said by the main character [ “AFSPA = chutspah” ]. Now remove AFSPA from Kashmir and terrorists from both across the border and within will have free reign. Giving special powers to IndianArmy in Kashmir region is not a choice, and certainly was not during the turbulent time of 90s with insurgents coming in heavy numbers from across the border. It would have been impossible for IndianArmy to deal with this situation where you cant easily tell a peaceful civilian from a militant, without having teeth.

      This is what is wrong with the film. It poses to be benign by including some dialogues that makes it appear as if it is telling both sides of the story, but in actual, the film is just a voice of terrorist anti-national separatists against IndianArmy. And praising the film for its screenplay or something and not speaking against the kind depiction of IndianArmy in the film will be an INSULT to their patriotism, discipline and sacrifices.

      • People serving in Indian armed forces are human. Their efforts, sacrifices come from their love for Motherland and its people. And the same people are busy applauding a film for its art[?!!], ignoring the film’s attitude towards armed forces. You think this will act as a morale booster for our selfless soldiers ?

      • You want Human perspective Fritz? What about the human rights of our Soldiers? What about the human rights of Saurabh Kalia and his team?
        That comment of yours tells me a lot about how delusional you are and many other youths of India today.
        This movie is an outright ISI agenda being pushed down our throats.

      • How about the human rights of those kashmiris who are killed because of Indian Army brutalities, Like not all Kashmiris are separatists or pro pakis not all Indian Army are sober. I am aware of Indian soldiers killing and raping innocent kashmiris.

      • @Xlist
        You mean those innocent Kashmiris burning and attacking police stations? Those who were harbouring terrorists in their homes and lied? Those who themselves plotted to kill as many Cops/ soldiers? What do you think was going to come out of it Einstein?

        There are some cases where there was collateral damage, but in almost all such cases, it happened when someone in their family was involved and it is unfortunate.

        By the way, a lot of lies and propaganda is fed to sheep like you…

      • You mean this is an inhuman perspective or do you mean the perspective of Jihadists who according to you are humans?

    • I completely agree with your view point. While watching the movie I never felt for a second that it is an anti Indian or anti Indian army movie. I liked the story, screenplay, cinematography , acting. After getting some view point from my friend I read this article and came to know that the set used for the song Bismil was a temple. For me a cinema is a cinema , you may agree with its logic, you may disagree but please don’t create conclusion on this and bias others.

    • I understand your opinion correct from your prospective, but like mother makes non-brinjal liking kid to eat brinjal hidden in Pizza; same way these filmmakers promoting fundamentalists and you eating n accepting and not realising what u r doing.

  • I salute the bravery of the Indian Army.
    Remember how Kosovo was born.Illegal immigrants from Albania settled there and after a few generations they claimed it a an Islamic state in Europe.The same is happening in Chechnia.
    Same scenario in Nigeria by Boko Haram.,in the northern part of Uganda, in Ivory Coast( Cote d’Ivoire).
    ISIs in Iraq and Syria against Christian and other muslim minorities.

    In the south of Thailand, in Cambodia, in Philippines,in western China in Assam inflitrators from Bangla Desh, in West Bengal illegal immigrants from Bangla Desh.
    Such is the world scene where islam is being forced through the throat of people.
    Illegal immigrants from Afghanistan and Indonesia trying to settle in Australia..Islamists from north africa trying to cross to Italy , Spain and other countries.Italy is an example where the challenge in the not too near future will be against the Vatican seat.Where muslims will want to have a mosque next to the Holy See.

    The question is why illegal muslim immigrants not go to Saudi Arabia, Iran, or othe countries but chose Europe and Australia and now some Bhudhist countries.
    Will Saudi Arabia allow a temple, a Gurudwara or a Church to be built on its soil?

    Coming to Kashmir it is clear that the liar Sartaj Ali wants to calm the ISI, short of ISIS, and the Pak army.He is the middleman between the civilian gov in Pk and the Army.
    India must insist on the right of return of pundits and sikhs to Kashmir, the return of their property as well.
    Ifmuslim Kasmiri Indian can roam freely and settle anywhere in India, then too can any Indian have the right to settle in Kasmir.
    Kashmir is not the property of Islam or any prophet.It is part of India and must and shall remain so.
    Now the question of Haider.If this film had been against any islamic state , theatres would have been set ablaze, riots would have caused havoc by now, all sorts of bans and fatwa would have been in place.

    • A very apt observation indeed. Had the film shown the Kashmiri separatist Muslims in bad light, the makers of this film would have landed themselves in a soup?

      • Why is it that when a hindu asserts himself, his beliefs, it is rhetoric? However, if it were a Christian, or Muslim, it is freedom of speech and expression. By the way, that freedom of speech and expression could never be extended to Christian religion and Islam. God forbid if anybody says anything less than flattering.

        Personally, i would recommend for the government to try these chumps for sedition. It should be pretty much an open and shut case. Would love to see ’em in prison.

    • The movies has been cleared by the Censor Board and I think it has been promoted on all the other social and TV forums. Now a days the movies are evaluated in terms of the money they collect in their premier instead of their content and message. It is shocking what Agneevir has presented….

      • Box office collection and censor board for that matter (FYI, lot of Akhtars, Bhatts and Azmis on that “board”) has nothing to do with the fact that Vishal is a dirt bag.

    • Islamic fundamentalism is rising day by day and time has came to ruthlessly eradicate it from face of earth. No more terrorism, no more forced conversions and death threats. We cannot let this foolish religion prosper out of its childish beliefs. Indian subcontinent was the home for the oldest Vedic civilization. And this subcontinent is being partitioned because of some superstitious revelations of so called prophet.

      I strongly condemn all anti-national people involved in the making of this movie and heartily congratulate Indian army for re-establishing peace at the value of their own sacrifices in Kashmir valley.

      And yes *JAI HIND*.