We are presenting downloadable pdf versions of Veda Samhitas in Devanagari. There may be minor errors for which we apologize. For most accurate printing of Veda Samhitas, refer to publications of Pt Damodar Satvalekar. Please click the hyperlinks below to download the files.

Rig Veda Samhita

Yajur Veda Samhita

Sama Veda Samhita

Atharva Veda Samhita

Note: It is impossible to translate Vedas because they represent knowledge that cannot be expressed in alternate words.

There is NO reliable English translation available currently. We intend to develop these with support of a panel of experts. If you are willing to contribute financially in this, please Contact Us.

To understand the essence of Vedas, please read Satyarth Prakash and Introduction to Vedas. They are available in several languages through Downloads section of the site and Links. Also review the articles in Vedas section of the site for a contemporary explanation of these fundamental Vedic concepts.

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Agniveer ji …why don’t you upload 4 vedas english in this website ? that would be easy for all of us to gain knowledge is there any fund problem ? then i can totally understand but it would be very convenient for everyone to learn vedas for free because only… Read more »
Alfred Bhowmick

I cannot buy the 4 vedas with english translation of Dr Tulsi Ram. How can i get the books and pay the payments? I also cannot find any link regarding buying the book. All i have found the link is dead. I am from Germany and a Hindu.

Agniveer Agni
The publisher has asked us to stop distribution and promotion of these books for inexplicable reasons. We are also in surprise why one would do so. We have been trying to work things out but in vain. This happened last year after we published a series of posts opposing Kashmir… Read more »

Wow, so now they are trying to stop the spread of the Vedas. Wow. Pretty scary. Who is the publisher. I would like to know.


Yeah who is this publisher ?

Ashish B

—The publisher has asked us to stop distribution and promotion of these books for inexplicable reasons. —
A society doesnt need any enemy if its filled with such kind of people. Shame on the publisher.

Agniveer Agni
The reason given by publisher was that Agniveer conspired with Google and Adobe to violate copyright by following: – Allowing google to show link to purchase of book in its search results – Allowing Adobe Acrobat to open and email pdf file in other systems apart from one from which… Read more »
Ashish B
I have a poem to dedicate your fighting spirit. Robert Browning in his inspirational poem, Prospice. “Fear death? – to feel the fog in my throat, The mist in my face, When the snows begin, and the blasts denote I am nearing the place, The power of the night, the… Read more »
Ashish B
Google & Adobe as anti-vedic agents? Whatever the publisher meant by that but its a pity that he was even able to convince the wisest person among us of this nonsense. I blame the Author too for blocking it. The other faiths are providing their religious books free of cost… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
The author is completely unknown to computer technology and hence trusted the publisher. Initially we thought the publisher was just making some kind of joke. But when he started giving threats and abuses did we realize that all this is true! This happened immediately after we published articles against Kashmiri… Read more »

This is really best.
I am delighted and I promised myself to transfer every possible knowledge of veda to All who seeks. Ofcourse its limited to what I have read and gain so far :).


There is only one infinite God, and his miracle is YOGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anikant raaz

it is one of the master website …..

novoline online spielen um echtes geld
I write a comment each time I like a post on a site or if I have something to add to the discussion. Usually it is a result of the fire displayed in the article I read. And after this post 4 Veda Samhitas — Self-Help | Motivation | Spiritualism… Read more »
देखकर बहुत हर्ष हुआ कि संस्कृत,हिन्दू धर्म और वेद पर इतना काम हो रहा है|आप सभी लोगो का प्रयास सराहनीय है| मै इन्जीनियरिंग (B.Tech,ECE,1ST YEAR) का छात्र हू |आप सब के प्रयास देखकर मेरी रूचि इन सब चीजो में और ज्यादा बढ़ गई है| ONE DAY WE WILL CHANGE THE… Read more »
Jay Arya

these allegations are based on reincarnation verses in the vedas if you have already addessed these allegation tell me where?


“O soul, God grants for thy bodies in different births, according to thy DEEDS a happy or unhappy place on this earth. May radiant beams prove helpful to thee!” (Chapter 35, verse 2, Yajur Veda) Translated by Devi Chand M.A.

Jay Arya

yes but some fantics have tried to use other translation to support their view as they claim i want agniveer to address this so that i can reply as i dont know sanskrit and i have not read rig veda,atharva and sam ved yet

Jay Arya
in that case can you translate these verse or give me the authentic translation possibly from one of these translators if they exist? Rigveda Mandal 10, Sookt 59, Mantras 6-7,Yajurveda chapter 4, Mantra 15 when translating this keep in mind Shatapath Brahman 3:2:2:23 ,Atharvaveda 7/67/1,Atharvaveda 5/1/2,Yajurveda Adhyaai 19, Mantra 47… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

This is a long list. Would request you to review articles on Vedas on our site. Many of them may already have been addressed. If you list allegations made on these, it would be easy to track which article may have covered it.

Jay Arya

where can i find the article which addresses this and please tell me if you agree with these translations if not why not?

Jay Arya

i have given reference can you answer agniveer?

Rigveda 1.24.1-2: Question: Whom do we consider the most pure? Who is the most enlightened one in entire world. Who provides us mother and father again in the world after gifting us ultimate bliss or Mukti? Answer: The self-enlightening, eternal, ever-free Ishwar alone is most pure. He alone provides us… Read more »
Jay Arya

yes that is why i want agniveer to help me translate it and help me out on the view of the translators i mentioned


Hi Jay,

Agreed, I do think Agniveer should put back up its post for those verses and the team should also mention the people who translated those verses. Not sure why Agniveer is being a little sneaky with this. It clearly does not look good.

Jay Arya

yes who was translator because some muslim fantic claims to use translations by the people i listed tto say these verses dont know talk about reincarnation which is why i wanted agniveer to help me to answer it as i dont know sanskrit and cant read hindi

Hi Jay Arya, These are translations by Agniveer when they used to have them up. now the individual person or people translated them, I don’t know. And I was told by an Agniveer member that an English translation of all the Vedas are suppose to be ready soon. Not sure… Read more »
___________________________________________________ Yajurveda 4.15: Whenever we take birth, may our deeds be such that we get a pure mind, long life, good health, vitality, intellect, strong sense organs and a powerful body. In next life also, keep us away from bad deeds and indulge us in noble actions. ___________________________________________________ Atharvaveda 7.67.1:… Read more »
Rigveda 10.59.6-7: O Blissful Ishwar, Please provide us again healthy eyes and other sense organs in next birth. Please provide us powerful vitality, mind, intellect, valor again and again in next births. We achieve bliss in this life and future lives. May we keep looking up to your glory always.… Read more »

Hi Jay,

Agniveer did have a post http://agniveer.com/3203/islam-vedas/

But it was taken down for some reason.

Here are some more mantras on reincarnation in the Vedas:
Rigveda 10.59.6-7, Yajurveda 4.15, Atharvaveda 7.67.1, Atharvaveda 5.1.2, Yajurveda 19.47, Rigveda 1.24.1-2

Agniveer Agni

In this case, it was almost a literal translation of Dayanand’s works. You can check from any available Hindi/ English RVBB or SP.

Namaste Agniveer, Yes, it might be a literal translation of Dayanand’s work, but who did that literal translation to English. I have a copy of the Vedas translated into English by the Arya Samaj Organization. The Yajur Veda copy I have was done by Devi Chand M.A. And I assume… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

Some articles have been temporarily withdrawn. Don’t worry, they would be back soon. The translations are based on works of Swami Dayanand. You can review them in Introduction to Vedas and Satyarth Prakash.

Hi Agniveer, Thanks for replying and getting back to us. I do make the assumption that Dayanand was the brains behind it. I know he translated from Sanskrit to Hindi. What we want to know is the people who brought it from Sanskrit to English or Hindi to English. We… Read more »
Jay Arya

so you dont accept Sripad Damodar Satvalekar,Pandit Khemkaran Trivedi,Pandit Ram Govind Trivedi,Swami Karpaatra Maharaj fully? from the ones i mentioned who would you say is best?

Agniveer Agni

Depends on which mantra you are analyzing. We would rather suggest that one refrains from a person-based approach in such matters. Read, analyze and decide yourself. We recommend the translations that we found better and hence are distributing them.

Jay Arya

agniveer do you accept translations by Sripad Damodar Satvalekar,Pandit Khemkaran Trivedi,Pandit Ram Govind Trivedi?

Agniveer Agni

We accept no translation blindly. If it is as per reason and theme of Vedas, we are fine. Else we do not accept.

Jay Arya

also Swami Karpaatra Maharaj?

meemana suseema

බොහොම ස්තූතියි ඔබ කළ උදව්ව


thanks jay these are real eye-openers


Also another free pdf “The Truth About Muhammed” by a NY Times best selling writer http://schnellmann.org/Robert_Spencer_The_Truth_About_Muhammad.pdf

@All The Internet has become a serious threat to the survival of Islam. Through internet, it has been easy to unmask the true face of Islam and its originator Muhammad. It has enabled critics to overcome the taboo of telling the truth about Islam and Muhammad… Islam stands on the… Read more »

Here is a free pdf “Muhammed Unmasked” http://www.islam-watch.org/SujitDas/Unmasking_Muhammad.pdf


Ali Sina is not the only one. Pakistani ex Muslim MA Khan also has a site “islam-watch.” Google it. So too another site “jihad watch.” And the site “thereligionofpeace” which keeps count of the nearly 20,000 Islamic attacks all around the world since 9-11.

Pandit Ji

Ali Sina is doing great service. You are too slow in comparison of Ali Sina. It is shame on us we being Hindu not doing any thing for our country / culture but Ali Sina being a Muslim was fighting against Islam religion propagated by Monster Mohammed.

@Pandit Ji I think you’re confused. Goal & approach of Ali Sina is quite different from Agniveer. Don’t mixed up things. Agniveer has to do ‘shastrarth’ & simultaneouly also spread vedic dharma. What Ali sina has to offer in that front? Critical analysis of Islam is not the only Agenda… Read more »

There are plenty of sites now on Islam. Agniveer should not get involved in that.
Agniveer best to focus on dispelling myths about Hinduism, or refuting false statements about Hinduism that have been made and perpetuated by Muslims or Christians. The focus should be Hinduism, not Islam or even Christianity.


Exactly, Agniveer site should only be used to defend Hinduism, and state the full force of the scriptural facts.
Let us not speak ill of others, as that is not part of our faith

Hmmm it is not about speaking ill. What Ali Sina and others are doing is not speaking ill. Discussion and debate and being politically incorrect is not necessarily about speaking ill of others. The point is that there are plenty of sites already discussing Islam. Agniveer is an expert on… Read more »
@ (As per Islam) Hindu are world worst creatures. They are Idol worshiper . it is greatest sin to worship Idol in the eyes of Allah even than rape, looting, child-abusing. Allah will punish them severely/eternally. It is shame on the people they do not want to read truth written… Read more »

Increase your awareness and knowledge .

Jack tell the truth. Hindus are not mentioned at all in the Quran or any Islamic religious scripture. Islam teaches Muslims that ALL those who disbelieve in Islam, Quran and Mohammed are the worst of creatures. Quran 98:6 – Verily,those who disbelieve (in the religion of Islam, Quran, and Mohammed)… Read more »

Pretty self serving to call all disbelievers of your faith the worst of creatures. Stuck up much.


You are wrong there. Why do muslims worship the stone at Kaaba which contains the Shivling inside it? By the way , Prophet Mohammads family were worshippers of Shiva

Dr Mulay

I would like to financially contribute towards the english translation of the Vedas.

Please contact me.

Babasaheb Kale
Namaste Agniveer Ji, Thanks for information and because of wrong knowledge of Zakir Naik may Hindu people are get converted in to Musalman and this information will be the answer for zakir naik. Thanks for sharing and giving correct information.I request all the Hindu people to read all the volumes… Read more »
one dharm

also can someone direct me to the so called forum page?? i searched the whole site even went to agniveer.org, but i didnt find any

one dharm
can anyone elaborate how to read the translation on jamnagar website. i mean there’s this one line of slok, and then theres this full page of translation, also what is meant by padarthanvyabhasha and once the translation starts the same word is translated many times once in each paragraph. i… Read more »
namaste agniveer, I would like to make sure that is the above given for ved is complete 100% . Or some mantras are some part are missing just to make sure. Because one of my muslim friend told me to look those mantra which Zakir naik has said in his… Read more »
Namaste Vijay, If you would like Agniveer to get back to you, I would recommend to write to him from the contact page. I would also recommend to go to the debate forums that Agniveer has setup. I am not a expert about the Vedas, but I will say, the… Read more »
namaste agniveer, I would like to make sure that is the above given for ved is complete 100% . Or some mantras are some part are missing just to make sure. Because one of my muslim friend told me to look those mantra which Zakir naik has said in his… Read more »

im still waiting for english


Hi there, I know and I am also waiting.

Karma based reincarnation in the Vedas: “O soul, God grants for thy bodies in different births, according to thy DEEDS a happy or unhappy place on this earth. May radiant beams prove helpful to thee!” (Chapter 35, verse 2) Translated by Devi Chand M.A. – This is very clear that… Read more »

This is from the Yajur Veda.


I forgot to mention it is form the Yajur Veda (Chapter 25, Verse 2)

Namaste Agniveer Ji, Basically I am from Bengal and for me reading both Hindi and Sanskrit is a bit tough. I know you did said in the beginning that it is not possible for truly translate the veda’s in any modern language but for peoples like me could there be… Read more »

Hi AngiVeer, I responded to VikramAditya, and my whole post did not show up. Can you please fix that.

Arya Musafir

Namaste Krishna

Probably your comment exceeded word limits beyond which the post is chopped by default settings. This setting is to avoid copy paste long stuffs people dump here many times. Kindly split your post into 2 or 3 parts and then try again.



Namaste Aryamusafir,

Thank you for the information.


Padmanabha Sharma


thanks to uploading these chaturvaedas in pdf format. Can i have Krishna Yajurveda Samhita? here you uploaded only Shukla Yajurveda samhita. If possible please upload Ekagni Kandam in Krishna Yajurveda. Once again thanks alot.


i really want to read n understand the vedas..bt i don know sanskrit…… is there any authentically translated scripture of all the vedas available…….. i have downloaded the vedas available here bt its no use until i understand them cause there r no translations…………


Although vedas translation from Sanskrit to English cannot provide exact meaning however i think it should be consider as necessary work, at least it will provide a initial passage for new generation Hindu to understand their culture and heritage


Dyandand Sansthan, includes Hindi and original Sanskrit, 2286 Araya Samaj Marg, Karol Bhag, New Delhi-011-25724741

Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, includes English and original Sanskrit. Maharishi Dyanand bhavan, 3/5 ASafali Road, New Delhi 011-23274771

All these are separate branches of Arya Samaj movement.

One question which translations does Agniveer endorse?

Samveda full english translation I have downloaded from Kasyapa Veda research foundation, the scientific explanation of yajana is also relevant and very good. FAQ on Vedas too is good for beginners. Dr M H rajesh is PHD in English, Brahmin and have learned vedas under a guru. He agrees with… Read more »
Further those who translate should have good qualities that are required to interpret the Vedas. I have two major flaws a temper and impatient, but otherwise I lived 29 years as brahmacharya. Otherwise, I have no vice, nor I drink or smoke and throughout life, and I am not a… Read more »
It is difficult , but where do you learn Sanskrit and that Vedic Sanskrit?The main problem is that the subtleties of vedic Sanskrit. How does Agni veer suppose to help? It was very tedious for me to understand the translated meaning in which I had too do several times the… Read more »
mohit bhardwaj

agniveer ji,
dayanand bhashya ke downloadable pdf milenge kya kahin ?


@Mohit Bhardwaj : you may find it here



Namaste Agniveerji.

Excellent work as always, brother. Thank you so much for your wonderful efforts to spread Truth. I await the English version.


Shyamala Cruise
Thanks for these. Or at least thanks for the initiative. This is one area where we lag behind the Muslims. We must admit that. If you see, the Quran and Hadith and the videos of Zakir Nalayak are all over the internet, with translations and interpretations in all languages. While… Read more »

(7) There are many website/blogs for learning Sanskrit language, one such good blog is



Dhanyawad Brother Vikramaditya for such valuable information.


(5) The only Sanskrit newspaper of India


The guy/Editor is running low on cash, and is only doing it to continue with the family legacy.

(6) Daily news in Sanskrit


Dear Agniveerji, Thanks for the Veda Samahitas. For the sake of other readers who are interested in learning Sanatan Scriptures. I would like to pass on the following details. I have come to know from some reliable sources the following publishers for obtaining Veda Samahita and other scriptures Original Vedas… Read more »
I am ready to give at least 60words in english diretcly borrowed from sanskrit. For Ex.vocabulary in english was borrowed from vaagvaikhary of sanskrit,Brother in english from bhraathru of sanskrit ,hasta in sanskrit became hand in english,Nasika became NOSE,Maathru became mother,pithara became Father in english,

Thanks for sharing . People should learn sanskrit .

Dear VikramAdiya Brother, Thank You for your post here. It is really nice to see passion like yours among our Dharmic brothers. I wish more and more Dharmic sisters and brothers had such enthusiasm, fervor, and love for the Dharmic and Vedic movement as you do. I understand your idea… Read more »
Dear VikramAdiya Brother, Below is the rest of my comment: I am not delusional of the idea that Sanskrit doesn’t always translate to English or others languages directly. There are many metaphors, similes, allegories, poetic meanings, and etcetera in the Vedas that can have its meanings misconstrued. I and most… Read more »

Dear VikramAdiya Brother,

It looks like the last line was chopped off. Below is last part of my comment

Thank You again for your post and bringing this topic to light. I am open to your thoughts and suggestions.


Dhanyavad Vikaramdityaji Thanks for the valuable information that you have provided. Our goal for English translations would not be to achieve something that can be achieved only through Sanskrit and partially through Hindi, but to at least provide a translation that presents alternatives to crap available to works of Griffith,… Read more »
Sudeep Acharya
Thank you for the information, I was studying Rig Veda of the same author but you say it’s adulterated. So is it a trash? Also tell me is it necessary to learn Sanskrit before getting the Divine Knowledge? And if yes how to do mastery over both with a full… Read more »

Readers may also find the following links useful.

(1) Sanskrit documents collection


(2) Sanskrit e-books



(3) Sanskrit dictionary


(4) Sanskrit grammar software (based on sage Panani’s work)



Vikramaditya Ji,

Why don’t you join this mission with Team Agniveer. You can contact them thru contact forum.

I think its high time that each of us realize an Agniveer in us