The greatest book on Vedic concepts – Rigvedadibhashyabhumika or Introduction to Vedas in Hindi is available for download here. This version is in a small size editable pdf format for easy reading on computer and easy circulation.

The Hindi text may vary a bit from original concepts of Swami Dayanand Saraswati – the author of the book – due to various reasons like editing errors and typos. (The book was written 135 years ago). But despite that, it provides an insight into Vedic concepts that no other book can match. Must read for all willing to transform their lives and the world!

Introduction to Vedas – Rigvedadibhashyabhumika

Note: This version of of the book may have some errors and omissions, however the key essence is retained. For serious study and reference purpose, we strongly recommend a hard copy of Rigvedadibhashyabhumika published by Ram Lal Kapoor Trust, Sonipat edited by Pt Yudhishthir Meemansak.

Please also review Satyarth Prakash to get a fuller understanding of Vedic concepts.

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[…] کی زندگی جیو.  (اصل ہندی مضمون کا جائزہ لینے کے لئے یہاں جائے اور “ویدوکتا-دھرما-وشے” نامیده فصل کو […]

सीना चीर दिया वेदों का, घायल किया पुराणों को..! बेच दिया वोटों की खातिर, संस्कृति के प्रतिमानों को..!” “हरे रंग को खुश करने में, भगवा को नीलाम किया..! अरे सियासी कलमूहों यह बहुत घिनौना काम किया..!” “तुमने काशी-पूरी-द्वार िका के ध्वज को दुत्कारा है..! दस जनपथ पर कालिख है ऐसा… Read more »
munesh kumar purohit

I am interested to learn basic samskrit and hindi.
It is possible to down load audio visual lessons.
Thank you

I am reading Rig Vedadi bhashyabumika from Arsh Sahitya Prachar Trust, bought from Book Fair, Delhi. In preface it give details about Pt Yudhishthir Meemansak which Agniveer is recommending as misleading and defying and maligning Rishi Dayanand(Read from Page 4). It gives detailed information how Pt Yudhishthir Meemansak is counter-claiming… Read more »

[…] explain the planetary motion. Swami Dayanand quoted one of them very briefly in his amazing text Rigvedadibhashyabhumika or Introduction to Vedas (available in Downloads section of more than 130 years ago. […]


[…] Science, and Vedas in his famous book, Rigved Aadi Bhashya Bhumika (Introduction to Vedas) here ended with Shanti Mantra, prayer dedicated to Peace and Brotherhood for entire Universe.All […]

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Thank you, I’ve recently been looking for information approximately this topic for a while and yours is the greatest I have found out so far. However, what concerning the conclusion? Are you positive in regards to the supply?|What i don’t realize is in reality how you are no longer actually… Read more »

Great Work Agniveer…I truely appreciate you for Rigvedadibhashyabhumika…its true eyeopener!

Goswami gopal
sanatan hindu dharma ki jai ho……………..Agniveer ki jai ho aapka prayas hinduo ke liye gyyan ke deepak jaisa hai gou mata ke bare mai jo ved ssammtt jankari ke liye aap ka aabhar aapka Goswami Gopal
kewal pandita

jab aapne khud ko hindu kah diya aur agniveer ki jai kar di to aap fir galat kar rahe hain

Ram Halka
Are hindu to hun leki hindu ko gali nahi de raha main main to madarchod pandito ko de raha hun america yad nhi hai beta sohan laude kis tara america me pandito ke sath sambhog kiya tha mujhe jalan hai pandito se saale harami ke jane hote hain hum logo… Read more »
Sohan Kumar

Amar aur Ram tum log saale kyu Hindu ki maa behen kar rahe ho khud hindu ho kar sharam nhi aati kya?

Ram Halka

Abe laudo ka pandit, aur amar singh ji aap kya jante hai agniveer ke bare me kuchh nahi mera jhant jante ho saale, agniveer to mera beta hai leki harami sala khud ulta sidha kam krta hai aur bolta hai behen ka taka.

Ram Halka
Saale jitne pandit hain sab meat khate hain aur humein kehte hain ke meat khane se paap hoga Abe hat main to khaunga jo ukhadna hai ukhad lo. Mere jaisa kitne Hindu hain jo meat khate hain kyun nahi hum logo ka ukhad lete abe madarchodo sudhar jao saalo mere… Read more »
Amar Singh
Agar Agniveer sach kehte hain toh Dr. Zakir Naik ke sawalo ka jawab unke saamne kyun nahi dete. Main toh samajhta hun Agniveer se zyada gyani Dr. Zakir Naik hai. Agar Agniveer Dr. Zakir Naik ke saamne apne ko sachcha saabit kar de toh main manunga. Lekin woh pit pichhe… Read more »
jai singh
Abe pahle baat to ye hai ki tu hindu nahe hai, tu sala Amar singh naam rakh k kya soch raha hai, ham hindu log teri nautanki samagh nahe paaenge sale “zakir naik k agent” zakir ki taareef karne k liye bahut achaa tarika hai tera, saap bhe mar jaae… Read more »
kewal pandita
main ek hindu brahman ghar mein paida hua, mere aage jo chal raha tha wo mujhe galat laga, main sachaai jaanne ke liye islam ki taraf aaya, muje ek khuda ki philosophy achchi lagi, lekin kuch cheezeib abhi bhi clear nahin thi, phir main bodha dharam ki taraf juka, lekin… Read more »

Mr. Truthseeker you have more knowledge on Vedas why not answer my posts above…?

Truth Seeker
@truevedas Brother I advise you to post your queries at here great scholar of Veda “Swami Ramswaroop Ji” I have ever seen in this era will mail you answer within 4 to 5 days. Go to the website in ask & questions section. & ask your queries related to… Read more »
Is this true in Vedas.. Yajur Veda Adhyay (Chapter) 13; Mantra (Verse) 37 “O Learned man! You have gained knowledge from ancient scholars. You are charitable. Join your trained horses to your chariots, ready to face your enemy and establish yourself on the throne on justice.” Yajur Ved Adhyay… Read more »

@TrueVeda – What do you want to know from these verses ? what do you want to say ? Please, say your intention.

Jai Shree Ram to Agniveer team…My self Umesh kumar….I am very much interested in our scriptures n epics…How can I promote this site 2 all?….How can i contribute my time to your work… If I want to give some money for the promotion of this site…let me know how can… Read more »

Kindly provide me, vaimanik Shashtra by Rishi Bharadwajj. I want to try to reverse engineer those Air cum Space crafts in prototype models with my buch of engineer friends from IIT.


you can get its english translation from here…
english translation of viman shastra —


Bahut hi aachi site hai.
bohot bohot Dhnayvad


its to good for redear i want char ved in hindi in orognal wordes if its possebal then give ref to me


If you reside in India, you can buy it from most of the stationery stores. Online references may help, but the amount of concentration with which you read a physical book is no way close to online reading. Hence, pls get the Vedas hard copy books and read.


Thank you for creating this website. It is helping me to be a true living being, nothing beats it. It is the greatest thing. The eternal truth.

God is great and he will bless us.

…well…sorry for mentioning the wrong website. It was old me who had that website, since i am getting closer and closer to the eternal light of knowledge i have my own disagrees with old me. As a result i have just opened a new website and it is the following… Read more »


I want English version. Please suggest some..


Please read it at