Vedas, the first texts of humanity, contain seeds of all forms of knowledge – spiritual or material. And hence it is obvious that there is no possibility of contradiction between claims of Vedas and deductions of science. Unlike other so-called holy texts Vedas do not demand blind belief on unobservable. So there is no blind insistence on belief in any avatar, prophet, god, son of god, mythology or historical claims to avoid some hell-like place and seek some heaven-like holiday spot. On contrary, the Vedic principle is to explore higher levels of truth in most unbiased manner and be honest to the results of this exploration. Science and Vedas go hand in hand.

Thus the approach of Vedas is way different from rest of the religious products with whom Vedas are often wrongly clustered. Vedas do not spoon-feed. They don’t expect you to find truths of nature and world by memorizing certain verses. On contrary, Vedas urge humans to put efforts, conduct experiments, reflect upon those experiments and discover wisdom by making best use of this laboratory called life. And in the journey towards more and more advanced experiments you conduct, Vedas stand with you as a trusted guide, coach and mentor. Vedas don’t answer the questions on your behalf in the examination, like what happens in many corrupt institutions. They help you seek the answers from within yourself in most honest manner.

Being a student of science for major part of my life, the mysteries of universe have always fascinated me. And I have always had great respect and admiration for scientists like Kepler, Newton, Faraday and Einstein whose pursued the unraveling of these mysteries. They are the modern Rishis of their fields who discovered the wisdom within themselves by following the Vedic methods of exploration and gave us the opportunity to be even greater Rishis. And when I dwell into the Vedas, I find them to be my trusted mentors who reinforce the same fundamental truths that were discovered by these wise men. That leads to conclusion that scientific spirit of these legends combined with proactive inspiration from Vedas could be such a powerful combination that could transform the civilization in most wonderful manner – giving methods, direction, efficiency and purpose to all we do and seek to do as humans. 

Here I bring you two interesting Mantras from Rigveda that explain the planetary motion. Swami Dayanand quoted one of them very briefly in his amazing text Rigvedadibhashyabhumika or Introduction to Vedas (available in Downloads section of more than 130 years ago.  The mantras can have various meanings, as is the case with most Vedic mantras. But I shall explore the straightforward meaning in context of motion of planets.

“The sun has tied Earth and other planets through attraction and moves them around itself as if a trainer moves newly trained horses around itself holding their reins.”

The first one is Rigveda 10.149.1.This is one of the several Mantras in Vedas that assert that planets move around sun. It says:
In this mantra,
Savita = Sun
Yantraih = through reins
Prithiveem = Earth
Aramnaat = Ties
Dyaam Andahat = Other planets in sky as well
Atoorte = Unbreakable
Baddham = Holds
Ashwam Iv Adhukshat = Like horses

Very clearly, the mantra explains that sun is center of solar system and planets (including earth) move in a closed-loop path around it.

The second one Rigveda 8.12.28 details this motion of planet

“All planets remain stable because as they come closer to sun due to attraction, their speed of coming closer increases proportionately.”

In this Mantra,
Yada Te = When they
Haryataa = Come closer through attraction
Hari = Closeness
Vaavridhate = Increases proportionately
Divedive = continuously
Vishwa Bhuvani = planets of the world
Aditte = eventually
Yemire = remain stable

(The reference to sun comes from rest of the Mantras in this Sukta before and after this mantra)

The mantra clearly states that:

1. Motion of planets around the sun is not circular, even though sun is the central force causing planets to move (Refer previous mantra 10.149.1)

2. The motion of planets is such that Velocity of planets is in inverse relation with the distance between planet and sun.

It can be easily shown with the help of Newton’s Second Law that, for a planet revolving around sun in an elliptical orbit, having distance ‘r’ with sun and angle ‘θ’ made between length ‘r’ and any fixed axis, at any instant, following holds true

From the above, it can be easily shown that derivative of the product of square of distance between sun and planet and rate of change of angle θ, with respect to time, is zero. And thus following relation is obtained (with h as a constant)

Interestingly, the above relation is nothing but the conservation of angular momentum, observed in cases involving Central Forces! If you replace angular velocity with linear velocity, it leads exactly to the same principle that the Vedic mantra 8.12.28 asserts – that velocity of planets is inversely related to distance from sun!

What laws of mechanics and motion can be derived from these principles is something that each of you studying science can explore and be excited about!

But what is wonderful is that the principles are in perfect sync with Kepler’s laws of planetary motion and Newton’s law of gravitation. In fact, if these Vedic principles were known, deriving Kepler and Newton’s laws and hence law of conservation of angular momentum becomes the next easy logical step for an analytical mind!

This is the beauty of Vedas. Vedas and Science are never in contradiction. In fact the foundation of Vedic religion lies in the principle that “True Science and True Religion can never contradict.

Please note that we no way imply that mere analysis of Vedic mantras could lead to any scientific discovery. Because Vedas themselves suggest that without experiments and research in real-world, truth cannot be discovered (Refer Atharvaveda 12.5.1, Yajurveda 1.5 and 19.30). But we do want to imply that Vedas form a wonderful guru who would always stand besides you as a reliable guide. Nothing in Vedas would contradict your rational discoveries. And as you discover more and more, Vedas would make you realize how magnificent that Supreme Power is who is managing this entire universe through such perfect unchangeable laws! Thus Vedas strengthen you from core.

What we presented was just 2 mantras that we chanced to discover with whatever limited intellect we have. But that does seem to indicate that Vedas do merit a more detailed and institutionalized research. We do hope that such researches become reality of tomorrow so that humanity could rise above schism between science and religion, and fights among various blind cults for claiming the title of only true religion. Vedas are the most credible and viable hope for a religion that is in sync with science and excludes any notion of blind belief. This would be the next level of evolution of human civilization.

May we all embrace wisdom and destroy roots of all blindness! May we all evolve!


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in the vedas it says that the earth has pegs around it and pillars around it. Also it says there are three earths.

refer to
yajur veda 14.5
atharva veda 8.4.11
yajur veda 5.16

And for the verse I did not provide the translation for: English translation by Dr. Tulsi Ram M.A., Ph.D. Exclusive Digital Distributor: Agniveer Supported by Agniveer group Atharva Veda: 8.4 “O man, rise up high from here, never move downwards. Rise breaking yourself from the fetters of death. Never sever… Read more »
Homie, You can’t just come on here and point to some random verses in the Vedas that state some BS statement. 1. Give us the full verse, write it out. 2. Give us the verse before and after. 3. Give us the translator. 4. Give us the name of the… Read more »
I have a copy of the Yajur Veda. Translated by Devi Chand. Published by Sarvadeshik Arya PratinidhiSabha. Supported by the Arya Samaj group. 14.5 “O, Wife I, thy learned husband, engaged in in the performance of noble deeds, established thee on the surface of the earth, as mistress of the… Read more »
in atharva veda 8/41, he three earths epresent the three worlds-bhu, bhuvar and suvar loka and not physical three earths. these are thre three planes of consciousnss.”bhu” is the gross materialistic consciousenes ,”bhuvah” is the intermediate between orss materialistic and suble spiritual,and suvar is the pure state of consciousness/te supreme… Read more »
Jay Arya

even devi chand has some mistakes it some use of words


Devi Chand,

Could have. He was a Sanskrit scholar, but not an English scholar. That’s probably why.


What do NASA scientists think about vedic science?

• you’re talking about the PURANS not about vedas(Rig Ved Sama Ved Yajur Ved Atharva Ved). • Krishna was not a lord. In modern times,perception of Hinduism is only limited to gita,murti pooja,33crores gods and all shits made by ‘Pandit’ but grow up,…

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Dear Agniveer

Good day.

I am from Malaysia and need to find out whether the vedas book ( english transalation) available in any Malaysian book store? Kindly advice. I needed it urgently.

Agniveer Agni

Sorry, but that is unavailable in typical bookstores. You can order from


अग्निवीर ..

आपका कार्य बहुत ही सराहनीय है।

बहुत से सवाल थे दिल में जो अब धीरे धीरे ख़तम हो रहे है…

अहसान है आपका ….

vikas pareek

agniveer (four vedas) vol.14 by pandit harisharan sidhaantalankar I need so please inform me earleast my mobile no. 09413210888

Agniveer Agni

Have you ordered them via Please contact on store @ agniveer . com (remove spaces)

the hare krishna chanting mantra is in “kali samtarno”text.i don’t sure whether it is puran or upanishad.u can find it in wikipedia.vedas don’t mention about rama and krishna coz vedas came befor many years of ramayan it is also said”lob kush learnt vedas” when krishna came-the identity of the… Read more »
arka mondal

the post is flawed.the translations of the two places of rig veda are inaccurate and taken out of context.cross check for yourself.


@Mondal : could you be kind enough to let us know seeing what translations did you conclude this, or are you a nirukta, nighantu scholar to translate the verses correctly?

P.C. Shrimali

very good article.
This is great service towards the knowledge the vedic literature, to the new generation who are ignorant of our glorious past…


A real Vedic model of Solar System has been proposed by Dr. P K Bhat –


@Vijnasu : Brilliant!!
Soon after a couple of years there will be a western guy claiming the same model and stupid Indians will be reading that in their text books, as everything that come from the west is deemed above critique by our beloved country men.



Sir, where did you get this translation for these verses? Other places give completely different translations and also there is no mention of ‘sun’ in the verse. (hari should mean sun? or adityae can also be a reference to sun?) I want to use this in a video/article but am… Read more »

These Vedic translations are some of the most accurate out there. I am not an expert, but many of the other translations are very wrong. Because many of the translators do not know Sanskrit very well. They usually use Max Muller’s method. Which is an European missionary extremist.

The thing is, even if I personally do not doubt these translations – but when putting them in a video/article (which many jihadis and christians will see and try to debunk) I do not anybody to accuse us hindus of ‘changing or manipulating the meanings retrospectively to fit in with… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

These are based on established Sanskrit lexicon. You can have them vetted from any Sanskrit scholar. We used Introduction to Vedas by Swami Dayanand to explore the meanings. Beyond that, it has to be individual choice to use it, verify it or ignore it.

Agniveer Agni

Second one. Thanks.

Thank you very much for your reply. You mention in the article that one of the verses has been briefly mentioned in Introduction to Vedas by Dayanand Saraswatiji. Is it the 2nd verse? Is that how he translated it? If so then that would be awesome – because then it… Read more »
u c panwar
Why Hindus don’t defend themselves. I just watched Devon Ke Dev and got reminded of a startling fact of biology that whales are dependent of cows or have common ancestors so the whale. The bull nandhi took the form of an monster fish(whale because he is mammal) which wrecked havoc… Read more »
Why Hindus don’t defend themselves. I just watched Devon Ke Dev and got reminded of a startling fact of biology that whales are Descendant of cows or have common ancestors so the whale. The bull nandi took the form of an monster fish(whale because he is mammal) which wrecked havoc… Read more »
The Interesting thing is that RV when talking about the SUN, talks about its 7 horses which concides with the 7 Colors overlapping to create Light or Sun Rays. I am surprised that they were able to understand that 7 Colours consittue and make white Sunlight or it was just… Read more »
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I would like you to keep up the good work.You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people.


मराठी language भी रखिये अग्निवीर जी


thanks agniveerji for ur scientific information , really vedas are knowledge provider and full of intellectual concepts every indian and hindu must read it






Thanks Sanjeev.Very informative post…

one dharm

can anyone tell me if the mantra “hare ram hare ram ram ram hare……
is in vedas, and if yes what context is it used in. and also are these the same ram and krishna of the epics??


Dear One dharm, hare ram hare ram ram ram hare……can never be in vedas.


no they are not because vedas does not mention any avatars later texts say rama and krishna were god its believed by arya samaj that god of the whole material world doesnt have no reason to come to earth when he already has given us the vedas


How you convert Muslims ans Christians directly to “Brahmin “, still lot of Hindus are waiting for that ambitious post?


Moreover, Agniveer movement is about spreading vedic knowledge. And those who are in pursuit of knowing truth are called as ‘Brahmins’. So, Agniveer’s job is to make brahmins, similiarly like Indian Army’s is to make kshatriyas.

dr vivek arya
Rajeevdamodharan Any one in this world belonging to any sect or faith can become brahmin. SURPRISED Reason is that we have created image of a person being called as A brahmin who is semi bald, who wears yajnopavit and dhoti, who chants sanskrit mantra and performs karmkands. but in reality… Read more »
Anupam Arya

Absolutely commendable. More and more such analogies need to be made public.

Rajat nagar
Thanx for such a great information about Our great civilization and ever growing culture, But unfortunately for more then 500 years,we are Exploited & misled about our own culture and Vedic gyan.firstly we are dominated by Mugals & then Brits…who Destroyed our culture social Structure & Educational system.More over Brits… Read more »
Clear and concise. It will be great indeed when the truths laid out in Vedas are spread across like the very air, when all the humans come to know of it, conduct experiments and proclaim their discoveries, then mankind will truly be evolved. Thanks Sanjeev and Agniveer for this wonderful… Read more »
Sometimes it feels strange to have someone like Agniveer amongst us who talks about Differential Equations involved in Planetary Motions with same ease with which he elaborates subtle concepts of Karma in Philosophy and Religion! It is this spectrum of knowledge spanning Religions and Science Agniveer possesses that forced me… Read more »
It would be much more enlightening if we know the purpose behind Vedas (knowledge) as quoted in the BG: I am seated in everyone’s heart, and from Me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness. By all the Vedas, I am to be known. Indeed, I am the compiler of Vedänta, and… Read more »

Respected AgniveerJi!!

Fantastic article.Waiting for more articles like this.BTW can you add english subtitles for the videos “Science in vedas” because I can’t understand Hindi. Thanks

Agniveer, Thanks for the insightful article. Dave, Having pride in one’s legacy is useless unless we practice it too. Calling a religion, followed by millions, “junk”, is certainly not advocated by the legacy that this website is based on. By doing so we will do disservice to the cause we… Read more »
netizen, i dont know what you’re going on about with legacy this and legacy that, im certainly not a proudy person. all i know is that if any book(whethar divine or not) preaches hate towards others than i am not going to advise it to be anything other than junk.… Read more »
@Netizen From your article Elst claims that Agniveer is a bunch of arya samajists on interent, suffering from inferiority complex & they’re falling. I don’t know what did he mean by falling, but he is surely misinformed about Agniveer. Agniveer is growing and will remain the best source to attain… Read more »


Thanks for the article!

Jagadish Aarya

Namasteji very informationfull ans very usefull.thanks


Wonderful..!! 🙂


I’m so proud to be an Aryan, a Hindu. The Vedas are the purest form of knowledge in this world. The Rig Veda is millions years old.

N Ram
Aryan and Dravidian theories are just fallacies created by Britishers to make us believe that the Vedas and other knowledges were imported from abroad and not we owned. It has been proved. In South (I am from Chennai), we were believing that Ravana was a Dravidian. It is also proved… Read more »

Namaste N Ram,

Agreed, Aryan and Dravidian theory was made up. It is bullshit. And you are right Ravana was actually a Brahmin. This has been stated by many.


Aryan, one of the most important line in Hindu dharma is – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam…or the whole world is one large family. Centuries later, a huge research has proved that the ENTIRE humanity was started from a single group of African family. So basically, even the white skinned Europeans orginally came… Read more »

Absolutely! But the theory of everyone having an African origin is not so true as the scientists now claim that the origin is in fact from Asia. The only two places in Asia in those days were India and China, with India predating leaps and bounds.

Khan John

How old are the age of human life ?
If you go to back as per today population by the computer it shows only 10,000 years of human life on this earth then how it is possible that rig vedas are million year……..123 or 4
million year

Advent of computers is itself a few decades ago. Earlier no one would believe about existence of life beyond a few thousands of years. As we advance in science we will be able to understand the eternality of Vedic culture. Today it may appear difficult to comprehend due to our… Read more »
Roots of Veda: (Indians are a mix of Elamites and Medes people). Adam was still alive when Enoch was born. Enoch is the 7th generation from Adam. He walked with God for 300 years and Bible says: Enoch walked with God for 300 years and was no more because God… Read more »

Mac sees the world and everyone in it rigidly through Jewish mythology that Christianity is built upon. There is zero scientific backing to his classification of people based upon Jewish mythology.

Do you still believe in aryan Invasion? I heared and read that that theory was rubbished. Or the scientific evidences tampered so as to prove that the natives also have same capabilities as the aryans?I still don’t understand why N.Indians are fair in complexion but S.Indians are dark.BTW i am… Read more »
Arya is a character trait meaning noble not a race. Max Muller in the 19th century just picked the word Aryan to name a group of what he thought were related languages and he could have picked any word. He could have made up one, say obuligobuli. You would then… Read more »
Brother Aditya. Good that you dont believe in the Aryan Invasion theory….. Its a Rubbish & rape done to our golden past. If there was a time machine & could go back in time, you would have felt cheated today…. we should sue the ministry of education in india. We… Read more »

Medes people lived with Elamites since Noah’s time.

@Aditya: Skin Colour has nothing to do with a civilization, the concept of Race as such has been indoctrinated by the Westerners into rest of the world to prove their own superiority and defacto to create a notion that white skin Means a better race, which has no basis what… Read more »

Good Explaination, We Should not Believe on Theory Given By Britishers, we have to Believe what our sripture Says


it is simply because of where your from,climate and sun exposure if you look at people in north side of the world like china,russia etc all look white


@hinduagnostic: I would suggest a Good Read to see the dynamics of the western mindset to historically exploit Bharat(AIT theory and all)
“Breaking India” by Rajiv Malhotra&Arvindan Neelkandan


fantastic article, really its a wonder why majority muslims dont bother to get rid of junk like quran and embrace vedas, the ACTUAL word of allah. btw aryan the vedas cant be a millions years old as they are beginningless