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Yes, I am proud to be Hindu. Indeed, very proud. More than proud, I feel myself lucky. Very very lucky to be born a Hindu.

And why should I not feel so? People go crazy when they win a million dollar jackpot. So why should not I celebrate when I have won something more precious than millions of such jackpots! Now that He made me a Hindu, I have nothing more to ask from Supreme Lord. It is now my turn to repay for this rare privilege that he has gifted me. Hinduism is my most precious possession.

No, don’t take me wrong. I have nothing against other religions. On contrary, I completely respect all. I respect every individual’s freedom to choose any religion for herself without fearing any backlash either in this world or hereafter. And I proudly would stand to defend this right of each individual. This, again, is a core principle of Hinduism that makes me love being Hindu so much!

I believe that all philosophies, religions or ideologies have a lot of good things. I won’t argue why Hinduism may be best for you. That is your personal choice. I am here to tell you why Hinduism is my personal favorite.

Hinduism is that way of life that has no comparison, no peers, no equals. If I have to die thousand times, I will always wish to be born again as a Hindu. If I were to be threatened thousand times with death to leave Hinduism, I would gladly choose to rather die than leave Hinduism.

Hinduism, in fact, is not a religion in first place. It is neither a philosophy or an ideology. Religions, philosophies and ideologies are too time-bound, too specific, too geographical.

Hinduism, in contrast, is a ‘celebration’ of ‘being human’. It is all about ‘justifying’ being human. Hinduism, in fact, is synonym for ‘being human’.

Let me tell you a very few reasons, why I am so proud to be Hindu:

Reason 1 : Hinduism – the Oldest wisdom 

Hinduism is the oldest wisdom known to humanity. In a narrow sense, people say Hinduism is the oldest religion. But reality is that Hinduism existed when division of humans on basis of religion was non-existent.

The source of Hinduism lie in 4 Vedas – wonders of human civilization. Vedas are the only texts that have been preserved in such a scientifically secure manner that even a variation of one syllable or pronunciation is not present. Further, Vedas are the only texts for which there is no reference available in history to suggest that they were being created. All that historical research tells us is that these 20,000 plus mantras were already existing when that research was being compiled.

These Vedas form the foundation of Hinduism. Vedas alone are ultimate evidence in matters of any dispute. If one browses through Vedas, you would find the best of ideals and wisdom, spanning across all subjects, without any reference to history, geography, people or events. Vedas are timeless and ever-relevant.

In modern era, after rise of modern religions and hence the agenda to prove their own religion the best, there have been attempts to malign the Vedas and offer misdirected interpretations of Vedic mantras. And thus for a layman, it becomes impossible to decide what is right and what is wrong – whether Vedas and Hinduism are indeed perfect, or it is yet another hoax.

But Vedas themselves come to rescue in this confusion, and offer the second reason why I love being Hindu so much

Reason 2: Hinduism – Enlightened Way of Life

Vedas themselves assert that one should not be bookish in exploring truth. Even so-called books of Vedas are not to be trusted blindly. Vedas assert that the wisdom of Vedas is already embedded inside our thought process. And human life is an opportunity to extract that wisdom out through rational thinking, noble actions and positive emotions. Vedas – as books – are supposed to simply assist this process.

In fact Vedas are derived from root Vid that means knowledge or enlightenment. So even if one scandalously destroys or distorts all the Vedas, no worries. One simply needs to take recourse to rational thinking, noble actions, positive emotions and nurture out the Vedic principles by integrating wisdom of enlightened ones in the society.

Thankfully, Vedas are not destroyed and by reviewing them we can speed up the process of enlightenment.

Vedic mantras are supposed to have therapeutic and psychological benefits even when recited without understanding them. But Vedas truly benefit those who are enlightened, who seek knowledge in life, who strive to live as per that knowledge.

Vedas are like sun or water. They benefit all. But those who dig a bit deeper, and are enlightened ones, can use the same sun and water to lighten our nights, run our machines and power the lives in ways truly unimaginable.

The thrust of Hinduism and Vedas is on this enlightenment, and NOT on a blind dogmatic belief in any book or verse.

Reason 3: Hinduism – Honest Liberal Way of Life

I am not sure if one can be a Muslim if he outrightly rejects Quran, or one can be a Christian if he outrightly rejects Bible. But yes, one can be a Hindu even if he outrightly rejects the Vedas, so far he has done so with best of his intent and intellect.  

To be a Hindu, you don’t need certificate from any temple, church or mosque. You need not recite any verse. You need not believe in any particular God or book. You simply have to be honest to yourself.

Hinduism firmly believes that each of us at each moment in life is different. Hence our needs and understanding also are bound to vary. So it is foolish to judge a person by his current set of beliefs. The goal of Hinduism is not to enforce a pre-decided set of ideas, books, Gods, avatars or prophets. Its goal is to provide a nurturing platform for each of us at each moment. We used to read nursery rhymes as children, science as adolescents and specialize in medical, engineering or accounts as grown-ups. In same manner, Hinduism allows different options to all of us at all times to choose what is naturally best for us and progress from there. It is an advanced educational system that caters to needs of all in a customized manner. It is not a deprived school in a remote village that has only one Class 5 fail as the teacher and hence everyone is forced to read and mug the same set of books.

Since Hinduism gives me this choice, and even encourages me to fearlessly counter the most popular variants, I find Hinduism more human, more liberal, more honest and more natural to me than any other way of life I am aware of.

Reason 4: Hinduism – Truly Global

Most religious books have a local flavor. For example Judaism, Christianity and Islam have texts that have a very strong Middle-East flavor. Stories, rituals, culture and practices that relate to Middle-East era of middle ages. And that adds a wonderful vintage beauty to these texts that any literature lover would admire.

Hinduism also has certain books – Purans, Ramayan, Mahabharat  etc – that have a strong Indian flavor. Of course, as Indians, there is an amazing wealth of wisdom in these books that also gives reasons to be proud of our heritage, irrespective of all the distortions that have crept over ages. And hence, they provide historical reasons to be proud to be Indian!

But essence of Hinduism lies in those texts that are truly universal and timeless. Of course Vedas form the crux of this global wisdom. But then there are also peerless texts like Yoga Darshan, Nyaya Sutra, Vaisheshik Darshan, Sankhya Darshan, Vedanta, Upanishads and Gita – that have astonished and inspired scientists and scholars across the globe with their timeless universal wisdom. The beauty of these texts lie in they having no flavor – Indian, Middle East or African. They have no vintage feel to them. Instead they are always as fresh and as contemporary as they were ever. I simply love this freshness!

These texts – the soul of Hinduism – are as relevant to someone in Australia as to someone in Africa or in even Antarctica. All other historical texts associated with Hinduism simply attempt to explain these timeless wisdoms through time-bound incidents.

Reason 5: Hinduism – Principles over Persons

A Christian cannot be Christian unless he believes in Jesus Christ. A Muslim cannot be Muslim if he refuses to believe Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as last prophet. Regardless of whatever good that may be in texts of these religions, one must first believe in these pre-conditions – the special status of these people – to be eligible for anything else in these texts.

For example, if I believe in all the noble verses in Quran (which I firmly believe in), but reject those verses that call Muhammad Sahib as last prophet (because the concept of avatars or prophets does not appeal to my rational mind), I will not be considered a Muslim. In fact if I call myself Muslim because I like a large number of verses in Quran, but reject the concept of Prophethood, I may be put to death in certain countries on charges of blasphemy.

Christians have become much more liberal but nonetheless the word ‘Christian’ itself states that belief in Christ is a must.

Now this may be a very good thing to inculcate discipline in certain situations. I am not arguing their merits or demerits.

But to my democratic and liberal mind, Hinduism appeals so much more for respecting and even celebrating my individuality. It makes me feel so much special and values my uniqueness. It has no concept of blasphemy. It is not threatened by views, deeds, speeches or writings of a few individuals. On contrary, it embraces even them into its fold, if they are driven by honesty.

Hinduism, due to its emphasis on honesty, does not offer any mandatory persons as pre-conditions. Yes, a large number of people may worship Krishna, Ram, Durga, Kali, Shiva, Hanuman and many other Gods and Goddesses. Some worship a particular God or Goddess exclusively, some worship everyone. There are innumerable Gods and Goddesses and many are of even recent origin. For example Santoshi Mata, Gayatri Mata or Sai Baba. For many it has become even a fraud business to resurrect a new God or Goddess and mint money on religious feelings of masses. Yes that is an issue of concern and pointed by many as weakness of Hinduism.

But that is not the complete picture. In reality, Hinduism offers freedom of choice without being dictatorial or judgmental. What critics of Hinduism forget to emphasize is that Hinduism is the ONLY way of life that ALSO offers worship of principles ALONE. In fact even the so-called idol worshippers agree that while idol-worship may be first step, the ultimate goal is to reach a state of worship of principles ALONE.

Thus huge number of Hindus believe in formless God. Many are even atheists. Many believe only in core tenets – Patience, Forgiveness, Self-control, Non-Stealing, Purity, Control of Sense, Wisdom, Knowledge Enhancement, Honesty, Non-Violence.

So you can be a Hindu even if you don’t believe in any particular person or avatar or even concept of God. You simply have to be honest to yourself, and need not even take certificate of honesty from anyone.

And that is exactly why so many reform movements took place within Hinduism. Many schools fiercely debated and at times even abused other schools of thought. But that did not make them less Hindu. All of them naturally assimilated within Hinduism.

Sometimes freedom also tends to nurture social evils due to lack of enlightenment of masses. This is true for any society and any sphere of life. People misuse freedom to break signals and behave like rowdies. That does not mean Freedom is bad. It means there is need to emphasize the importance of responsibility that comes with freedom. It means we need to find ways to make freedom even more meaningful.

Hinduism offers a way to combat these through wisdom and intellect. That is why Hinduism is not static. It is ever-flowing and ever-dynamic. It makes me love and enjoy being Hindu so much more!

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
  • I am a Hindu and proud – I know that – do not care what other religion or their pope, bishop , imam, prophet or whomever say – Hindu or santhana Dharma is a evolving one an is eternal

  • 1. People are born as human beings. Religion is forced on them
    2. Vedas is not the oldest ohylosophy in india
    Saivism and Vaishnavism are seperate religions of dravidian orgin
    3, Vedism or Brahmaism is a seperate religion of aryan orgin
    4. Saivaite theology and philosophy is full fledged with all the atributes of God imbubed into it.
    5. Hinduism is dependent on the hintutva way of life which again is dependent on the caste system for survival
    6. destroy caste system and hinduism will cola

    • 1- Dear Rajeshwar Hinduism is not a religion, it’s a way of life and Supreme Court of India also have stated it in his one decision.
      2- Nobody have any doubt about the Vedas as oldest text not only of India’s whether as the oldest text of the world. New study made by the IIT Kharagpur have proved that the Vedas existed before the Indus valley Civilization in the oral form. Shaivism and Vaishnavism are the part of Hinduism.
      4- Indo-Aryan migration theory have been proved wrong.

  • I loved your article. I am new to Hinduism and love how you summed up the “way of life” that is often confused as religion. Your article is very well written , highlighting the best qualities about Hinduism. Very insightful and enjoyable to read.

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    I think this is one of the most important info for me. And i am glad reading your article. But want to remark on few general things, The website style is wonderful, the articles is really great : D. Good job, cheers

  • “Hinduism is the ONLY way of life that ALSO offers worship of principles ALONE.” — I dont get this point. Please elaborate!

  • @Truth Always Prevails

    _______________Tell me what is happening in India____________________

    I think India is not good place to live. We all should move to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, etc.

    • @ Abdu Rasul….And Malaysia, Algeria, UAE and Saudi Arabia are good. Yes or no
      This is not the answer of my question. I think, you don’t have answer. Reticent!

      • @Truth Always Prevails

        Why not Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Yaman, Nigeria, etc. at least there are no Nagas Babas and have devout belief in Shariat?

  • Is any one there who can tell why married woman pray NAGA baba for getting a child. Why women pray naked babas in obscenity. Is it correct to be touched their privates by woman for taking their blessings? Women think that NAGA baba will grant them child . what type of superstitions is this? Internet is full of these news. Tell me what is happening in India?

  • Agniveer Sir, I am human being in no Veda cannot differentiate aur identify any religion. You talk about humanities in the latest survey Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka is far far better in social service than Bharat. Then why we feel pround as Hindu. In 27th Apr.-2105 latest survey Pakistan and Bangladesh citizen feel happy than Bharat. 1. Switsherland 5 Canada 108 and 112 pakistan and bangla desh and 118 Bharat, then why we feel pround as Hindu. In 21st Century christian and bodhist do not waste their time and money in religion they believe in nation and humanity progress first only and after thant they think about religion. But we think first baseless religion and after than country reason being become corrupt and loss whole nation. I feel proud as Hindu when my Bharat become courruption free and stand above switcherland.

  • very Good Article… The knowledge it gave , the content and way of writing is really perfect.
    a religion and actually a way of life that gives you path, that supports you that loves you.

  • I really appreciate your efforts and respect to you to aware all about Vedic shastra and bhartiya sanskriti.
    I am with you…Keep it up

  • Hello Agniveer ji

    Someone in the comment said that we hindus are not united. thats absolutely true.. and the there has reason for this. We hindus are peace loving, caring and dont like fights. If there is a big laborious task to do like making road, making canals or building a temple we hindus will unit and work together, we will with love to do that and even without any pay.. But if any one says lets fight with other and ask to unite in the name of religion, we would not do that blindly, every individual will justify his reason before participating, and may be no one would unit just to fight against another group of people. This ideology is not bad, its infact good, that means we blindly dont follow our religion. we follow it logically and act logically. So, this is the problem in us, you can unit us to do a good task but cant unit to fight a war… I have not seen the whole India yet. so, this is what I feel, yes, I may be wrong though.

    Now, I need to know the way to get united. These days money is the fuel to run this world. If there is any event organized by agniveer I can participate it directly as because of my job. Yes there is another option i.e. donating money.. But that will not enrich my mentality. Unless you work physically you wont feel anything.. Another way that is possible is if Agniveer has any branch in my local city, may be I could join there. Also I can participate using my profession.

    As I am doing websites, animation, programming etc. I have already taken the knowledge from agniveer now its my turn to give back, I also request agniveer to united with other hindu organizations around the world
    You can also contact me at

    Thank you

  • I think DHARMA is different than a religion. I believe every person have its own ‘Swadharma’ And according to my information islam and christinity are ‘adharmi’ realegions.

  • What a nice article. … as according to my opinion Hindu is the person who lives between from the peak of “HI”malaya to “IN”du sagar (Hind Mahasagar – India Ocean) is called HiNDU… Swami Vivekananda says hindus are the most peacefull community who given shelter and chance to grown those communities when they are in danger in their own world… example is very clear today Parasi lives only in India, Islaam got a proper shelter and chance to grown ….. if hindus are communal then can you imagine that Islaam, Christianity and Parasi can grown and survive….never possible… i give you assurance such conditions can’t be find in any country of the world… happened because we hindus are most peacefull and caring creatures of the world

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  • “The core of Hinduism is defined in Yajurveda 1.5 (Idam Aham Anritaat Satyam Upaimi) – I strive to reject the non-true and accept the true in this present moment. So Hinduism is all about living in present and choosing what is best right now, irrespective of what may have appeared right in past.”

    This is true. But the interpretation given following this sentance is incorrect. The truth does not change with time, if it does then it is not truth.

    • @Abhishek : it depends which truth you are talking about. if ability to walk of an able man is the truth , then one has to understand it hidden means on land, and this truth changes to falsehood if the land is changed to air.
      the only sense in which the truth you are talking about hold good is when the ahmkar disappears in and one exists in the plane beyond senses.

      • well, I suppose here we are talking about Absolute truth and not the one related to the material world !!
        As in Bhagvatam says : “Satyam Param Dhimahi”
        The words satyam param dhimahi (Srimad-Bhagavatam) indicate that one should search for the Absolute Truth, not the relative truth.
        Gurunanak Dev Ji Sait: Adi sach, unadi sach ….

      • there is a clear distinction between the Material and spiritual (personal quest) domains, and their truths must be distinguished clearly and dealt with as such. because mixing the understanding is detrimental to the society as a whole, as has happened to India, since the advent of puranic times, when people started to mix vedic knowledge with convoluted Purana lores.

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  • Pranam to all,

    Does anyone have any information on the website called ? Who is running that website? They claim to be Atheists but I have a strong suspicion that they are either Muslims or Christians. The reason is that on the one hand they are vehemently attacking Hinduism and on the other hand defending the 3 Abrahamic religions. This is not the normal behavior of Atheists.


    • @Vyoman, Nirmukta is run by people with beliefs matching closely with Marxist atheism, who do not believe in the existence of God as well as soul. Some of them are good intellectuals, but most of the bloggers are extremely intolerant to other points of view. Their implicit goal is equality by destroying all religions, castes, income disparities and possibly international boundaries. Their criticism of Hinduism is based on the assumption that bad practices carried out in the name of Hinduism such as caste systems, fake godman, etc. = Hinduism. Also, I found them lacking the understanding of Vedic/Vedanta philosophy and they do not show interest in learning them.
      You may read discussion forum of their article “Biocentrism Demystified…..” and read comments by blogger ‘multisenserealism’. I think that guy exposed their lack of knowledge of the entire Eastern spirituality and also their intolerance towards it.

  • manniy shri mokhtar ji .jo galat hai unko galat bhi kahana padta hai ! agar apki kamij me koi daag laga hai tab us daag ki charcha bhi hogi ! yahudi v isai mahilao se sex[nikah] bagair unke muslim bane nikah ki baat quran ne kahi hai agar islam kabool karne ke baad nikah ki baat kahi gayi hoti to usme mushrik [murtipujak ] kafir adi bhi shamil rahe hote lekin usme sirf isai v yahudi mahilao ke liye kaha gaya hai ! aur pakistani khiladi imran khan ne ekyaudi mahila se nikah kiya tha usne islam kabool bhi nahi kiya tha bad me dono ka talaq bhi ho gaya hai ! aur vah mahila aaj bhi yahudi hai ! is tarah se islam vyaktiyo ko doharepan ki shisha deta hai ! at: jyada achha rahega ki samajhdar, manvtavadi vyakti ati shighr quran ki sangati chod de !isi me sansar ki bhi bhalai hai !

  • * IMPORTANT *came to this verse and i was shocked please can you explain me this verse > Atharvaveda mantra 7/37/1- husband should never think about females other than his wives and wife should dress up decently and sensibly covering all body parts. >”covering all body parts.” you mean she should wear a burqa ?? and why should she cover her full body i mean what for ?? plz can give me the source of this reference is this from agniveer’s version of vedas or any western translated version because i never heard this before vedas talks about equality then how come they say “covering all body parts.” its so orthodox belief agniveer ji i love your articles and what vedas say about women and their hard work towards humanity but plz answer this

  • I am proud to be born as a Human being with Intellect and Wisdom. I do not need a new label–Hindu, Muslim etc. I understand that site came as a reaction to Zakir Naik. I also saw a number of youtube videos, where I saw many people converting to Islam. However, I am not disturbed by that -especially after listening to their arguments. One of them reasoned that he liked Kheer serverd doing Eid and hence he converted to Islam. It was very amusing:-) One of them was promised that all his sins will be forgiven if he accepts Islam. It was very clear to me that these people did not know how to use their intellect–it does not mater what label they use to describe their existence. You have to understand the psychology–inner voice always warns people when they commit a sin. The argument that your sins will be forgiven if you join my religion is a very powerful psychological weapon–a number of religions and Gurus use this weapon to increase the numbers of their followers. Now I commit a murder and someone says that if you become the citizen of my country and you will not be given any punishment then I will immediately will accept the citizenship of that country. Everyone who commits a sin knows his wrongdoing through inner voice. Our politicians indulge in all kind of religious activities and decorate their offices with pictures of Gods-however they steal the wealth of poor people.

    • Hi Sanjeev,

      I understand your ideas in your reply, but don’t agree with all of them. Big part of knowing and understanding the truth comes down to knowing our differences. If we are unable to do that we fail at connecting with what is actually true. I recommend you read Rajiv Malhotra’s book being different.

      I think you are taking some of the ideas of brahmo Samaj. Ideas which The founder of Arya Samaj rejected. I agree there are some truths in some religions like the middle eastern ones, but those religions are so tightly bounded to false ideas like prophets and flying horses that take prophets to heaven it is impossible for one who follows such a religion to parse it and separate such unscientific ideas. I’m sorry Sanjeev, but I don’t think you are on the right track here. Even though you claim to promote truth and reject untruth you are clearly hurting your own efforts when you make statesments like you did above.

      And those conversions stated above have to do with only one thing superficial ideas not spiritual or really deep views. Which means those people were never taught a deep understanding of the Vedas or meditation or Yoga. Instead of sweeping it under the rug I would actually work in teaching the Vedas, yoga (spiritual part also), and meditation to the messes, like those uneducated people.

    • Hi Sanjeev,

      Here is how I see what you are saying, when dealing with people of different faiths, that have certain things you disagree, you havu, on some occasions stated you disagree with certain elements of certain faiths. One that you perfectly made clear is you disagree with prophethood and alluded to other points as well. In the same post, you do go out of your way to state if they get rid of such beliefs and focus only the the good stuff, then they are basically becoming Vedic. And I get that. You don’t have repeat that part again. I get it.

      end of part 1

      • Now here is where I have the problem, you are making the assumption that people who follow such faiths are willing to actually remove the ideas you consider to be unVedic or unDharmic. That is really a TALL ORDER (And maybe even add more Vedic stuff that is lacking in their current faith). Yes, there might be a few here and there that are willing to and even capable of doing that, but they are just a drop in the bucket. Now, not only does that person have to say I choose to follow the good stuff in my religion, but you are also asking them to reject these false things in that religion. You are not just asking to do ONE HUGE THING, but you are asking them to do TWO HUGE THINGS. And that second part of rejecting the false part of their religion is a huge order. Because that same religious book, which the they keep reading does not have highlighted in there, “this is false and this is true”. Nor is the false information in just one section and the truth in another section.

        end of part 2

      • It is messy and all over the place. You are asking them to be this detective and scholar. They are bound to keep following some false things with the though process you presented. And lets also not forget the pressure they will receive from the place of worship they go to, leadership, and community will be overwhelming. If they continue to follow that religion, and some how were prefect found all the false things in it, eventually just by pressure, will most likely follow the false information again. Yes, there might be a tiny tiny few superhumans that can reject the false information, and follow only the good stuff and still live in the community. That tiny community does not represent vast majority of the humanity. They are the exceptional, superhumans.

        end of part 3

      • Instead it is better to teach people to use their intellect. And if a muslim does get interested in Vedic ideas and wants to follow them, we should let them reject islam, and leave it and let them embrace Vedic Dharam. Instead of making ridiculous statements that almost sound like “I don’t care what their label is” because you are unable to accept someone that chooses to leave another religion full heartily and follow Vedic Dharam. I’m Sorry Sanjeev, but if someone from another faith comes to my house and says they rejected their old religion and chose to follow Vedic Dharmic, please welcome me in, I would embrace them with open arms and bring them into my family. I welcome them full heartily as a true Vedic person should. I would help them learn meditation, Vedas, and Yoga. And I would help them, if they wish to preach this message to other people of his/her former faith and welcome all of them into Vedic Dharam as well. I think that is the RIGHT thing to do.


        end of part 4

    • It isn’t a mere label. For them to be mere labels then the underlying premise is that all religions teach the same thing. They do not. Religions of around the world may attempt to connect with a higher power, but the details are important. They make the world of difference. In the two proselytizing Abrahamic faiths – Christianity and Islam – they believe if you do not believe in their God and Messiah or Prophet you will burn forever in hell. Islam goes further – in this life if you do not believe in Mohammed and Allah, all non-Muslims in an Islamic state are supposed to be treated as inferior dhimmis. Google what dhimmi is in Islam. In addition not all non-Muslim faiths are to be tolerated in an Islamic state. Initially only the two precursor Abrahamic religions – Judaism and Christianity – were tolerated in an Islamic faith, that is they were allowed to be second class dhimmis, heavily discriminated against and heavily taxed (jizya). Only later were Zoroastrianism and Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism, also allowed to be dhimmis too. All non-Islamic religions that are not allowed to be dhimmis the Islamic state does not tolerate. It is conversion or death (death can sometimes be commuted to enslavement). That is right – conversion, death or enslavement. This is what Islam teaches. Read “The Multiple Identities of the Middle East” by Princeton University professor of Islam, Bernard Lewis. So Muslim is not merely a label but has also very serious life and death and enslavement ramifications for non-Muslims in Islam. Nothing short of civilization destroying. Look at the Buddhists of Afghanistan. Look at the Zoroastrians of Persia. Look at our own Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist brethren in our partitioned India in Pakistan and Bangladesh. No those are NOT mere labels.
      Please also read this article

      • MashaAllah you googled very hard but I just want to know what the authority f Muslims ”Holy Quran” says about it why dont you google it as well and share with us.

      • wah !!! kya kamal ki baat hai!! kya quran ko” holy quran” bhi kaha ja sakta hai? jisme kalpit nabi rasul ho! kalpit farishte- jinn adi ka jikar ho! kalpit hure- gilme ho! kalpit jahannum- jannat ho? kalpit adam-havva ka jikar ho! kalpit satve asman me baitha allah ho ? dekhe quran11/77-81 jisme qurani allah ke chune huye farishte jab hazrat loot ke pas gaye tab unki basti valo ka ek giroh un farishto se “homo sex” karne ka ichhuk the, tab qurani rasool kahe jane vale loot ji ne kaha ki meri betiyo se sex kar lo lekin hamre mehman farishto se kuch n karo ,us bhid ne kaha ki hamari pasandgi to” homo” hai ! batlaiye qurani rasool kahe jane vale loot ji us bhid se apni betiyo se sex karvane ki baat kare aur uska jikar quran me ho usko kaise “holi quran” kaha ja sakta hai ! hazarat lootka jikar bibale me bhi milta hai jsme loot ji se unki sagi do betiya nasha pilakar apne pita se sex karvati hai aur unse dono betiya bachhe bhi paida karleti hai! aise vyakti ko qurani rasool kyo kah jaye? kya aise vyakti samaj ke adarsh kahe ja sakte hai ? dekhe quran 5/5 jisme quran adesh deta hai ki muslim kahe jane vale -isai v yahudi mahilao se nikah[sex] kar sakte hai,aur vahi quran 5/51-56 yah bhi kahati hai ki muslim- isai v yahudiyo ko apna mitr na banaye! batlaye un yahudi v isai mahilose nikah kar lo tab kya vah patni mitr se jyada nahi ho jayegiaur uske abhihavak mitr se jyad rishtedar nahi ban jayenge ! saath me quran ka pakshpat v doharapan bhi dekh lijiye 1 puri quran me yah nahi kah gaya hai ki muslim apni beti- bahano ka nikah isai v yahudiyo se bhi kar de ! yani isai v yahudiyo ki mahilaye chahiye lekin apni mahilao ka nikah unnse nahi karenge! “dusre ke saath vahi vyavhar kijiye jo apne liye bhi pasand aye !” yah sutr hai manvta ka ! lekin quran ka sambandh to isse door- door tak nahi hai ! fir quran ko” holy quran” kyo kaha jaye ?” baidly quran” jarur kaha ja sakta hai ?

      • Raj ” hazarat loot ka jikar bibale me bhi milta hai jsme loot ji se unki sagi do betiya nasha pilakar apne pita se sex karvati hai aur unse dono betiya bachhe bhi paida karleti hai!” is not in Quran, it is in bible and Muslim don’t belive this and consider this wrong about my prophet loot (pbum). Do some research work.
        Quran gives us permission to marry girls from Christanity and Jews with condition that they have to accept Islam. We don’t give our girl to them otherwise they will become one of them. what Paskshpat (partiality) is their in it, rather it is farsightedness. after all Muslims, Christanity and Jew all are Abrahamic.
        You says Hinduism talk about manavta and good deed, why it is not showen in you language. I have seen you using bad words for other, for my prophets is this your deeds or teaching of Hinduism?? Of course it is yours not Hinduism..!!!

  • dear ankur
    i don’t need the translation from agniveer because here is the reason,


    Agniveer’s translation

    Atharva Veda 4.11.1“The sun has held the earth and other planets”

    Agniveer has translated the word (Vurshab) as SUN, but actually it’s translated as BULL
    and the actual translation is ,
    atharva Veda 4:11:1 The Bull supports the wide-spread earth and heaven, the Bull supports the spacious air between them.
    Now there is a lot of confusion who has uphold the earth and heaven and the Rig Veda 10:121:1 is also a scientific error, We all know the earth rotates and revolves and it’s not fixed in its place.
    Many Hindus says the term [Vrushab] means sun and not bull, Those Hindus might not be aware of these verses otherwise they would have not raised the question about [Vrushab].
    Atharva Veda 4.5.1, Rig Veda 7.55.7 The Bull who hath a thousand horns, who rises up from out the sea
    Read the above verse, it uses the exact phrase used in Atharva Veda 4.11.1
    ‘’The bull’’ .
    The term Vrshab is actually translated as Bull you can refer to any dictionary but some Hindus due to shame translate it as Sun, So if we accept their translation that would be a scientific error because the
    God says’’the Sun (according to Hindus means Sun)
    comes out from the Sea. And Hindus believe there are 2 Suns, the Sun which gives heat and the other is which causes rain. And some Hindus says the olden Sanskrit words cannot be found in dictionaries, they mean there is classical Sanskrit and modern Sanskrit, A language becomes classic only if it was spoken by many people as their mother tongue, and all of us know Sanskrit is not a mother tongue of any community.


      The most well-known scholar of Sanskrit language and Vedas in modern era was Maharishi Dayanand. He explains everything through a series of questions and answers. Please have a look at the link above. Vedas are very scientific books and there is nothing in Vedas that goes against modern science.

      However, I do not understand the reason behind this debate. God has sent us with intellect and we should be always ready to accept truth and reject falsehood. If the debate is regarding the creation then just go and watch discovery channel. Why do we have to bring Quran and Vedas into these discussions. Spirituality is a very personal thing and here also one has to go by logic. I have personally understood and experienced the good effect of Yoga and Meditation. This can’t be subject of debate–you have to experience it by practicing. You can’t debate on a public forum about benefit of Yoga and Meditation–it is all about self-realization.

    • @Dear Muhammad,
      i have no issues with you not wanting to read or explore.,Agniveer has not translated the vedas, the link that i had given is by a vedic scholar by name harisharan Siddalankar.
      if i say that ” I am a happy and gay ” in 1500 BC it would have been fine
      but if i say the same today it would mean that ” i am happy and homosexual” , so the same word changed the meaning over a short period of time in the spoken language. there are thousands of such examples in all the languages present all over the world. if you take Qur’an for example the word “hoor” used to describe a virgin seductress that every good Muslims gets as reward in jannah(72 of them) in the Aramaic(a language much older than Arabic) language it simple means white sparkling grapes! this is just to site an example,
      the Vedas are as old as creation itself i.e more than 1 Cr years old (not the books) so the same word which is used as X today would be used as Y then, so to translate the vedas one need to read and master the “Nirukta” ,”Nighantu” and “shatpath brahman”(vocabularies and context of vedas) first then only once can translate the vedas.. and there is “NO” translation of Vedas in “English” today which can be said to be satisfactory.
      the translations you are quoting are of no vedic scholar.. if i translate the Qur’an “ya illa ha ill allah” as ” faha bhai ki jai ho and he the only god” will be accept that, similarly the translation has be be by a verifiable and backed vedic scholar, hope you understand.
      Veda itself says, that an individual who do not have intellect the veda is of no use for them.


    • Muhammd,

      Stop fooling around and respond, to links provided.
      1)Now can u answer why are there powerful female aspects of God?
      2)Why does Lord Krishna say BG 10.20: God resides in hearts of all beings
      3)BG 5.18 To look upon different people with equal eye
      4) rv 10.191-194, can you commnet on these verses
      5) Karma Yoga-working without attachments, ie selfless service.

      ps not inetrested to debate about Islam, not concerned, it is u who are bothered and concerned at Agniveers great work, that is why you are here

    • Hi Homie,

      lol So basically you are choosing which translation that Dharmic people should follow, so you can force your perimeter on us and basically become the judge, juror, and executioner. Nice try. Your rigged effort to try and force your translations of the Vedas on Dharmic people is for one thing, to impose a false translations and tell us look this is what you believe. Now look I have this great material everyone follow this. LOL.

      You really think we are stupid and would fall for that crap. Homie you didn’t even tell us the translations you used. Seriously man, grow up. We made it clear we have translations provided by Agniveer here and this is the correct translation. If you are scared of a proper translations I can’t help you. Why don’t you use the translations we provided or run away. Because you know the translations provided by Agniveer scares you and that is the ONLY reason why you want to use a fake one

      I have seen the translations you are using, it is by a Christian missionary named Wilson. It’s like someone using translations of the quran provided by Robert Spenser or some other Christian/Jew.

      Everyone knows the game you are playing yet you were so stupid you thought you can get away with it. LOL. You basically used Christian missionary translations of the Vedas and than you try and provide the translation of the quran you agree with and try and debate. You basically want to rig the debate before it even start. Seriously, get lost dumbass.

      If you have genuine questions, that is fine, but you are trying to play some conman games.

      • I don’t know about Wilson but Spencer is a best seller author. He does not translate the Koran. He uses translations by reputable Muslim authorities themselves like from the Islamic university in Egypt and in Saudi Arabia. This way people cannot say his conclusion were from a bad translation and therefore moot. In this day and age of political correctness and white washing of Islam he tells it straight.

      • Hi Arun,

        Actually you are right, it isn’t wilson, it is Griffin. Wilson, Griffin, and Max muller are the lot of people who are Christians and some are Christian missionaries that had a very very poor understanding of the Vedas and Sanskrit and tried to translated them. Instead they butchered it. SOme of it was done to make the Hindu look bad. When people try and make the Vedas look bad, they use the translations by these conmen and/or missionaries who had a ulterior motive. If they have a problem with the Vedas, first use a reputable source of the Vedas. Use one translated by someone who is respected BY HINDUS. For example Devi Chand is a perfect example of someone who translated the Vedas to English and is respected in the Arya Samaj community. There are others as well. If someone disagrees with the Vedas, let us first start with a translation that Vedic People agree with not use some translation by someone who has nefarious intent.

        And of course the other translation is the one provided by the scholars of Agniveer.


  • TO everyone out there,

    And I believe in the Rishi not the prophet.
    Rishi: Is someone that used Yoga/meditation and connected directly with God and reached that higher state of consciousness. Basically had the enlightenment experience that we all want. And this can be done by anyone.

    Prophet: is a history centric person. Someone that is supposedly chosen by god at a historical place and time and commands that person to do certain things. Not repeatable.

    Rishi concept is for everyone, prophet is for a few chosen people, racist. That is why the Rishi is truth and not the prophet which is a way for someone to get power and oppress. Yoga and meditation is the tool of the Rishi to reach that state where anyone can connect directly with God. Let us all try to be a Rishi and discard these false gods and prophets. To me they are they are the same. There is only ONE GOD, but gods and prophets are false. Yes, gods and prophets are both false. Because they both are forms of idol worship.


    • dear krishnarao
      i am impressed, I want to read (hindu scripture) in which these all things mentioned like (rishi) kindly send me pdf copy or link of pdf book

      • Hi there,

        As Ankur has said, go to Agnikart. Also check there is another English translation of the Vedas by Translated by Devi Chand M.A. He translated the Yajur Veda.

        Today the translations in English are not that good. But the closest one is Translated by Devi Chand M.A.

        I would also check out the Srimad Bhagvad Gita: A Scientific and Pragmatic Commentary by Ravi Prakash Arya.

        The main issue we are facing is we have Sanskrit scholars, but they do not know English, or know it that well. They know Hindi, so the material is translated into Hindi, but not the greatest translations are in English. If you know Hindi, I would recommend getting a copy of the Rig and Yajur Veda, both of which are for free on this website. Agniveer lets people download it in PDF format for free.

        And if your are serious, I would also look up the videos by ex-imam, Mahender Pal Arya. He was a muslim imam that converted to Vedic Hinduism, Arya Samaj. Please read up on him. And look at his videos. They are in Hindi, if you know Hindi it would be great to check out. There is a good debate by him and mr. naik’s guru and he really points out a lot of flaws made by muslims about the Vedas and Vedic Hinduism.

        I would also read up on Arya Samaj. Sounds like you are mostly talking about main stream Hindus, but ignore other branches like Vedic Hinduism. Which does not believe in idol worship and only believes in the One God without any prophethood (which is idol worship as well) or praying towards cubes/rocks/stones, which is also idol worship. They believe in meditation on the One God.

      • And just to make it clear, this website is not Arya Samaj. They are a separate group that is also Vedic. They are very similar in some values, but they don’t agree with everything that Arya Samaj does. They are Vedic and also believe in the One God, no idol worship, no pilgrimage, no prophethood, and they believe in YOGA and Meditation as a true path to the One God. Please read the articles a little more carefully and you will understand the truth Vedic way.

        Even though Vedic people do not believe or support idol worship, they do not believe some who does idol worship is a sinner. Or they will go to hell or some other nonsense. Instead we believe they are limiting themselves. Which is much different that calling someone a sinner and pushing them to hell. We do believe they can’t see God fully, but they are not sinner or something evil.

        Yoga and Meditation is the True way to the One God.

      • Maharshi Dayananda Saraswati, the founder of the Arya Samaj considered idol-worship as a sin. Kindly read following question-answer given in his Satyarth-Prakash:

        Q. – Well, if idol worship be not a meritorious act, it is not a sin anyhow.
        A. ~ (Human) Acts are of two kinds only:- injunctions -i.e., acts like veracity in speech that have been positively enjoined by the Vedas and prohibitions – i.e., acts like mendacity that have been positively prohibited by the Vedas. Just as it is a righteous act to do what has been enjoined by the Vedas and a sin not to do it. If you resort to practices like idol worship which have been interdicted by the Vedas why then are you not a sinner?

        Bhavesh Merja

      • dear krishnaroa,
        kindly go slow on people who are new, that the reason most of the people give up before starting to explore. we must understand that even makaing an effort to start reading the veda for someone who is not from a Dharmic background is commendable. let him fist start with the option suggested, there is no free PDF of translated vedas is HINDI on the website.

      • krishnarao
        hahah you are sacred to talk about your own books and blaming me I am in complex, you are arguing with me Iwant to know the bases of of arguments, is it wrong? there are more then 40 books in vedas I asked everyone to tell me name of any book more divine for him but no one has the courage to tell me the name. now I am making your job easy just give me the list of books of vedas.

      • Dear krishnarao, Ankur, and dogra
        just give me the names of books of vedas and prepare urself for debate you have already gave me two name rigvades and yajur veda.
        For you preparation use this website of holy Quran with english translation.

      • lol…….. Prepare for a debate. Give me a break moron. You sound like a retarded kid. If you have real questions and are interested in Vedic that is fine. But you want to get into a petty debate get over yourself.

        You came here for on reason. Think you are some hot shot and can convert everyone. Not gonna happen. That is the problem with you Arab worshipers. You want to push your inferiority complex in the rest of us.

      • Krishnarao,

        There is nothing like Vedic Hinduism. Vedas are book of knowledge and it is for everyone–just like a book on science. Also, Aryasamaj is not a branch of Hinduism–it is a spiritual movement. A true Aryasamaji is a spiritual person and is not tied to any religion. There is a difference between religion and Dharam. Dhram is same for everyone—not for a group.

      • Scared, yeah, nice try. The only person scared here is you. I asked you repeatedly to answer a simple question. What is the technique that your prophet used to connect with god so we may reproduce it? If your religion was scientific, what he did should be reproducible. So what is the technique that your prophet used to connect with god so we may reproduce it?

        The fact that you refuse to answer that question shows you are scared. I asked this question repeatedly and yet you keep running away from it. WHY ARE YOU SCARED TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION? are you afraid you will exposed as a fraud?

    • ankur. krishnarao, dogra

      if you don’t have the pdf link then just send me the name of the books and link for online purchase, the books that you prefer most send me only one name each of you I will In shaa Allah debate with all 3 of you from your own books.

  • Dear dogra
    I am not ignoring Its true God is genderless God is beyond our knowledge but you are missing the point two statements can not be true for one object you are saying God is genderless which is true then you are saying female aspects of God that I cant believe then come to talk about common human women and on the basis of Holy Quran and hindu scripture as it is mentioned in vedas.

    The Krishna yajur veda says:
    ‘’Women are without energy, they should not get a share in the property, even to the wicked, they speak in a feeble manner.’’ [Krishna yajur veda vi. 5 8.2]

    ‘’A wife has no claim to property of her husband. The wealth that she earns is not her but her hasband’s’’ [manu smriti chapter 8, sholka 416]


    Holy Quran talks about equality as mentioned
    ”Indeed, the Muslim men and Muslim women, the believing men and believing women, the obedient men and obedient women, the truthful men and truthful women, the patient men and patient women, the humble men and humble women, the charitable men and charitable women, the fasting men and fasting women, the men who guard their private parts and the women who do so, and the men who remember Allah often and the women who do so – for them Allah has prepared forgiveness and a great reward.” (33:35)

    • dear innocent sorry ignorant Muhammad, your fixation on scriptures amuses me 🙂 and how much Muslims like you lie (on lines of your sacred tradition of AL-taqiya) PLEASE ANSWER CORRECTLY ALL THE BELOW QUESTIONS in sequence a , if you expect to be treated with respect here
      1) there are only 40 chapters in yajur veda so what is this yajur veda vi. 5 8.2? so are you ashamed of LYING and writing lies ? should your hands not be cut off as per sharia?
      2) regrading the rest can you quote which translation are you referring to and which vedic society has approved these translations ?
      3)well before i show you the truth of Quran and Hadith can you enlighten me what logic and greatness is behind he quranic verses of sura al-bakr context starting 2.66 on wards where Allah says that a murderer can be spotted by murdered person if hit with the piece of cow meat i.e the dead person will come back to life and point at his murderer. how do you justify this scientific fact? please talk logically as you seem to be a very logical person.

      • dear Ankur
        I am on holidays from 5 aug, kindly send me the pdf book of (hindo scripture like yujur veda which you prefer most) or link of the book I will in shaa Allah talk from the book and will give you page numbers and references as well jest sent me the copy of book.
        and last part of the question i will reply after answering first part in shaa Allah.
        tc of urself waiting for your reply,
        Muhammad fahad

      • Bhai fahad i dont have the soft copy of the scriptures you can order a hindi copy from then we can have a more fruitful debate when we both understand eachnothersnpoint of view

      • Namaste Ankur,

        Thanks for point that out. I’ve been reading his posts and he has NO understanding of Hinduism. He keeps referring to 300 million gods. Yes there is a branch of Hindus that believe in that, but not all Hindus believe in that.

        Another branch of Hindus believe there is ONLY ONE GOD and that is the branch that made this website. He didn’t even read the article he is responding to where the writer clearly states there is only one God.

        The guy is so severely uneducated about Hinduism it isn’t even funny.

      • And he doesn’t even understand the basic concept of HIGHEST PROOF. Which is embodied knowing. Which means, someone who personally has connected directly with God and experienced God personally so they internally understand God. God is logical and by basic logic is makes sense that God wants all human beings to experience God personally instead of depend on someone else.

        Meditation and Yoga is truth.

      • dear Ankur
        brother just sent me the name of of book that you prefer as you devine book I will debate you from your own book IN SHAA ALLAH

    • Muhhamd, again you avoid what is staring us in face why are there powerful female aspects of God in Hinduism?
      Next Manu Smrtri and Mahabharata are not shruti or revealed sacriptures, and can quote this Manu smrtri which will leave you pondering:
      3.56. The society that provides respect and dignity to women flourishes with nobility and prosperity. And a society that does not put women on such a high pedestal has to face miseries and failures regardless of howsomuch noble deeds they perform otherwise.

      Now can you read this article to clarify further:

      You cansee reconciliation to powerful female aspects of god like Kali ma, Shakti-strenght etc.

      Cmon Muhammd respond as to why your pojnts do not reconcile whereas verses I have quoted do.

      • dear dogra
        send me the pdf copy or link of pdf copy of the book (hindu scripture)n which mentions female aspects of god I will talk from your book it will be more easy for both of us in shaa ALLAH.
        Muhammad fahad

      • Muhammad you can buy from agni cart.
        Still you have not stated anything about powerfule female aspects of God , lIke Durga Mata, Kali Ma, etc.
        Muhammad, Eid Mubarak to you.

  • Muhammad,
    i see how you ignored basic point on Genderless of God, but here are verses which you can reconcile to powerful female aspects of God, unlike verse u produced:
    Atharva 7.47.2

    Oh woman! You know everything. Please provide us strength of prosperity and wealth
    Chapter 1: Women in Vedic Dharma, Page 9

    O woman, you provide us wealth and prosperity.

    U see muhammad why are there powerful female forms of God in scriptures: Durga mata, Kali ma, Shakti, can u answer or will you ignore what stares you in the face: clear gender equality
    Prakrtiti and Purusha form god-
    cmon muhammad lets roll with this

    • My dear friend NAKUL just read all the comments and then decide who is logical and if you are talking about all the muslims not only me then I am inviting you for discussion just post your question with reference In Shaa Allah I will try to reply All your allegation and blames

  • Dear Muhammad, there is no prayer in Islam. ‘There is no God but Allah’ does not sound like a prayer. Rather, it’s only an oath of fealty. 64% of your so-called holy book contains hatred of non-believers i. e people who do not accept Muhammad’s claim of having received message from God. Islamic obsession against Allah’s partner or idolatry has only zero philosophical or spiritual significance. Mohammad was just an illiterate desert bandit living on plunder and slave trade. He is the most immoral man ever to roam this earth, indulging in rape, murder and debauchery. If you find science in Muhammad’s incoherent ranting, may Allah (Pre-Islamic or non-Islamic of course) save you!

    • Dear Archpagan
      the things your are saying About islam just give the reference from Holy Quran, just type free ,,Holy Quran pdf” on google read it and post all allegation here Inshaa Allah I will give you reply so please be logical when debate.

  • agniveer ji there are many atheist who wants to debate with you and they say vedas are fake and there is no god they say they will prove it and expose you does agniveer team have any answer for that

  • There is no such thing as a prophet. SOrry bud, but your boy momo did not show you how to reproduce what he did. Making him a fake.

    Look up Bhagavad Gita. And Krishna shows how to reproduce what he did. The technique is called Yoga/Meditation. I will expand later. Busy now.

    • I find this discussions around book and conversion to be fruitless exercise. We are born as human beings with intellect and hence we do not have to convert it into anything–Hinduism, Islam, Christianity or Judaism. I believe that the purpose of life is to become a better human being–not become like animals. I have seen so many videos in you tube where people are claiming that they have converted from religion A to B or vice versa–this gives them immense happiness–it is a number game for them. Similarly, we have self-styled God men like Asha Ram Bapu, Radhe Ma and Nirmal Baba, who are fooling people and increasing the numbers of their followers. If there is any Dharma then it has to be Dharma of Humanity.
      The root cause of all this is Ignorance–Out of ignorance people try to convert others into their religion or make others follower of a certain God Men. For instance, if there is something good in Quran then just try to imbibe those virtues in your life–why you have to label yourself as Muslim or why you have to say that Prophet was the last messenger of God-How it is different from likes of Asha Ram Bapu, Nirmal Baba or Radhe ma. Yoga and Meditation are scientific and are being increasingly adopted by West–they are not becoming Hindus—people in west are using these techniques to make their lives better–nothing more than that.

      • Dear brother sanjeev I will answer your second question later regarding asha ram bapu etc, let us finish science first and you just mentioned chapter 7 of vedas, brother vedas is not a single book tell me the book name as well and discussion regarding the link that you sent me I am working till Monday after Monday i will read the artical and give you my Answer, so tc your self Inshaa Allah talk you in few days.

      • Homie,

        You have put barriers in your own head. It is you who chose to close the doors of limitlessness and allow only limited thinking. Why is it that you can’t reach the same level of your SO CALLED prophet. Ask yourself that. WHY? Seriously deeply ask yourself WHY CAN I NOT REPRODUCE THE SAME EXPERIENCE THAT MY SO CALLED PROPHET HAS EXPERIENCE? The fact that you FEAR asking such questions shows you are a man of PURE FEAR AND EVEN A COWARD. YOU HAVE TO BE A COWARD NOT TO CHALLENGE THE IDEA THAT YOUR BOY IS A PROPHET.

        The fact that we don’t even know what technique your boy, momo, used to experience the divine is very questionable about momo’s nature. Seriously think about it, you can not reproduce what he did. WHY? Everyone should be able to reproduce what momo experience. You are obsessing about some product your so called boy produced when you should be obsessing about how he received that product so you can reproduce it. The miracle is not a book, the miracle is the technique used to experience the divine. The miracle is experiencing the divine. The miracle is reaching Moksha. The miracle is experiencing God FIRST HAND the way any so called prophet claimed he had so you have internalized and personally know the divine instead of depend on a second or third source like a BOOK.

      • Continued:
        Key, anyone who claims to have experienced GOD/DIVINE/HIGHEST STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS needs to show everyone how to reproduce what they have done. IF THEY DO NOT or can not show that technique, THEY ARE NOT TELLING THE TRUTH. Other people should be able to use that technique and reproduce it.

        I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, but what I have said is pure and true. And if you can’t handle it, it shows you have weaknesses in your current system you follow and you need to wake up and practice the techniques that will help you experience the divine first hand instead of worshiping a book that MIGHT be a product of some called person that fantasized that he was a prophet. Or some other great things. Keep in mind, there is no such thing a prophet, son of god, godman, heman, incarnation, superman, spiderman, or any of that garbage.

        There is only an individual that experience the divine and one who has not. JUST THAT SIMPLE. And ANYONE can experience the divine. ANYONE.

      • And homie, look at the different of your so called momo and everyone else:

        Krishna showed people how to produce what he did. The Bhagavad Gita is a book on Yoga/meditation. He talks about how experience the divine as he did and become a master YOGI as he did.

        Buddha teaches people how to produce what he did. He taught Vipassana Meditation. Very simple. Is the same meditation technique taught in the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita.

        Even the Sikhs taught the importance of meditation and how to reproduce what they have experience.

        The common parallel from all of them is, although they all have books/material they all talked about and showed the technique of to how to reproduce the Divine experience they all had. And the be able to reproduce is scientific.

      • Ask yourself a simple questions:

        If God gave YOU the opportunity to receive the message of God through an angle, so you personally can get it, WOULD YOU?

        YES OR NO.

        And if you have emotions of fear, if you feel scared when you even read this question, if you feel you can not even try to active this state, it shows you have severally been brainwashed and imposed on yourself a malicious and fearful form of retardation that has damaged and even destroyed your psyche where need to see a doctor for real mental help.

      • krishbarao here is the summery of your claims.
        krishna did that.
        budha said that .
        krishana said that.
        budha produced that.
        why you are making things difficult I am unable to understand what are you trying to tell us make things simple, give statements from your hindu scripture with references, like if I claim something I give reference from Holy Quran, do the something and behave like an educated person.

      • Liston you dumbass fool. You are playing the oldest trick in the game “I am not able to understand” when you clearly know what I said. Stop being such a coward and address what I said you bitch.

        You are a coward. Because you refuse to address the simple concept of embodied knowing. If you are not able to understand it, it is because you have severely been brainwashed by your religion. But I think you do, but you are faking it because you fear what I am saying. Because it challenges your way of thinking like you have never thought of experience before.

        Simple, show me the technique that your boy, momo the so called prophet (SCP), experienced so I or anyone else can repeat and download God’s knowledge from the God. SHOW ME THE TECHNIQUE YOU BITCH.

      • krishnarao why are you scared to give references from your books so I can reply if you are true in your claims just post your claims from your books just make it simple

      • Why are you afraid of answering my question which I asked first.


        If your prophet is true, he would have showed everyone how to REPRODUCE what he did. Show us the technique or are you SCARED you don’t have it.

      • krishnarao
        The highest form of proof from me as a muslim is Holy Quran and for you as a hindu are your hindu scriptures so if you want to discuss about something just share from your books of authorities then I will reply from not only my Book of authority but also from your books of authorities.

      • krishanarao
        Holy Quran is revealed by Allah on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) through an angel gebrail (in bible the same angel called Gabriel), Isalm and Christianity are the two biggest religion of the world they both believe in revelation of Holy Books through angle Gabriel (Altogether 4 billion people believe in it) .
        the only difference in Islam and Christianity is Christians believe Jesus (peace be upon him) as a son of God and we believe He was a messenger of God like other prophets and prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last messenger of God and Holy Quran is the last revelation from God.
        and if everyone starts producing Holy books then it cant be a holy book like Hindu worships 3 million gods each group has its own book.

      • krishnarao
        its not my problem that you believe it or not for me highest prof is Holy Quran but still if you dont want to talk about holy Quran then just talk about your hindu scriptures I will answer you (IN SHAA ALLAH) from your books.

      • Clearly you are blind. The highest proof is you personally experiencing God yourself. You personally downloading the knowledge of God yourself. That is infinitely more better and higher proof than anything else like depending on someone else’s experience.

        Highest proof is experiencing God yourself. Nothing can touch that proof.

      • Hey there homie,

        You keep running away from my point. You don’t even address the very basic concept of proof I stated.

        The highest and infinitely best form of proof is personally experiencing God yourself. It is called embodied knowing. It is the highest form of proof of all. Nothing can beat it. It is higher than reading it in some book or hearing it from someone who read it or listening to it from someone who has claimed or really has experienced God personally. The highest form of proof is personally experiencing God yourself. Personally downloading the knowledge of God yourself. Be a man and address this Mr. momo. OR are you gonna make some excuse and say I don’t understand what you are talking about. LOL.

        Be a man and address the simple concept of embodied know. Experiencing God yourself personally instead of depending on someone else. THE HIGHEST FORM OF PROOF.

      • TO all,

        And I believe in the Rishi not the prophet.
        Rishi: Is someone that used Yoga/meditation and connected directly with God and reached that higher state of consciousness. Basically had the enlightenment experience that we all want. And this can be done by anyone.

        Prophet: is a history centric person. Someone that is supposedly chosen by god at a historical place and time and commands that person to do certain things. Not repeatable.

        Rishi concept is for everyone, prophet is for a few chosen people, racist. That is why the Rishi is truth and not the prophet which is a way for someone to get power and oppress. Yoga and meditation is the tool of the Rishi to reach that state where anyone can connect directly with God. Let us all try to be a Rishi and discard these false gods and prophets. To me they are they are the same. There is only ONE GOD, but gods and prophets are false. Yes, gods and prophets are both false. Because they both are forms of idol worship.


  • continue for sanjeev from revised stander version

    John 3:16 ( revised stander version)
    ‘’ For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life’’.
    Now I am asking you is it from God or your thousands of books are from God? please be logical.

    now come to your second allegation about forgiveness in Islam before talk about Islam let me tell you about Christianity because your are mixing Christianity with Islam, in Christianity if you do any thing even kill people but then you accept God sacrificed his only son for the sins of humankind you not only forgiven but also get eternal life (heaven) but we Muslims ask from Christians that Hitler was a Christian and because of him 40 million people died in world war 2 will he go to heaven?
    according to your knowledge if a Muslim commits a crime and then asks for forgiveness From Allah he will be forgiven but your knowledge is limited, there are two types of sins in Islam if a Muslims dont pray dont fast in ramdan and drink alcohol etc. these kinds of crimes are related to the person and Allah and for forgiveness he/she has to asks for forgiveness from Allah that he/she will never do it again,
    and the second crime is related to the people if you abuse some one or kill someone or steel something etc. for these kinds of crime the person has to asks for forgiveness form the victim or the victim family first then from God (Allah) even if you do this the chances of forgiveness from God are less

      • (reply to sabjeev part 1)
        Hinduizam and Islam in the light of science
        Dear sanjeev I tried very hard to find anything scientific in the article you gave me to read (, I asked you to prove scientifically science in Hindu scriptures, instead of proving something you put your job on my shoulders, this article is rubbish as an example I am sharing only one statement from it.

        39. What are the sun, the moon and the stars?
        Q. Are they inhabited by man and other living creatures or not?
        A.~ They are worlds inhabited by men and other living beings, The Shatpatha Braahman 14:6, 9, 4. says., “The earth, the water, the heated bodies, the space, the moon, the sun, and other planets are all called Vasus or abodes, because they are abodes of living beings as well as of inanimate objects.”.
        Scientific error: I don’t know about you but even a student of fifth class knows today that all the nine planets (including earth and its natural satellite moon) are the broken parts of sun separated from sun as a result of blast on sun and sun is continuously burning in fire from the very first day scientifically existence of living things on sun is impossible.

      • (reply to sabjeev part 2)
        Hinduizam and Islam in the light of science

        Now come to real debate Based on my research
        I am sharing some scientific errors from hindu scriptures and also versus From Holy Quran to prove scientific facts and to prove Allah is the creator and Holy Quran is the word of Allah revealed on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 1400 years ago.

        1: The Vedas says THE EARTH HAS
        ‘’Thy spirit, that went far away, away to the four-cornered earth.’’ (Rig Veda 10.58.3)

        Rig Veda 1.62.8 Still born afresh, young Dames, each in her manner, unlike in hue, the Pair in alternation around four sides of earth.’’ (Atharva Veda 20.88.1)

        Holy Quran says
        The Quran mentions the actual shape of the earth in the following verse: “And we have made the earth egg shaped”. The Holy Quran, Chapter 79, Verse 30

        2: EARTH, SUN AND MOON ARE STATIONARY IN (Hindu scriptures).
        ‘’Pastures, fair to do men service. Both these worlds, Vishnu, hast thou stayed asunder, and firmly fixed the earth with pegs around
        it.’’ (Yajur Veda 5.16)
        He has fixed the bright sun and the moon.’’ (Yajur Veda 4.25)

        Holy Quran says in in 21:33
        ”And it is He who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon; all [heavenly bodies] in an orbit are swimming.”
        And in 39:5
        ‘’He created the heavens and the earth with true (wisdom) He rolls the night over the days and rolls the day over the night, He has subdued the sun and the moon. All running for an appointed time. Is He not the Mighty, the Forgiver.’’

      • (reply to sabjeev part 3)
        Hinduizam and Islam in the light of science

        3: Earth and sun are supported by pillars (Hindu scriptures)

        “He who fixed firm the earth that staggered, and set at rest the agitated mountains, who measured out the air’s wide middle region and gave the heaven support, he men is indra.’’
        [Rigveda Book 2 hymn 12 Mantra 2]

        “God has firmly fixed that earth with pegs around it’’
        [Yajur Vedas Ch 5 Mantra 16]

        “A lamp kept in a windless place does not shake.”
        [Bhagavad Gita Ch 6 verse 19]

        Allah says in Holy Quran 31:10
        ‘’He created the heavens without pillars that you see and has cast into the earth firmly set mountains, lest it should shift with you, and dispersed therein from every creature. And We sent down rain from the sky and made grow therein [plants] of every noble kind.’’

  • Dear brother sanjeev
    I am totally disagree with you that every one is a prophet first let me tell you what is the meaning prophet in religion (prophet or messenger is person chosen by God to convey his messages ).
    your concept that everyone is prophet is the reason hindo religion got thousands of divine scripture (accoring to them) and million of gods. because every group is claiming that their book is revealed by their god.
    in the eyes of God man and woman are equal and it is not from god to burn the females with the dead bodies of their husbands and God didnt create any cast system.Allah says in Holy Quran

    “Mankind! We created you from a single soul, male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may come to know one another. Truly, the most honoured of you in God’s sight is the greatest of you in piety.” [Holy Quran 49:13]

    let me explain you in more depth you know the only difference in Christianity and Islam is that The Holy Quran says Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) was a messenger like Prophet Muhammad, and Christian says he is a son of god and when muslim ask that where it is written in bible thay say in john 3:16 which says,

    John 3:16 (king james version)
    ‘’for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life’’.

    but when their own Christian scholars start questioning about the meaning of begotten ( it is a sexual activity of male and female you can check in dictionary) they changed the word in NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION which says

    John 3:16(new international version)
    ‘’for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not parish but have eternal life’’.

    for word begotten they used ONE when their own people asked one is not the meaning of begotten they even took the word ONE in REVISED STANDER VERSION

    • Dear Muhammad,

      You are wrong! There is no religion called Hinduism–It is a misconception. Also, there is something called Vedic Dharm–not a religion. It is wrong to say Vedic Dharam is based on multiple book–it is based on Vedas. How can you say that God was sent by Muhammad-except if you believe what Muhammad said in Quran. God id not a human and hence you can’t say that God can dictate someone to write a book. According to Vedas, God is formless,infinite and unborn. Now this universe has lot of secrets that are revealed to us through various learned people–Newton was a prophet because he revealed secrets of the universe to us. I never said Newton was God and we should worship him. Vedas are also claimed to be revealed books. It was revealed to us through four seers–Vedas means book of knowledge and it came to us through Seers. One can say that this knowledge cam to us through them. They never claimed that they are messengers of God. Prophet Muhammad was someone like us. He is a historical character.

      A scientist who discovers something that helps humanity is also a Prophet. People, who came with this idea of search engine are also prophets. I do not have any problem is agreeing that Muhammad was one of billions of prophets. If I invent something tomorrow then I would say that God revealed a secret to the universe through me. Vedic seers were humble and they attributed their knowledge to the God instead of taking ownership or saying that they were messengers of God.

      Also, I believe that God is formless and hence you can’t make an Idol of God. There is one and only one Omnipotent God. I do not worship any Idol but I believe in one God.

      • dear sanjeev
        first thing I never said Prophet Muhammad said in Holy Quran the Auther of Holy Quran is Allah not Muhammad (peace be upon him) as Allah says in Holy Quran

        “And (it is) a Quran which I have divided into parts in order that you (Muhammad) may recite it to the people gradually, and I have revealed it by successive revelation.”
        [Noble Quran 17:106]

        second thing the meaning of Vedas is not the book of knowledge the meaning is (to know) Veda is a title which contains more then 40 books other then mahabhart and hounder’s of other books.

        3rd thing newton laws of motion only tells movements of large bodies and not with 100% accurate results ,
        99.9 % scientist give their assumption (later theories) first and then other scientists on the basis experiments refuse their assumption you cant say it is revealed by God

        I am asking one Question that what books of Vedas says about God and if God is creator of the universe then how this universe is working (what God says about it in vedas), I am a geologist I can prove it with Quran but can you prove me the mechanism of earth and universe with vedas. waiting for your reply

  • shri muhammad ji , “sirf”33 parkar ke devta kahe gaye hai, fir bhi vah pujniy nahi hai unko devta kyo kaha gaya hai kyoki unke madhyam se sabka bhala hota haijaise dharti sury hava jal bijli adi , jaise aptadhiyo ko “levta” bhi kah ja sakta hai kyoki vah samaj se chhinkar lete hai nuksaan pahunchate hai ! ab ap batlaye ki farishto k isankhya kitni hai aur jinno ki sankhya kitni hai 1 yah murdo aur jivit manushyo ke kandhe me do farishte kaise rahate hai vah dikhlai kyo nah padte ! loot ki basti vale unse homo sex kar sakte the/ yah farishto ke liye dohari bhumika kaise sambhava hai ! hamne loot ki betiyo se “rep” ki baat nahi kibalki yah kaha hai ki unke pita sex karne ka afar pesh kar rahe hai ! GANESH ADI EK KALPIT HAI UNKA KABHI ASTITV NAHI RAHA HAI ! FIR JANVAR AUR MANUSHY KA MEL KAISE SAMBHAVA HAI AUR BUURAK NAMAK JANVAR KA ASTITV KAISA HAI VAH AAP BATLAYE ! muahammad ji ko meraz kis tarike se huyi ! allah satve asman kme kaise hai uska singhasan farishte kaise uthaye huye hai ! dekhe kuran69/17 jisme”8″ farishte uska singhsan uthye huye honge !

  • Agniveer ji Agniveer team should also take part on international levels and debate with them with your team (or at least in mainstream media and highly respectable and popular colleges of india because now only youth can change our india) so those who are spreading hate against Hinduism with all this 3000million god and other blind believes rumors will shut their mouth mostly they are zakir naiks fans and irf agents who are converting the world to isalm this is very important message for all because 95% of indian population don’t know the truth and slowly they are converting to islam/Christianity or becoming atheist(mostly our youth ) ……….dhanyawad

  • Hello Agniveer and Other friends here,
    Recently I got to learn about Rampal, he says lot of things about Swami Dayanada, here I don’t need any help because I know the answers. But he also claims the Kabir name is written in Vedas. I don’t know Sanskrit, so I need your help here. Of course even my name is there in Vedas, but indeed it does not refer to me or any person its just a adjective.
    So I want to know meaning of those words where he says they talk about Kabir. BTW I read Gyan Ganga by him, even I could counter him up to 80% but if a honest critical review of Gyan Ganga could be written that would be really great.

    Thank You All.

    • In Yajurveda 40.8 the word “Kavih” comes. Next word in the verse (mantra) is “Manishih”.
      When joined, these are written as ” Kavirmanishih”. Both these words are adjectives of Almighty God.
      Ignorant and selfish person may claim that there is a mention of Kabir in this verse !
      In Satyarth Prakash, Aryaabhivinay and Rigvedadibhashya Bhumika, Maharshi Dayananda has given word to word meaning of this complete verese.
      Bhavesh Merja

    • Typical being proud of a religion of hate that promotes a psychopath who murdered, rapped, and pillaged many many people. You are one sick bitch.

      • brother, Vedas teach us to be compassionate to the people who are not knowledgeable. would you hit a person who is blind or deaf or call him/her names? at best ones tries to help them, if they are adamant let them be.. but don’t let them stand on your chest either.

      • @Krishnarao, i never call you bad names then may I ask why do you?, This shows your hatred, my mamma told me kafirs (non-believers) are the enemies of Islam & they hate Muslims, . see, my mum is true, i can really sense the hatred & enmity of non-Muslims. But she never teach me to call bad names to others, so i wont.

      • lol, don’t call me bad names. What are you 2 years old. Grow up dumbass. And what muslims do and say especially the things in your holy book is some of the most vial and hateful and “bad words” on the face of this earth. Look you called me and vast majority of this world a kafir, A BAD WORD. SO STOP BEING A HYPOCRITE YOU HATE MONGER.

  • Lol. This is funny a statement like this comes from the name of the girl your top dog mono raped repeatedly at the age of nine.

    If you think best means repeated rape of a little girl like what you top dog mono did to Aisha than your definition of best is sick, disgusting, and the worst form of twisted world view. I don’t want to be best by your disgusting standards.

      • No little girl, it is you who are lost. Only a lost person would have such gross elevation for someone who is a child rapist.

      • @Krishnarao, you definitely don’t know what you are saying, really lost. And I know I’m on truest path, Al-hamdulillah, I’d pray to Allahu Subhahana Wa Ta’ala to guide you, & save you from hell fire. Ameen summa Ameen.

    • look idiot you are blaming her about her religion who is behaving like animal here but its not your fault this is your hindu religion telling you to treat a woman like this that’s why we converted to Islam.,

      • @Arun,

        Why should every Hindu read about Islam? Muslims don’t read about Hindues. So does it mean you are afraid. O yeah, gotcha! That’s the case. It amuse me!

      • It is sad that muslims dont read about Hindu sriptures. Most of the muslims in India are converts from Hinduism. Their forefathers were converted by the sword to Islam by muslim marauders who were hellbent on destroying a culture that was far more superior than theirs.They burnt Universities like Nalanda and destroyed innumerable temples. The Hindu forefathers of such muslims must be turning in their graves to see their progeny glorifying a religion that destroyed them.

      • if you ask a Muslim about his or hir Holy book he/she will tell you about holy Quran but if you ask the same question to a hindu ” I live in london nd worked with hindos i asked the same question to many hindos they dont even know now i am asking you the same question which book should I read as your holy scripture. to make your job easy I am giving you a small list as There are 33 carore(Milions) devi-devata worshiped by the groups of people. Every group have it’s own book and i am unable to give you full list.
        1) Rigveda (a) Shaakala (b) Bashkala (c) Ashvalayana
        (d) Shaankhaayana (e) Maandukayana.
        2) Yajurveda (I) Krishna yajurveda : (a) Taittiriya (b) Kathaka
        (c) Maitrayaneeya.
        (II) Shukla yajurveda : (a) Kanva (b) Madhyandina
        3) Samaveda : (a) Kauthuma (b) Ranayaneeya (c) Jaimineeya
        4) Atharvaveda : (a) Shaunakiya (b) Paippalada
        5) Brahmanas: (association with the particular samhitaa is given)
        (a) Aitareya (Rig)
        (b) Kaushitaki (Rig)
        (c) Taittiriya (Krishna Yajus)
        (d) Kathaka (Krishna Yajus)
        (e) Maitrayaneeya (Krishna Yajus)
        (f) Kanva Shatapatha (Shukla Yajus–Kanva)
        (g) Madhyandina Shatapatha (Shukla Yajus–Madhyandina)
        (h) Tandya mahabrahmana (Sama)
        (i) Shadvimsha (Sama)
        (j) Samavidhana (Sama)
        (k) Mantra or Chandogya(Sama)
        (l) Vamsha (Sama)
        (m) Jaiminiya (Sama)
        (n) Jaiminiyaarsheya (Sama)
        (o) Jaiminiyopanishad (Sama)

      • @Premika Shalini : most certainly agreed,but where & how did you get this understanding and the spiritual condition that you seem to have reached. what is the source what is the process.
        you seem to have lost the distinction between aadhyatam and bhautikta.
        yogi Raj krishna says in Geeta chapter 12 that “swadhyay se gyan ka sthan uncha hai” means the the knowledge is higher than practice as without knowledge you may indulge in worong practice assuming it to be right (agyan vash).”
        the moment came all guns blazing to support some stand, do you even understand what that stand was, as per that stand , all that you are saying here is total “NONSENSE” there is “NO” spiritual condition and “NO” other way to reach god but one way that they say and anyone who does not believe in that stand is a kafir and a second grade citizen.
        so before you take a stance i would suggest you increase your knowledge by doing a “purva paksha”

        gyan ki paripurnta hi mokshya hai aur agyan hi bandhan hai.
        akarmanya hi mrityu hai aur karmanyati hi gyan ka sadhan hai.

      • Dear Aisha, you are absolutely right. I cannot understand how people can argue and then prove and disprove by hook and by crook and then arrive at some “truth”. As true believers we do not waste a second of our lives on quran, bible etc. I sincerely wish and hope people would stop these pointless conversations and focus on finding out the truth instead.

      • @Premika Shalini: yes you are right, would you be kind enough to let me know how do we find out the truth that you talk about.?

      • @@ Dear Ankur, first of all you have to realize that Truth is not relative. So, the Truth I talk about is the ultimate Truth that all sincerely religious people arrive at sooner or later. Truth is not just something that can be ‘proved’, for anything can be proved. You do not mention your belief system, but if you are also fortunate enough to be a Sanatani (wrongly aka hindu), I suggest beginning with the most basic purification of the mind first. This is called Chitt – Shuddhi — free from all nonsense, debates, opinions, ego etc. The first step is complete surrender to Almighty Ishvar. Here, I would like to especially mention the Gayatri Mantra. All true believers start with the Gayatri Mantra. Then, alongside, you HAVE to read the Shrimad Bhagvad Gita. It is better to start with it rather than the Eternal Ved, for it is a summary of the Eternal Ved. Now comes the question of your calibre, religious calibre in this case. Remember, ego, opinions, debates are EXTREMELY powerful, for they play on the human mind and emotions. Here, the goal is to be Paramhans, ie, one who discards mere notions, lies and senseless acts; and retains the essence of Almighty Ishvar within herself. You know what’s interesting ? It is that I do NOT claim to know the Truth. Nor do I claim to help people find the truth. How can I ? It is between every individual and Almighty Ishvar; and anyone who says otherwise is committing the ultimate act of blasphemy. Truth is what you will REALIZE. Then, instead of seeking answers, answers will come to you. There will be no place in your mind for any senseless dualities, debates, proselyting, apologizing and whatever have you. That is the ultimate spiritual condition that all must aspire to.

      • Dear premika
        the way to find the truth is simple come to a common platform you put your arguments And we put ours and then together we will analyse about truth just by shouting we need truth we can’t achieve it.

      • dekhe kuran 11/77-81jisme rasool kahalane vale hazarat loot ji ke yahaan farishte aye , unki basti ki ek bhid badkari[homo sex] karne ke liye farishto ko gherne lagi!hazart loot ne us bhid se kahaa ki tum in[farishte] ko chhod do, meri betiyo se tum[sex] kar lo, bhid ne kaha ki tum jante ho ki hamko kya pasand hai ! ab jara is baat par gaur kijiye ki kya farishto se sex sabhav hai / fir farishte apni raksha bhi nahi kar sake ! kya loot ka kahan yahachha tha ki tum meribetiyo se sex kar lo dusht prakariti ke vyaktiyo ka to mukabla kiya jana chhaiye ya unke liye apni betiyo se sex karne ka parstav rakhna chhaiye ! yah vahi hazarat loot hai jiska jikar” baibale” me ata hai ki unki do betiyon ne loot ko nahsa karvakar unse 2 bachhe alag -alag paida kiye, itne dusht vyakti ko kuran ne rasul mana hai !

      • kya quran ko “holy” book kahana saty rahega ? quranke anusar qurani allahsatve asman me rahata hai tabhi muahmmd ji ko meraz ke maadhyam se ja kar unse milne gaye ! kya chand ke tukde kiye ja sakte hai kya fir usko jodne vala kaun tha kya chand ke tukde karna ek atankvadi ghtna nahi kahi jayegi usko kyo toda gaya ?todne se labh kya mila ya yah ej=k jhuti baat hai > koi nirman bhi to muahamad ji kar sakte the, jaise apne pet se bachha paida karna yah bhi ek chamatkar kahja sakta tha ! tabhi kis kavi ne kaha hai ki ” khuda ki kitab ko dekh kar hi khuda se munkir [inkar karne vali] huyi hai duniya jis khuda ki kitab aisi ho vah koi achha khuda bhi nahi hai” !

      • jab ham quran ko padhte hai tab usko ek betartib kitab ka ek ahasas hota hai, kahi makki ayte kahi madeeni ayte fir kahi makki ayte ! jab quran ki pahali ayat ka sandarbh diya jata hi tab vah vartman quran me 96 adhyaya me melita hai ! dekhe quran 2/67-73 jisme ek vishesh gaay ki hatya karke uske maans ke lothde se ek murda sharir ko chulane matr se murda jivit ho jata hai aur baad me vah apne hatyare ka naam batlakar fir murda ho jata hai ! hamapne musli bandhuo se kahana chahenge ki kya unki buddhi is kahani ko svikar kar sakti hai ? kya yah kahni saty ho sakti hai ? agar yaha niyam saty hai to yah aaj kyo nahi hota ? jab pakistan ki bhutpurv pradhan mantri be- nazeer bhutto ki hatya islami atankvadiyo ne kar di thi tab yahi tarika kyo nahi ajmaya gaya ! ham kahana chhnege ki ek gaay kya kai laakh gaay ki hatya kar daliye agar ekbhi murda vyakti jinda ho jaye to batlaiye ga varna islam ki sangati chodne ka vichar bhi bana lijiyega ! dekhe quran 2/65 aur 5/60 jisme kaha gay hai ki qurani allah ke adesho ki nafarmani karne ke karan kisi giroh ko allah ne janwar [suar v bandar ]bana diya ! ham apne muslim bandhuo se kahana chahenge ki aaj to is duniya me 700 karod ki abadi me karib 550 karod se jyada manushy quran ki bate nahi mante hai aur jo muslim hone ka dava karte hai unme se bhi adhikansh quran ki puri bate nahi mante hai 1 tofir kyo nhi qurani alalahin sabko banda rv suar bana deta ? koi muslim vidvan y ah bhi bataye ki un manushyo ke giroh ko “kis tarike se ” janwar banaya gaya tha ! isliye hamkahanaxa chahn ege ki padhe likhe muslim samajhdar muslim manvtavadi muslim quran ki sangati turant chod de aur apne ko buddhivadi banane ki ek koshish kare !

      • now raj come to your second question
        is about splitting of the moon. I am unable to understand why you choose only splitting of moon as a miracle Holy Quran says The Earth the moon all the galaxies and all the living things are made by God (Allah), God (ALLAH) can make everything why he cant split the moon.
        Allah says in Holy Quran about big-bang theory, mountain building (science discovered 20 to 50 years ago) and movement of stars in their orbits (30 years ago in science books the sun was not moving).
        Allah telling us in Holy Quran about it 1400 years ago proving us that Allah is the creator of every thing
        chapter 21 verse 30-33
        “Do not those who disbelieve know that the heavens and the earth were joined together as one united piece, and then We parted them (big bang theory) And We have made from water every living thing. Will they then not believe? And We have placed on the earth firm mountains, lest it should shake with them (mountain building), and We placed therein-broad highways for them to pass through that they may be guided, and We have made the heaven a roof, safe, and well guarded. Yet they turn away from its signs. And He it is Who has created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon, each in an orbit floating (movement of stars) .” (21:30-33)

      • raj your 3rd Question is divided into three parts,

        1-Macci and Madni Ayats
        2- story of a dead man who was killed by his own people
        3- story of people who were converted by God Into pigs and monkeys.

        Macci and Madni Ayats:
        Macci ayats are those ayats that were revealed in Holy Quran by Allah on his Prophet Mhammad (pbuh) in Holy city Mekka but non-muslims of Mecca were torturing and killing Muslims so Prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Madina with his companions (same as Muslims of Pakistan Migrated from india in1947 and during this migration 20 lakhs (2 millions) muslims were killed by hindos and sikhs). Madeni ayats are those ayats that were revealed after migration to Madina.
        2- story of a dead man who was killed by his own people.
        there are books Revealed by Allah,
        1- ZABOOR on Prophet Daoud peace be upon him. (is not present in original form )
        2- TORRAH Prophet Moses peace be upon him. (is not present in original form )
        3- INJEEL (BIBLE) Prophet Jesus peace be upon him. (is not present in original form )
        4 – HOLY QURAN last prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. (is present in original from as Allah promised to preserved his Last book.
        the story of dead man is related to the people (jewish) of Prophet Moses and the book that revealed on prophet Moses was TORAH (the people of Prophet Moses changed the book with hands and added many false and wrong things. Allah is telling their story in Holy Quran.

        Your 3rd questuin about monkeys and pigs is also the story of people of Moses (jewish) before answer I want to ask you 1 Question what is more difficult to believe people converted into monkeys or pigs as a punishment by God or gods of hindos with half animal bodies and half human bodies as hindos worship hanoman, elephants snakes etc (30 million god)

      • hello raj how are, you post many questions and lied and misquoted about holy Quran without any shame, inshaa Allah i will answer all questions one by one. your first question i am posting your 3 lines as you said
        ”dekhe kuran 11/77-81jisme rasool kahalane vale hazarat loot ji ke yahaan farishte aye , unki basti ki ek bhid badkari[homo sex] karne ke liye farishto ko gherne lagi!hazart loot ne us bhid se kahaa ki tum in [farishte] ko chhod do.

        first thing you are misquoting Quran,
        Holy Quran chapter 11 verse 77-80 telling us Angels came to prophet loot as guests in shape of handsome young men from verse 77 to 80 Holy Quran is telling us Loot (pbuh) did not know that his guests are angels he was scared to his people because of their unnatural behaviour then he tried to teach their people you can marry {not rape it is not in Holy Quran please dont lie} my daughters (not only his daughters he was an old man he was showing them right path that marry females of the town ”basti” like a teacher use word daughter and sons for his students he was using daughter for entire area ).
        in verse 81 angels told the prophet loot that they are not human they are angels sent by God to punish these people and told the prophet to leave the town with your family and dont look back.

    • We have been hit by a grave disaster in Uttarakhand. We appeal to all to join hands, in whatever way to address this emergency that has befallen our nation. It is not time to be selfish and be engrossed in petty verbal duels or ego-defenses.

      • let me give you a problem you know the India is the only country on the surface of earth where population of males are more than females (check on Google) because the people when they know through ultrasound the baby in the womb of the Mother is female they abort the child, same was happening 1400 hundred years ago at that time there was no ultrasound so the pagan Arabs buried alive their female Childs now try to find what other religion says about it including Christianity, Jewish religion and Hinduism (they say nothing, means NO ANSWER).

      • But 1400 hundred years ago Holy Quran prohibited it and proving that This Manual Holy Quran is from Creator (Allah) as Allah Almighty says in Holy Quran in chapter 29:8-9
        “And when the female (infant) buried alive (as the pagan Arabs used to do) is questioned.
        For what sin was she killed?”

        Chapter 16 verses 58-59,
        “And when one of them is informed of [the birth of] a female, his face becomes dark, and he suppresses grief.’’
        ‘’ He hides himself from the people because of the ill of which he has been informed. Should he keep it in humiliation or bury it in the ground? Unquestionably, evil is what they decide.’’
        Hence, do not kill your children for fear of poverty: it is we who shall provide sustenance for them as well as for you. Verily, killing them is a great sin. (17:31)

      • Dear Muhammad,

        You are absolutely right! However, I do not understand why I need to refer to any book to understand this simple and logical fact. God sends human being with four things: physical body, mind, Intellect and Soul. The answer to these questions should come from within. Why do I have refer to a book for that? God has given us intellect and we need to use it to discriminate between good and bad. Any person with logical reasoning will come to the same conclusion–you do not have to read scriptures for that.

      • You are worried about female children being killed in Arab countries. This ought to be rejected outright but would anyone in these countries dare to protest against it? Treating women cruelly is part and parcel of Islam. Just say Talaaq three times and divorce you wife. There was also a much publicised case where a man raped his daughter in law and the mullahs asked her to accept him as her husband. Nobody thinks about women in this religion. The women are asked to wear ugly , black burquas while the men can wear anything including tight jeans .

      • Muhammad, do you know God in santan Dhram (hinduism real name) is genderless, as there is Prakthi and Purush, male and female.
        Do you know that there are powerful female aspects of God like Kali ma, Durga Mata.
        This is what Hinduism says: Gender equality, simple as 1+1=2

      • First I am going to give answer to my brother sanjeev,
        its true God gave us power to think what is good and what is bed means you are free to choose good way or bad way but look around how many wrong things are happening in the world because we are choosing wrong ways for this reason God sent revelation through their prophets to tell the people what is good and what is bad and the last revelation is Holy Quran Revealed on Prophet Muhammad (peece be upon him). and God promised in Quran ”I am going to preserve it till last day”revelations before Holy Quran had been changed by bad people but you can still find many things same in Holy quran like It is written in hindu scripture ‘GOD is one, got no image no statue u cannot draw his pictures” Quran says the same.
        Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is prophesied in hindu scriptures (check this vedio)

      • now my brother gurudev let me ask you one thing before answer (who are muslims?) I dont wanna waste your time so i am answering, Muslims are people who follow the Holy Quran revealed by God on his servant Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
        you arose many question but have you check in Holy Quran what Quran says about it.
        your first question is about divorce it is a aimless blame if a couple is not happy with each other then what is the problem with separation and in Islam male and female both have the right to take decision but in Hinduism if a female is not happy with his hasband she cannot take divorce she has to live her life with her hasband.

        secondly It is not in Holy Quran to marry with doughter-in-law Holy Quran says in chapter 4 verse 23
        ” Prohibited for you (in marriage) are your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, the sisters of your fathers, the sisters of your mothers, the daughters of your brother, the daughters of your sister, your nursing mothers, the girls who nursed from the same woman as you, the mothers of your wives, the daughters of your wives with whom you .have consummated the marriage – if the marriage has not .been consummated, you may marry the daughter. ”Also prohibited for you are the women who were married to your genetic sons.” Also, you shall not be married to two sisters at the same time – but do not break up existing marriages. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.
        3rdly holy Quran first command man to lower thier gaze then women to cover their body.
        holy Quran says in chapter 24 verse 30-31
        ” Allah says in the Quran {Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: And Allah is well acquainted with all that they do. And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty} (Surat Al Noor )”

      • and my friend dogra i don’t want your explanation of equality i want verses from hindu scriptures. and can you explain me this verse from your scriptures.

        ”MAHABHARAT 13:XL…I says

      • Dear Muhammad,

        My concept is a bit different. I think that all the human beings are prophet. I am a prophet, you area prophet. God reveals secrets of the universe through us. For example, God revealed laws of motions through Newton. Everyone was seeing the same thing but these laws were revealed through Newton. There are many countries that do not have any religion–for example China. However, they also have legal system that punishes if someone does any crime or corruption. Now you claim that Prophet Muhammed has said lots of good things. There are close 1 billion muslims in this world–can you confidently say that no Muslim ever indulge in any criminal activity? We all know that bad things do happen in this world but why do these things happen? God has given you the intellect and you have to decide what is right or wrong–in fact inner voice always warns before you do anything wrong. Islam claims that God is forgiving and forgives your Sin. It is not possible to be both Just and Forgiving. If you commit a crime then a good judge will give you punishment–he would not forgive you. If I do something wrong then I will get punishment. This concept of forgiving is very bad which encourages immoral behavior. I can do all bad things and then I can pray to God to forgive me. This is the root cause of the corruption–Corrupt politicians decorate their offices with all sorts of religious symbols and do bad things -thinking that God would forgive them.

    • Good point Satyen. Let’s call out Indian “secularism” for what it really is – hate-filled bigotry against the religion of Hinduism. In other words it is NOT secularism.

    • AUM is the exclusive narration in the Mandukya Upanishad. In this Upanishad the God is described as quadruped. The first three feet are A, U ,M and the fourth one is having no alphabet. A is Jagrata, U is Dream and M is Sushupti. The soul traverses through these three steps towards the Supreme, which is achieved during the deepest slumber. Hence, in each deep sleep, the soul meets the Supreme.

      But the Siddha Purushas or who have achieved Brahma, are able to achieve this stage even without a sleep, through meditation.

      This AUM is the treasure of Sanatan Philosophy, and bears the truth of the Creation.( It is not possible to simplify AUM in this short reply.) So, it is the base,middle and end of all mantras.

      As a secular fellow, each one should understand the immense energy inhibited in AUM.

  • Agniveerji,

    I agree with your ideology and core concepts. However, I would not like to call myself a Hindu. I am a human being first and my goal is to become a noble human being. the words Hindu and Hinduism are confusing. When we use the suffix “ism” then it means certain well-defined philosophy–like communism, socialism etc. Vedas clearly says that God is formless and unborn–this contradicts the theory of Avatars and Idol worship. This also means that Krishna was a learned Yogi–you can not worship Krishna and say that you are a Hindu.

    Instead of saying Hindu–you can say I am a human being-this is what you are saying in your article. Some people believe in Idol worship, some believe in Jesus, some are atheist etc. I do not see any logic i using a word Hindu–the word soes not find any mention in Vedas, Gita and Upanishads. Why should I call myself a Hindu?

    • If you follow the Vedas you are following its well defined teachings which help make you a noble human being through which you can better understand the formless God in the Vedas. You are confusing the formless God with undefined generic (worthless) non-philosophy. The Vedas is clear and defined and not anything goes. Hindu today is the closet word for a follower of the Vedas. I think this order you are promoting of being a human being first and Hindu never is ridiculous. Don’t think you are better person by merely calling yourself a “human being.” You are not. If you want to call yourself something more Sanskrit and ancient for a person who follows the Vedas then call yourself “Arya” (no letter “n” at the end”) which means noble.

      • The word Arya means noble and hence I do not have problem with that word. However, Hindu word signifies idol worship, superstitions, untouchability and ignorance. I am a Aryan but I would not like to associate with word Hindu. I am not a Hindu.

        I will give a simple example. I have a very good Kashmiri friend who believes alcoholism and meat eating are fine because lord shiva used to drink alcohol and eat meat. This is just one example of ignorance. For majority of Hindus religion is about throwing few coins at the stone idols .

        I like this article a lot except for the use of the word Hindu.

      • Interesting thing is that word “Hindu” does not find any mention in our scriptures–Vedas, Gita and Upanishads. I was born in an Araysamaji family and I do not believe in Idol worship and all that is associated with so called Hindu Mythology. The whole myth around the birth of Lord Ganesha sounds unbelievable to me. Maharishi Dayanand has taught to be scientific in our approach. He exposed myths like formation of Shiva Linga in Amarnath etc. Now one Aryasamaji (I would not name him) made a statement regarding the scientific basis behind the formation of Shiva Linga in Amarnath–he was publicly abused and threatened–we normally attribute this kind of behavior to Islam or Christianity. This kind of behavior shows that a Hindu can not even speak openly against a Myth even if it has no scientific basis–this behavior contradicts the definition of Hindu in this article. I prefer the word Vedic Dharma instead of Hinduism which seems very confusing to me. I am a Arya–not a Hindu.

      • You are correct. The word ‘HINDU’ is inflicted by the west-Asian agressors since two milennia. When they come to Bharat Varsha, their greatest barrier is the river Sindhu. They pronounce ‘S’ as ‘H’, hence, river Sindhu is Hindu. The vast land across this river is known as Hindusthan by them.

        India remained under Islamic rule, coming from West-Asia/Afganistahan from 9th century to 17th century.During the period of Akbar, the word HINDU was profounded in the records which was followed by the Britishers also. As such, this word and our identity became international.

        The word HINDU is found in the Parsee dictionary which means coward,frightened, fugitive and so on… It is the picture they have found when they have attacked Bharat Varsha. Mahmud looted Somanath Temple 17 times without resistance.

        Your feeling of “Arya” is glorious. Of course all Hindus are Aryas. But it is very very hardly possible to remove the identifying word HINDU, infliced on us as a ridicule.

  • Agniveer,
    What is your stance on minorities such as religion, race, orientation? Are they are to be treated with equality and respect as per Vedas, because you are proud to be Hindu…

  • ANti agni says

    Agniveer – if you do not believe in caste system, why did you use Scheduled Caste status to enter into IIT? Tell me, how you got fake Scheduled Caste certificate in first place? And why you used it?

    please answer …………and slap them

    • @omsun
      Come on brother even if someone “uses” SC status to get into IIT there is nothing wrong about it. It is a constitutional right bestowed upon anyone who is a Dalit.
      By the way, SC quota is not something you accept or reject, it is a certificate issued by the GOI and anyone seeking admissions to IIT has to submit all these documents and has to fill choices (of course and campus) and it is a software which allots seats.
      If anyone gets into any GFTI using SC quota, it does not imply that he is a casteist person.
      Also, anti-agniveer does not name any of the several IITians from agniveer who has made a fake SC certificate to get into an IIT.
      This fake certificate charge is a very serious allegation and you should ask anti-agniveer what proof does he have to substantiate this claim.
      If this charge has been made up then anti-agniveer must thank his demonic allah that agniveer has not sued him for defamation.

  • Agniveerji ……… west bengal Peace TV (bangla ) is still broadcast ……… please do something or else it will be too late……

  • Agniveer,
    I want to ask one question. Where has the process of samsara been written in vedas? It has been written in later texts, but they are smriti, or of human agency, and they can be manipulative for their means. If there is a mention of samsara in vedas, could you quote it? If not, why should we believe in reincarnation?

    • Reincarnation in the Vedas:

      “O soul, God grants for thy bodies in different births, according to thy DEEDS a happy or unhappy place on this earth. May radiant beams prove helpful to thee!” (Yajur Veda, Chapter 35, verse 2) Translated by Devi Chand M.A.

      • I am surpised to see there are many versions of Yajurveda.

        I am trying to refer to online sacred texts website.. they mention 2 Yajurvedas there – one (Taittiriya samhita) doesnt have 35th chapter., The other one (White Yajurveda) have 35th chapter., its verse 2 is:

        Let Savitar approve a spot upon the earth for thy remains:
        And let the bulls be yoked for it.

        Can you please clarify which Yajur veda you quoted above? If possible please also clarify which is the authentic yajur veda .. any online source?

      • I quoted the translator of that Yajur Veda. By Devi Chand M.A. You can also get a translation of the Vedas by Dr. Tulsi Ram, M.A., PhD. These are the commonly accepted translation of the Vedas from Sanskrit to English. If you use Griffin, Wilson, and Wendy Doniger you are using missionaries translations. All of which are based off the translations by max muller. They are all missionaries or missionary supporters who which to make Hindus look book. These guys have one agenda and that is to defame Hindus so they can untimely follow some Western idology

    • To know basis of Sanskaars kindly read Swami Dayananda’s ‘Sanskaar-Vidhi’ or Swami Vidyananda Saraswati’s ‘Sanskaar-Bhaaskar’.

  • महर्षि दयानन्द का मत है कि “हिन्दू” नाम यवनों ने दिया है ।
    यह एक सच्चाई है कि यह शब्द संस्कृत भाषा का नहीं है और न ही पुरातन वैदिक ग्रन्थों में उसका प्रयोग हुआ है ।
    गर्व तो अच्छे मनुष्य होने में ही होना उचित है और वैदिक साहित्य में अच्छे इन्सान की संज्ञा “आर्य” है ।
    भावेश मेरजा

    • I fully agree with you. This is a good article–I would use the word Human or Manav instead of Hindu. I am proud to be a human being–one with intellect–my intellect says that an idol with elephant head and human body can’t be God–however, I do not hate those who worship such gods–people do it out of ignorance. Vedas say that use your intellect–we human beings are lucky to have intellect. We should always be ready to accept Truth and give-up that is not logical. This is the main difference between human beings and animals. I am proud to be a “Manav”.

      • Its very easy to say this.Even atheists say this but they don’t know its definition in its totatlity…Vedic people should learn to define truth and should debate on defn of truth also which simplifies to know true entities.
        2)Illusion = effects ——>born=temporary
        3)false = unreal ——>no existence
        To follow truth is the only religion of humans and so every human should know ,
        a)Definition of truth which helps to know true entities.
        b)True phenomenon which helps to prove true entities.
        b)true phenomenon means cause — > effect = truth —> illusion ….Cause are of three types Material,efficient(God) and effective(souls).The sign of life or live entity is motion.Live entities are of 2 types : soul and God…So obviously Effects are also of 3 types material effect but efficient and effective effect looks same as they are motion.Now take any worldy example(potter and pot) and relate it with universe and humans and then u can prove true entities..

      • continued……
        The most basic true phenomenon is known as cause and effect which is base of science.Without cause,there will be no effect.If there is effect,then there has to be a cause and this is the base of science.This same can be explained with words” truth and illusion” which is the used in language of knowledge and the previous is used in language of science.
        pot = universe =material effect
        potter = efficient cause
        clay = material cause
        motion = efficient effect
        potter =human body = material effect
        primordial matter/prakriti = material cause
        soul= effective cause
        motion( in body) = effective effect.
        Now question can be asked that what is cause of cause ?material effects can produce fruther effects since efficient/effective causes can act on it but causes dont have further causes because if u want to know cause of cause , then it means u will never find it since u will keep asking cause of cause and hence trying to make cause non-existence or false..And if cause don’t exist , how can effects will happen even in case of atheism for which material cause is required ?…That’s why this proves that the nature of cause is unborn…Effects can produce further effects due to efficient cause and effect and many times for convenience or ignorantly we consider material effect as cause for further effects but in reality neither cause is equal to effect nor effect is equal to cause ..So conclusion is there are only 3 causes and rest all are effects..

      • continued
        Now it is proved that God,souls and matter are truth but can you anyone see any of these? ..NO and since no one can see with gross eyes ,then obviously it means that they all are subtle in nature.God is infinitely subtle and omnipresent.That’s why God is shapeless and hence if anyone shows some form and say that he/she/it is God then its false.Souls are also subtle so formless but not omnipresent so have shape(regular or irregular) otherwise there would be no diff between God and souls.Both these are alive entitites.Prakriti or primordial matter is again subtle but non-alive.

      • continued…
        Now question can come that which book is true? So going back to true phenomenon, truth is always first and then illusion or effects happen or comes.Illusion or effects cant come from something that doesnt exist or false…So that which is most ancient book will be truly revealed by God and we all know that its vedas..

  • हिन्दू शब्द के बारे में कहा जाता है कि यह एक गाली है जो कि अरबों द्वारा हमें दी गयी है और ना ही किसी हिन्दू ग्रन्थ में कहें हिन्दू शब्द आया है । अगर यह बात सही है तो हमे हिन्दू होने पर नहीं बल्कि सनातनी होने पर गर्व होना चाहिए ।

    • I have read the said letter.
      May I know what Mrinalini Devi achieved marrying Sri Arvind (Aurobindo) ?
      Why did Aurobindo prefer ‘Mother’ (i.e. Mirra Alfassa) as his collaborator or companion, instead of poojya Mrinalini Devi?
      Bhavesh Merja

  • I am really surprised to read soem comments that Aryasamaji people do not Swami Vivekanand books. Have you ever tried to read these books? I was born in Aryasamaji family (a true Aryasamji and that way I won billion dollar jackpot :)) and read Satyarthparkash, Rigveda Bhasyabhumika, Ramayan (suddha valmiki ramayan), Yoga Darshan, Sankhya Darshan, Vedanta, Upanishads, Gita, All 4 yoga books written by Swami Vivekanand (Karam Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Raj yoga, Bhakti Yoga), Maharishi Aurobindo books and many more spiritual books written by different authors. Not even one moment in my life, I thought Swami Dayanand is better than Swami Vivekanand or Aurobindo or any one else. These books are our real treasures and these are rare diamonds, pearls, gemstones. If you like Sankhya Darshan over Yoga Darshan or Karam yoga over Bhakti Yoga, that is your personal choice and you can follow whatever you like and that helps to get peace, knowledge and enlightenment. With love and peace to humanity. – Rishika

    • Vivekananda believed that his master RK Paramhamsa was the supreme incarnation. He installed his master’s idol and initiated its worship. He told that he sawed his master even after the death of the latter ! Vivekananda was not clear on many philosophical points – he tried to please dualists as well as non-dualists. Sri Arvind (Aurobindo) established that he was Krishna ! Can any body say his ‘Life Divine’ is Vedic ? In that book how many fundamental entities (anaadi – mool sattaas) have been mentioned? Is it clear on fundamentals? His followers worship his photos and so-called samaadhi. Now, compare Dayananda Saraswati. He stood for the Vedic truths all through his life. He taught the true way of worship of the true God. He gave supreme importance to Veda-Vani – God’s revealed knowledge.
      Dayananda was great, obviously greater than Arvind and Vivekananda.
      Bhavesh Merja

  • Dear Agniveer,

    It is a great article. I really appreciate your efforts to show true meaning of hinduism. Now it is altogether different question who understands and follows it in his/her life. I really liked your quote that being born as a hindu, you won a million dollar jackpot. It is much more than million dollars and again its worth depends on how are you using the jackpot. Only very few intellectuals use it properly and you are among one of them. Please always keep it up and spread the light of your wisdom as Swami Dayanand Ji and Swami Vivekanand ji did. Thanks so much.


    • “The God for Hindus may be a formless being or also having a form ” ——- you are wrong here..God is omnipresent only and cant have form because unlimited(omnipresent) cannot become limited (form) and vice-versa.
      To follow truth is the only religion of humans and so
      Every human should know ,
      a)Definition of truth which helps to know true entities.
      b)True phenomenon which helps to prove true entities. ie truth–>illusion=cause–>effect
      I will only explain ‘a’ here which is as follows.
      2)Illusion = effects ——>born=temporary
      3)false = unreal ——>no existence
      God is unborn(hence will never take birth as form),infintesimally subtle and omnipresent and that’s why God is shapeless and hence if anyone shows something and say that he/she/it is God then its false….Why people need idols ? .Those who support say that they need for something to see and concentrate ..But concentration can be done on anything available in nature including your body with your 5 senses and those who still find God in idols instead of whole universe or nature at once then he dont have proper knowledge of God.So idols are actually not needed and hence is not mentioned in vedas.Its discouraged because it divides society..Today if someone made idols according to his thoughts,then tommorrow somenone else will do and this will keep on happening and finally new false philosophy/cult/religion would start..So it should be always discouraged by wise people for welfare of society.Vedas say to practice ashtang yog and perform yajyen.

  • Agniveerji……………once you said (incredible enery and perfect health article ) that.”say no to tea,coffee,alcohol .” our body do not need this ……….fine ………..

    Then why u r selling tea on agniKart named as “Organic Green Tea” @rs 69…….

    these r tiny things to be cared for else people will raise questions ………

    and still you did not answer my question .Why Amitabh Bacchan is in your testimonial section ………(he has a good reputation of vulgar movies )…..

    Sorry in case I dissapoint you …..

  • I find observation made by Sri Vasudevarao of serious nature, and wish Agniveer’s response on the same.

  • I feel extremely sad that you are promoting the books of Swami Vivekanand. I know how valiantly you exposed Vivekanand on his views on beef/ meat eating , smoking[ which are unbecoming of a person claiming to be sanyasi.] Now the same agniveer is marketing his books, It is not that we hate swami Vivekanand but he is not a person to be admired by a Vedics, and marketing his books by the person said to be a follower of Swami Dayanand is really tragic. I felt uneasy when Dr. Vivek parted ways. Then I thought it was personal in nature. But now I feel Agniveer is deviating from the principles of Dayanand and Aryasamaj. Further, the meaning of the word Hindu is itself debatable. It may be true that Dayanand’s view on the term “Hindu” may not have large appreciation but he has told the truth.

  • Open Challenge.
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    Sina’s Challenge

    I receive many emails from angry Muslims, who sometimes beg me, and sometimes order me to remove this site.
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    a narcissist, a misogynist, a rapist, a pedophile, a lecher, a torturer, a mass murderer, a cult leader, an assassin, a terrorist, a mad man, a looter.

    • U are truly brainwashed and do not know what u are saying. U better be a Muslim and save ur self from hell fire. All these allegation u leveled against Mohammed have no basis and u can’t even prove it. If u want to know Islam just go buy Islamic books and read for ur self and stop the hearsay.

      • Muslims are brainwashed by Mullahs ……..Muslims r already in hell fire .see the condition of islamic countries …..Except a few all r beggers……if allegations on muhammad have no basis then why do not u take the challenge ….before u many (illiterate mullahs ) debated Ali Sina and get battered ……you should fancy your chances …who know u could win $50000…… coming to the books …….which book quran or sahih hadiths ……..1 chapte of bhagwad gita contains more spirituality than total book of quran ……
        Islam is a cancer..
        Muslims are cancerous cells …….they destroy the body (country) where they live…..

        And please stop boot -licking arabic invaders who raped your mother and forced your father to accept Islam …….Islam(likes of zakir naik,abdulsamad,darool uloom-) ============Terroism

      • It will be best on your part to win the prize money which will help a great . The Islamic books are the creations on the advices of Muhammed. It is not worth advising Sina to read the books you have mentioned. Already you know that he is a born Muslim. It is sure that he is not blind follower like you. His eyes are open, showing the true faults. Try to disprove him and win the attractive sum.

      in Hindu scriptures there are four divisions of people 1-BRAHMAN (priest) 3.5%, 2-KSHATRIYA (warriors) 5.5%, 3-VAISHYA (business caste) 6%, 4-SHUDRA (serving caste to above three caste also called Achot and feet (they cant touch the food or anything of uper three classes) 85%.
      majority of the Muslims of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are converted form caste SHUDRA (serving caste) thanks to the caste system they recognize the truth of Islam.

      • This was not the reason for conversion to Islam. Most Hindus were converted forcibly to Islam by Muslim rulers and their henchmen . Women were raped and men made to convert at the threat of a sword. The reason why shudras converted was because of imposition of Jazia( a tax) on anyone who was not a Muslim. Most shudras were doing small jobs and were poor and could not afford to pay Jazia but needed patronage of rulers that is why they converted. This is why most weavers, artists, musicians etc converted to Islam. Religion is of less importance to poor people than getting 2 square meals a day. This is also the reason why most muslims are poor today

      • it is illogical statement you can not change someone heart by force Muslims are the most practising people in world Indonesia is the biggest Muslim country check history which Muslim army conqured and converted them (none) my dear brother i am not here to fight i am just saying read your scriptures first then compare them with the history of the power of the Hindu temples.
        I have some Questions for you to find in your scriptures
        1- SATHI (burning wife with with the body of dead hasband)
        2- Cast systems (very important for every hindu to know about it)
        3- women in hindu scriptures

      • Dear Muhammad, while I appreciate your devotion to your belief system, I also feel it is right that I dispel some of the myths that you have been brainwashed with by delusional imams and mullahs. The sacred practice of Sati was, and still is, a voluntary self – immolation by a widow on the funeral pyre of her husband. Such a woman rejoins her husband in Paradise. Also, the practice of Jauhar, practiced by Rajput women whose men were facing certain defeat against muslims has the same religious basis. There is no force in Sati and both muslims and christian british were horrified by this practice. In the memoirs of Babur (called Baburnama) and Aurangzeb you will find detailed descriptions of this most sacred practice. In fact, both the mughals and the british were so awestruck by Sati that both passed laws forbidding any widow from performing the practice. Now, I assume that you are serious about educating yourself through this website, so I leave it up to you to answer your own questions regarding the caste system and how this great principle of social arrangement is misapplied in these times. You seem to be very concerned about the welfare of Sanatani (wrongly called hindu) women. I am a Sanatani young woman and if you have any questions or doubts regarding my happiness or well – being, please do not hesitate contacting myself.

      • Dear premika
        here is the answer of hindu cast system you can confirm it with history or your hindu scriptures,
        in Hindu scriptures there are four divisions of people
        1-BRAHMAN (priest) 3.5%, 2-KSHATRIYA (warriors) 5.5%, 3-VAISHYA (business caste) 6%, 4-SHUDRA (serving caste to above three caste also called Achot and feet (they cant touch the food or anything of uper three classes) 85%.
        majority of the Muslims of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are converted form caste SHUDRA (serving caste) thanks to the caste system they recognize the truth of Islam.

  • Open challenge to Agniveer and all his brainwashed chelas. Please visit where we will expose the fraud of Agniveer. All Hindus, Muslims should unite to destroy Agniveer – the greatest threat to humanity today. While others are fighting on surface, Agniveer is brainwashing the youth and hence causing long term permanent damage. It is proven that he is distorting Hinduism to suit his own plans and is a Shia agent. He has allied with Shia groups in Pakistan and eating real Muslims and Hindus from inside. Beware of this fraud. We will expose him totally at . Agniveer if you have guts, don’t remove this message. All anti-agniveer people must circulate this message. We will fight Agniveer on ground and online.

    • ANTI AGNI,




    • Anti agni,

      U have no case, and fail to understand primal points of the beautiful faith of sanatan dharma,:
      1) Moksha-merging with God, but only if the person leads a noble life
      2) LOrd Krishna says god resides in hearts of all beings-BG 10.20
      3) Karma Yoga- working without expectations of the fruits of the work ie selfless service

      Kindly open your mind and you will see, now leave you with these verses:
      The last Sukta of Rigveda (10.191) summarizes the whole essence of what humans should do to imbibe the Vedas. The entire Vedas have to be understood in context of this Sukta which emphasizes on the most differentiating trait of human beings – unity – in purpose, method and approach. Here is a summary list of the dictates of Vedic religion in this Sukta:

      Rigveda 10.191.2
      – walk together in the path of truth without bias, injustice and intolerance
      – talk to each other to enhance knowledge, wisdom and affection without malice and hatred
      – keep working together to enhance knowledge and bliss
      – follow the path of truth and selflessness as exemplified by noble people

      Rigveda 10.191.3
      – Your analysis of right and wrong should be unbiased and not specific to particular set of people
      – You should organize together to help everyone enhance their health, knowledge and prosperity
      – Your minds should be devoid of hatred and should see progress and happiness of all as one’s own progress and happiness and you should only act for enhancement of happiness of all based on truth
      – Work together to eradicate falsehood and discover truth
      – Never ever deviate from path of truth and unity

      Rigveda 10.191.4
      – Your efforts should be full of enthusiasm and for bliss of everyone
      – Your emotions should be for one and all and love everyone the way you love yourself
      – Your desire, resolve, analysis, faith, abstinence, patience, keenness, focus, comfort etc all should be towards truth and bliss for all, and away from falsehood.
      – Keep working in synergy to increase each others’ knowledge and bliss.

    • AntiAgniveer,

      Listen you dumbass, I do not agree with everything that Agniveer says, but I still think overall Agniveer’s mission is a positive one that will help all of humanity. So you dumbass, don’t try and think what I wrote earlier is an opening for you to now talk shit and treat Agniveer like crap. And you message clearly shows you are insecure and scared of Agniveer. Which means Agniveer is doing something right. Keep up the good work Agniveer. I don’t agree with everything you say, but I do agree with many of the things and am on your side.


    • Agniveerji please remove the confusion …………a mullah named Anti-agni is shouting too much …..

      “””””======Agniveer exposed:
      Arya Samaj is now against Agniveer. When Agniveer promoted Swami Vivekanand’s books, all old members of Agniveer from Arya Samaj revolted and left Agniveer. They are now publicly exposing Agniveer. People who like posts exposing Agniveer include Vishal Arya, Dr Vivek Arya (ex Head- R&D – Agniveer), Rahul Arya, Aditya Ahuja, Sumit Upadhyaya, Good Bipin, Rohit Bhat, Okesh Kumar, and many more. All die hard ex-fans or workers of Agniveer. Want proof? See May 15 post of ex-Chela of Agniveer –

      Muslims were always against Agniveer because of his Shia background. Now Arya Samaj is also against him. His own people are against him. Dr Vivek Arya who was most important person in Agniveer is now liking anti-Agniveer posts. Arya Nirmatri Sabha of Haryana is also against Agniveer. Swami Agnivesh is also against Agniveer. Only people with Agniveer are Shias, Ahmadiyas, meat eating Bengalis, fans of Vivekanand. More expose coming soon.======”””””””

    • What you revealed is not Agniveer but yourself. A Shia agent, really. So you are a rabid Shia, Ahmadiyya, Hindu, every one not a Sunni Muslim hating Sunni fool.
      Clearly Agniveer’s success with Hindu scriptures and with Hindus has AA’s panties in a twist. He doesn’t care about Hindus, Shia or anyone one else outside of his narrow Muslim sect. But he does care that Agniveer is successful and that bothers him more than anything that he spends his time distorting and lying on that FB page.

    • Dear Agiveerhaters!

      I curse you, that love dominates your hatefull hearts and minds!
      I curse you, that only good and pleasant words will come from you!
      I curse you, that no evil actions will be done by you!
      I curse you, that you will gain true wisdom and understanding
      I curse you, that your existance will be full of Love and Respect for all living beeings!

      Let my words be true!

      Om shanti shanti shanti

  • Hi,

    I admit there are a lot of good points in this article. But there are many things I disagree with. I find it ridiculous how everyone is posting that this is the best article since slice bread. Come on guys, use your brain for once. It does have good points, but seriously it is not this amazing article. I will post the reasons later, but please people, I just request for everyone for once to THINK CRITICALLY instead of like robots.


    • I fully agree with this assessment. A number of people in West are turning towards Vegetarianism, Yoga, Meditation and caring about our Environment. They are Arya and belong to Vedic Dhrama which basically means “Manav Dharama”. It has nothing to do with religion–it is all about being a is all about treating others beings with respect—it is about being caring about our nature….It is a Dharma–not religion.

  • I honestly feel only a Hindu can change the world. Unfortunately, we do not have a single Hindu who is a true Hindu today. My view of a true Hindu is, an Indian who is knowledgeable, vegetarian, peaceful, humble, charitable, merciful, compassionate, loving, caring and above all selfless. Today Hindus eat meat and are too much into the worldly ways. This is not at all Hinduism. This is why we are unable to conquer the world with our ideology and philisophy. Please wait to read my next book titled ” A biography of The Hindu who changed the world”

    • Dear Ershad Hossain brother, you are ABSOLUTELY right. Today’s Sanatan Dharmi is like like the driver of a Ferrari who does not take his vehicle out of the first gear.

      I would also like to add that we are VERY divided. Look at other belief systems, there is a sense of belonging and sisterhood. In Sanatan Dharm, we are often rivals with our fellow sisters and brothers.

      If you are a Sanatan Dharmi (Hindu), please accept my heartfelt Namaskar as your sister in Sanatan Dharm.


      • Today’s Hinduism is not a house divided. It is the way of Sanatana Dharma. It is not a belief system, but a way of life. If you are a believer, you can also fall out of it. But there is not such thing in Hinduism. You can be a rabid anti-Hindu as so many of our leaders profess in life, but still declare yourself in official documents as a Hindu. There is plenty of room for all kinds of persuasions in Hinduism, the reason why it has survived till day. Only two disciplines are outside its pale, Christianity and Islam. But they are outside it out of their own choosing. In fact, they take advantage of Hinduism’s openness to convert Hindus and close their minds, post-conversion. They talk of god, but they consciously exclude one of the divine’s unsaid injunctions: inclusiveness. Either you accept their path as the divine path or you are doomed. This is not the path of god, but of the devil. On the other hand, you don’t have to be a vegetarian, follow a particular book or pray to a said image or non-image or even pray at all. Brotherhood or sisterhood does not mean that I do what you do to be accepted by you. You are what you are, and still you are a Hindu.

    • I have one question to ERSHAD HOSSAIN and Premika Shalini.
      You have said:
      “Unfortunately, we do not have a single Hindu who is a true Hindu today. My view of a true Hindu is, an Indian who is knowledgeable, vegetarian, peaceful, humble, charitable, merciful, compassionate, loving, caring and above all selfless.”

      My question is:
      Why is Agniveer not a true Hindu? What proofs he will have to give for this. I don’t find anyone so knowledgeable and intelligent among Hindus, he promotes vegetarianism, is peaceful, so humble that he does everything silently, left his career for charity, did not see him show a word of abuse against his worst enemies who abuse and threaten, so he is merciful, compassionate, loving, caring and selfless. Moreover he has single-handedly revived Hinduism on internet. He fought alone and in innovative manner and now each and every Hindu group on internet that fights conversion cartels is influenced by Agniveer even if they don’t directly know Agniveer. I believe that if Hindus can convince and ensure such genius to be leaders of Hindu Samaj, we will be world powers. If he can do so much with power of pen on one small blog, imagine what he can achieve for us if whole Hindu Samaj stands behind him?

      Should we not encourage such rare legends and thank for their presence among us? We all see dark and gloomy. But people like Vivekanand and Agniveer stand up to light the lamp.

    • — true Hindu is, an Indian who is …—
      If a person fullfills everything you wrote or at least does his best, will you call him a Hindu even if he is from a far away country but since 25 years in love with the teachings as in Vedas or Vedanta and following the guidelines of Adi Shankaracharya and others like in Yogavashista, Tripura Rahasya, Ashtavakra and Ribhu gita? Does nationality count?

      Om Arunachaleswaraya Namah

  • Pranaam Agniveer ji and dhanyavaad for this great article. I salute the Eternal Truth of Sanatan Dharm. I salute our Rishis and Munis and fellow sisters and brothers. I salute my sisters in Dharm who chose Sati rather than rape and conversion.

    Dhanyavaad once again Agniveer ji. I will not say that MAY truth prevail, for the Truth always prevails.

    I am Agniveer. I am best.


  • Simply amazing
    Fantabulous work
    Loved it….
    I would love if agniveerji u will write and article On SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HINDUISM AND CHRISTIANITY

    • You must read the book: “Being Different: An Indian Challenge to Western Universalism” by Rajiv Malhotra. Its an awesome book and a very interesting read. You can also type Rajiv Malhotra Being Different on Youtube and watch one of his videos before you read the book. The book talks about almost every aspect of the two civilizations and also reverses the gaze upon the west and questions its Universalism.

  • Nice Article !!
    Although I have one question, What is the symbol that would indicate that I’am Hindu. Suppose if I die today in any other country, how would they identify me as a Hindu. Color and creed would only indicate my ethnicity roughly, but what about the religion ? is there any symbol for it !!


    • Your question involves the crux of religious divisions. The Vedas have expressed the whole universe as a creation, where there are no divisions. The Vedas are universal in context; so a Hindu is universal. Those having less confidence, put on an nexternal monogram on the body. The Vedas or Upanishads have enforced no religious signals to bear on the body. However, if you are so much interested, you may put on a sandalwood paste on your forehead in the form of tri-lines as Saivism, ‘Ram Tilak’ or ‘Hari Mandir Tilak’ qas follower of Rama or Vishnu.
      Even if you donot prefer to do so, your body will be disposed by any means,i.e. placement in a grave, cremation with fire or exposed to scavangers(as in Parsees). All methods are narrated in Hinduism. As you know, commonly bodies are cremated. The bodies of Saints or Sadhus are kept under grave (Samadhi). Srimad Bhagavatam narrates very vividly the dead bodies to be eaten by the scavangers. So, all the methods of body disposals are in Hinduism.

      The voice of the Vedas are eternally universal.

  • Nice Article !!
    Although I have one question, What is the symbol that would indicate that I’am Hindu. Suppose if I die today in any other country, how would they identify me as a Hindu. Color and creed would only indicate my ethnicity roughly, but what about the religion ? is there any symbol for it !!

  • thanks for the amazing article. I feel lucky to read you. Keep it up. Our Satan dharm and vedas are the best. One day the world will again go back to the vedas.

  • I have been reading your articles since I knew about you from some spiritual discussions on Quora. The service you’re doing to the Sanatana Dharma is invaluable.