The typical image of woman projected by media today is that of someone either timid, or inept in exhibiting boldness, or merely an object for sensual gratification. The media includes not only means of mass communications but also the major religious cults. And not to be surprised, denigration of woman led to denigration of world. A society that does not give due respect to woman is bound to be inflicted with untimely deaths, fear and injustice. This is the the loud pronouncement of Vedas summarized by Manu (3.56): “The society that respects women is a heaven. And where women are denigrated, even the noble actions go waste.”

India became a slave nation ruled even by slaves because we ignored this most important social message of Vedas. And world is an extremely dangerous and volatile place to live today, despite all so-called advancements,  because woman – the true foundation of valor – are not having the same status that they rightly deserve. If we consider woman as objects of lust, and glamorize skin-showers, law of karma will ensure that our skin is peeled off every moment through harsh realities of life. That is exactly what has happened and is happening today. But if we respect motherly woman to be hallmark of valor and all goodness that we possess, our world would be a paradise.

Contrary to the stupid notions prevailing, as per Vedas, a powerful prosperous society demands woman to be full of valor because that is her natural trait. Her valor is not brutal but that inspired by emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Let us review a few mantras from Vedas on woman:

Atharvaveda 14.1.47: O woman, you are the foundation of society. We promise to provide you a solid foundation to nurture and exhibit your capabilities. Stand up on this foundation and learn the lessons of firmness and patience. You also, thus, become firm foundation for the society like a solid rock. May you live a long life so that our brilliance can enlighten us for long!

Yajurveda 5.10: O woman, you are a lioness. Destroy the enemies of ignorance, immaturity, negativity and savagery for welfare of all. O woman, you are a lioness. Destroy the enemies of ignorance, immaturity, negativity and savagery for purity of all. O woman, you are a lioness. Destroy the enemies of ignorance, immaturity, negativity and savagery for happiness of all.

Yajurveda 5.12: O woman, you are a lioness. We resolve to do everything for your respect and glory. O woman, you are a lioness that leads to birth of great legends in society. We resolve to do everything for your respect and glory. O woman, you are a lioness that nurtures intelligence and bravery in society. We resolve to do everything for your respect and glory. O woman, you are a lioness who provides bliss and prosperity to society. We resolve to do everything for your respect and glory. We appoint you for welfare of all living beings.

Yajurveda 10.26: O woman, you are source of happiness. You are source of firmness and stability. You are source of valor. Stay glorious in our society.

Yajurveda 13.16: O woman, you are firm and possess tremendous will-power. You support us all. The Supreme Lord has filled you with virtues of valor and knowledge. May even the entire army of enemies that comes like sea be unable to harm you. Even the vultures may not be able to harm you. May you strengthen the world. (In other words, the rest of the society should vow to protect the woman so that she can support us all. It is this message that led to brave legends preferring to die rather than compromise dignity of women.)

Yajurevda 13.18: O woman, you have tremendous potentials. You are as stable as this earth. You are the mother for entire world. You support the world and society. Protect the world from deviating to wrong paths, stabilize the world and ensure that there is never any violence.

(Thus the mantra states that all women, regardless of her age, should be respected as we respect our mother. Such a respect for women will ensure that our society is worth living for humans. When women is respected in this manner, her valor and patience bring stability, peace and prosperity in society.

On contrary, when women are denigrated as glamorous tools, we face the same miseries in society that happen among savages. So stop idolizing models and actresses and start respecting Rani Jhansis and Ahilya Bais.

Yajurveda 13.26: O woman, you do not deserve to be defeated by challenges and obstacles. On contrary, you possess the power to defeat the stiffest challenge. Defeat the enemies and their armies. You have valor of thousands of men. Realize your true potential and demonstrate your valor. Please us all through your courage. The world demands that from you!

Yajurveda 21.5: O woman, you possess tremendous power. You are the mother of noble people. You are the wife of truth-seeker. You are full of valor. You cannot be weakened by attack of enemies. You are full of dynamism. You bring happiness to all. You follow the path of nobility. Protect the society by realizing your true potential.

(The mantra clearly states that if the husband is not on right path, a woman should not follow him. She is source of all power, so she should lead and not be led in matters of truth and justice.)

Rigveda 8.67.10: O woman, you are unbreakable. You are never impoverished. We urge you to spread happiness and prosperity in the world. We urge you to realize your potential so that we are able to fulfill our goals.

Rigveda 8.18.5: O woman, you are unbreakable, brave and impoverished. Hence your children are also brave and eager to take greatest challenges for noble goals. They dare to fight the toughest enemies. They never even dream of sins. How can they indulge in any sinful act! All this is because you are the mother!

Yajurveda 14.13: O woman, you are the queen! You are brilliant like the east from where sun rises! You are possessor of tremendous potentials like the south. You are the empress like the glorious west. You enlighten us all like the north. You deserve vast respect like the sky.

Rigveda 10.86.10: A woman never hesitates to make greatest of sacrifices in time of need. The woman who symbolizes truth, has brave sons and has a brave husband brings prosperity and glory for herself and society.

Yajurveda 17.44: O brave woman, defeat the vast armies of enemy. March towards the enemies and destroy them. Stay away from sinful acts. Ensure that enemies of society are completely disheartened to never dare to promote vices.

Yajurveda 17.45: O brave woman, obtain training in martial arts and warfare. Unleash your potential and destroy the enemies. Capture them and do not have mercy on those who spread hatred and vices in society. Imprison them.

Rigveda 6.75.15: O brave woman, for the criminals, you are an arrow full of poison. For defense of the society, you have donned an armor. You have tremendous valor. We humbly bow to your selfless glory!

Rigveda 10.86.9: This criminal is assuming me to be a coward. But I am brave. My husband is also brave. I am in company of brave people.

Rigveda 10.159.2: I am the flag of the nation. I am the head of the society. I am brilliant. My voice has impact. I am loved by my husband but in battle-field I demonstrate exemplary bravery that destroys the enemies.

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Rigveda 10.159.3: My son has destroyed all enemies. My daughter is full of brilliance. My husband is famed. And I am a winner.

Rigveda 10.159.4: My husband has performed exemplary acts of selflessness. I have also conducted similar selfless acts of bravery. Since I am completely selfless and powerful, I have no enemies.

Rigveda 10.159.5: I have no enemies. I have destroyed all enemies. I am a winner over all enemy mindsets and tendencies.

O Ishwar! Provide a direction to our society that we respect the woman as mother! Provide inspiration to women so that they realize their true potential. This is the only way for a peaceful, prosperous, powerful society, nation and world! May we achieve that very soon!

References: Commentaries by Swami Dayanand, Vedic Naari by Pt Ramnath Vedalankar, Vedik Shabdarth Vichar by Pt Ramnath Vedalankar, Vedic Kosh by Pt Rajveer Shastri. 

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  • People think that women are not respected in the Sanatana Dharma faith. Especially in the West. This terrible Delhi rape convinces them that it is our religious culture that permits rape, as well as female infanticide, and honor killings. None of them are supported by the Vedas but no one with the in depth knowledge is on those Western newspapers (Huffingtonpost, The Daily Beast, The Guardian, the NY Times etc… ) countering these falsehoods. These problems exist in India across religions but they go against what is considered right or lawful.

  • I request Agniveer to send the article to Mohajji bhagavat for his reading. What he said today as appearing in News paper is obnoxious and borders on Talibanism. Further, the marriage in Vedas is not social contract. It is beyond this. It is unfortunate that RSS has a horrible puranic mindset that is the primary cause of our 1000 years of slavery.
    Once again I request Agniveer to despatch this article with comments in full for the attention of RSS chief. He must stop talking rubbish.

    • You may send the article. But when we viewed a longer footage, we did not find anything objectionable. It seems he was actually criticizing this contract theory rather than endorsing it. Newspapers seem to be highlighting only a part of his speech.

      • Agniveer can you give us link of mohan bhagwat speech so that we may know that he was denying contract theory?

      • Vinu i have downloaded from YouTube but it is ibn news and showing only one line of bhagwat speech . from that clip i can’t conclude whether he was supporting or denying contract. but agniveer said that i have seen and media is misleading so i want link.

    • Thank you. I heard his speech in video and he has not stated what the news papers said. It is a deliberate distortion done by media to defame RSS . Agreed. Even then, I feel Sri Mohanji Bhagavat is not fully aware of the lofty position accorded to women in Vedas. That is my surmise. Having associated with RSS, I know that RSS does not have the great vision of Vedas on any subject. Recently, a friend of mine met Sri Bhagavatji in RSS office in Bangalore and requested him to help the propagation of Vedic ideology. i.e in Vedic Prachar work. Sri Bhagavat was non-committal and on the contrary advised my friend to go ahead with his prachar work on his own and gave no piece of hope let alone help. Viewed in this context, I strongly feel that , it would be a great educative thing, if he were to go thru this article. I would have posted to this article to his email but since I am unaware of his e-mail, I could not do so. Hence, this request please.

      • it will be very sad to say that the head of the one of formost hindu organisation RSS is unaware of our own texts THE VEDAS. Had RSS focussed more and more on Vedas the result would have been development of great intellect force which would have resulted in great transformation of country as well as human race.

      • @agnivr. According to that video it seems that mr. bhagwat is criticising contract theory. it is not right thing to produce anything out of context. we have to see full video before commenting on it. you can see how media change the thing. we Muslims are real victim of it. no one take load to search the matter if media blame any Muslim .

      • Why differentiate as we and you. Everyone is victim of those forces whose only goal is commercial benefits. At least Agniveer never blames on basis of Hindu or Muslim. Yes we condemn Zakir and Owaisi but we also admire Ashfaq and Hamid as our top role models. Today, the largest promoter of Ashfaq’s story on internet is Agniveer. We defend many things in contemporary Hinduism but there is no stronger critic of caste system than Agniveer today. But then, is it not an irony that you define yourself as anti-agni. You may agree with us on some points and differ on many. Same is true with media. If religion for you is about respecting women, considering all humans as equal, non-alcoholism, non-vulgarity, worship of One and only One Supreme, then is Agniveer not more religious than majority of others like media, cinema, commerce, politics celebrities? Why then are you anti-Agni and not anti-cinema, anti-TimesofIndia, anti-ShahrukhKhan? You dont call yourself anti-NDTV, anti-BBC.etc?
        Anyways, we don’t mind. Its between you and God and we and God and we trust Him fully.
        We would only suggest that if we start looking at things from holistic perspective, we can find friends in many whom we thought as enemies. And we can have more honest unity where we focus on bigger similarities and ignore petty differences. And then strive for real worthy things in life in more genuine manner.

      • Media and politician sometime make issue over little things. For example demolition of Babari Mosque. Why was there a lot of hue and cry over demolition over a mosque? Bomb explosion in mosque in Pakistan, Irak and other many countries daily activity. Muslims & Media & politician never makes issue over Bomb explosion in mosque in pakistan and other Muslim countries.

      • Sanatan your comarison is wrong because anyone who is placing bombs is always treated with iron hands by the administration. but babri masjid demolishers are eyeing on pm post.

        agniveer i am against you because you never let a moment go without blaming islam and Muslims. if anyone present you that speech by refering to any Muslim speaker then you will be first to criticise. you have deleted all my comments because those comments were unveiling the truth of aryasamajis. you yourself present many ayat of Quran out of context. we don’t need such things to prove Islam right because we have Quran .

        A crystal of glucose in poison can’t make poison edible so i can never support you but i will never attach any lie with you or aryasamaj or mr.mohan bhagvat.

      • @anti-agni
        Muslim are greatest victim of media.
        Muslim terrorist who killed lacs of Muslims and do bomb explosions is mosque in Pakistan, Irak, Afghanistan are roaming freely. Media and politician will never talk about them. The Muslim get killed in Gujarat riots were in hundreds but Muslim killed by Muslims in Pakistan, Irak are in lacs but no muslim and media talking about them. Why?

      • Because no one is surprised when Muslims mass murder infidels or rival Muslim sects. It is not news. It is the only religion people have to be constantly reminded that it is a religion of peace though the never ending rivers of blood say otherwise.

      • @Anti-Agni
        Agniveer is against those people who has the mentality that
        “Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Ben Laden, Khalkhali and Khomeini will be forgiven, despite their crimes, because they were Muslims and did not set partners to Allah, but Gandhi who was a Hindu and as Muslims claim believed in a multitudes of deities will be burned for eternity in hell.”
        This Allah/God/Ishwar must be sick. He is a lunatic and a very miserable being for wanting so desperately to be known by his creatures and being so jealous. This God is not worthy of any praise. He should be locked in a mental hospice.

      • You remind us of another site started against Agniveer. I think it was called Islam Hinduism or something. It began with distributing Zakir Naik books and videos to counter Agniveer. It vowed to defeat designs of Agniveer and expose it. Started writing many articles against us or countering articles written by us. But to oppose us, without rejecting Zakir Naik was not possible. Thus soon it removed Zakir Naik books and videos. Then it gradually started rejecting Zakir Naik as spurious. Today, it is extremely critical of Zakir Naik and IRF. This is what we learnt from sages. That even our enemies should benefit from our association. We are happy to have such enemies who promote our own ideology.

  • Vedas On girl child
    यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता: !
    यत्रेतास्तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफला: क्रिया: !! मनु:
    Prosperity reigns supreme where women are held in high esteem. All their actions fail to bring wellbeing, where women are held in disrespect.
    This has been a uniquely Indian tradition from Vedic times, and is not found in any other world civilization.
    Modern world society seeks to draw attention to important issues, by assigning a DAY to each issue. Not inappropriately, we have a ‘Girl Child’ day also. This day should also help us to do a little introspection on the state of our society.
    Our elitist educated class in imitating the west is seeking for women in the Indian society an equal opportunity statute.
    Swami Vivekand was asked by an American in 1890, if women enjoyed status equal to men in India. Eloquent Swami ji is reported to have dumb founded Indians in his audience by saying ‘NO’, and then after a pause, ‘The women India are accorded a higher status than men.’
    In the above quote from Manu it is stated that all efforts of a society to achieve well fare for its people bear no fruit, if the women in that society are not treated with respect.
    Reflecting on the state of our Indian society today, we witness even our elected leaders, surrounded by high security, constantly living under fear of violent attacks by members of our own society. Daily violent attacks on innocent people, miseries and crimes against society fill the front page space in our media. We are witnessing hunger, poverty, social, educational inequalities. Worsening food security and food safety are of great concern. Adverse climate changes seem to be beyond our control. With all the advances of sciences and technology in the modern world, with the best of intentions, think tanks, task forces, missions and commissions, we find all our efforts slipping, in addressing these problems. Has the mankind ‘really’ made real progress?
    It may come as a surprise that description of such a society is found verbatim in Vedas.
    “Where the truth speaking learned men and honest citizens do not enjoy, free speech; Where there is no audience to hear sane voices of reason; Where members of its society are maltreated because they are poor, meek and soft; Where girl child and women are left uncared, unkempt, unsafe, and exploited; Where learning, education, knowledge and scholarship are not given due importance and Where the unborn fetuses are aborted.”
    There the king and his bejeweled consort, even under best of security feel threatened and spend sleepless nights in their chambers. High remunerations paid to the employees in administration, services and defense forces fail to ensure expected good performances.
    Where prosperity earned out of honest living is not adulated, Health from good milk giving cows, good food from fertile fields and bulls and lotus bearing ponds are missed, Strong horses are not yoked to the chariots, People plunder, exploit and shed blood of each other, Brothers cheat and kill each other, Calamities rain on the society, like thunder bolts from the sky, or rain of blazing hot lava rocks.”
    Vedas point out that this situation is brought about by not understanding the role of women in inculcating right values in the society and by the unmindful neglect of the female of the species.
    Girl child starting from her birth, growing through infancy, adolescence, puberty and marriage, performs the role of continuing the human society by giving birth to new generations.
    Mother is the first teacher to cultivate sense for aesthetics to avoid ugliness in life and cultivate the right value system for the human society by proper family upbringing of the young ones. Vedas attribute this most important role assigned by nature to the female of the species.
    Rig Veda and Atharva Veda mention the deliberation of the divine forces on this subject, when female of the species was created. Role of females in society, duties of the society in development of the full potential of female talents, and finally the consequences of abrogation and neglect by the society of its duties towards the welfare of female, are the topics covered very exhaustively in Vedas. It is left to the learned audience to judge as to how relevant and erudite are these ideas, even in the light of modern sociology.
    It may be considered inappropriate but the truth of the matter is that this present state of our Indian society is that of a ‘TALIBANISED’ society. Is it not the hall mark of most Islamic nations in which girl child and female of the species is not accorded due respect and protection, and treated as very inferior? It may not be out of place to mention that according to Christian and Islamic scriptures females did not have a soul.
    From Vedas वेदों से
    On the conceived Role of Female in building Human Society
    1-.तेS वदन् प्रथमा ब्रह्मकिल्विषे S कूपार: सलिलो मातरिश्वा ! वीडुहरास्तप उग्रं मयोभूरापो देवी: प्रथमजा: ऋतस्य !! ऋ10/109/1, अथर्व 5/17/1
    “In the beginning three devataas viz. akoopaar, salilo and matarishwa, (Solar energy, the primordial soup and the moving winds laden with microbes) – that had taken part in creation of the physical humans, te awadan- deliberated among themselves. To brahmkilvishe – plan for preventing degradation of human society by Veeduharaastapugram – defeating the fires of strong dominating commandeering forces, of ugliness, violence, gross selfishness and over confidence uncivilized behavior, by mayobhoorapo dousing these fire with cool waters. For this prathamaaja devee first born female was conceived by ritasya – by God almighty’s wisdom.
    (Invincible Samson was cooled off by Delilah in bible) Vedas are in fact giving the same allegorical interpretation, but in a more comprehensive and scientific form, as follows.
    2- सोमो राजा प्रथमो ब्रह्मजायां पुनः प्रायच्छदहृणीयमानः ।
    अन्वर्तिता वरुणो मित्र आसीदग्निर्होता हस्तगृह्या निनाय॥ ऋ10-109-2, अथर्व 5-17-2
    सोमस्य जाया प्रथमं गन्धर्वस्तेऽपरः पतिः।
    तृतीयो अग्निष्टे पतिस्तुरीयस्ते मनुष्यजाः॥ अथर्व 14-1-3, ऋ 10-85-40
    सोमो ददद्‌ गन्धर्वाय गन्धर्वो ददग्नये।
    रयिं च पुत्रश्चादादग्निर्मह्यमथो इमाम्‌॥ अथर्व14-2-4, ऋ10-85-41
    These three Ved mantras also occurring in different places explain the same three stages in the development of the female temperament.
    In the beginning is what modern science refers to the age before formation of ‘the blood brain barrier’ in the children i.e. up to about 4 years age. According to our Shastras the girl child is under the guardianship of Soma.
    Vedas elaborate on Soma as god of intellect and poetically describe Soma being the first husband of the females during their infancy.
    (Modern science tells us that that DHA (Decosa Hexaenoic Acid) and EPA (Ecosa Pentaenoic Acid) are the two fatty acids that power the human brain in all its activities related to human faculties. DHA is particularly associated with eyesight. Both DHA and EPA are made in the human body from ALA the Omega 3 fatty acids.
    In young females capacity for conversion of dietary Omega 3 to DHA is nearly 20 higher and EPA is nearly three times higher than males. Thus it is the female of the species that has been given the extra responsibility to ensure good brains, eye sight, the intellectual strength for the human progeny.
    Nature has thus provided the females with a far superior role in building a human society than men, because to start with only sharp and farsighted brains ensure a sustainable happy society.
    This fact is borne out by the observation that in modern society not only in India but even in the Ivy league colleges in USA, girls are regularly obtaining the academic laurels far ahead of boys. This is no different from Indian experience. Girls are seen to be snatching the top scholastic positions in all examinations in India.
    This is the scientific basis of the unique Vedic Culture that addresses the girl child as an object of veneration and the females to be accorded high position and treated with respect in society.
    In the second stage till the age of puberty around 12/13 years, during adolescence the girl child is possessed by Gandharvas.
    Gandharwas represents aesthetics, all that is beautiful, delicate, sensitive, empathic and virtuous in this world. In visuals the talent for appreciation of beauty, in nature, arts, physical forms, and ability to replicate the same in paintings/sculptures and such visual art forms. In audiovisual areas gandharwas, would represent good sounds, music, dance forms and drama, good vocal abilities, creative writings. Sensitivity for harmonious relations and peace loving attitudes, delicacy, creativity are the gifts to humanity of the Gandhrwas. A girl child through her teens remains preoccupied with these artistic pursuits. These natural traits of females must be given full opportunities to develop. Females thus become the embodiment of these qualities for the human race. Poetically Vedas describe the Gandhrwas as the second husbands of the females.)
    In the third stage, with development of physical body functions, in Vedic language female body is as if afire with – the flesh gets stronger – by कामाग्नि.
    Female becomes ready for taking on her role of a wife by being married to a human being. And thus bring forth good progeny for progress and continuation of human society.
    3-हस्तेनैव ग्राह्यआधिरस्या ब्रह्मजायेयमिति चेदवोचन्‌ ।
    न दूताय प्रह्ये तस्थ एषा तथा राष्ट्रं गुपितं क्षत्रियस्य॥ ऋ 10-109-3अथर्व 5-17-3
    But it is also said that at this age to prevent the young females from being led astray, they require protective hand holding, just like a nation whose safety and security is ensured by the Kshatriyas.
    4-यामाहुस्तारकैषा विकेशीति दुच्छनां ग्राममवपद्यमानाम्‌ ।
    जाया वि दुनोति राष्ट्रं यत्र प्रापादि शश उल्कुषीमान्‌ ॥ अथर्व-5-17-4
    (It is at this stage here that this first Veda mantra is added by Atharwa Veda as a further elucidation of the subject.)
    Symbolized like unkempt hair of neglected deprived women, are the grown up undisciplined-unprincipled and ignorant females. When they bear children they propagate ignorance and lack of wise counsel to their young offspring. This brings to bear upon the society as a great scourge, like the destructive thunder bolts falling from the sky.
    5-ब्रह्मचारी चरति वेविषद्विषः स-देवानां भवत्येकमङ्‌गम्‌ ।
    तेन जायामन्वविदद्‌बृहस्पतिः सोमेन नीतां जुह्वं ने देवाः ॥
    ऋ 10-109-5 अथर्व 5-17-5
    Brahmcharis the young well educated learned youth have ability to take even the fallen women and bring them to flower, their hidden potential to bear good progeny for intellectual progress of the human race as originally the Gods had desired.
    6-देवा वा एतस्यामवदन्त पूर्वे सप्तऋषयस्तपसे ये निषेदुः ।
    भीमा जाया ब्राह्मणस्योपनीता दुर्धां दधाति परमे व्योमन्‌ ॥
    On this subject, based on the observation and experience of the elders through Saptrishis –The seven observers.
    (SevenRishis are named Kashyap,Atri,Bharadwaj, Jamadagni, Gautam. The seven sensory organs two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and mouth are also described as representing these Seven Rishis) i.e. basically what could be called ‘media reports’, it was expressed that women who are led astray by kidnapping or enticing, bring to bear upon the society very heavy social calamities, and it is the duty of the media to highlight such issues.
    7- ये गर्भा अवपद्यन्ते जगद्‌ यच्चापलुप्यते।
    वीरा ये तृह्यन्ते मिथो ब्रह्मजाया हिनस्ति तान्‌॥ अथर्व 5-17-7
    Even female fetuses that are destroyed bring forth in the society an atmosphere of rampant violence where chivalrous, strong men start violence and fights among themselves. This is seen as the curse of female fetuses destroyed.
    8-उत यत्‌ पतयो दश स्त्रियाः पूर्वे अब्राह्मणाः।
    ब्रह्मा चे द्वस्तमग्रहीत्‌ स एव पतिरेकधा ॥ अथर्व-5-17-8
    But a fallen woman even if she has been exploited by tens of men, finally gets accepted in a proper marriage to a good virtuous man, she is rehabilitated as being married to one man.
    9-ब्राह्मण एव पतिर्न राजन्यो3 न वैश्यः।
    तत्‌ सूर्यः प्रब्रुवन्नेति पञ्चभ्यो मानवेभ्यः ॥ अथर्व 5-17-9
    Like the illuminating light of the sun on the entire earth, this fact should also be very well known in the world that all people must develop their intellect. Merely on the strength of acquiring a higher status of a ruler over men, or a big warrior or a big moneyed person in life, no body acquires the qualification to be a good parent to father a progeny by taking a wife.
    10-पुनर्वै देवा अददुः पुनर्मनुष्या उत । राजानः सत्यं कृण्वाना ब्रह्म जायां पुनर्ददुः ॥ ऋ 10-109-6 अथर्व 5-17-10
    In case of any female if kidnapped or exploited, it becomes the duty of the state to rescue her and rehabilitate her in the society with due respect.
    11-पुनर्दाय ब्रह्मजाया कृत्वी देवैर्निल्बिषम्‌ ।
    ऊर्जं पृथिव्या भक्तवायो रुगायमुपासते ॥ ऋ 10-109-7 अथर्व 5-17-11
    Such women are considered innocent of any crime, and if need arises their rehabilitation should be at state expense.
    12-नास्य जाया शतवाही कल्याणी तल्पमा शये ।
    यस्मिन राष्ट्रे निरुध्यते ब्रह्मजायाचित्या ॥ अथर्व 5-17-12
    Even the ruler protected/surrounded by hundreds of security force does not feel secure enough, to have a sound sleep in his chamber, in a Nation where females are commandeered/forced upon against their free will.
    13-न विकर्णः पृथुशिरास्तस्मिन्वेश्मनि जायते ।
    यस्मिन्‌ राष्ट्रे निरुध्यते ब्रह्मजायाचित्या ॥ अथर्व 5-17-13
    That nation/society becomes deaf/ignorant to the voice of the people and no intellectual scholars grow, where females are commandeered/forced upon against their free will.
    14-नास्य क्षत्ता निष्कग्रीवः सूनानामेत्यग्रतः ।
    यस्मिन्‌ राष्ट्रे निरुध्यते ब्रह्मजायाचित्या ॥ अथर्व 5-17-14
    Chivalrous strong men do not show up in nations, where females are commandeered /forced upon against their free will.
    15-नास्य श्वेतः कृष्णकर्णो धुरि युक्तो महीयते ।
    यस्मिन्‌ राष्ट्रे निरुध्यते ब्रह्मजायाचित्या ॥ अथर्व 5-17-15
    By not being able to mount the horses in their chariots – to perform Aswamedh yagna – That nation/state loses face and influence in the world, where females are commandeered/forced upon against their free will.
    16-नास्य क्षेत्रे पुष्करिणी नाण्डीकं जायते बिसम्‌ ।
    यस्मिन्‌ राष्ट्रे निरुध्यते ब्रह्मजायाचित्या ॥ अथर्व 5-17-16
    Water bodies do not sport lotus flowers and the lotus flowers do not bear seeds to propagate themselves, – The environment suffers, where females are commandeered/forced upon against their free will.
    17-नास्मै पृश्नि वे दुहन्ति ये ऽस्या दोहमुपासते ।
    यस्मिन्‌ राष्ट्रे निरुध्यते ब्रह्मजायाचित्या ॥ अथर्व 5-17-17
    Cows are no longer able to provide good quantities of milk, where females are commandeered /forced upon against their free will.
    18-नास्य धेनुः कल्याणी नानड्‌वान्त्सहते धुरम्‌ ।
    विजानिर्यत्र ब्राह्मणो रात्रिं वसति पापया ॥ अथर्व-5-17-18
    Neither the cows bring welfare to society nor oxen get yoked, and without active participation of the women in the society, men are given to crime in night life.

  • Also women’s names come first due to reverence to them. Out of numerous, a few examples are:
    Radhe-shyam, Seeta-ram, Lakshmi-narayan, Uma-shanker etc

    Ohm tat sat.

  • Dear Guru Agniveer ,

    Please, Man also should have articles how to behave with females, what behavior is beneficial, and the heroes that were man, verses this mafia loafer culture that is so prominent. Before a man to even think to approach an women sexually was considered a crime in our cultures and a source of crime. As thinking, it is extremely difficult for women to maintain brahmacharya in present society when compare to an man which is also difficult for man and intellectually more challenging for both.When I thought of being Brahmachary taking those vows, they told men you cannot touch a women and not even get one ounce take pleasure from that touch otherwise Brahmachary was terminated. Is it true as per Vedas?. We today that over 25% of women in America are raped before they leave college. Another reason I think this Kali Yuga and I see nothing of progress as the individual is rarely inspiring. In fact when we look at women issues there are many problems in society and how society looks at women, another isue is this thing called scoring.

    I personally have a sister she always like competing with me who was always smarter, she became a MD, always wanted play sports with etc, prove her self better , but yet she has to achieve more. .I laugh at her I would not do something so icky as to touch someone, I had this aversion since childhood as I consider medical science a social science, verses the science, as science are research generally. But the point here is I would not have spent so much time in school and do those specialties, so I much respect such determination of women to be the best that is single reason why I think in past women must have been brahmachary and statistics prove this as women are 50% of Doctors in America, most of the masters. But Indians historically were much better and more liberal, whereas such liberties of women in America is relative new and came came with equal rights law in 1960’s in America, like voting 1930’s and other right much later. In fact, one the factor of genocide of Native Indians in USA was for the reason that some were Matriarchal and that would corrupt the patriarchal values of Americans mixing with them as their women would get other ideas. As you have said early marriage of female were due to invaders barbarity and I see this today how low some people’s thinking is.

    In fact one nice thing was in Indian culture(vedic) that it was the onus on both male and female to choose parental involvement was there to facilitate this choosing. Nowadays the pressure parent put on children is really sad as one should know whether that person is right for them. One other fact some of the old stories people were quite frank even the boys side that whether they were qualified or not and did not cheat in these things.. All what I say I can give quotation for if you are interested.

    Please tell GURU AGNIVEER what kind behavior is expect by man heroic and etc, We man too need encouragement how to be better. What were high standards Indian men were to aspire to according to the Vedas?

    • i think ,a answer could be since women were respected and they were not like present times promiscous woman,vedic age produced great men scientists ,sages and highly efficient kings ,statesmen and doctors..and yes they were all men..most of prominent brahmrishis are men..even a woman rishika called gargi was defeated by yagnavalkaya..any best and most knowledgebale ishi in vedic age were men.and yes they were products of women who were chaste and taugt same lessons ofself control to really utlize sexual energy for constructive purpose and make men explore their brain tounderstand higly abstract and atyant goodh subject of brahm self realization and sciences in which men are more capable and exeptionally great ..and also produce scrocher of enemies the great wariors like arjun,m sri ram .hanuman ji.etc i think these are heights which men have achived for which they are biologically designed to be so and are more able in those areas than woman ..that itself states glory of man..and these best men our rolemodels were able to do so becuase of chaste and noble ladies of vedic age who made them to do so thats how women are biologically designed..and men can never have edge on woman in terms of emotional intelligence and many internal and soft matters ,which removes barriers of tensions,fustrations and fear from men in achieving there potential..and yes the potentiols they have in areas stated above like knowledge of brahm and other very abstract subjects of scince ,astronomy ,warrior skills where woman can never have edge over men(though they may be good in these areas but not as abrillant as men,,in same way as men can also have emotional and motherly side butn not of that level as this article beautifully states that her valor is not brutal but its of more emotional and spritual level whcih is a very important anda dominant factor ) vedic age has legends in worlds ofsprituality ,scince,astronomy,maths

  • swami dayanand recounts an incident where Kaikeyee, one of three wives of King Dasharath being valorous and assisting her husband in war. Even In Mahabharth, Chitrangada, Uloopi possessed valor. The kingdom of Lanka was being protected under the stewardship of a woman called Lankini. All these things go to prove that ancient India accorded highest respect and status to women

    The decline of women started during puranic period. The problem was further compounded when totally barbaric people laid siege on India and ruled for over 700 years. Britishers of course were not interested in the empowerment of women. However a Vedic understands the true potential of women and sees to it that She is give the due.
    Thanks Agniveer for highlighting what Vedas say on women.This should open the eyes of our puranic and Abrahamic brothers.

    • Another illustration of respect to women in ancient vedic times can be seen in the “names” of children. If it was boy then he was referred to by his mother’s name. For example– Kunti-putra or Ganga-putra. If it was a girl, she was named after her father or the kingdom. Example– Panchaali.
      And who can forget the Nau-durga (9 durgas), Shakti, Kali– the Goddesses of Strength and Valor. Also Satyawati -who convinced the Yamraaj i.e. the God of death- to return the live of her husband Satyawaan.

      • So what?
        They clearly fail to see who pornography is aimed at. Just because women do it, does not make it acceptable.

        A good example is muslim women. Muslim women are more than happy to be covered from head to toe in a black piece of cloth. But making women wear the burka is sexist and oppresses women!

      • Aha another disguised muslimah. Yes wearing burkha is sexist, and pornography is womens lib, anything else muslimah?

    • A wrong is a wrong. And watching pornography represents highest level of mental sickness regardless of whosoever does it. The moment we justify enjoying anything or any person with lust for purely physical reasons, then we have no reason to have different standards for our own mother.

      That is why vedic dharma state that all women be seen as one’s own mother.

      If a woman is into pornography or even sensual glamor, she is a great disgrace to womanhood and humanity. If a man is into it, he is greatest insult to his own mother. Yajurveda 23.19 states that all who dehumanize women should be severely punished.

      • But we usually meet with these work with library. For example Publication division Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India book called “Guler Paintings,” I have many objection to this painting which I was assured by sales man that there is nothing vulgar there as it is a government of India publication,under assurance I bought the book.. It is not be fit for public library as some of the paintings depict touching and nudity, as touching is vulgar.. Coming from the India government is surprising.and would not be able to be held in a library.

        So why I ask questions is further rationale on what to keep and not in Public Library as to create a debate..

        Why I say was hypocritical as many women magazines are full of vulgar things and are sexually explicit, Like cosmos, Elle and others. They are not fit for children and cannot be kept in library. Also these romance novels are even worse. In fact instead of women viewing these magazines men generally view them first. One time thinking nothing of a local magazine for women, we quickly realized the flaw keeping such types of magazines..

        Yes, sexually images like pornography do cause women issues like wife beating , rape, and other issues, there is no doubt to this, but women too look at vulgar material and exploit themselves. Society does not benefit from either. Even it is known that pornography creates crime.

        Nude could be male or female, statue or art. Nude photos we do not keep as it would be vulgar and objectionable.

        I still remember the girl looking at pornography then looking at me while I was leaving that time I was a boy in India around 7 years ago. it is degrading for both to man and women. It degrade the society and corrupts the mind.

      • Lot of today’s young generation consider watching pornography as normal.
        Watching pornography is equivalent of exploiting women, for our own physical pleasure.
        If someone doesnt watch pornography, then he is considered abnormal and is mocked upon.
        I have experienced such mocking.