20 Immutable Laws of Defense – Must-Follow by India

1. Probability of enemies attacking you is inversely proportional to your muscle size. Equip defense forces with latest sophisticated weaponry.

2. Defense needs more resources. Attack needs less. Don’t die defending your post. Kill attacking their post. #WarTime

3. Keep number of disputed territories as low as possible within your boundaries. Disputes are always good in adversary’s territory.

4. If you have n disputed territories in your land, your enemy must always have n+1. (If Arunachal and Kashmir are disputed territories, Tibet and Baluchistan are illegally occupied separate nations.)

5. If you are weak, your dossiers are fiction and literature. If you are strong, you don’t need them. (difference b/w 26/11 and 9/11)

6. Weak gives proofs. Strong takes actions. (difference b/w 26/11 and 9/11)

7. War is always dirty. Keep that away from your boundaries. Gilgit not Kargil next time.

8. Being tough does not mean war-mongering. Being soft does not mean diplomacy.

9. Appeasement is no guaranty for peace. It is almost a guarantee for violence

10. Tackle threats at source. More you deviate from source, more diverse your threats will be. More tough they are to control.

11. You are not respected for how kind you are. You are respected for how hard you can hit.

12. If you are weak, you are alone. If you are strong, you need none.

13. Don’t complain about terrorism. Make terrorists complain about you.

14. Either terrorists terrorize you or you terrorize terrorists. No third scenario is real.

15. Soldier’s job is not to defend and die. His job is to kill and live.

16. If decapitation of your solider does not change your policy, be ready to get your nation decapitated in few decades.

17. Wish for peace is nice. Preparation for war is mandatory.

18. Differentiate between your wish and reality. Keep former for prayers and latter for strategies.

19. Peace is not attained by absence of power. It is established by balancing powers. More the tilt of balance is towards you, more peace you achieve.

20. Non-violence is best thing to do to those who believe in same. It is worst thing to do to those who don’t.

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