मौत और ज़िन्दगी है दुनिया का सब तमाशा,
फरमान कृष्ण का था, अर्जुन को बीच रन में|
– अशफाक

Scene 1:

A youth was lying semi-conscious on floor uttering only ‘Hey Ram’, ‘Hey Ram’ after a stroke. People gathered around trying to revive him wondering why a devout worshipper of Allah was uttering name of Ram in such a stage! One of his friends knew the mystery and immediately brought his ‘Ram’ on scene. Only then did the young man obtain some peace and got back to life. Such was his love for Ram Prasad Bismil – the legendary mentor of a whole generation of patriotic revolutionaries. The young man was none other than Bismil’s alter-ego Ashfaqullah Khan.

Scene 2:

A gang of fanatics entered Arya Samaj, Shajhahanpur to kill Bismil. Ashfaqullah was also there. Immediately he stood up and took the leader of the gang at gun-point. He threatened to kill him if they did not go back. He said – To bring damage to Bismil, you will have to first kill me.

Scene 3:

Ram Prasad Bismil was a devout Hindu. Ashfaq was from a conservative Muslim family. But Ashfaq was resolved to win trust and heart of Bismil. Bismil did avoid him in beginning but that could not deter Ashfaq. He knew that true worship of Allah exists only in Vedas. And for Ashfaq, that road to Vedic worship passed through Bismil – the tejasvi Brahmchari who epitomized Tawheed.

Eventually they became so close that they used to eat from same plate and Ashfaq spent more time with Bismil than his own home. Who bothers about religions when friendship is built on basis of patriotism! The two legends together, in a way, shaped the destiny of future freedom movement.

Scene 4:

After being captured, a policeman asked Ashfaq – “Why are you working with Hindus to bring down British Empire? After all you are a Muslim.” Ashfaq replied promptly:

“Because Hindu Rashtra would be way better than British Empire!”

These are not scenes from a fictitious film but true incidents from life of one of the greatest patriots to have taken birth – Ashfaqullah Khan. While the world may have forgotten him and even Muslim leaders desist from highlighting this freedom fighter, he remains our role model.

He was the first Muslim to willingly sacrifice his life at the gallows for sake of motherland. All at a tender age of 27. He writes that he was proud to be the first Muslim to do so and be first Muslim in his generations to serve the motherland.

It is time that our Muslim community gives birth to many such Ashfaqs and Hindu community gives birth to many Bismils who work together with them.

– He promised his mentor Ram Prasad Bismil to live and die with him. Eventually that became true and both great legends were hanged within a day on December 18 and 19, 1927.

– He was a true icon of Hindu-Muslim solidarity. His religion never forced him to curse an Arya Samaji – a critic of Islam – to eternal Hell. On contrary, the truthfulness and high character of Bismil made him consider Bismil as his role model and elder brother, much more dearer than his own family.

The great hero however had a very disappointing end. He was eventually captured by British because a Pathan befriended him in name of same ideology, and then informed police out of greed.

Today most Muslim organizations and leaders shy away from taking even his name. Zakir Naik will never praise Ashfaq for his sacrifice and patriotism. On contrary these perverts would believe that he might deserve Hell for doing the Shirk of writing poems on having soil of motherland even in grave, or being more closer to Arya Samaj than the mosque.

These fake leaders and representatives of Islam are acting like the treacherous Pathans for the Ashfaqs among the Muslim population. And thus Ashfaquallah Khan – one of the greatest patriots ever born in this country – is a forgotten name.

We wish that instead of terrorists like Joker Naik, such great legends like Ashfaq become the role models for Muslim youth. Agniveer is committed to revive the era of Ashfaq and Bismil and work among our Muslim brothers and sisters to nurture many more Ashfaqs that not only make Muslim community but entire humanity proud. And also expose the frauds who want to cheat Ashfaqs of today for their petty greed.

For Agniveer, such jewels like Ashfaq are true Hindus and true Muslims who exemplify by noble deeds. We don’t care about theological beliefs on unknown.

Our humblest salute to the legacy of legendary Ashfaq – a true Arya.

Vande Mataram!

Some great thoughts of Ashfaq:

कुछ आरजू नहीं है, है आरजू तो यह
रख दे कोई ज़रा सी खाके वतन कफ़न में|
ए पुख्तकार उल्फत हुसियार, डिग ना जाना,
मराज आशकां है इस दार और रसन में|
मौत और ज़िन्दगी है दुनिया का सब तमाशा,
फरमान कृष्ण का था, अर्जुन को बीच रन में|

– Ashfaq considered Krishna as his role model.

– Is this the reason why Ashfaq is not highlighted by representatives of Islam like Zakir Naik?

न कोई इंग्लिश है न कोई जर्मन,
न  कोई रशियन है न कोई तुर्की|
मिटाने वाले हैं अपने हिंदी,
जो आज हमको मिटा रहे हैं||

– Again it is evident that Ashfaq considered English, Turks etc as foreigners and wanted to live, die and complain only for natives of the motherland.

बुजदिलो को ही सदा मौत से डरते देखा,
गो कि सौ बार उन्हें रोज़ ही मरते देखा|
मौत से वीर को हमने नहीं डरते देखा,
मौत को एक बार जब आना है तो डरना क्या है,
हम सदा खेल ही समझा किये, मरना क्या है|
वतन हमेशा रहे शादकाम और आज़ाद,
हमारा क्या है, अगर हम रहे, रहे न रहे||

– What could depict greater love for beloved motherland! Hats off to the great poet cum patriot! May my motherland give birth to many such Ashfaqs.

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