Very chosen few legends in Indian history had the privilege of being honored with the suffix ‘the Great’ or ‘Mahaan’ after their name. I recall only three – Alexander, Ashoka and Akbar. This great title does not come easily. One has to indeed display exemplary greatness to be called ‘great’. This great land has produced one legend after another – Ram, Krishna, Vikramaditya, Prithviraj, Rana Pratap, Shivaji – to name a few. But none qualified to be called ‘the Great’ by our noble historians.

This is because the criteria for being called ‘the Great’ are very tough. You have to be simply the best killer for times to come to be called ‘the Great’. And you must be a basher of mainstream Hinduism in some way or the other.

Alexander was the first such terrorist who killed innumerable to quench his thirst for global conquest, got a nasty defeat in hands of Porus and went back shamefully after having his life spared. But our glorious historians, who seem to take more passion as poets and creative writers, consider this to be defeat of Porus. Incidentally Greek historians are more candid to admit this defeat of Alexander! But that is besides the point. The fact remains that since he attacked and killed innumerable people, he is ‘Great’!

Next came Ashoka, who got a sudden remorse after conducting the greatest bloodshed of his era. Again a favorite of our creative historians who even made a film out of his romantic affairs with one of his innumerable wives. But bottomline is that since he broke all records of bloodshed even before the remorse and drifted away from mainstream Hinduism, he earned the title of ‘the Great’!

And after him, for centuries no one could repeat that feat. Came the era of barbaric looters from west Asia who broke all records of terrorism carrying the flag of ‘Islam’ thereby making mockery of Muhammad’s claim as Prophet of Peace! And for centuries there was dispute with regards to who should get the coveted title of ‘the Great’. And then came the great Mughal – the noble descendant of Timur and Genghis Khan from father and mother side respectively. He carried the glorious lineage of the greatest rapist, looter, murderer, homosexual child molester – the noble Babur who has the rare honor of being on cover page of history books for school students in India. This grandson of the first gay activist known in annals of history surpassed all imaginations of barbarism and terrorism to earn the coveted ‘the Great’! And no one, not even Osama Bin Laden has been able to repeat that feat since then.

Agniveer is honored to be part of the great legacy which has produced such eminent historians who have referred to the most unreliable sources to portray the greatest butchers as greatest legends for sake of secularism. With traitors like such who needs enemies. This great nation has produced greatest of tejasvi patriots but also traitors. And these days, traitors seem to be predominating. And History seems to be an area almost totally infested with traitors. Second comes ‘Art, Culture & Entertainment’. Or are the both same?

All that Agniveer is trying to attempt is to wipe off such honor from his forehead and join ranks of the detractors of these great butchers – the likes of Maharana Pratap and Shivaji.

In this post we shall provide summary points from Akbar’s life to understand what motivated Hrithik Roshan to feel so honored to portray his noble character and our spineless populace to be so enchanted with the fictitious Jodha-Akbar stories. We base our assertions not on works on any ‘rightist’ historian (being right is always considered wrong in secular history!), but on works of greatest admirers of Akbar: Vincent Smith whose ‘Akbar – the Great Mogul’ is considered most authoritative book on Akbar and of course Abul Fazl – the sycophant who wrote Ain-e-Akbari and Akbarnama. All that we would do is to review what even the sycophants could not hide. Readers are requested to read originals of these themselves. We shall simply provide snippets here (Note: language may differ but essence remains same):

Foundations of Akbar the Great

1. Vincent Smith starts his book with “Akbar was a foreigner in India. He had not a drop of Indian blood in his veins…Akbar was more of a Turk than Mogul.” And we proclaim him as an out-and-out Indian. His father, grandfather and in fact entire lineage represented the topmost terrorists of their eras (7th generation of Timur  from father and Genghis Khan from mother) whose sole goal was to loot and plunder. And we claim him to be pride of India!

Beauty and Noble Habits of Akbar the Great

2. Babur was a drunkard. Humayun became dumb due to use of opium. Akbar imbibed both these great qualities. Two children of Akbar died due to excessive consumption of narcotics. And we have Muslims taking pride in him!

3. On why Hrithik was excited to play the role of Akbar and why historians call him the most handsome person on earth. Here is his beauty as per VS:

“Akbar was of average height and walked with a limp in left leg. His head was tilted on right shoulder. His nose was small with protruding bone. His nostrils looked as if he is in anger. A wart of size of half a pea joined his lip to nostril. He was dark.”

4. Jahangir writes that Akbar used to call him Shekh regardless of he being intoxicated or alert. It implies that Akbar was usually intoxicated.

5. Akbar’s courtier Aquaviva writes that Akbar had started drinking so much that he used to fall asleep talking to guests. He used to drink Taadi sometimes and Post other times. He used to start behaving like insane when drunk beyond limit.

Education of Akbat the Great

6. Jahangir writes that Akbar used to behave as if he was a scholar despite the fact that he could not read or write.

Respect for motherly force (women) in Akbar the Great

7. Abul Fazl states that Akbar remained behind the ‘curtain’ (purdah) in his initial years as king. It is obvious what is meant by this.

8. Abul Fazl describes Harem of Akbar: “It had 5000 women and each woman had a separate home.” This is apart from more than 36 wives that he had.

9. To describe the glory of his prince charming, Abul Fazl writes in Ain-e-Akbari: “Close to home of Shahanshah Akbar, a bar has been set up. So many prostitutes aggregated there that it became difficult to keep a count. Courtiers used to take the dancers home. But if someone wanted to take home a virgin, he had to take permission from Akbar. Sometimes violence would happen among youth. Once Akbar himself called several prostitutes and asked who broke their virginity.”

Now how could so many prostitutes aggregate at the same time? Obviously they were women from Hindu families who were made captive or rendered homeless after their families were looted and butchered on ongoing basis. Because Muslim women are supposed to be behind the veil and Akbar was constantly at war killing  men and abducting women throughout his glorious career.

10. In Akbarnama, Abul Fazl writes: “Whenever a Beghum, or wives of courtiers or virgins wanted to be enjoyed, they were supposed to send an application to Harem in-charge. Then their application would reach the palace authorities. After that they were allowed to enter and stay in Harem for up to even one month.”

Its obvious that even wives of his courtiers were forced to be enjoyed by Jodha’s adorable Akbar for up to a month! Note that we are referring to works of his own sycophant and not any detractor.

11. The first condition in treaty of Ranathambhor was that Rajputs should dispatch Dolis of women to Royal Harem in return of freeing of soldiers. No wonder, why Jauhar and death were so preferred by those upholding virtues of self-dignity.

12. Akbar had his mentor Bairam Khan killed and then he married his wife who became his favorite queen. Historians claim that Bairam Khan was curiously attacked by a group of old enemies on his way to Mecca after he was forced to go there due to differences with Akbar. Thus her son Abdur

13. Akbar used to distribute his sex-slaves among his courtiers as per Griman. Thus women were nothing but inert objects of pleasure in gang of Akbar and his notorious courtiers.

14. Meena Bazar of Akbar’s era was famed where on New Year eve, women from different families were either coaxed, duped or forced to be displayed in front of Jahanpanah for his choice.

The Kind hearted Akbar the Great

15. Considered to be the most benevolent ruler to have ruled India, Akbar displayed his first symptom of kindness, in lines of his forefathers and progeny, when he was merely 14 year old. On 6 November, 1556, he was in war with Hemu in battle of Panipat. The Mughal forces were facing huge defeats when Hemu was suddenly hit by an arrow in his eye. He became unconscious and his soldiers scattered away assuming defeat. The unconscious Hemu was brought in front of our kind Akbar. Bairam Khan ordered Akbar to slay him so that he earns the title of ‘Ghazi’. (Ghazi is the most noble title for a fanatic Muslim that he gets only after he has murdered a Kafir/ non-believer. He is supposed to get highest quality Paradise with the most beautiful virgins.)

Thus to please Allah and offer his gratitude to icon of peace – Muhammad – Akbar cut the neck of his unconscious victim. His ranks followed the suit and butchered the corpse of Hemu. The head of Hemu was sent to Kabul and his body was hanged on Delhi gate for public demo of Akbar’s kindness.

16. Immediately after that his army marched to Delhi. Then a pillar of cut-heads was erected by Akbar as per his age-old altruistic family traditions to celebrate victory.

17. To put an appropriate climax to the holy mission, the old helpless father of Hemu was also butchered. Needless to say what happened with women. Akbar already had plans of a mega-capacity Harem!

18. As reported by Abul Fazl, to counter the rebellion of Khan Zaman, his loyal Mohammad Mirak was handcuffed and brought in front of an elephant. The elephant took him in his trunk and threw away. This process happened for 5 continuous days after which he was executed. Abul Fazl describes this with pride without a word of condemnation.

19. After capturing Chittod, Akbar ordered a massacre in which 30,000 people were killed.

20. Akbar innovated with new ways of killing and torture. Muzaffar Shah was trampled by an elephant. Humzaban’s tongue was cut-off. Masud Hussain Mirza’s eyes were sewed close. His 300 supporters were brought in front of him after putting hides of donkeys, sheep and dogs over their faces and then butchered. Smith lists more ways like hanging, cutting heads, cutting organs of body, caning. There used to be no written records of such decisions and judges used to simply follow the peaceful verses of Quran.

21. On 2nd September, 1573, he had a pillar of more than 2000 cut-heads erected in Ahmedabad. This perhaps broke the record of highest pillar of cut-heads to be erected ever. (Earlier record was held by his grandfather Babur).

22. As per Akbarnama, when Dawud Khan of Bengal was defeated, enough heads were cut to erect 8 tall pillars. This set a new record. When Dawud Khan in dying stage asked for water, he was given water in shoes.

The upright Akbar the Great

24. In Thaneshwar, there was a dispute over ownership of the place of worship between two sects Kuru and Puri. Akbar ordered that they should fight and the victorious shall have the claim. The foolish sectarians fought with weapons to kill each other. When Puri group started dominating, Akbar ordered his soldiers to join ranks with Kuru group. Finally both the groups were killed by his soldiers. Akbar then had a great laugh.

25. During battle of Haldighati, Akbar ensured that Rajputs fight against Rajputs. Badayuni asked Akbar’s general during an intense war that how would he segregate Pratap’s men. He was replied that this is unnecessary because in either case, Rajputs will die and Islam will be benefited.

26. Col Todd recounts that Akbar had the idol of Eklinga destroyed and put platform to offer Namaz. What could be greater example of religious tolerance!

27. Once Akbar woke early in afternoon and saw a servant sleeping near his bed. He was angered by this and had him thrown away from top of a tower.

28. In August of 1600, Akbar’s army surrounded the Asirgarh fort but both sides were in stalemate. As per Smith, Akbar thought of a ‘novel’ idea to break the jinx. He invited Miran Bahadur – the king for negotiations and swore by his own head that he would be safely allowed to return back. Thus Miran came out with a scarf of peace and submission. Miran bowed to Akbar thrice but was suddenly pushed to ground to offer complete Sijdah or bow flat to Akbar. Akbar was accustomed to having only Sijdah performed for him by the world.

He was then captured and forced to order his general to surrender. The general refused to comply and sent his son to discuss with Akbar why he broke his word. The young son was asked by Akbar whether his father was eager to surrender? The youth replied that his father  would not surrender and even if the king is killed, they would have another successor made the king. Hearing this Akbar ordered butchering of the youth. Eventually through more of deceit and fraud, Akbar was able to win the fort.

Note that this is just 5 years before his death showcasing that even possible arguments of change of his heart sometime in his life is an infeasible hypothesis.

29. Similarly, in lust of power and dominance, he fought with the noble Rani Durgavati of Bundelkhand and butchered the people there.

Akbar the Great vs Maharana Pratap

30. Historians who bootlick Akbar fail to explain how and why both Maharana and Akbar could be great persons at the same time when they were most bitter enemies.

31. Even Smith agrees that there was no valid reason why Akbar attacked Chittod except lust for conquest. Maharana was fighting for his nation and went to extent of uniting as many Rajputs as possible to stop having treaty or gifting their girls to foreign invaders. Akbar was a self-obsessed terrorist bent on conquering as much and as far as he could.

32. Nowadays intellectuals inspired by traitor genes have started shouting that legends like Pratap and Shivaji were fighting for their own petty territories and butchers like Akbar and Aurangzeb were working for unification of the country! However the truth is that in that dark age of rampant butchering, rapes and impotency of several prominent warriors, legends like Shivaji and Pratap kept the flag of saffron (symbol of nationalism and not dogmatism as wrong projected) high and ensured that the tyranny of these criminals is never absolute and soon heads for a decay.

Akbar and Islam

33. Muslims are fooled to believe that Akbar represented the goodness of Islam. But in lines of his terrorist forefathers, there was nothing Islamic about this butcher apart from using Islam for his own political gains.

34. For example, he was a drunkard, drug-addict and had more than 3 dozen wives – all that blatantly defy the most basic Islamic norms.

35. Akbar started a new propaganda that he himself was divine. He forced people to greet each other by Allah-o-Akbar. Ignorant Muslims believe that he was glorifying Allah while he wanted to claim that Akbar is Allah! Because Allah-o-Akbar has never been used as greeting in Islam. He used to present himself as the omniscient as per Abul Fazl.

36. Akbar started his own faith – Deen-e-Ilahi – which basically aimed at glorifying him and his stupidly vague ideologies. No wonder his sycophants accepted it gracefully but this divinity of an illiterate died with his death.

37. The reason why Akbar has been glorified is pretty obvious. Since he made mockery of both Hinduism and Islam in his self-obsession, none was better suited to be put to high echelons of glory by those willing to inject Biblical order. In fact, Akbar was among the politically smart ones of Muslim rulers who played Hindu, Muslim and even Christian card to have himself proclaimed as the divine one. You can get more details from Vincent Smith’s book.

38. Akbar was very smart in his language. Vincent Smith admires that despite his ornamental language, the level of brutalities he has shown in life in most contrasting. Perfect traits for a self-proclaimed prophet!

39. Akbar even had this propagated that he is divinely gifted to provide healing powers to the water that is used to clean his feet (Charanamrit). This was in lines of some of the Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim Hadiths regarding similar claim for Muhammad. Thus people were encouraged to make queues to obtain the Charanamrit. However to keep Islam on his ‘right’ side, he ensured that only foolish Hindus are allowed to do so. His courtiers had to drink his Charanamrit to keep him pleased.

Illiterate women would put their children on his feet, and he would pretend as a Fakir to bless them. In fact these antics were the genesis of his proclamation of a new religion.

Akbar the Great and Jazia tax

40. Islamic Shariat has the glorious practice of collecting Jazia tax from non-Muslims to offer them protection from loot, rape and murder in same manner as Gabbar Singh used to collect food and money from Ramgarh. Akbar is stated to have abolished this Jazia. However there is no single evidence of this. This concession was offered only to Ranthambhor as part of the pact where they would be gifting their women in Akbar’s harem instead!

41. It is true that people used to keep requesting Akbar of repealing Jazia. And he might have offered exceptions to select few for political reasons, but never dare he abolish it to ensure that Islam is also on his ‘right’ side.

Akbar and his great son

42. There has been a largely unbroken tradition of son rebelling against father among the Muslim rulers who ruled India. Babur was fed up of Humayun and Akbar was fed up of Jahangir who was fed up with Shahjahan who was fed up with Aurangzeb. Jahangir alias Salim claimed himself to be the ruler in 1602 and had his own court in Allahabad.

43. Incidentally Prayagraj was renamed Allahabad by Akbar few years ago as part of his Jihadi campaign to trample Hindus and fool Muslims.

44. Jahangir prayed for his father’s death and even started his own coinage system. Smith says that had Jahangir’s rebellion become successful, he would have definitely killed Akbar. He missed the golden opportunity to kill his father which was fulfilled by his grandson Aurangzeb in times to come. However some historians believe that it was Jahangir who poisoned Akbar to death.

Akbar and the great fate of people he doubted

45. Akbar had appointed one person solely for giving poison to those people whom Akbar disliked. Some historians state that Akbar died of eating the same by mistake.

46. Akbar had a whole line of his own trusted and less trusted people killed in suspicious manners: Bairam Khan, Zaman, Aasaf Khan (His finance minister), Shah Mansur, Mansingh, Son of Kamran, Makhdume Mulk, Shekh Abdurnabi, Fargundi, Muizul Mulk, Hazi Ibrahim and all those Mullahs whom he disliked. This list has been given in Smith’s book. And then Jaimal whose wife he captured for his harem after killing him and then propagated that he saved her when she was committing Sati!

The charity-lover Akbar

47. In Akbar’s rule, the property of the dead used to be confiscated by the Badshah and the family had no rights over it. At times he may allow the family to start some new business to showcase his kindness!

48. When his mother died a year before he himself finally lightened the weight on earth, he confiscated her entire property despite her will that her property may be distributed among the entire family.

Akbar and his Nava-Ratna (9 Gems)

49. In lines with famed stories of Vikramaditya, fiction regarding highly competent Nava Ratna courtiers of Akbar has been created. However the fact remains that Akbar considered his courtiers completely idiot. He stated that he is thankful to God that he did not get a deserving courtier or else people would think that he works through their brains and not his own intellect.

50. Much hyped Todarmal used to be his collection agent. The modus operandi was simple – either pay or get whipped and sell wife and children.

51. Abul Fazl was sycophant number 1 who wrote incredible fictions praising Akbar to win his favor. He was ultimately murdered by Jahangir.

52. Faizi was an ordinary poet who learned the art of keeping his maalik pleased through sycophancy. Many historians claim that he was the best poet in India in his times. All I can say is that the level of poets in court of Akbar must have been extremely poor standard in lines with his own education level and preoccupations.

53. Birbal died in most ignominious manner in a battle. The Birbal-Akbar jokes are a work of fiction in his false name. We find similar tales in South India in name of Tenalirama.

54. Shah Mansur was murdered by Abul Fazl under instructions of Akbar himself.

55. Man Singh is among the greatest traitors that nation ever produced. He gave his sister to Jahnagir. And then Jahangir even forced Man Singh’s grand-daughter into his harem! Akbar decided to poison Man Singh and Bhagwan Das (father of Man Singh) committed suicide.

56. And of course, courtiers of Akbar had to gift their women, children and family members to Akbar to continue having his blessing! Apart from drinking his Charanamrit (water from cleaning of legs).

57. Todarmal managed Akbar’s finances in most brutal manner to have his blessings. However the idols that Todarmal used to worship were also destroyed by Akbar. This made Todarmal upset and he resigned to seek Varanasi!

Akbar and love for slaves

58.Akbar gifted a family of Russian to the Christian Priest Akvaveeva as parting gift. This shows that he used to keep slaves from various international locations.

59. In Kandahar, Akbar had converted a large number of people into slaves because they opposed some new policies in 1581-82. Later horses were bought by selling them.

60. When the royal cavalcade would travel, the women in his harem would be put in golden prisons like animals.

61. Needless to say, as per holy islamic traditions, prisoners of wars were considered as slaves.

62. Akbar devised a new innovation to create slaves. His henchmen would put a flower on head of any horse that they would find. Now the owner of the horse had a Hobson’s choice – either to forget the horse and let go of sole source of travel and mobility in those days when the nation was worse than Somalia’s capital. Or accept financial slavery of Akbar.


63. When Akbar died, he had more than 2o million Stirling only in Agra fort. Similar amounts would have been there in other 6 cities. However he did not spend a pie to help the country during the worst famine of 1595-1599. Obviously, it can be expected what he would have contributed during earlier famines of 1573-74 and 1583-84.

64. Akbar had butchered the entire population living on banks of Prayagraj (renamed Allahabad by the butcher) and demolished all structures because the people hid inside their homes when he conquered the city. That is why we find no old buildings in Prayagraj banks today.

65. Its a myth without any credible evidence that Akbar built Fatehpur Sikri. In lines with other fraud rulers claiming allegiance to Islam, he simply captured it and claimed ownership. Later the same ploy was adopted by his grandson, the terrorist called Shahjahan who is claimed to have built a Taj Mahal in memory of his 4th wife!

A country that prides in worshipping such criminals is bound to be destroyed. Panchatantra aptly says that where the undeserving are worshipped and the deserving ones are sidelined, three threats always loom – death, anarchy and fear.

It is high time that we Indians start breaking all idols of these false heroes from every corner of our hearts and country and start showering our due respect to innumerable true heroes whose names also we do not remember today. Hindus should work to bring society to a level where even the names of these barbaric looters are not remembered. And Muslims should jettison these terrorists into garbage who have been nothing except shameless mockery on name of Islam.

We hope lessons of history would teach us important lessons by bringing us closer to our original roots disregarding the villains of interim period, and teach us why rogues should be dealt in most firm manner without leaving any scope for future nuisance. We should learn why worshipping false heroes would lead only to worsened status and compromise in matters of dignity and truth would only lead to mass level impotency.

Muslims should remember that their ancestors had suffered tremendous ignominy and tortures and then were forcefully converted to Islam by these terrorists whose only trip in life was to erect pillars of cut-heads and rape women wherever they went. We hope that right-minded Muslim brothers and sisters would be motivated to reject these humiliations of intermediate period and join back the original roots of their foundations – the Vedic Dharma.

And may my country and countrymen get their potency back. This is a must for true spiritualism.


Millions of dollars have been collected and spent to create fictions to glorify rascals like Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Alexander, Tipu Sultan through bollywood trash, novels, poems, ghazals etc and our traitors countrymen – read actors, actresses, producers, directors, writers, singers, politicians, historians, intellectuals etc – take tremendous pride in this shameless act. And on other side, we hardly see any focus being put to glorify the true legends of our great nation like Maharana Pratap, Chhatrapati Shivaji, Guru Govind Singh, Chhatrasaal, Gaj Singh, Durga Das, Rana Sanga, Rana Kumbha etc. If you do a google search, you find hundreds of sources, videos etc on the rascals but hardly a few on these greatest role models. The situation is really most humiliating. However, Agniveer offers humble homage to one true hero here:


For more, please review:

1. Akbar – the Great Mogul by Vincent Smith

2. Akbarnama by Abul Fazl

3. Ain-e-Akbari by Abul Fazl

4. Who says Akbar is Great by PN Oak

5. http://www.hindunet.org/hindu_history/modern/akbar_vs.html

6. http://www.hindunet.org/hindu_history/modern/akbar_ppg.html

This article is also available in Hindi at http://agniveer.com/akbar-great-hi/

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Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit "Please read this" in Top and Footer Menu.

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Sanjeev it would had been great if you would have referenced the sources of the information, like book name and page no. This would have made the article appear more authentic.


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Akbar is great is great not hirtik roshan. Whole India give title to king Akbar .Akbar the great not for hirtik roshan . hirtik roshan nothing front of king Akbar


“..मेवाड़ धधकतो अंगारो आंध्या में चम चम चमकैलो …

हूँ अथक लाडूला अकबर सु ,
उजड्यो मेवाड़ बसाड्यूला ..!! ”

Jaya Pratap ! Jaya Bhavani Jaya Shivaji !
Jaya AgniVeera !

You knw wat..koi bhi religion clean nai hai..har dharm ne galti ki or rahi baat history ki to sab ne khoon bhaaya hai kill to sabne kia hai paap ke bhagi to sab hai..aaj ek muslim agr apni beti ka rape jrte hai to hindu apni bhen ka..sab muder krtehai… Read more »
jodha akber

Howdy! I just wish to offer you a huge thumbs up
for your great info you’ve got here on this post. I’ll be coming back to your site for more soon.


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Tenali Rama is not a story, at times it seems some are even made up by you to prove other things.

Dear Yugandhar, Namaste! Tenali Rama was a poet in Sri Krishnadevaraya’s court. But we don’t have any solid proofs about his stories that shows his intelligence in solving puzzled issues before the king. 1) Two women come with a child claiming, she is the mother of the baby 2)Thieves plan… Read more »

Good blog you have here.. It’s hard to find high quality writing like yours these days. I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care!!

Eye opening information for author of this article and others who believe in just intelligence based articles that akbar was very bad person. Please read Aghora series books by dr. Robert Svoboda. These were written under direct guidance from his aghori master vimalananda. As per those books akbar was reincarnation… Read more »
Akbar Khan
Dear Indian brothers and sisters, I am Akbar Khan from Afghanistan. I wont speak much, but lets just analyze just 2 points of the stupid writer – “Millions of dollars have been collected and spent to create fictions to glorify rascals like Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Alexander, Tipu Sultan through bollywood… Read more »
And yet you provided no counter evidence only name calling. Very poor. It is not truth you are interested in but falsehood. You fear the truth that is being spoken and being unable to factually disprove the truth, are now trying desperately to turn people away from this by ad… Read more »
Akbar Khan, Agniveer is correct. Fact that first point are muslim names is neither here nor there, those individusla likle Ghori, GHhazni, Baber, Aurangzeb etc, are devil spawn, hells soldiers who brutalised India for 800 years, do you honestly expect us to forget the holocausts committed against Indian people, sorry… Read more »
Arjun Vaidik

Namaste Brother,
Before accusing the writer for hatred please just take a look at his role model who is a muslim http://agniveer.com/ashfaq/
and also the names he has written are not wrong they are rascals who killed yours and ours ancestors.

surely the most idiotic account I have ever read, makes me wonder where do you get your sources from certainly you would be more joyous about akbar when you would come to know, that tax collectors were allowed to spit in the mouths of tax payees at their own discretions… Read more »

Did you ever stop to think that he did all the above in the article and then also tried to invent his own religion. Instead of white washing him see the man in his entirety.

Mr.Agniveer, I completely agree with you that Akbar should not be respected or called “great”.There is one thing I don’t quite understand. You’re against calling Asoka great because you say that he is called so only because he went away from Hinduism and started practicing Buddhism. But Asoka is pretty… Read more »
Mr.Agniveer, Your purpose is extremely noble but I kind of agree with Unikrsna. Your articles would be much more credible if you quote references. I am not pointing against you or anything, I just want everyone to know that you are making up random stuff and that you have strong… Read more »
santosh from nepal
Sanskrit was taught as the compulsory subject in Nepal some year ago. But these blood sucker communist Maoists burnt the Sanskrit books from school and forced the government to eradicate the Sanskrit Subject from School in Nepal. Nepal has an university Nepal Sanskrit University with 12 affiliated college. There are… Read more »
Abdu Rasul (Slave of Prophet)
Abdu Rasul (Slave of Prophet)

Sanskrit was a backward language of backward ancient Indian. Arbi is the world most scientific and divine Lagrange. Start education in Arbi language.

Abdu Rasul


All you have shown foolish Abdu is your ignorance and prejudice. For everyone else interested in Sanskrit this link is of interest http://www.academia.edu/1102901/Importance_of_Sanskrit_Language

Abdul Bhai- best thing to do for a wise man is to keep quiet rather than lose respect. To degrade others it is a wrong policy to insult them. To degrade others, upgrade yourself. This is Zen Buddhism. Secondly, Sanskrit is the language of the world some few thousand years… Read more »
Sitapalam Ujain ji, tell me, anyone invading and ruling the lives of simple people, can they be Great?. Will you call me great if I forcefully occupy your home and rule over your family and find women folk to marry and kill those who may not obey me and shower… Read more »
Sitapalamu ujjain
Ershaid Hossain, you talk about logic,then in that case think logically, there is a family which is suffering due to the incapability of the members of the family.The family members are praying to god for some prosperity.God is answering their prayers by sending a son in law who is becoming… Read more »
Sitapalam ujain

r u alright can i post a comment

Sitapalam ujain

ur a fool idiot

Sitapalam ujain
The above article is full of rubbish and fraud.I dont know why the author is very jealous of Akbar who deserves to be called Great.Hirthik should be gifted to play the role of Akbar.The author is very biased in prasing the Rana Pratap,a impotent king who ran away from Chittor… Read more »

In one short incident: Akbar ordered disarming 30,000 peasants and then massacred them. This has been recorded by his court historian, a Muslim. Islam does not allow an attack on unarmed person. How is Akbar great then?


@ Ershad Hossain “How is Akbar great then?”

Some one else asked the same question and retold the real dark history of Akbar including the massacre of 30,000 Indians http://indiapulse.sulekha.com/forums/coffeehouse_how-great-was-empero-akbar-the-great-800253

agniveer is just jindabaad. mere jehen me kayi sawal uthte the dharma aadi ko lekar usme se bohot se jawab agniveer par mil gaye. shriram sharma aacharya ne likhe huye ved ke baare me maine pata kiya itne kam daam me koi aur provide nhi kr rha hai. logo ne… Read more »
Anand Joshi
Good article. Also request you to write about Ashoka & Alexzandar. Chandragupta Maurya was wrongly shown at the time of Alexzander. The real time of Chandragupta Maurya was 15th century BC. Greeks knows only 3 kings of Magadha as follows– Xandramas,Sandracottus,Sandrocyptus and these are not matching with Dhananand,Chanragupta Maurya,Bindusara but… Read more »
Gopal Nayak

Very nice .. Can i also have some eyeopeners on the GOOD DEEDS of the Brits and Portugese in india also . I think we are missing that.
Also the commendable job being done by the missionaries here .. ELSE WE WOULD ALL HAVE BEEN ILLITERATES LOL..


[…] empire which he ruled and belonged to, I have respect for the individual himself and his vision Akbar the Great – Agniveer For more, please review: 1. Akbar – the Great Mogul by Vincent Smith 2. Akbarnama by Abul Fazl […]


i always thought akbar was one of the few muslim emperors who was tolerant to other religions and respected hinduism but it seems like he didnt in the film they potray him as he did

Agniveer is doing a NOBlE job, all Hindus should taken part in this Yagya. I will request U all to read books of Sh. P. N. OAK. He has also written some gd. books about Indian History. These Books r available on Archives site, U can find this through Google.… Read more »
Interpretation of the quran

I just could not depart your website before suggesting that I really enjoyed the standard info an individual supply on your guests? Is gonna be again incessantly in order to check out new posts

One thing i see completely missing in this blog is Historical References. This kind of discussion may hold well in a community where people have no knowledge of history but love speculating. In the whole article there is no reference to the source. Who wrote.. Discussing any information without facts… Read more »
You first go and read what Akbar naamaa says. Why NOT you read what world historians mentioned. What I know is Prof. Will Durant says “The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is… Read more »

Hi Savy,
The burden to prove Agniveer wrong in this article is on people like you. All the facts presented are from very books of these criminal’s own autobiographies.


sayandeep kar
agniveer bhaisab aap akbar ke khilaf hai mai manta hu!! aap ek hindu bigot hai yeh bhi manta hu!! bt plzz desh main yeh riot ka aag mat felwaie!! akbar agar man singh ka hatwa karta to akbar ke maut ke 9 sal bad kaise man singh mara gya!! aur… Read more »
Sayandeep Kar! kyaa main jaan saktaa hu aapko issey kyaa milne vaalaa hai? Buraa mat maannaa lekin aisaa chaaploos meine pehli baar hi dekhaa hai joh uske liye ro rahaa hai joh ek qatil invader ki tarah aayaa aur chittod mein hajaaro akaaran marwaa diye. Ab usko markar bhi 400… Read more »
A srivastava
Man to nahi karta k is neeras aur tuch angrezi bhasha ka kinchit bhi prayog karun par kya karu mobile pe maa hindi humare lie kathin ho jati hai khair mai rahasya jaisa itihas batana chathta hun k jamadari humare hindu jati vyavastha me hai hi nahi ye bhi mahan… Read more »
sayandeep kar
sahi kaha aap ne raj sab!! aap ki bato ka mujhe pura samarthan hai!! agar bharat ko duniya ko nazaro main sab se uchi asan par baithana hai to humhe yeh sab upay apnana parega!! aaj mai net mai pakistan ka praktan presidant ziya ul haq ka ek mantabya para… Read more »
A srivastava
Yeh soch k Kuch muslims acche hote hain matlab har muslim ki apni ek vichardhara hoti hai jo k baki kaum prabhavit hoti hai ka mai khandan karta hun- jab election ate hai to shahi imam log elaan karte hai k kis party ko vote dena chaiye aur pure muslims… Read more »
A srivastava
Main kehta hun k we r indian par jake un kashmiriyo se bolwao jai hind jo humari bhartiya sena par pathar barsaate are jo srinagar me lal chaowk me jhanda fahrane na de 26 january k din wo kahenge jai hind ha ha ha are apka sar kalam kar denge… Read more »
sayandeep kar
mai nahi janta ki aap kon hyedrabad muslims ke bat kar rehe hai!! mere baba ki jo 3 dst hai muslim hyedrabad se!! unhe kisi bhi tara se mai mere family bigot nahi lagte!! pak supporter bhi nahi lagte!! bas ek am middle class family lagte hai!! aur unke ghar… Read more »
sayandeep kar
aap logo ko sirf prblms aur ek dusre ko dos dene ke sibai aur kuch ata nahi he hai na!! sach kehte the mere papa is des ka kuch nahi hoga jis desh main srf log prblms ko le kar sarkar ko gali deta hai le kin use solve karne… Read more »
A srivastava

काँग्रेस ने सेक्युलेरिटि शब्द का अपमान किया है। मुझसे भी हो गया. माफ करेँ। आपकी क्या योजनाएं हैँ क्रिपया अवगत कराएँ।

अरे ! आप तो बुरा मान गए, क्षमा तो मुझे माननी चाहिए। मेरे मतानुसार निम्न उपाय अपनाने चाहिए। 1< > सर्वप्रथम तो लोगो को अवगत कराए कि प्राचीन भारत क्या था? इसके लिए अंतर्जाल्यक्षेत्रो पर सत्य लिखे और यदि आवश्यकता पड़े तो चलचित्र पर भी प्रयास करे। 2< > सोनिया… Read more »
jab tak satyarth prkash ka kai karod ki sankhya me vitaran nahi hoga , ved ka bhi sahi sandarbh me ashatit prchar nahi kiya jayega tab tak muslimo v isaiyo se apni bhartiy sabhyta ko bachana mushkil rahega ! uske liye astha chainal v snsakar chainal adi ka bhi upyog… Read more »
sayandeep kar
aap ne uchit farmaya god ji!! aap ko selam!! le kin yeh sab hone ke bad humhe kashmir ko pakistan ke changul se churana hai!! jaise shivaji ne mughal aur adil shahi kabzo se hundu o ko azad kiya tha!! ab hum bhartiyo ko is yug ka shivaji ban na… Read more »
A srivastava

Sayandeep ji dhanyawad ap ab humare mat ko samaj rahe hain- hum koi dharmik kattarta failana nahi chahte hum ek jagruk vichardhara ko failana chahte hai. Humara des seculer isilie hai kyonki majority hindu ki ha.

श्रीवास्तव जी, इस देश को पुन: वही बनाना है जो वह वर्षो पूर्व (1000 ईसा पूर्व अथवा उससे पहले) था। सर्वप्रथम यदि आप मानते है कि देश धर्मनिरपेक्ष है तो यह आपकी भूल है। मुसलमान आतंकवादी कारागार में आनन्द लेते है और वहाँ से विस्फोट कराते है। उनके कारण अच्छा… Read more »
sayandeep kar
hum hindu dharamnirapaksh honge to muslim atankvadio aur baki desh ko dikha payenge!! ki hum bat bat mai jihad ka nam nahi uthate!! aur abhi desh ko iron lady ya man ka zarurat hai!! jo in pakistani kutto ko pura tabah karke rakh de!! mere mat se kashmir se paki… Read more »
A srivastava

माफ करेँ। आपकी क्या योजनाएं हैँ?

A srivastava
Godhara kand ko narendra modi par aise aropo ko lagakar yaad kia jata hai jinka koi adhar hi nhi par un 59 nirdosh budhe bacche aur maasoom jo preplanned tarike se bewajah zinda aag k hawale kar die gae jise high court b man chuka hai ke lie nhi yaad… Read more »
A srivastava

Is gupt va sacche itihas ko hi nahi apitu vartanan me ghat rhi ghatnao se sote hue hinduo ko jagana hai ,hume apne milne walon se charcha karni chahiye. Harpal is vichaqdhara ko promote karna chaiye.

sayandeep kar

in blg ke baje se hindu jagenge ki nahi mai nahi janta!! par ha ek bat jntu hai!! ak tabahi machane bala riot suru karna ka takat yeh blog rakhta hai!! jis riot mai sirf khun se lat pat las aur rape kiya gaya ladkio ko dekha jayega!!

Sayandeep jee, Namaskaar! 1)) सर्वप्रथम आपने धर्मयुद्ध की बात की। महाभारत के अनुसार अर्जुन युद्ध नही करना चाहता था। फिर कृष्ण ने उसे क्यो कहा – तस्मात्सर्वेषु कालेषु माम्नुस्मरि युध्य च। ? अर्थात धर्मयुद्ध बुरा नही। 2)) आपने कहा कि सब बुरे नही – कोई अच्छा भी है। सही है… Read more »
4)) अंत में यही कहना चाहुँगा कि आक्रमणकर्ताओ से सावधान रहे – उन्होने देश को खोखला का दिया है। यदि आवश्यकता पड़ी तो शस्त्र भी उठाने पड़ेंगे। जब तक शांति से सुधारा जा सकता है – हम सुधारेंगे लेकिन जहाँ अन्याय हो रहा है वहाँ शस्त्र ही बोलेंगे। अग्निवीर इसी… Read more »
सयनदीप जी, मैंने यह नही कहा कि मुम्बई हमले में अब्दुल कलाम का हाथ है। किसी भी आतंकवाद में अब्दुल कलाम का हाथ नही। अफ़्जल ने संसद में कई हमले किए थे। उसको फाँसी हो जाती तो वह रद्द करा दी। अत: अफ़्जल ने सोचा कि भारत की सरकार धर्मनिरपेक्षत्व… Read more »
sayandeep kar
aap ki yeh bat se mai seh mat hu shanti se bat nahi chalta waha shastra uthana parte hai le kin mumbai hamle mai abdul kalam ka hath hai is ka koi proof to nahi hai!! aur mai akbar ko spprt is liye kar raha tha ki woh akela hi… Read more »
sayandeep kar

is vichardhara ko promote karna chahiye!! is galat history ko!! plzz ap log pare likhe he daya karke aise chizo ko promote karne ke bare mai mat sochiye!!

A srivastava
Mr. Sayandeep Stop saying galat history, one thing is sure dat u r not a history inttelectual and u r from youth bcoz humare mahan budhjeevi imandar sarkar ka goal hai to be seculer atah mughals ki asli history ab aj k syllabus me rahi nhi aj se 25 saal… Read more »
sayandeep kar
for ur kind information mere maa history arts lekar i pare hai!! graduate kiya hai!! aur mai jo history par raha hu!! woh 25 sal ka bohut pehle se hi hai!! mere dadi ka umar abhi 80 sal hai!! unho ne bhi arts le kar graduate kiya hai!! woh bhi… Read more »
A srivastava
Akbar babar jaiso ka udaharan dena to kal ki baten hain, secular logo ko samaj nahi ayega, inhe kashmir k saiyad gilani, keral ki islamic political parties ke aims, south india ka ‘love jihad’ aur assam ke bangladesiyo k love jihad, hyderabadi muslim k pakistan prem k bare me to… Read more »
A. Srivastava

I luv hinduism

A. Srivastava

Jai bharat jai hindutva


[…] Shah Suri. Rana Prasad, a Hindu Sodha Rajput ruler of Amarkot, gave refuge to Humayun. Later the Mughal Emperor Akbar became the Shahenshah of Hind and was a popular figure with both Hindus and Muslims. Umerkot has many sites of historical […]

sayandeep kar
kas aap ki tara sab samajhte atheist ji!! mai aap ka sanman karta hu!! le kin truth seeker ne hu mujhe taliban bola!! taliban jaisa janwar log ke sath mera comparison kiya!! aur maine to sach hi kaha is agniveer blog mai jo akbar ke khilaf bola hai woh to… Read more »
Indian Atheist
Truth Seeker जी से मैं निपट लेता हु। आप उसकी चिंता न करे। वास्तव में अग्निवीर वह नही जो आप और यहाँ मुसलमान भाई बहन समझते है। यदि अग्निवीर हिन्दू धर्मान्ध होता तो इस्लाम को हिन्दूओ का गुरु न कहता जैसा यहाँ लिखा है। http://agniveer.com/1708/islam-what-it-can-teach-us/ सत्य तो यही है कि… Read more »
sayandeep kar
atheist ji aap sach main gyani ho!! aap no jo kaha woh sahi hai!! le kin akbar ke bare me kehe gaye bat se mai sahemat nahi tha!! rahunga bhi nahi!! aur ha yeh sach hai muslim log aap ne aap ko kuch zyadai civilized aur pure samajhte ho jo… Read more »
sayandeep kar
dekha truth seeker tum khud i keh rehe ho ki des ko musalman fir se kabza kar lenge aur pakistan aur afghanistan bana denge!! hum desh ki raksha kaise karenge bahar ki hamlebazo se agar hum khud i aise sochenge!! kya shivaji maharaj maharana pratap ranjit singh ke future generation… Read more »
sayandeep kar
sahi kaha ap ne atheist ji hum he hi aap ne desh ka sanman bapas lana hai!! le kin aap ne jo kaha ashoka aur akbar ne jo tabahi machayi aur phir sama mang liya yeh thik nahi hai!! ha mai manta hu!! le kin galti jab ho jata hai… Read more »

tum agni veer waale maddar chod ho, haraami saale tum jaisi sites ko toh banned kar dena chaiyee, souar saale, rss ke agent,

sayandeep kar

an gaya ak bhaiya aisi sites ko bandh kar de na chahiye!! sacche history ko aap jaise logo ka zarurat hai!! nahi agniveer jaisa sites ko bandh kar dene chahiye!!

Truth Seeker

@sayandeep kar
Good brother, you seem to be supporter of Taliban. Do not worry all such sites will be banned after rule of Taliban here as in Afghanistan.

sayandeep kar
sach mai humare des mai hindu bigot kitna fel gaya hai!! ha dekh raha hu na example tumhare tara @truth seeker humare desh ka hindu taliban namune taliban ko ana nahi parega agar tum jaise log desh mai janam loge to humhare desh pure duniya ke liye pichra huya third… Read more »
Indian Atheist
नमस्कार भ्राताओ! आप दोनो यह क्या कर रहे हो? आपस में वाद विवाद – कौनसी धर्मपुस्तक ने आपको यह सिखाया? हालांकि मैं नास्तिक हु किंतु यह कह सकता हु कि वेदो ने कही लड़ने का आदेश नही दिया। आपको शायद पता नही है कि आंग्ल प्रदेशियो ने देश को जीतने… Read more »
Truth Seeker

@sayandeep kar
________sach mai bhagwan is des ka kya hoga?? jaha par aise log rehte hai!!_______
Kuch nahi hoga bas sab Muslim Milkar Iss desh ko Pakistan aur Afganistan bana denge aur jo bhi betichod aur bahuchod prophet Mohammad ke virudh bolega usko mot ka farman suna denge.

Indian Atheist
सयनदीप कर जी, एक प्रश्न पूछना चाहुँगा – कृपया बुरा मत मानिएगा। आप वास्तव में भारतवासी है अथवा कोई विदेशी है? क्योंकि आपने पिछले टिप्पणी पर यह कहा था कि मुग़ल अच्छे थे – क्या आप स्पष्ट कर सकते है क्योंकि अधिकांश मुसलमान शासक क्रूर तथा आतंकवादी ही पाए जाते… Read more »
sayandeep kar
mai aachi tara janta hu ki sab musalman bahut attyachari the!! le k9in akbar waisa nahi tha!! un jaise admi o ko mazab ki nam par mat tolie!! mai janta tha ki akbar chittodgarh mai 30,000 begunaho ki jan liya tha!! le kin sirf wohi ak bar us ne aisa… Read more »
Indian Atheist
सयनदीप कर जी, नमस्कार! मैंने तो आपसे समाधान माँगा था और आपने बात ही दूसरी दिशा में कर दी। मैंने यह कब कहा कि अशोक शांतीप्रिय था? मैं अशोक तक को महान नही मानता। और शांती की परिभाषा क्या है? — मैं 100,000,000 निर्दोषो की हत्या कर दू फिर अपने… Read more »
sayandeep kar

aur ha atheist ji maine yeh kabhi nahi kaha mere article mai ki mughal aache hai!! maine kaha tha ki akbar aache hai!!


@ sayandeep kar .. u really one of Tratior… Bloody Bustard.. u know the history then publish with evidence.. if u dont know.. keep my ass to ur mouth.

Aditya Kumar
Man singh and bhagban das gave their womens to akbar n recieved profits, however they n their clan in rajputs was rejected by hindu community, that is why now days they r denying the marrige of jodha bai to Akbar. Except in Rajputana their Clan members r treated as Neech… Read more »

[…] // nRelate.domain = "agniveer.com"; //TweetTweetThis article is also available in English at http://agniveer.com/3175/akbar/हमारे पाठकों को अपने विद्यालय के […]

A srivastava

Muslims kaise hote hain jake un 3 lakh kashmiri hinduon se pucho jinko 15 saal pehle gilani n brothers ne babar jaisi policy apna kar kashmir se bhaga diya. Is desh ki seculer janta kya kehna chahegi is par.


fight and claim your land back govt wont do nay thing for hindus,eye for eye should be the rul

रही बात कश्मीर के सन्दर्भ की तो कृपया seculer जैसे शब्दो का प्रयोग न करे। क्योंकि भारतीय सरकार मात्र तथाकथित seculer है। वह मुसलमान, ईसाईयो का तो समर्थन करती है परंतु हिन्दूओ का नही। हमारा सबसे बड़ा दुर्भाग्य यही है कि हमे अन्दर से मारने वाले जीवित है — बाहर… Read more »
sayandeep kar
aap logo ka bat sunkar to lag raha hai ki aap koi dharam yudh suru karne vale ho!! ha mai manta hu ki muslim akramankari o ki baje se bahut sare sabhyata nast huye hai!! le kin sab muslim aisa nahi hai!! 100 pratishad muslim mai abhi 10 prathisadh aacha… Read more »
A srivastava
Jai bharat jai hindutva, music, maths, yoga, concept of god, poetry, dharm, spirituality, ayurveda, astrology, space science, surgical treatment, natak kala( aj kal films. Aur na jane kaun kaun si vidyaen dene wala bharat hi hai. Muje garv nhi k mai bhartiya hun muje ghamand hai is baat ka k… Read more »
एकदम सही कहा श्रीवास्तव जी। लेकिन सिर्फ गर्व / घमंड से कुछ नही होगा। पाश्चात्य तथा यवनो के कारण सर्वत्र त्राहि त्राहि हो रही है। ईराक़, ईरान, यूनान, मिस्र, रोमानिया कितनी हरी भरी और आनन्दमय सभ्यताए थी परंतु आज उनका नाम लेने वाला भी कोई नही। मलेच्छो के फैलाई गई… Read more »
Pandit uma pati tripathi

when muslim lives in india he becoms great the sufi culture is great but when he lives in pakistaan he becomes horreble , terrorible and much more like Zakir Naik running islam’s shop from peace TV pakistan.