Light of Truth (Satyarth Prakash) in English

We are attaching the English translation of Satyarth Prakash or Noor-e-Haq for public consumption. No book has influenced the direction of modern Bharat than this magnum opus by Swami Dayanand Sarswati published first in 1883. Some of the practices and trends of today that seem so ordinary were in fact initiated in recent times from inspirations of this book. Some of the examples are: Equal Social, Religious and Political Rights for women, Rejection of birth-based caste discrimination, Cow Protection Movement, Concept of Swadesh and Freedom Movement and establishing that True Religion and Science go hand in hand. Not to say about Back to Vedas message!

Ram Prasad Bismil wrote in his autobiography that Satyarth Prakash overturned his life!

This English translation has been done by Dr Chiranjiva Bhardwaj. While it is impossible to translate such a deep meaning work in English which is a much shallower language when it comes to expressing spiritual concepts, the translator has done a commendable job. However there are certain areas where the translator has not been able to adequately represent the views of the author. In fact I personally believe that a revised translation cum commentary on Satyarth Prakash as per modern life and language is much needed. Nonetheless we request all serious lovers of Vedas or Truth-seeking to read this book at least once. For gaps in translation, we strongly recommend you to have the Hindi text edited by Pt Yudhisthir Meemansak available from Ramlal Kapoor Trust, Sonipat. (contact In the interim you can also compare with Hindi edition available on this site.

Satyarth Prakash – Light of Truth

Satyarth Prakash or Light of Truth

The 4 Vedas Complete (English)

The 4 Vedas Complete (English)

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    thanks for your great teachings, please make this in TELUGU as well as 10 crore people speaks, it is really benificial to our Dharma.

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