We are attaching the English translation of Satyarth Prakash or Noor-e-Haq for public consumption. No book has influenced the direction of modern Bharat than this magnum opus by Swami Dayanand Sarswati published first in 1883. Some of the practices and trends of today that seem so ordinary were in fact initiated in recent times from inspirations of this book. Some of the examples are: Equal Social, Religious and Political Rights for women, Rejection of birth-based caste discrimination, Cow Protection Movement, Concept of Swadesh and Freedom Movement and establishing that True Religion and Science go hand in hand. Not to say about Back to Vedas message!

Ram Prasad Bismil wrote in his autobiography that Satyarth Prakash overturned his life!

This English translation has been done by Dr Chiranjiva Bhardwaj. While it is impossible to translate such a deep meaning work in English which is a much shallower language when it comes to expressing spiritual concepts, the translator has done a commendable job. However there are certain areas where the translator has not been able to adequately represent the views of the author. In fact I personally believe that a revised translation cum commentary on Satyarth Prakash as per modern life and language is much needed. Nonetheless we request all serious lovers of Vedas or Truth-seeking to read this book at least once. For gaps in translation, we strongly recommend you to have the Hindi text edited by Pt Yudhisthir Meemansak available from Ramlal Kapoor Trust, Sonipat.  In the interim you can also compare with Hindi edition available on this site.

Satyarth Prakash – Light of Truth

Satyarth Prakash or Light of Truth

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Abdu Ex Muslim
Writing again from different ID because comment does no publishing @Agniveer / Hindu/ others I do not know where to ask this question but I am really very interested to know Vedic thought about existence of Tantra Vidya (Black Magic) after reading Dr. Ali Sina thoughts and belief in existence… Read more »
harsh singh
even u want u can ecomea true taantric by mastering mystic aspect of vedas,but its has certain conditions..1)find a vedic guru ,who masters rigved or ataharved(they are gyaan kaand ).2)leave meat ,alcholandpractice eepastang yog withyour guru ,, hewillteach u of to gain yogic power,,ut u mediate ,contemplate ,think andbuild onmystic… Read more »
harsh singh
@abdu ex muslim,read satyarth prakash,swamiji has dealt with this,, now tantra isdiviedinto2 parts white tantra andblack tantra,white tantra is purely vedic and has beuatifulvedantic thoughts in it,,they r means to occult powers ,to fight black energies.see vedas are too deep ,the vedic hymns have 3 meanigs one ritualitic ,mystic and… Read more »
Abdu an Ex Muslim
@Agniveer / Hindu/ others I do not know where to ask this question but I am really very interested to know Vedic thought about existence of Tantra Vidya (Black Magic) after reading Dr. Ali Sina thoughts and belief in existence of Shaitan (god of black magic) please have a look… Read more »
Sir Abdu, Even I face the issue . After a while only posts are getting reflected in the site. I know why you call it tantra vidya, but in our place tantra vidya means the agama shastras by which a great seer or person performed great austerities establish God’s presence… Read more »
Abdu,Gopi, In short a rational analysis of evolution of Hinduism is below:-(Btw I am a believer following puranic stories literally. Do not believe in what I said below) 1. God is beyond senses and imagination. 2.Personification of God (This is analogous. need not be taken literally ) to Rudra,Shiva, Vishnu,… Read more »
Jazib Bhat
+Agniveer This poor book which you want you reader’s to read will destroy their mentality. It is useless book and Moolshankar has used Nonsense approach in his book. For instance – Can God prove 1=2 If Yes then it’s not 2 It no then not god Proved This type of… Read more »
Abdu an Ex Muslim
After reading Quran many times I have reached to conclusion Allah is most false God Imagined by fool people. Islamic God (Allah) too obsessed for get him worshiped that he sends people in hell if he fails to get it. Hindu also have false notion of God. They believe too… Read more »
Abdu, Hinduism is not a religion but a philosophy. Our vedic books are like science. It is personal journey seeking truth. Purans are not vedic scriptures but these are all mythological stories. Majority of hindu people have never read any vedic books, rather just blindly followed some rituals that they… Read more »
@abdu & gopi, Let me put aside my beleifs and do a rational analysis. The God concept in Vedas is well I would say is absolute monistic, for argument sake let’s say it is monotheistic. Whatever it may be, God in reality is beyond human comprehension. God is beyond senses… Read more »

you be happy and read your desert cult book which believes earth is a flat surface and humans created 6000 yrs back

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vishwakarma upendra

hi nice to done it to spread I apreacite to vedas and vegitarianism,I need vedas book in Telugu……….pls suggest any link or download thanking You.

Sreedhar Rapuru


thanks for your great teachings, please make this in TELUGU as well as 10 crore people speaks, it is really benificial to our Dharma.

Big Dipper

@ Sreedhar,

If you’re looking for The Satyarth Prakash in Telugu, please visit this link where you can find it in Telugu as well as 17 other languages http://www.aryagan.org/satyarth-prakash.html

Consider sharing it with people who are ready to lead a Vedic life.


R Venugopal

visit iishtv – youTube