The material presented here is based on a thorough and objective analysis of roots of Vedic words, the context in which they appear, Vedic Vocabulary,  Philology, Grammar and other tools critical for correct interpretation of the Vedic mantras. Thus this research series does not merely rely on blind reproduction of works of Max Muller, Griffith, Wilson, Williams and other indologists on Vedas and Vedic language. While they are more popular in contemporary western academia, we have objective reasons to conclude that their works are far from authoritative. We shall explore this facet in more detail in this research series.

Welcome to this first part of the research series on critical evaluation of Misconceptions surrounding the Vedas – the first books of knowledge on earth.

For centuries aspersions have been cast upon the Vedas; the primary holy scriptures of the Hindus of having unholy contents. If one really started believing in those aspersions, the entire Hindu philosophy, culture, and traditions would reduce to nothing but savagery, barbarism and cannibalism.

The Vedas – the very roots of Hinduism, rather the first source of knowledge on earth – are meant for guiding the actions of human being in order to lead a blissful life.

This slanderous campaign has been unleashed by different vested interests to embarrass Hindus around the world citing specific references from the Vedas.

This also comes handy in convincing poor and illiterate Indians to give up their faith on the grounds that their fundamental holy books – the Vedas – contain all the inhuman elements like denigration of women, meat-eating, polygamy, casteism and above all – beef eating.

The Vedas are also accused of animal sacrifice in sacrificial ceremonies popularly known as the YAJNA. Interestingly a section of home-bred intellectuals claiming to have deep study of ancient India has also come up, who cite references from works of western indologists to prove such unholy content in the Vedas.

Saying that the Vedas permit beef-eating and cow-slaughter amounts to striking a lethal blow to a Hindu’s soul. Respect for cow forms a core tenet of Hinduism. Once you are able to convince him of flaws in the foundation of this core tenet and make him feel guilty, he becomes an easy prey for the predator faiths. There are millions of ill-informed Hindus who are not empowered to counter argue and hence quietly surrender.

The vested interests that malign the Vedas are not confined to foreign and home-bred indologists alone. A certain class among Hindus exploited the rest of the population including the socially and economically weaker sections by forcing them to believe and follow what they said in the name of Vedas or else face the wrath.

All the slanders heaped upon the Vedas can be attributed mainly to the interpretations of commentaries written by Mahidhar, Uvat and Saayan in the medieval times; and to what Vam-margis or the Tantra cult propagated in their books in the name of the Vedas.

In due course the falsehood spread far and wide and they became even more deep rooted when western scholars with their half baked knowledge of Sanskrit transliterated these interpretations of commentaries of Sayan and Mahidhar, in the name of translating the Vedas.

However, they lacked the pre-requisite understanding of Shiksha (Phonetics), Vyakarana (Grammar), Nirukta (Philology), Nighantu (Vocabulary), Chhanda (Prosody), Jyotish (Astronomy), Kalpa and so on that are critical for correct interpretation of the Vedas.

The purpose behind Agniveer movement is to objectively evaluate all such misconceptions about the Vedas – the foundation of human knowledge and establish their piety, sanctity, great ideals and philosophy that cater not only to Hindus but to every human being without bars, bias or discrimination of any kind.

Section 1: No  violence against animals

Yasmintsarvaani bhutaanyaatmaivaabhuudvijaanatah
Tatra ko mohah kah shokah ekatvamanupasyatah
Yajurveda 40.7

“Those who see all beings as souls do not feel infatuation or anguish at their sight, for they experience oneness with them”.
How could people who believed in the doctrines of indestructibility, transmigration  dare to kill living animals in yajnas? They might be seeing the souls of their own near and dear ones of bygone days residing in those living beings.
Anumantaa vishasitaa nihantaa krayavikrayee
Samskartaa chopahartaa cha khadakashcheti ghaatakaah
Manusmrithi 5.51
Those who permit slaying of animals; those who bring animals for slaughter; those who slaughter; those who sell meat; those who purchase meat; those who prepare dish out of it; those who serve that
meat and those who eat are all murderers.
Breehimattam yavamattamatho maashamatho tilam
Esha vaam bhaago nihito ratnadheyaaya dantau maa hinsishtam pitaram maataram cha
Atharvaveda 6.140.2

O teeth! You eat rice, you eat barley, you gram and you eat sesame. These cereals are specifically meant for you. Do not kill those who are capable of being fathers and mothers.
Ya aamam maansamadanti paurusheyam cha ye kravih
Garbhaan khaadanti keshavaastaanito naashayaamasi
Atharvaveda 8.6.23

We ought to destroy those who eat cooked as well as uncooked meat, meat involving destruction of males and females, foetus and eggs.
Anago hatya vai bheema kritye
Maa no gaamashvam purusham vadheeh
Atharvaveda 10.1.29

It is definitely a great sin to kill innocents. Do not kill our cows, horses and people.

How could there be justification of cow and other animals being killed when killing is so clearly prohibited in the Vedas?
Aghnyaa yajamaanasya pashoonpahi
Yajurveda 1.1

“O human! animals are Aghnya – not to be killed. Protect the animals”
Yajurveda 6.11

Protect the animals.
Dwipaadava Chatushpaatpaahi
Yajurveda 14.8

Protect the bipeds and quadrupeds!
Kravy da –kravya[ meat obtained from slaughter] + Ada [ the eater]—the meat eater.

Pisacha — pisita [meat] +asa [eater]—the meat eater.

Asutrpa — Asu [breath of life] + trpa [one who satisfies himself on]—one who takes others life for his meals.

Garba da and Anda da – the foetus and egg eaters.

Mans da – the meat eaters

Meat eaters have always been looked down in Vedic literature. They have been known as Rakshasas, Pisacha and so on….All these words are synonyms of demons or devils that have been out-cast from the civilized human society.
Urjam no dhehi dwipade chatushpade
Yajurveda 11.83

“May all bipeds and quadrupeds gain strength and nourishment”

This mantra is recited by Hindus before every meal. How could the same philosophy which prays for well-being of every soul in every moment of life, approve of killing animals?

Section 2: No  violence in Yajna

Yajna never meant animal sacrifice in the sense popularly understood. Yajna in the Vedas meant a noble deed or the highest purifying action.

Adhvara iti Yajnanaama – Dhvaratihimsaakarmaa tatpratishedhah
Nirukta 2.7

According to Yaaska Acharya, one of the synonyms of Yajna in Nirukta or the Vedic philology is Adhvara.

Dhvara means an act with himsa or violence. And therefore a-dhvara means an act involving no himsa or no violence. There are a large number of such usage of Adhvara in the Vedas.

In the post-Mahabharata period, misinterpretation of the Vedas and interpolations in other scriptures took place at various points intime. Acharya Shankar reestablished the Vedic values to an extent.

In the more recent times, Swami Dayanand Saraswati – known as the grandfather of modern India – interpreted the Vedas as per thecorrect rules of the language and authentic evidences. His literature, which includes commentary on the Vedas, Satyarth Prakash loosely translated as Light of Truth, An Introduction to the Vedas and other texts led to widespread social reformation based on Vedic philosophy and dispelling of myths surrounding the Vedas.

Let us discover what the Vedas have to say on Yajna.

Agne yam yagnamadhvaram vishwatah pari bhuurasi
Sa id deveshu gacchati
Rigveda 1.1.4

O lord of effulgence! The non-violent Yajna, you prescribe from all sides, is beneficial for all, touches divine proportions and is accepted by noble souls.

The Rigveda describes Yajna as Adhvara  or non violent throughout. Same is the case with all the other Vedas. How can it be then concluded that the Vedas permit violence or slaughter of animals?

The biggest accusation of cattle and cow slaughter comes in the context of the Yajnas that derived their names from different cattle like the Ashwamedh Yajna, the Gomedha Yajna and the Nar-medh Yajna. Even by the wildest stretch of the imagination the word Medha would not mean slaughter in this context.

It’s interesting to note what Yajurveda says about a horse
Imam ma himsirekashafam pashum kanikradam vaajinam vaajineshu
Yajurveda 13.48

Do not slaughter this one hoofed animal that neighs and who goes with a speed faster than most of the animals.

Aswamedha does not mean horse sacrifice at Yajna. Instead the Yajurveda clearly mentions that a horse ought not to be slaughtered.

In Shathapatha, Ashwa is a word for the nation or empire

The word medha does not mean slaughter. It denotes an act done in accordance to the intellect Alternatively it could mean consolidation, as evident from the root meaning of medha i.e. medhru san-ga-me

Raashtram vaa ashwamedhah
Annam hi gau
Agnirvaa ashwah
Aajyam medhah

Swami Dayananda Saraswati wrote in his Light of Truth:

A Yajna dedicated to the glory, wellbeing and prosperity of the Rashtra the nation or empire is known as the Ashwamedh yajna.

“To keep the food pure or to keep the senses under control, or to make the food pure or to make a good use of the rays of Sun or keep the earth free from impurities[clean] is called Gomedha Yajna”.

“The word Gau also means the Earth and the yajna dedicated to keep the Earth the environment clean is called Gomedha Yajna”

“The cremation of the body of a dead person in accordance with the principles laid down in the Vedas is called Naramedha Yajna”.

Section 3: No beef in Vedas

Not only the Vedas are against animal slaughter but also vehemently oppose and prohibit cow slaughter.Yajurveda forbids killing of cows, for they provide energizing food for human beings

Ghrtam duhaanaamaditim janaayaagne maa himsiheeh
Yajurveda 13.49

Do not kill cows and bulls who always deserve to be protected.

Aare gohaa nrhaa vadho vo astu
Rigveda 7.56.17

In Rigveda cow slaughter has been declared a heinous crime equivalent to human murder and it has been said that those who commits this crime should be punished.
Sooyavasaad bhagavatee hi bhooyaa atho vayam bhagvantah syaama
Addhi trnamaghnye vishwadaaneem piba shuddhamudakamaacharantee
Rigveda 1.164.40 or Atharv 7.73.11 or Atharv 9.10.20

The Aghnya cows – which are not to be killed under any circumstances– may keep themselves healthy by use of pure water and green grass, so that we may be endowed with virtues, knowledge and wealth.

The Vedic Lexicon, Nighantu, gives amongst other synonyms of Gau[ or cow] the words Aghnya. Ahi, and Aditi. Yaska the commentator on Nighantu, defines these as-
Aghnya the one that ought not to be killed
Ahi the one that must not be slaughtered.
Aditi the one that ought not to be cut into pieces.

These three names of cow signify that the animal ought not to be put to tortures. These words appear frequently throughout the Vedas in context of the cow.


Aghnyeyam saa vardhataam mahate soubhagaaya

Rigveda 1.164.27
Cow – The aghnya – brings us health and prosperity

Suprapaanam Bhavatvaghnyaayaah
Rigveda 5.83.8
There should be excellent facility for pure water for Aghnya Cow

Yah paurusheyena kravishaa samankte yo ashwena pashunaa yaatudhaanah

Yo aghnyaayaa bharati ksheeramagne teshaam sheershaani harasaapi vrishcha
Rigveda 10.87.16

Those who feed on human, horse or animal flesh and those who destroy milk-giving Aghnya cows should be severely punished.

Vimucchyadhvamaghnyaa devayaanaa aganma
Yajurveda 12.73
The Aghnya cows and bulls bring you prosperity

Maa gaamanaagaamaditim vadhishta
Rigveda 8.101.15
Do not kill the cow. Cow is innocent and aditi – that ought not to be cut into pieces

Antakaaya goghaatam
Yajurveda 30.18

Destroy those who kill cows

Yadi no gaam hansi yadyashwam yadi poorusham
Tam tvaa seesena vidhyaamo yatha no so aveeraha
Atharvaveda 1.16.4

If someone destroys our cows, horses or people, kill him with a bullet of lead.

Vatsam jaatamivaaghnyaa
Atharvaveda 3.30.1

Love each other as the Aghnya – non-killable cow – loves its calf

Dhenu sadanam rayeenaam
Atharvaveda 11.1.34

Cow is fountainhead of all bounties

The entire 28th Sukta or Hymn of 6th Mandal of Rigveda sings the glory of cow.
Aa gaavo agnamannuta bhadramakrantseedantu

Bhooyobhooyo rayimidasya vardhayannabhinne

Na taa nashanti na dabhaati taskaro naasaamamitro vyathiraa dadharshati

Na taa arvaa renukakaato ashnute na samskritramupa yanti taa abhi

Gaavo bhago gaava indro me achhaan

Yooyam gaavo medayathaa

Maa vah stena eeshata maaghanshasah

1. Everyone should ensure that cows are free from miseries and kept healthy.
2. God blesses those who take care of cows.
3. Even the enemies should not use any weapon on cows
4. No one should slaughter the cow
5. Cow brings prosperity and strength

6. If cows keep healthy and happy, men and women shall also keep disease free and prosperous

7. May the cow eat green grass and pure water. May they not be killed and bring prosperity to us.


What more proofs does one need to understand the high esteem in whichnot only the cow but each living being is held in the Vedas.

The learned audience can decide for themselves from these evidences that the Vedas are completely against any inhuman practice… to top it all the Beef and Cow slaughter.

There is no Beef in Vedas.


1.    Rigveda Bhashya – Commentary on Rigveda by Swami Dayanand Saraswati

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6.    Pracheen Bharat me Gomamsa – Ek Sameeksha (Beef in Ancient India – an analysis) by Geeta Press, Gorakhpur
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18.     Nirukta – Yaska Acharya
19.     Dhatupath – Panini

Addendum on 14 April 2010:

After this article, there was severe reaction from various sources who cannot live with the fact that Vedas and ancient culture of our nation could have been more ideal than their current communistic ideals. I received several mails that tried to refute the articles by citing additional references that support beef-eating. These include 2 mantras from Rigveda, and some Shlokas from Manu Smriti and a few other texts. An example is the comment from Avtar Gill on this page itself. On these, I have to say the following:

a. The article has given evidence from Manu Smriti itself which states that even one who permits killing is a murderer. Thus all these additional shlokas are either from adulterated Manu Smriti or misinterpreted by twisting of words. I recommend them to read Manu Smriti by Dr Surendra Kumar.

b. A typical example of foul play by those hell-bent on justifying their obsession with beef in ancient texts, is to translate Mansa as ‘meat’. In reality, ‘Mansa’ is a generic word used to denote pulp. Meat is called ‘Mansa’ because it is pulpy. So mere presence of ‘Mansa’ does not mean it refers to meat.

c. The other texts referred by them are among dubious ones not considered authoritative evidence. Their modus operandi is simple – state anything written in Sanskrit as Dharma and translate the way they want to prove whatever they want. This is how they have been fooling us all by filling our textbooks with all unverified demeaning claims.

d. With regards to Vedas, they could come up with two mantras that supposedly justify beef eating. Let us evaluate them:

Claim: Rigveda (10/85/13) declares, “On the occasion of a girl’s marriage oxen and cows are slaughtered.”
Fact: The mantra states that in winter, the rays of sun get weakened and then get strong again in spring. The word used for sun-rays in ‘Go’ which also means cow and hence the mantra can also be translated by making ‘cow’ and not ‘sun-rays’ as the subject. The word used for ‘weakened’ is ‘Hanyate’ which can also mean killing. But if that be so, why would the mantra go further and state in next line (which is deliberately not translated) that in spring, they start regaining their original form.

How can a cow killed in winter regain its health in spring? This amply proves how ignorant and biased communists malign Vedas.
Claim: Rigveda (6/17/1) states that “Indra used to eat the meat of cow, calf, horse and buffalo.”

Fact: The mantra states that brilliant scholars enlighten the world in the manner that wood enhances the fire of Yajna. I fail to understand from where did Avtar Gill and his friends discover Indra, cow, calf, horse and buffalo in this mantra!

In summary, I continue the challenge to everyone – cite one single mantra from Vedas that justify beef-eating and I shall be eager to embrace any faith that he or she may decide for me. If not, they should agree to revert back to the Vedas.

This article is also available in Hindi at

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siddhanth gautam

Both Jainism &. Buddhism canonical text attest the fact that ” Animal Sacrifice (in yajna) & meat eating ” were common in ancient india.

To whom you are fooling. Without taking reference from buddhist & Jaina texts you can’t reconstruct the Indian History.


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Simple question. If I am an atheist and dont believe in any religion and i want to eat beef, pork, chicken etc. We live in a democracy, what gives you or the government the right to question my diet? If you think killing a cow/bull is a crime, how is… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
Beef Ban happened through democratic process. It was part of election manifesto of a party. It announced its intentions before elections, got elected by majority and now fulfilling its promise. if it did not, it would have been hypocrisy. If you want chicken and goat banned, go and follow the… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
That is exactly what the article answers. In democracy, it is not just about what I want or you want. It is about impact on millions. If beef-ban irks you so much, why you never raised question against poaching of lions, consumption of narcotics, burning of national flag, mutual cannibalism… Read more »
I’m sorry but you are trying to divert the issue. How does poaching of lions and consumption of narcotics and my raising or not raising a voice fit into this? Thats like me saying why didnt you raise your voice againt Nirbhaya’s rape and farmer suicides in Maharashtra. The law… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
There is no diversion. Point is that government does have right to regulate what you do, what you eat and what you don’t do and what you don’t eat. It has already been doing, That is called law. Ban on cattle slaughter is people’s voice expressed democratically. Who said bull… Read more »

I dont know why these muslims are crawling all over this hindu website. If you want to become a hindu just say so. Its simple really


I Trust Vedas.
I would like to know scientifically, what did Vedic people do to get Calcium to body or what was the medicines given to the people who had Calcium deficiency?

Agniveer Agni

Milk and milk products are excellent sources of calcium.

imran khan

HIndu scriptures allowed the eating of meat…
Manusmriti (Chapter 5 / Verse 30)
Manusmriti (5 / 35)
Maharishi Yagyavalkya says in Shatpath Brahmin (3/1/2/21)
Apastamb Grihsutram (1/3/10)
Rigveda (10/85/13)
Rigveda (6/17/1)
Vashistha Dharmasutra (11/34)
Also, comments of some great scholars of Hinduism are also worth noting:
(The Complete Works of Swami Vivekanand, vol.3, p. 536).

Hi Imran The gomas bhakshaya.. actually refered in all this is translated like so.gomas( the tongue .. ) bhakshya (eating) .. .eating the tongue is a very rare yogic siddhi called kechri mudra which the patanjali yoga sutra rishis like Maharishi Yagyavalkya says in Shatpath Brahmin (3/ referred to. This… Read more »
Daniel Winkler
On Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad 6.8.14: in the Ramakrishnamission edition aukṣa and ārṣabha is in my humble opinion mistranslated with ‘meat of a young bull’ and ‘meat of a bull’, but it is overlooked that ukṣan and ṛṣabha are also terms for two of the eight main herbal medicines (aṣṭavarga), which have… Read more »

I see many Muslims say many things about eating beef. Can any Muslim here show me one verse in the Koran which says cow eating is recommended and is good ? If not then you should stop making all this noise because your logic is simply faulty.


Hello !
Have you compared the Hawking’s Singularity with the content of Upanishads ?
Thank You

Rugved Reddy
Rugved Reddy

Anyone listening ??


I think the Agniveer team has been busy. Not trying to speak for them, but that is what I’m guessing.


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certainly like your web site but you need to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts.
Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very troublesome to inform the truth
nevertheless I will definitely come again again.


Thank you for the wonderful article. It is god’s work is what you are doing. I hope you get what is good for you and what you desire.

Amitabha Ch
Wow! So much bickering over whether to eat meat or, not? It is absolutely pointless. Those who like meat should eat it, the Veda, Vedanta, Tantra, etc. sanctions it. Problem solved! The Smriti shastras of the later period has forbidden beef eating as a reform suitable for Kali-yuga. The Puranas,… Read more »
Param Purohit
Namaste Amitabha, You need a rereading of this article and still if you want to say Vedas sanction meat you must present facts with mantra not opinions. It is very unfortunate that in name of inclusiveness people try to justify wrongdoings and sins. It is very similar to the tragedy… Read more »
Its purely depends on a human whether he want to be a pure veg or non-vegetarian and religious scriptures gives this permission too, those who are making hullabaloo asking for proves from vedas, lets see how truthful are they? It must be noted that the Purva Mimamsa Sutras (compiled between… Read more »

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mam ma himsirekashafam pashum kanikradam vaajinam vaajineshu Yajurveda 13.48 Do not slaughter this one hoofed animal that neighs and who goes with a speed faster than most of the animals. – As per this since slaughter was carried out, it is written not to slaughter! that to specifically recommends one… Read more »
Param Purohit
Namaste Deva, It is a very popular saying that “half knowledge is harmful”. If you look at the complete mantra it means not to kill non-violent animals and to kill the harmful ones when needed. When I state “a virtuous man shouldnt be harmed” it nowhere means that a virtuous… Read more »
vishal shah
According to me it it logically why should be vegetarian Everything is created by god ; if god wanted us to eat meat of innocent animal he should have given us teeth and sharp tooth belong to carnivorous animal but he has not provided us , Also our digestive system… Read more »
Respected Agniveerji, Sri Chandrashekara Saraswathigal , the late head of the Kanchi Mutt (A.K.A maha periva) has given many discourses .All his discourses have been published in the form of a series of books (7Vols.) named “Voice Of God”. It deals with all the things in Sanathana Dharma (from A… Read more »
Jay Arya
well shankacharya did not follow the four vedas he followed Upanishads which he believed were based on vedas and were so like the vedas and it is also true many hindus have been influenced by anti hindus Marxists and Europeans who tried to make hindus hate their religion and look… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
No we did not approach him. But we can bet that Shankaracharya is completely misled here. Many of them give unnecessary importance to frivolous non-Vedic texts. Agniveer’s stand is based purely on Vedas and we proudly assert that there is no reference to animal sacrifice in Vedas. All these mentions… Read more »
Hi Agniveer, Another very very important part you are missing in this .. The gomas bhakshaya.. actually referrring to go mas( the tongue .. ) bhakshya (eating) .. .eating the tongue is a very rare yogic siddhi called kechri mudra which the patanjali yoga sutrta rishsi like yagawalka referred to.… Read more »

When I searched for this answer, I bumped into another article, conversation between Caitanya Mahāprabhu (ISKCON) and a Muslim.

It says that it is not killing,but rejuvenating an old/sick animal.
Please answer my query.

Jay Arya

i have gone through the articles on a fantic site trying to attack agniveer the only articles i found hard to refute are mainly polygamy in hinduism,beef in hindu scriptures,slavery in hinduism,dowry in hinduism and verses on reincarnation can you try explain these or refute this through an article

Great article, great translation. There are all these other misleading articles about this topic which are really bad. It is ridiculous to assume that Hindus suddenly developed a culture of worshiping the cow. Common sense would say that it has to be an ancient custom to be so widely accepted.… Read more »
I want full true veda
I want full true veda

Please Agniveer tell me how can I find all the original hindi translations of veda as well as Upanishads.

please reply this.
It is urgent.

Jay Arya

you can find agniveer store full hindu translation of four vedas as for upanishads on you can from ishoipanishad on agniveer website

First it is a excellent article and very well researched and thanks for enlightening us . In today’s world “kalyug” darkness is so wide spread that any tiny light of even a insect seems like the “Sun” itself. No wonder in this “Dark age” only the dark religions like Muslim… Read more »
Agniveer I have a question on vaccinations against diseases. Several of the vaccinations are made with cow parts (bovine extract, calf, gelatin). Look up on the internet the ingrediants and mediums used on vaccination. If we as Hindus do not consume any cow as food, how can we let enter… Read more »

Ultimately it is each person’s decision but how would the scriptures guide us here on vaccinations containing cow products?

@Arun I think one shouldn’t take it, if he knows that its made of using any animal’s part. Its un-vedic as vedas asks us to practice ahimsa towards all living beings(not only to cow). I think one should search for alternatives rather than breaking laws of nature, that’s to have… Read more »
Companies making these vaccines should be responsive to consumers. When parents learned of mercury in some vaccines companies took out the mercury. So people need to make their concerns heard, and companies should be working with consumers to address their concerns. Vaccines are important and people have a right to… Read more »

Or maybe an Indian company can start making vaccines that will not violate ones’s religious belief make them free of bovine and other animal products.


Dear Agniveer
Apparently, one Mr Sarang insists in ” Tamil Hindu” web site that there is animal sacrifice in ” Poorva Mimmasa”. I am not an expert on all this.
I would appreciate your response. Thanks


Sensational! What a sleek, educated and sophisticated refutation of those accusations! I am in awe! – and my hair remains standing on end! haha! Gau-mata ki jai


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Namaste. I have some doubts regarding Ashwamedh, Gomedha and Nar-medh. Can someone who knows Sanskrit, kindly explain to me, in detail, the mistakes that the translators who claim that Aswamedh, Gomedha and Nar-medh involve sacrifice in the literal sense, have made? Secondly, if Ashwamedh, Gomedha and Nar-medh DON’T involve sacrifice… Read more »


jai shankar
@the islamists ji,bhai ye jo maansahar hai,wo nahi allah,eshwar,god in ke upar depend hai,quran me allah saaf pharmata hai,ki usko na khoon pahunchta hai na maans,sirf us aadmi ki prayer us tak pahuchti ka arth hua ki allah ko maans pasand nahi hai.magar vo jo aadmi allah ke naam… Read more »
The Islamist
@jai shankar ji Aap se ek baat kahun… Doosro ke kandhe per bandook rakh kar chalana band kariye ? Qurbani ka Maans Allah ko pahuchta hai aur ye soch kar log bali/qurbani karte hain ye main aapse hi sun raha hun. kis guru ki shiksha ka prabhav hai ye ?… Read more »
jai shankar
@the islamist,bhaijaan wa kya buddhimani hai aapki,bhai manana padega aapko.bahot badhiya jawab diya.maine sabji jahrili hogi,to aadmi maans khayega ye kaha to tum ab fruits kha rahe ho.chalo vishay ko aage badhate hai,ab jab sabji jahrili huyi hi hai ab hum fruits ko bhi jahrila mane to phir kya aap… Read more »
The Islamist
@ jai shankar sahib !!! aap apne liye gaddha khod rahe hain… chaliye maan liya jaaye ke sabji vishaili ho gayi jiski kalpana to aasan hai per vastavikta se fir bhi mael nahi khati…jaane dijye ..sabji vishaily hogayi sahib… to insan zinda rehne ke liye janvar ka maans kyun na… Read more »
jai shankar
@the islamist,ji kya aap ki durd dristi hai,taras aata hai,is liye jawab bhi deta hu,maine sirf sabji jaharili hogi ye kaha jo aadmi khata hai,to aap ne ghasphus,ped poundhe inko hi vishaila kar aap ki samaj me kyo nahi aa raha bhai,jab ghas jahrili hogi to janvar usko kyo… Read more »
The Islamist
@ jai shankar ji jai shankar ji jai shankar ji Kalpanaon ke pankh pe sawar ho kar aap vastavikta se koson door nikal gaye hain. jee chahta to nahi ke main apki kori kalpanao mein apka sehbhagi banu lekin apke tark ko galat siddh kiye bina raha bhi nai jaata…… Read more »
The Islamist
@ raj.hyd ji apka pravachan sun kar lagta nahi ke aap ki aastha kisi bhi dharam mein ho sakti hai. aap kewal unhi baton ko sweekar karte hain jinke tathya apke saamne hain. main agar maan baithun ke aap Nastik hain to sambhavta ye galat na hoga. aur agar aisa… Read more »
The islamist ji , hamkoi bhi jhuthi asthaye svikar nahi karte hai / ishvar ko gyaan se mante huye bhi agar apkoham nastik lagtehai to hamko koi taklif nahi hai aapkeliye ya any muslim athva apne ko dhrmik kahalane valo ke liye ham kisi andhi astaho ko svikarkarna kadapi pasand… Read more »
jai shankar
@the islamist,bhaijaan,aap jab ki maans khana chahate hai,to pahle aap uske layak hai ya nahi ye to dekhiye.main jab jaan jane ke waqt ki baat kar raha hu,tab aadmi ko kuch bhi upay nahi sujta ki vo kya khaye kya na khaye,tab agar uske saamne shakahar hoga to to vo… Read more »
The Islamist
@ raj.hyd ji Apne kaha “yah chamatkar kya hota hai jhuthi bate chahe ved ki kitab me ho ya kuran adi vah manne ke kabil hargij nahi hai” Ek ore jahan Allah per,uske kitabon per,uske paigambaron (pbu all) per tatha Qur’an ki har ek aayah per mera vishwas hai waheen… Read more »
@The islamisht ji, asthaye sachhi bhi ho sakti hai aur jhuthi bhi iski janch kaise ho sakegi vishvas sachhe bhi ho sakte hai aur andh vishvas bhi ho sakte hai unki janch kaise ho sakegi ? duniya me dhurtata bhi hai fir kaise unki janch ho sakegi ham kisi bhi… Read more »
The Islamist
@ jai shankar ji Pehle to main apse nivedan karunga ke ek vishay pe jab tak charcha khatam na hojaye tab tak doosre vishay ko saamne na layein. charcha Maans khane pe ho rahi hai aur jab tak aap meri baaton se sehmat nahi ho jaate ya main apki batein… Read more »
the islamist ji, jo kuran ko nahi mante ya jinhone kabhi kuran nahi dekhi hai vah bhi mans khate hai ? muslimandhvishvasi bhi hote hai isliye agar kuran me mans ka virodh hota to muslimshayd mans mnahi khate sharab ka virodh hai lekin kai karod muslim sharab pi liya karte… Read more »
jai shankar
@the islamist,bhaijaan, main tumko thodi der ke liye hosihyar billi manata hu.naraj mat hona,dekho ab tum billi ho aur hoshyar billi jo likh sakti hai,bol sakti hai.tumko ek dhram granth likhna hai,to tum usme vahi baate likhoge jo tumko pasand ho,chuha tumara sabse pasandida hoga.kutta tumara dushman hoga.ab ek aisi… Read more »
jai shankar
@the islamist,bhaijaan,aap ek baat bataye,ye eshwar,allah,god bina aadmi ke kyo nahi rahte?inko aadmi ki jarurat kyo padati hai? Aadmi+belief=eshwar,allah,god aisa samikaran kyo hai?ye aadmi bina belief kiye bhi eshwar ko jaan sakta ye beliefs ka itna hangama,jabardasti,kis liye ki ja rahi hai.agar kisi ko pyas lagi ho to vo… Read more »
The Islamist
. @ jai shankar ji apne mere prashn ka koi uttar hi nai diya jab Maine aapse poocha tha agar samanya jeevan mein jeev hatya kar maans khana apradh hai to apne pran raksha ke liye jeev hatya kar uska maans kha lena jeevo ke prati hinsa kaise nahi hai… Read more »
The Islamist
@ raj.hyd ohhh ! prateet hota hai humne apki kisi dukhti rag pe hath dhar diya.aap to kunthit ho uthe maharaj.. aapne humara anurodh swikar nahi karke humare sawal ka jawab nahi diya. Raj ji sach to ye hai ke aap lajawab ho chuke they. Qur’an ki ek bhi aayah… Read more »
@The islamist ji , ham kunthit kyo honge ? yahchamatkar kya hota hai jhuthi bate chahe ved ki kitab me ho yakuran adi vah manne ke kabil hargij nahi hai !andhe bankar koi bhi bat manna pasand nahi karte hai ? ishwar kabhi prakat nahi hota hai ? ishwar kya… Read more »

muslim bandhu suwar ka nam lena bhi pasand nahi karte hai fir kya yah suwar ko banne vale ki tauheen nahi hai ? kuran me to apatkal me me suwar ka mans khane ko bhi chhut di hai !fir suwar ke nam se parhej muslim bandhuo ko kyo hai ?

jai shankar
@the islamist,bhaijaan,manushya ke upar agar ye nirbhar hota ki kya sahi hai aur kya galat to kitna accha hota.bhir ye baat khane tak hi simit kyo hai?manushya aapne aapne vichar se bhi swatantra hona chahiye,koi bhagwan ko idols se puja kare ya bina idols ke,ya koi usko mane hi… Read more »
jai shankar
@the islamist,bhaijaan,aap tark de rahe hai iska matlab aap ko kuch buddhimani hai ye pata chalta hai.magar aap sirf buddhi se kaam chalate to aap insan nahi kahlayenge.kyoki aap me sirf buddhi hi nahi hai us se bhi jyada kuch hai,jise nitishastra,bhavshastra,vicharshastra kahate hai.aadmi aur janvar me yahi buniyadi bhed… Read more »
jai shankar
@the islamist,bhaijaan,aap tark de rahe hai iska matlab aap ko kuch buddhimani hai ye pata chalta hai.magar aap sirf buddhi se kaam chalate to aap insan nahi kahlayenge.kyoki aap me sirf buddhi hi nahi hai us se bhi jyada kuch hai,jise nitishastra,bhavshastra,vicharshastra kahate hai.aadmi aur janvar me yahi buniyadi bhed… Read more »