यां मेधां देवगणाः पितरश्चोपासते। तया मामद्य मेधयाSग्ने मेधाविनं कुरु स्वाहा॥ यजुर्वेद ३२.१४॥

O ever glowing, brilliant Lord of all beings!

Give us the same intellect that you gave to our legendary ancestors, the great men and women of history, the best of the best ever born.

Give us the same intellect through which the heroes of past achieved greatest of wonders and miracles.

Give us the same intellect which our role models transformed into noble efforts that dazzled the world.

Give us the same intellect that the greatest performers used to worship you, through noble thoughts, noble words and noble actions.

Give us the same intellect that is the jewel of the best of the yogis, the best of the scholars and the best of the achievers.

And give us that intellect RIGHT NOW!

Vedas do not conceive of a God or Paramatma who would change his course of actions even a bit to accommodate our prayers. Then what is the use of such prayers or innumerable similar ones, which He would never listen to?

The fact however remains that Vedas contain no prayer which is impossible. The mechanism of action of Vedic prayers is already built into our system. Paramatma has already supplied us with all necessary arms and ammunition to achieve whatever we desire within the framework of Vedas. The Vedas provide the tools and techniques to use these arms and ammunition and convert any of our prayers into reality. We perform, and he dispenses – as per definite unchangeable laws, as provided in the Vedas. Its a fair game:

  • The laws are unchangeable absolutely
  • The laws are made available to us in form of Vedas
  • The necessary tools and resources for application of the laws has been provided to us in more than abundance

Thus no single prayer of Vedas is futile or wishful thinking or a promise extending up to unforseeable future. Instead, each prayer is nothing but a goal that is realizable within our finite lifetimes – given that we follow assiduously the steps required for fulfilment of the goal.

The first necessary prerequisite for realizing any goal is to possess the right intellect or frame of mind. The rest would follow naturally and logically once this first prerequisite is fulfilled. This is the hardest and the most critical step.

We need not even refer to Vedas or any other scholarly book to understand this. We just need to look around in our world. All things – good or bad, great or not-so-great – that mankind has ever achieved till date was only an idea in someone’s mind at one point of time. The right application of intellect alone transformed that intangible idea into electronic gadgets, engines, vehicles, rockets, computers, spaceships, rules of society, laws of the country, codes of ethics, books of knowledge, arts, philosophies,…..,…,… the list is endless, which is the reality around us.

Once this intellect is there, all the raw material for fulfillment of our prayers aka goals are already in place.

So the question comes, how soon can I acquire that intellect so that I can move on to the next step?

This mantra from Yajurved, as mentioned above, gives that answer. It categorically states that, regardless of your past deeds or misdeeds, level of knowledge or ignorance, capabilities or incapabilities, performance or failure, and everything else you have or do not have, you can acquire that intellect RIGHT NOW!

One of the mantras from Shiv Sankalp sukta of Yajurveda elaborates it further by saying that the essence of all the Vedas are already inside you.

Thus, that intellect is already there with us from the same instant as we desire it. Its an instantaneous process. And its a fair process. As much of intellect as we desire, and with as much intensity, in exactly the same proportion is the intellect being made available for us.

Thus technically speaking, if we can generate a tremendous amount of will power to reach ultimate perfection, we can achieve that RIGHT NOW.

In other words, we can change your destiny through one resolve RIGHT NOW.

Yajurveda says:

Once you make a resolution, you will be made available all the tools and resources necessary for achieving your goal or dream or prayer, immediately without a nanosecond delay. As you start applying the  tools and resources made available to you in form of intellect, you will start observing the results. As you observe the results, you would generate even more conviction and will power. This process will further enhance your intellect and generate even better tools and resources. Thus the results get even better and conviction is strengthened even further. The process follows recursively generating a positive feedback loop. Something analogous to a nuclear chain reaction.

Thus, if we are able to generate a minimum critical mass of conviction in the first go and sustain it, the most ambitious of the goals or dreams are achieved.

The successful personalities so far in history have applied these mantras of Yajurveda in some form of the other. The principle works with almost anything and everything.

However, the entire Vedas and even the स्वाहा at the end of the mantra also provide us directions on where the mantra should be applied.

Vedas conceive of a human potential that can achieve its ultimate achievable and is not restricted by petty goals. Thus the mantra prays for possessing that level of intellect where all petty and not-so-petty desires, aspirations, dreams and goals are made स्वाहा or sacrificed happily in pursuit of the ultimate goal.

Thus, the mantra prays for that intellect where we only aspire to achieve the ultimate – achieving whom, nothing else remains to be achieved. And achieving whom, the rest of the achievables are automatically made available to us as and when we need it. All the petty intermediate achievables only become temporary tools to facilitate achievement of the ultimate goal. But all eyes of the prayee are steadfastedly fixed on the ultimate, the biggest and most ambitious goal, the most exciting and exhilerating goal, simply the best goal – to become a Yogi.

And the prayer from Yajurveda is Paramtama’s insurance note asserting that,

“Regardless of anything and everything that has and has not happened till date,
Regardles of anything and everything that you could or could not achieve till date,
Regardless of the whatever deeds or misdeeds you performed till date,

You can aspire to be a Yogi from this moment.

And you shall be inducted into the previleged academy of Yoga RIGHT NOW!”

So let us all thank Paramatma and take this resolve RIGHT NOW.

And let us all become Yogis who have:

  • No illusions, no grief
  • No tensions, no frustrations
  • No doubts, no disbeliefs
  • No fears, no guilts
  • No limits, no bounds
  • Only bliss and total bliss
  • Complete peace with self and world
  • Unflinching affection with truth
  • Complete mastery over mind and body
  • Perfect examples of Yam and Niyam
  • Singleminded goal to achieve the Ultimate One!

And as per Vedas, we become Yogi RIGHT NOW!

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Namaste Agniveer Ji,

Agniveer Ji, I have query how this Mantra applicable to first humans came on earth. Because they were first they had no ancestors. So, first humans came on earth could not have recited this mantra. Please put some light on this.

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Truth Seeker

Have you checked this websites having Translation of Ved Mantras In Hindi & many other Sanskrit scriptures.

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if these words are compiled in the form of a book, may be it cud fill 5 pages,but it is going to be the most sold book in history

Harsh Vora

Another incredible piece of knowledge in writing!

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Very inspirational article !! really helps in realizing the ultimate goal…. y it is necessary to reach ultimate one… very clear and motivational article….. God Bless U…


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Your article and was extremely beautiful. I guess we all need someone to explain the meaning of the great books that we have. I would be really great if i could meet or attend such spiritual meetings.


Very noble thoughts. We recite this mantra everyday but your explanation is extremely beautiful. Thanks.


Agniveer Ji, Dhanyavaad for this inspirational article, please post some more article like this.

Ved Arya
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Ved Arya
Namaste Agniveer ji, Your article is inspiring. But I keep a difference with you on the interpretation of first mantra used by you. In fact take it as my query “O ever glowing, brilliant Lord of all beings!” No objection it simply refers to Parmatma “Give us the same intellect… Read more »
Namaste Please note that Vedas believe in a continuous cycle of creation and destruction like day and night. The word 'Puran' in Vedas refers to events that happened before one's present life including whatever happened in previous creation cycle. And there is no absolute first creation. In any creation, even… Read more »

Good and inspiring article.


very interesting facts about great vedas which were long time limited to brahmins

Vedas are open to all. But only Brahmins can understand them the best. (Brahmin does not mean one born in a certain family, but an educated person). Please note that Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra have nothing to do with birth, as falsely believed. They merely refer to different professions and… Read more »
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Dr krishnavtar
bahut hi achchha kary hai aur vah kary nishchit hi achchha hoga jisame vedo ki bate hogi k avatar

Dhanyavad. As Vedas say, there is no other way!


Thanks for your blessings. As Vedas say, there is no other way!!