Scientific Error in Hinduism

A new propaganda has become popular over last few months on “Scientific Errors in Hinduism” that is being pursued aggressively on internet sites, discussion groups and social networking sites. We have received more than 50 references to this propaganda through emails, comments and messages either in support of it or with a request to counter it. Simply type “Scientific Errors in Hinduism” and you shall get a huge number of results on this.

Initially we thought this to be a childish blabbering not worth being taken seriously. But going by the alarming rate of its propagation, and considering the average mental aptitude of those trying to demean Vedas to establish a medieval era book as the only escape for all human beings from a burning Hell to an amorous Paradise, we find it necessary to issue a rebuttal.

The original text comes in different variations but essentially provides a few mantras from Vedas and some other tall claims to showcase Hinduism as unscientific. We are attaching a sample copy for the complete set your reference here:

Scientific Errors in Hinduism

We shall review each of the claims of the document point by point We shall provide the original text of the document as ‘Anti-Hindu Claim’ and follow with our own comments. (We shall provide simple meanings of the mantras in question that would suffice the purpose of refuting the bogus claims. However please note that vedic mantras have extremely deep meanings that cannot be adequately represented here and requires mastery of the subjects).

Next time you come across this propaganda, simply copy paste from here.

Lets start:

Scientific Errors in Hinduism

1. Vedas say Earth is static!

a. Anti-Hindu Claim:

According to Vedas, the earth is static and this statement is repeated several times. The following are some of the examples:
Oh Man ! He who made the trembling earth static is Indra. (Rig Ved 2/12/12)


Actual translation: He who ensures that the sun with seven color bands that shines, the clouds that rain, air that circulates, water bodies that nourish us –  all work in harmony to provide us life and vitality has been managed by Indra or the Ishwar who provides prosperity.

There is nothing about static earth in this mantra.

b. Anti-Hindu Claim:

The God who made the earth stable (Yajur Ved 32/6)


Unfortunately the scientist who wrote this could not distinguish between stable and static. Anything that moves or stays in equilibrium as per defined laws is stable and when there is an element of randomness or unpredictability it becomes unstable.Stability DOES NOT mean lack of motion.

By the way, this is a celebrated Mantra recited by Hindus daily and means: May we surrender all our actions and thoughts only to Him who has stabilized the sun and other illuminating bodies, the earth, the heavenly bodies and the entire universe solely for our happiness and who provides us ultimate bliss after Mukti or salvation.

Very clearly the mantra says that all heavenly bodies are stable include sun. Thus even by wildest stretch of “Heavenly”imagination one cannot bring such a ridiculous meaning to this mantra that implies earth as being static.

c. Anti-Hindu Claim:

Indra protects the wide earth which is immovable and has many forms (Atharv Ved 12/1/11)


This is the mantra from the famous Bhumi Sukta which forms the origin of the sense of love that patriots demonstrate for Dharti Mata. When one reads this Sukta today considering how our freedom fighters would die for this soil and often carrying this soil in hand till last breath, one cannot help getting his eyes wet with sense of gratitude towards those great legends whose debts we have to repay through our deeds.

The particular mantra means: O Earth, you provide me with great snow-capped mountains and hills, forests, farms, food, herbs and rains so that I am always happy, protected and nurtured. You provide me the support I need to live like a king.The next mantra continues – You are my mother, O Earth, and I am your son. You purify us and may we be able to repay your blessings through our noble actions.

What could be a better thought on love for mother earth! But perhaps patriotism and allegiance to soil is alien to Anti-Hindu mindsets. That is why this is so unscientific for them!

d. Anti-Hindu Claim:

Let us walk on the Wide and Static earth (Atharv Ved 12/1/17)


Actual meaning: “May we travel all around the earth that provides us prosperity, nutrition, medicines and supports us in a variety of ways.

The foolish Anti-Hindu just saw the word “Dhruva” and started imagining silly things. “Dhruva” means something that provides reliable support.

On contrary there are several mantras in Vedas that clearly discuss the movement of earth. Some examples:

Rig Veda 10.22.14
“This earth is devoid of hands and legs, yet it moves ahead. All the objects over the earth also move with it. It moves around the sun.

Rig Veda 10.149.1
“The sun has tied Earth and other planets through attraction and moves them around itself as if a trainer moves newly trained horses around itself holding their reins.”

Yajur Veda 33.43
“The sun moves in its own orbit in space taking along with itself the mortal bodies like earth through force of attraction.”

Rig Veda 1.35.9
“The sun moves in its own orbit but holding earth and other heavenly bodies in a manner that they do not collide with each other through force of attraction.

Rig Veda 1.164.13

“Sun moves in its orbit which itself is moving. Earth and other bodies move around sun due to force of attraction, because sun is heavier than them.

2. Vedas say sun moves around the earth

e. Anti-Hindu claim:

1. “Sun is full of light and knows all the human beings, so his horses take him to sky to look at the world” (Rig Ved 1/50/1)


Again this is a daily prayer mantra for Hindus. It actually means: The way rays of sun enable the world to see the sun, in same manner all noble people should propagate their goodness far and wide through good deeds and teachings.

There is no horse in this mantra nor it talks about sun moving around any earth.

f. Anti-Hindu claim:

2. “O, Bright sun, a chariot named harit with seven horses takes you to sky” (Rig Ved 1/50/8)


Actual meaning: “The way seven rays of sun carry its illumination across the world like horses of a chariot, in same manner you should understand seven kinds of Chhanda of Vedas.”

One can try to interpret this mantra to mean that sun moves. But then how would one explain rays as seven horses. Because rays emanate from all around the sun and not necessarily in the direction of sun’s motion only. Further, Vedas in any case do not deny that sun moves. In fact Vedas clearly state that sun also moves and there is no absolutely static body in universe. BUT THERE IS NO MENTION OF MOTION AROUND THE EARTH IN THIS OR ANY OTHER MANTRA. As per Vedas, sun has a different motion in its own orbit. (refer Rigveda 1.35.9)

g. Anti-Hindu claim:

3. “O, man, the sun who is most attractive, takes round of the earth, on his golden chariot through the sky and removes the darkness of the earth” (Yajur Ved 33/43)


Actual meaning: “The sun moves in its own orbit in space taking along with itself the mortal bodies like earth through force of attraction.”

This is exactly what happens in reality. Even the most basic text on astronomy would cover this subject. Actually Anti-Hindu texts have no notion of the concept of gravitational force causing Anti-Hindu scientists to raise a red-herring on this.

h. Anti-Hindu claim:

4. Vedas say The Bull has supported the Sky
“The Bull has supported the sky.” Yajur Ved: 4: 30


Classic case of “One burnt in rainy season seeing only green color”! The Anti-Hindu scientist simply saw the word “Vrishabh” and created yet another imagination by assuming it to mean a bull.

“Vrishabh” actually means an entity which is powerful, possessing high potentials or simply the best. It later came to mean the ‘bull’ also because the ‘bull’ is symbol of raw power. There is hardly any animal which can match the bull in power and speed. Even a lion not dare attack a bull from front.

The actual meaning of the mantra is: “O All Powerful Ishwar, you permeate all across the universe, create and nurture the earth, stabilize the sun, manage the heavenly bodies and sky and ensure like a righteous king that everything functions in correct manner. This is your inherent nature.”

i. Anti-Hindu claim:

“The Bull has supported the sky.” Yajur Ved: 14:5


This mantra does not have any word that can mean a bull. This is a mantra on duties of a wife. It states: “O wife! May you be pleasing to your husband and indulged in noble activities. May you be extremely intelligent and further your knowledge through study like the sun. May you provide bliss to everyone in same manner as the brilliant sun provides food, light and purity to all. May you please everyone in same manner as water satisfies all. May you promote knowledge all across.”

Indeed, an amazing mantra showing the Vedic respect for a woman. What can be a better example of women empowerment!

3. Miscellaneous allegations

j. Anti-Hindu claims and Agniveer response to rest of the article

The rest of this silly article provides references from Puranas on how Hinduism is unscientific. But Purans are not at all considered evidence in matter of Dharma. Only Vedas are considered divine and we have adequately demonstrated how stupid are the claims of Vedas being ‘unscientific’. As for Purans, they even contain descriptions of Muhammad Sahib, Akbar and Victoria showing that they continued to be written till 19th century, obviously under might of the incumbent rule. So we shall simply not dwell into exploring the references given. We however doubt that even there, these anti-Hindu scientists would have made the same kind of blunders like they did while proving Muhammad Sahib in Bhavishya Puran as a demon worthy of being punished! Refer Prophet in Bhavishya Puran.

Two additional points remains to be covered apart from the references from Puran. Let us review them:

k. Anti-Hindu claim:

7. Vedas / Puranas recommend looking directly into the sun with naked eye. The Vedas and Puranas say that all Hindus must pray to the sun god SURYA, and that if you look at the sun daily every morning with your naked eyes, your sight will improve. Accordingly many Hindus practise this act of worship; but instead of their eyesight improving, India is the country that has the most blind people in the world (2.5 million blind people and 9 million with corneal blindness). There is no scientific truth in sun worship, and on the contrary the scientist and doctors advise everyone not to look at the sun directly with the naked eye. Who is telling us the truth, the Scientists or the Hindu scriptures? You be the judge!


1. No references are given. Only a vague allegation.

2. Yes, it is a natural treatment of India for eyes by watching sunrise. There has been no a single case in world that has caused damage to eyesight because they watched a sunrise or sunset. Refer Solar observing and Eye Safety that provides references to several technical papers on this subject.

3. Damage to eyes happen when watching bright sun or eclipse. And Hindus rightfully strongly recommend staying away from gazing sun during those times.

4. The statistics on blindness in India is interesting. But can the Anti-Hindu scientist also provide details on how many of these blinds were Hindus and how many contracted blindness due to watching sunrise? Cataract is the prime cause for blindness in developing countries and not a single research cited sunrise watching as cause of blindness. Also the prevalence of blindness is slightly more in Pakistan compared to India. What religion do they follow? Refer WHO research on this.

l. Anti-Hindu claim:

8. Vedas say cow is holy and should be worshipped. (Brahmins add that cow dung ash has medicinal value). The Vedas say that the cow is holy and should be worshipped. These
Brahmins also claim that cow dung ash has medicinal value. Samples sent to a leading test laboratory in West Germany have proved this to be untrue.


1. Yes Vedas indeed emphatically state that cow is most precious to sensible human beings and those who kill cows for short-term taste of tongues are indeed among the dumbest. Because a living cow, even if sterile, produces more benefits for environment than a dead cow. Almost all outputs from a cow – milk, dung, urine – has a beneficial impact on environment and health. A smart community can sustain its powers through preservation of cows alone.

2. Kindly cite the name of lab which proved cow dung ash to be useless.  Kindly do not provide vague references. By the way, West Germany ceases to exist since 1990! I recall how Zakir Naik also gives reference to research by some illiterate ‘farmer’ in California to justify Halal Meat. This shows the standards of the references of Anti-Hindu scientists! Refer Zakir Naik defends Halal Meat.

3. Cow dung has been proven to produce tremendous benefits including construction of bricks. There are at least 4 International Patents (US/ Europe) on cow urine that we are aware of. Simply search on google with ‘cow urine patent’.

4. Thus rightfully Hindus regard cow to be as important as mother.

Before concluding, let me assert a few points:

a. Science lies not only in scriptures of Hindus but even more so in the foundations of their culture. Even the most basic traditions, despite being polluted by superstitions and foreign impacts, are based on most scientific principles. Namaste with folded hands is scientific, bangles and ear-rings for women is scientific, drinking lots of water in early morning as Usha Paan is scientific, avoiding non-veg in pretext of some festival etc to extent possible is scientific, monogamy is scientific, considering all women except wife as equivalent to mother is scientific, encouraging children to ask questions is scientific, meditation is scientific, pranayam is scientific, desi vyayam is scientific, not eating together from same plate and avoiding exchange of saliva is scientific, washing hands several times with a separate soap and water after bowels is scientific, washing organs properly with water during bath to avoid needing circumcision merely to maintain hygiene is scientific etc etc.

b. Thus a typical educated Hindu is able to easily inculcate scientific spirit and rationalism and progress ahead.

c. Proof of the pudding is in the eating. There are around 50 countries in the world with Muslim majority, but almost all are dominated by fanatic rulers. Showcase how many renowned scientists have they produced, how many researchers, how many engineers of world repute? There has been ONLY ONE Muslim scientist worth being considered – the Nobel Prize winner Dr Abdus Salam of Pakistan. But he was thrown out of the country and declared Kafir because he was a Qadiyani. Thus no Zakir Naik would dare take his name even though he would shout a lot on how Islam in foundation of all science! When Dr Salam died in 1996, on his grave was inscribed “FIRST MUSLIM NOBEL LAUREATE”. But due to orders of government, the word MUSLIM was removed. It now reads “FIRST NOBEL LAUREATE”! There are other famed scientists like Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy and Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and indeed we are proud of them. And they also are proud of our ancient culture and history. They are thus noble Vedas followers and we our jewels. If their version of Islam be promoted instead of what neo-Wahabis are propagating, world would be a heaven.

The Islamic Pakistani scholar and writer Hasan Nisar exposes the intellectual capabilities of fanatic Muslim Ummat blatantly. He has repeatedly said that Muslim Ummat has not produced even a single intellectual from the centuries but still live in illusions of grandiose that never existed causing them to sink down and down.

Compare with Hindus. They are at top positions everywhere despite all odds. Right from inception of civilization, this culture has produced the most brilliant minds and continues till today. The reason obviously lies in the scientific foundations of the culture here.

Thus while a Pakistan is crumbling under its own weight after independence, India is surging ahead despite having a corrupt leadership and minority appeasement based mindset of its selfish leaders.

We strongly recommend those who have been brainwashed to hate non-Muslims and especially Hindus for most silly reasons to introspect on this. We suggest they review Science in Vedas to understand the right perspective on Vedas. Follow that with lots of material available on Science of Vedas on internet and the entire series on Vedas on Agniveer to get the right concepts of Vedas. And stop this hatred in name of religion which only makes one even more dumber!

Vedas clearly declare that either you can have hatred or intelligence but not both!

(I request visitors to help brainwashed anti-Hindus by providing them more info and links on Science in Hinduism and Vedas)

May the truth prevail!

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  • Just let me know dear friends how many holi books you have in Hinduism and y science is proving day by day day many of your holiday books wrong ?
    If Hinduism is only great religion why the evidence of it in West was zero.?

    • Which holy books and which evidence exactly? Regarding practices in the west, are you talking about Yoga? Or Karma? Or the concept of zero? Or even chess, non-violence, the concept of One God? Which one, please do go on.

    • Did science porrve God does not exist? or for that matter , there is only one universe. So just because science has not proved the existence of God, one cannot say it is not true, because it has not proven the opposite also. Even the Big Bang Theory is still a theory because it seems to fit many explanation . But bro, it is not yet declared a fact.

  • Dear friends
    When reading and absorbing the hindu sastras one should keep in the mind the spiritual aspects of the universe rather than materialist aspects. The distances between earth, sun & moon given by scientists relate to the physical plane. The satras when talk about the surya mandala, actually will be referring to some spiritual plane beyond senses and not the burning sun which sages having such a high level of intelligence and profound logic could not have missed. Similarly, in the case of moon also the reference being made to some higher plane of existence. How many ordinary persons can understand the Vedic statement that moon is created out of Bramha’s mind and sun originated from his eyes. Estimating hindu scriptural utterances by comparing it with modern mundane scientific inventions is a futile exercise as the aim of Hinduism was to unfold the ultimate truth and not physically evaluate the universe which or rishis considered as a waste of energy. Therefore a wise follower of Hinduism should ignore such criticisms about the lack of knowledge on the part of our sages in such matters which has no relevance to spiritual achievements. More over, the modern interpreters of scriptural texts are not self realised persons to know the real meaning of them and may not be well versed in the Sanskrit language, hence errors can be substantial. One who has attained the sachidanada state would definitely know the past, present and future of everything in the universe but might not reveal it readily as he might be following the Gods will. Hinduism is complex to ordinary persons who live in ignorance and maya as it appears to be abstract and unknowable
    KR Dasharathi

  • If Brahma created Brahimns from his belly button and Shudras from his yukky toes, how come you find such a thing only in India? They should be everywhere, right? But DNA evidence shows we all came from Africa, dude. If you accept DNA evidence, you will have to reject Vedas. If you accept Vedas, you will have to reject DNA and science. Can you dig it, bro?

    BTW, DNA evidence is MASSIVE and there is no need to go to extreme lengths to interpret the data. But Vedas OTH, need wild imagination and extreme form of interpretation that concludes at the begining of interpretation that whatever Vedas say is TRUE.

    What a waste of human mind.

    • brahma ishvar ka hi ek nam hai brahma se brahaman ka nirman nahi hua hai brahman bhi gun vachak hai ! koi bhi yogy hon epr brahamanakahalaya ja sakta hai aap bhi brahama ho sakte hai aisa hi haal kshatriy vaishy shudr aadi ka bhi hai !
      duniya me hara jagaha vaignyanik , sainik police, tredar[vyapari] lebar ,maj dur [shudr] aadi hote hai

    • Indeed what a waste of human mind. Dwelling in hatred, ridicule and arrogance. Get above all this and read .

      It is so shameful to hate someone based on allegations that do not exist in first place. Vedas tell us that we must take away happiness from lives of those who believe that some people will go to Hell just because they do not believe in some book and some holy person. And fight against vices of polygamy.

      • Regarding everyone coming from Africa, nowhere in Hinduism does it say that’s not possible lol. People evolved. Our saints and sages did not have realizations the moment they were born. They uptook a very simple lifestyle, devoting themselves to fulfilling their Dharma and so on and so forth before they began to realize what was already around them. For example, Sage Vishwamitra, who interestingly is a Kshatriya and not a Brahmin, was the first to realize the powerful Gayatri mantra.

      • I have studied vedas(not all of them) i have found many scientific errors ……i cannot not accept it as word of god…..guys dont trust this guy .the interpretation he gave is nowhere similar to what vedas say… the vedas yourself, you will find uncountable scientific errors…..

  • please answer me about the distance between earth,moon and sun described in SRIMAD VAGABATAM 5th scondo 22 chapter 8 verse which describe moon is far from sun from earth and its speed is faster than sun which is scientifically opposite—please please please give me the right answer whatever be that by my e-mail [email protected]

    • hare krishna.

      the srimad bhagavatham cosmology has the bhumandala(earth disc).it has a central hub called jambudvipa with 18 rings around it with specific radii.this bhumandala cuts the brahmanda(univesal egg) in two halves-upper half and lower half.

      dr.richard l thompson(a mathematician with phd from cornell university)did a thorough research in bhagavatham cosmology and wrote a book on it. in that book hr shows that the bhagavatham cosmology of bhumandala is a composite diagram with 4 reasonable interpretations.they are(1)planar projection map of earth.(2)topographical map of south central asia(3)solar system
      (4) celestial realm of the demigods.

      of these the most interesting is solar system interpretation. if u look at the solar system from a geocentric view,the planets moves around earth with varying distance.from a minimumdistance to a maximum distance.
      , the structures ofBhu-mandala correspond with the planetary orbits of the solar system If we compare the rings of Bhu-mandala with the orbits of Mercury, Venus , Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, we find several close alignments that give weight to the hypothesis that Bhu-mandala was deliberately designed as a map of the solar system.

      the diameters of rings 8 to 18 of this bhumandala diagram gives exact distances from earth to other planets (both apogee and perigree) and earth sun distance.
      this is explained here:

      the above link shows that advanced astronomy existed in srimad bhagavatham.
      the exact distance btwn earth n other planets were known to the authors of srimad bhagavatham.

      then u ask y moon is higher than sun.
      the reason is that srimad bhagavatham says in one verse that the bhagavatham cosmology is relativistic. it explains features from the perspective of several observers n as the observers change the arrangements also change. the bhumandala corresponds to the observations…

    • Brother accept the truth….it is indeed scientifically wrong…..and so it cannot be the word of GOD…..have the courage to acceipt the truth….

  • Research by New York University Biology Professor Michael Rampino concludes that Earth’s infrequent but predictable path around and through our galaxy’s disc may have a direct and significant effect on geological and biological phenomena occurring on Earth.

    He concludes that movement through dark matter may perturb the orbits of comets and lead to additional heating in Earth’s core, both of which could be connected with mass extinction events.

    The Galactic disc is the region of the Milky Way Galaxy where our solar system resides. Previous studies have shown that Earth rotates around…

    • So being Static and stable Earth means, it is balanced and running on its path. Aeroplane takes off but they are stable in their path. when earth disturbance is caused, the mighty Dinosaur too vanished. I am here to say, that Hinduism is SANATAN DHARAMA.. It is religion of Righteousness and clearly specifies that, Humanity is supreme being to serve and flourish by being in harmony with nature . Kansa and Kauravas were also humans and Hindus but Adharmi, in the sense that they did not follow the rituals of Humanity . So all Humans, even if you follow any religion, to be human first!

  • this is not a platform to take revenge of a religion that you don’t like. i strongly condemn it. we cannot change the past. and i think cardoza have not seen the foreigner who convert into hindu . we can see many in temples like iscan.

  • Agniveer
    You kicked and punched on faces of all MuhamMad worshipers. I suspect that Zakir Naik ( the best braindead zombie) is MBBS.

  • You hindus collected on a particular site deluding urself by some links of Hindu and anti-islamic sites such as Jihad-watch is not a good thing at all and Your rebuttal. It was really a rebuttal or a joke? you skip everything by “True meaning is”

  • Dear all,

    What we need now is Educations, helping hands for the Elderly and the Kids. And your support for the Weak’s people around you, We don’t need to promote our religion like Christian does, door to door service. We don’t need to disturb our neighbors like Muslim does, shouting very loud on speakers. We don’t need to waste foods on the Temple like us Hindu do, rather give the fruits and foods to the needs than throwing it on the Temple. If you are a true lovers of your religion: we don’t do all this above. I’m from Hindu family, so do I, and anyone after me in the family will be Hindu too. I love my Religion but I won’t say bad to other Religion either don’t wanna hear bad comments too. Respect others no fight on Religions.

  • Dear All,

    From time immemorial, we have been addressing earth as Bhugol. That means, everyone of us knew that the earth was spherical. we never called the earth Bhutatte ( Flat Earth ). This one thing is enough proof that we were scientific in our approach to life.

    Thanks and regards,

  • I know that the Arya Samaj followers will disagree with me but Advaita Vedanta is the fairest flower of Hinduism which is very beautifully expressed in the Upanishads, nothing can match the depth of the subject in these books. I am sorry to say this to Christians but except for very few parts in the bible and Quran I do not find that same depth that the Upanishads have touched. Proof is that even though Swami Vivekananda would prefer teaching the Upanishads than the Bible or Quran to audience main reason being the depth of the subject. Also Carl Sagan an atheist has himself praised the Nasadiya Sukta what more praise does Hinduisn need ?


    Those retards who are trying to make up lies about vedas are just trying to have fake satisfaction that there garbage religion is better.. ROFL.

  • I dont understand why all these muslims are arguing on Agniveer. This website is by the Hindus, for the Hindus and those interested in Hinduism.Maybe Muslims secretly desire to be Hindus. The forefathers of most muslims in India are descendents of Hindus who were tortured and converted to Islam by Muslim barbarians. It is sad to see these educated muslims taking such a stance. The poor , uneducated, madarsa educated (or uneducated) muslims are wrongly being being fed falsehoods by the mullahs. If muslims dont like Hinduism thay should confine themselves to their own websites. They unwelcome here.

  • This is not exactly completely related to this article, but I have one doubt. If we all have souls within us and if we all have gone through endless cycles of birth and death and all that…then the total population on this planet should remain constant right? I mean…those who die, their souls get into another body. I don’t quite get this…the population of this world is always on the rise…so where do the new souls come from??

    • population of whom? humans ? They come from other species…There are trillions of trillions life exist on earth and hence no one can judge by seeing only population of one specie.Human birth is very precius and if u count value of work by souls which help u to get food and other things(in form of micro-organisms for example which exist in your body, cow,land etc) every day ,then it will be crores or uncountable but never infinite since souls are unborn..That’s why human life is very very rare and hence most precious…

  • Hi there,
    One logical question..
    If killing an animal for food is a sin, as most of the non-vegetarians believe, is it not a sin for killing an animal for dress, as you can see Shiva wearing Leopard’s skin/leather..?

    • I want to be very clear here.
      It is said that Killing of Animals is prohibited, but there is nothing wrong from using the remains of dead animals. I mean,as per vedas using animal products from dead animals is no prohibited.
      For Eg. Killing a cow for it’s skin is prohibited,but using the skin of a naturally dead cow is not wrong.

      In fact, a small piece of deer skin is attached to the Yagnopaveetham and cow/goat skin is used to make Mirudangam (Musical Instrument) .And both are considered as divine.

    • there are writing anything because they are angry at agniveer they have already been exposed and deleted their website if they want to debate tell them to come to open group or come on agniveer website but they will not come

    • Before commenting anything about Hinduism Please read the WHOLE Vedas and make sure you understand it first. Don’t just try and take some random quote from your butt buddy scholars in your crazy religion.

    • @Naufal Ahmed
      Dear I have Quran and after reading it I can say firmly it is creation of Muhammad to fulfill his motives. From a universal and eternal entity/God knowledge should be eternal and universal. But Quran has also stories of around Arbia people and places which have no significance. It shows it creation of Muhammad.
      The belief that God created the universe so insignificant humans worship him and if they fail he would burn them for eternity is insane. Praying five times per day, fasting the whole day and circumambulating a building for expiation of sins, with all their weird rituals are insane. The belief that God runs a celestial resort filled with white whores for those who believe and burns the unbelievers for eternity is insane. Islamic theology, Islamic eschatology, Islamic laws and Islamic world view are all insane. But more importantly how Muslims are supposed to promote their faith that is in my opinion the ultimate insanity.

      This insanity is harmful to Muslims and to non-Muslims and because of it Muslims are backwards, violent, their women are abused and their minds are shackled.

    • QURANTO” MUL KI BHUL” HAI ! jis qurani allah ko satve asman par ek singhasan par baithna padta ho farisho ki sahayata se apne sandesh dene me majbur hona padta ho ! jo sirf 6 dinme sari kaaynat banane ka dava karta ho, aur vahi alah kaha jane vala ek manshy nairaman me 9maah lagata ho! jiske bare me kaha jata ho ki usne 124000 nabi rasul is duniya me bheje hai, aur abuske pas rasul adi bhejne ki shakti samapt ho gayi hai uske gun samapt ho gaye hao aise ko kaise ishwar kaha ja sakta hai ! dekhe quran 2/67-73 jisme kah gaya hai8 ki ek vishesh gaay ki hatya karke uske mans se murda sharir ko chulane par vah murda sharir kuch pal ke liye jinda ho jayega baad me apne hatyare ka naam batlakar mar jayega ! yah” tarika ” aaj kyo sabit nahi ho pata? fir is kahani ko bhi jhutha kyo n maan liya jaye ?dekhe quran 5/60 jisme naframan karne vale kisi giroh ko qurani allah ne unko bandar v suar bana diya batlaiye ki yah bandar v suar kis”tarike ” se banaye gaye ? aaj bhi karib 550 karod is duniya ke nagrik qurani alalah ko nahi mante hai tab kyo nahi inko bandar v suar bana diya jata fir is kahani ko bhi jutha kyo n maan liya jaye ? dekhe quran 38/75 jisme adam ji ko allah apne “don hatho se “banane ka dava karte hai, dekhe quran 39/67 isme qurani alalh apne dono hatho ka jikar karte hai, dekhe quran5/64 jisme qurani alalh apne “danye haath “ka jikar karte hai ! quran panthi batlaye ki qurani alalh ke yah” dono haath ” kis mata ji ke garbhashay me nirman huye hai ?

      • @Raj.hyd
        Muhammad ek mansik rogi tha. Dar dikhakar usene logo ko appne vash me kiya. Vah qyo Allah ki pooja ko lekar chintit tha. Qyoki vah apne app ko prophet hone ka dava kar raha tha. aap apni marji se ishwar ko nahi pooja sakte aapko muhammat ko swikar karna padega. muhammad allah ka partner hai. muhammad se pahle bhi Christian, jews ka ishwar me visvas tha aur wo bhi ekiswar vadi bhi the. Par muhammad ke liye ye kaffi nahi tha. wo chahata tha ki log usme bhi visvas kare.

      • sanatan ji , kisi ne kaha tha ki “ayyashi aur badmashi ho jiska vasul, usko kahate hai muahammd rasul” muhammad ne apni pahali patni khudeeja ke marne ke bad”patniyo ka bhandar”bana liya tha ! makka ko fateh karne ke baad muhmm ad ne teen sharte rakhi thi,ya to muslim [mere anuyai] ban jao, ya makka chhod do athva ladne ke liye[arthat marne ke liye] taiyyar ho jao! jo kamjor the makka chodkar jane me asmarth the unko majburan muahmmad ki gulami karni padi, jo lad sakte the vah lade aur haare, baki makka chodkar bhag gaye tab se aaj tak koi gair muslim kabhi bhikitna hi prabhavshali hi kyo n ho vah makka v madeena nahi ja sak hai ! iske bad bhi muahammad ki ayyashi ke liye uski yahudi patni saufiya , aur isai dasi mariya kubti jisse usne nikah bhi nahi kiya tha unse bhi ek bachha paida kiya tha, jo baad me hi choti si umr me mar bhi gaya tha ! in dono ko isne muslim bhi nahi banaya kyoki usse iske sex sambandh the yani agar koi mahila sex karvatye to uske liye niyam me chhut bhi dedi jati thi! akhiri kuch salo me muahamm d koi kaam nahi karte the bas kisi kafile ko lutna ya lutvana usse 20-25% kamishan khana hi ek dhyey tha !

  • @ Abdul Rasul

    When you people can’t reply the logical questions of ex-muslims, you start giving them the threat of “qayamat” and “dojakh” . Allah can not send a good human, whether Hindu or Muslim, to hell. And Muslims like Qasab can never go to heaven.

  • @ Hamza Ali

    So far spirituality is concerned Vedas,Upnishadas and Gita are many times better than Quran. Can your maulanas write a book better than Gita ? What is new in Quran ? A large part of it is the copy paste of Bible. Muhammad distorted some biblical stories and added his own views in it and his “Quran” was ready.

  • oh plzz,u think u can fool us from this scientific handiwork of yourz…plz grow up.from the very first glimpse of the text one intellectual can clearly tell that it is self made, clearly a mere human philosophical artwork. “IF ALL THE HUMANS AND DEMONS TOGETHER LEND EACH OTHER A HELPING HAND, EVEN THEN THEY COULD NOT PRESENT ANY LIKE OF THE QURAN”-AL-QURAN….so plzz, stop saying that vedas is the book from lord, it is merely a self designed collection of philosophy which was carved over thousands of years time.I pray that Allah Guides you.

    • what about the scientific errors in ur books and the way u guys try to hide them n make them look scientific? and the way you dig up certain words in the verses and look into its root meaning and bring a hell lot of interpretation to bring out some science from it?like how u turned the translation of verse which read “and he moreover stretched out the earth” into”and he moreover made the earth egg shaped”…is that not a handy work?yes it is.


  • Firstly, fighting over suprrmacy that my God is Great and yours is not is ridiculous, childish and shows how narrow minded you are!

    Secondly, these anti vedic goons are the ones mainly Christians who believe “Sanatan Dharma” is “Satan Dharma,” stupid people they are!

    Thirdly, talking of these Christians, I mainly don’t like pointing fingers on religions but your bible is corrupted and if you want, I can give you tons of scientific errors in it. Nearly 50,000 errors are presently there!

    Fourthly, Spread Love, Not War. God is loving and he wanted his creation to be loving.

    Fifthly, don’t be a total jerk, search for truth and Vedas are the authentic scriptures which can indeed show you truth unlike other scriptures..

    -Hari! OM-

  • Hi,

    Here is what I have seen. Vedic people have the best faith. I also seen, that other faiths have to falsify the Vedas inorder to try and convert Vedic people. Vedic people do not have to do that about other religions. Dharmic people just have to show what is in another person’s religion which they already agree is in there. Then we show the false logic, analysis, and reason beyond it. With Vedic people, other religions have to makes lies about the Vedas inorder to trick Vedic people about the Vedas. They can’t just tell the truth, they have or try and point to us things we dont’ even agree on. Instead they have to spread lies.

    See Vedic and non vedic people know the Vedas are true, that is why some non-Vedic people have to make lies about it. Vedic people don’t have to do that about other religions. THey just have to point out how ridiculous some non-Dharmic religions are by what that other religion (religious person) actually follows. The non-Vedic person does not dispute what a Vedic person says about the non-Vedic person’s religion. But they dispute what we believe because that is the only way they can convert a Vedic person. They DO NOT look at what we believe, they want to tell us what we believe.

  • response to this article by many MUSLIMS just show how much they are scared …. they just talk irrationally … may be because their holy books when examined by a rational mind will not hold ground… west which is mainy a christian country is far more stable than the illiterate middle east and many muslim countries … these guys dont believe in delusional mohammad and instead of burning in hell , these people have high hdi and very good standard of living , this shows impotence of allah ….BUT DID U SEE WHAT HAPPENED IN US , THESE MUSLIMS BELIEVING IN KORAN ARE POTENTIAL TERRORISTS…THEY MUST NOT BE TRUSTED UNTIL THEY AGREE TO REMOVE UNHOLY VERSES FROM QURAN and be given a true secular education…. they are not loyal to any country… they wear the bogey of peace loving people till they proliferate enough to become a good % of total population then THEY START TO SHOW THEIR ORIGINAL COLOUR … see what they did to britain….. AND SEE JUST THE IRONY THESE WESTERNERS AND AMERICANS ARE COMMITTING THE BIGGEST TO CALL ISLAM A RELIGION OF PEACE … this OBAMA keeps on calling ISLAM peaceful when by nature it is violent and anti-christ…. if WEST FALLS THEN THERE WILL BE DIRECT FIGHT BETWEEN MUSLIMS (DASYUS) AND ARYAS (HINDUS)…..

  • Islam is the best religion in the whole world, plz read the holy Quran, it has the solution to all of our problems!,, these 2nd hand so-called scientific quotes prove nothing, Islam can really make ur life change. Just try to learn the true religion of the one-and-only God ALLAH!

    • See Bro,
      I have read the quran before I started reading the vedas. In my very first attempt, I found out many Logical Flaws. Quran changed the world,of course for BAD. We can’t forget the Islamic conquest ! India was at it’s peak during the vedic period. Never has ONE ISLAMIC COUNTRY DOMINATED THIS WORLD!
      I request you to rebut all of Agniveer’s and Ali Sinas claims.

      Satyameve Jayate

      • @Aditya
        You can read my comments at I have refuted his many claims.

      • you have refuted anybody you muslims are liars ali sina is still waiting for refutation from scholors

      • @ Abdu Rasul (Slave of Prophet)

        The day Ali Sina is refuted and someone wins the $50,000 jackpot and is removed from the Internet, I will consider holding my head held high and say that I am a Muslim.

        However, till that day, I am ashamed to be a Muslim.

      • Hi Ex-Muslim,

        Because that day will never come. I’ve heard of many muslims claiming they have refuted Ali Sina, but it never was true. Ali Sina is doing a great job exposing islam and he is actually doing a service not only for non-muslims, but especially for muslims. So they will no longer be slaves of a prophet or god or anyone or being, but an admirer of God. One who chooses freely to worship God, from his heart, mind, and Atman without the need to think of being a slave but a free being that accepts the highest state of consciousness, God and his or her God.

      • @Ex-Muslim
        Your face will be black on the day of judgment. Allah can not forgive apostasy.

        Qur’an 3:106
        On the Day (i.e. the Day of Resurrection) when some faces will become white and some faces will become black; as for those whose faces will become black (to them will be said): “Did you reject Faith after accepting it? Then taste the torment (in Hell) for rejecting Faith.”

    • dear friend ,
      i have read quran and i find it to be filled with many stories which wont hold ground….. ur islam says there is only one god but allah …. BUT VEDANTA SAYS- ” THERE IS NOTHING BUT GOD”……most of things in quran seems to be a copy paste from BIBLE AND TORAH….keeping everything aside just think for a moment do the qualities ascribed to ur quranic god hold true …. u r adding many qualities to the god( who is the creator , sustainer and destroyer ) which make him jealous , biased , revengeful … last question if your allah is omnipresent then is he in hell or not ? 😉

  • plz ppl!!……..Islam iz the best religion to follow, it has the solution to all our problems, theze 2nd hand scientific quotes would prove nothing!!!, hinduism doesn’t has the solution to all of our problems, but Islam certainly has the solution to ur every problem! just try to read and understand the holy Quran

    • adarniy shri hamza ji bahut khub! kisne kaha diya islam ko dharm hai! vah to keval satta ke sangharsh karne ke tarke hai ! ek khuda ki “narebaji” se kaam nahi chala karta ! khuda ki quality bhi dekhni chahiye! dekhe quran38/75 jisme qurai allah apne “dono hatho” se adam ji ko banane ka dava karet hai ! dekhe quran39/67 jisme qurani allah asmaan ko “daye hath” me lapetne ka dava karte hai ! kya qurani allah ke dono haath hai batlaiye kis mata ji ke garbh me in hatho ka nirman hua tha ? satve asmanme me farishto dvara uthaye huye singhasan me virajman qurani allah bhi simit kyo nahi kah jayega jab faoshte simit hai aursinghasan bhi simit hai tab qurani allah bhi simit kyo nahi hoga! jo simit ho vah itni badi kaaynaat bhi kaise bana sakta hai? dekhe quran 2/62 jisme isai v yahudi adiko muhammad ji ko rasul manna bhi anivary nahi kaha gaya hai ! dekhe quran 2/65 v 5/60 jisme qurani allah kisingirohko jara si nafarmani karne par bandar v sura bana dete hai ! batlaiye aaj bhi sansar me 5 arab se jyada log quran ko nahi mante hai tab batlaiye kitne logo ko unhone janwarbana diya ? fir yah kahani bhi jhuthi kyo nahii mani jaye/ kya qurani alalh jki nafarmani ka dand dene ki taseer [gun]samapt ho gayi hai ? dekhe quran 2/66 -73 ek vishesh gaay ki hatya karke ek hatyare ka pata lagane ka tarika khoja gaya hai ! yah “tarika ” ab kyo samapt ho gaya hai / kya islami desho me kisi hatyareka pata rajy karmchari lagate hai ya gaay ki hatya karke pata kiya jata hai fir is kahani ko bhi jhutha kyo n samajha jaye ! jis quran me jhuthi kahaniya ho us par iman bhi kyo laya jaye? samajhdar muslim ,padhe likhe muslim, manvta vadi muslimo ko chahiye ki turant quran ki sangati chod de isme jyada samajhdari kahalayi jayegi !

    • Islam has solved no problem in even Islamic countries which are the ones where there is the least freedom of speech, freedom of the press, religious tolerance, innovation, gender equality, education.

      This is written by an Arab Muslim
      “…For years the sheiks of the Islamist movements have been promising us that “Islam is the solution.” Now those unsuccessful, destructive Islamist movements are worsening conditions in the countries they took over, often by force, and could bring about the failure of Islam itself. That might even lead, Allah forbid, to the weakening of the faith of despairing true believers….”

      • This is one honest Arab Muslim

        “…Clearly, the root of the problem is the radical Islamists’ overwhelming jealousy of the achievements of the West. Comparing what the West has done to what contemporary Islam has done has thrown them into despair. The knowledge that Muslim countries will never be able to close the cultural, economic and technological gap between them and the West endangers the radical Islamist claim of the superiority of Islam and Muslims. Radical Islamist activists hate, fear and are jealous of the West because of its prosperity, success and progress.

        The achievements of those referred to by the radical Islamists as infidels, when compared to the colossal failure of our Islam in every sphere of life — and the fact that for centuries Islam has been incapable of making the smallest contribution to the world, concentrating instead on terrorism and bloodshed — has created an unbearable contradiction. …”

  • main aap logo ko islam ki dawat de raha hu chale aao islam ki taraf wahisahi rah hai aise tm batak rhe ho,islam me aao to sab samjh aa jayega sab sahi lagege aap ko bhi aise hi nahi hamre purwaj islam me dakhil hue hai kuch na kuch to unhone dekha hoga achai islam me aa jao mere dosto islam hi sacha daram hai

    • manniy sri meraj ji balaiye kaun sa islam kabul kiya jaye shiya muslim vala ahamdi muslim vala bohara muslim devbandi muslim barelvi muslim ahale hadees ya ahale kuran adi ? jara sabse pahale alisena v valo ko to muslim banva lo baad me kuch yahaan par kahiyega ! kuran ke naam par jo islami atankvadi kai lakh begunah manushyo ki hatya kar rahe hai jara unko to rok lijiye ? batlaiye islam me kaun se buniyadi sachhai hai jo islam kokabul kiya jaye ? batlaiye kuran me 5 bar namaz ka jikar kaun si ayat karti hai ? karib 6000 se jyada kuran me ayte hai lekin 5 bar namaz padhne ka hukm kurani allah dene se hi bhul gaya ? 124000 nabiyo ki lisht kis islami kitabme hai ya jhuthi gappabaji ki jati hai ! khatna karvane ka jikar kuran ki kis ayat me hai ! aap muslim kahate hai ki allah ho akbar yani allah sabse bada hai batlaiye chota kaun hai ?bada to tabhi koi hoga jab koi chota hoga ? jara in bato ka javab dijiye fir soch jaye ki islam ko kaise kabul kare ?

    • @meraj :April 6, 2013 at 2:22 pm
      Which one you are calling for ? sia ? sunni ? ahmadia ?
      Does your religious website give speech of freedom as Agniveer ?
      Can I go to any islamic website and ask people to join Veda teachings ?
      Can you name a single invention done by Islamic people that actually changed the world ?
      I tell you, its only Jihad and terrorism.
      Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and lot more was given by ‘Bharat’ and now we(you and me) have to be dependent on western inventions.
      Make a list of things you use everyday, at least that will make you realize how your entire lifestyle is dependent on kafirs.

      • Yes! bro,
        even I have challenged many muslims and have proved that even without Islam/Quran/Musilms
        the humanity would have survived and I have proved that Islam has not contributed any new discovery that was not given in the vedas. Even without islam the mankind would have progressed(at much faster rate) considering the havoc done by islamic invasions

      • @aditya
        This is how nature works. Our ancestors made a big mistake by creating the cast system(Jatiwaad) and now this is what we have got.
        I can bow down to Agniveer anywhere anyplace for doing a such a great effort for humanity.

      • You are absolutely correct. We have to abolish the cast system. Only the deserving should be called as Brahamins.

      • The problem of using the Portuguses word caste is that it mixes different concepts – Varna, jati, and inherited class status.
        Varna is non-hereditary. There is no problem with this.
        Jati is community and this is a healthy part of diversity. It is a blessing to have many communities with their own languages, dialects, unique customs, traditions, religions. There is no problem with this either.
        It is inherited class status that needs to go. You cannot get rid of different classes but you can make them fluid and non-hereditary, something based on merit. Europe and Middle East and Other places have their own cast system – royalty and aristocracy. What needs to go is inherited class status.

      • @ Jin
        Very well said, if all kafirs p!ss on them then they won’t even be worth selling A55 amongst themselves

    • @ Meeraj
      Dost, Islam ne jo dawat hum hindustaniyo ko di thi usse hi humare bahut se bhaiyo ko dharam ka overdose mila badhazmi hui . Aaj bhai bhai ki jaan lene par utaru hai. Ye Muslim raja, rana, malik, jutt, chaudhari, patel, butt wagairah jo kabhi hindu hi the apne hi hindu bhaiyo ko nahi pehchante. Isliye mai aapko “sanatan arya dharma” ki dawat deta hu jo “vasundhaiv kutumbkam” aur humanity me vishwas karta hai. Aap log is desh par hamla karne wale arbo ke religion ke ghulam kyu bane hue hai ? Laut ayie apne bujurgo ke dharma me. Let us unite once again.

      Ishwar, Allah sab ek hi hai. Hume iswar/allah ko pane ke liye kisi prophet, baba ya agent ki jarurat nahi hai. hum khud agar prayas kare to Ishwar se jud sakte hai. Ishwar/Allah ko pane ke liye hume kisi bichaauliye ki jarurat nahi hai. Hum sanatan dharma ke manne wale bhi ek sachche ishwar/parmatma me vishwas karte hai( eko aham dwitiyo nasti). Isliye hume aapke sahada ke pahle line “la ilaha illallah” bolne me koi dikkat nahi hai lekin hum sahada ki dusri line(muhammadur rasul allah) me believe nahi karte.

  • Also, brilliant article. I laughed SO hard at that video because he had the guts to say the truth in everyone’s face, and no one could say anything. But this website is smart. Love it. Keep up the good work.

    • @Prasad
      Thankx a lot. I was always searching for the fact on Gaumutra.
      By the way, people often forget how cow dung is useful in farming.

  • dear agniveer or anyone else, jus t 1 quesytion :

    Also earth is not the only place to have life. There are innumerable earths in universe and souls keep moving from one to another as per their deeds.

    by innumerable what type of figure do u mean? like theres something like trillions and trillions of earths i the universe? please enlighten.

    could we say that how many grains of sand there are on earth is representative of how many earths/solar systems there are? thanks

  • The beauty of Hinduism is that it propagates open and liberal thinking. One may believe in formless god and is a Hindu or may believe in God in some definite form, but is Hindu. This much of flexibility is unparallel. This is the reason ancient Indian civilisation rose to the greatest heights.

    The know international universties like Nalanda, Vikramsila and Taxila were located in India and offcourse not in Arabia.

    If Hinduism is understood in true sense, all other religions seem dwarf! And there is no need to prove that Hinduism has all the beauties of all the religions. Because Hinduism is not limited by an obsolete and obnoxious book!
    So far as Islam is concerned, if one visits http://www.faithfreedom .org and studies the articles with some patience, the true colour of this religion comes out!

  • “The minutest particle of matter that cannot be divided any further is called a Paramaanu (atom). 60 Paramaanus make one Anu (molecule)”.as per agniveer recommendation i went throught a “light of truth ” ebook…
    isnt that statement wrong atoms can be split further like protons electrons neutrons..clarify me this i downloaded from

    • These confusions are obvious when we have tranliterations of concepts that are not supported across languages.
      Paramanu is not equal to Atom
      and Anu is not equal to molecule.

      they are different measures of particles and they do not have an equivalent in English
      . Paramanu is a particle that cannot be further subdivided.

  • @agniveer. ples refer to site asap. vishnu is only god and krisha is his avtar and only messenger. he he. jsi sri krishna. pls give ur coment. i m mbbs like dr zakir naik but by profesion only. he he. om namah shivay.

  • @agniveer, i nearlly saw most of argument on religions.. and i seriously hurt when i learnt so much things about hinduism. I dont kwon if they r rite or wrong. And i want to kwo tru religion and folow it be it islam. Now i want u to look at website and answer their retrubals. Do this as soon as posible. Hope u save me. By profesion i m mbbs like dr zakir naik, but only by profesion. He he. By the way i m done wit this stuffs of religions. Hope u reply. Trurh will prevail. Jai shri krishna.

      • @bro, not a valid arguement. i m educated person. I think first go to that site and answer them. sorry for rudness. jai shri krishna.

      • we can not refute everybody that attacks hinduism we are first refuting liars like zakir naik and peace tv/IERA etc many have refuted that website when they use to come here now they dont come here becase they are scared and were refuted and they are not worth the time because they dont care abut truth they just delete comments if they really care about truth tell them to come here

      • by the way if you dont want to believe then dont hinduism wont force the most of eastern beliefs are ways of life while abrahamic beliefs are religions

      • DO you know many islamic sites gives dawah that they had made rebuttals of Ali Sina but none has dare to go and debate with him bcz everyone even great scholars ran away from the debate of Ali Sina (go and check the debate forum). so just making another site and called him rebuttals will does not make the problem solve,
        they had made that site bcz of frustrations , even the team of that site has many times crushed here with the debate of agniveer teams .YOU said u are educated person and u think scientifically , then why u r not going to refute them , or u are not in the position that u can refute him scientifically . why u r totally biased on agniveer .
        one thing i want to remind u that some latest articles on this site are rebuttals of that page, which u have not focus on it …

      • sorry if i offended any of you. i dont want to hurt feelings of anyone but i said i went thruth tat site and found valid thiings. i m educated tat doesnt mean i know best. yes im not in position to argue wit them tats why telling or requesting u to take luk at it. by the way i m not finding article here latest debunking them. pls provide link. n who is ali sina????? jai sri krishna.

      • they try to make it look valid most of the articles are just nonsense and are not worth taking time on they are just fantic muslims nothing else and ali sina is an ex muslim he and group of ex muslims have made a website called challenging all muslims to debunk them but no muslim has for the last 10 years he has had had debates with many muslim preachers/apologists and few scholors

    • Bro! You are educated. I just want to put forward a point. Analyze it and understand it.

      I can see a lot of misinterpretations of vedas by muslims.My point is what is muslim’s qualification in sanskrit?There are two kinds of sanskrit.One is vedic and another is classical(Mastered and pioneered by panini).The vedic sanskrit was among a few only.From the advent of classical sanskrit,it has been the official and common language.the difference between vedic sanskrit and classical sanskrti is like the difference between Victorian english and american english.Moreover universities nowadays only teach classical sanskrit.Vedic sanskrit is taught only in veda patashalas.Does this mean the muslims who comment on vedas have studied in veda patashalas?Moreover no muslim has done even a diploma in Classical sanskrit,then how can they comment on vedas which were written in vedic sanskrit?This is a conclusive proof that people like Zakir are spreading the wrong messages about the vedas.Moreover I find even educated muslims believing this.If you use logic,you would question what is the source of muslim’s knowledge on vedas.

      See! I have been learning Sanskrit for over 10 years and my knowledge is like a drop of water in the mighty ocean . Just think how those muslims who Claim to be Scholars learnt Sanskrit ??
      Even I was first fooled by their claims until I visited
      Satyameva Jayate!!

      • hey brother very true the reason why zakir naik and his peace tv team have been able to convert some ignorant hindus is because zakir naik has gained fame by comong on news channels,having his own channels and also cause he claims he is medical doctor which i doubt he is very clever in the way he claims to answers questions of the audience and try to make himself look like he knows everything about other beliefs but he doesnt much espically not about the eastern beliefs he may have some knowledge with the abrahamic beliefs as they are all similar with only some differences

  • @Anti-Agni
    I have not done anything wrong. Prophet also did sex with 6 years old girl at his 55. And if there is anything wrong Allah will forgive me because I worship Allah 5 times in a Day. There is no sin greater than non-worship of Allah. All great people like Gandhi, Einstein, Buddha, Newton etc. will in hell forever in spite of their great contribution to humanity because they were non-believer in prophet while Osama, Kasab, Afjal, Da-ud & people like me will in heaven because we are/were worshiper of Allah. Allah will forgive all sins of believers

    • @false slave/falsehood seeker,/aryasamaji snake, slave of moolshankar why you want confirmation from me? Do you consider me an authority in Islam? Or you have any doubt iabout your faith? If you have doubt then why are asking me ? You have the traditions of asking fatwa to satyagni then go to satyagni and ask and enjoy the agni of satya which will burn you into ashes. we can’t give you agni because we are not agni lover.

      if you have any doubt about your zina and if you. have faith in me then my answer is you are zani and your punishment is stone to death so don’t repeat your question o rapist of your own daughter in law and and remember there is no law of adaption in Islam so any adapted xy can’t be any muslim’s son and his divorce cxx can’t be his daughter in law but you have not mentioned any adoption .

      • @ Aryan,

        Very recently I heard someone asking a Christian evangelist the same question – what about all the people who lived and died before Jesus? Did they go to hell or heaven? If they went to hell, they went there without any fault of their own and if they went to heaven then what was the need of Jesus/Bible?

        The evangelist responded by stating that all those who lived and died before Jesus were in heaven and Jesus went to heaven to preach the Bible to them.

        In another instance, a different evangelist when posed with the same question responded by saying that all of them went to hell but Jesus went to hell and brought them to heaven.

        I must say here that these idiots are coming up with smart answers these days, wouldn’t you agree?

      • HAHAHAHAHAHA. you are right indeed Big Dipper.

        These Christian evangelists are as hopeless as Zakir Naik. Clearly there are no provisions in the Bible and Islam for the existence of their respective religions before their holy books came up.

        The Vedas on the other hand are sound. God’s(Brahman’s) own breath. And obviously sound has been present since the beginning of time. They are the truth of course. There are no scientific errors in the Vedas contrary to the belief of Islam and Christianity. For example, how were ancient Hindus able to predict the occurence of solar eclipses and lunar eclipses right to the exact second? Knowledge and our Vedic scriptures.

        Forget science then.

        There is no religion which talks about philosophy like Hinduism. What is the purpose of our existence? What is our goal? Why should we live? Etc..

        Tell me where any of this is said in Islam and Christianity. NOWHERE.

  • i was not aware of such a great religion… i was an atheist before did not knew many facts about SANATAN DHARM..<3 proud to be a Hindu…. thanks AGNIVEER for such a great articles about hinduism..:)

  • hindus are retards the errors are quite obvious the statement sare direct and scientifically flawed so hindus give this words new meaning ti is equivalen to saying what is your name means i dont want to know your name

    hindusim is filled with scientific errors the sun rotates the earth waht does that mean it symobolizes your wedding circling of the men and women?

    • Dude we have predicted every occurrence of a solar/lunar eclipse till date! Obviously we knew a long time ago since the beginning of the human age that the earth revolved around the sun. So your “Scientific error” is a myth.

      • Well I’m a brahmin and people say Brahmins descend from Aryans. Hence I am supposed to believe that i have “Aryan Blood”. Kinda lame but the name looked pretty cool initially lolol

      • peace be up on u.
        i am answering u about ur question somewhere u said that what about people before muhammed. wether they go to hell or heaven..

        ans is: almighty sent messengers before mohammed and they will be judged accordingly.
        i wish to ask u a question what about people in other parts other india … if all nine avathars where related to india what about other people ? … guide me if i am wrong…
        even in this context i find answer in quran clear… they will be judged by rules given for them at their time…

      • @Aryan Blood : yes its lame. just to clear your confusion.

        janmana jayate sudrah
        samskarad bhaved dvijah
        veda-pathad bhaved vipro
        brahma janatiti brahmanah

        “By birth one is a sudra (lowest caste), by the purificatory process one becomes a dvija (higher caste), by study of the Vedas one becomes a vipra, and one who knows Brahman is a brahmana.”

        so by this.. see where do you stand.

      • @ “Aryan Blood” The only people who made the claim of there being an “aryan” race were Europeans and this was false. In India in Sanskrit in Sanatana Dharma “arya” is a character trait, noble, not a racial category. Max Mueller who used the word Sanskrit word “arya” in English “Aryan” used it to name a category of what he thought were related Western European and Indian languages. He NEVER intended to create a racial designation. Unfortunately Europeans did just that. “He was saddened by the fact that these later came to be expressed in racist terms, as this was far from his intention.[citation needed] For Müller the discovery of common Indian and European ancestry was a powerful argument against racism, arguing that “an ethnologist who speaks of Aryan race, Aryan blood, Aryan eyes and hair, is as great a sinner as a linguist who speaks of a dolichocephalic dictionary or a brachycephalic grammar” and that “the blackest Hindus represent an earlier stage of Aryan speech and thought than the fairest Scandinavians”.[18]”
        Mueller could just as well picked any word in English or Sanskrit to call this group of languages that he lumped together.
        Same thing with the English man Robert Caldwell who used the Sanskrit word (Dravida) to call a group of South Asian languages. That too had nothing to do with race.

      • @Ankur “Caste” is not the right word. It is Varna.

        “By birth one is a sudra (lowest Varna), by the purificatory process one becomes a dvija (higher Varna), by study of the Vedas one becomes a vipra, and one who knows Brahman is a brahmana.”

      • @ Asif It is Karma. People are all working out their past karmas and creating new. It is not about God judging.

  • hindus are retards the errors are quite obvious the statement sare direct and scientifically flawed so hindus give this words new meaning ti is equivalen to saying what is your name means i dont want to know your name

    hindusim is filled with scientific errors the sun rotates the earth waht does that mean it symobolizes your wedding circling of the men and women?

    • @as saffah : Thanks for the info can you tell me where did you get the info to reach the said conclusion.Please refer to the exact Vedic Mantra.

    • I can see a lot of misinterpretations of vedas by muslims.My point is what is muslim’s qualification in sanskrit?There are two kinds of sanskrit.One is vedic and another is classical(Mastered and pioneered by panini).The vedic sanskrit was among a few only.From the advent of classical sanskrit,it has been the official and common language.the difference between vedic sanskrit and classical sanskrti is like the difference between Victorian english and american english.Moreover universities nowadays only teach classical sanskrit.Vedic sanskrit is taught only in veda patashalas.Does this mean the muslims who comment on vedas have studied in veda patashalas?Moreover no muslim has done even a diploma in Classical sanskrit,then how can they comment on vedas which were written in vedic sanskrit?This is a conclusive proof that people like Zakir are spreading the wrong messages about the vedas.Moreover I find even educated muslims believing this.If you use logic,you would question what is the source of muslim’s knowledge on vedas.

    • Hahaha, Make some sense Pervert…. Our weddings happen systematically… When ever the word “Tradition” is used, India is the 1st country that comes into Peoples mind. That’s because of Hinduism. And Hinduism doesnt have any Terrorists…. This so called Brand is created by you people…. For no reason they kill people and you support them saying Your religion = Peace…. Very funny… Work on your own Flaws…. Then talk about others.

  • Be specific about how the link Truth Seeker gave does not answer your questions when it deals exactly with the question you have. So far you are just pasting the same question over and over again onto different threads.

  • ISLAM KI SACCHAI 9 – islam ka arth peace nahi hai,nahi tha aur nahi rahega.islam ka arth hai sharanagati.kuch akal ke diwane jaise batate hai islam=peace bebunuyad aur sabse bada jhuth hai.Islam=Submission,Salam=Well-being/Peace,(Derivation of Salama=The stinging of a snake or the tanning of theleather,Saleema=To be saved or to escape from danger(when refering to a female),Saleem=To be saved or to escape from danger(when refering to a male),Aslam=To submit,Istaslama=To surrender,Tasleem=To receive a salutationor becoming submitted
    he root word of Islam
    is “al-silm” which means “submission” or “surrender.”
    It is understood to mean “submission to Allah.” In
    spite of whatever noble intention has caused many a
    Muslim to claim that Islam is derived primarily from peace, this is not true. Allah says in the Qur’an
    (translated): [2:136] Say (O Muslims): We believe in Allah and
    that which is revealed to us and that which was
    revealed to Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and
    Jacob, and the tribes, and that which Moses and
    Jesus received, and that which the prophets
    received from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and to Him we have
    surrendered. [Arabic “Muslimoon”] A secondary root of Islam may be “Al-Salaam” (peace),
    however the text of the Qur’an makes it clear that
    Allah has clearly intended the focus of this way of life
    to be submission to Him. This entails submission to
    Him at all times, in times of peace, war, ease, or difficulty.Qur’an 5:3 says Islam is a deen (religion) Today, I have perfected your religion (dīn) for you; I
    have completed My blessing upon you; I have
    approved Islam for your religion Qur’an 5:3,Qur’an 3:19 says Islam is submission to Allah The Religion before Allah is Islam (submission to His
    Will): Nor did the People of the Book dissent
    therefrom except through envy of each other, after
    knowledge had come to them. But if any deny the
    Signs of Allah, Allah is swift in calling to account. Qur’an 3:19,

    The prophet of Islam committed SHIRK – he was a hypocrite – he made himself Allah’s partner! Read carefully….
    O you who believe, obey Allah and His Messenger … ” (8:20) “Say: obey Allah and
    obey the Messenger … ” (24:54) … “Obey Allah and the Messenger and perhaps you will
    be shown mercy.” (3:132) “If you obey him, you will be guided … ” (24:54) “Whoever
    obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allah … ” (4:79) “That what the Messenger brings you
    and leave what he forbids you … ” (59:7) “Whoever obeys Allah and the Messenger is
    with those whom Allah has blessed.” (4:68) “We did not send any Messenger but for him to be obeyed by the permission of Allah.” (4:63) … “Whoever obeys me has obeyed Allah. Whoever rebels against me has rebelled
    against Allah. …” (Muslim and al Bukhari)Obeying the Messenger is part of obeying Allah
    since Allah commands that he be obeyed. True obedience is obedience to Allah’s
    command and therefore obedience to His Prophet. … In the hadith of Abu Hurayrah we find that the Prophet said, “All of my community
    will enter the Garden except for those who refuse to.” They asked, “O Messenger of
    Allah, who will refuse?” He replied, “Whoever obeys me will enter the Garden. Whoever
    rebels against me has refused.” (Al Hakim) … “It is like someone who builds a house and lays out a fine feast in it and sends out a
    summoner. Whoever does not answer the summoner does not enter the house and eat
    from the feast.” (Muslim and al Bukhari)
    Again read carefully…
    “His the Kingdom of the Heavens and of the Earth! No son hath He begotten! No partner hath He in his Empire! ” Al-Koran, Surah XXV. “…when One God was proclaimed to you, ye believed not: but when partners had been united with him, ye believed…” Al-Koran, Surah XL. “…Verily, if thou join partners with God , vain shall be all thy work, and thyself shalt be of those who perish.” Al-Koran, Surah XXXIX. “SAY: Come, I will rehearse what your Lord hath made binding on you–that ye assign
    not aught to Him as partner;” Al-Koran, Surah VI.
    That Mohammad was a hopelessly confused moron – but at least he could blame his
    delusions on mental illness and hallucinations.

  • ISLAM KI SACCHAI 7- Then Allah’s Apostle returned with the Inspiration, his neck muscles twitching with
    terror till he entered upon Khadija and said, “Cover me! Cover me!” They covered him till
    his fear was over and then he said, “O Khadija, what is wrong with me?” Then he told her
    everything that had happened and said, ‘I fear that something may happen to me.” Khadija
    said, ‘Never! But have the glad tidings, for by Allah.
    The “Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir”, (Book of the Major Classes), by Ibn Sa’d, translated by
    S. Moinal Haq, [4], page 225 has Muhammad saying: “O Khadija, I see light and hear sounds and I fear I am mad”.
    Let’s further compare Muhammad’s experience with Biblical stories of men who
    had experiences with God. Noah – Gen. 6. God speaks to Noah and tells him that He is going to destroy the earth. Noah does not panic, become depressed, or driven by fear. He knows that this God speaking to him,
    and there is no need for rash action. Noah knows this is God, and Noah does not become
    irrational. Noah knows that this God is not going to harm him. Abraham – Gen. 12 – 18. God speaks to Abraham. Abraham does not panic, Abraham is not bewildered, Abraham does not doubt or become depressed, Abraham believes and obeys. God visited
    Abraham, yet neither he nor Sarah attempts any rash actions. Moses – Ex. 3 – 34 God appeared to Moses in the burning bush. Moses was afraid to look at God but Moses does not act paranoid. He knew that this God was not a God of terror. Moses did
    not run back to his family frightened out of his mind. Moses did not become depressed
    over the event, thinking he was possessed or bewitched. Instead, because Moses
    personally experienced this God and knew he could trust this God, Moses knew and
    obeyed. Isaiah – Isaiah 6 Isaiah had a powerful vision and experience of God. Yet he did not lose his mind, he was not driven by dread of God. He feared God because of the sin in his heart, and the
    sinfulness of the people he dwelt among, but he did not panic. During this experience he
    realized God had forgiven him and accepted him. Because he experienced the real God,
    Isaiah did not attempt suicide or any other rash action. His mind was sound, he did not
    need to have a “spirit” continue to sooth him. Mary – Luke 1. The real Gabriel also visited Mary. She too was perplexed and afraid. But during her experience with Gabriel, she gained confidence and strength. She knew God loved
    her. She did not become irrational or depressed, and she did not run around frightened
    out of her mind. She did not attempt suicide. Instead, because she experienced the living
    God, she knew she was loved and accepted. She knew this God was real, and she had
    nothing to fear. Jesus – Mark 1. When Jesus Christ began His ministry, He was baptized in water. The Holy Spirit descended upon Him. God spoke from heaven, and the people there heard God speak,
    “This is my beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased.” There were no panic attacks,
    depression, or doubt.





      • Hahaha well said. I admire Israel because despite being surrounded by Muslim countries they have held their own terrifically. Props to you guys.


    It seems that muslims love to say lies in front of others. Dear terrorist, before doing any claim, please make some research.

    see this link –

    this is what gravitation is according to quran. 21:33 does NOT prove anything of gravitation. It only explains that Sun, moon etc. move around the Earth. We acknowledge that moon moves around the Earth BUT Sun does NOT move around Earth. Further, linking day and night with motion of Sun and moon is bogus.

    You are asking truth seeker of seeing GOD. I ask you – Are you able to see your own brain ? What is its size and its weight? Donot reply with what are these values for all humans in general. You only reply with what are this for your brain in particular. NOT able to see ? – this means that there is NO proof that you have brain. You dont have brain bcoz you cannot see that…

    Even your Quran says that GOD cannot be seen (6:103). On which basis, you claim to see GOD or any resting place of prophets? That will be seen only on the day of judgement.

    Let us assume that Quran really contain science. Now, you answer – WHY NO MUSLIM NOBEL LAUREATE IN PHYSICS? There was only 1 – Dr. Abdus Salaam who was named 1st muslim nobel laureate. When he died – word MUSLIM was removed from his grave. This is how you evil people respect science and a scientist.


    Look at Israel, 23% Nobel Laureates in science are Jews. If those Jews say – we are scientific, that makes sense. But they don’t claim so – bcoz they are NOT brain dead like muslims.

  • In the Avesta, Hapta-Hindu is used for Sanskrit Sapta-Sindhu, the Avesta being dated variously between 5000-1000 B.C. This indicates that the term ‘Hindu’ is as old as the word ‘Sindhu.’ Sindhu is a Vedik term used in the Rigveda. And therefore, ‘Hindu’ is as ancient as the Rigveda.

    In the Avestan Gatha ‘Shatir’, 163rd Verse speaks of the visit of Veda Vyas to the court of Gustashp and in the presence of Zorashtra, Veda Vyas introduces himself saying ‘man marde am Hind jijad.’ (I am man born in ‘Hind.’) Veda Vyas was an elder contemporary of Shri Krishna (3100 B.C.)

    The Greek term ‘Indoi’ is a softened form of ‘Hindu’ where the initial ‘H’ was dropped as the Greek alphabet has no aspirate. This term ‘Indoi’ was used in Greek literature by Hekataeus (late 6th century B.C.) and Herodotus (early 5th century B.C.), thus establishing that the Greeks were using this derivative of ‘Hindu’ as early as 6th century B.C.

    The Hebrew bible uses ‘Hodu’ for India, which is a Judaic form of ‘Hindu’. The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) is considered earlier than 300 B.C. Today’s Hebrew spoken in Israel also uses Hodu for India.

    The Chinese used the term ‘Hien-tu’ for ‘Hindu’ about 100 B.C.11 While describing movements of the Sai-Wang (100 B.C.), the Chinese annals state that the Sai-Wang went towards the South and passing Hien-tu reached Ki-Pin.

    Later Chinese travellers Fa-Hien (5th century A.D.) and Huen-Tsang (7th century A.D.) use a slightly modified term ‘Yintu’ but the affinity to ‘Hindu’ is still retained. This term ‘Yintu’ continues to be used till today

    Labi-bin-e Akhtab bin-e Turfa who is dated 2300 years before Mohammed i.e. 1700 B.C. His poem also uses ‘Hind’ for India and ‘Hindu’ for Indian. The poem also mentions the four Vedas Sama, Yajur, Rig and Athar. This poem is quoted on columns in the Laxmi Narayan Mandir in New Delhi, popularly known as Birla Mandir (Temple)

    • Another doubt created by the modern day anglicized historian is that the term ‘Hindu’ is not found used in Sanskrit literature. This misconception can be dispelled by quoting from Sanskrit works15 : Meru tantra (es#rU=) (4th to 6th century A.D.), a Shaiva text, comments on ‘Hindu’.

      Hindu is one who discards the mean and the ignoble.

      The same idea is expressed in Shabda Kalpadruma.

      Brihaspati Agam says,

      Starting from Himalaya up to Indu waters is this God-created country Hindustan

      Parijat Haran Natak describes Hindu as,

      Hindu is one who with penance washes one’s sins and evil thoughts and with arms destroys one’s enemies.

      Madhava Digvijaya states,

      One who meditates on Omkar as the primeal sound, believes in karma & reincarnation, has reverence for the cow, who is devoted to Bharat, and abhors evil, is deserving of being called Hindu.

      Vriddha Smriti defines Hindu as,

      One who abhors the mean and the ignoble, and is of noblebearing, who reveres the Veda, the cow, and the deity, is a Hindu.

      Similarly other Sanskrit works which use the term ‘Hindu’ are, Kalika Puran, Bhavishya Puran, Adbhut Kosh, Medini Kosh, Ram Kosh etc. Even Kalidas has used a derivative form ‘Haindava.’

      ‘Hindu’ and ‘Sindhu’

      Another theory says that ‘Hindu’ originated from the Persian practice of replacing ‘S’ with ‘H’. This does not seem to be true is evident from the fact that Sindh has not become Hind and both Sindh and Hind exist in Persian as well as Arabic.
      The inscriptions of Darius and Xerexes which describe India as Hi(n)du, also use the term ‘Sugd’ for Sogdiana. This ‘Sugd’ should have become ‘Hugd’ as per this theory. The Pahlvi inscription of Shahpur II, uses ‘S’ in Shakastan and Tuxaristan.

      But it cannot be denied that Hindu is a form of Sindhu. It needs to be realised that this change from S to H is common in Saurashtra where Sorath becomes Horath, Somnath becomes Homnath and so on. The form Hindu is therefore, likely to have come from Saurashtra.

      It should also be noted that as per…

      • @ X ,Ravi and others
        Some scholars say so but i don’t know from where this sloka is …………………
        What is the definition of a Hindu ? :  Aa sindho: sinduparyantham yasya bhaaratha bhoomikaa maathru bhoo: pithru bhoo (punya) schaiva sa vai Hindu iti smruthaa:   whomsoever, is considering the land  between the  sapta sindu  ( Indus valley river)  upto Indian ocean  as the  motherland/ fatherland  and holy land, is known  as  Hindu.  This land is known  as Hindustanam  which is defined as follows:  Himaalayam samaarabhya yaavath hindu sarovaram tham deva nirmitham desam hindustaanam prachakshate. The land  created by god himself  and  which is lying between  Himalayas   and Indian ocean   is  known  as Hindustanam .

    • @ X ,Ravi and others
      Some scholars say so but i don’t know from where this sloka is …………………
      What is the definition of a Hindu ? :  Aa sindho: sinduparyantham yasya bhaaratha bhoomikaa maathru bhoo: pithru bhoo (punya) schaiva sa vai Hindu iti smruthaa:   whomsoever, is considering the land  between the  sapta sindu  ( Indus valley river)  upto Indian ocean  as the  motherland/ fatherland  and holy land, is known  as  Hindu.  This land is known  as Hindustanam  which is defined as follows:  Himaalayam samaarabhya yaavath hindu sarovaram tham deva nirmitham desam hindustaanam prachakshate. The land  created by god himself  and  which is lying between  Himalayas   and Indian ocean   is  known  as Hindustanam .

  • Brilliant post Agniveer. Your intelligence is as usual,beyond words. But we have one very serious complaint agagainst you ! That you have not produced the slokha of the Vedas in Sanskrit, especially the ones regarding the Sun pulling the Earth. This is very important and we Hindus would like to read it properly. Therefore it is a humble but strong request that you produce the originals. Hariom and may Lal Sai bless you all .

  • Excuse me for mistyping.The fourth sentence of my sentence is:There is science in Vedas which has been discovered by the scientists.

    • “When I read Bhagwad Gita and reflect upon how GOD created this Universe, everything else seems superfluous.”
      – Albert Einstein

      “The Hindu revelation, which proclaims the slow and gradual formation of worlds, is of all revelations the only one whose ideas are in complete harmony with modern science.”
      – Louis Francois Jaccolliott

      “The only religion whose timescales corresponds to modern scientific discovery is Vedic Hinduism”
      – Carl Sagan

      “Modern Physics is nothing but exemplification, encouragement and refinement of ancient Hindu wisdom. Access to Vedas is the greatest privilege this century may claim over the previous.”
      – Julius Robert Oppenheimer

      “The ideas of Quantum physics which sound so crazy started making sense when talked about Vedic philosophy.”
      – Werner Heisenberg

      “At this supremely dangerous moment in human history , the only way of salvation is the ancient Hindu way.”
      – Arnold Joseph Toynbee.

      “After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect , none so scientific, none so philosophical and none so spiritual that the great religion known by the name of Hinduism.”
      – Annie Wood Beasant

      “I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of Ganges – … That Brahmin dynasty taught the rest of the world.”
      – Francois Voltaire

      • “India – The land of Vedas, the remarkable works contain not only religious ideas for a perfect life, but also facts which science has proved true. Electricity, radium, electronics, airship, all were known to the seers who founded the Vedas.”
        – Elba Wheeler Wilcox

        “They were very advanced Hindu astronomers in 6000 BCE. Vedas contain an account of the dimension of Earth, Sun, Moon, Planets and Galaxies”
        – Emmeliun Plumret

        “Gravitation was known to the Hindus (Indians) much before the birth of Newton. The system of blood circulation was discovered by them centuries before Harvey was heard of.”
        P. Johnstone

        “There is a striking resemblance between the equivalence of mass and energy symbolized by Shiv’s cosmic dance and the Western theory, first expounded by Einstein: E=MC^2 .”
        – Richard Waterstone

        Many of the advances in the sciences that we consider today to have been made in Europe were in fact made in India centuries ago.
        जयतु भारतम् जयतु आर्यावर्त ॥

  • There are more than 20000 hymns in Vedas.Most of the hymn has two meanings.One is of science and the other is about God.There is such a science in Vedas which has been discovered by the God.But there are some laws which still needs to be discovered.But when we read its translation by fools,we would certainly go away from the Vedas.Everyone should leanr and teach the Vedas honestly and necessarily.But,due to bad luck,poeple are deviated from the Vedas due to frauds in our society.They are in the form of Pandits,Mullas and Padaris and the so-called monks.

    • India was the motherland of our race, and Sanskrit the mother of Europe’s languages: she was the mother of our philosophy; mother, through the Arabs, of much of our mathematics; mother, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity; mother, through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all.
      – Will Durant

      Vedanta is the most impressive metaphysics the human mind has conceived
      – Alfred North Whitehead

      It is Indian astronomy from which Romans, Greek and even Jews borrwed their knowledge.
      – Jean Sylvian Belly

      This life of yours which you are living is not merely apiece of this entire existence, but in a certain sense the whole; only this whole is not so constituted that it can be surveyed in one single glance. This, as we know, is what the Brahmins express in that sacred, mystic formula which is yet really so simple and so clear; “tat tvam asi”, this is you. Or, again, in such words as “I am in the east and the west, I am above and below, I am this entire world
      – Erwin Schrodinger

      Their (Indian philosophers’) subtleties make most of the great European philosophers look like schoolboys
      – T S Eliot

      Entire mankind together with all of its sciences must have originated on roof of world i.e., Himalayas.
      – Immanuel Kant

      Nichola Tesla used ancient Sanskrit terminology in his descriptions of natural phenomena

  • Swami Agneever ji,
    There are references of Rahu eating the sun during the solar eclipse, which have now been scientifically proved to be wrong. I agree that these can be the believes propagated for the naive followers so that they can do charity etc as suggested by the vedas and this leads to benefit of the society on the whole, but do you think such a thing is necessary?

    • Namaste, There is no such reference in Vedas. Maybe someone created an allegory later and it became popular. Please note that the Vedas constitute our Dharma/ Hinduism. Rest are later day details which keep changing from time to time.

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  • Dear All ! i read quaran and I found it is someone (GOD) instructed to Muhammad ( Prophet ) with full of Anger and Frustation , Why the god is so angry ???? , like ‘ AGAR TUMNE BOOT PARST IKI ..TO …..AZAAB “…and many more .. may be some high level concept but lot of fear i feel there.

  • Shabber
    __________where is the unity of hinduism____________
    Are Muslim united despite Shariya Law in Pakistan, Afganistan, Irak, Iran, Saudi Arab etc. The Answer is “not” rather Muslims are divided & Kuran completely failed to join the people. All Muslim countries slaves of U.S.A. not Allah. Why Allah made Kufr like U.S.A so powerful that U.S.A. is exploiting momins. U.S.A. destroying Muslim countries, Afganistan, Pakistan, Irak etc but Muslim are divided & engaged in killing there fellow brothers on issue of who was last prophet, which cult of Muslim would go to heaven etc. But they are not able to fight unitedly with Kufr U.S.A.

    • @truthseeker

      if u can’t answer my questions,that not problem,i can’t understand how can u behaving like that?
      this is not a political discussion, we discussing religious matters.

      ” @tr Are Muslim united despite Shariya Law in Pakistan, Afganistan, Irak, Iran, Saudi Arab etc. ”

      quranic and haded point out the common Shariya Law to all people of the world,Saudi and Kuwait government going on according to this rule.

      i never says all the country r islamic or all the ‘islamic namers’ r muslim.

      the diffrent shariya law is the problem belong to the people,not quran or islam.

      but,Most of the hindu religious dharshana like dhoytham,adhoytham,vishida dhoytham, dhoytha dhoytham created by upanishid..sree sankara,madhwan and ramanuja are the well known upanishid pandith All the dharshana created by same upanishid at the same time each of these dharshna had wide diversity.
      How can it come?
      What is the truth?
      Sa athma thomasi? Or sa athma aha thathwamasi?

      • @shabeer
        If I want to be Muslim, Is it obligatory for me :-
        1. To believe Allah is confined/limited entity-limited to just a throne.
        2. To Believe Allah was sitting idly before this creation.
        3. To Believe Allah kalama is not eternal.

      • @truthseeker
        1. To believe Allah is confined/limited entity-limited to just a throne.
        it false plz read my post in discussion forum/concept of god in islam.

        2. To Believe Allah was sitting idly before this creation.

        i given link to u,what allha doing before his creation,i think u never read it,that my problem,plz read it,and point out here what r the things r wrong from it.

        3. To Believe Allah kalama is not eternal.
        post the subject in english here,i think first questions(my post in discussion may be clear u’r allegation)

      • @shabeer
        I can not read you irrelevant & lengthy post, there is nothing but time waste. If you know what was Allah doing before this creation, sitting idly or not. You can post your reply here. It does not deserve lengthy response. So you can post here.Suppose, I ask you in simple words what were you doing when you were 15 years old. You will simply answer me that you were doing job or studying in school etc. In same way you can answer me what was Allah doing before this creation?

  • The available laws from Hindu scripture contain only basis of cast system and Theocracy of Brahmin, that impracticable to an ideal, moral and modern country.
    Today we know the different Hindu group like RSS says about the ‘unity of Hinduism’ and ’all Hindu are one’. but from history we can never saw these word used by Hindu people or organization before the independence and they are never provide a clear, valid, trustful theoretical basement from the Veda and Upanishad about their unity.

    Why aren’t they says to people “common to this law” or “come to this theory” or “common to this verses” or else, they never said like that, because Hindu scripture never lead to the people to a common theory, law ,single point and a common dharshana. What we can understand from it, this is the technique of getting political interest. Not unite the Hinduism. That their intention about it. Recently wikileaks provide it.

    • Even if I were to accept your argument to be true, then what is it that your are trying to prove? We hindus will continue to adapt to the changing times and circumstances, but you muslims will stay entrenched in the hoary past and refuse to budge; even if the practices of that past would be considered as social evils in the present-day society, you will brazenly try to put up ludicrous arguments to lend some credence to its relevance when there is none.

      • ” We hindus will continue to adapt to the changing times and circumstances ”

        that word i expecting from my hindu friends

        that means Hinduism never been a static theory and rules.

        there is some problem behind it,
        1) if a person X did some thing today as a religious belief,one year after he died,five year after Hinduism says that that act as sinned things,

        according to new rule,he sinned person,is it?

        2) who give the new rule brother?

        100 of years ago lower cast women believe that,the sexual stratification of high class men give them to salvation. how can it be religious rule?


      • Well, Shabeer, the problem with you muslims is that you are willing to continue with archaic laws that were fit for savages. Now, what I understand from you is in this age of spacecrafts, you would still prefer to travel on camel’s back. You are stuck and frozen in time, my dear friend. Sincerely hope that you will able to shake off this pernicious stranglehold of an antiquated piece of dehumanizing literature and move with times although deep down I have this eerie feeling that you would not do so.

      • quran and Islamic law is ever green to the end of day brother.

        its law of god,not for law for only upper cast people.

        my 1 and 2 question u never answered.

        3) what the important of kalki avathar(end of avathar)?

        if the rule is never,it change to time/space,what the purpose of final avathar?

        is it he contradiction 3

        4) all the hindu group says veda sampurna (contained all the knowledge)
        is it?
        if we belive the rule changed by time/space,how can we syas that it sampurna?

        beau’s some law coming in future,that law never cantained today.
        contradiction 4


      • @shabeer
        You are fool, even after passing so much time on this websites. According to Veda there God never incarnate
        Yajurveda 34.53 (He is unborn and maintaining One single identity always) and Yajurveda 40.8 (He is always uniform, without body, without nerves, without gaps and unchangeable).
        God never need of incarnation.

    • @shabeer:
      >>The available laws from Hindu scripture contain only basis of cast system and Theocracy of Brahmin, that impracticable to an ideal, moral and modern country.

      The idea of caste system is still relevant in this moder world. The modern world still rely on the four roles enumerated.
      kshatriyas – soldiers, Vysysa-investors, Shudra- working and political class in present day context, brahmin – knower of brahman or if we decrease stringent definition a person who learns religious scriptures, lives a normal life and helps the society with his knowledg.
      For any modern society all these people are required and are necessary for building a good country.

      >>Today we know the different Hindu group like RSS says about the ‘unity of Hinduism’ and ’all Hindu are one’. but from history we can never saw these word used by Hindu people or organization before the independence and they are never provide a clear, valid, trustful theoretical basement from the Veda and Upanishad about their unity

      Why are you contradicting your own statements? on some other thread you are saying that aryans were inhabitors of the land in which the deer roamed. The deer roamed around all of india from kashmir to kanyakumari and thats why we are united country.

      • >>>Why are you contradictin…………….

        don’t deviated subject,read my post once again i wrote the the ‘unity of hinduism’ we can’t saw before the Independence.

        >>Shudra- working and political class

        that lie,can u prove from veda……………


        three people ok,fourth one error.

        what is my questions?
        how many kinds of people in a moral country?
        can u list the rule from Veda the scientific basement of country, leaders, politics, law, judiciary, court and penal law?

      • @Shabber
        ___________how many kinds of people in a moral country___________
        Who gave you right to talk of morality. You morality is if a 50 years old man does sex with 9 years old girl is morality.
        You believe if one makes sex slaves woman of non-believer is morality.
        You believe sex with sister is morality.
        You believe in people who supports sex between brother & sister is morality. Your so called ancestors Aadam & Eve who supported sex between brother & sister.

      • don’t deviate from my questions by posting some unrelated things.
        some people believe in kalki avathar,someone not.

        where i got the exact picture of Hinduism?

        where is the unity of hinduism?

        mr.truth seeker answer my questions,law depends the time/space its your group claim,u must answer it(ok if u not believe kalki,i am not compel to u answer remaining 3 q.)

      • Wikipedia is not a reliable site. It has information that other people have submitted.

        The Shudra class isnt a “slave” class and does not serve others. They are like blacksmiths, goldsmiths, manservants, maids and so on.


    Hindu scriptures like Veda, Upanishad, arania, Brahmans, purana and even bagavath githa never promote the single verses about the rashtra. We can never found the scientific basement of country, leaders, politics, law, judiciary, court and penal law. The RSS and fundamentals Hindus try to make India become a Hindu country, but their Vedas never inform a single verse about a country setup.
    Veda contain only the Migration of Arians, their fight against the rural people like Dravidians and their ‘prakrith’(oldest superstitious based) religious concept. Veda never gives a concept of country. Upanishad contain the discussion between the ‘jivathma’ and ‘parmathma’.Purana contain the unbelievable characters and story of dhashvathara. Brahmana contain the different mantra. Ramayana and Mahabharata contain the kings and the peoples, but it never contains rule and regulation about an ideal country. Bagvath githa consider as a basement of Hindu rashtra, but it never contains the rules and laws required for the modern country.

    From the history we can’t saw the Hindu religion, dharshana and civilization as a union power or union country, but from history we know the people of India fighting each other on the basis of cast system and f land. Hindu Veda and Upanishad can’t unite the different cast and kind of people. That leads to capture and share our country to British; France and Portuguese .We can’t show an ideal country from Indian history.
    Why Indian judiciary, Indian Constitution, Indian penal law and different government law never include the law of Veda and Upanishad?
    That my important questions to modern Hindu Reincarnation people .the most of the people organized this law by Hindu, why are they considering the Veda and Upanishad?
    Why we receive our most of the law from US, UK, South Africa, Australia, Germany, etc. truth is they understand the law from Veda and Upanishad incapable of an ideal society. The available…

    • >>Hindu scriptures like Veda, Upanishad, arania, Brahmans, purana and even bagavath githa never promote the single verses about the rashtra

      There are many verses addressing a king/ruler.

      >>We can never found the scientific basement of country, leaders, politics, law, judiciary, court and penal law. The RSS and fundamentals Hindus try to make India become a Hindu country, but their Vedas never inform a single verse about a country setup.

      One single rule “ahimsa paramo darmaha” is enough. Many rules can be dedcucted from this rule. An intelligent person only lists what is necessary and sufficient to live happily. Vedas do the same.
      An infinite rules without the spirit of rule will only do harm, as islamic rules have done.

      • can u list the rule from Veda the scientific basement of country, leaders, politics, law, judiciary, court and penal law?

        “ahimsa paramo darmaha” how can it practicable for the criminal law?

      • “ahimsa paramo darmaha” — not in vedas.
        “ahimsa paramo darmaha”— not in bhagwad gita even.

        it comes in only mahabharta —
        अहिंसा परमॊ धर्मः सर्वप्राणभृतां समृतः
        तस्मात पराणभृतः सर्वान न हिंस्याथ बराह्मणः कव चित
        बराह्मणः सौम्य एवेह जायतेति परा शरुतिः

        it is telling the virtues of brahmana(a learned one or a teachers etc.)….
        Verily the highest virtue of man is sparing the life of others. Therefore a Brahmana should never take the life of any creature.
        A Brahmana should be versed in the Vedas and Vedangas, and should inspire all creatures with belief in God…….

        the end part of shlok says..
        बराह्मणस्य परॊ धर्मॊ वेथानां धरणाथ अपि
        कषत्रियस्य तु यॊ धर्मः स नेहेष्यति वै तव
        थण्डधारणम उग्रत्वं परजानां परिपालनम
        तथ इथं कषत्रियस्यासीत कर्म ||
        The duties of the Kshatriya are not thine. To be “stern”, to “wield the sceptre” i.e. punish wrong doers and to rule the subjects properly are the duties of the Kshatriya (means king, police force, army etc.).

        “so it clearly says that those who are in govermental police force (ksatriya) etc… shall only do justice not others take law in their hand!””

        what else would you need ?

      • the story of Mahabharata explained krishna arya,
        what a miracle things?

        in discussion forum i point some errors in Ramayana/mahabaratha,all the aryans says we never believe it,it is not valid,ask the questions from only 4veda.

        here one of aryan gives the evidence from mahabaratha.

        it indicate arya samaj member has two faces,if some error is there they never belive upanishid,mahabarath,ramayana.if they want to expalin some non-vedic things they support it.

        is it 100% clear true my dear aryans?

  • i am also not intrested in debate and have found source of true knowledge and it benifits me and i can experince it.
    Vishal Gore signing off
    Hare krishna.

    • Good that you are not interested in a debate. But the important point is what will you do when the debate is brought to your doorstep, as the ever ebullient daees and missionaries eventually will, just a matter of time. You remind me of the ostrich who thinks burying his/her head in the sand will ward off evil. You can stay signed off.

  • if a boy takes all books of medical in room and read it on his own for 4 yrs and then claims that that now he knows every thing about medicine then will u go to him for treatment… NO bcoz he dont have degree or he has not learn it from a guru who actully practices it in hospital.
    So if u want to learn vedas then go to proper guru who has learned it from his guru and so on and who also follows it as said in it…other wise ur reading of vedas is just waste of time…and shows that u r only intrested in debate and noting else.

    • @vishal

      it is clearly appears from you comments you are not speaking of your idea but Idea of ISKON
      ______So if u want to learn vedas then go to proper guru who has learned it from his guru and so on and who also follows it as said in it___________ This ideology mentioned many places in books of srila praphudada & I also agree with him on this point, but his many teaching against Veda & universal truth. But I do not have much time & interest to debate on this, you yourself continue keep search of Truth, definitely you will succeed. Read all article of Agniveer & comments given below the article & I think you should start from here 6 article on Vedic god

  • @vishal

    Who Says you srila praphudada was a scholar of Veda. But I think from reading his book he never read even ABC of Veda. If you hint on his book “Geeta Yatharoop” then he totally misunderstood the Geeta & he nowhere mentions reference of Veda Mantra in support of his commentary on Geeta.

  • i speak what i have listen from great scholar of vedas srila praphudada. Just read his books and u will know many many things on religion, soul, position of man in universe, who is god, how to worship god, why are their are somany religions ect and many things… Hare krishna.

  • i speak what i have listen from great scholars srila praphudada. Just read his books and u will know many many things on religion, soul, position of man in universe, who is god, how to worship god, why are their are somany religions ect and many things… Hare krishna.

    • dunno who is he and what did he taught. why to follow any other person when you yourself can decide.

      FYI…..In the bible the word slaughter appears at least 56 times, slay appears 118 times, slew shows up 171 times, & smote is written more than 226 times.

    • @vishal

      I have read his book & all his commentaries are against Veda. You will like his book because you have not read Veda or do not aware of Veda ideology. I was also like you when I was unaware of Veda.

  • peopel just want to enjoy their own senses and they modify their original scriptures for their convinence…and do sins on religious ground.

  • @shravak
    All the religion are right but peopel don’t follow it as said in their scriptures.
    For example in Bibel it is said that ”thou shall not kill” but they still maintain somany slaughter houses.
    And they explain it as that ”it is only for humans and not for animals” .
    If jesus had to say that then he would say ”thou shall not murder”

    Hare krishna.

  • just go to below link and u will find that how Zakir Naik blasphemas Mohmad…

  • @everybody on this site.
    All religions are only diffrent path to achive common goal that is service and love of God. But the problem is that the religion which were formed are not followed strictly nowdays. U may follow any religion but it should be perfectly followed. Kuran, Bibel, Bhagwatgeeta contains similar knowledge but at diffrent level as they were spoken to diffrent sects of peopel according to their knowledge and level of understanding
    So dont just speak on this scared scripture so harshly. Just follow what they speak of and let enter it in ur lives which is difficult than uprooting Himalayas ,or playing with King Cobra etc. But one should speak against peopel like Zakir Naik who not only missinterpret vedas but also kuran and dangerous thing is that they have followers. All religion should come to gather and fight against this demon or evil and his army which is said in all religion.
    Zakir Naik hai hai……

    • @vishal:

      All religions are only diffrent path to achive common goal that is service and love of God.

      While I do believe such universalism has its place, I find it difficult to reconcile the Vedic concept of “Ekam sat vipra bahuda vadanti” [Truth is one but the wise refer to it by different names.] with Surat At-Tawbah, Ayat 5.

    • @vishal

      You should be thankful for that the all muslims, christians, Jews are not following exactly what thier religion says. Otherwise, the world would have been a huge mess.

  • ‘Brain surgery’ during Harappan civilisation

    Scientists at the Anthropological Survey of India claim to have found evidence of an ancient brain surgical practice on a Bronze Age Harappan skull.

    The skull, believed to be around 4,300 years old, bears an incision that indicates an “unequivocal case” of a surgical practice known as trepanation, says a research paper published in the latest edition of Current Science.

    Trepanation, a common means of surgery practised in prehistoric societies starting with the Stone Age, involved drilling or cutting through the skull vault, often to treat head injury or to remove bone splinters or blood clots caused by a blow to the head.

  • A brief selection of a few points from the Scientific Errors in Hindu Scriptures!
    Many more points can be presented but I guess these few points will be enough to prove my point.
    Hindus either have to prove these things presented in their sacred scriptures or accept that their sacred scriptures have severe scientific errors. Vedas, claimed by Hindus to be the most sacred scripture, allege that: Sun moves around the earth on a golden chariot with his 7 horses. Vedas also allege that The Bull has supported the sky. For more continue reading below.
    1. Vedas say Earth is static!
    According to Vedas, the earth is static and this statement is repeated several times. The following are some of the examples:
    Oh Man ! He who made the trembling earth static is Indra. (Rig Ved 2/12/12)
    The God who made the earth stable (Yajur Ved 32/6)
    Indra protects the wide earth which is immovable and has many forms (Atarv Ved 12/1/11)
    Let us walk on the Wide and Static earth (Atharv Ved 12/1/17)

    2. Vedas say Sun moves around the earth on a golden chariot with his 7 horses
    As the Veds Claim that the earth is static and so they tried to prove that the sun moves around the earth. The following statement from the rig Ved tries to clarify it:
    1. 1. “Sun is full of light and knows all the human beings, so his horses take him to sky to look at the world” (Rig Ved 1/50/1)
    2. 2. “O, Bright sun, a chariot named harit with seven horses takes you to sky” (Rig Ved 1/50/8)
    3. 3. “O, man, the sun who is most attractive, takes round of the earth, on his golden chariot through the sky and removes the darkness of the earth” (Yajur Ved 33/43)

    3. Vedas say The Bull has supported the Sky “The Bull has supported the sky.” Yajur Ved: 4: 30
    “The Bull has supported the sky.” Yajur Ved: 14:5

    4. Puranas say Earth is Flat
    NARASINGA PURANA ¬Page 169 ¬Abithana Sinthamani ¬says that the earth is flat. Today it has been proved beyond doubt by the scientists that the earth is round.

    5. Vishnu Purana ¬another…


      MUHAMMAD, Vedas are not Quran which promote the science of flying donkeys and rocks running away with Moses’ clothes. Go read ur Quran first and see the redicule in in!! Which normal person would consider a joke like Quran to be divine??

      Next read the article before you comment, because all the crap you BLINDLY copy pasted from jihadi sites have been refuted on this same page, if you dont believe me, have a look, its simple, just scroll up

    • @mohammad,unfortunately,your quran is really late to give message to humans and even before quran , our ancestors discovered those things which Arabs cant think of it..Aryabhatt in 499 AD,pingala in 200 BC,Boudhayan in 700 BC,Brahmagupta around 600 AD,bhaskaracharya in 628 AD,Vishnumurthy in 100 BC,Lallacharya in 700 AD,Varahamihira in (505–587)AD etc…all before or just few years after near to revealation of Quran..
      >>NILAKANTA SOMAYAJI Discovered Taylor Series of Sine And Cosine Function about 250 years

      >>PUTHUMANA SOMAYAJI Discovered Newton Power Series

      >>MADHAVACHARYA Discovered Gregory Leibnitz series for the inverse tangent about 280years before gregory

      >>MADHAVACHARYA Discovered Leibnitz Power Series for PI about 300 years before leibnitz


      >>BHASKARACHARYA calculated the time taken by the earth to orbit the sun hundereds of years the astrnomer smart. Time Taken be the earth to orbit the sun(5Th Century) : 365.258756484 days

      >>BHASKARACHARYA II in Beejaganitha(stanza-20) has given clear explanation with the example of infinity

      >>BHASKARACHARYA II discovered Differential calculus.

      >>Theory of continued fraction was discovered by BHASKARACHARYAII

      >>Airthematic Progression is explained in Yajurveda

      >>Govindaswamin Discovered Newton Gauss Interpolation formula about 1800years before newton

      >>Vasteswaracharya discovered Newton Gauss Backward Interpolation formula about 1000 years before newton

      >>Parameswaracharya discovered Lhuiler’s Formula about 400 years back before Lhuiler

      >>TYCHO BRAHE REDUCTION of ecliptic discovered by ACHYUTA PISHARATI

      >>NILAKANTA SOMAYAJI Discovered Newtons Infinite GP Convergent Series

      >>Positive and Negative Numbers and their calculations were explained first by Brahmagupta in the book Brahmagupta Siddhanta

      >>Aryabhatta also propounded the Heliocentric theory of Gravitation,…

      • continued……..
        >>Aryabhatta also propounded the Heliocentric theory of Gravitation, thus predating Copernicus by almost 1000 years

        >>Boudhayana discovered Pythagorus Theorem in 800BC. ie 300 years before Pythagorus.

        >> Sterling formula was discovered by Brahmagupta about 1000 years before Sterling.

        >>The value of pi was first calculated by Aryabhatta I in 499 AD,ie more than 1350 years before Lindemann
        these are few only ..The list is very big actually
        FOR PROOF WITH SLOK read below pdfs of IISH,Kerala
        http ://www
        http ://www (fill gaps in link) Mediafire link also contains science in chemistry which is not given by agniveer
        So how can Vedas have scientific errors revealed by God..The problem seems that vedas are most difficult to interpret ,..Its not a child’s play..:)

      • The point is not Hindu scientists made great researches, the point is no hindu spiritual leaders oppose their view. There are many critics to arya bhatta, but nobody criticised when he said earth is spherical. this attitute of Hindus prove they were aware of the spherical nature of earth earlier. But when a man said earth is spherical, many muslim authorities raised fatwas. The fatwas stopped when the muslims were fully convinced that the earth is really spherical, and some modern muslim scholars associated the word dahaha being like egg shaped.

  • If Muslims believe in Vedas why you all diehard fans go after them and
    ask them for their identity and compel or guess who they are too much hypocrite. Then
    you say oh target found lets decode and recode their mind too much. for example below

    respect one’ sappreciation do not destruct the minds by maligning other. Do not Vedas
    teach not to insult others theory. Where is your Karma disappear now?

    “Namaste Noor

    Good to see such a sensible person like you here calling him/herself a Muslim. But unfortunately, not most of the Muslims will recognize you as Muslim. If I am correct, you belong to Ahmadi sect of Islam which is considered as Non Islamic by others.

    May I know, do you believe in Sahih Hadith Bukhari and Muslim?”

    Vedas or Quran all book of signs and knowledge.

    Qn hey its heaven also in Vedas?

    By whom the
    heavens are strong
    and earth stands
    by whom light’s
    realm and sky-vault
    are supported;
    By whom the
    regions in mid-air
    were measured.
    God shall we adore
    with our oblation?
    p. 265

    Stable means steady which inturns means firmly fixed.

  • List of Islamic Jihads from beginning
    The Jihad against Arabs (622 to 634)
    The Jihad against Zoroastrian of Iran, Baluchistan and Afghanistan (634 to 651)
    The Jihad against the Byzantine Christians (634 to 1453)
    The Jihad against Christian Coptic Egyptians (640 to 655)
    The Jihad against Christian Coptic Nubian’s – modern Sudanese (650)
    The Jihad against pagan Berbers – North Africans (650 to 700)
    The Jihad against Spaniards (711 to 730)
    The Reconquista against Jihad in Spain (730 to 1492)
    The Jihad against Franks – modern French (720 to 732)
    The Jihad against Sicilians in Italy (812 to 940)
    The Jihad against Chinese (751)
    The Jihad against Turks (651 to 751)
    The Jihad against Armenians and Georgians (1071 to 1920)
    The Jihad against Mongols (1260 to 1300)
    The Jihad against Hindus of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (638 to 1857)
    The Jihad against Indonesians and Malays (1450 to 1500)
    The Jihad against Poland (1444 to 1699)
    The Jihad against Germany (1945 onwards)
    The Jihad against Rumania (1350 to 1699)
    The Jihad against Russia (1500 to 1853)
    The Jihad against Bulgaria (1350 to 1843)
    The Jihad against Serbs, Croats and Albanians (1334 to 1920)
    The Jihad against Greeks (1450 to 1853)
    The Jihad against Albania (1332 – 1853)
    The Jihad against Croatia (1389 to 1843)
    The Jihad against Hungarians (1500 to 1683)
    The Jihad against Austrians (1683)
    Jihad in the Modern Age (20th and 21st Centuries)
    The Jihad against Israelis (1948 – 2004 ongoing)
    The Jihad against Americans (9/11/2001)
    The Jihad against the British (1947 onwards)
    The Jihad against Denmark (2005 Cartoon Controversy onwards)
    The Jihad against Netherlands (2006 onwards)
    The Jihad against the Filipinos in Mindanao(1970 onwards)
    The Jihad against Indonesian Christians in Malaku and East Timor (1970 onwards)
    The Jihad against Russians (1995 onwards)
    The Jihad against Dutch and Belgians (2003 onwards)
    The Jihad against Norwegians and Swedes (2003 onwards)
    The Jihad against Thais (2003 onwards)
    The Jihad…

  • @akhila said,
    I can prove Koran saying Earth is flat and many other scientific errors. First you leave Islam.



    • @spread truth
      God living in heaven itself is a scientific error. There is no 7th heaven and no god as per science.

  • @trurth seeker,
    look anotter transltion;

    2.012.02 He, who fixed firm the moving earth; who tranquilized the incensed mountains; who spread the spacious firmament; who consolidated the heaven; he, men, is Indra. [Who tranquilized the incensed mountains: yah parvata_n prakupta_n aramn.a_t = he quited the mountains, going hither and thither, as long as they had wings: Indra cut them off].

  • @spread truth : Brother, If I can show you Koran/Bible saying earth is flat, will you leave islam (If you are a muslim)/Chiristianity (If you are Christian) ??

    Lets discuss what your divine book says. First you come forward with intention to know the truth, I can prove Koran saying Earth is flat and many other scientific errors. First you leave Islam.

    Then we will start discussing whether there is an error in Vedas or not. First know your own house.

    Scientific errors,

    1-Rig veda,2/12/2,
    He who fixed fast
    and firm the earth
    that staggered, and
    set at rest the
    agitated mountains,
    Who measured out
    the air’s wide middle
    region and gave the
    heaven support, He,
    men, is Indra.

    2-Yajur veda, 32/6,
    Agniveer says, it uses STABLE WORD..!!
    Let see,

    By whom the
    heavens are strong
    and earth stands
    by whom light’s
    realm and sky-vault
    are supported;
    By whom the
    regions in mid-air
    were measured.
    God shall we adore
    with our oblation?
    p. 265

    Stable means steady which inturns means firmly fixed.


    3-Yajur veda, 4/30,
    30 The skin of Aditi
    art thou. Sit on the
    lap of Aditi.
    The Bull hath
    propped the sky and
    air’s mid-region, the
    compass of the
    broad earth hath he
    He, King Supreme,
    approached all living
    creatures. Truly
    all these are
    Varuna’s ordinances.

    5-Atharva veda,12/1/11,
    O Prithivī, auspicious
    be thy woodlands,
    auspicious be thy
    and snow-clad
    unsubdued, I have
    set foot upon the
    On earth brown,
    black, ruddy and
    every-coloured, on
    the firm
    earth that Indra
    guards from danger.

    6-Atharva veda 12/1/17,
    Kind, ever gracious
    be the Earth we
    tread on, the firm
    Prithivī, borne up
    by Order, mother of
    plants and herbs, the


    And Allah knws all..!!

    • @spread truth: Read translation of
      Rigveda mantra 2/12/2

      O! (JANASAHA) learned man (YAHA) he who (VYATHAMAANAAM) rotating (PRITHIVEEM) earth (ADRINGHAT) holds (YAHA) who (PRAKUPITAAN) like angry enemies (PARVATAAN) to clouds (ARAMNNAT) disperses (YAHA) who (VAREEYAHA) huge extensive ( ANTARIKSHAM) space (VIMAME) gives respect i.e., holds and (YAHA) who (DYAM) light (ASTBHNAAT) holds (SAHA) the God (INDRAHA) Himself is Almighty God who too disperses the matters like sun. So amongst the unlimited names of God based on His divine qualities, His one name is also Sun. he is the only God who is to be known.
      O! learned man he who holds the rotating earth, who disperses the clouds like angry enemies, who gives respect i.e., holds the huge, extensive space, who holds light i.e., who is form of light and gives light to other heavenly bodies, He is only God who is to be known.

  • @Slave of Allah
    Brother please clarify my few query?
    Q Why Allah needs prophet? Why he cant contact directly like Vedic Allah?
    Q. Why we can not exceed or equal to Mohamd if Allah would will?
    Q. What is Islam?
    Q What should be trait of true religion?
    Q. Why Allah teaching is not perfect & eternal like him.Why he changes his mind by sending different teaching time to time?
    @ Why Allah did not clean my heat with water as he cleaned heart of Mohamed in his childhood? Why did he shown partiality.

  • Slave of allah you have got an apt name. What kind of a God is Allah,who, without givinig someone an opportunity to redeem keeps brutalizing a dead person for eternity.

    Quran 4.56 As to those who reject Our signs, We shall cast them into the hell fire, and as often as their skins are roasted, We shall give them fresh skin, so that they shall feel the pain.

    Is allah any better than hitler or mussolini or Saddam or Gaddhafi who are so insecure and also egoistic that they take a lot of pleasure in seeing someone not accepting them suffer forever?

    Allah aka Benito,Hitler,Idi Amin,Saddam,Gaddafi….Please add these names too to the existing naes of allah.

    • I just wanna know meaning of these verses

      Rigveda mandal 7, sookt 55, mantra 7
      Atharvaved 6:5:1
      Atharvaved 7:81:1
      Atharvaved 13:2:11

      just tell me what is the meaning of these verses.
      can mr.agniveer help me to find out the real meaning?

      • @ Slave Of Allah: My personal opinion about science in religious scriptures is that one can look for clues about science in a religious scripture but the exercise that some Muslims indulge in,by using Dr.Moore and Dr.Bucaille is pathetic. Some of you guys are trying to drive a round peg into a square hole. Scriptures have a definite end point, the last verse. But science is ever evolving. Having said that you have exposed your lack of knowledge of both Vedas and astronomy.

        1) RiG Veda 7.55.7: This verse contains no direct reference to the sun, as you claim. But still if the bull in the verse does point to the Sun, it is only stating a universally stated cliche of sun rising from the ocean/ water body. And second part of the verse,merely states the obvious about people falling asleep, once sun sets and night arrives. So what is unscientific about the verse stating the obvious?
        2) Atharvana Veda 6.5.1 DOESNOT talk about Sun (you said this verse repeats something) but it talks explicitly about Agni and its role. If you want to understand Agni, ask your friend on islamhinduism website.
        3) Atharvana Veda 7.81.1 talks about new moon. The verses following it talk about the new and full moon alternating each other in a set span of days. What is unscientifc here? Arranging seasons pertains to obvious waxing and waning moon, tides being more etc etc.
        4) Atharvana Veda 13.2.11: What do you mean by same is mentioned here? This verse talks about the radiance and the illumination of the Sun. What is unscientific here?

      • Namaste Brother Slave

        Will you accept Vedas to be free from errors if we do that? If yes, let us know, if no, why should we waste our time and energies to translate it for someone who is not going to believe anyway? And how will you confirm the meanings we have given are right or wrong?

      • @Slave of Allah
        Brother who is your Allah? Kuran Allah or Vedik Allah who naver takes help of prophets to send his teaching, he can contact directly.

      • Kuran Allah slave of Mohmad

        Allah is He, than Whom there is no other god; Who knows (all things) both secret and open; He, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

        Allah is He, than Whom there is no other god; the Sovereign, the Holy One, the Source of Peace (and Perfection), the Guardian of Faith, the Preserver of Safety, the Exalted in Might, the Irresistible, the Supreme: Glory to Allah! (High is He) above the partners they attribute to Him.

        He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, the Bestower of Forms (or Colours). To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names: whatever is in the heavens and on earth, doth declare His Praises and Glory; and He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise.]59:22-24

      • Slave

        Please refer to the comment of Apolloreach for the same

        And now do you believe that Allah sent Quran in hurry which was not required because Vedas were already present to enlighten the mankind?

  • It is mentioned in Rigveda mandal 7, sookt 55, mantra 7

    सहस्रश्र्ङगो वर्षभो यः समुद्रादुदाचरत |
    तेना सहस्येना वयं नि जनान सवापयामसि ||

    The Sun who hath a thousand horns, who rises up from out the sea,-
    By him the Strong and Mighty One we lull and make the people sleep.

    See also the translation by Pandit Shri Ram Sharma

    This is also repeated in Atharvaved 6:5:1

    Also it is mentioned in Atharvaved 7:81:1

    Forward and backward by their wondrous power move these
    two youths (sun and moon), disporting, round the ocean.
    One views all living things, and thou, the other, art born again
    arranging times and seasons.

    translation of Pandit Shri Ram

    Same is mentioned in Atharvaved 13:2:11

    what do you say? there is no scientific mistake in vedas?

      • Brother Slave

        When you dont know Hindi how could you find Hindi translation by Pandit Shri Ram and how could you know they have scientific errors at all?

      • I found it in Mushafiq sultan`s site. You should defend these verse. tell me what this verses really say/?

      • @Slave:

        You have to copy paste from someone else’s site? That’s what Allah’s slaves do? copy paste? Is that why Quran has no original thought, it is just a mish-mash of the worst passages of the Old Testament and the New Testament?

      • Brother Slave

        When you can blindly believe Mushafiq, the translators of Quran, the Quran itself, and Muhammad, what is stopping you from believing blindly in Agniveer?

        Isn’t believing Muslims and disbelieving non Muslims blindly the sign of blind belief/disbelief?

        What will happen if KalBhairav or me provide you with the translation? Will you accept it and denounce your current stand or are you going to run away like many others shouting the translations are wrong even without knowing Hindi or Sanskrit?

      • Vajra, I just wanna know meaning of these verses

        Rigveda mandal 7, sookt 55, mantra 7
        Atharvaved 6:5:1
        Atharvaved 7:81:1
        Atharvaved 13:2:11

        just tell me what is the meaning of these verses.
        can mr.agniveer help me to find out the real meaning?

  • Yes Hinduism is grest!!!!!!!! There is no equality in it. The religion divides people in to upper and lower castes on the basis of birth…but not on basis of knowledge. How are hindus? . There is no hindus in indian..but only caste based politicians and parties. Its a curse for its people. 1st you people rectify your mistakes and question others.

    • @Khan:

      Is your problem with the Hindu religion or with Indian politics or both?

      The caste issue has been dealt with in detail elsewhere on this website. In summary, birth-based caste system is crap and to be discarded.

      I can engage you further only if are simply not a hit-and-run Muslim (like so many on Agniveer) who cannot intellectually defend your religion. Such folks simply make an outlandish first statement and once rebutted are nowhere to be seen.

      Let me know.

    • Namaste Khan

      Agniveer’s top priority is to eradicate the caste-system. This inclusdes caste system in hindus , muslims(arzal,afzal,ansar also racim: arab, non-arab etc) and castesytem in christians(dalit,born,brahmin etc)

      so stop attaching this south asian malaise to a particular religion.The hindus reformists from the bhakti period have been trying to eradicate this malaise and its on the decline .on the contrary, in muslim dominated regions like pakistan this sytem is getting worse with time.

  • @sdc,

    all those groups does not represent real islam ,i dnt understand y pple dnt request agniveer to come with an article against sangh parivar.

    • In the same breath, I do not understand as to why evangelists like Zakir Naik do not come out strongly against such groups, if they do not represent “real islam,” and on the contrary, they defend people like Osama. BTW, please do explain as to what “false islam” and what is “real islam.”

    • @ Shaik

      Why do your focus not on these terrorist organisaion Lashkar e Toiba, Hizbul Mujahideen, Deedar E Anjuman, Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah al Islam, Islamic Jihad, Abu Sayyaf Group, Harkat ul Mujahideen, Jemaah Islamiyah, Lashkar e Jhangvi, etc. If you start to count there are lacs of people who have been victim of these terrorist group all over the world. All these are world famous Muslim terrorist organization. You are supporter of these and when any organization like Sangh Parivar pressure government to take action against such terrorist organization you start to condemn.

  • @eligmania

    (My religion teaches and offers a great afterlife in jannat, but what does it do to make our present life better?)

    Brother, our religion not only teaches better for afterlife , but also indeed better for here also.even many opponents of islam ( including agniveer just refer his article” A genius Misunderstood” in that article he showed his desire to follow our prophet if he had lived in that time) praised islamic teachings.

    I hope you know about sufferings ancient indians due to hindus , i mean caste discrimination , sati there are mnay , i know why Moolsankar took a protestentic approach ,just to stop conversions .

    Plz ask agniveer ,Y he will not comewith an artice against sangh parivar who were responsible for communal riots agins Muslims and Christians. agniveer is biased always he tries point out muslims are bad and terrorists of course many muslims does not represent real islam , i agree, but what stopped aryans to go aganist sangh parivar.
    just refer this link

    u may find some good information .

    • So, the Sangh Parivar is the root causes of all miseries. What about Lashkar e Toiba, Hizbul Mujahideen, Deedar E Anjuman, Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah al Islam, Islamic Jihad, Abu Sayyaf Group, Harkat ul Mujahideen, Jemaah Islamiyah, Lashkar e Jhangvi, etc. etc. to name only a few of the important groups operating all around the globe.

  • @KalBhairav

    (a) There is no death penalty for apostasy in Islam. If you are referring to the laws in some Islamic countries, I don’t agree with them. I won’t say they are in the light of Islamic laws. They are neither Islamic nor human. Similarly, if you say that everything that Hindu religious leadership has been following is totally in the light of the divine guidance, may be it will not be correct. Of course, to burn the innocent people alive in a train is not what Hindu religion preaches. I hope you will agree to it. But this has happened and many similar incidents as well. This does not mean Krishna preached terrorism or that Hinduism is about killing innocent people. I have gone through the extracts of Vedas as posted by Agniveer and I don’t think if one really goes through these teachings, then such a person will show any hatred towards others. But we have also seen that even in India people have gone to such an intolerant level that they even threatened team from a Muslim majority country to play a match on their soil. And also in the neighboring country we have seen similar behaviors towards Hindus.

    Everybody has the right to choose his/her religion. If any Muslim accepts Hinduism or Buddhism it is his/her right. This is what my understanding of Islam.

    (b) Yes, exactly. This is how it should be that everybody given the right to preach his/her religion irrespective of his/her faith.

    Definitely, taking such steps (as you mentioned) we can move towards a society free of militancy. I wish we can achieve such a society. I wish and pray. No excuse for militancy in religion should be acceptable. The best jihad is to fight against the evil attributes within oneself.

    • sweetheart no one is asking what’s ur understanding of Islam.. we are talking about what great scholars says about islam…

      my only question to you…

      Q) Who are u and what will anyone gain with ur understanding of Islam?

      make ur imams, Mullas, joker naik, understand ur way of understanding Islam if they accept it we will be very pleased…and thankful to put some thought to ur way of understanding religion…

      Jihad is fight against fight of evil attributes and non muslims are all evils acc to islam…

      i can’t explain u in much deep but other vedic scholars on this website will make u understand ur way of understanding islam better!!

      Have fun!!

    • @Noor Ul Ein

      Namaste Sister Noor,

      first off I would like to thank you because there are good muslims out there like you who disagree with fanatics like Zakir Naik. As per Zakir Naik, if a muslim leaves islam, converts to another religion, and propagates his new religion and criticizes islam, that person should be killed. Naik also says, no matter how good we kafirs are, no matter how great noble deeds we kafirs do, even if one of us has ever rescued Naik from a falling cliff, regardless of all these noble deeds, WE WOULD ALL BURN IN HELL for eternity just because we do not believe the Quran to be the word of God nor believe Mohammad to be the last prophet.

      I would like to thank you also for being respectful to Krishna, otherwise many fanatic muslims abuse and insult this great noble being. Krishna was not a prophet. In fact, we do not believe Ishwar sends prophets from time to time. Vedas were the first and final revelation and they are always given out at inception of human civilization. Krishna was just a great human being who was a Vedic follower and hence, a role model for us. Same is the case with shir Ram. Even many muslims like Arya Ashfagullah Khan are great role models for us.

    • Good that you condemn violence. We only hate those who are intolerant & have no respect for human lives. The activities of RSS, VHP are not as per hinduism – if you read history you will know that – none of the leaders of RSS (or that of ‘muslim league’ that created pakistan) were very religious at all. None of them ever went to jail for freedom struggle. Both these parties were faithful to the british empire (as declared by them). And ultimately it was a member of RSS that killed Mahatma Gandhi. They do not represent Hinduism or Islam.

      But there is a problem – the idea of hating kafirs, doing jihad and killing non-muslims is probably not just something a few muslims do. It is a very MAINSTREAM concept of Islam. Quaran, hadiths & islamic teaching are FULL of these things. Every muslim knows that jews, christians & hindus are bad. Sometimes they may not say it directly – but they give reasons like babri masjid, kashmir etc etc and spend a great deal of time studying & spreading hate literature.
      – There’s the concept of Gahzwa-e-hind
      – Allah says ‘if I could make one more thing cumpulsory for muslims, it would be jihad’
      – That no other activity can get somebody paradise like jihad
      – That heaven is under the shade of swords. Etc etc.

      People say 65% of the Quaran talks about kafirs. It is a extremely violent literature. And that is what is concerning.

      Many muslims I know are good people. But people can be brainwashed easily by religion. It can make good people do bad things. I am sorry but I feel Islam is the religion of the devil. It is an EVIL religion according to me.



    • “Of course, to burn the innocent people alive in a train is not what Hindu religion preaches.”
      If you are referring to Gujarat, it was Muslims who set fire to a train of Hindu pilgrims including women and children so they would die horribly in fire. The Muslim mob prevented the Hindu train passengers from escaping the train compartments and prevented others from doing anything to stop the flames.

      Everyone should read Princeton Professor Bernard Lewis “The Multiple Identities of the Middle East.” This Ivy League scholar on Islam and the Middle East writes about the punishment for apostasy and the lack of tolerance for other faiths by Islam.

  • Agniveer,Thanks for posting this article and elaborating your point of view and also explaining Vedas. Of course, discussion is the best way to gain knowledge rather than taking sword in hands and killing each others.

    I am a Muslim. I don’t know whom you refer as Jihadi. And also I can see some coments related to Islamic war. But my concept of Jehad states that Jehad is to fight against evil ( not against humans ) and I beleive that this is the true Islamic concept. Unfortunately the term Jehad is being misused and misused by Muslims mostly. In true Islamic teachings only defensive war is permitted. All offensive wars are unholy. So these were my short coments regrding Jehad

    I also agree with Hassan Nisar ( in video ) that the best way is to identify your weeknesses and try to bring improvement rather than remaining in state of denial. And this applies to everybody.

    And also I have gone through some of the translations of Vedas.”He is One and only One, Sustains entire universe, Omnipresent, Formless, All-Powerful, Perfect, Omniscient, Unborn, Eternal and supports us always.He alone should be worshipped.” (Yajurveda 40.8) I beleive this is what my religion also teaches me. I believe that all teh true religions originate from the same source. I have gone through the teachings ( not very deeply ) of Budha, Christ and Baba Guru Nanak ( May peace be upon all of them ) and find all of them preaching the same basic concepts of one eternal God to worship,love and peace. I am not sure how you guys look into it but I believe that Moses( pbuh ), Christ(pbuh), Krishan ( pbuh), Budha (pbuh ) and Muhammad ( pbuh ) were all prophets from God who preached the same message. If we start realizing it, earth will be heaven. Cow is more sacred for Hindus and pork is haram for Muslims but we can easily live with it accepting each others right to beleive in his/her religion if we start understanding that basics are the same.

    • @Noor:

      Ok. Let us see all that lofty ideals put into action. Please work on the following AS YOUR FIRST PRIORITIES.

      (a)Abolish death penalty for apostasy. Afterall, if you brother sister converted to say, Hinduism or Buddhism, by following the teachings of Krishna/Buddha they are also following the “prophets from God”, right?
      (b)Let us have reciprocity in treatment of religious minorities. Just like how Islam/Christianity are freely propagatable in India, let Christians/Buddhists/Hindus/atheists have a free rein to propagate their belief systems in countries in majority-Muslim states.

      If you work towards these two it will go a long way in reducing the problem of militant Islam.

    • Namaste Noor

      Good to see such a sensible person like you here calling him/herself a Muslim. But unfortunately, not most of the Muslims will recognize you as Muslim. If I am correct, you belong to Ahmadi sect of Islam which is considered as Non Islamic by others.

      May I know, do you believe in Sahih Hadith Bukhari and Muslim?

    • jesus, mohammed, moses are prophets. They are human beings with some divine knowledge. so all their religions are ” man made religions ” created by them. sanatana dharma is eternal and never created by anyone. lord krishna and rama are the avatars of lord vishnu himself who came down to earth to establish dharma in the earth. so their teachings are addressed to all human beings – say to all souls. when western relgiions do not believe eternal souls, karmas and rebirth and mosha the final salvation as given by lord krishna in his bagwad gita, how can you compare all religions are same and one.

  • @agniveer ji yah i liked it muslims are the fanatics one, i once asked my friend whats ramadan he said ramadan is fasting and is good for health and science has proven it and i replies its same thing we do everyday, muslims in ramadan dont eeat in day but only at night and dont eat for the whole day and hindus eat only at day and dont eat anything at night, it is same just day and nights are reversed and they have a scientific logic backing it hahahahha and the halal meat is said to be pure coz when they cut the goat in that way there is no impure blood left so meat becomes pure re, well we do the same as well when we cut the goat we drain all the blood as well, and they said it is scientifically proven amazing they have scientfic logic as a back up for silly things and they condemn others pracitses hahaha need to grow up idiots

    The only solution i find is WAR, we had enough lets give them the taste of there own jihad 80 %indian popultation is hindu and 10% is muslims we can win the war easily, we have to go to wars wid these fanatics for the ultimate peace/r

  • agniveer ji pranaam
    I liked your logically argued deposition. I will use your arguement when argueing with any muslims. direct him to your website.
    But like I said many times, there is no way a muslim can understand a logical arguement. They only understand MY language, whihc you mostly dont like.
    Anyway, thanks once again

    jai shri ram

    • If they indeed understand, kindly review yourself how many changed their ways after discussions with you? How many left worshipping Zakir Naik? etc If not, then understand that this approach does not yield concrete results. We hope you would use your passion for concrete result oriented actions which society demands desperately today. Blessings.

  • I am a first-time visitor to this site and am deeply impressed. Though born into a devout and orthodox Muslim family, I have always been always very interested in learning about other faiths and beliefs. I consider myself a life-long student of comparative religion and avidly read extensively on this. I also actively discuss this with like-minded people of other faiths. From all this, I have started believing that Hinduism is THE only hope for a peaceful world. My religion teaches and offers a great afterlife in jannat, but what does it do to make our present life better? I find it doesn’t contribute in any way to making our earth better. I for one firmly believe that we ought to be better people here and now rather than thinking of a mythical, imaginary and fantastic jannat. Congrats to Agniveer for exposing the various lies being spread against my Hindu brethren. And before I sign out, let me assure all that I am still a Muslim who prays 5 times a day, reads the Qur’aan daily and have done Hajj twice. But the truth cannot be denied, right?

    • Dear enigmania
      Congratulations for being a critique of your own belief which is one of the most difficult things to do. How does it matter whether you are Abdul or Aditya, you pray twice or five times? What matters is you love all and hate none. Praying good for all noble people irrespective of their religion and not praying hell for anyone just because he/she is not born in a religion is what makes us humans a family of different colours which are complementary but not contradictory. Welcome to the original home of all humans, Vedas.


    • @Enigmania:

      We hold forth “Truth is one. But the paths to it are many”. This lays a foundation for universal brotherhood and peace on earth.

      Welcome to agniveer.

      PS: Beware of practitioners of “the religion of peace” who frequent this website and will call you out as a fake Muslim…just a Hindu claiming to be a Muslim…for a true Muslim needs to look nowhere beyond the Quran/Hadiths.

  • Dear Shri Agneevir Sir;

    I am real jealous of your Knowledge on our Sanathan Dharma Assets, we feel real proud to see a person like you, i will recommend this site for my friends so that we will get to know more about our Culture and ethics of our Sanathan Dharma.
    Om Shakthi !

  • Dear Agniveer Ji,

    I do not have words to appreciate you. You are “Sur” and Mr. Zakir Naik is “Asur” in “Samudra Manthan” like situation. All the evils of Islam are coming on surface and even Zakir does not know he is one of the doer. Truth always prevails. Time will invalidate all his false logic. He is just responsible of taking the poisonous elements of Islam on surface.

  • Dear Agniveer Ji,
    Namaskar Sir.

    Off the topic, i have a request. I want to study Vedas.. but i am not familiar with sanskrit and also, i have not found any good translation of the Vedas so far.
    Also, i have been told by a few friends of mine that Vedas should be studied under some guidance only for correct understanding. Is it right?
    Can you suggest a link for some authentic translation of the vedas from where i should study and any source, from which i can discuss and clear my doubts and queries about the same? I would be more than pleased if you can guide me in this matter..

  • satyameb jayte. truth prevails. above all our vedic relegion is great. we should be proud of it. it has been prevailing for thousands of years. even today vedic relegion is one of most influencial relegion.

  • where did the eternal matter come from??
    why there should be any eternal matter??
    where did the iswar n souls came from?? who made them??
    what is the source of energy for iswar??
    will he ever take rest??
    wont he be bored with the same eternal job??

    • Namaste fuser
      1. Eternal matter must also be beginningless. So it has to be there always.
      2. There is no further cause to the ultimate cause.
      3. Beginningless entities dont need creators. Who creates energy?
      4. Energy or capacity of Eeshvar is His nature (Swabhaav) which is inbuilt in Him just like hotness in fire.
      5. No, rest is needed for the tired ones. Eeshvar does not get tired.
      6. Nobody gets bored with his own nature, like you dont get bored with your consciousness, do you?

      best regards

      • Dear Brothers- AGNIVEER AND ARYA, Namste!

        I have one question for the Muslims Umma.

        If as per Quran or Zakir Naik, if every thing (all matter, energy, time & space or whole Universe is separate from God which simply means as per Quran all of them are distinct or just showing an ownership or proprietorship of all matters or you can say they are not pantheistic just they all belong to Allah or Eshwara or God. I think I have rightly understood it from Quran as explained by Zakkir Bhai, if not then a Muslim can correct me.

        Now question arises in my mind, if above is right, then where from Allah or Eshwara or God brought or took or created all of above Mayas or Matters, I mean if all matters are different and separate from Allah then from which source initially, from which place or from which raw material did Allah or Eshwara or God brought them into creation which is now viewed as UNIVERSE by humans?

        Accordion to science all matter, energy, time and space or all universes we observe and don’t observe were all together created from a single point which was far smaller than an atom even. This theory is called Big Bang, so the end of this Universe will either be Big Crunch or Big Rib that now every one knows, Right.

        So, please answer my above question logically just not by faith and blindly.

        Wherein, my findings as per Vedic Dharma, even all observable or non observable mayas / matters / times are also ETERNAL / SANATANA with no beginning and no ending like ESHWARA / ALLAH. What we see and feel in and out of time and space are all EXPANSIONS OF ESHWARA / ALLAH / GOD as Virtual Realities but not Actual Realities that billions upon billions times, this matter of Universes has crossed eternal cycle of creations and destructions.

        Jai Sri Ram- Jai Sri Krsna- OM- peace, peace, peace!

        Best regards,
        Jay Maheshwary.

      • western religions jewisim, christianity and islam which believe in the theory of ” Resurrection” of dead physical body from grave yard and do not believe in karmas, rebirth and immortal souls were created by Rahu , the head who wanted to resurrect in its physical body but was seperated with body as ‘ketu” – Islam says ” kabba” means ” cube” black stone covered with black cloth in mecca- jewish people wear black cubes in leather form as belt on their head as well as in the wrist, while christianity if you open the ” cube” in all its six sides, you can see the ” cross ” hidden. if you look in to the ” cross” the vertical line is crossed on top of the ” head” portion by an horizontal line” The head is none but ” Rahu” . muslims go around Kabba in anti clockwise direction seven times as rahu-ketu in the axis of 7 signs rotating in anticlockwise direction. muslims ,jewish and christians languages aramic, Hebrew, arabic and urud are read and written in the back side reverse direction. there are more than 40 comparisions with rahu for western religions while ketu denotes estern religions like buddhism, jainism, sikhism , shamanism ect which believe in ” Rebirth” while vedic religions created by brahma believe in ” reincarnation ” theory which matches to human bodies kundalini theory of seven chakras and three nadis and shiva and sakthi . i write a detailed book about the creation of world religions. so the truth is only santana dharma is true path to salvation. Rahu and ketus are karmic graha which have influence in all religions since they are demon and serpent both in nature – influence of demon is with western and eastern religions by rahu ( western ) and ketu- less evil and soft ( estern ) but the serpent form the one which has wisdom, spirituality and reincarnation ect have influence with vedic religion. so other faiths must realise and follow only vedic religion to get salvation.




  • Attention; Tauqeer and Tanveer—– where are you? come in front of me I am from Pakistan & by ACTION I am Hindu, Sanatani Premi, Vedic Premit, Vedic Cultural Dharma but many arms of VEDAS as Mother Dura or Amba has under which Islam is a little part of it.

    Sri Mad Bhagwad Geeta’s one verse defines whole Quran which I have understood now. I have read Quran- there is no ATAMIC

    You know why——— very Simple. As I live in Pakistan, as time passes, first muslims hatred alin with my rown till my child hood to youth, I have seen muslims are following the Path of Dyana (Meditation), Yoga-Asana(Science of Yoga) as on Pakistan TV Chanel- Indus TV wherein Yogi Wajahat teaches these Meditative and Yoga asan Indian Sciences. But they are inheritably Indian Discoveries to which now muslims are acceptin and one day, Muslims eneral ahead will claim that this has been provided by so and so Hadith or Verse explains in QUran iven by our Mohammed prophet, So, remember now every thin is recorded, you have no chance to alte the true history as you have been doing in our Pakistan text books for students. You are now callin our India science Reki or Murakbaat.. You people have always a cheater and copier, or copy pesters. Please don’t brand our Vedic gyan with your scholarships in future. You took our place, Pak- Bangla, You destroyed our tempo our social unity &, not only converted thousands of Hindus by force into Muslims but you also altered the rea Tejo Mohalia Shiv’a Temple into Shrine of Shahjahan and Mumtaz as Taj Mahal and many other temples were also destroyed and converted into mosques at the time of Mughal Empires

    Could you people tolerate any one Hindu in Mecca. You term first to be Muslim then a hindu can enter into Mecca is totally mono poly is not a sign of True Dharma like we have every kind of person can enter in Hari Dwara by chanting Hare- Krisna, Hare-Rama is authenticated Dharma which has not boundaries no terms and conditions no barriers, no veils no obstance to be hindu, even you can be hindu remaining a muslim, we don’t mind. But on the other side we have tolerated you people ruling all over India as Muslim Empire as Mughile Empires more than 3 centuries. Does your Islam possess such a tolerant way of Spirituality.

    Can a Hindu like Zakir Naik deliver speech freely on Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma in Pakistan Karachi city owned by any personal channel, no never, you janoony fanatic people would destroy that hindu within a minute. Because your very creation of being muslims become by force (JABR), am I write or wrong, pls judge t your true will.

    Since, Zakir Naik freely delivers speeches and practicing Islam on Peace TV is an alive example of India’s equality and compassionate, so it is just because of our VEDAS and KRISNA Gayan that our India is called Secular is basically a teaching of our Dharma directly Vedas are involved to let live peacefully and every one has equal right to believe is so natural in faiths. But you lowered possessed thinker, every time you see Sex in all ladies so what women in Islam instructed strictly to put viels over faces. Being hindu I experienced you here in Pakistan treated with every non muslims very strangely, you can not spread love and you can not love any other dharms’ people, this is your great mistake taught by your moahmmed prophet. As wherein I work in the office, they keep my drinking glass separate, my cup of tea, my food plate and they don’t eat food which I bring from my home. First I did not realize while I joined them in office because I considered them like me I used to eat foods they brough from their homes but I realized they never have any thing from my home made food, then I asked them why you are not eating my food they rplied becaue we are directed by our Mohammed Prophet not to eat any non muslims unless he becomes Muslims first. So I was astonished and very grieved and offended spiritually, mentally toruredn by their statements and since then I have decided not to eat even a single piece of food from their homes and I realized they are so blindly faith knowing people.

    I have observed them during Juma Nimaz that they wash their body parts as wazoo but what I see then immediately they sit at table in eating food then I asked them why don’t you pray first to Allah and after nimaz you must eat lunch. They said, it does not make any difference to us. Then I realized they are so unkind people from inner side. I told them, what food that you are eating must be sacrificed first to Allah or God or Eshwara as whatever food, comfort or even any thing you get you start must be offered and sacrificed to Eshwara- this is the teaching of our Vedic Culture which is like as under:

    Oh, Eshwara— the food which I am going to eat is being offered to you first becuae this food has actually been provided by you to us, please God accept it, so that it can be digest well. This is our dharma you can see if you live in India that is a little part of every food is said to be PARSADI.


    But I would say that everything including us what we see and what we don’t see in the universe and ouside of universe is all-pervasive- my Eternal Parampita Bhagwan, Eshwara, god, Elah, Amba, Durga Maa, Kali, Aka, Parvait, Ganga and so on eternal-everlasting.

    Bad the you, good the you, how you conclude about Satan as your Quran says about Satan. I would discourse it later on as there is no Satan in whole of universe and outside of time and space. This is just a self satisfaction of Muslims to put one’s blame on Satan. Actuall is your ahinkaar, kaam, lob, moha, maya, antakaram all bad and good emotions are of your own enemy or Satan. There is only one God having all qualities, we can not escape from Eshwara any time any where any how.
    I will discuss it later on but right now see below:

    I have gone through on the topic of “Islam & Rebirth” which my beloved Angveer started whom I love & also I love Arya are my soul mate one who are continuous Eshwara conditioned souls.

    Unfortunately, I could not have chance to write my comments at the end of that topic of Islam & Rebirth to reply to Tauqeer & Tanveer, because there was no option provided at the end of their aritcles. So I am wriin

    Practically, I can explain which happened to me in Pakistan through out my life & I have been experience by Islamic filthiness & it has been my experience what the teaching of Islam is, under which I have been victimized by these animal-eater Muslims(Janver Khore) which Mohammed publicly announced to every Muslim to slaht animal in the name of ALLAH and now it is righteous and can be eaten is really terrible education provided by sex maniac prophet.

    I was convinced several times by office mate Muslims, Muslim neighbors & Muslims friends. I always wander, no matter how a Muslim is educated and sophisticated whether Doctor or Enineer, but ultimately, he will emphasize you to adopt Islam because he has been taught by Moahmed will attain JANAT if one muslim makes another Muslim. So I wander, spreading Islam is like a work of Vampire like they always have the desire to bite another normal human to make him Wampire, so no difference in the notion of a Vampire Nation and a Muslim Nation.

    I appeal to all Muslims’ Umma, please note that converting or making more and more Muslims by your avarious, sensuous gratification and lustful tricks for attaining JANAT which I experienced many times that all Moulas forcing every non muslims to adopt is actually not the solution of a good societies.

    You can make good societies without making any human a Muslim also- why don’t you work like that. Why necessary first to be Muslim is not a political party here we are to know DIVINE & DIVINE ENTITY who has no concerned with any particular group or sect like you have theory. Be broad-minded not narrowed and don’t make your Quran narrowed in the eyes of other people. Now people know all deeds of Muslims’ History which got shape within 1400 years. Islam has ripen to its peak point to be vanished from this Earth are still some of time has remained has become global village. All reports are mentioned on the internet for their previous and existing priests or khalifas, sahabas, messenders or hazis or rasools or prophets, how they hurt this whole earth by their demonic SWARD-THEORY. This is note the time of Raja Dahir, you can escape by telling lie that by the order of Raja Dahir, 8 ships were looted by the people of Raja Dahir, but they were all pirates of that time used to loot any one. Their work was only to loot any one even many hindus wee looted by them whoever wee on ther their roots. Invadin India through Sinh had been a planning since the time of Mohammed initially and then took shape at the time of Caliphate of Abu Bakr, then
    Omer, Usman and finally Ali all had one planning to spread Islam to West and to East as well. So not they invaded India but they invaded all Christians countries like Spain, Egypt, Turkey, and to wards Eath, Iran, Afhanistan, & then Sindh. Don’t ie us an excuse of ships were looted by Raja Dahir has no reality in it.

    Because you people have no sense of Meditation, Karam Yoga, that’w why you all muslims are wanderering here and there all over the workd the hunt of media. Improve your deeds

    muslims friendsriend, even some times I am traveling in buses, I met muslims and I am usually asked who you are, I replied I am Hindu, quickly they start to explain me you worship Idols and what you are doin is not ood ultimately and so pleae adopt Islam and Islam is very good religion, Mohammed is the last prophet of one Allah, don’t worship many Gods. I tell them, why do you need to explain it to me because I know already as every thing you tell has already been there in my Vedic Religion and every thing you tell some of them are also wrong notions based on wrong assumption of your prophets. The why one should convert to another, is senseless. I told them I don’t go after temporarily pleasure of JANAT is actually not a final destination you Muslims wrongly think. I told him as under:

    A Muslim does not deserve the right of living on this earth because he does not reserve the rights of Animals which is publicly instructed muslims as rule to slaughter animals is really very miserable act of Quran. I told them, simply is it your religion, I have mor things to define but I know you all will finally claim to murder me.

    A Muslim dos not deserve to pray his so called ALLAH which was actually Mother goddess named as Ela which was corrupted by lustful Maha-mad( Mohammed) from Ela to Allah. You Muslims actually have been worshiping our Vedic Mother-god Ela- Aka- Amba all the names of Sanskrit based from the time KAABALA(Actual Shiva Temple) created by the Group of Brahama Gyani people indigenous people from India in Arabia long before Isaac and Moses who learnt Torah & Zaboor from Brahama Gyani group of people whih later on this workd shrank to one individual person as Abrahama

    To be continued.

    Jay Sri Krisna!

    Best regards,
    Jay maheshwary..

  • Thanks Agniveer ji for an enlightening article but I must say that the title is misleading because ,one one hand you have already proved that there are not any errors but the verses from Vedas have been mis-interpreted ,yet you write the title as “Scientifific errors in Hinduism” .
    Plz either change the title or add a question mark to the title, my humble request.

  • My beloved “AngiVeer” Radhey Krishna! – Namste AngnVeer !

    You are REAL VEER of VEDIC CULTURE in Kali Yug—– I LOVE YOUR INTELLIGENCE, WILL POWER & all the columns you write!

    My name is Jetha Lal but my family members and my friends call me in short – Jay.

    I am proud of being HINDU a “Vedic Manav” of this INDIA’s place where now is Pakistan- son of INDIA.

    Yes, I am from Pakistan and I have been reading your articles for the last 3 days that how they inspired me I can’t stop unless I read your complete all lines from your articles- very unique and genuine explanation ever I have found and you are really patriotic veer of India & very devoted to our Sanatana Dharma.

    I was really looking for a person like you so now I found you, no matter you are hundreds of miles away from me but your words on internet make me feel you are with me.

    Some times, I cry from the bottom of my heart that how our Vedic Dharma and entire art, knowledge, temples, scriptures were ruined by these invaders- Muslims who forcibly and excessively hurt our Matra -Bhumi – India on a huge ground. On the other hand, not only they destroyed our art and culture but also they learnt some portions of Vedas time to time from indigenous group of Brahma gyani who were hugely expanded from Bihar to ghandara, Iran, Mesopotamia (now Iraq) Arabia, Aisa Minor(Turkey), Egypt and Greece.

    Mohammed mingled their own demonic verses with some verses of Vedas by corrupting words and by destroying Kaabala Shiv Temple to create a new branded religion –Islam is nothing but a copy-paste of Judaism and Christianity which both were assets of Vedic Culture. Thus, Judaism and Christianity back in time were also derived from Vedic Dharma, so all they have been extracted from Vedas.

    I never believe in a Dharma which destroys another Dharma just for the name, sex, fame, lust for slaughtering and eating animals and attaining all mayas like Heaven & also leaving the same Evil messages publicly in the form of homemade Quran for his followers showing a false and mayavic dream of attaining JANAT. Wherein Mohammed told his followers that all worldly luxurious, Food, Sex, Alcohols & bodily comforts you have on this earth a person will be served in JANAT as well, if one who follows and believes in my message of Allah and rest who don’t follow will be sent to ever burning Hell, Can’t we understand that this is totally MAYAVIC and Unethical statement said by Allah of Mohammed. Speaker of these words in Quran can never ever be God who thinks like an inferior man. Even today living in democratic world of affairs, this statement is futile flux and is not applicable in modern time, then how one can fix this statement for Absolute Spiritual, Blissful, All Knowing and All-pervasive True Eshwara / God. It confirms Quran is only a book of Political agenda of social economic disorders which was made by a barbarian illiberal & uneducated man who was Mohammed.

    For the Muslims, what about a UNIVERSAL KARMIC REACTION OF ONE HUMAN”S ACTION in present life which causes births upon births a cycle of death and birth is a science of Vedic Dharma which wasn’t provided by Mohammed in Quran, so Quran is no way a complete treatise that Mohammed did not give this knowledge to Muslims in fact, because Mohammed did not know that much deep gyan of Vedic Dharma and that’s why Dr. Zakir Naik is wandering in between herein and hereafter like Dr. Zakir Naik who is as selling a product of Islam as selling a product of any worldly matter. Through out of his whole speech, there is no any spirituality because false creatively Quran contains no significant of Spiritual knowledge then how Zakir Naik can be able and enable his fellow men to Grasp Spirituality. They know only name ROOH (Spirit) as in Quran which is separate from Allah is again false understanding of Atama(Rooh) & also Muslims consider a Rooh is like a Air which were blown at the time of Creation like Air or Wind of which Adam & Eve created. Understanding of Rooh is wrong in Islam/Quran. Rooh (Spirit) is actually a PART of God or Eshwara is not separate entity at any way from Eshwara. They can not explain it like Hinduism explains to the world over. Dr. Zakir Naik needs more births to understand this Atmanan Gaya. He is as foolish as mundane mind but does not possesses real sense of Spiritual Knowledge. Human is made of Maya at outer most layer that is Islam what in true sense that Human is Spirit from his inner most that is Hinduism(Sanata Dharma) & so Spirit is not distinct from God. Spirit is Himself God this is Eternal & imperishable that is Hinduism. But even then Hinduism knows Materialism (Mayas) as well much better than Muslims Scholars. God(Paramatma) He who conceals in your inner part of Spirit which can be realized in any of us whether Muslims or Christians or Hindus through real devotion and Meditative YoGa practices which will make any one realize experience of God. Zakir Naik proclaims based on Mohammed’s Quran that Muslims do not believe in Reincarnation. Dear Zakir Naikm, it is simply because of Mohammed did not provide an ATAMAN gYAN and KARAM Yoga to you and simply he only tauht you lustful thins like eatin animals and invading other lands by means of conquering and distribute looted wealth among them by killing innocents of other religious civilizations if one denies adopts Islam. So, all his act shows and evidences that he knew nothing about Spirituality of Real schiences of Eshwara.

    When one asks question to a Muslim, why a person is poor and why another person is rich, why a person is suffered and another person is happy in this world, they simply say, it is a System of Allah that Allah at his wish, makes someone Poor and someone Rich in this world and Muslims says, we don’t know further about it because it has not been mentioned in our Quran and we know till that but a system of Allah. It seems Allah is so cruel that He who as per his own wish make someone poor and rich then how one is to be destined and justified on account of one’s Actions he did in his life. A person is poor and rich because of action he does and the fruits he enjoys and suffers even on the planed of Heaven, a person has to return towards Eathly planed after he lives couple of years in Heaven. Heaven is also a part of Maya. Only your pure devotion, love & ood Karams with realizing a Spiritual Bein within and without you Body will lead you to Liberation from this body and will have body of Spiritual for ever with the abode of Sri Krsna.

    We Hindus, know very clearly & deeply, since, from the very beginning of Vedic Dharma, it has been mentioned in Vedas –Eternal Word of Eternal Bhagwan that’s why a person suffers and why a person enjoys on this mirtiyu planet & even it further explains, why a person takes births again and over again on this earth, are caused by one’s KARMAS (ACTIONS) This is as simple as 1+1= 2 or it is only 1 and rest are the multiplication of 1 like we all are the parts and parcels of 1 Supreme Personality of Godheads- Sri Krishna is simply KARAMIC YOE OF Vedic Culture. So that a person can balance his reactions of the actions he did in previous birth regardless what body he gets like dog, cat, lion, insects, trees, cow & Manav etc. if Manav again then it ensures that he has once again Great opportunity to realize this BLISSFUL DIVINE SPIRITUL BEING that is ADH SHAKTI – God / Eshwara. That is why, Karmic Process is a cause of all these births even the way we are made of bodily, natively and mannerly but you have still chance to improve your Vartaman karams that is in your hand to progress your next birth or so purely you will et rid of this body and will attain enlightenment to Spiritual Abode of od wherein you will not need to

    so the System of Muslims’ Allah which their Allah could not explain the cause of poverty, rich, diseases, handicapped, bodily shape, intelligence, misery, success, failure which a person of any religion bears is a fact on this planet. You know why the reason Mohammed’s Allah could not explain it. Because it proves itself that Mohammed was himself maker of demonic verses of Quran and he did not know about this Karmic Science of Eshwara, that’s why no any DIVINE ENTITY involved in the establishment of Quran and the Quran is a corrupted form of eternal Vedas as a copy past from Vedas after Mohammed learnt verbally little bit ood verses from Brahamic People of Vedic Culture as he was also a Arabic Hindu before he was 40 years of age from Kuru-vansh over the passage of time, name corrupted and it became Kuresh or Quresh.

    To be continued.

    Thanks and best regards,
    Jay Maheshwary.

    • so funny these pagans..
      your religion is probably the fastest dying religion nowdays.
      sorry not probably… fact. google it.
      i never met one who convert to hinduism before. it’s just funny if its truly happens. haha..
      in fact many people were leaving hinduism for islam, christianity, judaism and some became atheist coz they had no more faith on hinduism. hindus are decreasing in population.
      perhaps in the next few century, there will be no more hindus.
      perhaps in 4000AD, people will think hinduism is just a myth.=D
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.

      • @ cardoza
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”
        ” May God bless you and give you some knowledge”

    • Be careful bro, don’t post such comments. Remember – the blasphemy laws in pakistan. They hv death sentence for blasphemy…

      • dear AD,
        the blasphemy law in pakistan is just a one sided law… these people have got the right to say anything against us but we cannot say anything against there religion

  • Namste Agniveer ji,
    I am following this site for almost one year and read extensively through the articles. I feel that though your work is extensive and requres a great deal of dedication and zeal to keep momentum unhindered.
    Now I always dreamt of making our country free from Abrahmic faiths and for this end i want to join your team or what so ever in small way i can contribute. Now there is one suggestion which may prove effective in countring jihadi threat. We should make cartoon films depicting Islamic aggression on India and circulating widely it on internet will help.

    • @neoritz,
      Better you write for your contributions to the Agniveer team by going to ‘Contact’ button at the top of this page and sendng an email to them.


  • hi gr8 article…..

    there is i think only 1 person in islam to achive glory in 20 century……for india….he is APJ ABDUL KALAM and he is just known as islam but from heartly he is hindu…….

    but unfortunately our corrupt system…no more longer as president…

  • Agniveer Ji I would like to add following wrt to Cow from Vedas a Divine Light – part II by swami Ramswarup Ji :-
    Atharvaveda Mantra 1/16/4 states that anybody who kills cow, horse on any innocent person must be punished by the king. Yajurveda mantra 13/47, 48,49 state that the animals which are beneficial and faithful to the human beings must not be killed but nursed well. All the mantras especially state to protect cow and its calf because cow is always beneficial for providing milk. cow dung. urine. Cows exhalation kills many germs in the atmosphere etc. But the animals which are harmful to agriculture , they may be killed. However , consumption of their flesh etc is prohibited.

    Atharvaveda Mantra 3/13/7 states that he who takes the milk of cow remains away from diseases, is well built, becomes the purest and enlightened cows milk provides us with nutrition and makes us just and helps us to control the senses, perceptions and mind to use the same always in pious deeds. In vedas God has ordered not to kill Cow and other animals which gives milks or otherwise beneficial to human beings. Their Killing shall be harmful to nation as well as world.

    Further Cow is the first creation of God always when asexual creation takes place, as it is the necessity of human beings in the asexual creation to live on.

  • Agniveer Ji,
    Good work Keep it Up.
    Regardind Science in Vedas i would refer you to this compilation by jounalist Salil Gwali the link is What is India –

    Further autobiography of Yogi by Swami Paramhansa Yogaganand highh lights many scietific aspects discovered by our Rishis. – it is available online at

    Further a tribute to hinduisn by NRI Indian Sushma londhe –

    Further Indian Institute of Scientific Hreritage is doing wonderful work to bring into limelight the works of all rishis/vedic scholars/ ancient sanskrit manuscript – http://www.iish.Org.

    Its truly said Satyameva jayate

  • by god.. hila kar rakh dia ..aaj.. itne samay baad.. agniveer ji.. main aapsko bahaut samay se pad raha hu.. main sirf or sirf isilltopic.. science wala jo hain ki wajah se vedic culture ko chaha..or pasand kia.. while i was athiest normal..routine n behave like todays boys.. but.. 2 saal se change aaya .. bahaut…main aisi hi chizei ki talash main rehta hu..or apka bahaut bahaut dhanya waad deta hu.. aisi pramanikta ke sah pesh kiye lekh ki..

    maine sab pada hai quran ka science bible ki imagination.. unke reference se.. or jo bhi in dono religion main kuch thik hain uska mool vediuc culture hi paya last main.. ussei judi philosophy vedic hi hai..

    bas islamio ki taalim khauf waali hain bhasha tak sakht kathore hain aise logo ki mansikta unke charitra main hi dikh jati hain.. WO LOG VEERLE HI HAIN jo inse bache or unmei sabse upar main.. APJ ABDUL KALAM ko manta hu..

    agniveer ji aap aise hi tathya rakhte jaaiye aapke pramaan hain koi kalpna nahi hain.. ye baat sabse achhi lagi.. aap rituals pe thoda or prakash de jaise wo pehra jaha aap namaskar se leker bangles tak ka scintific hona bata rahei thei.. mujhe kaiyo ka to pata hain.. detail explanation par kuch nayei padnei ko miley. ishwar aapko bal de..

    pranam agniveer ji..

  • excellent article, this one was needed, since Jihadis and Naik claim Vedas to have scientific errors, now we can circulate this article and put a full stop to their dirty speech full of lies.

    thanks dear brother Agniveer ji, may Ishwar continue to bless you with His knowledge like this, and as usual, I will continue to propagate this article as well, it must reach our hindu brothers/sisters as well as people who consider Vedas erraneous.

    • Very well said…

      Today when i find any hindu heart broke due to this jihadi information i only give them

      I just tell them visit here and read the reality of world…

      and this is how hindus are gaining their courage back 🙂

      god bless AGNIVEER JI for great work…

      HARI ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ !!

      • Aye, i agree with both of you. Agniveer is a flag barrier of hindus who wants to get enlightened. He is surely doing a great work for humanity. Agniveer has already started creating a huge impact on people who are seeking truth. He is surely a next big thing for us.

        Hinduo ko fir se sar utha ke jeena seekha raha hai mera bhai ‘Agniveer’.


  • I dream some day Agniveer will thrash all those false Islamists and Christians like Revered Adi Sankaracharya and reestablishes Vedas, Upanishad in Aryabarta.

    God bless you with all knowledge, discriminative power, splendid intellect so that those who diverted from Sanatan Dharma can come back to their root.

    • Namaste Sandeepji

      Thanks for your blessings. But we request that you not draw any comparisons with Adi Shankaracharya who was perhaps among the greatest scholars world has ever produced. He is a role model for us. Rishis and Sages of our culture have already done the great work. Our task is limited to simply propagating the treasure that they have gifted to our extent possible. In modern parlance, we are simply marketing agents but these great legends are the factories that created the goods we market.

      They sacrificed a lot to gift us this treasure and we only pray to ishwar that we are able to repay their Rishi Rin.

  • Another common reference used says that the Sun is 800,000 miles away and the Moon is 2,200,000 miles away (apparently stated in the Vishnu Purana). Is this a good translation? I want this to be explained, but can it be?
    Another on, this time supposedly from the Markandeya Purana, says that the surface area of the earth is 4 billion square miles (actual surface area is about 196,939,900 square miles). The yojana, which these measurements would be stated in, has changed in size over the years, changing from as little as 5 to as much as 10 miles long. If converted into “older” yojanas, the estimated size is now 2 billion square miles. Still 10 times too large!! Does anyone know if these are accurate quotes of these Puranas?

    • @Shanti Om

      This article in the Journal of Cosmology by Dr. Subhash Kak, Head, Department of Computer Science of Oklahoma State University gives an idea of the correct conversion tables to be used

      Kindly note that the article per se deals with Consciousness !

      Dr. Subhash kak is known for many things including his proposed resolution of the twin paradox 🙂

      Here’s another masterpiece scriptural evidence based analysis of Garbha Upanishad (Embroyology)


      • @Indian Agnostic

        Thank you very much for the links! They’re very helpful! But unfortunately knowing the distance of a yojana does not explain how the moon could be farther away than the sun! We certainly don’t believe this to be the case now!!

      • @Om Shanti Om

        would it be possible for you to quote from where you got that info?

        The articles which i shared give references to the facts ..that of Earth’s diameter, speed of light and also the proportion of 108 in terms of dimensioning the earth , moon and sun.

        When the Upanishads and Vedic expositions state these facts ..any counter facts observed in any other later scriptures has to rejected.This the first time i have seen such an objection (moon farther than the sun) to be honest ..though i must admit that i don’t hold puranas in high esteem

        if you provide the reference, i may try to help on this account


      • @Shanti Om

        I would suggest that when you look at IIslamist Propagandists arguments refuting Hinduism, look carefully at the references they provide and also the translator they have gone most cases either or both are suspect.

        If you cared to read the Garbha Upanishad text and compare it to the childish (and awfully wrong) embryology suggested in the’d know that their criticism of our great heritage stems from a deep inferiority complex ..they know what they have left is precious and what they have got is precious little 🙁

        So they try to employ any deceitful trick to malign the vedas and hinduism ..good luck with next dawagandist by the way

        asato ma sadgamaya

      • Actually the model presented in one of the books is completely different from the world we have. It has a place called bhatarwarsh and massive mountains, 5 circular concentric islands & oceans.

        So Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada says it may not be THIS world, but a parallel or mythological universe or something like that. Because there the size of a mountain in the middle of jambudweep is twice the size of the sun itself.


        Take for example verses like:

        “Sun God has a chariot with 7 horses”
        -> How many rays does the sunlight have? SEVEN. So it is a reference to the 7 rays of sunlight.

        Rig Veda 10.85.9
        “Moon decided to marry. Day and Night attended its wedding. And sun gifted his daughter “Sun ray” to Moon.”
        -> This is a reference to the fact that moon does not have its own light, but light of the sun.

      • Its the true religion of peace, go and check its the oldest religion in the world 5000BC and still existing. we know our god, atleast we are proud that we are not part and parcel of fake prophets and cult religion. Do you know who’s your god ? the unseen idiotic god.

      • yar our religion doesen’t teaches us this thing… even though this cardoza is wrong but you should reply him in a well mannered tone

      • Whatever it be… it doesen’t teaches us hatred against others.. and we love our religion and are proud of it

  • One of the excellent book that describes the scientific content in Vedas is ” Science in Vedas” written by the late V.N.Shastri, who headed the research wing of Vedas set up by Sarvadeshik Arya pratinidhi sabha, New Delhi. The book was first published in 1970 and its reprint came in 1990. What Vedas say on the subjects like Mathematics, Psychology,Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Medical sciences, etc has been vividly brought out with telling effect by quoting the relevant Mantras with meaning. The book would be an effective rebuttal to those Jihadi critics who are carrying an incessant tirade against Vedas in all internet and public forums like Orkut etc.

    It is requested that Agniveerji would bring out the relevant portions of this book in order to silence the critics.

  • आपके इस लेख को पढने के बाद मुझे पंडित मंसाराम की “पौराणिक पोल प्रकाश ” याद आ गयी , अंतर सिर्फ इतना है वहां उन्होंने पौराणिको के गलत अनुवाद की धज्जियाँ उडाई थी और यहाँ आप यही काम यवनों के साथ कर रहे है
    वन्दे वेद मातरम !

  • The so called jihadi scientists know all these facts very well. But, they wantedly attempt to mis guide the world by propogating false picture of Hisduism, just to promote and expand their dirt with which they are associated.
    While issuing rebuttals to those false claims, we need to educate and prepare all our youth to resist such false claims every where in their daily life.
    Since, it is not possible under the “secular Indian educational system” we need to organise dharma satsangs (to counter madarasa education / jihadi propoganda) all over to fulfill this job. Otherwise the madarasas may produce more and more asuras in future.

    • This is great resource! Lets have useful links compiled here for benefit of all. Not necessarily on Science in vedas or history but also on our culture in general. I fear that many Muslims are brainwashed since early childhood to consider non-Muslims and especially Hindus as most wretched people with everything wrong in them, especially in Pakistan.

      I recall that during very early childhood I was told that all who have beards are actually Sadhu Baba who kidnap young children. I used to be scared of them and hate them as a small child. Thankfully the phase ended as I grew up. But imagine a population that remains a kid even at age of 20, 30, 60, 80 and till end of life, and keeps hating others simply because this was what was ingrained the deepest and earliest in them.

      I believe that intellectual level mingling with Kafirs that happen with Muslims on this site, even if they hate us, would ensure that soon they would realize that being Kafir is not that bad as they have been taught. The best thing about these intellectual debates is that it gives them an opportunity to interact with a Kafir mind directly instead of relying on ghost stories taught to them.



      • Who told you Muslim children are brainwashed?? I know some Muslims are there who have gone astray and are leading many others to the wrong path … but that doesn’t mean every Muslim is like that … and if all Muslims start following Islam … they will be the greatest Human beings! You know very less about Islam … first go and learn about it! Now i don’t want to criticize your religion! But one thing you keep in mind, just because of some Muslims , you can’t criticise all Muslims, and Islam (aapka religion ‘Hinduism’ iski shobha deta hai kya?? ) So sad that so many of our Hindu brothers have gone astray! 🙁 🙁 🙁

      • Admirable that you continue to fight for your religion. That is good. You would make a good Hindu.

        Please tell me what Islam says that Hinduism doesn’t. Thanks

  • Brilliant rebuttal Agniveer Ji

    I think we must put all rebuttals to jihadi claims on vedic scriptures in the comments section of this article

    • @Abhinav
      exactly what i want to say,
      you have said

      thank you
      god bless all
      the truth is with us as we glorify the vedas
      hari aum

  • बोहोत बढ़िया अग्निवीर जी ….

    बोहोत बढ़िया जवाब …

    हरी ॐ 🙂

    • so funny these pagans..
      your religion is probably the fastest dying religion nowdays.
      sorry not probably… fact. google it.
      i never met one who convert to hinduism before. it’s just funny if its truly happens. haha..
      in fact many people were leaving hinduism for islam, christianity, judaism and some became atheist coz they had no more faith on hinduism. hindus are decreasing in population.
      perhaps in the next few century, there will be no more hindus.
      perhaps in 4000BC, people will think hinduism is just a myth.=D
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.

      • Eternal Hellfire is the punishment for any wrong you do.
        Oh Sorry! Eternal Hellfire is the punishment for all non believers in Islam.

        Can you give me a justification on this Mr. Cardoza.

        Reply Must if you dare to…

        Give me an explanation on or give me a logical relation between worst wrong deed on earth and etern hell.

      • even if cardoza calls himself a Muslim … his words are UN-ISLAMIC … and Rahul ji … Islam is not a new religion … it is from time immemorial Do some research on Religions and you will come closer and closer to islam!

      • Why people attack Islam so firmly Mr. rahul jaiswal? Islam is all about Quran and sahih hadith (bukhari and Muslim). And talking about hellfire, yes quran says that disbelievers would enter hell afterlife. But tell me one thing if you have brains that if you have to give an exam provided with a specific syllabus and you are warned that if you will not study you will fail (or you will get punishment) and if still you do not study and fail, whom will you blame? the institute, the syllabus or yourself? Allah almighty will subject all the disbelievers to the hell coz he has already ordained to obey Him and warned that IF YOU’LL NOT DO SO THEN AND ONLY THEN HE WILL PUNISH YOU WITH THE HELLFIRE.
        Is that enough for your little brain or should i explain it some more?

      • ishwar v allah me bhari antar hai, jaise manushy v jaanwar me hai .kuch bate jaanwar v manushy me saman hoti hai, iska yah arth nahi ho jata ki dono barabar hogaye hai ! qurani allah satve asman me ek singhasan me baitha hua hai uska snghasan kuch farishte uthaye huye hai 1 yani quraniallah simit hai tab uski shakti bui simit kyonahi kahi jayegi jiskishakti simit hi usk ishvarke barabar darja bhu nahi diya ja saktab ahi ! jabki ishvar ek shakti ka naam hai vah nikar hai aur pure bramhand me saman rup se faili huyi hai ! uska koi vishesh sthan nahi hai!

      • Well to be true islam and christenity are religions of dark age. No religion can be very true which does not allow the complete freedom of humans. Humans have intellect to think and also to decipher whats right and wrong and for this one do not need religion but moral ethics and values. Now if a religion say that whatever is there with or whatever you are is the wish of the god i would not agree to that because i know that every action has opposite reaction thats what our holy book Geeta says that one is rewarded according to the karma. The religion of dark age limits the human capability or i would say chains the imense capability a human possess. All other but hinduism and other religion that have come from it do not put such type of constrains these religion indeed encourges that a human has the capability to be one with god. If anyone has the true sense of veda and upanishads will know what is god its the omnipresent superconciousness and everything in this world has the same conciousness its only the matter of realizing it. And this is what scientists are busy experimenting to find the god particle. False propogandas are the one that needs to be spread at any cost not the truth because truth though will take its own time but one day everyone will come to know it. We hindus dont waste money and time in brainwashing people to convert in to hinduism, in fact people who comes to hinduism is conceived and not converted. Google about people converted to hinduism

      • @ A MUSLIM

        What does Islam say about all those people that lived before Mohammad? Did they go to hell or heaven? On what basis did they go here and there?

      • Dear A Muslim,

        Not only brother Rahul’s but every human has a limited intellectual capacity. There is only so much we can understand. And with that limited capacity we are making our choices which can so easily go wrong. In that case what Rahul ji was pointing is how can a punishment to an eternal hell fire be justifiable? If we fail in an exam there is always a second time. Yes u might suffer, but the true purpose of an examination is to make you knowledgeable. And the problem is there are so many syllabuses and institutes and hence one is bound to make a choice.

        I would rather choose an institute which gives importance to the knowledge learned rather than emphasizing on punishments and rewards. Hope ‘my brain was big enough’ to make my opinion clear.

      • i read vedas its good but now a days hindus are not following vedas in vedas its clearly mentioned god is one and god has no shape but now a days hindus pray to idol worships this is wrong every hindu should follow the vedas not to pandits

      • 1) To answer your question lets take the example of a mother whose son is working overseas. she looks at the picture of his son and expresses her love for her son using that picture. Now the photo is not her son but still she feels her son close through that photo. Now, if you are intelligent then you will understand this example and also understand why worshiping of God through Murti is so innocent, pure and not against Vedas

      • LOL… u shld come visit ISCON temples in India & abroad – and see how many foreigners come there. Our yoga is practiced all over the world. Hinduism is so popular in the west that the christians are getting scared (even though we do not do any conversions & there is no concept of conversion in hinduism like in Islam or Christianity). Time Magazine once published an article saying ‘We Are All Hindus Now’ talking about the immense influence of hinduism in the west. LOL…

        Wtach this ans see how exteremely impressed foreigners get with hinduism:

      • LOL… u shld come visit ISCON temples in India & abroad – and see how many foreigners come there. Our yoga is practiced all over the world. Hinduism is so popular in the west that the christians are getting scared (even though we do not do any conversions & there is no concept of conversion in hinduism like in Islam or Christianity). Time Magazine once published an article saying ‘We Are All Hindus Now’ talking about the immense influence of hinduism in the west. LOL…

        Wtach this ans see how exteremely impressed foreigners get with hinduism:

        BTW, never met anyone who converted to hinduism? Ever heard of Julia Roberts?

      • diseases are spreading
        loose morals are spreading
        pollution is spreading
        so basically all the negative things are spreading.


        in the same list we can add Islam and Christianity.

        quality is more important than quantity. Muslims and christians advertise their religion. we don’t .BTW there is no conversion procedure in sanathana dharma.

        there are more dumb people than smart ones. does this mean being dumb is good ? your argument is just stupid like you.

      • we are talking about religions and not Cults!! there is a lot of difference between them.
        I have come across many times where some random Christian Dude on the road gives me a pamphlet on some speech .I would completely agree if he mistook me for a Christian .But this is impossible because I am having a Tuft and wear holy ash on my fore head. Damn, Why does he need to give a paper to a Non-Christian ?? But If you see Any Pamphlet distribution by Hindus on any religious discourse , It is given only outside Temples( This is very rare and All this years I go to temple everyday and I have seen this only once)
        Why is this difference??
        And If you see in India(Chennai) , 99% of the christians are Slum Dwellers .My house maid being one also converted to Christianity . When I asked why she did it , she said that they gave her Rs.500 and 5Kgs of Rice. Do you get it. You people take advantage of the poor people. And this is the case in African Countries Too. You want to have Christian Domination and So does Muslims. If you see the whole population of India , a majority of Christians are poor converts. YOU BRIBE FOR CONVERSION!!!!!!

        And about muslims………Forget it, Hopeless!!!!!………you can see some random muslim converting some christian on the streets of london .

      • @aditya, we have to admit that Hinduism is not a missionary religion and if some Christian missionary help poor and needy and in return poor hindus give up there faith then you should not complain because

        firstly you have not given them money and love and
        secondly it means they have nothing in the name of faith one you can give them more money.

        same complaint african Muslim do but i think it is not valid.

      • @anti-agni
        Brother, worship Allah & remember prophet with every breath. Allah will be happy by getting worship from us. Allah will punish non-believer in prophet.

      • @false slave, are you still alive? It means you r not a real slave. otherwise you have to accept punishment of zina.

        BTW you have not answered my last post ?????

        False slave /falsehood seeker/satya ji hay/ /cannibal1-2-3/aryasamaji/ imposter

      • @false slave, i really enjoy to humiliate you an impostor…deeply heart when read something bad about moolshankar “the legend of Hinduism”

      • @anti-agni
        Thanks, it is my duty to preach religion of my beloved prophet Mohammed (PBUH). & I have confirm with Saudi Masters, they have directed me that there is no sin did by prophet by doing sex with 6 years old Asia at his 55 of age. & We should all follow prophet (SAW) footsteps.

      • @false slave, but you have to follow moolshankar and wrap the napkins ? If you have confirmed then y are you asking again and again……unwanted aryasamaji snake.

      • @anti-agni
        I am follower of prophet Mohammed. I expect from you also to follow prophet. Are u following prophet? Have u or your father did sex with 6 years old girl? Have you looted the property and woman of non-believers. Have you or your father did sex with daughter in – law? If not please follow the prophet Mohammed footsteps and secure heaven for your self.

        How Islam makes us true believer in Allah.

      • Allah will not even punish you if you dnt even pray. Why should he do so? If he does, then he’s waiting for you to commit an evil deed and the punish you. All you have to be is to be a good human being and breath the fresh air allah has made provision for you. Mind will open up and brain will start working again

      • @ anti-agni says (October 30, 2012 at 6:57 am )
        you must be happy with the condition of countries like afghanistan and pakistan.
        Kill the innocents, destroy their properties and then do the charity.

      • You should know the difference between Religion and Cult before discussing in a forum which speaks about religion. Vodoo completely fits the definition of a cult.It is something like Freemason .

        I am a commerce student, advertising is done only for following reasons
        -Advertisement is done while introducing something NEW to make the public know about the product.
        -To sell a product which is moving slowly (for inferior products)
        -When anything is having stiff competition

        Now Christianity is .not new. It has been there for almost 2000 years.2nd point, you choose the answer
        The third one,dude!! isn’t a religion supposed to help people (No matter what background they come from??). Here christianity sees Hinduism as a competition !!!!

        You Said,
        “Been living in Anna nagar, Chennai for more than 15yrs and many of my cousins and friends in besant nagar, T nagar and Adayar have all accepted Christ and don’t see much of slums in these areas either.. So your “objective” research on 99% of neo-converts being slum dwellers in Chennai will be educational…”


      • On Vodoo
        Religion is something which has a holy book but Voodoo has nothing like that .It should have an established So basically I can start a belief saying I am god and according to your argument , I have started a religion. That is absolute rubbish!!
        You just show why Voodoo is a RELIGION ???
        And BTW this is not a forum to talk about Voodoo. Let’s discuss about sanathana Dharma.

        On health Ministry,
        If their advertisement was effective enough ,There wouldn’t be any Polio cases now. I mean everyone would have used it and Polio would completely eradicated. But it has not been eradicated because the advertisement has not reached everyone. Polio drop is still new in the remotest part of villages. And people would definitely accept any voluntary help for their child .But, not all are aware of polio, so advertisement is still necessary.
        NOT ALL KNOW ABOUT THE SEVERITY OF POLIO so advertisement is required.

        And I have read the Bible and It is a Ditto copy of the Buddhist Philosophy .
        I consider Jesus as a teacher and Not God.
        And you people say “Jesus Saves” I find it funny because he was not able to save Himself from his persecutors , How can he save us? And How can he die, Isn’t he supposed to be God.

      • I am not entitled to respect other gods. I may or may not have issues with their religion , BUT I RESPECT EVERYONE AS HUMANS . It is my view and freedom of speech. Moreover I can never accept any belief which Harms any Living creature. That’s why I Hate Islam (but not muslims-I treat them as humans) And Voodoo is no exception because they sacrifice humans .HOW CAN YOU JUSTIFY SACRIFICE IN THE NAME OF GOD. EVERY RELIGION SAYS GOD IS LOVING , HOW DO YOU EXPECT HIM TO ACCEPT OTHER CREATURES (INCLUDING HUMANS) AS GIFTS.
        YOU SUPPORTING VOODOO BELIEF IS LIKE SUPPORTING HUMAN SACRIFICE . the reason I call Voodoo as a cult is because it is a blind Belief .I have no issues against Christianity because it is a peaceful religion and does not demand compulsory sacrifice . But Islam and Voodoo demands sacrifice to reach God. HOW CAN YOU EXPECT ME TO RESPECT A BELIEF WHICH HAS NO RESPECT FOR FELLOW HUMANS?????

        And about Awareness ,
        See it not like Jesus will accept only Christians to Heaven .I consider him as a Teacher who is also a role model. I consider even Buddha as my role model and Go to Bodh Gaya. But you should understand that BIBLE IS ONLY FOR CHRISTIANS . It discriminates between Christians and Non-Christians .BUT I KNOW THAT THE CURRENT BIBLE HAS BEEN MANIPULATED MANY TIMES. So I don’t support Christianity , but respect Jesus.
        So going by the bible Non-Christians will go to hell.
        Now why don’t you CREATE AN AWARENESS FROM THIS POINT????

        But the vedas do not discriminate between a Believer and a non-believer .
        You just see the amount of foreigners coming to India to Learn more about Hindusim. They are not satisfied with their belief.
        I am open for more comments

      • Yet Again you are not getting my point.
        See do you think we go to the Roads of U.S.A and E.U and propagate our religion. People convert when they are not satisfied with their religion and In this is why many Christians are converting to Hinduism or becoming Atheist .Moreover it is the flexibility of Hinduism that it is still alive (for more than 5000yrs)
        We have no hard and fast rules. In fact Vedas even talk about atheism. But all other religions except Buddhism ,Hinduism and Jainism ,Sikhism are really flexible.

        You say Hindus do black Magic and Sacrifice. Well point ME ONE PLACE IN VEDAS WHERE VIOLENCE IS PROMOTED. And About PurushaMeda ,Ashwameda and all other sacrifices , go through this website. All your claims are translations of Christians/Muslims who knew nothing about VEDIC sanskrit . Because Vedic sanskrit is taught only in veda patashala and the difference between Vedic sanskrit and Classical sanskrit is like that of Victorian English and Modern American English .
        About Voodoo, Dude !!! human Sacrifice is a very integral part of their rituals and it IS A PART OF THEIR RELIGION!!! But the sacrifices in Hinduism are not APPROVED .They Kill in the name of God.

        And about Jihad, Have you read the Quran??? Well I have read it. The first part is contradictory to it’s ;ater parts. It goes on telling to subdue women ,promote killing infidels and Slavery. And technically the later parts are the correct ones . I request you to read the vedas and Quran before .And I have discussed this topic with many Muslims online and I have found out many errors in Quran. Eg. if islam promotes equality ,even men should wear purdha . If Islam is tolerant it should allow other religions.I can go with the list if you like. and not to forgets Infidels

        And It is your friend’s view. See Hinduism accepts him if he is a Christian, Muslim ,jew or a buddhist . It just sees his Karma (Deed) as I said earlier , even atheists come under the Vedas .What else religion can be open Like This ????

        Who said god reveals himself in every person .I a person is smart enough to fool people , you don’t need god to show it . And that’s What Mohammed did .Just compare him to Jesus (Sorry it is a disgrace to Jesus) . Could you call him a prophet ?? He is a Horrible person And IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD TO REVEAL HIMSELF ON A PERSON WHO IS A SINNER. IF GOD DID IT, HE IS BIASED . BUT god can’t be biased which means Mohammed is not a prophet. Moreover I have argued with a muslim Guy who claimed Quran to Scientific. He listed a set of scientific facts and I showed the same in The vedas .If Quran was a revelation why did god reveal SOMETHING ALREADY KNOWN TO MAN??

        Sorry , I have not heard of that Gunpoint conversion.
        I do agree that Jesus Existed but he is a Guru and Not God. But that does not deny the fact That I pray to him. And many of my Christian Friends have agreed that the Bible has been edited many times. So I REJECT BIBLE AND ACCEPT JESUS AS A TEACHER because he taught good morals (just Like Gautama Buddha)

        It is a common misconception that Hinduism has many Gods, but the only God is Brahman (Almighty) The other Gods are his mere attributes and Images . And Advaita Vedanta is not among the masses and the reason Why I like agniveer is because it stands for the true words of the vedas. Actually the vedas gave more importance to women and Had nothing like cast discrimination. It IS peaceful (with no animal/human sacrifices ) and does not discriminate any one based on their identity.
        The current Scenario is Similar to the Period of Adi ShankaraCharya .

        Satyameva Jayate

        K !take your own Time

      • u cant understand, Islam teaches us a correct code of conduct for life….it teaches us how to implement laws and how to follow them correctly, too much of a freedom is bad.If Hinduism allows every one to follow their own way then it does not make it great one, it makes it weak. Now how can a religion protect itself from the troublemakers if its believers are not told to fight for its cause.Islam only implements force because the humans sometimes need mere force to correct them….now du u understand?!!!….too much of freedom can create havoc for everyone…and never dare to speak of my prophet like that!!!! I will cut u into pieces if I must!!!….cut me, burn me, beat me, abuse me and humiliate me but it will not make me leave my religion ever…….i just pray that u be guided.

      • I’ve understand that a slave will always remain a slave be it yesterday, today or tomorrow I’m happy you and your likes shall always be slaves. Believe me, I’m really happy you’ve dedicated your whole life as slave. I’m happy also for not believing in your holy prophet, i’m happy to go in what you call hell as I’m pretty well sure this hell will be far better than your heaven where you’ll still be a slave. Today I feel really I’m a blessed soul with freedom of mind. I don’t want to live in the same heaven where rapists, robbers and low moral ppls live.

      • @ Hamza
        Pity your religion teaches you violence as a response to disagreement or even offense. You have shown the paucity of Islam by your comment. Saying that you will cut anyone into pieces for speaking ill of the prophet shows that this prophet taught you to be a savage criminal, fit more for prison than for polite civilized society. This is what you have shown by your own words. No one needs speak ill of your prophet because you yourself reveal him to be disreputable. You yourself bring Islam low. Violence is easy, you don’t need to be anything but a mere dumb brute for violence. If you are more than a violent dumb brute, and are capable in convincing people with words then here you can take Ali Sina’s challenge to all Muslims. Prove him wrong – if you can (so far not one Muslim has, not even one Islamic scholar)

      • I dont understand why all these muslims are arguing on Agniveer. This website is by the Hindus, for the Hindus and those interested in Hinduism.Maybe Muslims secretly desire to be Hindus. The forefathers of most muslims in India are descendents of Hindus who were tortured and converted to Islam by Muslim barbarians. It is sad to see these educated muslims taking such a stance. The poor , uneducated, madarsa educated (or uneducated) muslims are wrongly being being fed falsehoods by the mullahs. If muslims dont like Hinduism thay should confine themselves to their own websites. They unwelcome here.

      • @ Gurudev,

        Sorry but is not sectarian or biased in approach. This website is for any rational person who would agree to give up untruth and embrace the truth. Nowhere did this website ever RIDICULE or ABUSE any other religion (including Hinduism). Nowhere did this website ever PROMOTE any religion (including Hinduism). This website is by selfless people who wish to spread the CORRECT KNOWLEDGE through altruistic means.

        Please correct me if you think I’m wrong.

      • Hey !! Sorry typo error in this line

        “But all other religions except Buddhism ,Hinduism and Jainism ,Sikhism are really flexible.”
        it is NOT FLEXIBLE


      • Everything is Joke for a Clown….. By The Way, Which Religion do u Belong to Mr.Car Door Ja???
        Before you comment Blindly, Try to know about your Origin…… refer History to know about your so called religion. Hinduism is a Culture… Its being followed since ages before your so called religions were even born.

      • Well said Teja,
        Indeed no Hinduism in the beginning. (They) suddenly started to say themselves as biblical or Mohammedan. And they also called the others as (Hindus). What is religion Cardoza? Is there anything that you say “religion” eternally prevailed or sustained in this world? It is only a culture. Incidentally the nature split the lands in to several pieces and people became unknown about themselves after several generations and they started a new culture. And by encountering a new culture they named it as religion and more dumbly as opposite to their tradition. Lots of posts here Cardoza. You need to reply. You the one who started this discussion. Come on. Why to hesitate?

      • Cardoza, I don’t know who are you but after reading you I am clear that you belongs to a very poor-literate and uncultured family. It is not your fault it is a great fault of your parents that they did not guide you enough or misguided you about Religion. What do you mean by “dying religion”. Do you know – Death of Hinduism is the Death of World.
        There are nothing like Hinduism.
        Islam spread there population by force (a religion full of dishonesty, zihad, violence), but Hinduism is a Religion of Peace, Love, Non-violence and apology.
        In the case of Mohammad, how a ‘Nabi” (Prophet) can make 11 or 13 marriage in a single life. Was he Crazy. At age 25, Muhammad wed his wealthy employer, the 40-year-old merchant Khadija. After death of Khadija the story was going on and he made 11 relation more. Strange…
        [ # ^ Sahih al-Bukhari, 1:5:268: Narrated Qatada: Anas bin Malik said, “The Prophet used to visit all his wives in a round, during the day and night and they were eleven in number.”]

      • well peace & blessings of Eeshwar b on u brother,
        At the outset, I will say I respect the Hindus a lot & let there b no doubt about that. But the way u talk seems 2 show how ignorant u r of your own religion. About wives, how many did Shri (yes, Shri) Krishna have? 16108 (The Bhaktirasāmṛtasindhu of Rūpa Gosvāmin, p155). As per “your” definition, how much “crazy” or “strange” was he? About violence, who uses Mahabharat as a religious scripture? & for your info, it contains many more verses about violence than any other religion (at least Islam, for sure)

      • @Muhammad Aasim Shamim:

        You need to understand one thing.. In Hinduism, krishna is god. He manifest in every single atom. Every thing belongs to him. i hope u got the point..

        But in your case muhammad is a man with flesh( not god). He wrote in quran that men are allowed to have 4 wives, but when people started questioning on his wives, he said, i am prophet, i am allowed to have more.. He justifies his words, by himself. How is this acceptable..

      • you can worship a rapist its your wish…
        you dont have any written script for your religion thats why you investigate other religion text … samefull…. Kindly give me the interpretation of Quran for man kind.. I think you will surely adopt Hinduism or other religion

      • have you all ever read the quran? instead of just goofing off, do some research!
        the very first surah of quran (Surah ) –
        “In the name of God, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.
        All praise and thanks is for to God, [The] Creator, Owner, Sustainer of the Worlds.
        The Entirely Merciful, The Especially Merciful.
        Owner of the Day of Recompense.
        You alone do we worship and You alone we seek for help.
        Guide us to the Straight Path.
        The path of those whom Your blessings are upon, not of those who You have cursed nor of those who have gone astray.”
        Muslims in today’s world have gone astray… that is another story …you can’t criticise Islam for that. (you will be sorry for what u said) Just for ur info… I am a Muslim. 😛

      • hamza ali,

        there are many people in this world who speak ill about ur prophet and he deserves it. what can u do? u cannot do anything. you are just like a barking dog nothing else. U do not have the daring to cut anyone.
        one day u will come back again to hinduism which is the religion of ur forefathers

      • Mr.Cardoza what do you know about hinduism if i am not wrong you are from Europe, have you heard about lufthansa airlines As a whole, the word “Lufthansa” is made up of two words: ‘Lupth’ and ‘Hansa’ which are two Sansrkit words meaning disappearing swan or a crane (bird). and algorithmic language which is used for operating computer it uses sanskrit which belong to hiduism.

      • even though hindus themselves dont know hinduism the people outside india equally dont understand hinduism actually even the all eastern beliefs they look at these same as they look at abrahamic beliefs

      • Cardoza, you are the joke and all that you have written is a load of bull..and you cant differentiate between ad and bc!

        sorry, but go to hell, you…

      • @cardoza,

        You’re a moron. I googled and found out that Islam is the fastest dying religion
        in the world. Hinduism, on the other hand, is expanding into the west.

        Christianity is dying in Europe.

        According to Al-Jazeera, Islam is the fastest dying faith.

      • i think u people belonging to abrahamic group have made god as a minister sitting in his office and only ur religious agents (- mohammad , jesus christ ) are secretaries so only the people can meet HIM through these agents, what a shame u have made GOD DEPENDENT ON THESE AGENTS…..

      • A virgin girl gives birth to a child and a dead man comes back to life three days after his death. Isn’t it a joke Mr. Cardoza ????

      • The one stupid who is speaking against hindutva let me tell you one thing clearly that We DONT need ans stupid conclusions from the stupid musalmans.
        And one more thing…

        Dont dare to underistimate hindus

        you Islamik Joker…

        Islam Is A Shit
        Islam Is A Shit
        Islam Is A Shit
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        Islam Is A Shit

      • So, then why are so many Churches empty in EU and USA and become Discotheks in Holland or even HINDUTEMPLE (!) in US?! Explain this you evangelical …………….!

    • sorry.. not 4000BC. 4000AD.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
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      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.
      hinduism is a joke.

      • Though not a Hindu fanatic, not even a believing Hindu, I must say that this Cardoza must really be a joke. Zakir Naik wouldn’t be able to beat him. Hinduism would not exist in 4000 BC, 400 AD, it’s a joke repeated ad nausim….
        Mr. Naik, make way for this guy. He is boosting your religion even without misinterpretations and lies about your holy book.

      • though u may say any thing but being a hindu its my duty to tell you “May God bless you and lead you towards the right part of knowledge”

      • @cardoza :
        I am not laughing at you,either this world id fill full of idiots like you, Might you never have knowledge about Hindusiam what it’s really it’s not like islam they show fear to the people and ask them to convert its not like Christians shows money to poor and ask them to come church, Its all above the religion its all above all this a small example: Islam says we are best ,Christians says we are best but Hindusiam never said this we said all are equal we all sons of GOD,i would like to you advice because we are expert to give advice always free for fool people like you just come Hindustan and see what you miss.
        for your knowledege i would like to tell Mr. ford son just convert into Hindusiam
        i have long list people like this some big and famous steve jobs i think you know
        him, and we never say to anathor accept Hindusiam so mr fool i realy apperucated
        your effort and for you kind information recently horward reaserching about hindusam
        that how can a religion is accepted by all over the world without force without a book.
        if you have any doubt about Hindusiam lets mail me i ll tell you what we are.
        also the person who shows finger to anathor 4 finger belongs to him:
        Welcome TO Hindustan!

      • Who told you that Islam asks its followers to convert to Islam?? Half knowledge is a dangerous thing! You fools just surf the net to read articles written by gossip mongers and say bad things about Islam! Who told you that Christians have to show money to the poor to convert them?? You know nothing about Hinduism … leave alone Christianity and Islam … We (Muslims) are not allowed to convert others by force and disrespect others … we are only allowed to preach Islam through peace! Does Hinduism allow to tell lies and disrespect other religions… which you did just now??? Just end your evil ways of doing things ! 🙁

      • Yes we all know how you treat others. Speaking of Christians and Muslims, in the birth place of Christianity, the Middle East, Middle Eastern Christian communities are being wiped out by Muslims trying to enforce a Sharia state where minorities are second class dhimmis. Raymond Ibrahim is an Egyptian Coptic Christian who documents the destruction of Christian communities in the Middle East by Muslims

        Considering the obnoxious Christians and Muslims who come to this site demonizing like we see above Hinduism, the two deserve each other in the Middle East.

      • Hindus so that you are well aware, not only in the Middle East but also in Europe Christians are under attack by Muslims

        Christianity was already waning due to secularism with fewer and fewer younger Christian Europeans identifying as Christian or any faith, but with the influx of millions of Muslims into Europe the annihilation of Christianity in Europe accelerated exponentially.

      • and it doesn’t matter if who’s converting to which religion … what matters is which religion is true… and your so called Hinduism is not 1 religion … there are thousands of different types … but all with the LAME LABEL ‘HINDUISM’! it also has many sects and casts (now that’s mentioned in the Vedas for sure!) Islam has no casts! all humans are ‘EXACTLY’ equal!
        Religions have become divided and broken into segments. These divisions have caused people to lose the sense of unity and brotherhood, also fighting over differences.
        The Quran is clear on sects:
        ‘As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects, thou hast no part in them in the least: their affair is with Allah: He will in the end tell them the truth of all that they did.’ Quran: 6:159
        ‘But people have cut off their affair (of unity), between them, into sects: each party rejoices in that which is with itself. But leave them in their confused ignorance for a time.’ Quran: 23:53-54

      • My ummah will be divided into seventy three sects. All of them will be in the Fire except one [Saheeh Muslim, no.976]
        u need to learn more..
        BTW can you tell me the logic and rationality behind the one true religion ‘s book Sura Al-bakr 2:66 onwards where one can find out who is a murderer by hitting the dead body with meat.
        then we can see how much you know of the one true religion.

      • Wrong all humans are not equal in Islam. Muslims do NOT treat non-Muslims as equal. They are treated as second class dhimmi under laws that are no better than Jim Crow laws that were once there in the United states. Dhimmitude is explained here

        As Ankur pointed out, Islam is not one sect or caster either. There are multiple sects the biggest two are Sunni and Shia who have been slaughtering each other since day one to today. The whole war in Syria is a Islamic sectarian war between Sunnis and Shia.