A predominant theme that pervades the Macaulay brand of education is about Vedas being primarily a description of struggle between Arya and Dasyu. This theory, which is a favorite of semi-literate western indologists and their communist tails weaves a creative story – that Aryans were nomadic tribes with barbaric instincts. They came to India from Central Asia and spread loot and rape all around. The natives of India were called Dasyu or Daas. After winning over them, they established their Aryan supremacy based on birth-based discrimination.

And today, most consider Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma or Vedic Dharma to be primarily characterized by this birth-based discrimination having its origin in massacre of the Dasyu or Daas. Its a pity that this theory has led to alienation of a large number of our brothers and sisters who consider themselves Anarya (non-Arya) and bear a grudge against those who follow Vedas. These include those who call themselves Dalit or Dravid these days.

A lot has already been explored by scholars to debunk the stupid Aryan Invasion Theory which has no evidence whatsoever. Even someone like Dr Ambedkar was extremely critical of this theory as well as myth of subjugation of Dasyu.

However the purpose of this article is to explore what Vedas exactly say about Arya and Dasyu. After all Vedas are supposed to be the primary evidence to support this theory of Aryan subjugation of Dasyu or Daas.

So let us review some of the allegations.


Vedas describe Arya and Dasyu at several places. Many mantras pray for destruction of Dasyu and looting of their wealth. Several mantras state that even women should not be spared if they are Dasyu. Hence one can conclude that Vedas describe the brutal Aryan invasion of Dasyu people.
In total, there are 85 mantras referring to Dasyu in Rigveda. Several refer to Daas as well, which is a synonym. Let us review some of the mantras evaluate what they mean.

Rigveda 1.33.4

O, All Powerful Warrior! You possess a variety of powers and roam alone. Do use your powerful weapon to destroy wealthy Dasyu (criminals) and Sanakah (those who steal from others). May they reach their deaths through your weapon. These Sanakah are devoid of noble acts.

The adjective used for Dasyus are “Ayajva” meaning those who do not perform noble acts or noble resolutions. Obviously such people would be criminals. Thus the king is advised to destroy such criminals to safeguard his people.

Sayana defines Dasyu as thief. Dasyu origins from root ‘Dasa’ which means “Upakshaya” or that which leads to destruction. Hence Dasyu refers to those people who are destructive or criminals. It does not refer to any caste or race.

Rigveda 1.33.5

Those Dasyu (criminals) who are themselves devoid of noble resolutions and clash with noble people, flee away due to your protection. O brave warrior, you have destroyed the Avrata (unscrupulous) from everywhere.

In this mantra, two adjectives are used for Dasyu – Ayajva (those who do not perform noble acts and noble resolutions) and Avrata (indisciplined and unscrupulous).

Very clearly, Dasyu refers to criminals and they are accorded the same treatment in Vedas as they deserve in any civilized society.

Rigveda 1.33.7

O brave warrior! Destroy and drive away these Dasyu, whether they laugh or cry, from the world and protect those having noble resolutions and those who pray.

Rigveda 1.51.5

O brave warrior! Make those cunning people tremble with fear through your cleverness who consume everything only for themselves. O protector of people, destroy the habitations of those Dasyu who spread violence and protect those who are simple and truthful.

In this mantra, Dasyu refers to those who only consume for themselves and are devoid of noble deeds like charity and helping others.

In Kaushitaki Brahman, such people are referred as Asur. Thus Asur and Dasyu, both refer to criminals and not to any caste or race.

Rigveda 1.51.6

O brave warrior! You have been killing those who exploit others and protect those who are saints. To protect those who help others, you trample the most powerful wicked people. You have always been born to destroy the Dasyu (criminals).

The adjective used for Dasyu is …….
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  1. Dear Agniveer, according to your explanation of Vedas main concept, the words Arya and Dasyu term no any religion or caste. Nice. But why they mentiion the names as their religion, particularly in seeking marriage alliances ? Does it not mean that they twist the fact into fake and cheat others and even themselves ? pls react on this with your comments.


  2. Dear Agniveerji,

    Thanks for this wonderful writeup. I really appreciate the time and effort of your team in compiling these wonderful essays.

    May I please request you to provide me with a list of the original Scriptures, Preferably in Sanskrit, and the publisher from where they could be purchased (Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Geeta, Mahabharat, Ramayan, Satyarath Prakash etc. and all other commentaries which in your opinion are worthy to be read and housed in personal library),

    Thanks a lot,

    Kind Regards


  3. The brahmins and oother upper castes would be happy if they are made SC/STs in today’s India for getting reservation benefits. Even the Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims want reservation benefits!!

  4. Hi Agniveer ji,

    Even after many scholars said that Aryans doesnot mean any race …
    Scientists and archeologists are trying to prove the invasion theory by telling that DNA Test proves it…etc.
    They also say even if there was no Aryan Invasion but there must be Aryan Migration….



    Even most Hindus today also believe in these things… that there was a Aryan Invasion , because we are in scientific age and we are not fools to be fanatic and support that Vedas do not mention Aryans as Race…etc

    Please also give some rebuttals to these articles regarding " DNA tests proving Aryan Invasion/migration theory"..

    • Would you kindly show where these tests took place and the methodology they followed to carry out these tests. You see we are rational people and not blind fanatics to take anything that someone says at face value.

    • dear ji,

      for a normal persons there will be the differention amoung colours, body fitness, physical appearance and characters. like wise the blood related to the human is also different not only at national level but also at the international level. So please try to understand it..


      first read the above mentioned file and try to know about the history. I can also write an imaginery theory on history. the thing is that we have to prove with evidence.


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