Most polluting industry

Because meat and livestock is one of the most polluting industries of the world. Whatever ecological damage we face today can be attributed significantly to this non-essential industry. (refer United Nations document on meat industry being culprit for climate change, land pollution, water depletion and loss of biodiversity at

Cause of hunger and poverty

Because meat is cause of hunger and poverty in the world. Just as I myself hate being hungry and under-nutritioned, I feel the same for millions of my brothers and sisters born from same mother earth. If I could have killed myself to satisfy their hunger, I would have gladly done so.

But for all I know, if people stop eating meat and adopt vegetarian ways, they could feed at least 10 times more people using the same efforts and energy. This is based on the principle of energy-pyramid which states that the at least 10 units of vegetation is consumed to prepare 1 unit of meat by feeding the meat-producing animals. Refer any text on food chain or energy pyramid. In fact for most of the commercially produced meat that humans eat currently, energy losses are much higher.

Thus each person who stops eating meat is feeding at least 9 more people apart from himself. What could be a greater form of charity than simply avoiding meat! And what could be a greater sin for me than forcing at least 9 people to die from hunger because I love the taste of mutton! Moreover, meat industry also significantly depletes water.

Since I consider entire humanity as my own family, I cannot sleep peacefully with the guilt of being a cause of hunger and thirst for my dearest brothers and sisters and innocent children in my global home.

Vegetarian alternatives exist

Because in today’s era, I don’t see anybody hunting to survive like the lions in Africa. Meat is simply a non-essential addiction. There is no meat-product for which a healthier vegetarian alternative does not exist.

Meat is non-renewable

Because meat is non-renewable. An animal once killed cannot grow more animals. But a plant, even when uprooted, can grow a new plant from its roots, shoots and seeds. Thus the hunger and thirst caused by meat-eating is much more longer term and intense than that discussed earlier.

Life is Beautiful

Because I consider my life to be dearest to me. I consider life of my near and dear ones to be most precious. I see all humans considering lives of their near and dear ones equally precious. If I kill any of them, I am deemed a murderer because I snatched the most precious gift of life.

So how can I commit the same crime on other species who too have a face and brain like me, who also love their life so much, who also face the same fear when they approach death, who also express happiness and grief like me and my dear ones? Simply because I do not understand their language or consider them less intelligent? By this logic, even killing of mental-patients should also be legitimized. Killing of coma patients should also be legitimized. Eating orphans should also be legitimized.

And since they are not, even meat eating is a crime of same order for me.

Question: Then should you not stop eating plants also? After all, even they have life, as proved by science.

Answer: Research has only proved that plants also demonstrate similar processes and cellular structures that are found in animals. Science does not say that plants have a personality like animals. There is no way to prove that plants exhibit same form of sorrow or joy or put efforts like animals. Plants don’t reproduce in a manner similar to animals or stop being able to reproduce more plants like animals after they are killed. There are significant differences in plants and animals, and that is why even science of biology clearly differentiates study of botany and zoology. 

So I do not consider plants to have a soul that feels “I am this mango tree”. This coupled with reasons discussed above justify eating of plants, but not of animals.

But even if we assume that plants can feel pain like animals. Still, we can live without eating animals. But we cannot live without eating plants. We simply do not have a choice here. And by eating plants, at least 10 times more humans in our family can get food to eat and water to drink that by tasting a beef-steak. Thus commonsense and basic humanity demands that we show mercy on those at least whom we can allow to live without killing ourselves and torturing our family members. Or else, same reason may be given tomorrow to justify cannibalism as well.

Question: Even lions and tigers eat meat. So what is wrong if humans eat?

Answer: Lions and tigers and other carnivorous animals eat meat because they are designed by nature to do so. If they do not eat so, they would die. They are not in a position to think, analyze, choose and decide what to eat, what not to eat, whether to eat in a plate or in a bowl, whether to cook or not cook, whether to mix 5 varieties of meat with some toppings or eat plain and raw, whether to cook in Tandoor or roast. Since humans possess this finesse, question of right and wrong also is relevant to humans alone.

Now humans have a choice of food – animals or plants. There is 100% evidence that eating of animals causes hunger, pollutes nature and is at par with eating humans. Further eating animals is optional. So a sensible person like me will not eat animals. On plants, there is controversy. People like me believe that they are chemical reactions and not souls with personalities. Others may differ. But in absence of conclusive proof for latter, it would be still wiser to prefer them for food instead of animals and be less criminals in worst case. Further we do not even have a choice in this case.

Say you are forced to drink from one of the two bottles. One is confirmed to contain deadly poison. And opening the bottle will definitely kill 10 other people. For other, there is a confusion on it being poison and no one else gets killed. What would you choose? At least, I would choose the second bottle without second thoughts. Same is that case with eating plants – the natural, humane way of eating.

Question: But I am an atheist. I do not believe in soul or God. So plants or animals are all similar biochemical reactions. Why should I differentiate?

Answer: If you are an atheist or agnostic, there is all the more reason why you should eat plants but not animals. Because I assume you admit that you are a human. And being a human, I assume, you agree that hurting other humans is not acceptable in any rational society. I assume that you love your fellow human beings. I assume you consider humanity to be your own family. I assume you care for each and every innocent human being. And hence, I assume you would want to keep at least 9 people hungry and thirsty while you relish on chicken-tikka. And you would not like our future generations to be permanently diseased and in poverty simply because we have been screwing up the environment. I assume that you indeed love your children and would love to gift them with blessings than curse them with hatred. If my assumptions are correct, then an atheist must be frontrunner for “Say No to Meat” campaign. If my assumptions are wrong, then even eating up an atheist is equally justified.

Question: Then even domestication of animals and drinking milk should be crime?

Answer: Well, these are ambiguous topics. There can be views and counter views. One can discuss and debate on these. But regardless of that, at least this is certain that if these were to be crime, then killing of animals is bound to be a crime of much muchbhigher magnitude. So at least we should avoid conducting such great crimes against nature, humanity and animals, even if we differ on these few issues.

For example, we cannot justify killing of human beings on pretext that a lesser crime called ‘corporate fraud’ is not clearly defined in law. For someone who raises a question that domestication of animals and drinking of milk are also crimes, there is all the more reason why such a person should be torch-bearer of movement for compassion on animals and promote vegetarianism.

Question: What will I eat if I am in a place where I only get meat? For example, if I am stranded on an island or am in Antarctica.

Answer: This is a very interesting question! Tell me, how many times you have actually been in Antarctica or have been stranded on an island like Robinson Crusoe? This very question implies that you agree that EXCEPT when you are stranded on an island or a place where you must eat meat to survive, in all other situations, you should not eat meat.

OK So we give you this concession. When you become Robinson Crusoe, eat meat if you indeed believe so. But 99.9999% of human inhabitations and situations don’t demand you to be a Robinson Crusoe! You get ample non-meat food in almost all locations where humans live as a society. After all the animals they eat also eventually have to eat plants. (All food-chains do begin with plants. There is no animal that converts solar energy into bio-energy. Only plants can do that.)

Question: What about eggs? Eggs are good for health and even government promotes eating of eggs.

Answer: Government is also mired in scam charges. Just because government promotes something does not make it rational. Had that been the case, there would have been never a movement against scams and for change of governance!

Coming to eggs, have you ever been in a poultry farm? The way these eggs are produced by ruthlessly torturing the chickens can raise your hairs (assuming you have compassion). Further, it is one of the most unhygienic locations. If you consider that humans should also be motivated to eat excreta after picking from commode and serving on a beautiful plate, then perhaps you have at least one lame reason to defend egg-eating. Because the most modern and expensive egg-farms are no more hygienic than a dirty toilet in a dirty bus-stop of Karachi. (By the way, the most hygienic of the meat-farms are more dirty than you can imagine.)

Also, there is no special nutrient in eggs that is not available in plants in ample. In fact eggs don’t even come close to be termed nutritious compared to common plant food. Eating pulses would be a much wiser and nature-friendly option than invite diseases and destroy environment for eating womb of a bird.

Question: If we stop eating animals, will not their numbers grow up and fill the entire earth? We must kill animals to preserve natural balance.

Answer: This is perhaps the cutest cruel question I have ever heard in my life. Cute because it seems as if an innocent child who first learnt about nature in his pre-school has framed the question. Cruel because one is attempting to project himself as Robinhood who kills to save the planet!

But let’s face the reality. How many of us actually eat animals because of our genuine concern for nature? How many of us are indeed environmentalists? Or is it merely tingling of our taste-buds that we want to satisfy by hook or crook?

Coming to facts, this argument would have been valid had humans as a race would have been eating meat exclusively through hunting like lions and tigers. Now lions and tigers do not create farmhouses to rear deer and sheep so that they can have a ready supply of food.

Humans on contrary have created a huge commercial industry to PRODUCE meat-providing animals and then kill them to fulfil their tastes. 99% of humans actually GROW the animals they kill. And in process of this growth, they destroy the nature like anything.

Thus this cruel question puts the enquirer at par with Osama Bin Laden who justifies his terror attacks as service to humanity! (This is a hard truth that most terrorists seriously believe that they are serving humanity and God by killing others!)

By the way, humans do not eat all the animals and birds. Humans don’t eat carnivorous animals for example. Most humans don’t eat crows, vultures, jackals or scorpions. Why they have not filled the entire earth then?

Also, this line of thinking can be extended to allow cooking up terminally ill and aged humans. After all, we all are trained since childhood to cite population as the greatest problem facing us.

Someone who has studied ecology at even basic level will not give such unscientific arguments and invite ridicule.

On contrary meat industry has endangered many species to extinction. So if preservation of natural balance of population be the overriding selfless goal, then do not think even a second to adopt vegetarianism.

Question: To kill other animals is a natural phenomenon. All powerful animals kill to eat. So what is wrong if humans also act naturally?

Answer: First, as discussed earlier, no animal ever grows animals. No animal constructs poultry farms and butcher houses. They simply follow their hunger instincts on need basis.

Second, the most powerful animals are primarily vegetarians. Be it elephant, or horse, or hippopotamus, or wild buffalo, or rhino, or gorilla.

Third, animals also live nude, do not read poems, do not clean their parts after shit and do not do a lot of things that humans do. They also do not cook meat before eating. If meat-eating was so natural for humans, then most of us would have been relishing raw meat without using spoons and forks.

Humans were designed to be intelligent. To be able to judge and decide what is wrong and what is right. To be compassionate. To be loyal. To be rational. Thus, if indeed humans want to be ‘natural’, they should protect and not torture animals.

And if this logic be considered seriously, then even cannibalism is also natural if practiced by powerful humans. Of course, there remains no basis for anti-corruption movement. After all it is natural for the more powerful to trample those who are less powerful, as per the enquirer!

But lets be human.

Lets accept it, this is a beast-mindset and not human way of thinking. Humanity is about analysis, love, compassion and urge to protect the less powerful. These traits alone make humans so special and different from animals.

Question: Biologically, humans are designed to eat animals. Look at our teeth, our intestines. We don’t have organs to digest cellulose like herbivorous animals. Hence are we not designed to eat animals?

Answer: Yet another lame excuse to justify cravings of tongue. Humans are designed to be separate from both herbivores and carnivores. Unlike herbivores, humans cannot digest grass. That is why we are not grass-eaters. But unlike carnivores, we are also not designed to eat raw meat. So we don’t have huge canines like lion and tiger. Human canines are at best good for peeling sugarcanes (Consult your dentist before you attempt so though. If you have been eating too much of junk, then sugarcane may peel off your teeth instead!).

If meat was so natural to us, we would have naturally been eating uncooked meat. By chasing, hunting, killing and eating away an animal using fingernails and teeth alone. We would not have required to tie or imprison the animal and then kill it using special weapons. No animal does that.

On contrary, fruits and vegetables can be eaten uncooked. In fact many health-regimes focus on purely uncooked-diet. But meat demands use of fire. The fire is used so that meat is converted to a more acceptable form. These days a raw meat concept is on rage in some places. But medical advice is to have it cooked to ensure there is no infection. And most humans find even the mention of raw meat very disgusting. After all we were designed by nature to be not cruel.

So if biology is your inspiration, be a vegetarian. Our brain, body, intellect and emotions were designed only to be compassionate humans.

Question: But I live in a family and society where meat is predominant food. How can I suddenly stop eating meat and appear crazy in my group?

Answer: This is a more honest question. It is indeed an issue with many genuine honest people who are forced to eat meat due to peer pressure. The way out is to rethink the same issue from a different perspective.

Just assume for a second that you are among a group of cannibals who want to eat your family members. Would you enjoy feasting with them and eating away leg of your daughter, finger of your mother and intestine of your brother with masala curry?

A rational human being considers all living beings as his own family. But even if you consider all humans as your own family, still meat eating means you are killing at least ten of your own family members.

Thus, if we simply start considering the Mother Nature as our mother indeed, problem is solved. Then we care for Mother Nature like we care for our own mother. Then we are deeply touched at hunger and poverty of our own brothers and sisters across the globe, and would not be party to anything that makes so many innocents die and suffer due to lack of food. So instead of being someone ashamed of your honesty, you become an agent of positive change. Instead of fearing that you appear crazy, you feel proud that you are the most sensible.

Question: Does it mean all meat-eaters are murderers and should be hated?

Answer: Technically, first part of the question is yes. Anyone who is in anyway instrumental to death of an innocent is indeed a  culprit. But we disagree that they should be hated. Meat-eating is a cultural issue today. Cultural issues are tackled through sensitisation and awareness and not through Talibanization and hatred. Remember, the entire foundation of movement against meat-eating lies in compassion and genuine concern for all living beings. So we should eradicate this brutal practice through humane means.

We do agree that law should be appropriately formulated to discourage meat-eating and promote healthy environment-friendly human-friendly habits like plant-eating. But not through any feeling of hatred towards anyone. We all humans are one single family. We should love each other and encourage each other for improvements. So even if you eat meat, I still love you as a mother loves her new-born calf. And that is why I appeal to you to say not to meat.

Question: What would then happen of so many meat-rearing farms and industries? Would it not cause people in these industries to become unemployed?

Answer: No, they would become even more productive. Instead of meat, if they start producing plant food, they can feed at least 10 times more people with same investments. And hence this would boost the economy like anything and bring prosperity to all. And future generations will thank them for gifting them a less-polluted environment and a less-hungry life.

Question: If meat-eating was so unnatural, why humans started eating meat in first place?

Answer: Exactly the same question can be posed for crimes like murder, fraud, racism, gender-discrimination, terrorism and rape. Any evil breeds on ignorance and lack of education. Even if you look into Bible, it states that originally all humans were plant-eaters (Genesis 1.29 for example).

Vedas – the oldest books known to humanity – vociferously suggest non-meat diet for humans. The first mantra of Yajurveda itself begins with an advise to protect the animals.

Over ages, due to lack of wisdom, lack of development, violent periods etc, there was an incentive to focus only on immediate needs than think smartly. Or blindly ape old customs in name of religion or culture. Hence meat-eating became as prevalent as gender-discrimination or racism etc.

When we plan our present and future, we are not at all bothered about why we did not do something in past. We simply rationally evaluate the benefits in present and future, and plan accordingly. That is why we use laptops, speak on mobile phones, watch TV and travel in planes and trains even though human civilisation never had these ever before. What we should be bothered today is not why something happened in past. We should instead focus on what we need to do right now to save our lovely planet and bring nourishment for teeming billions that are facing punishment for our cravings of tongue. We should focus on what we must do today to not be a villain torturing our own lovely children tomorrow.

Question: I thought you would argue as animal-rights activist and I would question why you are not being a plants-right activist. You instead started arguing as human-rights activist. How do I counter you then?


1. The way Supreme Lord has designed this world, if one genuinely starts caring for humans alone, then care for animals would chip in automatically. After all this is just a marvellously symbiotic world where everything is interrelated. You get back what you give. 

2. Why do you need to counter something which is so obvious and intuitive? Let us admit that meat-eating is a social-evil that thrives from dark-ages like gender discrimination, racism etc. It is hardly a century ago that we gave voting rights to women. Racism and casteism were legally uprooted hardly a few decades ago. Still movement against these evils continue. So we are not as evolved as technological advances may make us believe. Let us take meat-eating as next evil to tackle, given the appalling situation of environment and given the poverty statistics of the world. We should realise that each bite of meat we relish makes one poor die somewhere in world. And making earth closer to hell for our children whom we love the most.

3. For those who indeed are rational and compassionate, this is indeed also an animal-rights issues. We inherited this tribal mentality somehow that the whole world is designed exclusively for us – the humans. This lust made us destroy the environment and start considering the entire earth as our personal consort. And within last century, the situation has turned so worse that scientists are now worried about what would happen about our basic necessities of food, land and water in times to come.

In medieval times, the lust made us to disregard women as inferior to men in name of even religion. Women, like animals, were considered by many priests to have no soul. Others considered them to be half-intelligent than men and impure.

Many other people, like “blacks” were considered fit to be slave alone. Then in last few decades, the enlightened ones took a journey backwards to rectify the blunders. We thus uprooted racism and casteism. We started considering women as equal to men in social, intellectual and political rights. And now it is time to take the journey a step further and show our concern for animals as well. All these concerns – human-rights, gender-rights, animal-rights – are part of same spectrum and caused out of same ignorance in human mind. So the evolved ones should work to take this next step.

And even those societies that are yet to do their homework on gender-rights and human-rights also could expedite their progress if they holistically incorporate animal-rights as well.

But even if they do not, the dangerous situations of today force any rational person to embrace animal-rights. As a means to fulfil demands of grave human-rights issues like poverty of teeming billions and damage of environment guaranteeing a dangerous future for our children.

So do not counter the light of truth. Be honest, be humble and be rational. Love others as you expect others to love you. The least you can do to showcase your love for your own brothers and sisters and children of future is to replace that chicken-soup with tomato-soup.

Be human, love humans.

Say no to meat!

And remember, you get back what you give.

PS: We did not take up the issue of health hazards of eating meat. This has been amply covered in many researches. To summarise, meat eating is cause of dreaded diseases like swine flu, mad cow and bird flu. It increases risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. A habit that takes innocent lives, promotes hunger, destroys future of children cannot bring positive impact in our lives. You cannot meditate properly if you eat meat. Food has greatest impact on state of your mind, after your deeds. What we suggest is to think simple and honest. In world, you get back what you give. So give compassion and humanity and get back prosperity, health and happiness. Be human, love humans. Say no to meat!

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  • If people really follow you and feel that all that you say and write is very very correct than ask the followers of vedic dharam to stop poultry business, and exporting buffalo meat from india. its hindu investing more and more in meat export with the help and in the name of muslims.

    • Brother, Please read our articles on Hinduism and Vedic Dharma first. To summarize for you, we refuse to discriminate people on basis of region, religion, caste, gender. We present our viewpoint and encourage people to either accept it, reject it or ignore it. But if you feel strongly about our cause, we would be glad to support you. Please reach out to government and industries on this and we would be happy to promote your efforts in this regard.


  • I am a staunch advocate of vegetarianism , I agree with you on most of the topics except for one,
    You say that when people eat meat 9 people die of hunger, but animals feed on grass or hay or other food not fit for human consumption. So I think this point is not valid. Another thing is, you could have shown a table with the protein content of meat compared to sources like soya, oats or wheat germ. More ever the strongest & the most powerful animals on the earth are vegetarians.

    • Dear Argha, Meat is generated in vast animal-farms. If instead of developing animals for slaughter, they use same resources including land for producing food, that would feed 9 times more people, and be definitely much more environment friendly. If instead of producing food that animals eat (before being slaughtered), we produce food for humans, we would feed so many more.

      If meat industry is replaced with agriculture, hunger will be completely eliminated.

  • I really like this website, but one major problem I have is the use of profanity like “shit” and “crap.” I am not sure if the author realizes, as a speaker of Indian English, how obscene these words are. These words denigrate the value of this website as a religious website. You would NEVER see words like these sully a Christian website–ever!

  • I read article and few comments below it. Everybody except the writer of the article and few others seems half-educated. Writer has really attained spirituality and maturity as evident from his replies to his criticism. but the article doesn’t convince me to give up meat. because I believe in following philosophy and found it to work for me:

    “What goes down your mouth isn’t evil, what comes out of it can be.”

    Eating meat isn’t affecting neither my spiritual progress nor my overall…

  • @Indian, You idiotic
    who do you think who are you to judge Sri Sri Ravishankar ? What about your pedophile mass-murderer rapist robber gangster pimp muhamMAD ? Shame on him and you.

  • Hi,

    I normally support Agniveer on many things, but I also support the right to eat meat as well. I think this is less of an issue. We as Dharmic people need to focus on more important things than eating or not eating meat. I would have rather seen something on eating heathy according to our Dharmic values.


  • HI,

    I reference to the Ramayana by Valmiki, Ayodhya Kand 52: 102 says that Rama and Lakhman ate deer.

    Wants your comment on that?

    Would really appreciate your reply and I am open for a conversation as well.

  • Nice Article…it really has made me think…and will surely cut down on my consumption of meat to begin with…this website is one of the best I have come across…many things on this site makes sense, rather than forcing some religious fairy tales…

    however here are some second thoughts that came to my mind as I read this article…

    how can you compare meat eating to cannabilism !!! Cannabilism is aganist nature for sure…even in meat eating animals its not a common characteristic…can you say drinking a cows milk is equivalent of snatching a ‘mothers’ milk from a just born baby, making the baby weak and unhealthy for the rest of its life ? So stop drinking milk…let the cows and animals roam free…chaining them, making them toil in fields is cruel too…its like chaining some human being and forcefully whipping him to work…at my level of understanding such comparisons makes no sense…

    But we will have hard time accepting that milking a cow for our needs is not only bad but also cruel. Cows milk is for calf not for humans…But, we will find all means and ways to justify it…

    I have a question
    1) Does vedas say NOT to eat meat categorically…I do understand based on this article, vedas strongly says its healthier and better to eat veg…and to me it logically makes sense too…
    2) How do we interpret vedas in situations like say drinking milk…en-slaving animals for our needs…

    • First place in meat eating animals it is common for the mother to eat her young. So yes meat eating animals do engage in cannibalism.

      Hindus in general think as tradition maybe not in practice cows as mother. Most cows roam free in India and are not chained, there are some exception. Cows and bull with humans have made a symbiotic relationship which happens many times in nature. Cows provide milk and we humans protect cows. Bulls/OX plow our fields .and we care and keep clean these animals. But remember only right to drink milk if you think cow is mother. Killing cow is highest sin, and I too witness as cows are domestic animals they are quite friendly too unlike in West.Yes not all practices are good and less human do cow puja, and are grateful for it service, degrading its life of that just of an animal. American commercial dairy farms are quite inhumane in comparison as they are Christian so think of dominion, or right over animals, our culture is symbiotic and respects cow for giving such nutritive drink as our children depend on. ..

      If you want to be vegan that is up to you, but cow provide enough milk, and grass which main source of food has plenty of calcium hence their young can survive.

      Veda in its wisdom recognize the types of food and categorized them as to what type of people eat them. People in past were largely vegetarian. Today’s meat eating is new as it is consumed by immoral means, animals are raised in slavery in inhuman conditions, living tortured lives. In ancient past there were only hunters or fisher men who ate meat. Today’s meat eating are based on slave based society that whose religion believes in domination of animals and so is very inhuman and cause of so many diseases. Meat of today are from very sik animals. Further vegetarians were common in ancient world, Roman, Greeks, most large societies the practice of vegetarianism was common . Roman gladiator were vegetarian. In Bible Roman 14 speak how vegetarians oppose Christianity..

    • Romans 14
      1 Him that is weak in the faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations.

      2 For one believeth that he may eat all things: another, who is weak, eateth herbs.

      3 Let not him that eateth despise him that eateth not; and let not him which eateth not judge him that eateth: for God hath received him.

      4 Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand.

      So there is clear difference in religious precepts. So vegetarians according to Christians are those who are weak in Faith.

      • I really do not know what you want to convey here…I certainly do not believe eating veg makes someone weak physically or mentally…look at elephants, bulls and rhinos….most powerful creatures are herbiverous…this goes with humans too…christianity comes nowhere close to vedic concepts…its concept like heaven hell and god created humans to test etc etc sound very very foolish to me.

        I just wanted to know if vedas, categorically say eating meat is prohibited.. also, .how does one interpret vedas in cases like domesticating a cow/bull or other animals…drinking their milk/dairy products etc…

      • My post was deleted and that was just part of the post as Agniveer site limits post site. Basically meat eater and vegetarians are different in thinking, and culture. Vedas do not prohibit but tells qualities of food, and its relation to human behavior. Further for Brahamachary they are only allowed to eat satvik food meaning vegetarian. Much more percent of people in ancient past were vegetarian and good evidence to support and Bible is part of that evidence. Even these tamsic religions clearly state non-believers to be vegetarian, or those who are weak in faith, So again agreement of food and qualities of individual. In Hindu culture a human is not above an animal as we all have souls, whether smarter or dumber. So we should treat animals with respect and dignity.

        Main disagreeable point could have been of my post is that it is well known among meat eating animals of mothers eating their young, and fathers too. Meat eating is a necessary precursor for cannibalism.As nearly all cannibals are flesh eater and nearly no vegetarian ever took to this act as preference was to starve to death historically. Seeing a dog eat her pup I can say a meat eater cannot control his desire to eat, Ideal treatment of cows in Hindu culture is symbiotic, and western culture is based on domination. . .

      • A mother bear—or lion or wild dog—does the same if she can’t nurse her cubs or find food for them. And if one of her cubs dies, she’ll most likely eat it immediately, as Khali did. This nourishes her and has the added benefit of removing the carcass. “That way there’s nothing rotting in her den which might attract predators,” Barthel says.

        Well this is meat eating culture, humans come from vegetarian culture soon the meat eaters would evolve to this.

  • Ek sawal un logon se jo kahte hain ki HINDUTWA IS GREAT
    >>Kya hindutwa sabse mahan hai?
    >>Agar aisa hai to hindusm mai ye bhi likhe hai ki Non.Vegeterian mat khao,aurr usme bhi ek chiz ki BRAHMAN ko Non.Vegeterian nhin khana chahiye.Do you know ki WHO ki ek report ye batati hai ki aaj kal brahman he sabse jyada Non.Veg khata hai.
    Lijiye ek report-
    >>40% brahaman directoly MEAT khata hai
    >>20% brahaman PASTRY,BISCUITS ke jariye
    >>10% brahaman aurr chizon ke zariye
    >>10% brahaman jane anjane mai…
    Baki bache 20% aurr vo bhi suddh nhin hai….
    Padne ya website pe likhne se kuch nhin hoga….Asal jindgi mai follow kijiye…Tabhi HINDUTWA ka kalyan hoga.

  • I do agree with all the ideas you’ve presented in your post.
    They are really convincing and will definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are very short for novices.
    May you please prolong them a little from subsequent time?
    Thank you for the post.

  • Have you ever considered creating an e-book or guest authoring on other blogs?

    I have a blog based on the same information you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information.

    I know my readers would value your work. If you
    are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an email.

  • I truly love your blog.. Excellent colors & theme. Did you develop this website yourself?
    Please reply back as I’m trying to create my own personal site and would love
    to learn where you got this from or exactly what
    the theme is named. Thank you!

    Here is my blog; Rodan and Fields

  • Great job by Agniveer. Many thanks to them for educating people all over the world, not only on Vegetarianism, but also on genuine Vedic Dharma.

    Eat fruits, throw the seeds, New plants emerge, many fruits gotten! Eat meat, throw the bones. New graveyards emerge, earth spoiled. This is the simple logic one can find for choosing between ‘Plant based diet’ and ‘Meat’ from animals.

    In this post, we have highlighted some of the points which are close to the theme presented here by Agniveer.

  • How non vegetarian food is responsible for hunger and poverty?? Can you care to explain??.. Also non vegetarian delicacies are the tastiest of all. Just look around most of us eat meat. Even Brahmins have started eating meat. So keep your “I am vegetarian I am pious” ideology with yourself. Barbecued Mutton Ribs if cooked properly are better than sex. You dont believe it try it once.

    • Hi Indian,

      I”m not here to support non-veg or veg as religious principle. But as a environment thing. When you eat meat, that animal you eat needs some large amount of land where food is grown to grow that animal. For every animal you eat only 1/10 of the energy is transferred to you.

      So here in America, in the state of New York, if everyone was a vegetarian, it would take only 1/4 the size of New York to feed them. If on the other hand, everyone ate meat, it takes land that is 4 times the size of New York to feed them. First the animals must be feed grass/grain and water. And then humans can eat those animal.

      Keep in mind New York is much less dense than most places in India. Eating meat is a luxury.

      Again, I’m not here to support vegetarianism on religion or not eating beef or pork. I personally think if someone eats meat, why not eat all of them, including beef and pork (modern techniques are so advanced, nothing dirty about eating either of those animals). my point is meat requires a lot more resources. Very simple.


      • Yes Eating meat is a luxury. So those who can afford it can eat it. Your “requires more resources” argument is valid, but people like meat, they eat meat even though its cost is increasing. Their are other items of luxury as well people use them too. They have been eating it since they were living in caves. So please dont blame a non vegetarian for hunger and poverty, that’s total BS

      • Indian,

        I’m just saying in a country like India, people should be a little more mindful with eating meat. If the whole population of India ate meat, there probably would be civil war over food. Just be mindful of that fact. Have some self control man. Don’t act like an ass. I don’t think it is worth eating meat to allow a civil war. SO just for the sake of environment and social harmony being a vegetarian in India would be a good thing. Less dense places like the US or Russia, it’s a different story. I don’t think you are practical.

      • And your argument that it is tasty is a BS argument. It is tasty for you but not everyone thinks the same.

  • Very good article, even though my mind and taste buds unable to swallow many facts mentioned by you… My stomach will not digest almost all the facts…

    Hence, I request you to give some insight on consuming sea food as well…

    Thanx in advance.

    • Krishnam Raju garu, Namaste!
      I feel giving insights about consuming sea food will be more stuff for your stomach. Why don’t you think on meat eating itself and digest the points first. If you could understand the disadvantages of meat eating you have already realized the goodness of vegetarian food.

      Consuming meat of any living being is not good for body,whether it be chicken, goat, sheep, fish or anything. Just stay away from meat eating for few days and you will start realizing the divnity in you and will feel better in all respects.

      Dhanyawaadamulu meeku!

  • Please, don’t write “Life is beautiful”… Life is precious, yes, but not beautiful. A part if you are playing blind or deaf to the horrible events that goes around you and the world. In fact life is closer to hell than paradise.

  • I really impressed and agree with all the things (except on cow milk) mentioned here. I have one question/query not satisfied since many years and I don’t find any convincing answer here. I strictly believe that we must STOP drinking milk. Below are my arguments (many are taken from above article!)
    1) Vitamins we get from milk are available from fruits, vegetable etc…
    2) If you see how they produce milk by avoiding cow’s caves and if you have mercy you will stop drinking milk and all items made from milk.
    3) As per nature’s law everything in nature is optimized as per the requirement. So, cow’s milk must be for caves only and not for us.

    I will eagerly wait for your convincing solid answer.

  • Excellent article. I have a follow up question regarding the 1:9 ratio that you have talked about in the article. I am assuming you have put forward an average for it can not be the same for beef,pork,lamb and chicken as all of them have different diets. I am wondering if you have also taken into account the impact of fish. What i mean to say is does fish rearing also require the same amount of resources that would feed more number of people than fish would feed

  • Thank U Mr Sanjeev
    for valuable detail and reason to be a vegetarian
    though i m already a vegetarian yet i m overwhelmed by detail provided by you .
    A very crucial discussion about religion is going on … read it
    “yet until and unless u do not know your self u know nothing.
    and if u know nothing u come to know whole existence ”
    thank u .
    Love to all

    • Tales do not form basis of value-system aka Dharma. On contrary Dharma should form basis of tales. Tales have no authenticity. We cannot rely on them. But Dharma is logical, intuitive , scientific. We must build our foundation on that.

  • Agniveerji zakir naik is still propagating hatred on channel Peace Bangla ……..In west bengal ……….Please do something or it will be too late …………

    I have a question you say bollywood people r vulgar then why u include Amitab bacchan in your testimonial ???????????????????????……………tomorrow Dawood will say “agniveer is great ” and u will include him ??????????
    please answer

  • @ Everyone,

    This is a gem of an article. Agniveer should have come up with this a long time back. However, it’s never too late to initiate something good!

    Moreover, this article is enough to deter any thinking human being from murdering innocent animals either in the name of some religion or for satisfying their ‘tongue lust’.

    Still, if anyone of you are looking for some free good e-books on this subject for added motivation, inspiration and information, the following URL has some good materials which could be downloaded and passed on. Do have a look.

    Live life vegetarian.
    Ershad Hossain
    AUTHOR: “The Sermon of truth, peace, and happiness” & “Man, the king of his karma”
    4/3C, Orient Row, Kolkata-7000017, India. Mb#: (+91)9038414676/8013323913,,

    The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques,
    His Majesty Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saudi,
    The King of Saudi Arabia,
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Dated: 5th April 2013.
    Your Majesty,

    The Holy land of Saudi Arabia is regarded as the most sacred land for all Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world. The Holy Quran is the most sacred book for and revered by the Muslim communities all over the world.

    The Muslims were gifted the Holy Quran sometime 1400 years ago, which is regarded as final and complete commandments for all Muslims till the day of resurrection.
    In spite of the permanency of the commandments in this Holy book, many Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, have ignored many of the commandments and also banned many Sharia laws with the passing of time. Some of the commandments and allowances on the Muslims, which have been banned or relaxed are as follows:
    1. Sura- 70:29/30 Concubines, are no more popular with most Muslim countries.
    2. Sura- 4:3 Polygamy among Muslim men, are no more popular in many Muslim countries.
    3. Sura- 16:75 Slavery, are no more popular with almost all Muslim countries.
    4. Sura-5:38 Cutting of the right hand from the wrist joint of the thief is not popular with most Muslim countries
    5. Sura- 22:27 Hajj is only complete on foot or on lean camel, for people coming from distant land and ravine, has been relaxed to pilgrims coming to Mecca by air, sea and road.
    6. Sura- 5:51 Keeping friendship or taking/giving help to Christians or Jews are forbidden. Now Islamic countries are freely interacting and seeking help from Christian countries, like in Gulf war and technology transfer.

    From the above I conclude, with time, Islamic countries have been implementing or relaxing certain commandments from the Holy Quran to meet the need of time.

    My prayer to your Excellency, with folded hands, is to see the animal sacrifice during Hajj, in the same light as above and immediately ban the slaughter/sacrifice of animals. The money, about US$ 150 million, each year, going into sacrificing such animals may be collected and used for the benefit of Muslims across the world. I am sure Allah will not be offended with this decision and benefiting Muslim brothers and sisters across the world is a better way to uplift the Muslim community.

    While concluding my humble petition, I seek pardon, if in anyway, I may have offended Your Majesty, due to my limitations of being a human.



    CC: The Head of countries- For information.

    • I agree with some of your comments and disagree with some of your comments. Putting all that aside I want to address the idea about your religion and eating meat.

      You claim you are a vegetarian and wish it as the way for all people of your religion and yet follow your religion. Please tell me how do you reconcile the differences of hoping for a vegetarian world, but at the same time support a book that has verses and specifically mythological verses like this: 2:67 to 2:73.

      In this verse your own book tells of how your own god wants the jews to go sacrifice a cow. If your own god is telling you to do such a thing, how do you reconcile such differences.

      Here is a video talking about it:

      I respect your efforts for trying, but question is of personal nature and how do you reconcile it in your own mind and yet still be a muslim.

    • I know you said there are many things that are allowed in your book that have been relax or no longer followed. That might be the case, but at the end it still is allowing many of the things you have pointed out and even promoted. How do you, as a follower of that religion reconcile those harsh things which are not just accepted but promoted and followed ? It really does not make sense. The Vedas promote logical thinking and deny false ideas and accept truth. If a book claim and promote the things that are mentioned above by you, you have to take a strong stance and say you not only that you don’t accept those specific things, but deny any book that even accepts it, even if it is berried in your so called holy book. I’m not trying to be offense, but I state my statements out of the utter contradiction in your thought process, and as man of science and logic, reason, and truth, I can not accept your half truth.

  • Dear All!
    No person who has posted comments before me or who shall post comments after my post is going to accept that “My Mother is better than yours”.

    To me my mother is the best and to you your mother is the best. Mother is love. Same is the case with GOD/Allah/Ishawar. Lets confluence at one concept that we can seek Him only treading the path of truth and love, in our own individual ways.

    Regards to All Religions! I bow to all religions in great veneration!

    • Let not the cowardice of our forefathers affect us in our lifetime. Let us set the records straight. Let us accept that all religions are not the same. Let us accept that some Gods are biased and bigoted. Let us not be affected by the malady of political correctness. May God give us the strength of calling a spade, a spade.

      • Total agree with you on this. The biggest mistake Hindus make is all religions are the same. That not written anywhere in the Vedas. Vedas do say there are many paths to the One God, but it doesn’t mean ALL PATHS LEAD TO THE ONE GOD. And ignorant Hindus make ridiculous claims like all paths lead to God and in fact I found no evidence of that is any in the Vedas. Keep up the good work on this.

      • @ex muslim,youshould know that ali sina has been refuted in many points on and these sites and know the truth.thanks.

      • This is a Purva Paksha of islam by a Western scholar:

        I ask everyone to watch this video. One of the best online.

        So basically you have three major text of islam:

        1. Sira (Biography of momo aka mohammed) 26% of all three writings
        2. Hadiths (traditions) 60% of all three writings
        3. quran (so called word of their god) 14%

        Facts from

        Verses dedicated to war or jihad:
        1. Mecca quran (The verses that mohammed made there) dedicated to jihad: 0%
        2. Median quran (The verses he got there) dedicated to jihad: 24%
        Both books are combined as one now.
        3. Sira verses dedicated to jihad: 60%
        4. Hadith verses dedicated to jihad: 21%


      • rest of the information:

        Total average verses that are dedicated to holy war, jihad: 31%

        Amount of verses that are focused on the kafir (non-muslim or infidels):
        1. koran has 60% of its verses focused on non-muslims
        2. Sira has 80% of its verses focused on non-muslims
        3. hadiths 37%

        In all three books it is 60%. That means vast majority of the muslim texts is about the infidel. Why a religion have majority of its text focus on people who don’t follow islam at all. Isn’t that interesting. These are facts with lots of power and as Dharmic people, if we did our own Perva Paksha, we would have gotten these facts and a lot lot more. Please watch the video to see more details and great jobs this guys did. I was very impressed with the statistics he used. They were very powerful and put it down.



  • Agniveerji,

    If carniverous animals listen to your words then sure every animals will die.
    Big Fish has to depend on small Fish for their Survival bcoz natured created like that.

    You should go back to school and study of eco system. There is a dependency of one element to other , this is how eco system work. Creator (True God ) has created like that.
    If you stop eating cattle then cattle will finish of all the grass and food and whole system will be imbalance.
    Please apply some logic to your thoughts and guide your puppet to follow the true relegion of God and not GODS.
    You no need to be sceintist to understand what human beings require to eat, the creator who created us has prescribed what to eat and what not to eat.

    So please try to undestand the true relegion and you will get the answers.

    By the way you know, your old rishis and Shiv is also seen sitting on the skin of leapord or cheetha. And very important all the veg eaters seen carrying Leather bag, Leather purse , Leather foot wears etc , so from vegtables you are manufacturing that.

      • @All
        My Above Query about eating Gorilla Flesh comes out while I was refuting claims of Ali Sina
        Here is Ali Sina comment
        “Okay babies is a different story.

        Many animals seem to have a special feeling for babies that would like to save them. I saw a video of a cheetah saving a baby baboon from a hyena.

        Coco, the famous gorilla who could communicate with humans through sign language was once given a kitten. She loved the kitten but when she was told that the kitty was killed in an accident, she was seen crying just as we humans do.

        Animals are a lot closer to us humans that we want to acknowledge. Many of them are far more human than Muslims. It is not unheard of Muslims killing babies of the non-Muslims.”

        My reply to Ali Sina
        “@Ali Sina
        We can eat the animals flesh as prescribed by Holy Quran. Quran directs us which are the animals whom flesh we should consume and which are prohibited. I think Gorilla also can be consumed.”


      • Ali Sina writes me again
        Poor man! You either have no brain or no one has told you how to use it. You only follow the madman of Arabia without any questioning. If he says you can eat the meat of Gorilla, who is our closest cousin, you do it. If he says eat excrement, you do it. If he says fornicate your mother you do it. You have abandoned your thinking faculty. You are now a certifiable brainless zombie.”

        I again refute him
        @Poor Ali Sina
        “I am not awakened to read your comment. There are many people on the earth like you having mental disorder. As you say Gorilla your cousin, Hindu also claim cow is most beneficial animal of the world and they go so far and claim scientific benefit of cow dung, urine and milk and worship the cow as most holiest animal but that does not change the fact that Allah created such animals so that we could consume their flesh nothing more than it.
        Here is proof
        Some livestock supply you with transportation, as well as bedding materials. Eat from GOD’s provisions to you, and do not follow the steps of Satan; he is your most ardent enemy.”

      • To Slave
        you are f***ng retard. your entire quran is debunked by ali sina and you just keep quoting from it. I think you should be banned not only from websites but from the internet ( one of the best invention of kafir) too. You even dont seems to be a 10th grade pass.

      • Allah no where endorses meat to be beneficial for Muslims. It has been made “Jiaz” or legal for Muslims provided Muslims do their duty towards Islam. Please read 5:1. Islam started as vegetarian religion.

      • You see we don’t give a F**K about quran . It is for people who have ZERO intellectual capacity and cannot think for themselves . The fact Human digestion system has the ability to digest Human flesh. Does this mean we can eat human flesh?
        But the quran forbids that act. Allah is being Ignorant here. I ,being a normal human can find fault in Allah , This is the divinity of Allah…Foolishness

      • Dear Aditya,

        I would humbly request you not to talk trash about the holy Quran not because billions of people across the world revere it but because a good 10% of it contains some pretty good messages (even though the remaining 90% contains mockery of science, misogyny, abuses, etc)


      • @ Jin

        Hate begets hate. It’s not a good idea to treat cancer affected people that way. You’ll never be able to treat such people that way. Target the cause.

      • SorrY brother. Whatever the situation might me ,I shouldn’thave used vulgar words because that is not the vedic way. But even that 10% was given by other scriptures , sorry again

      • Muslims always attack the Christian concept of Original sin and the Hindu/Buddhist concept of Karma. So how do you explain innocent children being born with Aids or being born deformed? Is it “Allah’s will” to make innocent children suffer? Does he think it’s funny to create Hermaphrodites and Schizophrenics?

        Modern Muslims have religious conflicts with: Hindus in Kashmir; Christians in Nigeria, Egypt, and Bosnia; atheists in Chechnya; Baha’is in Iran; Animists in Darfur; Buddhists in Thailand; each other in Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen; Jews in Israel; Why is Islam involved in more sectarian and religious conflicts than any other religion today? In fact, why is Islam the only religion in conflict with every single one of today’s major world religions?

        Do you think it’s strange that Judaism and Christianity (the religions of those who are considered People of the Book) do not practice ritual circumambulation (e.g. circling the Ka’aba) to please God, but pre-Islamic Arab Paganism and Hinduism and Buddhism (religions older than Islam and accused by Islam of “paganism”) do practice ritual circumambulation?

        Kashmir is divided between India, Pakistan, and China. Why did Allah destroy the Pakistan-controlled part of Kashmir rather than the Hindu and Buddhist majority regions in the 2005 earthquake?

        Why does the Qur’an discuss extinct religions such as Sabians, while ignoring major religions such as Hinduism?

      • @Agniveer
        Every Muslim feels himself/herself unfortunate for not to be born in the life time of prophet to be slave of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It would have been matter of privilege to be slave of prophet (the best creation) of Allah for person like me.
        Do not you wish that you would have born in prophet life time and could have get chance to be slave of him?

      • Mr. Slave, pardon me, I would not liked to have been born during the time of the Prophet. Had I insulted other religions like the way we do in this blog, I am sure the Prophet would have slapped me hard for offending people of other religions. He always advised his followers to be courteous to all.

      • Muhammad said that anyone who knows the 99 names of Allah will go to Heaven. Does this apply to non-Muslims who believe Muhammad was a warmongering fraud and a paedophile?

        Muhammad’s father was named Abdallah (meaning Allah’s slave). Since Muhammad’s father was a pagan, aren’t you simply following a modified pagan religion?

        Pigs, which are in the family Suidae are haaram. Does this prohibition also include the unrelated New World animals such as the Javelina, in the family Peccary? Does this also include related animals such as the Hippos which are in neither family?

        Why didn’t Muhammad appoint a leader before his death to avoid Shi’ites and other sects splitting up from Sunnis?

        Why do some of you try to distance yourself from Salafis (or “Wahhabis”) in front of non-Muslims, when they are the most pious Sunni Muslims? Are you ashamed of the Salaf (first 3 generations of Muslims)?

        Why do you criticize Shi’ites for Mut’ah when Sunnis practice Misyar which is essentially the same thing?

        If Shi’ites are wrong, why did Allah allow Ali and his Shi’ite army to defeat the Sunnis at three separate battles of Bassorah, Siffin and Nahrawan?

      • @ Slave and @ Indian

        We ex-Muslims actually need people like you to show the world why radical Islam is such a dangerous political ideology. [Yes Islam is actually a (dangerous) political ideology and not a religion]

        @ Rest of the people

        There are two good documentaries on radical Islam – Fitna by Geert Wilders and Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West. Try to watch it and then you’ll understand why people like @ Slave and @ Indian say such things which no civilised man would say. Don’t blame them. They are affected by cancer; cancer of the brain caused by a sadist named Muhammad. No wonder Islam is at war with every other faith, including itself.

      • Hey Terrorist! you are advocating terrorism by supporting Kasab .
        And I doubt that Ali Sina debated you because any amateur can beat the Sh*t outta you .
        But anyway , you have been given the legal right to lie by islam…i meant the TAQQIYA

    • @Indian: blind men directing ones with sight 🙂
      humans do not eat savanna buffalo, has the savanna become devoid of greenery?

    • You wrote: “If carniverous animals listen to your words then sure every animals will die.”

      Our reply: We completely agree with you. Our posts are addressed to humans and not carnivorous animals. You may conveniently ignore the article.

      • You are running away from the words. I mean to say that there is natures law which you cannot change just by justification.You should understand and realise that.

        So if I ask you , plant does not feel pain ? then you will say no.And you will also say it has got life and living cells but does not feel pain. This is how you will mislead and fool your followers.

        Just like your Sri Sri Ravi.. He agrees to the fact that vedas speak of one God and God has no image but he also say that in each idols he can feel its presence.. this is contradictory to what they speak earlier. This is how they mislead the follower.

        Just a small suggestion, if you dont know then learn about true relegion of GOD and do not pull the your follower in the wrong path bcoz tomorrow during the day of judgement , you will be accountable for that. Your follower will point towards you.

        I will prey to Allah(SWT) to get you hidyaah and accept the true relegion of GOD.

      • @Agniveer and Indian brother
        And true religion is Islam. Allah is all merciful. He will forgive all sins of agniveer if he comes in true religion that is Islam. When I said while refuting Ali Sina & his stooges
        //Even Allah can not make you understand anything. I pray to Allah to send me in heaven nearby hell from where I can see from window of heaven severe and eternal punishment given to Ali Sina & his stooges in hell fire. It will give me eternal peace. How nice will be the scene when Allah will burn skin of Ali Sina & stooges again and again by regrowing it.//

        “Nonsense reply of Ali Sina to me ”
        //Dear Slave,

        I have bad news for you. I was in heaven and was given the chance to peep into hell. Muhammad is in hell. I say him in the lowest pit of hell. Only one other person was there. I could not see well as it was dark. They said he is Hitler. Sorry to disappoint you but I was told Muslims will be bused to hell and there is not going to be an interrogation. For every ra’lat of prayer they have recited to Allah the Devil, they will be tortured 100 times. How many ra’kat have you prayed so far?//

        Do such people deserve for any debate?

      • Dear Slave,

        Since when did Islam become ‘the true religion’?

        Dr. Ali Sina has exposed Islam as it is and no one has been able to refute his allegations. [The only thing which you people could do is malign Dr. Ali Sina but no one succeeds in disproving his charges against Muhammad]

        His work is scholarly and original and it is built upon logic. Even Zakir Naik is scared of him and has been avoiding him since the past decade.

        What were you smoking when you wrote such nonsense to Dr. Ali Sina? It doesn’t make any sense. No wonder Dr. Sina replied to you in that fashion.

        All of us are born ignorant but people like you choose to remain ignorant and die ignorant. No wonder Islam has become a mockery due to this.

        Adam, Eve, Heaven, Hell, Satan, Angels, virgin birth, etc. are good bedtime stories. Try explaining these to a 5 year old kid.

        Yours truly.

      • Brahman is even more merciful because even if you don’t follow him , he will bless you .Now throw your allah into the gutter

      • “Just like your Sri Sri Ravi.. He agrees to the fact that vedas speak of one God and God has no image but he also say that in each idols he can feel its presence.. this is contradictory to what they speak earlier. This is how they mislead the follower.”

        – How ridiculous it is for you sneak in a post about idol worship when this thread is about the consumption of animal meat. Since you have brought the topic up, I’ll address it. First of all, Vedas do not, nor does Agniveer endorse idol worship. But that doesn’t mean the Vedas or Agniveer consider people who practice idol worship sinners. We believe they will not reach Moksha and be liberated. If an idol worshiper is a good person and follows all the other aspects of Dharam, that person will be reincarnated until he or she eventually rejects idolatry and respects and understands God’s true nature. And that is the highest state of consciousness where God is infinite and everywhere: Omniscient, Omnipresent, and , Omnipotent.

        Like in this Vedic Mantra: “Dear God, we meditate to you the Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent one! The remover of all sin and ignorance; May you enlighten our intellect. (Yajur Veda 3:35)”

        Sri Sri Ravi has the right to his opinion, but we don’t agree with him. Be believe in the Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent one!


      • Next with regards to idol worship. Let us define what it is. We believe idol worship is not just praying to status or pictures or believing that God takes on limited forms, but we go deeper and bigger on what idol worship is. We take it to the true essence of what that practice is. And that is attaching yourself to any object or thing or person or direction or idea during your meditation or prayer to God. You should totally be free of that.

        So what your religion does is also idol worship according to the Vedas. The fact that you require a direction to pray to, a object to bow towards, and even mention, even recognize mohammed during your prayer (even you are not praying to him, but mentioning his name) is a form of idol worship. Even when you have to turn left and right and whisper to angels ears during your prayer is idol worship.

        Vedas ask us to focus mind, heard, Atman (the soul that exists in all living things) is the true way to connect with God. If there was anything such as sheirk in the Vedas it would not just include your definition of idol worship but also directional and geographical prayer, use of objects like black stones and cubes, mentioning of so called prophets names (Vedas do not recognized prophets it is man made idea), and whispering into angels ears (Vedas do not recognize angels it is a man made idea) and even graveyard worship.

        Vedas want us to free ourselves from these silly objects and focus only on God and that is it. And the best way to do that is through meditation/Yoga. This was also reaffirmed by Krishna, Buddha, and even the 10 Sikh gurus. All Sikh gurus recognized praying towards some cube in the middle east and kissing some black stone is not gonna get you closer to God. In fact it will only get you further away.

        Read about the Vedic God on this site:

      • Dear Indian,

        Have you heard of Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose? In modern history, he was the first to discover that plants have life. However, it is also a fact that plants have a lower level of consciousness.

        Sat-Chit-Ananda means truth-consciousness-bliss.

        God possesses all 3 – Sat-Chit-Ananda
        Souls have Sat-Chit
        Nature has Sat

        Now plants have souls too but they don’t have as much consciousness as an animal like a cow and a cow doesn’t have as much consciousness as a human being.

        Where is the disconnect?


    • Mr.Indian you could have very well said the same thing with due respect. Let me tell you something about logic. We do not eat dogs, cats, eagles, crows, sparrows, pigeons, vultures, rats, cockroaches, lizards and so many species, did they eat up all the food meant for mankind. Also, in regions like Rajasthan and Gujarat, in the vegetarian belts, does the cattle eat up all the grains and leave nothing for the people? the extinction theory is bogus. Coming to the leather bag and shoe theory, no these are certainly not made of vegetables, but the bad smell of the carcass which man calls meat dish are definitely camouflage by vegetables, like nutmeg, clove, cardamom, cinnamon etc. Otherwise, non-veg people will vomit on smelling the carcass.

      • Mr. Irshad,

        If you are true Muslim and read about quran then you should also know about the Surat Maiza, Allah(SWT) has clearly mentioned which are the lawful animals to be eaten and which are to be avoided.
        You better know why Alcohol and Pork is prohibited. I have full respect but you know misleading the people is the greatest sin.
        You no need to go to outside and search for the answers look at your body and realise what is the use of cannine teeth.
        You can be very good muslims just by eating vegtables but when you say its sin then ther comes question.
        Look at the big Fish , they have to depend on their own species (small Fish), God created them like that and you can argue and change it.
        veg or non-veg is least priority according to Islam but what you beleive in true God.
        95 % Hindus are worshpping stone which is against vedas , pass them true knowledge of God . Once they relaize about the true God then will understand what to eat and what not to eat according to his book.

      • @fake Indian

        —If you are true Muslim and read about quran then you should also know about the Surat Maiza, Allah(SWT) has clearly mentioned which are the lawful animals to be eaten and which are to be avoided.—-

        Oh really! Who will decide that who is a true muslim? What’s the criteria? What’s the meaning of Muslim & Islam?
        And what rubbish about, “Lawful” animals to be killed? Killing is itself unlawful to these creatures. What laws you’re talking about?

        —You better know why Alcohol and Pork is prohibited.—-
        Enlighten us, why are they prohibited? Keep in mind alcohol is also used for medical purposes. Don’t you find it ridiculous to banned it completely.

      • @Ashish B
        True Muslim(true human) are those who have full faith and prophet, Quran & Allah. Gandhi, Buddha, Dayanand, Krishna, were not true human because they were not worshiper and believer in prophet, Quran and Allah.
        Ajamal Kasab will be in heaven because he had full faith in prophet and allah as he read the Namaj also before going to be hanged but Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Buddha can not be in heaven how so much they may be good person because they were not believer in true God.

      • Sir, the first thing I will advise you is to write what is necessary. We all want to write, but if we do not write correctly, we lose our self respect and make a mockery of ourselves and our religion. By disrespecting The Buddha, Gandhi and other great people you are showing only your culture, upbringing and the narrowness of your thought. You should not bring religion in everything you write. Cannot you write a sentence without bringing religion into it? Cannot you for once show that you have some education apart from distorted view of your religion.
        Please note that meat eating is not compulsory in Islam, I hate repeating myself all the time. I have already given my views in this blog some few weeks ago please search and find it.
        As for me, being a true Muslim or not, I do not know myself, but one thing is clear, I am a true human being with love, compassion and mercy for one and all. For me being a true human being is far more important than being a true Muslim. Because, my brother, true Muslims are those sitting in Saudi Arabia who called the Christian male and female Soldiers from America and Europe(who came with alcohol and pork half naked, to this Muslim sacred/Holy land) to kill the Muslim brothers in Iraq. I do not want to be this kind of true Muslim. No, never.
        As for the canine to eat meat, our canines are not so developed like dogs and cats. Monkeys, which are closest to our specie, have canine, they are vegetarians.
        My Brother in Islam, please educate yourself in religious as well as worldly knowledge, this is the first call of Islam and the Prophet(pbu). Today like you, there are millions of Muslims who have divided Islam into over 100 sects, each one killing the other. This is no brotherhood or religion, it is savagery, barbaric and one thing is common to all these-ALL OF THESE KILLERS ARE NON-VEGETARIAN PEOPLE.

        Allah sanctions meat because it is good for health and we all must consume it and if we do not consume meat and consider it sin or immoral to consume; we are doubting in Allah, prophet and in Quran words. If you do not consume it is not issue but if you stop the others also to consume meat you are acting against Quran and Allah wish.

      • @Slave : I have simple and straight forward question to you : Al Quran Sura Al Bakr 2:66 onwards till 2:73 its said that if a dead man is hit with a piece of cow meat the dead will come back to life and sign his murderer
        can you make me understand the reasoning,practicality and science behind these Quranic Verses. Till now the so called TRUE Muslims, as you like to call them ,have not been able to answer my simple question.

      • Dear Indian,

        You’ve written “You no need to go to outside and search for the answers look at your body and realise what is the use of cannine teeth.”

        My notes: If you justify meat eating due to the virtue of us having canine teeth, then rape can also be justified because we have a penis.

        I know that you’re quoting the fraud named Zakir Naik who gave this example but even though this theory is entirely bogus and doesn’t deserve any attention, still it has been refuted in various places.

        Do me a favour. Search ‘Wiki-Islam’ for ‘Zakir Naik’. He gets naked there with his bogus theories.

        A humble request to @Slave and @Indian, Muhammad forbade (radical) Muslims to live in a kafir country and so please feel free to pack your bags and move to Saudi Arabia. You’ll get a nice audience there.

        Love and regards.

        Are u doubting in Allah and prophet? If Allah has allowed to consume flesh of cow, buffalo, goat etc. who are to raise doubts in it? That means you are not true Muslim. A true Muslim will follow the Quran orders without any hesitation and doubts.

      • Allah allowed you to consume meat, it is ok, but nowhere he said that meat is beneficial to Muslims. In the same way the Holy Quran is silent on flood, earthquake and lightning that may destroy Muslims as well. Take for example, your father may allow you to go to a movie, but that does not mean your father says movies are good for you. All evils are happening in this world by people who are consuming meat. Since the inception of Islam you will see Muslims are killing Muslims. Zubair, Ali, Hasan, Hossain, 12 Imams were all murdered by Muslims only. Today world wide Muslims are killing each other in the name of Islam and sects. What are we trying to achieve. Better we should keep quiet and learn good things from other religions. Have you ever tried to read the ancient Indian philosophies? unless you do not read and understand another religion what kind of judgement could you give. My brother in Islam, we can deliver judgement only when we are qualified, learned, knowledgeable, enlightened and above all broad minded. Islam requires us to achieve all these before anything else.

      • Can you prove Islam to be a bonafide/true religion? Then I can consider taking you seriously.

        1 of Allah’s 99 names translates as the Deceiver. Why would you believe in any such deity?

        If no one has seen Allah, its sex cannot be determined. Why do you still address it as a male?

        If circumcision is a command from Allah, shouldn’t it be mentioned in the Qur’an? And why did Allah not create us circumcised if he wants us that way?

        To this day there is sectarian conflict between Sunnis and Shi’ites in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Pakistan. Did Allah plan this?

        The Qur’an refers to alcohol as an “abomination” and “Satan’s handwork”, so why does the Qur’an also praise alcohol and emphasize the point that it is something found in heaven?

        The closer we get to the North and South poles, the longer our days or nights become. They can eventually extend for up to several months each, making the fourth Pillar of Islam impossible to practice without starving yourself to death. Was Allah unaware of the poles and Eskimos?

        How do you know that the angel Muhammad was talking to was from Allah and was not Satan himself?

        Yours truly.

      • @ Slave,

        I was browsing and was reading the article – Should India Give up Khashmir? where you wrote:

        “@Ali Sina
        Kashimir is Muslim populated state and all Muslim of Kashimir would like to go with Pakistan. India should give up Kashmir. Kashmir belongs to pakistan. ”

        My notes: You seem to be a Pakistan loyalist. You also seem to love to belong to them! Did you forget what the Arabs did to your forefathers and ancestors when they invaded India? It was the bloodiest holocaust in history. Timberline himself butchered 90,000 unarmed civilians on a single day including women and children. Women were denigrated, raped and captured and distributed as slaves. You are surely proud of that even though your forefathers were the one’s annihilated by the Muslim invaders. You are a traitor – not to India but to humanity. When you people go to Saudi Arabia, you are treated as second class citizens and classified as ‘barre sagheer”. Keep your 5th grade history to yourself. May almighty God empower you to use your grey cells.


    • Your comment about organism is argument for the sake of argument. Let us make one thing clear; so long you do not kill for the sake of killing innocent beings, it is OK. Things that are not within your control and power should not be considered in this site. “Why I do not eat meat” is the subject matter of this site. The father of the nation. Mahatma Gandhi said , we can reduce or minimize the incidence of Himsa in our lives but cannot completely eradicate it . This is true. Based upon this your question is answered now.

  • Agniveerji, yes many of my domains are about to be deleted. Other web providers are unable to help me because my web provider is not traceable, besides they have locked the code key too. I am trying to trace them before my web domains are deleted.

    • Unfortunately, unless you get access to the code, you cannot transfer the domain to another registrar. Do you have access to the content? How did you make the site? If you can provide some details, we can help you with a site that you can own fully. You can mail us at agniveer @ agniveer dot com. Remove spaces and replace dot with .

  • Agniveerji, my web provider is not available and many of my sites have expired and needs to be renewed. I got in touch with other web providers, they cannot do anything about it because the website key code is perhaps locked. I am in a fix. Shall find out alternative before deletion dates. regards Ershad

  • Agniveerji,
    I have a few more doubts .please considering my ignorance help me on the following points ..
    1. I live in malda (West Bengal ).Here meat consumption is at peak ….Now suppose a friend invites me for a food together and tells that he have arranged the vegetarian dish also .Now the query is whether I should go there or not ???? I know we must not hate anyone .If i attend the party then i would be responsible for supporting animal killing (even i eat only veg dish)and if i do not go ,my relation with my friend weakens….

    2. Should i even make friends with those flesh eaters ,,,smokers ,,,alcoholics,,,, bollywood and piracy lovers ,,,,,and so on ….

    3. Its very hard place for me to live …… seems i am alone on this earth ……

    4.some more light on vulgurity ——from films to adds ,sports ,almost every where it seems that women is a toy …….every where there is a nude picturisation ……even our favorite sport cricket is not safe with inclusion of cheer leaders in IPL……

    what does vedas say about increasing paap …Is it inevitable and will increase .

    • Namaste

      1. We need to look at things holistically. People eat meat out of habit or ignorance and not because they are ruthless. The way out is to set right examples and mould them. At times even example suffices, even when you don’t speak a word. Many people left their meat, alcohol just watching me even though I spoke not one word.

      So in my view, you should not avoid people just because they are eating meat. I normally avoid taking food at a place where same utensils are being used for serving veg food as well. I tell this politely. And people respect it. I thus restrict myself to some juices or water in such places. Never faced much problem.

      2. Make friends with everyone in this world. Everyone, except those who have malicious intent or who spread negativity. Don’t judge people on basis of food, dress or culture. But how much you interact with whom and in what domains of life must be smartly decided by you.

      3. Its the most enjoyable place to live, if you look from positive side. Accept what you have and humbly commit to improve your own mindset. Soon world will start changing for you. And never feel lonely. Because He is always there.

      4. Yes, it is true that vulgarity is a crap and almost entire society is affected by it. Our role models are all distorted. Cricket, Bollywood etc are big time wasters and sanskar weakeners. So it is the opportunity to prove yourself that you are a man among boys! Enjoy your aloneness without feeling lonely, relish your differences with stupid ways of the world, feel pride over the fact that the same crap that affects all does not affect you and be thankful to God that you have the ability to separate food from shit.

      Vedas say that in general as one progresses in path of spiritualism, he would get more and more alone. So make Ishwar your eternal partner (He already is, you need to realize). And enjoy. Remember, all this crap of world in which world indulges and which makes you feel inferior is very temporary. They vanish with slightest debility in sense organs. One day, everyone of these would cease to exist and nothing would go with them.

      But the sanskars you strengthen and association with Paramatma stays forever. Smart ones seek the permanent. Fools lust the temporary.


      • Each and every words of your is soothing …….I will try my level best to keep calm ……can u beleive it while I was typing this just a person quarreling with a lady just in front of my home ………………each and every moment is agony ………May god provide me the strenth

      • Omsun Agniveer has the balanced view. Be friends with people of all diet types. Choose your own diet and if you wish to influence others lead gently by example. Do not become one of those militant vegetarians who end up turning people off and thinking vegetarians are nuts. If you are comfortable please do eat with your friends of different diets. They will resent vegetarianism if it ends up terminating a friendship. I never make anyone feel uncomfortable for eating meat. I eat my vegetarian food and they eat their foods. If anything they are thoughtful and try to find places where there will be choice for me. In that way they too are expanding and thinking of vegetarian friendly though not exclusive restaurants that they may not have gone to before and ordering some vegetarian meals (and some separate meat dishes for themselves) to share with me that they may not have ordered alone. If they are ready and want to change they will do so. But you cannot force them. If they ask you questions about being a vegetarian answer them simply and without trying to make them feel uncomfortable. You be vegetarian and be happy. As for the other negative things in your life, let them go. Change your focus. The argument outside your place is not involving you, so never mind. Your focus is your choice. Exercise choosing the nice things in your environment and let the noise go. Try also going to nice places like a park, or somewhere you enjoy locally to change your surroundings for a little bit.

      • Arun, what you are suggesting is to maintain peace. This site is basically for people who advocate a staunch vegetarianism. I possibly can never reconcile myself with the idea of eating at the same table with carnivores. At family get together I generally leave them for an hour and return only after their meals are over. In marriage parties I have desserts but never compromise and encourage sitting at the same table where they serve carcass. I make no comments but maintain a low profile. In non-veg restaurants, I order for a soft drink. This way I have no arguments and peace is always maintained.
        My people cannot point finger at me for being a vegetarian because the health and strength I maintain at 62 yr. is incomparable and people are awestruck at my energy and strength level living on normal veg. food without additional milk or other excessive food supply to my body.

      • Arun, what you are suggesting is to maintain peace. This site is basically for people who advocate a staunch vegetarianism. I possibly can never reconcile myself with the idea of eating at the same table with carnivores. At family get together I generally leave them for an hour and return only after their meals are over. In marriage parties I have desserts but never compromise and encourage sitting at the same table where they serve carcass. I make no comments but maintain a low profile. In non-veg restaurants, I order for a soft drink. This way I have no arguments and peace is always maintained.
        My people cannot point finger at me for being a vegetarian because the health and strength I maintain at 62 yr. is incomparable and people are awestruck at my energy and strength level living on normal veg. food without additional milk or other excessive food supply to my body.

      • Dear Ershadji

        Has your site domain expired? If there are any issues, please let us know and we would be glad to help. If you so desire, we can provide you free space on our server to manage your site independently.

      • I think omsun should know as a vegetarian there are a variety of ways to interact with those of different diets. He can choose to be more particular or not. There are vegetarians who will only eat at vegetarian food only places or homes. Others who will eat at mixed diet restaurants and with meat eating friends. There is a range and he can then think about what he feels is right for him.

      • Thanks for all suggestions ………….Now there r certain things to look for
        Earshadji seems more rational by leaving the place of meat consumption …

        Arunji you go with your friends they eat non-veg and u eat veg.what u do when they use vulgar language in communication , what u do when they pass vulgar comments upon watching a girl ,,,,,,,,,I know u do not have cheap friends ….
        I want to convey that a person is known by the company he keeps …IT is next to impossible (as far i have observed ) that a flesh eater do not have other bad habbits …

        now when we attend a non veg party with a veg option ——–following questions arises———

        1.A sin is a sin whether done intentionally or unintentionally …According to agniveerji taking someone’s life is the worst sin …so how can a rational person tolerate that someone eating dead bodies in front of him …..
        2. Put forward all the reasons of being a vegan ,but ignorants will never understand ….
        3. we must try to stay away from those parties or restaurents as far as possible …..As agniveerji said we must relate with people depending on their attitude and domain ………we should be friends with everyone (hi hello type)but never support a single sin ….. so from next time try to know what the menu of party is ….we must prefer our god over a few delicious dishes ……….

        May truth prevail …………..Dhanyawaad ……….

  • corrected
    Now with plants there is great direct symbiotic relationship with human being they eat our potty, and use our dead bodies as fertilizer. We in many ways are part of their life cycle our potty is made into their next generation of plant life by the seeds contained, besides being good fertilizer..

    Now you eat a animal do you in anyway create animal life, are part of their life cycle, or are their direct food towards for that animal. Do animals want to be eaten most would run away if they had a chance, cry if pain felt.

    Only religious fanatics believe they have the right to raise animal for slaughter which is the number one reason for global warming, desertification, massive extinction period the greatest in the world history, beside a host of diseases.

    We genetically are descendents of monkeys who are mostly vegetarian meat eating raising animals for slaughter is a relative recent phenomena of religious fanatics..

    You seem not to understand Biology as the primary source of food is plant life, which through solar radiation is primary source of food for all animals. Without which there cannot be life. In all circumstances if there is animal life then there will be abundant or more plant life to support them, so one in all environment can be vegetarian. The biggest and strongest animals are all vegetarian, only those ferocious animal are meat eater with less stamina.

    Human must eat vegetables/grains without they cannot survive this is biological fact there is no requirement of humans to eat meat.

    In Kilahara Desert in Africa the local tribal there living off the land could identify over 300 different varieties of vegetables to eat more then we find in local market in a desert Now you say your ignorance lack of knowledge of PLANT LIFE WHICH PRIMARY SOURCE OF FOOD FOR ALL LIVES. This is the dark age and human depravity will justify the most deprave thing like eating dead bodies, and taste of blood. We cannot expect too much from humans of this age who justify genocide, who justify this great extinction period as anything progressive. Eating animals raised for slaughter is the great crime and immorality cause of all the worlds ills which is not hunting or fishing but the great cruel crime of raising animals for slaughter must stop.

  • Namaste Guys,

    I think you guys are mistaking what I’m saying. I do believe being a vegetarian is very noble thing. And there is pressure in many areas of society to not be a vegetarian and I think that is a sad thing for us all.

    The examples I gave were just some examples. There are many more examples where people don’t have a choice and must eat meat. I also mentioned in times of war when you or your army or followers are being hunted down and you have nothing else to eat except meat. I know Guru Gobind Singh was in the forest with a few of his Sikh army and they had nothing to eat. So they killed their horses so they can survive. I also know during the Nazi occupation of Germany the Jews that escaped were able to make it in the forest. Winters in the forests were very freezing and only animals was available to eat. So that is what they ate. It was either die from not eating meat in the cold, or killed in a gas chamber by the Nazis.

    Extraordinary circumstances are out there where it is acceptable to eat meat. And I know you will say there were some great saints that still refuse to eat meat when they were in those circumstances. Well that is great for those saints, but I’m an average man. And I’m sorry, but I will not stop any or even consider them bad or evil because they choose to eat meat in extraordinary circumstance. If you wish to still refrain from that, that is your choice and I would never force you to eat it. But I disagree with you passing judgement on someone who wishes to for survival.


    • Continued
      And the example of eating flush being equated to eating people is ridiculous. It is like saying plants have cells and human do too, so when you eat plants it is like eating a human. humans and potatoes share over 50% of the same DNA, so you are eating humans when you eat a potato. Totally ridiculous. I don’t buy it. I know our scriptures say all the living things have Atman in them, but from my understanding it also clearly says there is a hierarchy of species. And humans are at the top. I don’t believe we should go abuse everything even though we are at the top, but I do believe we made it there through our good deeds and needed experiences and have the opportunity to use the thing around us with good intentions and situations.

      And just because someone eats meat does not make them a bad person or even spiritually less of a good person at all. I know many good people who eat meat that are Hindus or Sikhs or Buddhists who are very very good nice loving people who respect and love humanity as their brother and sister. And they wish peace and harmony and all that good stuff.

      Having said that, I still do believe that vegetarianism is a very noble thing.


      • Now with plants there is great direct symbiotic relationship with human being they eat our potty, and use our dead bodies as fertilizer. We in many ways are part of their life cycle our potty is made into their next generation of plant life by the seeds contained, besides being good fertilizer..

        Now you eat a animal do you in anyway create animal life, are part of their life cycle, or are their direct food towards for that animal. Do animals want to be eaten most would run away if they had a chance, cry if pain felt.

        Only religious fanatics believe they have the right to raise animal for slaughter which is the number one reason for global warming, desertification, massive extinction period the greatest in the world history, beside a host of diseases.

        We genetically are descendents of monkeys who are mostly vegetarian meat eating raising animals for slaughter is a relative recent phenomena of religious fanatics..

        You seem not to understand Biology as the primary source of food is plant life, which through solar radiation is primary source of food for all animals. Without which there cannot be life. In all circumstances if there is animal life then there will be abundant or more plant life to support them, so one in all environment can be vegetarian. The biggest and strongest animals are all vegetarian, only those ferocious animal are meat eater with less stamina.

        Human must eat vegetables/grains without they cannot survive this is biological fact there requirement of humans to eat meat.

        In Kilahara Desert in Africa the local tribal there living off the land could identify over 300 different varieties of vegetables to eat more then we find in local market in a desert Now you say your ignorance lack of knowledge of PLANT LIFE WHICH PRIMARY SOURCE OF FOOD FOR ALL LIVES. This is the dark age and human depravity will justify the most deprave thing like eating dead bodies, and taste of blood. We cannot expect too much from humans of this age who justify genocide, who justify this great extinction period as anything progressive. Eating animals raised for slaughter is the great crime and immorality cause of all the worlds ills. We are not talking hunting or fishing but the great crime of raising animals for slaughter must stop.

      • To everyone who has written to me. I really thank you for your responses. You guys have really been great. I don’t share your opinion on this specific topic but I do share with you guys that being a vegetarian is a noble thing. I do think it should be promoted. Having said that, I still disagree with you guys in the areas I mentions. Our Vedic faith does leave room for debate and discussion. I enjoyed debating and discussing with you guys on this topic, but I still disagree. I consider all of you my Vedic brothers and wish to still continue to spread the message of the Vedas as the Vedas instruct us to as in:

        “O man desirous of acquiring knowledge; approach a learned and wise person who is truthful in mind, word and deed, who observes non-violence and who gives good knowledge to all men of friendly nature. Approach him and get your doubts cleared. After getting correct answers for your questions and doubts from him PREACH TO OTHERS ALSO. Keep yourself far away from him who is no learned, is jealous, deceitful and selfish.”

        – Key part here is PREACH TO OTHERS ALSO.

        Rig Veda, Mandal 1, Hymn 4, Mantra 4.

        Our Vedas ask us to preach our message to everyone. It is very clear to be missionaries.

        This copy of the Vedas was translated by Acharya Dharma Deva Vidya Martanda and published by Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1993.

      • @krishnarao

        I very well understood your point of “Extraordinary circumstances to eat meat”. But I streched it bit more & asked you “what one should do when there is nothing to eat except each other?”. Afterall you said, Survival is priority. But offcourse you got it wrong. I am not comparing potatoes with human life, for more clarity refer the ‘Life is Beautiful’ point of this article. We should strive hard for surviving but not at the cost of our principles. Point to ponder was what if based on same logic people start eating each other after all the options get exhausted. If that’s wrong, then how come eating animal’s meat(at that situation) is not?

        I am afraid its not me but you who are giving an excuse to animals abuser(for whatever reasons) coz there is no limit to these ‘extra-ordinary’ claims.
        Animal testing is one of them.

        And no where I said that all the meat-eaters are bad guys but certainly they’re WRONG. We were discussing a decision, a scenario not people. no?
        So, I request you to not to put words in my mouth.

        As someone said there is a thin line between being an ordinary man and an extraordinary. Now, its on that particular person if he wants to live by taking other’s life or sacrificing his own. Just kill the animal & live like an ordinary man or be a legend.

        I rest my case here, may be our priorities’re different. There is no point in discussing this thing more. Thank You.

  • OVERHEARD: “Man had been eating meat since prehistoric times. I do not know why people are against killing animals for food”. I told him, man had been roaming naked during the prehistoric times should we be running naked now also?. With time we have civilized ourselves by covering our body. In the same way, we should be civilized by not killing animals for food. Non animal foods are in plenty for all of us.

  • Dear All ,

    LOINS , TIGER ” GOD MAKES their Stomach to digest raw meat ”
    they are not taking Veg Food . they are eating Non veg throghout life
    depended Only on Non -Veg

    DOGS ” – able to take Veg as well as Non- Veg.

    MAN – Now u have mind ” you can put your’self in any of above catagories .
    Non-Veg ( You can’t put yourself in Lion or Tiger catagorie ”
    because without Vegitarian you could not survive a 1 week )
    So you are dependent on veg bco’s your stomach digest Veg only .

    ” So my dear frients

    The common thoughts about vitamins protein available in meat …are spread by other countries to break India hindu religion .
    Same thing like Cigratte , Wins are spread by media’s through action hero’s Advertisments .
    Media not say ” how many dieases will acquire by person who are eating Meat” .
    how many bacteria’s in Chicken Mutton ( Dead body’s of animals) which create dieases in human body .
    ” This is the finest of Hindu religion ” that it not advice for eating Dead Body’s of animals ”
    Hindu religion gives Equal right’s to all living being’s ” So we have not to Kill innocent animals ”

    ” True ” – if you see the countries ” Which are taking meat in their life ” check their Health Status ” you will find they are Fat , Heavy , not able to walk , so many dieases in their public ” Now that’s countries are coming back to Vegitarian Food , they changes their food to Vegatria , bco’s it contain Low FAT high vitaimins .
    India has to take example with that countries “.
    but true thing is ” Veg food have enough Vitamin ” and consider as complete Diet “

    • It does make sense not to eat meat. But we need to keep in mind that not everyone lives in an area with a farm or access to veggies. There are tribes and people around the world that are isolated, in very barren land, and the only thing to eat is animals.

      So it is very noble thing to strive to be a vegetarian, but I also want to put some practical thought into the whole thing.

      There are people in Alaska (In the USA) that live in very cold areas of the world. It is icy most of the year and all they can eat is fish or whale. In Russia, in the Siberian area, there are small tribes that live in very cold or blizzard like weather and all they have to eat is rain deers. There is no way anyone can grow a farm there in that kind of condition. And from my understanding of Rama or Krishna or Guru Gobind Singh or any of those great people, they ate meat like deer or horse when they were out in the forest and there wasn’t any farms or other forms of food.

      If we have the will power to do so, we should try to be vegetarians. But if we are in an environment where there is no choice, we should eat meat to survive.

      • Sir, for the moment if we only concentrate on vegetarianism in India, we will see justification in Indians being vegetarians. Vegetarianism, internationally will come later.

      • I hope you didn’t take my comments the wrong way. I do believe vegetarianism is a noble thing to do and is not easy for everyone. I respect people’s choice to take that choice. My point was, there are some people worldwide that live in conditions where vegetarianism is not possible. Or when people are put in certain environments they have no choice, but to eat meat. Good example would be when Guru Gobind Singh was with his followers in the forest while regrouping to fight the evil empire at the time, they only had meat to eat. So that is what they did.

        I was just making a point that when you or anyone is in a certain condition or place where vegetarianism is not possible it is okay to eat meat. If the person has the will power, non-meat items should be first choice. If there is no choice than sure, eat meat for survival. I hope you understand what I was saying.

      • That is funny and what do the animals eat?, Well their much more varieties of food in a jungle then even in city? Why? Well more diversity of life so more varieties of food. hunting animals is not so easy as eating vegetables which is everywhere to be eaten, but one must know the varieties of food in a jungle to know there are much more to eat. See city folks would not understand, best way to survey for meat eater in jungle is eating insects as that is the only thing they are probably going to catch, but for an vegetarian there is almost everything to eat and much more then the local market, but still you must know what to eat.

      • Namaste Sanjay,

        You made some excellent points and thank for your post. There are many areas where you can eat veggies and get by or do very well. But there are some areas of the world where it is not so easy to just get by. In some areas there is just grass, which human digestive system can not process. But there are animals that eat that grass. And a good example of this is in Siberia, Russia. This area has mostly snow, with little spurts of grass, that rain deer can eat, but not humans. But the humans can eat the rain deer. Please look it up on the internet.


      • @krishnarao
        We must proceed in evolutionary approach …..1. full vegetarianism in India.
        2.spreading the msg to whole world .
        3.when 1 % people (siberia tribes ) will remain they they will be transported the veg food .or they should should to be transferred to a place where veg is available…
        Isn’t it so simple

      • Until they get the veggie food in the Siberia area, the tribe should be able to eat meat. And this goes for people who are also in a bad situation and the only food available is meat. But I do agree eating as a vegetarian is a very noble thing.

      • Krishnarao,

        The primary source of food is from plant life as it makes food from the basic sunlight, water, and CO2 that is learned in biology. Without which no animal could live. Either animals are direct consumers of plants or indirect consumers of plants through eating other animals.

        Second point no human can live without eating vegetables this biological fact about human being, and human being can live without eating meat. It is easier to pack one kg Daal and live off it then try to kill an animal.

        One thing may not understood is the environment, I read once Nisa a Klung women who lived in kalahari desert. Nisa who had know her environment and eat over 300 varieties of plants in a desert knew which part and season they occurred more then variety then a city person. This intricate knowledge of environment allows survival, and since they were hunter gathers occasionally ate meat they hunted but were mostly vegetarian.

        But the staple to human diet is grain not meat and that is required to survive. In Siberia it may makes sense that some might want to supliment their diet, but still there is a defect without vegetables humans can not live. If there are large animals so it must be enough plant life to support their life like your example of deer that is vegetarian. They don’t live off grass alone, and there is always much more varieties of plants/vegetables in the wild then commonly known. Humans don’t live in Antarctica and only visit so they can bring grain too.

        Indian culture is basically fearful as meat eating breeds arrogance of superiority, this defect and lack of humanity does not allow for access to heaven so easily so activities looked down upon and not necessary and the food of leads to bad qualities.

        Biggest defect is the immoral activity of raising animals for slaughter, which you may not understand is slavery, so cruel so inhuman that is cause of environmental disaster, the great extinction period/global warming/desertification, in which unnecessary food grains to be used to feed the animals then us which is inefficient and puts too much land under cultivation and creates pollution and diseases. This immoral activity is not about meat eating to survive, but about meat eating to satisfy the taste for blood which such savage and cruel practiced are utilized which is cause of most serious problems facing the world, desertification, global warming, the great extinction period

        I morally object to anyone raising animals for slaughter and find it repulsive, Hunting and fishing I have not so many objection as at least the animal had a life of freedom not of cruel slavery. .

      • @krishnarao

        I disagree with you brother. One should avoid killing of innocent at any cost. If one doesn’t find any food for himself, he better leave that place. But killing is not a solution. There are also many references in Indian Histroy when people didn’t eat meat even in life threatening conditions. Some survived, some didn’t but they indeed set an example.

        If we go by your theory then, even one should not feel hesitant to eat Human flesh as a last resort (assuming there is no animal meat & vegetation available). Even animals don’t do that, though they’re less intelligent than us.

      • Brother Ashish you snatched the words from my mouth. Good comment. As a child I heard people say, when one goes to a cold country, it is necessary for one to live on meat and alcohol. When I went, I didn’t need either and survived normally.

      • It is general illiteracy that makes you state such comments there will always be more vegetable life then animal, and the primary source of food vegetable/seed grain will be there in all places that human lives. Please read about the vegetable life in Siberia and arctic. There is wide variety of food available and natives eat those food.. You can survive well on a vegetarian diet but that takes knowledge of subject of botany. You can not survive on only meat and better look for your veggies. In fact the Western culture has made meat eating more prevalent as traditional culture had much use of vegetables.

        Vegetable foods in Arctic area.
        The necessity of vegetables for survival even in artic

        Again the example of the plane crash in Andes where they ate each other first before even looking a few kilometers to find food nearby an resort. Is an example of depravity of mind associated with meat eating without meat one can survive and well just takes knowledge of Botany.

    • Dedb can u eat raw rajma raw rice raw wheat ? if u eat then u cant survive for a week so result is you should abstain from veg.
      can u eat raw grass with cow?

  • Another question. I am a vegetarian and I don’t support eating non-veg. But there is one thing that I would like to know. While it is true that huge lands of forests are cleared for making pasture lands for breeding cattle, it is also true that forests are also cut down for agriculture. Excessive agriculture also spoils the soil and leads to soil erosion, apart from deforestation. Excessive demand of vegetables had led to utilization of fertilizers that support plant growth but which are really harmful for the soil. If there is more demand for vegetables (due to any reason) then there will be a higher utilization of these harmful fertilizers. These days even genetically modified fruits and vegetables are available in the markets. What is the solution to these problems?

    *TO non-veg eaters* : Please don’t use this as a point to defend your habit of eating non-veg. That is NOT the purpose of this question. I do NOT vouch for non-veg consumption. This is a genuine doubt. My facts MAY BE WRONG, since I am also not much more than an ignorant person who does a lot of wrong things without knowing. I am seeking to correct myself and also seeking to put up a strong argument against people who support eating non-veg. Since I think that this is one of the points that may be raised in the argument, I am asking an answer for this question. I am not supporting non-vegetarianism nor am I doubting vegetarianism as a principle.

    • Most of agriculture goes into feeding the animals raised for slaughter. If we stop raising animals for slaughter most land would not be use for agriculture, and we would have enough resources to feed over 100 billion people on a vegetarian diet, with no famine or malnutrition as of today. So obviously most land would revert back to forest on vegetarian diet, and the current extinction period would disappear.

      Remember to produce a pound of meat how many pounds of food is required which is very inefficient and could feed several people instead.

  • Hello
    Mr. Agniveer or Mr. Ershad…please answer the question by “omsun”. I really wish to know the answers to those questions. I have been looking for the answers since a very long time.

    ***OMSUN’s questions***

    ///Agniveerji thanks for your enlightening advice .But considering my ignorance please help me on this points …
    1.99% of world believes “KYA FARK parta hai Sabhi karte hain “…only 1% (SAAYAD) thinks we should work for the betterment of society .So what is reality we will die crying for “Accept truth and reject all pity ego and falsehood ” and those selfish people with no restriction continue to do whatever they want .Again if i am acheiving salvation through good deeds wouldn’t it be my selfishness to leave my brothers and sisters in trouble here .

    2.You say about law of karma .NOW when i here about a rape of 7 year kid what should be the conclusion .(a)i should have sympathy for her (b)the girl is paying price for her law of karma I should not bother ….”mujhe kya lena dena ”

    3.Agniveerji u and your team all r yogis .I do not understand how a person can be unaffected by incidents around him ….and continue to work normally. people are learnt and now working for the cause of country .But we r only students.You have money ,power,knowledge …we have none …so does it mean we cannot contribute ……

    Dhanyawaad ///

    Kindly answer

    • Although someone will come up with a better answer, i would like to justify your questions by my logic.

      1. I dont agree on your “99%” belief, though I hear the same thing all the time “kya farak pardta hai” or “aisa hi chalta aaya hai aur chalega”. I define such things as a cowardliness. I often get angry on my friends and even on my family when they tell me to mind my own business only.

      God has given human being – 1 body, 1 soul. Body and soul are created to make love and not to hate. Now if 1 body/soul hurts more, say 10 bodies/souls, its called a loss at Gods side. if you dont stop the bad ones, more souls will be affected. Its a bad maths to allow hurting of 10 souls by just 1.
      I dont agree salvation can be achieved by living a ‘sadhu’ life. Salvation can be even get by doing duties like Arjun did. If a robber enters your home & threatens you and your family, you just cant hold a cardboard paper saying “hey we are the follower of Gandhi Ji’s ahimsa, please leave our home”. Its your duty to protect your family, even though it leads to ahimsa.

      2. Answer to this, I would also like to know from Agniveer team. Karma is really a complex mathematics of human deeds of past and present. However i have seen that bad karmas of parents somehow affect their kids, but raping a child is something I can’t understand. I think your first question contains the answer when people dont care about bad things happening around, it could finally affect them too.

      3. Agniveer can give you proper answer.

      4. You are discouraging yourself talking like this. Bharat has history full of patriotism and you think you can do nothing…. Strange! A brahmin yogi called Chanakya defeated an invincible magadha with just brain power.
      The last thing you can do is to share thoughts of agniveer with your family and friends.


      • Thanks to all for paying attention to my questions….now all my doubts r clear …..It will really boost my confidence…….

      • @omsun – And yes, i forgot to inform you that you should search how Agniveer came into existence.

    • 1. When u try to change world, in reality, you are trying to change yourself. No one can change anyone else. One’s own deeds bring the change. And one of such deeds to change oneself is to try changing the world. Swami Vivekanand was told that changing society is like straightening the bent tail of dog. Its impossible. He replied, “Maybe true, but if you try so, you will strengthen your own biceps!”

      There is no selfishness here. Please note that divine laws run on merit and not socialism. You can bring a horse to water, but can’t force it to drink. Further, salvation can’t come in isolation. If you take sleeping pills, you will never commit any crime. But that does not make you yogi. To be yogi, you must be active, dynamic, interact with world gifted to you and strengthen your sanskars to be immune to nonsense around.

      2. Indeed, whatever happens to anyone is as per one’s own karma. Your next moment is calculated as Integration of all karmas (thoughts) till the last moment. Consider it like a Markov Process. You find yourself in wrong environment depending upon your karmas. So if you don’t fight against rapes, you are inviting bad karma yourself. One can resolve to do rape and thus invite bad karma. whether he actually rapes or not is immaterial. Now whether he is successful in raping or not depends upon karmas of the victim. This is at a universal level managed by Ishwar where he associates people and situations that complement in karmas. That is why He is a manager. That is His duty and we cannot interfere.

      However if we relax and say that we must do nothing as she got what she deserved, then we are inviting bad karma. Because not being proactive in eradicating evil is also bad karma. Our good karma lies in putting best efforts to make a just society and yogic personality. Divine justice is not our domain, but human justice is. So if any child is raped, from divine standpoint God ensures that Atma is unaffected by what happens to mortal body and plans its best path. But if we take such incidents silently in society and don’t fight against it, we are inviting bad karmas. Remember, As you sow, so shall you reap.

      3. It all depends on how much you love your goal. When you are engrossed in your passion, rest of things get automatically ignored.

      4. Instead of thinking what you don’t have, consider what you have and start from there. If we had also thought like this, we would never have had started this. There is a lot that each of us can do. And Ishwar promises to help them who take path of virtue with positivity. But it depends upon how much passion you have for listening to your inner voice.

      • How does that cycle of karma end? Suppose in some life time, A hurts B. So A does negative karma against B. Now B is hurt by A because in some life time B had done bad to A. Again in the next life time, B hurts A because A had hurt B. Then again in the next life time A gets the right to hurt B and then that goes on and on and on. And suppose forgiveness is the end to it then is it right to forgive someone who has done something very very very bad to you? Injustice has to be fought right? Where does it start and where does it end?

      • It is not A vs B. It is simply that if you do something wrong, you will get something wrong. How you will get, through which media is all managed by Ishwar. So it is not that if A hurts B, B will have chance to take revenge on A. If A hurts B, A will bear the consequences through any method managed by Ishwar. And B faced the trouble because he deserved it as per his deeds till last moment. Forgiveness is a noble virtue because that breaks you from patterns of sanskars. But forgiveness has to be viewed holistically. If you forgive a criminal so that he commits more crimes, then you are being unforgiving to rest of the world.

    • First thing first, if a 7 year girl is raped, we cannot kill the rapist because we will land up in prison. Law has to take its own course. I see cattle being taken for sacrifice, sometimes in inhuman conditions, I only tell the person very politely to gently treat the animal. Sometimes, I feel like killing the person and at other times beating them. When the law is in his favour we cannot, but bear up with the torture and torment on animals. If I am physical I will land up in prison. So you have to first understand that life is not all that easy for people who genuinely feel for the animals, it is extremely frustrating for them, more so when you had been witnessing such barbaric acts year after year for over 60 years, as in my case.
      Secondly “KIYA FARQ PADTA HAI” syndrome is for those who are parasites and opportunists. Protesting in a civilised society does not mean I will come out with an AK47 or any sword and chase those who are guilty.
      Lastly, against all your queries is my example of Abraham Lincoln, the President of USA who lost his life but abolished slavery in the US which was later adopted by other countries and slavery was completely abolished throughout the world. In the same way a time will come when animal sacrifice, torture, inhuman treatment and farm breeding will all end world wide. Agniveer and others are working in the right direction. The people in this post does not subscribe to the philosophy of ” KIYA FARQ PADTA HAI” They are achievers, may be delayed, but sure. JAI HIND!

    • Dear Dev, for each one of us (Manusha) , prakriti( material things/ putgala) is unlimited logically, because our life in this world is limited. Each one of us live in our own world for a limited span of time, so each one of us can experience an unlimited amount of prakriti, because of quantum of prakriti is much more than how much we can see, feel, acquire or enjoy. Please also read the Sankhya sutra by Kapil. Pardon me if I am wrong somewhere.

      • thanks for ur reply ershad but really i meant to ask if god has unlimited/limited capacity when it comes to prakriti?

      • Dev, it is unlimited because of the very fact the universe has no end. All the material things we see and feel in this universe are Prakriti. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • one must know whts veg n nonveg. Plants r also having life then what means veg. Our saints taken fruits n some vegitables only- the pure veg. And before picking it up they prey to the plants to forgive them for the himsa

    • Tell me one thing Mr Vijaykumak, when you cut any vegetable will you feel the same way when you kill a goat, a cow or a chicken? Definitely not. A person asked me the same question; I asked him if he felt the same cutting a vegetable/fruit and killing an animal, if yes, then why does he cover his head, face the west and take the name of Allah while slaughtering an animal? this he does not do while cutting veg./fruit! Definitely he feels differently while killing both different types of lives. QED

  • Agnimitra(25th Feb”13)your comments are shameful. If you are thin and weak, it must be because of your karma. I squat with 300lbs in the gym. I live on normal food of 4 slices of bread in the morn + tea, a small amount of rice in the afternoon with veg. then 3 table spoon of sattu at about 4pm and two small rotis and veg at night. Day after day this is my meal. I AM OVER 60 YEARS. Want to see my physique ask for a photo. I walk faster than most people around and work almost 12 hours.

  • I principally agree with you that everybody should try vegeterian food. Nonveg food could be tried in case of crises(Aaptdharma). Ahimsa is pricipally good but not for all time. Vedic culture does not say that himsa should not be happened at all. Ancient yadnya yag was with hinsa.See the Ashwamedha yadnya by Shri ram and Pandavas. See the story of Harishandra & Shunshep in Kathopnishad where Shunshep was sacrificed for Lord Varuna. Total hinsa is sin and total ahimsa is also sin.

    • Does that allow you to kill animals and eat meat Mr Anand Joshiji? If you, belonging to the Sanatana Dharma, call Ahimsa a sin, I have no words to describe your comments. But let me tell you very very politely, people like you are responsible for the corruption in the Indian dharmas. Distorting and misinterpreting religious history and events only shows your wide knowledge which is going astray and not towards any meaningful purpose. This is why India is marching ahead with mass religious conversions all over the North Eastern states and other poor states. People like you are responsible for this. You have a large database of religious knowledge but you are using it to encourage cannibalism and violence called himsa

      • 100% muslims & christians are eating nonveg. Zorastrian parsi who were following vedic traditions are eating nonveg. Jews,Budhist in North eastern states & neighbouring countries are eating nonveg.Even Budha was died after eating pork. 90% hindus are eating nonveg food. Extreme ahinsa is not useful to run a state or nation. Eating the medicine to kill the germs in human body is hinsa. Eating of curd having bacteria in it is hinsa. Killing of evil peoples is ahinsa. We have to think about the proper meaning hinsa & ahinsa.

      • @ Anand Joshi ,

        Your claims (and comments) are laughable.

        You said “Ancient yadnya yag was with hinsa.See the Ashwamedha yadnya by Shri ram and Pandavas. See the story of Harishandra & Shunshep in Kathopnishad where Shunshep was sacrificed for Lord Varuna.”

        I’m sure you are influenced by the Vedic translations of western indologists. With regards to the four Vedas – Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda, the Vedic translations of almost all western scholars like Prof. Frederich Max Muller, Ralph T.H. Griffith, Maurice Bloomfield, William Jones, Monier Monier-Williams, Arthur Anthony Macdonell, Horace Hayman Wilson, etc. are simply trash items. One should be wary of using this junk for discovering Vedas. These indologists were rogue Christian missionaries and conversion ‘viruses’. All these translations are based on either Saayan or Mahidhar. Mahidhar was the first person to invent the custom of animal sacrifice in Vedas. He translated Yajna as a place of sacrifice without any reason. Any ancient Rishi has never translated it like this. This is opposite to grammar too. Yajna means the act – which is done for the betterment of others. There is no place whatsoever for such barbaric rituals in Yajna. Therefore, the translation of the Vedas by Acharya Saayan, Mahidhar, Uvat, Bhattacharya, the above mentioned western indologists and other like minded scholars are to be treated as incorrect and misleading and hence they should be dumped. Remember, books, like friends, should be few and well chosen.

        You stated “Total hinsa is sin and total ahimsa is also sin.”

        That is an ambiguous statement. As per Vedic literature, there are Five Aggressors.

        God does not punish those who act to protect themselves from aggressors.

        There are five aggressors; those who give poison, those who set fire to a house, those who attack, those who steal land and those who kidnap women.

        When one engages in violence to defend himself from these aggressors, there is no karmic reaction, because it is righteous to protect one’s body, house, land and women.

        You stated “100% muslims & christians are eating nonveg.”

        The gentlemen above you, Mr. Hossain, is a vegetarian and the owner of and I have countless friends from different faiths who are vegans and so please tell us how you arrived at the 100% figure.

        You stated “Zorastrian parsi who were following vedic traditions are eating nonveg.”

        As per Zend Avesta, their teaching is diametrically opposite to the Vedas with some commonalities.

        You said “Even Budha was died after eating pork. ”

        Buddha passed away either due to body reaction to a dish of wild mushroom or mesenteric infarction, a symptom of old age, rather than food poisoning.

        You also said “Extreme ahinsa is not useful to run a state or nation. Eating the medicine to kill the germs in human body is hinsa. Eating of curd having bacteria in it is hinsa. Killing of evil peoples is ahinsa. We have to think about the proper meaning hinsa & ahinsa.”

        Please refer to the five aggressors above. The Vedic literature has already specified what is himsa and what is ahimsa so that we don’t come up with our own definitions.

        In short, it looks like you need to go back and do your homework.

      • @Anand Joshi
        Get your facts right then comment.
        Vegetarian people are rapidly increasing in western countries where majorities are Christians. Actually they go one step further and becoming vegan. Talking about Hindus, I dont think you even live in India. In gujarat there are pure vegie MCDs and KFCs, simply because we dont enter even in mixed(veg-nonveg) restaurants.
        So, kindly find an another place to troll.

      • there are many christians and muslims that do not eat non veg and zorostrianism are not following full vedic culture they are similar to abrahamic beliefs and buddha did not die from pork some say he died by eating musharoom so it is not clear what he ate and 90% of hindus do not eat only about 20-40% of hindus espically those that live outside india and we eat medicine because germs can harm us but not all can

      • Thanks to peoples who has replied. The question of eating veg food is acceptable to many peoples,even I have supported it. Here the question of hinsa & ahinsa I have discussed.Vedic peoples after the rise of Budhism & Jainism simply confused and after that many foreign invasions attacked India. The main question before hindus is not veg or nonveg food but Islam & Christianity & so called secular(anti hindu) peoples.

      • Anand joshiji, as a very learned and knowledgeable person and a follower of the Sanatana Dharma, you should not accuse specific religions as a threat to India. Islam and Christianity are religions which has melted into the Indian pot, like sugar or salt mixed in a glass of water, you cannot separate it anyway. These religions have been left behind by the alien invaders to be nursed and nurtured by India herself. This is a proud example of supreme tolerance. The Buddha won the hearts of the people across the world by his sweet words and logical reasoning and not by any anger or sword. In the same way, there are ways to win the hearts of these people. If people of the Sanatana Dharma, Buddha Dharma and Jaina Dharma unite and preach seriously, I am sure people will learn to respect our ancient Indian philosophies. Ignorance is the cause of all disputes at the moment.

      • Anand Joshiji, please try to understand, this blog is about veg and non-veg. The intention here is about should we eat meat or should not we. How does the germs in my stomach and body fit here. How does Sri Ram and Pandavas fit in here. The message is simple, we need to adopt vegetarian lifestyle due to the following reasons:
        1. All violence, rape, murder, war, mass killing, crime and anti-social activities have one common background. The people involved in all these activities are people who have adopted a non-vegetarian lifestyle. I have spent over 60 years with non-vegetarian people and I have a first hand experience with them.
        2.Our basic Indian religions of Sanatana Dharma, Buddha Dharma and Jaina Dharma are based upon the philosophy of Ahimsa and transmigration(re-birth). We cannot kill any living being because it is re-born in this world to suffer for a specified period of time and a natural death for it to complete its life-cycle. Since all these dharmas are based purely upon logic and philosophy, we need to respect the philosophical views given in the sutras.
        3. All over the world people are committing sin, people are after easy money, after violence and corruption. Tell me Mr. Joshi should I also jump on to the same bandwagon and adopt myself to the sinful changes or should I preach people to refrain from indulging into sinful activities. Sir please do not talk about Lord Buddha’s death. It was poisonous mushroom and not pork he ate at the house of a cobbler, due to which he died.
        4.With non-veg comes extreme violence. 100 years ago there were no terrorists, bomb blasts or religious fundamentalists. With the great grand father, grand father, father and lastly the son living on non-veg diet, the gene turned violent day by day and the results are in front of you.
        5.Please do a case study of vegetarian villages in India, you will find the police stations here have less criminal cases reported . The buffaloes,cows, goats, chickens are all given names and treated like family members.
        6.We should be proud to be first Indians, vegetarians and then whoever we are. Very few percentage of Indians know about India, about the Ancient Indian philosophies. Worldwide, when I travel I get lots of respect when I speak to people as an Indian. Worldwide an Indian is supposed to be peaceful, non-violent, knowledgeable, spiritual, loving, compassionate and merciful. This is the basic impression people have of Indians. This impression came from our ancestors, but today unfortunately, we are corrupting our dharmas, our own selves and above all our world of peaceful existence. So long Indians continue to live on non-vegetarian diet we will all suffer.

      • Dear Ershad

        We warmly welcome enlightened Muslims like you on our site. We are pleased to hear your views and believe that it is such enlightened people who actually deserve to be called Muslims who humbly surrender to voice of reason and call of compassion, and hence truly inherit the legacy of founder of Islam.


      • Sir, 2+ 2 makes 4. This little place is too small for me to let the world know peace will return only if people learn and adopt the ancient Indian philosophies, (Upanishads, preachings of Buddha and Mahavira). The Indian philosophies are not only for the people of the Indian religions but for the world . To acquire knowledge is the first call of every religion. I follow this call of my religion. Thanks Sir.

    • do you know what ashwamedha and naramedha is?
      it does not involve any killing at all. infact naramedha refers to the cremation process of a human in the vedic way. here when a person finally dies , his eldest son offers the body to agni and this is consider as a yagna.

      read this to remove your avidya

      do a proper research before commenting , this just shows your ignorance.

    • There is not one single verse in Vedas that suggest violence in Yajna. Please refer our series on No Beef in Vedas. The ritualistic interpretation of Yajna without applying reason is the most foolish thing to happen to Hinduism, causing its tremendous downfall. That is why Yog darshan says that only he can achieve God who applies his own intellect and does not refer to third-party beliefs.

      Ashwamedha means protecting the nation. The Ashwamedha by Ram was depicted in Uttar Ramayan – an utterly spurious text with no reliability. This text even talks of spurious episodes like killing of a shudra by Ram and Sita’s exile because one washerman said something crazy! Shunashep story is completely misrepresented. It is true that total hinsa or total ahinsa are both impossible. But that does not mean we kill animals in name of foolish rituals by giving them name of Yajna and call it a virtue. So far people will refuse to use their power of reason, and merely depend on literal interpretations of some third-party sentences through their limited intellect, there will be problems. More the dominance of such blinded forces, more the society shall suffer. Indian history right from Mahabharat era is a classic example of this suffering.

  • Wait a minute “Mr. Slave of Prophet Mohammed”- Firstly, let me make things clear for you. Perhaps you never read the Holy Quran ever in your entire life. Where is it mentioned that you need to sacrifice on the day of Idul Adha(or Bakhrid)?, except when you are on Hajj. Islam started as a vegetarian religion, but Arabs were and still are Canibals and they revolted against the religion and never took their religious activities seriously. So meat was given as concession or incentive. Please read my reply to all Muslims as under:

    Dear Brother,
    Dated: day of the e-mail.
    First accept my Salaam and good wishes.
    You may have read my website: You advocate the slaughtering of animals and eating its flesh while I condemn slaughtering of animals or eating its flesh. Very few Muslims would favour me for what I write and preach. It does not come as a surprise to me, for I am learned and enlightened while most of you do not know your religion or may never have read the Holy Quran with its deep meanings. I have nothing against you. Ultimately, we have to pay for our karma or deeds, sometime, somewhere, and somehow until we die. But it is my duty to let you know the reasons why I preach vegetarianism, why I am against slaughtering or eating of animal flesh, it may be a bird, a four legged animals, fish or any kind of eggs. Even honey and undue use of milk is avoided by me. WHY ? IS THE QUESTION
    Brother, my reasons are as under:
    1. Islam was introduced to us by our Holy Prophet Mohammed(peace will always be upon him). He was a hardcore vegetarian. Even small children who read the life history of the Prophet knows , when the Holy Prophet moved away from Mecca to Medina, he did this under great hardship for several days through the dessert and the jungles and on the way he lived on cooked leaves. He never slaughtered any animals during this transit period. He cautioned everyone that meat of animals are intoxicating like wine and also told his followers that they should not turn their stomach into a grave of dead animals.
    2. Islam started as a religion giving equal right to the animals and all living beings. Islam is vocal in animal rights throughout the Holy Quran. This is why the colour of Islam is green( colour of vegetarianism)and not red, yellow or black. Please read 6:38. Translation by Mohsin Khan: “There is not a moving (living) creature on earth, nor a bird that flies with its two wings, but are communities like you. We have neglected nothing in the Book, then unto their Lord they (all) shall be gathered”.
    3. As I said Islam started as a vegetarian religion, but Arabs were hardcore meat eaters and could not refrain themselves from eating meat of any kind. Many of the Arabs were reluctant to convert to Islam. Many who did convert, did not follow Islam religiously and showed resentment against living on vegetarian diet. To motivate them, their request were honoured, and hence the sura 5:1 was revealed. Please

    read 5:1. Translation by Shakir: “O you who believe! fulfil the obligations. The cattle quadrupeds are allowed to you except that which is recited to you, not violating the prohibition against game(hunting) when you are entering upon the performance of the pilgrimage; surely Allah orders what He desires”. This surah may have been revealed between 5th and 10th year of Hijrah. Many authority regard this as the last surah. Rodwell placed this surah chronologically as last in the line. The Significant part of this surah is, it talks about making cattle lawful for Muslims. It does not say that rice, potato or vegetables have been made lawful or allowed to Muslims, which clearly means that in earlier times Islam did not encourage the eating of animal flesh, only later it was allowed to please the followers. In addition, the surah begins with a pre-condition for Muslims to fulfil their obligations, meaning following the Islamic laws strictly.
    4. You put in much of your valuable time in accusing me of spreading vegetarianism amongst Muslim people. You also show great anguish and resentment against my little suggestion to honour and respect the lives of innocent creatures. Did you, in your entire lifetime, spend even a fraction of that time objecting against Muslim brothers and sisters who are into gambling, drugs, prostitution, dancing and singing, smuggling, theft, dacoity and looting, murder, rape and other sins of the highest order?. Yet, you are so overwhelmed by my request to spare the lives of innocent creatures, instead provide those monies to deserving Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. My suggestion to contribute that money to deserving Muslims does not suit you, as the intoxication of flesh eating has entered your blood stream, rightly said by our Holy Prophet.
    5. Tell me brothers and sisters in Islam, how many of us are Muslims today?. When it comes to slaughtering and eating the flesh of animals, you quickly and promptly put the words of your Lord about the permission to slaughter and eat the flesh of animals. Keeping friendship with Christians and Jews, encouraging any interaction with Christians and Jews are strictly prohibited in Islam. Yet, most Muslims can do anything to live and die in the lands of the Christians and Jews. Most Muslims can do anything to let their children study in Christian schools and most Muslims are all out to negotiate business worldwide, with Jews and Christians. Islam clearly warns all Muslims about being “One of them” if they interact with Jews or Christians. Yet we feel proud to be in Christian countries, study in Christian/Jews schools and negotiate business as exporters with Christian and Jewish people. Do we still call ourselves a Muslim. Perhaps you think I am joking. No, it is your poor knowledge of Islam that you frown upon my argument. Please read the Holy Quran 5:51 ,translation by Mohsin Khan-“ O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliya’ (friends, protectors, helpers, etc.), they are but Auliya’ to one another. And if any amongst you takes them as Auliya’, then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrongdoers and unjust).”

    6. We are aggressive about slaughtering animals as a ritual or even in our day to day eating. Why are we not so aggressive in bringing the Islamic law of cutting off the right hand from the wrist joint of the thief? This is more important to build the character of Muslims than eating flesh. Holy Quran 5:38, translation by Mohsin Khan: Cut off (from the wrist joint) the (right) hand of the thief, male or female, as a recompense for that which they committed, a punishment by way of example from Allah. And Allah is AllPowerful, AllWise.
    7. You perform Hajj, slaughter animals to please God, yet you are ignorant about the fact that your pilgrimage is not at all correct and acceptable by your Lord. Your travelling by ship, train or air to perform Hajj is totally unacceptable to Allah. Only when you travel to perform the Hajj on foot or on a lean camel is your Hajj valid and in keeping with the laws of Islam. Please read Holy Quran 22:27, a translation by Mohsin Khan: And proclaim to mankind the Hajj (pilgrimage). They will come to you on foot and on every lean camel, they will come from every deep and distant (wide) mountain highway (to perform Hajj).
    8. Finally, Allah, in his Holy Quran, from cover to cover, has only shown us the positive side of all gifts on this earth to be used by mankind. In surah Al-Rahman(55) or in surah (5) Al-Maidah, Allah has nowhere told the Muslims about the snakes, scorpions and other beasts that may bite or endanger Muslims also. Allah has nowhere mention about flood, lightning, earthquake or any other natural calamity that may befall Muslims and their innocent children. In the same way, Allah in Sura 5:4, translation byYusuf Ali: They ask thee what is lawful to them (as food). Say: lawful unto you are (all) things good and pure: and what ye have taught your trained hunting animals (to catch) in the manner directed to you by Allah: eat what they catch for you, but pronounce the name of Allah over it: and fear Allah; for Allah is swift in taking account.

    Another surah I-an-Am 6:142 translation by Yusuf Ali: Of the cattle are some for burden and some for meat: eat what Allah hath provided for you, and follow not the footsteps of Satan: for he is to you and avowed enemy. Yet another surah Ghafir 40:79 translated by Mohsin Khan: Allah, it is He Who has made cattle for you, that you may ride on some of them and of some you eat.
    Allah in all these verses never mentioned the benefits of eating meat. It has only said it is lawful and may be had as food. Even in verse 5:4 it is mentioned “Lawful unto you are(all) things good and pure” after a break it says “and what ye have taught…………taking account” (please see above) In the adjective “good and pure” meat does not appear. It has been used in the next sentence. Eating meat, therefore, has been made lawful, but neither with pure and with goodness, nor compulsory.
    If you are not satisfied with the above English translation, I can send you six more such English translation by Islamic scholars.
    I have many other reasons from the Holy Quran to prove to you that you need to correct your views about Islam, but those will give you extreme sleepless nights and further feelings of guilt. With what I have already mentioned above, you may be neck deep into guilt and you will live with it until you die.
    It is time we Muslims consider being more loving and merciful towards animals and turn vegetarians. Even milk should be curtailed in our diet as it is meant for the calves. We can milk the cows and buffalos only after the calved had their belly full. Muslims should also avoid the consumption of honey, which the honey bee collects to sustain them during the winter seasons. All these acts and omissions will not only get us blessings, but will also show we Muslims as chivalrous, compassionate, and merciful.
    Brothers and sisters, the choice is yours. It was only my duty to enlighten you and make you a better Muslim in years to come.
    Your brother in Islam
    Ershad Hossain
    [email protected]

    I am a vegetarian bodybuilder and at 60+ year I lift more weights than most of my meat eating Muslim brothers in the gym. I do not drink much milk which is the birth right of the calves and I do not have honey which is the food saved by the honey bees for them to survive during the winter months. Milk and honey are basically curse foods.

    People who kill animals to eat, I want to tell them the animals they kill, die withering in pain for about 15 minutes, but the killers suffer from different diseases for several decades before they die an undignified death. First they pay money to buy and eat meat then they visit their doctors and pay for the medicines and doctor fees. This is a curse upon them.
    What are we talking about Saudia Arabia. It is shameful, they invited the Christian army, men and women half naked from USA and other countries to kill their brothers in Iraq and other countries. We Muslims should keep quiet and not raise fingers on others, four fingers point at us. In Pakistan it was not any Hindus that killed Shias in thousands, it was the Pakistani brothers killing the Pakistani Brothers. Is this Islamic?. Let me not open my mouth.

    PEOPLE FROM THE SANATANA DHARMA, BUDDHA DHARMA AND JAINA DHARMA. My message is clear for you too. Please read on:- All the above religions are based upon two major doctrines. Ahimsa(Non-violence) and transmigration or re-birth. The Aryans incorporated this in the Manusmriti(Hindu Law by Manu the Hindu law maker). In spite of this majority of the Hindus and Buddhists are meat eaters. Sri Lanka is a large grave yard of the Tamils, did Buddha recommend this. Hindus are raising cattles all over Indian to sell it for sacrifice and day to day cattle slaughtering. Unless the Indian people learn to respect their own religious laws they may never be able to discourage the slaughtering of the animals.
    I have much to say, this space is small.


    • Thank you Ershad Hossain. You are a voice of reason in the ummah.

      (Just one thing – there are no such thing as Aryans. That was a myth created by Imperial Europeans. The world Aryan by Max Mueller was only meant to lump similar languages together not to denote any human race
      Mueller said “an ethnologist who speaks of Aryan race, Aryan blood, Aryan eyes and hair, is as great a sinner as a linguist who speaks of a dolichocephalic dictionary or a brachycephalic grammar” )

      • Thanks Arun. All the great historian and the history I have been reading refers to Aryan race meaning those people who settled North-West into India. It is a simple way to express the race. Nevertheless, even if you delete Aryan and put in another word to describe that race, the meaning of what I have said does not change. Aryan or no Aryan, my message stands clear I hope. It is same like Hindu- there is no such word like Hindu. Hindu came from the word Indus- people of the Indus valley. Aryan came from the word Iran.

      • @Ershad : etymology apart, the idea that some non indigenous people came and gave birth to a culture of Bharat (veda), is the idea that is proved false and is not backed by historic evidence ,except the one that was formulated to fit the gaze or western (German first) and then christian imperialists and proselytizers, to give them an nationalistic hope and and idea of superior identity, because the indigenous culture of the bharat (original name Arya Vrata) was much advanced than they had ever imagined.(biblical age or earth is a few thousand years)
        and besides “word Aryan does not come from Iran” it is from Samskrit lexicon (originated in india/bharat)
        and to add further “A historian” cannot by himself create history , they need to be backed by geographical and linguistic evidences. (which a historian cannot CREATE) and all those historian who say that non indigenous people came and forged the culture or bharat are just extrapolating the earlier historic(imaginative) concoctions, eg. Max muller the profounder of the so called THEORY was neither a historian, linguist or a geologist, imagine that!!
        Point to Add: why does sansakrit has ” ह ” “ha ” where as Avesta does not have that sound? reason: its natural that once one moves farther for the source deletions and omissions tend to happen, not the other way round.
        This by no means implies that the mixing of population did not happen, but the fact is that the culture and history of bharat is indigenous to the lands or aryavrat.

      • Sir, I respect and admire your knowledge of our ancient past. Tell me Sir how does it help us in this blog dedicated towards practicing vegetarianism. Do not you think we should not deviate from the main purpose of this blog. Please write something on why should we be vegetarians from historical point of view, it will help us learn more. Thank you sir .

      • @Ershad: No need of salutations ,sir 🙂 i am just a seeker.
        I know vegetarianism is as relevant today as was in any ear of history and the benefits of vegetarianism both physical, mental and spiritual are immense, how i know and say that is out of personal experience, i am sorry cannot give any credible info on the topic from a historic point of view as the domain is not of historic essence but and individual one.

  • I am a pure orthodox vegetarian and do not eat meat and other non vegetarian foods. I do not eat that food because my mother has not taught me to eat it and only to eat vegetarianism food. I do not know that food is good or bad because I have eaten it. But It is the most eaten food by the global population irrespective religion caste creed. This food includes some grown up animals dedicated for this and other sea foods. This taking non vegetarian has not shown any thing wrong for the health and existence of man kind. I do have strong feeling that unless this food is there to cater the mankind I am afraid there will not be enough food for them. My basic pertinent question for those who oppose and propagate for not taking non vegetarian food how they will supplement food for all in that case?

    • Try visiting Gujarat, where most people living vegetarian life for thousands of years.
      Also Jainism is majority there, and you can witness the physic of Jains.

      • @het : have you even seen a birth based Brahmin(ignorant of Vedas essence ) , they are also vegetarians, but how come they are so fat?
        so please stop generalizations.

      • @ankur
        did you find it generalization ? I just meant that non-veg has nothing to do with weak health.

    • It is because of raising animals for slaughter that is the cause of the environmental disaster and pollution rates as it put unnecessary resources in non-sustainable way to satisfy people taste for blood. By making animals slave for slaughter, by feeding Animals over half the food grains like in America unnecessary land and resource are put in use just to raise animals for slaughter which again is the main cause of environmental disaster and cause of mass starvation. Instead of feeding a human being grain we feed animals which is inefficient, then feed ourselves. Sound irrational as most food is made into feces and only insignificant percent is made into meat. It is because of the Jewish/Christian/ Islamic religion who believed in slavery as part of their religion that such unnatural things occurred like raising animals for slaughter. Otherwise either they hunted which was not as environmentally disastrous , or were vegetarian. Evidence is there that ancient people were vegetarians and even lived in Europe and other places.

      • The history of vegetarianism has its roots in the civilizations of ancient India and Greece. Vegetarianism is the theory and practice of voluntary non-consumption of the flesh of any animal (including sea animals), with or without also eschewing other animal derivatives (such as dairy products or eggs).[1] The earliest records of vegetarianism as a concept and practice amongst a significant number of people concern ancient India[2] and the ancient Greek civilizations in southern Italy and Greece.[3] In both instances the diet was closely connected with the idea of nonviolence toward animals (called ahimsa in India), and was promoted by religious groups and philosophers.[4]

        Following the Christianization of the Roman Empire in late antiquity, vegetarianism nearly disappeared from Europe.

      • Sanjay, your comment smells of generalisation. Stereotyping someone or something isn’t desirable.

        Let’s keep it simple. Let’s say that our forefathers and ancestors were responsible for all this. Had they not diverted from Vedic ideals, the situation now would have been completely different.

        Let us instead become Vedic ambassadors and present its ideals to the entire world and connect them to their true roots.

      • If only you studied history you would not think it an generation. Meat eating is a religious belief not a lifestyle, and those who promote it are religious fanatics not educated people who speak about science etc. Your weak mind those not allow you to accept this truth that it is fanatic who promote meat eating which has no benefit for health nor the environment, nor for themselves.

        In ancient world their were three types diets of people

        1)most who were vegetarian;
        2)Hunters who were mostly vegetarianism , occasional ate what they hunted
        3) Last fisherman who ate fish.

        These groups are very different to modern people as they never raised animals for slaughter which is slavery, inhuman, and get people eating sick animals which has negative affect on health.. Remember a animals natural roaming range and that of fish maybe in thousand of miles and generally of perfect health not loaded with swine flue, flu, bird flue, SARS, Mad Cow, E-coli, Salmonella,common flu, cold, etc locked in a small cage where they can hardly walk for salvation of taste…

        You have not seen their religion nor read their religion so how you not understand their mentality. They believe in domination meaning they wish to dominate and instructed by their so called god to do so in the first chapter of their genesis.. So in domination they make lies into truth, but leads to ignorance and destruction, They prove themselves to be good, and kill the non-believers as they are not accepting of criticism in most of their history. Their history is full of bigotry of other groups, and racism, thinking themselves superior look down on others, but actually being of extreme barbaric/ fanatic people who still to this modern age have not learned the benefits of daily bath taking.

        A meat eating animals are violent and aggressive whereas vegetarian animals are less so. History shows most the world practiced even in Bible they were groups that worshiped cows who met an untimely death by theses fanatics, Certainly those who worship cows would not eat them.

        Your thinking is wrong as you cannot see past the dominance see the flaws of society who promote such things.Reality don’t deny as most people sadly don’t know their past before Christian, before Islam, before Jews past, Even Indians who literature pin points the age of humans to the age of science tells of human existence, still we doubt those great people and listen to fanatics who only believe in dominance..

      • @ Sanjay,

        There’s no need to teach anyone history but it seems that your version is not true. All religions have vegan roots and no religions expressly advocate meat eating. Read the comments section carefully to un-clout your mind.

      • This is the major problem that many people alike who wish to deny facts in order to feel good theory they make to satisfy who dominate. Yes, when human deviated from self-respect to other forms of mental slavery as eschew in these Dark age religions, and others which were known to burn libraries, go against basic hygiene and promote intolerance, through blind faith in their religions.

        In fact some insane and very foolish people believe not in facts, not even in documents produced by the same people of the same religions to what crimes they have done, and yet try to white wash truth for their untenable view or perspective of the world. When Christians were burning libraries at Alexender Egypt was it progress, or not the reason for dark age/intolerance which such activities started?

        Or should we feel good that today we are living in the greatest extinction period known in the history of earth, as most of land is turning desert and call it progress because someone has a smartphone which is obvious less advanced technologically, and beneficial then these much more complex plant and animal life that is lost in this great extinction period that may had also several unknown benefits. Let us not forget the genocide and erasing history of natives and their culture which if we list the gruesome details, who were much more aware of their environment and nature who are stated by many intellectuals to have known every plant, animal, medicine in the area they lived which most knowledge is lost because of their genocide which even modern science states it will take thousand of years to collect that information which will again be lost to the extinction period that is occurring.. Please get out your ignorance study science and if science itself rejects such barbaric religion as unscientific dogma. lies, etc, then why cling to them like the savagely cruel meat eating which is main cause of the environmental disaster?

        Again, Hindu dharma is the path of self-respect in which respecting one own soul, listening to one’s own soul(conscience), we achieve the highest achievement.

        I am not saying today’s Hindus are any better then Christians and Muslims, or Jews, as they have strayed from their culture of self-respect and went to various dogmas and false guru which preach same prophetic, dogmatic, blind beliefs that go against the fundamental Hindu dhrama. They forgot Hindu culture and educated themselves in Christian dogma to prove themselves better, superior, not knowing neither facts nor information of their Hindu glories and only the stigma of Bigots of what their culture which a product of Dark ages/ Babus. Forgetting even the Gupta period which was uniquely relatively crime free prosperity, richest of countries. The great libraries like that of Taxila and Nalanda center of learning which were burned by invaders containing unknown amount of facts like the astronomy records of ten thousand years. They have all forgotten Hindu culture, that culture of self-control, Brahmachary, and self-respect. They adopted that a man should have no standard do what they like drink and loaf, forgotten even our culture of women fundamental right to choose, and not to be harassed by men. Their no standard accepting such loose standard that is cause of most crime, and ignorance that even today we see so called moderns have not a crime free society as some worship mafia dons, loafer as heroes, role models etc.

        The ignorant perspective is feel good lies are better then reality. The reality is quite harsh. Most Christian countries don’t know what was before their christian past, they have dismissed most people histories as mythology, slowly eroding their creditability by onslaught of hate and misinterpretation.

        They forget the history of science that it was started to protest the dogma/intolerance of church. its lies. Truth is stronger then dogma, is verifiable, as Hindu history and the four ages of man has been verified by both the Mayan, and Greeks. We are living in the Dark ages, where ignorance is bliss, and where history is all forgotten.

        Again history is order(Human history millions of years old) forgetting it is chaos which relatively corresponds to this time the dark ages and proof that this is the dark ages and nothing more.

      • You ever studied history you idiot? illiterate nonsense person, who loves liars. I am glad I was American educated for I not so damn convent educated like pseudo Hindu fool.

      • @ Sanjay,

        Son, going by the tone and manner of your response, I can very well fathom the kind of western education you received. No wonder you’re bragging about it. I’m sure you speak to your parents in the same manner. Poor people. In my life, I’ve come across many like you and I know that people like you are hypocrites who would eat, drink and indulge in immoral activities and then log on to the Internet and pretend to be a self-righteous person.

        A typical example of western decadence.

      • S. Roy;

        Sorry I can’t figure your age on the internet. Can you tell my age? I had given a long response it went to moderation, but the short response out of anger that my response was moderated which should have been moderated did not get moderation? I did not mean anything personal, but Indian in general are very weak in history and very fast to glorify the west as superior what I call convent education/Babus education. In west they very frank westerners genocides these people, raped these women , and so they say it is progress modern. You are different then me as most western educated Hindus , are literate of Hindu dharma.

        Being educated West does not speak of superiority but knowledge of Western culture which Indian seem to lack knowledge of their history somehow whitewashed by again their Babus/convent education. But unlike Indians with their pathetic library systems that breed illiteracy, they are those in America that are literate meaning they have access to millions of books libraries and their literacy is something that you may not fathom as India is a pathetically illiterate country comparably when you say America which has hundreds of libraries more books then best in India, second best library in world is China mainly in Chinese, compare to India nearly ranking in the bottom of list meaning total lack of intellectual production dark age society/ of Babus colonial era society and hasn’t gone beyond this and not reached the levels yet of Nalanda a nine story library or Taxila meaning their past were more intellectually productive then present again dark aged society.

        It is very necessary to tell history as it leads to order against disorder and randomness/ chaos which again I give explanation is the reason of dark ages, which Hindu speak to exist, as other ancient societies speaks to exist.

    • Meat eaters have less stamina and are naturally lazy. In India people can work 10-12 hour days, for more than six days whereas Americans can work only 5 days and for forty hours, before physical exhaustion. Meat eating animals, like cats , dogs, snakes, and other animals spend most time resting/sleeping. Naturally the diet is conducive for laziness. Arteries get blocked eating meat and non-satvik diet, and American heart association put the age at 2 when this starts so it effects stamina as there is lack of oxygen circulated due to blockage affecting stamina.

      Study the difference between meat eating animals and vegetarian.Vegitarians have more stamina.

      WE have seen mostly Vegetarian country called Indian during independence start eating meat and this due to propaganda of lies and half truths by religious fanatics who want to do savage act and drink the blood and eat the rotting carcass of animals.

      It is important to insult someone and humiliated them in this regard for it is progressive. Without humiliation one cannot learn and their arrogance is reason why the eat such a depraved thing.

      Meat eaters are weaker period, look at them how they converted they trace their history to middle East what weak minded people. They cannot tell the timeline of human existence unlike Hindus. They weak minded. Their arrogance they lack that dimension to understand what deprave beings they are raising animals for slaughter.

      One person said a vegetarian are also corrupt and does cheating and crime, but I will tell at least he does not murder, nor responsible for the great genocide of people(natives), plant and animals.The great extinction period we now live in greater then any before in Earth history.

      Last History is not by public but propaganda of superiority, if one is educated. Either Hindu knew of human timeline , universal time line like Carl Sagan wrote in his Cosmos is that there technology was better then modern or that they have a continuous history dated back then, either way they are were far superior. They did not listen to criminal, making criminal superior whose history of pirates and thieving, might makes right. Being foolish technology exited in past, genius existed in the past, who created human being were not the current degenerate race of man with no standards who cannot see the depravity that they are.

    • The problem with people is that they just go by hunches and suppositions and think that what they know is what actually is.

    • you missed the basics dear ….we should not kill at any cost for our food …and principles r same for everyone …..

  • Agniveer ji ……..We need one more help …….several times u say …”Bollywood is most vulgar industry .”ok fine but vulgar means is it dialoges ,costumes, or their theme…..coming to costume even sports like swimming ,tennis and work out use ‘chlothes exposing body parts .’….

    Its become difficult to answer………these things……..1. what is wrong if a boy have a girlfriend?
    2. Is it fine to love a girl/boy if yes what should be the age ?????


    • Vulgarity lies in intent. When you use sex to increase sales and earn money, that is the problem. No body part is vulgar. But projecting body parts to promote perverted view for women is criminal.

      1. The development of brain continues till 25 years at least. Having sexual feelings before that adversely affects growth and makes one lose focus. Hence Brahmacharya is recommended for at least 25 years.

      2. The age of marriage. Complete your education, get a decent profession and get into a nationalistic activity. Then find your life partner.

      • Agniveerji thanks for your enlightening advice .But considering my ignorance please help me on this points …
        1.99% of world believes “KYA FARK parta hai Sabhi karte hain “…only 1% (SAAYAD) thinks we should work for the betterment of society .So what is reality we will die crying for “Accept truth and reject all pity ego and falsehood ” and those selfish people with no restriction continue to do whatever they want .Again if i am acheiving salvation through good deeds wouldn’t it be my selfishness to leave my brothers and sisters in trouble here .

        2.You say about law of karma .NOW when i here about a rape of 7 year kid what should be the conclusion .(a)i should have sympathy for her (b)the girl is paying price for her law of karma I should not bother ….”mujhe kya lena dena ”

        3.Agniveerji u and your team all r yogis .I do not understand how a person can be unaffected by incidents around him ….and continue to work normally. people are learnt and now working for the cause of country .But we r only students.You have money ,power,knowledge …we have none …so does it mean we cannot contribute ……


      • Really nice and relevant questions because these are very common questions and infact first questions that arise in the minds of people who believe in the concept of karma or are trying to change themselves. Thank you very much for asking all the questions that were on my mind. Really, thanks a lot because I have been hunting answers for these exact questions since a very long time.

  • Agniveerji recently you organized a seminar in kolkata termed “Agniveer in Bengal “… you are already in bengal ..It seems that you observed the people of bengal consuming non – veg food and that make you posting this article …..Its really a shame that a land of Swami vivekananda,ramkrishna and chaitnya mahaprabhu…….have become top place for flesh eaters ……may your presence change the scenario very soon….I am a student …IS there any way I can volunteer agniveer…

  • Is there any notable body builder who is a vegetarian? Any great martial artist ? Meat eaters, in my observation, seem to be much more strongly built .

    A Brahmin army of vegans and a Jihadi army of beef eaters…..Who will win?

    I was deeply influenced by Jainism and Vedic ideals ….AND I TOOK A WOW OF VEGETARIANISM WHEN I WAS 13 AND I KEPT IT FOR 5 LONG YEARS. It was terrible. Like self torture.

    Yet I struggled on. And Look at me now !! Short, thin, weak !

    My Kalari Guru adviced me to take meat. Now I am much better, but the harm had already been done. I am too old for further growth.

    If we were not supposed to eat meat…..NATURE WOULD NOT HAVE GIVEN US 4 CANNINES.

    There may be nutritional substitutes for meat…….but I dont suppose the common people have much knowledge on that. They cant all go and ask doctors…..

    Before becoming a Vegan, I would advice on thoroughly studying on alternate sources of nutrition

    • yes there are many and we have cannines but they are not like meat eaters we have different canines this has allowed us to survive if we were on an island

    • Sushil Kumar, the world wrestling champion is a vegetarian. Go to our facebook page to see demo of power of vegetarianism. I don’t know what you ate and what you didn’t eat during your vow. But had you followed the ways of Hanuman, you would have been immensely stronger. Given your age, I can understand that it is easy to be misled by just anyone. Better read some scientific study and it is evident that meat has no correlation with strength.

    • @Agnimitra

      —Is there any notable body builder who is a vegetarian? —
      body building is not only about eating stuff, you have to train for it, its about your personal interest. You’re sounding as if just by eating meat one becomes a body builder.

      —Any great martial artist ? Meat eaters, in my observation, seem to be much more strongly built .—
      Again its all about interest, bodhi dharma who introduced martial arts to chinese was a vegatarian. So your observation is wrong. Change the approach.

      A Brahmin army of vegans and a Jihadi army of beef eaters…..Who will win?
      Who defeated beaf eater Ghazni 16 times? Chandragupta, Rana Pratap, Shivaji, Rani Jhansi, Indian Army (1965, 1971, Kargil) none of them were beaf eaters.
      A North Indian vegetarian is stronger than a beef eater deccani muslim.

      The thing is you’re ignorant about the protein rich stuff in veg, but that doesn’t mean they do not exist.

      Read all the articles of this site, you will definitely going to see the light.

      • Shaolin temple is strictly vegetarian. It is only later that Chinese martial artists started eating meat. Martial arts were founded by vegetarians who ate rice.

    • @agnimitri
      When you are a vegetarian you should be more conscious of getting enough nutrition. You have to eat a whole variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy and eggs. In places like the US they are encouraging less meat and more fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet. What you should look into is the nutritive value of foods. I suspect you may have had a poor diet not due to eating vegetarian diet but to not getting enough of the variety and nutrient dense foods.

      Google nutrient dense foods. You will see that the vast majority of nutrient dense foods are fruits and vegetables. Beef is actually in the bottom part of the list of nutrient dense foods.
      1. Eat a variety of nutrient dense vegetables, fruits and dairy products
      2. Learn the best way to cook the foods to keep the nutritive value of the foods intact.
      See this

      Have you heard of the Mediterranean diet? It is the diet that is supposed to be most healthy and it encourages mostly vegetables and fruits as the foundation, and meats are the smallest amounts. Google that as well – the Mayo Clinic in the US also wrote it up.

  • another point for vegetarianism
    Plants are made to be eat, it is evident by the fact that plants are stationary,
    Whereas animals are movable, no animal comes it’self and says kill me and eat me.

  • आदरणीय अग्निवीर जी को मेरी हार्दिक शुभकामना कि ईश्वर आपको सद्बुद्धी दे । महोदय मैने अपने विचारो से मेल खाती एक नई वेबसाइट ढुँढ ली है । और ये सँयोगवश आपको सर्च करते समय मेरे सामने आयी । ईश्वर ने चाहा तो मैँ उनसे सम्पर्क अवश्य करुँगा । लेकिन अब आप भी तैयार रहेँ क्योँकि मैँ अपने शोध उनके साथ साझा करुँगा । और आपकी जवाबदेहीता का परीक्षण भी होगा । मैँ आपके तर्को को कुतर्क नही कहुँगा , क्युँकि ये तो जब हम आमने सामने तो साबित हो पायेगा । ईश्वर से प्रार्थना करो , आपका शुभेच्छु मीणा ।

  • I am glad this article spoke against hating meat eaters. Too many meat eaters are turned off by hate filled militant self righteous vegetarians. That is not the way to inspire others. So kudos to speaking against hating meat eaters. Live by example and persuade with logic and caring to people as well as animals.

  • Agniveer, i must say that this is a very good article. we in the krishna consciousness really work hard to turn people towards vegetarianism and non-violence. your article is good i must say. sanathana dharma is not a form of sectarian religion as most people think. it is a way of life and is based on logic of the Divine and not foolishness of materialistic m humans and is based solely on Truth thus the word Dharma. this religion exists beyond this planet and universe unlike other sectarian religions and some of Agniveer’s articles successfully confirms that. one request if you dont mind Agniveer Prabhu, i realize that you are very resourceful and love doing research on a topic before eventually publishing an article.this is just why you are an alumnus and love to pay back to mother earth. Hats off! this is what i call analysis-prior-action. I whole heartedly wish you could bring forth articles on vegetarianism especially on the risks associated to meat consumption and on the dangers of eating meat. that would be very nice of you.

    The meat-eater’s desire for meat drives another to kill and provide that meat. The act of the butcher begins with the desire of the consumer. Meat eating contributes to a mentality of violence. India’s greatest saints have confirmed that one cannot eat meat and live a peaceful, harmonious life. Man’s appetite for meat inflicts devastating harm on the earth itself, stripping its precious forests to make way for pastures. How can one who eats meat practice true compassion by eating the flesh of an animal to fatten his own flesh?A vegetarian diet does not include meat, fish or eggs. For good health, even certain vegetarian foods are minimized: frozen and canned foods, highly processed foods, such as white rice, white sugar and white flour; and “junk” foods and beverages-those with abundant chemical additives, such as artificial sweeteners, colorings, flavorings and preservatives.
    Millions of meat-eaters have made the personal decision to stop eating the flesh of other creatures. Here are some major motivations for such a decision.
    1) The SCRIPTURAL LAW reason
    Your consciousness at death will determine your next body
    If you have eaten animals (meat) all your life, your final thoughts will be that of animals, you will take birth in the animal kingdom. If you have lived a life of charity and generosity (helping people), your final thoughts will be that of helping people, you will take birth on one of the heavenly planets.
    “The living entity in the material world carries his different conceptions of life from one body to another as the air carries aromas. Thus he takes one kind of body and again quits it to take another.” Lord Krishna (Bg. 15.8)
    “Whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his body, that state he will attain without fail.” Lord Krishna (Bg. 8.6)
    Ahimsa, the law of non-injury, is the Hindu’s first duty in fulfillment of his religious obligations to God and God’s creation as defined by the Vedic scriptures.
    All of our actions including our choice of food have karmic consequences. By involving oneself in the cycle of inflicting injury, pain and death, even indirectly by eating other creatures, one must in the future experience in equal measure the suffering caused. If you eat animals now, you build bad karma, which will result in punishment in the future. This is guaranteed. The law of Karma is a reality.
    Food is the source of the body’s chemistry, and what we ingest affects our consciousness, emotions and experiential patterns. If one wants to live in higher consciousness, in peace and happiness and love for all creatures, then he cannot eat meat, fish, shellfish, fowl or eggs. By ingesting the grosser chemistries of animal foods, one introduces into the body and mind anger, jealousy, fear, anxiety, suspicion and a terrible fear of death, all of which are locked into the flesh of butchered creatures. For these reasons, shakaharis (vegetarians) live in higher consciousness and mansaharis (meat eaters) abide in lower consciousness.
    4) The HEALTH reason
    Medical studies prove that a vegetarian diet is easier to digest, provides a wider range of nutrients and imposes fewer burdens and impurities on the body. Vegetarians are less susceptible to all the major diseases that afflict contemporary humanity, and thus live longer, healthier, more productive lives. They have fewer physical complaints, less frequent visits to the doctor, fewer dental problems and smaller medical bills. Their immune system is stronger, their bodies are purer, more refined and skin more beautiful.
    Those who eat flesh are far more likely to contract cancer than those following a vegetarian diet are.
    Meat-eaters ingest excessive amounts of cholesterol, making them dangerously susceptible to heart attacks. Many scientific studies have concluded that eating meat can seriously damage your health.
    5) The ECOLOGICAL reason
    Planet earth is suffering. In large measure, the escalating loss of species, destruction of ancient rain forests to create pasturelands for livestock, loss of top soils and the consequent increase of water impurities and air pollution have all been traced to the single fact of meat in the human diet. No single decision that we can make as individuals or as a race can have such a dramatic effect on the improvement of our planetary ecology as the decision to not eat meat. Many seeking to save the planet for future generations have made this decision for this reason and this reason alone.
    6) The Economic reason
    The simple fact is that to produce 1 lb of meat, it requires over 16 lbs of grain and many gallons of water. Millions of animals are breed for meat production, if they were not breed and the vegetation was used to feed people. There would be no poverty in the World.
    1. Health
    Is meat good for us?
    It’s a scientific fact that vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters. Scientific studies show that vegetarians have a much lower risk of suffering from diseases like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and other health disorders compared to meat eaters.
    Scientific Studies Support a Vegetarian Diet
    A major study reported in the British Medical Journal found that, of 5000 meat-eaters and 6000 non-meat eaters, vegetarians had 40% less risk of cancer and 30% less risk of heart disease than the meat-eaters and were 20% less likely to die of any cause (Oxford Vegetarian Study).
    A US study of 50,000 vegetarians showed a very low rate of cancer (Seventh Day Adventist Study, Massachusetts). It has been estimated that by following a low-fat vegetarian diet, the risk of food poisoning is decreased by 80%.
    A balanced vegetarian diet is better for humans than one that includes meat (from TIME magazine, July 2002).
    An 11-year study of 1,900 German vegetarians has found mortality from cardiovascular disease to be 61% lower in male vegetarians and 44% lower in female vegetarians than the general population.
    Hypertension can contribute to heart disease, strokes, and kidney failure. A number of studies have shown vegetarians to have lower blood pressure than meat eaters (Sacks 1974, Armstrong 1977).
    The British Medical Association (1986) stated that vegetarians have lower rates of obesity than meat eaters.
    Vegetarians have lower rates of colon cancer than meat eaters (Phillips 1980).
    There is overwhelming scientific evidence to prove that a vegetarian diet is much more healthier than a meat based diet. Eating meat can seriously damage your health.
    Read more…
    What about Protein?
    Most people are brainwashed into thinking that meat is the only source of protein. The simple fact is that there is plenty of protein in a vegetarian diet too.
    Would God want man to eat food that will increase the chances of suffering from major diseases, reduce the quality of life, and reduce the life span?
    Absolutely not.
    Would you want your children to eat food that is not good for them? No?
    Similarly God doesn’t want his children, you and me, to eat food that is bad for our health.
    2. Economic
    Does it make economic sense to raise animals for food?
    It takes at least 17 kg of corn, beans, grains etc., many gallons of water, and some time to produce just 1 kg of beef. This is like investing $17 in a bank term deposit and withdrawing $1 at maturity.
    The 17 kg of corn, beans, and grains would feed at least 20 people while the 1 kg of beef would feed at most 2 people.
    Does it makes any sense to feed an animal 17 kg of vegetation, many gallons of water, provide shelter, allow some time, and then cut it’s throat and kill it to produce 1 kg of meat?
    Would it be better just to take the 17 kg of vegetation and feed on it directly rather than having it go through an animal and then feeding on the animal a much reduced quantity of food?
    The reason why somewhere in the World a child dies of starvation every two seconds is because of slaughterhouse mentality as described above. If the millions of acres of land, which is used to grow food for animals, were used to grow food for humans directly then there would be at least 10 times more food than currently. Thus there would be no poverty in the World.
    About 70% of the crops grown in the US are fed to animals and not to humans. The mentality is that convert 17 kg of vegetarian food into 1 kg of meat so that at most 2 people can eat instead of at least 20. Also there is the thrill of killing the animals, which is very much liked by the followers of the non-Vedic religions.
    If everyone in the world became a vegetarian, there would be no such thing as poverty. But unfortunately the majority of the humans simply can’t give up the thrill of killing innocent animals and so the children will have to continue dying due to starvation at the rate of 2 every seconds.
    Would God want man to turn 17 kg of vegetarian food into1 kg of non-vegetarian food (meat).
    Absolutely not.
    3. Violence
    Is violence related to meat eating?
    What do all the terrorists have in common?
    What do all the violent criminals have in common?
    What do all the murderers have in common?
    The simple answer is that they are all killers of animals (meat eaters).
    Have you heard of vegetarian terrorists?
    Have you heard of vegetarian criminals?
    Have you heard of vegetarian murderers?
    How does meat eating make one violent?
    By killing for a living (meat eating), the human mind develops a taste for killing, which leads to a mentality of violence. The mentality of killing animals spreads to killing humans too. People who kill animals are much more likely to kill people too. This is a fact as the terrorists, and the most violent criminals are animal killers (meat eaters).
    The vegetarians don’t kill for a living (no meat) and so their mind develops a taste for non-violence, thus a mentality of non-violence. The mentality of a vegetarian is that killing is totally wrong, thus the killing or even injuring of humans is totally unthinkable.
    The US government spends billions of dollars each year on combating terrorism. They think by going after those with guns and bombs will solve the problem. They totally ignore the root cause of violence. Which is human mentality of violence, caused by killing for a living (meat eating).
    The simple formula for stopping terrorism and violence in the world is:
    No Meat= No killing = No mentality of violence = No terrorism/No violence
    What about killing the plants?
    There is a big difference between cutting grass and cutting the necks of chickens. Killing plants and animals is not the same.
    Would God want man to kill for a living (meat eating) so that they can develop a mentality of violence and become killers of humans too?
    Absolutely not.
    Why is the Cow Sacred to the Hindus?
    The human mother drinks cows milk, and from it produces her milk, which we humans drink at birth. Then at 3 months we start drinking cows milk in a bottle then in cups. We also eat delicious foods made from cows’ milk. Foods like ice cream, yogurt, cheese, and curd. From our birth to our death we rely on cows milk. Thus the cow is considered a mother as she provides us with nourishing food for life. How can you kill such a mother
    Every time you eat pizza, ice cream, yogurt, and other foods made from cow’s milk, you should be very great full to the cow.
    How can you kill a mother that provides nourishing food to you for life?
    The cow is also the favorite animal of God, Lord Krishna. Why? Since the cow provides nourishing food to Lord Krishna’s children, you and me. Lord Krishna is very much grateful to her. Would you be grateful to someone who feeds your children, or would you order them to be killed and eaten?
    Lord Caitanya, who was an incarnation of Lord Krishna states in the Caitanya Caritamrta, Adi-lila chapter 17, verses.165-167.
    “Cow-killers are condemned to rot in hellish life for as many thousands of years as there are hairs on the body of the cow.”

  • @Agniveer
    World 95% people are meat eater. Majority of people with non-Veg people. So you have no chance to make people fool.

    • Truth is the truth, and falsehood is falsehood. Falsehood doesn’t become truth even if the brute majority of people foolishly follow it! Quality, and not quantity, matters.

      The same is true of Islam; it may be the world’s fastest growing religion, but then it only shows that the world is primarily inhabited by fools, not intelligent folks! Islam has the numbers, but not the quality, as is obvious from the comments posted by it’s adherents visiting Agniveer!

    • BOSS!!! What are you speaking about?!! Do you know? There is a famous proverb which says “In a Mad World, Only Mad Things are Sane”….Do not follow something blindly because of lot of people following it…Don’t be one in Million Sheeps. It’s better to be one in a dozen Lions…Think Logic and Come on to the right World mate..!!

    • Ok,Until the earth was proved to be Spherical , people who claimed it to be spherical were called fools. But the actual fact is that those were intellectuals. In the same way 5% of the world population is scientific and compassionate.
      It is just a matter of time before people realize the truth.
      Satyameva Jayate
      And people are coming to know about the true Islam ! No TAQQIYA PLEASE!!

    • @ slave of prophet
      That 95% is created by your Influence……………You Mlecchas are the spreaders of this destruction.
      You Brahmadvisha !

    • Dear Slave (you will always remain slave),

      There is long debate that whether islam is fastest growing religion or not. For a moment lets agree it is fastest growing religion but its also fastest in loosing it’s adherents. After experiencing islam for number of years people now know that islam only teaches violence against unbelievers. If there are 5000 britons converting to islam every hear, there are millions of people in Iran, Africa, Libya, Egypt etc are converting to christianity. Apparently the Iranian and Malaysian government are discussing to implement death for apostasy. In malaysia thousands of muslims have already embraced christianity. I have met few iranian students in Australia, UK, who do not prefer themselves to be called muslims. They do no like islam and call themselves Zoroastrian. The London Times estimates 15 percent of born muslims living in western europe have left islam and 200,000 in the UK alone. Number of muslims who converted Christianity do not openly discuss this because of fear of death, especially in countries where majority is islamic population. The street harassment in UK has doubled in highly muslim population areas of UK. No doubt muslim population in UK has increased but mostly because of high birthrate and immigration.The other reason is love jihad, which we all are aware of. Only few handful converts are practicing muslims. There are many reports and statements from female muslim converts in UK do not prefer to hang out with born muslims, because of dissimilarities in thinking. The petro dollars from Saudi is widely used to market islam in western countries and in Asia. In tube stations of London and other cities you will find muslims distributing free books of islam (i have read a couple, they are rubbish and lies). However, reading that lies many people think that islam is religion of peace and are trapped. THere are also many cases where many of converts have converted back to christianity after reading Koran (one report from genuine source says 75 % of american muslim converts’, converted back to Christianity). We can see in the world that most of the muslim countries are poor and less developed, let it be in asia or africa. Saudi, iran is exception because of high oil reserves. All the new buildings and infrastructure is developed by American or german companies. Until a decade ago most of the oil companies in saudi were owned my americans and saudi royals were given royalty. Malaysia is developed because of democracy, whereas Dubai and abu dhabi have extremely high debt. I would support the fact cited by Atheist hindu that there is no quality in muslims, especially in Muslim majority countries.

      With regards to article, almost all scientific researches show that non-veg diet triggers and causes diseases. THe main reason being the production of Adrenaline and other hormones in animal body before they are slaughtered. When consumed by humans this hormones go in blood circulation causing restlessness, tension, high BP leading to violent behaviour. The masai mara community in Kenya predominantly consume non-veg diet Although they are tall and skinny, the average age of male is 42 years and female is 45 years. This is due to high meat consumption. All the great scientist in past such as newton, Einstein, darwin, etc and currently abdul kalam azad are vegetarians. If such great scientist have been vegetarians, there has to be some definitely reason..!!!

      Ramji and Krishnaji were pure vegetarians, unfortunately nowadays we get corrupted and highly interpolated versions of Mahabharat and Ramayana and Manusmriti..!! If Ramji ate mean then all his followers would have also eaten meat, however its not the case….!! Logically thinking and analysing, an educated individual can conclude that Ramanaya and Mahabharat have been corrupted by english, Moguls and also by brahmins to some extent..!! Any book can be truly religious and holy books when it does not have any contradiction. There are more then 50 places where you will contradictions in Koran, Thus its definitely not revealed by almighty. THe best example for truly religious books without any contradictions or interpolation are Vedas (only sankrit version) and Guru Grant Sahib..!!

  • Dear Agniveer, I am a practising vegetarian and also religious. I in fact am a devout follower of Maa Kali at the Dakhineswar temple, where Shree Ramakrishna did away with animal sacrifice. But could you please tell me about prevalent animal sacrifice at all temples and pujas and the historical evidence of Vishnu avatars like Rama and Krishna being non vegetarians?? It will be great if you could help me out.

    • @Dibya: what historical evidence are you talking about? Do you know what constitutes a historical evidence? sometimes i just wonder why people cant spend time and look for the truth rather than believing what others have to say and then build their opinion on that , provided its logically justified.

    • Ok, Brother.
      I have been studying the actual Ramayana and Mahabharata (with the help of my Sanskrit teacher) .
      The fact is that there are many interpolations in these .These were done by the westerners .I can guarantee you that neither Ram or Krishna were non-vegetarians.
      The problem with you or as a matter of fact with every one is that they read the translations of the westerns .As a matter of principle ,I don’t read any westerner’s book on India or it’s culture.
      I request you to read the translation of Sanskrit Pundit or read an original Sanskrit copy with the help of a Sanskrit teacher.

    • @Dibya Chaudhuri

      Are you a Hindu or an adherent of Sanatana Ved Dharma? Where in the Vedas do you find recommendation for idol worship?

      Rama and Krishna were powerful Yogis and perfect role models and so if we have to follow their ideals, we have to stop building temples and worshipping idols and instead lead our life the way they did. Indeed, that would be the greatest worship to them.

      “The time has come for honest men to denounce false teachers and attack false gods.” Luther Burbank.

  • @Agniveer
    Firstly, You have no right to harass sentiment of people. Indian constitution does not allow to speak anything which harass the sentiments of other religion people. Our dear prophet(PBUH) also used to eat meat. In Islam meat eating is allowed. I will report to government and police if you do not stop posting un-islamic things.

    • Dear Slave,
      What Agnivee did is present the truth in a most logical manner. If you think he is wrong then come with more logical explanation WHY?

      Eating meat is unnatural for human. If you have baby then put apple and row meat next to each other and see what the baby goes for. You will find the answer.

      When you report to government and police, be bit more honest and also report government about the fanatics in india who “harass the sentiments of other religion people”.

      • @Ronak
        According to Islamic point of view Islam is only true religion. Other religions are fraud. In Islam non-Islamic religion are not allowed. So, government also look what Islam says in this matter. If you are preaching anything anti-Islamic you deserve punishment in Islamic court.

      • Dear Slave, So you say in Islam other religions are Fraud. And also you say God have told that Muhammad is the final Prophet of Truth.

        How can Truth vary with every succeeding Prophet? According to our belief, Truth can only be ONE. It never varies Prophet by Prophet !!! The belief is only ONE and it remains Eternal..We do not need Prophets to bring the Truth Step by Step.

      • Any person claiming himself to be great is actually not great. Islam claiming itself being great? No great person would glorify himself.
        You people blindly follow Quran and it shows in the scientific development of islamic Countries.
        You are talking about Constitution ?
        Then what will you tell for Zakir Naik or Owasi who give hate speeches ?

        You said your prophet ate meat ,so it is correct.
        So Mr.Agniveer has explained the Loss of energy (10 times) ,which is the first lesson in CBSE 10th standar science text book. So you can prove Mohammed to be dumb with a 10th standard text book!

        Mohammed had child marriage and had sex with a minor.
        He Looted people and led armies and killed.
        He raped women and started Jihad.

        I challenge you to sue me!
        Dude, I come from a family of Lawyers and I know the Laws.

        Do you want me to expose the Sharia?

        The very intellectual capacity of muslims can be found out by the number of noble prizes you people won.

      • Of course, Islam doesn’t understand the concept of freedom of speech either. If you don’t like the ideas of this website, then don’t visit this website and don’t come back. You clearly have no idea how the law works.

      • Hey Slave!
        You say it is anti-Islamic.
        Now Quran or Sharia does not Allow you Muslims to Question Quran or Allah. It is a Sin. But In the Mahabarath ,Arjuna questions Krishna ,compiled as Bhagavat Gita, yet Krishna did not punish him for questioning him .
        This is Sanathana Dharma .Question anything and everything .Accept what is Scientific and Logical and reject which are not Scientific.

        I can prove that without Islam, the world would have been a better place.
        And without your dumbness, this website can be a better place.
        So please get the BEEP!!! outta here

      • @Slave of Prophet Mohammed,

        Being a vegetarian myself, I am always on the lookout for people who are doing their bit for the world, for all living beings and also for themselves. I have previously corresponded with the owner of and I must say that he is a devout Muslim with a very open mind, unlike you.
        He runs several other websites

        However, because of radicals like you, Islam and good Muslims earn a bad name.

        Moreover, if you think that the Saudi based website is the final word with regards to Islam then I must admit that you are a lackey (foot-licker) of the Saudi king. Go shine his royal shoes. You are just a sad case and a terrible misfit for society.

      • No, No ask my Slave friend if he trusts Saudis so much what have these Saudis done for the Muslim community except inviting American Christian soldiers into the Arab sacred soil. These soldiers, men and women came in half naked uniforms with their patent drinks and pork dinners packed with them. They assisted the Saudis to eliminate the Saddam regime and kill their own Arab brothers and sisters. Please also ask him why is non-Islamic? what is the reason????? Let us see what this baby has to say.

      • @Slave of Prophet Mohammed

        And who are the people behind that web site to determine that is un-islamic? It sounds so incredible stupid that any religion would say being vegetarian in un-that religion. Who does that? What religion would say my followers must kill and the eat the flesh of animals and not to do so is against my teachings? I can believe that Islam may not say anything about being vegetarian, but to actually be against vegetarianism seems far fetched.

        Show me Mr. Slave where in the koran Mohammed said his followers must eat meat, and it is specifically un-Islamic to be a vegetarian.

      • @Arun
        “Show me Mr. Slave where in the koran Mohammed said his followers must eat meat” (Arun Quote)

        Brother in Holy Quran meat/ Non-Veg is allowed by Allah and we can take, Then who are u to decide and can dare against Allah command
        Quran (5.1)
        O you who believe! Fulfill (your) obligations. Lawful to you (for food) are all the beasts of cattle except that which will be announced to you (herein), game (also) being unlawful when you assume Ihram for Hajj or ‘Umrah (pilgrimage). Verily, Allah commands that which He wills.

    • @Slave of prophet Mohammed
      …..and what about the sentiments of animals who were murdered.
      Just you said that those Vegeterian website is anti-islamic, then wht is islamic ?
      1)Killing Humans.
      2)Murdering Humans
      3)Spreading terrorism.

      • @Human
        Dear I nowhere said Islam promote killing. But if meat is Got from animals body through islamic way in which animal feel less pain is halal.

      • Animals feel less Pain!
        ok, but they do feel some pain.
        So would you mind if I kill your parents in Halal Style ?

      • @slave\
        Your halal is just bullshit!
        They make no sense …………. You ignorant fools!

  • so why did Sri Rama eat meat. Now please don’t tell me he didn’t. He did. It is the interpretation of the lineage of Adi Sankara. In the Valmiki Ramayana Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Sita Devi are clearly shown to have eaten deer, birds and fish.

    I am a vegetarian by all means. But I do think this binary vision of veg vs non-veg is an incomplete argument. There is more to it.

    • At the same time I also think this blog is splendid in covering the general issues of the harms of indiscriminate meat eating even when people don’t really have to.

    • What the Christian interpretation or Hindu. Brahmachary mean vegetarian nothing else as satvik food does not consist of meat. Why Lord Ram did killed those demons throwing flesh into the fire spoiling the haven If meat eating was consider good?

    • Vidy, Yes, we would tell you that there is no reason to believe that Sri Rama or any of his family members ate meat. Yes there are interpolated verses like many more in Valmiki Ramayan. But there is also a verse that states that they ate only vegetarian food.

      • Guru Granth Sahib, pg 143:
        First Mehl:
        Look, and see how the sugar-cane is cut down. After cutting away its branches, its feet are bound together into bundles,
        and then, it is placed between the wooden rollers and crushed.
        What punishment is inflicted upon it! Its juice is extracted and placed in the cauldron; as it is heated, it groans and cries out.
        And then, the crushed cane is collected and burnt in the fire below.
        Nanak: come, people, and see how the sweet sugar-cane is treated!


    क्या वृक्षों में जीवन हैं और क्या वृक्ष आदि खाने में पाप हैं?
    आधुनिक समाज में खान पान को लेकर एक विशेष दुविधा आज भी बनी हुई हैं जिसमें सभी व्यक्तियों के अलग अलग दृष्टीकौन हैं .

    इस्लाम और ईसाइयत को मानने वालों का कहना हैं की ईश्वर ने पेड़ पौधे पशु आदि सब खाने के लिए ही उत्पन्न किये हैं,नास्तिक लोगों का मानना हैं की ईश्वर जीवात्मा आदि कुछ भी नहीं होता इसलिए चाहे शाक खाओ ,चाहे मांस खाओ, कोई पाप नहीं लगता. अहिंसा का समर्थन करने वाले लोगों का एक मत यह भी हैं की केवल पशु ही नहीं अपितु पेड़ पौधे में भी जीवात्मा होने के कारण उनको खाने में हिंसा हैं और वृक्ष को काटकर खाने से हम भी मांसाहारी हैं क्यूंकि हम उनके शरीर के अवयवों को खाते हैं.यह भी एक प्रकार की जीव हत्या हैं.निष्पक्ष होकर हम धर्म शास्त्रों पर विचार करे हमे इस समस्या का समाधान आसानी से मिल सकता हैं.

    संसार में दो प्रकार के जगत हैं जड़ और चेतन. चेतन जगत में दो विभाग हैं एक चर और एक अचर. वृक्ष आदि अचर कोटि में आते हैं जबकि मानव पशु आदि चर कोटि में आते हैं.

    महाभारत के अनुसार वृक्ष आदि में वनस्पति, औषधि, गुल्म, गुच्छ, लता, वल्ली, तृण आदि अनेक प्रजातियाँ हैं. (सन्दर्भ- ५८.२३)

    मनु स्मृति में बीज या शाखा से उत्पन्न होने वाले को उदभिज्ज स्थावर बीज कहा गया हैं (सन्दर्भ- १.४६)

    मनु स्मृति के अनुसार मनुष्य जब शरीर से पापाचरण करता हैं तो उसके फलस्वरूप अगले जन्म में वृक्ष आदि का जन्म पाता हैं (सन्दर्भ- १२.९)

    मनु स्मृति के अनुसार जो मनुष्य अत्यंत तमोगुणी आचरण करते हैं या अत्यंत तमोगुणी प्रवृति के होते हैं तो उसके फल स्वरुप वे अगले जन्म में स्थावर = वृक्ष, पतंग, कीट ,मत्स्य , सर्प, कछुआ, पशु और मृग के जन्म को प्राप्त होते हैं.(सन्दर्भ- १२.४२)

    आगे मनु महाराज स्पष्ट रूप में घोषणा करते हैं की पूर्वजन्मों के अधम कर्मों के कारण वृक्ष आदि स्थावर जीव अत्यंत तमोगुण से अवेषटित होते हैं. इस कारण ये अंत: चेतना वाले होते हुए आन्तरिक रूप से ही कर्म फल रूप सुख दुःख की अनुभूति करते हैं.वाह्य सुख सुख की अनुभूति इनको नगण्य रूप से होती हैं अथवा बिलकुल नहीं होती.

    आधुनिक विज्ञान में वृक्षों में जीव विषयक मत की पुष्टि डॉ जगदीश चन्द्र बसु जीवात्मा के रूप में न करके चेतनता के रूप में करते हैं. देखा जाये तो दोनों में मूलभूत रूप से कोई अंतर नहीं होता क्यूंकि चेतनता जीव का लक्षण हैं. भारतीय दर्शन सिद्धांत के अनुसार जहाँ चेतनता हैं वही जीव हैं और जहाँ जीव हैं वही चेतनता हैं.

    आधुनिक विज्ञान वृक्षों में जीव इसलिए नहीं मानता हैं क्यूंकि वो केवल उसी बात को मानता हैं जिसे प्रयोगशाला में सिद्ध किया गया हैं और जीवात्मा को कभी भी प्रयोगशाला में सिद्ध नहीं किया जा सकता.

    डॉ जगदिश चन्द्र बसु पहले वैज्ञानिक थे जिन्होंने ऐसे यंत्रों का अविष्कार किया वृक्षों पौधों में वायु, निद्रा,भोजन, स्पर्श आदि के जैविक प्रभावों का अध्यनन किया जा सकता हैं.

    यहाँ तक शास्त्रों के आधार पर यह सिद्ध किया गया हैं की वृक्ष आदि में आत्मा होती हैं.अब शास्त्रों के आधार पर यह सिद्ध करेंगे की वृक्ष आदि के काटने में अथवा पौधों आदि को जड़ से उखारने में हिंसा नहीं होती हैं.

    संख्या दर्शन ५.२७ में लिखा हैं की पीड़ा उसी जीव को पहुँचती हैं जिसकी वृति सब अवयवों के साथ विद्यमान हो अर्थात सुख दुःख की अनुभूति इन्द्रियों के माध्यम से होती हैं. जैसे अंधे को कितना भी चांटा दिखाए , बहरे को कितने भी अपशब्द बोले तो उन्हें दुःख नहीं पहुँचता वैसे ही वृक्ष आदि भी इन्द्रियों से रहित हैं अत: उन्हें दुःख की अनुभूति नहीं होती. इसी प्रकार बेहोशी की अवस्था में दुःख का अनुभव नहीं होता उसी प्रकार वृक्ष आदि में भी आत्मा को मूर्च्छा अवस्था के कारण दर्द अथवा कष्ट नहीं होता हैं. और यहीं कारण हैं की दुःख की अनुभूति नहीं होने से वृक्ष आदि को काटने, छिलने, खाने से कोई पाप नहीं होता और इससे जीव हत्या का कोई भी सम्बन्ध नहीं बनता.

    भोजन का ईश्वर कृत विकल्प केवल और केवल शाकाहार हैं और इस व्यस्था में कोई पाप नहीं होता. जबकि मांसाहार पाप का कारण हैं.

    मनु ५.४८ के अनुसार प्राणियों के वध से मांस उपलब्ध होता हैं, बिना प्राणिवध किये मांस नहीं मिलता और प्राणियों का वध करना दुःख भोग का कारण हैं, अत: मांस का सेवन नहीं करना चाहिए.

    ईश्वर की वाणी वेद का प्रमाण है कि —

    १. मांसं न अश्नीयात् ॥ अर्थः मांस मत खाओ । २. मा नो हिंसिष्ट द्‍विपदो मा चतुष्पदः ॥ अथर्व॰ ११ । २ । १ ॥ अर्थः दो पग वाले (मनुष्य, पक्षी आदि) और चार पगवाले पशुओं को मत मारो । ३. इमं मा हिंसीर्द्‍विपाद पशुम् ॥ यजु॰ १३ । ४७ ॥ अर्थः इस दो खुर वाले पशु की हिंसा मत करो ।

    प्रमाण सब से अधिक बलवान होता है । आर्यों को उचित है कि वे अपने जीवन को प्रमाणों के अनुरूप परिवर्तित करें ।

  • This is the kind of Intellect one possess if he/she maintains Sattwic food and reject Rajasic & Tamasic foods. I take this article itself as an example for that. I strongly believe it is the power of Sattwic foods and inner purification methods like Pranayama with which one develops his Consciousness & the intellect and lives like a Super-Human among the masses.

    As Swami Vivekananda rightly said: “A dozen of such lions will conquer the world, and not millions of sheep can do so.”

    Vedic way of living alone can bring such glories. It’s high time to inspire from the Vedas as well as the Conducts from the great Hindu Saints.
    Additionally, as our scriptures rightly say, a person who masters Brahmacharya (or) right conduct will conquer both the Worlds.

    “The Brahmachari moves, strengthening both the worlds. In him the devas meet in concord; he upholds earth and heaven.”
    – Atharva Veda 11.5.1. AVG, P. 55

    I wish Agniveer to make an article on the impacts that Brahmacharya (Right Conduct) can produce on the people who follow it. It will be extremely useful for the Bollywood-Driven youths in this era.


  • Agniveer Mahoday,

    This is a brilliant gem of an article. In fact, I consider it the standard manifesto of every ethical and rational human being, i.e. a TRUE human being, an ARYA MANAV. However, this article needs a little proofreading, as there are a few grammatical and syntax errors. Nevertheless, none of the punch present in the article is lost at all.

    PS: In this article, as per your own confession, you haven’t delved deep into the various diseases caused by meat-eating. Plz. do do so in your next article reg. the evil of meat-eating “in graphic detail”!

    • Dear Brother, Thanks for your complements. Being humans, we are error prone. However if you could suggest where we have erred in proof reading, we would definitely want to edit and improve the article.

      For diseases and meat-eating, there are already a lot of books available written by qualified experts. We would definitely try to bring them to fore.

      • Agniveer Mahoday

        Like I had said, all of those are grammatical and syntax errors and therefore d not take away any of the punch and incisiveness of the article. Anyway, the errors are quite numerous and I’ll give you a few examples:

        This one is right at the start of the article:
        Error: Because meat and livestock is one of the most polluting industry of the world.
        Correction: Because meat and livestock is one of the most polluting industries of the world.

        Then, there are quite a few cases where the article “The” has been omitted, like:
        Error: Yet another lame excuse to justify cravings of tongue.
        Correction: Yet another lame excuse to justify cravings of the tongue

        But like I said, these errors are just too trivial in hindsight and can be corrected at your own pace. We could just let the article sink in for it’s meaning; I believe that the Agniveer team has decisively crashed the myth of “Meat: An Essential and Non-Redundant Food Source” that the Mleccha Manavs have been peddling before our gullible brethren to sell their blood-stained wares!

      • Thanks brother. The first one is quite rightly pointed. Actually the word livestock was later inserted based on FAO report causing the error. Omission of ‘the’ is more of a writing style for web to shorten an otherwise long post to extent possible and reduce probability of CTS. 🙂

      • जिह्वस्य आशासनं (craving of tongue) : kind of Understand the situation here, when one starts to get deeper into the semantics of samskrit, the redundancy and deficiencies of other languages start to surface.(especially English)
        btw when is “the” required from the perspective of the the completion of the meaning conveyed? just wondering

  • IF anyone reading this please help me …..I feel very upset for prevailing condition in my country ..i try to persuade my friends and relatives to accept the truth ..but no one is serious …i get discouraged …help me how should i keep myself motivated….MERA CHIT SHAANT KAISE HOGA …….DHANYAWAD ……

    • Don’t try to write script for other people. Set yourself as a best example. No one can influence anyone else. Law of Karma states that it is your own will that decides your fate, none else. But when you set right examples, people who have willed to improve start coming closer and improving themselves. You become a medium for them to explore their own goodness. But the will has to be within and is independent of external influence. Swami Dayanand was a charismatic saint of his era. Many got impressed and adopted Vedic ways, simply by seeing him. This is because his persona attracted those who had will to improve and he became a medium of transformation for them. On other side, some of his own long-term disciples went ahead to stoop low like anything, even though they were so close to him. His own cook poisoned him. So don’t be upset. Being upset/discouraged is against Vedas and crime in itself. Instead take resolve to be most positive and dynamic person and attract likeminded through brilliance of your satya.

  • we have very poor management for sports thats why we face problems ……meat eating never give strength .SUSHIL KUMAR is a best example …….

  • I also would like to add one question and answer:
    Q. Western people are so physically strong because they eat meat – beef, pork, etc. Is this true? They always win in sports. Why?
    Ans: Absolutely not. Though meat eating results in physical strength, their mind is WEAK. Sport persons will become rich and successful but they cannot live happily ever. They end up having extra marital affairs, divorces, murders, etc.
    Agniveer, please clarify.

    • There is no correlation between strength and meat eating. Sushil Kumar – world wrestling champion is an example. There are lot many. In fact vegetarian diet is considered to improve endurance. Western people are strong because they have a more healthy and hygienic environment. If the same set of people start eating vegetarian food and meet energy requirements, they would be even more stronger. Meat has adverse effect on mind. You get what you give.

      • Meat eating block arteries and makes a person weak causes many disease even brain damage/dementia. Most westerners deepened on hormones like testosterone for strength and they have no natural stamina, besides the host of diseases linked to meat eating SARS, swine flue, Mad Cow, common flue, (e-coli and samonala is the fecal content of meat meat eaters eat that also cause many diseases. Cancer is another major disease caused by meat eating.

        One should question those who salivate at the site of rotting flesh as to what they are?.

      • A pure Vegan diet may have to get supplements. But if one includes dairy products, these are taken care of. This may be an issue in West due to the way they treat dairy animals. But in India, if you link to a good goshala, this can be taken care of nicely.

      • Actually the article was about vitamins you need to watch out for as a vegetarian not vegan diet. As vegans there probably are more vitamin and mineral concerns – not insurmountable but things to watch out for and prepare to address to make sure you are not deficient.

        Not sure about the impact on vitamins based on how cows are raised for milking in the West versus India. Interesting point. Maybe that is true.

      • Hi Arun,
        Calcium is abundantly found in Milk. Similarly Vitamin D is absorbed by body directly from Sunlight !!

        Maybe B-12 Vitamin alone is found Scarcely in Veg food.

      • Vitamin B-12 is synthesized in the gut in our body. All athletes in America are told to cut down on meat before games and eat Complex Carbohydrates which give stamina. It is Carbohydrate loading. Vegetarian has natural stamina and unlike meat eaters they do not need to supplement it with hormones, besides better healing abilities and less risk of food poisoning. A horse with great stamina does not drink milk or anything high with vitamin B-12.

      • Arun a simple Biology class would tell this, milk and milk product contain B-12, It seems lots of people are non-biology majors and do not know B-12 is synthesis in the gut.

      • Good comments and perspective from all.
        Moderation and flexibility is the key to leading a happy and healthy life and being an active and sought after part of the crowd. As a rule of thumb, it is better to eat vegetarian food for better spirituality and meditational life. However, for physical strength, it may be okay to consume meat, fish and or eggs about twice a week. One should pray before eating any food – whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian and ask for blessing from one’s Spiritual Master. As for hygiene, all married people make love to each other; is that hygienic kissing each other all over etc.?
        Common sense mixed with simplicity and devotion to God is the way to go.

      • @Arbinder Singh

        You said “However, for physical strength, it may be okay to consume meat, fish and or eggs about twice a week.”

        Bull-poo. These are some annoyingly-popular pseudo-scientific myths, masquerading as science.

        You shold be ashamed to justify murder and cannibalism.

      • Arbinder, meat is not at all a manly diet. It is a misconception. I am 60+ and lift heavy weight in my gym. I do not even drink milk because it is the food for the calves. Check out my diet elsewhere given in this blog.

      • Dr. Furhman developed a nutrient density food chart. If you look at that you will see that the ones on the top of the list are vegetables and fruits.

        But don’t only eat the top of the chart. Eat a variety of vegetables and fruits along with sources of protein. Be careful with soy especially pregnant women since it may stimulate estrogen. You need to have hormonal balance and don’t want extremes. I would say instead of soy choose another protein source.

    • Many Westerners are fat and sick because of their heavy fast food meat diet. Too many processed foods. See this video “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” This Australian decided to change his diet and become healthier. He did a road trip in the US and met an American who joined him in this diet. He did juicing of vegetables and fruit initially to get healthier. I don’t think juicing fruits and vegetables all the time is the way to eat or live but it can help get you healthy and then you switch to eating nutrient dense foods on a regular basis.

    • @ bharat

      yes sir, how absolutely right you are! these euros are soooooooo weak minded and we are sooooooooooo strong, that we let them rule over us for 200 years. not only euros, other invaders also ruled over us. surely they were weak minded, because they were meat eaters. and we let them rule for over 1000 years, only because we are strong. Of course, it was/it is our duty to boost up the morale of those poor weak creatures, because we are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo strong.!! ya ya. good observation sir.

      • @Maity: Do you think we were enslaved? Then from where we have got Gandhi, Tilak, Vivekanand, Dayanand, CV Raman, Subrahmanyam Bharti, Sarojini Naidu, Rabindranath Tagore, Dadabhai Nauroji, Bankim chandra, Bhagat Singh, Azad, and so many many alike enslaved.??… and interestingly all or most of them were Vegans !!! It was not due to vegan or non-vegan (which you are trying to relate everything in this topic) but due to internal conflicts in Indian society, we were ruled by fools.

  • One great thing I like about Agniveer is your articles contain all possible questions that one can ask and perfect answers to each one. God bless you.

  • Wow, just wow! Everytime I read article at your website, i wonder how much knowledge you possess to make this world better place.
    Thank you.

    • @Agniveer
      What good will be if you dont eat Meat ?
      If you really want to create revolution then stop animal killing. If you really have affection with them then try to ban slaughter houses. The animal doesnot care if you burn their body or eat it after let them die. Dont use the humanity because this shows Human bigots who doesnot care any living being except Humans. Eating no meat is no revolution , it just choice of food. The real revolution will be when you save animals from being murdered. God is for all, not only for Humans.
      If the name God is used for father of only Humans then God is not the father of universe but only father of Humans i.e. a Human.
      Being Vegeterian helps noone. Try something bigger, save those creatures.
      They also wanted to live in this beautiful world.

      • “Being Vegetarian helps no one. Try something bigger, save those creatures.
        They also wanted to live in this beautiful world.”

        No, buddy boy! Being vegetarian and encouraging others to follow suit by spreading the message of rationality, reason and ethics in the form of such articles helps a lot and a lot of creatures! Ever heard of the saying “Once the buying stops, so does the selling”? It is demand that creates supply, not the vice versa! Simple and plain economics!

        So, if we can rationally and ethically convince more and more people to abandon this blood-stained path and stop becoming customers of the murderous butchers and meat packagers etc., the demand for the red/pink poison will go down, and automatically the butchers, seeing the plummeting demand for meat and eggs will be ultimately forced to abandon their blood-spattered cult of utter hatred and contempt fot Nature and, as has been pointed out by Agniveer Mahoday, dedicate themselves to growing and selling vegetable-based products (and probably milk and honey based, too), thus becoming 10 times more productive and helping eradicate huger, poverty and malnourishment in this world! Adopting vegetarian ways and becoming a role model to all others is the FIRST step we all must take!

        Meat is, in my eyes, a low-level carcinogenic, which is even more fatal; it gives you cancer of the rectum, colon etc., but it does so so darn slowly that you don’t even realize the cancers you’re about to invite, living under the delusion that it is providing valuable nutrition to you!

        Of course, if you still feel (and you are actually right in feeling) that much more needs to be done to save the hapless creatures, then contribute in any way possible to the Go-Seva Mandals that the Indian socio-cultural landscape is choc-a-bloc with! The same ethics in cow-protection can be applied to all other domesticated animals, carnivores, omnivores etc. in the form of “Sarva Jantu Sanrakshan Mandals” that the various socio-cultural leaders in every village, town and city of the nation.

      • “”Once the buying stops, so does the selling”? It is demand that creates supply, not the vice versa! Simple and plain economics! “”

        Lets see our economist advise the hindu-controlled skin and bones business to curb demand………………………………………………in India.

      • “””Meat is, in my eyes, a low-level carcinogenic, which is even more fatal; it gives you cancer of the rectum, colon etc., but it does so so darn slowly that you don’t even realize the cancers you’re about to invite, living under the delusion that it is providing valuable nutrition to you!””‘

        FOR YOUR EYES ONLY !!!!

        Vegetarianism is not a bullet proof life style against Cancer. Almost all the Vegans suffer from colon cancer in the late stages of life. Cancer research reveals that cancer is developed over decades for what we ate then about 20 or 30 years ago and not what we are eating now.

        To add to the misery, the genetically modified seeds and agricultural experimentation, the vegans are at more risk of cultivating the germ-resisting chemicals in their colons which become immune to everything over time just like ecoli became immune in India…

        Good luck desperate vegans !!!

        You are doing nothing but showing another way to hell !!