Most polluting industry

Because meat and livestock is one of the most polluting industries of the world. Whatever ecological damage we face today can be attributed significantly to this non-essential industry. (refer United Nations document on meat industry being culprit for climate change, land pollution, water depletion and loss of biodiversity at

Cause of hunger and poverty

Because meat is cause of hunger and poverty in the world. Just as I myself hate being hungry and under-nutritioned, I feel the same for millions of my brothers and sisters born from same mother earth. If I could have killed myself to satisfy their hunger, I would have gladly done so.

But for all I know, if people stop eating meat and adopt vegetarian ways, they could feed at least 10 times more people using the same efforts and energy. This is based on the principle of energy-pyramid which states that the at least 10 units of vegetation is consumed to prepare 1 unit of meat by feeding the meat-producing animals. Refer any text on food chain or energy pyramid. In fact for most of the commercially produced meat that humans eat currently, energy losses are much higher.

Thus each person who stops eating meat is feeding at least 9 more people apart from himself. What could be a greater form of charity than simply avoiding meat! And what could be a greater sin for me than forcing at least 9 people to die from hunger because I love the taste of mutton! Moreover, meat industry also significantly depletes water.

Since I consider entire humanity as my own family, I cannot sleep peacefully with the guilt of being a cause of hunger and thirst for my dearest brothers and sisters and innocent children in my global home.

Vegetarian alternatives exist

Because in today’s era, I don’t see anybody hunting to survive like the lions in Africa. Meat is simply a non-essential addiction. There is no meat-product for which a healthier vegetarian alternative does not exist.

Meat is non-renewable

Because meat is non-renewable. An animal once killed cannot grow more animals. But a plant, even when uprooted, can grow a new plant from its roots, shoots and seeds. Thus the hunger and thirst caused by meat-eating is much more longer term and intense than that discussed earlier.

Life is Beautiful

Because I consider my life to be dearest to me. I consider life of my near and dear ones to be most precious. I see all humans considering lives of their near and dear ones equally precious. If I kill any of them, I am deemed a murderer because I snatched the most precious gift of life.

So how can I commit the same crime on other species who too have a face and brain like me, who also love their life so much, who also face the same fear when they approach death, who also express happiness and grief like me and my dear ones? Simply because I do not understand their language or consider them less intelligent? By this logic, even killing of mental-patients should also be legitimized. Killing of coma patients should also be legitimized. Eating orphans should also be legitimized.

And since they are not, even meat eating is a crime of same order for me.

Question: Then should you not stop eating plants also? After all, even they have life, as proved by science.

Answer: Research has only proved that plants also demonstrate similar processes and cellular structures that are found in animals. Science does not say that plants have a personality like animals. There is no way to prove that plants exhibit same form of sorrow or joy or put efforts like animals. Plants don’t reproduce in a manner similar to animals or stop being able to reproduce more plants like animals after they are killed. There are significant differences in plants and animals, and that is why even science of biology clearly differentiates study of botany and zoology. 

So I do not consider plants to have a soul that feels “I am this mango tree”. This coupled with reasons discussed above justify eating of plants, but not of animals.

But even if we assume that plants can feel pain like animals. Still, we can live without eating animals. But we cannot live without eating plants. We simply do not have a choice here. And by eating plants, at least 10 times more humans in our family can get food to eat and water to drink that by tasting a beef-steak. Thus commonsense and basic humanity demands that we show mercy on those at least whom we can allow to live without killing ourselves and torturing our family members. Or else, same reason may be given tomorrow to justify cannibalism as well.

Question: Even lions and tigers eat meat. So what is wrong if humans eat?

Answer: Lions and tigers and other carnivorous animals eat meat because they are designed by nature to do so. If they do not eat so, they would die. They are not in a position to think, analyze, choose and decide what to eat, what not to eat, whether to eat in a plate or in a bowl, whether to cook or not cook, whether to mix 5 varieties of meat with some toppings or eat plain and raw, whether to cook in Tandoor or roast. Since humans possess this finesse, question of right and wrong also is relevant to humans alone.

Now humans have a choice of food – animals or plants. There is 100% evidence that eating of animals causes hunger, pollutes nature and is at par with eating humans. Further eating animals is optional. So a sensible person like me will not eat animals. On plants, there is controversy. People like me believe that they are chemical reactions and not souls with personalities. Others may differ. But in absence of conclusive proof for latter, it would be still wiser to prefer them for food instead of animals and be less criminals in worst case. Further we do not even have a choice in this case.

Say you are forced to drink from one of the two bottles. One is confirmed to contain deadly poison. And opening the bottle will definitely kill 10 other people. For other, there is a confusion on it being poison and no one else gets killed. What would you choose? At least, I would choose the second bottle without second thoughts. Same is that case with eating plants – the natural, humane way of eating.

Question: But I am an atheist. I do not believe in soul or God. So plants or animals are all similar biochemical reactions. Why should I differentiate?

Answer: If you are an atheist or agnostic, there is all the more reason why you should eat plants but not animals. Because I assume you admit that you are a human. And being a human, I assume, you agree that hurting other humans is not acceptable in any rational society. I assume that you love your fellow human beings. I assume you consider humanity to be your own family. I assume you care for each and every innocent human being. And hence, I assume you would want to keep at least 9 people hungry and thirsty while you relish on chicken-tikka. And you would not like our future generations to be permanently diseased and in poverty simply because we have been screwing up the environment. I assume that you indeed love your children and would love to gift them with blessings than curse them with hatred. If my assumptions are correct, then an atheist must be frontrunner for “Say No to Meat” campaign. If my assumptions are wrong, then even eating up an atheist is equally justified.

Question: Then even domestication of animals and drinking milk should be crime?

Answer: Well, these are ambiguous topics. There can be views and counter views. One can discuss and debate on these. But regardless of that, at least this is certain that if these were to be crime, then killing of animals is bound to be a crime of much muchbhigher magnitude. So at least we should avoid conducting such great crimes against nature, humanity and animals, even if we differ on these few issues.

For example, we cannot justify killing of human beings on pretext that a lesser crime called ‘corporate fraud’ is not clearly defined in law. For someone who raises a question that domestication of animals and drinking of milk are also crimes, there is all the more reason why such a person should be torch-bearer of movement for compassion on animals and promote vegetarianism.

Question: What will I eat if I am in a place where I only get meat? For example, if I am stranded on an island or am in Antarctica.

Answer: This is a very interesting question! Tell me, how many times you have actually been in Antarctica or have been stranded on an island like Robinson Crusoe? This very question implies that you agree that EXCEPT when you are stranded on an island or a place where you must eat meat to survive, in all other situations, you should not eat meat.

OK So we give you this concession. When you become Robinson Crusoe, eat meat if you indeed believe so. But 99.9999% of human inhabitations and situations don’t demand you to be a Robinson Crusoe! You get ample non-meat food in almost all locations where humans live as a society. After all the animals they eat also eventually have to eat plants. (All food-chains do begin with plants. There is no animal that converts solar energy into bio-energy. Only plants can do that.)

Question: What about eggs? Eggs are good for health and even government promotes eating of eggs.

Answer: Government is also mired in scam charges. Just because government promotes something does not make it rational. Had that been the case, there would have been never a movement against scams and for change of governance!

Coming to eggs, have you ever been in a poultry farm? The way these eggs are produced by ruthlessly torturing the chickens can raise your hairs (assuming you have compassion). Further, it is one of the most unhygienic locations. If you consider that humans should also be motivated to eat excreta after picking from commode and serving on a beautiful plate, then perhaps you have at least one lame reason to defend egg-eating. Because the most modern and expensive egg-farms are no more hygienic than a dirty toilet in a dirty bus-stop of Karachi. (By the way, the most hygienic of the meat-farms are more dirty than you can imagine.)

Also, there is no special nutrient in eggs that is not available in plants in ample. In fact eggs don’t even come close to be termed nutritious compared to common plant food. Eating pulses would be a much wiser and nature-friendly option than invite diseases and destroy environment for eating womb of a bird.

Question: If we stop eating animals, will not their numbers grow up and fill the entire earth? We must kill animals to preserve natural balance.

Answer: This is perhaps the cutest cruel question I have ever heard in my life. Cute because it seems as if an innocent child who first learnt about nature in his pre-school has framed the question. Cruel because one is attempting to project himself as Robinhood who kills to save the planet!

But let’s face the reality. How many of us actually eat animals because of our genuine concern for nature? How many of us are indeed environmentalists? Or is it merely tingling of our taste-buds that we want to satisfy by hook or crook?

Coming to facts, this argument would have been valid had humans as a race would have been eating meat exclusively through hunting like lions and tigers. Now lions and tigers do not create farmhouses to rear deer and sheep so that they can have a ready supply of food.

Humans on contrary have created a huge commercial industry to PRODUCE meat-providing animals and then kill them to fulfil their tastes. 99% of humans actually GROW the animals they kill. And in process of this growth, they destroy the nature like anything.

Thus this cruel question puts the enquirer at par with Osama Bin Laden who justifies his terror attacks as service to humanity! (This is a hard truth that most terrorists seriously believe that they are serving humanity and God by killing others!)

By the way, humans do not eat all the animals and birds. Humans don’t eat carnivorous animals for example. Most humans don’t eat crows, vultures, jackals or scorpions. Why they have not filled the entire earth then?

Also, this line of thinking can be extended to allow cooking up terminally ill and aged humans. After all, we all are trained since childhood to cite population as the greatest problem facing us.

Someone who has studied ecology at even basic level will not give such unscientific arguments and invite ridicule.

On contrary meat industry has endangered many species to extinction. So if preservation of natural balance of population be the overriding selfless goal, then do not think even a second to adopt vegetarianism.

Question: To kill other animals is a natural phenomenon. All powerful animals kill to eat. So what is wrong if humans also act naturally?

Answer: First, as discussed earlier, no animal ever grows animals. No animal constructs poultry farms and butcher houses. They simply follow their hunger instincts on need basis.

Second, the most powerful animals are primarily vegetarians. Be it elephant, or horse, or hippopotamus, or wild buffalo, or rhino, or gorilla.

Third, animals also live nude, do not read poems, do not clean their parts after shit and do not do a lot of things that humans do. They also do not cook meat before eating. If meat-eating was so natural for humans, then most of us would have been relishing raw meat without using spoons and forks.

Humans were designed to be intelligent. To be able to judge and decide what is wrong and what is right. To be compassionate. To be loyal. To be rational. Thus, if indeed humans want to be ‘natural’, they should protect and not torture animals.

And if this logic be considered seriously, then even cannibalism is also natural if practiced by powerful humans. Of course, there remains no basis for anti-corruption movement. After all it is natural for the more powerful to trample those who are less powerful, as per the enquirer!

But lets be human.

Lets accept it, this is a beast-mindset and not human way of thinking. Humanity is about analysis, love, compassion and urge to protect the less powerful. These traits alone make humans so special and different from animals.

Question: Biologically, humans are designed to eat animals. Look at our teeth, our intestines. We don’t have organs to digest cellulose like herbivorous animals. Hence are we not designed to eat animals?

Answer: Yet another lame excuse to justify cravings of tongue. Humans are designed to be separate from both herbivores and carnivores. Unlike herbivores, humans cannot digest grass. That is why we are not grass-eaters. But unlike carnivores, we are also not designed to eat raw meat. So we don’t have huge canines like lion and tiger. Human canines are at best good for peeling sugarcanes (Consult your dentist before you attempt so though. If you have been eating too much of junk, then sugarcane may peel off your teeth instead!).

If meat was so natural to us, we would have naturally been eating uncooked meat. By chasing, hunting, killing and eating away an animal using fingernails and teeth alone. We would not have required to tie or imprison the animal and then kill it using special weapons. No animal does that.

On contrary, fruits and vegetables can be eaten uncooked. In fact many health-regimes focus on purely uncooked-diet. But meat demands use of fire. The fire is used so that meat is converted to a more acceptable form. These days a raw meat concept is on rage in some places. But medical advice is to have it cooked to ensure there is no infection. And most humans find even the mention of raw meat very disgusting. After all we were designed by nature to be not cruel.

So if biology is your inspiration, be a vegetarian. Our brain, body, intellect and emotions were designed only to be compassionate humans.

Question: But I live in a family and society where meat is predominant food. How can I suddenly stop eating meat and appear crazy in my group?

Answer: This is a more honest question. It is indeed an issue with many genuine honest people who are forced to eat meat due to peer pressure. The way out is to rethink the same issue from a different perspective.

Just assume for a second that you are among a group of cannibals who want to eat your family members. Would you enjoy feasting with them and eating away leg of your daughter, finger of your mother and intestine of your brother with masala curry?

A rational human being considers all living beings as his own family. But even if you consider all humans as your own family, still meat eating means you are killing at least ten of your own family members.

Thus, if we simply start considering the Mother Nature as our mother indeed, problem is solved. Then we care for Mother Nature like we care for our own mother. Then we are deeply touched at hunger and poverty of our own brothers and sisters across the globe, and would not be party to anything that makes so many innocents die and suffer due to lack of food. So instead of being someone ashamed of your honesty, you become an agent of positive change. Instead of fearing that you appear crazy, you feel proud that you are the most sensible.

Question: Does it mean all meat-eaters are murderers and should be hated?

Answer: Technically, first part of the question is yes. Anyone who is in anyway instrumental to death of an innocent is indeed a  culprit. But we disagree that they should be hated. Meat-eating is a cultural issue today. Cultural issues are tackled through sensitisation and awareness and not through Talibanization and hatred. Remember, the entire foundation of movement against meat-eating lies in compassion and genuine concern for all living beings. So we should eradicate this brutal practice through humane means.

We do agree that law should be appropriately formulated to discourage meat-eating and promote healthy environment-friendly human-friendly habits like plant-eating. But not through any feeling of hatred towards anyone. We all humans are one single family. We should love each other and encourage each other for improvements. So even if you eat meat, I still love you as a mother loves her new-born calf. And that is why I appeal to you to say not to meat.

Question: What would then happen of so many meat-rearing farms and industries? Would it not cause people in these industries to become unemployed?

Answer: No, they would become even more productive. Instead of meat, if they start producing plant food, they can feed at least 10 times more people with same investments. And hence this would boost the economy like anything and bring prosperity to all. And future generations will thank them for gifting them a less-polluted environment and a less-hungry life.

Question: If meat-eating was so unnatural, why humans started eating meat in first place?

Answer: Exactly the same question can be posed for crimes like murder, fraud, racism, gender-discrimination, terrorism and rape. Any evil breeds on ignorance and lack of education. Even if you look into Bible, it states that originally all humans were plant-eaters (Genesis 1.29 for example).

Vedas – the oldest books known to humanity – vociferously suggest non-meat diet for humans. The first mantra of Yajurveda itself begins with an advise to protect the animals.

Over ages, due to lack of wisdom, lack of development, violent periods etc, there was an incentive to focus only on immediate needs than think smartly. Or blindly ape old customs in name of religion or culture. Hence meat-eating became as prevalent as gender-discrimination or racism etc.

When we plan our present and future, we are not at all bothered about why we did not do something in past. We simply rationally evaluate the benefits in present and future, and plan accordingly. That is why we use laptops, speak on mobile phones, watch TV and travel in planes and trains even though human civilisation never had these ever before. What we should be bothered today is not why something happened in past. We should instead focus on what we need to do right now to save our lovely planet and bring nourishment for teeming billions that are facing punishment for our cravings of tongue. We should focus on what we must do today to not be a villain torturing our own lovely children tomorrow.

Question: I thought you would argue as animal-rights activist and I would question why you are not being a plants-right activist. You instead started arguing as human-rights activist. How do I counter you then?


1. The way Supreme Lord has designed this world, if one genuinely starts caring for humans alone, then care for animals would chip in automatically. After all this is just a marvellously symbiotic world where everything is interrelated. You get back what you give. 

2. Why do you need to counter something which is so obvious and intuitive? Let us admit that meat-eating is a social-evil that thrives from dark-ages like gender discrimination, racism etc. It is hardly a century ago that we gave voting rights to women. Racism and casteism were legally uprooted hardly a few decades ago. Still movement against these evils continue. So we are not as evolved as technological advances may make us believe. Let us take meat-eating as next evil to tackle, given the appalling situation of environment and given the poverty statistics of the world. We should realise that each bite of meat we relish makes one poor die somewhere in world. And making earth closer to hell for our children whom we love the most.

3. For those who indeed are rational and compassionate, this is indeed also an animal-rights issues. We inherited this tribal mentality somehow that the whole world is designed exclusively for us – the humans. This lust made us destroy the environment and start considering the entire earth as our personal consort. And within last century, the situation has turned so worse that scientists are now worried about what would happen about our basic necessities of food, land and water in times to come.

In medieval times, the lust made us to disregard women as inferior to men in name of even religion. Women, like animals, were considered by many priests to have no soul. Others considered them to be half-intelligent than men and impure.

Many other people, like “blacks” were considered fit to be slave alone. Then in last few decades, the enlightened ones took a journey backwards to rectify the blunders. We thus uprooted racism and casteism. We started considering women as equal to men in social, intellectual and political rights. And now it is time to take the journey a step further and show our concern for animals as well. All these concerns – human-rights, gender-rights, animal-rights – are part of same spectrum and caused out of same ignorance in human mind. So the evolved ones should work to take this next step.

And even those societies that are yet to do their homework on gender-rights and human-rights also could expedite their progress if they holistically incorporate animal-rights as well.

But even if they do not, the dangerous situations of today force any rational person to embrace animal-rights. As a means to fulfil demands of grave human-rights issues like poverty of teeming billions and damage of environment guaranteeing a dangerous future for our children.

So do not counter the light of truth. Be honest, be humble and be rational. Love others as you expect others to love you. The least you can do to showcase your love for your own brothers and sisters and children of future is to replace that chicken-soup with tomato-soup.

Be human, love humans.

Say no to meat!

And remember, you get back what you give.

PS: We did not take up the issue of health hazards of eating meat. This has been amply covered in many researches. To summarise, meat eating is cause of dreaded diseases like swine flu, mad cow and bird flu. It increases risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. A habit that takes innocent lives, promotes hunger, destroys future of children cannot bring positive impact in our lives. You cannot meditate properly if you eat meat. Food has greatest impact on state of your mind, after your deeds. What we suggest is to think simple and honest. In world, you get back what you give. So give compassion and humanity and get back prosperity, health and happiness. Be human, love humans. Say no to meat!

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m a saad
If people really follow you and feel that all that you say and write is very very correct than ask the followers of vedic dharam to stop poultry business, and exporting buffalo meat from india. its hindu investing more and more in meat export with the help and in the… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
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I am a staunch advocate of vegetarianism , I agree with you on most of the topics except for one, You say that when people eat meat 9 people die of hunger, but animals feed on grass or hay or other food not fit for human consumption. So I think… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
Dear Argha, Meat is generated in vast animal-farms. If instead of developing animals for slaughter, they use same resources including land for producing food, that would feed 9 times more people, and be definitely much more environment friendly. If instead of producing food that animals eat (before being slaughtered), we… Read more »
I really like this website, but one major problem I have is the use of profanity like “shit” and “crap.” I am not sure if the author realizes, as a speaker of Indian English, how obscene these words are. These words denigrate the value of this website as a religious… Read more »

That is a good tip particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere.

Short but very accurate information… Thank you for sharing this
one. A must read post!

bharatiya nagarik
I read article and few comments below it. Everybody except the writer of the article and few others seems half-educated. Writer has really attained spirituality and maturity as evident from his replies to his criticism. but the article doesn’t convince me to give up meat. because I believe in following… Read more »

@Indian, You idiotic
who do you think who are you to judge Sri Sri Ravishankar ? What about your pedophile mass-murderer rapist robber gangster pimp muhamMAD ? Shame on him and you.


I am hardcore vegetarian like you Agniveer Agni.

Hi, I normally support Agniveer on many things, but I also support the right to eat meat as well. I think this is less of an issue. We as Dharmic people need to focus on more important things than eating or not eating meat. I would have rather seen something… Read more »


I reference to the Ramayana by Valmiki, Ayodhya Kand 52: 102 says that Rama and Lakhman ate deer.

Wants your comment on that?

Would really appreciate your reply and I am open for a conversation as well.

Nice Article…it really has made me think…and will surely cut down on my consumption of meat to begin with…this website is one of the best I have come across…many things on this site makes sense, rather than forcing some religious fairy tales… however here are some second thoughts that came… Read more »
Romans 14 1 Him that is weak in the faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations. 2 For one believeth that he may eat all things: another, who is weak, eateth herbs. 3 Let not him that eateth despise him that eateth not; and let not him which eateth… Read more »
I really do not know what you want to convey here…I certainly do not believe eating veg makes someone weak physically or mentally…look at elephants, bulls and rhinos….most powerful creatures are herbiverous…this goes with humans too…christianity comes nowhere close to vedic concepts…its concept like heaven hell and god created humans… Read more »
A mother bear—or lion or wild dog—does the same if she can’t nurse her cubs or find food for them. And if one of her cubs dies, she’ll most likely eat it immediately, as Khali did. This nourishes her and has the added benefit of removing the carcass. “That way… Read more »
My post was deleted and that was just part of the post as Agniveer site limits post site. Basically meat eater and vegetarians are different in thinking, and culture. Vedas do not prohibit but tells qualities of food, and its relation to human behavior. Further for Brahamachary they are only… Read more »
First place in meat eating animals it is common for the mother to eat her young. So yes meat eating animals do engage in cannibalism. Hindus in general think as tradition maybe not in practice cows as mother. Most cows roam free in India and are not chained, there are… Read more »
Dipanshu Tiwari
Ek sawal un logon se jo kahte hain ki HINDUTWA IS GREAT . . >>Kya hindutwa sabse mahan hai? . . . >>Agar aisa hai to hindusm mai ye bhi likhe hai ki Non.Vegeterian mat khao,aurr usme bhi ek chiz ki BRAHMAN ko Non.Vegeterian nhin khana chahiye.Do you know ki… Read more »
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I do agree with all the ideas you’ve presented in your post.
They are really convincing and will definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are very short for novices.
May you please prolong them a little from subsequent time?
Thank you for the post.


This page definitely has all the info I neeeded concerning this subject
and didn’t know who to ask.


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I think you have observed some very interesting details , appreciate it for the post.

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When I I eat meat,I like it to be juicy.

Venkat Seshu
Great job by Agniveer. Many thanks to them for educating people all over the world, not only on Vegetarianism, but also on genuine Vedic Dharma. Eat fruits, throw the seeds, New plants emerge, many fruits gotten! Eat meat, throw the bones. New graveyards emerge, earth spoiled. This is the simple… Read more »
How non vegetarian food is responsible for hunger and poverty?? Can you care to explain??.. Also non vegetarian delicacies are the tastiest of all. Just look around most of us eat meat. Even Brahmins have started eating meat. So keep your “I am vegetarian I am pious” ideology with yourself.… Read more »
Hi Indian, I”m not here to support non-veg or veg as religious principle. But as a environment thing. When you eat meat, that animal you eat needs some large amount of land where food is grown to grow that animal. For every animal you eat only 1/10 of the energy… Read more »
Yes Eating meat is a luxury. So those who can afford it can eat it. Your “requires more resources” argument is valid, but people like meat, they eat meat even though its cost is increasing. Their are other items of luxury as well people use them too. They have been… Read more »

And your argument that it is tasty is a BS argument. It is tasty for you but not everyone thinks the same.

Indian, I’m just saying in a country like India, people should be a little more mindful with eating meat. If the whole population of India ate meat, there probably would be civil war over food. Just be mindful of that fact. Have some self control man. Don’t act like an… Read more »
krishnam raju datla

Very good article, even though my mind and taste buds unable to swallow many facts mentioned by you… My stomach will not digest almost all the facts…

Hence, I request you to give some insight on consuming sea food as well…

Thanx in advance.

Krishnam Raju garu, Namaste! I feel giving insights about consuming sea food will be more stuff for your stomach. Why don’t you think on meat eating itself and digest the points first. If you could understand the disadvantages of meat eating you have already realized the goodness of vegetarian food.… Read more »

Please, don’t write “Life is beautiful”… Life is precious, yes, but not beautiful. A part if you are playing blind or deaf to the horrible events that goes around you and the world. In fact life is closer to hell than paradise.

I really impressed and agree with all the things (except on cow milk) mentioned here. I have one question/query not satisfied since many years and I don’t find any convincing answer here. I strictly believe that we must STOP drinking milk. Below are my arguments (many are taken from above… Read more »
Vipin Singh
Excellent article. I have a follow up question regarding the 1:9 ratio that you have talked about in the article. I am assuming you have put forward an average for it can not be the same for beef,pork,lamb and chicken as all of them have different diets. I am wondering… Read more »
Manoj Sharma
Thank U Mr Sanjeev for valuable detail and reason to be a vegetarian though i m already a vegetarian yet i m overwhelmed by detail provided by you . A very crucial discussion about religion is going on … read it “yet until and unless u do not know your… Read more »

What about the Agastya and Vathapi’s tale where Agastya and other brahmins eat goat i.e. Ilvala?

Agniveer Agni

Tales do not form basis of value-system aka Dharma. On contrary Dharma should form basis of tales. Tales have no authenticity. We cannot rely on them. But Dharma is logical, intuitive , scientific. We must build our foundation on that.

Agniveerji zakir naik is still propagating hatred on channel Peace Bangla ……..In west bengal ……….Please do something or it will be too late ………… I have a question you say bollywood people r vulgar then why u include Amitab bacchan in your testimonial ???????????????????????……………tomorrow Dawood will say “agniveer is great… Read more »
Big Dipper
@ Everyone, This is a gem of an article. Agniveer should have come up with this a long time back. However, it’s never too late to initiate something good! Moreover, this article is enough to deter any thinking human being from murdering innocent animals either in the name of some… Read more »
Big Dipper

People who require help or support to become a Vegan, PETA has some good resource How to Go Vegan

MY LETTER TO THE KING OF SAUDI ARABIA TO BAN ANIMAL SACRIFICE. I AM SURE YOU ALL WILL AGREE WITH MY LOGICAL APPROACH TOWARDS THIS RITUAL. ALSO MY WEPAGE: IS UPLOADED. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT. ——————————————————————————————————————– Live life vegetarian. Ershad Hossain AUTHOR: “The Sermon of truth, peace, and happiness”… Read more »
I know you said there are many things that are allowed in your book that have been relax or no longer followed. That might be the case, but at the end it still is allowing many of the things you have pointed out and even promoted. How do you, as… Read more »
Big Dipper
I agree with some of your comments and disagree with some of your comments. Putting all that aside I want to address the idea about your religion and eating meat. You claim you are a vegetarian and wish it as the way for all people of your religion and yet… Read more »

Respected Ershad ji,

You are a beacon of hope in this madness all around us.

I hope the recipients gain some wisdom after reading your letter.


Anil Salgotra
Dear All! No person who has posted comments before me or who shall post comments after my post is going to accept that “My Mother is better than yours”. To me my mother is the best and to you your mother is the best. Mother is love. Same is the… Read more »
Let not the cowardice of our forefathers affect us in our lifetime. Let us set the records straight. Let us accept that all religions are not the same. Let us accept that some Gods are biased and bigoted. Let us not be affected by the malady of political correctness. May… Read more »
rest of the information: Total average verses that are dedicated to holy war, jihad: 31% Amount of verses that are focused on the kafir (non-muslim or infidels): 1. koran has 60% of its verses focused on non-muslims 2. Sira has 80% of its verses focused on non-muslims 3. hadiths 37%… Read more »

A very accurate research by Dr. Bill Warner.


@E-M you may like Bill Warner’s site

This is a Purva Paksha of islam by a Western scholar: I ask everyone to watch this video. One of the best online. So basically you have three major text of islam: 1. Sira (Biography of momo aka mohammed) 26% of all three writings 2. Hadiths (traditions) 60% of… Read more »
Total agree with you on this. The biggest mistake Hindus make is all religions are the same. That not written anywhere in the Vedas. Vedas do say there are many paths to the One God, but it doesn’t mean ALL PATHS LEAD TO THE ONE GOD. And ignorant Hindus make… Read more »
irshad ansari

@ex muslim,youshould know that ali sina has been refuted in many points on and these sites and know the truth.thanks.

Agniveerji, If carniverous animals listen to your words then sure every animals will die. Big Fish has to depend on small Fish for their Survival bcoz natured created like that. You should go back to school and study of eco system. There is a dependency of one element to other… Read more »
Mr.Indian you could have very well said the same thing with due respect. Let me tell you something about logic. We do not eat dogs, cats, eagles, crows, sparrows, pigeons, vultures, rats, cockroaches, lizards and so many species, did they eat up all the food meant for mankind. Also, in… Read more »

Are u doubting in Allah and prophet? If Allah has allowed to consume flesh of cow, buffalo, goat etc. who are to raise doubts in it? That means you are not true Muslim. A true Muslim will follow the Quran orders without any hesitation and doubts.

@ Slave, I was browsing and was reading the article – Should India Give up Khashmir? where you wrote: “@Ali Sina Kashimir is Muslim populated state and all Muslim of Kashimir would like to go with Pakistan. India should give up Kashmir. Kashmir belongs to pakistan. ” My notes:… Read more »
Can you prove Islam to be a bonafide/true religion? Then I can consider taking you seriously. 1 of Allah’s 99 names translates as the Deceiver. Why would you believe in any such deity? If no one has seen Allah, its sex cannot be determined. Why do you still address it… Read more »
Allah allowed you to consume meat, it is ok, but nowhere he said that meat is beneficial to Muslims. In the same way the Holy Quran is silent on flood, earthquake and lightning that may destroy Muslims as well. Take for example, your father may allow you to go to… Read more »
Mr. Irshad, If you are true Muslim and read about quran then you should also know about the Surat Maiza, Allah(SWT) has clearly mentioned which are the lawful animals to be eaten and which are to be avoided. You better know why Alcohol and Pork is prohibited. I have full… Read more »
Dear Indian, You’ve written “You no need to go to outside and search for the answers look at your body and realise what is the use of cannine teeth.” My notes: If you justify meat eating due to the virtue of us having canine teeth, then rape can also be… Read more »
Sir, the first thing I will advise you is to write what is necessary. We all want to write, but if we do not write correctly, we lose our self respect and make a mockery of ourselves and our religion. By disrespecting The Buddha, Gandhi and other great people you… Read more »
@Slave : I have simple and straight forward question to you : Al Quran Sura Al Bakr 2:66 onwards till 2:73 its said that if a dead man is hit with a piece of cow meat the dead will come back to life and sign his murderer can you make… Read more »
@ERSHAD HOSSAIN Allah sanctions meat because it is good for health and we all must consume it and if we do not consume meat and consider it sin or immoral to consume; we are doubting in Allah, prophet and in Quran words. If you do not consume it is not… Read more »
Ashish B
@fake Indian —If you are true Muslim and read about quran then you should also know about the Surat Maiza, Allah(SWT) has clearly mentioned which are the lawful animals to be eaten and which are to be avoided.—- Oh really! Who will decide that who is a true muslim? What’s… Read more »
@Ashish B True Muslim(true human) are those who have full faith and prophet, Quran & Allah. Gandhi, Buddha, Dayanand, Krishna, were not true human because they were not worshiper and believer in prophet, Quran and Allah. Ajamal Kasab will be in heaven because he had full faith in prophet and… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

You wrote: “If carniverous animals listen to your words then sure every animals will die.”

Our reply: We completely agree with you. Our posts are addressed to humans and not carnivorous animals. You may conveniently ignore the article.

You are running away from the words. I mean to say that there is natures law which you cannot change just by justification.You should understand and realise that. So if I ask you , plant does not feel pain ? then you will say no.And you will also say it… Read more »
Dear Indian, Have you heard of Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose? In modern history, he was the first to discover that plants have life. However, it is also a fact that plants have a lower level of consciousness. Sat-Chit-Ananda means truth-consciousness-bliss. God possesses all 3 – Sat-Chit-Ananda Souls have Sat-Chit Nature… Read more »
Next with regards to idol worship. Let us define what it is. We believe idol worship is not just praying to status or pictures or believing that God takes on limited forms, but we go deeper and bigger on what idol worship is. We take it to the true essence… Read more »
“Just like your Sri Sri Ravi.. He agrees to the fact that vedas speak of one God and God has no image but he also say that in each idols he can feel its presence.. this is contradictory to what they speak earlier. This is how they mislead the follower.”… Read more »
@Agniveer and Indian brother And true religion is Islam. Allah is all merciful. He will forgive all sins of agniveer if he comes in true religion that is Islam. When I said while refuting Ali Sina & his stooges //Even Allah can not make you understand anything. I pray to… Read more »

Brahman is even more merciful because even if you don’t follow him , he will bless you .Now throw your allah into the gutter

Dear Slave, Since when did Islam become ‘the true religion’? Dr. Ali Sina has exposed Islam as it is and no one has been able to refute his allegations. [The only thing which you people could do is malign Dr. Ali Sina but no one succeeds in disproving his charges… Read more »

@Indian: blind men directing ones with sight 🙂
humans do not eat savanna buffalo, has the savanna become devoid of greenery?


@Muslim scholars
I would like to know being a Muslim can I consume flesh of Gorilla?


Why my comment need moderation?


Hey Terrorist! you are advocating terrorism by supporting Kasab .
And I doubt that Ali Sina debated you because any amateur can beat the Sh*t outta you .
But anyway , you have been given the legal right to lie by islam…i meant the TAQQIYA

@Agniveer Every Muslim feels himself/herself unfortunate for not to be born in the life time of prophet to be slave of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It would have been matter of privilege to be slave of prophet (the best creation) of Allah for person like me. Do not you wish that… Read more »
@ Slave and @ Indian We ex-Muslims actually need people like you to show the world why radical Islam is such a dangerous political ideology. [Yes Islam is actually a (dangerous) political ideology and not a religion] @ Rest of the people There are two good documentaries on radical Islam… Read more »

Hey! keep comming here often. I like the way you get owned . Your comments make me laugh .

Muhammad said that anyone who knows the 99 names of Allah will go to Heaven. Does this apply to non-Muslims who believe Muhammad was a warmongering fraud and a paedophile? Muhammad’s father was named Abdallah (meaning Allah’s slave). Since Muhammad’s father was a pagan, aren’t you simply following a modified… Read more »
Mr. Slave, pardon me, I would not liked to have been born during the time of the Prophet. Had I insulted other religions like the way we do in this blog, I am sure the Prophet would have slapped me hard for offending people of other religions. He always advised… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

Agniveer does not endorse slavery. In fact we are vehemently against it.

Ali Sina writes me again “$Slave Poor man! You either have no brain or no one has told you how to use it. You only follow the madman of Arabia without any questioning. If he says you can eat the meat of Gorilla, who is our closest cousin, you do… Read more »
Muslims always attack the Christian concept of Original sin and the Hindu/Buddhist concept of Karma. So how do you explain innocent children being born with Aids or being born deformed? Is it “Allah’s will” to make innocent children suffer? Does he think it’s funny to create Hermaphrodites and Schizophrenics? Modern… Read more »
You see we don’t give a F**K about quran . It is for people who have ZERO intellectual capacity and cannot think for themselves . The fact Human digestion system has the ability to digest Human flesh. Does this mean we can eat human flesh? But the quran forbids that… Read more »

Dear Aditya,

I would humbly request you not to talk trash about the holy Quran not because billions of people across the world revere it but because a good 10% of it contains some pretty good messages (even though the remaining 90% contains mockery of science, misogyny, abuses, etc)



SorrY brother. Whatever the situation might me ,I shouldn’thave used vulgar words because that is not the vedic way. But even that 10% was given by other scriptures , sorry again


Im sorry, but how do u call this book a holy book ? I dont understand.


@ Jin

Hate begets hate. It’s not a good idea to treat cancer affected people that way. You’ll never be able to treat such people that way. Target the cause.


Allah no where endorses meat to be beneficial for Muslims. It has been made “Jiaz” or legal for Muslims provided Muslims do their duty towards Islam. Please read 5:1. Islam started as vegetarian religion.

To Slave you are f***ng retard. your entire quran is debunked by ali sina and you just keep quoting from it. I think you should be banned not only from websites but from the internet ( one of the best invention of kafir) too. You even dont seems to be… Read more »
@All My Above Query about eating Gorilla Flesh comes out while I was refuting claims of Ali Sina Here is Ali Sina comment “Okay babies is a different story. Many animals seem to have a special feeling for babies that would like to save them. I saw a video of… Read more »

how about microorganisms we kill when we eat even vegetables? they dont have souls?

Your comment about organism is argument for the sake of argument. Let us make one thing clear; so long you do not kill for the sake of killing innocent beings, it is OK. Things that are not within your control and power should not be considered in this site. “Why… Read more »

how about microorganisms we r killing when we r eating vegetables?


Agniveerji, yes many of my domains are about to be deleted. Other web providers are unable to help me because my web provider is not traceable, besides they have locked the code key too. I am trying to trace them before my web domains are deleted.

Agniveer Agni
Unfortunately, unless you get access to the code, you cannot transfer the domain to another registrar. Do you have access to the content? How did you make the site? If you can provide some details, we can help you with a site that you can own fully. You can mail… Read more »

Thank you Agniveerji, I will get the site back on Monday or Tuesday. It has not been deleted yet. Thanks again, Ershad

Agniveerji, my web provider is not available and many of my sites have expired and needs to be renewed. I got in touch with other web providers, they cannot do anything about it because the website key code is perhaps locked. I am in a fix. Shall find out alternative… Read more »
Agniveerji, I have a few more doubts .please considering my ignorance help me on the following points .. 1. I live in malda (West Bengal ).Here meat consumption is at peak ….Now suppose a friend invites me for a food together and tells that he have arranged the vegetarian dish… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
Namaste 1. We need to look at things holistically. People eat meat out of habit or ignorance and not because they are ruthless. The way out is to set right examples and mould them. At times even example suffices, even when you don’t speak a word. Many people left their… Read more »
Each and every words of your is soothing …….I will try my level best to keep calm ……can u beleive it while I was typing this just a person quarreling with a lady just in front of my home ………………each and every moment is agony ………May god provide me the… Read more »
Omsun Agniveer has the balanced view. Be friends with people of all diet types. Choose your own diet and if you wish to influence others lead gently by example. Do not become one of those militant vegetarians who end up turning people off and thinking vegetarians are nuts. If you… Read more »
Thanks for all suggestions ………….Now there r certain things to look for Earshadji seems more rational by leaving the place of meat consumption … Arunji you go with your friends they eat non-veg and u eat veg.what u do when they use vulgar language in communication , what u do… Read more »
I think omsun should know as a vegetarian there are a variety of ways to interact with those of different diets. He can choose to be more particular or not. There are vegetarians who will only eat at vegetarian food only places or homes. Others who will eat at mixed… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

Dear Ershadji

Has your site domain expired? If there are any issues, please let us know and we would be glad to help. If you so desire, we can provide you free space on our server to manage your site independently.

Arun, what you are suggesting is to maintain peace. This site is basically for people who advocate a staunch vegetarianism. I possibly can never reconcile myself with the idea of eating at the same table with carnivores. At family get together I generally leave them for an hour and return… Read more »
Arun, what you are suggesting is to maintain peace. This site is basically for people who advocate a staunch vegetarianism. I possibly can never reconcile myself with the idea of eating at the same table with carnivores. At family get together I generally leave them for an hour and return… Read more »

Watch “Earthlings” which is an essential documentary on the treatment of animals by humans. It shows more than enough to understand why we must not eat meat.